Internal Medicines

A physician who provides long-term, comprehensive care in the office and the hospital, managing both common and complex illness of adolescents, adults and the elderly. Internists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infections and diseases affecting the heart, blood, kidneys, joints and digestive, respiratory and vascular systems. They are also trained in the essentials of primary care internal medicine, which incorporates an understanding of disease prevention, wellness, substance abuse, mental health and effective treatment of common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs. *

Specialization: Obesity Medicine

A physician who specializes in the treatment of obesity demonstrates competency in and a thorough understanding of the treatment of obesity and the genetic, biologic, environmental, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity. The obesity medicine physician employs therapeutic interventions including diet, physical activity, behavioral change, and pharmacotherapy. The obesity medicine physician utilizes a comprehensive approach, and may include additional resources such as dietitians, exercise physiologists, mental health professionals and bariatric surgeons as indicated to achieve optimal results. Additionally, the obesity medicine physician maintains competency in providing pre- peri- and post-surgical care of bariatric surgery patients, promotes the prevention of obesity, and advocates for those who suffer from obesity. **

Afua Agyarko MD
Dr. Stuart Amateau MD, PHD
Arthur Aronson MD
Dr. Jameel Audeh MD
Dr. Olayinka Bankole MD
Catherine Buermann LCSW
Richard Bymaster MD
Dr. Shannon Caluda MD
Dr. Sung Chou MD
Dr. Melody Covington MD
Dr. Tejwant Datta MD
Dr. Armando De Guzman MD
Dr. Thomas Denley MD
Dr. Scott Deron DO
Dr. Barbara Deshaw MD
Wahiba Elhag MD
Richard Finegold MD
Dr. Peter Friedell M D
Dr. Glenn Gatipon MD PHD
Dr. Gal Gazit MD
Dr. Eve Guth MD
Brent Hella MD
Dr. Melissa Hemelt MD
Ed Hendricks MD
Anthony Huynh DO
Dr. Ronald Johnson MD
Gerardo Kahane MD
Dr. Craig Kolasch MD
Kriti Kumari MD
Dr. Alok Kushwaha MD
Dr. Sophie Lanciers MD
Yolanda Lewis-Ragland MD
Dr. Theresa Mahoney DO
Kelley Mcintyre MD
Fanwei Meng MD
Jhansi Nalamati MD
Lisa Neff MD
Dr. William Newberry JR. MD
Dr. Mark Perna MD
Rajesh Rethnam MD, FCCP
Dr. Andrew Revelle DO
Dominic Ricciardi MD
Stephanie Roberts MD
Dr. Charles Seltzer MD
Dr. Harpreet Singh MD
Dr. Leah Solomon MD
Dr. Ronnie Stone MD
Gregory Thomas MD
Jeanne Thompson MD
Dr. Rosario Trahan MD
Kimberly Turke DO
George Vaughan III MD
Dr. Diego Velarde MD
Dr. Rodney Voisine MD
Dr. Jamie Wallach M D
Dr. Jennifer White MD
Dr. Kimberly Wolf DO
Dr. Marshall Zablen MD
Dr. Kajal Zalavadia MD
Angela Zechmann MD

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** Source: American Board of Obesity Medicine [7/1/2015: title and definition modified] Additional Resource: American Society of Bariatric Physicians,