(1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy. *

Roxanne Aaron AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Nilma Acevedo MS
Dr. Mary Adams AUD
Jacqueline Adler MA
Dr. David Akbari AUD
Christina Albea CCC-A
Dr. Melissa Aldana Hermann AUD
Dr. Bryant Aldstadt AUD
Mrs. Mary Ann Allen
Dr. David Anderson AUD,CCC-A
David Anderson
Mr. Robin Andrews AUD
Richard Angelo PHD
Dr. Maris Appelbaum AUD
Mrs. Cathy Atkinson MA, CCC-A
Mr. Martin Audiffred MS, CCC-A
Dr. Elisa Austing AUD, CCC-A
Dr. James Baer AUD
Dr. Jewell Baggett-Strehlau AUD
Dr. Arlene Balestra-Marko AUD
Dr. Denise Barrett AUD
Dr. Kathleen Bartels PHD, CCC-A SLP
Mr. Sherwin Basil AUD
Gary Beeby
Dr. David Berkey AUD
Jamie Bianco AUD
Ms. Mary Bihldorff MAT,CCC-A
Dr. Kenneth Billheimer AUD
Dr. Pat Biondi AUD
Mrs. Donna Blain MA, CCC-A
Dr. Kelli Bogue AUD
Dr. Audra Branham AUD
Dr. Erik Breitling AUD
Mrs. Kim Briggs MS CCC-A
Dr. Paul Brueggeman AUD CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Abigayle Callender AUD
Dr. Anne Calvert PHD
Ajafatou Camara AUD
Deborah Carlson PHD
Dr. Rita Chaiken X AUD
Mr. Steven Chargo MA, CCC, AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Mary Chisholm AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Brant Christensen AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Christian AUD
Dr. Jennifer Christo AUD
Dr. Ann Marie Cianci AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Stacy Claycomb AUD
Ashley Clements MED
Dr. Chelsea Comeaux AUD
Dr. Cathryn Comstock AUD
Ms. Kerri Corkrum MS, CCC-A
Latonya Cotton AUD
Deirdre Courtney AUD
Robin Criter AUD
Dr. Cathy Crow Henderson AUD
Dr. Sonia Cuero AUD
Dr. Theresa Cullen AUD ,CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Anna Cunningham AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Susan Day MS
Mr. Jack De Boer CCC-A
Mrs. Karen Dejoy MS
Denise Demonte AUD
Donna Denny A-SLP
Dr. Janet Depalma AUD
Mrs. Amanda Diederich AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Mary Disselkoen
Ms. Sherry Ducombs MCD, CCC-A
Ms. Janet Dunnell MS, CCC-A
Dr. Cynthia Earle AUD
Cynthia Erdos AUD
Mrs. Mary Everett MA
Dr. Adrianne Fazel AUD
Winnie Feng-Gring AUD
Lia Ferro AUD
Tess Fickas MA
Mrs. Suzanne Foley MS, CCC-A
Debra Force
Mr. Stefan Fosco
Kristy Foss MCSD
Calvin Fox MCH, CCC-A
Dr. Jerrilyn Frasier AUD, CCC-SLP-A
Dr. Shannon Frymark AUD
Sharon Fujikawa-Brooks PHD
Mrs. Karen Gacnik MS CCC-A
Dr. Joseph Gajan IV AUD
Dr. Katherine Gemperline AUD
Dr. Karen Glay AUD
Mary Goldstein
Ami Gray AUD CCC-A
Gena Greene MA, CCC-A
Brandi Greenhouse AUD
Nichole Griep AUD
Dr. Shannon Grounds PHD
Dr. Kresent Gurtler AUD
Dr. Margaret Halinski AUD
Dr. Christopher Hamilton AUD
Susan Hansel AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Deepa Hariprasad AUD
Mrs. Dorothea Hart MA
Carol Hawkins AUD
Mrs. Tracy Hayden AUD
Jenny Head AUD CCCA
Ms. Anne Heassler MS
Usha Hebbar PHD, CCC-A
Mr. David Hicks MA
Ms. Catherine Hill MA, CCC-A
Heidi Hill MA, CCC-A
Margaret Hill AUD
Mrs. Sandra Hirshburg MMS,CCC-ASLP,FAAA
Dr. Sandra Hobson AUD
Mrs. Nicole Holmer MS, CCC-A
Dr. David Holmes PHD
Katherine Holtman MA
Christine Holzinger MA,CCC-A
Mrs. Heather Hopping MA,CCC-A
Dr. Lucille Hosfeld AUD
Dr. Joyce Houston AUD
Kay Hranichny MS, CCC-A
Dr. Terese Huber AUD
Dr. Heather Hudak Estep AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kristin Iden AUD
Mr. Kevin Ihrman MS
Dr. Terri Ives SCD, AUD
Dr. Amy Jacobson AUD
Dr. Jacqueline Jaloszynski AUD
Mrs. Sharon Jenkins MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Doreen Jensen MS
Dr. Janice Johnson AUD
Dr. Marsha Johnson AUD
Tami Johnson MSCCCA
Mr. Gary Jones MA
Dr. Craig Jordan PHD
Debra Kane MA
Alison Kaye AUD
Denise Keenan
Diane Kenworthy AUD
Samina Khan MA, CCC-A
Andrew Kibelbek AUD
Carol Killingsworth AUD
Diana King MS CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Kirksey AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Lisa Kite AUD
Leonard Kramer
Mark Krumm
Mr. Paul Kurland MA
Dr. Lena Kyman AUD
Haylee Lamb AUD
Sherri Lamons AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Justin Langran AUD
Elizabeth Lanza MS
Dr. Roberto Lao-Davila AUD
Dr. Rebecca Larsen AUD
Kimberly Lawson CCC-A
Alice Ledesma MS, CCC/A
Dr. Sarah Leon AUD
Mrs. Lori Lingo M ED, CCCA
Dr. Tanya Linzalone AUD
Dr. Angela Loavenbruck EDD
Dr. Dimitra Loomos AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Swati Lotlikar-Kamath MS, CCC-A
Roy Lukat MED
Huyen Luong AUD
Angela Macallister AUD
Dr. Dawn Macmillan AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Mary Maddock AUD
Dr. Steven Madix PHD, CCC-A-SLP
Dr. Michael Mallahan AUD
Mrs. Tammey Marsch-Wands AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Marni Martin AUD
Patricia Martucci MS
Mrs. Heidi Matejka
Dr. Lauren Mcadams AUD, CCC-A
Gerrard Mccall MA
Mr. James Mccann JR. MSC AUD
Claire Mcchesney AUD
Kerri Mcdill AUD CCC-A
Theresa Mcginn-Brunelli MA, CCC-A
Catherine Mcgrath AUD
David Mcilwain AUD
Karla Mckenzie AUD
Louise Mclaughlin AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Meeks AUD
Mary Meier
Dr. Jessica Messersmith PHD, CCC-A
Kimberly Miller MA, CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Miller AUD
Dr. Mary Miller PHD, CCC-A
Michelle Miller
Sandra Mintz MS CCC-A
Mrs. Patricia Molloy-Sawyer MS, CCC-A, F-AAA
Dr. Joseph Montano EDD
Linda Moore AUD
Consuela Morris MS
Dr. Daxton Moss AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Thomas Muller AUD
Barbara Murphy MA
Cathy Murphy CCCA
Dr. Merrisa Murtha AUD
Mrs. Jessa Muscio Traylor MS
Mrs. Heather Nackley MED, CCC-A
Cynthia Nardelli MS,CCC-A
Heidi Neuburger
Julie Neumann
Dr. Erin Nokes AUD
Dr. Suzanne Noonan AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Michael Norris AUD
Ms. Beth O'brien MA
Danielle O'neil AUD
Dr. Julie O'shea AUD
Dr. Thomas Odegard AUD
Peter Ogilvy MS,CCC/A
Dr. Randall Olsen AUD
Mrs. Christine Osborne MS
Mr. Michael Pachuilo MS, CCC-A
Tara Pagotto AUD
Dr. Melissa Papesh AUD
Dr. Susan Parr AUD
Stella Paschover AUD, CCC-A
Denise Passerieux AUD
Dr. Steven Perlow AUD
Dr. Susan Peterson AUD
Lisa Petino
Ms. Michelle Petrak PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Suzanne Petrore AUD,FAAA
Sasha Phillips
Ms. Tina Phillips MA, CCC-A
Dr. Denise Prislupski AUD
Mr. Andrew Puttick MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Nicholas Ramirez AUD
Mr. Erik Raml MA-CCC-A
Ms. Dana Ramsey AUD
Dr. Kyle Raterman AUD
Dr. Melissa Raterman AUD
Georgine Ray AUD
Dr. Douglas Rehder AUD
Taylor Remick AUD
Marie Richter MS
Mr. Travis Rigby MS CCC-A
Camryn Robinson AUD
Dr. Robin Robinson AUD
Mrs. Patricia Roh MA
Leslie Rolph AUD
Bridget Romine AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Donna Ronan MS
Mrs. Deborah Rooney MS, CCCA
Lisa Roselli MACCCA
Dr. Carol Ross AUD
Dr. Karin Ross AUD
Mrs. April Royan MA CCC-A
Jeffrey Russell AUD
Alexandra Ryan AUD
Dr. Helen Salus AUD
Jamie Sargent MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Jill Schaefer MA
Mrs. Chana Schechter MA CCC-A
Dr. Suzanne Schilli AU D
Michael Schmidt MA, BS
Dr. Jennifer Schumacher AUD
Dr. Diane Schwalbach AUD
Dr. Dominick Servedio AUDIOLOGY PC
Ms. Lori Shapiro AUDIOLOGIST
Sharon Shipley CCC-A
Amy Shuey
Ms. Sandra Siegel MA, CCC-A
Debra Skorney MS
Dr. Joseph Smaldino PHD
Dr. Gisela Smith AUD
Greta Stamper AUD, PHD
Dr. Erin Stankiewicz AUD
Donna Stimson MA
Theresa Stockhausen-Gauthier MS AUDIOLOGIST
Kathryn Sullivan AUD
Dr. Anne Marie Taylor AUD, CCC A
Lisa Termansen MS
Dr. Daniel Tibbs AUD
Alicia r Traktman AUD
Ms. Melissa Uecker MS,
Dr. Cristina Vallejo-Alali AUD
Mrs. Karen Van Doorne AUD
Dr. Debra Venkatesh AUD
Ms. Cynthia Vigil MA, F-AAA
Dr. Brandy Vowell AUD
Elizabeth Walstrom Kehrwald AUD
Mrs. T Watson MA CCCA
Dr. Gail Weddington AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Welch AUD
Dr. Amanda Weremedic AUD
Ms. Andrea West-Alderson AUD
Dr. Laura Winder AUD
Courtney Winters AUD, CCC-A
Ida Wise AUD
Dr. Stefanie Wolf AUD
Pamela Wood MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kristin Woods AUD
James Wuth AUD
Mrs. Samantha Yung AUD
Jonathan Ziegler AUD
Susan Zimmerman-Phillips MS CCC-A