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Emergency Services

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Much like a primary care physician, a primary dentist will be the professional who knows the health of your mouth. Having a regular, local dentist will be beneficial to the overall dental health of you and your family and save you the hassle of trying to hunt down a trusted and caring office.


Dentures are a removable mouth appliance that cosmetically replaces missing teeth. They work to restore your smile that may have suffered from gum disease, injury, or decay.


A prosthodontic is a specialty dental professional who specializes in restoration and maintenance of your teeth. Prosthodontists have sometimes been called the "architects" of restorative dental treatment.

Teeth Cleaning

This is the most common procedure patients seek out a dentist for and most routine appointments include a teeth cleaning. After a quick exam the doctor will perform a thorough cleaning including plaque and tartar removal, flossing, and a flouride treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. So why not make sure it's as perfect as can be? Teeth whitening offers a bright pop to any smile.

Oral Surgery

While it sounds like something you'd find only in a hospital, oral surgery is fairly common. You may even have already had oral surgery without even realizing it.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that are imbedded into your gums when, for a variety of reasons, your natural tooth root has to be removed.

Emergency Denistry

Sometimes it's hard to tell what consitutes an emergency and what can wait, especially when it comes to dental work which is, so often, cosmetic, But anything that causes extreme pain or exposes the inner parts of the tooth or jaw is going to require an immediate visit to your local emergency dentist


Braces can be a scary word for teens all over the country. But the truth is anyone can benefit from braces at any point in their life. Braces are used to realign teeth, whether for cosmetic or medical reasons.

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