Emergency Medicines

An emergency physician focuses on the immediate decision making and action necessary to prevent death or any further disability both in the pre-hospital setting by directing emergency medical technicians and in the emergency department. The emergency physician provides immediate recognition, evaluation, care, stabilization and disposition of a generally diversified population of adult and pediatric patients in response to acute illness and injury. *

Specialization: Sports Medicine

An emergency physician with special knowledge in sports medicine is responsible for continuous care in the field of sports medicine, not only for the enhancement of health and fitness, but also for the prevention and management of injury and illness. A sports medicine physician has knowledge and experience in the promotion of wellness and the role of exercise in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge of exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, physical rehabilitation and epidemiology is essential to the practice of sports medicine. **

Dr. Abdul-Aziz Ahmed MD
Dr. Keyur Ajbani MD
Dr. Safdar Akbar MD
Salma Aloul LAT, ATC
Amber Anderson
Alyssa Baldauf LAT, ATC
Alex Bazink JR. ATC
Amy Beacom MD
Mr. Bradford Bellard MD
Raven Belmonte ATC
Rachel Bengtzen MD
Mr. Chad Bergman ATC
Steven Berning MS, AT, ATC
Todd Bialowas MD
Dr. Kelly Black MD
Sara Bortscheller ATC
Dr. Matthew Boyer DO
Katie Bracken ATC
Jeff Brent MD
Tammy Bryant ATC/L
Dr. Kirk Casey MD
Dr. David Chapman MD
Mr. Shan Chaudhry ATC
Dennis Chez MD
Yvonne Chow MD
Alfred Cianflocco MD
Miss Nicole Clark ATC-L
Gianmichel Corrado MD
Dr. Lauren Costello MD
Dr. Stephen Dailey JR. MD
Moira Davenport MD
Dr. Natasha Desai MD
Mr. Stephen Digh JR. LAT, ATC
Dr. James Distefano DO
Dr. George Douglass JR. MD
Daniel Drees
Jacqueline Durst ATC, LAT
Alexander Ebinger MD
Dr. William Felix-Rodriguez MD
Dr. Ryan Friedberg MD
Dr. Christopher Gee MD
Mary Gendy MD
Dr. Adam Goldstone MD
Ms. Vanessa Gomez ATC, LAT
Dr. Mark Goodman MD
Adam Hallet LAT
Dr. Samuel Haraldson MD
Dr. Jeannine Heitmann DO
Mr. Jason Hodde MS, ATC/L
Abigail Hunt ATC
Dr. James Jagger MD
Dr. Rodney Jay JR. MD
Andrew Jedlicka
Sandeep Johar DO
Mr. Oji Johnson ATC
Andree Jones DO
Michael Kennedy DO
Michael Kernan MD
Tanner Kimber ATC
Dr. Edward Kimlin MD
Dr. Kevin Lee MD
Dr. Christopher Lemay DO
Dr. Kyle Lennon MD
Vinit Madhvani MD
Dr. Philip Majewski MD
Nestor Maldonado MD
Dr. Cheryl Matossian MD
Dr. Cheryl Mcbride DO
Melissa Mclane DO
Stephanie Medina ATC
Dr. Anna Monroe MD
Dr. Fabian Morales MD
Erin Morine DO
Mr. Ryan Neault ATC
Dr. Jenna Neufeldt MD
Dr. Jeremy Ng MD
Michael Nguyen MD
Daniel Oh ATC, CES
Dr. Kristin Oliver MD
Ms. Jenna Page MED, ATC
Dr. Tae Park MD
Dr. Jeffrey Peterson MD
Dr. Allison Phelps MD
Heidi Pieper ATC-LAT
Dr. John Plosay III MD
Otis Plunk MD
Dr. Leah Poloskey
Amanda Pope ATC
Dr. Michael Reeder DO
Kelly Richter MD
Dr. Sam Romeo MD MBA
Ms. Stephanie Rosehart ATC
Mario Rovirosa ATC
Craig Rubenstein MD
Christine Safrit
Taylor Scholz ATC
Garth Schooler MD
Meghan Scotty ATC
Mr. William Sevening ATC,LAT
Dr. Amish Shah MD
Ms. Rachel Shanks MEDL, LAT, ATC
Donald Shaw DO
Ray Shaw MD
Dr. Joseph Sherman MD
Thomas Silberberger MS, ATC
Leroy Sims MD, MSC
Dr. Robert Sing DO
Darlene Snider DO
Dr. Kevin Sprouse DO
Dr. Charles Stafford MD
Benjamin Stahle
Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai MD
Lindsay Tanner MD
Matthew Tennison
Timothy Thomsen MD
Dr. Jansen Tiongson MD
Miss Vanessa Trono ATC
Dr. Philipp Underwood MD
Dr. Federico Vaca MD
Tessa Valdez MS, ATC
Dr. Lesley Vandermark PHD, ATC
Dr. Kenneth Veenema MD
Lisa Vopat MD
Miss Danielle Voss MA, LAT, ATC
Theodore Waflart MD
Dr. Julia Wang MD
Dr. Anna Waterbrook MD
Carly Westbrook ATC, LAT
Gregory Whitley MD
Dr. Ronald Williams MD
Erin Wingate ATC
Madison Wolf
Emily Young ATC, LAT, MED
Shang-Hsien Yuan MD