Internal Medicines

A physician who provides long-term, comprehensive care in the office and the hospital, managing both common and complex illness of adolescents, adults and the elderly. Internists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infections and diseases affecting the heart, blood, kidneys, joints and digestive, respiratory and vascular systems. They are also trained in the essentials of primary care internal medicine, which incorporates an understanding of disease prevention, wellness, substance abuse, mental health and effective treatment of common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs. *

Specialization: Interventional Cardiology

An area of medicine within the subspecialty of cardiology, which uses specialized imaging and other diagnostic techniques to evaluate blood flow and pressure in the coronary arteries and chambers of the heart and uses technical procedures and medications to treat abnormalities that impair the function of the cardiovascular system. **

Dr. Samer Abbas MD
Dr. Katherine Abbo MD FACC
Alaa Abdel Meguid MD
Abdulrahman Abdulbaki MD
Javed Abdullah MD
Dr. Ali Aboufares MD
Roy Abrahamian MD
Subhi Abu-Halawa MD
Dr. Brian Adams MD
Joseph Adams MD
John Adan MD
Chituru Adele MD
Dr. Naveed Adoni I MD
Dr. Farhad Aduli MD
Ramtin Agah MD
Dr. Abdolreza Agahtehrani MD
Dustin Agan MD
Himanshu Agarwal MD
Dr. Pradeep Agarwal MD
Dr. Ramesh Agarwal MD
Dr. Ashish Aggarwal MD
Atul Aggarwal MD
Dr. Rahul Aggarwal MD
Dr. Syed Agha MD
Bizuayehu Agonafir MD
Dr. Kush Agrawal MD
Neil Agruss MD
Oscar Aguilar MD
Dr. Hed Ahmadpour MD
Wasim Ahmar MD
Adeeb Ahmed MD
Akbar Ahmed MD
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed MD
Dr. Shafeeq Ahmed MD
Dr. Zubair Ahmed MD
Dr. Zhaowei Ai MD
Muhammad Akbar MD
Nasim Akhtar MD
Salman Akhtar MD
Yasir Akhtar MD
Haysam Akkad MD
Dr. Mohammad Al Madani MD
Hanna Al Makhamreh MD
Oday Al Rabadi MD
Mahdi Al-Bassam MD
Dr. Ammar Al-Hallak MD
Dr. Nouri Al-Khaled MD
Osama Al-Suleiman MD
Walid Alami MD
John Alexander MD
Dr. Patrick Alexander MD
Carina Alfaro-Franco MS MD FACC
Dr. Basel Alhaddad MD
Dr. Arshad Ali MD
Samer Ali-Hasan MD
Dr. David Aliabadi MD
Dr. Juan Alicea-Rolon MD
Dr. Yazan Alkhouri MD
Dr. Raymond Allen MD
Dr. Yassar Almanaseer MD
Dr. Abdelkader Almanfi MD
Roi Altit MD
Dr. John Altman MD
Dory Altmann MD
Dr. Gilbert Altongy MD
Dr. Abdullah Alwahdani MD
Raghavan Amarasingham MD
Dr. Juan Amell MD
Homayoun Amin MD
Dr. Nishith Amin MD FACC
Mr. Abas Amiry MD
Dr. Nima Amjadi MD
Dr. Robert Amory DO
Dr. Yoram Amsalem MD
Cynthia Anastas M D
David Anderson MD
Edward Anderson MD
Dr. Hunt Anderson MD
Dr. James Anderson MD
Dr. Jeffrey Anderson MD
George Andreae MD
Costa Andreou MD
Dr. Thomas Andrews MD
Dr. John Andriulli DO
Dr. Mark Angel MD
Dr. Stephen Angeli MD
Dimitrios Angelis MD
Dr. Naresh Anjur Kapali MD
Kingsley Annan MD
Dr. Athar Ansari MD
Dr. Thomas Anthony MD
Dr. Obiora Anusionwu MD
Srinivasa Appakondu MD
Mark Applefeld MD
Raed Aqel MD
Joseph Aragon MD
Dr. Salman Arain MD
Faris Araj MD
Agustin Argenal MD
Robert Armbruster MD
Dr. Neeraj Arora MD
Dr. Umesh Arora MD
Dr. Muhammad Asad MD
Abedelrahim Asfour MD
Khalid Ashai MD
Dr. Rajiv Ashar MD
Jack Askins M D
Ramin Assadi MD
Ahmet Atay MD
Trevor Atherley MD
Tamara Atkinson MD
Srinivas Attanti MD
Dr. Robert Attaran MD, FACC
Michael Attubato MD
Charles Augenbraun MD
Dr. Graciano Avendano MD
Jean-Pierre Awaida MD
Dr. Richard Axelrod MD
George Aycock JR. MD
Ali Ayoubi MD
Thomas Ayres MD
Sergey Ayzenberg MD
Dr. Salman Azam MD
Sami Azzam MD
Masis Babajanian MD
Dr. Richard Bach MD
Dr. Linda Backup MD
Sami Baddoura MD
Dr. Jayant Bagai MD
Dr. Faisal Bahadur MD
Rana Bahl MD
Dr. Budi Bahureksa DO
John Bailey MD
Philip Bajo MD
Tanvir Bajwa MD
Dr. Nevin Baker DO
Dmitri Baklanov MD
Nicholas Balaji MD
Ram Balasubramanian MD
Dr. Eduardo Balcells MD
Dr. Amol Bapat MD
Dr. Kenneth Baran MD
Mark Barettella MD
Michael Barnett MD
Bruce Barnum MD
Dr. Keesag Baron MD
Scott Baron MD
Lawrence Barr MD
William Barry MD
Charles Barth III MD
Beth Bartholomew MD
Stephen Bartz MD
Dr. Rajat Barua MD, PHD
Dr. Terrence Baruch MD
Faran Bashir MD
Iqbal Bashir MD
Dr. Frederick Basilico MD
Dr. Michael Basnight MD
Dr. Abhijeet Basu MD
Dr. Joseph Battaglia MD
Paul Batties MD
John Baugh MD
Gerald Bauknight MD
Dr. Kurt Bausback MD
David Bayne MD
Dr. Scott Beach MD
Allan Beall Sacasa MD
James Beattie III MD
Gerald Beckham MD
Dr. Richard Begg MD
Dr. Stephen Bell MD
Charles Bemis MD
Bruce Benedick MD
Ian Benham MD
Dr. Robert Benitez MD
Andrew Benn MD
Dr. Michael Bensman MD
Kathleen Benson MD
Dr. William Berg MD
Edward Bergen DO
Martin Berk MD
Dr. Andrew Berke MD
David Berke MD
Dr. William Berkery MD
Dr. Duane Berkompas MD
Dr. Mark Berman MD
Dr. Stephen Bernard MD
Jonathan Berry MD FACC
Barry Bertolet MD
Rakesh Bhan MD
Rohit Bhaskar MD
Dr. Bhupendra Bhatheja MD
Dr. Dinesh Bhatt MD
Divyesh Bhatt MD
Dr. Mehul Bhatt MD
Vishwajeth Bhoopalam MD
Rohit Bhuriya MD,FACC,FSCAI
Dr. Robert Bianco MD
David Bichsel MD
Stanley Biel MD
Seth Bilazarian MD
Dr. Vikram Bisen MD
Dr. Sam Bishara MD
Dr. Gregory Bishop MD
Dr. Fahed Bitar MD
Dr. George Bittar MD
Dr. Peter Bittenbender MD
John Bittl MD
Dr. Douglas Black MD
Michael Blanc MD
Richard Blankenbaker JR. MD
Dr. David Blazer MD
David Blick MD
Dr. William Blincoe MD
Mark Blum MD
Dr. Robert Blum MD
David Blumfield MD
John Boerner MD
Paul Boffetti MD
Dr. Monika Bogal MD
David Bohle MD
Dr. Syed Bokhari MBBS
Islam Bolad MD
Dr. Dennis Bonner MD, FACC
Dr. Sam Borno MD
Dr. Mark Borsch MD
Dr. Michael Bosak MD
Dr. Rahul Bose MD
Ion Botnaru MD
George Bou Samra MD
Dr. Konstantinos Boudoulas MD
Dr. Daniel Bouknight MD
Dr. Naji Bourji MD
Gregory Boxberger MD
Christopher Boylan MD
Kevin Boyle MD
Jason Bradley MD
Robert Bradley DO
Stephen Brady MD
Mohan Brar MD
Timothy Brennan MD
Dr. William Brennan MD
Damian Brezinski MD
Ralph Brindis MD
Alberto Brizolara MD
Lloyd Brooks DO
Brigitta Brott MD
Michael Brottman MD
Alan Brown MD
Dr. Charles Brown III MD
Dr. Michael Brown MD
Michelle Brown MD
Ryan Brown MD
Stephen Brown MD
Dr. Thomas Brown MD
Kevin Browne JR. MD
Moises Bucay MD
Ashesh Buch MD
Dr. Neil Buchbinder MD
Jeremy Buckley MD
Navin Budhwani MD
Nidal Buheis MD
Dr. Thomas Bulle MD
Dr. Joseph Burchenal MD
Dr. Peter Burke MD
Dr. Charles Burns MD
John Burns MD
Dr. Steven Burstein MD
Barbara Burtness MD
Dr. Michael Butler MD
Dr. Lee Butterfield MD
Dr. Mark Byrne MD
Dr. Joseph Cacchione MD
James Caccitolo MD
Mr. Jose Caceres MD
John Cahill MD
Mr. Dominick Calabria MD FACC
Dr. Patrick Cambier MD
Giovanni Campanile MD
Dr. William Campbell JR. MD
Miguel Campos MD
Saida Campwala MD
Dr. John Canales MD
Antonio Cano MD
Ronald Caputo MD
Vincent Caracciolo MD
Dr. Gustavo Cardenas MD
Daniel Carey MD
Carl Carlson MD
Dr. Timothy Carlton MD
Michael Carney DO
Robert Carney MD
Dr. Scott Carollo MD
James Carroll MD
John Carroll MD
Jeffrey Carstens MD
Dr. Andrew Carter DO
Luther Carter MD
Dr. Joel Carver MD
Jack Casas MD
Dr. Richard Caso MD
Ivan Casserly MD
Angel Castaner MD
Dr. Michael Castillo MD
Mr. Eric Castleman MD
Michael Caulfield MD
Dr. Jeffrey Cavendish MD
Nick Cavros MD
Dr. Cihan Cevik MD
Dr. Se Do Cha MD
Matthews Chacko MD
Dr. Edward Chafizadeh MD
Georges Chahoud MD
Dr. Yee Chai MD
Elie Chakhtoura MD
Charles Chambers MD
Dr. Albert Chan MD
Dr. Eric Chan MD
Stephen Chan MD
Ramesh Chandra MD
Sandeep Chandra MD FACC
Majed Chane MD
Joon Chang MD
Mark Chang MD
Gregory Chapman MD
Dr. James Chapman MD
Clay Chappell MD
Konstantinos Charitakis MD
Sridhar Chatrathi MD
Dr. Eram Chaudhry MD
Dr. Ilyas Chaudhry MD
Dr. Mohammad Sohail Chaudhry MD
Dr. Manish Chauhan MD
Atul Chawla MD
Dr. Kamal Chawla MD
Tony Chee MD
Qasim Cheema MD
Ellen Chen MD
Dr. Henry Chen MD
Jack Chen MD
Mr. Kwan Chen MD
Dr. Michael Chen MD
Morgan Chen MD
Dr. Thomas Chengot DO
Stephen Cherry MD
Dr. Sanjay Cherukuri SANJAY CHERUKURI
Mr. Ankush Chhabra MD
Adnan Chhatriwalla MD
John Chin MD
Jenyung Chiu MD
John Chiu MD
Dr. Subrahmanyam Chivukula MD FACC
Michael Chizner MD
Dr. Joon Choi MD/PHD
Dr. Nishit Choksi MD
Dr. Pratik Choksy MBBS
Dr. Jithendra Choudary MD
Dr. Paul Christensen MD
Dr. Leif Christianson
Dr. Christakis Christodoulou MD
Nicolas Chronos MD
Paul Chu MD
Tony Chu MD
Henry Chua MD
Reema Chugh MD
Dr. Jun Chung MD
Dr. David Churchill
Dr. Chris Cianci DO
Ricardo Ciniglio MD
Bradley Clair MD
Dr. David Clark MD, MEDICAL CORP
Stanley Clark MD
Janice Clarke MD
Robert Cleary JR. MD
Stacey Clegg
Michael Cleman MD
Dr. Barry Clemson MD
Dr. Paul Coady MD
Kevin Cochran MD
John Cogan MD
Benjamin Cohen MD
David Cohen MD
Eric Cohen MD
Joel Cohen MD
Dr. Marc Cohen MD
Dr. Joel Cohn MD
Dr. Jason Coker MD
Mark Coker MD
Mr. Brian Cole MD
Dr. H. Collier III MD
Dr. John Collins MD
Gilberto Concepcion MD
Dr. James Conley MD
Dr. James Conrad MD
Alanna Coolong MD
Robert Cooper MD
Stephanie Cooper MD
Richard Corbelli MD
Patrick Corcoran MD
Dr. Luis Correa MD
Steven Correa MD
Victor Corrigan MD
Betty Corya MD
John Cosmi MD
Dr. David Coven MD
Edward Coverstone
Dr. Gregory Cox DO
William Cox M D
Dr. Kevin Coy MD
Dr. Edmund Coyne MD
Kevin Cragun MD
William Craig MD
Patricia Crawley MD
Marshall Crenshaw MD
Dr. Francis Crespo MD
Dr. Arthur Crossman MD
Dr. Donald Crumbo MD
Charles Crumpler MD
Dr. Cesar Cruz-Garcia MD
Mr. Juan Cueto MD
Mr. Talley Culclasure JR. MD
Michael Cunningham MD
Dominick Curatola MD
Peter Curran MD
Martin Cutrone MD
Dr. Steven Czak DO
Samir Dabbous MD
Ramesh Daggubati MD
Mohamed Dahodwala MD
Dr. Elias Dalloul MD
Georges Damaa MD
Amit Dande MD
Dr. Benoit Daneault MD, FRCPC
Dr. Dan Dang MD
Dr. William Dang JR. MD
Ethan Daniels MD
Timothy Dao MD
Dr. Fuheid Daoud MD
Nicoleta Daraban MD
Dr. Shane Darrah MD
Dr. Sundeep Das MD
Dr. Ira Dauber MD
Khamaj Dave MD
Raj Dave MD
Dr. Rajesh Dave MD
Dr. Lee Davis JR. MD
Dr. Paul Davis MD
Dr. Sally Davis MD
Francis Day MD
Robert Day MD
Mark De Boer MD
Sarah De Guzman MD
Dr. Jose De Hoyos MD
Mr. Michael De Luca MD
Edward Dean MD
Dr. Fernando Dearmendi MD
Dr. Christopher Defilippi MD
Anthony Defranco MD
Steven Degalan MD
Dr. Daniele Degirolami MD
Joseph Degregorio MD
Dr. Michele Degregorio MD
Thomas Degroat MD
Dr. Gregory Dehmer MD
Dr. Abed Dehnee MD
Albert Deibele III
Emilio Del Toro Agrelot MD
Augustin Delago MD
Dr. Aristides Delahera MD
Dr. Kimberly Delcour DO
Dr. Ubeydullah Deligonul MD
Michele Delvicario MD
Dr. Melaku Demede MD
Dr. Buckley Dempsey MD
Mr. Sean Denney MD
Dr. Charles Dennis MD
Dr. John Dervan MD
Watson Desa MD
Kirit Desai MD
Dr. Jonathan Desantis MD
Mrs. Devyani Deshpande MD
Hari Deshpande MD
Kamalakannan Desikan MD
David Desimone MD
John Detwiler MD
Dr. Chandanreddy Devireddy MD
James Devries MD
Dr. Keith Devries MD
Timothy Dewhurst MD
Dr. Christopher Dhaem DO
Bhupesh Dhama MD
Sunil Dhar MD
Dr. Kenneth Dharamraj MD
Rajiv Dhawan MD
Peter Di Martino MD
Juan Diaz MD
Lazaro Diaz MD
Dr. Candido Diaz-Cruz MD
Nabil Dib MD
Dr. Vincent Dicola MD, FACC, NASPE
Francisco Dieguez JR. MD
Dr. Eckhart Diestel MD
William Dietz MD
Gerard Dillon MD
Bulent Dincer MD
Dr. Eric Dippel MD
Shashidhar Divakaruni MD
Ms. Camille Dixon APRN, MSN, ACNP-BC,
Bao Do MD
Dr. James Dobbs MD
David Dobroski MD
Dr. James Dodge JR. MD
Thomas Doerner MD
Dr. Suhail Dohad MD
Dr. Jacob Doll MD
Brian Dolsey MD
Alvaro Dominguez-Echevarria MD
Mr. Bryan Donohue MD
Andrew Doorey MD
Mark Dorogy MD
Edgardo Dos Santos MD
Dr. Pranav Doshi DO
Joseph Dotolo MD
Christopher Douglas MD
John Douglas JR.
Dr. George Douglass MD
David Dowdy MD
Dr. David Drenning MD
Christopher Dressel JR. MD
David Drucker MD
Paul Drury MD
Dr. Aashish Dua MD
Dr. Benjamin Dubois MD
Stanley Duchman MD
Mark Duerinck MD
Robert Duerr MD
Peter Duffy MD
Dr. Jaimela Dulaney MD
Dr. Daniel Dunker MD
Thomas Dunlap MD
Adam Dunn MD
Dr. Justin Dunn MD, MPH
Michael Duong MD
Allen Duplantis MD
Dr. Azhil Durairaj MD
Sadayappa Durairaj MD
John Durand MD
Dr. Sridevi Durga MD
Dr. Danny Dvir MD
Dr. James Dwyer MD
Dr. Brian Eades MD
George Eapen MD
Dr. James Earnhardt MD
Dr. Cara East MD
Robert Eastway DO
Douglas Ebersole MD
Dr. Christina Economides MD
Moneer Eddin MD
John Edmunds MD
Richard Edwards MD
Dr. Kian Ehsan MD
Dr. Janet Eichholz MD
Francis Eickman MD
Charles Eiriksson JR. MD
Dr. Michael Eisenhauer MD
Ziad El-Khally MD
Dr. Ashraf El-Shalakany MD
Dr. Ahmad Elbash MD
Ahmad Elesber MD
Nader Elgharib MD
Dr. Ziad Elghoul MD
Dr. Elliott Elias MD, MPH
Ali Elkharbotly MD
Dr. Gary Elkin MD
Dr. William Ellison JR. MD
Dr. Sammy Elmariah MD, MPH
Dr. Ashraf Elsakr MD
Dr. Venkata Emani MD
Mr. Tullio Emanuele MD
Dr. Louis Endsley MD
Dr. David Engle MD
Dr. Bruce Ennis MD
Mark Erhard MD
Raymond Erny MD
Phillip Erwin MD
Dr. Jose Escalante MD
Juan Escobar MD
Daniel Esper MD
Julian Esteban MD
Steven Ettinger MD
Matthew Evans DO
Jose Exaire MD
George Eyrich MD
Lawrence Fabrizio DO
Hesham Fakhri MD
Dr. Foluso Fakorede MD
Arzhang Fallahi MD
Thomas Fanning MD
Jareer Farah MD
Dr. Eli Farhi MD
Dr. Nahel Farraj DO
Dr. Robert Farrell MD
Dr. Mark Fausch MD
Dr. David Faxon MD
Reza Fazel MD, MSC
Robert Fazia MD
Robert Federici MD
Dr. Georges Feghali MD
Dr. Carl Feind MD
Frederick Feit MD
Barry Feldman MD
Dr. Howard Feldman MD
Robert Feldman MD
Robert Feldman MD
Dr. William Felten MD
Patrick Fenner MD
Dr. Thomas Fenske MD
Dr. Jeffrey Fenster MD, FACC
Sarah Fenton MD
Dr. Brian Ference MD
Robert Ferraro MD
Gorgonia Ferrer MD
Mark Fiengo DO
Dr. Steven Filardo MD
Steven Filby MD
Judy Finney MD
Gene Fioretti MD
Dr. Tim Fischell MD
Dr. Stuart Fischer MD
Dr. Ted Fish MD
Daniel Fisher MD
Solomon Fishman MD
Dr. Mulugeta Fissha MD
Ralph Fitz MD
Dr. Patricia Fitzpatrick MD
Dr. Melvin Flamm JR. MD
Franklin Fleischhauer MD
James Foerster MD
Dr. John Forcella JR. DO
Dr. James Ford MD
Dr. Steven Forman MD
Dr. Kevin Formes DO
Christopher Forrest MD
Dr. Robert Foster MD
Dr. Andrew Fowler MD
James Fox MD
Dr. Justin Fox MD
Michael Frais MD
Dr. Daniel Fram MD
Dr. Vernon Francis MD
Dr. Adam Frank MD
David Freilich MD
Matthew French MD
Mr. William Freund MD
Michele Friday MD
Dennis Friedman MD
Gary Friedman MD
Richard Friedman MD
Dr. Steven Friedrich MD
Dr. David Frisch MD, FACC
Thomas Frohlich MD
Dr. Andrew Frutkin MD
John Fry MD
Dr. Eric Fuh MD
Dr. Kevin Fullin MD FACC
Mr. Frederick Funke JR. MD
Dr. David Fuschetto MD
Ajay Gaalla MD
Dr. Gerald Gacioch MD
Christopher Gade MD
Jay Gadgil MD
Dr. Uday Gadgil MD
Dr. Joel Gage MD
Dr. Neal Gaither MD
Stylianos Galanakis MD
James Gallagher MD
Dr. Francesca Gallarello MD
Frank Galli MD
Dr. George Gamouras MD FAAC
Dr. Luisa Gan MD
Dr. Richard Ganchan MD
Dushyant Gandhi MD
Dr. Sanjay Gandhi MD
Puneet Gandotra MD
Dr. Christopher Gange MD
Dr. David Gantt DO
George Garcia MD
Lawrence Garcia MD
Leonard Gardberg MD
Allan Garfield MD
Sangeeta Garg
Dr. William Garner MD
Kirk Garratt MD
Luis Garza-Arreola MD
Dr. Christine Gasperetti MD
Dr. William Gavin MD
Chris Geannopoulos MD
Garwood Gee MD
Mark Geller MD
Matthew Gentile MD
Dr. Barry George MD
John George MD
Dr. Richard Gerber MD
Joseph Gerry MD
Dr. Gary Gershony MD
Kamran Ghalili MD
Ziyad Ghazzal MD
Dr. Gopal Ghimire MD, PHD, MRCP
Charles Gibson MD
Paul Gibson MD
Syed Gilani MD
Syed Masood Gilani MD
Jonathan Gilbert MD
Ian Gilchrist MD
Christopher Gill MD
Mr. Harinder Gill MD
Dr. Jasrai Gill MD MBA
Dr. Mark Ginkel MD
Arvind Gireesh MD
Dr. Sudhakar Girotra
Herman Gist MD
Dr. Spyridon Gkizas
Dr. Louis Glade MD
Helene Glassberg MD
Jerrold Glassman MD
James Glazier MD
Dr. Forrest Glover MD
Charlie Gnaim MD
Eric Gnall DO
Dr. Brian Go MD
Mateo Go MD
Craig Goard MD
John Goddard MD
Dr. Ankush Goel MD
Mario Goessl MD
Mark Goldberg MD
Dr. Ronald Goldberg MD
Dr. Steven Goldberg MD
Alan Goldsmith MD
Dr. Andrew Goldsweig MD
Dr. Alvaro Gomez MD
Henry Gong MD
Abraham Gonzalez MD
Dr. Rafael Gonzalez MD
Dr. Ross Goodfellow DO
Mark Goodwin MD
Ambarish Gopal MD
David Gossman MD
William Gotsis MD
Dr. Stephen Gottlieb MD
Dr. Evelyne Goudreau MD
Mohan Govindan MD
Lokesh Gowda MD
Umesh Gowda MD
Yalakki Gowda MD
Dr. Michael Grad MD
Juan Granada MD
Arthur Grant III MD
Robert Grant DO
James Grantham MD
Dr. William Gray MD
Dr. Michael Green MD
Nathan Green MD
Dr. David Griffin MD
Dr. Kendall Griffith MD
Dr. Michael Grinblatt MD
Dr. John Grinsell MD
Dr. William Grinstead III MD, FACC
Dr. Lucas Groben DO
Mark Grogan MD
Dr. Robert Grohowski MD
Paul Grossman MD
Bertron Groves MD
Ms. Luis Gruberg MD
Pablo Guala MD
Dr. Chalapathirao Gudipati MD
Vamshidhar Guduguntla MD
John Guerin MD
Dr. Ricardo Guerra JR. MD
Lee Guertler MD
Paul Gulotta JR. MD, APMC
Dr. Patricia Gum MD
Richard Gumina MD
Athula Gunasekara MD
Susheel Gundewar MD
Dr. Srinivas Gunukula MD
Gaurav Gupta MD
Mukesh Gupta MD
Navin Gupta MD
Dr. Nishant Gupta MD
Raghav Gupta MD
Dr. Rajesh Gupta MD
Rakesh Gupta MD
Dr. Rakesh Gupta
Dr. Paul Gurbel MD
Stephen Guss MD
Gregory Gustafson MD
Dr. James Gwinn JR. MD
Robert Gwynn MD
Christopher Haddad MD
Rudy Haddad MD
Babak Haddadian MD
Timothy Hadden MD
Dr. James Hadstate JR. MD
Kenneth Hahn MD
Samuel Hahn MD
Bruce Haik MD
Dr. James Haisten MD
Dr. Abdul Halabi MD
John Haley MD
Jack Hall MD
Dr. Jason Hall MD
Robert Hallett MD
Naji Hamdan MD
Kamran Hamirani MD
John Hamm MD
Abdrhman Hamo MD
Omar Hamoui MD
Richard Han MD
Dr. Kenneth Hanger JR. MD, FAAC
Bashir Hanif MD
Peter Hanley MD
Elias Hanna MD
George Hanna MD
Dr. James Hansen MD
Dr. George Hanzel MD
Dr. Steven Hao MD
Tareq Harb MD
David Harding MD
John Hardy MD
Dr. Robert Harner MD
Dr. Shayibu Harruna MD
Dr. Anthony Hart MD
Kevin Hart MD
Dr. John Hartley III MD
Joseph Hartmann MD
William Hartness MD
Dr. Vijay Haryani MD, FACC
Dr. Choudhury Hasan MD FACC, FCCP,FSACI
Yusuf Hassan MD
Nancy Hassinger
Dr. Ramin Hastings MD
Dr. Allan Hatch MD
Dr. Jason Hatch MD
Bryan Hathorn M D
Dr. Christopher Havelda MD
Keith Hawthorne MD
Dr. Michael Hayes MD
Sheila Heeke NP
Sudhanva Hegde MBBS, MD, MPH
Dr. Steve Heilbrunn MD
Mark Heiman MD
Dr. Frederick Heinemann MD
Mark Heitzman MD
Harold Helmke III MD
Jonathan Hemphill MD
George Hemstreet MD
Dr. Jaime Henriquez MD
Dr. Glen Henry MD, FACC
Rodney Henry MD
Mr. Enrique Hernandez Vila MD
Dr. Ronnie Hershman MD
Dr. Bruce Hettleman MD
Jonathan Hewett MD
George Heyrich MD
Dr. Bonnie Hiatt MD
Michael Hibbard MD
Dr. Horace Hickman JR. MD, JD
Dr. Peter Higgins MD
William Highfill MD
Dr. Roger Hill MD
Dr. William Hill JR. MD
Ronald Himelman MD
Dr. Paul Hinderaker MD
Dr. Ravi Hira MD
Yoginand Hiremath MD
Dr. Cary Hirsch MD
Dr. Khiet Hoang MD
Dr. James Hoback JR. MD
Eric Hockstad MD
Gary Hoff MD
James Hoff MD
Richard Hoffman MD
Robert Hogan MD
Dr. Shea Hogan
John Holkins MD
Matthew Holland MD
Evans Holland, JR. MD
Dr. William Hollins II MD
Kevin Hollis MD
Dr. Jaekyoung Hong MD
Ms. Bonnie Honigsfeld NP
Dannis Hood MD
Dr. Deepak Hooda MD
Donald Hopkins MD
James Hopkins MD
Joshua Horenstein MD
Dr. Shahram Hormozi MD
Dr. Heather Horton MD
Dr. John Hostetter MD
Robert Houlihan MD
Patrick Hourani MD
Dr. Wissam Hoyek MD
Kevin Hsu MD
Dr. Patrick Hu MD, PHD
Raymond Huang MD
Sebastian Hubbuch MD
Kenneth Huber MD
Dr. Paul Hudson MD
Barry Huey MD
Bradley Huhta MD FACC
Dr. William Hull DO
Dr. David Hundley MD
Dr. Preston Hupart DO
Dr. John Hurt II MD
Dr. Jamal Hussain MD
Dr. Gordon Hutt MD
Dr. Jeffrey Hyde MD
Bassel Ibrahim MD
Anne Ichiuji MD
David Ike MD
Dennis Incorvati DO
Julia Indik MD, PHD
Dr. Anand Irimpen MD
Dr. Osareme Irivbogbe MD
George Irons JR. MD
George Isa MD
Ayman Iskander MD
Dr. Douglas Israel MD, FACC
John Ivanoff MD
Bala Iyer MD
Dr. Vijay Iyer MD, PHD
Safwan Jaalouk MD
Dr. George Jabbour MD
John Jackman MD
Dr. Jamie Jacobs MD
Dr. Richard Jacoby MD
Joel Jacowitz MD
Mehrdad Jafarzadeh MD
Dr. Naseem Jaffrani MD
Dr. Farid Jalinous MD
Dr. Humayun Jamidar MD
Dr. Michael Jamison MD
Pradip Jamnadas MD
Yves Janin MD
Muhammad Janjua MD
Dr. Richard Jantz MD
Dr. Cesar Jara MD
Dr. Abdul-Rahman Jaraki MD
Michael Jarvis MD
Dr. Joseph Jarzobski MD
Dr. Babu Jasti MD
Mr. Venu Jasti MD
Babu Jasty MD
Werner Jauch MD
Dr. Najam Javeed MD
Dr. Julian Javier MD
Cathy Jeon MD
Michael Jerman MD
Dr. Robert Jeschke DO
Matthew Jezior
Enrique Jimenez MD
Eric Johnson MD
Dr. Lucien Johnson MD
Dr. Rodney Johnson MD
Walter Johnson MD
Warren Johnson JR. MD
Dr. Benjamin Jones MD
Dr. Matthew Jones MD
Phillip Jones MD
Michael Jorgensen MD
Dr. Stanley Josef MD
David Joseph MD
Mathew Joseph MD
Satheesh Joseph MD
Charles Jost MD
Dr. Jorge Jovane MD
Dr. James Joye DO
Dr. Steven Juk JR. MD
Dr. Vinay Julapalli MD
Dr. Robert Jumper MD
Dr. Carl Juneau MD
Daniel Jurayj MD
Dr. Barbara Juriga DO
David Jurkovich MD
Dr. Larry Justice MD
Dr. Neil Kabous MD
Mr. Sunil Kadakia MD
Dr. Brian Kahn MD
Dr. Parameswara Kaimal MD
Dr. Ravishankar Kalaga MD
Mathew Kalapurakal MD
Gerardo Kalife MD
Dr. Sam Kalioundji MD
Antony Kaliyadan MD
Mr. Sanjog Kalra MD
Edo Kaluski MD
Dr. Raghunandan Kamineni MD
Prasad Kandula MD
Gurjaipal Kang MD
Dr. Abdul Kani MD
Hari Kannam MD
Dr. Aaron Kaplan MD
Dr. Charanjit Kapoor MD
Dr. Gaurav Kapoor MD
Steven Karas MD
Mark Karavan MD
Barbara Karenko DO
Dr. Ronald Karlsberg MD
Gudjon Karlsson MD
Sushil Karmarkar MD
Dr. Showri Karnam MBBS
Dr. Arun Karsan MD
Christos Kasapis MD
Ehab Kasasbeh MD
Elias Kassab MD
Ibrahim Kassas MD
Dr. Safwan Kassas MD
Dr. Prashanth Katrapati MD
Gary Katzman MD
Gregory Kauffman MD
Dr. Dimitri Kaufman MD
Dr. Marc Kaufman MD
Dr. Steven Kaufman MD
Kurt Kaulback MD
Joseph Kay MD
Ms. Sepideh Kazemi MD
Mohammed Kazimuddin MD FACC FSCAI
Ghassan Kazmouz MD
David Keedy MD
Ellen Keeley MD
Vinay Keesara MD
Michael Kelberman MD
Dr. Mark Kelemen MD
Jennifer Keller MD
Norma Keller MD
Seth Keller MD
Mirle Kellett MD
Dr. Steven Kelley MD
Thomas Kelly MD FACC
Chris Kennedy MD
Dr. Richard Kennedy MD
Shahin Keramati MD
Dr. Richard Kerensky MD
Damoder Kesireddy MD
Ravi Kethireddy MD
Dr. Kevin Kett MD
Dr. Richard Kettelkamp DO
Dr. Abdul Khadra MD
Taher Khalil M D P A
Houman Khalili MD
Dr. Chetan Khamare MD
Dr. Abul Khan MD
Amid Khan MD
Dr. Aslam Khan MD
Gauhar Khan MD
Muhammad Khan MD
Dr. Muhammad Asad Amir Khan MD
Dr. Nazim Khan MD
Sohail Khan MD
Dr. Zubair Khan MD
Manoj Khandelwal MD
Avinash Khanna MD
Azimuddin Khawaja MD
Farhan Khawaja MD
Nitin Kher MD
Vipin Khetarpal MD
Dr. Chung Khoo MD
Dr. Saeb Khoury MD
Dr. Ahmad Khraisat MD
Dr. Sandeep Khurana MD
Robert Kiefaber MD
Dr. Michael Kim MD
Michael Kim MD
Nam Kim
Dr. Sang Kim MD
Dr. Susie Kim MD
Dr. Steven Kindsvater MD
Dr. Eric King DO
John King MD
James Kinn MD
Dr. David Kinnard MD
Ralph Kirmser MD
Azariah Kirubakaran MD
Channarayapatna Kishan MD
David Kitzes MD
Kim Klancke MD
Marc Klapholz MD
Joseph Kleaveland MD
Andrew Klein MD
Dr. Ludwig Klein MD
Dr. Jay Kleinfeld MD
Gregory Kloehn MD
John Ko MD
Thomas Ko MD
Dr. David Koenigsberg MD
David Kohl MD
Edward Koifman
Dr. Chris Kolyvas MD
Dr. Thomas Komorowski MD
Jimmy Kontos MD
Dr. Nishant Koradia MD
Dr. Danny Korkmaz MD
Dr. Hema Korlakunta MD
Kenneth Korr MD
Dr. Srinivasa Kothapalli MD
Adam Kotlewski MD
Jason Kovacic MD
Joseph Kowalski MD
Dr. Allam Kowatli MD
Mark Kozak MD
Hani Kozman MD
Dr. Paul Kramer MD
Steven Krause DO
Justine Krawczyk MD
Dr. Michael Kreager MD FACC
Mark Kremers MD
Mr. Timothy Kreth MD
Marc Krichavsky MD
Dr. Rama Krishna MD
Dr. Vamsi Krishna MD
Vijay Krishnamoorthy MD
John Krouse MD
Dr. Kurtis Krueger MD
Mrs. Mihaela Kruger MD
George Kubac MD
Dr. Arun Kuchela MD
Dr. Paul Kudelko II DO
Gilbert Kukielka MD
Ajith Kumar MD
Dr. Prasanna Kumar MD
Sanjay Kumar MD
Vatsala Kumar MD
Vijay Kumar MD
Vinod Kumar MD
Dr. Vivek Kumar DO
Yuvaraj Kumar MD
Kenneth Kummerfeld MD
Selvakumar Kunchithapatham MD
Rene Kunhardt MD
Ralph Kunkel MD
Dr. Tzy-Shiuan Kuo MD
Dr. Joel Kupfer MD
Leon Kupferwasser MD
Juan Kurdi MD
Dr. Thomas Kurian MD
Dr. Frederick Kushner MD
Mr. Barry Kusnick MD
Dr. Ali Kutom MD
Ahmed Kutty MD
Dr. Tak Kwan MD
Dr. Zaki Lababidi MD
Dr. Robert Labarre MD
Atef Labib MD
Dr. Herbert Ladley MD
William Lafoe MD
Stephen Laguardia MD
Charles Laham MD
Jonah Lahip NP
Dr. John Laird MD
Mayur Lakhani
Dr. Mohan Lakhani MD
Vikram Lakireddy MD
Francisco Lammoglia MD
Dr. Charles Landau MD
Daniel Langdon MD
Dr. Michael Langiulli MD
Timothy Larkin MD
Dr. Greg Larsen MD
Dr. John Lasala MD
Lawrence Laslett MD
Steven Laster MD
Juan Lastra MD
Evan Lau MD
Dr. Stanley Lau MD
Nathan Laufer MD
David Law MD
Dr. John Lawrence JR. MD
Dr. Mark Lawrence DO
Dr. Willie Lawrence JR. MD
Christopher Lawson MD
Dr. Mark Lawton MD
Arthur Lazik MD
Dr. Mimi Le MD
Dr. Edward Leahey MD
George Leatherman MD
Stephen Lebowitz MD
Dr. Calvin Ledford MD
Arthur Lee MD
Colin Lee MD
Dr. Daniel Lee MD
Don Lee MD
Dr. Edwin Lee MD
Dr. Felix Lee MD
Dr. James Lee MD
Dr. Joseph Lee MD
Paul Lee MD
Dr. Paul Lee MD
Dr. Steven Lee MD
Timothy Lee MD
William Lee MD
Dr. Richard Leech MD
Dr. Christopher Leggett MD
Dr. Roman Leibzon MD
Dr. Mark Leithe MD
Jon Leleux MD
Dr. Thomas Lemay MD
Joseph Lemlek DO, FACC
Dr. David Lemons DO
Peter Lenchur MD PHD
Vitt Leng MD
Miltiadis Leon MD
Carmela Leonora MD
Jane Leopold MD
Dr. Michael Lesko DO
Cyril Leung MD
Dr. Val Lev MD
Dr. Leslie Levenson MD
Michael Levey MD
Dr. Ronald Levine MD
Dr. Steven Levine MD FACC
Howard Levite MD
Bruce Levy MD
Gerald Levy MD
Dr. David Lew MD
Dr. David Lewis MD
Dr. Lovdie Lewis MD
Dr. Larry Leyser MD
George Li MD
Qiang Li MD
Hugh Liebert MD
Donald Lilly MD
Atul Limaye MD
Dr. Abraham Lin MD
Dr. Chun Lin MD, PHD
Dr. Huang-Ta Lin MD
Dr. Lang Lin MD
Dr. Eric Lindley MD
Jason Lindsey MD
Dr. Jeffrey Lins MD
Russell Linsky MD
Michael Liou MD
Michael Lipsitt MD
Jason Litsky DO
Dr. Thomas Little MD
Dr. Frank Litvack MD
Dr. Ramon Lloret MD
Dr. Henry Lobstein MD
Peter Lochow MD
Dr. Juzar Lokhandwala MD
Anthony Lombardo MD
Dr. Brian Long MD
Alejandro Lopez MD
Dr. Christina Lopez MD
Dr. Bernardo Lopez Sanabria MD
David Lorenz MD
Kapildeo Lotun MD
Dr. Junyang Lou MD, PHD
John Lourie MD
Dr. James Lovell DO
Dr. Li Shien Low MD
Reginald Low MD
Brian Lowes MD
Pranav Loyalka MD
Dr. Sanford Lubetkin MD, FACC
Satnam Ludder MD
Henry Lui MD
Michael Luna MD
Craig Lundgren MD
Robert Lundstrom MD
Howard Luria MD
Fred Lybrand MD
Dr. Donald Lynch JR. MD
Petra Lynch MD
Peter Macander MD
Gregory Macdonald MD
Dr. Lee Macdonald MD
Robert Macdonald MD
Hugh Macisaac MD
Stephen Mackerrow MD
Dr. Vinay Madan MD
Prasad Maddukuri MD
Samuel Madeira MD
Dr. Patrick Magee MD
David Magorien MD
Vaikom Mahadevan
Dr. Sharan Mahal MD
Sabyasachi Mahapatra MD
Dr. Alok Maheshwari MD
Dr. Ravilla Mahidhar MD
Zakwan Mahjoub MD
Dr. Arshad Mahmood MD
Hatim Mahmood MD
Mobusher Mahmud MD
Dr. Robert Maholic DO
Melvyn Mahon MD FACC
Peter Mahrer MD
Tarek Mahrous MD
Romeo Majano MD
Nick Majetich JR. MD
Dr. Mazhar Majid MD,FACC,FACP
Mr. Harikrishna Makani
Dr. Babu Makkena MD
Dr. Gangadhar Malasana MD
Dr. Hector Malave MD
Dr. Rahul Malhotra MD
Dr. Surender Malhotra MD, FACC
Dr. Arshed Malik MD
Pervaiz Malik
Shafiq Mamdani MD
Srinivasarao Manchikalapudi MD
Gerald Mancuso MD
Dr. Ramanuja Manda MD FACC FCCP
Dr. Leonid Mandel MD
Dr. Scott Manders
Dr. Sarang Mangalmurti MD
Dr. Michael Manoles MD
Michael Manolios MD
Steven Manoukian MD
Dr. Vafa Mansouri DO
Dr. Amin Manuchehry MD
Rainier Manzanilla MD
Dr. Mohammad Marashdeh MD
Michael Marek MD
James Margolis MD
Orlando Marini Roman MD
Dr. Maria Markarian DO
Richard Markiewicz MD
Dr. Michael Marmulstein MD
Justin Maroney MD
Charles Marotta MD
Stephanie Marshall DO
Dr. Douglas Martel MD
Justin Martin MD
Timothy Martin MD
Dr. Michael Martinelli MD
Dr. Juan Martinez MD
Pedro Martinez-Clark MD
Dr. Jose Martinez-Ojeda MD
Dr. Muawia Martini MD
Thomas Martyak MD
Dr. Damien Marycz MD
Dr. Kevin Marzo MD
Christopher Massa MD
Dr. Edgar Massabni MD
Gary Maszak MD
Dr. Fadi Matar MD
Dr. Nicholas Matas MD
Dr. Robert Matheney MD
Dr. Emmett Mathews JR. MD
David Mathias MD
Jeffrey Matican MD
Dr. Harvey Matlof MD
Dr. Alexis Matteau MD, MSC
Dr. Kenneth May JR. MD
Dr. Guy Mayeda MD
Thomas Mayer MD
Marc Mayhew MD
Joseph Mayo MD
Mr. Mobeen Mazhar MD
Dr. Ramesh Mazhari MD
Dr. Lawrence Mcauliffe MD
Timothy Mcaveney MD
Dr. James Mccabe MD
Christopher Mccarty MD
Dale Mcdowell JR. MD
Frank Mcgeehin III MD
Jarrett Mcgehee MD
Daniel Mcgowan MD
Malcolm Mchenry MD
Dr. John Mckee MD
Louis Mckeever MD
George Mckendall MD
Dr. Ralph Mclaughlin JR. MD
Dr. William Mclaughlin MD
Jonathan Mclean MD
Dr. William Mcmanus MD
Paul Mcmullan MD
Edward Mcnulty MD
Dr. Patrick Mcnulty MD
Mr. Timothy Mcshurley MD
Paul Mcwhirter MD
Roderick Meese MD
Dr. John Mehl MD
Dr. Mandeep Mehra MD
Dr. Payam Mehranpour MD
Ashwani Mehta MD
Dr. Ravi Mehta MD
Dr. Sameer Mehta MD
Steven Mehta MD
Dr. Henry Meilman MD
Dr. Marco Mejia MD
Robert Menegaz MD
Daniel Meng MD
Robert Menuet II MD
Martha Mercado MD
Dr. Albert Mercer MD
Nawwar Mercho MD
Erwin Mermelstein MD
Dr. Barry Merrill MD
Arnold Meshkov MD
John Messenger MD
Thomas Messer JR. MD
Stephen Mester MD
Dr. Michael Meuth MD
Dr. Steven Meyer MD
Paul Micale MD
Prof. Charles Miceli MD
Dr. Paul Michael MD
Stephen Michaelson MD
Michael Michalski MD
Dr. Eddy Mieses MD
Bassem Mikhail MD
Dr. Mark Mikinski MD
Charles Mild MD
Dr. Bruce Miller MD
Mark Miller MD
Dr. Michael Miller MD
Tommy Miller III MD
John Minotti MD
Randy Mintz MD
Zulfiqar Mirza MD
Jacob Mishell MD
Michelle Mix MD
Dr. Timothy Mixon MD
Dr. Marian Mocanu MD
Eugene Moffett MD
Khaja Mohammed MD
Omer Mohammed El-Amin MD
Dr. Amr Mohsen MD
Kingson Momah MD
Dr. Van Monroe JR. MD
Dr. Daniel Montellese MD
Dr. Carlos Montes MD
Dr. David Montgomery MD
Michael Mooney MD
Carl Moore MD
Dr. Larry Moore MD
Dr. Scott Moore MD
Denzil Moraes MD
Dr. Douglass Morrison MD
Dr. Jeffrey Moses MD
Dr. Laura Mosher MD
Dr. Robert Moskowitz MD
Mehrdad Mostaan MD
Edward Mostel MD
Lorren Mott MD
George Moukarbel MD
Mohammad Reza Movahed Shariat Panahi MD, PHD
Omar Mufti MD
Dr. Sandip Mukherjee MD, FACC, FACP
Brenda Mullins MD
Michael Mumma MD
Dr. Giri Mundluru MD
Brian Mundy MD
Dr. Alan Munro MD
Dr. Bilal Murad MD
Michael Murnane MD
Barry Murphy MD
Dr. Patrick Murphy MD
Dr. Patrick Murphy MD
Dr. David Musselman MD
Dr. Thomas Mustoe MD
Dr. Sambasiva Musunuru MD
George Myers MD
Subbarao Mylavarapu MD
Zola N'dandu MD
Vishwanatha Nadig MD
Dr. Koushik Nag DO
Dr. George Nahhas MD
Dr. Srihari Naidu MD
Sunil Naik STUDENT
Jennifer Naiser DO
Fred Nakhjavan MD
Amit Nanavati MD
Vimal Nanavati MD
Anthony Nappi MD
Dr. Khalid Naqi MD
Dr. Virenjan Narayan MD
Angelo Nascimbene MD
Francisco Nascimento MD
Dr. Maher Nasser MD
Naseer Nasser MD
Ramzi Nassif MD
Mark Nathan MD
Dr. Paul Nathan MD
Dr. Mohamad Nawar MD
Atasu Nayak MD
Krishna Nayini MD
Arthur Nazarian MD
Dr. Tracy Neal MD
Shanti Neerukonda MD
Dr. Brian Negus MD
Dr. Daniel Nelson MD
Dr. Michael Nelson MD
John Nemanich MD
Dr. Robert Neumayr MD
Mark Neustel
Charles Newkirk MD
Conwell Newton MD
Dr. Tonga Nfor MD
Dr. Anh-Quan Nguyen MD
Dr. Bryant Nguyen MD
Harold Nguyen MD
Hieu Nguyen MD
Dr. Marie Nguyen MD
Dr. Thanh Nguyen DO
Dr. Vancuong Nguyen MD
Dr. Vincent Nicchi MD
Michael Nicholas DO
Gary Niess MD
Dr. Vikram Nijjar MD
Dr. Akira Nishikawa MD
Dr. Andre Nolewajka MD; MCLSC
Stephen Noller MD
Dr. L. Norris MD
Seema Nour MD
Dr. Bahman Nouri MD
Dr. Loyd Nugent MD
Dr. Jacob Nunamaker IV MD
Thomas Nygaard MD
Peter O'brien MD
Dr. Stephen O'connor MD
Brian O'leary MD
Dr. Robert Oakley JR. MD
Dr. Robert Oatfield MD
Esam Obed MD
Dr. Bashar Obeidou MD
Gregson Oghafua MD
Whie Oh MD
Matthew Ohern MD
Joseph Okolo MD
Olukayode Oladeji MD
Dr. Francis Oliver MD
John Olowoyeye MD
Dr. William Oneill MD
Dr. Michael Ontkean DO
Isaac Opoku-Asare
Dr. John Ord MD
James Orlando MD
Quentin Orlando DO
Roger Osborn JR. MD
Richard Osborne MD
Abdulfatah Osman MD
Dr. David Ostrander MD
Dr. Francisco Otero MD
Theophilus Owan MD
Philip Owen MD
Erol Ozdil MD
Sarat Pachalla MD
Daniel Pacifico MD
Dr. Arun Padala MD
Tom Pagano MD
Francisco Palacios MD
Dr. Angela Palazzo MD
Dr. Bruce Palmer M D
Ms. Elizabeth Palmer MD
Dr. Thomas Palmer MD
Dr. Hercules Panayiotou MD
Vipul Panchal MD
Niraj Pandit MD
Dr. Robert Panebianco MD
Dr. Oscar Paniagua MD
Dr. Emmanuel Papadakis MD
Stylianos Papadakos MD
Rafael Papaleo MD
Louis Papandrea MD
Silvio Papapietro MD
Dr. Jean-Michel Paradis MD
Dr. Niraj Parekh
Mark Parent MD
Walter Parham MD
Dr. Ashish Parikh MD, FACC
Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh MD
Dr. Shital Parikh MD
Dr. Arnold Paritzky MD
Soo Park MD
Dr. Norvin Parr III MD
Dr. Akhtar Parvaiz MD
Dr. Venkat Pasnoori MD
Dr. Philip Paspa MD
John Pasquini MD
John Pastore MD
Dr. Ajay Patel MD
Ashok Patel MD
Harsh Patel MD
Jay Patel MD
Dr. Jayesh Patel MD
Jigar Patel MD
Kalpesh Patel MD
Dr. Kiritkumar Patel MD
Dr. Manishkumar Patel MD
Dr. Milan Patel MD
Mr. Nainesh Patel MD
Pankaj Patel MD
Dr. Parag Patel MD
Dr. Parag Patel MD
Dr. Parag Patel MD
Pranav Patel MD
Rajnikant Patel MD
Dr. Rikesh Patel MD
Samir Patel MD
Dr. Sanjeev Patel MD
Sanjiv Patel MD
Dr. Saurin Patel MD
Shalin Patel MD
Vishal Patel MD
Dr. Asad Pathan MD
Sandesh Patil MD
Dr. Anthony Patrello MD
John Paulowski MD
Dr. Pamela Paulsen MD
Dr. Richard Paustian MD FACC FACP FSCAI F
Dr. Kathleen Paveglio MD
Mohammad Payvandi MD
Dr. Albert Pearce MD
Howard Pease MD
Dr. Bruce Peek MD
Dr. Gregory Pellizzon MD
Margaret Penkala MD
Dr. Joseph Pensabene MD
Dr. Lynne Perry-Bottinger MD
Dr. Ashish Pershad MD
Ameen Person MD
Dr. Marc Petein MD
Dr. John Petersen MD
Dr. Craig Peterson MD
Marian Petrasko MD
Richard Petrella MD
Babak Pezeshki MD
Dr. Kyle Pfahl MD
John Pfeifer MD
Dr. Kishor Phadke MD
Son Pham MD
Michael Phan MD
Dr. Gerry Phillips MD
Dr. J Phillips III MD
William Phillips
William Pickens MD
Dr. Brian Pickett MD
Hector Picon MD
Thomas Piemonte MD
Lee Pierson MD
Guillermo Pineda MD
Dr. Stuart Pink MD
David Pinnelas MD
Dr. Jack Pinto MD
Dr. Sridevi Pitta MD
R. Platt MD
Sidney Plawes MD
Marina Plon MD
Dr. Dominic Plucinski MD
Nageswara Podapati MD
Stephen Pollock MD
Dr. Gerald Polukoff MD
Dr. Mark Pomerantz MD
Edward Portnay MD
Jon Portnoff MD
Dr. David Portugal MD, FACC
Anil Poulose MD
Dr. Nelson Prager MD
Dr. Anand Prasad MD
Ashok Prasad MD
Jan Prasad MD
Srinivas Prasad MD
Sudhir Prasada MD
Thirunavukkarasu Pratap MD
Dr. Robert Prentice DO
Dr. John Prevedel MD
Dr. Matthew Price MD
Robert Price MD
Marshall Priest MD
Dr. Robert Pringle JR. MD, FACC
Dr. Leverne Prosser MD
Tim Provias MD
Dr. Jamon Pruitt MD
Dr. Michael Ptasnik MD,FACC
Jaime Pugeda MD
Alan Puls MD
Dr. Mark Pulsipher MD
Harendra Punatar MD
Drew Purdy MD
Dr. Vanshipal Puri MD
Christopher Pyne MD
Dr. Usman Qayyum MD
Mubashir Qazi MD FACC FSCAI
Mr. Otakar Quadrat MD
Dr. Ramon Quesada MD
James Quillen MD
Dr. Roberto Quintal MD
Zia Rab MD
Abram Rabinowitz MD
Chengalroyan Raghunathan MD
Dr. Manu Rajachandran MD
Dr. Lawrence Rajan MD
Ratnakar Rajanahally MD
Dr. Vijay Rajendran MD
Ranjit Rajpal MD
Dr. Rafiq Ramadan MD
Dr. Govind Ramadurai MD
Murli Raman MD
Dr. Venkatesh Raman MD
Anand Ramanathan MD
Sunil Ramaprasad MD, FACC
Geetha Ramaswamy MD
Dr. Jethalal Rambhia MD
Dr. Walter Ramirez MD
Chidambaram (Chad) Rammohan MD
Dr. Abbas Rampurwala MD
Eddison Ramsaran MD
Mr. Howard Ramsey MD
Zeshan Rana MD
Nandkishore Ranadive MD
Mr. Priyantha Ranaweera MD
Dr. Anil Ranchord MD
Mr. Alfred Randall MD
Dr. John Raniolo DO
Dr. Kevin Rankin MD
Dr. Metram Rao MD
Ravi Rao MD
Dr. Vyshali Rao MD
Dr. Andrew Rashkow MD
Margaret Rasouli MD
Dr. Andrew Rassi MD
David Rater MD
Dr. John Rathbun MD
Dr. Daniel Ratliff DO
Robert Rauh MD
Dr. Zankhana Raval MD
Ganeshan Raveendran MD
Srihari Ravi MD
Dr. Kondaramvalappil Ravindran MD
Manoj Rawal MD
Glenn Rayos MD
Dr. Seid Razavi MD
Gayl Reader MD
Dr. Ajay Reddivari MD
Dr. Amarendra Reddy MD
Dr. Beeravolu Reddy MD
Dr. Bouyella Reddy MD
Dr. Chatla Reddy MD
Dr. Gautam Reddy MD
Dr. Guduru Reddy MD
Hanumanth Reddy MD
Dr. Kiran Reddy MD
Dr. Madhusudhan Reddy MD
Raghava Reddy MD
Srinivas Reddy MD
Dr. Venkata Reddy MD
Andrew Rees MD
Daniel Reese MD
Mark Reger MD
Asif Rehman MD
David Reich MD
Dr. Barry Reicher MD
Mr. William Reilly MD
Mr. Carl Reimers MD
Gregg Reis MD
Suresh Rekhraj MD
Randolph Renzi MD
Raymond Resnick MD
Kenneth Retter MD
Dr. Peter Reyes MD
Vincent Reyes MD
Dr. Rodney Rhinehart MD
Dr. Kent Richards MD
James Richardson MD
Dr. Thomas Richardson MD
Dr. William Ricks MD
Dr. Jeffrey Rieder MD
Dr. Michael Rinaldi MD
Dr. Morton Rinder MD
Dr. Michael Ritchie MD
James Rittelmeyer MD
Dr. Frank Rivas MD
Dr. Abel Rivero MD
Syed Rizvi MD
Peter Roan MD
Dr. Joel Robbins MD
Dr. William Robbins MD
Barbara Roberts MD, FACC
Dr. David Roberts MD
Jonathan Roberts MD
Cheryl Robertson MD
Roy Robertson MD
Jerome Robinson MD
Dionyssios Robotis. I MD
Dr. Eric Roccario MD
Rolando Rodriguez MD
Dr. Samuel Rodriguez MD
Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Escudero MD
Edwin Rogers MD
Jason Rogers MD
Dr. Praveen Rohatgi MD
Michael Rollins MD
Alicia Romero MD
Tomas Romero MD
Philip Romm MD
Dr. Andrew Rose MD
Dr. Robert Rose MD
Craig Rosen MD
Dr. Michael Rosenberg MD
Dr. Richard Rosenbloom MD
Dr. Andrew Rosenthal MD
Benjamin Rosin MD
Terence Ross MD
Dr. Ronald Rossen MD
Dr. Peter Rossi MD
Dr. Tracey Roth MD
Richard Rothschild MD
Gary Roubin MD
Dr. Carl Rouch MD
Kristin Roussillon MD
Dennis Rowe MD
Llewellyn Rowe MD
Howard Rubin MD
Dr. Jacob Rubin MD
Andres Ruiz MD
Dr. Lars Runquist MD
Patrick Russo JR. MD
Gerald Ryan MD
Thomas Ryan MD
Saadeh Saadeh MD
Rajendran Sabapathy MD
Shawn Sabapathy MD
Eduardo Sabates MD
Jagdeep Sabharwal MD
Dr. Peter Sabia MD
Dr. Jeffrey Sack MD FACC FACA FCCP
Claude-Laurent Sader MD
Immad Sadiq MD
Dr. Kooroush Saeian MD
David Safley MD
Dr. Pabitra Saha MD
Achal Sahai MD
Puneet Sahgal MD
Dr. Hamid Salam MD, FACC
Dr. Judd Salamat DO
Dr. Mahomed Salame MD
Dr. Carlos Salgado Rodriguez MD
Dr. Joseph Salloum MD
Tariq Salman MD
Dr. Waddah Salman MD
Dr. Mark Saltzman MD
Brian Saluck DO
Dr. Madhu Salvaji DO
Dr. Bashar Samman MD
Ghyath Samman MD
Dr. William Sammond MD
Sridhar Sampath Kumar MD
Scott Sample DO
Dr. Bruce Samuels MD
Amir Sanati MD
Rafael Sanchez-Ponce MD
James Sandberg MD
Surender Sandella MD
Dr. Gurmit Sandhu
Prabhdeep Sandhu MD
Anthony Sandoval MD
Clyde Sanford III MD
Vinay Sanghi MD
Dr. Abdul Sankari MD
Dr. Priyanka Sanon MD
Richard Santa-Cruz MD
Dr. Eugene Santilli MD
Edward Santoian MD
Dr. Carlo Santos-Ocampo MD
Dr. Brenda Sanzobrino MD
Dr. Gordon Saperia MD
Kiran Saraff MD
Dr. Nishtha Sareen
Dr. Mohammad Sarfarazi MD
Dr. Paul Sarkaria MD
Christopher Sarnoski DO
Alejandro Sarria Arbocco MD
John Sartini MD
Dr. Michael Sassower MD
Dr. Ruby Satpathy MD
Dr. Donald Saunders III MD, FACC
Walter Savage MD
Dr. George Saviano MD
Asad Sawar MD
Marta Sayers MD
Dr. Sheldon Sbar MD
Peter Scalise MD
Dr. Allen Schaeffer MD
David Schaer MD
Jay Schapira MD
James Schipper MD
James Schmidt MD
Matthew Schmidt MD
Michael Schmidt MD
James Schmitt MD
Lisa Schmitz DO
Maurice Schneider MD
Chad Schooley MD
Mr. George Schroth
Dr. Paul Schubert MD
Dr. Eric Schulte MD
Edward Schuster MD
Brian Schwartz MD
Bryan Schwartz MD
Daniel Schwartz MD
Harry Schwartz MD
Dr. Lensey Scott MD
Ronald Scott MD
Dr. Ronald Sebold DO
Jonathan Seckler MD
Bonnie Seecharran MD
Dr. Victor Seghers MD
Scott Seidner MD
Dr. Kristine Sellberg MD
Dr. Nemalan Selvaraj DO
Asif Serajian DO
Audrey Sernyak MD
Dr. Harvey Serota MD
Dr. Niranjan Seshadri MD
Dr. Puvi Seshiah MD
Salil Sethi MD
Dr. Sanjum Sethi MD
Surendra Sethi MD
Virender Sethi MD
Shui Seto MD
Dr. Ashish Shah MD
Chaitanya Shah MD
Dr. Gopi Shah MD
Harish Shah MD
Janki Shah MD
Dr. Mehul Shah MD
Rajesh Shah MD
Dr. Shahzad Shah MD
Umang Shah MD
Umang Shah MD
Dr. Norman Shaia MD
Ali Shaikh MD
Fareed Shaikh MD
Jawad Shaikh MD
Dr. Saeed Shaikh MD
Yoseph Shalev MD
Dr. Nicolas Shammas MD
Mr. Rony Shammas MD
Dr. Kesavan Shan MD, FACC
Madhan Shanmugasundaram MD
Timothy Shapiro MD
Dr. Mahmoud Sharaf MD, FRCPC
Dr. Shiraz Shariff MD
Aditya Sharma MD
Anil Sharma MD
Dr. Atul Sharma MD
Dr. Brahma Sharma MD
Dr. Manoj Sharma MD
Dr. Raja Sharma MD
David Shaw MD
Reuben Sheares III MD
Dr. Dennis Sheehan MD
Dr. Patrick Sheehy MD
Adel Shehata MD
William Shell MD
Hossein Shenasa MD
Mohammad Shenasa MD
Dr. Lincoln Shenje MD, PHD, MRCP
Dr. Heather Shenkman MD
Dr. Vasudev Shenoy MD
Jon Sherman MD
Dr. Mohit Sheth MD
Dr. Alan Shiener MD
Yang Shih MD
Thomas Shimshak MD
Dr. Suresh Shingala MD
Dr. Harn-Cherng Shiue MD
Dr. Anupama Shivaraju MD
Dr. Keashava Shivashankar MD
Richard Shlofmitz MD
Matthew Shotwell MD
Samuel Shubrooks JR. MD
Dr. Muhammad Siddiqi MD
Dr. Saadi Siddiqi DO
Mr. Adnan Siddiqui MD
Pramodh Sidhu MD
Dr. Adel Sidky MD
Dr. Stephen Sigal MD
Jose Silva MD
Gary Silverman MD
Dr. Paul Silverman MD,FACC
Dr. Burton Silverstein MD
Lance Simkins MD
Alan Simons MD
Dr. Christopher Simpson MD
Dr. Daniel Simpson MD
Leo Simpson MD
Dr. John Sinden MD
Dr. Dinesh Singal MD
Dr. Yash Singbal MBBS, FRACP
Dr. Gregory Singer MD
Dr. Amardeep Singh MD
Devinderjit Singh MD
Dr. Kamaldeep Singh DO
Kanwar Singh MD
Dr. Karan Deep Singh MD
Ripudamanjit Singh MD
Mr. Sanjay Singh MD
Dr. Sarabjeet Singh MD
Dr. Surender Singh MD
Varinder Singh MD
Vibhuti Singh MD
Ish Singla MD
Dr. Shantanu Sinha MD
Dr. Anthony Sintetos MD, PHD
Dr. Robert Sinyard JR. MD
Sara Sirna MD
Dr. Robert Sisson III MD
Elias Skaf MD
Jeffrey Skiles MD
Dr. William Skinner MD
James Slater MD
Vojtech Slezka MD
Dr. David Slife DO
Paul Slota MD
Dr. Alexander Slotwiner MD
Dr. John Slovak MD
Dr. Anson Jay Smith MD
C Smith DO
Dr. Gregory Smith MD
Henry Smith III MD
Ian Smith MD
Dr. James Smith MD
Kelley Smith M D
Dr. Robert Smith JR. MD
Dr. Stafford Smith MD
Dr. Shaun Smithson
Dr. Mark Smucker MD
Daniel Snavely MD
Mr. Jimmy Sneed MD
Piotr Sobieszczyk MD
Mark Soffer MD
Dr. Charles Sohn MD
Seth Sokol MD
Tourage Soleimani MD
Dr. George Soliman MD
Stuart Solomon MD
Dr. Sumit Som MD
Vineel Sompalli MD
David Song MD FACE
Dr. Luis Soto MD
Dr. Peter Soukas MD
Jeffrey Southard MD
Leo Spaccavento MD
Mark Speakman MD
Kenneth Spector MD PHD
Dr. Christian Spies MD
Larry Spiotta MD
Allen Spitler MD
Dr. Daniel Sporn MD
Dr. Dan Inder Sraow MD
Konanur Srinatha MD
Dr. Sunil Srinivas MD
Dr. Deepak Srinivasan MD
Janardhan Srinivasan MD
Manivannan Srinivasan MD
Raghuraman Srinivasan MD
Dr. Amit Srivastava MD
Nalin Srivastava MD
Dr. Marcus St John MD
Dr. Frederick St. Goar MD
Dr. Gregory St. John MD
Richard Stack MD
Dr. Paul Stafford MD
Dr. Robert Starrett MD
Dr. Richard Staudacher MD
Dr. Donald Steely MD
Frank Stegall MD
Maureen Stein MD
Michael Stein MD
Daniel Steinberg MD
Dr. Kevin Steinberg MD
Dr. Kenneth Stevens MD
Cydney Stewart MD
Michael Stillabower MD
Dr. Curtiss Stinis MD
Dr. Gregg Stone MD
Dr. Jay Stone MD
James Story MD
Kimber Stout MD
Dr. Stephen Stowers MD
Athanasios Stoyioglou MD
Dr. Warren Strickland III MD
Mr. Neil Strickman MD
Steven Strobbe DO
Robert Strumpf MD
Adam Strunk MD
Dr. William Stuck MD
Tomasz Stys MD
Pramilla Subramaniam MD
Kathir Selvan Subramanian MD
Charles Suh MD
Dr. John Sullebarger MD
Daniel Sullivan MD
Dr. Colin Sumida MD
Dr. Lalitha Sunder MD
Dr. Edward Supple MD
Dr. Joseph Surmitis MD
Laddeus Sutton MD
Dr. John Svinarich MD, FACC
Michael Sweeney MD
Dr. Ronald Szeto MD
Roman Szkopiec MD
Dr. Steven Tabak MD
Maria Taitano MD
Patricia Takeda
Clifford Talbert JR. MD
Terry Talkin MD
Dr. Edgar Tan MD
Dr. Anwar Tandar MD
Dr. Megumi Taniuchi MD,PHD
Dr. Stephen Tann MD
Dr. Satyam Tatineni MD
Dr. Jeffrey Tauth MD
Magdy Tawadrous MD
Dr. Jeff Taylor MD
Mr. Montoya Taylor MD
Dr. Barry Tedder MD
Dr. Yuli Ten
David Ternes DO
Dr. Juan Terre MD
Dr. David Terreson MD
Richard Terry MD
Robert Terry MD
Jackson Thatcher
Karen Theilade MD
Dr. Mark Thel MD
Jane Third MD
Dr. Edward Thomas MD
Dr. Christopher Thompson MD
Dr. Craig Thompson MD
Dr. Mark Thompson MD
Dr. Dennis Tierney MD
Dr. Bradley Titus MD
Dr. Joshua Todd MD
Dr. Edward Toggart MD
Dr. Matthew Tomey MD
Carl Tommaso MD
Russ Tonkovic MD
Dr. Theron Toole II MD
Stuart Toporoff MD
Guillermo Torre MD
Dr. Randall Towne MD
Thomas Tracey MD
Timothy Trageser MD
Anatole Trakhtenbroit MD
Dr. Robert Trautwein M D
Jay Traverse MD
Jennifer Tremmel MD,SM
David Truluck MD
Albert Tseng
Eben Tucker MD
Paul Tucker II MD
Dr. Charles Tuffli JR. MD
Dr. Mark Tulli MD
Joseph Tuma MD
Dr. Tansel Turgut MD
Dr. Ashfaq Turk MD
Jocelyne Turnier MD
Dr. Kenneth Tway
Dr. Gaurav Tyagi MD
Marc Unterman MD
Dr. Sant Upmanyu MD
Paul Urban MD
Joann Urquhart MD
Dr. Arash Vahdat MD
Dr. Omid Vahdat MD
Kedarnath Vaidya MD
Pranaychandra Vaidya MD, FACC
Babak Vakili MD
Richard Valente MD
C Valentine MD
Dr. Frank Valeri MD
Dr. Hohai Van MD
Dr. Arthur Vandyke MD
Nitanth Vangala MD
Arie Vangemeren MD
Dr. Daniel Vanroy MD
Dr. Gil Vardi MD
Prabhat Varma MD
Shalendra Varma MD
Dr. Annie Varughese MD
Dr. Keith Vasenius DO
Dr. Alejandro Vasquez MD
Charles Vaughan MD
Manuel Vega MD, FACC, FSCAI
Dr. Carlos Velasco MD
Juan Velasquez MD
Dr. John Venditto MD,MBA,FACC
Dr. Paolo Venegoni MD
Anil Verma MD
Ashok Verma MD
Vikas Verma MD
Leonardo Victores MD
Ricardo Vicuna MD
Narayanan Vikraman MD
James Vilaro MD
Dr. Augusto Villa MD
Peter Virzi MD
Vince Vismara MD
Anthony Voelkel
Dr. Elizabeth Volz MD
Audrey Von Poelnitz MD
Dr. Galen Vonk MD
Devendra Vora MD
Dr. Frans Vossenberg MD
Stephen Voyce MD
Amit Vyas MD SC
Anant Vyas MD
Daniel Wachsman MD
Dr. Sudhanva Wadgaonkar MD
Suresh Wadhwani MD SC
Hisham Wagdy MD
Dr. Michael Wahl MD
A. William Waibel MD
Dr. Bryan Waits MD
Dr. Alain Waked MD
James Walder MD
Lon Walder DO
Dr. Andreas Wali MD
Steven Walker MD
Dr. William Wallace MD
Dr. John Walsh MD
Dr. Joseph Walsh III MD
Dr. Gordon Walters MD
Brian Walton MD
Joseph Walton MD
Dr. Michael Walton MD
Dr. Dajun Wang MD
Kethes Waram MD
Dr. Samuel Ward JR. MD
James Ware MD
Mr. Stafford Warren MD
Mark Warshofsky MD
Hal Wasserman MD
Dr. Najam Wasty MD01141954
Dr. John Waters MD
Jerry Watson MD
Richard Watson MD
Dr. Bruce Watt MD
David Weaver MD
Dr. Craig Wehrli MD
Mitchell Weinberg MD
Dr. Judah Weinberger MD
Joseph Weinstein MD
Maurice Weiss MD
Giora Weisz MD
Dr. Juan Weksler MD
Dr. M Wells MD
Dr. Richard Wepsic MD
Dr. Craig Werner MD
Roland Werres MD
Joseph West MD
Roger Westcott M D
Dr. Donald Westerhausen JR. MD
Dr. Francis Weyrens MD
Kirke Wheeler MD
Thomas Wheeler III MD
Dr. Matthew Whitbeck MD
Charles Whitcomb III MD
Harvey White JR. MD
Dr. Jonathon White MBCHB
Neal White MD
T White MD
Dr. Todd Whitsitt MD
Kenneth Whittaker MD
James Whittle MD
Rajasekran Wickramasekran MD
Dr. Sasrutha Wickramasinghe MD, PHD,
Joseph Wiedermann MD
Dr. Jose Wiley MD
John Willard MD
Alan Williams MD
David Williams MD
Marcus Williams MD
Dr. Michael Williams MD
Mr. Raashan Williams MD
Dr. Joshua Willis MD
Mr. James Wilson MD
Dr. Joseph Wilson JR. MD
Peter Wilson MD
Vance Wilson MD
Dr. Htut Win MD
Dr. John Windsor DO
Howard Winer MD
Dr. Jason Wischmeyer MD
Dr. Thomas Wisenbaugh MD
Dr. William Witcik MD,
Dr. Patrick Withrow MD
William Witmer MD
Roger Wittum MD
Andreas Wolf MD
Richard Wolf MD
Dr. Christopher Wolfe MD
Dr. Mark Wolfe MD
Matthew Wolff MD
David Wolford MD
Dr. Garrett Wong MD
Terrence Wong MD
Pauline Woo MD
David Wood MD
Dr. Gregory Wood DO
Todd Wood MD
Dr. Chris Woodard MD
Dr. Scott Woodfield MD, FACC
Gary Woodworth MD
Thomas Wool MD
Gary Worcester MD
Dr. Daniel Woronow MD
Dr. Robert Wozniak MD
Dr. Romel Wrenn MD
Steven Writer MD
Kuan-Teh Wu MD
William Wu MD
Christopher Wulff MD
Mr. Ray Wyman MD
Dr. Virgil Wynia MD
Dr. John Wynsen MD
Dr. Sidharth Yadav DO
Donald Yakel JR. MD
Hussein Yamani MD
Hiroshi Yamasaki MD
Michael Yandel MD
Mr. Tae Yang MD
Mr. Ted Yang MD
Khalid Yaqoob MD
Mr. William Yarbrough MD
Dr. Ricardo Yaryura MD
James Yau MD
George Yee MD
Dr. Jehangir Yeganeh MD
Pridhvi Yelamanchili MD
Jason Yoho MD
Dong Hi Yoon MD
Dr. Paul Yoshino MD
Laura Leigh Younce MD
Eddy Young MD
Mr. Thomas Young MD
Dr. Royce Yount JR. MD
Dr. Mohammad Yousaf MD
Eyas Youssef MD
Mona Youssef MD
Mark Yusin MD
Dr. Amit Zachariah MD
Mammen Zachariah MD
Aristides Zacharoudis MD
Rakhshinda Zafar MD
Scott Zager MD
Syed Zaidi MD
Dr. Mark Zainea MD
Rafic Zaitoun MD
Fernando Zamudio MD
Juan Zarate MD
Maja Zaric MD
Dr. Terry Zarling MD
Dr. Mary Zasadil MD
Dr. Kevin Zawacki MD
Robert Zawodny
Magdalena Zeglin MD
Dr. Christian Zellner MD
Richard Zelman MD
Robert Zelman DO
Dr. Howard Zeman MD
Dr. Patrik Zetterlund MD
Dr. Mohammad Zgheib MD
Katrine Zhiroff MD
Michael Zhu MD
James Ziccardi DO
Dr. Bruce Zinsmeister MD
Dr. Vladimir Znamensky MD
Ronald Zolty MD
Imran Zubair MD
Robert Zucker MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: added definition, added source] Additional Resources: American Board of Internal Medicine, 2007. Board Certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Internal Medicine. ACGME Accredited Residency Program Requirements: 1 year of training plus a prerequisite of 3 years Internal Medicine, 3 years Cardiovascular Disease for a total of 7 years. ABMS Approved Subspecialty Certificate (Internal Medicine)

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: added definition, added source] Additional Resources: American Board of Internal Medicine, 2007. Board Certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Internal Medicine. ACGME Accredited Residency Program Requirements: 1 year of training plus a prerequisite of 3 years Internal Medicine, 3 years Cardiovascular Disease for a total of 7 years. ABMS Approved Subspecialty Certificate (Internal Medicine)