Occupational Therapy Assistants



An occupational therapy assistant is a person who has graduated from an occupational therapy assistant program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) or predecessor organizations, has successfully completed a period of supervised fieldwork experience required by the accredited occupational therapy assistant program, has passed a nationally recognized entry-level examination for occupational therapy assistants, and fulfills state requirements for licensure, certification, or registration. An occupational therapy assistant provides interventions under the supervision of an occupational therapist which emphasize the therapeutic use of everyday life activities (i.e., occupations) with individuals or groups for the purpose of facilitating participation in roles and situations and in home, school, workplace, community and other settings. Occupational therapy services are provided for the purpose of promoting health and wellness and are provided to those who have or are at risk for developing an illness, injury, disease, disorder, condition, impairment, disability, activity limitation, or participation restriction. Occupational therapy assistants address the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, sensory, and other aspects of occupational performance in a variety of contexts to support engagement in everyday life activities that affect health, well-being, and quality of life. **

Jacqueline Aaron
Shanon Aarup
Mrs. Jennifer Abate OTA
Mrs. Zehra Abbasi COTA/L
Miss Melissa Abbey OTA
Ms. Stacie Abbitt COTA
Mrs. Karen Abbott COTA/L
Lelena Abbott
M. Edna Abbott COTA
Michele Abbott
Roberta Abbott PTA
Mrs. Dawn Abbruzzi
Juliet Abdallah-Woodall COTA
Meech-Ka Abdoo COTA/L
Marie Abdu COTA/L
Shabana Abdul COTA
Shazam Abdul
Ms. Amina Abdul-Rashid
Suad Abdullah
Mrs. Umma Abdullahi
Jessamyn Abel
Joy Abel COTA/L
Nora Abel
Jackie Abele COTA/L
Cara Abell COTA
Ronald Abell
Deborah Abella
Joan Abendroth COTA
Ms. Shannon Abercrombie COTA/L
Olanrewaju Abimbola COTA
Mrs. Genevieve Ablola COTA/L
Courtney Abney COTA/L
Khaled Aboulhosn
Trina Abraham II OTA/L
Maria Abrahams COTA
Liza Abrakhaimova COTA
Kathleen Abram COTA/L
Patricia Abrams COTA
Mrs. Sarah Abrams COTA
Belkis Abreu OTA
Olga Abreu COTA
Ms. Marissa Abuel COTA/L
Sara Acacio COTA
Mrs. Marie Aceituno COTA
Yordanka Acevedo
Lori Ach COTA/L
Himani Acharya
Sheila Acheampong
Michael Achen COTA
Mrs. Sophia Acierto COTA/L
John Ackerman COTA/L
Sally Ackerman
Joyce Ackermran COTA/L
Nathaniel Acord COTA
Rene Acosta OTA
Rubin Acosta COTA/L
Ms. Donna Acquafredda COTA
Ms. Tiffany Acquafredda COTA/L
Jennifer Acree COTA
Colleen Adair
Mrs. Yasmin Adalsha COTA
Cynthia Adam
Macarena Adames COTA
Jennie Adamo
Mrs. Betty Adamovich
Mrs. Alma Adams BS, COTA/L, DOR
Belema Adams COTA
Cheryl Adams COTA
Ms. Colleen Adams COTA/L
Miss Dalton Adams COTA/L
Denise Adams
Dody Adams COTA
Erin Adams COTA/L
Ms. Heather Adams OTA
Heather Adams COTA
Jacqueline Adams COTA/L
Jaime Adams COTA L
Janice Adams OTA
Mrs. Joan Adams COTA
Ms. Keshia Adams
Mr. Kevin Adams COTA/L
Miss Kiley Adams COTA/L
Miss Kimberley Adams COTA
Korina Adams COTA-L
Lauren Adams COTA
Lisa Adams COTA/L
Mrs. Mary Adams COTA/L
Miss Megan Adams COTA/L
Michael Adams
Michelle Adams COTA
Pamela Adams
Mrs. Patricia Adams
Mrs. Paula Adams COTA
Rachel Adams
Robbie Adams COTA/L
Samantha Adams
Sarah Adams
Sheila Adams
Mrs. Sondra Adams
Mrs. Stacey Adams II COTA
Stephanie Adams
Steven Adams
Ms. Pamela Adams Kammin COTA
Ms. Katelyn Adamski
Mrs. Erika Adamson COTA/L
Jessica Adcock COTA/L
Kim Addington COTA
Stephanie Addison COTA/L
Nichole Addo-Stover COTA
Katherine Addy
Vikki Addy
Mrs. Jean Adebogun COTA
Kristen Adelmeyer
Olufemi Adeniji COTA
Mrs. Lauren Adeszko COTA/L
Brandy Adkins
Mr. Craig Adkins OTA
Diane Adkins
James Adkins COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Adkins COTA
Judith Adkins
Norman Adkins
Judith Adkinson
Brooke Adkison OTA
Emily Adler
Eve Adler
Kari Adler COTA
Lindsey Adler
Randi Adler COTA/L
Rosemarie Adler COTA
Mrs. Julie Adolphson COTA/L
Ms. Velma Adonis
Ms. Cindy Adriano COTA/L
Miss Mary Ady COTA
Danielle Affolder COTA
Ms. Diane Agee COTA/L
Dana Agenbroad
Lisa Aggouras COTA
Briana Agler COTA-L
Mrs. Terri Agold COTA
Estelle Aguayo
David Aguero COTA/L
Alexander Aguiar
Liliana Aguila
Belinda Aguilar COTA
Christine Aguilar
Giany Aguilar OAT
Mr. Jaime Aguilar I COTA
Marilyn Aguilar
Perla Aguilar
Rebecca Aguiniga
Miss Lisa Aguirre
Mrs. Luz Aguirre COTA
Teresa Aguirre
Elisabeth Agyekum COTA/L
Melanie Ahakinian
Kathleen Ahearn OTA
Ms. Andrea Ahl COTA/L
Teresa Ahl COTA
Rachel Ahlbin COTA
Kiran Ahluwalia
Syed Ahmed
Natalija Aho
Irina Aidinian
Nikki Aiello COTA/L
Mrs. Debbie Aiken
Erica Aiken
Jesse Aiken COTA
Leigh Aiken
Kristin Ainsworth COTA/L
Sally Aitken COTA
Gulzar Ajani OTA
Brandy Akbari COTA
Mrs. Elizabeth Akers COTA/L
Elizabeth Akers COTA/L
Jamie Akers COTA
Tiffany Akers COTA/L
Ms. Laureen Akervik COTA
Cynthia Akin
Kerry Akins COTA/L
Kianna Akins
Rabeya Akter OTA
Vian Al-Baiati COTA/L
Brandy Alaimo
Amy Alameida COTA/L
Loubna Alami-Chantoufi
Mrs. Raquel Alarcon COTA
Gabriel Alarcon Aleman COTA
Ashley Albani COTA
Mrs. Mollie Albaugh COTA/L
Amanda Albert
Grace Albert
Jennifer Albert COTA/L
Mr. Michael Albert MS OTRL
Staci Albert
Mrs. Pam Albertie COTA
Chelsey Alberty COTA/L
Cynthia Albrecht
Andrea Albright OTA
Carina Alcantara
Catherine Alcantara
Jonathan Alcindor COTA/L
Crystal Alcorn
Mrs. Bridget Aldea OTA
Mary Ann Alderete
Eliana Alderete Romon
Amy Alderson
Mrs. Jennifer Aldinger COTA/L
Debbie Aldrich COTA/L
Krystal Aldrich COTA
Starr Aldrich
Mrs. Lillianna Aldridge COTA
Ms. Maydel Alduncin COTA
Mrs. Anita Alejandro COTA
Gladys Alejandro COTA
Katia Alejandro
Yenni Aleman OTA
Ms. Kandis Alerassool COTA/L
Janice Alers
Christina Alessi
Mrs. Brittany Alexander OTA
Caprice Alexander COTA
Carissa Alexander
Chrissy Alexander I
Mr. David Alexander COTA-L
Delphine Alexander COTA L
Donald Alexander COTA
Heather Alexander COTA/L
Mr. James Alexander
Mr. Jordan Alexander COTA
Ms. Kineka Alexander COTA
Preethi Alexander COTA/L
Priscilla Alexander COTA/L CLT
Sondra Alexander COTA/L
Stephen Alexander COTA
Terri Alexander
Laura Alexcites COTA/L
Ursula Alexis OTA
Ms. Dena Alfers COTA
Jacquelyn Alfonsi COTA
Charles Alfred NYS OTA
Miss Sara Alfson COTA
Debra Alger COTA/L
Keniesha Ali
Miss Carla Alicea COTA
Ingrid Alicea COTA/L
Rolando Alicea COTA
Liana Alis COTA/L
Phyllis Allaire
Mrs. Kristin Allamon COTA/L
Tammy Allar COTA
Mrs. Avid Allard COTA/C
Christina Allard COTA/L
Allya Allaway COTA/L
Daryl Allder
Carina Allen COTA
Deborah Allen COTA
Debra Allen OTA/L
Erin Allen COTA
Holly Allen COTA
Janet Allen
John Allen
Julie Allen
Karen Allen
Karen Allen COTA
Kendra Allen COTA
Kristen Allen COTA/L
Liesa Allen COTA
Logan Allen COTA
Mackinsey Allen
Marian Allen COTA/L
Martha Allen
Melina Allen COTA
Mrs. Michelle Allen COTA
Misty Allen COTA
Mrs. Nicole Allen COTA
Orlena Allen OTA
Pam Allen COTA
Patricia Allen
Robin Allen
Stacy Allen
Stephanie Allen
Mr. Stephen Allen COTA
Susan Allen COTA/L
Tanika Allen OTA
Mrs. Sherri Allenbrand COTA
Treva Alleshouse
Ms. Bibi Alley COTA
Ms. Jennifer Alley OTA/L
Afees Alli JR. COTA
Michael Allie
Les Allinger
Lorie Allion
Monica Allison COTA
Lorna Alliston OTA
Kelsey Allman COTA
Ms. Cynthia Allred COTA
Lila Allstott
Mrs. Kimberly Allsup
Kim-Marie Almeida OTA
Mrs. Cynthia Almodovar COTA
Mrs. Deborah Almon COTA
Batya Alon
Sara Alon COTA/L
Tina Alongi
Mrs. Amanda Alonso COTA/L
Laura Alonso COTA
Karen Alonzo
Lora Alonzo COTA
Jesica Alperin
Mrs. Dee Alpha
Willie Alschen
Evelyn Alston COTA
Rhonda Alston COTA
Ms. Shonna Alston COTA/L
Jamie Altenburger
Ms. Caroline Alterio COTA
Mr. Timothy Alters COTA
Mrs. Aimee Althouse COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Altidor- Sanon COTA
Mr. Leroy Altman IV L/COTA
Miss Misty Altonaga COTA
Ms. Cheryl Altum COTA
Jahaira Alvarado COTA
Karen Alvarado
Lisa Alvarado COTA/L
Robert Alvarado COTA
Terry Alvarado PTA
Xochilt Alvarenga COTA
Regine Alvares COTA
Mrs. Brenda Alvarez COTA/L
Mr. David Alvarez COTA
Mr. Javier Alvarez COTA
Juan Alvarez COTA
Mrs. Tomekia Alvarez COTA
Bradford Alves COTA
Mrs. Chiriga Alves OTA
Mrs. Lory Alves COTA/L
Martha Alvis
Sarah Alvis
Ms. Nicole Amado
Miss Angelique Amador COTA/L
Christina Amaral
Mrs. Stacey Amaral COTA/ L
Yumel Amaran-Perez
Mr. Giovanny Amaya COTA/L
Jason Amaya COTA
Stephanie Ambroise
Gregory Ambrose
Nancy Ambrose
Wade Ambrose COTA/L
Andrew Ambrus
Megan Amburn
Jeanette Amels COTA
Jonathan Amelung COTA
Sharona Aminov COTA
Sofiya Aminova
Rosmin Amjad COTA
Gloria Ammons OTA 7839
Ms. Rebecca Amos COTA
Ryan Amsley
Mrs. April Amundson COTA/L
Laura Amundson
Michael Amundson COTA
Tina Amundson COTA
Carol Anacker
Andy Ananda
Lata Ananthan COTA/L
Andrianna Anastassia
Sherry Anauo COTA
Isaac Anaya COTA
Mildred Anaya IV
Mrs. Susie Anaya COTA
Mrs. Nancy Anders COTA/L
Judith Andersen COTA/L
Sandra Andersen COTA/L
Alicia Anderson
Amanda Anderson OTA/L
Miss Amber Anderson COTA
Amber Anderson COTA/L
Amber Anderson COTA
Amy Anderson
Ms. Amy Anderson COTA
Anita Anderson COTA
Ashley Anderson COTA
Athlene Anderson COTA
Austin Anderson COTA/L
Benjamin Anderson COTA
Brittany Anderson COTA/L
Candace Anderson COTA
Mrs. Charlotte Anderson OTA
Ms. Charo Anderson
Christine Anderson COTA/L
Christy Anderson COTA
Clarice Anderson COTA
Denise Anderson COTA
Douglas Anderson COTA/L, CEAS
Ms. Eileen Anderson COTA
Elizabeth Anderson COTA
Holly Anderson COTA
Jacey Anderson COTA
Ms. Jamie Anderson COTA/L
Jennifer Anderson
Jodi Anderson
Kate Anderson
Katherine Anderson
Kathleen Anderson COTA
Miss Kathryn Anderson COTA/L
Katy Anderson COTA/L
Kelly Anderson COTA
Kristyne Anderson COTA/L
Lauren Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Lindsey Anderson COTA/L
Mrs. Marcia Anderson COTA/L
Margaret Anderson COTA/L
Matthew Anderson
Mrs. Melady Anderson COTA/L
Melinda Anderson COTA/L
Mrs. Remona Anderson COTA
Robert Anderson COTA
Robyn Anderson
Samantha Anderson
Sarah Anderson COTA
Sherri Anderson COTA/L
Susan Anderson COTA
Taylor Anderson COTA/L
Teresa Anderson COTA
Terrell Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Yazmin Andino COTA
Susan Andler COTA/L
Lesliet Andrade COTA/L
Miss Miriam Andrade COTA
Mrs. Vicki Andrade COTA
Sasha Andre COTA
Caitlin Andreotta COTA/L
Amy Andrews COTA
Brittany Andrews COTA/L
Mrs. Darlene Andrews OTA
Mrs. Erica Andrews COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Andrews
Mrs. Latonya Andrews COTA L
Laura Andrews COTA
Leslie Andrews OTA
Lisa Andrews
Ms. Lorayne Andrews COTA/L
Lynda Andrews COTA
Mrs. Mandy Andrews COTA/L
Marte Andrews
Meredith Andrews
Michelle Andrews
Michelle Andrews
Ralph Andrews COTA
Mrs. Sarah Andrews COTA/L
Theresa Andrews-Singleton
Maldara Angar COTA
Mrs. Deborah Angbo COTA
Juan Angel COTA
Mrs. Mary Angel COTA/L
Mrs. Rosa Angel COTA
Mrs. Alice Angelini COTA/L
Pattie Angelo COTA/L
Jacqueline Angelone
Emily Anger COTA/L
Anna Angle COTA/L
Carolee Anglehart COTA/L
Edwin Angulo Torres OTA/L
Faithful Ani
Julie Anich OTA
Renae Ankeny COTA/L
Michelle Anker OTA
Alison Ankrom COTAL
Heidi Anlee COTA/L
Mrs. Cristina Annarella COTA
Kristie Annen-Kirby COTA/L
Abena Anniapah
Gabrielle Annino
Miss Andrea Annis COTA
Mrs. Lauren Ansley COTA
Bettina Anthony
Miss Keely Anthony COTA
Kimberly Anthony
Mrs. Rachelle Anthony OTA
Shawn Anthony
Merrilee Anto
Ms. Monalissa Antoine COTA/L
Michael Antonino COTA/L
Rebecca Antosz COTA/L
Hannah Antwi COTA/L
Julie Anzalone OTR
Margaret Anzano
Mrs. Linda Anzovino COTA
Mrs. Florita Apolonio
Emily Appel COTA/L
Elizabeth Appleby
Lori Applegate
Ms. Kimberly Applen COTA/L
Carolyn Apura
Angela Aquila COTA/L
Mrs. Rhonda Aquino COTA
Mrs. Elizabeth Ara COTA
Roberta Aragon COTA
Mrs. Sylwia Arancibia
Mr. Augusto Aranguren COTA
Tracy Aranjo COTA/L
Paige Arant COTA/L
Ms. Angelica Araujo COTA
Mrs. Marina Araujo COTA
Diana Arbelaez COTA
Paula Arbelaez COTA
Dawn Arbogast COTA/L
Rachel Arcadi COTA
Annacess Arcadio
Juliette Arce
Teresa Archer OTA
Trinity Archie
Elizabeth Archuleta
Yonas Arefaine
Diana Arenas
Elizabeth Arendt COTA
Mary Arendt
Nora Aresti COTA
Mr. Dominick Aretino OTR
John-Patrick Arey COTA/L
Miss Jessica Argentine COTA/L
Amanda Argento
Lora Argillander
Mrs. Lauren Argo OTA
Rachel Argo
Kristina Arias OTA
Mrs. Susan Arias COTA
Beverly Arismendi
Lina Arismendi
Alexandra Aristizabal COTA
Jill Arkins COTA/L
Josephine Armah
Angela Armah-Okine
Mr. Sal Armato COTA
Sonia Armendariz
Catherine Armenti COTA/L
Yvonne Armijo COTA
Mrs. Karen Armitage COTA/L
Mrs. Nicole Armitage COTA
Diedre Armsrong COTA
Amber Armstrong
Andrea Armstrong COTA/L
Miss Ashley Armstrong COTA/L
Brandi Armstrong COTA/L
Ms. Caroline Armstrong COTA/L
Mrs. Catherine Armstrong COTA/L
Glenn Armstrong COTA
Jacklyn Armstrong
Joann Armstrong
Kathy-Jo Armstrong COTA/L
Mrs. Kristie Armstrong COTA/L
Rosemarie Armstrong COTA/L
Jayne Arne COTA
Pamela Arneson COTA
Margaret Arnette COTA/L
Mrs. Samantha Arnn COTA
Mrs. Annie Arnold
April Arnold COTA
Mrs. Brandi Arnold COTA/L
Cheryl Arnold OTA
Danielle Arnold
Mrs. Kelly Arnold COTA
Lucy Arnold COTA/L
Nicole Arnold COTA/L
Mrs. Sonya Arnold COTA/L
Tanya Arnold OTA
Mrs. Teresita Arnold COTA
Mr. Zachary Arnold COTA
Stacey Arnott
Mrs. Svetlana Aronova COTA
Brittany Arraut
Ms. Jennifer Arriaga COTA
Lilia Arriaga
Mrs. Amanda Arrington COTA/L
Efrain Arroyo COTA
Miss Nicole Arroyo
Mrs. Maria Arsaga-Mazzone COTA
Eva Arsenault
Ms. Candice Arthur COTA/L
Kathy Arthur COTA
Ms. Cynthia Artimisi COTA/L
Laurie Artzner COTA/L
Mamasoe Aruna
Mrs. Diana Arvizo COTA/L
Jennifer Arvizu COTA/L
Tisha Arzaluz COTA
Judith Arzu COTA
Mrs. Phyllis Ashbrook
Mrs. Darby Ashby COTA/L
Janice Ashe COTA
Ms. Wendy Ashe
Susan Ashead COTA
Mrs. June Asher COTA/L
Nakina Asher COLTA/L
Ms. Suzanne Asher COTAL
Renee Ashey-Mehuren COTA/L
Miss Amber Ashley COTA/L
Deborah Ashley LOTA
Elizabeth Ashley COTA
Kathleen Ashley COTA
Mrs. Kimberly Ashley COTA/L
Tiffany Ashley COTA/L
Mrs. Jacqueline Ashlock COTA/L
Lori Ashlock COTA
Ms. Jennifer Ashton COTA/L
Katherine Askew COTA
Lynne Aslin COTA
Florentino Aspillaga COTA
Coleen Aspinall COTA
Ms. Laura Astarita COTA
Miss Yelena Astrova COTA
Sarah Atchison OTA
Wendy Atherton COTA
Mr. La Atis COTA
Angela Atkins COTA
Mr. Chad Atkins COTA
Judith Atkins
Mary Atkins COTA
Dawn Atkinson
Kayla Atkinson
Mr. Richard Atkinson COTA
Tonya Atkinson
Ms. Holly Atlakson COTA/L
Karen Aton
Mr. Richard Atterberry COTA/L
Ann-Marie Atterbury
Nicole Attivissimo COTA
Alisha Atwood COTA
Katelynn Atwood COTA/L
Amy Aubin
Mr. Andrew Aubley COTA
Julie Aubuchon COTA/L
Summer Aubuchon
Miss Emily Auck COTA
Ashley Audet COTA
Mrs. Mary Audia-Vallier OTR
Shawn Auer COTA
Mrs. Laura Aughe COTA
Mrs. Krystle Augusta COTA
Suzie Auguste COTA
Virginia Augustein COTA/L
Kristin Augustine COTA/L
Ms. Susan Ault COTA/L
Deborah Auman COTA/L
Jodina Aurand COTA
Carla Aurandt COTA/L
Teah Ausmus OTA
Christie Austin COTA/L
Emily Austin
Manuela Austin COTA/L
Mekosha Austin
Shannon Austin OTR/L
Mrs. Amy Austin Myers COTAL
Alison Ave Lallemant COTA/L
Clarissa Avello Abdolahifard
Mrs. Angela Averill COTA
Miss Angela Avery COTA316
Lyndsey Avery COTA
Ms. Marilyn Avery OTA
Mrs. Melissa Avery MSOT, OTR/L
Ms. Darilyn Avery-Knox BA, COTA/L
Ms. Margot Avey COTA/L
Belinda Avila COTA
Adonna Avon
Audrey Awa COTA/L
Amanda Ayala COTA
Katherine Ayala
Kevin Ayala COTA
Michael Ayala COTA
Mrs. Aretha Ayers COTA
Mrs. Kristine Ayers COTA
Mrs. Stephanie Ayers COTA/L
Felicia Ayodeji COTA/L
Wendy Ayres COTA
Mrs. Lisa Azar COTA
Mrs. Tamiki Azar COTA/L
Ahmad Azhar
Mr. Michael Azlen COTA
Wendy Azzarella COTA/L
Margaret Azzato
Jodi Azzinaro
Nichole Baab COTA
Angelica Baac
Ashley Baalman
Mrs. Jackie Babchuk
Janette Baber COTA/L
Mary Beth Baber
Mrs. Theresa Babiracki
Vince Babyak COTA
Annette Baca COTA/L
Ms. Lisa Baca COTA
Nick Baccam
Nicholas Bacciocco
Mr. Stanley Bach II
Sally Bachan OTA
Leslie-Ann Bachand-Gossard COTA
Jennifer Bachmann COTA
Winsome Backer COTAQ
Kim Baczynski COTA
Mr. Scott Badeaux COTA
Dyan Badora COTA
Ashlee Baer
Jenna Baffone
Nathan Bageant
Carol Bagent
Courtney Baggett COTA/L
Leslie Baghdadi
Mr. Paul Bagnell COTA/L
Candice Bagwell COTA/L
Sarah Bah OTA
Mrs. Heather Bahl COTA/L
Mrs. Patricia Bahoosh-Binko COTA
Angela Baiano COTA/L
Ms. Jessica Baiera COTA
A'ndrea Bailey COTA
Ashley Bailey COTA
Ashley Bailey COTA/L
Mrs. Candy Bailey COTA
Connie Bailey COTA/L
Mrs. Courtney Bailey COTA/L
De'von Bailey COTA
Deanna Bailey
Derrick Bailey
Galina Bailey COTA/L
Mrs. Jamie Bailey COTA/L
Janelle Bailey COTA/L
Katie Bailey COTA
Ms. Kimberly Bailey COTA/L
Mrs. Lora Bailey COTA/L
Marie Bailey
Mr. Patrick Bailey COTA
Mrs. Rebecca Bailey
Shawna Bailey
Tacy Bailey COTA/L
Tara Bailey BS, COTA/L
Taryn Bailey COTA/L
Teresa Bailey COTA/L
Michelle Bailin COTA
Ms. Phyllis Bailin COTA/L
Paula Baillargeon COTA/L
Heather Bain
Alexandra Baio COTA/L
Janine Bair COTA
Jeramey Bair COTA/L
Leah Bair
Melanie Bair COTA/L
Douglas Baird COTA/L
Mrs. Janet Baird COTA
Kathryn Baird COTA
Miss Linda Baird COTA
Seth Baird COTA/L
Laura Bajus COTA
Carol Baker
Mrs. Crystal Baker
Mr. Daniel Baker COTA/L
Darcy Baker
Mrs. Diane Baker COTA/L
Douglas Baker
Elizabeth Baker COTA/L
Emily Baker
Ethan Baker
Mrs. Jane Baker COTA
Janessa Baker COTA/L
Joanna Baker COTA/L
John Baker
Ms. Karen Baker COTA/L
Kathryn Baker
Kaycie Baker
Kaylee Baker
Kimberly Baker COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Baker COTAL
Lucia Baker
Margaret Baker COTA/L
Melvin Baker
Meredith Baker COTA/L
Mrs. Minnie Baker COTA
Randall Baker
Miss Samantha Baker COTA/L
Susan Baker COTA-L
Mr. Thomas Baker COTA/L
Tracey Baker COTA/L
Ms. Yolanda Baker COTA
Erin Bakke COTA
Alyssa Bakken
Kelsy Bakken COTA
Kathleen Bakos-Mcelhinney COTA
Ms. Bibi Baksh OT
Mrs. Bonnie Bala COTA/L
Meleane Balabagno OTA
Katherine Balboa
Matthew Bald COTA/L
Mary Baldassi COTA
Ms. Frances Baldauf COTA
Sharon Baldeo
Alejandro Balderas
Maria Balderas OTA/L
Marilyn Baldo COTA
Angelo Baldonado COTA/L
John Baldridge COTAL
Martha Baldridge Leathers COTA
Amber Baldwin COTA
Amy Baldwin COTA
Miss Annice Baldwin MOTRL
Kellie Baldwin
Lindsey Baldwin COTA
Tammy Baldwin COTA
Mrs. Jane Balek COTA/L
Brandon Bales COTA
Carol Bales COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Bales
Elizabeth Baliel
Nneka Balin
Mrs. Kamuelia Balint OTA
Natalie Balistrieri
Susan Balkus COTA/L
Bonnie Ball
Cheri Ball
Jodi Ball COTA
Mrs. Krista Ball COTA/L
Mrs. Lauren Ball COTA/L
Tara Ball COTA/L
Carol Ballard
Elizabeth Ballard
Jennifer Ballard
Kathi Ballard OTA
Sheila Ballard COTA-L
Mrs. Victoria Ballard COTA
Miss Tanya Ballenger COTA
Cristina Ballesteros
Lisa Balli COTA/L
Dawn Balliett
Rosa Balouka OTA
Holly Balsamo COTA
Mrs. Karen Balsamo COTA/L
Jane Balser COTA
Mr. Alex Balsley COTA
Ms. Megan Balterman COTA
Crystal Balthazor COTA
Melanie Bamberger COTA/L
Jane Bamford COTA
Mr. Hector Banda OTA
Sheila Banda COTA
Helen Banegas COTA/L
Mrs. Jacinda Banet COTA/L
Amber Banfield
Mr. Timothy Banish SR. COTA
Ms. Barbara Banks COTA/L
Heather Banks COTA/L
Heather Banks
Mrs. Lynn Banks COTA/L
Maralyn Banks COTA
Ms. Racheal Banks COTA/L
Mrs. Mary Lou Banning COTA
Jill Bannister COTA
Jennifer Bannon
Ms. Ashley Bantin COTA
Justine Bantle COTA
Mrs. Caitlyn Barba COTA
Marie Barba COTA/L
Mrs. Leslie Barbaree COTA/L
Betty Barber COTA
Hendon Barber COTA
Jennifer Barber COTA/L
Julie Barber
Katherine Barber COTA
Kristin Barber COTA
Magdalena Barber COTA
Ryan Barber
Ruth Barber Dunlavey COTA
Valeria Barbera COTA
Mrs. Cheryl Barberi-Sopher
Ms. Beth Barbiere BS, COTA/L
Karin Barbieri
Carla Barbour COTA
Kelsey Barbour
Sharon Barbour COTA
Ms. Shirley Barbour COTA/L
Cathy Barciz COTA/L
Morgan Barclay
Miss Brittany Bard COTA
Ms. Simone Barden COTA/L
Mrs. Lauren Barefield COTA/L
Brittany Barfield
Mrs. Cheryl Barfknecht COTA
Cora Barilone
Kristen Baringer COTA/L
Amber Barker
Brittany Barker COTA/L
Catherine Barker
Elizabeth Barker COTA
Michael Barker COTA
Michelle Barker OT-A
Ms. Pamela Barker COTA/L
Rachelle Barker COTA
Sandra Barker
Sara Barker
Katarzyna Barkley COTA/L
Michelle Barkley
Tatiana Barkova-Talley COTA
Mrs. Janine Barkow COTA
Heidi Barkyoumb COTA/L
Paul Barlog
Carolyn Barlow COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Barlow COTA
Pamela Barlow OTA/L
Rene' Barlow COTA/L
Robert Barlow JR. COTA
Jacquelynn Barman OTA
Miss Aubrey Barnard COTA
Jessica Barnard COTA
Nancy Barndt COTA
Amanda Barnes
Mr. David Barnes COTA
Debra Barnes
Emily Barnes COTA/L
Erin Barnes COTA
Kenneth Barnes COTA
Kristin Barnes COTA
Ms. Lauren Barnes COTA
Mr. Sammie Barnes JR.
Savana Barnes
Scott Barnes COTA
Shelby Barnes COTA/L
Tara Barnes COTA/L
Tiffany Barnes
Valerie Barnes COTA/L
Zachary Barnes
Brittany Barnett COTA
Patty Barnett
Rachel Barnett
Rebecca Barnett OTR/L
Deborah Barnhart COTA
Miss Kathy Barnhart
Rebecca Barnhart COTA
Mrs. Judy Barnie
Dorothy Barnishin COTA/L
Christine Barnocki COTA
Carrie Barnyak
Jennifer Baroffio
Michelle Barone COTA
Nicolena Barone
Jennifer Baronett
Lynne Baroni
Lisa Baronian COTA/L
Ms. Sharon Barr COTA/L
Dorothy Barr-Reseska COTA/L
Kasandra Barraza
Stephanie Barraza COTA/L
Ana Barreira
Carolyn Barrera COTA/L
Cecilia Barrera
Jaqueline Barrera
Jeanine Barrera OT
Mrs. Catherine Barrett COTA
Lucille Barrett
Maya Barrett
Ms. Pamela Barrett
Mrs. Paula Barrett COTA
Rachel Barrett COTA
Sara-Jane Barrett COTA
Mrs. Susan Barrett COTA
Susan Barrett COTA/L
Diane Barricelle COTA
Jessica Barrick COTA/L
Mrs. Kristy Barrios
Catherine Barron
Haley Barron
Miya Barroso COTA
Miss Bridgett Barrow COTA/L
Mrs. Erin Barrow-Whetro COTA/L
Jennifer Barruffi
Mrs. Anne Barry COTA
Devon Barry COTA/L
Laura Barry COTA
Leah Barry
Mrs. Linna Barry COTA L
Paula Barry
Randi Barry COTA
Penny Barsch
Pamela Barse COTA/L
Katrina Bartanen COTA/L
Miss Denise Bartels COTA
Mr. Dwayne Barth COTA
Josemine Barthelemy
Alida Barthman
Miss Staci Bartholomay COTA/L
Michael Bartholomew COTA
Mr. Ashley Bartlett COTA/L
Kimberly Bartlett
Ms. Molly Bartlett
Sharon Bartlett
Laura Bartlette
Jacquelin Bartman
Ms. Vicki Bartnicki COTA
Ms. Roseann Bartolomeo COTA
Amber Barton COTA/L
Amber Barton PTA
Mrs. Marybeth Barton
Michele Barton
Mrs. Shelly Barton COTA/L
Terry Barton COTA
Joni Bartoszewicz
Phillip Bartram
Nathan Barwick COTA/L
Sheri Barwig
Hazel Basa COTA
Rovilyn Basco
Kelley Basham OTA
Maha Basidiq
Marcy Basile
Mona Basile COTA/L
Lisa Baslow
Faith Basolo COTA/L
Ms. Caro Bassett COTAL
Sandra Bassett
Mrs. Rosemary Basson COTAL
Ms. Sandra Batchel-Mir COTA
Mrs. Deborah Batchelar COTA/L
Constance Batchelder COTA
Ms. Elizabeth Batchelder COTA
Jacqueline Batchelder COTA
Amy Bates COTA/L
Icleia Bates COTA
Mrs. Julia Bates
Susan Bates
Vonda Bates COTA/L
Laura Bates-Glenn COTA/L
Ms. Debra Bateson
Amber Batey COTA
Rachel Batey
Yvonne Batey COTA/L
Leanne Bath OTR/L
Manjula Bathula OTA
Mr. Fred Batiller COTA/L
Cheri Batiste
Mrs. Lisette Batrano COTA
Jessica Batross COTA/L
Lauren Battaglia COTA
Susan Battaglia
Lisa Battenhausen COTA
Mr. Anthony Battle JR. OAT
Terri Batton
Ms. Merrie Batts COTA
Mrs. Brooke Baucom
Mrs. Kortney Baucom COTA/L
Traci Baucom COTA/L
Debra Bauer COTA
Ms. Kristine Bauer COTA
Robin Bauer COTA/L
Shelly Bauer OTA
Susan Bauer COTA/L
Vickie Bauer
Brian Bauerline COTA
Megan Baugh
Mrs. Laurie Baughman COTA/L
Kelly Baull COTA/L
Diana Baum
Ms. Rebecca Baum
Mr. Joel Bauman
Timothy Baumann OTA
Toni Baumann
Kari Baumel COTA
Ms. Carrie Baumgardner COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Baumgarth-Williams COTA
Nicole Baumgartner COTA/L
Judy Baute
Alessandro Bautista COTA/L
Mrs. Kristy Bautista COTA/L
Tina Bauwin COTA
Miss Astrid Bavaresco OTA, SLPA
Ms. Alexandra Baxter COTA
Amanda Baxter OTA
April Baxter COTA
Barbara Baxter COTA
Mrs. Bernardine Baxter COTA
Cheryl Baxter COTA
Holly Baxter COTA
Rebecca Baxter
Teresa Baxter
Derick Bayersdorfer COTA
Mrs. Cindy Bayes COTA/L
Suzanne Baylor COTA
Alison Bayne COTA
Miss Ingrid Bazelais COTA
Miss Heather Beach COTA/L
Laura Beach COTA/L
Mrs. Rita Beach COTA
Ms. Wendy Beach COTA
Piyun Beacham
Michelle Beachum
Renecer Beachum
Sierra Beaird OT-A
Krista Beal COTA
Carolyn Beale COTA/L
Christine Bealer
Katelyn Beam
Dawn Bean COTA/L
Oleah Bean
Mrs. Jennifer Bean Bradford COTA/L
Mrs. Victoria Beane COTA
Ms. Christine Beard COTA
Cieraka Beard COTA/L
Mrs. Cynthia Beard COTA/L
Jamie Beard
Shannan Beard COTA/L
Shirley Beard COTA
Tammy Beard COTA
Matthew Beare COTA
Kathleen Bearfield
Mrs. Patricia Bearman COTA
Barbara Bearzi
Christina Beasley L/COTA
Kala Beasley
Kayla Beasley COTA/L
Jennifer Beason
Ms. Barbara Beattie COTA/L
Jennifer Beatty COTA/L
Mrs. Jessica Beatty COTA
Anne Beaulieu COTA/L
Kathy Beaulieu OTA/L
Jessie Beaupre
Amy Beaver COTA
Gail Beaver COTA
Mr. Christopher Beavers COTA/L
Ashley Bebeau COTA
Rachel Beber
Billie Bebout COTA
Angela Becerra COTA
Lilian Becerra
Ms. Jessica Becerril COTA/L
Bridget Bechard
Miss Bonnie Bechler I COTA
Mrs. Renee Becht COTA
Mrs. Dawn Beck COTAL
Heather Beck COTA
James Beck JR. COTA/L
Mr. John Beck COTA
Makeia Beck COTA
Mary Beck
Nancy Beck COTA/L
Rachel Beck COTA/L
Shayna Beck
Mrs. Amber Becker COTA
Jamee Becker COTA
Jenae Becker OTR/L
Jenna Becker COTA
Mrs. Karen Becker COTA/L
Kelly Becker
Kimberly Becker COTA/L
Sarah Becker COTA
Vallerie Becker COTA/L
Patricia Beckers COTA/L
Andrea Beckler
Neysa Beckler
Mrs. Kara Beckner COTA
Tia Becktel
Anni Bedian COTA
Mrs. Natalie Bedwell COTA
Ms. Lorraine Beebe MSOTR/L
Linda Beechler COTA/L
Miyosha Beechum COTA
Christina Beeksma COTA
Jessica Beeler COTA
Ms. Debra Beever-Gorski COTA
James Begasse
Mr. August Behling IV COTA/L
Mrs. Karen Behne COTA
Sarah Behnke COTA
Ms. Wendy Behr COTA/L
Catherine Behrent COTA
Mrs. Wilhelmine Behrmann Jean Pierre
Sheri Beidler
Alyce Beier
Lucinda Beise COTA
Mrs. Ann Beisel COTA
Elizabeth Bekerman
Mrs. Amy Beland COTAL
Michelle Belanger
Ms. Kellie Belcher COTA/L
Lantz Belizaire
Mrs. Amber Bell COTA
Mrs. Ava Bell COTA
Charmaine Bell
Ms. Deborah Bell
Gina Bell
Heidi Bell COTA
Mrs. Jodi Bell
Ms. Kayla Bell COTA
Kristin Bell COTA-L
Mrs. Latoya Bell
Mrs. Margaret Bell COTA
Mary Bell COTA/L
Mrs. Regina Bell COTA
Mrs. Shiela Bell COTA
Steven Bell COTA-L
Summer Bell
Mrs. Tammy Bell COTA/L
Tikera Bell
Wilma Bell COTA
Mrs. Katherine Bell- Braziel COTA
Kathleen Bellafaire COTA
Maria Bellagamba
Ms. Kathryn Bellamy COTA/L
Natalie Bellardo COTA/L
Lou Ann Bellis
Heather Bello
Mrs. Ivonne Bellomo COTA/L
Jenna Bellomo COTA/L
Mrs. Amy Bellomy
Kathryn Bellows COTA/L
Ms. Valerie Belt COTA
Alejandra Beltran 224Z0000X
Maydelin Beltran
Daniel Benavidez
Carla Benbrook COTA/L
Djamil Benchouk COTA/L
Valerie Bendana COTA
Terri Bendele
Beth Bender COTA
Mrs. Casey Bender COTA/L
Katie Bender
Mrs. Nicole Bender COTA/L
Ms. Sarabeth Bender COTA/L
Mr. Shawn Bender COTA
Carmen Bendrey
Ms. Connie Bendure OTA
Emily Benedict COTA
Ashley Benefield
Melissa Benefield
Theresa Benefield
Bethany Benevides
Mrs. Christina Benham COTA/L
Beatriz Benitez OTA
Briana Benitez COTA
Mr. Bernard Benjamin COTA
Emily Benjamin COTA/L
Lisa Benjamin
Monica Benner COTA/L
Viviane Bennese OTA
Mrs. Amanda Bennett COTA/L
Amanda Bennett COTA/L
Ms. Barbara Bennett COTA
Dahlia Bennett COTA
Jessica Bennett COTA
Kimberly Bennett
Kristina Bennett COTA
Patricia Bennett COTA
Racheal Bennett COTA
Sarah Bennett
Terry Bennett
Yolande Bennett
Sarah Benning
Ms. Dominique Benoit OTA
Leo Benoit COTA
Tiffany Benoit COTA
Ms. Kathryn Benoy COTA/L
Mr. Richard Bensey COTA/L
Mrs. Danielle Benson COTA
Jennifer Benson COTA
Kathleen Benson
Lucille Benson COTA
Mrs. Marion Benson COTA/L
Melissa Benson COTA
Stephanie Benson COTA
Yolanda Benson COTA
Marcia Bentle COTA
Billie Bentley COTA
Ms. Crystal Bentley COTA
Ursula Benton COTA
Katie Benz
Mrs. Celia Bercier
Mr. Kenneth Berdeen II COTA/L
Irene Berdote
Cathy Berendowski COTAL
Bonnie Berg COTA
Ms. Carol Berg
Catherine Berg COTA
Miss Cathy Berg COTA
Jill Berg COTA
Gina Bergdall COTA
Mrs. Ingrid Bergen COTA
Ms. Deborah Bergendahl COTA
Ms. Erika Bergeron COTA
Shannon Bergfeld
Miss Elizabeth Berghoff COTA/L
Kelly Bergman
Sara Bergman COTA
Nathalie Bergouignan
Pamela Bergstedt COTA
Ashley Berk
Ms. Alison Berkowitz COTA
Evangeline Berman COTA
Oralia Bermudez
Kayla Bernal COTA/L
Loraine Bernal COTA
Stephen Bernal JR.
Ms. Amber Bernard COTAL
James Bernard COTA
Teddy Bernard
Mrs. Lori Bernardi
Kris Bernardin III
Celeste Bernardino COTA
Lorie Bernecker COTA
Barbara Bernenswilliams
Jon Bernhard COTA/L
Mrs. Carmen Bernhardt
Nancy Bernhardt COTA
Mrs. Noreen Bernhardt COTA
Ms. Karelys Berrios LATO
Ms. Elizabeth Berrue
Brianna Berry OTA
Gregorie Berry COTA
Julie Berry COTA/L
Karen Berry COTA
Kimberly Berry
Mrs. Kristina Berry COTA
Mrs. Madeline Berry
Patricia Berry MOT, OTR/L
Mrs. Paula Berry COTA
Ray Berry COTA
Shannon Berry
Mrs. Tammy Berry COTA
Ms. Toni Berry COTA/L
Shana Bertels COTA
Mrs. Kimberly Berthelot COTA
Jocelyn Bertin
Mrs. Laurel Bertini COTA
Robert Bertolina
Kim Bertrand COTA/L
Melissa Berutto
Monalisa Berwing LOTA
Angela Beschen COTA
Tessa Besherse COTA/L
Diane Besnaci BS
Miss Crista Bess COTA/L
Mistie Bess COTA
Claudia Bessa
Colleen Bessa COTA
Mr. Ethan Best OTA/L
Jodi Best COTA/L
Mrs. Rhonda Best COTA/L
Mrs. Tannya Best COTA/L
Yolanda Best COTA/L
Beverly Beste
Mrs. Diane Bestercy COTA
Mrs. Nancy Bestwick COTA
Jennifer Betancourt OTA
Delia Betancourt Manale COTA
Mrs. Fatima Bethancourt OTA
April Bethea COTA/L
Leah Bethea COTA/L
Miss Karen Bettleyon
Ashley Bevan COTA/L
Ms. Carol Bevelheimer COTA/L
Hanna Bevens
Mrs. Sarah Beverage COTA
Ms. Jessica Bevins COTA/L
Rebecca Beyer
Mrs. Dayle Beymer COTAL
Ms. Michele Bezio COTA
Mrs. Pragna Bhalara LOTA
Jyoti Bhalerao COTA
Sanjita Bhandari
Savitri Bhimsingh
Bandana Bhusal
Miss Elizabeth Biache COTA/L
Jill Bianchi COTA
Ms. Sara Bianchi COTA
Michele Biancuzzo COTA/L
Rhonni Bias
Sherman (Tim) Bibee JR.
Brigida Bible
Mrs. Donna Bichler COTA
Mrs. Chen Bickel OTR
Paullecia Biddings
Mrs. Margaret Biddison COTA
Stacey Biddle
Roberta Bie OTA
Crystal Bieberle OTA
Mrs. Amy Biederman COTA
Dawn Biegenwald OT
Katelyn Bielawski
Mr. James Bielecki COTA/L
Mrs. Melissa Bierfreund COTA/L
Jessica Bierma COTA
Virginia Bierman COTA
Karen Bigcas COTA/L
Dana Bigelow COTA
Mrs. Kendra Bigelow COTA/L
Erica Biggar COTA
Brandy Biggs
Vela Biggs
Lyndsey Bigham
Mrs. Malia Bigham
Heather Bigwood-Champion COTA/L
Ms. Tina Bilangino COTA/CLT
Rosemary Bilby COTA
Gabriel Bilello COTA
Mrs. Allison Biles COTA/L
Miss Laura Billings COTA/L
Angela Billingsley
Brooke Billingsley COTA
Taylor Billingsley OTA
Mrs. Stephanie Billue COTA/L
Lisa Bindel COTA
Jeanette Binder COTA/L
Mr. James Bindert
Candace Bingaman
Dana Bingaman COTA/L
Danny Bingaman
Ms. Tani Bingham COTA/L
Joan Bini
Mrs. Shellie Bini COTAL
Mr. Curtis Binkley JR. COTA/L
Mr. Joseph Binnix COTAL
Miss Kassi Bippert COTA
Judith Birbeck COTA
Judith Birch OTA/L
Lee Ann Birch
Michelle Bird
Julie Birdsong COTA
Mrs. Leslie Birge COTA/L
Hannah Birnbaum COTA
Adam Biron COTA/L
Michelle Bisbee
Mrs. Michelle Bisceglia COTA
Darcy Bishop COTA/L
Jennifer Bishop OTA
Jennifer Bishop COTA
Joy Bishop
Mrs. Kathleen Bishop COTA/L
Melissa Bishop COTA/L
Melissa Bishop COTA
Olivia Bishop COTA/L
Mrs. Rhonda Bishop COTA
Ms. Kelly Bisignano
Mrs. Deborah Bison COTA
Miss Karen Bispo COTA
Susan Bissell OTA
Mrs. Diane Bissinger COTA
John Bistis COTA/L
Jessica Bittinger COTA/L
Mrs. Kendra Bjorn COTA/L
Dawn Bjornson
Mrs. Amanda Black COTA/L
Brett Black COTA/L
Chelsey Black
Dana Black COTA
Mrs. Denise Black
Erin Black COTA
Mr. Jeffery Black COTA
Kimberly Black COTA
Lyndee Black COTA/L
Mrs. Rachel Black
Saralynn Black COTA
Stephanie Black COTA
Mrs. Teresa Black
Mrs. Lashay Blackburn COTA/L
Mrs. Summer Blackburn COTA/L
Tamara Blackburn COTA
Mrs. Angela Blackerby COTA/L
Jessica Blackman
Susann Blackman COTA
Melinda Blackmon COTA
Mrs. Cheryl Blackmon-Thorne COTA
Stephanie Blackmore COTA
Miss Helen Blackshire COTA
Allison Blackstock
Ms. Rosie Blackstock COTA
Wendy Blackstone
Nicole Blackwell COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Blackwell COTA/L
Miss Tammy Blades
Eileen Blaha
Mrs. Robin Blaikner OTA
Mrs. Cherita Blaine COTA
Jennifer Blaine COTA
Mrs. Erin Blair COTA
Kimberly Blair COTA
Miss Nila Blair COTA
Mrs. Cynthia Blake COTA
Jessica Blake COTA/L
Mrs. Suzanne Blake COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Blakney COTA/L
Mrs. Amber Blanchard COTAL
Tara Blanchard COTA/L
Michel Blanco COTA
Ms. Lisa Bland COTA/C
Audrey Blaney
Anna Blank COTA/L
Kirstie Blank COTA/L
Jocelyn Blanks COTA
Ms. Valerie Blanton COTA
Mr. Jose Blas JR. OTA
Gretchen Blase
Mr. Eric Blasko COTA/L
Mrs. Andrea Blatchford COTA
Brianne Blatt COTA/L
Savannah Blau
Mary Beth Blaustein
Cynthia Blauvelt
Molly Blaylock
Marcee Blazina COTA
Cindy Blazonin-Niemi COTA
Erik Bleau
Maria Bleeker COTA/L
Melissa Blegen OTR/L
Alexis Blenke
Marsha Blessing COTAL
Mrs. Carla Blethen OTA
Mrs. Molly Blethen COTA/L
April Bletzacker
Mrs. Andrea Blevins COTA
Shelia Blevins COTA/L
Mrs. Teresa Blevins COTA/L
Mrs. Stacy Blider COTA
Blair Bliss
Gail Bliss COTA
Jennifer Bliss COTA/L
Lisa Bliss COTA/L
Mrs. Maria Teresa Bliven COTA
Katie Blizzard
Mrs. Courtney Blocher COTA/L
Ms. Heather Blocher COTA
Ms. Kristy Blochwitz
Patricia Block
Rosemary Blocker COTA
Mr. Heather Bloechle COTA/L
Mrs. Cynthia Bloemker COTA/L
Ms. Jaclyn Bloom COTA
Jennifer Bloom COTA
Joanne Bloom
Erika Bloss
Kimberly Bloss COTA
Doreen Blouin
Tiffany Blount COTA
Christine Blubaugh COTA
Jessica Blue
Mrs. Madeleine Bluecoo COTA
Erica Bluford COTA
Mrs. Carrie Blum COTA-L
Mrs. Kara Blum COTA/L
Claire Blum-Destevens COTA
Jennifer Blum-Patty COTA
Ms. Andrea Blume COTA L
Mrs. Stephanie Blunk COTA/L
Charles Blunt COTA/L
Ms. Kimberly Bly COTA
Dina Blyashuk
Mrs. M. Blymiller COTA
Mrs. Rosalyn Blystone COTA/L
Mrs. Karen Blythe COTA
Brandon Boan COTA
Megan Boatman COTA/L
Elizabeth Boatright COTA
Mrs. Angel Boatwright COTA/L
Brianna Bobbett
Brittany Bobbitt
Tracy Bobbitt OTA
Mrs. Wendy Bobey COTA/L
Charlotte Boblitt COTA
Wanda Bobo COTAL
Lori Bobolz
Denise Bocchino COTA/L
Jennifer Bochenek
Mrs. Alisha Bochman COTA
Mr. Edmond Bock III COTA/L
Helen Bock
Jodie Bock
Julia Bock COTA/L
Mrs. Lauren Bock COTA/L
David Bockhorn
Melissa Bockmann COTA/L
Morgan Bode
Mrs. Deborah Boden COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Boden COTA/L
Jeremiah Bodi COTA/L
Mrs. Laurie Boehlke COTA
Bonnie Boehm
Jennifer Boehm COTA/L
Geoffrey Boehme
Mr. Peter Boehnlein COTA
Lori Boelter COTA
Rhonda Boertmann
Ms. Shauna Boes COTA/L
Nicole Boeschen
Ms. Kristine Boetel COTAL
Sharon Bogard COTA
John Bogardus I COTA
Mrs. Cheryl Bogdan
Mary Boggs COTA/L
Mrs. Rhonda Bohl COTA/L
Amberly Bohland COTA/L
Mrs. Cynthia Bohlmann COTA/L
Melody Bohn
Ruth Bohn COTA
Todd Bohnen COTA
Mrs. Colleen Boissonneault COTA
Jill Boisvert COTA/L
Ms. Sandra Bojanski COTA/L
Jennifer Bolam COTA/L
Kayla Boland
Torkeshia Bolar
John Bolas
Tamika Bolden
Vallery Bolden
Larin Boldman
Ashley Boldt
Mrs. Lisa Boldt COTA
Kimberly Bolduc I
Renee Bolduc COTA/L
Mrs. Dawn Bolen COTA
Mr. Jack Bolen COTA
Lorrie Bolen COTA/L
Ms. Patricia Bolin COTA/L
Linda Bollenbacher I
Sarah Bollig
Carol Bolling COTA
Mrs. Rebekah Bollinger COTA/L
Sharon Bollini
Kimberly Bolton
Mr. Hakeem Bombata COTA
Brianna Bombei COTA/L
Stacy Bommelje COTA/L
Jill Bonapace COTA
Monica Bonas COTA/L
Jesse Bond
Kathleen Bond COTA/L
Daniel Bondelier
Kenna Bondoc COTA
Elise Bondy
Amanda Boneske COTA
Mrs. Kristen Bonghi COTA/L
Elizabeth Boniche
Cecilia Bonifield
Kimberly Bonikowski COTAL
Bianca Bonilla 224Z00000X
Carolyn Bonilla OTA/S
Chivvon Bonilla COTA/L
Sharon Bonnell
Mrs. Deborah Bonnema COTA
Patricia Bonner
Jodi Bonomo COTA
Mary Bonvicino COTA/L
Diana Bonzulak Anweiler COTA
Laura Boodoo
Mr. Timothy Book II COTA
Miss Chalia Booker
Donald Booker COTA
Justin Booker
Kashka Booker
Mrs. Kim Booker COTA/L
Mrs. Antionette Booker Cecil Kamau OTA/L
Jane Boomsma
Mr. Paul Boone
Ruthann Boone COTA
Taylor Boone
Robin Boornazian COTA/L, CPT
Paige Boos
Mrs. Andria Booth COTA/L
Margaret Booth
Mrs. Susan Booth
Jennilyn Boquiron
Ms. Tanya Borah OTA
Tiffany Borchard COTA/L
Kara Borchers
Miss Tracy Bordeau COTA
Mrs. Kathryn Bordenet-Jines COTA
Christin Border
Andrea Borders COTA
Cynthia Borders
Ms. Josephine Borders COTA
Deanna Borek COTA/L
Michelle Borek COTA
Maria Borelli
James Boren
Sherrie Boren OTA/L
Maribel Boria
Kimberly Borneby COTA
Mrs. Mary Boron COTAL
Ms. Penny Borozan COTA/L
Lynn Borro OTA/L
Theresa Bortolan
Melinda Bortolazzo COTA/L
Mr. Matthew Borton COTA
Jessica Bortz
Raumo Borukhova OTA
Sofiya Borukhova OTA
Jill Bosch COTA/L
Ms. Pamela Bosch COTA/L
Mr. Stephen Bosco JR.
Vita Bosco
Donna Bosenbark
Jill Bosman Bostian
Shawnna Bosse OT ASSISTANT
Teronna Bosserman
Hannah Bostick
Amber Boswell COTA
Ms. Susan Botchman OTA
Charlene Botelho COTA/L
Mrs. Diane Botma COTA
Jennifer Bottalico COTA
Susan Bottando COTA/L
Mrs. Sarah Botticello COTA
Mary Bottom COTA
Mrs. Linda Botu COTA
Yanick Boucard COTA
Brenda Boucher
Ashley Boudle COTA
Hannah Boudreau
Jessica Boudreau COTA/L
Mrs. Mary Boudreau OTA
Ms. Michelle Boudreau COTA
Cindy Boudreaux COTA/L
Mr. Jacob Boudreaux COTA
Mrs. Jacqueline Boughter COTA/L
Anastasia Bouillon COTA
Michael Bouley
Linda Bouma COTA
Emily Bourg COTA
Mrs. Kerry Bourgeois COTA/L
Lauren Bourn COTA
Mrs. Diane Bousquet COTA/L
Mrs. Joann Bousquet OTA
Laura Bousson COTA
Alane Boutelle COTA
Marilyn Boutelle OTA
Charlotte Boutillette
Ms. Susan Boutin
Cassandra Bouvia
Rosanna Bove
Miss Jaclyn Bovino
Fawn Bowden O T
Kelsey Bowden COTA/L
Mrs. Sharon Bowden COTA
Gayle Bowe COTA
James Bowe
Anne Bowen COTA
Candace Bowen OTA
Diane Bowen
Linda Bowen COTAL
Marci Bowen COTA/L
Virginia 'Gigi' Bowen COTA/LL
Joyce Bower
Susan Bowerman COTA
Sydney Bowerman COTA
Marjorie Bowers
Mrs. Michelle Bowers COTA
Traci Bowlby COTA/L
Leisa Bowler
Chris Bowlin
Bryan Bowling COTA
Miss Kaela Bowling COTA/L
Kerri Bowling
Mrs. Alys Bowman COTA/L
Brittany Bowman COTA/L
Linda Bowman
Lisa Bowman COTA
Mrs. Lori Bowman COTA/L
Robert Bowns JR.
Margaret Bows COTA
Ms. Tambtha Bowser
Mrs. Heather Bowsher COTA
Nicole Bowsher COTA/L
Patrick Bowyer COTA
Morgan Boxer
Mr. Jarom Boxx COTA/L
Lisa Boyajian COTA/L
Eileen Boyce
Kenna Boyce
Mrs. Ann Boyd COTA
Miss Denni Boyd COTA/L
Jessica Boyd COTA
Karol Boyd COTA
Lisa Boyd
Susan Boyd COTA
Ms. Susan Boyd COTA/L
Mrs. Tracy Boyd COTA
Patricia Boyed
Christina Boyer COTA
Doreen Boyer OTA/L
Halina Boyer COTA
Jennifer Boyer
Tammi Boyer COTA
Julie Boyett
Karen Boyett COTA
Samantha Boyett OTA
Carlie Boyette
Mrs. Julie Boykin
Nancy Boyko
Marikay Boylan COTA
Krista Boyland COTA
Mr. David Boyle COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Boyle COTA/L
Joy Boyle COTA/L
Lindsay Boyle MS, OTR/L
Ruth Boyle
Mrs. Peri Bozdech COTA-L
Kathi Boziel COTA
Mrs. Samantha Braaten COTA
Michelle Braaten-Anderson COTA
Samantha Brabender
Linda Brabham COTA/L
Gregory Bracker COTA
Joe Brackett
Mrs. Michelle Brackett COTA
Melissa Brackle
Mrs. Jami Bracy OC00001237
Mrs. Karen Bradbury COTAL
Scott Bradbury COTA
Launce Braddock
Mrs. Cassinda Braden COTAL
Kyra Braden
Hanley Bradfield
Lauren Bradford MSOTR/L
Priscilla Bradford
Rachel Bradford COTA
Mr. Jerome Bradigan COTA/L
Autumn Brading
Amber Bradley COTA
Ashley Bradley
Ms. Geralyn Bradley COTA/L
Jacqueline Bradley COTA
Jillian Bradley COTA
Mrs. Kathryn Bradley COTA/L
Lori Bradley OTA
Michelle Bradley COTA/L
Nicole Bradley OTA
Mrs. Sharon Bradley
Mrs. Cliniece Bradshaw COTAL
Meghan Bradshaw
Michelle Bradshaw
James Bradsher IV
Chelsea Bradway COTA/L
Ann Brady COTA
Erin Brady
Mrs. Joann Brady COTA
Leslie Brady
Jane Brady-Mckane
Mr. Barry Braesch COTA/L
Sophia Bragg COTA L
Ms. Vicki Brahm COTA
Christopher Braid
Mrs. Holly Braid COTA/L
Robyn Brailey COTA
Nancy Brainerd
Jennifer Brake COTA
Tammy Bralley COTA/L
Mrs. Danielle Bramer COTA
Mrs. Deena Bramme OTA/L
Mrs. Anna Branan COTA
Miss Shelia Branch COTA/L
Stephanie Branch COTA
Helen Brand COTA/L
Kimberly Brandle
Ms. Tiffani Brandon COTA/L
M Collette Brandt
Susan Brandt OTA
Tracy Brandt
Miss Wendy Brandt COTA
Chastity Branham
Devin Brann COTA/L
Mrs. Patricia Brann COTA/L
Melissa Brannan COTA/L
Mr. Jimmy Brannon COTA,L
Sarah Branscum COTA/L
Joseph Branske COTA
Courtney Bransteter LPTA
Ms. Bethany Brant COTA/L
Dorene Brantley COTA
Ms. Regina Brantley COTA/L
Amy Brashear
Amber Brasher COTA
Miss Carly Brasher COTA
Miss Melanie Brashers DM
Mrs. Amy Brashi OTA
Mrs. Shawna Braswell COTA/L
Jordyn Braun COTA/L
Mrs. Ryann Braunlich COTA/L
Stephen Bravo COTA
Mrs. Robin Brawn COTA L
Mr. Benjamin Bray COTA/L
Charles Bray COTA/L
Jennifer Bray
Judy Bray
Mary Bray
Larry Brazell
Pamela Brazier OTA
Ms. Ramona Breazeale COTA
Lindsay Brechwald COTA/L
Orion Bredekamp COTA
Beverly Breech COTA
Christopher Breedlove COTA
Gwendelyn Breemeersch
Jennifer Breen
Lynda Breen
Shannon Breen
Michelle Brei
Jo Breimaier COTA/L
Mrs. Kimberly Breitenbach
Kari Breker
Jennifer Brekke
Lacey Breland COTA/L
Mrs. Paula Brengel COTA
Mrs. Cari Brennaman COTA/L
Catherine Brennan AAS
Kelly Brennan
Mr. Troy Brenneman COTA
Hedwige Brenord OTA/L
Ms. Natalie Brentnall COTA/L
Renee Brents COTA/L
Randal Breske COTA/L
Mrs. Kathleen Breslinfoulkrod COTA/L, BS
Timothy Bressler OTA
Vanessa Breth COTA
Magali Brevil
Ashley Brewer COTA/L
Mrs. Julie Brewer COTA
Kevin Brewer
Kristen Brewer
Mr. Richard Brewer COTA
Mr. Brian Brewster OTA
Alicia Bria COTA/L
Mrs. Nancy Briamis COTA
Karen Brian COTA
Marly Brice OTA
Michelle Briceland COTA/L
Nataly Briceno Guerrero COTA/L
Jennifer Brickey COTA/L
Mrs. Kristina Brickey COTA/L
Gail Bride COTA/L
Bridget Bridges
Kathleen Bridges
Lauren Bridges COTA
Mrs. Lisa Bridges COTA/L
Lisa Bridwell
Linda Brieck
Sonia Brietzke
Selina Brigance COTA
Carla Briggs COTA/L
Crystal Briggs COTA/L
Diane Briggs COTA
Mrs. Shadonda Briggs COTA/L
Susan Briggs
Nicholas Brigham COTA
Ms. Tonia Brigham COTA
Demetria Bright
Nijole Bright COTA/L
Irina Brileva COTA
Jennifer Briley COTA
Mrs. Layiel Briley COTA/L
Michelle Brill COTA
Patsy Brilla
Tihela Briller
Candice Brimage COTA/L
Danette Brimigion
Ms. Kimberly Brimlow COTA/L
Gina Brinatte
Jacqueline Briner COTA/L
Traci Bringle
Mrs. Karen Brink COTA/L
Kristi Brink COTA/L
Jan Brinkley COTA
Mrs. Mary Brinkley COTA
Stephanie Brinkman COTA/L
Randall Brinson COTA
Mrs. Chastity Briscoe COTA
Lisa Briscoe COTA/L
Karen Brisky
Mrs. Magan Brissel COTA
Fanny Bristol COTA
Donna Bristol-Goeben COTA/L
Jennifer Brito
Alvin Britt
Miss Joveida Britt
Nina Britt COTA
Vivian Britt
Donna Britton
Makenzie Britton
Susan Britton COTA
Carmen Britz
Ms. Shari Brizendine
Rita Brizuela
Holly Broach OTR/L
Gabrielle Broadley
Jennifer Broadway
Ms. Eileen Broberg OT
Sharon Broberg
Amy Brobst COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Brocculeri COTA
Kandra Broce COTA
Ashley Brock COTA/L
Charlotte Brock COTA/L
Elizabeth Brock
Mrs. Jamie Brock
Miss Lavonne Brock COTA/L
Melanie Brock COTA/L
Nicole Brock
Sharyn Brock COTA/L
Tristan Brock COTA/L
Brenda Brockmeyer COTA
Kristin Brockmeyer-Stubbs OTRL
Debra Brodersen
Kimberly Brodeur
Pamela Brodeur COTA
Mr. Aidan Brodie COTA
Andrew Brody
Michelle Brody
Rebecca Broersma COTA/L
Mrs. Carol Brogan COTA/L
Mr. Jay Brogelman
Audrey Brohammer
Ms. Kristen Brokaw COTA L
Marlene Bromfield
Miss Kasey Bronner COTA
Mrs. Kathleen Bronsord COTA
Karen Brooker COTA/L
Alicia Brooks
Amy Brooks
April Brooks COTA
Britni Brooks COTA
Colleen Brooks COTA/L
Dawn Brooks
Dawn Brooks
Elizabeth Brooks COTA
Jayme Brooks
Jennifer Brooks
Jessica Brooks
Mrs. Marchon Brooks COTA
Melinda Brooks
Molly Brooks COTA
Mrs. Molly Brooks COTA
Penny Brooks COTA/L
Rachel Brooks
Shannon Brooks COTA/L
Ms. Sharon Brooks
Mrs. Sandra Brookshaw COTA
Ms. Genevieve Broome
John Broome II COTA/L
Rachel Broomes OTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Brophy COTA
Ms. Ashley Brosius COTA/L
Romy Brossman COTA
Jennifer Brothers
Ms. Jeannie Brott COTA
Jennifer Broughton COTAL
James Brouillet COTA
Mrs. Tamela Brouillette COTA
Elizabeth Brousseau
Christina Brower COTA/L
Joan Brower COTA/L
Kayla Browers COTA
Adam Brown COTA
Aileen Brown COTA/L
Alecia Brown COTA
Amanda Brown COTA
Ms. Amanda Brown COTA
Amanda Brown
Amy Brown
Amy Brown COTA
Amy Brown
Amy Brown III COTA/L
Mrs. Amy Brown COTA/L
Anastasia Brown
Mrs. Andrea Brown COTA
Angela Brown COTA/L
Ms. Angela Brown COTA
Audrey Brown
Ms. Azure Brown COTA/L
Benjamin Brown
Beth Brown COTA
Beth Brown COTA
Beverly Brown COTA/L
Mrs. Beverly Brown COTA/L
Brandy Brown COTA/L
Ms. Brenda Brown
Mrs. Brooke Brown COTA
Brooke Brown
Chelsea Brown COTA/L
Cheryl Brown COTA
Ms. Chris Brown COTA
Christal Brown
Christian Brown OTA
Christine Brown
Mrs. Clara Brown COTA
Danielle Brown COTA
David Brown
Deborah Brown
Denise Brown
Mrs. Dianne Brown IV COTA
Doretta Brown COTA
Elizabeth Brown COTA
Emily Brown
Mrs. Erica Brown COTA
Gregory Brown OTA
Heather Brown OTA
Heidi Brown
Janet Brown
Mrs. Janet Brown OTR
Jason Brown COTA
Jeffery Brown COTA
Miss Jennifer Brown OTA
Jennifer Brown COTA/L
Ms. Jequeita Brown COTA/L
Jerri Brown
Mrs. Julie Brown OTA/L
Mrs. Karan Brown COTA
Karen Brown
Kathleen Brown OTA
Kaylee Brown COTA/L
Kristina Brown COTA/L
Kristy Brown
Latanya Brown
Ms. Latoya Brown COTA/L
Miss Lavetta Brown COTA
Mrs. Lileith Brown COTA
Mrs. Linda Brown COTA/L
Lisa Brown COTA/L
Lisa Brown
Markeith Brown
Megan Brown COTA/L
Molly Brown COTA/L
Monique Brown
Patricia Brown COTA/L
Mrs. Patricia Brown
Patty Brown
Mr. Paul Brown COTA/L
Ms. Paulette Brown COTA
Mr. Peter Brown COTA/L
Mrs. Rachel Brown COTA/L
Rebekah Brown COTA
Renee Brown
Mrs. Robin Brown COTA/L
Robin Brown
Mr. Ronald Brown COTA/ L
Sarah Brown COTA
Mr. Shannon Brown COTA
Ms. Sharon Brown COTA
Mrs. Sharri Brown COTA/L
Ms. Shavonne Brown
Shirley Brown COTA/L
Mrs. Stacy Brown COTA/L
Mrs. Stehanie Brown COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Brown COTA/L
Miss Swannita Brown COTA/L
Tamara Brown
Tammi Brown
Ms. Theresa Brown COTA
Mrs. Toni Brown
Yolanda Brown
Mrs. Brittany Brown Landies COTA
Cheryl Browne-St. Vil
Maureen Brownfield COTA
Amy Browning COTA
Melissa Browning COTA/L
Yolanda Brownlee
Mrs. Marlo Broyles COTA/L
Kimberly Brubaker COTA/L
Theresa Brubaker COTA/L
Jaime Bruce
Julie Bruce
Miss Robbin Bruce-Quinn COTA/L
Allieson Bruce-Woolcock
Mrs. Kathryn Bruck
Ms. Anne Brucker COTA
Bethany Bruesehoff COTA
Meredith Brumfield COTA/L
Roslyn Brumfield COTA/L
Shaquanta Brumfield
Rebecca Brummer COTA
Jessica Brummund COTA
Sarah Brummund COTA
Elaine Brunaccini
Gerae Brunacini
Heather Brunelle COTA
Mrs. Janelle Brungardt COTA/L
Lora Brunkhorst COTA
Kristen Brunner COTA/L
Ms. Sheila Brunner COTA
Ana Bruno COTA/L
Kiante Bruno COTA
Deserae Bruns
Jill Brunson COTA
Angela Brunt COTA/L
Mrs. Elaine Bruscia OTA/C
Ms. Connnie Brushart COTA
Mrs. Jillian Brusso OTR/L
Thelma Brusuelas
Mrs. Amy Bryan COTAL
Donna Bryan
Jennifer Bryan
Juliette Bryan
Kristina Bryan OT-A
Susan Bryan COTA
Mrs. Thea Bryan COTA/L
Mr. Alan Bryant COTA-L
Angela Bryant
Miss Asia Bryant COTA/L
Brandon Bryant
Eric Bryant
Mrs. Kerri Bryant COTA/L
Martha Bryant
Michelle Bryant COTA/L
Mrs. Paula Bryant COTA
Phyllis Bryant COTA
Stephanie Bryant
Tracy Bryant
Zuzana Bryant COTA/L
Amy Brylski
Mrs. Kimberly Bryson COTA/L
Mrs. Wendy Brzozowski COTA/L
Theresa Bubar COTA/L
Ms. Rachael Bubeck COTA
Jennifer Bucci COTA/L
Lauren Buchan COTA
Michelle Buchanan COTA
Peggy Buchanan COTA/L
Mrs. Spring Buchanan COTA/L
Sherry Bucher COTA/L
Mrs. Abby Buchta COTA
Ms. Ashley Buck COTA/L
Ms. Lisa Buck COTA
Mr. Richard Buck COTA/L
Mrs. Whitney Buck COTA
Jeannine Buckland
Janene Buckles COTA
Alyssa Buckley
Diane Buckley COTA
Sarah Buckley COTA/L
Dale Buckman OTA
Ms. Jennifer Buckman COTA/L
Mrs. Nancy Buckner COTA
Tonja Buckner COTA
Jodie Buckowski
Mrs. Beth Buckwalter COTA/L
Lucyna Buczek
Mary Ellen Budaniw COTA
Danijela Budesa COTA
Milijana Budesa
Lizabeth Budet OTA
Mark Budke COTA/L
Karee Budnik COTA/L
Ronald Budziszewski
Janet Buechler
Gail Buehl OTA
Maria Buehler COTA/L
Mrs. Christina Bueide COTA/L
Ms. Anne Buel COTA
Dominique Buenavides
Mrs. Marisa Buerger COTA
Natalie Bugden
Rebecca Bugg
Stephanie Bugg
Robert Buhl
Emily Buker COTA/L
Jessica Bukrey
Tricia Bulan
Amy Bullard
Mrs. Teri Bullard
Christina Bullerman
Amy Bullion COTA/L
Chelsea Bullis COTA/L
Tina Bullis COTA
Veronica Bullis COTA
Miss Dana Bullock
Elisabeth Bullock COTA/L
Paula Bulmer
Lisa Bulone COTA
Lynn Bulow COTA/L
Mrs. Deidre Bumbarger COTA/L
Beverly Bumgarner
Mrs. Amber Bumpus COTA
Mrs. Erika Bumsted COTA/L
Miss Dori Bunker COTA/L
Sara Bunn COTA
Miss Emily Burcar COTAL
Brenda Burch
Mrs. Deborah Burch COTA
Mr. Jeremy Burch COTA
Megan Burch
Mrs. Catherine Burcham COTA
Mrs. Vickie Burchatz COTA
Chelsea Burchim OTA
Connie Burcin COTA/L
Sarah Burd PTA
Ms. Tara Burden COTA
Ms. Carol Burdess COTA
Susanne Burdett
Jamie Burdette COTA
Rita Burdette OT
Kathleen Burdick COTA
Brennan Burditt
Ms. Daisy Burgan COTA/L
Jennifer Burge COTA/L
Mr. Arthur Burger COTA
Celeste Burger
Donna Burger COTA
Mrs. Leslie Burger COTA
William Burger COTA
Amorette Burgess COTA/L
Caren Burgess COTA
Mrs. Jeannie Burgess COTA/L
Miss Kristi Burgess COTA
Lisa Burgess COTA
Mrs. Tonya Burgess
Travis Burgess
Tina Burgos
Mr. Gary Burian OTA/L
Ms. Jacquelyn Burk COTA/L
Jaretta Burk
Tina Burkardt COTA/L
Alison Burke
Mrs. Deanna Burke COTA/L
Mrs. Kathleen Burke COTA
Michelle Burke COTA
Richard Burke COTA/C
Denise Burkett COTA/L
Starlene Burkett
Connie Burkhalter COTA
Jimmy Burkhard
Michelle Burkhard COTA/L
Mrs. Vicky Burkhard COTA/L
Amy Burkhart COTA/L
Miss Lindsay Burkhart COTA/L
Nicole Burkhart COTA
Mrs. Julie Burkholder COTA
Stephanie Burks
Amanda Burleson COTA/L
Jaime Burleson COTA/L
Traci Burleson COTA
Audrey Burnett COTA
Carol Burnett
Mrs. Erin Burnett COTA L
Julie Burnett
Ms. Latanya Burnett COTA
Mrs. Robin Burnett OTA
Holly Burnette COTA/L
Susan Burnette
Brandi Burney COTA/L
Klancy Burney
Margaret Burniston COTA/L
Ms. Amy Burns COTA L
Carolyn Burns COTA/L
Darlene Burns
Dianna Burns COTA/L
Frank Burns COTA
Jacqueline Burns
Jeffrey Burns COTA
June Burns COTA
Kimberly Burns
Lydia Burns
Patricia Burns
Tia Burns
Mrs. Tianna Burns COTA
Karen Burridge COTA
Mrs. Keisha Burrington COTA/L
Katie Burris COTA/L
Mary Burris COTA/L
Mrs. Vondie Burrola COTA/L
Courtney Burroughs COTA
Lacey Burrows COTA/L
Ms. Julia Burrs COTA
Mrs. Leah Burry COTAL
Cassandra Burt COTA
Kathy Burt
Retine Burt
Ann Marie Burton COTA/L
Mrs. Julie Burton COTA
Lisa Burton OTA
Ray Burton COTA
Tessa Burton OTA
Scott Busby COTA/L
Sherri Busby OTA
Mr. Steven Busby
Michelle Busch COTA
Sharon Busch
Sarah Buser COTA
Mr. Alwyn Bush OTA/L
Brenda Bush
Connie Bush
Miss Jessica Bush COTA/L
Keri Bush COTA/L
Melissa Bush COTA
Racheal Bush
Mrs. Sharon Bush
Mrs. Wendy Bush COTA/L
Cheryl Bushart
Michael Bushby MOTRL
Wendy Bushey
Michael Bushman
Kathleen Bushnell COTA
Mr. Mark Businaro COTA
Jessica Buskirk COTA/L
Miss Alecia Buss COTA/L
Alyssa Busse COTA
Amanda Busse COTA
Mrs. Suzanne Bussell COTA/L
Angela Bussi COTA
Ms. Bridget Bustamante
Patricio Bustamante
Crystal Bustillos
Noemi Bustillos COTA/L
Violet Bustillos COTA
Sandra Bustos OTA
Ms. Charlene Busuttil COTA
Tami Buswell COTA/L
Irene Butala
Mrs. Gayle Butcher COTA/L
Jeffrey Buteau COTA
Barbara Butera COTA
Aaron Butler COTA
Brittney Butler
Chantal Butler
Erica Butler COTA
Helga Butler
Jordan Butler OT-A
Mrs. Kelly Butler COTA/L
Mary Butler
Mr. Michael Butler
Mrs. Nicole Butler COTA
Paula Butler
Rachel Butler
Rachel Butler COTA/L
Ms. Samantha Butler COTA
Sheri Butler
Mrs. Star Butler COTA
Mrs. Tammy Butler COTA/L
Mrs. Patricia Butt COTA
Karen Buttling COTA/L
Mrs. Nancy Butts COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Bux COTA/L
Sarah Buzzard
Susan Buzzell COTA
Mr. Moses Bwete COTA
Jerri Byars COTA/L
Mrs. Pamela Byars COTA
Mr. William Byars COTA
Kristi Byers COTA/L
Mrs. Monica Byers COTA
Mrs. Erika Bygness COTA
Mrs. Brenda Byl COTA
Natalie Byler COTA/L
Shania Byler
Mrs. Mary Byrne COTA
Celina Caban COTA/L
Pamela Cabello
Elaine Cable COTA
Carlene Cabot
Megan Cabral
Maria Liza Cabrea
Iris Cabrera COTA
Mr. Tyronne Cabrera-Nickie
Martha Caceres COTA
Miguel Caceres II
Cheryl Cade COTA
Kervin Cadichon
Mrs. Sheila Cadiz COTA
Karen Cadle COTA
Brent Cadwallader COTA
Ms. Tawnya Cady COTA/L
Mrs. Lynn Caelwaerts COTA
Keba Cage COTA
Paul Cagle
Mr. Ryan Caguia
Victor Cahill JR.
Ms. Mildrene Caidor OTA
Deanna Cain COTA/L
Jennifer Cain
Jodi Cain COTA/L
Maureen Cain OTRL
Linda Caine COTA
Emily Caines COTA/L
Samantha Cairns
Kerrie Ann Caison COTA
Andrea Caito
Ms. Josette Caivano COTA
Ivanlaurent Calara LVN, COTA/L
Maria Calara COTA
Hope Calaway COTA/L
Ms. Vivian Calbert COTA
Jeff Caldarelli COTA
Dennis Calder
Alexandra Calderas
Katherine Calderon
Miss Jennifer Caldrone
Becky Caldwell COTA/L
Ms. Kimberly Caldwell COTA/L
Pamela Caldwell COTA
Ms. Ria Caldwell COTA/L
Ms. Shanta Caldwell COTA
Terri Caldwell
Trainia Caldwell
Taylor Calhoun COTA
Mrs. Kimberly Calidonio COTA/L
Miss Amanda Call COTA/L
Dawn Callahan COTA
Mr. John Callahan PTA/COTA
Miss Kathleen Callahan COTA L
Kevin Callahan
Leanne Callahan COTA
Linda Callahan COTA
Wendy Callahan COTA/L
Allison Callender COTA
Rebecca Callender COTA/L
Richard Callesto JR. COTA
Ms. Cassondra Caltrider COTA
Andrea Calvarese COTA
Mrs. Angela Calvert COTA/L
Mrs. Holly Calvert COTAL
Karen Calvert
Mrs. Rosemary Calvert COTA/L
Willinda Calvert COTA/L
Pamela Calvillo COTA L
Julie Calvin COTA/L
Tammy Calzadilla
Angelica Camacho Martinez
Helia Camarao
Amy Cameron COTA/L
Mrs. Joan Cameron
Marlee Cameron
Natasha Cameron
Anne Camey Scarsella COTA
Sonia Camfield
Cassandre Camille COTA
Mrs. Tiffany Camillucci COTA/L
Raymond Camm COTA
Mary Camman COTA
Carla Camp COTA/L
Marsha Camp
Mrs. Elizabeth Campanella COTA
Ansley Campbell COTA/L
Carol Campbell COTA
Cecelia Campbell
Chelsey Campbell COTA/L
Corrin Campbell COTA
Denise Campbell
Erica Campbell
Mrs. Gina Campbell COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Campbell COTA/L
Jennifer Campbell COTA/L
Jennifer Campbell COTA/L
Mrs. Katherine Campbell OTA
Mrs. Kathleen Campbell OTAL
Kimberly Campbell
Krystal Campbell COTA/L
Leslie Campbell
Marjorie Campbell COTA/L
Melissa Campbell
Miss Melody Campbell COTA/L
Penny Campbell COTA
Robin Campbell COTA/L
Sandra Campbell COTAL
Sandy Campbell COTA
Mrs. Sharon Campbell COTA
Sheila Campbell
Mrs. Stacie Campbell COTA
Michael Canali
Margarita Canario COTA
Kyleen Cancio
Mrs. Maryrosebeverly Cancio OTA
Kim Candela COTA
Veronica Candela
Miss Jaleysha Candelaria Rivera
Ms. Wendy Candeloro COTA
Miss Marlene Canelos OTA
Vincent Canezal COTA
Sheena Cannady COTA/L
Bonnie Cannon OTA
Mr. Colt Cannon COTA
Hanna Cannon COTA/L
Hannah Cannon COTA
Mrs. Sandra Cannon COTA/L, CLT
Krista Cantafio
Alison Canter COTA/L
Ashley Canter
Cynthia Cantley COTA/L
Pamela Cantrall COTA
Mrs. Victoria Cantrall COTA
Rachel Cantrell COTA
Stephanie Cantrell
Ms. Nitzia Cantu COTA
Miss Ashley Cantwell
Catherine Cantwell
Shawana Canty
Richard Cao
Julie Capello OTA
Ms. Kathleen Capener COTA
Jennifer Capobianco COTA
Marnie Capobianco
Mrs. Alicia Cappello COTA/L
Stephanie Cappello COTA
Christina Capps
Ms. Staci Capps COTA
Christine Cappuzzo COTA
Marisa Caprara COTA
Mr. John Capraro COTA
Kailee Capriglione COTA/L
Lisa Capuani COTA
Ms. Mary Capuano-Yates COTA/L
Carole Caputa COTA
Cathy Caputo COTA/L
Lisa Caputo
Mrs. Lisa Caracciolo COTA
Natalie Caracciolo
Nancy Caras
Ms. Judy Carbone
Narumaol Carbonell COTA/L
Dustin Carboni COTA
James Carchidi COTA/L
Ms. Ruthann Cardell COTA
B.J. Carden COTA
James Carden JR. PTA
Mrs. Emily Carder COTA/L
Lachelle Cardin COTA/L
Brittini Cardona
Caitlin Cardone COTA/L
Kimberly Carducci COTA/L
Bonnie Cardwell COTA
Sandra Carelock
Mrs. Jennifer Carew COTA
Angel Carey COTA/L
Mrs. Crystal Carey
Heather Carey COTA
Mrs. Joellen Carey COTA/L
Marcus Carey COTA
Marianne Carey
Miss Melissa Carey COTA
Wendy Carey COTA
Denise Cargan COTA/L
Hannah Cargill COTA
Mrs. Keri Cariaga COTA
Sarah Carie
Mrs. Natasha Carita COTA
Kathleen Carleton COTA
Mrs. Karin Carlevatti COTA
Mrs. Colleen Carley COTA/L
Cheryl Carling COTA
Sandra Carlino COTA
Mr. Curtis Carlisle COTA
Jose Carlos
Dennis Carlow COTA
Angela Carlson
April Carlson
Erin Carlson
Mrs. Lesley Carlson COTA
Michelle Carlson
Mr. Robert Carlson COTA/L
Savannah Carlson
Mrs. Tyffany Carlson
Regan Carlton
William Carlton OTA
Ms. Maria Carlucci COTA
Kathryn Carmalt COTA
Kayla Carman COTA/L
Mrs. Carol Carmichael COTA
Mrs. Nicole Carmo COTA/L
Jennifer Carnahan
Mr. Anthony Carney COTA/L
Candice Carney COTA/L
Mr. Corey Carney COTA/L
Nicolette Carney
Ms. Patricia Carney COTA
Mrs. Sarah Carney COTA/L
Lisete Carnicer
Ms. Gail Carnicom COTA
Maria Caro COTA
Marta Caro
Christa Caron COTA
Janice Caron COTA/L
Tracy Caron Smith COTA/L
Mrs. April Carpenter
Mrs. Kerri Carpenter COTA L
Tammy Carpenter COTA
Mrs. Vanessa Carpenter COTA
Amy Carper COTA/L
Laurie Carpio
Ami Carr
Charlene Carr COTA/L
Kristina Carr
Laurie Carr COTA
Leah Carr COTA
Ms. Nancy Carr COTA
Saundra Carr COTA/L
Timothy Carr OTA/L
Tina Carr COTA/L
Mrs. Angel Carraher COTA/L
Nicole Carrano
Emilia Carrasco
Lisa Carrasco
Enrique Carrasquillo
Mrs. Nicole Carrasquillo COTA/L
Rebecca Carrazana
Miss Megan Carrell COTA/L
Christina Carreras-Evans
Mrs. Katrina Carrigan COTA/L
Mr. Jesus Carrillo COTA/L
Ashley Carroll
Bridget Carroll
Christine Carroll COTA/L
Mrs. Deslyn Carroll COTA
Jimmie Carroll
Joshua Carroll COTA
Lori Carroll
Paula Carroll
Miss Rachael Carroll COTA/L
Rosalla Carroll
Sarah Carroll OTA
Mrs. Sharon Carroll COTA
Mr. Joseph Carrone COTA
Abigail Carrozza
Jill Carruthers COTA/L
Mrs. Danielle Carson COTA
Katrina Carson OTA
Ms. Sherry Carson
Constance Carswell
Christine Cartagena
Akita Carter COTA/L
Amber Carter COTA
Mrs. Brooke Carter OTA
Carolyn Carter
Donnell Carter OTA
Donyell Carter COTA/L
Mrs. Dorethea Carter COTA
Janet Carter COTA
Jeff Carter COTA
Julie Carter COTA/L
Justin Carter COTA/L
Kwameshia Carter
Ms. Lakesha Carter COTA
Ms. Lauren Carter COTA
Leah Carter
Michelle Carter COTA/L
Nicole Carter
Pamela Carter
Stefanie Carter COTA/L
Steven Carter COTA
Mrs. Susan Carter COTA/L
Tiffany Carter
Ashley Carter-Yaqub
Pamela Carterman COTA
Andrew Cartlidge
Tobi Cartmill COTA/L
Cathy Cartwright COTA
Mrs. Linda Caruana COTA
Lori Caruso
Mr. Forrest Carvajal COTA
Ms. Jane Carvalho COTA
Jessica Carvalho COTA/L
Ms. Rachel Carvalho MS, OTR/L
Mrs. Dana Carvalho Morin
Caitlin Carver COTA/L
Deann Carver COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Carver COTA
Mr. Lewis Carver COTA
Bonita Cary COTA
Adam Casaceli COTA/L
Amy Casals
Brandi Casanova
Celina Casas COTA
Nicole Casazza
Angela Case COTA/L
Barbara Case COTA
Gwenn Case COTA
Mr. Jeffrey Case COTA/L
Mrs. Mary Case COTA/L
Megan Case COTA/L
Meghan Case COTA
Amber Casey COTA
Karen Casey COTA/L
Laurel Casey COTA
Mrs. Marilyn Casey COTA/L
Rebecca Casey
Renee Casey
Mrs. Sara Casey COTAL
Jill Casey Weyer COTA'
Melody Cashion
Mrs. Jessica Cashwell COTA/L
Mrs. Mary Casillas COTA
Cheryl Cassady
Georgianna Casselbury COTA
Elizabeth Cassidy COTA/L
Mrs. Kristina Cassidy COTA/L
Renee Cassidy COTA
Mrs. Lisa Cassiere COTA/L
Melissa Castagnetta
Mrs. Bernice Castaneda
Yadira Castaneda
Ms. Monica Castano
Mr. Brett Casteel BA, AAS, COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Casteel COTA/L
Heather Casteen COTA/L
Ms. Valerie Castellano COTA/L
Jill Castergini COTA
Ronica Casterlow COTA
Diana Castillo
Jorge Castillo
Patricia Castillo
Rafael Castillo JR. COTA
Rebecca Castillo
Veronica Castillo COTA/L
Mrs. June Castle COTA/L
Norman Castle JR.
Ms. Patricia Castleberry COTA
Carol Casto COTA
Curtis Casto
Carine Castor COTA
Jessica Castor COTA
Joanne Castrillo
Caroline Castro COTA
Mrs. Elsie Castro COTA
Mr. John Castro OTA
Leticia Castro COTA
Silvana Castro COTA
Yamil Castro
Amy Casullo
Lilliana Catano
Mrs. Bonnie Catanzaro COTA
Alyson Cathcart
Heidi Cato COTA/L
Mrs. Melina Cato COTA/L
Mrs. Angela Catron COTA
Shanna Cattrell COTA
Jannifer Catts
Lisa Rae Caturia COTA/L
Nya Kai Caudell
Phyllis Caudill-James COTA/L
Ms. Jessica Causey OTA/L
Mrs. Tricia Cauthon
Mrs. Kate Cavacco COTA/L
Mrs. Rosana Cavalcante COTA/L
Ms. Jill Cavazos COTA/L
Alicia Cave COTA/L
Susan Cavender COTA/L
Jennifer Ceballos
Andrea Cebrecos
Julianne Ceci-Lansing COTA/L
Ms. Carmen Cecil COTA
Emily Cecil COTA
Mrs. Susanne Cecil COTA/L
Matthew Cecilio COTA
Jesus Cejudo COTA/L
Anna Celeste
Mr. Deborah Celuck COTA/L
Lisa Cerda COTA/L
Mr. James Cesarz OTA
Mr. Joseph Cessna COTA
Kirby Chaapel COTA
Cory Chacon COTA
Ms. Jony Chacon COTA
Luis Chacon OTA
Mrs. Mary Chacon Contreras COTA
Ms. Cathy Chadwick COTA
Traci Chafin COTA
Kerri Chalberg
Kourtney Chalke COTA/L
Jessica Chalker COTA
Russell Chalmers COTA
Amy Chalot
Colleen Chamberlain COTA
Ms. Patricia Chamberlain COTA
Mrs. Alysia Chambers COTA
Mrs. Audra Chambers COTA
Brett Chambers
Jonathan Chambers COTA/L
Julie Chambers OTA
Kelly Chambers COTA/L
Ms. Leanetta Chambers COTA/L
Marquita Chambers COTA
Ms. Melissa Chambers
Ellen Chamblin COTA
Ms. Lindsey Chamness OTA
Abby Champ
Delvin Champagne
Randy Champagne COTA/L
Frankie Chan
Stacie Chan COTA
Adria Chancey COTA
Brittany Chandler
Ms. Joy Chandler COTA
Katherine Chandler
Kathy Chandler COTA/L
Ms. Kelly Chandler COTA/L
Melissa Chandler
Wanda Chandler
Kati Chaney COTA/L
Tamara Chaney
Cecile Chang
Ms. Natalie Chang-Mason
Miss Cynthia Channell COTA/L
Mrs. Heather Chansuthus COTA/L
Hilda Chaparro COTA
Virginia Chapek COTA/L
Bernadette Chapin
Mrs. Reanna Chaplin COTA
Ashley Chapman
Cheree Chapman COTA
John Chapman COTA/L
Lauren Chapman COTA/L
Rebecca Chapman
Stacey Chapman COTA/L
Stella Chapman COTA/L
Tara Chapman COTA
Ms. Tracy Chapman COTA
Mrs. Wendy Chapman COTA/L
Renee Chappell COTA/L
Tamara Chappius
Jessica Chard COTA/L
Anne Chard-Porter COTA
Holly Charest COTA/L
Mary Charland
Mr. Daniel Charlebois COTA/L
Rose Charles COTA
Mr. Vernon Charles III COTA
Mrs. Dionne Charlton-Robinson
David Charneco COTA/L
Wendy Charon COTA
Trina Chartier COTA
Ms. Catherine Chartorysky COTA
Danielle Chartraw
Mrs. Debra Chase COTA/L
Elizabeth Chase
Katie Chase COTA/L
Ms. Shari Chastain COTA
Mr. William Chasteen JR. COTA/L
Mr. Namit Chaturvedi LCOTA
Ms. Yolanda Chauca COTA
Meera Chaudhry
Papia Chaudhuri
Mrs. Cathleen Chauncey-Gardner COTA
Judy Chaussard COTA
Angela Chavando COTA
Nichole Chaves COTA/L
Emily Chavez COTA
Gayl Chavez COTA
Jocelynn Chavez COTA/L
Leticia Chavez
Manuelita Chavez COTA
Marlene Chavez COTA/L
Mr. Orlando Chavez COTA/L
Raphael Chavez COTA
Mr. Ricardo Chavez COTA
Mrs. Silvia Chavez COTA
Zearra Chavez OTA
Mr. Angel Chayrez COTA/L
Lesta Cheek COTA
Marjorie Cheesman COTA
Ms. Karen Cheever COTA/L
Shannon Cheever-Leclair COTA
Christina Chelli
Anne Chen COTA
Mrs. Samantha Cheney COTA/L
Cassandra Chenoweth COTA
Olivia Chenworth-Pugh COTA/L
Mrs. Theresa Cherico COTA
Jean Chery COTA
Jeta Chery
Witny Chery COTA
Miss Taylor Cheshire
Kelly Chesley COTA
Mary Chesney
Miss Tenisha Chesney COTA
Mrs. Lisa Chester
Ms. Harriet Chestnut COTA/L
Amanda Chevraux COTA/L
Sou Chhuor
Mrs. Erin Chianelli
Victoria Chiantella COTA
Annmarie Chiappinelli COTA
Beth Chiasson COTA/L
Ngozika Chidoro COTA/L
Susan Chieppo COTA
Holly Childers COTA
Mr. John Childers
Meridith Childers COTA/L
Nancy Childers COTA
Tracy Childers COTA/L
Ashley Childress
Donna Childress COTA/L
Mallory Childress COTA/L, BIS
Megan Childress COTA
Meghan Chill COTA/L
Ms. Lena Chin OTA
Jennifer Chinchilla COTA
Mrs. Maimuna Chiocca COTA
Kristen Chipman COTA/L
Ms. Wanda Chiscolm COTA/L
Brandi Chisholm COTA/L, DOR
Krystle Chisholm
Laura Chisholm
Ms. Jacqueline Chiverton COTA
Natalia Chizhova COTA
Karen Chmiel MED LPC, COTA/L
Jamie Chmielewski COTA
Mun Ye Cho
Christie Choate COTA/L
Mrs. Teasha Choitz COTA
Shari Chomicki
Fernando Chong
Miss Ashlee Chord COTAL
Mr. Karl B. Chorlton COTA/L
Sandy Chotiner COTA
Mrs. Elvira Chou
Richard Chowanec OTA/L
Mr. Minhaz Chowdhury COTA
Grazyna Chrabaszcz
Colleen Christensen OTA
Erik Christensen COTA
Mrs. Linda Christensen COTA/L
Sherry Christensen COTA
Mr. Thomas Christensen COTA
Mrs. Christie Christenson COTA
Sarah Christians COTA/L
Mrs. Debra Christiansen COTA
Ms. Carlee Christianson COTA
Jill Christianson COTA
Kelly Christie
Judith Christie Marrah COTA
Carrie Christman COTA
Mrs. Laura Christman COTA/L
Megan Christmyer COTA
Allyn Christopher
Lois Christopher
Tracy Christopher COTA
Mr. Michael Christopherson
Mrs. Cara Christophides COTA
Elizabeth Christy COTA
Paula Christy COTA
Beth Chroninger
Bridgette Chuderewicz COTA/L
Mrs. Roxanne Chuk COTA/L
Kathy Chung
Mrs. Patricia Church COTA/L
Cynthia Churchill COTA
Mrs. Amanda Churkoo
Amanda Churkoo COTA/L
Angela Ciampoli COTA
Jessica Ciccanti COTA/L
Ms. Janet Ciccione
Pepharon Ciceron
Ralph Ciceron
Marsha Cicoria
Margarita Cienfuegos COTA
Mrs. Laura Ciffa COTA
Mrs. Kelsie Cigainero COTA
Anne Ciganek COTA
Tanya Cilli OT-A
Valerie Cimino COTA
Rebecca Cincoski
Christina Cink
Erin Ciocarlan COTA
Angela Cioffi
Lisa Ciotto
Angela Cipparone
Michelle Circo COTA/L
Mrs. Rebecca Cirillo COTA
Miss Lauren Cirino
Mrs. Fatema Cischke COTA
Martha Cisco
Larissa Claar
Mrs. Donna Claffey COTA
Mr. David Clampitt COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Clancy COTA
Nina Clanton COTA
Alissa Clark
Mrs. Amanda Clark COTA/L
Amanda Clark COTA
Amy Clark COTA
Anne Clark
Mrs. Brittany Clark
Christine Clark COTA
Mrs. Cindy Clark COTA
Danielle Clark COTA/L
Danielle Clark COTA/L
Mrs. Deanna Clark COTA/L
Dusti Clark
Edward Clark COTA
Eleasha Clark COTA
Mrs. Elizabeth Clark
Emilie Clark COTAL
Eva Clark COTA
Heather Clark
Helen Clark
Jane Clark COTA/L
Jennifer Clark COTA
Mrs. Jill Clark COTA/L
Joel Clark I COTA
Mrs. Julia Clark COTA/L
Juliana Clark COTA/L
Kari Clark COTA
Mrs. Kari Clark COTA/L
Mrs. Kelly Clark COTA
Kenneth Clark COTA
Mrs. Krystal Clark
Kyla Clark COTA/L
Mrs. Leita Clark COTA/L
Linda Clark
Mrs. Lori Clark COTA/L
Mrs. Marion Clark COTAL
Meghan Clark COTA/L
Ms. Pamela Clark COTA
Mrs. Paula Clark OTA
Mrs. Sarah Clark COTA/L
Shannon Clark
Sharlynn Clark COTA
Miss Sheleah Clark
Mrs. Sheree Clark COTA/L
Susan Clark
Sylvia Clark COTA
Taylar Clark
Theresa Clark COTA
Valensia Clark
Vicki Clark COTA,L
Wanda Clark OTA
Barbara Clark-Arzuaga COTA/L
Ms. Samantha Clark-Teague OTA
Barbara Clarke
Miss Charissa Clarke
Ms. Diana Clarke COTA
Judith Clarke COTA
Kenyetta Clarke
Koletta Clarke COTA
Linda Clarke COTA/L
Ms. Tammy Clarke OTA
Dena Clarkson COTA
Mrs. Heather Clarkson COTA/L
Ms. Megan Clary OTA
Kristine Claveria COTA
Patricia Claxton
Barbara Clay
Ms. Cheryl Clay
Ms. Eunice Clay COTA/L
Philip Clay
Sharon Clay OTA
Mrs. Dawn Clayburn COTA/L
Christina Clayton OTA
Crystal Clayton COTA/L
Lauren Clayton
Ms. Mona Clayton COTA
Mrs. Tina Clayton COTA
Wendy Clayton
Christina Clayton-Ducey
Ms. Cynthia Clearman COTA
Appollonia Cleaves
Mrs. Gilou Cledanor COTA
Donna Clee COTA
Ms. Ann Clemens COTA/L
Ms. Penny Clemens OTA
Lyndsay Clement COTA
Ms. Alisha Clements COTA/L
Carrie Clements OTA/L
Maria Clements COTA/L
Mrs. Ashleigh Clemmens COTA
Mrs. Monica Clemmons I COTA/L
Ms. Jennifer Clemons COTA/L
Brandie Cleveland OTA
Elaine Cleveland COTA
Joy Clever COTA
Ms. Therese Clever COTA L
Gerard Clifford COTA
James Clifford COTA
Mrs. Nancy Clifford COTA/L
Miss Heather Cliford COTA/L
Mrs. Donna Clifton COTA
Holly Clifton COTA/L
Mrs. Jamie Clifton COTA/L
Melissa Clifton COTA/L
Amy Cline
Ashleigh Cline OTA/L
Audrey Cline COTA
Ms. Casey Cline COTA/L
Cynthia Cline COTA
Gloria Cline
Janae Cline COTA
Kaela Cline COTA/L
Kara Cline COTA/L
Kirsten Cline
Mallori Cline COTA/L
Mrs. Melina Cline OTA/L
Stanley Clippinger COTA
Mrs. Diane Clogston COTA
Diane Clopper COTA
Mrs. Kristen Closner COTA/L
Lisa Closson
Kimberly Cloud COTA
Catherine Clough COTA
Jennifer Clough COTA/L
Mrs. Roshara Clough COTA
Brooke Clouse COTA/L
James Clouse III COTA
Connie Clouser
Darlene Cloutier
Ilene Cloutier
Katherine Cloutier
Megan Clune COTA/L
Mr. Michael Clune
Miss Sarah Clunie COTA/L
Mrs. Christina Clutter COTA/L
Mandy Clymans OTA
Mrs. Kimberly Clyne COTA
Shannon Cnudde COTA/L
Mrs. Kristin Coad COTA/L
Ms. Sharon Coad COTA
Caitlin Coakley COTA/L
Brandee Coalson COTA/L
Lori Coate COTA
Mrs. Chi Coates COTA/L
Sharon Coates COTA
Amy Coats COTA
Ms. Brienna Cobb COTA/L
Mackenzie Cobb COTA/L
Roxanne Cobb
Ronald Coblentz
Sheryl Coccia
Cynthia Coccioletti COTA/L
Karen Cocco COTA/L
Anna Cochran COTA
Hollie Cochran COTA
Mrs. Kathryn Cochran COTA
Margart Cochran
Timmy Cochran COTA/L
Mr. Leslie Cochren COTA
Amanda Cockerell COTA/L
Jerwan Cockerham
Toni Cockerham COTA/L
Ms. Michelle Cockrell COTA/L
Sandy Cockrell
Alexis Marie Codilla
Sunoma Codispoti COTA/L
Terri Coe COTA
Shiela Coffey
Veronica Coffing
Miss Amanda Coffman AD
Lindsay Cofiell
Debra Cogan COTA
Jessica Coggins
Brigitte Coglianese COTA
Mrs. Cynthia Cohee-Steerman COTA/L
Mrs. Bertha Cohen COTA
Caroline Cohen COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Cohen COTA
Leslie Cohen OTRL
Shiri Cohen COTA
Jerrie Cohill COTA
Eileen Cohn
Jennie Coic COTA/L
Edmond Coker COTA/L
Heather Coker COTA/L
Sheila Coker COTA/L
Mrs. Tiffany Coker COTA
Cheryl Colantonio COTA
Lynn Colarusso
Jennifer Colassaco
Donna Colavecchio COTA
Tanya Colby COTA/L
Laura Coldea
Angela Cole
Carol Cole
Catherine Cole COTA
Ms. Charlotte Cole COTA
Miss Courtney Cole COTA/L
Deanna Cole COTA
Denitra Cole
Gillian Cole COTA
John Cole OTA
Joy Cole OTA
Kimberly Cole
Lanti Cole COTA
Mrs. Laura Cole COTA/L
Lauren Cole COTA
Rachael Cole COTA
Mrs. Rosemarie Cole COTA
Shawn Cole COTA
Mrs. Tanquerae Cole COTA
Ms. Tracy Cole
Miss Margaret Colegrove COTA/L
Samantha Colella
Victoria Colella
Chesli Coleman COTA
Mrs. Crystal Coleman COTA
Mr. John Coleman COTA/L
Linh Coleman
Lori Coleman COTA/L
Mrs. Marcy Coleman COTA
Ms. Radasha Coleman COTA/L
Rhonda Coleman MS OTR
Samanthai Coleman COTA
Ms. Teresa Coleman
Mrs. Amy Coleman-Eakins COTA
Mr. Stacey Colemanhughes
Alice Coles COTA/L
Tiffany Coles COTA
Melissa Coley COTA/L
Mrs. Shari Colibraro
Mrs. Donna Colla COTA
Mrs. Diane Collett COTA/L
Ms. Heidi Colliander OT
Daisy Collier COTA/L
Desirae Collier
Mrs. Michelle Collier COTA/L
Susan Collier
Ms. Agnes Collins COTA/L
Allison Collins OTA
Mrs. Ardyss Collins COTA
Ms. Ashley Collins COTA/L
Carolyn Collins COTA/L
Miss Christina Collins COTA/L
Christina Collins COTA
Colleen Collins COTA/L
Mrs. Crystal Collins COTA/L
Mr. Hosea Collins JR.
Jenna Collins COTA
Mr. John Collins COTA
Joshua Collins COTA/L
Julie Collins COTA/L
Kara Collins OTA
Keisha Collins COTA
Mr. Kirk Collins
Mrs. Lisha Collins COTA/L
Majuana Collins COTA
Mary Collins
Melissa Collins COTA/L
Mrs. Misty Collins COTA
Nancy Collins
Natalie Collins
Sommer Collins COTAL
Steven Collins COTA
Terri Collins COTA/L
Tiffany Collins COTA
Wendy Collins OTA
Mr. Zachary Collins COTA/L
Laurie Collister COTA
Jennifer Collom COTA/L
Nicole Collura
Cara Cologero COTA/L
Michelsent Colome PTA
Mrs. Beth Colon
David Colon COTA
Mrs. Joyce Colosimo COTA
Mrs. Denise Colotti COTA
Ms. Donna Colson COTA
Kimberly Colton
Mrs. Elizabeth Colucci
Erica Colucci COTA
Joni Colucy
Heather Colvin COTA/L
Jennifer Colvin COTA/L
Leslie Colwell
Mrs. Melissa Colwell COTA
Pamela Combest
Mrs. Erica Combs COTA
Tara Combs COTA/L
Dannimarie Comeau
Fabiola Comeau COTA/L
Ms. Jennifer Comer COTA
Ms. Karley Comer COTA
Shirley Comilang-Maen COTA
Debra Commette COTA
Jacquelyn Commons COTA
Brian Comninos COTA
Dina Comparetto COTA/L
Elizabeth Compton COTA
Mallory Compton COTA/L
Michele Compton COTA
Robert Comstock
Mrs. Gloria Comtois
Kim Conard
Marian Concepcion COTA/L
Mrs. Stephanie Condino COTAL
Jennifer Condon
Brooke Condra COTA
Diana Cone COTA/L
Heather Conklin COTA
Mrs. Susan Conklin COTA L
Carol Conley
Kelly Conley
Linda Conley COTA
Mrs. Eileen Conley-Ferris COTA
Kathy Conn
Xiao Yan Connahan
Kelly Connelly COTA L
Patricia Connelly COTA/L
Trisha Connelly COTA/L
Mrs. Crystal Conner COTA/L
Deborah Conner
Miss Landrie Connery COTA/L
Donald Conning JR.
Mrs. Nichole Connolly COTA/L
Sarah Connolly COTA/L
Miss Coley Connor COTA/L
Edith Connor COTA
Elizabeth Connor COTA
Sara Connor COTA/L
Mrs. Sarah Connors COTA
Benjamin Conrad OTA
Mrs. Esther Conrad COTA/L
Melissa Conrad
Mrs. Patricia Conrad COTA
Sara Conrad COTA
Sheryl Conrad
Susan Conrad COTA/L
Ms. Diane Conran
Alannah Conrey COTA/L
Mrs. Carol Conroy COTA
Colleen Conroy
Mrs. Joy Consiglio COTA/L, LMT
Mildred Consolo-Melchionne COTA
Yolanda Constantineau COTA
Annette Consuegra OTR/L
Elizabeth Conte
Ms. Ginanoel Conti I COTA
Melissa Conti COTA
Elia Contreras COTA
Loretta Contreras
Mr. Max Contreras COTA
Rosie Contreras
Caroline Cook OTA
Miss Crystal Cook COTA/L
David Cook LOTA
Dolores Cook COTA
Mrs. Domini Cook COTA
Ellen Cook COTA/L
Jill Cook COTA
Julie Cook
Mrs. Karen Cook COTA/L
Mr. Kenneth Cook OTA/L
Kimberly Cook COTA
Leah Cook
Mary Cook COTA
Matthew Cook I COTA
Molly Cook
Mrs. Natosha Cook COTA/L
Rebecca Cook COTA/L
Shannon Cook
Mrs. Virginia Cook
Whitney Cook COTA/L
Ashley Cookson COTA/L
Sally Cookson OTA
Jennifer Cooley OTA
Robert Cooley LOTA
Ms. Alida Cooman COTA
Valerie Coombe
Mrs. Elizabeth Coon COTA
Nickolas Coones
Ms. Lisa Cooney COTA/L
Jodi Coons
Ms. Kimberley Coons COTA
Audrey Cooper
Brian Cooper
Mrs. Carolyn Cooper COTA
Cathleen Cooper COTA/L
Cheryl Cooper COTA/L
Debra Cooper L/COTA
Ms. Edna Cooper COTA/L
Kimberly Cooper COTA/L
Melanie Cooper
Susan Cooper
Lori Cooper Gulick COTA/L
Meryl Cooperman OT
Karen Coots COTA/L
Lisa Copas COTA/L
Douglas Copeland
Mrs. Joan Copeland OTA
Mrs. Tracie Copley COTA/L
Bethany Coppock COTA
Xiomara Coppola
Tracy Corado COTA
Rose Corbe COTA
Mrs. Suzanne Corbelli COTA/L
Miss Maureen Corbett COTA/L
Mr. Hugh Corbin COTA
Charlotte Corcelius
Angela Corcoran
Linda Corcoran
Miss Victoria Corcoran COTA
Miss Kala Cordell COTA/L
Angie Corder
Heather Corder COTA/L
Jennifer Cordisco
Leidy Cordoba COTA/L
Mrs. Cynthia Cordova COTA/L
Jackie Cordy
Ms. Erika Corey COTA/L
Staci Corgan COTA
Marian Corhern
Crystal Corl COTA/L
Amanda Corley COTA/L
Ms. Anita Corley COTA/L
Linsey Cormier COTA
Miss Lauren Corn COTA
Ms. Jennifer Corneil COTA/L
Renee Cornejo COTA
Mr. Tony Cornejo SR. COTAL
Patricia Cornelius COTA/L
Mrs. Brittany Cornell COTA/L
John Cornell COTA/L
Vickie Cornell
Ms. Laurie Corner COTA/L
Catherine Cornett
Ms. Cherriee Cornett COTA
Lorna Cornett COTA/L
Mr. Wendell Cornett COTA
Sonda Cornish
Suzanne Cornish COTA/L
Jannelle Cornman
Jessica Cornnor COTA
Mrs. Kari Cornwell
Mr. Juan Corona COTA/L
Melissa Coronado
Andrea Corrado
Gleysy Corrales
Alexia Correa COTA/L
Mr. Eduardo Correa COTA
Mr. Felix Correa JR.
Yangel Correa OTA
Mrs. Amanda Correll-Begley COTA
Ms. Gwen Corrigan COTA
Mr. Jeff Corriher COTA/L
April Corsell
Eugenie Corson COTA
Juan Carlo Cortes
Sophia Cortes COTA/L
Yolanda Cortes COTA
Ms. Mary Cortese COTA
Mr. Luis Cortez COTA
Martha Cortez
Yamilka Cortina C OTA
Rebecca Corwin COTA/L
Shaina Corwin COTA/L
Sarina Cory COTA/L
Mrs. Leslie Cosgrove COTA
Mrs. Michele Cosgrove COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Coslet COTA/L
Donielle Cossey
Chelsie Costa COTA
Jessica Costa COTA
Ms. Kayla Costa
Kimberly Costa COTA
Michele Costa
Jason Costello
Mrs. Kelly Coston
Sherry Costonde COTA
Darlene Cote
Debra Cote
Mary Cote COTA/L
Michelle Cote COTA
Shannon Cote COTA/L
Mrs. Victoria Cote COTA/L
Mrs. Emily Cotter-Mcclain COTA/L
Kasey Cotterman
Victor Cotto OTA
Mrs. Patty Cotton COTA
Kari Cottrell COTA/L
Kyle Cottrell COTA/L
Jennifer Coty COTA
Mrs. Susan Couch COTA
Cynthia Couillard
Mrs. Stacey Coulardot
Mrs. Laura Coulstring COTA
Mr. Gregory Council COTA/L
Elizabeth Courtney
Suesan Cousineau-Bott COTA/L
Ms. Jennifer Cousins COTA/L
Bennett Cousland COTA
Paul Couto
Karly Couts
Susanne Couture AA COTA
Angela Covelli
Nicole Covely
Jay Covey COTA/L
Gina Covi COTA
Ryan Coviello COTA
Mr. Billy Covilla COTA/L
Cheryl Covington OTR
Dorothy Covington
Lashell Cowan COTA
Ms. Shandolyn Cowan COTA
El Tegra Cowart LPTA/COTA
Heather Cowden
Rebecca Cowden
Mr. Kyle Cowgill COTA
Maureen Cowgill COTA/L
Christina Cowick LOTA
Mrs. Amy Cox COTA
Mrs. Anna Cox PTA
Ms. Bonnie Cox COTA
Mrs. Buffy Cox COTA/L
Mrs. Debra Cox COTA
Dustin Cox COTA
Emily Cox COTA/L
Mrs. Fara Cox COTA/L
Mrs. Heather Cox COTA/L
Jenny Cox OTA/L
Ms. Jill Cox COTA
Judy Cox COTA
Lisa Cox
Lorraine Cox
Ms. Merrideth Cox
Rosalind Cox COTA/L
Mrs. Tonia Cox OTA
Caroline Coxe
Miss Jennifer Coy COTA/L
Monica Coyazo COTA/L
Jamie Coyle COTA/L
Mary Coyle COTA
Susan Coyle COTA
Kristi Coyne COTA/L, LPTA
Miriam Cozza
Heather Crabbe COTA/L
Mrs. Becky Crabtree COTA
Emily Craft COTA/L
Katherine Craft COTA/L
Amy Lynn Craig
Carolyn Craig COTA/L
Deborah Craig
Geneva Craig COTA
Joshua Craig COTA/L
Karen Craig
Mrs. Kimberly Craig COTAL
Robert Craig
Rochelle Craig
Mrs. Tonya Craig COTA
Sandy Craighead COTA
Amberly Crain COTA
Danelle Crain
Marvin Crain
Mrs. Cynthia Craine COTA/L
Mr. Stewart Crandell COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Crane COTA
Miss Jennifer Crane COTA/L
Melissa Crane COTA
Rebecca Crane COTA
Sadie Crane COTA/L
Mrs. Donna Cranford COTA
Mrs. Joyce Crangle COTA
Lisa Crank COTA
Marianne Crary OTR/L, CHT
Jennifer Crater
Sherrie Craven COTA
Mrs. Mariah Cravens COTA
Mr. Terry Cravens JR. COTA
Barbara Crawford COTA/L
Mrs. Crystal Crawford COTA/L
June Crawford COTA
Sebastian Crawford
Teresa Crawford COTA
Ms. Lisa Crayton COTA
Lisa Crea COTA/L
Lori Creach COTA
Ms. Robyn Credle COTA/L
Billie Creech
Cuyler Creech
Mrs. Catherine Creed COTA
Elaine Creedon OTA
Mrs. Tammy Creekmore COTA
Joyce Creel OTA
Tiffani Creel
Michele Creger COTA
Mary Cremo OTA
Lana Crenshaw COTA
Rhonda Crenshaw
Carlie Creque COTA/L
Kimberly Cresap
Mrs. Julia Cressler COTA/L
Justin Creviston-Smith
Tanya Crigler COTA
Kendra Crill COTA
Carlye Crim COTA
Krystina Crimi COTA
Katie Crine
Patricia Crisafulli COTAL
Merri Crisler
Mr. Patrick Crisler OTA 6857
Christopher Crisman COTA/L
Ashley Crisp COTA/L
Shaun Crisp COTA/L BS
Mrs. Shawna Criss COTA
Brandon Crissman OTA
Ms. Laura Crist COTA
Paul Crist
Kristin Criste
Kathleen Cristelli COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Cristofaro COTA/L
Kathryn Cristofono COTA/L
Stephanie Criswell
Veronica Crites COTAL
Mrs. Suzanne Crittenden COTA/L
Joy Crivelli COTA
Ann Crivello COTA
Mr. Daniel Crockett COTA
Mr. Larry Crockett COTA
Sarah Crockett COTAL
Gina Crockford COTA
Mrs. Kathi Croft COTA
Mrs. Erin Cromwell COTA/L
Karri Cronin
Kristen Cronin COTA/L
Ms. Krista Cronk COTA
Mrs. Angela Crook COTA
Jessica Crook COTA
Kacey Crook OTA
Mrs. Tamina Crook COTA/L
Mrs. Sarah Cropley COTA
Ms. Sara Cropp COTA
Mrs. Krista Crosby OTA
Ms. Collette Croshaw COTA
Ms. Shelley Croshier OTA
Deanna Croson COTA
Ms. Karen Cross OTA
Laura Cross
Mary Cross COTA
Maureen Cross COTA
Stephanie Cross COTA
Mrs. Wanda Cross COTA/L
Mrs. Tracy Crossfield COTA/L
Mr. Eldon Crouch COTA
James Crouch COTA
Kimberly Crouch COTA/L
Mrs. Pamela Crouch COTA/L
Nadine Crouthamel COTA
Ms. Christine Crowder COTA/L
Debra Crowder
Mrs. Patricia Crowder COTA/L
Tanya Crowe COTA
Mr. Bernard Crowley COTA
Brenda Crowley
Melissa Croy COTA
Heidi Croyle COTA/L
Megan Crum COTA/L
Winifred Crum COTA
Seneca Crump
William Crump
Taylor Crupper
Mrs. Carol Crutcher-Dubose COTA/L
Carlos Cruz COTA
Cheyla Cruz OTA11483
Mrs. Darlene Cruz
Faye Cruz COTA/L
Frederick Cruz
Mrs. Karen Cruz
Maria Jessica Cruz
Martha Cruz
Sheryl Cruz COTA
Ivette Cuadras
Yarelis Cuba OTA 11514
Leslie Cubbison
Angela Cucinella COTA/L
Candice Cuellar COTA
Rolando Cuellar PTA
Anniejoy Cuento COTA
Miss Nicole Cueter COTA/L
Mr. Alejandro Cuevas JR. COTA/L
Miss Estella Cuevas COTA
Tiffany Cuevas COTA/L
Diane Cuillo COTA
Dan Cuizon
Heidi Cuka I
Mrs. Keri Culbertson COTA
Steffini Cull COTA/L
Hector Cumba JR. COTA/L
Erin Cummings COTA
Ms. Jennifer Cummings COTA/L
Mrs. Karin Cummings COTA/L
Lauren Cummings
Susan Cummings COTA
Trisha Cummings COTA
Ms. Georgette Cummins COTA
Julie Cummins
Mrs. Lydia Cummins COTA/L
Ms. Mandy Cummins COTA
Cathy Cumpston
Yordanka Cuna
Cynthia Cunard COTA
Mrs. Stacey Cundiff
Cristina Cunis COTA
Deborah Cunningham
Eddie Cunningham
Jennifer Cunningham COTA/L
Jessica Cunningham
Katie Cunningham COTA
Lakisha Cunningham COTA
Ms. Lynda Cunningham OTA
Ms. Maryann Cunningham COTA
Miss Renata Cunningham COTA
Tera Cunningham
Mrs. Venessa Cunningham
Lauri Cuozzo
Cydne Cupka LCOTA
Jennifer Cupp COTA
Noelle Cupp
Paige Cupp COTA
Beatrice Curbita
Mrs. Honeylet Curitana
Christina Curkovic COTA/L
Mrs. Marie Curley COTA/L
Joan Curran
Mrs. Susan Curran COTA
Mr. Dean Currao COTA
Cornelia Currey
Katherine Currie
Mrs. Lori Currier
Alisha Curry
Miss Joann Curry COTA
Miss Kristin Curry COTA
Bethany Curtis COTA
Denise Curtis COTA
Donna Curtis
Mrs. Mandi Curtis COTA/L
Nicole Curtis COTA/L
Sandra Curtis MOTR/L
Ms. Tricia Curtis COTA
Tyler Curtis OTA/L
Dianne Curtsinger COTA/L
Kristin Curvelo
Marc Cusick
Benjamin Cuthbertson COTA
Patricia Cutler COTA
Mrs. Gail Cutrone OTA
Charles Cuttler JR. COTA
Mrs. Rosie Cuyler COTA-L
Mrs. Deborah Cuza COTA/L
Mr. Anthony Cyrulik JR. COTA
Vickie Czajkowski
Lori Czarnecki COTA
Harry Czarnick COTA
Mrs. Jilayne Czaskos COTA
Mrs. Dana Czykoski
Ms. Linda D'agostino
Maria D'alba COTA
Margaret D'amico
Donna D'amore COTA
Laura D'antona COTA
Mrs. Cheryl D'auria COTA
Guilherme Da Silva
Lisa Dabney COTA/L
Misty Dace
Mrs. Barbara Daciuk COTA
Anna Dacosta
Ms. Nicole Dacres
Stephanie Dadisman COTA/L
Mrs. Karen Daffron COTA
Mrs. Melissa Dagele COTA
Ms. Stephanie Daggett COTA/L
Janet Dahlbeck COTA
Mrs. Kari Dahlke COTAL
Jaime Daigle
Joann Daigle COTA
Nicole Daigle COTA
Mrs. Patricia Daigler COTA
Mrs. Cindy Dail
Nicole Dailey
Aimee Daily
Miss Kimberly Daily OTA
Ali Dakhlallah OT
Robin Dal Santo COTA/L
Bailey Dale
Lindsy Dalessandro COTA/L
Bridget Daley COTA/L
John Daley
Kristen Daley
Sharon Daley AS
Tessarah Dalleave
Anita Dallman COTA
Elvira Dalme COTA
Renil Dalsania
Bonnie Dalton COTA
Christine Dalton COTA/L
Ms. Ritaann Dalton COTA
Mr. Mathew Daluz JR. COTA/L
Moireen Daly COTA/L
Sara Daly
Mrs. Barbara Damiano COTA
Mrs. Denise Damico COTA
Bradley Damron
Jessie Damron COTA
Donna Damude OTA
Faika Damus
Mr. Duane Dancer COTA
Mrs. Heather Dang COTA
Mrs. Diane Dangl COTA
Mrs. Catherine Daniel LOTA
Dayana Daniel
Kristine Daniel COTA/L
Livinus Daniel COTA
Rebecca Daniel COTA
Victoria Daniele COTA
Mrs. Ann Daniels OTA
Mrs. Barbara Daniels
Candace Daniels COTA/L
Deborra Daniels COTA/L
Mrs. Detishia Daniels COTA
Lashanda Daniels
Mrs. Michelle Daniels II COTA
Nicole Daniels
Ms. Patricia Daniels COTAL
Rebecca Daniels COTA
Susan Daniels COTA/L
Ms. Teletha Daniels COTA
Tonya Daniels
Miss Tracy Daniels COTA/L
Tracey Danielson COTA
Kristina Danilevica OTA
Mrs. Mary Jo Danis
Mrs. Cheryl Danni COTA
Kathleen Dano
Mrs. Sarah Danser COTA
Ms. Stephanie Dantro COTA
Heather Danz OTA
Jessica Danzot
Mrs. Anastasia Daravong COTA/L
Sydney Darbe COTA
Deneishion Darby
Jareb Darby COTA/L
Billie Darden
Deborah Darden LPTA/COTA-L
Mrs. Holly Darfler COTA
Mrs. Mariane Darkowski COTA/L
Sarah Darling MSOTR/L
Hannah Darnell
Krista Darnell COTA
Mary Darnell COTA
Joanne Darr
Quateka Darrington COTA/L
Anna Dartanyan COTA/L
Mrs. Julianne Dartt COTA
Miss Chizarra Dashiell
Debra Dasilva
Mrs. Katherine Daskalow COTA/L
Sophia Dastine
Mrs. Laleen Datt COTA/L
Courtney Dauck OTA
Miss Ann Daugherty COTA
Ms. Deanna Daugherty COTA/L
Ms. Diann Daugherty COTA/L
Ms. Pamela Daugherty COTA/L
Sarah Daughtry COTA/L
Jenna Daulton COTA/L
Karla Daum COTA/L
Lisa Dauphinais
Brandon Davenport COTA/L
Diana Davenport COTA
Mrs. Josephine Davenport COTA
Peggy Davenport-Mendoza
Ms. Marites David
Mary Davidge COTA
Ammie Davidheiser COTA/L
Anna Davidovics COTA/L
Kari Davidowitz
Mrs. Allison Davidson COTA
Anna Davidson OTA
Brigette Davidson COTA/L
Bryan Davidson
Debbie Davidson COTA
Ms. Denise Davidson COTA/L
Mr. Garrett Davidson COTA
Karen Davidson COTA/L
Margaret Davidson
Mrs. Monique Davidson COTA/L
Rebecca Davidson COTAL
Mrs. Robin Davidson COTA
Mrs. Shawn Davidson COTA/L
Tammy Davidson COTA
Miss Lindsey Davies COTA
Alyeri Davila
Mrs. Amber Davila COTA/L
Betina Davila
Marianne Davio
Mrs. Adele Davis COTA
Amy Davis
Ashley Davis COTA
Aura Davis OTA
Avril Davis
Barbara Davis OTA
Brandy Davis COTA
Brantley Davis COTA
Mr. Brian Davis COTA
Brielle Davis COTA
Caleb Davis
Caterina Davis
Mrs. Cathy Davis COTA/L
Cheryl Davis OTA
Mr. Christopher Davis COTA
Crystal Davis COTA
Debra Davis COTA
Diana Davis COTA/L
Erin Davis
Ms. Gustavia Davis LCOTA
Hannah Davis
Jan Davis OC00000206
Mrs. Jeanine Davis COTA
Ms. Jennifer Davis COTA/L
Jennifer Davis COTA
Jibrail Davis COTA
Ms. Joann Davis COTAL
Joshua Davis
Keriann Davis COTA
Kerrie Davis COTA
Kimberly Davis COTA/L
Kimberly Davis COTA
Ms. Kristan Davis OTA
Laronda Davis COTA
Laura Davis COTA
Mrs. Lisa Davis COTA/L
Lori Davis COTA/L
Luz Davis COTA
Mary Davis
Melanie Davis
Mrs. Michele Davis COTA/L
Michelle Davis COTA/L
Nancy Davis COTA/L
Nancy Davis COTA
Paige Davis COTA
Patricia Davis COTA/L
Ms. Rebecca Davis COTA/L
Rebecca Davis COTA
Renee Davis COTA
Rhonda Davis COTA
Rhonda Davis COTA
Roberta Davis COTA
Roxanna Davis COTA
Shaneill Davis
Stephanie Davis
Summer Davis COTA/L
Tamara Davis COTA
Tammy Davis COTA
Theresa Davis O T
Ms. Tiffany Davis COTA/L
Vicki Davis COTA/L
Lercia Davis-Collins COTA, DOR
Jan Davis-Shelley COTA/L
Ms. Susan Davis-Stuckey COTA/L
Roberta Daw II COTA/L
Ms. Christine Dawson COTA/L
Mrs. Shanon Dawson COTA
Ms. Tiffany Dawson COTA/L
Charity Day
Jennifer Day COTA
Laura Day COTA
Margaret Day
Megan Day
Mrs. Shirley Day COTA
Karla Dayton COTA/L
Miguel De Anda COTA
Amber De Angelo COTA
Dainey De Armas Perez
Mrs. Tara De Bortoli COTA/L
Lisandra De Fraga COTA
Edita De Guzman
Toni De Herrera
Andrea De Jesus COTA
Mr. Isaias De Jesus Concepcion
Andrelisa De La Cruz COTA
Aurora De La Garza COTA
Nora De La Garza OTA
Janessa De La Noval
Grettel De La Torre COTA
Mrs. Zelma De La Torre COTA
Yigami De La Torre Garcia
Lindsey De La Vega COTA
Alicia De Leon OTA
Batriz De Leon COTA/L
Jorge De Leon COTA
Paolo De Leon COTA
Angelica De Los Santos
Mrs. Maria De Los Santos COTA
Mirian De Moura Souza COTA/L
Samantha De Naray COTA
Mr. Leonardo De Oliveira
Zulema De Paz
Alexandre De Santanna
Mr. Dexter De Vera
Amy Deady OTA
Adrienne Deak COTA/L
Mrs. Cathy Deal COTA/L
Ms. Julie Deal COTA
Andrea Dean COTA/L
April Dean
Ms. Jaime Dean COTA/L
Jana Dean COTA
Ms. Jennifer Dean COTA ,L
Joanne Dean
Ms. Lindsay Dean BA, COTA/L
Maryann Dean
Nicholas Dean COTA/L
Reeta Dean
Mrs. Susan Dean COTA L
Tiffany Dean COTA
Kimberly Dearing-Goodfellow COTA/L
Mrs. Cassaundra Dearinger COTA
Mrs. Glenda Dearman COTA/L
Mrs. Joanna Dearros COTA/L
Francis Deason COTA
Jennifer Deatherage
Mrs. Cassidy Deatley COTA/L
Mrs. Patti Deaton COTA
Mrs. Camie Deaver-Bauwens COTA/L
Elida Debarros COTA L
Ms. Hurube Debela-Sledge
Mrs. Kathleen Debellis
Ms. Betsy Debrakeleer COTA
Cynthia Debroux COTA
Mrs. Christine Decaro
Miss Jennifer Decatur COTA/L
Star Decelles
Kelly Dechenne COTA
Ms. Lina Dechert
Mr. Jason Dechristofano COTA
Christopher Deck COTA/L
Lori Deck
Mr. Bryce Decker COTA/L
Mr. Jeremy Decker COTA/L
Kendra Decker COTA
Ms. Leslie Decker COTA
Mrs. Linda Decker
Rachel Decker COTA/L
Susannah Decker COTA
Tammy Decker
William Decker
Mrs. Stephanie Declerico COTA
Alyssa Decosta COTA/L
Diane Decosty COTA/L
Doreen Dedeyn COTA/L
Lisa Deel
Mrs. Cecile Deems OT
Kelsie Deering COTA/L
Lana Deese OTA/L
Jessica Deeter
Tiffany Defebaugh COTA
Rhonda Defelice COTA/L
Linda Defrahn COTA/L
Maria Defrancisco COTA
Kyla Defranco COTA/L
Suzanne Defrank OTA
Lorna Defreest COTA
Jodi Degan COTA/L
Jennifer Degaris
Pamela Degarmo COTA
Mr. Michael Degasperis JR.
Harry Degear COTA/L
Lisa Degennaro COTA
Mandy Degiacomo COTA
Ms. Tania Degiusti
Darlene Degrand
Mrs. Marie Degroate COTA
Dana Dehetre COTA/L
Ms. Ravin Dehring COTA/L
Candace Deiling COTA
Mrs. Sara Deitering COTA
Annette Deitrick COTA/L
Mrs. Gail Deitsch COTA L
Cassandra Dejarnette COTA
Ms. Carolyn Dekanchuk OTA/L
Mrs. Yelena Dekhovich OTA
Denise Colleen Del Cano COTA
Eric John Del Mar
Andersen Del Pino COTA
Holly Del Ponte
Martha Del Real
Mrs. Angela Del Rio OTR/L
Mario Del Rio COTA
Mrs. Ma Cristina Del Rosario COTA
Vanessa Del Valle
Christopher Dela Cruz
Mrs. Jody Dela Cruz COTA
Maricel Dela Cruz
Mr. Medardo Dela Cruz LOTA
Mrs. Melanie Dela Cruz COTA
Ms. Lori Delabio COTA/L
Judith Delacruz OTA
Shawn Deland
Ms. Linda Delaney COTA/L
Teri Delaney COTA/L
Mrs. Beth Delano COTA
Elizabeth Delarios COTA
Lori Deleon
Naomi Deleon
Ms. Veronica Deleon
Vilma Deleon COTA
Amanda Delgado COTA
Brenda Delgado COTA
Daisy Delgado
Juanita Delgado COTA
Perla Delgado COTA
Rebecca Delgado COTA
Ms. Wandaliz Delgado LOTA
Danielle Delisio COTA/L
Danettee Dell COTA
Karen Dell COTA
Megan Dell
Ashley Dell'acqua
Heather Dellenbaugh I COTA
Ms. Karen Delmont COTA
Jessica Delo
Cristin Delong COTA/L
Mrs. Jessica Delong COTA L
Kimberlee Delorme
Sharon Delozier
Isaiah Delpilar COTA/L
Connie Delsanter
Tracy Deltoro COTA
Mr. Debra Deluca
Mayela Deluna Gaytan COTA
Ms. Jill Delzeith COTA
Tara Delzer
Chris Ann Demaray
Karen Demarco OTA
Ms. Mary Demarco COTAL CMT
Heidi Demars COTA/L
Mrs. Teri Dembinski COTA/L
Janice Dembo OTA
Renee Dembroski COTA/L
Karen Dembrosky
Mrs. Christina Dement COTA/L
Gerard Demers COTA
Ms. Marie Demers COTA/L
Diane Demeyer COTA
Miss Tammie Demicco COTA
Hillary Deml
Miss Calla Demotte COTA
Ms. Colleen Dempsey COTA/L
Megan Dempsey COTA
Melinda Dempsey
Kelly Demski COTA
Kelly Dengler COTA/L
Gabriel Denigris COTA/L
Mrs. Kim Denitto OTA
Ms. Jerelyn Denkins COTA L
Laura Denlinger
Lisa Denmark COTA/L
Leeann Denne
Ms. Trenda Denney
Ms. Ashley Dennis COTA
Mrs. Dawn Dennis COTA
Jennifer Dennis COTA
Kaitlyn Dennis
Vilma Dennis COTA
Johnathan Denny
Liane Densmore OTA
Hilary Denson COTA
Ms. Lorraine Denton COTA/L
Mrs. Suesana Denton COTA
Mrs. Stacey Dentz COTA
Christine Deoud COTA
Andrea Depalma
Lorissa Depalma
Ms. Jessica Depasquale COTA
Ewa Depczynska COTA/ L
Stephany Depina COTA/L
April Depoyster
Jenny Derasmi COTA/L
Karen Derickson
Deborah Deriso COTA
Elizabeth Derks COTA/L
Meagan Derksen COTA/L
Leah Derla
Michelle Dermody COTA
Ms. Janice Dernulc COTA
Jamie Deron
Nicole Derosia
Ms. Sandra Derosso COTA/L
Jennifer Derry COTA
Rachel Derus COTA/L
Dyanna Dery
Mr. Paul Dery COTA
Joy Des Jardins COTA
Katherine Desanctis
Nicole Desantis COTA/L
Suzanne Desanto COTA
Paula Desbien COTA
Jill Deschamp COTA-L
Erin Desgrange COTA-L
Mr. Stanley Desgroseilliers OTA
Mandy Deshotel COTA
Keith Desilets COTA
Carlee Desimone COTA
Vanessa Desinor
Brenda Desire
Ms. Kristy Desjardin COTA/L
Sophia Desjardins
Kimberly Deslauriers
Jill Desmond COTA/L
Kendra Desoto COTA/L
Mr. Richard Despres OTA
Mrs. Sylvia Despres OTA
Gaetana Desrocher COTAL
Katie Desroches
Sara Desrosier
Karla Desrosiers COTA
Sarah Destafano
Patrick Destinoble
Katherine Detar COTA
Mr. Bryan Determan SR. COTA
Kelsey Determan
Angela Deterra COTA/L
Karen Detrick COTA
Jerica Detsch COTA/L
Stacy Dettmann COTA/L
Hillary Detty COTA/L
Ms. Elaine Detweiler COTA
Ms. Angela Deutsch COTA
Jill Devalk COTA
Ms. Kristin Devall COTA/L
Mrs. April Devereaux COTA/L
Ms. Karen Devereaux COTA
Lisa Devillers COTA/L
Natasha Devine
Ms. Nicole Devona COTA/L
Angela Devore COTA
Mrs. Elaine Devries COTA
Ms. Joyce Devries COTA
Melissa Dew COTA/L
Mrs. Danielle Dewalt
Ms. Joan Dewey COTA
Antoinette Dewiel COTA
Mrs. Mary Dewitt COTA/L
Pamela Dewitt
Mr. Patrick Dewitt COTA
Cynthia Dexheimer
Mrs. Carolyn Dexter OT-A
Ryan Dexter COTA/L
Leann Dextradeur
Teresa Deyoung COTA
Susan Dezso COTA
Vernell Dezurn OTA/LT
Cynthia Di Biasio COTA/L
Richard Diamond JR. OTA/L
Mrs. Roxanne Dias COTA
Anita Diaz COTA
Betty Diaz COTA/L
Betzaida Diaz
Mrs. Carol Diaz COTA
Elizabeth Diaz COTA
Ernesto Diaz COTA
George Diaz
Heidi Diaz OTA
Kalea Diaz COTA
Lisa Diaz COTA
Lynette Diaz OTA
Maidel Diaz
Ricardo Diaz COTA/L
Soraya Diaz COTA
Yolima Diaz
Miss Lilliam Diaz Gonzalez OTA
Teresa Dibattista COTA
Mrs. Cassandra Dibble COTA
Suzanne Dibble
Ms. Amanda Diblasi COTA
Sally Dicicco COTA/L
Ms. Rebecca Dick OTA/L
Amberlee Dicken COTA
Erica Dickenson OTA
Lynn Dickerson
Salena Dickerson
Stacy Dickerson
Mrs. Ashley Dickey COTA/L
Shelly Dickey COTA
Mrs. Cherri Dickinson-Sudduth COTA/L
Mr. Richard Dickman COTA
Angela Dickson COTA
Mrs. Bessie Dickson
Brandon Dickson
Mrs. Claudia Dickson COTAL
Ms. Idongesit Dickson OTA/L
Miss Jennifer Dickson COTA/L
Marcenia Dickson COTA
Farrah Didio OTA
Michele Didio COTA
Karen Didovets COTA
Cheryl Diedolf COTA
Kaitlyn Diedrich COTA
Mr. Martin Diedrich COTA
Pamela Diegel COTA/L
Mrs. Magaly Diego COTA/L
Cheryl Diehl COTA
Miss Katherine Diehl COTA/L
Nancy Diehl COTA/L
Kathy Diekhoff
Rebecca Diel COTA
Mrs. Christy Diemer COTA
Mrs. Elaine Diesing COTA/L
Kyle Diethrich COTA
Laura Dietrich-Wager
Mr. Thomas Dietze COTA/L
Sarah Dietzmann
Mrs. Jennifer Diez COTA
Adrienne Difani
Darla Diferdinando OTA
Kelly Diffin Ball COTA/L
Miss Stephanie Diformato COTA/L
Vilma Digilio
Catherine Digioia
Danielle Diglio
Marriah Digou COTA/L
Stacy Digre
Jessica Diienno
Chelynn Dill COTA
Mrs. Crystal Dill COTA
John Dill
Miss Diane Dillabough COTA
Christi Dillard COTA
Denorice Dillard COTA/L
Jennifer Diller
Aurora Dillinger COTA/L
Jadyn Dillinger
Mrs. Laurel Dillon COTA
Rhonda Dillon COTA/L
Miss Kristina Dimaio COTA/L
Monica Dimatulac
Summer Dimerling
Kelli Dimond
James Dingess
Mrs. Renee Dingle OTR
Thien Dinh
Nancy Dinsmore
Mrs. Patricia Dionisi COTA/L
Ashley Dionne COTA/L
Daren Dionne
Nancy Dipaolo COTA
Kimberly Dipasqua
Miss Laura Disanto COTA
Mrs. Martha Disch COTA
Mr. Shane Disheaux COTA
Mr. Lee Diskin COTA/L
Ellen Disler COTA
Ms. Selene Dismukes COTA L
Linda Disney COTA
Patricia Disney COTA
Jessica Dison COTA/L
Mary Ditommaso COTA
Mrs. Katherine Dittmann COTA
Ashley Divelbiss
Jessica Divine
Danielle Divito COTA/L
Blanca Dixon COTA
Mrs. Brandy Dixon COTA/L
Jackie Dixon
Miss Julie Dixon COTA/L
Mishelle Dixon COTA/L
Mrs. Rose Dixon COTA/L
Sandra Dixon
Ms. Sylvia Dixon
Carol Dize
Susan Dloughy
Shasta Do
Raquel Do Couto COTA LISENCE
Allison Doan COTA/L
Alexis Dobbins
Mrs. Janelle Dobbins COTA
Suzette Dobbins COTA
Lilybeth Dobran COTA
Sherri Dobson COTA/L
Elena Dockery IV
James Dockham COTA
Suzanne Dodd
William Dodd COTA
Amanda Dodge COTA/L
Dorene Dodson COTA
Ms. Joanna Dodson COTA
Ms. Katherine Dodson
Loretta Dodson
Marianne Dodson COTA/L
Macey Doe COTA
Valerie Doebler COTA-L
Linda Dogoda OTA
Mrs. Cynthia Doherty COTA
Elizabeth Doherty
Erin Doherty
Mrs. Vicky Dokken COTA L
Angela Dolan COTA/L
Denise Dolan
Elizabeth Dolan
Ms. Stephanie Dolan COTA/L
Victoria Dolan COTA
Ms. Hazel Doland COTA
Ms. Sharon Dolatowski COTA/L
Mariah Dolbow COTA/L
Mrs. Sandra Dolcine COTA
Judith Dolinar OTA
Mrs. Kari Dollevoet COTA
Margaret Dolphin COTAL
Kathie Domenico
Theresa Domhan-Adams
Mr. Andre Domingos
Samantha Domingues COTA/L
Kristen Dominguez L/COTA
Leonore Dominguez COTA
Erin Dominick
Dina Dominquez
Mrs. Katarzyna Domitrz COTA
Nicole Donaberger CDTA
Mrs. Kimberly Donadio COTA/L
Jane Donaghy
Mrs. Kelly Donaghy COTA/L
Ms. Susan Donahoe COTA/L
Heather Donahue
Kimberly Donahue
Melissa Donahue COTA
Allison Donald
Linette Donald
Mrs. Tramecier Donald COTA/L
Miss Kelly Donaldson OTA
Mrs. Nicole Donaldson
Randrea Donaldson OTA
Mrs. Kimberly Donaldson Brincko OTAL
Ms. Christina Donataccio COTA/L
Kendra Donato
Mrs. Maria Donato
Patricia Donato COTA
Ms. Paulette Donato
Heidi Donley
Ms. Barbara Donlin COTA
Lynnola Donnel
Darla Donnell COTA/L
Colleen Donnelly
Susan Donnelly COTA/L
Laura Donofry COTA/L
Mrs. Karla Donohue COTA
Amy Donovan
Ellen Donovan COTA
Mrs. Karen Donovan COTA
Nicole Donovan
Teresa Donovan COTA
Kira Donsky COTA
Alissa Doolan
Kari Doolittle
Mrs. Megan Doran
Sarah Doran OT/L
Marie Dorce
Carol Dordea COTA
Allison Dore COTA/L
Judith Dore
Ms. Jennifer Doren COTA
Ms. Melissa Dorfman COTA L
Mrs. Sandra Doris COTAL
Mrs. Meghan Dorman
Carie Dorn COTA/L
Cathy Dorn COTA/L
Olena Doroshenko
Michelle Dorris COTA/L
Susan Dorsett
Mrs. Amy Dorsey COTA
Mrs. Hollie Dorsey COTA/L
Marshall Dorsey COTA
Stacey Dorsey
Mrs. Stephanie Dortch COTA/L
Raquel Dos Santos OTA/L
Mary Doss COTA
Mr. Terry Doss COTA/L
Wendi Doszak COTA
Anne-Cary Dotson COTA/L
Cathy Dotson
John Dotson
Becky Dotterer
Rebecca Doty COTA
Ms. Stacy Doty COTA/L
Kim Doucette
Ms. Kristin Doucette OTA
Lynette Dougan-Ray
Edward Dougherty COTA
Melissa Dougherty
Mrs. Melissa Dougherty COTA/L
Mr. Michael Dougherty
Kathleen Doughty COTA
Natahsa Doughty COTA
Christa Douglas
Lauran Douglas COTA/L
Mrs. Lori Douglas COTA
Mr. Martin Douglas OT
Miles Douglas COTA
Roger Douglas COTA
Anne Doup COTA
Mrs. Rebecca Dourn COTA
David Dovalina COTA
April Dove
Linda Dowd
Rose Dowd
Mrs. Gail Dowda COTA
Miss Faith Dowell
Mr. Andrzej Dowgiert COTA
Mrs. Mary Dowling COTA/L
William Dowling COTA
Mary Downey
Mrs. Margaret Downing COTA/L
Miss Kelly Downs COTA/L
Mrs. Winter Downs COTA
Kathleen Doyle COTA
Mr. Jason Dozark COTA
Mrs. Jillann Dragoone COTA
Amy Dragos COTA/L
Ms. Kayla Drake COTA/L
Mrs. Michelle Drake OTA/L
Mrs. Susan Dramm COTA
Karla Draves COTA
Mary Dray
Jessica Drayer COTA/L
Erica Drayton
Joseph Drayton JR. COTA
Katrina Dredge OTA
Hayley Drennan COTA/L
Mrs. Brittny Drennen COTA/L
Shawn Drennen COTA/L
Shy Dreps COTA
Ms. Elana Dresen COTA
Ms. Jodi Dresmich COTA/L
Lesley Dressen COTA/L
Ashley Dresslar COTA
Mary Dressler COTA/L
Mrs. Barbara Drew COTA
Evelyn Drew
Ms. Mary Drew COTA/L
Mrs. Marsha Dreyer COTA
Colline Dreyfuss COTA
Mrs. Karen Driessen COTA/L
Ms. Melissa Driggers COTA/L
Rosilene Driggs
Miss Diane Driscoll COTA
Kimberly Droen COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Drown COTAL
Melissa Droz-Leandry
Ms. Rose Marie Drummond OTA
Mr. Jon Dryden COTA
Lauren Dryden
Mrs. Nancy Dryden COTA/L
Stephanie Dryden
Keping Duan COTAL
Mrs. Leeann Duart COTA/L
Damaris Duarte COTA/L
Sandra Duarte OTR/L
Mr. Todd Dubas COTA/L
Theresa Dubauskas COTA
Miss Dana Dubensky COTA
Mildred Dubic
Charlene Dublin
Meghan Dubois
Ms. Amanda Ducato
Meghan Ducharme
Jordan Duchi COTA
Kacy Ducote
Jennifer Dudek
Mrs. Marcie Dudek COTA
Renata Dudek COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Dudzinske COTA
Cara Dues COTA/L
Jennifer Duff OTA
Kelly Duff COTA/L
Aaron Duffee
Mrs. Anna Duffy COTA/L
Mrs. Beth Duffy COTA
Eva Duffy COTA
Monica Duffy COTA
Rose Marie Duffy COTA/L
Mr. Russell Duffy COTA
Christina Dufour COTA
Lacie Dufour-Hester COTA/L
Amanda Dufresne
Mark Dufresne COTA
Gina Dugan COTA
Katie Dugan COTA/L
Mrs. Patti Dugan COTA
Kimberly Dugas COTA
Riena Duggan COTA
Mrs. Angela Dugosh COTA
Tanesha Duhart
Kimberly Duhon
Mrs. Marisa Duiven COTA
Tamara Dujardin COTA
Susan Dukart COTA
Amanda Duke
Crystal Duke COTA/L
Ms. Sharon Duke COTA
Brian Dukes
Ms. Donna Dukes COTA
Maria Dukus
Nanette Dula COTA/L
Mrs. Lynn Duley COTA
Tania Dulovich
Eileen Duly
Miss Karin Dumas COTA/L
Brittany Dunahay COTA/L, LMT
Amanda Dunaway COTA/L
Laura Dunaway
April Dunbar
Chuck Duncan COTA
Kristine Duncan
Melissa Duncan COTA
Jodi Dunckel
Kristi Dunfee COTAL
Darlene Dunham
Danielle Dunkin
Jennifer Dunkle COTA
Michael Dunkle
Beth Dunn COTA
Genevieve Dunn
Nora Dunn
Pamela Dunn
Teresa Dunn COTA/L
Kristen Dunne COTA/L
Jodie Dunnihoo COTA
Andrew Dunning
Annmarie Dunning
Mrs. Casey Dunning COTA/L
Karla Dunphy
Kathie Dunphy COTA,L
Jennifer Dunson COTA
Mrs. Latoya Dunson
Mr. Daniel Dunton COTA/L
Mrs. Marybeth Dunwoody COTA/L
Mrs. Renee Dupaul COTA/L
Jennifer Dupee OTA
John Dupont COTA
Mrs. Kimberly Dupre COTA/L
Shakia Dupree COTA
Mrs. Rebecca Dupuis COTA/L
Lisa Duquenoy COTA/L
Claudia Duran
Diana Duran COTA
Gloria Duran
Jennifer Duran COTA/L
Mrs. Myrna Duran COTA
Molly Durand
Shakeyla Durant
Brittney Durbing COTA
Deborah Durden COTA
Vicki Durecki COTA
Casey Durham COTA/L
Letitia Durham COTA/L
Nora Durham COTA/L
Mrs. Regina Durham COTA/L
Ms. Susan Durham COTA
Ms. Denise Durkee OTA
Melissa Durkin COTA
Mrs. Patricia Durlak COTA
Alysia Durow COTA
Ms. Sharon Durr COTA
Mrs. Deborah Durrin COTA
Tara Duryea COTA
Jayne Dusek COTA/L
Ashley Dustin
Greg Dutchover COTA/L
Jennifer Dutiel COTA
Lisa Dutko
Ms. Gael Dutrow COTA/L
Karli Dutsch
Alyson Dutton OTR/L, CHT
Mrs. Summer Dutton COTA/L
Brittany Duty
Jean-Michel Duval
Adam Duvall COTA
Alma Duvall
Michelle Dvorak
Kim Dworzanowski COTA
Eric Dybala
Erica Dybel
Leslie Dye OTA
Ms. Lisa Dye COTA/L
Margaret Dye PTA
Stephanie Dye COTA/L
Tiffany Dye COTA/L
Carole Dyer COTA/L
Courtney Dyer
Mrs. Kimberly Dyer COTA/L
Linka Dyer-Farrell
Mrs. Kristen Dyke COTA/L
Ms. Bryanna Dykes COTA/L
Jami Dykes
Mr. Stacey Dykes OTA
Mrs. Andria Dylik COTA
Amanda Dyne COTA
Vanessa Dyoco COTA
Mrs. Janett Dysinger OTA
Amy Dziadik
Mr. Kenneth Dzialak COTA
Mrs. Brenda Dziedziak COTA
Barbara Dziedzic COTA
Gelania Eaddy COTA
Ms. Mary Eadler COTA
Stuart Eagleburger
Candice Eagon COTA
Mark Eames COTA
Carol Earl COTA
Stacy Earl COTA/L
Tyler Earl COTA/L
Ms. Mary Earley COTA
Candy Early COTA/L
Mary Early COTAL
Skeeter Early COTA/L
Andrea Earnest
Patricia Earp
Mrs. Margo East COTA/L
Kimberly Eastburn
Cassi Easter COTA
Ms. Teri Easterday COTA
Mrs. Kylie Eastman COTA
Sally Easton
Sara Easton
Mrs. Kendra Eastwood
Mrs. Sarah Eastwood COTA/L
Cheryl Eaton COTA/L
Ms. Christine Eaton COTA DTA
Inger Eaton
Mr. James Eaton COTA/L
Melvin Eaton
Herman Eaves COTA
Miss Kayla Ebbert
Ms. Nadezhda Eber
Angela Eberhardt COTA
Anthony Eberly COTAL
Alexandra Ebert COTA/L
Marilyn Eble OTA006708
Leann Eccard-Crutchley COTA/L
Sherri Eccles
David Echevarria COTA/L
Ernesto Echevarria COTA/L
Monica Echevarry
Vanessa Echeverry COTA/L
Mrs. Jill Echtenkamp
Jennifer Eck COTA/L
Ms. Diane Eckard COTA
Cynthia Eckenrode COTA
Gina Eckert COTA/L
Michelle Eckert
Mrs. Nadja Eckert COTA
Laurie Eckerty COTA/L
Jacqueline Eckes COTA
Melissa Eckhoff
Bobbi Eckman OT
Karen Eckman
Ms. Joan Eckrich COTA
Kathy Eckroy COTA/L
Ms. Kelly Ecsedy
Mrs. Latoya Ecuyer COTA/L
Jill Eddings COTA/L
Ms. Jasmine Eddins COTAL
Brandon Eddy COTA/L
Brook Eddy COTA/L
Lori Eddy
Mrs. Melissa Eddy COTA/L
Vanessa Eddy
Miss Kimber Edelman COTA/L
Toni Edenfield COTA
Mrs. Ashley Eder
Eddy Eder COTA
Donna Edgarton COTA
Wkl Edgerly COTA/L
Brittney Edgerton COTA/L
Jamie Edgin
Miranda Edingfield COTA/L
Rishana Edison
Mr. Derek Edlin COTA
Ms. Linda Edmiston OTA
April Edmonds COTA
Dawn Edmonds
Mrs. Marianna Edmonston COTA/L
Ms. Marian Edmund COTA/L
Ms. Aisha Edwards
Angela Edwards COTA
Anna Edwards
Chelsea Edwards
Christopher Edwards COTA/L
Ms. Cieayrha Edwards COTA
Daniel Edwards JR.
Mrs. Ellen Edwards COTA
Gene Edwards
Helen Edwards
Mr. James Edwards COTA
Lindsey Edwards
Mrs. Lisa Edwards
Ms. Mary Edwards COTA
Mrs. Megan Edwards COTA/L
Phyllis Edwards COTA
Mrs. Sherri Edwards
Tiffany Edwards COTA/L
Emma Efantis COTA
Mr. Paul Effinger
Ekei Effiom COTA
Christy Egan COTA
Kaitlin Egan
Mark Egan COTA/L
Robin Egan
Sharon Egbert COTA
Kayla Eggen COTA
Amy Eggers
Vanessa Eggleston COTA/L
Krista Eglian COTA/L
Adam Ehinger OTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Ehlin MED , COTA
Mrs. Patricia Ehlinger COTA
Kelly Ehmer COTA/L
Kristi Ehnot
Cindy Ehr COTA
Ms. Kari Eicens COTA
Madelyn Eichenlaub COTA/L
Mr. Cynthia Eicher COTA/L
Mrs. Kara Eicher COTA/L
Lindsay Eicher
Mr. Aaron Eichhorn COTA
Gwen Eichin
Tammie Eichinger
Laura Eickholt COTA/L
Patricia Eickholt
Nina Eiland
Rebecca Eimban COTA
Miss Dawn Einfeldt OTA6429
Rochel Eisemann COTA
Ms. Jill Eissa
Mrs. Denise Eister
Heather Eklund OTA
Heidi Eklund COTA/L
Tina Eklund COTA
Miss Lori Ekstein OTA
Mr. John Ekundayo OTA
An'drea El-Amin COTA
Emil El-Ayazra
Kathleen El-Khoury COTA/L
Jennifer Elam
Joseph Elam COTA
Mrs. Michele Elardo OT
Mr. Flynn Elario COTA
Linda Elchert
Ms. Amy Elder COTA
Ms. Megan Elder COTA/L
Michael Elder SR. COTA
Ms. Colleen Eldredge COTA
Alisha Eldridge
Mrs. Allyn Eldridge COTA/L
Mr. Joshua Eldridge COTA
Ms. Jeannine Eldringhoff COTA/L
Tracy Elfand COTA
Jaouad Elhamrini COTA
Ms. Laurice Elia COTA/L
Margalie Elianor
Mrs. Marybeth Elias
Beth Eliszewski
Sandra Elizama COTA
Nancy Elizondo
Ashley Elkin LCOTA
Virginia Elkins COTA
Mary Elks
Kristi Ellefsen COTA
Lynn Ellefsen COTA
Cristin Eller COTA
Renee Ellerbe
Jillian Ellerbeck
Jenna Ellerbrock COTA/L
Meghan Ellinghausen
Mrs. Dawn Ellington COTA/L
Ann Elliott COTA/L
Annette Elliott OTA
Mr. Cody Elliott COTA L
Mrs. Jennifer Elliott COTA
Sarah Elliott COTA
Mr. Val Elliott COTA/L
Aileen Ellis COTA/L
Anita Ellis COTA/L
Ashley Ellis COTA
Mr. Daniel Ellis COTA/L
Jessi Ellis COTA/L
Kelly Ellis
Laura Ellis
Mrs. Lavon Ellis I COTA
Mrs. Linda Ellis COTA/L
Michelle Ellis COTA/L
Mrs. Rebecca Ellis COTA
Suzanne Ellis
Tanace Ellis
Tanya Ellis
Julie Ellison COTA
Katherine Elliston COTA/L
Rona Ellman COTA/L
Richard Ellsworth COTA/L
Rose Elmond COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Elmore COTA
Mary Elmore COTA/L
Miss Barbara Elrod OTA/L
Kathi Elser COTA
Victoria Elsessere COTA
Christine Elwell COTA/L
Mrs. Nasym Emami
Miss Alison Emeigh COTA
Mrs. Mandi Emerick COTA/L
Ms. Carolyn Emerson COTA
Mrs. Deithria Emerson COTA/L
Kristi Emerson OTA/L
Susan Emerson COTA/L
Karen Emert OTA/L
Ms. Cheryl Emery COTA
Gail Emery COTA
Kristin Emley COTA
Angela Emm COTA
Janet Emmett COTA
Ashley Emmons COTA/L
Penny Emmons COTA-L
Kathleen Emory OTA/L
Cheryl Endress
Sandra Engbroten COTA
Melissa Engel COTA/L
Mrs. Denise Engelby COTA
Kelli Engelby COTA/L
Veronica Engeldinger
Alexandria Engele
Amanda Engelke
Kate Engels
Ms. Lisa England COTA/L
Mrs. Loretta England COTA
Corie Engleka
Cara English
Sonya Enochs COTA
Ms. Joanne Enriquez COTA
Lillian Enriquez
Janine Ensley COTA/L
Joshua Entenman COTA
Ruth Entremont
Mrs. Margaret Enzor OTA/L
Ms. Aubri-Rose Epps OTA
Nadezhda Epshteyn COTA
Mrs. Dawn Epstein COTA/L
Julie Erassarret OTA
Ms. Stephanie Erb
Tiffany Ergle
Mr. Harrison Erhunmwunse COTA
Cassidy Ericksen
Jana Erickson COTA
Jennifer Erickson
Ms. Joanne Erickson COTA
Julie Erickson
Miss Kristen Erickson
Dee Ericksonmoen
Mr. Todd Ericson COTA/L
Susan Eriksen
Mrs. Karen Erlacher COTA
Ivette Erle
Joseph Erler COTA
Andrea Erney COTA/L
Miss Cara Errair COTA
Lacey Erranton
Kelle Errebo
Judi Errico
Kathleen Erskine
Kiewanna Erskine
Mrs. Bonnie Ervin
Rachael Ervin COTA/L
Mrs. Sara Ervin COTA
Alexa Erwin COTA
Debra Erwin
Ms. Teresa Erwin COTA/L
Diondra Esberner COTA
Lisa Escalera OTA
Ivette Escarcega COTA
Jennifer Escobales COTA
Emilio Escobar JR. COTA
Suzanne Escobar COTA/L
Jennifer Escobedo COTA/L
Maritza Escobedo
Cheryl Esfahan
Miss Annette Eshelman COTA
Jamie Eshom COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Espaillat COTA/L
Rebecca Esper
Ms. Noeme Espero COTA
Vanessa Espinel
Mr. Gerardo Espino SR. COTA/L
Lora Espino COTA
Mrs. Shina Espino OTA
Katie Espino-Kennedy COTA/L
Aneta Espinosa
Mrs. Katherine Espinosa COTA/L
Liliana Espinosa
Mrs. Daisy Espinoza COTA
Doris Espinoza
Fredy Espinoza COTA
Perla Espinoza
Ms. Maria Espiridion COTA/L
Mr. Christopher Esposito SR. COTAL
Ms. Phyllis Esposito COTA/L
Aimee Espy COTA/L
Mary Esquivel
Sandra Esquivel
Teresa Esquivel-Parkinson COTA/L
Charles Esquivel09
Nancy Esses COTA
Julie Esswein COTA
Darrin Estep
Miss Brittany Ester OTR
Mr. Gary Esters COTA/L
Geralda Estes OTA
Ms. Jaleh Estes COTA/L
Ms. Sarah Estes COTA/L
Mrs. Stephanie Estes COTA
Josephine Esteves COTA
Karina Estevez Sanchez COTA
Mrs. Melissa Estor COTA
Amber Estrada
Ms. Veronica Estrada COTA
Jennifer Estrella OTA
Miguel Estrella
Sasha Estrella
Thomas Estrella COTA, LVN
Angelia Etheredge
Kimberly Etheredge COTA/L
Patricia Etheridge
Krista Etzweiler COTA/L
Jacqueline Eubank COTA/L
Ms. Kathryn Eudy COTA
Ms. Kathleen Eustace
Justin Eutsler COTA
Libbiana Eutsler
Livia Evangelista
Mr. Charles Evans JR. COTA/L
Cindy Evans COTAL
Cynthia Evans
Mrs. Darla Evans COTA
Donna Evans COTA
Dorros Evans COTA/L
Jaylinn Evans
Jessica Evans COTA/L
Jessica Evans
Ms. Juan Evans COTA-L
Kathleen (Kasey) Evans COTA
Kimberly Evans COTA/L
Leah Evans
Mary Evans COTA/L
Megan Evans
Megan Evans
Melanie Evans
Sara Evans COTA/L
Sara Evans COTAL
Sharond Evans COTA
Tabatha Evans COTA/L
Mrs. Tabitha Evans PTA/OTA
Ted Evans
Theresa Evans
Theresa Evans COTA
Theron Evans
Valerie Evans COTA/L
Victoria Evans OTR L
Robin Evearitt
Tamara Even COTA
Ms. Sally Evenden COTA
Jane Evenson
Amy Evenstad OTR
Kenya Everett COTA
Robert Everett
Mrs. Keely Everhart COTA
Ashley Evering
William Everitt OTA
Miss Kirstie Everman
Ms. Elizabeth Everts OTA
Donald Every OTA
Donna Evrage
Mrs. Sherine Ewers-Boyd
Stephanie Ewert
Ms. Michelle Ewing COTA
Sarah Ewing COTA/L
Mrs. Guerlande Exalien COTA
Catheline Exum
Toni Eyer OTA
Stacy Eyler COTA
Mr. Anthony Ezell COTAL
Dawn Ezelle COTA
Cecilia Ezro
Michele Fabian
Mrs. Terese Fabian COTA
Ms. Yannesi Fabian COTA/L
Mrs. Rebecca Fabianich COTA/L
Abigail Fach COTA/L
Melissa Fackler
Jeanine Fafata
Kimberly Fagan COTA
Skye Fahnlander COTA/L
Mr. William Fahy III COTA/L
Ruth Faierstein COTA/L
Anthony Fain OTA
Stephanie Fain-Jones COTA/L
Miss Chantal Fair COTAL
Jessica Fair
Jessica Fairbanks COTA/L
Theresa Fairbanks COTA/L
Allyson Fairchild OTA
Kimberly Fairchild COTA
Candice Fairley
Victoria Fairley-Green COTAL
Ariel Faison
Lori Faitel
Lila Fajardo COTA
Pedro Fajardo
Mrs. Kara Fake COTA L
Mrs. Wendy Falaney COTA/L
Mrs. Maricella Falcon-Marchiori OTA
Kathleen Falk COTA
Amy Falkenstein
Mr. Lezeric Fallen OTA
Mrs. Vickie Fallis COTA
Ms. Mary Fallon COTA
Mary Falls COTA/L
Mrs. Monique Falohun COTA
Lauren Faluotico OTA
Mrs. Deanna Falzone OTA
Chiao-Ju Fang
Elizabeth Fanta
Patricia Fantauzzo OTA
Ms. Bobi Faour COTA
Joseph Farace
Cynthia Faraji-Tajrishi COTA
Mrs. Laura Farber COTA
Nancy Faria
Ms. Terry Farina COTA
Sharon Farinacci
Alicia Farinas
Amanda Farish
Shira Farkas
Christina Farley COTA
Bradford Farlow
Amy Farmer COTA
Chad Farmer
Lacey Farmer
Mrs. Michelle Farmer COTAL
Robert Farmer COTA/L
Stephanie Farmer COTA
Trisha Farmer
Ms. Mary Farner-Oren COTA
Molly Farnham
Amanda Farrell
Andrea Farrell COTA/L
Jeanette Farrenkopf COTA
Miss Amanda Farris COTA/L
Virginia Farris COTA/L
Tonia Farrish COTA
Jennifer Farrow COTA
Katie Farrow
Laura Farruggia COTA
Lakendra Farwell COTA/L
Tara Fasanello COTA/L
Mrs. Dawn Fasano-Hicks COTA
Wendy Fassbender OTA
Hollie Fassnacht COTA
Miss Kathryn Fasulo COTA
Mrs. Aimee Faulkner OTA
Mrs. Connie Faulkner COTA/L
Ms. Jessica Faulkner
Miss Jillian Faulkner COTA/L
Jennifer Faust COTA
Debora Fava COTA
Mrs. Renee Fawley COTA
Miss Laura Fay COTA
Patricia Fay
Taryn Fay COTA/L
Miss Erin Fazzio OTA
Rushell Fearon
Nichole Feaster
Marla Feazell
Nichole Federman COTA
Phil Federspiel COTA/L
Ms. Ashley Fee COTA/L
Lauren Feeney
Mrs. Amelia Feerick COTA
Vanessa Fehr
Robin Fehrenbacher COTA/L
Jennifer Fejes COTA
Amanda Felber
Janine Felchlin
Callie Feldman
Mrs. Carol Feldman
Mrs. Rene Felice COTA
Mrs. Karen Felicetta COTA
Alina Feliciano
Ms. Hannah Feliciano COTA
Mrs. Elaine Felix OTA
Mrs. Stephanie Felix
Melissa Fellenbaum OTR/L, OTA/L
Amber Fellows
Joshua Felten
Cynthia Felton
Tracy Felton
Lisa Feltz COTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Femino OTR
Miss India Fenderson OTA/L
Mrs. Rebecca Fenlason COTA/L
Ms. Lalana Fennell
Ms. Megan Fennell COTA
Ms. Patricia Fenner COTA
Ashley Fennig
Christine Fensley
Brian Ferdani
Terry Ferdinand
Amy Ferguson COTA
Cory Ferguson COTA
Jessica Ferguson COTA/L
Lynn Ferguson
Ms. Martha Ferguson OTA/L
Melanie Ferguson COTA
Sandra Ferguson
Wanda Ferguson COTA/L
Kim Ferment
Mrs. Julie Fernandes COTA
Ligia Fernandes COTA/L
Alyssa Fernandez CODA
Mr. Gregory Fernandez COTA
Jasmine Fernandez
Mr. Kenneth Fernandez
Miss Maday Fernandez OTA
Marley Fernandez COTA/L
Mayra Fernandez ATO
Mindy Fernandez
Mrs. Olga Fernandez COTA
Sabrina Fernandez COTA/L
Martin Feroli COTA
Ms. Jean Ferra COTA
Mrs. Lori Ferrainolo COTAL
Gina Ferrantino
Michelle Ferrantino
Mrs. Brandie Ferraro OTA/L
Miss Rene Ferraton COTA/L
Edmundo Ferreira
Helena Ferreira COTA
Ingrid Ferreira OTA
Kelly Ferreira COTA/L
Laryssa Ferreira Booth
Jillian Ferrell COTA/L
Mr. John Ferrell COTA/L
Katrina Ferrell
Timmori Ferrell COTA
Yvette Ferrell COTA
Ms. Sylvia Ferrer COTA
Gina Ferri
Louis Ferrier
Marlo Ferris
Miss Savannah Ferry COTA
Ms. Tracy Ferry
Mrs. Marni Ferster COTA/L
Ms. Abeba Fesseha COTA
Cindy Fessenden
Mrs. Kristi Fessenden
Mrs. Nicole Fett COTA/L
Wendy Fetter
Mr. Robert Fetterman
Mrs. Terri Fetters COTA/L
Mrs. Kristy Fetty COTA
Larissa Feucht COTA/L
Miss Ami Feulner COTA/L
Mr. Louis Fewox COTA/L
Jessica Fey COTA/L
Mrs. Heather Fiacco COTA
Justine Fichera
Mrs. Jennie Fickler COTA/L
Dayna Fiedler
Mrs. Judith Field COTA/L
Sheena Field COTA
Bethany Fielder COTA
Mrs. Kathy Fielder COTA
Allison Fields COTA
Martina Fields OTA
Nancy Fields COTA/L
Mrs. Terri Fields COTA
Vivian Fields COTA
Rick Fienhage COTA
Joy Fife COTA/L
Amber Figg COTA
Mrs. Kristina Figgins COTA/L
Miss Melissa Fightmaster COTA
Melissa Figueiredo-Diaz COTA
Jessica Figueroa ATO
Paul Figueroa
Stephanie Figueroa COTA/L
Mrs. Lorin Fila COTA
Holly Filip
Miss Elizabeth Fillman COTA/L
Sarah Fillmore
Mrs. Kelly Filo COTA/L
Mrs. Heather Filson COTA/L
Jessica Finch OTA
Ronna Finch COTA
Jeranda Findley
Miss Beth Fink COTA/L
Kari Fink
Ms. Chelsea Finkbeiner COTA/L
Suzana Finkbeiner
Haydee Finkelstein COTA
Ms. Mindy Finkey OTA
Awilda Finkle COTA
Ms. Beth Finks COTA/L
Laurel Finlayson
Mrs. Darcy Finley
Mrs. Jennifer Finley COTA
Mrs. Leslie Finley
Pat Finley
Danielle Finn COTAL
Kimberly Finnegan COTA/L
Nicole Finney
Mrs. Tara Finney COTA/L
Mr. Justin Finotti COTA/L
Ms. Mary Finstein COTA
Amy Fintel COTA
Melissa Fiore OTA/L
Gloria Fiorini COTA
Diane Fiorino COTA/L
Aleshia Fischer COTA/L
Ms. Beverly Fischer COTA
Douglas Fischer COTA
Henry Fischer
Jamie Fischer COTA
Miss Kayla Fischer COTA/L
Sarah Fischer COTA
Ms. Melissa Fischl COTA
Pamela Fishel COTA
Ann Fisher COTA
Bruce Fisher COTA
Edna Fisher OTA
Ms. Jeannette Fisher
Mrs. Jennifer Fisher COTA/L
Loren Fisher
Maria Fisher OT
Natalie Fisher
Mrs. Renee Fisher COTA
Shasta Fisher COTA/L
Sheri Fisher COTA/L
Mr. Todd Fisher COTA
Mary Fisk OTA
Andrea Fiske COTA
Brittany Fissler
Mrs. Jayme Fite COTA/L
Wenzel Fitts COTA
Mrs. Vivian Fitz-James COTA
Mary Fitzgerald COTA/L
Sindy Fitzgerald COTA/L
Stephanie Fitzgerald COTA
Theresa Fitzgerald COTA/L
Angela Fitzhugh
Bessie Fitzmaurice
Ms. Beth Fitzpatrick COTA
Chiffon Fitzpatrick
Susan Fitzpatrick COTA
Teri Fitzpatrick COTA/L
Brooklyn Fitzsimmons
Megan Fitzwater COTA/L
Beverly Fitzwilliam COTA/L
Miss Tasha Fladland
Angela Flaherty
Mrs. Elizabeth Flaherty COTA/L
Mr. Kevin Flaherty COTA
Mrs. Nancy Flaherty COTA
Miss Shelby Flamion
Tiffany Flammang COTA
Amie Flanagan
Karen Flanagan COTA
Koral Flanagan
Patricia Flanagan
Mrs. Shelly Flanigan COTA/L
Brooke Flannell
Mrs. Alyssa Flasrud COTA
Robin Flate-Strubbe
Aimee Flatten OTA
Amber Flavin COTA
Mrs. Eileen Flax COTA/L
Mrs. Jill Fleace COTA
Ginger Fleetwood
Amy Fleming COTA/L
Ms. Brittni Fleming OTA
John Fleming
Martha Fleming
Pamela Fleming COTA/L
Ms. Shannon Fleming COTA/L
Shannon Fleming
Tammy Fleming COTA/L
Ms. Tina Fleming COTA
Ms. Denise Flemming I COTA
Rebecca Flemming COTAL
Amanda Flemmons COTA/L
Monica Flesch COTA
Jeanne Fletcher COTA
Lisa Fletcher
Mrs. Mary Fletcher COTA
Mrs. Michelle Fletcher COTA
Ruth Fletcher
Sherry Fletcher COTA
Beth Fleury
Sharon Flickinger COTA/L
Elizabeth Flint COTA/L
Wendy Flint COTA
Ms. Wendy Flint COTA
Mrs. Amy Flo COTA
Mrs. Elizabeth Flor-Sanchez COTA
Samantha Flora COTA/L
Miss Mildred Floran COTA
John Florer JR. OTR
Adam Flores LOTA
Elsa Flores
Herendida Flores COTA
Humberto Flores COTA
Jackie Flores COTA/L
Jennifer Flores COTA
Karla Flores
Linda Flores COTA
Mrs. Magaly Flores COTA
Mary Flores
Mrs. Nydia Flores COTA
Mr. Brett Floridia
Elizabeth Florin COTA
Joanna Florkiewicz
Jacalyn Florman
Ms. Jenna Floryance COTA
Jessica Flournoy COTA/L
Mrs. Betsy Flowers COTA/L
Rebecca Flowers COTA/L
Shanna Flowers
Amy Floyd COTA
Mrs. Christina Floyd COTA/L
Ms. Debi Floyd COTA
Mrs. Doris Floyd COTA
Kevin Floyd COTA/L
Ms. Kortnie Floyd OTA
Robin Floyd
Ms. Theresa Floyd COTA
Odwyer Fluker Mercadel
Ms. Christine Flynn COTA/L
Eileen Flynn COTA
Mrs. Elaine Flynn COTA/L
Miss Heather Flynn COTA/L
Ms. Marie-Claude Flynn COTA
Robin Flynn COTA/L
Mrs. Colleen Foeller COTA/L
Ms. Stacy Foersterling COTA/L
Donna Fogarty
Paula Foggo COTA
Mrs. Cristen Fogle COTA/L
Shanya Fogle
Jodie Folds COTA/L
Garry Foley COTA/L
Stacey Foley
Miss Amy Folkerts COTA/L
Amy Folkestad COTA/L
Mrs. Karen Follweiler COTA/L
Stephanie Folmar LMT
Sarah Folsom CCC-SLP
Jillian Foltz
Inalvys Fonseca
Lequitta Fontenot
Mr. Ramon Fontonez COTA
Vung Foo X
Ms. Debby Foor COTA/L
Jacqueline Foote COTA
Maegen Foote COTA/L
Amy Foracappa
Heidi Forbes COTA/L
Misty Forbes COTA
Robert Forbes OTA
Winsome Forbes COTA
Ms. Yvette Forbes COTA/L
Patricia Forbes Nelson OTA
Sylvia Forcier
Cameron Ford COTA/L
Cassandra Ford
David Ford COTA
Joanna Ford
Mrs. Joyce Ford COTA/L, AP
Miss Karlette Ford COTA
Katie Ford
Sheron Ford
Mrs. Lindy Fordham COTA/L
Laura Fordyce COTA/L
Wendy Fore COTA
Steven Foreaker COTA
Anna Foreman COTA/L
Emily Foreman
Ms. Lois Foreman COTA/L
Mrs. Michelle Foreman COTA/L
Noelle Foreman COTA
Sandra Foreman COTA/L
Ms. Louisa Forese COTA
Ashley Foresman COTA/L
Angela Forest COTA/L
John Forester COTA
Ms. Nina Forgette COTA
Ms. Kristin Forman COTA
Kathleen Formando
Jessica Formul
Mrs. Nicole Forrence
Ms. Nancy Forrest COTA
Ashley Rae Forrestal COTA/L
Kelsey Forrestal COTA
Jacqulin Forrester
Gabrielle Forry
Alicia Forsberg COTA/L
Jennifer Forster COTA
Mrs. Renee Forster COTA/L
Tara Fortener
Anita Fortin
Valerie Fortkamp COTA/L
Elizabeth Fortner COTA/L
Fabienne Fortunat Francois COTA
Mirinisa Fortunato
Nicholas Fortunato
Jennifer Foskey OTA
Mrs. Lauren Foss COTA/L
Amy Foster COTA/L
Brenda Foster
Brenda Foster COTA/L
Cheryl Foster COTA
Ms. Jerri Foster COTA/L
Ms. Kathleen Foster COTA/L, ATP
Lauren Foster
Mrs. Loretta Foster COTA
Lori Foster
Margaret Foster
Megan Foster COTA/L
Robert Foster JR. COTA
Mr. William Foster JR. COTA
Gayle Fothergill COTA/L
Lindsay Fouhy
Shaina Foulks COTA
Linda Fountain OTA
Andrea Fourcade
Diane Fournier
Stacey Fournier
Mrs. Jennifer Foust COTA/L
Kay Foust COTA/L
Pamela Foust COTA/L
Mrs. Marci Foutch COTA
Mrs. Ann Fouts COTA
Leah Foutty
Andrea Fowler
Briana Fowler
David Fowler
Heidi Fowler COTA/L
Julie Fowler
Kristina Fowler COTA/L
Ms. Linda Fowler COTAL
Marcia Fowler COTA
Sarah Fowler
Connie Fowlkes COTA/L
Mrs. Amy Fox OTA L
Brandi Fox
Charla Fox OTA/L
Chris Fox COTA
Mrs. Crystal Fox COTA
Deborah Fox
Emily Fox COTA/L
Melinda Fox COTAL
Miss Pamela Fox
Patricia Fox COTA/L
Mrs. Ronda Fox COTA
Mrs. Valerie Fox COTA
Mrs. Brandy Foxworth OTA
Ms. Anita Foy COTA
Jennifer Frafjord COTA
Cindy Frailing COTA
Mollie Fraley COTA
Chari Fralix COTA/L
Linda Frame COTA
Ms. Sharnetta Frame COTA
Nikkie Frampton
Wendy Framsted
Mrs. Karen France
Shari Francesconi
Angela Francis
Dana Francis
Kimberly Francis COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Francis COTA
Tiffany Francis COTAL
Tina Francis OTA
Whitney Francis COTA
Mrs. Yvonne Francis
Ms. Teresa Francisco COTA
Mrs. Cristina Francisco Romero
Mr. Jeffrey Francki COTA
Mark Franczyk COTA
Carolyn Frank
Mrs. Ann Marie Frankfather COTA/L
Diana Frankl
April Franklin
Jazmine Franklin
Jennifer Franklin COTA
Karen Franklin COTA
Mrs. Corinne Franks COTA/L
Eva Franks OTA
Joan Franks COTA
Leeanna Franks COTA/L
Ms. Cynthia Franz COTA/L
Heidi Franz COTA/L
Amber Franzell
Sara Franzose COTA
Kayana Fraser
Mrs. Marlene Fraser COTA
Mrs. Pamela Fraser COTA
Mrs. Rosmond Fraser COTA
Jennifer Frasier COTA/L
Holly Frattaroli COTA/L
Gisselle Frattini COTA
Dana Fratus
Emily Frawley COTA/L
Mrs. Jeanine Fray COTA
Camille Frazer
Tammy Frazie
Mr. Andrew Frazier
Hattie Frazier COTA/L
Jennifer Frazier
Kewanna Frazier OTA
Owen Frazier SR. COTA/L
Denise Frederick MS
James Frederick COTA
Margaret Frederick
Kerri Fredette COTA
Mrs. Karen Fredhoff COTA
Mrs. Brittany Fredrick COTA/L
Jennifer Fredrick COTA-L
Christeen Fredricks OTR
Bridget Fredrickson COTA/L
Jennifer Freeborn COTA
Mr. Cynthia Freed COTA
Mrs. Dawn Freedlund COTA
Jon Freedman COTA/L
Cora Freelove COTA/L
Mrs. Christina Freeman COTA/L
Mr. Christopher Freeman
Cynthia Freeman COTA
Hannah Freeman COTA/L
Katy Freeman COTA/L
Robin Freeman
Mrs. Tania Freeman
Lora Frees COTA
Candice Freese
Carroll Freestone COTA
Ann Frehulfer
Mrs. Joleen Freiberg COTA
Rachel Freilich
Mrs. Amy Fremouw
Mrs. Christie French COTA/L
Dana French COTA
Kathleen French
Nalena French
Nicole French COTA
Mrs. Nina French COTA
Tiffany French
Cynthia Freson COTA
Lisa Fresquez
Ellen Fretz COTA
Mrs. Krista Fretz COTA/L
Melanie Fretz
Richard Freudeman COTA
Andrea Frey
Ms. Denae Frey
Katlyn Frey COTA
Tiffany Freymoyer
Claudia Frias
Amy Fricks COTA/L
Ms. Patricia Fried
Miss Marla Friedman COTAL
Mrs. Angela Frier COTA
Cathy Fries COTA
Mary Fries COTA/L
Ms. Elizabeth Friesen COTA/L
David Friga COTA/L
Ruby Friscia
Ms. Susan Frisenda
Crystal Friske COTA
Ms. Mary Fritsch
Miss Angela Fritz COTA/L
Mrs. Cassie Fritz COTA/L
Mr. Destry Fritz COTA
Mrs. Leann Frizzell COTA/L
Mr. Edward Frodge COTA/L
Ms. Heather Froehlich-Brittain COTA
Mrs. Nicole Froelke COTA
Kelley Froese
Belinda Frohock COTA/L
Kylie Fromme COTA
Mary Fronk
Jessica Frontus COTA
Janine Frost
Mr. Jerry Frost COTA
Keira Frost COTA
Tracy Frost OTA
Amanda Frueh COTA/L
Barbara Fry COTA/L
Mrs. Beth Fry COTA/C
Mrs. Courtney Fry COTA/L
Gina Fry
Mrs. Jillian Fry COTA
Rebecca Fry
Mrs. Sara Fry COTA
Erin Fryback
Holly Fryback
Brandi Frye
Krista Frye
Sharonda Frye
Tara Frymoyer
Chris Fuentes COTA/L
Ms. Lindsay Fuentes
Mrs. Marcy Fuentes COTA
Aimee Fugate COTA/L
Mrs. Martha Fugate
Mr. Victor Fujii COTA
Shanna Fulfer COTA
Linda Fulgham
Aaron Fuller COTA
Aubree Fuller
Mrs. Christy Fuller COTA
Erin Fuller
Mrs. Jamie Fuller COTA
Jill Fuller
Kenneth Fuller JR.
Maribel Fuller COTA
Marygrace Fuller
Kathy Fullerton COTA
Amber Fulton COTA/L
Kimberly Fulton COTA
Ashlee Fultz
Jessica Funk
Ms. Amy Fuqua COTA
Denise Furlong COTA
Suzanne Furlong
Mrs. Ashley Furman COTA
Debra Furman COTAL
Mrs. Annah Furr OTR/L
Ms. Janice Furr OTA/L
Ms. Rose Furst COTA
Anna Fusco
Ms. Mary Fusco COTA
William Fyke III OTA
Jessica Gabbard
Elizabeth Gabel COTA
Mrs. Beverly Gable COTA/L
Mrs. Sandra Gabor COTA
Mrs. Kristel Gabriel COTA
Mrs. Marie Gabriel
Mrs. Theresa Gacheny COTA
Mr. Charles Gadd COTAL
Katie Gaenzler COTA
Ms. Adriana Gaeta COTA/L
Lauren Gaffney
Ms. Christy Gagel OT
Christine Gagliardi COTA
Miss Christina Gagliardy COTA/L
Mrs. Marlayna Gagnon COTA
Molly Gagnon COTA
Diane Gahan COTA
Vonda Gaier
Cindy Gailey
Aaron Gaines COTA
Kimberly Gaipo COTA
Julie Gajic
Kulwant Gala COTA/L
Mrs. Lori Galante
Margaret Galaska COTA
Susan Galasso COTA
Miss Brenda Galaviz COTA
Mr. Jaime Galaviz JR. COTA
Kayla Gale
Margaret Gale COTA/L
Sabrina Gale
Mrs. Jean Galep COTA
Felicitas Galindo BA, COTA
Ms. Jenny Galindo I OTA
Mr. Matthew Galitz COTA/L
Mrs. Carolyn Gall
Ms. Amy Gallagher COTA
Connie Gallagher
Dawn Gallagher COTA
Mrs. Debra Gallagher COTA
Mrs. Laureen Gallagher
Marianne Gallagher COTA
Mary Gallagher
Maureen Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher COTA/L
Theodore Gallagher
Theresa Gallagher COTA/L
Colleen Gallagher Harmon
Miss Jean Gallant OTA
Edith Gallardo
Jenelle Gallardo
Patricia Gallardo
Beverly Gallatin COTA
Leslie Gallaugher COTA/L
Kristen Galle COTA/L
Noemi Gallego
Ms. Jenna Gallegos COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Galley COTA
Mrs. Donnamarie Gallo COTA/L
Lorraine Gallo
Jennifer Galloway COTA
Brenda Galloy
Maria Gallucci COTA
Ms. Jennifer Gallusser COTA
Robin Galon
Jessica Galvan COTA
Mr. Jose Galvan JR. COTA
Julio Galvan COTA
Renee Galvan COTA
Ms. Yadira Galvez COTA
Matthew Galvin COTA/L
Jacqueline Galya COTA/L
Mrs. Laura Gamache COTA
Mely Gamba-Rivera COTA/L
Diane Gambino
Ms. Jessica Gamble COTA
Andrea Gambrell COTA/L
Ms. Tonja Gambrell COTA
Mrs. Sandra Gamby-Carey OTA
Ms. Lorrie Gammons COTA
Phillip Gamroth COTA
Ms. Leeann Gan COTA/L
Joann Ganci COTA
Brandi Gander COTA/L
Mrs. Colette Gandolfo COTA
Lisa Ganley COTA
Jessica Gann COTA/L
Laura Gann COTA/L CPAM
Mrs. Annette Gannon COTA
Ms. Molly Ganow COTA/L
Ms. Laura Lee Ganske COTA
Debra Ganson COTA/L
Mrs. Janie Gant COTA/L
Jennifer Gant COTA
Michelle Gantner COTA
Patty Gapen COTA
Maryjane Garan
Ana Garate
Steven Garber COTA/L
Deborah Garceau OTA
Ms. Amanda Garcia COTA/L
Mr. Antonio Garcia ATO
Arianna Garcia COTA
Aubrey Garcia
Mrs. Berta Garcia COTA
Brittany Garcia
Ms. Cathy Garcia COTA L
Christine Garcia OTR/L
Claudia Garcia
Ms. Cortney Garcia
Miss Daisy Garcia COTA/L
Danielle Garcia
Ms. Dee Garcia OTA
Ms. Denise Garcia COTA
Diane Garcia COTA
Diego Garcia
Ms. Elizabeth Garcia COTA/L
Mr. Hector Garcia
Isabel Garcia
Javier Garcia OTA
Miss Jennifer Garcia COTA/L
Jennifer Garcia COTA
Jennifer Garcia COTA
Jessica Garcia
Kendra Garcia
Maria Garcia COTA
Martha Garcia COTA/L
Mayra Garcia
Mildred Garcia COTA
Mrs. Milka Garcia
Narcisa Garcia COTA
Rut Garcia
Sabrina Garcia COTA/L
Mrs. Sandra Garcia COTA
Savannah Garcia COTA
Simonette Garcia
Mrs. Sonia Garcia COTA
Ms. Vanessa Garcia COTA
Veronica Garcia
Victoria Garcia
Xonia Garcia COTA
Janis Garcia De Lara
Laura Garciarivas COTA
Autumn Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner OTA
Heather Gardner
John Gardner COTA
Kristie Gardner COTA/L
Mrs. Lorri Gardner COTA
Melissa Gardner COTA/L
Regina Gardner COTA/L
Teresa Gardner COTA
Terri Gardner COTA/L
Jennifer Garis
Regina Garland
Mrs. Amy Garman COTA
Terry Garnas COTA
Diane Garner COTA
Jody Garner COTA
Ms. Rebecca Garner
Mr. Joseph Garone III COTA/L
Dawn Garrard OTA/L
Crystel Garrett
Ms. Laura Garrett COTA/L
Naenya Garrett
Teresa Garrett COTA
Amanda Garrigan COTA
Carrie Garrington COTA
Amy Garris COTA/L
Ms. Amanda Garrison COTA
Courtney Garrison
Wendy Garrison COTA
Ms. Jennifer Garthe COTA/L
Mrs. Erin Garton COTA
Mary Garven
Mrs. Denise Garvey
Mr. Gregory Garvin COTA
Andrea Garza COTA
Betty Garza
Cassandra Garza
Javier Garza
Krimson Garza OTA
Laura Garza COTA
Deneicia Gasaway COTA
Virginia Gaschler
Amanda Gaskill
Donna Gaskill COTA/L
Mrs. Victoria Gaskin COTA/L
Laura Gaskins OTA
Ms. Mary Gaskins COTA/L
Miss Patricia Gaskins COTA
Ms. Merry Gasorek
Vito Gasparro OTA
Miss Amber Gasper
Mrs. Luana Gasper COTA
Deborah Gassaway
Kimberly Gatling COTA/L
Kassedy Gattis COTA/L
Danielle Gatton COTA
Jamie Gatz COTA
Marissa Gatza COTA
Joan Gauger OTA
Lanie Gauker
Kaitlin Gaul
Mrs. Dustann Gault COTA
Jenine Gauquie
Keshap Gautam
Sarah Gautier COTA
Stephanie Gautier
Miss Samantha Gauvin COTA/L
Danielle Gauwain COTA/L
James Gavel
Lasha Gavin
Julie Gavino COTA/L
Amber Gavins
Alicia Gavula COTA
Avery Gay COTA
Mrs. Jodell Gay AAS/COTA/L
Mrs. Nicola Gay COTA/L
Mrs. Brittany Gaylan COTA/L
Nicholas Gazda COTA/L
Nicole Gearhart COTA/L
Lauren Gearin COTA/L
Amanda Geary
Mrs. Sharon Geba COTA
Mr. Scott Geckle
Betsy Geddis
Ms. Christine Gee COTA
Katie Gee
Taylor Gee
Shannon Geenen COTA
Danielle Geer COTA
Ashley Geers
Ashley Geeslin
Amy Gehres
Mrs. Lynnette Geib COTA/L
Virginia Geidt
Ms. Amber Geiger COTA
Mr. Caleb Geiger COTA
Miss Elizabeth Geiger COTA/L
Mrs. Jonnie Geiger COTA
Ms. Teneshia Geiger-Davis COTA/L
Vicki Geis COTA
Mrs. Victoria Geisler COTA/L
Miss Jennifer Geitner COTA
Tricia Gelinas COTA
Laurie Gelwicks COTAL
Jolene Gembara
Sarah Gemmell I COTA/L
Patricia Gemuend
Mrs. Jaymie Genatossio
Barry Genaway COTA
Mrs. Judith Genco COTA/L
Rita Genkina OTA
Lisa Gensley
Anja Genth
Ms. Cheryl Gentile COTA
Ms. Lorraine Gentile COTA
Stacey Gentile COTA/L
Jennifer Gentry COTA/L
Mrs. Katelyn Gentry COTA/L
Miss Amie George COTA
Chasity George
Ms. Dorothy George
Mr. Joseph George OTA
Mrs. Kimberly George COTA
Lisa George OTA/L
Felicia Georgetti COTA/L
Ms. Kim Geraci COTA
Mrs. Elizabeth Gerard COTA
Sylvia Gerard COTA/L
Joanna Gerber
Misty Gerber
Brett Gerberman COTA
Frank Gerboc X
Mrs. Julie Gerdts COTA
Jaimi Geren COTA/L
Jessa Geren
Ellen Gerhard COTA/L
Paul Gerhardt COTA/L
Rosemarie Gerhardt OTA
Deborah Gerisilo COTA/L
Teri Gerling-Mills COTA
Alison Gerlitz
Carrie Germain
Ms. Debra Germain COTA
Wiswine Germain
Alexis German
Brianna German OTA
Todd German COTAL
Nancy Germani COTA
Diana Germann COTA
Ms. Christina Gernale COTA
Margaret Gerner COTA
Mary Gerringer
Raymond Gerrity COTA
Mrs. Tara Gerstenberger
Rivka Gerstenfeld
Sherrie Gerstung COTA
Stephanie Gerwolls
Mrs. Janna Gess COTA/L
Olivia Gessler COTA/L
Kyong Gessner
Tammy Getchell COTA
Theresa Getchius OTRL
Ruth Getter COTA
Diane Getz COTA/L
Alicia Getzfred
Danielle Geva COTA
Mrs. Carrie Geyer COTA/L
Tawdros Gezaw
Mrs. Sabina Ghasletwala
Jessica Ghetes COTA/L
Amanda Ghiloni COTA/L
Ms. Hema Ghutadaria
Ms. Carol Giammara COTA
Mrs. Robin Gianikas OTA
Christopher Giannetti
Michelle Giannola COTAL CBIS
Sarah Gibala COTA/L
Mrs. Angie Gibbens COJAIL
Ms. Luanne Gibboney COTA/L
Jake Gibbons OTA
Robyn Gibbons COTA
Theresa Gibbons
Jeffrey Gibbs
Mrs. Laura Gibbs COTA
Mrs. Brenda Gibbs Golder COTA
Ms. Danielle Gibellina COTA
Margaret Giblin COTA
Adana Gibson COTA
Bernella Gibson COTA
Mr. Bonnie Gibson COTA
Mrs. Cynthia Gibson COTAL
Cynthia Gibson COTA
Ms. Gwenette Gibson
Jasmine Gibson
Jennifer Gibson COTA/L
Ms. Keshia Gibson COTA/L
Mr. Lee Gibson COTA/L
Miranda Gibson OT
Teresa Gibson
Peter Gicheru
Susan Giczewski COTA
Ms. Sandra Giddens COTA
Miss Janet Giefer COTA
Mrs. Pamela Gielow COTA
Kelly Gierach
Patrycja Gieraltowski
Miss Heather Gierej COTA/L
Hayley Giesler OTA
Jennifer Gifford
Maria Gifford COTA/L
Valerie Gifford COTA
Ms. Lindsey Gigandet
Gavin Gigstad
Adriana Gil COTA
Lanae Gilberg
Amy Gilbert COTA
Ms. Jane Gilbert COTA/L
Kareen Gilbert
Mr. Robert Gilbert II COTA-L
Wanda Gilbert COTA
Mrs. Tammi Gilbert-Chaffin COTA/L
Elizabeth Gilbertson
Darius Gilchrist COTA/L
Miss Elisabeth Gildenzoph COTA
David Gildersleeve
Jan Giles OTA
Krystal Giles
Christa Gilford
Andrea Gilkey OTA
Mrs. Cassandra Gill COTA/L
Dianne Gill COTA
Heather Gillanders COTA
Mrs. Lindsy Gille COTA/L
Alyssa Gilleland COTA/L
Susan Gillen
Mr. William Gillen JR. COTA/L
Antoinette Gillespie
Bessie Gillespie COTA
Mr. Shane Gillespie COTA/L
Jamie Gillette COTA/L
Meagan Gilley
Mr. Chad Gillham
Jennifer Gilliam
Jocelyn Gilliam COTA
Tammy Gilliam COTA/L
Donovan Gillis COTA
Mr. Andy Gillum COTA
Gloria Gillyard
Ms. Carol Gilman COTA
Janelle Gilman
Mrs. Stacey Gilman COTA/L
Corinne Gilman Maerzke COTA
Erin Gilmore
Jason Gilmore
Joanne Gilmore
Takiyah Gilmore COTA/L
Jennifer Gilpin
Grace Gilreath COTA/L
Ms. Valerie Gilson COTA/L
Jerry Gilstrap
Nathan Gima COTA
Mrs. Johanna Gingras COTA L
Michael Ginnona
Miss Andrea Gintert COTA/L
Mrs. Ellen Ginty COTA/L
Mrs. Jessica Gintz COTA
Miss Kristen Gioletti
Mr. Joseph Giorgi COTA
Mrs. Susan Gipple
Ann Girard
Latchmi Girdhari
Deanna Girling
Nancy Girolamo COTA
Miss Jennifer Giroux OTA/L
Mrs. Kathleen Giroux COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Giroux-Hankewycz COTA/L
Stacey Girven COTA/L
Allison Gisewite COTA/L
Stacey Gishel
Melissa Gitter COTA/L
Miss Maryann Giunta COTA/L
Jean Giunto OTA/L
Jill Giurleo
Jessica Given COTA/L
Whitney Given I
Kimberly Givens OTA
Latisha Givens COTA/L
Mr. Kieran Glacken
Charity Glaser COTA
Stacey Glasgow
Meegan Glasgow-Kuhns COTA/L
Lisa Glasheen
Miss Amanda Glaske OTA
Dana Glaspy
Mrs. Brooke Glass COTA/L
Ellyn Glass COTA
Janet Glass COTA/L
Julie Glass COTA/L
Kevin Glassberg COTA/L
Joanne Glassford
Mr. Andrew Glaz
Kalynn Gleason
Lauren Gleason
Matilde Gleason
Mrs. Traci Gleason
Robin Glenewinkel
Mr. Connie Glenn COTA
Dawn Glenn OTA
Mrs. Tasha Glenn
Becky Gleue
Alyson Glick COTA/L
Kerry Glidden COTA/L
Mrs. Nicole Glinski BS, COTA/L
Christine Gliwa
Holly Glordan
Mrs. Ann Glore COTA
Amy Glover
Elizabeth Glover
Laurie Glover COTA/L
Miss Sade' Glover COTA/L
Judith Glowinski
Martin Glowski
Denise Gluchacki COTA/L
Nancy Gluckcoleman COTA
Mrs. Diane Glueck COTA/L
Miss Lauren Glunk COTA/L
Ashley Gnau COTA/L
April Goad OTA
Jeanne Goad COTA/L
Kelly Gobler COTA/L
Anita Goddard
Brenna Goddard COTA
Shelley Godec COTA/L
Mrs. Janice Godek OTA/L
Mrs. Felice Godfrey COTA
Mrs. Michelle Godfrey COTA
Mr. Rusty Godfrey COTA/L
Ryan Godfrey OT CHT
Scherry Godfrey COTA/L
Erica Godin
Melissa Godines
Mr. Shawn Godwin COTA/L
Ms. Lori Goe COTA/L
Amy Goebel COTA
Michael Goebel
Ashleigh Goetz COTA
Brenda Goff
Ann Goffett
Ms. Jean Goforth COTA
Mr. Shannon Gogel COTA/L
Kristin Goggin
Ryan Goheen
Mr. Terry Goheen II COTA/L
Andy Goings COTA
Regina Goins COTA
Yael Gojman-Neer COTA/L
Jewel Golaub COTA
Lois Gold OTR
Rachel Gold COTA
Ms. Goldie Goldberg COTA
Susan Goldberg-Orlik COTA /L
Jessica Goldman COTA
Patricia Goldman COTA
Ms. Sheryl Goldman OTA
Mrs. Stacey Goldman COTA
Wendy Goldman COTA
Aleeza Goldrosen
Felicia Goldsby COTA
Brooke Goldsmith COTA/L
Michelle Goldsmith-Davenport COTA
Christina Goldstein COTA
Danielle Goldstein COTA
Jonah Goldstein
Rosemarie Goldstein
Miss Merrie Golembiewski COTA
Llanne Goliber
Amy Golla COTA/L
Megan Goltz COTA
Nancy Gomaz COTA
Jelena Gomes COTA
Madeline Gomes COTA
Eduardo Gomez
Gabriela Gomez
Ms. Gelissa Gomez OTR/L
Jennifer Gomez
Jonathan Gomez
Keri Gomez
Kristina Gomez
Laura Gomez COTA L
Mr. Mauricio Gomez COTAIL
Mayte Gomez
Mrs. Nancy Gomez OTA
Natalie Gomez
Rhonda Gomez COTA/L
Ms. Nayra Gomez-Pena COTA
Khallilah Gonsalves COTA
Ms. Melissa Gonsalves
Heather Gonska COTA
Michelle Gonya COTA
Angela Gonzales
Ms. Anna Gonzales COTA/L
Ms. Chillim Gonzales COTA/L
Ms. Dilia Gonzales COTA
Henry Gonzales
Jeremy Gonzales COTA/L
Jhinelle Gonzales COTA/L
Karla Gonzales COTA
Kimberly Gonzales
Ms. Lisa Gonzales
Ms. Monica Gonzales COTA
Nicole Gonzales
Ms. Selena Gonzales COTA
Alejandro Gonzalez COTA
Angela Gonzalez OTA
Casey Gonzalez
Mrs. Cynthia Gonzalez LOTA
Daniel Gonzalez COTA/L
Daniel Gonzalez COTA
Daniel Gonzalez
Delia Gonzalez COTA
Elias Gonzalez JR.
Ms. Jasmin Gonzalez OTA
Jennifer Gonzalez COTA
Jody Gonzalez
Johanis Gonzalez ATO
Mrs. Juana Gonzalez OTA
Mrs. Maureen Gonzalez COTA
Melissa Gonzalez
Miss Melissa Gonzalez LOTA
Michael Gonzalez
Mrs. Monica Gonzalez OTA
Paula Gonzalez
Susana Gonzalez COTAL
Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez
Yoarylin Gonzalez ATOL
Mrs. Fatima Gonzalez-Ray COTA/L
Michael Goo COTA
Mary Gooch COTA/L
Allison Good COTA
Rhonda Goodale
Sheree Goodale COTA/L
Mrs. Robbin Goode COTA
Mia Goodly
Lance Goodman
Lori Goodman
Mrs. Marie Goodman COTA
Shellie Goodman COTA
Traci Goodman
Emily Goodson COTA
Evangela Goodson COTA
Stacey Goodwin COTA/L
Tara Goodwin
Teresa Goodwin COTA
Erica Goosby OTA
Mr. Richard Gopen COTA/L
Kim Gopsill
Olesya Gorbachevskaya COTA
Aimy Gordon COTA
Brandi Gordon COTA/L
Crystal Gordon COTA/L
Deb Gordon COTA/L
Jenna Gordon COTA/L
Lara Gordon COTA/L
Mrs. Lisa Gordon
Makenzi Gordon COTA
Pamela Gordon OT
Ms. Raven Gordon COTA/L
Mrs. Tenisha Gordon
Yolanda Gordon COTA/L
Benita Gordonsmith COTA
Brian Gorman COTA/L
Crystal Gorman
Miss Shelia Gorman COTA/L
Mark Gorney
Mrs. Adrienne Gorretta COTA/L
Lisa Gorski COTA
Carlenia Gose COTA/L
Mr. Timothy Goslin COTA
Mrs. Katherine Gosnell COTA/L
Ms. Sarah Gosnell COTA/L
Judith Goss
Laura Gosselin COTA
Janine Gostel
Ms. Diana Gosteva
Tracy Goswick
Tonya Goucher AS, COTA/L
Mrs. Lindsay Goude COTA/L
Mrs. Shondel Gough COTA/L
Vernon Goughenour COTA/L
Cheryl Gouker
Lauren Goulart COTA/L
Chasity Gould COTA/L
Heather Gould COTA
Jessica Gould
Kathryn Gould COTA/L
Paula Gould COTA/L
Nicole Gouldrup COTA/L
Ms. Dawn Gouras-Carty COTA
Leanne Gove COTA
Mrs. Mary Governal COTA/L
Mr. Joshua Gowan COTAL
Krizia Gowda
Janice Gowen 707
Mrs. Hollie Gower COTA/L
Ms. Karen Gowin COTA
Deborah Grabbe
Samantha Graber
Sara Graboski
Mrs. Kathleen Grace COTA
Mrs. Kimberley Grace PTA
Valerie Grace
Adrianne Gracia
Leesa Gradwell
Kathryn Grady COTA/L
Jeri Graebner COTA/L
Miss Debra Graf COTAL
Mrs. Devin Graf COTA
Miss Nancy Grah COTA
Alexis Graham COTA/L
Ann Graham COTA
Mrs. Deanna Graham COTA
Mrs. Donna Graham COTA/L
Felecia Graham COTA
Ms. Jan Graham COTA/L
Jana Graham OTA
Jennifer Graham COTA
Katelyn Graham
Kathy Graham COTA
Mrs. Kim Graham COTA
Ms. Kori Graham COTA/L
Mrs. Korie Graham COTA
Ms. Leticia Graham COTA
Ms. Patricia Graham COTA
Mr. Richard Graham COTA/L
Taryn Graham
Whitney Graham
Mrs. Shar Graham Curry COTA
Jennifer Graichen-Huettl COTA
Candice Granger COTA/L
Vilma Granger
Mona Granger-Prouty
Barbara Granholm COTA
Carol Grant
Darrion Grant COTA/L
Mrs. Janis Grant COTA/L
Lynn Grant COTA/L
Tisha Grant COTA /L
Bethany Grap COTA
Ms. Amy Graphman COTA
Mrs. Erin Grasse COTA
Jessica Grate COTA/L
Mr. Jerome Gratz
Debra Graupner COTA
Ashley Grauvogl COTA
Julie Gravely COTA/L
Emily Gravenhorst I
Karisa Graver
April Graves COTA/L
Jennifer Graves COTA/L
Michelle Graves
Mrs. Lennell Graves-Guyton
Annette Gray
Mrs. Brenda Gray COTA/L
Brianne Gray COTA/L
Carrissa Gray
Mrs. Debra Gray COTA/L
Ms. Donna Gray OTA
Donna Gray COTA
Ms. Elizabeth Gray COTA/L
Mr. Joseph Gray COTA
Patricia Gray
Ray Gray
Mrs. Sarah Gray COTA
Steven Gray
Ms. Sharlean Gray-Adonis COTA
Kelly Grayson COTA/L
Mrs. Kasey Grebosz COTA/L
Mrs. Teri Greco COTA/L
Mrs. Mechelle Greeley COTA/L
Amanda Green
Ashley Green COTA/L
Mrs. Aubrey Green COTA/L
Mrs. Brandy Green COTA/L
Charlotte Green
Debra Green COTA/L
Mrs. Deyanna Green COTA/L
Ely Green OTA/L
Emily Green COTA/L
Fiona Green
Janice Green COTA
Kyle Green COTA
Lisa Green
Madison Green COTA/L
Martha Green COTA
Mr. Marvin Green COTA
Ms. Mitzi Green COTA/L
Natalie Green COTA
Ms. Patricia Green OTA/L
Mr. Preston Green II COTA
Mrs. Renee Green COTA/L
Mr. Richard Green COTA
Rolanda Green COTA/L
Shelly Green COTA
Sophia Green
Stacey Green COTA/L
Stacy Green
Mrs. Susan Green COTA/L
Tawnya Green
Terri Green
Mrs. Thaydene Green
Tracey Green
Warren Green COTA/L
Ebony Green Bryant OTA
Mrs. Liane Green-Eggleston COTA
Shelly Greenawalt COTA/L
Carol Greene COTA
Mrs. Kathryn Greene COTA
Lisa Greene COTA
Louise Greene COTA/L
Peggy Greene COTA/L
Ms. Stephanie Greene COTA/L
Terrin Greene COTA/L
Tracey Greene COTA
Melissa Greener COTA/L
Amanda Greenfield COTA
Marissa Greenfield COTA
Mr. Kenroy Greenidge COTA/L
Sarah Greening COTA
Mrs. Kelly Greenly COTA
Dawn Greenough
Ms. Constance Greenwell COTA
Cortney Greenwell
Bethany Greenwood COTA/L
Ms. Laura Greenwood
Misty Greenwood COTA
Kastley Greer
Kathy Greer COTA
Mark Greer OC00001273
Nicole Greer COTA/L
Miss Marian Greever COTA
Jennifer Gregg
Mrs. Maribeth Gregg COTA/L
Kathryn Gregor COTA
Erica Gregore
Diane Gregory COTA/L
Jessica Gregory COTA/L
Julie Gregory COTA
Mrs. Pamela Gregory COTA
Paul Gregory COTA/L
Isabel Greiner COTA/L
Kam Greisinger
Stormi Gremminger COTA
Pamela Grenier
Dayna Gresham COTA
Robin Gresham
Michelle Greston
Pamela Grever
Patricia Grey COTA/L
Lorie Grgurich
Tammy Grice COTA
Amy Gridley
Ms. Jill Gridley COTA
Renae Griego
Mrs. Pamela Griep COTA/L
Mr. Chad Grieve OTA/L
Mrs. Alicia Griffin COTA
Alvin Griffin
Antwon Griffin
Chante Griffin COTA/L
Christine Griffin COTA
Denise Griffin COTA
Dionne Griffin COTA
Ms. Jodi Griffin COTA
Katherine Griffin
Mary Griffin
Mary Griffin COTA
Miss Morgan Griffin COTA/L
Nichole Griffin
Miss Rachel Griffin
Ms. Rashida Griffin COTA
Rosemary Griffin COTA
Mrs. Sandra Griffin COTA/L
Mrs. Sonnette Griffin COTA/L
Mrs. Takeinya Griffin COTA/L
Amanda Griffith COTA/L
Ms. Charlotte Griffith COTA
Cynthia Griffith COTA
Emily Griffith
Ginger Griffith COTA/L
Mrs. Leonida Griffith OTA
Linda Griffith
Miss Pamela Griffith COTA
Mrs. Wendy Griffith COTA
Ms. Modena Grigsby
Tammy Grigsby
Amber Grimes
Mrs. Ann Grimes COTA/L
Debra Grimes
Ms. Demetrie Grimes COTA
Ms. Jennifer Grimes COTAL
Jennifer Grimes
Jill Grimes
Mrs. Susan Grimes COTA
Angela Grimm OTA04816
Ms. Deborah Grimm COTA/L
Kyle Grimm COTA/L
Mrs. Elizabeth Grindle COTA/L
Caroline Grindrod
Amber Griner COTA/L
Jack Griner
Ms. Susan Grinnell COTA
Mrs. Velma Grinnell COTA
Joann Grinwald COTA
Mrs. Julie Grisham COTA
Mrs. Meredith Grissett COTA/L
Mrs. Patricia Griste COTA
Mrs. Clara Grizzell OTA
Ms. Dorothy Grizzell COTA/L
Kara Groenenboom COTA
Tara Groeschel COTA/L
Mrs. Patricia Grogan COTA
Marybeth Grogoza COTA/L
Mallory Gromley COTA/L
Mrs. Dawn Grondin COTA/L
Larry Gronholm COTA
Mrs. Sherry Gronwold COTA
Amy Groome
Ian Grooms
Jeraldine Grooms COTA
Nicole Grooms COTA/L
Mrs. Karrie Groothousen COTA
Mrs. Wendee Grose COTA
Beth Gross COTA/L
Dianne Gross
Ms. Judy Gross COTA
Mrs. Lisa Gross COTA
Mr. Thomas Grosse OTA-02701
Sabine Grossmann COTA
Ms. Elke Groth
Chris Groulx COTAL
Mrs. Dresden Grover COTA/L
Julieann Grover COTA/L
Pamels Grover COTA
Ashly Groves
Mr. David Groves BS, COTA/L
Christine Grubbs COTA
Lisa Grubbs COTA
Tanya Grube OTA
Debbie Gruber COTA
Susan Gruener COTA/L
Mr. Garth Gruenhagen COTA
Mary Grugel COTA
Lauren Grugen COTA
Mrs. Kathryn Grumbine COTA/L
Andrea Grunberg
Ashlee Grunden
Laura Grunder
Jennifer Grushinski COTA/L
Vera Gu
Jennifer Guaetta COTA
Alejandro Guajardo COTA
Mirta Guajardo OTA
Elaine Gualtier
Celia Guaman COTA
Samantha Guan COTA/L
Kiera Guarino COTA/L
Mrs. Kathleen Gubelli COTA/L
Grace Guckin
Deana Gudmundsen COTA/L
Ms. Donna Gueli
Amanda Guenther COTA
Helen Guenther
Miss Airem Guerra OTA
Ms. Angie Guerra COTAL
David Guerra COTA
James Guerreiro COTA/L
Derly Guerrero COTA
Francisca Guerrero COTA
Richard Guerrero COTA
Edna Guerrette COTA
Darlene Guerriero
Patricia Guerriero COTA
Elizabeth Guetling COTA
William Guetschow COTA
Mrs. Orquidania Guevara COTA
Ms. Bethany Guffey
Mrs. Harmoni Guffy COTA
Mrs. Susan Guggemos COTA
Timothy Gugino COTA
Ms. Shannon Guichard COTA/L
Kim Guidara COTA
Ms. Mary Guidone COTA
Ms. Janika Guillaume COTA/L
Mr. Mark Guillemette COTA/L
Mrs. Iliana Guillen COTA
Katherine Guillen COTA
Samantha Guillen COTA
Amber Guirola
Mrs. Jeanette Gulledge COTA
Mrs. Shannon Gulledge COTA/L
Ms. Karen Gulling COTA
Ms. Mary Ann Gullo COTA
Mr. Andrew Gultom COTA
Edwin Gultom COTA
Karen Guma
Mrs. Heidi Gummel COTA/L
Miss Tracy Gummoe COTA
Ms. Susan Gundeck
Linda Gunderman
Betsey Gundy COTA
Mrs. Michelle Gunn COTA/L
Heidi Gunsch OTA/L
Mrs. Angela Gunter
Ann Gupton COTA/L, CLT
Mrs. Jennifer Gurd COTA
Ms. Louise Gurksnis OTR
Carine Gursky COTA/L
Lorrie Guski COTA
Mrs. Janet Gussow COTA
Mrs. Christina Gustafson COTA
Kacy Gustafson COTA/L
Traci Gustafson COTA/L
Mr. Anthony Gustamantes
Frank Gustamantes COTA
Ms. Carolyn Gustin-Ganie COTA/L
Mr. George Gustovich COTA/L
Ms. Amanda Guthrie COTA
Mr. Cesar Gutierrez COTA
Cindy Gutierrez COTA/L
James Gutierrez COTA/L
Mr. Joshua Gutierrez COTA
Martha Gutierrez COTA
Mrs. Mayra Gutierrez AA
Michelle Gutierrez COTA
Mrs. Rosemary Gutierrez COTAL
Roxanna Gutierrez
Stephen Gutierrez JR.
Suria Gutierrez
Yanet Gutierrez
Yiuseppe Gutierrez
Susan Gutman
Elizabeth Guttman COTA/L
Mr. Bert Guy COTA
Mrs. Carol Guy
Miss Christina Guy
Melody Guy
Taryn Guyer
Rebecca Guzman
Mrs. Ashley Guzowski COTA
Ms. Megan Guzowski COTA/L
Rebecca Gwin
Mrs. Aneta Gwozdzik COTA
Ms. Joanne Haag COTA
Mrs. Stefani Haag COTA
Mary Haan
Ashley Haas COTA/L
Bethany Haas COTA
Mrs. Christine Haas COTA
Debra Haas
Ms. Lisa Haas COTA
Lynde Haasis COTA
Mr. John Haber JR. COTA
Cynthia Haberkorn COTA
Tiffany Habicht COTA
Abby Habiger COTA/L
Trina Hable
Sarah Hacker
Tonee' Hacker COTA
Kim Hackett COTA
Ralph Hackler
Emily Hackney COTA
Brittany Hackworth
Lisa Hackworth
Brittany Hadarich COTA/L
Justitia Haddad OTA
Jacqueline Haddeman COTA
Heather Haddix
Linda Haddon OTA
Janet Hadley COTA
Jessica Haebig
Gretchen Hafemeister COTA
Lacy Hafen COTA/L
Myra Hafer COTA/L
Ms. Rebecca Hafford COTA
Samantha Hafford COTA/L
Mrs. Dyneen Hafics COTA
Sheva Hafizi
Mr. Brian Hagan BS COTA L
Jessica Hagan COTA
Ms. Kelly Hagan COTA/L
Ms. Priscilla Hagar COTA
Lynelle Hagedorn
Miss Christina Hagele I COTA
Staci Hageman COTA
Mrs. Julie Hager COTA/L
Suzanne Hager COTA
Jessica Hagerty
Nancy Haggerty
Mr. Harlan Hagle COTA
Ashley Hagler OTA
Nancy Hagopian
Priscilla Hagopian
Juli Hagy COTA
Danielle Hahn COTA
Holly Hahn COTA
Jamaica Hahn COTA
Lisa Hahn
Lisa Hahn
Lisa Hahne COTA
Michelle Haid COTA/L
Nicholas Haidemenos COTA/L
Mrs. Antoinette Haight
Curtis Hailey
Brittany Haines COTA/L
Chelsi Haines COTA/L
Elizabeth Haines
Mrs. Melissa Haines COTA
Ms. Tamara Hainline COTA
Jacquelyn Haire COTA/L CLT
Ms. Lamonica Hairston COTA/L
Pamela Hairston COTA/L
Renata Hairston COTA/L
Sudith Hairston COTA/L
Crystal Haislip
Mrs. Jeana Haislop
Jessie Hake
Marilyn Halama COTA
Mrs. Mary Halbach COTA
Carole Halberg COTA/L
Trenton Halcomb COTA
Jennifer Halcrow COTA
Mrs. Marcia Haldane
Beth Hale
Brynne Hale
Kelly Hale COTA/L
Molly Hale COTA/L
Rick Hale
Suzanne Hale COTA
Mrs. Katie Halenar COTAL
Ms. Jennifer Hales COTA
Nancy Hales COTA
Mrs. Courtney Haley COTA-L
Mrs. Jennifer Haley COTA
Paula Haley
Vanessa Haley
Ms. Patricia Halgren
Mrs. Jean Halisky COTA/L
Aimee Hall COTA/L
Amy Hall COTA
April Hall COTA
Barbara Hall COTA
Brittne Hall COTA/L
Chelsie Hall
Christen Hall COTA
Mrs. Colleen Hall COTA/L
Constance Hall COTA
Danielle Hall COTA/L
Dawn Hall
Dawn Hall COTA
Gail Hall
Mr. Gamal Hall COTA
Heather Hall
Heather Hall COTA/L
Ileene Hall COTA
Jamie Hall OTA
Janis Hall
Mrs. Jennifer Hall COTA
Miss Jennifer Hall COTA/L
Jessica Hall COTA/L
Mrs. Jessica Hall COTA
Joy Hall
Ms. Julie Hall COTA/L
Karen Hall COTA/L
Kathy Hall COTA
Kimberly Hall COTA
Leticia Hall COTA
Lisa Hall OTA
Luvella Hall COTA
Lynn Hall OTA
Mrs. Mandy Hall COTA
Melody Hall COTA
Patricia Hall
Mrs. Rebecca Hall COTA/L
Sandra Hall COTA/L
Shaquindra Hall
Shauna Hall COTA/L
Tanya Hall COTA/L
Mrs. Teresa Hall OTR
Tiffany Hall COTA/L
Elizabeth Hall-Jackson
Mr. Steven Halle COTA/L
Jessica Haller
Lori Haller COTA
Matthias Haller COTA/L
Linda Hallett COTA/L
Mr. Mark Hallett COTA/L
Stacey Hallett
Sherri Halliwill COTA
Marnie Hallman
Miss Rebecca Hallman OTR/L
Eiliana Halloran COTA
Nicole Hallums OTA
Mrs. Annemarie Halpin COTA
Mrs. Kelly Halpin
Sandra Halron COTA
Molly Halsch
Miss Jill Halsted OTA
Adriana Halverson
Mrs. Melissa Halverstadt COTA/L
Mrs. Amanda Hambel COTA/L
Stacey Hambel COTA
Mrs. Jamie Hambleton
Mrs. Marchall Hambrick COTA/L
Angela Hamel
Nickie Hamer COTA
Ayyanna Hamilton COTA
Beverly Hamilton
Ms. Brenda Hamilton COTA
Daniel Hamilton
Mrs. Dayse Hamilton
Erin Hamilton I COTA
Ms. Gale Hamilton COTAL
Mrs. Heather Hamilton COTA/L
Heather Hamilton COTA
Mrs. Heather Hamilton COTA/L
Mr. James Hamilton
Jennifer Hamilton
Mrs. Julie Hamilton COTA/L
Julie Hamilton
Kristal Hamilton COTA/L
Mrs. Kristi Hamilton COTA/L
Lauren Hamilton COTA/L
Nancy Hamilton OTA
Rachel Hamilton
Ms. Rebecca Hamilton COTA
Mr. Stephen Hamilton COTAL
Zachary Hamilton COTA/L
Ms. Anastasia Hamizides COTA
Mr. Richard Hamlin COTA/L
Miss Stephanie Hamlin COTA
Jennifer Hamm
Kimberly Hamm COTA/L
Renee Hammen COTA
Heather Hammer
Ms. Joyce Hammer COTA/L
Mrs. Margaret Hammer COTA
Regina Hammer
Samantha Hammer COTA/L
Erik Hammil COTA
Ms. Amy Hammock COTA
Ashley Hammond COTA
Kimberly Hammond COTA
Vicki Hammond
Miss Dana Hammonds COTA/L
Melinda Hammonds COTA
Jennifer Hammons COTA/L
Kristin Hamner
Cortnie Hampshire COTA/L
Mrs. La Toya Hampton COTA/L
Lisa Hampton COTA
Rebecca Hampton COTA
Mrs. Renee Hampton COTA/L
Stephanie Hampton COTA
Trisha Hampton
Mrs. Bethany Hampton-Green COTA
Emilie Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick
Mrs. Elizabeth Hamus COTA
Monica Hanchar BS, COTA/L
Elizabeth Hancock COTA/L
Houston Hancock
Crystal Hand COTA
Margeret Handel
Elizabeth Handley
Nancy Handschuh COTA L
Clarice Handshy COTA/L
Tracey Handwerker I COTA/L
Mrs. Wanda Hanebury
Karen Hanenburg
Mrs. Larisa Haner COTA/L
Danielle Hanes COTA
Kim Haney COTA
Kerri Hanger COTA
Lorraine Hanigan COTA/L
Mrs. Lynette Hankerson COTA/L
Rebecca Hankerson COTA/L
Caitlin Hankins
Rebecca Hankla COTA/L
Erica Hanley COTA/L
Mr. James Hanley
Patricia Hanley COTA/L
Miss Lori Hanlin COTA/L
Mrs. Kristi Hanlon COTA L
Megan Hann
Bobbi Hanna COTA/L
Megan Hanna
Michael Hanna
Mrs. Ricki Hanna COTA
Amy Hannah COTA/L
Brittany Hannah
Krista Hannaman
Erica Hanner COTA/L
Mary Hannula
Jennifer Hanor
Jennifer Hanrahan COTA
Erik Hansel COTA
Mrs. Janice Hansen OTR
Jaymelyn Hansen COTA/L
Miss Laura Hansen
Mrs. Alicia Hanshew MS, OTR/L
Mrs. Bobbi Hansmeier COTA
Christina Hanson COTA
Mrs. Helene Hanson COTA/L
Janet Hanson
Mr. Jeffrey Hanson COTA
Ms. Karen Hanson COTA/L
Karin Hanson COTA
Kimberly Hanson COTA/L
Macy Hanson COTA/L
Miss Stacy Hanson COTA/L
Trina Hanson COTA
Mrs. Vanessa Hanson COTA/L
Mrs. Wendy Hanson COTA
Mrs. Rebecca Hanssen COTA/L
Anthony Hanusowski COTA
Ms. Anne-Marie Hanzes COTA/L
Mrs. Colleen Happas COTA/L
Lisa Harasimchuk COTA/L
Jeanne Harber COTA
Sarah Harbut COTA/L
Lindsay Harcourt COTA
Darlene Harden COTA/L
Willa Harden
Mrs. Angela Harder COTA
Edson Hardewijk
Jennifer Hardgrove COTA
Kaci Hardin COTA
Ms. Kathleen Hardin
Miss Marianna Hardin COTA L
Sean Hardin COTA
Miss Stacie Hardin COTA
Star Hardin
Brenda Harding
Faith Harding COTA
Larry Harding
Marissa Harding COTA
Ms. Patricia Harding COTA
Carrie Harding-Michl
Kathryn Hardman COTA
Laura Hardwick
Lisa Hardwick COTA
Charlene Hardy
Miss Remick Hardy COTA
Sarah Hardy COTA
Ms. Lisa Hare COTAL
Mrs. Tania Hare COTA
Ms. Vicki Hare COTA/L
Luanne Hargadon
Tracy Hargens
Ms. Mary Harger COTA
Dena Hargis COTA/L
Miss Hayley Hargrove COTA/L
Misty Hargrove COTA/L
Susan Hargrove
Yvonne Harkless
Mrs. Carole Harkness COTA/L
Ms. Mary Harkness COTA/L
Ryan Harlacher
Aubri Harlan COTA/L
Laura Harley COTA
Mrs. Nicole Harlin COTA
Mr. Donald Harlow II COTA/L
Leann Harlow COTA
Rebekah Harman COTA/L
Mrs. Susan Harmening COTA/L
Mr. John Harmon
Mrs. Mishka Harmon COTA/L
Mystie Harmon OTA
Melissa Harms COTA
Miss Savita Harnarine OTA
Ms. Lauren Harness
Cheryl Harney
Mrs. April Harold
Mr. Brian Harold
Julie Harp COTA/L
Amy Harper OTR/L
Dawn Harper OTA
Ms. Elizabeth Harper COTA/L
Kathleen Harper
Kristen Harper
Marsha Harper COTA/L
Misty Harper
Christina Harper-Slack
Susan Harrah COTA/L
Casey Harrell
Mrs. Janet Harrell COTA
Matthew Harrell COTA
Susan Harrelson
Mrs. Crystal Harrie COTA
Amy Harrington COTA
Chelsey Harrington COTA
Mrs. Gretchen Harrington
Jennifer Harrington COTA/L
Leanne Harrington COTA/L
Marylou Harrington
Nicole Harrington
Rachel Harrington
Robert Harrington
Miss Robinann Harrington COTA
Sue Harrington COTA/L
Mandalee Harriott
Annette Harris COTA/L
Miss Brittany Harris COTA
Cheyanne Harris
Chrishaun Harris COTA
Mr. Donald Harris
Mrs. Dorothy Harris COTA
Dyann Harris COTA
Mrs. Elizabeth Harris COTA/L
Ms. Emily Harris COTAL
Jacqueline Harris COTA/L
Jill Harris
Jillian Harris
Mr. Juan Harris SR. COTA/L
Ms. Julianna Harris OTA/L
Mrs. Kerry Harris COTA
Kevin Harris
Mrs. Kristen Harris COTA
Mrs. Kristine Harris COTA/L
Mrs. Laura Harris COTA/L
Le'keisha Harris
Mr. Leron Harris OT-A
Linda Harris
Lisa Harris COTA
Ms. Lucy Harris COTA
Maria Harris COTA
Mary Harris
Melissa Harris COTA
Ms. Melonie Harris COTA/L
Michial Harris COTA
Mona Harris COTA/L
Monica Harris
Nora Harris COTA
Norma Harris COTA
Miss Rebecca Harris COTA/L
Mr. Samuel Harris JR. COTA
Sharon Harris
Stephanie Harris COTA
Susan Harris COTA/L
Mrs. Tina Harris COTA
Yanda Harris OTA
Laquanna Harris-Arms
Bethany Harrison OTA/L
Dorothy Harrison OTA
Felicia Harrison
Miss Maria Harrison COTA/L
Michelle Harrison COTA
Miss Molly Harrison COTA/L
Rebecca Harrison COTA/L
Sue Harrison COTA/L
Mrs. Valarie Harrison OTA
Mrs. Traci Harrisonmadge COTAL
Kristen Harriss COTA
Francis Harriton COPTA/L
Barbara Harrold COTA
Lori Harrold OTA
Mr. Arga Harsa COTA/L
Sugar Harshaw
Mrs. Carol Hart COTA/L
Mr. Joseph Hart COTA-L
Judy Hart
Mrs. Lorrie Hart COTA
Ms. Nichole Hart COTA/L
Vickie Hart-Peterson COTA/L
Ericka Hartford COTA
Mrs. Laurie Harth COTA
Nicole Hartings COTA/L
Ms. Melissa Hartis AS
Mr. Matthew Hartl COTA
Mrs. Pamela Hartle COTA
Robert Hartley COTA/L
Miss Sparkal Hartley OTA
Terry Hartley COTA/L
Anastasia Hartman COTA
Ms. Ashley Hartman COTA
Britta Hartman
Jennifer Hartman COTA/L
Rosemarie Hartman COTA
Mrs. Marsha Hartmann COTA
Gloria Harton
Carrie Hartpence OTA
Catherine Hartshorn COTA/L, CMLDT
Ms. Maria Hartwigs COTAL
Tricia Hartzell COTA
Alyssa Harvey
Brandon Harvey COTA
Cassie Harvey
Mrs. Cheryl Harvey COTA
Miss Dawn Harvey COTA
Miss Leslie Harvey COTA
Ms. Marlo Harvey LISW
Richard Harvey III COTA/L
Steve Harvey
Kathryn Harville COTA
Patricia Harvison
Sara Hasbargen COTA/L
Mrs. Amy Haselhorst COTA/L
Tammi Haseltine COTA
Elizabeth Hasenfus
Mrs. Marie Hasey
Kaitlin Hasher
Stephanie Hashinger COTA/L
Kiran Hashmi
Jennifer Haskell COTA
Nancy Haskins COTA
Penny Haskins
Shabnam Hasnain COTA/L
Ms. Iris Hassan COTA
Barbara Hasselbach COTA
Ms. Alison Hasselbring COTA
Ms. Monserrate Hassell JR.
Mrs. Charda Hassenplug OTA
John Hassett COTA
Sara Hassinen
Jenny Hasson
Wendy Hastings COTA/L
Mrs. Jessica Hasto
Mrs. Christine Hatch COTA
Ms. Lila Hatch OT
Mrs. Tina Hatch OTA/L
Mrs. Jennifer Hatcher COTA/L
Mrs. Loretta Hatcher COTA
Susan Hatcher COTA
Tina Hatcher
Alex Hatchett
Florence Hatfield COTA/L
Krystle Hatfield
Maureen Hatfield
Shelley Hatfield
Jessica Hathaway COTA/L
Ms. Katherine Hathaway COTA
Katie Hathaway COTA/L
Klanese Hatley COTA/L
Philip Hatten
Kathy Hatton COTA/L
Marcia Hatton COTA/L
Jackalyn Hattori COTA
Johnathan Hau COTA
Abby Haubrich COTA
Ashley Haug
Mrs. Milagros Hauge COTA
Mrs. Julie Haugen COTAL
Mrs. Jacqueline Haughton COTA/L
Gladys Hauler
Laura Haulotte COTA
Sandra Haun COTA
Arlene Hauser
Deborah Hauser COTAL
Mrs. Joan Hauser COTA
Lyndia Hauser COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Hausfeld COTA
Kathleen Hauslein
Ms. Patricia Hauver OTAL
Mrs. Brandi Havard COTA
Jennifer Havard
Kelsey Havener
Cathleen Havey OTA
Jaime Hawk COTA/L
Miss Kimberly Hawke COTA/L
Rethia Hawkes
Tiffany Hawkinberry
Alta Hawkins
Brenda Hawkins
Julia Hawkins COTA
Mrs. Megan Hawkins COTA
Mrs. Patricia Hawkins COTA/L
Shana Hawkins COTA
Natalie Hawkinson
Mrs. Rhonda Hawley COTA
Bess Hawthorne COTA
Deloris Hawthorne
Rebecca Hawthorne
Gerald Hay COTA/L
Mr. John Hay COTA/L
Nigia Hay
Sheddra Hay COTA
Timothy Hay
Jennifer Hayden COTA
Joyce Haydock COTA
Miss Sabra Haydon COTA
Cheryl Hayduk COTA/L
Mark Hayduk COTA
Coleen Hayes COTA
Diane Hayes
Hope Hayes
Linda Hayes COTAL
Margaret Hayes
Mr. Michael Hayes COTA
Myrna Hayes
Roberta Hayes COTA
Miss Valerie Hayes COTA0541
Miss Wanda Hayes COTAL
Mrs. Tammy Hayford
Ms. Rachel Hayhurst COTA/L
Brooke Haymore
Mrs. Abigail Haynes COTA
Ericka Haynes COTA
Jamarie Haynes
Mrs. Jenna Haynes COTA/L
Michelle Haynes
Mrs. Rachel Haynes COTA/L
Renee Haynes
Stephanie Haynes
Steven Haynes COTA/L
Angela Hays
Ms. Ashley Hays COTA
Debra Hays COTA/L
Mrs. Jean Hays COTA
Jo Hays COTA
Rachel Hays COTA/L
Michele Hayunga
Russell Hayward COTA
Ms. Grace Hazell COTA
Timothy Hazenstab
Xiaohui He
Ms. Delores Heacock OTA
Mrs. Victoria Head COTA
Ms. Kellie Headrick COTA/L
Mrs. Maryann Healey COTA/L
Tina Healy COTA
Tiffany Hearell COTA/L
Donna Hearl
Lisa Hearley COTA
Lalecia Hearn
Mrs. Amy Heater COTA
Kelli Heater
Cody Heath
Ms. Rachel Heath COTA/L
Robin Heaton COTA/L
Travis Heaton COTA/L
Mrs. Bonnie Heavener COTA/L
Mrs. Megan Heaverin COTA/L
Jeanette Heazlit COTA/L
Lisa Hebert-Meritt COTA
Robert Hechavarria
Corey Heck COTA/L
Jennifer Heck COTA
Ms. Sherri Heck-Shriver COTA/L
Taylor Heckart COTA/L
Beth Hecker
Connie Hecker COTA
Erin Heckman COTA
Helene Heckman COTA/L
Miss Nancy Hedge COTA/L
Carrina Hedgecoth COTA
Ms. Jennifer Hedgepeth COTA
Sabrina Hedgpeth COTA
Sandra Hedgpeth COTA
Debra Hedin COTA
Mrs. Tina Heebsh COTA
Amy Heerman COTA
Mandi Heesh COTA/L
Ms. Tracy Hefferon COTA
Mrs. Brittaney Heffken
Mr. David Heffken COTA/L
Pamela Heffley COTA/L
Reba Hefley COTA
Tammy Heflin
Alison Hefner COTA
Lynn Hefner
Kelly Hefter
Kristy Hege COTA/L
Mrs. Jeanette Heidenreich COTA
Megan Heidt
Bridget Heier COTA/L
Mr. Ian Heikel COTA/L
Christina Heil COTA/L
Ms. Kara Heiligenstein
Mrs. Doris Heim COTA/L
Kayla Heim COTA/L
Mrs. Valerie Heim COTA/L
Ms. Vicky Heim COTA
Erin Heiman OTA
Penina Heimowitz OTA
Mrs. Corrina Hein
Mrs. Karen Heineman COTA
Sara Heinicke
Ms. Cynthia Heinl COTAL
Ms. Colleen Heino COTAL
Danielle Heinrichs COTA
Miss Alyssa Heins COTA
Ms. Holly Heintschel COTA/L
Mrs. Kelly Heintz
Mrs. Ashlee Heintze COTA/L
Brianna Heinz COTA
Angeline Heinzinger
Mrs. Linda Heiser
Jessica Heitmann COTA/L
Mrs. Kimberly Hejnal COTA
Mrs. Leah Helbig COTA
Robin Held
Serina Helderbreand
Sarah Heldmann COTA/L
Sherry Heldt COTA/L
Jennifer Helenius COTA
Ms. Patricia Helgeson COTA/L
Rachel Helkenn Morehouse COTA/L
Rita Hellenbrand COTA
Maureen Heller
Violetta Heller COTA
Eva Hellesto
Laura Helling
Mrs. Elizabeth Helliwell
Sara Hellstrom COTA/L
Heidi Hellwig
Mrs. Melissa Hellyer COTA/L
Laura Helm COTA/L
Lara Helmer COTA
Marsha Helmer COTA
Miss Madline Helms COTA
Sandra Helmuth COTA
Sheila Helppi
Christine Helsel COTA/L
Mrs. Sara Helton COTA/L
Angela Helwig OT
Mrs. Jodi Hemminger COTA/L
Jonna Hemminger
Elizabeth Hemond COTA/L
Denise Hempel COTA
Marie Hempton
Rebecca Henault COTAL
Jason Hendershot
Michelle Hendershot COTA
Aline Henderson
Brittany Henderson COTA
Cherie Henderson
Eleanor Henderson
Mrs. Jackie Henderson COTA/L
Karanina Henderson COTA/L
Miss Katherine Henderson COTA
Lisa Henderson COTA
Munirah Henderson COTA/L
Ms. Patricia Henderson
Miss Samantha Henderson COTA/L
Mrs. Sharon Henderson COTA
Mrs. Susan Henderson COTA
Teri Henderson COTA
Mr. Troy Henderson OTA/L
Mr. Wayne Henderson COTA
Jamson Hendler BRS/PTA/COTA
Mrs. Melisa Hendren COTA/L
Ms. Brenda Hendricks OTA
Linda Hendricks
Rachel Hendricks COTA
Mr. Curtis Hendrickson COTA/L
Heidi Hendrickson COTA/L
Lisa Hendrickson COTA/L
Mr. Robert Hendrickson COTA
Mrs. Sandra Hendrickson OTAL
Kathleen Hendrix OTA/L
Tessa Hendrix
Mrs. Tyler Hendrix OTA
Nikki Hengst COTA
Amanda Heninger
Paula Henke
Kayla Henkel COTA
Rachel Henley
Jessie Hennemann Hoffman COTA
Shelly Henning COTA
Heidi Henri COTA
Jill Henrichsen COTA
Ms. Karen Henries COTA
Barbara Henriksen COTA-L
Beatrice Henriksson COTA
Mrs. Jacqueline Henriques COTA
Kimberly Henritze COTA
Ms. Cammee Henry COTA
Ms. Carolyn Henry COTA
Chelsea Henry COTA/L
Mrs. Colleen Henry OTA
Cynthia Henry
Kimberly Henry COTA
Natashia Henry COTA
Samantha Henry
Tobi Henry COTA/L
Prof. Holly Henshaw COTA/L
Tim Henslee COTA
Mrs. Kimberly Hensley COTA/L
Ms. Marita Hensley COTA/L
Jane Henson
Lauren Henson COTA/L
Briana Henze COTQ
Suzanne Hepler COTA/L
Lesley Hepp
Lori Herauf
Mrs. Jennifer Herber COTA/L
Molly Herbert
Tawanya Herbert
Louise Herbig COTA-L
Ms. Jessica Herbst OTA
Barry Herder COTA/L
Miss Johanna Heredia OTA
Mrs. Jolene Herlitzke-Foss COTA
Ms. Lindsey Herman COTA L
Karen Hermans
Alyssa Hermes COTA/L
Alejandra Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez OTA
Alicia Hernandez
Clarisa Hernandez COTA
Curtis Hernandez COTA/L
Denise Hernandez COTA
Dorothy Hernandez COTA
Mr. Giancarlo Hernandez COTA
Gloria Hernandez
Irma Hernandez
Isvi Hernandez COTA
Ms. Janice Hernandez COTA
Jennilee Hernandez COTA/L
Jesellie Hernandez COTA
Miss Jessica Hernandez COTA
Mr. Jorge Hernandez COTA
Karen Hernandez
Liza Hernandez
Lynette Hernandez
Martha Hernandez COTA
Mrs. Megan Hernandez COTA
Michelle Hernandez COTA/L
Noe Hernandez
Mrs. Robin Hernandez OTA/L
Rodolfo Hernandez
Mrs. Sharon Hernandez COTA
Stephany Hernandez
Tiara Hernandez
Virginia Hernandez COTA
Mrs. Wilma Hernandez COTA
Atalia Hernandez Carrasquillo
Mr. Kenneth Herniman
Jodie Herning
Shaquan Hernry
Elizabeth Heronemus COTA
Ryan Herp
Brittany Herr COTA/L
Cristina Herrera COTA
Glenn Herrera
Mr. Jose Herrera JR. PCO
Veronica Herrera
Mrs. Christina Herrick COTA
Jessica Herrick OTA
Mrs. Sarah Herrin COTA/L
Ms. Jetta Herring COTA
Mrs. Katrena Herring
Staci Herring OT-A
Sarah Herrington
Marcia Herritage
Mary Herrold OTA
Shanna Herron COTA
Shaquail Herron COTA
Jillian Hersey COTA/L
John Hershberger COTA
Jenny Hershey
Helene Hert COTA/L
Brandi Hertel COTA/L
Andrea Hertenstein COTA
Mrs. Jennifer Hertlein COTA/L
Casleah Herwaldt COTA
Amy Herwehe COTA/L
Mandi Herwig COTA
Ms. Lynn Herzberg COTA/C
Brad Hesgard OTA/L
Mrs. Julie Heskin COTA/L
Mrs. Shelley Hesla COTA/L
Mrs. Catherine Heslop COTA
Mrs. Annemarie Hess
Carissa Hess COTA/L
Mrs. Deborah Hess COTA/L
Joel Hess OTA
Mrs. Kimberly Hess COTA
Lena Hess COTA
Sandra Hess COTA/L
Mrs. Lori Hess-Rosio COTA
Laura Hessig COTA
Rebecca Hettinga
Ruth Hetu COTA
Mrs. Carolyn Heuer
Lisa Hewahewa
Ms. Ruth Hewitson
Miss Erin Hewitt COTA
Kelly Heyse COTA/L
Ms. Lindsey Hezel
Ms. Theresa Hibbard COTA
Mrs. Joan Hibbert
Ms. Julie Hickam COTR/L
Brittany Hickey COTA/L
Carly Hickey COTA
Mrs. Kathleen Hickey COTA
Shaun Hickey COTA
Courtney Hickman
Virginia Hickman COTA/L
Ms. Erin Hicks COTA
Jillian Hicks
Kelly Hicks COTA/L
Robin Hicks OTA
Mrs. Tammie Hicks COTA/L
Mrs. Leisa Hidey COTA
Rachel Hieb
Jennifer Hier COTA
Kelley Hieronymus COTA/L
Eugene Hiers
Deana Higdon
Mr. Daniel Higginbotham COTA/L
Dedrea Higginbotham COTA
Kaylin Higginbotham COTA/L
Tiffany Higginbotham
Ms. Jesse Higgins COTA/L
Mrs. Sandra Higgins
Suzanne Higgins
Tammy Higgins COTA
M Louise Higgins Haley
Mrs. Marla Higginsbee
Ms. Laurie Higginson
Chauna Higgs
Mrs. Lorrie Higgs COTA
Shannon Higgs COTAL
Mrs. Laurie High COTA
Candace Highland COTA/L
Rakeba Hightower COTA
Valerie Hilbert COTA
Mrs. Minette Hilbrant COTA/L
Seth Hilburn COTA
Melissa Hildebrand COTA/L
Ms. Cynthia Hildebrandt
Jessica Hildebrandt COTA
Kelly Hilderbrand
Miss Emily Hildreth COTA/L
Mrs. Rachel Hile COTA
Ms. Amy Hiler COTA
Terri Hiles-Strouse COTA/L
Alicia Hilgenfeldt
Andrea Hill COTA
Ms. Barbara Hill COTA/L
Mrs. Bobbi Hill OT/L
Bronwen Hill COTA/L
Mrs. Carol Hill
Catalina Hill
Mrs. Celie Hill COTA/L
Mrs. Cheryl Hill COTA
Christinea Hill COTA/L
Mr. Jason Hill COTA
Jessica Hill COTA/L
Joy Hill
Karen Hill COTA
Miss Kimberly Hill COTA
Ms. Monique Hill COTA/L
Natisha Hill COTA/L
Pope Hill OTA
Shannen Hill COTA
Stephanie Hill COTA/L
Taneesha Hill COTA/L
Wendy Hill COTA/L
Anna Hillary
Julie Hillenbrand Sellner COTA
Connie Hillerman COTA/L
Mrs. Janet Hilley COTA
Catherine Hilliard COTA/L
Mrs. Denise Hillis COTA
Victoria Hillis COTA/L
Katie Hillman COTA/L
Carissa Hillmann LOTA
Amy Hillmon
Kaye Hillyard COTA
Mary Hils COTA/L
Beth Hilton OT
Kerry Himes COTA
Roger Himmel
Ms. Luisa Hindle COTA
Tonya Hinds COTA
Camille Hinds-Jackson COTA/L
Mrs. Aubrey Hines COTA/L
Jeffrey Hines
Ms. Karen Hines COTA
Kaydyann Hines
Mrs. Kelly Hines COTA
Lisa Hines
Marquis Hines
Regina Hines COTA
Mrs. Christina Hing COTA
Mrs. Nancy Hinkel COTA
Robert Hinman COTA
Ms. Irma Hinojosa COTA
Jesus Hinojosa
Miss Leslie Hinojosa COTA
Gabriela Hinostroza COTA/L
Andrea Hinshaw
Marcy Hinson
Michelle Hinson
Richard Hinson
Samantha Hinson COTA/L
Tarah Hinton
Mr. Brian Hintz COTA/L
Lacey Hintz
Miss Carolyn Hintze OTR
Ms. Jane Hipke COTA
Mr. Christopher Hipsher COTA/L
Gayle Hirneisen
Angelique Hiser COTA/L
Kristi Hitchman COTAL
Dorothy Hitchon
Rebecca Hite COTA/L
Taylor Hite COTA/L
Christine Hixon
Ms. Carrie Hixson COTA
Debby Hoang
Teresa Huyen Hoang COTA/L
Mrs. Karen Hoban COTA
Ashley Hobbs
Miss Brandi Hobbs COTA/L
Daphne Hobbs COTA
Mrs. Emmaleigh Hobbs COTA/L
Mrs. Kathy Hobbs
Sharon Hobbs
Mrs. Amanda Hobson COTA/L
Jasmine Hobson COTA
Thomas Hobson COTA
Jeanne Hochstein COTA
Danielle Hodgdon COTA
Mrs. Haley Hodge
Mrs. Holly Hodge COTA/L
Kelly Hodge
Luke Hodge
Mrs. Rachel Hodge COTA
Brooke Hodges
Faith Hodges BS, COTA/L
Shelby Hodges
Susan Hodges COTA/L
Roberta Hodgin COTA/L
Alicia Hodgson
Katina Hodgson COTA
Mr. Michael Hodgson AS
Deborah Hodnett COTA
Heather Hodos COTA/L
Amanda Hoeft
Mary Hoenshell OTA/L
Melissa Hoerig COTA/L
Ashley Hoerl
Kimberly Hofbauer COTA/L
Sonja Hofer
Nicole Hoffart OTA
Barbara Hoffman
Brittani Hoffman
Caitlin Hoffman COTA/L
Candyce Hoffman
Mrs. Cheryl Hoffman COTA
Erica Hoffman COTA/L
Jacqueline Hoffman COTA/L
Julie Hoffman COTA
Liane Hoffman COTA/L
Margaret Hoffman OTC, BCIAC
Marian Hoffman COTA
Miss Sarah Hoffman COTA/L
Sarah Hoffman COTA/L
Melanie Hoffmann COTA
Richard Hoffmeister
Bonnie Hoffner OTA
Heather Hofmann
Mrs. Laura Hofmann COTA/L
Marnie Hofmeister-Pooley COTA
Anne Hofnagel
Jodi Hofstra
Aubrey Hogan
Deneen Hogan COTA
Mrs. Sharon Hogan COTA/L
Mr. Steve Hogan COTA
Margaret Hogle
Ally Hogrefe
Holli Hohenbrink COTA/L
Diana Hohmann OTA
Elaine Holas COTA/L
Barbara Holbrook
Miss Amber Holcomb OTA
Ms. Debra Holden OTA
Erin Holden COTA
Lori Holden COTA/L
Mrs. Tammi Holden COTA/L
Mrs. Valerie Holden COTA
Ms. Katherine Holder OTR/L
Ms. Lauren Holder COTA/L
Sara Holder
Ms. Sherry Holder COTA/L
Mrs. Hanneke Holderbach COTA/L
Jamie Holeman COTA
Mrs. Jessica Holewka COTA
Jennifer Holford
Anita Holguin
Crystal Holiday COTA/L
Mrs. Trina Holiness-Morris
Kathleen Hollabaugh
Janet Holland
Jill Holland COTA
Mrs. Nicole Holland COTA/L
Mrs. Turkessa Holland COTA
Ms. Virginia Holland COTA
Angela Hollandsworth
Christine Hollberg OTA
Kimberly Holle
Tiffany Holler COTA/L
Elizabeth Hollett
Cherish Holley
Deena Holley COTA
E'dee Holley OTA
Mary Holley COTA
Mrs. Rachel Holley COTA
Adrienne Holliday COTA/L
Mr. Lonnie Holliday COTA
Melanie Holliday
Jenna Holliman
Mrs. Diana Hollingshead COTA
Miss Amber Hollins COTA
Melissa Hollis COTA
Sarah Hollner COTA
Barbara Holloway
Mr. Deric Holloway COTA/L
Elizabeth Holloway COTA/L
Mr. James Holloway OTA/L
Rae Holloway COTA/L
Mrs. Megan Holly COTA/L
Mrs. Robyn Holly OTA
Ms. Malissa Holm COTA
Mrs. Amanda Holmberg COTA/L
Jacqueline Holmes
Ms. Jennifer Holmes COTA/L
Karen Holmes COTA/L
Kayla Holmes COTA
Laura Holmes
Sara Holmes COTA
Shana Holmes COTA/L
Tomika Holmes
Mrs. Victoria Holmes COTAL
Mrs. Jana Holmgren
Mrs. Kelli Holmgren OTA
Brandy Holmquist COTA
Racquel Holmstrom
James Holovich COTA/L
James Holsemback COTA/L
Molly Holst OTA
Courtney Holster COTA/L
Mr. Charles Holt JR.</