(1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy. **

Dr. Steffi .Resnick PHD
Behnaz Aalam CCC-A
Ms. Jane Aanestad MA
Susanne Abate AUD
Elizabeth Abbey MA, CCC-A
Chanda Abbott AUD
Dr. Erin Abbott AUD
Ann Abel AUD, CCC-A
Maria Abel MA, CCC-A
William Aber MA
Natalie Abergel AUD
Mrs. Robyn Abernathy AUD
Gabriel Abeyta
Dr. Jennifer Aboud AUD
Dr. Meghan Abraham AUD
Paula Abraham AUD CCC-A
Ms. Judy Abrahamson MA, CCC/A
Jackie Abram AUD
Gregory Abramov
Dr. Rachelle Abramovitz PHD,CCC-A
Dr. Harvey Abrams PHD
Michele Abrams
Michele Abrams AUD
Arlene Abramson AUD
Dr. Maria Abramson AUD
Samer Abu Rahmeh AUD
Dr. Janet Abusaid AUD
Sylvia Acevedo
Mrs. Zaritza Acevedo AUDIOLOGIST
Zoraida Acevedo Solis MS
Jean Acheson-Hollowell AUD
Mr. Corey Ackerman MA
Mr. John Ackerman MA CCC-A
Gloria Ackers AUD
Mrs. Denise Acosta Franco MA, CCC-A
Alyssa Acquavita AUD
Michelle Adames
Lois Adamiec MS
Audrey Adams AUD
Christina Adams MS CCC-A
Courtney Adams MCD,CCC-A
Dr. Deanne Adams AUD
Elizabeth Adams MA CCC A
Ms. Emily Adams AUD
Dr. Homer Adams PHD
Jayna Adams AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Adams AUD, CCC-A
Mr. John Adams MS, CCC-A
Ms. Karen Adams MS
Michele Adams
Sheneekra Adams
Mrs. Susan Adams MS
Theresa Adams AUD
Dr. Vickie Adams AUD
Dr. Wendy Adams AUD, CCC-A
Jennifer Adamson AUD
Julie Adamson AUD
Nancy Adamson MA
Mrs. Shayla Adamson MS CCC A
Bonnie Adelman MSPA
Barrie Aden AUD
Ms. Lori Ader-Steinhauser MS, CCC-A
Casey Adkins AUD
Mr. Weston Adkins
Dr. Bethany Adler AUD
Molly Adler AUD
Ms. Cara Adornetto CCC
Dr. Michele Adrian AUD
Marcia Adunka AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Mary Aesoph AUD
Dr. Shehla Afridi AUD
Mrs. Rebecca Afroilan MS
Dr. Lisa Afton AUD
Eneida Agolli AUD
Dr. Daniel Agrusa AUD
Dr. Sarah Aguilar AUD
Dr. Margaret Aguirre AUD
Kandice Ahlberg AUD
Julia Ahlquist Tanner AUD
Valarie Ahlstrand
Dr. Sairah Ahmad AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Seyedeh Mahnaz Ahmadi MA
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed
Maheen Ahmed-Khokhar MSC
Dr. Alejandro Ahumada AUD
Susan Aicardi AUD
Rosalia Aiello
Dana Ailes MS CCC-A
Dr. Jason Aird AUD
Elizabeth Aitken AUD
Jill Aitken MA CCC-A
Jeffrey Akers MS
Lisa Akey AUD
Faith Akin PHD
Ashley Al-Izzi MS
Murad Al-Momani PHD
Nabil Al-Muhtaseb MB, CHB, MS, CCC-A
Sarah Al-Salim AUD
Dr. Sanford Alabovitz AUD
Lynn Alampi MA, CCC-A
Dr. Caroline Aland AUD
Dr. Kathryn Alba AUD
Ms. Deborah Albaugh MA CCC-A
Mr. David Albee MS
Kevin Albee CCC-A
Dr. Lisa Alber AUD
Lu-Anne Albert MA, CCC-A
Dr. Reaghan Albert AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Alberto AUD
Ms. Carol Alberts MA, CCC, SLP/A
Christine Albertus CCCA
Hazel Albertyn
Regina Albinus MS
Keith Albright AUD
Dr. Melissa Albright AUD
Dr. Bridgett Alcorn AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Lindsey Aldridge MACCC-A
Patricia Aldridge AUD
Edward Aleo PHD
Lori Alessi MS, CCC-A
Dr. Brittany Alex AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Ms. Deedra Alex AUD
Ms. Alicia Alexander CCC-A
Alicia Alexander AUD
David Alexander
Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander MAUD
Geneiveve Alexander MA
Mrs. Hanna Alexander MD
Mr. Joshua Alexander PHD
Leigh Alexander AUD
Lindsay Alexander AUD
Michele Alexander MA, CCC-A
Shirley Alexander MA
Mr. William Alexander MA, CCC-A
Deedra Alford AUD
Dr. Jennifer Alford AUD
Carmen Aliyeva AUD
Nisreen Alkhayer
Erika Allan AUD
Juan Allard PHD
Marla Allard CCC-A
Angela Allen AUD
Ann Allen AND CCCA
Audrey Allen AUD
Christina Allen AUD
Ms. Colleen Allen MS<CCC-A
Ms. Deborah Allen AUD
Mrs. Gretchen Allen MS
Jennie Allen AUD
Mrs. Joan Allen MA, CCC-A
Dr. John Allen PHD
Rachel Allen
Dr. Rose Allen PHD, CCC-A
Sally Allen AUD
Dr. Sarah Allen AUD
Sasha Allen
Shanna Allen AUD
Mrs. Stefanie Allen MS
Stacy Allenbach AUD
Ms. Catherine Alles MA, CCC/A, F/AAA
Mr. Michael Alley MS
Sara Alley AUD
Jane Allison AUD
Dr. Paula Allison AUD
Ms. Shirley Allison AUD CCC-A
Nancy Allonen-Allie CCC-A
Dr. Jonas Allooh AUD
Craig Allred AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Allred AUD, CCC-A
Steven Allred CCC-A
Alison Allstadt
Dr. Hammam Almakadma AUD
Marin Almer AUD
Sandra Almlie
Dr. Lisa Almond AUD
Brenda Alred AUD
Dr. Megan Alston AUD
Sandra Alston
Terese Alsum AUD
Tracy Altmann AUD
Dr. Anita Altschul
Dr. Karen Altschuld AUD
Dr. Indira Alvarez AUD
Mrs. Rebecca Alverson MA
Robin Alverson MMS, CCC-A
Dr. Lynn Alvord PHD
Lais Ama LHAD
Casey Amann AUD
Crystal Amantea AU'D
Susan Amberg MD
Mr. Michael Ambrose MSED
Tracey Ambrose
Angela Ambrosio AUD
Kathy Ameno MAUD
Elyse Amigo AUD
Aneeqa Amin AUD
Amyn Amlani PHD
Rachel Amorim AUD
Aunyaporn Amornpongchai AUD
Nathan Amos PHD, CCC-A
Jonell Amrhein
Dr. Lynn Amsel AUD
Mrs. Cynthia Amundson MS
Mr. Martin Amundson MS, CCC-A
Desiree Amyx-Mackintosh
Mrs. Kimberly An AUD
Payal Anand AUD
Saradha Ananthakrishnan
Ms. Kirsten Andenas Aligada MA
Mr. Allan Andersen MS
Mrs. Beverly Andersen MS CCC-A
Mr. Douglas Andersen MA
Ms. Monica Andersen MA, FAAA
Ms. Tina Andersen MS/CCC-A
Amy Anderson AUD
Mrs. Angela Anderson MS, CCC-A
Angela Anderson AUD
Bayle Anderson AUD
Brianna Anderson AUD
Carolyn Anderson
Christie Anderson MA
Dr. Devin Anderson AUD
Diana Anderson
Dierdre Anderson AUD
Eileen Anderson MA, AUDIOLOGY
Elizabeth Anderson AUD
Ms. Ellen Anderson MA
Erin Anderson AUD
Ms. Janis Anderson MA
Dr. Karen Anderson PHD
Dr. Katie Anderson AUD
Ms. Laura Anderson MA
Lauren Anderson CCC-A
Dr. Marcia Anderson AUD
Martha Anderson MS CCC
Melinda Anderson
Melissa Anderson MA-CCCA
Meredith Anderson AUD
Dr. Rebecca Anderson AUD
Mrs. Renata Anderson
Samira Anderson AUD
Sandra Anderson AUDCCC-A
Dr. Scott Anderson AUD
Sharon Anderson MS, CCC-A
Dr. Shelley Anderson AUD
Shirley Anderson MA CCCA
Mrs. Solange Anderson CCC-A
Ms. Vera Anderson MA
Vicki Anderson MA
Mrs. Melissa Anderson-Pollino AUD
Erin Andersson AUD,CCC-A
Dr. James Ando AUD
Katherine Andreadis MA
David Andreaggi AUD
Gina Andreas
Karen Andregg MA
Dr. Monica Andres AUD
Dr. Cleona Andrew AUD
Dr. Chereece Andrews AUD
Emily Andrews MA, CCC-A
Dr. Heather Andrews AUD
Janet Andrews AUD
Julia Andrews AUD
Martha Andrews
Martha Andrews AUD
Seth Andrews AUD
Verleyne Andrews-Rodgers AUD
Monica Andriacchi AUD
Nicole Andries CCC-A
Ms. Lisa Andrighetti MS
Kaila Andrlik
Dr. Gary Andrus AUD
Renee Andrzejewski AUD,CCC-A
Ms. Joan Aneloski
Dr. Richard Anesko AUD
Ms. Ruthie Anfang MA
Dr. Gail Angelelli AUD
Ms. Lisa Angelina MA, CCC-A
Terrill Angell MA, FAAA
Dr. Renee Angelo AUD
Pamela Anger AUD CCC-A
Sarah Angerman CCC-A, PHD
Jamie Angus AUD
Mrs. Katherine Ankrum MS,CCC-A
Christine Annunziata
Dr. Anne Antalovich AUD
David Anthony JR. AUD
Kimberly Anthony
Meghan Anthony AUD
Dr. Barbra Antonelli
Susan Antonellis AUD CCC-A/F-AAA
Ryan Antonio AUD
Dr. Nicole Anzalone AUD, CCC-A
Martyann Apa MA AUD
Melanie Appler AUD, FAAA
Dr. Chris Araj AUD
Dr. Lauren Aramini AUD
Barbara Arandes Perez MS
Tracy Arazi AUD
Dr. Nicolle Arcara AUD
Kelly Archer AUD
Lara Archer MS, CCC-A
Mary Archer-Koike CCC-A
Lori Archie AUD, FAAA
Sandi Arcus
Mr. Vito Ardito MA, CCC(A)
Dr. Stefania Arduini AUD
Linda Arectos MS
Diane Arenberg AUD
Dr. Katie Arendash AUD
Holly Arentz AUD
Mrs. Julie Arey MA, CCC-A
Olga Argote-Muza MA
Lisa Arguello MED, CCC/A
Dr. Amy Ariss-Martin AUD
Dr. Margaret Armanini DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY
Mrs. Katie Armatoski AUD
Karen Armbrust AUD
Miss Joan Armbruster MS, MPHIL
Dr. Oscar Armero AUD
Dr. Aimee Armetta AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Allison Armstrong AUD
Bobbi Armstrong AUD
Heather Armstrong AUD
Ms. Ingrid Armstrong MA
Mrs. Kerrie Armstrong MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Kristen Armstrong AUD
Nancy Armstrong MA CCC-A/SLP
Royce Armstrong AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Timothy Armstrong MA
Mrs. Tracy Armstrong CCC-A
Dr. Susan Arnao AUD
Sally Arndt CCCA
Caroline Arnedt MA, CCC-A
Debra Arneson-Thilmony AUD
Mrs. Amy Arnett MS, CCC-A
Carey Arnett MA, CCC-A
Ashley Arney AUD
Dr. Amy Arnold AUD, CCC-A
Casey Arnold MS
Mrs. Courtney Arnold AUD
Krystal Arnold AUD
Margaret Arnold AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Cheryl Arnson MA
Dennis Arnst PHD
Ms. Lori Aronovici AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Suezanna Arp AUD
Dr. Eric Arriaga AUD
Lucia Arriola-Story AUD
Carmen Arroyo Torre
Mrs. Bridget Arseneault AUD
Wendy Artho AUD
Amy Arthur MA
Lisa Artino
Ms. Laine Arvant MS, CCC-A
Ms. Joan Arvedson PHD, MS
Sanghmitra Arvindekar
Dr. Anthony Asay AUD
Ms. Anne Marie Aschenbrenner MA, AUD
Mrs. Stephanie Asfar AUD
Sandra Ash AUD
Dr. Gina Ashabranner-Meuir AUD
Stacy Ashby I
Tricia Ashby-Scabis AUD, FAAA
Mrs. Jamie Ashcraft MA CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Ashkinaze AUD
Mrs. Brandy Ashley MA CCC-A
Krista Ashmore
Mrs. Victory Ashmore AUD
Dr. Christina Ashrafioun AUD
Kristen Ashwell
Ms. Melanie Ashworth MS, CCC-A
Robin Asmar
Kathleen Aspinall AUD
Dr. Kenneth Aspinall PHD
Dr. Paul Asprelli AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Elizabeth Assande MA
Dr. Sophie Assmann AUD
Rebecca Atcherson AUD,CCC A
Dr. Samuel Atcherson PHD, CCC-A
William Atherholt III
Mrs. Carol Atkins CCCA
Christine Atkins AUDIOLOGIST
Jessica Atkins AUD
Krystal Atkins MS
Dr. Lalisse Atkins AUD
Elina Atlas AUD
Ms. Miriam Attias-Magana F-AAA
Ms. Jill Atwood AUD
Dr. Kirsten Atwood AUD, ,CCC-A
Melissa Auchter AUD
Kristen Aucott AUD
Jessica Augusto AUD
Tracey Aukerman MA,CCC-A
Delbert Ault AUD
Dr. Holle Aungst AUD
Mrs. Roberta Aungst MS
Jane Auriemmo AUD, CCC/A
Dr. Christy Aurigemma AUD
Martha Auslander MA CCC-A
Lori Ausperk MS, CCC/A
Dr. Joseph Aussem AUD
Dr. Katherine Austin AUD
Dr. Katie Austin AUD
Mrs. Kim Austin MS CCCA
Shannon Austin AUD, CCC-A
Linda Auther PHD
Julie Autry-Jones MA, FAAO
Nicole Auxier MA CCC-A
Ms. Carol Avalone MS
Alla Avdashchenko MA, CCC-A
Marva Aven AUD
Jody Avery CCC-A
Anita Avila AUD
Dr. Miguel Avila AUD
Ms. Nitza Avni
Amal Awdeh MA, CCC-A
Carolyn Awender
Dr. Katherine Awoyinka AUD
Dr. Sharon Axelrod AUD
Stephanie Axtell AUD
Mrs. Johanna Ayala MS
Amy Aylward MA
Dr. Nataliya Ayzenberg AUD, PHD
Dr. Trinity Azevedo AUD
Mrs. Amanda Azman AUD CCC-A
Sarah Baade AUD
Dr. Kristin Baar AUD, CCC-A
Sharyce Baartman AUD
Traci Babaoglu MA, CCC-A
Pamela Babb MA, CCC-A
Ms. Kimberly Babbish MS
Miss Lisa Babcock MS
Sarah Babin AUD, CCC/A
Cindy Babitt MA
Dr. Rachel Baboian AUD CCC-A
Karol Babyak-Moore MA, CCC-A
Dr. Crystal Baca AUD
Amelia Bacaoanu AUD
Nancy Bach MA
Dr. Nora Bachan AUD
Dr. Sara Bachinski AUD
Krista Bachl AUD CC A
Jane Bachman AUD
Deborah Backus AUD
Ashley Bacon AUD
Dr. Rebecca Bacon AU D
Dr. Zarina Badalova AUD
Dr. Rohima Badri
Bernard Baduria MA, CCC-A
Bonnie Baehr AUD
Dr. Deborah Baerlocher AUD
Dr. Sally Baerman AUD
Dr. Elina Bagdasaryan AUD
Wendy Baggott AUD
Dr. Odilie Bagwell AU D CCC-A
Dr. Hollie Bahen AUD
Dr. Ryan Bahl AUD
Cammy Bahner MS-CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Bai Rossi AUD
Mrs. Alison Bailey AUD
Dr. Virginia Bailey AUD, MBA
Ms. Sue Bain
Jennifer Bain-Dixon MS,CCC-A
Jennifer Baird
Kevin Baird AUD
Patricia Baird
Robert Baird MS
Teri Bairnsfather MS,FAAA
Dr. Stacie Baisch AUD
Dr. Leslie Bajuscak AUD
Dr. Aneda Baker AUD
Dr. Anne Baker AUD
Anne Baker MS
Mrs. Ellen Baker AUD
Ellen Baker AUD
Mr. James Baker MS CCC-A
Linda Baker AUD
Dr. Mallory Baker AUD, CCC-A
Michelle Baker MS
Nora Baker MA/CCC
Mrs. Robin Baker AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Ryan Baker AUD
Tammy Baker AUD
Dr. Vicky Baker AUD
Andrea Baker Kuta AUD
Stephanie Bakewell AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Matthew Bakke SR. PHD
Dr. Jennifer Bakkerud AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Rupa Balachandran PHD
Joan Balash MA CCCA
John Balbo MS
Barbara Balboni Daly
Minnie Baldridge AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Nicole Baldus AUD
Brad Baldwin AUD
Mrs. Dawn Baldwin MS, CCC-A
Kristin Baldwin AU,D
Kristy Baldwin
Dr. Stacey Baldwin AUD CCC A
Dr. Jerilyn Balent AUD
Heather Bales MA,CCC/A
Kathryn Balestino-Estes AUD
Mrs. Michelle Balestra MA, CCC-A
John Balko MD
Ms. Karla Balko MS, CCC-A
Amanda Ball
Leah Ball AUD
Ms. Mary Ball MA
Nicole Ball AUD
Nina Ball MS
Bopanna Ballachanda PHD
Jessica Ballard
Dr. Kevin Ballard AUD
Dr. Laurel Ballentine-Muchicko AUD
Dr. Jeff Baller AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Darlene Ballew MA
Dr. Shalyn Ballew AUD
Ms. Nicole Balliet AUD
Mrs. Lisa Ballinger MS/CCC-A
Sara Balmert MA
Dr. Heather Balon AUD
Dr. Sarah Balsam AUD
Heather Balsley AUD
Ms. Shelley Baltodano AUD
Nancy Baltzell-Musuras
Dr. Renee Banakis Hartl AUD, MD
Shilpi Banerjee PHD
Ms. Kimberly Bank AUD
Mrs. Casandra Banks MA
Lindsey Banks AU D
Amy Bannerman MA, CCC/A
Ms. Kelley Bannon AUD
Mrs. Mary Banser MA
Jennifer Baqar AUD
Dr. Glen Baquet AUD
Dr. Sean Barak AUD
Dr. Fadyeh Barakat AUD
Mrs. Patricia Baran MS-CCC-A
Thomas Baranek MA CCC-A
Mrs. Allison Baranowski MA,CCC-A
Christina Barbao MS, CCC-A
Britany Barber AUD,
Dr. Laura Barber AUD
Mrs. Melissa Barber MS CCC-A
Dr. Jamie Barbera AUD
Christina Barberena AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Linda Barbian MS, CCC-A
Samantha Barbour
Ms. Amanda Barbur AUD
Mrs. Sara Barcelo MS-A IN AUDIOLOGY
Mrs. Brenda Bardasian MS, CCC-A
Emily Barden AUD
Ms. Randall Barden
Dr. Lynnette Bardolf PHD
Mr. Jeffrey Barefoot CCC-A
Patrick Barga AU
Dr. Gabriel Bargen PHD
Dr. Stacey Bargmeyer-Hutchison AUD
Lois Barin PHD
Mrs. Alicia Barker MS
Dr. Constance Barker PHD
Dr. Kevin Barlow AUD
Dr. Christina Barnard AUD
Emma Barnard AUD
Mrs. Susan Barnard MA CCCA
Jennifer Barnes AUD
Michael Barnes Lopez MA
Cherryl Barnett SLP
Dr. Janie Barnett AUD
Dr. Risa Barnett-Padeni AUD CCC-A
Ms. Joy Barney MS CCC-A
Kelly Barninger AUD
Dr. David Barnkow AUD
Jeanne Barno MA-CCC-A
Lawrence Barnum
Dr. Veronica Barnwell DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY
Dr. Kelly Baroch AUD
Mrs. Caren Barone MS, CCC-A
Ashley Barr
Mrs. Jessica Barr MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Connie Barragan AUD
Dr. Karly Barreiro AUD
Dr. Diana Barreneche AUD
Eric Barrett AUD
Julie Barrett MS
Stephanie Barrett AUD
Cheryl Barron
Penny Barron CCC-A
Ms. Sol Barros MS
Brittney Barry AUD
Dr. E. Barry AUD
Dr. Joseph Barry PHD
Michelle Barry AUD
Pamela Barry CCC-SLP, CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Barsook
Jeremy Bartel MS, CCC-A, CNIM
Susanna Bartel-Kelso AUDIOLOGY
Mr. David Bartels MS
Dr. Christine Bartelt AUD
Mrs. Leah Barter MS
Craig Barth MS
Julie Barth MA
Susan Bartlett MA
Theresa Bartlett AUD
Tonya Bartley MA
Ms. Theresa Bartoldus AUD
Mrs. Angela Barton
Dr. Katie Barton AUD
Mrs. Linda Barton MS
Dr. Suman Barua AUD
David Barwell MA AUDIOLOGY
Niki Barwick MS CCC-A
Dr. Shannon Basham AUD
Laura Baskett AUD
Ms. Sue Basore MS
Dr. Amber Bass AUD, CCC-A
Carol Bass MS
Diane Bass MS-CCC(A)
Riley Bass AUD
Dr. Roberta Bass AUD
Sandie Bass-Ringdahl PHD, CCC-A
Julie Bassett
Ms. Michele Bassett AUD
Ms. Susan Bassett MS
Dr. Shelley Bassham PHD
Mr. James Basso AUD
Judith Bastean MA
Ms. Elizabeth Batchelor AUD
Angela Bateman MA-CCC-A
Michael Bateman AUD
Amy Bates MA, CCC-A
Andrea Bates AUD
Ms. Ashton Bates AUD
Elizabeth Bates MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jaren Bates AUD
Maryellen Bates-Welsh MA, CCC-A
Ms. Reva Batheja MA
Dr. Anthony Batill AUD,CCC-A
Angela Batini MS
Dr. Lisa Battani AUD
Yasmin Battat AUD
Amanda Battey AUD
Dr. Leslie Battisti AUD
Jacqueline Battle
Bret Battles
Mrs. Tara Battles MA, CCC-A
Dr. Heather Baty AUD
Christopher Bauch PHD
Jacquelyn Baudhuin AUD
Mrs. Debra Bauer MA, CCC-A
Karen Bauer
Janene Bauhofer MS CCC-A
Anita Baum CCC/A
Mrs. Lynne Baum MA, CCC-A
Karen Bauman MA, CCC-A
Lindsay Bauman AUD
Dr. Natan Bauman ED,MS,ENG,FAAA
Tara Bauman AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Baumann AUD
Dr. Rima Baumberger AUD
Dr. Bethany Baumgart AUD
Dr. Nicole Baumgartner AUD
Dr. Rebecca Baumrin AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Francis Baur AUD
Sarah Baur MA,CCC-A
Dr. Jodi Baxter AUD
Stephanie Baxter AUD
Ms. Ariel Baxterbeck AUD
Mr. Tyler Bay AUD
Kate Bayer MA, CCC/A
Kristine Bayer AUD
Dr. Laura Baysinger AUD
Mrs. Angela Bayton-Langford MA CCC A
Shannon Bazaldua MA, CCC-A
Dr. Connie Bazil AUD, PSYD
Kathryn Bazzett AUD
Dr. Jillian Beacham AUD
Dr. Christine Beagle AUD
Lillian Beahm AUD
Joel Bealer CCC-A
Scott Beall
Ms. Sharon Beamer AUD
Ms. Dinah Beams
Shari Beams PHD, CCC-A
Brittany Bean MA CCC-A
Erin Bean AUD
Kara Bean AUD
Susan Bean MS
Horace Beasley AUD
Kerry Beasley AUD
Mary Jo Beason MS
Alyssa Beaton AUD
Mrs. Janice Beaton AUD CCC-A
Dr. Courtney Beatrous-Cooke
Anne Beattie AUD
Mr. Charles Beatty JR. MA, FAAA
Dr. Susan Beaty AUD
Ms. Kathryn Beauchaine MA
Dr. James Beauchamp AUD
Ms. Terese Beauchamp MS
Mrs. Stacey Beaudoin AUD
Cynthia Beauregard CCC A
Dr. Jennifer Bebee AUD
Christina Becerra MS
Kara Bechtold
Mrs. Ashley Beck AUD
Dr. Barbara Beck AUD
Jamie Beck
Dr. Jenifer Beck AUD
Dr. Lucille Beck PHD
Dr. Marisha Beck AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Melissa Beck MA, CCC-A
Dr. Sherri Beck AUD
Ms. Diane Becker AUD, CCC/A
Ellin Becker MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jillian Becker AUD
Dr. Nicole Becker AUD
Dr. Shari Becker AUDIOLOGIST
Tim Becker AUD
Margot Beckerman AUD
Leslie Beckham AUD
Rachel Beckley AUD
Dr. John Beckman AUD
Dr. Rebecca Beckman AUD CCCA
Mrs. Laurie Bedard MA, LA
Dr. Cara Bedore AUD
Trina Bedsaul AUD
Dr. Michelle Bedson AUD
Jill Beecher AU D
Brittany Beeg AUD
Mrs. Linda Begen-Peltz MA
Dr. Stefanie Behnke
Mrs. Pamela Beier MA CCC-A
Janet Beimborn MS, CCC/A
Dorothy Beireis AUD
Dr. Courtney Bel AUD
Mr. James Belch MS CCC A
Mrs. Jane Belcher MS,CCC/A
Ms. Jessica Belding MA
Ms. Vanessa Belding MA
Lee Belf AUD
Brooke Belf Kohler MA
Ms. Karen Belgard AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Pamela Christine Belin
Dr. Judith Belk PHD
Dr. Betsey Bell AUD
Dr. Carrie Bell CCC AUD
Dr. Daniel Bell AUD
Dr. Emily Bell AUD
Mrs. Julia Bell AUD
Mrs. Kerri Bell MED, CCC-A
Dr. Moira Bell AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Rachel Bell AUD
Dr. Christine Bell - Anderson AUD
Barbara Bell - Lehmkuhler AUD
Mrs. Mckenna Bellamy MA CCC-A
Shelby Bellew AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Teresa Bellis PHD
Tara Bellisario
Sharon Bellonio MS
Marisa Bellotti AUD
Dr. Rachel Bellotti AUD
Dr. Deliane Beloni-Bussey AUD
Dr. Jill Belski AUD
Mrs. Rebecca Belt
Natalie Benafield
Dr. Pamela Benbow AUD
Ms. Sarah Bench AUD
Maryann Bencin MA CCC/A, FAAA
Dr. Donald Bender PHD
Mrs. Pamela Bender AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Robin Bender BS,MS
Rachel Bending MS CCC-A
Deborah Beneby
Ms. Pamela Benedict AUD
Stacey Benefield AUD
Lauren Benitez
Silvia Benitez Sienra
Mrs. Sharon Benivegna MA, CCC-A
Ms. Tricia Benjamin AUD
Dr. Angela Benjamin-Mckie AUD, MSA
Mrs. Lois Bennardo MS CCC-A
Mrs. Tamara Bennawit AU D
Abby Bennett
Brooke Bennett AUD
Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn Bennett MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Dyann Bennett MS
Heather Bennett AUD
Mrs. Julie Bennett MS
Marc Bennett AUD
Megan Bennett AUDIOLOGY
Susan Bennett MA, CCC-A
Tamara Bennett AU D
Barbara Bennitt
Dr. Maryann Bensema AUD
C Benson AUD
Dr. Darcy Benson AUD
Lindsay Benson AUD
Lois Benson
Maria Benson MS
Ms. Susanne Benson MS
Dr. Emma Bentham AUD
Dr. Heather Bentley AUD
Jennifer Bentley AUD
Dr. Renee Bentley AUD
Dr. Steven Benton AUD
Diane Benz AUD
Dr. John Berardino AUD
Mrs. Lisa Berch MA, CCC-A
Beth Bereksazi AUD
Dr. Maria Berenato AUD
Dr. Shannon Berendes AUD
Mrs. Mary Berenguer AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Sandra Berenhaus MA, CCC (A)
Kimberly Beres AUD
Dr. Abbey Berg PHD
Mrs. Annette Berg MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Mr. Carl Berg AUD
Craig Berg AUD
Mrs. Debra Berg
Jessica Berg
Michael Berg MS
Sheri Berg AU D
Tina Berg MA, CCC-A
Lauren Bergamo MA
Cynthia Bergan MA
Molly Bergen SLP
Julie Berger MS CCCA
Dr. Leeann Berger AUD
Sena Bergeron
Stephanie Bergeron
Mr. Lance Bergeson MA
Cindy Bergman 08151956
Carol Bergmann AUD,CCC-A
Mr. Patrick Bergmann MS,CCC
Mrs. Robyn Bergmans MS
Mr. Travis Bergmans AUD FAAA
Mrs. Susan Bergquist MS CCA
Mr. Charles Bering MS
Patricia Beringer
Mr. Mark Berke MA CCC-A
Dr. Charles Berlin PHD
Nancy Berlin MED
Mrs. Audra Berman MA
Laura Berman MS CCC-A
Dr. Juan Bermejo PHD
Michael Bermudez
Lisa Bernholz-Balsam MS, CCC-SLP/A
Eileen Bernier MA, CCC-A
Dr. Claire Bernstein PHD
Evan Bernstein MS
Dr. Beth Bernthal AUD
Dr. Christoffer Berntsen AUD
Ms. Eva Bero CCC-A
Dr. Judy Bero AUD
Dr. Carolyn Berridge AUD
Constance Berry AUD, CCC-A
Grant Berry MACCCA
Jennifer Berry AUD
Kathleen Berry MSCCC-A
Linda Berry
Lindi Berry AUD
Ms. Virginia Berry MS, CCC-A
Dr. Katie Bertheas AUD
Molly Bertinato
Dr. Elizabeth Beschoner AUD
Dr. Laura Beshaler AUD
Dr. Joan Besing PHD CCC-A
Katie Bessent AUD
Mavie Betancourt
Ms. Yvette Bethea MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Michelle Betner HAD & SLP
Nicole Bettencourt AUD
Dr. Lynn Betzig AUD
Joann Bevan MS CCCA
Mrs. Dawn Beverly MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Tonia Beverly AUD, CCC-A
Elizabeth Bevilacqua AUD
Dr. Natalie Bevilacqua AUD
Jaclyn Bewick AUD
Migheon Bey MSA, CCC-A
Mr. Norman Beyer SLP/AUD
Ms. Willena Beyer AU
Dr. Anita Bhandarkar AUD
Asha Bhashyam
Dr. Sugata Bhattacharjee AUD
Jyoti Bhayani
Elizabeth Biagini MA
Mrs. Kathryn Bialecki AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Kathryn Bialobok AUD
Mrs. Lori Biasotti AUD
Jacqueline Bibee AUD
Denise Bickley MA
Dr. Natalie Bickley AUD
Mrs. Aimee Biddle AUD
Dr. Jennifer Bidelman AUD
Melia Biedscheid MA, CCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Bieker AUD CCC-A
Lorrie Bielen
Dr. William Bielski AUD
Dr. Julie Biernacki AUD
Allison Biever AUD
Mrs. Cheryl Bifano MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Deborah Biggert MA, CCC-A
Holley-Marie Biggs CCC-A
Kelly Bilbruck AU
Mrs. Ashley Bilello MA, CCC-A
Sara Billari AUD
Ms. Rula Billeh MA, CCC-A
Trisha Billger AUD
Curtis Billings PHD
Dr. Danica Billingsly AUD
Aaron Bilovecky MA, CCC-A
Suzanne Bilse AUD CCCA
Mrs. Vicki Bilski MA CCCA
Mrs. Lisa Biltimier MS, CCC-A
Candace Biltz AUD
Dr. Sarah Binfet AUD
Dr. Rebecca Bingea AUD
Jamie Binns AUD
Ms. Lesley Bippert AUDIOLOGIST
Bruce Birch MS
Kristen Birch
Mrs. Melanie Birck MS, CCC-A
Ms. Leslie Bird MA CCCA
Dr. Richard Bird AUD
Alanna Birdwell AUD,CCC-A
Carrie Birdwell AUD
Dr. Cori Birkholz AUD
Dr. Cara Birner AUD
Gail Biscow MS CCC A SLP
Dr. Kristen Bish
Dr. Amy Bishop AUD
Dr. Charles Bishop AU D
Mrs. Mary Bishop MED, CCC
Michelle Bishop AUD
Dr. Patricia Bishop AUD
Dr. Rachel Bishop AUD
Mr. Randy Bishop MS
Robbi Bishop MS
Ms. Charlotte Biskup-Godfrey MA
Dr. Samuel Bittel AUD
Christine Bitzer
Anna Bixler AUD
Caroline Bjarnason MS
Ms. Anna Black AUD
Jennifer Black MA, CCC-A
Elizabeth Blackburn AUD
Dr. Erin Blackburn AUD
Dr. Michael Blackburn AUD
Sharon Blackburn DR AUDIOLOGY
Lesa Blackhurst MS, CCC, SLP
Ms. Blanche Blackington MA
Dr. Denise Blackmore AUD
Belinda Blackstone MS, CCC-A
Martha Blaesing MA CCC-A
Ms. Nancy Blair AUD
Dr. Richard Blair AUD
Ms. Tracy Blair MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Patricia Blake-Rahter PHD
Nancy Blaksley AU
Dr. Stacy Blalock
Tara Blalock DO
Erika Blanchard CCC-A
Dr. Michelle Blanchard AUD
Dr. Michelle Blanchard AUD
Megan Blanchette AUD
Mrs. Nicole Blanck MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jenny Blanco-Doe AUD
Mrs. Amy Blank CCC-A
Candace Blank AUD
Janet Blank MA
Dr. Rebecca Blankenhorn AUD
Dr. Chelsea Blankenship AUD
Karen Blankenship MA
Ms. Tina Blankenship I MSCCC/A
Dr. Georgina Blasco AUD
Melina Blasi AUD
Dr. Amanda Blaszczynski AUD
Mrs. Barbara Blattstein MA
Mr. Mark Blau AUD
Susan Blauel AUD
Deborah Blaylock AUD
Barbara Blazek MS
Rose Blecker AUD
Ms. Marti Bleidt MA
Mrs. Ellen Bloch BS,MA
Mr. Gerald Bloch MA
Bridget Block AUD
Jaime Block AUD
Jonell Block AUD
Dr. Kimberly Block AUD
Mrs. Linda Block MA CCC/A
Lindsay Block AUD
Mr. Michael Block MS, , PHD
Jessica Blomeke AU D
Mrs. Tori Blomquist MS, CCC-A
Amy Bloom AUD
Anita Bloom MA, FAAA
Kayla Bloom-Trosky AUD, CCC-A
Talisa Blount MA
Dana Boatman AUD
Dr. Donna Boatz AUD
Edith Bobbitt-Boyce MS, CCC-A
Kate Bobholz AUD
Elaine Bochnovich MACCC-A
Nancy Bockway MA
Dr. Sara Bodack AUD
Mrs. Marnie Bodapaty MA, CCC-A
Dana Boddorf AUD
Dr. Michelle Bode AUD
Mrs. Shelly Bodensteiner MA CCC-A
Mrs. Jeana Bodine CCC-A, AAA
Dr. Kenneth Bodkin AUD
Dr. Shelly Boelter AUD CCC-A
Mrs. Angelique Boerst MA CCC-A
Renita Boesiger AUDIOLOGIST
Stewart Bofenkamp CCC-A
Janice Boger CCCA
Allison Boggess AUD
William Boggess MS
Susan Boggia AUD
Dr. Jamie Bogle AUD, PHD
Dr. Janet Bogus F-AAA
Abby Bohler AUD
Amanda Bohn AUD
Mrs. Jane Bohnenkamp MA CCCA
Susan Bohning CCC-A
Kolette Bohr
Mary Bohr MS CCC-A
Julie Boiano AUD, CCC-A
Debra Boies-Corcoran
Sergei Boikov PHD
Mrs. Dolores Boisselle MA-CCC-A
Dr. Erin Boklage AUD
Dr. Jennifer Bold AUD
Megan Bolda AU-D
Francoise Bolder AUD
Lauren Bolek AUD, CCC-A
Brianna Boles AUD
Mrs. Anne Boling M ED
Bethany Bolling AUD,CCC-A
Jill Bollman MS CCC A
Katherine Bolt AUD
Ms. Lindsay Bolt AUD
Mary Bolt AUD
Mrs. Gail Bolton AUD,CCC/A
Susan Bolton CCC-A
Mary Bombard MA
Kamila Bome AUD
Dr. Gloria Boms AUD
Dr. Ashley Bonanno AU,D,
Lauren Bonczek AUD
Mr. Phillip Bond AUD
Ms. Christine Bond-Eaves MA CCCA A
Prof. Lindsay Bondurant PHD, CCC-A
Mary Bone AUD
Jennifer Bonk
Julie Bonko CCC-A
Dr. Jordan Bonnett AUD
Mrs. Sarah Bonnett MS
Dr. Alyssa Bonnette AUD
Matthew Bonsall AUD
Mrs. Lisa Bont MA,
Kenneth Booher MS, F-AAA
Sheryl Booher AUD
Kathleen Boone MS
Angela Boonie AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Petra Boonstra
Ms. Amy Booth MA CCCA FAAA
Heather Booth MS,CCC-A
Mary Anne Booth MA, CCC-A
Dr. Rena Booth AUD
Dr. Samantha Booth AUD
Lisa Borchert MS, CCC-A
Dr. Dagmar Borcic AUD, CCC-A
Lamar Borden AU D
Stacy Borden AUD, CCC-A
Roy Bordenick MS
Ms. Alexandra Borders AUD
Krisha Boren AUD
Ms. Kristin Borgen MS, CCC-A
Dr. Janie Borges AUD
Rachael Borges AUD
Gregory Borgmeyer
Yuliya Borik AUD
Mrs. Beth Borin
Stephanie Borja-Johnson AUD
Ms. Gillian Borkowski MED
Mrs. Jacqueline Borland AUDIOLOGIST
Paula Borland Marcinkevich
Mrs. Jennifer Bormann MS, CCC-A
Laurie Bornstein MS, CCC-A
Dr. Steve Bornstein PHD
Noelle Borsellino
Dr. Bettie Borton AUD
Dr. Thomas Borton III PHD
Adela Bortone MA,CCC-A
Lauren Bosch MA
Teresa Bosiljevac AUD
Dr. Benjamin Boss AUD
Tiffany Bossie AUD
Dr. Katlyn Bostic AUD
Cheryl Boston AUD, FAAA
Mrs. Deanna Boston AUD
Dr. Cassandra Bosworth AUD
Mrs. Theresa Bosworth MA,CCC-A
Mr. Raymond Bothell AUDIOLOGIST MA-CCC
Mrs. Randi Botier
Jill Botkin MS
Michelle Botko MA
Laura Botts AUD
Felicia Boubin AUD
Dr. Amy Boudin AUD
Dr. Amanda Boudreaux AUD
Donna Boulette SLP
Dr. Ossama Boulos PHD
Mr. Steven Bourgeois MA, CCC-A
Dr. Andrea Bourne AUD
Jennifer Bournique AU D
Joella Bova AUD
Cynthia Bovier
Elizabeth Bowden MA CCC-A
Katrina Bowden AUD
Stephen Bowditch MS
Dr. David Bowen AUD
Gennell Bowen
Mrs. Kimberly Bowen MA
Ms. Rebecca Bowen AUD MA, CCC-A
Stephanie Bowen
Terry Bowen
Nancy Bowen-Hicks MS CCC-A
Dr. Carolyn Bower AUD, CNIM, BCS-IOM
Julie Bower MS, CCC-A
Charles Bowers
Linda Bowers
Mrs. Margaret Bowers MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Norah Bowers AUD
David Bowles MA,CCC-A
Adrienne Bowman AUD
Jennifer Bowman
Samantha Bowman AUD
Dr. Jason Box AUD
Damon Boyce AUD
Dr. Dawn Boyce AUD,FAAA,CCC-A
Dr. Kathleen Boyce AUD
Mrs. Carrie Boyd MA
Mrs. Diane Boyd MS FAAA
Emily Boyd AUD
Christine Boyer AUD
Debra Boyer AUD
Pauline Boyer MA,CCC-A
Dr. Sue Ellen Boyer AUD
Hilary Boyle AUD
Tina Boyle MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Marisa Boyle-Pascucci AUD,CCC-A
Ms. Gloria Bozarth MS
Dr. John Bozeman AUD PHD
David Braatz MS
Marianne Brabanski MS
Audrey Bracchi MA
Amanda Bracken AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Janice Bradburn MS, CCC-A
Dr. Christina Bradford AUD
Kalyn Bradford AUD
Ms. Tricia Bradford
Tamala Bradham MD
Allison Bradley MA, CCC-A
Meredith Bradley AU D
Mrs. Laura Bradley Pratesi
Dr. Stephanie Bradley-Shorts AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Janice Bradshaw
Dr. Nancy Bradsher AUD
Dr. Diane Brady AUD
Dr. Granville Brady JR. AUD
Kristina Brady AUD
Ms. Laura Brady AUD
Matthew Brady AUD
Dr. Meghan Brady AUD
Lisa Bragg AUD
Amy Brainerd
Mrs. Mari Brake AUD, CCC-A
Chantee Brakeville AUD, CCC-A
Rose Brakke AUD
Mrs. Kayce Bramble AUD
Dr. Naomi Bramhall AUD, PHD
Kimberly Bramlett AUD
Julia Bramley MA
Melissa Branam MA, CCC-A
Dr. Katrina Brand AUD
Patrick Brand AUD
Mrs. Baila Brander AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Nicole Brandes AUD
Miss Kristin Brandi MS
Amanda Brandino
Dr. Emily Brandner AUD
Dr. Susan Brandner AUD
Dick Brandon AUD
Mackensie Brandt AUD
Merrilee Brandt AUD
Dr. Susan Brannen AUD
Jennifer Brannon AUDIOLOGIST
Kjersten Branscome CCC-A
Dr. Merry Brantley AUD
Dr. Rebecca Brashears AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Shanda Brashears CCC-A
Elizabeth Brassine AUD
Dr. Gene Bratt PHD
Dr. Larrain Bratt AUD
Sandra Bratton AUD
Kimberly Brauer AUD
Ms. Lynn Brault AUD
Becky Braun AUD
Donna Braun AUD
Linda Braun MA
Mr. Robert Braun
Dr. Sarah Braun AUD
Ms. Stacey Braund AUD
Stephen Brauninger
Laurel Braverman AUD
Pnina Bravmann
Dr. Hector Bravo AUD
Dr. Kristin Bray AUD
Mrs. Robin Bray MA,CCC-A
Vaughn Bray MCD, CCC-A
Mr. Todd Brazil MCD, CCC-A
Lindsay Braziller AUD
Rebecca Bredl AUD CCCA
Dr. Brandalyn Breeden AUD
Mr. Albert Breeding MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Kathleen Breen
Maria Breen AUD
Dr. Kelly Breese AUD
Ann Brehmer MS, CCC-A
Danielle Breitbart AUD
Katharine Breithart AUD
Douglas Breithaupt
Walter Breitinger MA
Mr. Charles Brejcha MA
James Bremer AUD
Mrs. Lynne Bremer MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Mrs. Kristina Brendzel MA, CCC-A
Alyce Breneman MA, CCC-A
Christine Brengman CCC-A
Gayle Brennan SLP
Kelly Brennan AUD
Mrs. Maryann Brenneman AUD
Dr. Ruth Brenner AUD
Brandy Brent AUD
Kevin Breshike
Kristin Bresnahan
Suzanne Bressette AUD
Dr. Julie Breton AUD
Mrs. Sarah Bretz MS
Dr. Yale Brevda AUD
Dr. Debra Brewer AUD
Diane Brewer MA
Kathryn Brewer MS CCCA
Laurel Brewer CCC-A
Barbara Brewster Vaudreuil
Robert Brey PHD
Mr. Barry Bricca MS
Christine Bricker CCC-A
Kathy Bricker AUD
Holly Bridges AUD
Julie Bridges MA
Mrs. Kathryn Brierley MA, CCC-A
Jennifer Briggs
Dr. Lauren Briggs AUD
Mrs. Marlo Briggs MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Mary Briggs
Dr. Stephany Briggs AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Toni Brightwell MS
Kelly Briley AUD
Loni Briley AUD
Norman Bringman MA
Mrs. Diane Brink MS CCC A F AAA
Tara Brink
Mrs. Janet Brinkman CCCA
Megan Brinkman MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Patricia Brinskelle AUD
Christopher Briody AUD
Ms. Glenda Brisbane MS
Mrs. Amy Britt MED, CCC-A
Dr. Geneva Britt AUD
Dr. Frederick Britten PHD
Jonathan Brittian AUD
Dr. Jane Britton AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Patrick Brix AUD
Mr. Erik Brizzee MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jamie Broadbent AUD
Sandra Broaddus HIS
Jeff Brockett EDD
Dr. Alison Brockmeyer AUD
Ms. Debra Brockway MA, CCC-A
Mary Brockway MA, CCC-A
Ms. Susan Broderick MA
Mr. Milton Brodkowitz MS-AUDIOLOGIST
Erin Brodnick MS
Laura Brodsky
Mrs. Aviva Brody
Mrs. Maureen Broeker MA
Betsy Bromberg MS/CCC-A
Dr. Karen Bromberg AUD
Dr. Dustin Bronsdon AUD
Dr. Jane Brook AUD
Mrs. Andrea Brooks MA, CCC/A
Dr. Cherylan Brooks AUD
Deborah Brooks AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Dr. John Brooks AUD
Dr. Lacey Brooks AUD
Ms. Michelle Brooks
Rebecca Brooks MA CCCA
Stanley Brooks
Teresa Brooks
Miss Ashley Broska AUD
Caryn Bross MS
Mrs. Sandra Brotman Domoracki AUD
Ms. Ann Broughton MA
Maria Brouse CCC-A
Dr. Ashlynn Broussard AUD
Dr. Katrina Brow AUD
Alison Brown AUD
Amy Brown
Carolyn Brown
Dr. Christine Brown AUD
David Brown
Dr. Debora Brown AUD
Denice Brown PHD, CCC-A
Denise Brown AUD
Diane Brown MA
Ms. Diane Brown MA CCC-A
Douglas Brown MS
Elizabeth Brown CCC-A
Elizabeth Brown AUD
Emily Brown AUD
Dr. Erin Brown AUD
Mrs. Gail Brown MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Jan Brown MSCCC/A
Dr. Jana Brown AUD
Jean Brown AUD
Ms. Jennifer Brown MA CCC-A
Karen Brown AUD
Katherine Brown AUD
Dr. Kathryn Brown AUD
Kimberly Brown AUD
Lisa Brown MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Brown CCC-A
Mrs. Lorrain Brown MS,CCC-A
Lynell Brown AUD
Mallory Brown AUD
Ms. Marcie Brown MA
Dr. Matthew Brown AUD
Dr. Matthew Brown AUD
Melanie Brown AUD
Mr. Michael Brown AUDIOLOGIST
Mollie Brown AU D
Pamela Brown MS
Sallie Brown AUD
Mrs. Sandra Brown MA
Dr. Sherry Brown AUD
Dr. Steven Brown AUD
Miss Susan Brown MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Tammy Brown MA, CCC-A
Dr. Therian Brown AUD
Tricia Brown
Wade Brown MS, CCA-A
Dr. Warren Brown AUD
Wayne Brown AUD
Dr. William Brown II AUD
Maureen Browne CCC-A
Dr. Robyn Browne AUD
Christa Browning AUD
James Browning AUD
Dr. Jared Browning AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Holly Broyles AUD
Ryan Broyles AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Margaret Brubacher MA,CCC-A
Marcia Brucculeri
Dr. Brandon Bruce AUD
Lindsay Bruce AUD
Dr. Mary Bruce AUD
Dr. Peter Bruce AUD
Mrs. Rosemary Bruch MS
Jamie Brudecki MA-CCCA
Dr. Mindy Brudereck AUD
David Brueggemann AU
Dana Bruggeman AUD
Dr. Lauren Brum AUD
Dr. Julie Brumbaugh AUD
Mr. Kristen Bruner-Kober MA
Dr. Vickie Brunk
Nancy Bruno AUD
Ms. Briana Bruno Holtan MS
Ms. Katherine Brusca MA,
Dr. Michelle Bruszer AUD
Anna Brutsman AUD
Kimberly Bruzas MS
Dr. Amy Bryan AUD
Dr. Matthew Bryan AUD
Melinda Bryan CCC-A
Dr. Melinda Bryan PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Carol Bryant AUD
Diane Bryant MS
Douglas Bryant PHD
Kim Bryant MED
Kristin Bryant AUD CCC-A
Emily Bubnick
Erin Buchanan AUD
Leo Buchanan PHD
Mr. Robert Buchanan MA
Catherine Buchele MA,CCC-A
Deborah Buchler MCD
Annmarie Buchner
Ms. Andrea Bucker AUD
Molly Buckles MS CCC-A
Miss Alexsandra Buckley MED
Gloria Buckley MS, CCC-A
Dr. Katharine Buckley AUD
Mrs. Susan Buckley MA, CCC-A
Nina Buckley-Ess AUD
Ms. Amy Buckner MCD CCC A
Robert Budacki
Kristin Budd AUD
Teresa Budny AUD
Mrs. Heidi Buechner MA
Donald Bueermann AUD
Mr. Kim Buehler AUD
Mary Buehler MA, CCC-SLP/A
Dr. Meredith Buemi AUD
Pamela Buethe
Jeremi Buffington AUD
Mrs. Jacki Buffington-Reider AUD, CCC-A
Cornelia Bugg AUD
Mrs. Victoria Bugtong MS,CCC-A
Dr. Melanie Buhr-Lawler AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Bukowski AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Amanda Bullard AUD
Dr. Kathleen Bulley AUD
Dr. Laura Bullock AUD
Dr. Joni Bullough AUD
Barbara Bulriss MS, CCC-A
Mr. Jared Bumgardner AUD
Mrs. Emily Bunce AUD
Karin Bunderson MC,D
Samantha Bunge AUD
Dr. Kathryn Bunker AUD
Michelle Bunker AUD
Thomas Bunn AUD
Eric Bunnell AUD, CCC-A
Scott Bunnell MA/CCC-A
Susan Bunting MA
Jessica Bunyard MA
Dr. Linda Burba AUD
Mrs. Christie Burch AUDIOLOGIST
Kathleen Burch MA, CCC-A
Dr. April Burdett AUD CCCA
Dr. Todd Burdette AUD, AUDIOLOGIST
Miss Laina Burdiek AUD
Jamie Burford AUD
Amanda Burg AUD
Dr. Linda Burg AUD
Briana Burgan AUD
Dr. Kelly Burgdorf AUD
Laura Burger
Tracy Burger MS, MS
Mrs. Mayra Burgos
Mrs. Lauren Burgreen MA
Denise Burhans AUD
Gretchen Burk MS
Dr. Linda Burkart AUD
Dr. Mark Burkart AUD
Miss Alicia Burke CCC-A
Ashley Burke
Dr. Debra Burke AUD
Henry Burke AUD
Mr. John Burke MA CCC-A
Kathleen Burke AUD
Sheila Burke MS
Dr. Terry Burke AUD
Mrs. Sandy Burkes-Campbell MS, CCC-A
Lynette Burkett MA
Jennifer Burkey AUD
Brittany Burkhardt
Dr. Kevin Burkhardt
Dr. Brian Burkhart AUD
Dr. Nicole Burkholder AUD
Kevin Burkitt AUD
Adam Burkland
Dr. Thomas Burkle AUD
Aaron Burks AUD
Alison Burks AUD
Mr. Christopher Burks AU D, CCCA
Laurie Burman MA
Mrs. Victoria Burner MED CCCA
Leigh Burnett MCD
Rachel Burnett AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Burnham MS,CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Burns AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Cathleen Burns MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Christina Burns MA, CCC-A
Dr. Edith Burns AUD
Dr. Jane Burns AUD
Joan Burns MA
Dr. Megan Burns AUD
Ms. Michelle Burns
Dr. Thomas Burns AU D
Tory Burns
Jennifer Burns Krueger
Dr. Heather Burr AUD
Jasmine Burrington AUD
Dr. Christine Burris
Dr. Dennis Burrows PHD
Jacob Burrows
Karen Burrows AUD
Norman Burstein AUD
Ms. Melissa Burt CCC-A
Mrs. Phyllis Burt MA CCCA
Dr. Mary Burtka AUD
Dr. Annette Burton AUD
Mrs. Deborah Burton
Mr. Jay Burton MA, CCC-A
Mary Burton MA
Mary Burton AU D
Mrs. Lisa Busald MS, CCC-A
Ms. Carly Busch AUD
Dr. Jacqueline Busen AUD
Ms. Barbara Bush AUD
Dana Bush CCC-A
Dr. Demarcus Bush AUD
Dr. Erica Bush AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Joilyn Bush AUD
Omallah Bush AUD
Marisa Bushman AUD
Mrs. Susan Bussard MA; CCC-A
Anna Bussing AUD
Liliana Bustamante MA
Dr. Judith Butera AUD
Diane Butfilowski MS
Cynthia Butler AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Daniel Butler AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Dawn Butler MA, CCC-A
Haley Butler AUD
Jennifer Butler AUD
Laura Butler MS, CCC-A
Lauren Butler AUD
Lisa Butler MA CCC-A
Dr. Naikai Butler AUD
Stacey Butler AUD
Frank Butts
Ms. Claire Buxton AUD
Christine Buzard
Dr. Alicia Byerly AUD
Dr. Bruce Bylsma AUD
Dr. Angela Byrd AUD, F-AAA, CCC-A
Ashley Byrd MCD, CCC-A
Ms. Cheryl Byrd MS
Denise Byrd AUD
Jill Byrd AUD
Dr. Jordan Byrd AUD
Stephanie Byrd AUD
Susan Byrd MS
Mrs. Kelly Byrer AUD
Carol Byrne AUD
Lynn Byrne MSPA
Dr. Karen Byrnes AUD
Dr. Constance Cabeza AUD
Mrs. Diane Cabibi MS,
Dr. Lindsay Cable AUD
Maria Cabonce
Dr. Rosa Cabrera-Ulloa AUD
Anthony Cacace PHD
Mindy Cacciatore
Kaitlyn Caceres
Jamie Cadieux AUD
Dr. Katherine Cadle AUD
Mark Caffrey MA
Dr. April Cafmeyer AUD
Donna Cafritz MA,CCC-A
Dr. Armi Krispy Cagingin AUD
Mrs. Barbara Cahill MS, CCC-A
Dr. Brianna Cahill AUD
Mr. Eric Cahill MS CCC-A
Mr. John Cahill MA
Megan Cahill AUD
Dr. Pamela Cain AUD
Sarah Cain AUD
Dr. Kristen Calabrese AUD
Timothy Calams AUD
Miss Susan Calantoni MS, FAAA
Ms. Joycelyn Calavano MA, MA
Dr. Howard Calder PHD
Mrs. Mary Calderone MACCCA
Jill Calderwood AUD
Amber Caldwell AUD
Cheryl Caldwell AUD
Marc Caldwell AUD
Sandra Caldwell
Paula Calhoun AUD
Aina Calimano AUD
Kelly Calkins AUD
Dr. Kim Callahan AUD
Dr. Susanna Callaway AUD, CCC-A
Rebecca Callender MA
Ms. Pamela Calliari MS, CCC-A
Renee Callinan MS, CCC-A
Kristal Calloway AUDIOLOGIST
Karin Calviti
Ms. Cecilia Camacho AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Luis Camacho MA F-AAA
Kelly Camarda MED
Ms. Cheryl Cameron
Mr. Douglas Cameron MS
Dr. Lori Cameron
Dr. Cara Caminiti AUD CCC-A
Connie Campa MS
Aaron Campbell MS, CCC-A
Ms. Ashley Campbell AUD
Mrs. Christine Campbell MS
Cole Campbell AUD
Colleen Campbell AUD
Dr. Courtney Campbell AUD
Dolores Campbell MS
Erica Campbell AUD
Dr. Erin Campbell AUD
Mrs. Jane Campbell MA,CCC
Jennifer Campbell MA, CCC-A
Mr. John Campbell MA
Dr. Mark Campbell AUD, CCC-A
Mitchell Campbell AUD
Dr. Nanci Campbell AUD
Dr. Robert Campbell AUD
Mr. Robert Camper AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Kristine Campion MA
Dr. Jennifer Campolo AUD
Kathleen Campos MA, CCC-A
Laura Campos AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Camposeo AUD
Mrs. Conna Canada MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Lynne Canales MA
Ms. Jennie Canan AUD
Paige Canfield AUD
Mrs. Amy Canine AUD
Ms. Gennie Canlas MA
Caitlin Cann AUD
Dr. Ashley Cannon AUD
Christina Cannon
Lisa Cannon MS CCC A
Michele Cannon AUD
Teresa Cannon AUD
Dr. Tasha Cantelmo AUD
Dr. Wendy Cantor AUD
Ms. Cintia Capasso AUD
Sherrie Caples-Price AUD
Joanna Capobianco AUD
Ms. Maria Capobianco MA
Ms. Mary Capozzelli MS
Susan Cappellini CCC-A
Sarah Cappelmann AUD
Mrs. Mary Capri MA CCC A FAAA
Dr. Laurie Caracciolo AUDCCC-A
Ms. Andrea Carbaugh AUD
Dr. Julia Carbonneau AUD
Quinlin Card AUD
Dr. Lawrence Cardano AUD
Dr. Ann Cardella AUD
Dr. Nelson Cardenales AUD
Oswaldo Cardenas SCD
Dr. Kellye Carder AUD
Jill Cardinal AUD
Dr. Garrett Cardon AUD
Jennifer Carey AUD, CCC-A
Sharon Cargill MA
Mrs. Rachel Carl AUD
Dr. Laura Carleton AUD
Linda Carleton MS, F-AAA
Brandi Carley FAAA,CCC-A, MS
Dr. Margaret Carlin PHD
Mrs. Melissa Carlino Diaz MA, CCC -A
Natalie Carlisle AUD
Dr. Mitzarie Carlo - Colon AUD, PHD
Dr. Jenifer Carlock AUD CCCA
Mrs. Kerry Carlone MS
Mrs. Alice Carlsen MSCCC/A
Amy Carlson AUD
Mrs. Betsy Carlson MA, CCC-A
Bridget Carlson AUD
Elaine Carlson
Esther Carlson
Dr. Heather Carlson AUD
Dr. Hillary Carlson AUD
Judith Carlson MS
Dr. Julie Carlson AUD
Mrs. Korie Carlson MS
Lori Carlson MS
Dr. Mary Lou Carlson AUD
Mrs. Stephanie Carlson MS
Dr. Jane Carlstrom AUD
Dr. Robert Carlton AUD
Dr. Ian Carman AUD
Dr. Sabra Carman AUD
Dr. Lynn Carmichael AUD
Natasha Carmichael CCC-A
Mrs. Alissa Carnelian MS
Miss Emilie Carney AUD
Mrs. Sarah Carney MED FAAA
Stephanie Carney MA
Courtney Caron AUD
Jeanmarie Carone MA
Cathryn Carpenter
David Carpenter AUD
Erica Carpenter MA
Ms. Karen Carpenter MA, CCC-A
Laurence Carpenter MS CCC
Dr. Michelle Carpenter AUD
Dr. Ryan Carpenter AUD
Ms. Susan Carpenter CCC A
Dr. Amanda Carr AUD
Dr. Aubrey Carr AUD
Mr. Clifford Carr CCC-A
Dr. Kristen Carr AUD
Linda Carr-Kraft MA
Marilyn Carrell MA CCC-A
Alice Carreon-Coyle MA, CCC-A
Ms. Lindsay Carrick AUD
Mrs. Georganne Carriere MED,CCC-A
Juliana Carriere-Marcantel AUD
Edward Carrig MS,CCC-A
Brenna Carrigan
Mr. James Carrigan MA
Mrs. Victoria Carrigan MA CCC-A
Carol Carrillo MA
Dr. Tyler Carris AUD
Anita Carroll MS, CCC-A
Charlene Carroll AUD
Dr. Elaine Carroll AUD
Harlan Carroll AUD
James Carroll AUD
Mark Carroll MS, CCC-A
Ms. Tara Carroll MCD, CCC/A
Dr. Daniel Carroll-Plante AUD
Dr. Mary Carson AUD
Mollana Carson AUD
Shelli Carson MS, CCC-A
Arica Carter AUD
Chelsea Carter AUD
Ms. Christine Carter MS, CCC-A
Diane Carter AUD
Edmund Carter MA
Dr. Heather Carter AUD, CCC-A
Jennifer Carter
Joseph Carter AUD
Dr. Kevin Carter AUD
Mark Carter MA
Melissa Carter AUD
Paul Carter AUD
Mrs. Rita Carter MA CCC-A
Mr. Scott Carter M A, CCC-A
Sherry Carter
Chelsea Carter-Ellis AUD
Mary Cartford PHD
Daniel Cartwright AUD
Ms. Jane Cartwright MA
Courtney Carver AUD
Devin Carwin
Erin Carwin AUD
Mr. Troy Cascia AUD
Mrs. Kati Casey MS
Susan Casey MA,CC-A
Mr. Thomas Casey MS
Dr. Tracy Cash AUD
Amanda Casillo AUD
Phyllis Casler
Ms. Mary-Ellen Casper MSCCC-A
Dr. Jessie Cassada AUD, F-AAA
Ms. Kristin Cassady MS
Mrs. Mary Ann Cassel MA
Amanda Cassidy
Dr. Amy Cassidy AUD
Dr. Dhyan Cassie AUD
Laura Castel AUD
Dr. Joseph Castellano AUD
Jennifer Castelucci AUD
Micheal Castiglione
Madi Castillo MS, CCC-A/TSHH
Mrs. Shawn Castillo AUD
Erin Castioni AUD
Jennifer Castle
Ms. Sandra Castle MED
Bianca Castro AUD
Diane Catalano AUD
Donna Catalano MS
Mrs. Amy Catanzaro MA, CCC-A
Dr. Tracey Cater AUD
Wendy Cates AUD
Dr. Heather Catlin AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Marie-Lys Cattanach AUD
Nancy Catterall
Dr. Chris Caudle AUD
Teresa Caudle
Crystal Causer AUD
Mr. Dave Cavalier III MS, CCC-A
Elizabeth Cavalieri CCC-A
Alison Cavanaugh CCC-A
Dr. Cynthia Cavazos AUD
Dr. Kara Cave PHD
Mrs. Rachael Cavenee AUD
Rebecca Caviness MCD
Ingrid Cedo Cintron MS
Alice Cellino AUD
Ilana Cellum AUD
Larry Center MS CCC-A
Mrs. Alice Cerkoney MS
Dr. Rory Cernik AUD
Carmelina Cerrone CCC-A
Dr. Julianne Ceruti AUD, PHD, F-AAA
Laurie Cesati M ED
Dr. Michael Cevette PHD
Dr. Monique Chabaud AUD
Stephanie Chabez AUD
Christine Chad AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Susan Chadwick AUD, CCCA, FAAA
Dr. Karen Chaffer AUD
Brianna Chai AUD
Melinda Challoner MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Mary Chalmers MS
Dr. Cecelia Chamberlain AUD
Don Chamberlain AUD
Kimberly Chamberlain AUD
Mrs. Sandra Chamberlin MS
Sheila Chamberlin MS CCC A
Ms. Carol Chambers MA, CCC-A
Janet Chambers AUD
Selonda Chambers AUD
Katherine Chamlou
Craig Champlin PHD
Joanna Chan
Melinda Chan AUD
Dr. Rie Chan AUD
Dr. Tina Chan AUD
Mrs. Brittney Chandler AUD
Sarah Chandler AUD
Lisa Chandonais AUD
Ms. Wileen Chang AUD
Dr. Marcy Chant AUD
Roxanna Chapa AUD
Sheila Chapatwala MA, CCC-A,FAAA
Ursula Chaplin MA, CCC/A
Ms. Dana Chapman MA, CCC-A
Ms. Julie Chapman MS
Dr. Margaret Chapman AUD, PHD
Meredith Chapman
Ms. Michele Chapman MA FAAA
Robyn Chapman AUD
Dr. Nancy Charest AUD
Dr. Nallan Chari PHD
Dr. Jaclyn Charie
Dr. Chester Charles II AUD
Dr. Walter Charlip PHD
Dr. Steve Charlton JR. AUD
Amy Charrier MACCC-A
Mari Lee Chartier CCC-A
Peter Charuhas
Allison Chase MA CCC A
Kathy Chase CCC-A
Dr. Patricia Chase PHD, CCC-A
Mr. Scott Chase HIS
Dr. Mary Chatelain AUD
Kevin Chatman
Bruce Chatterton MA
Chi Chau
Nancy Cheadle
Dr. Ellen Cheek AUD
Stephen Chelius MCD
Dr. Tamy Chelst PHD
Dr. Chia-Tsen Chen AUD
Lei Chen AUD
Dr. Shu-No Chen AUD
Siyuan Chen AUD
Dr. Yun - Chih Chen AUD
Melanie Chenal MA
Julia Cheng
Minyu Cheng AUD
Laura Chenier AUD
Mrs. Lissa Cherbaka MS, CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Cherecwich AUD
Melissa Cherne MA
Deborah Cherpillod CCC-A, MA
Mr. Jay Cherry MA, CCC/A
Megan Cherry AUD
Dr. Rochelle Cherry EDD
Vasudha Cherukuri AUD
Molly Cheshire AUD
Dr. Joan Chesick AUD
Kimberly Chesney AUD
Jody Chesser AUD
Dr. Lauralyn Chetwynd AUD
Miss Garlene Cheung AUD
Kar-Leung Cheung AUD
Jamie Chevalier AUD
Mrs. Mary Chevalier MS CCC-A
Dr. Mary Chevis CCC-A
Mariah Cheyney AUD
Margo Chiappinelli
Joseph Chiarello AUD
Dr. Carl Chiasson AUD
Jackie Chiger MSCCC-A
Rutendo Chikuku
Ms. Elizabeth Chilcote MS CCC-A
Karla Childers AUD
Margaret Childress BS
Sarah Childress AUD
Dr. Jennie Chiles AUD
Dr. David Chin AUD
Susan Chin CCC-A
Sherol Chinchilla MS
Jill Chinnici Anamasi MA
Mrs. Kristen Chip MA
Erin Chipalowsky
Ms. Sarah Chipman
Ms. Maura Chippendale AUD, FAAA
Mrs. Tracy Chippendale
Katie Chiu
Ms. Elizabeth Chiusano MED, CCC-A
Mr. Rudolph Chmelik MS CCC-A
Kerry Chmielenski MA CCC-A
Ms. Janie Chobot-Rodd
Eunhye Choe AUD, CCC-A
Mr. David Choi MA
Mrs. Sonia Choi AUD
Mary Chollman AUD
Dr. John Chonka AUD
Mr. Craig Chorney MS,CCC-A
Dr. Carol Chou AUD
Moumita Choudhury MS, CCC-A
Coralee Choules
Roseanna Christal Arand AUD
Dr. Shannon Christen AUD
Eric Christensen AUD
Dr. Frederick Christensen AUD
Dr. Holli Christensen AUD
Ms. Julie Christensen MS
Lisa Christensen MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Lyerly Christensen AUD
Dr. Mark Christian AUD
Ioanna Christiansen AUD
Dr. Margaret Christiansen AUD
Bernt Christianson MA
Denise Christman
Kendall Christofferson AUD
Dr. Matthew Christy AUD CCC-A
Dr. Susan Chrystal AUD
Stephanie Chu PHD, CCC-A
Ingyu Chun PHD, AUD
Sook Yul Chung AUD, CCC-A
Winnie Chung MD
Dr. Susan Chunyk AUD, CCC-A
Gerald Church PHD CCC-A
Dr. Jessica Church AUD
Dr. Kelly Churchill AUD, CCC-A
Jerica Chustz AU
Patricia Chute EDD
Faye Cialfi AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Ciano MS CCC-A
Judith Cicale CCC-A, F-AAA
Mrs. Linda Cicco MS
Dr. David Cieliczka AUD
Ms. Cara Ciesla AUD
Rebecca Cihocki MS CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Cira AUD
Krista Cirillo
Dr. Kathryn Cisler AUD
Ms. Madeleine Cissna AUD
Mrs. Angela Cissom AUD
Mr. Christopher Cisterna MS CCC A
Dr. David Citron III PHD
Mrs. Louise Citron MA, CCC-A
Rebecca Ciucci AUD
Amy Civiello MACCC-A,FAAA
Carrie Claassen MA
Lauren Clancey AUD
Dr. Carolyn Clapham
Amanda Clark AUD
Carl Clark MS
Ms. Catherine Clark MS, CCC-A
Concetta Clark MA
Cynthia Clark AUD
Debra Clark AU,D
Donna Clark AUD
Prof. Jackie Clark PHD
Jamie Clark
Jeffrey Clark AUD
Ms. Jennifer Clark
Jerry Clark JR.
Jessica Clark AUD
Mr. John Clark PHD
Dr. Kourtney Clark AUD
Kristi Clark MS, CCC-A
Kristi Clark MA
Loris Clark
Mrs. Lyn Clark MA
Ms. Lynda Clark MS
Dr. Lynnette Clark AUD
Mary Clark AUD
Dr. Melissa Clark AUD
Dr. Russell Clark AUD
Mrs. Ruth Clark MA, CCC-A
Sara Clark CCC-A
Shannon Clark AUD
Dr. Stephanie Clark AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Suzanne Clark AUD
Taronda Clark AUD
Dr. Fredericka Clarke AUD
Jennifer Clarke AUD CCC-A
Margaret Clarke MA CCC-A
Sandra Clarkson MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Dana Claxton AUD
Dr. Erica Claxton AUD
Dr. Sara Claycomb AUD
Jennifer Clays MA, CCC-A
Rachel Clayton
Dr. Leticia Claytor AUD
Lindsay Claytor AUD
Dr. Leela Cleary AUD
Allison Cleland AUD
Mrs. Michele Cleland MS, CCC-A
Mr. Roger Clem CCC-A
Christine Clements AUD
Leann Clements AUD,CCC-A
Maggie Clements AUD
Evonne Cleveland AUD
Gloria Cleveland AU D
Dr. Leanne Cleveland AUD
Noel Cleveland
Dr. Sandra Cleveland AUD
Dr. Carol Clifford AUD
Ann Clifton AUD, CCC-A
Gregory Clifton AUD
Mrs. Laurie Clifton MA CCCA
Mrs. Carrie Cline III MA CCCA
Trey Cline AUD
Lauren Clinton AU D
Glenn Clippard MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Christine Cloonan MA CCCA
Elaine Close MS
Dr. Patricia Clouse AUD
Mr. Patrick Cloward
Ms. Heidi Clower MS/CCC-A
Christopher Clukey MACCC-A
Ms. Rebecca Cluxton MA, CCC-A
Kathleen Coates MA
Andrew Cobabe AUD
Dr. Frederick Cobb PHD CCC-A
Dr. John Cobb AUD
Dr. Ellen Cobler AUD, CCC-A
Jeanne Coburn MA
Thomas Coccagna MS, CCC-A
Erin Cocchiola AU D
Dr. Jennifer Cochell AUD
Dr. Lindsay Cockburn AUD
Ms. Sandra Coco MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Tina Coderre MA, CCC-A
Donna Cody MS
Dr. Leslie Cody AUD
Camberly Coe MCD, CCC-A
Sandi Coe MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jordan Alyse Coffelt AUD
Dr. Madeline Coffey AUD
Thomas Coffey
Dr. David Coffin AUD
Lauren Cogswell AUD
Alexis Cohan
Beth Cohen MS
Ms. Betsy Cohen FAAA
Mrs. Kerry Cohen AUD
Dr. Manuel Cohen PHD
Nancy Cohen CCC-A
Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen AUD
Samantha Cohen AUD
Shahrzad Cohen MS
Sharon Cohen
Stacey Cohen
Charlene Cohen-Deroy AUD
Elika Cokely AUD
Ann Cola-Schuh AUD
Dr. Kathy Colapinto AAA, AUD
Ms. Jeanette Colburn AUD
Margaux Colburn AUD
Dr. Michelle Colburn AUD
Brenda Cole AUD CCC-A
Chelsea Cole AUD
Diane Cole SLP
Mrs. Emily Cole MS
Erin Cole
James Cole BS
Dr. Keri Cole AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Kristi Cole MS
Dr. Carla Colebrook-Thomas AUD
Kathleen Colella AUD
Angela Coleman CCC-A
Dr. Chanel Coleman AUD
Kimberly Coleman MA
Dr. Sadie Coleman AUD
Mrs. Susan Coleman MA FAAA
Judy Coleman-Weber AUDIOLOGIST
Brenda Coley AUD
Sherrill Coley MS, CCC-A
Ms. Lauren Colgin MS
Michelle Coll MS,CCC/A
Melissa Collard AUD
Mr. Michael Colleran MA, CCC-A
Dr. Cynthia Collier AUD
Carol Collins
Heather Collins MS CCCA
Mr. James Collins III CCC-A
Kira Collins AUD
Mrs. Linda Collins MA, CCC-A
Dr. Lindsay Collins AUD
Dr. Margaret Collins PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Mariana Collins AUD
Melissa Collins AUD
Ms. Pamela Collins MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Rachel Collins MA, CCC-A
Dr. Renee Collins AUD
Dr. Stephanie Collins AUD
Dr. Susan Collins AUD
Virginia Collins MS, CCC-A
Ms. Lori Collison MS
Ms. Denise Colo MA
Dr. Lydia Colon AUD, CCC-A
Tiffany Colon AUD
Dr. Ali Colopy AUD
Dr. Erica Colt AUD
Dr. Dennis Colucci AUD
Mrs. Dorothy Colucci Festa
Dr. Victor Colunga AUD
Mr. Robert Colville MA, AUDIOLOGY
Diana Combs AUD
Kimberly Combs MS, CCC-A
Mr. Raymond Combs MS
Laura Comer MS
Rebecca Coming MA
Mrs. Jessica Comparetto MA CCC-A
Cheryl Competente AUD
Gerardina Competiello MS, CCC/A
Dr. Andrew Compliment AUD
Mr. Roger Compton MA
Debra Comte AUD, CCC-A
Dola Conceicao MS,CCC-A
Dr. Delfino Concha AUD
Keith Condict
Dr. Stephan Condill AUD
Catherine Conely CCC-A
Heather Cones AUD
Sheri Congdon MA
Tess Conklin AUD
Dr. Kathleen Conley AUD
Kerri Conley MS
Michelle Connatser MS
Mrs. Abby Connell AUD
Ms. Vicki Connell AUD
Dr. Amanda Connelly AUD
Jane Connelly AUD CCC-A
Anita Conner AUD
Dr. Kristi Conner AUD
Mrs. Kristen Conners MS, CCC-A
Dr. Maureen Connington PHD
Dr. Allison Connolly AUD
Jessica Connolly Russow AUD
Jacqueline Connor AU D
Dr. Margaret Connor AUD
Dr. Beth Connors AUD
Ms. Sara Conoly AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Ronnie Conour MS
Chelsea Conrad AUD
Dr. Mark Conradt AUD
Kate Conroy AUD
Kelly Conroy MS
Dr. Mary Conroy AUD
Mrs. Kelly Constable MS
Dr. Catherine Constantine AUD
Mrs. Joanne Conter MS
Ms. Diane Contreras AUD,CCC-A
Mrs. Beata Contri MS CCC-A
Connie Converse AUD
Dr. Patricia Coogan AUD
Catherine Cook AUD
Ms. Christine Cook CCC-A
Courtney Cook AUD
Mrs. Damaris Cook AUD CCC-A
Diane Cook MA
Ms. Elizabeth Cook
Jodi Cook PH D
Karen Cook AUD
Mrs. Libby Cook CCC-A
Dr. Lynn Cook AUD
Ruth Cook CCC/A
Mrs. Sara Cook CCC A
Mr. Timothy Cook MA
Mrs. Jane Cooke AUD
Ms. Amanda Cooley AUD
Dr. Terese Cooley AUD
Dr. Erin Coomes AUD
Lori Cooney AUD, CCC-A
Kelly Coop
Ms. Carolyn Cooper MA CCCA
Christina Cooper MS, CCC-A
Dr. Christy Cooper AUD
Dr. Courtney Cooper AUD
Dr. David Cooper SCD, CCC-A, FAAA
Ms. Karen Cooper
Katherine Cooper AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Rachel Cooper AUD
Dr. Christa Coore-Powell AUD
Dr. David Cope AUD
Korrine Cope AUD
Mrs. Linda Copeland MS
Trisha Copeland AUD
Miss Jill Copley AU D
Martha Copp MS
Mrs. Blaine Coppaken SLP
Dr. Sarah Coppinger AUD
Mrs. Georgia Copulos
Christa Copus
Kathleen Corbin
Mrs. Kristen Corbitt MS
Dr. Kelsey Corcoran AUD
Dr. Mary Cord AUD
Mrs. Kollene Cordero AUD
Brandey Cordes MS
Charlene Cordes MA
Jacqueline Cordes
Sarah Cordingley AUD
Melissa Cordova AUD
Bonnie Cork AUD
Ms. Karen Corkery MED,CCC-A
Christine Corley AUD
Dr. Virginia Corley PHD
Dr. Kristina Corliss AUD CCC-A
Mrs. Juliana Cormack MA, CCC-A
Dr. Kelly Cormell AUD, CCC-A
Miss Katherine Cormier AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kelly Cormier AUD
Lauren Corn AUD
Barbara Cornelia MA
Dr. Elizabeth Cornish AUD
Marci Cornish
Mrs. Julianna Corrado MA
Mr. Jose Correa MS CCC-A
Judith Correll AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Judy Corrigan MCD
Dr. Juliann Corrigan AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Patrick Corry AUD, CCC-A
Alexandra Cortese AUD
Ms. Catherine Cortese MA
Kristen Cortese AUD
Janel Cosby AUD
Mrs. Theresa Coseglia MS CCCA
Mr. Joseph Coskey AUD
Dr. Emily Cossaboon AUD
Carol Costa MA,CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Costa AUD
Angela Costanzi AUDCCC-A
Dr. Jody Costanzo AUD
Dr. Megan Costanzo
Dr. Laura Costello AUD
Dr. Kathleen Costigan AUD
Dr. Laura Cote AUD
Leah Cotlar
Dr. Caitlin Cotter AUD
Mrs. Charlene Cottrell MS,CCC-A
Dr. Gary Cottrell PHD CCC A
Lee Cottrell AUD
Dr. Harold Couch AUD
Ms. Jean Couchman MS
Mrs. Julie Coudurier AUD
Kristine Coughlin
Mr. Patrick Coughlin
Stephen Coulson MA, CCC-A
Sarah Coulthurst MS
Mary Counts AUD
Dr. Trevor Courouleau AUD
Mrs. Amy Courrege' CCC-A
Ms. Judith Coursen MA
Dr. Jacey Courser AUD
Heather Courson AUD
Dr. Cynthia Courtney AUD, CCC-A
Gayle Cousins MS FAAA
Michelle Couture-Souvenir AUD
Laura Covello MA, CCC-A, MED
Dr. Dana Coveney AUD
Kathleen Coventry MS CCCA FAAA
Dr. John Coverstone AUD
Kirsten Coverstone MA
Deborah Cowan AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Catherine Cowan-Oberbeck AUD
Ms. Lisa Cowdrey MA, CCC-A
Dr. Shawn Cowell AUD, CCC-A
Sydney Cowing AUD
Amy Cox MED, CCC-A
Dr. Ben Cox AUD
Christopher Cox MSCCC
Ms. Connie Cox MA
Ms. Deborah Cox MS
Dr. Enoch Cox AUD
Mr. Herbert Cox III MS CCC-A
Jane Cox
Ms. Jennifer Cox MA, CCC-A
Karen Cox MS
L. Cox PHD
Ms. Marcia Cox MS, CCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Cox AUD
Stephanie Cox AUD
Alyssa Coxwell AUD
Elizabeth Cozzi MS, CCC-A
Mariah Crabtree AUD
Tammy Crabtree
Cynthia Cradler MA, CCC-A
Anna Crady AUD
Dr. David Craig AUD
Dr. Samuel Craig AUD
Dr. Michael Craine
Dr. Richard Cram AUD
Marianne Cramer MS CCC A
Dr. Tara Crane AUD
Jerry Cranford PHD
Patricia Craun AUD
Lyndsey Craven AUD
Mrs. Ann Crawford MA
Danielle Crawford AUD
Mrs. Debra Crawford MA, CCC-A
Dr. Laura Crawford AUD
Dr. Leslie Crawford AUD
Dr. Ryan Crawford AUD
Ms. Wanda Crawford MS CCCA
Leslie Creed MA
Dr. Lindsay Creed AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Lynn Creel MCD
Cherry Creighton AUD
Jodi Creighton
Ms. Wendy Crespo MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Zaida Crespo MSA
Mr. Rafael Crespo Cruz AUD
Dr. Yanet Crespo-Chuy AUD
Dr. Judith Creuz AUD
Dr. Jennifer Crider AUD
Mary Criner
Amanda Crishon AUD
Rebekah Crisp AUD
Blair Cristel AUD
Dr. Alicia Cristobal AUD
Ms. Mary Critchley MA
Mrs. Melinda Crittenden MA, CCC-A
Dr. Mary Crock AUD
Deborah Crocker
Dr. Katelyn Crockett AUD
Lawrence Crockett SR. AUD
Alicia Crofts CCC-A
Mr. Scott Crohn MA
Daniel Cromwell MS
Clare Cronin AUD, CCC-A
Pamela Cronin MS, CCC-A
Mr. Bryce Cropper MS, CCC-A
Dr. Noel Crosby AUD
Mrs. Brenda Cross AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Ernest Cross AUDIOLOGIST
Jennifer Cross
Matthew Cross
Samantha Cross AUD
Barbara Lyn Crotty AUD
Dr. Jennifer Crouch AUD
Lisa Crouch MA
Dr. Michael Crouse AUD, CCC-A
Sarah Crow AUD
Mrs. Holly Crowder MS, CCC-A
Albert Crowley MS, CCC-S,A
Mrs. Grett Crowley MS, CCC-SP/A
Hilary Crowley PHD
Sade Crowley AUD
Claudine Croyle AUD
Sharon Crumpton AU
Vickie Cruse AUD
Skye Crutcher AUD
Ms. Quetsy Cruz Feliciano AUD
Mrs. Carol Cruz Pagan MS
Dr. Jacquelyn Crysler AUD
Cary Cuddeback AUD, CCC-A
Steve Cuddy
Dr. Deborah Culbertson PHD
Amy Cullen MS CCCA
Dr. Dana Culligan AUD, CCC-A
Nana Culpepper PHD
Angela Cummings MS
Casey Cummings AUD
Denise Cummings AUD
Terry Cummings AUD
Dr. Linda Cummins AUD
Florence Cuneo AUD
Dr. Sandra Cunnane AUD
David Cunningham PHD
Erin Cunningham
Juliann Cunningham AUD
Dr. Rebekah Cunningham PHD
Ms. Sandra Cunningham MS, CCC-A
Linda Curbow AUD
Dr. Laura Curcio AUD
Dr. John Curran AUD
Dr. Mary Ellen Curran AUD
Mrs. Katie Currie MS, CCC-A
Kristen Currin
Michael Curro AUD
Mrs. Jessica Curry MS CCC-A/SLP
Dr. Jillyen Curry AUD
Brian Curtis AUD
Christopher Curtis AUD
Francine Curtis MS CCC-A
Kathryn Curtis AUD
Dr. Kenneth Curtis AUD
Mr. Kwame Curtis CCC-A
Dr. Laura Curtis AUD CCC-A
Mrs. Pamela Curtis AUD
Mrs. Sarah Curtis AUD
Jenifer Cushing AUD
Dr. Ross Cushing AUD
Dr. Melissa Cushman AUD
David Cuthbertson
Dr. James Cuttler AUD
Karrie Cuttler AUD
Dr. Susan Cuttler AUD
Dr. D'arcy Cyr AUD
Emily Cyr AUD
Nicole Cyr AUD
Dr. Brandon Cyrus AUD
Ms. Beth Czarnecki AUD CCC-A
Annemarie Czarnota
Dr. Amanda Czech AUD
Mrs. Alicia Czuzak MA
Mr. Ronald D Angelo MS CCC-A
Ms. Dawn D'agostino MA, CCC-A
Ms. Lindsey D'ambra MS
Dr. Angela D'amelio AUD
Mr. Anthony D'aniello MS, CCC-A
Dr. Marc D'aprile SCD, CCC-A
Dr. Suzanne D'arco AUD
Dr. Kristi D'auria AUD, CCC-A
Vincent D'auria AUD, CCC-A
Caroline D'aurora MA, CCC-A
Miss Beverly D'cunha
Mrs. Kristine D'cunha MA, CCC-A
Prof. Tamiko D'elena PA-C
Loriebeth D'elia AUD
Kathryn Daar AUD
Talley Dabakarov AUD CCC-A
Dr. Shandi Dabbs AUD
Patricia Dabrowski MA, CCC-A
Dr. Kristine Dabu AUD
Dr. Will Dade AUD
Karen Dager
Dr. Anna Daggett AUD
Dr. Jessica Dagley AUD
Cheryl Dagnon
Dr. Rachel Dahl AUD
Michael Dahlke AUD
Lisa Dahlstrom CCC-A
Dr. Paul Daines AUD
Ashley Dainton
Mrs. Kerri Dakin MA, CCC-A
Karen Dale
Joan Dalessandro AUD
Dr. Becky Daley AUD
Heidi Daley MS
Laurie Daley CCC-A
Linda Dallas MED
Dr. Larry Dalzell PHD
Dr. Sheila Dalzell AUD
Hannah Dameron MS,CCC-A
Angela Damron MA, CCC/A
Ms. Joan Dance MS
Dr. Ali Asghar Danesh PHD, MS, BSC
Jeffrey Danhauer PHD
Jeffrey Danhauer MA
Elizabeth Daniel AUD
Mrs. Kelly Daniel CCC-A
Linda Daniel MS, MA
Reagan Daniel AUD
Stevie Daniel AUD
Tatyana Danielova AUDIOLOGIST
Gary Daniels MS
Mrs. Persis Daniels MA,CCC-SLP/A
Susan Daniels
Kimbre Danielson MS
Dr. Richard Danielson PHD
Rufina Danilova AUD,
Troy Danis AUD
Mr. Seth Dank MA
Ms. Amy Dankwardt MA
Serena Dann AUD
Kristie Dannemiller-Smith MA
Karen Dannheisser MA CCC/A
Mrs. Jacqueline Dannreuther MA, CCC-A
Joseph Dansie AUD
Debra Dapontes AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Elizabeth Dare AUD, CCC-A
Julie Darland AUD,CCC-A
Prof. Rieko Darling PHD
Mrs. Kristen Darling-Green CCCA
Valarie Darr MS
Dr. Keith Darrow PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Maryam Daryaee AUD
Roya Daryaee AUD
Shrutee Das AUD
Mrs. Hima Bindu Dasari AUD
Dr. Glen Datres AUD
Mrs. Jamey Daugherty MA
Dr. Sara Daugherty AUD
Mrs. Ana Dausa AUD, MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Jamie Daut MS
Mrs. Jennifer Dauterman MA
Ms. Veralyn Davee MA, CCC-A
Dr. James Davenport AUD
Dr. Kaylee Davenport AUD
Michael Davenport MA, CCC-A
Monica Davenport MS, CCC-A
Ms. Kimberli Davenport-Holladay MS CCCA
Ms. Kate David
Allie Davids AUD
Dr. Andrea Davidson AUD
Brooke Davidson AUD
Cathy Davidson AUD CCC-A
Dr. Heather Davidson AUD
Laura Davidson
Lisa Davidson AUD
Lisa Davidson
Dr. Jackie Davie PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Jeffrey Davies PHD
Janet Davila AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Albert Davis MS, BS
Amy Davis AUD
April Davis AUD
Dr. Benson Davis AUD
Mrs. Betty Davis MA
Dr. Bridget Davis AUD
Carol Davis
Dr. Catherine Davis AUD
David Davis MCD
Dr. Erin Davis AUD
Dr. Heather Davis AUD
Hilary Davis AUD
Dr. James Davis AUD
Dr. Jennifer Davis AUD
Jennifer Davis MA
Jessica Davis AUD
Dr. Joanie Davis AUD
Dr. John Davis AUD
Mrs. Julie Davis MA CCC-A
Dr. Kathleen Davis AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Kim-Oanh Davis MASTERS DEGREE
Kristen Davis
Dr. Kristin Davis AUD
Laurie Davis AUD
Lindsey Davis
Lyndsey Davis
Lynn Davis AUD
Lynne Davis CCC-A
Dr. Lynne Davis PHD, CCC-A
Ms. Marjorie Davis MS, CCC-A
Dr. Michael Davis PHD
Monica Davis AUD
Dr. Nicholete Davis AUD
Dr. Paul Davis PHD
Dr. Randi Davis AUD
Dr. Sara Davis AUD
Sherri Davis AUD
Sherrie Davis MA, CCC-A
Timothy Davis AUD
Valerie Davis CCA
Virginia Davis MA
Ms. Wendy Davis MS CCCA
Anne Davis Dare AUD
Misha Davis Gunter
Dr. Lisa Davis-Doty AUD
Stephanie Davis-Foster AUD
Ms. Jean Davison AUD
Judith Davison AUD
Dr. Krista Davison AUD
Mrs. Linda Davison MA CCCA
Dr. Lori Davisson-Hughes AUD
Erin Davlin AUD
Dr. Benjamin Dawsey JR. AUD
Mrs. Gwendolyn Dawson AUD
Dr. Brittany Day AUD
Dana Day AUD, CCC-A
Dianna Day AUD, CCC-A
Molly Day AUD
Graciela De Angelis MED, CCC-A
Dr. Albert De Chicchis PHD, CCC-A
Melissa De Jong MA
Myriam De La Asuncion AUD
Mr. Sebastian De La Calle AUD
Kristina Deak MS
Mr. Donald Deal MS, CCC/A
Andrea Dean AUD
Dr. Heather Dean AUD
Dr. Heather Dean AUD
Jeffery Dean AUD
Jozette Dean MS
Mrs. Michelle Dearmond AUD
Ms. Jacklyn Deas MS
Shelly Deaton AUD
Dr. Ross Deavours AUD
Kathryn Debler AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Melissa Deboer AUD
Kimberly Debona AUD
David Debonis
Dr. Jennifer Deboodt AUD, FAAA, CCC-A
Nancy Decarr MA
Jennifer Decastro AUD
Dr. Kristen Decelles AUD
Dr. Joseph Dechant AUD
Anna Decker
Theron Decker PHD, CCC-A
Todd Decker MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Colleen Decuir
Mrs. Misty Dedeaux AUD
Mr. Anthony Dedimas MS
Dr. Nicole Dedos Ocasio AUD
Barry Deese AUD
Dorothy Defeo MA
Mrs. Pamela Define MS, FAAA
Kaitlyn Defonzo AUD
Meredith Degennaro AUD
Mrs. Carianne Degennaro-Zimny MA, CCC-A
Dr. Nikki Degeorge AUD
Dr. Alexandra Degroot AUD
Dr. Therese Deierlein AUD
Mr. Rick Deines MA
Ms. Mary Deinnocentes MS,CCC-SLP-A
Jean Deiss MA
Mrs. Kristy Deiters AUD
Diane Dejoseph
Dr. Laura Dejulia AUD
Theresa Delacenserie
Dr. Teryl Delagrange AUD
Anne Delaney PHD
Sarah Delano M ED
Alison Delap MS, CCC-A
Sandra Delapenha
Dr. Jessica Delarosa AUD
Norma Delarosa MA, CCC-A
Dr. Ashley Delaune AUD
Kristen Delauney AUD
Sarah Delauter MA, CCC-A
Dr. Laurie Delconte AUD
Evelyn Delegas CCC-A
Dr. Kate Deleon AUD
Mr. Gregory Delfino MACCC-A
Tiana Delgado MA
Diana Delisa AUD
Mrs. Elga Deliz Roldan MS
Maria Delk MA
Richard Delk AUD
Shawna Dell AUD
Mrs. Linda Dellis MA,CCC-A
Dr. Andrew Delong AUD
Dr. Julia Delong AUD
Mrs. Sally Delong MA
Joni Delsordo MS FAAA
Maribeth Deltorchio
Brittney Dement AUD
Troy Demill
Dr. Jennifer Deminico AUD
Catherine Demirel PHD
Stacia Demoss AUD
Dr. James Dempsey PHD
Theresa Dempsey
Paula Dendiu-Beale MA
Mr. Larry Denenberg MA CCC A
Helen Dennie AUD
Dr. John Dennis PHD
Monica Dentino CCC-A
Robert Denyse MA
Cara Depalma AUD
Dr. Raena Deperry AUD
Kristin Depouw AUD
Dr. Paul Depp AUD
Ms. Kathryn Deppensmith
Miss Kelsey Deputy AUD
Dr. Travis Deputy AUD
Mrs. Nicole Derda AUD
Ms. Shellie Derouen CCC-A
Dr. Martha Derr AUD
Miss Diana Derry BA
Dr. Mark Deruiter PHD
Diana Desanto
Denise Descouzis MA
Ms. Kristin Desermia AUD
Diane Deshaies MA CCC-A
Vicki Deshazo
Dr. Jamie Desjardins PHD, CCC-A
Erin Desmarais
Alan Desmond AUD CCC-A
Elizabeth Desroche AUD
Mrs. Jennie Desy MS, CCC-A
Carver Dethloff AUD
Stephanie Detone
Dr. Jennifer Detsch AUD
Karen Dettman MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jillian Detwiler AUD
Andrea Deutsch MA
Shantel Dever AUD
Ms. Teryl Dever AUD
Brenda Devereaux MS CCC-A
Nicole Devon AUD
Dr. Ericka Devore AUD
Lindsay Devries
Nicole Deweese AUD
Ashleigh Dewell AUD
Marcia Dewey CCC-A
Laurie Dewine MA,CCC-A
Scott Dewitt AUD
Susan Dey-Sigman AUD
Dorothy Di Toro AUD
Mr. John Diakun MS
Amanda Diamond
Dr. Jill Diamond AUD
Maria Dias MA, CCC-A
Dr. Gina Diaz
Tania Diaz MS
Neribelle Diaz-Colon MS
Gladys Diaz-Garcia
Trisha Dibkey AUD
Dr. Noel Dice AUD
Mrs. Jeannine Dichiara MS
Rhonda Dick AUD
Dr. William Dick PHD
Paja Dickenson MA CCC -A
Mrs. Heather Dickey MSCCC-A
Sherry Dickie MS CCC-A
Mrs. Lindsay Dickinson AUD
Lois Dickinson AUD
Pamela Dickinson MS, CCC-A
Brenda Dickman AUD
Mark Dickson
Stacy Dickson MS CCC A
Lauren Dickstein AUD
Ms. Jennifer Diebold AUD
Dr. Anna Diedesch AUD
Allan Diefendorf PHD
Nicole Diehl AUD
Dr. Darcia Dierking AUD
Dr. Jill Diesman AUD
Mrs. Lindsay Diethorn AUD
Diana Dietz AUD, CCC-A
Jovona Diggs AUD
Agnes Digiacomo
Mrs. Kristin Dilaj AUD, CCC-A
Elizabeth Dileo MS CCC-A
Mrs. Jennifer Dillard MCD, CCC-A
Marilyn Dille PHD
Ashley Diller AUD
Michi Diller AUD
Mrs. Rachel Dillman MS, CCC-A
Ms. Susan Dillmuth-Miller MA, FAAA
Margaret Dillon AUD
Ms. Molly Dillon AUD
Lara Dilollo AUD CCC-A
June Dimatteo AUD
William Dimattia MD
Dr. Jessica Dimmick AUD
Mrs. Elise Dimon MS
Stacey Dimond AUD
Roni Dinkes AUD
Diana Dinkin MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Victoria Dinkin MA CCCA FAAA
Radora Dinnan MS, CCC-A
M. Bernice Dinner PHD, FAAA
Linda Dinow MA, D/HH
Dr. Melissa Dintelman AUD, CCC-A
Dawn Dion AUD
Susan Dion
Ms. J. Kathryn Dionne MS, CCC/A
Dr. Jennifer Dionne AUD
Dr. Miriam Diorio AUD, MS
Adam Dipuccio CCC-AFAAA
Dr. Abigail Dirmeyer AUD
Catherine Disanti AUD
Neil Disarno PHD
Scott Disbrow MED, CCC-A
Dr. Kayla Discovich AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Chantelle Dishon AUD
Jennifer Dismuke
Irena Distasi AUD
Mrs. Dolores Distasio Laskin CCC-SLP/A
Ms. Sara Distefano SLP-A
Ms. Dawn Ditoro AUD
Dr. Joyce Dittenhoefer AUD
James Dittmer MSCCC/A
Mr. Jeffrey Dittmer AUD
Dr. Karen Ditty AUD CCC-A
Dr. Laura Ditusa AUD
Jennifer Dively AUD
Debbie Dixon CCCA
Mrs. Kelly Dixon CCC-AUDIOLOGY
Samantha Dixon
Marilyn Dixon-Brown MS
Melissa Dlugos MA
Dr. Carrie Dluhy AUD
Erica Dmuchoski Wright AUD
Mr. John Dobbs AUD
Mark Dobkin MA, FAAA
Kristen Dockan AUD
Gary Dockum MA
Ms. Chelsi Dodd AUD
Jeanne Dodd-Murphy PHD, CCCIA, FAAA
Anna Dodge AUD
Mr. Shane Dodge MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Ms. Teri Dodson CCC-SLP
Jessica Doehrman MA, BA
Dr. Steven Doettl AUD
Ms. Sheryl Doggett AUD
Sarah Dohse AUD
Dr. Kaitlin Doidge AUD
Mrs. Rhonda Dojan CCC-A
Dr. Stylianos Dokianakis AUD
Mrs. Mary Dolan-Ash MS
Rebecca Doll MA CCC-A
Shane Dollarhite AUD
Ms. Debra Dolman
Patrick Dolon AUD
Mrs. Sherrie Domb BA,MS
Dr. Erica Dombrowsky AUD
Dr. Claudia Dome AUD
Ms. Elizabeth Domico MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Leslie Domma AUD
David Domoracki PHD CCC/A
Susan Domzalski AUD
Kris Donaghy MA
Dr. Cara Donahue AUD
Jeremy Donai
Dr. Donna Donaldson AUD
Ms. Jodee Donaldson AUD
Mrs. Linda Donaldson MA
Mr. Martin Donaldson
Mrs. Jennifer Donath CCC-A, AUD
Zahidee Donato-Ruiz
Rebecca Donchess MA
Mrs. Susan Dondes MA, CCC-A
Christine Donigian-Tisbert
Kelly Donlan AUD
Dr. Rene' Donley AUD
Michelle Donna MS, CCC-A
Rebekah Donnelly AUD
Miss Ann Donoghue MS
Robert Donohoe MS CCC-A
Kimberly Donohoo MS CCCA
Terry Donovan MA
Mr. James Dooling
Mrs. Kelly Doolittle MA
Mrs. Brenda Dorais MS, CCC-SLP/A
Mrs. Cara Dorazio AUDIOLOGIST
Jocelyn Dore AUD
Melody Dorfman MS CCC-A
Mr. Peter Dorian MA
Mrs. Andrea Doringo MA CCC-A
Lorie Dorn AUD
Briana Dornan MS CCCA
Krista Dornbos
Ms. Karen Dornbusch MA, CCC-A
Nicole Dornicik AUD
Dr. Lynette Dornton AUD
Ms. Marsha Dorr
Dr. Hilda Dorsett AUD
Dr. Beth Dorsey AUD CCCA
Ms. Janna Dosch AUD
Kimberley Dotson
Dr. Lydia Doty AUD
Jennifer Douberly AUD
Stacy Douberly AUD
Kimberley Doucett AU D
Susan Doucette AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Anne Dougherty AUD
Michael Dougherty AUD
Dr. Jennifer Douglas AUD
Dr. Jon Douglas AUD
Ms. Kristiann Douglas MA
Mrs. Laura Douglas MS, CCC/A
Dr. Rene Douglas AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Mary Lou Dovantzis MS
Linda Dover MA CCC-A
Shannon Dowdle MS CCCA
Dr. Brittany Dowling AUD
Claire Dowling AUD
Robert Dowling MA
Carol Downard AUD
Ms. Krissa Downey AUD
Naomi Downey AUD
Thomas Downing MS, CCC/A
Dr. David Downs PHD
Renee Downs MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Sara Downs AUD
Amy Dowsett
Charlotte Doy MS, CCC/A
Daniel Doyle MA
Mr. Karl Doyle MA, CCC-A
Mr. Lucas Doyle AUD
Mary Doyle MA, CCC-A
Tricia Doyle-Niver AUD
Dr. Melissa Drabo AUD
Lyle Drake AUD
Mary Drake AUD CCCA
Dr. Karen Draper AUD CCC-A
Sarah Draper AUD
Vera Draper MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jevne Drapp AUD
Mrs. Kathleen Dreher
Dr. Cathy Dreifuerst AUD
Susan Dreith MS
Leah Drennan AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Catherine Drescher AUD
Michelle Dressler-Lomano MAUD,CCC-A
Mrs. Michele Drevnick MS, F-AAA
Gloria Drexelius
Chava Drillick
Dr. Melanie Driscoll AUD
Mr. Donald Driskell MS,CCC-A
Susan Driskill
Mrs. Regina Driver MED CCC A
Barbara Drobes MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Cynthia Drobiazgiewicz AUD,CCC-A
Laura Droege AUD
Mrs. Patricia Drone MA,CCC-A
Mrs. Cheryl Drost AUD
Geralyn Drumheller AUD
Dr. Jared Drummond AUD
Ms. Martha Drummond MED CCC-A
Judy Drumright AUD
Ms. Carolyn Drury MS
Stephen Dryanski AUD
Miranda Dsouza
Dr. Louis Du Brey AUD
Michelle Dube MSED, CCCA
Mrs. Julie Dubois MS
Dr. Richard Dubrowski AUD
Thomas Ducombs AUD
Emily Dudas AUD
Ms. Diane Duddy AUD
Tim Dudich
Mrs. Wendy Dudley
Dr. Lydia Dudney AUD
Nicole Dues AUD
Ms. Lyndsay Duffus AUD
Mrs. Laurie Duffy MS
Mrs. Sheila Duffy MA
Mrs. Trisha Duffy MA
Dawn Dufkin-Britt MS, CCC/A
Cristin Dugan AUD
Ms. Lori Dugan
Michael Dugan BC-HIS
Dr. Brian Duguay AUD
Mrs. Mila Duke AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Vikki Duke AUD
Dr. Anomis Dula AUD
Brittney Dullard AUD/PHD
Mrs. Allisun Dulli MS CCC-A
Rose Dulude MA, CCC-A
Dr. Megan Dunbar AUD
Ms. Ellen Duncan SLP
Jennifer Duncan AUD
Dr. Katherine Duncan AUD
Dr. Kathy Duncan PHD
Ms. Kristen Duncan MS, CCC-A
Laurian Duncan AUDIOLOGIST
Melissa Duncan AUD
Nicole Duncan AUD
Sarah Duncan AUD
Mrs. Shelley Duncan AUD
Dr. Susan Duncan AUD
Ms. Kathleen Dunckley MA
Dr. John Dundas PHD
Dr. Laura Dundas AUD
Dr. Justin Dunford AUD
Dr. Janice Dungan
Andrea Dunk AU D
Dr. Daniel Dunkelberger AUD
Alexandra Dunn AUD
Dr. Carolyn Dunn AUD
Ms. Luceen Dunn MS
Somerset Dunn AUD
Dr. Ianthe Dunn-Murad SCD, CCC-A
Timothy Dunnigan MA CCC-A
Virginia Dunsmore MA
Mrs. Pamela Dupont MS, CCC-A
Jennifer Dupre AUD
Valeria Duque AUD
Dr. Drianis Duran AUD
Dr. Joseph Duran AUD
Nancy Duran AUD
Dr. Carey Durand AUD, FAAA
Ms. Jennifer Durbin AUD
Kelly Durbin MA,CCC-A
Mr. Herndon Durett II
Christopher Durham AU D
Heather Durham CCC-A
Alicia Durkin AUD
Dr. Tessa Durney AUD
Christina Durocher AUD
Prof. John Durrant PHD
Anna Durtschi AUD
Mr. Robert Dusa JR. MA
Dr. Jerilyn Dutton AUD
Dr. Mary Dutton AUD
Mrs. Wendy Dwigans MS, CCC-A
Kristina Dworek MS
Dr. Aurion Dwyer AUD
Jessica Dwyer MA,CCC-A
Dr. Joanne Dwyer AUD, MS, CCC-A
Kelley Dwyer AUD CCC-A
Ms. Noel Dwyer AUD
Dr. Robert Dwyer AUD
Dr. Michael Dybka PHD
Dr. Linda Dye AUD
Ms. Linda Dyer MA, CCC-A
Troy Dyer MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Michelle Dyess MS, CCC-A
Paula Dyhrkopp AUD
Dr. Christina Dykiel AUD
Heidi Dymowski
Kelly Dyson MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Debra Dziedzic AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Jessica Dziedzicki AUD
Dr. Danielle Dzubak AUD
Jay Eackles MED
Margaret Eackles MS, CCC-A
Cynthia Eades MS, CCC-A
Mr. William Eagen MA
Elizabeth Eagon MA, CCC-A
Steven Eagon MS-CCC-A
Dr. Dennis Earl PHD
Dr. Patricia Earl PHD
Deborah Earley MS
Emily Earnest MA/CCC-A
Dr. Jillian Earnest AUD
Gifty Easow AUD
Dr. Mary Easterday AUD
Ms. Cortney Eaton MS, CCC-A
Ms. Marlys Ebaugh MA
Ms. Stephanie Eberstein
Cynthia Eberwein MS
William Eblin JR.
Christine Eby AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Eby AUD
Ms. Sarah Echternkamp AUD
Jill Eckerly CCC-A
Mr. Christopher Eckert MS CCCA
Melinda Eckhorn AUD
Jennifer Eckles
Dorian Economos-Miller
Dr. Ashleigh Eddelbuttel AUD
Mrs. Jody Eddy MS
Dr. Alison Eden AUD
Andrea Edgerton AUD
Mr. Bradly Edgerton PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Alison Ediger AUD
Ms. Linda Edlefsen MS
Dr. Robin Edmiaston AUD
Andrea Edmister AUD
Catherine Edmonds AUD
Alexandra Edwards AUD
Amanda Edwards AUD
Mrs. Ashley Edwards MCD, CCC-A
Cheryl Edwards MS
Elizabeth Edwards MS CCC-A
Janet Edwards AUD
Mr. Joel Edwards MS
Dr. Kathryn Edwards AUD
Kristen Edwards AUD
Mr. Paul Efros MA
Mrs. Diane Ege MA, CCC-A
Jessica Egge AUD
Angela Eggebrecht AUDIOLOGIST
Jennifer Eggebrecht AUD
Rondi Eggenberger AUD
Jeanna Eggers MS,CCC-A
Dr. Jessica Eggleston AUD
Dr. Tatiana Eguizabal AUD
Monica Ehler-Papa MA
Dr. Diane Ehmann AUD
Jane Ehnstrom CCC A
Miss Jaime Ehret MS CCC-A
Christine Eibling
Pete Eichel MA, CCC-A
Dr. Susan Eichert AUD
Dr. Brittany Eichinger AUD
Carol Eichorst AUD, CCC-A, DA#1707
Mrs. Kristin Eidam MS, CCC-A
Kirk Eidenmuller MED
Dr. Cassie Eiffert AUD
Elisabeth Eimer MA/CCC-A
Ms. Kathleen Eimers AUD
Mr. Allan Einhorn MS
Mrs. Robin Einhorn
David Eisenach
Dr. Courtney Eisenhart AUD
Ms. Leisha Eiten AUD
Dr. Lindsay Ekey AUD
Laura Eklund
Dr. Mona El-Kady MD, PHD
Mr. Sean Elam AUD
Dr. Saravanan Elangovan PHD, CCC-A
Faria Elbabour
Dr. Marie Elder MCD, CCC-AUD
Frances Eldis PHD, CCC-A/SLP
Ms. Kayla Eldridge
Dr. Jennifer Elfert AUD
Michele Elkin AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Elkins AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Gregory Ellcessor AUD
Leah Ellcessor AUD, CCC-A
Erica Ellender MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Heidi Elliot MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Elizabeth Elliott AUD, MBA
Jane Elliott CCC-A
Jessica Elliott AUD
Anna Ellis MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Blakely Ellis AUD
Dr. Emily Ellis AUD
Mrs. Marcia Ellis MS
Sandra Ellis AUD, FAAA
Ms. Sonya Ellis CCC-A
Mrs. Tammy Ellis CCC-A
Mr. William Ellis AUD
Cynthia Ellison AUD
Kay Ellison
Ms. Rebecca Ellmann AUD
Jena Ells AUD
Megan Ellwood AUD
Mrs. Erica Elsasser MS
Dr. Stephanie Else AUD
Sara Elshafei AUD
Dr. Mohamed Elwany AUD
Daisy Elwick MA, CCC-A
Joshua Elzinga AUD
Dr. Diana Emanuel PHD
Dr. Leslie Emanuel AUD
Dr. Kimberly Emanuele AUD
Dr. Luke Emberlin AUD,
Arthur Embleton CCC-A
Mrs. Amanda Emerson AUD
Dr. Claudia Emery AUD
Dr. Erin Emery AUD-CC-A
Alyssa Eminhizer AUD
Ashley Emmer AUD
Jolene Emmer AUD
Katelynn Emmert-Perigo AUD
Ellen Emmons AUD
Jana Emola AU,D,
Christopher Emrick AUD
Janet Endo
Stephanie Eney
Dr. Lawrence Eng AUD
Aprille Engalla
Aimee Engel MA, CCC-A
Andrea Engel AUD
Terry Engel AUD
Marvin Engelberg PHD CCC/A
Dr. Sandra Engelberth AUD
Mrs. Whitnea Engelbrecht MA-CCC-A
Ms. Kathryn Engelhardt AUD
Dr. Christopher Engelkes AUD, CCC-A
David Engelman
Mrs. Tamara Engels MSCCC-A
Lindsey Engeset MA, CCC-A
Marianna Engibarian MS, CCC-A
Parika Engineer MS
Molly England AUD
Dr. Ashley Engle AUD
Dr. Kristina English PHD
Lauren English AUD
Gary Eno AUD
Lynette Enoch-Hill
Dr. Marilyn Enock AUD, MS, CCC-A
Victoria Ensor AUD
Leisa Ensworth MA
Mrs. Emily Entrekin MA CCCA
Susan Enzer MS
Dr. L. Epling-Boggess PHD
Jane Eppel
Mr. Robert Eppens
Lauren Epple AU,D
Christine Epstein MA, CCC-A
Meryl Epstein MA CCC-A
Dr. Jennie Eraci AUD
Linda Erb AU
Mrs. Diane Erdbruegger MA, CCC-A
Monica Ereditario MS
Dr. Brian Ergle AUD
Jeanne Erhardt MA
Dr. Hillary Erickson AUD
Kristine Erickson AUD, CCC-A
Laurie Erickson MS CCCA
Mrs. Linda Erickson MA, CCC-A
Dr. Lisa Erickson AUD
Mr. Bjorn Eriksen MSEE-BCHIS
Dr. Peter Eriksen AUD
Dr. Rachel Ersoff AUD
Mrs. Aidah Esarey MS, FAAA
Katie Esau AUD
Dr. Emily Esca AUD
Regina Escano AUD
Julie Eschenbrenner AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Sophia Escobar
Parviz Eslami
Maryam Esmaeli-Salari SCD, CCC-A
Kelly Esparza AUD
Dr. Angelina Espinosa AUD
Ashley Espinosa AUD
Dr. Megan Espinosa AUD
Dr. Jennifer Esse AUD
Dr. Dawn Estelle AUD
Preston Estes AUD
Soriya Estes AUD
Amy Estill MA CCA
Jennifer Estness MS, CCC-A
Dr. Ashley Etter AUD
Donna Ettinger MED, CCC-A
Megan Eubank AUD
Dr. Christine Eubanks PHD, CCC-A
Kristine Eubanks MA CCC-A
Ryan Euer AUD
Idyl Eusebio AUD
Anne Evans
Ceanne Evans CCC-A
Dr. Evan Evans PHD
Gail Evans CCC
Julie Evans MS
Kathleen Evans MS CCC-A
Kerry Evans AUD
Lauren Evans AUD
Samantha Evans AUD
Suzanne Evans AUD
Thomas Evans AUD
Mrs. Angela Evans-Lacert AUD
Dr. Lisa Evans-Smith AUD
Laurie Even AUD
Dr. William Even AUD
Mrs. M Jeanne Evenson AUD
Mr. Neil Everingham AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Ashley Evers AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Wendy Evins AUD
Mrs. Joanne Ewart MS
Dr. Courtney Ewell AUD
Kelly Ewing AUD
Dr. Lynnmarie Eyde AUD
Jenelle Ezcurra AUD
Alison Faber AUD
Dr. Catherine Fabian AUD
David Fabry AUD
Dr. Caitlin Faccone AUD
Dr. Cynthia Fadden-Herron AUD
Dr. Heather Fagan AUD
Jean Fagan AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Marc Fagelson PHD, CCC-A
Ms. April Fagerson MA
Mrs. Susan Fages LIC-A
Dr. Shaeleen Fagre AUD
Melinda Fahning AUDCCC-A
Kurt Fahrenbrook AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Laura Fahrer MA, CCC-A
Dr. Julia Fahrney AUD
Kyle Fahsholtz Howell
Margaret Failla CCC-A
Dr. Karen Faillace AUD
Mr. Robert Faillace AUD, CCC/A
Dr. Peter Fain AUD, MBA
Ms. Jolie Fainberg MA
Dr. Jemila Fairley AUD
Mary Beth Fais AUD
Dr. Natalye Faison AUD
Mrs. Dana Falardeau
Rebecca Falk AUD
Jean Falkavage AU D
Kimberly Falkenstein AUD
Dr. Erin Falkowski AUD
Andrew Fallon
Dr. Brooke Fallon AUD CCC-A
E Fallon AUD, FAAA
Kathleen Faloon CCC-A
Lori Falzone MA
Ms. Lisa Famiglietti MS CCCSLPA
Dr. Jennifer Famularo AUD
Julie Fanger MSCCCA
Dr. Russell Fankhouser AU D CCCA
Dr. Robert Fanning AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Cynthia Fannon AUD
Jessica Fansler-Lockhart AUD
Mrs. Mary Farat MA
Marcia Fariss AUD
Mrs. Linda Farley MS CCCA
Emily Farmer AUD
Mrs. Kerry Farmer MS CCC A
Mrs. Lindsay Farmer AUD
Nicole Farmer AUD
Dr. Kahri Farnsworth AUD
Ms. Sandra Farnum MS CCC-A
Ms. Karen Farrar MA, CCC-A
Dr. Julie Farrar-Hersch PHD
Caren Farrell AUD
Dianna Farrell AUD
Sara Farrero MA
Ruth Farrington MA, CCC-A
Ryan Farris AUD
Katrina Farrow
Ms. Alison Faryna MS, AUD-C
Mr. Brian Fasler MA
Kaela Fasman AUD
Ms. Kristina Fassett MA
Ms. Elizabeth Fasulo AUD
Alasia Fate AUD
Dr. Sadaf Fateh AUD
Theresa Faughnan MA
Ms. Kim Faulkenburg MA, CCC-A
Sue Faulkner AUD
Katherine Faunce MA
Dr. Stephen Fausti PHD
Mr. Frank Favaro MA-CCC-A
Kathleen Favor AUD
Dr. Sybil Faylo AUD
Lisa Fazalare MS, CCC-A
Ashley Fazio
Dr. Darrel Feakes AUD
Beverly Fears MS,CCC-A
Dr. Dashielle Febo AUD
Miss Megan Fechter MA, CCC-A
Andrea Federman AUD
Sherri Fedetz
Dr. Marilyn Fedge AUD
Mrs. Barbara Fee-Olsen MA, LA
Ms. Barbara Feehan MS,CCC-A
Pamela Feehan AUD CCCA
Mrs. Laura Feeney AUD FAAA
Martin Feeney PHD
Melodi Fehl MS CCC-A
Hannah Fehlberg MA
Kami Fehlig AUD
Ms. Judith Feigin MS
Jason Feinberg AUD
Susan Feinberg AUD
Mr. Jason Feld MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Laura Feldhake AUD
Dr. Alisa Feldman AUD
Dr. Julie Feldman AUD
Dr. Natalie Feleppelle AUD
Ms. Paula Fellin MS
Michael Fellman
Steven Fellows MA
Lauren Felton AUD
Carl Feltz
Mr. Louis Femino MACCC-A
Teresa Fendrich AUDILOGIST
Ms. Joanna Fennelly AUD
Cynthia Fenstermaker
Dr. Cynthia Fenton AUD
Christopher Fergus AUD
Dr. Nicole Ferguson AUD
Nicole Ferguson AUD
Ms. Robin Ferguson AUDIOLOGIST
Gina Ferguson-Logi MS
Denise Ferman MA,CCC-A
Mrs. Diane Fernandez MS
Gilda Fernandez MA, CCC-AUDILOGIST
Mrs. Karla Fernandez AUD
Natalie Fernandez-Roque
Karen Fernow MS, CCC-A
Amy Ferrall-Pack AUD
John Ferraro PHD
Dr. Jeanane Ferre PHD
Dr. Cynthia Ferrell AUD
Melissa Ferrello AUD
Tobi Ferrence MS
Linda Ferretti AUD
Dr. Edith Ferris AUD, FAAA, CCC-A
Nicole Ferro AUD
Anne Ferruggiaro AUD
Kelli Ferry AUD
Ms. Gari Feryo BC-HIS
Dr. Daniel Fesler AUD
Dr. Meredith Fetch AUD
Cynthia Fetherston MS
Maryfrances Fettinger
Justin Fevold AUD
Lynn Fickes MS, CCC-A
Pamela Fiebig CCCA
Cara Fields MS
Trisha Fields
Mary Anne Fighera M ED
Dr. Jessi Lee Figlewicz AUD,CCC-A
Mrs. Sheryl Figliano AUD
Mathew Figueiras AUD
Dr. Adeliz Figueroa MD
Dr. Juan Figueroa AUD
Lucy Figueroa Sagvedra MS
Mrs. Meralis Figueroa-Delgado MS/A
Mrs. Barbara Fike MA
Dr. Gary Fike JR. AUD
Ms. Cheryl Fikucki
Dr. Sarah Filer AUD
Starla Filippelli AUD
Dr. Jamie Filla AUD
Alfred Filosa
Kay Filson LD
Rachel Finan AUD
Mrs. Sara Finch MA,CCC-A
Dr. Ursula Findlen PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Mary Finerty MA
Mrs. Dana Fink MA, CCC-A
Mr. Carl Finley AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Emily Finley AUD
Litany Finley AUD
Dr. Diane Finnerty AUD
Mary Fino-Szumski MD
Dr. Kevin Fire PHD
Naomi Fireman AUD
Dr. Lynn Firestone AUD
Mr. Jill Firszt AUD
Kelsie Fisch AUD
Ms. Fayne Fischer MS
Mrs. Maureen Fischer MSCCC/A
Stephanie Fischer AUD
Brittany Fischtziur
Ms. Robin Fiscus AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Angela Fisher AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Francine Fisher MS
Katelyn Fisher AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Fisher MA, CCC-A
Maria Fisher AUD
Ronna Fisher AUD
Sarah Fisher AUD
Thomas Fisher AUD
Vicki Fisher MS
Ms. Gabrielle Fishman AUD
Kim Fishman
Dr. Cara Fiske AUD
Carson Fiske MS
Dana Fiske AUD
Amy Fistel
Kathleen Fitch MA CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Fitch AUD
Mrs. Amanda Fitz MA, CCC-A
Julia Fitzer AUD
Diana Fitzgerald AUD
Mary Fitzgerald CCC-SLP, CCC-A
Ms. Marysheila Fitzgerald MA AUDC FAAA FADA
Matthew Fitzgerald PHD
Dr. Katharine Fitzharris AUD
Jeanette Fitzke AUD
Dr. Bernadette Fitzpatrick AUD
Dr. Deanne Fitzpatrick PHD
Dr. Kelly Flaherty AUD
Mrs. Lindsay Flaherty AUD
Dr. Patrick Flaherty AUD
Amy Flamenbaum MS
Dr. Kevin Flanagan AV D
Patricia Flanary MA
Dr. William Flanders AUD
Mrs. Ann Flaningan MA
Ms. Kristy Flaspoehler MS, CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Flatt AUD
Ms. M. Flechas AUD
Michelle Fleck CCC-A
Dr. Stephanie Fleck AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Richard Fleener AUD
Leah Fleischhauer AUD
Dr. Amy Fleming AUD
Dr. Tonia Fleming AUD
Miss Erin Flemming AUD
Ms. Cathy Fleschner MA
Dr. Catherine Fletcher AUD
Dr. Charlene Fletcher AUD
Dr. Heather Fletcher AUD
Mrs. Susan Fletcher MA CCC-A
Teigan Fletcher AUD
Dr. Brian Fligor SCD
Dr. Melissa Fling AUD
Leslie Flinn MS CCC-A
Alyssa Flippo AUD
Ms. Gayle Flood MS, CCC-A
Paris Florence AUD
Dr. Gina Flores AUD
Lisa Flores MS
Mrs. Marsha Flores MA
Dr. Michael Flores AUD
Mr. Danial Flower MS,FAAA
Laura Flowers MS
Dr. Sean Flowers AUD
David Floyd AUD
Eliza Floyd AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Jeremy Floyd MS
Ms. Karla Floyd MA CCC-A
Mrs. Christine Fluegel MA CCC-A
Mrs. Brandy Flurry AUDIOLOGIST
Catherine Flynn AUD
Mr. Dale Flynn MSPA CCCA
Dr. David Flynn AUD,
Deborah Flynn
Elizabeth Flynn AU D
Janet Flynn CCC/A
Mrs. Karyn Flynn MA
Patricia Flynn MA
Ms. Tia Flynn AUD
Vicki Flynn MS
Keri Foard MA
Paul Focht MS
Dr. Sally Fodero
Dr. Cynthia Fogarty AUD
Ms. Rebecca Fogel AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Tara Fogel MS
Ms. Amy Foley AUD
C. Michelle Foley
Holly Foley MS
Julie Foley MAUD CCC-A, FAAA
Michael Foley AUD
Susan Foley CCC-A
Dr. Molly Folger AUD
Richard Folsom PHD
Ilia Fong AUD
Dr. Nancy Fontana AUD
Mrs. Renee Fontanella MA CCCA
Sandi Fontecchio AUD
Ashley Foots
Mr. Gary Forbes MS CCCA
Mr. Kimball Forbes MCD FAAA
Mr. Scott Forbes MA, CCC-A
Dr. Susan Forbes AUD
Patricia Forcina MA, CCC-A
Leida Forcum Durkee AUD
Dr. Adriane Ford AUD
Anna Ford AUD
Mrs. Joey Ford MS, CCC-A
Mr. Joseph Ford MS
Mrs. Karen Ford MS
Laura Ford MS CCC-A
Lisa Ford AUD
Ms. Megan Ford
Dr. R. Ford AUD
Temeka Ford AUD
Carly Foreman AUD
Dr. Emily Foreman AUD
Mrs. Mary Foreman
Ms. Carla Forestieri CCC-A
Dr. Roxanne Forlano AUD
Dr. Bonnie Forman-Franco AUD
Charles Formby PHD
Trisha Formichetti AUD
Dr. Paige Formsma AUD
Dr. Michelle Fornelli AUD
Elizabeth Fornero
Mr. Brian Forquer MS
Dr. Shirley Fors AUD
Dr. Ann Forsberg AUD
Steven Forsey AUD
Ms. Anna Forsline
Dr. Marcia Fort AUD, CCC-A
Mark Fortenberry MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Marianne Fortino
Lynn Fortner MS, CCC-A
Molly Fortney AUD
Marlene Forzano MA, CCC-A
Michelle Foss
Erin Foster
Mrs. Mary Foster CCC-A
Ms. Wendy Fotopoulos MA
Mrs. Julie Foulis MA,CCC-A
Dr. Richard Foust AUD
Dr. Terry Foust AU D
Dr. Anthony Fowler AUD
Mrs. Bridgette Fowler AUDIOLOGIST
Jennifer Fowler AUD
Nicholas Fowler AUD
Mrs. Susan Fowler AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Susan Fowler AUD
Casey Fox AUD
Dr. Chad Fox AUD
Cydney Fox MA
Damon Fox MS
Dr. Samuel Fox SCD
Sara Fox
William Fox MA
Joan Fox-Hurkett
Dr. Lisa Fox-Thomas I PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Carrie Foy MS
Mr. David Fradkin MA CCCA
Dr. Gregory Fragakis AUD, FAAA
Mr. Charles Frager M S, CCC-A
Laura Fragomeni AUD
Carrie Fraker
Mrs. Marta Fraker MS, CCC-A
Dr. Christopher France AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Tamara Francini AUD
Dr. Raymond Francis AUD
Sarah Francis AUD
Dr. Amanda Francisco AUD
Nicole Franco AUD
Dr. Faith Franey AUD, CCC-A
Katherine Frangos
Dr. Briana Frank AUD
Garrett Frank MA CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Frank AUD
Ms. Kit Frank AUD
Leslie Frank MS CCC-A
Allan Franklin AUD
Sara Franklin AUD
Dr. Sheila Franklin AUD
Dr. Jaymee Franknecht AUD
Mrs. Carolyn Franks MA CCC-A
Ms. Noreen Frans MS
Dr. Jennifer Franson-Hopper AUD
Marilyn Frantsov AUD
Mrs. Amy Franz AUD
Becky Franz MS CCC-A
Dr. Maria Franzone AUD
Janet Fraser AUD
Dr. Jenna Frasso AUD
Marie Frazer AUD
Mrs. Sylvia Frazer MS, CCC-A
Heidi Frazier MSCCCA
Kate Frazier
Dr. Lynn Frazier AUD,CCC-A
Mrs. Michele Frazier MED
Viola Fredas
Dr. Cynthia Frederick AUD
Ms. Ellen Frederick M AUD
Eric Frederick AUD
Leah Frederick-Toth AUD
Trudy Frederics AUD
Elizabeth Fredrick MA
Michele Fredrickson
Tammy Fredrickson
Miss Carol Free MS
Dr. Amy Freed AUD
Mrs. Eileen Freed MA
Alena Freeman MCLSC
Dr. Ashley Freeman AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Barry Freeman PHD
Mr. Clarence Freeman MA, CCCA
Kelli Freeman AUD
Lisa Freeman MS CCC A/SLP
Dr. Monica Freeman AUD
Dr. Sydnie Freeman AUD
Mr. William Freeman MA
Deborah Freind MSC, CCC-A
Louise French AUD
Dr. April Frenton AUD
Katherine Frericks AUD
Mrs. Renee Freund MA, CCC-A
Dr. Cynthia Frey AUD
Dr. Deborah Frey AUD CCC-A
Mr. Earl Frey HAD
William Frey MA, CCCA
Dr. Thomas Fria PHD
Dr. Jill Friday AUD, CCC-A
Michael Fridgen
Ms. Debra Fried
Mrs. Elane Friedel SLP
Dr. Erica Friedland AUD
Barbara Friedman AUD
Jillian Friedman AUD
Dr. Mindi Friedman AUD
Sheree Friedman
Ms. Harriet Friedman-Wilson MS
Ms. Melanie Friend AUD
Ms. Susan Friess MA
Mr. Christopher Frink MS F-AAA
Mr. Norman Frink MS CCC-A
Mrs. Ariela Frisch MA, CCC-A
Cari Frisk AUD
Matthew Frisk AU-D
Margaret Fritschen MA
Sarah Fritz AUD
Seth Fritz AUD
Dr. Thomas Froelich MS
Mr. Robert Froke MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Mr. Franklin Froman MS CCC/A
Stephanie Frommelt MA, CCCA
Mr. Glenn Fronheiser
Bethany Frostman
Dr. Shannon Frugia AUD
James Frum MS
Nicole Fruth AUD
Anna Fry
Dr. Leah Fry AUD
Ms. Mindy Fry AUD
Dr. Mitchell Frye AUD
Dr. Ronald Fryk AUD
Mrs. Nora Fuchs AUD, CCC-A
Laura Fugleberg AUD
Denby Fukuda AUD CCC-A
Dr. Analydia Fulcher AUD
Julie Fulford AUD
Dr. Natalie Fulgham AUD
Julia Fulghum MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Alison Fuller AUD
Mr. Ivory Fuller SR.
Ms. Linda Fuller MA, CCC-A
Ms. Shawnda Fuller-Alwes AUDIOLOGIST
Christine Fullerman AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Stella Fulman AUD, CCC-A
Susan Fulton MS
Sara Funatake AUD
Iris Fung AUD
Ms. Izumi Furukawa MA, CCC-A
Roberta Fuson MA/CCC-A
Dr. Emily Fustos AUD
Dr. Angela Fyffe AUD
Beth Gabavics AUD
Dr. Jamie Gabbard AUD
Dr. Larry Gabbin JR. AUD
Dr. Kenneth Gabler AUD
Dr. Sara Gabriel AUD
Gina Gabrielli AUD
Mark Gabrych AUD
Tammy Gadbois MN/HS, CCC-A/SLP
Sandy Gaddis AUD
Janice Gaeth
Ms. Jill Gaffey MS CCC A
Dr. Patricia Gaffney AUD
Rhea Gage AUD
Dr. Jennifer Gagesch AUD
Christine Gagner
Dr. Toni Gagnier AUD
Erika Gagnon
Mr. James Gahn MA, FAAA, CCC-A
Dr. Clark Gailey AUD
Dr. Emily Gaines AUD
Dr. Gary Gaines II AUD, PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Theresa Galan AUD
Emilie Galemore AUD
Lorraine Galeotti AUD
Dr. Gina Galinauskas AUD
Olivia Galioto
Mr. Christopher Galizio MA, CCC-A
Dr. Erica Gallagher AUD
Theresa Gallagher AUD
Mrs. Valerie Gallagher MS CCC-A
Collyn Gallant AUD
Mrs. Carmen Gallego
Wendy Gallegos MA CCC-A
Dr. Sandra Gallegos-Soslowsky AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Robin Galleher MSPA-A
Ms. Mary Gallert MS
Deborah Galley MS, CCC-A
Monica Gallien
Bethany Galligher AUD
Nancy Gallihugh
Dr. Kathleen Gallion AU D
Lorri Gallion MA
Mrs. Kerin Gallivan-Igo MS
Mrs. Elisabeth Galloway AUDCCC-A
Dr. Hannah Galloway AUD
Dr. Laura Galloway AUD
Dr. Stephanie Galloway AUD
Miss Tracy Galloway MA
Linda Galow MS
Cheryl Galus MA, CCC/A
Ms. Dianna Galvan
Mindy Galyon MA
Mrs. Deborah Gamache MS CCC-A FAAA
Mary Gamble MA, CCC-A
Mr. Robert Gamble MA
Paul Gamewell
Charles Gammel PHD
Dr. Paul Gancher AUD
Karen Gang
Stephanie Gannaway AUD,CCC-A
Elizabeth Gansen AUD
Sarah Ganske AUD
Dr. Leslie Gant AU D
Mrs. Uma Ganti AUD
Mrs. Anita Gantry Dotson MS SLP A CCC
Mrs. Rita Ganupuru AUD
Melissa Garafalo-Culmer AUD
Mrs. Tamara Garamella AUD CCC A
Dr. Jennifer Garbarini
Debra Garber MA CCC-A
Melissa Garber AUD
Tammy Garber MS
Dr. Annette Garced Santiago AUD
Brittany Garcia AUD
Dr. Edward Garcia AUD
Emma Garcia MA
Ms. Jennifer Garcia AUD
Dr. Robert Garcia AUD
Teresa Garcia MSCCC-A
Dr. Luis Garcia Ocasio AUD
Dr. Jonni Gardey AUD
Dr. Alyssa Gardiner AUD
Mrs. Carly Gardiner AUD
Dr. Julie Gardino AUD, CCC-A
Christie Gardner AUD
Mr. Daniel Gardner MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Diane Gardner MS, CCC-A
Glen Gardner MS, CCC-A
Harvey Gardner PHD
Dr. Lorraine Gardner AUD
Dr. Robert Gardner AUD
Janine Garfinkel
Dr. Rosalind Garfinkel AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Susannah Gariepy AUD
Dr. Angie Garinis PHD
Dr. Laura Garish AUD
Lori Garland
Shannon Garlitz AUD
Jaleh Garman AUD
Barbara Garner
Ms. Betty Garner MA
Carolyn Garner CCC-A
Cathleen Garner
Dr. Gloria Garner AUD
Kelly Garner AUD
Melanie Garner AUD
Mr. Jeffrey Garnett MS
Linda Garofalo MA, CCC-A
Abigail Garrett AUD
Debbie Garrett MCD
Emily Garrett AUD
Dr. Layne Garrett AUD
Michelle Garrett AUD
Mrs. Bridget Garrido MCD CCCA
Dr. Rita Garrido AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Bridget Garrison AUD
Miss Bridget Garrison AUD
Douglas Garrison AUD
Mrs. Margery Garrison MA, CCC-A
Christopher Garron
Mrs. Millicent Garry AUDIOLOGIST (MA)
Mr. Thomas Garske MS BCA
Dr. Kimberly Garson AUD
Kristin Garst AUD
Renee Garvin AUD,CCC-A
Ms. Lucinda Gary MA
Kristina Garza AUD
Karen Gasbarro CCC-A
Dr. Lisa Gascay
Mrs. Janis Gasch AUD
Marci Gasen AUD
Christina Gash MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Amy Gaskin CCC-SLP
Dr. Albert Gass JR. AUD
Dr. Juliette Gassert AUD
Dr. Shawnee Gastal AU D
Judy Gastwirth-Masone
Dr. Kathy Gates AUD
Kimberly Gates AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Gathercole AUD
Angela Gathers MS
Meredith Gatzemeyer AUD
Dr. Carly Gauche AUD
Mrs. Jill Gaudet MA, CCC-A
Susan Gaudichon MA AUDIOLOGIST
Jaclyn Gauger MA, CCC-A
Elizabeth Gautereaux MS
Micheline Gauthier AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Ricardo Gauthier AUD
Derek Gavin AUD
Lisa Gavin
Dr. Reid Gavin AUD
Sharon Gavin AUD
Laura Gaxiola AUD
Dr. Jane Gay AU,D
Melissa Gay MCD
Paula Gay
Hilary Gazeley AUD
Dr. Alyson Gearhart AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Carol Gebhardt PHD
Rebecca Gebremichael AUD
Kyle Geda AUD
David Geddes MA
George Geehan JR. MS
Holly Geeslin CCC-A, CCC-SLP
Dr. Donna Geffner PHD
Michael Gehan MS, CCC-A
Namita Gehani AUD
Laurin Geheber AUD
Dr. John Gehm AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Lisa Geier PHD
Dr. Christina Geiger AUD
Helana Geisen AUD
Kate Geisen AUD
Lisa Geisler MS, CCC-A
Dr. Gina Geissler AUD, FAAA
Kristin Geissler
Carol Gelb MA, CCC-A
Donna Gelnett MA
Mrs. Linda Gemayel MS
Heather Gemmer MA, CCC-A
Dr. Tonya Genazzi AUD
Mr. Francis Gendreau MA
Jean Gener
Gregory Genna AUD
Mrs. Amy Gensler MA
Cynthia Gensur AUD
Ms. Ann Marie Gentili-Stockwell MA CCC-A
Heather Gentner MA, AUD
Mrs. Teresa Gentry MACCC-A
Dr. Alisa Genualdi AUD
Mrs. Brenda George MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Priscilla George AU
Ms. Tamara George MA CCC-A
Mrs. Dru Geraghty MSCCC-A
Mrs. Christine Gerhardt-Jewell MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Melissa Gerke AUD
Andrea Gerlach AUD
Rebecca Germano AUD
Michelle Gerringer AUD
Dr. Michele Gerrish AUD
Dr. Anna Gershteyn AUD
Dr. Randi Gerson AUD
Dr. Sara Gerstle AUD
Dr. Alan Gertner PHD
Dr. Jonathan Gervais AUD
Dr. Alexandra Gery AUD
Dr. Eugene Gessert AUD
Fatema Ghadialy
Dr. Justin Gherian AUD
Miss Honey Gholami MS
Lisa Giacometti
Rachel Giacontiere AUD
Dina Giacopelli MS-CCC-A
Dana Giannetti
Dr. Molly Giannuzzi AUD
Dr. Stephanie Giaquinto AUD
Mrs. Joann Giarraputo MA, LA
Mrs. Amy Gibboney MS, CCC-A
Dr. Daniel Gibbons AU,D
Dr. Jennifer Gibbons AUD
Megan Gibbons AUD
Dr. Airika Gibbs AUD
Mrs. Lisa Gibbs MA, CCC-A
Lisa Gibbs
Natalie Gibbs AUD
Nancy Giblin AUD
Edith Gibson
Dr. Kelly Gibson AUD
Labreda Gibson
Susan Gibson MA, CCC-A
Dr. Todd Gibson AUD
Lynn Gibson Taucher AUD, CCC-A
Mr. David Gidley MS, CCC-A
Rene Gifford PHD
Steven Giguere
Alison Gilbert AUD
Mrs. Carol Gilbert MS
Dr. Christopher Gilbert AUD
Mrs. Jackie Gilbert MS
Ms. Jane Gilbert MA/CCC-A
Jennifer Gilbert MS, CCC-A
Josh Gilbert AUD
Katie Gilbert AUD
Marcia Gilbert AUD
Mrs. Marcia Gilbert MS, CCC/A
Ms. Mary Gilbert MA
Mrs. Meghan Gilbert MS
Betty Gilchrist MA, CCC-A
Jan Gilden MA
Mrs. Anita Giles MS, CCC-A
Tessa Gilfillan-Jones MS CCC-A
Jamie Gilgren AUD
Benjaman Gilham AUD, D
Ms. Gertrude Gilhooly MS, CCC-SLP, CCC-A
Mrs. Elizabeth Gill MS CCCA
Dr. John Gill MS, DDS
Sara Gill AUD
Dr. Suzanne Gillam AUD
Diane Gillan AUD
Karen Gillan AU
Johanna Gillenwater AUD
Mr. Robert Gillespie MA
Samuel Gillespie AUD
Mrs. Sharon Gillespie IV CCC-A
Mrs. Debra Gillette MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Gilligan AUD
Dr. Margaret Gillihan PHD/CCC-A
Dr. Nancy Gilliom PHD
Mindy Gillis AUD
Mrs. Regina Gillison MA, CCC-A
Dr. Nancy Gillispie AUD
Dr. Charles Gillum AUD
Mary Gilly
Ms. Katherine Gilman CCC/A
Ms. Donna Gilmartin CCC-A
Dr. Robert Gilmore AUD, MHA, CCC-A
Dr. Terri Gilmore AUD
Mrs. Debra Gilstrap MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Carol Gimlin MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Deanna Ginder-West MS, CCC-A
Melissa Ginesi AUDIOLOGIST
Lara Gingerich AUD CCCA
Dr. Kimberly Ginsberg AUD
Mrs. Laura Gioia
Mrs. Gina Giordano MS CCC-A
Dr. Larry Giovinazzo AUD
Mrs. Carly Girard AUD
Dr. Kathryn Girardin AUD
Dr. Andrew Giraud AUD
Lori Girouard MA CCC-A
Anne Giroux AUD
Mr. Gregory Girten MS CCC-A
Stephanie Girvan MA
Mrs. Carol Gischia AUD
Kelly Gitter MS CCC
Callie Givens AUD
Dr. Gregg Givens PHD
Dana Gladd AUD
Chad Gladden AUD
Dr. Lydia Gladwin AUD
Dr. Pamela Glamm AUD
Megan Glascock AUDIOLOGIST
Dana Glasenhardt
David Glaser MS CCC-A
Dr. Robert Glaser PHD
Dr. Ronni Glass AUD
Stephen Glasser AUD
Elizabeth Glassman AUD
Jamie Glater
Andrea Glatz
Dr. Rachel Glaze AUD, FAAA
Ann Gleason PHD
Dr. Dawn Gleason AUD
Kelsey Gleason
Joy Glen MA
Margaret Glenney
Kymm Glenzer AUD
Mrs. Christie Glick MA, CCC-A
Dr. Ilana Glick AUD
Jan Glick CCC-A
Dr. Colby Glidewell AUD
Irene Glissman AUD
Diana Glose MS
Margaret Glover MA,CCC-A
Ms. Samantha Glover AUD
Stacie Glover MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Cheryl Glovsky MED, CCC-A
Lynda Gluck MA
Kathryn Glynn AUD CCC-A
Dr. Emily Gnatt AUD
Dr. Danny Gnewikow PHD
Dr. David Gnewikow PHD
Dr. Julie Gobler AUD, CCC-A
Shelly Godar MA, CCC-A
Stefanie Godbey MA, CCC-A
Karla Goddard MA,CCC-A
Ms. Bethany Goddiess AU D CCC-A
Dr. Holly Godfrey AUD
Dr. Andres Godinez Au.D. AUD
Allison Godlewicz AUD
Dr. Jessica Godovin AUD
Ms. Jamie Godsey AUD
Ms. Leslie Godsey MS
Dr. Ashley Godwin AUD
Eileen Goebel MA CCC-A
Dr. Stacey Goebel AUD
Dr. Jenny Goehring AUD
Lisa Goerner CCC-A
Barbara Goers MA, CCC-A
Cathryn Goetz
Karen Goetz AUD, CCC/A
Dr. Shannon Goetz AUD
Ann Goff MA, CCC-A
Christy Goff
Stephen Goff MA, CCC-A
Dr. Denise Goforth AUD
Mrs. Christine Goguen MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Andrea Gohmert MS CCCA
Dr. Andrew Golboro AUD
Dr. Andrea Gold AUD
Mrs. Cheryll Gold
Dr. Saralyn Gold PHD
Ms. Susan Gold CCC
Donald Goldberg PHD
Jodi Goldberg
Ms. Julie Goldberg MS, CCC-A
Lisa Goldberg CCC-A
Mrs. Margaret Goldberg AUD, CCC-A
Deborah Golden MS
Maria Goldenberg AUD
Natalie Goldgewicht
Dr. Anastasiya Goldin AUD
Dr. Julie Golding AUD
Sarah Goldkamp AUD
Ms. (Bernice) Goldman MS
Jennifer Goldman AUD
Marilyn Goldman
Mr. Allen Goldstein MS
Dr. Barbara Goldstein PHD
Dr. Beverly Goldstein PHD
Mrs. Linda Goldstein MED
Kayla Golliher AUD
Paula Golson MS, CCC-A
Dr. Katherine Golub AUD
Jessa Gombert AUD
Rebecca Gomer MS,F-AAA
Tamar Gomes AUD
Daniela Gomez MED
Mrs. Lilliam Gomez MS
Mary Gomez AUD
Eugenio Gomez Garcia
Ms. Railey Gomolin Landau MSC
Ms. Evelyn Gong AUD
Dr. Linda Gonya-Hartman AUD
Dr. Tammy Gonzales AUD
Mrs. Alicia Gonzalez MA, CCC-A
Casey Gonzalez AUD
Deyanira Gonzalez AUD
Iris Gonzalez
Ms. Isamar Gonzalez LCDA
Victoria Gonzalez AUD
Miss Yesenia Gonzalez MS
Mrs. Marian Gonzalez Bermudez
Dr. Stephen Gonzenbach EDD
Martia Good MA-CCC-A
Dr. Susan Good AUD
Mrs. Mary Goodacre MA, CCCA
Dr. Shanin Goodall AUD
Shayna Goode AUD
Ronald Gooden AUD
Ms. Billie Goodman MA, CCC-A
Christine Goodman AUD
Paula Goodman Liebeskind AUD
Sharon Goodson AU
Mrs. Jaime Gorby MA, CCC-A
Ashley Gordon AUD
Ms. Charlene Gordon MA
Ms. Donna Gordon AUDIOLOGIST
Elizabeth Gordon AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Jane Gordon MS CCC-A
Jill Gordon AUD
Julia Gordon
Melissa Gordon
Dr. Toni Gordon PHD
Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey AUD, PHD
Barbara Gordon-Wendt PHD
Dr. Larry Gore PHD
Dr. Alison Goren AUD
Mrs. Reena Gorenstein MSC
Dr. Michael Gorga PHD
Elizabeth Gorman MS CCC-A
Ms. Patricia Gormley MS, CCC-A
Dr. Casey Gorrell AUD
Danielle Gorsky AUD
Dr. Michele Gortemaker AUD
Ms. Linda Gorton MA, CCC-A
Dr. Bruce Gosche AU D
Frederick Goset LD
Stephanie Goss
Mrs. Lisa Gosselin MS,CCC-A
Ms. Patricia Gosselin AUD
Kristin Gossett
Ms. Mary Gossman MA
Dr. Lee Gosson AUD
Dr. Goutham Gosu AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Michele Gotsis AUD
Ms. Brenda Gotter AUD
Ms. Linda Gottermeier
Dr. William Gottlick AUD
Dr. Karah Gottschalk AUD
Ms. Jocelyn Goubeaux MA
Herbert Gould PHD
Hope Gould MS CCC-A
Dr. Matthew Gould AUD
Ms. Nancy Gould MED
Adam Goulson AUD
Kayla Goulson AUD
Ms. Jamie Governal AUD
Jennifer Gowan AUD
Dr. Shannon Gower AUD
Carolyn Gowin
Dr. Thomas Goyne III AUD
Mr. Joseph Goyzman AUD, CCC-A
Jennifer Graber AUDIOLOGIST
Suzan Grabow CCC-A
Mrs. Kathy Grace MA CCC A
Stephanie Grace PHD
Doris Grachek MS-CCC-A
Dr. Gina Gracia AUD
Mr. Marcos Gracia AUD
Holly Grady AUD
Mrs. Rebecca Grady MA
Monika Graef MA
Dr. Kelli Graeff AUD
Dr. Victoria Graff AUD
Dr. Ashley Graffeo AUD
Alec Graham MS
Cara Graham AUD
Robin Graham MA, CCC-A
Theoni Graham MS
Mrs. Valerie Graham MS
Lynne Graham O'brien AUD, CCC-A
Jeffrey Graley
Ms. Deborah Grall MS
Molly Granado AUD
Dr. Allison Granali AUD
Jean-Marie Grande CCC-A
Nancy Grandgeorge AUD
Marian Granson AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Anne Grant AUD
Gail Grant
Janet Grant MA
Dr. Kelsie Grant AUD
Monica Grant MA, CCC-A
Wende Grant MS, CCC-A
Marjorie Grantham PHD
Sarah Grantham MD
Mrs. Angela Grasse AUD
Patricia Grassi MS, CCC-A; FAAA
Dana Grattan AUD
Dr. Gregory Grau AUD
Kristin Gravel AUD
Karen Graves MSCCC-A
Mr. Michael Graves MS AUDIOLOGY
Richard Graves MA CCC-A
Jessica Gravius AUD
Andrea Gray MS
Kaley Gray AUD
Kara Gray AUD
Dr. Melinda Gray AUD
Dr. Rachel Gray AUD
Mrs. Sheila Gray MA, CCC-A
Tommi Gray Stanley MS CCC-A
Dr. Katherine Gray-Lingis AUD
Diane Graybill
Ms. Brittany Grayless AUD
Dr. Melissa Graziani AUD
Ms. Kristine Grbac-Schomaker MA CCC-A
Laura Greaver AUD
Kristy Greco AUD
Clatyon Green
Constance Green AUD
Mrs. Elizabeth Green MA CCCLA
Eric Green MA,FAA
Ms. Erin Green MED, CCC-A
Janet Green MS/CCC-A
Mrs. Jodi Green MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Kelly Green AUD
Mr. Kelly Green MS
Dr. Krysta Green AUD
Mandi Green AUD
Mrs. Melissa Green MS
Nancy Green AUD
Dr. Rikki Green AUD
Mr. Robert Green AUD
Sheila Green MS
Tanya Green MS
Mrs. Laura Green-Gentile MS, CCC-A
Dr. Herbert Greenberg PHD
Vicki Greenberg MA, FAA
Mr. Brett Greenblatt MA
Joanne Greene AUD
Mrs. Nicole Greene MA, CCC-A
Ms. Patricia Greene MS CCCA
Dr. Renee Greene AUD
Dr. Sara Greene AUD
Dr. Katherine Greening AUD
Pam Greenspan AUD
Kim Greenstein AUD
Lisa Greenway MA
Dr. Lauren Greenwood AUD
Michele Greenwood AUD
Dr. Megan Greenya AUD
Dr. Adelaide Greer AUD
Carol Greer
Ms. Karen Greer
Kent Greer AUD
Dr. Lance Greer AUD FAAA
Laura Greer AUD
Dr. Sabrina Greer AUD
Melanie Gregan
Dr. Meghan Greger AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Allison Gregg MS
Ryan Gregg AUD
Ms. Heather Gregoire MA
Lydia Gregoret AUD
Mallory Gregorio AUD
Laura Gregory DA
Dr. Rebecca Gregory AUD
Ms. Margaret Gregowicz MS, CCC-A
Denise Greiner AUD
Dr. Richard Gresham AUD
Sonia Grewal AUD
Mrs. Catherine Grewell MA F-AAA
Dr. Howard Grey PHD
Dr. Jayna Griesbach AUD
Melodie Griffanti MS
Kimberlee Griffey MA
Dr. Amanda Griffin AUD
Dr. Beverly Griffin AUD
Ms. Brandi Griffin AUD
Cari Griffin AUD
Collin Griffin AUD
Ms. Debra Griffin AUD
John Griffin CCCA
Mary Margaret Griffin AUD
Dr. Philip Griffin AUD
Wendy Griffin MS,CCC-A
Alisha Griffith MS CCC A/SLP
Joe Griffith III AUD
Miss Laura Griffith AUD
Ms. Noel Griffith AUD
Dr. Christine Griffiths AUD
Mary Griffiths AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Scott Griffiths PHD
Mrs. Jenny Griggs AUD
Lauren Grillis AUD
Crystal Grim MS, CCC-A
Michael Grim PHD
Dr. Virginia Grim AUD
Dr. Alison Grimes AUD
Michelle Grimes
Stacey Grimes
Dr. William Grimm AUD
Kathy Grimwood MA
Ms. Erin Grindling MA
Robert Grisham AUD
Ms. Marisa Grittini AUD
Ms. Jill Grober AUD
Miss Judith Grobstein AUD
Dr. Ashley Groeber AUD
David Groesch AUD
Heather Groetz AUDIOLOGIST
Roxanne Groff AUD
Evan Grolley AUD
Mr. Gary Gromack MED CCC A
Linda Grong AUD
Lee Gronhovd MS
Mrs. Marilyn Groot MA
Dr. Matthew Groschen AUD
Paul Grosebeck AUD
Amy Grosnik AUD
Bonnie Gross MS
Dr. David Gross AUD CCC-SLP/A FAAA
Dr. Emily Gross AUD
Lauren Gross AU D
Dr. Mel Gross AUD
Mrs. Michelle Gross MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Tricia Gross
Heidi Grosskopf CCCA
Barbara Grossman AUD
Shelly Grossman AUD
Kathy Grote CCC-A
Katie Grote X
Dr. Mary Jo Grote PHD
Dr. Candice Grotsky AUD
Lori Grove PHD
Amanda Grove-Kenney AUD
Mr. Christian Grover MS
Mrs. Maryann Grow AUD
Mr. Robert Grozalis JR. MS
Dr. Jill Gruenwald AUD
Chandra Grupenhof AUD
Jennifer Gruschke MA CCC-A
Leslie Grush
Mrs. Jennifer Gryska MA CCC-A
Jessica Grzeca AUD
Dr. Joy Guay AUD
Alex Gubler
Dr. Leah Guempel AUD
Diana Guercio AUD
Dr. Lisa Guerra AUD
Mr. Thomas Guerrein AUD
Dr. Sergio Guerreiro
Dr. Brenda Guerrero AUD
Hugo Guerrero AUD
Pamela Guerrero
Dr. Rae Guerrero AUD
Mr. Lawrence Guess MS, CCC-A
Maegan Guilbeau MCD, CCC-A
Donald Guillen AUD
Dr. Lisa Guillory AUD
Amanda Guillotte AUD
Jamie Guinan AUD
Miss Kimberly Gullickson AUD CCC-A
Mr. Joseph Gullo II MSS
Lisa Gumina
Mr. Fredrik Gundersen MA
Deborah Gunter AUD
Diya Guo AUD
Dr. Jing Guo AUD
Mrs. Madhu Gupta CCC-A
Somi Gupta MA-CCC-A
Dr. Maya Gurariy AUD
Dr. David Gurian AUD
Stephen Guryan MA
Tori Gustafson MS
Kimberly Gustovich MA, CCC-A
Dr. Courtney Guthrie AUD, CCC-A
Jenita Guthrie AUDIOLOGY
Terry Guthrie AUD
Dr. Indiana Gutierrez AUD
Jennifer Gutierrez MA
Melissa Gutierrez AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Howard Gutnick PHD
Dr. Hope Guttenberg CCC-A/AUD
Mrs. Elise Guttridge MA
Jennifer Gutzwiller
Becky Guy MA
Dr. Heather Guy AUD
Emily Guyton AUD
Sally Guyton MA
Dr. Ann Guzauskas AUD
Heidi Guzik MS
Leslie Guzman AUD
Mrs. Lisa Guzman MA
Valerie Guzzo AUD
Nancy Gwaltney
Ms. Nannette Gwinner AUD, CCC-A
Georgia Haab AUD
Nancy Haack MA
Concetta Haag AUD
Barbara Haas MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Kirsten Haas-Camitsch
Mrs. Kathleen Haasch MS CCC-A FAAA
Naomi Habegger Croghan AUD
Mrs. Ada Haber-Perez AUD
Ms. Amy Hable AUD
Stephanie Habura
Maria Hacker MS, CCC-A
Dr. Nicole Hacker AUD
Trisha Hackman
Dr. Heather Hackney AUD
Colette Hadden MA CCCA
Ricole Haden AUD
Mrs. Catherine Hadeshian MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Miss Cheryl Hadlock
Mr. Ernest Haecker MS,CCC-A, ABA
Dr. Nurit Haft AUD
Dr. Tracy Hagan AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Hagen AUD
Roxanne Hagenbuch MS
Jessica Hagg AUD
Dawn Haggart MA
Aaron Hahn MS CCC-A
Mrs. Morgan Hahn MS CCC/A
Shannon Hahn
Dr. Kristen Haider AUD
Claudia Haime CCC-A
Mr. Maged Haimed SCD
Mrs. Amy Haines AUD
Ms. Charlene Halbert MA
Devon Hale AUD
Mrs. Kristin Hale AUD, CCC-A
Robert Hale JR. AUD
Dr. Tyson Hale AUD
Elizabeth Haley AUD
Dr. Andrea Hall AUD,CCC-A
Brenda Hall
Dr. Carolyn Hall AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Charia Hall AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Dena Hall AUD, CCC-A
Gregory Hall MA
Heather Hall AUD
Dr. James Hall PHD
James Hall
Jane Hall AUD
Mr. Jeffrey Hall MA
Ms. Jennifer Hall MS, CCC-A
Jo Hall CCC-A
Mrs. Linda Hall MA
Mrs. Melissa Hall MA
Michelle Hall AUD
Dr. Monique Hall AUD
Nicole Hall AUD
Mr. Robert Hall MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Stacey Hall AUD
Theresa Hall-Ferchau MACCC-A
Mrs. Emily Halla AUD, CCC-A
Thomas Hallahan SCD
Dr. Amanda Hallas Huff AUD
Dr. Ashley Hallberg AUD
Dr. Helen Hallenbeck AUD
Dr. Kelly Halligan AUD
Mrs. Ericka Hallis AUD
Katie Hallowell FAAA
Dr. Sarah Hallowitz AUD
Kristin Hallstrom AUD
Mrs. Karen Halpern
Leslie Halpern MS CCC A
Dr. Christopher Halpin PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Deirdre Hamaker AUD
Kathryn Hamann
Ellen Hambley
Melissa Hamerlinck MS/CCC/A
Daniel Hamersky
Dr. Michelle Hames AUD
Dr. Mohamed Hamid MD, PHD
Sonia Hamidi AUD
Debra Hamila
Dr. Joan Hamill AUD
Mary Hamill MA, CCC-A
Prof. Teri Hamill PHD
Debra Hamilton MA
Jean Hamilton AUD
Keely Hamilton AUD
Dr. Margaret Hamilton MA, AUD
Mrs. Marianne Hamilton MA, CCC-A
Nancy Hamilton MA
Susan Hamilton MS;CCC-A;AUD
Thayne Hamilton AUDIOLOGIST
Traci Hamilton AUD
Victoria Hamilton AUD
Vikki Hamilton
Mr. Matthew Hamilton-Sutherland MA, CCC-A
Steven Hamlett AUD
Judith Hammack CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Hamman AUD
Mrs. Susan Hammell
Dr. Christina Hammer AUD
Jill Hammer
Joann Hammer AUD CCC
Theresa Hammer AUD
Dr. Michael Hammerbacher AUD
Julie Hammersmith MS CCC-A MA CCC-SLP
Brooke Hammond AUD
Jennifer Hammond AUD
Mrs. Judy Hammond MS, CCC-A
Dr. Michael Hammond AUD
Pamela Hammond AUD
Dr. Dennis Hampton PHD
Mabel Hamrell AUD
Janet Han
Mrs. Chassity Hancock MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Jaynee Handelsman PHD
Blair Handy AUD
Theresa Haney AUD
Ms. Tiffany Haney MS
Cynthia Hanifin MS CCC-A
Laurie Hanin PHD
Ms. Jan Hankerson MS CCCA FAAA
Dr. Shari Hankin AUD CCC-A
Dr. Elizabeth Hankins AUD
James Hankla AUD, CCC-A
Lori Hanline AUD
Krystle Hanna AUD
Nada Hanna AUD
Kevin Hannah MA, CCC-A
Andrea Hannan AUD
Rebecca Hanneman CC-A
Paul Hanrahan
Dr. Jay Hans AUD
Ari Hansen
Dr. Daniel Hansen AUD
Donald Hansen MS CCCA
Emilie Hansen AUDIOLOGY
Erica Hansen AUD
Mr. James Hansen MS CCC-A/SLP
Dr. Kelly Hansen AUD
Mrs. Kim Hansen MNS, CCC-A
Sally Hansen Whitson MS CCCA
Julie Hanson AUD
Nancy Hanson DA CCCA
Dr. Ryan Hanson AUD
Ms. Marta Hansson
Scott Hansson AUD
Dr. Jason Harader AUD
Joann Harano AUD
Dr. Anita Haravon PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Melissa Harawitz MS
Ms. Kristi Harbage MA, CCC-A
Ms. Angelyn Harber MS
Ms. Rose Hardcastle MS, CCC-A
Ericca Hardee MS
Joseph Hardeman BA
Mrs. Allison Harden MS
Dr. Benjamin Harden AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Rochelle Harden AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Harder AUD
Linda Hardie AUD
Dr. Lauren Hardies AUD
Mrs. Robin Hardin MA
Mollie Harding AUD
Hollis Hardman MA, FAAA
Andrea Hardy AUD
Mrs. Sarah Hardy MS, CCC-A
Mr. Charles Hare MS, CCCA
Gary Hare
Angela Hargrave MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Harhager AUD
Dr. Jumana Harianawala AUD
Ms. Linda Haring
Dr. Christopher Harjes AUD
Dr. Audra Harker AUD, CCC-A
Mary Harkin AUD
Dr. Edwin Harless PHD
Kristi Harless MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Leigh Harless CCC-A
Karen Harmon MA,CCCA
Mrs. Tara Harmon-Mcelheney AUD
Sara Harnack AUD
Dr. Charles Harney AUDIOLOGIST
Martha Harney MS
Noemi Haro AUD
Dr. Danielle Harper AUD
Sandra Harper CCC-A
Tanya Harper Rowe MA
Laurie Harple AUD
Richard Harrell PHD
Miss Katie Harrington AUD
Dr. Melodie Harrington AUD
Ms. Stella Harrington MS CCC-A
Alexandra Harris AUD
Allison Harris AUD
Mrs. Barbara Harris AUD
Dr. Caton Harris AUD
Ms. Cheralyn Harris MS, CCC-A
Daniel Harris PHD CCC-A
Dave Harris PHD
Elizabeth Harris AUD
Dr. Frances Harris PHD CCCA
Dr. Gary Harris PHD
Genevieve Harris MA
Mrs. Jami Harris MS, CCC-A,, AUD
Jennifer Harris CCC-A
Jennifer Harris AUD
Dr. John Harris AUD
Dr. Kylie Harris AUD
Melanie Harris MD
Paula Harris AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Richard Harris PHD
Mrs. Sonie Harris MA, CCC-A
Sonya Harris MS,CCC-A
Mr. Stephen Harris CCC-A
Dr. Susan Harris AUD, CCC-A
Miriam Harris-Shelton AUD
Mrs. Diann Harrison MA CCCA
Dr. Jamie Harrison AUD
Kelle Harrison MS
Dr. Lauren Harrison AUD, CNIM
Patrice Harrison MA, CCC
Mrs. Susan Harrison
Tamara Harrison AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Joan Harron AUD
Dr. Kari Harsh AUD
Mrs. Catherine Harston MA, CCC-A
Janice Hart MS, CCC-A
Dr. Joel Hart AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Hart MA CCC-A
Mr. Loren Hart I
Serena Hart MS, CCC-A
Emilie Hart-Hutter
Dr. Robert Hartenstein AUD
Dr. Amy Hartle AUD
Mrs. Paulene Hartley MS,CCC-A
Dr. Curtis Hartling
Amy Hartman MA, CCC-A
Anneliese Hartman
Ms. Jacqueline Hartman MA,CCC
Dr. Jennifer Hartman AUD
Kristin Hartman AU,D
Leslie Hartman
Melody Hartman AUD
Dr. Micheal Hartman AUD
Tara Hartman AUD
Julie Hartz MS
Dr. Angela Harvey AUD
Josephine Harvey MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Kathleen Harvey MA, CCC-A
Ms. Monique Harvey MS/CCC-A
Tiffany Harvey AUD
Dr. Kevin Harward AUD
Richard Harward AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Stephen Harward MS
Laura Hasenoehrl
Mrs. Catherine Haskamp
Merhan Hassan AUD
Christine Hasselbacher
Dr. Mukhlis Hasso MSC
Debora Hatch AUD
Mahboobeh Hatefi AUD
Ann Hatfield MA
Mrs. Bridget Hathaway MS/CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Hathaway AUD
Dennis Hatherill MS
Erin Hattey AUD
Karl Hattler CCCA
Kelsey Hatton AUD
Jennifer Hatzkilson MA
Esther Hauben MS CCC SLP/A
Christie Haug AUD
Dr. Gerry Haughey AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Devan Haulk Luckabaugh AUD
Kathleen Hausbeck-Miller AUD
Ms. Julie Hauser MS
Jennifer Hausladen AUD
Cheryl Hausman MA
Shaleta Havard AUD
Dr. Susan Haveman-Kruyf AUD
Kerry Havens MA
Dr. Del Hawk AUD
Dr. Nicole Hawk AUD CCC-A
Dr. David Hawkins PHD
Elizabeth Hawkins MA, CCC-A
Ms. Joyce Hawkins MS
Dr. Whitney Hawkins AUD
Dr. John Hawks PHD
Claudia Hawley M A CCC A
Dr. Jill Hawley AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Lynne Hawley MS
Susan Hayashi
Dr. Angela Hayden AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Cheryl Hayden AUD
Stephanie Hayek AUD
Mr. Andrew Hayes MA, CCC-A
Catherine Hayes MD
Dr. Danyelle Hayes AUD
Deborah Hayes PHD
Jennifer Hayes MS AUD
Mr. Michael Hayes MS, CCC-A
Mr. Norvis Haygood CPT (AUDIOLOGIST)
Mrs. Melissa Haynes MS, CCC-A
Mr. Thomas Haynes JR. M AUD, CCC-A
Miss Virginia Hays MS CCC-A
Mark Haythorn PHD, CCC-A
Aimee Hayton MA
Gretchen Haywood MS
Jackie Haywood AUD
Joan Hazlett MA CCC A
Ms. Abbie Hazlewood MS CCC A FAAA
Chantel Hazlewood AUD
Kara Headington AUD
Mrs. Melissa Headley AUD
Mr. Daniel Healey MED CCC-A
Dr. James Healey AUD
Ms. Jamie Healy MS CCCA
Ms. Nancy Heaps MA,CCC/A
Melinda Heater AUD
Mrs. Dana Heath MS
Dianne Heath AUD
Penny Heba MA
Cheri Hebeisen AUD
Dr. Laurie Hebert AUD
Eva Hecht
Dr. Melanie Hecker AUD
Dr. Larissa Heckler AUD
Allie Heckman AUD
Debra Heckmann MA
Ann Hedges MA
Anne Hedin
Andrea Hedley-Williams MD
Dr. Mark Hedrick AUD, CCC-A
David Heffner
Dr. Craig Heffron AUD
Ms. Sandra Heffron MA CCC-A
Ms. Lisa Hegg MS, CCC-A
Akilah Heggs MA, CCC-A
Erin Hegner AUD
Dr. Veronica Heide AUD
Mr. Alan Heidecker MA CCCA
Maryann Heider MED CCCA
Rebecca Heilig AUD
Dr. Dawn Heiman AUD
Meredith Heiner
Mrs. Alyssa Heinz AUD
Cynthia Heise AUD
Fredia Helbert AUD
Alexander Helbig AUD
Emily Heldt AUD
Dr. Karen Helfer
Dr. Paige Helfer AUD
Mrs. Daniela Helitzer AUD
Catherine Helkey AUD
Donella Hellenkamp
Dr. Corinne Heller AUD CCC-A
Dr. Josephine Helmbrecht AUD
Stacy Helmert AUD
Mrs. Kerri Helms MSSH
Caitlin Helstrom AUD, CCC-A
Wendy Helt
Dr. William Helton III AUD
Amanda Hemard AUD
Dr. Maria Hemenway AUD
Dr. Thomas Hemeyer PHD
Megan Hemmer AUD
Kelly Hemmingway
Dr. Alissa Hench AU D
Tomma Henckel AUD, CCC-A
Oana Hendea MS, CCC-A
Dr. Luann Hendershot AUD
Dr. Emily Henderson AUD
Lalitha Henderson AUD
Patricia Henderson CCC-AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Thomas Henderson MS, CCC-A
Jennifer Henderson Sabes MA CCC-A
Miss Kim Hendricks MA
Dr. Erika Hendrickson AUD
Nathan Hendriksen AUD
Debbie Hendry AUD
Tricia Heneghan AUD
Carol Henn-Staino MS
Ms. Ann-Marie Hennessey MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Marlene Hennessey AUDIOLOGIST
Ann Hennessy MA CCC-A
Marian Henniges AUD
Brandi Henning AUD
Nicole Henning AUD
Dr. Rebecca Henning PHD
Dr. Christina Henninger AUD
Ms. Janine Henrickson AUD,CCC-A
Dr. Larry Henrickson PHD
Mrs. Jan Henriques AUD
Dr. Catherine Henry DPM
Danielle Henry AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Elaine Henry MA CCC-A
Dr. James Henry PHD
Kenneth Henry PHD
Ms. Mary Henry AUD
Dr. Mary-Martha Henry AUD
Melinda Henry MA, CCC-A
Michele Henry
Robert Henry JR. AUD
Emily Hensarling AUD
Dr. Lynn Henselman PHD
Brittany Hensley AUD
Mrs. June Hensley MA, CCC-A
Ms. Nancy Henson AUD
Veronica Henson AUD
Mr. William Heob MSCCC-A
Sandra Hepker MS
Mrs. Wendy Hepner MC
Marie Hepola AUD
Mrs. Diane Herbert
Dr. Yang Herbig AUD
Kirsta Herder MS, CCC-A
Patti Hergenreder MD
Dr. Christopher Herget AUD
Dr. William Herholtz III AUD
Amanda Heringer AUD
Amber Hermann
Dr. Dana Hernandez AUD, F-AAA
Kelly Hernandez AUDIOLOGIST
Leida Hernandez MS
Lizanette Hernandez MSA
Mrs. Lydied Hernandez MS
Lizvette Hernandez Roman
Gracie Herndon AUD, CCC-A
Kolbe Heroux AUD
Ms. Laura Herr
Dr. Susan Herr AUD
Alyssa Herrera AUD
Mrs. Elizabeth Herrera MS CCC A
David Herring
Dr. Kaileen Herring AUD
Karen Herring MS, CCC/A
Elena Herriott AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Kristine Herrman MS, CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Herrmann PHD, CCC-A
Kerry Herrmann AUD
Ms. Susan Herrmann-Ekstam MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Heather Herrod Burrows AUD,CCC-A
Dr. Ashley Hersey AUD
Dr. Roberta Hershon Schneider AUD
Linda Herzberger-Kimball MS, CCC-A
Cynthia Herzog MS
Katherine Heslop AUDIOLOGIST
Bradley Hess AUD
Mrs. Amanda Hessenauer AUD
Dr. Catherine Hessig AUD
Dr. Carol Hession PHD
Andrea Hester
Mrs. Beth Hester CCC-A, FAAA
Mr. Robert Heston MA
Dr. John Hetherington PHD
Gina Hetherington Cooper MA
Maria Hetlinger AU D
Mrs. Kimberly Hetterich AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Lonneke Heuvelmans MA, CCC-A
Stephanie Hewett AUD
Danielle Hewitt MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Jessica Hewitt AUD
Noel Hewitt
Dr. Steven Hewkin AUD
Meghan Hexamer CCC-A
Christine Hiatt AUD
Mrs. Julie Hiatt MA, CCC-A
Dr. Carl Hibbert AUD
Kellie Hibbitts AUD
Sarah Hickey AUD
Mr. Alamander Hicks PHD
Candace Hicks PHD
Colleen Hicks MS CCC-A
Molly Hicks AUD
Ms. Rebekah Hicks AUD
Mrs. Sara Hieber MS
Angela Higdon AUD
Dr. Rachel Higginbotham AUD
Mr. John Higgins MS, AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Thomas Higgins MA
Mrs. Jennifer High AUD
Dr. Linda High AUD
Dr. Stacey High AUD
Kathleen Highhouse AUD
Pat Highley AUD
Dr. Nancy Hight PHD, CCCA
Dr. Deanene Hightower AUD
Mrs. Nichole Hightower MS
Katherine Higinbotham
Ms. Rosa Hilario MA
Dr. Lisa Hilbert AUD
Debra Hildebrand MED
Dr. Megan Hildner AUD
Marilyn Hildreth
Ms. Brandi Hileman AUD
Janet Hiles-Brett MCD
Mrs. Kelly Hilgers MA
Dr. Amy Hill AUD
Diane Hill
Ms. Donna Hill AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Edward Hill II
Dr. Jeanne Hill AUD
Katelyn Hill AUD
Dr. Lindsey Hill AUD
Mrs. Lori Hill MS
Dr. Lynne Hill AUD
Meredith Hill AUD
Merrill Hill AUD
Dr. Michael Hill AUD
Ryan Hill
Dr. Shanai Hill AUD
Dr. Stephen Hill AUD
Dr. Whitney Hill AUD
Dr. Carrie Hill-Villanueva AUD
Dr. Jordan Hill/Sanders AUD
Michele Hillard CCC-A
Mrs. Amanda Hillebrand MS, CCC-A
Dr. Rocio Hilpert AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Dr. Kristen Hilsher AUD
Gary Hilt AUD
Dr. Deborah Himel SC D
Dr. Florence Himelfarb AUD
Barbara Himes AUD
Mrs. Melissa Himmelman AUD
Mary Hinchey AUD
Wheaton Hinchion AUD,CCC-A
Wendy Hinchman AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Kristin Hinderliter AUD
Ms. Sandra Hindman MS
Dr. Leeann Hinds AUD
Dr. Sneha Hinduja AUD
Ms. Amy Hines MS
Mrs. Elaine Hines MA,CCC-A
Dr. Vidal Hinojosa AUD
Dr. Kati Hinrichsen AUD
Leslie Hinshaw MS, CCC-A
Ms. Susan Hinson MS
Ms. Ann Hintermeier MA
Ruth Hinther
Dr. Mandi Hinton AUD
Dr. Luke Hinzmann AUD
Mrs. Carol Hippert MA
Edson Hirohata AUD
Mrs. Cindy Hirsch MA
Dr. Jodi Hirsch AUD
Ms. Karen Hirsch AUD
Dr. Nancy Hirsch AUD
Shelley Hirsch MA
Dr. Evan Hirschhorn AUD
John Hisey MA
Dr. Meghan Hiss AUD, CCC-A
Angela Hissner MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Julie Hitchcock AUD
Mindy Hittle AUD
Matthew Hjelden MS CCC/A
Glenn Hladek MS, CCC-A
Dr. Thomas Hladnik JR. AUD
Dr. Theresa Hnath-Chisolm PHD
Kim Thien Ho AUD
Melissa Ho
Betty Hoade AUD
Mr. Brian Hobbs CCC-A
Julie Hobbs MA,CCC-A
Dr. Lindsay Hobbs AUD
Dr. Megan Hoben AUD
Dr. Richard Hoben AUD
Meredith Hobgood AUD
Robin Hoch MA CCC/A
Chana Hochman AUD
Susan Hodell AU
Dr. Michael Hodes AUD
Mrs. Sherry Hodge AUD
Angela Hodges MCD
Ms. Annelle Hodges MD
Mrs. Julee Hodges MS, CCC-A
Susan Hodges
Dr. Heather Hodgin AUD
Dr. Sarah Hodgson
William Hodgson MA
Hannah Hodson Mclean AUD
Dr. Jessica Hoefler AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Hoehl
Danielle Hoenig AUD
Dr. Angela Hoess AUD
Richard Hoeye
Kelly Hofferber AUD, CCC-A
Alyson Hoffman SCD, CCC-A
Mr. Harvey Hoffman MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jenna Hoffman AUD
Jessica Hoffman
Jill Hoffman AUD
Dr. Kimberly Hoffman AUD
Ms. Michele Hoffman MS
Alison Hoffmann AUD
Ms. Chris Hoffmann MS, MA, AUD
Melissa Hoffmann MS
Philip Hofstetter AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Anne Hogan MS
Anne Hogan MS, CCC-A
Jodi Hogan MS,CCC-A
Ms. Norma Hogan MA-CCC
Mr. Robert Hogan MA CCCA
Susan Hogan AUD
Cynthia Hogan-Hargenrader PHD
Mrs. Jennifer Hogge MS, CCC-A
Dr. Sherrie Hoglin AUD
Nancy Hohler AUD
Ms. Leslie Hojem MS CCC-A
Michael Hojnacki AUD
Sandra Hoke MS, CCCA
Sharon Hoke MA, CCC-A
Diana Holan
Dr. Abby Holauchock AUD
Sarah Holbert AUD
Trevor Holbert AUD
Dr. Charlie Holcomb JR. AUD
Lisa Holcomb
Meredith Holcomb AUD
Ms. Laura Holden AUD
Dr. Jourdan Holder AUD
Suzanne Holder MED, CCC-A
Dr. Flora Holderbaum AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Krista Holderman AUD
Maria Holdren MS, CCC-A
Mr. Jonas Holl MA
Mrs. Christina Hollabaugh MA, F-AAA
Amanda Holland AUD
Dr. Amy Holland AUD
Ms. Catherine Holland MS CCC A
Ms. Diana Holland MA
Erin Holland AUD
Mr. Jay Holland MA
Dr. Jennifer Holland AUD
Leslie Holland
Dr. Reginald Holland AUD
Mrs. Sue Holland
Ms. Amanda Holley AUD
Mrs. Cathryn Hollis AUD, CCC-A
Matthew Hollis AUD
Grant Hollister AUD
Ms. Charlotte Holman MAUD
Dr. Alice Holmes PHD
Alyson Holmes AUD
Christine Holmes
Dr. David Holmes AUD
Dr. Georgia Holmes AUD
Dr. Katherine Holmes AUD
Yunet Holmes
Rebecca Holowka MS, CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Holschuh AUD
Dr. Jennifer Holst AUD
Beth Holstad MS, FAAA, CCC-A
Dr. Kayla Holstad AUD
Ms. Diane Holstein AUD
Mr. Joseph Holston AUD, CCC-A
Jessica Holt
Kevin Holt PHD
Dr. Lenore Holte PHD, CCC-A
Laura Holtsford-Anderson MA
Ms. Melanie Holzberg MA
Dr. Aynsley Holzen AUD
Sharon Homburger
Susan Homitz MS
Julie Honaker PHD
Dr. Brienne Honan AUDIOLOGY
Mrs. Heather Honeycutt MS,CCC-A
Dr. Katherine Honeycutt AUD
Eune Hong AUD
Lisa Hong AUD
Lawrence Honke AUD
Christine Honnigford CCC-A
Dr. William Hoole IV AUD
Dr. Patrick Hoolihan AUD
Dr. Robert Hooper AUD
Sharly Hooper M S,CCC-A
Dr. Joy Hooter AUD
Ms. Brenda Hoover MA
Tracy Hoover AUD
Dr. Lisa Hoover-Steinwart
Amy Hopkins MA, FAAA
Sharon Hopkins MA, FAAA
Sheryl Hopkins MA,CCC-A
Travis Hopkins Williams AUD
Rachel Hopp AUD
Mr. Coldore Hopper IV MS-FAAA
Maria Hopple AUDIO
Shirley Horacek MS
Dr. Jennifer Horak AUD
Dr. Ryan Horan AUD
Dr. Walter Horan III AUD
Dr. Zoe Horan AUD
Brittney Horecka AUD
Jennifer Horn MS
Jessika Horn MS, CCC-A
Dr. Stuart Horn AUD
Mrs. Sydney Horn-Klein CCC-A
Sheila Hornaday MS CCC-A
Kari Horne AUD
Laurel Horne AUD
Judy Horner MS, CCC-A
Anne-Terese Horning MA
Dr. Judith Horning AUD
Dr. Melissa Horning AUD
Mrs. Holly Hornyan AUDIOLOGIST
David Horowitz AUD
Dr. Laura Horowitz AUD
Mrs. Mary Horsch AUD
Kelly Horsley AUD
Carolyn Horton MS
Mrs. Lee Ann Horvat AUDIOLOGIST
Shelly Horvat AUD
Dr. Amy Horwitz CCC-A
Lisa Hoselton MSCCC-SLP
Holly Hosford-Dunn PHD
Ms. Heidi Hosick MS CCC-A/SLP
Ms. Marcie Hoskyn AUD
Caitlin Hostetler AUD
Pamela Houck
Wayne Hougas
Dr. David Hough PHD
Dr. Melissa Houlihan AUD
Schyler House AUD
Brittani Houston AUD
Kara Houston AUD
Lisa Houston MA
Mrs. Sarah Houston-Wiberg
Jenelle Hovde
Denise Hove
Dr. Hannah Hoven AUD, CCC-A
James Howard AUD, CCC-A
Jamie Howard
Jennifer Howard MS
Joanne Howard MA
Mrs. Kimberly Howard MS, CCC-A
Ms. Marilyn Howard MS
Mary Howard CCC-A
Dr. Matthew Howard AUD
Natacia Howard AUD
Dr. Rebecca Howard AUD, CCC-A
Sharon Howard AUD
Stephanie Howard MA,CCC-A
Tara Howard MA, CCC-A
Jason Howe MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Laura Howe AUD
Adrienne Howell
Mrs. Anne Howell MA CCCA
Dr. Justin Howell AUD
Susan Howell MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kayla Howerton AUD
Dr. Andrea Howland AUD
Molly Howlett AUD
Dr. Cherri Hoyden AUD
Kaitlin Hoyer-Booth AUD
Dr. Megan Hoyle AUD
Denise Hoysack MA
Julie Hranicka
Mrs. Mary Hrinda MA CCC/A
Cherie Hsu AUD
Dr. Steven Huart AUD
Brittany Hubbard AUD
Jillian Hubertz AUD
Judy Huch MS CCCA
Dr. Kristiina Huckabay AUD
Kalie Huckle AUD
Mrs. Debbie Hudak MS -CCC-A
Mary Hudgins AUD
Mrs. Carol Hudner MS
Ms. Alane Hudson AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Harvey Hudson II AUD
Mary Hudson PHD
Robin Hudson
Sam Hudson
Nancy Huebler AUD CCCA
Alexandra Huebner AUD
Christine Huebner
Jody Huebner MS
Ashley Huerta AUD
Dr. Keely Huey AUD
Dr. Alison Huff AUD, CCC-A
Emily Huff AUD
Steven Huff PHD
Frances Huff-Furgason MS
Mr. Todd Huffman AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Gerald Hug JR. MA CCC A
Lily Hugar MA CCC-A
Dr. Jiovanne Hughart AUD
Ashley Hughes AUD
Dionne Hughes MA
Kristi Hughes
Rachel Hughes AUD
Mr. Roger Hughes MA IN AUDIOLOGY
Ms. Sharon Hughes MS FAAA
Dr. Abbie Huinker AUD
Kristine Hulet
Dr. Angela Hull AUD
Dr. Bonnie Hulslander Baldwin AUD
Emily Hultin
Mrs. Donna Hultman MA, CCC-A
Dr. Beth Hulvey AUD
Jane Humble
Garrett Hume PHD
Courtney Hummel AUD
Ms. Danielle Hummel AUD
Chelsea Humpert
Elizabeth Humphrey AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Hailly Humphrey AUD
Mrs. Robin Humphrey AUD
Amanda Humphreys AUD
Dr. Michelle Hungerford AUD
Ms. Devon Huning
Shane Hunsaker AUD
Dr. J. Hunt PHD
Julia Hunt CCC-A
Julianne Hunt MS
Ms. Kristine Hunt AUD
Sarah Hunt AUD
Dr. Shannon Hunt AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Ellen Hunter AUD
Jean Hunter MA CC-A
Dr. Kristen Hunter AUD
Molly Hunter AUD
Mary Hunting CCC-A
Joan Huntoon
Kelley Huret
Annette Hurley PHD
Esther Hurley
Holly Hurley MS, CCC-A
Linda Hurt AU D
Dr. Taryn Hurvitz AUD
Ms. Jenny Hurwitz MS, CCC-A, F-AAA
Mrs. Allison Husarik PHD
Dr. Jill Huseman AUD
Marilyn Huskey MED, CCC-A
Ms. Donna Husnick
William Huson AUD
Alicia Hutchins AUDIOLOGIST
Aaron Hutchinson AUD
Christopher Hutchinson
Jeffrey Hutchinson AUD
Dr. Kathleen Hutchinson PHD, CCC-A
Jana Hutchison AUDIOLOGIST
Jennifer Hutchison AUD
Dr. Margaret Hutchison PHD, F/AAA, CCC/A
Dr. Peter Hutchison AUD
Mr. Thomas Hutchison MA
Dr. Grover Hutson AUD
Mr. Stephen Hutt AUD
Michele Hutter MS
Dr. Charles Hutto AUD
Rose Hutton
Dr. Robin Huttunen AUD
Christy Huynh AUD
Kim Loan Huynh
Dr. Laurie Huynh AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Daphne Hyatt MS, CCC-A
Dr. Elisabeth Hyland AUD, CCC-A
Cynthia Hyman MA CCCA
Dr. Susan Hyman AUD
Dr. Jan Hyono AUD
Aleesha Iacampo HAD& SLP
Thomas Iacono AUD
Dr. Kaitlin Iannelli AUD
Mrs. Krista Iannuzzi AUD
Michelle Ickes PHD
Tara Iddings AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Francis Iglehart PHD
Mr. Atif Ikram
Michele Ikuta AUD
Margarita Ilecki AUDIOLOGIST
Cassie Iliff
Dr. David Illich AUD, CCCA
Lisa Illich MS
Dr. Dixie Imada PHD
Dr. Jennifer Imboden AUD
Dr. Angela Imm AUD
Sharon Inada AUD
Kristine Incandella MA
Solveig Ingersoll MA
Amy Ingram
Jennifer Ingram AUD
Dr. Mica Ingram AUD
Nancy Ingram
Ms. Tracey Ingram
Mr. Bradley Ingrao AUD
Ms. Melissa Inniss AUD
Dr. Danielle Inverso AUD
Simona Ioffe AUD, CCC-A
Alice Ip AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Irby AUD, CCC-A
Adam Ireland AUD CCC-A
Colleen Ireland AUD
Tracey Irene AUD
Staci Irish AUD
Dr. Kathy Irving AU D
Mr. Alan Isaac
Jennifer Isayev AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Katherine Isbell AUD
Yoko Ishii AUD
Jennifer Ishmael
Robert Isphording AUD
Richard Israel PHD
Dr. Ramona Istvan AUD
Laura Istwany MED, CCC-A
Tricia Iten-Maly AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Nobuko Ito AUD
Dr. Rindy Ito AUD, CCC-A
Colleen Ittner AUD
Dr. Olesia Ivanutenko AUD
Doryce Iverson
Jessica Iverson MS, CCC-A
Mr. David Ives II MA CCC-A
Robert Ivey
Walter Ivey III AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Ivinson MA CCC-A
Robert Ivory
Patti Iwamoto MS, CCC-A
Susan Iwanski MS CCC-A
Nobuko Iwasaki AUD
Melissa Iwo MS
Darcy Jaarsma MA,
Ms. Theresa Jabaley MA
Joshua Jablonski
Kate Jablonski
Ms. Patti Jean Jacke MA
Kathleen Jacklen CCC/AUD
Adrienne Jackson AUD
Mrs. Amy Jackson MS
Dr. Barbara Jackson AUD
Betty Jackson MS,CCC-A
Mr. Charles Jackson
Danette Jackson AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Darby Jackson AUD, CCC-A
Julie Jackson AUD
Kathryn Jackson AUD
Dr. Kelci Jackson AUD
Dr. Kelsey Jackson AUD
Kristina Jackson AUD
Lauren Jackson AUD
Michael Jackson MD
Dr. Shawna Jackson AUD
Sheryl Jackson MS, CCC-A/FAAA
Dr. Suzanne Jackson AUD
Ms. Terri Jackson AUDIOLOGIST
Amira Jacob AUDCCC A
Daisey Jacob AUD
Ms. Cynthia Jacobs MA
Dr. Frederick Jacobs PHD
Dr. Karen Jacobs AUD
Laura Jacobs AUD
Dr. Nancy Jacobs AUD
Shana Jacobs
Linda Jacobs-Condit AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Ann Jacobson AUD
Dr. Brandy Jacobson AUD, CCC-A
Dana Jacobson AUD
Dr. Edward Jacobson PHD
Prof. Gary Jacobson PHD
Rena Jacobson AUD, FAAA, CCC-A
Dr. Harriet Jacobster AUD
Karen Jacobus MS
John Jacquart MA
Dr. Barbara Jaehne AUD
Mrs. Amy Jaffe MACCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Jahed AUD
Dr. John Jakimetz PHD
Christine Jakubec MA, CCC-A
Jerald James MS
Dr. Mary-Teresa James AUD
Tammy James MS
Laurie James-Turner MS, CCC-A
Dr. Regina Jameson AUD
Dr. Carmen Jamis AUD
Carrie Janeczko AUD
Lisa Janicki MS, CCC-A
Ms. Chana Jankelovits-Fasten MS
Ms. Diana Janney MS,CCC-A
Mrs. Sheri Jans MS
Jaclyn Jansen
Julia Jantas AUD
Timothy Jaquez
Mrs. Anne Jaramillo AUD
Ms. Christine Jardel MA CCC-A
Mrs. Carol Jared-Brown MS CCC
Mrs. Carolyn Jaret MS, CCC-A
Dr. Fredi Jarmel AUD
Jill Jarrell MA, CCC-A
Dr. Julie Jarrell AUD
Kirsten Jarrell AUD
Kristine Jarrell AUD
Benjamin Jarvi AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Jarvis MS CCC-A
John Jarvis PHD
Dr. Karen Jarvis AUD
Lisa Jaschke MS
Dr. Sat Jassal AUD
Gail Jauck AUD
Dr. Christina Jaunakais AUD
Dr. Robert Jay PHD
Alecia Jayne AUD
Dr. David Jedlicka AUD
Dr. Jody Jedlicka AUD
Kimberly Jeletic MA,CCC-A
Mr. Anthony Jelley MJS, CCC-A
Angela Jenkins CCC-A
Anne Jenkins AUD
Anne Jenkins AUD
Debra Jenkins MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Janis Jenkins AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Jeramy Jenkins AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Katie Jenkins AUD
Dr. Kimberly Jenkins AUD
Monique Jenkins
Ms. Jessica Jenkins-Werner MS, CCC-A/SLP
Ms. Evelyn Jennings MA AUDIOLOGY
Jennifer Jennings AUD
Karen Jennings MS, CCC-A
Marvin Jennings MS, CCC-A
Dr. Heather Jensen AUD
Ms. Jamie Jensen AUD
Ms. Meghan Jensen AUD
Mrs. Nancy Jensen MS
Mr. Robert Jensen MS
Steven Jensen AUD
Jill Jenskovic AUD
Rhoda Jenson AUD
Mrs. Erin Jesionek MS
Dr. Sarah Jessee AUD
Dr. Sheena Jessee AUD
Mrs. Dusty Jessen AUD
Dr. Adam Jessup AUD
Paul Jevelle AUD
Dana Jickell AUD
Dr. Carol Jimenez MD
Mahalet Jiregna AUD
Shirin Jivani AUD
Sharon Jividen MS CCCA
Dr. Kelly Jobe AUD
Tara Jobin
Elissa Jodon AUD
Dr. Brent Joe AUD
Ms. Sheryl Johanson MED CCC A, FAAA
Dr. Angela John AUD
Harsha John
Ms. Kelsy John MS
Martin John AUD
Dr. Michelle John AUD
Julie Johns AUD
Mr. Kenneth Johns MAUD
Dr. Patricia Johns AUD
Aaron Johnson AUD
Abigail Johnson MA
Dr. Adrienne Johnson AUD
Dr. Alaina Johnson AUD
Amy Johnson MS, CCC-A
Anita Johnson MS
Barbara Johnson MS, CCC-A
Dr. Carol Johnson AUD, F-AAA
Carol Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Carole Johnson MA CCCA
Dr. Catherine Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Chad Johnson AUD
Dr. Christa Johnson AUD
Christopher Johnson MA, AUD
Cindy Johnson MS
Clayton Johnson MS
Dr. Cynthia Johnson AUD
Darrell Johnson
Mr. Darryl Johnson MA, FA,AA
Mr. David Johnson MS, CCC-A
Ms. Debora Johnson MS, CCC-A
Debra Johnson MA
Mr. Derrick Johnson MS
Mr. Donald Johnson MA, CCC-A
Donna Johnson MA CCC-A
Dr. Earl Johnson AUD PHD
Edward Johnson AU D
Dr. Erika Johnson AUD
Dr. Erin Johnson AUD
Glen Johnson MA
Iris Johnson MA, CCC-A
Mr. James Johnson MS CCCA
Mrs. Jami Johnson MS, CCC-A
Jason Johnson AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Johnson
Dr. Jennifer Johnson AUD
Dr. Jennifer Johnson AUD
Ms. Jennifer Johnson AUD
Mr. John Johnson III MA, CCC-A
Dr. Julie Johnson AUD
Kasey Johnson MS,CCC-A
Kathleen Johnson CCC-A
Ms. Kathleen Johnson MS
Mrs. Kathryn Johnson
Kimberly Johnson AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Laura Johnson AUD
Laura Johnson MA CCCA
Lauren Johnson AUD
Dr. Leann Johnson AUD
Lenora Johnson MA,CCC-A
Lindsay Johnson
Mrs. Lindsay Johnson AUD
Dr. Lorraine Johnson AUD
Ms. Lynette Johnson AU D
Dr. Marc Johnson
Mary Johnson AUD
Matthew Johnson AUD
Melinda Johnson MA, CCC-A
Dr. Misty Johnson CCC-A, AUD
Dr. Natalie Johnson AUD
Dr. Patricia Johnson AUD, F-AAA, ABA
Paula Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Richard Johnson III MS, CCC-A
Dr. Robert Johnson AUD
Roma Johnson AUD
Ronald Johnson MA, CCC-A
Scott Johnson AUD
Ms. Sharon Johnson MA, CCC-A
Stephanie Johnson MS, CCC-A
Teah Johnson AUD
Dr. Theodore Johnson AUD
Toby Johnson MA, CCC-A
Tondalao Johnson MS, CCC-A
Troy Johnson AUD
Dr. Nathalie Johnson Davis AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Amy Johnston AUD
Dr. Deborrah Johnston AUD
Dr. Erin Johnston AUD
Dr. Kristie Johnston AUD
Dr. Kristin Johnston AUD, PHD
Lorilei Johnston MA
Mark Johnston AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Melissa Johnston MA, CCC-A
Tara Johnston AUD
Dr. Kimberly Joiner AUD
Rebecca Jolissaint AUD
Kristin Jollie MA
Mr. Aaron Jones AUD
Alisha Jones AUD, PHD
Mrs. Amy Jones MA, CCC-A
Ms. Andrea Jones AUD
Charlene Jones
Cindi Jones MS, CCC-A
Cristie Jones AUD
Crystal Jones AUD
Erika Jones
Mr. Frederick Jones MA, CCC-A
Jason Jones MS CCC-A
Dr. Jenna Jones AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Jones AUD, CCC-A
Jessica Jones
Dr. John Jones AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Julia Jones MS CCC-A
Mrs. Julibeth Jones AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Karen Jones AUD
Kimberly Jones AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Jones AUD
Lauren Jones AUD
Ms. Lou Jones MS, CCC-A
Dr. Michael Jones AUD
Michelle Jones AUD
Nancy Jones CCC-A
Mrs. Robin Jones AUD
Mrs. Sandra Jones AUDIOLOGIST
Sarah Jones
Sharon Jones MA
Dr. Shelly Jones AUD
Dr. Sherri Jones PHD
Stanton Jones AUD
Stephen Jones AU-D
Mrs. Suzanne Jones AUD
Trissan Jones AUD
William Jones AUD
Mrs. Susan Jones Miller MACCCA
Michele Jones-Fassett AUD
Catherine Jons AUD
Dr. Kimberly Jordan AUD
Mary Ann Jordan
Dr. Megan Jordan AUD
Melissa Jordan MA, CCC-A
Lindsey Jorgensen AUD, PHD
Teemarie Jorgensen AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Antony Joseph AUD, PHD
Dr. Charla Joseph AUD
Lana Joseph AUD
Melinda Joseph MA
Mrs. Mollie Joseph MS
Dr. Thomas Joseph AUD
Jennifer Joy Cornejo MA,
Ms. Jerri Joyce MA FAA
Ms. Kimberly Joyce MA
Gail Joyner MAED,CCC-A
Ms. Barbara Jozsa MA, CCC-A
Jennifer Jozwiak MA
Dr. Jessica Juarez AUD
Mrs. Karen Juarez MCD, CCC-A
Paige Juarez AUD
Dr. Coral Jud AUD
Ms. Sharon Judlowitz AUD
Dr. Randy Judson AUD
Margaret Juelich AUD CCC-A
Ms. Susan Julian AUD
Mrs. Cynthia Juliao MS, CCC-A
Wendy Jumonville MS
Melinda Jumper
Chelsea Juneau AUD
Jyoti Juneja MS,CCC-A
Dr. Laurie Junker AUD
Dr. Tina Jupiter PHD
Marco Jurado AUD
Miss Moraima Jurado Bequer MS
Lori Jurman MA
Edward Justice CCC-A
Dr. Meredith Justice AUD, CCC-A
Molly Justus AUD
Jill Juvan MS, CCC-A
Ms. Margaret Jylkka MS ,CCC-A, FAAA
Ellen Kabath CCC-A
Md Saif Kabir M S , CCC- A
Dr. Rebecca Kaczmarski AUD
Mrs. Laura Kaelber AUD
Aviva Kagan
Lesa Kagan AUD, CCC-A
Arnold Kahgan MS
Dr. Michelle Kahl AUD
Mrs. Sarah Kahley AUD CCCA
Alison Kahn MA CCC- A
Mrs. Janet Kahn MS
Patti Kaires MA CCC AUD
Mrs. Karen Kajiwara-Nelson MS
Mrs. Manju Kaku MS
Dr. L. Margaret Kalady AUD
Dr. Susan Kalarchik AUD
Dr. Sheena Kaler AUD
Kurt Kalies AUD
Mr. George Kalin MS CCCA
Mr. Clifford Kalina AUD
Sara Kallini AUD
Dr. Patricia Kalmbach AUD, FAAA
Dr. Carol Kamara PHD
Sangeeta Kamdar AUD
Katherine Kamilos AUD
Dr. Joshua Kamin AUD
Debbie Kaminer-Furst AUDIOLOGIST
Karen Kamon MS CCCA
Kelly Kamp AUD
Mrs. Stacey Kampe AUD CCC A
Sean Kampel AUD
Dr. John Kandare AUD
Dr. Katherine Kandell AUD
Gwen Kandula AUD, MBA
Bridget Kane MA
Rebecca Kane AUD
Amanda Kantor AUD
Mrs. Karen Kantzes AUD
Ms. Patricia Kao-Hutt MA, CCC-A
Roxanne Kapala MA CCC
Mrs. Beverly Kaplan MA
Dr. Diane Kaplan AUD
Dr. Holly Kaplan PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Lauren Kaplan AUD
Matthew Kaplan AUD
Dr. Patricia Kaplan CCCA AUD
Ronald Kaplan AUD
Susan Kaplan MA
Helen Kapp MSP, CCC-A
Noreen Kapp MS,CCC-A
Mr. Joshua Kappel AUD
Melissa Kappes MA CCC A
Mrs. Lauri Kapusta MA, CCC-A
Dr. Delia Karahalios AUD
Dr. Robin Karasopoulos AUD
Ms. Joanna Karathomas MS CCC-A
Stephanie Karch AUD, PHD
Dr. Jenna Karcher AUD
Mehrnaz Karimi AUD
Leigh Karlberg
Andrea Karlin-Weisbach
Dr. Raymond Karlovich PHD
Ms. Elizabeth Karlsen PHD
Dr. Yvette Karnibad II AUD
Ms. Summer Karns Heard AUD
Janet Karp MS, FAAA
Melissa Karp AUD
Ms. Melissa Karp MS
Larry Karpe MS
Elizabeth Kartsen AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Stella Karvounis Agrapidis AUD
Dr. Stephen Kasden AUD
Mrs. Lynn Kase MA
Mrs. Gyl Kasewurm AUD, FAAA
Meagan Kaska
Ruth Kaspar AUD
Dr. Craig Kasper AUD
Mary Kassa AUD
Dr. Jill Kassinger AUD
Troy Kasuboski MS, CCC-A
Heather Kasulis AUD
Susan Kasunick MA
Dr. Deanna Katanic AUD
Ms. Bharti Katbamna
Seema Katiyar AUD
Joann Katsantonis MS
Nad Kattan AUD
Darlene Kau MA, CCC-A
Dr. Michael Kaufer AUD, CCC-SLP-A
Ms. Alisa Kauffman MS
Ashley Kaufman
Hannah Kaufman AUD
Mrs. Lori Kaufman MS
Tricia Kaufmann MS CCC-A
Dr. Fauzia Kausar AUD, MA
Laura Kauth MA
Rachelle Kautzman
Ms. Susan Kavanagh MS CCC/A
Zoe Kavanaugh
Jennifer Kayal MS,CCC-A
Dr. Dean Kayser AUD
Dr. Jennifer Kazuka AUD
Cherise Keane AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Keane AUD
Patricia Keane
Barbara Kearns AUDIOLOGIST
Laura Kearns AUD
Peter Keating AUD
Dr. Sandy Keaton AUD
Dr. Erica Keats AUD
Mrs. Caryn Kedzierski MA, CCC-A
Ms. Michelle Kee AUD
Dr. Mary Catherine Keefe AUD, CCC-A
Susan Keeling AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Edward Keels MA CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Lisa Keen AUD, FAAA
Dr. Alexandra Keenan AUD
Allison Keenan MS CCCA FAAA
Dr. Tina Keene AUD
Kristen Keener AUD
Dr. Julie Keesling AU D
Kimberly Keessen AUD
Nikki Kehres MS
Dr. Clint Keifer AUD
Dr. Andrew Keiner AUD
Megan Keirans AUD
Dr. Mary Keith AU D
Mary Keith
Paige Keithly PHD
Dr. Manisha Kelkar AUD
Susan Kelleher AUD, CCC-A
Angela Keller AUD
Dr. Daniel Keller AUD
Ms. Jennifer Keller
Lyn Keller DA
Mrs. Nicole Keller AUD
Sonya Keller
Dr. Christine Kelley AUD
Debbie Kelley AU D
Janelle Kelley AUD
Dr. Jennine Kelley AUD
Millie Kelley MA, CCC-A
Dr. Ronald Kelley AUD
Dr. Sarah Kelley AUD
Dr. Yolanda Kelley AUD
Ms. Allison Kelly AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Bethany Kelly M A, CCC-A
Miss Cailyn Kelly AUD, CCC-A
Dara Kelly
Ms. Dorothy Kelly MED
Evelyn Kelly AUD
Katherine Kelly
Dr. Kathleen Kelly AUD
Kelly Kelly MA CCC-A
Mrs. Kimberly Kelly MAUD
Dr. Laura Kelly PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Leah Kelly CCC-SLP, AUD
Dr. Mary Kelly AUD
Dr. Melissa Kelly AUD
Patrick Kelly AUD
Dr. Rebecca Kelly PHD
Dr. Kai Kelmachter AUD
Ms. Danielle Kelsay MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Christina Kelso AUD
Michael Kemp MS
Alison Kemph
Dr. Carly Kempton AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Christine Kendall MA
Ms. Jennifer Kendall MA CCC/A
Dr. Katie Kendhammer AUD
Ms. Nancy Kendrick MA CCC-A
Ms. Teresa Kendrick MA, CCC-A
Erika Kennard MS
Mrs. Allison Kennedy MA, CCC/A
Beth Kennedy AUD
Cynthia Kennedy AUD
Mrs. Danielle Kennedy MS, CCC-A
Dr. Karen Kennedy PHD
Kristen Kennedy MS ED
Molly Kennedy AUD
Quentin Kennedy AUD
Dr. Tatyana Kennedy AU D, CCC-A
Sarah Kennett AUD
Dr. Christina Kenney AUD, CCC-A
Susan Kenney AUD
Mr. Kody Kennington AUD
Ms. Paula Kennison MS
Mrs. Beth Kenny AUD
Dr. Jacqueline Kenny AUD
Julie Kenny AUD
Mrs. Nicole Kenny MA, CCC-A
Dr. Alana Kent AUD, CCC-A
Christine Kent
Marilyn Kent
Kathy Kenvin MS
Carey Kenyon MA
Dr. Janet Kenyon AUD
Amy Kerby CCC-A
Ms. Jessica Kerckhoff AUD
Mrs. Gail Kerg MA, CCC-A
Nathan Kern AUD
Cynthia Kerns
Katherine Kerns
Janene Kerr CCC-A, MA
Mrs. Sarah Kerr
Kathryn Kerst MA
Dr. Christina Kerwin AUD
Mrs. Joann Kerwin AU-D
Julie Kerwood MS
Vardush Keshishyan MA
Victoria Keslin AUD,
Julie Kessler MS,CCC-A
Ms. Kathy Kessler MS, CCC-SP/A
Marjorie Kessler
Megan Kessler MS/CCC-A
Randall Kesterson
Elaine Ketner MA,CCC-A
Dr. Shanna Ketron AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Gregory Kettelhake AUD
Margaret Kettler AUD
Dr. Pamela Key AUD
Hilda Khakshoor
Dr. Anum Khan AUD
Dr. Ali Khandani AUD
Dr. Anna Kharlamova AUD, CCC-A
Pinky Khatri AUD
Lisa Khavaran AUD
Mrs. Tara Khetrapal MA
Lucia Khoder
Lea Khoury AUD
Brian Kibby AUD
Mrs. Melinda Kibler MS/CCC-A
Whitney Kidd AUD
Dr. Yancie Kidd AUD
Lindsey Kiefl AUD
Jessica Kiehl
Dr. Mark Kielecki AUD
Kevin Kiemele MS
Ms. Ann Kiesow MA-CCCA
Jerry Kiester MA
Rose Kilbride MS, CCC-A
Ms. Claire Kilcoyne AUD
Ms. Susan Kilduff-Katsoulis AUD, CCC-A
Shera Kile MA
Dr. Paul Kileny PHD
Chelsea Kilgore AUD
Melanie Kilgore MS CCC-A
Taylor Kilgore AU D
Karan Killgore MS
Dorothy Killian AU
Carla Killins AUD
Dr. Nichele Killoran AUD
Carlen Kim
Darlyne Kim AUD
Dr. Don Kim AUD
Dr. Hannah Kim AUD, CCC-A
Jong Kim AUD
Michelle Kim M CL SC
Mihwa Kim AUD
Steve Kim
Yun Jin Kim
Kevin Kimball AUD
Suzanne Kimball AUD
Dr. Jillian Kimberlain AUD
Jennifer Kimberly MA-CCC-A
Monica Kimitch AUD CCC-A
Chelsea Kimlinger MS
Shannon Kimmel
Marya Kimple MS
Dr. Jennifer Kincaid PHD, CCC-A, FAAA
Molly Kinder AUD
Ms. Allison King AUD
Dr. Amanda King
Ms. Benee King AUD
Dr. Benjamin King AUD
Dr. Cassidae King AUD
Daniel King
Deborah King MA, CCC-A
Dr. Ellen King AUD
Mrs. English King AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Gregory King AUD
Dr. Jennifer King AUD
Jennifer King AUD
Dr. John King AUD
John King PHD
Jordan King
Kalin King AUD
Dr. Kimberly King AUD
Kristen King AUD
Dr. Kristin King AUD
Mickra King
Ms. Muriel King MA CCC-A
Nicole King
Mrs. Rebecca King MS
Dr. Samantha King AUD
Seth King AUD
Sheryl King MA, CCC-A
Taylor King AUD, CCC-A
Jenny Kingsbury AUD
Mrs. Joyce Kinker Johnson MA CCCA
Dr. Elizabeth Kinnebrew AUD
Mrs. Julie Kinsman AUD
Sharon Kippenbrock MS, CCC-A
Amelia Kirbo AUD
Cynthia Kirby MA, CCC-A
Dr. Lesley Kirby AUD
Jean Kirchner
Mrs. Jamie Kirchoff AUD, CCC-A
Sarah Kirk AUD
Lisa Kirke
Mrs. Emily Kirkendall AUD
James Kirkland MA
Ms. Julie Kirkpatrick MA CCC-A
Ms. Catherine Kirkwood MCD
Katie Kirleis AUD
Dr. Carson Kirsch AUD
Elyse Kirschblum MA CCC-A
Randi Kirschner MA
Mr. Isidore Kirsh PHD
Amber Kiser PHD
Angela Kiser MS CCC A
Lawson Kiser
Linda Kiser MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Edward Kish AUD
Cynthia Kisiday MS, CCC/SPA
Ms. Janelle Kisiday AUD,
Dr. Dennis Kisiel PHD
Nancy Kisler MA, CCC-A
Mallory Kislow
Dr. Carol Kisner-Bothwell AUD
Dr. Linda Kissane AUD
Alison Kist AUD
Therese Kistenfeger AUD
Heather Kistner MS, CCC-A
Connie Kitch MA, CCC-A
Dr. Blythe Kitner AUD
Dr. Alicia Kittle AUD
Mrs. Vonda Kittle MA
Dr. Victoria Kivlan AUD
Beverly Kiyan CCC-A
Cynthia Kizewski-Hill MA
Dr. Leigh Kjeldsen AUD
Mrs. Sarah Klajbor MS
Dr. Katherine Klapperich AUD
Marjorie Klaskin MA CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Klatt AUD
Ms. Sharon Klavans
Mrs. Donna Klawinski MS CCCA
Dr. Katherine Kleban AUD
Dr. Peter Kleckner AUD
Alan Klein PHD
Dr. Melissa Klein AUD
Dr. Phyllis Klein AUD, MS
Sheila Klein AUD
Ms. Sheila Klein CCC-A
Dr. Susan Klein MA
Katherine Kleinschmidt AUD
Emily Klemp AUD
Katie Klewin AUD
Ms. Svetlana Kleyman AUD
Mr. Charles Klinar AUD
Ms. Karen Kline MA CCC A
Kristin Kline AUD
Makenzie Kline AUD
Lori Klingenberg AUD
Megan Klingenberg
Laura Klingler MA, CCC-A
Dr. Mona Klingler AUD
Kerri Klingseis AUD
David Klodd PHD
Diana Kloiber AUD
Amy Kloke MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Vanessa Klos MS
Dr. Douglas Kloss AUD
Julie Klosterman MS CCCA
Mrs. Richelle Kluck MS, CCC/A
Heidi Kluga
Lisa Kluge MS, CCC-A
Mr. Steven Klungtvedt AUD
Ms. Amanda Kluzynski AUD
Amanda Knapp AUD
Dr. Debra Knapp AUD
Rita Knapp AUD
Ms. Gail Knecht Loy AU,D
Mrs. Nancy Kneeland
Kathleen Knezek AUD
Dr. Lisa Knicos AUD
Kimberly Kniebuehler SLP-A
Kristin Knight CCC-A
Roger Knighton JR. MNS CCC-A
Ms. June Knittel MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Danielle Knoeppel MS
Dr. Laura Knoll AUD
Mrs. Valerie Knorr MA
Sarah Beth Knott AUD
Danielle Knowlton MA, FAAA
Dr. Carrie Knox AUD
Dana Knox AUD
Erika Knox AUD, CCC-A
Mr. John Knox AUD
Dr. Shannon Knox AUD
Judith Knutsen AUD
Mr. Kirk Knutsen MS
Megan Kobel AUD
Deborah Kobylk MA
Dr. Catherine Koch AUD
Dana Koch AUD
Edward Koch
Elizabeth Koch AUD
Dr. Kristin Koch AU D
Dr. Lindsey Koch AUD
Mrs. Lindsey Koch AUD
Dr. Lisa Koch AUD
Ms. Jacqueline Kochevar
Dr. Jennifer Koczor AUD
Dr. Kelly Koder AUD
Ms. Katherine Koebsell MS
Bridget Koefelda MS, CCC-A
Amy Koehler MS-CCC-A
Denise Koehler
Eric Koenig MA, CCC-A
Dr. Margaret Koeritzer AUD
Dr. Margaret Koester AUD
Dr. Renee Koffend AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Roxanne Kohilakis AUD
Allison Kohtz
Kazunari Koike PHD
Dr. Melissa Kokx-Ryan AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Kolberg AUD
Michelle Koley MA, CCC-A
Cindy Kollofski MA
Dr. Ira Kolman SCD
Marcus Kolmetz MA CCCA
Dr. Elaine Kolodziej AUD
Kelly Kolonay AUD
Brittany Komes AUD
Breanna Koncak AUD, CCC-A
Meredith Kondo AUD
Anita Konikoff CCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Kooper AUDIOLOGIST
Kathleen Kopay-Guevara AU D
Dr. Victoria Kopec AUD
Ben Koperski MA CCCA FAAA
Dr. Erika Kopinski AUD
Pamela Koprowski
Dr. Beth Kopyar PHD CCCA
Amy Koralewski Yoon AUD
Mrs. Sheri Korby MS
Dr. Tammy Kordas AUD
Mr. James Kornbau MS
Ms. Arlene Kornhaber MS,CCC-A
Dr. Kellie Kornmiller AUD
Kathleen Korpieski
Eric Korsgaard AUD
Mrs. Alice Kortyka MA-FAAA
Ms. Patricia Kosiorek MS
Dr. Michael Koskus PHD
Dr. Ellen Koslo AUD CCC-A
Dr. John Koslowski MS, AUD CCC-A
Dr. Hayley Kosmatka AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Lisa Kosmicki MS
Mrs. Alisa Kosmitis MCD
Denise Kossover-Wechter AUD
Rebecca Kostelnik MA,CCC/A
Dr. Jeffrey Kot AUD
Therese Koussa CCC-A
Deborah Kovach MA
Dawn Kovacik MA
Ms. Jane Kovacs MS
Kristie Kovacyk
Andrew Kovalovich
Cathleen Kovanic AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Nichole Kovel AUD
Mrs. Teri Kowal MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Allison Kowalczyk MS
Kristen Kowalski AUD, CCC-A
Alexa Kozak AUD
Mr. Joseph Kozelsky MS
Dr. Valari Koziel AUD
Amanda Kozlowski AUD
Laura Kozma MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Karen Kraemer
Rachael Krager AUD
Kimberly Kragt
Cari Kramer AUD
Dr. Jill Kramer AUD
Mrs. Kathryn Kramer MA
Kirsten Kramer MA CCC-A
Kristen Kramer AUD
Dr. Marc Kramer PHD
Michael Kramer AUDIOLOGIST
Mitchell Kramer PHD
Ms. Michelle Kraskin
Dr. Aaron Krasnick AUD
Kara Kratzer AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Krause MA, CCC-A
Kathryn Krause AUD
Dr. Susanne Krause AUD
Jeffrey Krauss
Sofiya Krauss AUD
Dr. Kay Krebs AUD
Dr. Lisa Krebs AUD
Dr. Nicole Kreisman PHD
Kathleen Krengulec Lewicki AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Nicole Kreps AUD, CCC-A
Melissa Kreze AUD
Mr. Barry Kricheff AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Katie Krieger AUD
Richard Krieger
Valerie Kriney AUD
Lori Kring BS, AUD
Sridhar Krishnamurti PHD
Mrs. Lata Krishnan MS
Mrs. Ranjani Krishnan AUD D
Cheryl Krissoff MS-CCC-A
Mr. Kevin Kristalovich AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Teri Krogh MA
Dr. Amy Kroll AUD
Mrs. Deborah Kroll
Mrs. Margaret Kroll AUD
Dr. Jennifer Krom-Armer DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY
David Krommenhoek AUD
Debra Krowicki AUD
Amy Krueger
Dr. Erin Krueger AUD
Janet Krueger MA
Kelsey Krueger AUD
Dr. Nicole Krueger AUD
Dr. Barbara Kruger PHD
Ms. Tracey Kruger MS, CCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Krukemyer AUD
Ms. Tracey Krumel AUD
Dr. Danielle Krupp AUD
Rachel Kruppa AUD
Constance Kruse AUD
Dr. Susan Krutt AUD
Dr. Molly Krygowski AUD
Jessica Krzysik AUD
Ms. Suzanne Kubancik MSCCC-A
Lina Kubli MA
Katie Kuboushek AUD
Mrs. Carissa Kucala AUD
Mrs. Lisa Kucsan MS CCC-A
Mrs. Kristi Kuczenski AUD
Dr. Tracy Kuerbis AUD, CCC-A
Megan Kuester AUD
Julie Kuetemeyer CCC-A, AUD
Megan Kuhlmey CCC-A
Mrs. Charleene Kuhn MS
Debbie Kuhn
Megan Kuhn
Dr. Sandra Kuhn
Sarah Kuhn MA
Timothy Kuhn AUD CCCA
Amy Kujawa
Sandra Kujawa AUD
Dr. Sharon Kujawa PHD, CCC-A
Candace Kukino AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Jane Kukula AU D
Shridhar Kulkarni AU
Mary Kuller MS, CCC-A
Dr. Steven Kulsar AUD
Kevin Kumagai
Laura Kunen AUD
Dr. Kari Kuner AUD
Carissa Kunkel MA
Lindsey Kunsch-Moeller AUD
Brian Kuopus AUD
Mrs. Bonnie Kupchik MA
Heather Kupcso
Dr. Gerard Kupperman PHD
Ms. Sandra Kuprenas MA
Dr. Lisa Kurak AUD
Ms. Kathi Kurmin MA, CCC-A
Cathy Kurth AUD
Dr. Kristy Kurtz AUD
Shanon Kusch MS CCCA FAAA
Linda Kushner AUD
Dr. Paul Kuster AUD
Dr. Sheila Kutz AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kathryn Kuykendall AUD
Dr. Stacy Kuykendall AUD
Brianna Kuzbyt AUD
Ms. Georgianna Kwan MS CCC-A
Jason Kwan
Mrs. Jennifer Kwast MA,CCC-A
Mary Kyle
Rebecca Kyllonen AUD
Gayle L'etoile MS
Dr. Zachary La Fratta AUD
Dr. Jennifer Laack AUD
April Labelle
Dr. Sara Labhart AUD
Jennifer Laborde AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Delvina Labrecque AUD
Dr. Amanda Labue AUD
Aimee Lacalle
Dr. Allison Lacalle AUD
Pierre Lacazotte AU
Dr. Sara Lachner AUD
Dr. Laura Lachut AUD
Stacy Lackey MS
Mrs. Erin Lackinger MED
Ms. Sheri Lacoe AUD
Dr. Jessica Lacorte AUD
Valerie Lacuesta AUD
Allison Lacy AUD
Lindsay Lad AUD
Sonda Ladeaux CCC-A
Dr. Ellen Lafargue AUD
Dee Lafave MS
Kenneth Laferle MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Melissa Lafleur MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Stephanie Laforge
Samantha Laforte AUD
Mrs. Loraine Lagace MS
Mr. David Lagattuta MA
Jill Lagerstedt MA/CCC-A
Maria Lahti-Thompson AUD
Dr. Nancy Laidlaw AUD
Brittany Laing
Elaine Lake AUD
Patricia Lake MA,CCC-A
Mrs. Sudhamani Lakkanna SLP
Amy Lalios MA, CCC-A
Mr. Dale Lalone MS CCC-A
Hang Lam AUD
Dr. Elaine Lamb AUD
James Lamb AUD
Dr. Kimberly Lamb AUD
Laura Lamb AUD
Dr. Leigh Lamb AUD, CCC-A
Rachel Lamb MA, CCC-A
Dr. Carol Lambert AUD
Christie Lambert AUD
Jessica Lambert MBA
Julie Lambert
Patricia Lambert MA
Dr. Heather Lamberth AUD
Amy Lambeth
Hildaris Lamboy-Dejesus MS
Dr. Paula Lamendola AUD
Dr. Carissa Lamore AUD
Kristy Lamoureux AUD
Mr. Gregory Lamp SR. MS CCCA
Ashton Lampe AUD
Ms. Stacy Lampman MA
Lisa Lamson AUD
Dr. Eileen Lancaster AUD
Mrs. Jodi Lancaster MA CCCA
Dr. Lucas Lancaster AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Paul Lancaster AUD
John Lancette MS CCCA
Dr. Christina Land AUD
Marissa Land AUD
Dr. Paula Land AUD
Jamie Landau AUD
Mrs. Toni Landau MA CCC-A
Kristine Landenberger MA, CCC/A
Dr. Tim Landers
Mrs. Rebecca Landgraf MA CCCA
Carrie Landis AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Ashley Landry MA
Carmen Landry AUD
Dr. Todd Landsberg
Allison Lane MS
Amy Lane MS, CCC-A
David Lane AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Jennifer Lane MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Lane AUD
Marlene Lane MS, CCC-A/ FAAA
Megan Lane
Miss Natalie Laneve MED
Dr. Elizabeth Laney AUD
Dr. Carly Lang AUD
Karen Lang MS CCC
Katherine Lang AU D
Mrs. Maureen Lang MA CCCA
Dr. Stanley Lang PHD
Rebecca Langer
Donna Langlois M,A, FAAA
Iris Langman MS , PA
Dr. Jack Langworthy AUD
Tracey Lanham MA, CCC-A
Sarah Lankford AUD
Cindy Lanning MA
Ms. Cherysse Lanns AUD
Jamie Lanois AUD
Ms. Jeanne Lansing CCC-A
Dr. Lindsay Lanson AUD
Ms. Kami Lantier MA
Ms. Holly Lantz MS,, CCC-A
Ms. Jennifer Lantz MS, CCC-A
Lisa Lanza AUD
Dr. Anga Lao AUD
Sarah Lapointe
Tara Lapointe AUD
Joanne Laporta MA, CCC-A
Megan Lappin
Debra Laprete MA
Natalie Lapreziosa AUD
Dr. Jodi Lareau AUD
Ms. Francine Largeman CCC-A,FAAA
Mrs. Maria Largent MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jody Larimore AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Ann Larkin MFA
Dr. Mary Anne Larkin AUD
Ms. Jannine Larky MA
Jennifer Larmann AUD
Mr. Roger Larose MA
Dr. Jessica Larrabee AUD
Dr. Jeffery Larsen PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Mallory Larsen AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Margaret Larsen AUD
Dr. William Larsen AUD
Cherilyn Larson MA, CCC-A
Clarissa Larson
Craig Larson MA CCC-A
Mrs. Gladys Larson
Dr. Heather Larson AUD
Dr. Katrina Larson AUD, CCC-A
Lori Larson MS
Dr. Megan Larson AUD
Megan Larson AUD
Michael Larson
Caroline Lartz
Jane Laseter AUD
Brenda Lasky
Dr. Karen Lasseigne AUD, CCC-A
Marie Lassell MS,CCC-A
Mrs. Donna Lasu MA
Dr. Sarah Laszok AUD
Angela Lataille AUD
Dr. Alisha Latham AUD
Dr. Deana Latham AUD
Dr. Kjrsti Latham AUD
Ms. Jennifer Lathrop MA
Marcy Lau AUD
Loretta Lauder AUD
Dr. Janet Lauerman AUD, CCCA
Dr. Stella Laufer-Turk AUD
Maegan Laughlin AUD
Erin Laundrie AUD
Julie Lauridsen AUD
Mr. John Lautz
Donna Lavallee AUD
Ms. Karen Lavalley AU DCCC-A
Violette Lavender AUD, CCC-A / F-AAA
Dr. Allison Lavene AUD
Elaine Law
Mrs. Holly Law MED, CCC-A
Dr. Angela Lawfielf AUD
Kimberly Lawler Schneider AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Kimberly Lawless AUD
Dr. Trent Lawless AUD
Mrs. Erin Lawley MA
Sabrina Lawley AUD
Dr. Patricia Lawlor AUD
Miss Amanda Lawrence MS
Mrs. Paula Lawrence AUD
Mr. Ray Lawrence MA
Sierra Lawrence AUD
Dr. Jennifer Laws AUD
Dr. Christopher Lawson
Dr. Kiersten Lawson AUD
Ms. Casey Layfield MA
Dr. Marty Layne AUD
Dr. Bryan Layton AUD
Ranae Layton AUD
Dr. Erin Lazar AUD
Mrs. Julie Lazar-Reskakis MS
Lachelle Lazarus AUD
Debby Lazas AUD
Dr. Richard Lazich AUD
Judy Lazor MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Jennifer Lazzaro
Giau Le
Kathleen Lea CCC-A
Ms. Donna Leach AUD
Elizabeth Leadbitter PHD
Meghan Leaders AUD
Nicholas Leahy
Sandra Leahy AUD
Mr. Donald Leamy MA
Amy Lears MA, CCC-A
Elaine Leatherwood CCC-A
Sharea Leavy HAD & SLP
Elizabeth Lebaron AUD
Ms. Catherine Leblond AUD
Melissa Leccese
Garth Leclair
Amy Ledbetter AUD
Dr. Jennifer Ledbetter AUD
Angela Lederman MS
Victoria Ledon AUD
Ms. Jessica Ledonne AUD
Lucie Ledoux MS, CCC-A/SLP
Dr. Monara Ledtke AUD
Binna Lee AUD
Dr. Bridget Lee AUD
Dr. Christina Lee AUD
Elizabeth Lee SLP/A
Grace Lee AUD
Heidi Lee AUD
Dr. Helen Lee AUD
Jae-Kyung Lee MA
Jennifer Lee MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Junghae Lee CCC-A
Kathleen Lee MS
Dr. Loretta Lee AUD
Nanette Lee MS-CCC-A
Dr. Salvia Lee AUD
Shawna Lee AUD
Ms. Sun Young Lee MS, MA, CCC-A
Vanessa Lee MA CCCA
Dr. Cindy Leeb AUD
Dr. Marjorie Leek PHD
Dr. Shannon Lees AUD
Marissa Leese AUD
Diane Leeworthy
Cecily Lefevre PHD
Heidi Lefrancois MS CCC A
Dana Leggieri AUD
Dr. Lynn Lehman AU D
Jamie Leichter AUD
Dr. Gordon Leidy PHD
Dr. Elizabeth Leigh-Paffenroth PHD
Lori Leiman
Dr. Gail Leininger AUD
Genevieve Leinonen
Dr. Emily Leister AUD
Katelyn Leitner AUD,
Emiko Lejeune MS
Suzanne Lelevier
Beverly Lemaster
Dr. Michael Lemay AUD, CCC-A
Sheila Lemison MA
Dr. Christina Lemley AUD, CCGA, FAAA
Dr. Karen Lemme AUD
Mrs. Susan Lemonier MS, CCC-SLP,A
Ms. Tami Lemons MS
Mrs. Julie Lendzion MS
Ms. Lucretia Lenkner MS
Ms. Kathy Lenoir MCD, CCC-D, FAAA
Dr. Denise Lensgraf-Landers AUD
Natalie Lenzen
Charlotte Leonard MS CCCA
Ms. Diana Leonard MS
Douglas Leonard MA
Mrs. Heidi Leonard MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Jeanette Leonard MA
Mrs. Jenifer Leonard AUD CCC A
Dr. Nicole Leonard AUD CCC-A
Donna Leonardo MS-CCC-A
Maggie Leonards AUD
Dr. Amanda Lepine AUD
Dr. Francesca Lepsis AUD
Mr. Leland Lera MA
Miss Michelle Lerch AUD
Alyssa Lerner AUD
Dr. Chana Lerner AUD CCCA
Dr. Perry Lerner AUD
Sara Lerner AUD
Mrs. Molly Leroy AUD
Alison Leschinski CCC-A
Dr. Erin Leshikar AUD
Ms. Elaine Lesko MS
Gail Leslie AUD
Tami Leslie AUD
Dr. Sharon Lesner PHD
Dennis Lesniak MA, CCC/A
Ms. Rhonda Lester-Parker MS/CCC-A
Rachelle Letendre CCC-A
Ms. Nicole Letiecq AUD
Dr. Walter Letien AUD
Dr. Kristin Letlow AUD
Melissa Lev AUD
Dr. Amy Levasseur AUD
Jami Leventhal
Naomi Lever CCC-A
Gail Levi MA, CCC-A
Lindsay Levier MA, CCC-A
Ms. Beth Levine MS
Dr. Jillian Levine AUD CCC-A
Nancy Levine AUD
Sari Levine AUD
Ms. Lainee Levinton MA-CCC/A
Judy Levitan MS
Mrs. Gari Levrero MS
Deanna Levy AUD, CCC-A
Erin Levy AUD
Louise Levy MSCCC-A
Ms. Malvina Levy
Sarah Levy AUD
Adriane Levy-Corbin AUD, CCCA
Angela Lew-Stolzoff
Ms. Samantha Lewandowski AUD
Dr. Julie Lewerenz AUD
Dr. Audrey Lewis AUD
Mrs. Beverly Lewis MASTER OF SCIENCE
Chelsea Lewis AUD
Ms. Christine Lewis AUD
Dr. Dawna Lewis PHD
Dr. Douglas Lewis PHD, AUD
Dr. Harold Lewis SR. PHD
Ms. Hillary Lewis
James Lewis AUD
Jan Lewis AUD
Kelly Lewis AUD
Kristen Lewis AUD, CCC-A
Lauren Lewis AUD
Leah Lewis AUD
Dr. Linda Lewis PHD
Margaret Lewis MS
Dr. Marvin Lewis AUD
Mary Lewis MA-CCCA
Dr. Meagan Lewis
Michael Lewis AUD
Michele Lewis PHD
Nancy Lewis MA, CCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Lewis AUD
Mrs. Sandra Lewis AUD CCCA
Sheralyn Lewis AUD
Dr. Steven Lewis AUD
Steven Lewis CCC-A
Ms. Ashleigh Lewkowitz AUD
Jason Leyendecker AUD
James Leyva AUD
Kara Leyzac AUD, PHD
Dr. Ha-Sheng Li-Korotky AUD, PHD, MD
Andrea Liacouras AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Louisa Liang AUD
Leslie Lianos MS
Dr. Barbara Libbin AUD
Sharon Libbin MS, CCC-A
Dr. Allison Liberio AUD,CCC-A
Jane Liberman MS, CCC-A
Lori Liberti
Dana Libman AUD
Dr. Jose Libunao II AUD
Mr. Jeffery Lichtenhan MA
Carrie Lichtenstein
Peggy Lichtenthal AUD
Brandon Lichtman AUD
Mercedes Lide AUD, CCC-A
Kevin Liebe BA
Kathy Lieberman
Dr. Rachel Lieberman AUD
Lauren Liebig-Trehearn AUD
Dr. Shannon Lieblong AUD
Dr. Aaron Liebman AUD
Linda Liebowitz I
Debra Liebrich MA, CCC-A ABA
Spencer Lifferth AUD
Dr. Rita Liggitt AUD, F-AAA
Dr. Ethan Light AUD
Keri Light AUD
Dr. Leah Light AUD
Mr. Malcolm Light II MA
Debra Lightfoot CCC-A
Mr. Robert Lightfoot MS
Dr. Nicholas Liimatta AUD
Incoronata Lileika MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Azar Liliabadi MS CCC-A
David Lilly PHD
Mrs. Jeanne Lilly
Dr. Amber Lim AUD
Insook Lim AUD
Dr. Stacey Lim AUD
Dr. Timothy Lim AUD
Terence Limb AUD
Lisa Lin AUD
Dr. Irene Lin-Schmidt SCD
Dr. Julie Lincoln AUD
Richard Lind MA, CCC-A
Ashley Lindberg AUD
Ms. Christine Lindeman AUD
Kyle Lindholm
Dr. George Lindley IV PHD, AUD
Angela Lindquist MA
Mr. Charles Lindsay II MA
Dr. Jennifer Lindsay AUD
Gina Lindwall AUD
Mrs. Melanie Liner MCD
Dr. Eric Linert AUD
Dr. Sarah Lingo AUD
Jennifer Lingvai MED, CCC-A
Dr. Julie Link AUD
Ms. Gail Linn MA, CCC-A
Dr. Julie Linn AUD
Dr. Kate Lins AUD
Dr. Alina Linthicum AUD
Dr. Kelley Linton AUD
Lisa Lipe AUD
Dr. Justin Lipp AUD
Ms. Lori Lipp MS
Sheli Lipson AUD
Dr. R.Jude Liptak AUD
Miss Olga Lis MS CCC-A
Kristin Lisbona AUD
Holli Lish MA CCC-A
Dr. Mark Lisi AUD
Dale Lisonbee
Ms. Jennifer Listenberger AUD
Patricia Listi MCD CCC A
Kathleen Liston MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jamie Litke AUD
Dr. Jodi Little AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Mark Little AU D
Dr. Rebecca Little AUD
Dr. Sherri Little AUD
Lois Little-Winter
Dr. Misty Littleton AUD
Dr. Thomas Littman PHD
Ms. Barbara Litton Cox MS, CCC/A
Mary Littrell MA
Dr. Margaret Liu AUD
Dr. Steve Liu AUD
Yao-Jan Liu AUD
Alison Liudahl AUD,CCC-A,FAA
Andrea Liuzzo BS,AUD
Jennifer Livelli MA-CCC-A
Jeanne Livernois AUD
Elvira Livigni-De Armas
Dr. Andrea Livingston AUD
Deborah Livingston AUD
Donna Livingston MS,CCC-A
Lynnette Livingston AUDIOLOGIST
Kristyn Livorno
Dwayne Lizar MS
Miss Lee Lizzul MS, CCC-A
Arta Ljubanovic AUD
Renee Llorente MA
Dr. Susan Lloyd AUD
Dr. Ramia Narayanan Lnu AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Catherine Lo MA CCC-A
Marissa Lo AUD
Christina Lobarinas AUD
Edward Lobarinas PHD
Adam Locker MCD
Donna Lockhart MS-CCC-A
Mrs. Leah Lockley-Hill MS CCC - A
Meryl Lockling AUD
Ms. Karin Lockridge MS, CCC-A
Caryn Lockspeiser AUD
Ms. Barbara Lockwood MA
Mrs. Jill Lockwood MA
Jill Lodde Greives AUD
Tresea Lodge AUD
Mr. David Lodzins MS CCCA
Terri Loewenthal CCC-A
Madison Loffler
Dr. Ceri Loflin AUD
Dr. Stacey Logal AUD
Susan Logan MD
Wanda Logan
Mrs. Celia Logsdon AUD
Jeffrey Lohmann AUD
Emily Lohr AUD
Julie Lohrman MS, CCC-A
Dr. Lesly Loiseau AUD
Louise Loiselle MS
Alyse Lombardi AUD
Mrs. Debbie Lombardi MS
Mr. Anthony Lombardo MS
James Lombardo MS AUD
Lorraine Lombardo AUD
Rebecca Lomnicky AUD
Amanda Long
Mrs. Christine Long AUD
Jennifer Long AUD
Dr. Jennifer Long AUD
Dr. Kelly Long AUD
Lauren Long AUD, CCC-A
Laurie Long
Susan Long MS
Dr. Suzanne Long AUD
Miss Kate Longenbach AUD
Cheryl Longinotti PHD
Beth Anne Longnecker AU D
Ms. Karen Longo AUD
Brianne Loomis AUD
Mrs. Jenna Loomis AUD
Dr. Robert Loomis AUD
Kendall Looney AUD
Liesl Looney AUD, CCC-A
Jane Loosmore MS
Erin Lopata
Nina Lopatin MA, CCC-A
Mr. Adam Lopez MA/CCC-A
Armando Lopez MACCCA FAAA
Ms. Eva Lopez
Railyn Lopez
Dr. William Lopez II AUD
Lourdes Lopez-Roman MS
Dr. Layda Lopez-Terron
Dr. Douglas Lorber
Sherman Lord MS
Rita Lorentz MA
Dr. Ismaly Lorenzo AUD
Dr. Peter Loring AUD
Donna Los MS
Jamie Loschen AUD
Dr. Jessica Loson AUD
Miss Angela Loucks MA CCCA
Dr. Michelle Louie AUD
Gina Louro MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Lori Lovato MA
Dr. Amanda Love AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Cheryl Love AUD
Ms. Daniela Love MSC
Mrs. Sara Love-Trauring
Sheri Loveland AUD
Dr. Rachel Loveless AUD
Prof. Faith Loven PHD
Amanda Lovering AUD
Claudia Lovings AUD
Dr. Dorie Low AUD
Dr. Keri Low AUD
Dr. Kenneth Lowder AUD
Mrs. Jamie Lowe AUD
Dr. Kathy Lowe AUD
Rebecca Lowe
Dr. Richard Lowe PHD, AUD
Lisa Lower AUD
Mrs. Deborah Lowery MS CCC-A
Kristy Lowery MA, CCC-A
Dr. Sean Lowery AUD
Katherine Lowkes CCC-A
Mrs. Lea Lowrie MS
Chelsea Lowry AUD
Dr. James Lowry AUD
Ms. Lynda Lowry CCC-A
Ms. Margaret Lowry MS
Susan O'neill Lowry MS
Ms. Marilyn Loy-Every MS, CCC-A
Ms. Kris Loyd MS CCC-A
Kristin Lu AUD
Annette Lualhati AUD
Patricia Lubowicz MA
Tina Lubsen AUD, CCC-A
Ashley Lucas AUD
Matthew Lucas AUD, MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Nancy Lucas AUD
Mrs. Penny Lucier-Mustafa MED CCC A
Dr. Erin Luckett AUD
Dr. Joseph Luckett I AUD
John Luckhurst MS
Ms. Cathryn Luckoski MS, CCC/A
Christina Luczynski AUD
Nicole Ludke AUD
Melanie Ludolph
Analise Ludwig AUD
Mr. George Ludwig
Dr. Mary Luebbe-Gearhart AUD
Dr. Joshua Luekenga AUD
Dr. Richard Luekenga JR. AUD
Dr. Stephanie Luepke AUD
Erin Luettich AUD
Dr. Courtney Luffler AUD
Kirstin Luffler AUD
Johanna Lugo AUD
Ms. Wanda Lugo - Velez AUD
Barbara Luikart AUD
Cynthia Lukach MS
Karen Lukeman MS,CCC-A
Nan Lukmire MED
Megan Lukosavich AUD
Theresa Luley
Todd Lunda MS
Dr. Sarah Lundstrom AUD
Dr. Alison Lunsford AUD
Dr. Rachel Lunsford AUD
Sarah Lunsford AUD
Ali Lunt AUD
Virginia Lupo MS
Whitney Lupo
Linda Lupton
Ms. Bonnie Lurie
Dr. Erica Lurten AUD
Sandra Luss MA
Vincent Lustig PHD, CCC-A
Erin Lustik AUD
Mr. David Luterman DED
David Luther AUD
Mrs. Erika Luther
Dr. John Lutolf PHD
Carol Lydon AUD
Dr. Tracy Lyles AUD
Dr. Leisa Lyles-Deleon AUD
Danielle Lynch AUD
Mr. David Lynch MS
Kelly Lynch MA
Mrs. Kerry Lynch AUD
Dr. Laura Lynch AUD
Laura Lynch
Mrs. Lynn Lynch
Dr. Nicole Lynch AUD
Dr. Onita Lynch PHD
Mrs. Tracey Lynch AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Deborah Lynn PHD
Dr. Karon Lynn AUD
Susan Lynn AUD
Dr. Deborah Lyon AUD, CCC/A, F-AAA
Mary Lyon CCC-SLP, AUD
Mr. Matthew Lyon
Mrs. Melissa Lyon MA/CCC-A
Ms. Diane Lyons MSCCC/A
Kelly Lyons
Jacqueline Lypka MA CCC-A
Mary Lytle MSPA, CCC-A
Dr. Susan Lytle AUD
Mrs. Carole Maa MA
Gregory Maag MA-FAAA
Jessica Maassen AUD
Dr. Melizabeth Maatta AUD
Joan Mabe AUD
Ann Mabie
Max Mabry CCC/FA
Dunwel Macallister MACC-A
Mrs. Cynthia Macarthur MS
Dr. Annemarie Macdonald AUD, CCC
Dr. Christine Macdonald AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Michael Macdonald AUD CCC-A
Dr. Rebecca Macdonald AUD
Sierra Macdonald AUD
Mrs. Sharon Macduffee AUD
Frankye Mace MA, CCC-A
Jennifer Maceda AUD
Mr. Anthony Macera MA, CCC-A
Danielle Machado MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jessica Machara AUD
Kevin Machinske MS
Jennifer Maciejewski AUD
Dr. Andrew Macielinski AUD, FAAA
Mrs. Cara Mack AUD
Jane Mackall CCC-A, MA
Lisa Mackay AUD
Mrs. Cheryl Mackenzie MA
Mrs. Heidi Mackenzie MS
Ms. Stephanie Mackey MS
Mrs. Susan Mackin MA, CCC-A
Mr. Michael Mackinnon AUD
Gail Maclean MS
Jillian Macmillan AUDIOLOGIST
Erin Macmullen
Ms. Caithlin Macneil AUD
Donna Macneil CCC-A
Beth Macpherson MA
Corinne Macpherson
Dr. John Madden PHD
Dr. Kecia Maddox AUD
Dr. Lauren Maddox AUD
Mrs. Linda Maddox MS
Christy Maddux MS CCC-A
Prof. Carmen Madera MS
Mrs. Anne Madigan MA, CCC-A
Lisa Madison AUD
Marisa Madonna-Jones
Dr. Robert Madory MA & AUD
Christi Madsen AUD
Gina Madson AUD
Rachel Magann Faivre MA
Mrs. Tara Magee MCD, CCC-A
Lisa Mages-Haskins AUD
Meredith 'Molly' Magness AUD
Dr. Melissa Magnolia AUD
Dr. Ronald Magnusson AUD
Dr. Mary Magruder AUD
Dr. Michelle Maguire AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Mah MA
Andrew Mahaffey AUD
Mr. Kevin Mahaffey MA
Dr. Mandy Mahalak AUD
Sally Mahmood AUD
Ms. Allison Mahoney MS, CCC-A
Cara Mahoney AUD
Katie Mahoney AUD
Laurel Mahoney AUD
Martin Mahoney AUD
Thomas Mahoney MS
Thomas Mahoney AUDIOLOGIST
Hung Mai AUD
Dr. Erin Maierle AUD
Cassandra Maillet AUD
Anna Main AUD
Ms. Jennifer Main MA, CCC-A
Laura Maino
Dr. James Mainord AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Amanda Maioriello AUD
Dr. Monica Majewski AUD
Dr. Allan Major JR. AUD
Dr. Karen Major AUD,F-AAA
Mrs. Veronica Major MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Megan Majoue AUD
Ms. Heidi Makeig
Cara Makuta AUD
Mr. John Malan AUD
Dr. Stacy Malavite AUD
Dr. Abby Malawer AUD
Elizabeth Maldonado MS-A
Miguel Maldonado AUD
Suparna Malhotra AUD
Leah Malish CCC-A
Andrea Maliszewski AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Malkovich AUD
Mrs. Pauline Mallcott MA, CCC-A
Meghan Malloy PT
Steven Malocha MACCCA
Michael Malone MA, CCC-A
Michelle Maloney AUD
Ojus Malphurs
Dr. Frida Malpica AUD
Dr. Donna Malsam AUD
Amanda Malvica AUD
Alex Malyarovich
Heather Malyuk
Dr. Theresa Mamah AUD
Mrs. Mary Manahan MA, CCCA
Ms. Bridget Mancano MA, CCC-A
Julie Manche AUD
Mary Manchester SLP
Lisa Mancl MS
Mrs. Jill Mandel MA, CCC-A
Tricia Mandelbaum MA, CCC-A
Elizabeth Mandell MA
Miss Melissa Mandra AUD
Maria Manevich MS, CCC-A
Mr. Kevin Mangan CCC-A
Dr. Patrick Mangino AUD, FAAA
Dr. Rachael Mangiore AUD
Dr. Kelsi Mangrem AUD
Mrs. Sarah Manka
Dr. Angela Manke AUDIOLOGIST
Emily Manley AUD
Ms. Karen Manley CCC-A
Ms. Corinne Mann AUD
Mr. David Mann MS
Kelsey Mann AUD
Krystal Mann
Larissa Mann AUD
Susan Mann AUD CCCA
Toni Mann AUD CCC A
Dr. Tressa Mann AUD
Dr. Gregory Mannarelli II AUD
Mrs. Anne Manney MA, CCC,A
Dr. Crystal Manninen AUD
Ashley Manning AUD
Dr. Candice Manning AUD, PHD
Dr. Carol Ann Manning AUD, PLLC
Robert Manning AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Mansanares M S CCC-A
Joseph Manser III MA
Dr. Jonathan Mansfield AUD CCC-A
Dr. Kristine Mansfield AUD
Megan Mansfield AUD
Jeffrey Manwaring MS, CCC-A
Adrienne Manzella MA CCC-A
Ms. Shannon Manzo AUD
Dr. Maegan Mapes AUD
Lisa Mar MS, CCC-A
Evan Maraghy
Nancy Maranto AUD
Dr. Rebecca Marcadis AUD
Monika Marcel MA, CCC-A
Calvin Marchant AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Wendy Marchant AUD
Dr. Laura Marchiano AUD
Jeannie Marchionda CCC
Dr. Jennifer Marchitto AUD
Ms. Melanie Marcial MS, CCC-A
Dr. Sabrina Marciante AUD
Dr. Kenneth Marciniak AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Marcinkus AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kirsten Marconi-Hutkay AUD
Valerie Marcotte MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Brandi Marcum AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Ashley Marcus AUD
Dr. Rachel Marcus AUD
Dr. Christine Mare AUD
Dr. Robert Mareing AUD
Gary Marencin AUD
Dr. Elena Maresca-Robertson AUD
Dr. Soheil Marghzar AUD
Dr. Maris Margulies PHD
Dr. Gabriela Mari AUD
Carlton Maricle MA CCCA
Cheryl Marie MA
Dr. Lisa Mariello-Baiada AUD
Joseph Marinak AUD
Mrs. Eileen Mariniello CCC-A
Dr. Catherine Marino AUD,CCC/A
Miss Eugenia Marino
Ms. Lauren Marino
Mrs. Laurel Marion MS
Lori Marion MA, CCC-A
Mr. Michael Marion AUD
Jennifer Markee Parlange AUD
Julie Markiewicz
Kali Markle AUD
Lori Markoff MED, CCC/A
Leah Markov MS/ CCC-A
Sandra Markowitz MS, CCC-A
Kendra Marks AUD
Dr. Maura Marks PHD
Tina Marks AUD
Andrea Markway AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Marlow MACCC A
Andrea Marlowe MA, CCC-A
Christine Marneris MA, CCC-A
Patthida Maroongroge
Dr. Sumalai Maroonroge PHD
Dr. Melonie Marple AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Judith Marquess-Lara MA, CCC-A
Josette Marquez AUD
Dr. Amanda Marquis AUD
Dr. Catherine Marquis AUD
Ms. Tracy Marr MS CCC/A
Vylsa Marrero Sanchez AUD
Moraima Marrero-Vera MS
Thomas Marsden MS
Robert Marsh MS
Ms. Shavon Marsh
Ms. Susan Marsh MA, CCC-A
Eileen Marshall CCC-A
Emily Marshall AUD
Dr. Jillian Marshall AUD,
Sheri Marshall AUD
Susan Marshall AUD
Teresa Marshall
Mr. William Marshall MS CCC-A
Rachel Marston AUD
Miss Isy Marte
Kyle Martell AUD
Dr. Natalie Martella AUD
Julie Marth MA CCCA
Mrs. Bobette Martin MA,CCC-A
Colleen Martin
Dawn Martin PHD
Douglas Martin
Glenn Martin AUD
Heather Martin AUD
Mr. James Martin MA
Dr. James Martin AUD
Dr. Jenine Martin AUD
Dr. Jennifer Martin CCC-A
Joscelyn Martin AUD
Dr. Kara Martin AUD
Dr. Karen Martin AUD
Dr. Larry Martin AUD
Loree Martin MA, CCC-A
Ms. Lynda Martin MS F AAA
Dr. Mindy Martin PHD
Patti Martin
Sharon Martin AUD
Mrs. Shena Martin MA,CCC-A
Ms. Sheridan Martin MA
Teresa Martin AUD
Mr. Terry Martin MS, CCC-A
Ms. Karen Martin Mcmahon MA, CCC-A
Lauren Martin-Bissegger AUD
Mark Martina
Dr. Maralyn Martindale AUD
Mrs. Catherine Martine AUD
Alexis Martinez
Dr. Charles Martinez AUD
Diane Martinez AUD
Eric Martinez AUD
Mrs. Idalisse Martinez MA
Dr. Jorge Martinez JR. AUD
Dr. Natalia Martinez AUD, CCC-A
Shana Martinez MA, CCC-A
Viviana Martinez Galvis AUD
Dr. Valerie Martini AUD
Ms. Mary Martino AUD
Mr. Nickey Martino MS CCC/A AUDIOLOGY
Angi Martinprudent AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Cynthia Martzen MA
Ms. Nikita Maru MASLP, CCC-A
Holly Marvin
Dr. Elizabeth Marwaha AUD
Charles Marx M S, CCC-A
Dr. Rachel Marzeski-Newman AUD, FAAA
Ms. Cari Marzolf MA CCCA
Ilanit Marzouk AUD
Dr. Sheila Marzouk AUD
Dr. Rebecca Masenheimer AUD
Mr. Jeff Mashburn MS, CCC
Mrs. Allison Maslin AUD
Dr. Claudia Mason AUD
Daniel Mason CCC-A
Judith Mason AUD
Mrs. Monica Mason MA, CCC-A
Sara Mason AUD
Patrick Masone AU
Margaret Mass AUD
Dr. Gabrielle Massoth AUD
Shekinah Mast AUD
Dr. Denise Masterson AUD
Dr. Jamie Mastry AUD
Christine Masuicca AUD
Dr. Trisha Mata AUD
Lisa Matesevac MA, CCC-A
Ms. Charlene Matesich MS CCCA REEGEPNCST
Mrs. Barbara Matheson MA, CCC-A
Melody Mathews AUD
Mrs. Ronni Mathews MS, CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Mathews AUD
Lori Mathieu AUD
Mrs. Mary Mathis MAUD
Dr. Megan Mathis-Webb AUD
Dr. Brittany Mathisen AUD
Dr. Felix Matias AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Stephanie Matlock AUD, CCC-A
Kathy Matonak AUD
Mrs. Elba Matos Millan MS
Lauren Matsko AUD
Stacey Matson AUD
Dr. Blair Mattern AUD
Cissy Matthews MA, CCC-A
Connie Matthews AU,D
Courtney Matthews AUD
Dr. Dominique Matthews AUD
Stephanie Matthews AUD
Susan Matthiesen
Abby Mattingly AUD
Roger Mattison MS
Dr. Fenja Mattson AUD
Sara Mattson AUD, CCC-A
Eileen Matuck AUD
Mr. Terry Matulle MS, CCC-A
Dr. Deanna Matusik AUD
Mrs. Margaret Matusofsky MS
Dr. Courtney Matyja AUD
Dr. Patricia Mauceri AUD
Doreen Maurer MS, CCC/A
Ms. Trisha Maurice AUD
Dr. Katherine Mawhinney AUD
Jacqueline Maxam
Dr. Antonia Maxon PHD
Robin Maxon AUD
Jerrica Maxson AUD
Mrs. Emma Maxwell MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Eric Maxwell AUD, FAAA
Mr. Mark Maxwell AUD
Mr. Michael Maxwell
Shelby Maxwell AUD
Prof. Stephen Maxwell AUD
Dr. Timothy Maxwell AUD
Annette May CCC-SLP
Mrs. Catherine May MA, CCC-A
Ellen May AUD
Dr. John May AUD
Karen May
Dr. Katie May AUD
Susan May AUD
Dr. Carole Mayer PHD
Dr. Nicole Mayer AUD CCC-A
Jennifer Mayer Albino AUD CCC-A
Dr. Keri Mayeux AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Nicole Maynard AUD
Mrs. Susan Maynard MS, CCC-A
Dr. Lowery Mayo AUD
Dr. Heather Maze-Smith AUD
Mrs. Mary Mazeall MA CCC-A
Dr. Annette Mazevski AUD
Mary Catherine Mazi AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Jill Mazur MA
Dr. Teresa Mazza AUD
Dr. Larry Mazzeo AUD
Ms. Tara Mazzone MS, CCC-A
Dr. Patricia Mazzullo AUD
Dondra Mbachu AUD
Ms. Patricia Mc Crumb MS
Megan Mc Mahon AUD
James Mc Pherson MS
Mr. Malcolm Mcadam MS,CCCA
Ms. Mary Mcalexander MS
Dr. Erin Mcalister AUD
Julie Mcalister
Mrs. Natalie Mcamis MA,CCC-A
Dr. Rachel Mcardle PHD
Mr. Shaun Mcardle AUD
Miss Rachael Mcaree FAAA
Amy Mcarthur AUD
Barbara Mcarthur MACCC-A
Katherine Mcarthur MS CCCA
Katie Mcarthur AUD
Kristen Mcarthur AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Brendan Mcateer
Margaret Mcbride MED
Eric Mccabe
Kim Mccabe MA
Kristen Mccabe MS
Dr. Margaret Mccabe AUD
Paula Mccabe MS, CCC-A
Kelly Mccain AUD
Danielle Mccall AUD
Dr. Stephan Mccall PHD
Jeremy Mccallister AUD
Dr. Tabatha Mccallum AUD
Mr. Timothy Mccallum MA
Dr. Carmell Mccandless AUD
Dr. Michael Mccandless AUD
Tiffany Mccandless AUDIOLOGIST
Shelby Mccann AUD
Dr. Leigh Mccarthy AUD
Maggie Mccarthy AUD
Meaghan Mccarthy AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Michele Mccarthy AUD
Dr. Patricia Mccarthy AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Sarah Mccarthy AUD
Mrs. Karen Mccartney MS, CCC-A
Dr. Anne Mccarty AUD
Dr. Dawn Mccarty AUD
Mrs. Tara Mccarty MCD
Dr. Thomas Mccarty JR.
Miranda Mccaskill AUD
Dr. Devin Mccaslin PHD
Heather Mccaslin MD
Mrs. Cristen Mccaughey MS CCC-A
Mrs. Lauren Mccauley AUD
Michelle Mccladdie AUD
Dr. Wendy Mcclain
Ms. Marsha Mcclean AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Elizabeth Mccleary CCC-A
Miss Patricia Mccleery MA CCC-A
Ms. Renee Mcclelland AUD
Dr. Michael Mcclenney AUD
Jennifer Mccliment AUD
Mr. Robert Mcclung AUD
Shawn Mcclure AUD
Mrs. Lori Mccollum MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Richard Mccombs PHD
Dr. Kelly Mcconnell AUD
Dr. Lauren Mccoole AUD
Dr. Joan Mccormack AUD, CCC/A
Mrs. Tanya Mccormack AUD
Dr. Celia Mccormick AUD
Lori Mccorry AUD
Mrs. Suzanne Mccorry
Leslie Mccowan MS CCCA
Linda Mccoy AUD
Melissa Mccoy MA, CCC-A
Dr. Natalla Mccoy AUD
Dr. Sandra Mccoy PHD
Dr. Sharisse Mccoy AUD
Dr. Terry Mccoy JR. AUD
Dana Mccray AUD
Mr. Ryan Mccreery MS
Leslie Mccreight AUD
Laura Mccrone MA,CCCA
Chasity Mccrum AUDIOLOGY
Bobbie Mccue AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Mccue MA
Dr. Jennifer Mccullagh AUD/PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Kristin Mcculloch MA
Mary Mccullough AUD
Matthew Mcculty MS CCCA
Ms. Lori Mccumiskey MA, CCC-A
Kevin Mccurdy CCC-A
Dorothy Mccurley Bratton AUD
Dr. Pamela Mccurry AUD
Dr. D Mcdaniel
Eric Mcdaniel MS CCC-A
Mr. Daniel Mcdermott MA, CCC/A
Dr. John Mcdermott PHD
Dr. Justine Mcdermott AUD
Steven Mcdermott AUD CCC A
Dr. Lisa Mcdevitt AUD
Marcella Mcdevitt AUD,CCC-A
Mr. Edward Mcdonald MS
James Mcdonald AUD
Dr. Kalyn Mcdonald AUD
Mary Mcdonald MS
Dr. Rebecca Mcdonald AUD
Mrs. Susan Mcdonald MA CCC-A
Miss Coryn Mcdonnell AUD
Jan Mcdonnell MA
Amy Mcdonough MA, CCC-A
Ms. Brae Mcdougald MA, CCC-A
Dr. Mark Mcdowall PHD
Brenda Mcdowell MS CCC-A
Mrs. Cynthia Mcduffee MA,CCC-A
Le'anne Mceachern AUD
Ms. Natalie Mcelhaney AU D
Laura Mcelhennon MA, CCC-A
Dr. John Mcelmurry AUD
Jaclyn Mcfadden
Dr. Katherine Mcfalls AUD
Tracy Mcfarlane AUD
Dr. Christina Mcgahan AUD
David Mcgann
Lindsay Mcgaughey AUD
Kimberly Mcgeady
Dr. Elizabeth Mcgee AUD
Ms. Kathryn Mcgee MS, CCC-A
Maureen Mcgee
Nancy Mcgee MA, CCC-A
Rebecca Mcgee AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Marguerite Mcgettigan-Allen
Dr. Candace Mcghee AUD
Ms. Deborah Mcgill
Dr. Donald Mcgillivray AUD
Mrs. Sandra Mcginley MS, CCC-A
Dr. Liane Mcginnes-Hua AUD, CCC-A
Carolyn Mcginnis
Dr. Jennifer Mcglothlin AUD
Becky Mcglynn AUD
Michele Mcglynn MS-CCC-A
Brian Mcgovern SCD
Dona Mcgovern MA, CCC-A
Kathy Mcgowan MACCC-A
Dr. Valerie Mcgowin
Dr. Andrew Mcgrath AUD
Justin Mcgrath AUD
Lauren Mcgrath AUD
Dr. Michelle Mcgrath AUD
Ms. Patricia Mcgrath MS
Kerry Mcgraw CCC-A
Dr. Deanna Mcgugin AUD
Lawrence Mcguinness MA,CCC-A
Carol Mcguire AUD
Megan Mcguire
Dr. Stephanie Mcguire AUD
Dr. Amanda Mchenry AUD
Dr. Eugene Mchugh ED D CCCA
Maria Stella Mchugh MS
Dr. Devon Mcilvaine AUD
Dr. Terry Mcilvaine AUD
Dr. Maryrose Mcinerney PHD
Kimberly Mcinnis
Miller Mcinnis AUD
Jennifer Mcinnish AUD
Claire Mcintosh AUD
Dr. Nancy Mcintosh AUD
Dr. Tonya Mcintosh AUD
Brandy Mcintyre AUD
Monique Mckee MS CCCA
Joanna Mckinley MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Laura Mckinley
Dawn Mckinney AUD
Rebecca Mckinney AUD
Ms. Samantha Mckinney AUD
Dr. Holly Mclain AUD, CCC-A
Jennifer Mclaughlin AUD
Mrs. Paula Mclaughlin MS, CCC-A
Susan Mclaughlin AUD
Dr. Sara Mclaws AUD, CCC-A
Stephanie Mclear AUD
Mrs. Barbara Mclendon AUD
Dr. Roderick Mclennan PHD
Lianne Mclennon
Mrs. Denise Mcleod AUD
Kristin Mcloone AUD
Ms. Abigail Mcmahon AUD
Mrs. Alisa Mcmahon AUD
Dr. Judith Mcmahon AUD
Kathleen Mcmahon MS, CCC-A
Dr. Catherine Mcmanus AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Mcmanus AUD
Dr. Megan Mcmanus AUD
Nancy Mcmanus MA, CCC-A
Ms. Deborah Mcmenamin MS
Miss Allison Mcmichael AUD
Ms. Pamella Mcmillan MA
Ms. Bridget Mcmullen MA AUDIOLOGY
Megan Mcmullen AUD
Rachel Mcmullen AUD
Dr. Cory Mcnabb AUD
Katrina Mcnair-Smith MS,CCC-A
Betty Mcnamara AU
John Mcnamara MA
Kathryn Mcnamara AUD
Dr. Rachel Mcneal AUD
Dr. Marshall Mcneese AUD
Kathleen Mcnerney
Dr. Suzanne Mcnew AUD
Lauren Mcnichol AUD
Melissa Mcnichol AUD
Dr. Caleb Mcniece AUD
Carin Mcniff AUD CCC-A
Raymon Mcniven MA CCC-A
Mr. Brian Mcnulty MS
Mrs. Emily Mcpheron MA
Diane Mcpherson AUD
Mr. Harold Mcpherson MSPA, CCC
Darrell Mcquade AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Karen Mcquaide-Bell AUD
Kelly Mcqueen AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Christina Mcqueeney MS CCCA
Dr. Elyssa Mcrae AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Margaret Mcredmond AUD CCC-A
Corlene Mcspaden
Julie Mctavish
Dr. Susan Mctyiere AUD
Stephanie Mcvicar
Caitlin Mcvoy AUD
Dr. Carolyn Mcwatters AUD
Rebecca Mcwhorter AUD
Tina Mcwhorter
Dr. Rita Mcwilliams AUD
Mrs. Kathryn Meade MA
Elizabeth Meador AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Linda Meagher MS
Dr. Amber Mealey AUD
Mrs. Jo-An Mealler MS CCC-A
Andrea Mears AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Erica Mears AUD
Dr. Steven Mecham AUD
Sarah Mediavilla AUD CCC-A
Cheryl Medley MA CCC-A
Sophia Medlock MSCCC-A
Jody Medvedik MS,CCC-A
Dr. Larry Medwetsky PHD
Dr. Allison Meeds AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Meenen AUD
Dr. Adam Mehlenbacher AUD
Noelle Mehlhorn AUD
Sapna Mehta AUD
Dr. Zarin Mehta PHD
Dr. Rebecca Meier AUD CCC-A
Tiffany Meier AUD
Dr. Camron Meikle AUD
Mrs. Theresa Meinert MS;CCC-A
Mrs. Deanna Meinke MA, CCC-A
Dr. Peggy Meiring AUD
Dr. Talia Meisel AUD
John Meisner MS CCC A
Susan Meissner AUD
Mrs. Martha Meister MS, CCC-A
Ms. Amanda Meixelsperger MA
Alexandra Melahn AUD
Melanie Meldrum
Ms. Maribel Melendez MS
Ms. Sheryl Mellette MS, CCC-A
Dr. Alyson Mellish AUD
Mr. Marc Melliza MA CCC-A
Mrs. Sheri Mello AUD
Kathleen Mellott AUD
Dr. Allison Melograno AUD
Dr. Karen Melton AUD
Dr. Jill Meltzer AUD
Kelsey Melucci AUD
Mrs. Gretchen Melvin MS, CCC-A
Lindsey Melvin AUD
Victoria Mena AUD
Rebecca Menard AUD
Jill Mendez AUD
Mrs. Proviadela Mendez Coca MS
Lucy Mendez-Kurtz MS, CCC-A
Dr. David Mendlik AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Kristina Mendoza AUD
Kristy Menendez MA, CCC-A
Michelle Menendez CCCA
Dr. Lisa Mener AUD
Monica Mennite AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Jodie Mensink AUD CCC A
Dr. Kimberly Mentock AUD
Melissa Menzies MA, AUDCCC-A
Dr. Anita Mepani AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Jose Mercado MS
Dr. Danielle Mercer AUD
Karen Mercer AUD
Dr. Loraine Mercer AUD
Mallory Mercer AUD
Mrs. Linda Merchant MED CCC-A
Dr. Sarah Mercurio AUD
Margaret Meredith MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Rebecca Meredith AUD
Ryan Meredith MD
Dr. Irene Merenda AUD
Susan Merenda CCC-A
Dr. Wallace Meres AUD
Laura Mergen AUD
Marquitta Merkison AUD
Dr. John Merkley AUD, CCC-A, CPS/A
Dr. Susan Mermelstein AUD
Ms. Joanna Meroth MED
Dr. Lindsay Merrick AUD
Ashley Merrifield AUD
Maria Merrill AUD, CCC/A
Mrs. Nicole Merrill AUD
Allison Merriott MS
Ms. Jennifer Merritt MS AAA AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Sarah Merritt MS, CCC-A
Dr. Ian Mertes AUD, PHD
Jennifer Mertes AUD
Rebecca Mervine AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Caroline Merwin
Haley Messersmith AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Cheryl Messick MED, CCC-A
Cathy Messina MA/CCCA
Ms. Jill Messina AUD
Laura Messing AUD
Ann Messmer AUD
Aaron Messner AUD
Mr. Leslie Mester MA-CCC/A
Dr. Alison Metcalf AUD
Ms. Jayne Metro MA, CCC-A
Michael Metz I PHD
Thomas Metz MS
Dr. Jonie Metzger AUD
Dr. Matthew Metzger AUD
Mary Metzinger
Annalisa Meyer MA CCC SLP A
Carrie Meyer AUD
Mrs. Elise Meyer MA
Heather Meyer AUD
Jason Meyer AUD
Ms. Kristina Meyer AUD
Linda Meyer MA CCC
Mrs. Sheila Meyer MS,CCC-A
Stephanie Meyer AUD
Mrs. Stephanie Meyer
Amanda Meyers AUD, CCC-A
Carol Meyers MA - CCCA
Dr. Lucas Meyers AUD
Dr. D Miano AUD
Jennifer Micacci AUD
Sara Michael AUD
Dr. Stephanie Michaelides AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Brooke Michaels AUD
Mrs. Jill Michalak BC-HID
Nathan Michalak AUD
Dr. Michael Michelli AUD
Roberta Michels AUD
Lauren Michler MA, CCC-A
Carolyn Mickelson MED,CCC-A
Heather Mickey MS, CCC-A
Jessica Middaugh AUD
Mrs. Maria Middleby MS CCCA NY STATE LIC
Bradley Middleton AUDIOLOGIST
Michelle Middleton AUD
Dr. Laurie Midgette AUD
Ellen Miele MS
Dr. Erica Miele AUD
Regina Mieska AUD
Ms. Jacquelyn Mignone AUD
Jennifer Mihalek CCC-A
Mary Beth Mihalick AU D
Stephanie Miiller
Charlene Mikami MA
Nancy Mikel MA CCCA
Mr. Hany Mikhail AUD
Katherine Mikhailov AUD
Dr. Zorina Mikhelson AUD
Mrs. Janet Miles AUD
Julie Miles MS, CCC-A
Ms. Melanie Miles AUD
Lavonne Milisits
Ms. Lindsay Milks AUD
Dr. Gerald Mill PHD
Dr. Adrianne Miller AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Alyssa Miller AUD
Mr. Brent Miller CCC-A
Mrs. Carrie Miller MS,CCC-A
Dr. Cindy Miller AUD
Dr. Connie Miller
Mrs. Credonna Miller AUD
Curtis Miller II MIA CCCA FAAA
Dr. David Miller PHD
Mrs. Deborah Miller MA
Dr. Erin Miller AUD
Dr. Heather Miller AUD
Dr. James Miller AUD
Janice Miller AUD
Jennifer Miller AUD
Jennifer Miller AUD
Mr. Jim Miller AUD
Mrs. Juliene Miller MA CCC-A
Dr. Kathleen Miller AUD
Katrina Miller MED, CCC-A
Dr. Kela Miller AUD
Kim Miller MS, CCC/A
Dr. Kimberly Miller AUD
Kristina Miller AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Lauren Miller AUD
Lisa Miller MA
Margaret Miller AUD
Mark Miller AUD
Mrs. Maureen Miller MA, CCC-A
Mei-Ling Miller AUD
Morgan Miller MS
Dr. Morganne Miller AUD
Dr. Nicole Miller AUD
Ruth Miller MA
Mrs. Sandra Miller MS CCC-A
Ms. Sharon Miller MA CFY A
Dr. Sherry Miller AUD
Dr. Stephen Miller AUD
Suzanne Miller AUD
Traci Miller AUD
Ms. Valerie Miller AUD
Dr. Vanessa Miller AUD
Yoko Miller
Dr. Zachary Miller AUD
Mrs. Jayne Miller-Fritz MS
Denise Miller-Hansen PHD
Maureen Miller-Lemek MA,CCC-A
Ms. Joy Milliken MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Deborah Milling MA
Dr. Phillip Million PHD
Bernadette Mills AUD
Dawna Mills AUD
Emily Mills
Jeffrey Mills AUD
Jeri Mills MS
Mrs. Nancy Mills MA, FAAA
Mr. Ryan Mills AUD
Ms. Amanda Milne MS CCC/A
Dr. Bethany Milner PHD
Mr. Floyd Milner MS
Dr. Paul Milner PHD
Mrs. Ruth Milner MA,CCC,FAAA
Katharine Milnes AUD
Robert Milo MA
Christina Milos AUD, FAAA
Mr. Dale Milton MA, CCC-A
Dr. Pamela Minard AUD
Elina Mindlina AUD, CCC-A
Suzette Mineau MA
Ms. Karen Minekime MA CCC-A FAAA
Sarah Miner AUD
Arthur Mines MA CCC-A
Mrs. Angela Minniefield MS CCC A
Tara Minnix-Harmon AUD, CCC-A
Sharon Minor
Frances Miranda MS
Laurie Miranda AUD
Elizabeth Mishler AUD
Dr. Pamela Mishler PHD
Dr. Srikanta Mishra PHD
Mr. Arthur Misner III MS,CCC-A
Ms. Karen Mispagel AUD
Dr. Guneet Missan AUD
Julie Mistic AUD
Mrs. Ashley Mitchell AUD
Dr. Catherine Mitchell AUD
Cortney Mitchell AUD,BS,AA
Donna Mitchell MA CCC-A
Francine Mitchell AUD
Ms. Karen Mitchell AUD FAAA
Dr. Kristen Mitchell AUD
Mrs. Leah Mitchell AUD, F-AAA
Lillian Mitchell MACCC-A
Mrs. Sarah Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell MS, CCC/A, FAAA
Dr. Lindsay Mitchell Fletcher AUD, CCC-A
Robin Mitrani MA FAAA
Faye Mitsunaga MA, CCC-A
Crystal Miyake MSCCCA
Gary Miyasaki AUD
Prof. Pamala Mize MS CCC-A
Mrs. Susan Miziker MA, CCC-A
Peter Moats AUD
Karen Mobley AUD
Mrs. Linda Mock MA CCC/A
Mr. George Modreck CCC-A
Cynthia Modrosic MA, MS
Mrs. Karen Moellman MA, CCC,
Darlene Moenter-Rodriguez PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Jordana Moesch-Friedman AUD
Brian Moffitt AUD
Ms. Linda Moggio MA, CCC-A
Miss Elhaum Mogharreban AUD
Dr. Faith Mogila SCD
Angeli Mohanani AUD
Dr. Ghalia Mohder AU-D
Ms. Gayle Mohorcich MS
Dr. Kristi Mohr AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Amy Mokros MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Rene Moland AUD
Danielle Molander AUD
Christine Molek MA
Mr. John Molenaar MA, F-AAA
John Molina MA, CCC-A
Ronni Molinaro MA CCCA
Kimberly Molitor AUD
Mrs. Denise Moll MA
Angela Mollenhoff MS
Roberta Moller MA
Theodore Mollerud
Dr. Jennie Mollerup AUD, CCC-A
Aami Molloy AUD
Margaret Molloy AUD
Angela Moltrup AUD, CCC-A
Sadaf Momin AUD
Mrs. Katelyn Monaghan MA,CCC-A
Katherine Monahan AUD
Renee Monahan AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Laura Moncrief AUD
Deborah Moncrieff PHD
Mrs. Stephanie Mondelli AUD
Dr. Danielle Monestere-Brody AUD
Allison Moneypenny AUD
Sherri Moniz AUD
Katheryn Monk MS
Ms. Heather Monroe AUD
Tammy Monroe AUD
Denise Monte MS
Sarah Montero AUD
Michelle Montes AUD
Jennifer Montgomery
Patricia Montgomery MA
Dr. Shandra Montgomery AUD
Dr. Wendy Montgomery AUD
Dr. Wendy Montgomery AUD
Dr. Pamela Montgomery-Earl AUD
Donna Montieth MS
Laurin Moodie AUD
Staci Moody AUD
Jessica Mook AUD
Mr. Douglas Moomaw AUD
Alysia Moon AUD, CCC-A
Christy Moon
Mrs. Melissa Moon MS, CCC-A
Sanghyuk Moon AUD
Somang Moon
Sara Mooney AUD
Mr. Christopher Moor AUD
Nichole Moorbeck AUD
Alan Moore MS
Mrs. Amanda Moore MA CCC-A
Amanda Moore AUD
Dr. Andrea Moore AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Anne Moore MA
Chasity Moore AUD
Cindy Moore MA
Dawn Moore
Donna Moore AUD
Greg Moore AUD, CCCA
Gregory Moore AUD
Dr. Iris Moore AUD
Mrs. Janaan Moore MA
Jennifer Moore AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Jo Moore AUD
Dr. Katherine Moore AUD CCC-A
Kristine Moore AUD
Mrs. Leslie Moore MS CCC-A
Lisa Moore AUD
Dr. Mark Moore AUD
Meredith Moore AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Rosa Moore CCC-A
Sarah Moore AUD
Dr. Stacia Moore AUD
Mrs. Tania Moore
Terri Moore
Valerie Moore AUD
Zachary Moore AUD
Melissa Moore-Schmitt MA, CCC-A
Jonalyn Moore-Venton
Dr. Emily Mooren AUD
Melissa Morales Santiago MS
Mrs. Yanissa Morales Velez MS-A
Dr. Laura Moran AUD
Ms. Mary Moran MA
Susan Moran AUD
Sarah More
Dr. Charlotte Moreau AUDIOD
Alexandra Morena AUD
Ms. Janet Morency MA
Dr. Matthew Moreno AUD
Jennifer Morford MA,F-AAA
Alicia Morgan MS