A provider qualified by a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), licensed by the State and who practices chiropractic medicine -that discipline within the healing arts which deals with the nervous system and its relationship to the spinal column and its interrelationship with other body systems. *

Specialization: Nutrition

Chiropractic Nutrition is that specialty within the chiropractic profession that deals with the overall factors that affect the patient's ability to maintain the manipulative correction and thus sustain better neurological integrity. The Chiropractic Nutrition Specialist will perform extensive research on the patient's previous health history, ethnicity, and any family history related to what the patient is being treated for. Patients fill out questionnaires concerning dietary and sleep patterns and previous or present symptomology. A nutrition examination would be performed to assess areas such as absorption rates, adrenal function, kidney health, lung health etc. The patient is often instructed on how to check the pH of their saliva and urine, test for the presence of Candida Albicans, etc., at home. Outside laboratory testing includes blood, urine, hair analysis, food allergy testing etc. The patient's prescription and over the counter medications are recorded and analyzed. **

Dr. Kim Aaronson DC
Dr. Pierre Abdilmasih DC
Dr. Elena Acquisto-Treaster MS, DC, CNS
Dr. Elia Acuna DC
Karen Adair DC
Dr. David Adams DC FICPA
Dr. Robert Adams DC
Dr. Matthew Aggarwal DC
Shilpa Agrawal DC, LAC
Herb Akers JR. DC
Mark Akers DC
Dr. Zahra Al-Mussawi DC
Glen Alis DC
Supna Alis DC
Dr. Jennifer Allen DC
Dr. Milo Allen DC
Dr. Rona Allen DC
Seth Allen DC
Lynn Allison DC
Dr. Jared Allomong DC
Dr. Armando Alvarez DC
Michael Ames DC, DACBN, CCN
Dr. Jennet Amonte D,C,
Kimberly Andersen DC
Dr. Delilah Anderson DC
Dr. J. Anderson DC
Dr. Jared Anderson DC
Dr. Joleene Anderson DC
Dr. Samuel Anteby DC
Dr. Dorothy Anthony DC, DACBN
Dr. Matthew Antonucci DC, DACNB
Blessing Anyatonwu DC
Dr. Yechiam Arad DC
Dr. Patrick Arden DC
Donna Arkin DC
Dr. Mark Armbruster DC
Dr. Robert Arne DC
Dr. Gary Arthur DC
David Atkins DC
Dr. Deborah Ausmus D C
Khaled Azizi DC
Dr. Paul Babecki DC
Dr. Travis Bachert DC, FIAMA
Kristina Backenstose DC
Dr. Danan Bakke DC
Dr. Christos Balis DC, FASA
Dr. Alexandria Ballenger DC
Dr. Lucas Ballenger DC
Dr. Sheryl Ballinger DC
Dr. John Bamban DC
Dr. John Barbagallo JR. DC
Dr. Micah Barber DC
George Bardwell DC
Dr. Morgan Barkdull DC
Mr. Ryan Barker DC
Dr. Rabia Barkins DC
Dr. Frederick Barks JR. DC
Dr. Carissa Barnes DC
Glenn Barnett DC
Dr. Krystal Barnett DC
Dr. Alice Barone DC
Dr. Richard Barrett DC, BS
Dr. Carl Bartholomew DC, MD
Dr. Justin Bartlett DC
Dr. Deborah Barton DC
Dr. Jimmie Baughman DC
Dr. Justin Beagley DC
Dr. Julie Beck DC, MSN
Dr. Bonnie Becker DC
Warren Belcher DC
Dr. Daniel Beltran SR. CHIROPRACTOR
Mrs. Trinh Bender DC
Susan Benedict
Dr. Cynthia Benkert DC
Dr. Fred Benz DC
Dr. Scott Beres DC
Dr. Scott Bergman DC
Dr. Mark Bergquist DC
Dr. Fred Berman DC
Dr. David Bernstein DC
Dr. Christy Berry DC
Dr. Linda Berry DC
Dr. Sabrina Berry DC
Dr. John Bilas DC
Mr. Timothy Binder DC
Cory Bingham DC
Dr. Todd Binkley DC
Dr. Tessa Binversie DC
Dr. Richard Biondi DC
Dr. Anthony Biondillo III DC
Dr. Michael Bishop BS, DC
Dr. David Bitter DC
Dr. Stephen Bittiker DC
Mrs. Delene Bivolcic DC CCRD
Dr. Lee Blackwood DC
Dr. Emily Blair DC
Dr. Tracey Bleahu DC
Dr. Bruce Bloom DC
Dr. Susan Bobak DC
Dr. Paul Bodhise DC
Dr. Nicholas Bogannam DC
Dr. Unknown Bogazot DC
Lorilee Bohn DC
James Bombino DC
Dr. Alan Bonebrake DC
Dr. Frank Bongolan JR. DC
Dr. John Bontrager II DC
Dr. Michael Booth DC, DACBN, CCN
Dr. Martha Bordonaro DC
Dr. Barry Bradley DC
Dr. Jason Bradley DC, ND
Dr. Evan Brady DC
Robert Brady DC
William Brady DC
Dr. Nancy Brand DC
Mary Brechtel DC DACBN
Dr. Lori Breiner DC
Dr. John Brimhall DC
Nancy Bronstein DC
Dr. Torrance Brooks DC
Dr. Kim Bruno DC, CCN
Dr. Louise Bryant DC
Jorge Bueno DC
Dr. Richard Burg DC
Dr. Susan Burian DC
Dr. Gary Burk DC
Dr. Jean Burle DC
Dr. Dennis Burlison DC
Joy Buscemi DO
Dr. Mark Bushee DC
Dr. Ian Butcher DC
Dr. Suzanne Butler DC
Laurel Butts DC
Dr. Christopher Byers DC
Dr. Anthony Cahill DC
Karen Cain DC
Dr. Sebastian Caliendo DC
Mrs. Sonja Callarman-Redden DC
Dr. Joseph Campbell DC
Dr. Dennis Cannon DC
Greg Cantu DC
Dr. Henry Capobianco DC
Dr. Teresa Cardwell DC
Dr. Ben Carlson DC
Dr. Leonard Carlucci DC
Dr. John Carp DC
Dr. Anthony Carpenter DC
Dr. Edward Carr DC
Dr. Elizabeth Carter DC
Lauren Carter DC
Dr. Stacy Carter DC
Dr. Richard Caskey DC
Dr. Aaron Chapa DC
Clara Charny DC
Dr. Clarence Chase JR. DC
Dr. Jason Chastain DC
Dr. Suman Chaudhuri DC
Dr. Nicolas Chillemi DC
Dr. Timothy Chrisman DC
Victoria Ciotta DC
Dr. Michael Cirilli DC
Dr. Monica Cisneros DC
Dr. Kent Clark DC
Susan Clarke DC
Dr. Cindy Clayton DC
Michelle Clegg NP, DC
Carolyn Cleland-Reid DC
Dr. Nicole Cline DC
Andreas Clironomos DC
Dr. Agnieszka Cluchey DC
Dr. Michael Coady DC
Dr. Louis Cohen DC
Dr. Michele Cohen DC
Dr. Steven Cohen DC, ND
Dr. Dori Cole
Dr. Scot Collie DC
Dr. Jeffrey Collins DC
Dr. Cheryl Comeau DC
Dr. Lewis Cone DC
Dr. Alisa Cooper
Dr. Arthur Copp DC
Dr. Karen Corcoran DC
Dr. H. Corkins DC, PHD, NMD
Dr. Lawrence Cottle D C
Edna Craven DC
Dr. Daniel Crews DC, DACBN
Dr. Jeff Crippen
Dr. Louis Crivelli II DC
Dr. Marva Crosby DC
Dr. Paul Crowe DC
Dr. Bradley Crump DC
Dr. Steven Cser DC
Dr. Albert Cuevas DC
Blaine Cully
Dr. Vickie Culp DC
Dr. Wendy Cunningham DC
Dr. Anita Curtis-Macdonald DC
Dr. Ellen Cutler DC
Dr. Daniel Czelatdko DC
Dr. Jeanne D'brant DC, DACBN
Dr. Ronda Dalton DC
Calen Daniel DC
Michael Dardano DC
Dr. James Daris DC
Dr. Thomas Darragh DC
David Darrow DC
Dr. Jeffrey Daso DC
Dr. Philip Davidson DC
Dr. Jill Davies-Kern DC
Dr. Richard Davis DC PT
Dr. William Davis JR.
Dr. Douglas De Massa DC
Donna De Paolo DC
Dr. Scott De Pol DC
Dr. Joseph Debe DC, DACBN, C
Dr. Donald Decanio DC
Laura Decesaris DC
Dr. Robert Decubellis DC, PA
Dr. Andrew Deforest DC
Dr. Susan Delcastillo DC
Dr. John Deleon JR.
Dr. Lorraine Delrosso DC
Dr. John Demaio D,C,
Dr. Kristine Demarco DC, MS
Dr. Gene Dematteo DC
Dr. Nancy Denlinger DC
Dr. Gary Derby DC
Dr. Deborah Derr DC
Jeanne Desroche DC
Dr. John Dettloff BS, DC
Dr. Rex Dickerson DC
Dr. Robert Distefano DC, MD, MS
Gary Ditson DC
Dr. John Dixon DC, CCN
Dr. Linda Dixon DC
Dr. Gordana Djumic DC
Dr. Linda Dobberstein DC
Dr. Stephen Dobelbower DC, DACBN
Dr. David Dodd DC
Dr. Ann Doggett DC, LPN
Dr. David Dolan DC
Dr. Darren Donathan DC
Dr. Kevin Donathan DC
Dr. John Dotson DC
Dr. Wendy Dow DC
Ms. Lori Dryer DO
Dr. David Dube RN, DC, MS
Mr. Alan Duben DC
Dr. Neil Dufore DC
Dr. Bryan Dufrene DC
Dr. Terence Dulin
Christine Duncan DC
Dr. Virginia Dunivan DC
Donald Duranso DC
Dr. Richard Dustman JR. DC
Dr. Jay Dvorsky DC
Dr. Rosemarie Dziedzic DC
Dr. Michael Eberle
Dr. Paul Eberline DC,DACBN
Dr. Frank Eckles DC
Dr. Michael Edenzon DC
Dr. D. Edgerton
Dr. Stewart Edrich DC
Dr. Roxanne Edrington
Betty Ehrlich DC
Jason Ellis DC
Dr. Nathan Elmore DC
Steve Elmore DC
Crystal Emard DC
Linda Enemark DC
Dr. David Engel DC
Dr. John Ennen DC
Dr. Jack Epter DC
Kathleen Erbeck DC
Dr. Mitch Ergas DC
Dr. Elena Esparza DC
Dr. Blake Eubanks D,C
Mrs. Cecilia Euredjian PA
Dr. Sloane Eusebio DC
Dr. Carl Evans DC
Fatah Evans DC
Dr. Shelly Evans DC
Dr. Scott Evanter DC
Dr. Adrienne Fabrizio DC
Dr. Timothy Fahey DC, FNP
Stewart Falk DC
Dr. Natasha Fallahi DC
Dr. Daniel Falor DC
Samir Faragallah DC
Dr. Nichia Faria DC, MSACN
Dr. Babush Faridi DC
Dr. Christine Farlow DC
Dr. Gary Farr DC
Dr. Stephen Feldman DC
Dr. Jerry Felger DC
Dr. Randall Ferrell DC
Dr. Anthony Ferro JR. DC
Dr. John Fester DC, MSACN, BS
Dr. Wade Fike DC
Dr. Melissa Filippello DC, MS, BA
Dr. Brian Fillmore DC
Dr. David Finney DC
Chris Fiorentiro DC
Dr. Patrick Fioriglio DC
Tamera Firnbach DC
Dr. Jessica Fish DC
Dr. Donald Fitzgerald DC
Dr. Jane Fitzgerald DC
Dr. Lisa Fitzwilliams DC, CN
Dr. Mark Flannery DC
Dr. Lois Flemming DC
Dr. David Florance DC, MSACN
Dr. Stephen Florez DC
Dr. Edwin Floyd MS,DC(DIM)
Dr. Clyde Foland DC
Dr. Andra Foster DC
Dr. Angela Foster DC
Dr. Brian Foster DC
Dr. David Foster DC
Dr. Janine Fox DC
Dr. Jimmy Fox DC
Dr. Suzanne Fox DC
Dr. John Francis JR. DC
Dr. John Francis SR. DC
Dr. Stacey Francis DC
Peggy Frank DC
Dr. Catherine Franklin DC
Mark Frawley DC
Dr. Abraham Freeman DC
Joy Freeman DC
Dr. Dennis Frerking DC
Jeff Friedman DC
Dr. Loretta Friedman RN,MS,DC,CNS,DACBN,C
Todd Frisch DC
Steven Froeschl DC
Dr. Brian Fuller DC
Dr. Ingrid Fullerton DC
Dr. Ursula Funderburk DC
Dr. Rebecca Furlano DC
Dr. Michael Gadway DC
Dr. Shannon Gaertner-Ewing DC
Dr. Michel Gagnon DC
Dr. Kelly Gallagher DC
Dr. Robert Galloway III RPH, DC, CCN
Dr. Anthony Ganem DC
John Gangemi DC
Dr. Alfred Garbutt III DC
Dr. Daniel Garcia DC
Dr. Freddys Garcia DC
Hector Garcia DC
Dr. Kimberly Garvin DC
Mr. Paul Gasch DC
Dr. Dana Gaus DC, CCN
Dr. Katherine Gearity DC
Dr. Heidi Geier DC, CCN,
Dr. David Gelbuda DC
Dr. Tom Genstil DC
Dr. Richard Gerardo DC
Brant Gerckens DC
Dr. Stewart Gesler DC
Dr. Herbert Gessler DC
Dr. Jordan Giang DC
Eugenie Giasson-Gomez DC
Dr. Terri Gibbs DC
Brian Gibson DC
Dr. Karen Giles DC
Dr. Alexander Gilmore DC
Dr. Andrew Giordano DC
Dr. Charles Giordano DC,CCN, DACBN
Dr. Irv Givot DC
Dr. Christine Gizoni DC
Dr. Gerald Godard DC
Dr. Mark Godfrey DC
Dr. Paul Goldberg DC
Amanda Golden DC
Dr. Lloyd Gomberg DC
Dr. Benjamin Gottsche DC
Dr. Robyn Graber DC
Dr. Nicholas Grable DC
Dr. Sharon Graddy DC
Dr. Chester Graham DC
Dr. Shiloh Graham
Dr. Ryan Gray DC
Crystal Green DC
Dr. Nelleke Greendyk DC
Dr. Christopher Greene DC
Dr. Jon Gregor DC
Carol Grennan DC, DACBN, CCN
Dr. Angela Griffiths DC
Elissa Grossman DC
Anthony Grotts DC
Dr. Catharine Guertin DC, M-PAS
Dr. Stephen Gunter DC
Teresa Guta DC
Dr. William Gutierrez DC
Anthony Ha DC
Patricia Hadley DC
Dr. Jeff Hall DC
Dr. Maureen Hall DC
Nicholas Hall DC
Dr. Gloria Hamada DC
Dr. Kevin Hamasaki DC
Dr. Bobby Hamby DC
Ray Hammon DC, NMD
Duk Han DC
Mrs. Karen Handy DC
Dr. Coby Hanes DC
Curt Hankins DC
Dr. Jeffrey Hansen DC
Dr. David Hanson DC
Dr. Rosanna Hardin DC
Dr. Jerry Harnish DC
Dr. John Harrington DC, MS
Dr. Amy Harris DC
Dr. Don Harris DC
Dr. John Harrison DC
Dr. David Harsma DC
Dr. Emily Harting DC
Kristin Hartjes
Dr. Michael Hartle DC
Gregory Harvey DC
Dr. Robert Haug DC
Dr. Reece Hayden DC
Dr. Amber Hayes DC
Stephen Hazen DC
Dr. Kedong He DC
Dr. Thomas Heath DC
Dr. Brian Heaton DC, DACBN, CCN
Dr. Lindsey Heaton DC, DACBN, CCN
Dr. Heather Heck DC, MPH
Scott Hedrick DCPA
Dr. Joseph Heffernan DC
John Heiligenthal DC
Dr. Verlyn Heine DC
Dr. Douglas Heise DC, DACBN
Dr. Richard Heithaus DC
Dr. Alison Henderson DC
Dr. Christy Henley DC
Dr. Richard Henry DC
Dr. Roman Hentish DC
Dr. Bethany Herrington DC
Kaila Hersh
Dr. Elizabeth Hesse DC CCN
Dr. Brent Hextell DC
Dr. Patrick Hickman DC
Dr. Christopher Higgins DC
Dr. Lance Hightower DC
Dr. Lolin Hilgartner DC, CNS
Dr. Peter Hilgartner DC
Arland Hill DC, DACBN
Dr. Cara Hillwig DC
Dr. Laura Hjort DC
Dr. John Hodges JR. DC
Dr. Wayne Hodges DC
Dr. Denise Holtzman DC
Jeffery Honert DC
Stephen Hoody DC
Dr. Stuart Horin DC
Dr. Jason Horowitz DC
Dr. James Hostetler DC
Dr. Cynthia Houchins DC
Pamela Howard DC
Bryan Howland DC
Dr. Vernon Hubbell BS, DC
Laurie Hubbell-Smith DC
Dr. Karen Hufnagl DC, MS
Dr. Michael Hughes DC
Dr. Donald Huml
Dr. Kamraan Husain DC
Dr. Douglas Husbands DC, CCN
Alia Hussain DC
Dr. Joseph Iaccino DC
Dr. Angela Iacovino DC
Dr. Matthew Imber DC
Dr. Eric Innes DC
Dr. Cesar Irizarry DC
Dr. Nancy Irven DC
Dr. Joan Jacobs DC,CDN
Randy Jacobs DC
Dr. Michael James DC
Dr. Don Janowski DC
Dr. Barbara Janssen DC
Dr. Trilby Jasinski DC
Dr. Brandon Jenkins DC
Dr. William Jenkins DC
Dr. Barbara Jennings DC
Dr. Michael Jennings DC
Dr. Russell Jepson DC
Dr. Andrijana Jevtic DC
Frank Jimenez II DC
Dr. Jimmy Jimenez DC
Dr. Craig Jochum DC, DACBN
Dr. Alan Johnson DC
Colby Johnson DC, MSN
Dr. Gary Johnson DC, DCBCN
Dr. Michael Johnson JR. DC
Resa Johnson DC, DACBN
Dr. Isaac Jones DC
Dr. Marilynn Jones DC
Dr. Andrea Jordheim DC
Dr. Jill Jorgensen Bagwell DC
Dr. Joy Jourdan DC
Dr. Jodi Judge DC DACNB CCN
Dr. Emmanuel Junard DC, NMD
Dr. John Jung DC PHD FIAMA
Dr. George Junkin DC
Dr. Frank Kaden DC
Albert Kahn DC
Anna Kahn DC
Dr. Thomas Kalis DC
Dr. Sarah Kalomiros DC
Dr. Frank Kampschroeder DC, ND, PHD
Dr. Lori Kanestrin DC
Dr. Joshua Kantor DC,DABCN,DIBAK,,CCN
Dr. Michael Kapraun DC
Dr. Jacob Karl DC
Dr. Kelila Kasim DC
Mr. Ronald Kaufmann DC, LIAC
Dr. Todd Kaufmann RN, DC CTN
Dr. Marilyn Kavulich DC
Dr. Lauren Kay Louis DC
Dr. Richard Kayser DC
Dr. Sasha Kecman DC
Andrew Keith DC
Dr. Jeffrey Kelly DC
Gale Keppel DC
Dr. Lowell Keppel DC
Dr. Vilija Kerelis DC
Dr. Adele Kestner DC
Dr. Sunny Kierstyn RN,DC
Dr. Fredrick Kiesecker DC, CCN
Dr. Do Young Kim DC
Dr. William Kim DC
Robert Kimberlin
Dr. Keith King DC
Dr. Terry King II DC
Vanessa King DC
Ann King Tarr DC
Dr. Steve Kingston DC
Dr. Laura Kinkead DC
Dr. Neil Kjos DC
Dr. Michelle Klein DC, CNS
Eric Klos DC, CCN
Dr. Maryellen Koch DC
Dr. Matthew Kola DC
Dr. David Kolbaba DC, CCN, DACBN
John Koller DC
Dr. Lauren Kolowski DC
Dr. Richard Koons D C
Dr. Laura Korman DC, PA
Dr. Jacob Kornetzke DC, MS
Dr. Misty Kosciusko DC
Dr. Michael Koster DC
Dr. Beth Kozak DC
Dr. George Kraft III DC
Joel Kreisberg DC, CCH
Dr. Michele Krohn-Harper DC
Dr. Joseph Krupka JR. DC
Dr. Kevan Kruse DC
Dr. Michael Krygier DC
Dr. Deborah Kucharski DC
Sean Labuda DC
Christopher Lachowski DC
Mark Lafferty DC
Dr. Karl Lamb DC
Judy Lane DC
Dr. Charles Lange DC
Andrew Langfitt DC
Dr. Suzette Lanzarotta DC
Ms. Cynthia Lara DC
Dr. Mario Larouche DC, MACOM
Dr. John Larson DC
Dr. Judith Laska-Kulba DC
Dr. Gary Lasneski DC, MS, LDN
Pamela Latimer DC
Dr. Henry Latter JR. DC
Vincent Lauletta DC
Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen DC
Dr. James Lavallee DC
Dr. Robert Lawrence DC
Ms. Julie Le DC
Dr. Robert League DC
Dr. Susan Leblanc DC
Chad Ledet DC
Dr. Ronald Ledoux DC
Dr. Josephine Lee DC
Dr. Seok Joon Lee DC
Dr. Cynthia Leeder DC
Dr. Larry Legunn DC
Dr. Michelle Leroy-Lawrence DC
Dr. Dennis Lesniak DC
Dr. Monique Levesque-Hartle DC
Dr. Neil Lewis
Dr. Doreen Lewis-Overton DC
Dr. Linda Li DC
Dr. Gregg Libby DC
Dr. Jennifer Liebersbach DC
Dr. Jesse Liebman DC
Dr. John Lieurance DC, NMD
Dr. Eva Ligeri DC
Dr. Kerry Lilley DC
Dr. Sophia Lin DC
Dr. Darrell Lindsay DC
Dr. Carrie Linn DC
Dr. William Livermore DC
Dr. Karen Locke DC
Dr. William Longstreth DC
Dr. Matthew Longwill DC
Dr. Minna Lopez DC
Dr. Jose Roberto Lopez Feliciano DC
Michael Loquasto DC
Dr. Stephanie Lord DC
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo DC
Dr. Troy Losh DC
Dr. Mark Lucas DC
Keith Lundberg DC
Dr. Danielle Luzzo DC
Alexandrea Lyon DC
Robert Mabry DC
Dr. Stacie Macari DC
Dr. James Macie DC
Paul Mack DC
Gaila Mackenzie-Strawn DC
Dr. Craig Mackey DC
Dr. Ingrid Maes DC
Dr. Lisa Maffucci DC
Dr. Donald Maher
Dr. John Maher DC
Debra Maibach
Dr. Niele Maimone DC
Eva Malek DC
Bonnie Malone DC
Dr. Jeffrey Malone DC
Dr. Jeffrey Malone DC
Dr. Megan Malone DC
Dr. Stephanie Mancuso RD, DC, FICPA
Dr. Ralph Manfredi DC
Dr. Mark Manning DC
Dr. Abby Manol DC
Dr. Gail Marasse DC, PHD
Dr. Carmen Marcadis DC
Dr. Ashley Marchek DC
Dr. Joan Margaret DC
Dr. Steven Margolin DC
Dr. Lorrette Marion DC
Dr. Ben Markham DC
Dr. Loren Marks DC
Dr. Jeffrey Marsalese DC, DACBN, CCN
Dr. Richard Marshall MS DC DACBN CCN
Dr. Desmond Martello DC
Dr. Joel Martenson DC
Dr. Billie Martin DC
Dr. Dina Martin DC
Dr. Kim Martin DC
Dr. Pia Martin DC
Michael Martuccio DC
Michelle Martz DC
Dr. Glen Matejka DN DC DACBN CCN
Raymond Mathews DC
Dr. Diane Mathis DC
Dr. Ronald Maugeri DC
Dr. Philip Mauri DC
Dr. Kaiden Maxwell DC
Dr. Richard Mayfield DC
Dr. Tracy Mcalvanah DC
Dr. Brandy Mccans DC
Dr. Daniel Mccleery DC
Dr. Patrick Mcclure DC
Dr. Bruce Mccoy DC
Dr. Sharon Mccray DC
Dr. Darrin Mcdermott DC, MBA
Dr. Jason Mcdonald DC
Dr. Ruth Mcdonough DC
Dr. Michael Mcglynn DC
Dr. Amanda Mcinis DC
Dr. Thomas Mckay JR. DC
Dr. Donald Mckinley DC
Dr. Foster Mcmanus DC
Dr. Michael Mcpherson DC
Joseph Medina DC
Dr. Claudia Medl DC
Dr. Lisa Melka DC
Dr. Tirtha Mendake DC, LAC
Dr. Raphael Mendel DC
Mr. Thomas Mercante DC
Dr. Lisa Merritt DC, NMD
Sarah Merritt DC
Dr. Jeffrey Mersky DC
Dr. Robert Messer DC
Dr. Shawn Meyer DC, CCN
Dr. Jordan Michels DC
Robert Middleton JR. DC
Dr. Lloyd Mietzner DC
Dale Migliaccio DC
Dr. Timothy Milano DC
Dr. Beverly Miles DC
Dr. Andrew Millar DC
Dr. Bernard Miller DC
Dr. Columbia Miller DC
Dr. Norman Miller DC
Pamala Miller DC
Dr. Allan Millet JR. DC
Dr. Tanya Mills DC
Dr. Kimberly Minick DC
Dr. Joseph Mirto DC
Dr. Margaret Mitchell DC
Melissa Mitchell DC
Evan Mladenoff JR. DC
Dr. Fardad Mogharabi DC
Sean Molloy DC
Thomas Monnig DC
Dr. Jason Moore DC
Dr. Maureen Moore DC
Robert Moore DC
Christopher Moran DC
Dr. Jon Morey DC
Dr. Melinda Morgan DC
Dr. Brian Morris DC
Dr. Judi Morris
Dr. Misty Morris DC
Dr. Caitlin Morrisroe DC
Dr. Maria Morrone DC
Dr. Scott Moss DC
Dr. Ralph Motley DC
Dr. Randal Moyer DC
Dr. George Muhs DC
Dr. Joseph Muldoon D,C,
Mohamed Munassar DC
Dr. Richard Munn DC
Dr. Joseph Murphy DC
Dr. Paul Muscolino DC
Dr. Dennis Mutell DC
Dr. Brandy Mychals DC
Dr. Andrew Myones MS, DC
Ryan Nadolski DC
Dr. Joowhye Nam DC
Dr. Devi Nambudripad DC, LAC, PHD
Dr. Terese Naser DC
Claudette Nassoor-Satnick DO
Dr. William Natusch DC
Karen Naymik DC
Dr. Joseph Neal DC
Dr. William Neidert JR. DC
Dr. Michaell Nelson DC
Dr. Michele Newcomer DC
Dr. Scott Newgard DC
David Newman DC, ACU
Jaimila Neyon DC
Kim Nguyen
Dr. Thuyen Nguyen DC
Dr. David Niequist DC
Dr. Cedrick Noel
Dr. Dan Noffsinger DC
Dr. Mohamad Noori DC
Dr. Robert Norett DC
Michael Norman DC
Dr. David Norris DC, MS
Dr. Debbie Novick DC
Dr. Brandon Nutt DC
Nichole Nygren DC
Dr. Tammy Nyhus DC, DICCP
Jessica Nyrop DC
Dr. Christina O'brien DC
Dr. Angela O'hara-Hart DC
Margaret O'toole DC
Dr. Joshua Oberhelman DC
Dr. Steven Oberle DC, MS
Dr. Diane Ockun DC
Dr. Daniel Ohlman DO
Richard Olson DC
Dr. Carmen Oostburg Sanz DC
Dr. Susan Osada DC
Dr. Peter Osborne DC
Joshua Otiniano DC
Dr. Huntington Overley DC
Dr. Michael Owen DC
Dr. Jennifer Owens DC
Dr. Susan Oyakawa DC
Dr. Timothy Page DC
Dr. Anthony Palombo DC
Constantine Pandazis DC
Dr. Tianne Pape DC, MS
Irene Parent DC
Dr. Brittany Parisot-Sebby DC, DABCI, DABCN
Dr. Jeffry Parker DC
Dr. Justin Passerini DC, MS, RD
Dr. Mina Patel DC, CCN
Dr. Christopher Patten DC
Dr. Joseph Paun MS, DC
Dr. Steven Pavia DC
Dr. Laureen Pavtis DC
Dr. Grisell Paz DC
Dr. Mitchell Pearce DC, MS, LAC
Dr. Heather Pearman DC
Dr. Alexandra Pedroza DC
Mary Peebles DC
Dr. Scott Perlman DC
Dr. Douglas Perry DC
Dr. Michael Persoleo JR. DC
Dr. Alfred Peter DC
Faith Peterman DC
Dr. Troy Peters DC
Dr. Kevin Petersen DC
Dr. Yvoune Petrie DC
Dr. Peter Petropulos DC
Dr. Diane Petrow DC
Dr. Philip Petsch DC
Dr. Rhonda Petsch DC
Dr. Susan Pezzin DC
Dr. Rowen Pfeifer DC
Dr. Richard Pflepsen DC
Dr. Binh Pham DC
Dr. Susan Pham DC, DAAPM, DACBN
Dr. Michael Phillips DC
Dr. Sue Phillips DC
Dr. Carin Piacente DC, MS, LMT
Dr. Kenneth Pierce DC
Mary Pinney DC
Dr. John Pinto DC
Dr. John Podlaski DC, DACBN,DABCI
Dr. Jason Polk DC
Dr. Mary Kay Polsemen DC
Melissa Ponce DC
Dr. Lisa Portera-Perry DC
Dr. Gregory Pouls DC
Dr. Floyd Powell DC
Dr. Owen Powers DC
Dr. Valorie Prahl DC
Dr. Amy Prestas DC
Dr. Jeffrey Price DC
Patrick Price DC
Stephen Price
Dr. Debra Proechel DC
Dr. John Przybylak DC
Dr. Ann Pushies DC
Dr. Leslee Quick DC
Dr. Patrick Quinn JR. DC
Dr. Robert Rakowski DC, CCN
Dr. Melissa Ramirez DC
Dr. Tim Ramirez DC
Dr. David Ramsey DC
Thomas Ratelle DC
Jahnaya Rebarcak BS
Dr. Paul Rebholz DC
Dr. Tobi Redlich DC
Dr. Aliya Redwood DC
Daniel Reed DC
Dr. Craig Reese DC
Dr. Roberta Rendon DC
Stephen Renick JR. DC
Dr. Jon Repole DC
Dr. Diane Reppert DC
Ann Rhame CH
Dr. Chaz Rhinehart DC
Mr. Charles Rice DC
Dr. Damian Richardson DC
Dr. Renata Rickels DC
Michael Riden DC
Dr. Deborah Riekeman DC
Ms. Linda Rietveld DC
Dr. Alexander Rinehart DC, MS, CNS
Ms. Kirstin Riutta DC
Dr. Susan Rivard DC
Dr. Nicole Rivera DC
Dr. James Rizzo DC
Dr. Tina Roach-Gagnon DC
Dr. Jay Robbins DC
Dr. Joel Robbins DC
Dr. Keith Robbins DC
Dr. John Roberts DC
Dr. Jonny Roberts JR. DC
Raymond Roberts DC
Dr. Dana Robinson DC, BS
Larry Robison DC
Dr. Asher Rodriguez DC
Dr. Janet Rogers DC
Dr. Shari Roguski DC
Mrs. Tara Roman DC
Dr. Dayma Rosello-Rivera DC
Michael Rosen-Pyros DO
Mr. Calvin Ross DC
Judith Roth
Michael Roth DC
Dr. Barry Rothermel DC
Dr. Adria Rothfeld DC
Dr. Anne Roulo DC
Dr. Shannon Roznay DC
Dr. Sandra Rubio DC
Dr. Tom Ruckman DC, PC
Dr. John Rupolo DC
Dr. Murray Russell DC
Dr. Jordan Rutz DC
Dr. Peter Saccone DC
Dr. Candace Salmi DC
Cari Saloch DC,DIPLAC
Dr. Elyse Saltalamachia DC
Dr. Santo Sampino DC
Dr. Ynes Samuels DC, ACN, MD
Dr. Wendy Sanches DC
Erda Sanders DC
Dr. Kristine Sanders DC
Julius Sanna DC
Dr. Tamara Santa Ana DC
Dr. Lad Santiago DC, NMD, PMD, DCCN,
Alan Saxon DC
Christopher Saxon DC
Dr. Randal Schaetzke DC
Dr. Dean Schaner DC
Dr. Bethanie Schatz DC
Dr. Stephanie Schiff DC,DCN,FACACN,LLC
Dr. Paul Schiffman DC
Dr. William Schlee DC
Dr. Darren Schmidt DC
Dr. Kimberly Schmidt DC
Dr. Jill Schneider DC
William Schneider DC
Thomas Schreder DC
Dr. Aileen Schulz DC
Dr. Mark Schulz DC, CCN, DABCN
Dr. Marc Schwartz DC,CCN,CCSP
Dr. Frank Schwimmer DC
Dr. Louis Scoma DC
Dr. Charles Scott DC
Dr. David Seaman DC
Dr. James Seim DC, DACBN
Dr. Cathryn Selchow ND, DC
Dr. Venus Seleme DC
Kaly Sellers DC
Barry Sensenig DC
Dr. Elizabeth Serra DC
Dr. Karen Sesso DC
Dr. Susan Seven-Sky DC
Mrs. Caroline Seymour DC
Dr. Mark Shader DC
Dr. William Shaffer DC
Dr. Dwight Shaneyfelt DC,CCN,DACBN
Dr. Bradley Shapero DC
Stacy Sharlet DC
Dr. Craig Sharp DC
Dr. Courtney Sharpe DC
Dr. Chalyse Shaw DC
Dr. Conan Shaw DC
Mr. Steve Sheldon DC
Dean Shepherd DC
Dr. Patricia Sheppard DC
Dr. Bruce Sherman DC
Dr. Robert Shetlin DC
Dr. Karen Shoemaker DC
Heather Shott DC
Michael Shpak LAC
Dr. Gregory Shure DC
Dr. David Siegel DC CCN DACBN
Dr. Steven Silverman DC
Dr. Jerrold Simon DC
Dr. Anna-Marie Simpson DC, MSACN
Dr. Lani Simpson DC
Jemma Sinclaire DC
Dr. Todd Singleton DC
Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff DC
Dr. Gregory Smart DC
Dr. Lori Smatt DC
Dr. Michael Smatt DC
Dr. Angela Smith DC
Dr. Deena Smith DC
Dr. Stephen Smitherman DC
Gerry Snelling
Diana Snook DC
Dr. Alix Snyder DC
Dr. David Solar
Corey Sondrup DC
Dr. Mark Sonnenberg DC
Dr. Stephen Soong DC
Dr. Gus Spatharakis DC
Dr. Michael Spearman DC
Dr. Dale Speiser DC
Dr. Dan Spinato DC
Dr. Jessica Spindel MSACN, DC
Dr. Alan Spindler DC, ARNP
Dr. George Springer JR. DC
Dr. Neal Springer DC
Dr. Philip Squier DC
Dr. Richard Stamegna JR. DC
Dr. Jeffrey Standifer DC
Dr. Brian Stanton DC, ACN
Dr. Vanessa Stapleton DC
Larry Steffensmeier DC
Dr. Edwaed Stegman DC
Dr. Nelson Stehling DC
Harold Steinberg DC
Dr. David Stella DC
Dr. Cole Stephens DC
Dr. Jeanette Steputis Ryan DC
Dr. Ian Stern DC, CCN, CSCS
Angelina Stevens DC>
Joshua Stevens DC
Dr. Eric Stickle DC
Dr. Robert Stickle DC
Joni Stier DC, LAC
Dr. Donald Stillings DC
Dr. Darwin Stjernholm DC
Dr. James Storey DC
Dr. Jessica Stuaan DC
Dr. Jacob Stuebs DC
Dr. Craig Stull DC
Dr. Clayton Sullwold DC
Juanee Surprise DC
Lisa Sutherland Haase DC
Dr. Margaret Tabor DC
Dr. Joseph Taccetta DC
Dr. Vikki Talanca DC
Trenton Talbitzer DC
Dr. Silva Tavitian DC
Dr. Christopher Taylor DC
Claudia Taylor DC
Dr. Kenneth Taylor DC
Dr. Michael Tegarden DC
Dr. David Tener DC
Dr. Eric Tessmer DC
Dr. Jason Tharpe DC
Derek Thiel DC
Miss Rebekah Tho DC
Dr. Noble Thomas DC, MSACN
Dr. Tommy Thompson DC & LAC
Dr. Glen Thornton DC
Gregory Thornton DC
Dr. Jill Tieman DC
Dr. Matthew Tompkins DC
Eric Toranzo DC
Dr. Anita Trainer DC, MPH
Dr. Hai Tran DC
Dr. Gary Trauger DC
Dr. Barry Triestman DC
Dr. Shalymar Troumbly DC
Dr. Kris Truitt DC
Dr. Hoa Truong X DC
Theresa Tsingis DC, MS
Dr. Daniel Turack III DC
Dr. Elyse Tursi DC
Miss Kate Tuttle DC
Dr. Kristen Ude DC
Dr. Rebecca Ulsh DC
Dr. Nicole Ussery DC, MAE, RD, LD
Dr. Catherine Valen DC
Dr. Jo-Anne Valenti DC, CCN
Dr. David Vargas DC,LAC
Dr. Lindy Vaughn DC
Brandon Venden DC
Dr. Laura Vernallis DC
Ms. Sher Viencek DC
Dr. Steven Vogue DC, ND
Dr. Eric Vonbergen DC
Dr. Heidi Vonnacher DC, FICPA
Dr. Christine Vosseler DC
Dr. Scott Vrzal DC
Dr. Dao Vuong DC
Dr. Thomas Wachtmann DC
Dr. Avianne Waithe DC
Dr. Daniel Walker CHIROPRACTOR
Cristy Wallace FNP
Dr. John Wallman DC
Dr. Brian Walsh DC
Dr. Joseph Wardie DO
Dr. David Warren DC
Dr. Kyle Warren DC
Dr. Jarod Waters DC
Dr. Raymond Watson DC
Dr. Shirley Watson DC
Dr. Bradley Watts DC
Dr. Erika Way DC
Dr. Gary Webb DC
Dr. Lynn Webb DC
Dr. Eugene Weber DC
Dr. Jeffrey Weber DC
Miss Tenesha Weine DC
Dr. Joann Weinrib DC
Dr. Ronald Weinstein DC
John Weisberg
Dr. Earl Welbes DC
Dr. Anjanette Welikala DC
Dr. Ron Westbrook DC
Dr. Christopher Whetton DC
Dr. George Whetton DC
Dr. Crystal Whisler DC
Dan White MS DC
Dr. Elvin White DC
Dr. Harlan White DC
Dr. Leroy White JR. DC
Stuart White DC
Dr. Kirk Whitten DC
Dr. Andrea Wick DC
Daniel Widenbaum DC
Debra Wiertel DC
Dr. Stephen Wiklinski DC
Dr. Charles Wilcher DC,NMD,CAC
Dr. Terry Wiley DC
Dr. Sarah Williams DC
Dr. Thomas Williamson DC
Dr. Tracey Williamson DC
Dale Wilson DC
Dr. John Wilson DC
Dr. Darris Wine DC
Dr. Heather Wisniewski DC
Dr. John Wittle DC, DACBN
Dr. Michael Wohlschlaeger DC
Dr. Gregory Wollen DC
Dr. Cathy Wong DC
Dr. Gregory Wood DC/QME
Dr. Lisa Wood D,C,
Dr. Justin Woodrow DC
Joseph Worden III DC
Dr. Julia Wray DC
Lance Wright DC
Dr. David Wu DC
Dr. Jamie Yaich DC
Yoshiro Yajima DC
Dr. Sung Yang DC
Dr. David Yoder DC
Kim Yoo DC
Dr. Walker Yost DC
Stephanie Young DC
Dr. Louie Yu DC
Dr. Chong Yun DC
Dr. George Zabrecky DC
Dr. Mark Zannetti DC
Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen DC
Mr. Robert Ziegler DC
Dr. Edward Zimmer MS, DC
Dr. Steven Zodkoy DC
Dr. Ronni Zorn DC
John Zugzda DC
Dr. Ann Zukauskas DC
Rebecca Zurbuchen
Dr. Carrolle Zvonar DC
Dr. Lida Zwi DC
Dr. Colette Zygmont DC