A provider qualified by a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), licensed by the State and who practices chiropractic medicine -that discipline within the healing arts which deals with the nervous system and its relationship to the spinal column and its interrelationship with other body systems. *

Specialization: Radiology

Chiropractic radiology is a referral specialty that provides consultation services at the request of other qualified doctors. Chiropractic radiologists provide consultation in health care facilities (private offices, hospitals and teaching institutions) to meet the needs of referring doctors and their patients. The quality of the consultative services by the chiropractic radiologist in independent practice is reflected by the quality of their professional credentials. Chiropractic radiologists recommend, supervise, and interpret radiologic studies as well as advanced imaging procedures. They advise referring physicians on the necessity and appropriateness of radiologic services and whether to select or to avoid certain diagnostic or clinical procedures. In some instances the radiologist may act as a private practitioner. They may conduct research and apply diagnostic radiologic procedures and may be called upon to act as expert witnesses in matters of litigation. Chiropractic radiologists are also concerned with imaging technology including image production, demonstration of normal and abnormal anatomy, and the interaction of energy and matter. The advances in the technological facets of radiology are so rapid that only qualified radiologists can reasonably be expected to maintain the high level of proficiency required to supervise and interpret these procedures. The practice of radiology continuously involves the application of this technology to patient imaging and treatment. It is now well recognized that chiropractic radiology includes, but is not limited to, plain film radiography, fluoroscopy, tomography, ultrasonography, radioisotope imaging, computed tomography, digital radiography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Individual practices may vary by intent, licensure, and scope of practice laws. **

Sheffield Abood DC
Dr. Robert Abrahams DC
Dr. Bill Adams DC, DACBR
Dr. Tawnia Adams D,C, DACBR
Dr. Vinton Albers DC
Dr. Daniel Albracht DC
Dr. William Anderson DC
Dr. William Atherton DC
Dr. Randolph Baca DC
Dr. George Batenchuk DC
Barry Bender DC
Eric Berseth DC
Dr. William Bogar DC DACBR
Dr. Eve Bonic DC
Dr. Dane Borman DC, DACBR
Deborah Brahee MD, DC, DACBR
Dr. Alex Brown DC
Dr. Ronald Brown DC
Brian Brownley DC
Dr. Gary Bustin DC
Dennis Campbell DC
Dr. Robin Canterbury DC
Dr. Joe Cantu DC
Dr. Francis Caparelli DC
Dr. Charles Carabasi DC
James Carter DC
Dr. Monisha Chanan DC
Dr. David Chen DC
Perry Chinn DC
Chin-Suk Cho DC, DACBR, RMSK
Mr. Craig Church DC
Curtis Collins DC
Dr. Raymond Conley DC
Dr. Susan Corbin DC
Dr. James Cox DC, DACBR
Dr. Edward Dailey DC
Dr. Edith Dal Mas DC, DACBR
Dr. Frank Dejianne DC
Dr. Brendan Delpino DC
Dr. James Deluca MD
Paul Denis DC
Dr. Ralph Dimaio DC
Dr. Norbert Dombrowsky DC
Dr. Raymond Durham DC
Courtney Durrum DC
Ms. Susan Edwards CA
Dr. Matthew Eurich DC, DACBR
Dr. Tzuchiang Fan DC
Mrs. Amy Fansler DC
Dr. Patrick Farrell DC
Dr. Michael Fergus DC, DACBR
Dr. Michael Ferrance CHIROPRACTOR
Dr. Ronnie Firth DC
Dr. Manuel Fonseca DC
Dr. Tom Fontenot DC
Dr. Troy Fortin DC
Trevor Foshang DC
Carlos Foster DC7285
Dr. David Fowler DC
Dr. Robert Fox DC
Dr. Tim Franks DC
Stephen Fridinger MD
Dr. Edward Fritsch JR. DC
Dr. Brooke Gajeski DACBR
James Galeas DC
Dr. Gene Gamet DC
Kenneth Garrett DC
Dr. Bryan Gatterman DC, DACBR
Dr. David Gendreau DC
Dr. Brandon German DC
Arash Ghaemmaghami DC
Micheal Gilbert DC
Dr. Richard Giza BS, DC
Dr. Benjamin Glass DC, DACBR
Dr. Steven Gould DC
Mark Gour DC
Cameron Grade DC
Dr. Nicholas Griffiths DC
Jouleta Grigorian DC
Dr. Gary Guebert DC
Kurt Gutknecht
Matthew Haglund DC
Dr. Kenneth Hansen DC
Beverly Harger DC
Dr. Wallace Harrison Jr DC
Dr. Mark Heffron DC
Dr. Rudy Heiser DC, DACBR
John Henry DC DACBR
Dr. Marla Hinckely DC
Dr. Darrell Hobson DC
Dr. William Hoff DC
Lisa Hoffman DC
Orvil Holz DC
Dr. Bryan Hosler DC, DACBR
Mr. Tracy Hoyt DC
Fredrick Huskey DC
Dr. Sharon Jaeger DC, DACBR
Mr. Alan Jolin DC
Dr. David Jones DC
Dr. Diann Kale DC, FICCI
Dr. Ravi Karan DC
Dr. Peter Kelzenberg DC
Dr. John Kern DC
Norman Kettner DC,DACBR
Dr. Andre Khoury DC
Dr. Seog Woo Kim DC
Monica Knowles DC
Jenny Komac DC
Dr. Jamie Kowal Baietto DC
John Krawchison DC
Dr. Donald Kuhn DC,DACBR
Dr. Gregory Lagana DC
Dr. Russell Lamboy DC
Dr. Evelyn Laptook DC
Dr. Andrew Latanishen DC
Siri Leech DC, DACBR
Stephen Levine DC
Dr. Howard Lewis DC
Ronald Liedel JR. DC
Dr. Leonard Linardos DC, PA
Dr. Gary Lindquist
Dr. Tracey Littrell DC
Robert Longenecker DC
Dr. Gary Longmuir DC, DACBR
Melissa Loschiavo DC
Dr. Kenneth Lustik DC
Dr. Glenn Macwhorter DC
Ms. Margaret Malave II
Dr. Dennis Marchiori DC DACBR PHD
Dr. Brian Marquez DC
Dr. Jan Martensen DC, PHD
Dr. Sara Mathov DC
Dr. R. Martin Matiscik DC
Dr. Lauren Maynard
Tiffany Mccoy Moore DC
Richard Mckay DC
Dr. Heidi Mendenhall DC
Dr. Michael Mestan DC
Joanne Miceli DC
Dr. Timothy Mick DC
Heather Miley DC
John Miller DC
Theresa Mills ARDMS
Dr. Robyn Mitchell DC
Dr. Thor Mongie DC
Mr. Humberto Montero SR. DC
Dr. Roy Moore DC
Dr. Jamie Motley DC
Frank Navratil JR. DC
Phong Ngo DC
Doran Nicholson DC,DACBR
Gerald Nissen DC
Sandra Norton DC
Dr. Richard Olson DC
John Pammer JR. DC
Richard Pasko DC, DACBR
Dr. Jennifer Pedley DC
Allison Peel DC, DACBR
Dr. Osiel Pena JR. DC
Dr. Max Pfrimmer DC
Dr. Janet Pitts D C
Jean-Nicolas Poirier DC
Dr. Lawrence Pyzik DC
Dr. Erin Quinlan DC
Glynna Rangel DC DACBR
Dr. David Reuben DC
Dr. Darren Rief DC
Dr. Kathleen Rohlig DC
Dr. Larry Sabel DC
Rashad Saleh DC
Dr. Terry Sandman DC
Dr. Philip Schmidt DC
Adrienne Sciberras DC
Chirstopher Seeley DC
Dr. Lawrence Sellers DC DACBR
Dr. Andrew Seppala DC
Dr. Margaret Seron DC
Dr. Jose Serrano DC, DACBR
Dr. Craig Silberstein DC
Tanya Simard DC
Dr. Benjamin Simonson DC
Dr. Michael Sladich DC, DACBR
Dr. Chester Smith DC
Dr. Scott Sobel DC
Dr. Delos Soehren JR. DC
Dr. Nathaniel Spreare DC
Dr. Alana Starr DC
Suzan Sterner DC
Dr. Benjamin Stiles DC
Dr. Thomas Taliaferro DC
Dr. Robert Tatum DC, DACBR
Dr. John Taylor DC
Dr. Setrak Terzian DC
Stephen Thaxton DC
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson DC
Dr. Kathy Thorn DC, DACBR
Dr. Anthony Thorpe DC, DACBR
Dr. Victor Tong DC
Dr. Todd Trinkley DC
Richard Turner DC
Dr. Gary Van Skyhock DC
Jason Vanderford DC
Dr. Edward Vickers SR. DC
Dr. Susan Vlasuk DC
Jerry Walker DC
Alexandra Weibel DC
Dr. Warren Weisbrod DC
Dr. Matthew Wells DC
Dr. James White DC
Dr. Gary Whitehead DC
William Williams DC
Donald Wilson DC
Dr. Lawrence Wyatt JR. DC
Dr. Susan Yazvac DC, DACBR
Dr. Terry Yochum DC, DACBR
Dr. Curtis Yomtob DC, DACBR
Melissa Yoon DC, DACBR
Dr. Pete Zavacki DC

* Source: American Chiropractic Board of Radiology, 2009 [7/1/2009: definition added]

** Source: American Chiropractic Board of Radiology, 2009 [7/1/2009: definition added]