A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.), licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. *

Specialization: Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

The specialty of dentistry and discipline of pathology that deals with the nature, identification, and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions. It is a science that investigates the causes, processes, and effects of these diseases. The practice of oral and maxillofacial pathology includes research and diagnosis of diseases using clinical, radiographic, microscopic, biochemical, or other examinations. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Dr. Louis Abbey DMD
Dr. Rafik Abdelsayed DDS
Dr. Ali Aboalela
Dr. Hillel Abramov DDS
Dr. Robert Achterberg DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Adams DDS
Joel Adler DDS
Dr. Alfredo Aguirre DDS
Dr. Richard Akin DDS
Luis Alicea DMD
Dr. Carl Allen DDS
Dr. Robert Allen DDS
Dr. Louis Allora DMD
Asma Almazyad BDS
Maher Alnammary
Dr. Carlos Alvarez DMD
Maria Leticia Alves Ferreira DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Amaro DDS
Dina Amin
Dr. Bob Anderson DDS
Dr. Kenneth Anderson DDS,MS
Dr. Joseph Andreas DMD
Dr. Karl Andreasen DDS
Dr. James Andrews DDS
Dr. David Angell DDS
Dr. Robert Arm DMD
Dr. Joseph Arnone DMD
Dr. Warren Arrasmith DMD
Lynn Ascher DMD
Marie Eve Asselin DMD MSC FRCDC
Dr. Ira Atcheson DMD
Paul Auclair MD
Dr. William Aughton
Dr. William Bagley DDS
Dr. Krystin Bandola DMD, MD
Dr. Mohammad Banki DMD, MD
Dr. Bruce Barker DDS
Dr. Steven Barney DDS
James Barthel DDS,MS
Dr. John Basile DDS, DMSC
John Bassett DMD
Dr. Carol Bates DDS
Dr. William Baxter JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Neil Bayley DDS
Dr. Anthony Beech DDS
Dr. Mark Bennett DDS
Dr. Steven Berke DMD
Dr. Barry Bernell DMD
Dr. Mark Bernstein DDS
Dr. Rick Berrios DDS
Dr. Sasha Betz DDS
Dr. Erhard Beuttenmuller DDS
Dr. Indraneel Bhattacharyya DDS
Dr. Carl Bifano DMD
Elizabeth Bilodeau DMD, MD
Dr. Stephen Bissell DDS
Scott Blake DDS
Dr. Giancarlo Bland DMD
David Blank DDS
Dr. Brian Blatter DDS
Dr. Bryan Blevins DDS
Dr. Paul Bocciarelli DMD
Dr. Beth Boguslaw DMD
Dr. Paul Bohman DDS
Dr. Christian Bohmfalk DDS
Dr. Fredric Bonine DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Stephen Bookmyer DDS, MD
Dr. Edward Boos DDS
Dr. Audrey Boros DDS
Dr. Robert Bowe DDS
John Bowman DMD,MD
Dr. Edward Boyczuk DMD
Dr. Michael Boyczuk DDS
Dr. William Boyczuk MD, DDS
Dr. Neal Bozentka DMD
Dr. Richard Branca DDS
Dr. John Britton DDS
Dr. David Broude DDS, MD
Dr. Gwen Brown DDS
Dr. Ronald Brown
Dr. Amy Bryan DDS
Dr. Larry Bryant DDS
Dr. William Buche DDS
Dr. Robert Bucy
Steven Budnick DDS
Dr. James Burns DDS, MSED, PHD
Kenneth Burtner DMD
Dr. Jere Butterworth DDS
Dr. William Cain DDS
Dr. Aaron Campbell DMD
Dr. William Campbell DMD
Dr. Thomas Canaan DDS
Dr. Anthony Captline DMD,JD
Lewis Caputa, Jr. DMD
Mr. Joseph Carlisle DMD
William Carpenter DDS
Dr. Ronald Carr DDS
Dr. Vincent Carrao DDS, MD
Mr. Timothy Carrion DDS
Dr. Kay Cashman DDS
Dr. Anthony Casino DDS
Dr. James Castle DDS
Dr. John Cataudella DMD
Dr. J. Chairsell DDS
Dr. King Chong Chan DMD, MS, FRCD(C)
Dr. Patrick Chaney DDS, MS
Dr. Julia Chang DDS, PHD, MSC
Dr. Hardeep Chehal DDS
Dr. Yi-Shing Cheng DDS, PHD
Dr. Angela Chi DMD
Dr. Ruwadzano Chikosi DDS
Dr. Esther Childers DDS
Dr. Jae Chong DDS
Dr. Kyle Christensen DDS
Russell Christensen DDS
Dr. Alan Chun DDS, MD
Dr. Steven Cipris DDS
Dr. Glen Clark DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Clark DDS
Dr. Paul Clark JR. DDS
Dr. Scott Clayhold DMD, MDS
Dr. Deborah Cleveland DDS
Dr. Larry Cobb DMD
Dr. Donald Cohen DMD, MS, MBA
Dr. Jerry Cohron PLLC
Dr. Michael Cole DDS
Dr. Neal Cole DDS
Dr. Bobby Collins II DDS, MS
Dr. Scot Collins DDS
Dr. Jose Colon DMD, DMSC
Dr. Timothy Colton DDS
Dr. Trent Conelias DDS
Ana Cotrim DDS
William Couvillion DDS
Dr. Ross Couwenhoven DDS, PHD
Darren Cox DDS
Dr. Vance Cox DDS
Dr. Robert Craig JR. DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Crandall DDS
Dan Crocker DDS
Dr. Steven Cross DDS
Sharon Crowder DDS
Dr. Alice Curran DMD
Mr. James Curry DDS
Dr. Don Curtis DDS
Dr. Steven D'abundo DDS
Nisha D'silva DDS
Dr. Douglas Damm DDS
Theodora Danciu DMD, DMSC
Dr. John Dann DMD, MD
Dr. Hussain Dashti DDS
Dr. Daniel De Tolla DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Defalco DDS
Dr. William Deighan DMD
Dr. Jose Delgado DDS
Thomas Dietrich DDS, MD
Dr. Nebridio Dinardo DMD
Dr. Alfred Ding DDS, MS
Gerald Dolgash DDS
Dr. Robert Dolman DDSMSC
Erwin Domingo DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Dongieux DDS
Dr. Allan Dovigi DDS
Michael Downie DDS, MD
Dr. Stephanie Drew DMD
Dr. James Driscoll DDS
Dr. Charles Dunlap DDS
Dr. Derek Dunlap DMD
Martin Dunn DMD OMS
Dr. Gary Dwight DDS, MS
Dr. Harry Dym DDS
Dr. Derek Eaton DDS
Dr. Michael Eckhart DDS
Dr. Darrell Edwards DDS
Dr. Paul Edwards DMD
Dr. Paul Edwards DDS
Liviu Eftimie DDS, MS, DMD
Dr. Matthew Eichen DMD
Dr. Samir El Mofty DMD
Dr. Colin Eliot DMD
Siema Eljack DMD
Dr. Gary Ellis DDS
Dr. Eric Engel DDS, MD
Dr. Stephen Engroff MD DDS
Dr. Kim Erickson DDS
Dr. Behnam Eslami DDS
Dr. Mitchell Esquibel DDS
Dr. Larry Evans DDS
Lewis Eversole DDS
Dr. Thomas Fallon DDSPC
Dr. John Fantasia DDS
Dr. Scott Farber DDS
Dr. Dalbert Fear, Jr. DDS, MS
Dr. Emilio Ferrara DDS
Dr. Adam Fettig DMD
Dr. Michael Fidler DDS
Dr. Christopher Fielding DDS
Dr. R. Fields JR. DDS, PHD
Dr. Benjamin First DMD
Dr. Stuart Fischman DMD
Dr. Christopher Fisher DDS
Dr. Paul Fitzgerald DMD
Dr. Catherine Flaitz DDS, MS
Andres Flores DDS
Gretchen Folk
Dr. Maria Fornatora DMD
Dr. Jennifer Forshey DMD, MD
Dr. Kenyon Fort DDS
Dr. Robert Foss DDS
Dr. Leon Fournet DDS
Dr. Craig Fowler DDS
Dr. Lisa Franklin DDS
Bruce Fraser DDS, MS
John Frazier DMD
Dr. Paul Freedman DDS
Dr. Michael Freedus DDS
Manuel Freeman DMD
Dr. David Friedman DDS
Dr. Jerome Friedman MD
Dr. Robert Fryer DDS
Dr. Allan Fuhr DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Fujimoto DDS
Stephen Gadient DDS
Dr. Eleni Gagari DMD, DMSC
Dr. Ronald Gaitros DDS, MS
Dr. George Gallagher DMD DMSC
Dr. Karen Garber DMD
Michael Gardner DMD
Dr. Robert Garey DMD
Dr. Martin Garfield DDS
Dr. Daniel Gatto DDS
Dr. Carl Gerard DDS, MS
Dr. Albert Giallorenzi DMD
Dr. Mark Giallorenzi DMD
Dr. Peter Giannini DDS, MS
Dr. James Gilbert DDS
Dr. John Gilbert DDS
Dr. Mark Gleisner DDS
Evan Gold DMD, MD
Dr. Lawrence Goldblatt DDS MSD
Dr. Scott Goldstein
Dr. Theresa Gonzales DMD, MS
Rajaram Gopalakrishnan DDS
Dr. Sara Gordon DDS
Dr. Joseph Goth III DMD, MD
Alan Gould DDS, MS
Dr. Anupama Grandhi DDS
R. Gray DMD
Dr. Steven Green DDS
Dr. T Green DMD
Dr. Stanley Greenberg
John Greenspan DDS
Robert Greer DDS
Dr. David Griffith DMD
Dr. Meredith Griffith DMD
Mark Grubb DDS
Gordon Gruen DDS
Dr. Arvind Gulati DDS
Michael Guthrie DDS
Christel Haberland DDS
James Hall DDS
Dr. Keith Hallaian DMD, MD
Janice Handlers DDS
Nidhi Handoo DDS
Dr. James Hanna DDS
Dr. Fenton Hardison DDS
Dr. Mark Hardison DDS
Dr. Bryan Harvey DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Hashim Hassan BDS,DMD,MSD
Robert Hawkins DMD
Dr. John Heffron DDS
Dr. John Hellstein DDS
Dr. Charles Henry DDS
Mr. Andres Herrera DDS
Dr. Ronald Herriott DMD
Dr. Dwight Hershman DDS
Dr. Stephen Hess DDS
John Hicks DDS
Dr. Philip High
William Hines DMD
Dr. Steven Hinze DDS OMS
Dr. Kenneth Hirsch DDS
Dr. Stanley Hirsch DDS
Dr. Donald Hoaglin DDS
Dr. James Holton DDS, MSD
Ronald Horne DDS
Dr. Gerald Horner DDS
Dr. Roman Hought DMD
Glen Houston DDS
Gregory Hueler DDS
Dr. James Hughes DDS, MS
Cathy Hung-Orlando DDS
Stephen Irwin DMD
Dr. Mohammed Islam DDS, BDS
Brian Jackson DDS
Dr. William Jarmolych DDS
Jason Jenny DDS
Dr. Guy Jensen DDS, MS
Dr. Jerald Jensen DDS
Dr. Ole Jensen DDS,MS
Dr. G. Jessen DDS
Dr. Wendi Jewers DDS
Dr. Carl Johnson DDS
Anne Jones DDS
Dr. Bradley Jones DDS
Dr. Gary Jones DMD
Dr. Craig Jonov DMD, MD
Richard Jordan DDS PHD
Dr. Robert Jordan DDS
Dr. Robert Julian III DDS, MD
Dr. Sadru Kabani DMD MS
Dr. Raymond Kaercher DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Kahn DDS
Dr. John Kallis DMD
Dr. John Kalmar
Dr. Hiba Kamel DMD
Dr. William Kapgan DDS
Dr. Brad Kaplan DMD
Dr. Mary Karkow DDS
Dr. Richard Kasper
Dr. Thomas Keane JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Kelsch DMD
Dr. Mikelle Kernig DDS, MS
Dr. George Kevorkian JR. DDS
Dr. Joseph Kim DMD
Dr. Michael Kinnebrew MD, DDS
Dr. Amber Kiyani DDS
Dr. Howard Klein DMD
Dr. David Klingman DMD
Dr. Lane Knight DDS
Dr. Stephen Knoff DDS
Dr. Donald Knowles DDS
Dr. Eugene Ko DDS
Dr. Timothy Koll DDS
Ioannis Koutlas DDS
Dr. Peter Krakowiak DMD
Andrew Kramer DDS
Dr. Jill Kramer DDS
Dr. Keith Krueger DMD
David Kuhn DMD
David Kuhn JR. DMD
Dr. Riya Kuklani BDS
Dr. Robert Kull DDS, MS
Zoya Kurago DDS
Dr. Mohamad Kweider
Jonathan Lafond DMD
Dr. Nicholas Lamura DDS
Dr. Emily Lanzel DDS
Mr. James Latta DDS
Dr. Robert Lazerson DDS
David Lederman DMD
Dr. Calvin Lee DDS
Dr. Ronald Lehnowsky DDS
Yu Lei DDS
Dr. Leonard Lem MD, DDS
Dr. Richard Lemieux DMD
Dr. Robert Lemke DDS, MD
Dr. Bernard Levy DDS
Dr. Paul Levy DMD
David Lewis DDS
Dr. Chia-Cheng Li DDS, DMSC
Dr. Robert Licul DDS
Dr. Susie Lin DDS, MD
Dr. Yi-Ling Lin DDS, DMSC
Christopher Lines DDS, MS
Michael Loftus D>D>S>
Dr. John Longmire III DDS
Dr. Richard Look DDS
Lane Lopez DDS
Lawrence Lorenzi DDS
John Lowe DDS
Dr. Denis Lynch DDS, PHD
Dr. Jay Mackman DDS
Dr. Robert Maimone
Dr. Gisele Mainville DMD
Dr. Didier-David Malis DMD, MD
Dr. Susan Mallery DDS
Dr. Pasquale Malpeso DMD
Dr. Albert Manganaro DDS, MS
Victor Manon DDS
Dr. Alvaro Marin DDS
Dr. Andrei Mark DDS
John Marshall DMD
Dr. Troy Martin DMD
Shahram Mashadian DDS, MD
Dr. Edward Massett JR. DDS
Nicholas Massoth DMD
Dr. Joseph Mauro DDS
Dr. Paul Mccord DDS
Dr. Bruce Mccullar DDS
Dr. Randall Mcdaniel DMD
Dr. John Mcdowell DDS
Dr. Glen Mcintosh DDS
Dr. Kevin Mclaughlin DMD
Richard Mcnerny DMD
Dr. John Meadows DDS
Dr. Lina Mejia DDS
Robert Mermer DDS
Phillip Merrell DDS
Dr. Stuart Meyer DDS
Dr. Gregory Michaels DDS, MS
Dr. James Midtling DDS
Dr. Matthew Midtling DDS
Robert Mier DDS
Mark Milano DDS
Dr. Edwynna Miller DMD, MS
Dr. Jack Mills DDS
Dr. Harry Mincer DDS, PHD
Dr. Sheldon Mintz DDS
Stephen Modelevsky DDS
Behjat Moghadam
Alex Montazem DMD
Dr. Robert Moore DDS, MD
David Moose DDS, MD
Dr. Stewart Moreland DMD
Dr. Sujey Morgan DDS, MS
Dr. Dwight Morris DDS
Dr. Peter Morris DMD
Dr. Stephen Morris DDS
Dr. Sanford Morrison DDS
Dr. Michael Morrissette ORAL SURGEON
Thomas Morton JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Reza Mostofi DENTIST
Dr. George Muller DDS, MS
Dr. James Muller DDS
Susan Muller DMD
Dr. Michael Mundenar DMD
Dr. Oscar Muniz SR. DMD
Dr. Valerie Murrah DMD
Dr. Keith Murtagh DDS
Dr. Lawrence Musser DDS
Vimi Mutalik
Aparna Naidu
Dr. Nagamani Narayana DMD, MS
Dr. Mahvash Navazesh DMD
Donald Neal JR. DMD
Dr. John Neely DMD
Dr. Mirdza Neiders DDS
Dr. Brenda Nelson DDS
Dr. Eric Nelson MD, DDS
Dr. Brad Neville DDS
Dr. James Newland DDS MS
Alfred Nickel JR. DDS
Dr. Joseph Nicols JR. DDS
Dr. Todd Nielsen DDS
Vikki Noonan DMD, DMSC
Dr. David Nunez DDS, MS
Dr. Ngozi Nwizu BDS, MMSC, PHD
Francis O'day DDS
Dr. Robert O'leary DDS
Mr. Howard Ochs DMD
Dr. Dolphine Oda BDS, MSC
Dr. Nora Odingo DMD
Dr. Billy Ogborn DDS
Kalu Ogbureke BDS
Dr. Junu Ojha BDS
Dr. Blair Ota DDS, MD
John Ouano DMD
Zach Owen DDS
James Padgett DDS
Dr. Ricardo Padilla DDS
Dr. Mitzi Palazzolo DDS, MS
Dr. Pat Palumbo DDS
Dr. George Panos DDS
Michael Parsons DDS
Dr. Harry Pasqual DMD
Dr. Tony Pasquale DDS
Miguel Pastrana Laborde DMD
Dr. Paul Patella DDS
Dr. Louis Payor DDS
Dr. George Peeples DDS
Mr. Harold Peeples DDS
Dr. Laura Perell DDS
Dr. Steven Perkins DDS
Lorin Peterson DMD
Dr. Raymond Petrunich DDS
Dr. Joan Phelan DDS
Dr. Vincent Phillipino DDS
Dr. Brian Pickle DDS
Steven Pittman DMD
Dr. Mark Pledger DDS
Dr. Kelly Podlosky DDS
Peter Polverini DDS, DMSC
Dr. Emil Poporad DDS,MS
Ali Pourian DDS
Dr. Michael Powers DDS
Joanne Prasad DDS
Dr. Kenneth Pratt DDS
Dr. Paul Prillaman DDS
Dr. Pavithra Pugalagiri BDS, MS
Robert Queale DMD
Dr. Jaime Quejada DMD,MS
Dr. Faisal Quereshy MD, DDS, FACS
Dr. Abdollah Rahimi
Dr. Jeffrey Rajchel DDS
Dr. Brent Ramsey DDS
Richard Rasmussen DDS
Dr. Yeshwant Rawal BDS, MDS, MS
Edmond Reed JR. DDS
Dr. Renee Reich DDS
Dr. Seymour Reifman DDS
Dr. Edwin Rennell DDS
Dr. Harley Richards DDS
Hal Richman DDS
Paul Richman DDS
Dr. Gordon Rick DDS, MS
Angela Ritchie DDS
Dr. Randolph Robinson MD, DDS
Ms. Juliana Robledo DDS
Dr. Susan Roche DDS
Dr. Edward Rod JR. DDS
Bradley Rodu
Michael Rohrer DDS
Dr. Curtis Rollins MD, DMD
Dr. Rebecca Romoshan DDS
Dr. Migdalia Rosario DMD
Dr. Molly Rosebush DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Rowe DDS
Dr. Salvatore Ruggiero DMD, MD
Roger Sachs DDS
Dr. Ezedin Sadeghi DDS
Dr. Ronald Saglimbene DMD
Dr. Rolando Salazar DDS, MSD
Dr. Giordano San Antonio DMD
Dr. Ross Sanfilippo DMD
Dr. Neetha Santosh BDS
Philip Sapp DDS
Dr. John Sauk DDS
Dr. Todd Sawisch DDS
Dr. Duane Schafer DDS
Dr. Lee Schaller DMD
Dr. James Schemke DDS
Dr. Stephen Schendel MD, DDS
Dr. Timothy Schiller DDS
Craig Schmidtke DDS
Dr. John Schmitz DDS, PH D
Dr. Lawrence Schneider BDS PHD
Dr. Gilbert Schulenberg DDS
Dr. Michael Schwartz DDS
Dr. Paul Schwartz DMD
Dr. Alan Schwimmer DDS
Dr. James Sciubba DMD, PHD
Dr. Patricia Scott DDS
Dr. Parish Sedghizadeh DDS, MS
Joseph Seipp JR. DDS
John Seul DMD,MD
Dr. Bradley Seyer DDS
Dr. Sonal Shah DDS
Dr. Shokoufeh Shahrabi Farahani DDS, MS, DMSC
Dr. Rishad Shaikh DMD
Dr. Michael Shaw DDS
Dr. Thomas Sheeran DMD
Dr. Paul Shick DDS
Dr. Brian Shumway DDS
Dr. Michael Siegel DDS, MS
Dr. William Simmonds JR. DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Simmons DMD MD
Mr. Thomas Simpson JR. DMD MD
Dr. Lee Slater DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Slavin
Dr. Brion Smith DDS
Dr. Damone Smith DDS
Dr. Leonard Smith DDS
Marc Smith DDS
Dr. John Soh DMD
Dr. Marshall Solomon DDS
Dr. Albern Spoolstra DDS
Dr. Christine Stanely DMD
Robert Stanton DMD
Dr. Donald Steere DDS
Dr. Jon Steffensen
Dr. Barry Stein DMD
Dr. Diane Stern DDS
Dr. Scott Steward-Tharp DDS, DPHIL
Dr. Daniel Stoeckel DDS
Ivan Stojanov DMD
Dr. Steven Stokes DDS, MS
Dr. Ira Stone DMD
Dr. Kenneth Storum DDS
Dr. Charles Stuller DDS
John Sullivan DMD
Dr. Ahmed Sultan BDS
Dr. Don-John Summerlin DMD
Dr. Kurt Summersgill DDS
Dr. Devaki Sundararajan DMD
Stuart Super DMD
Dr. Craig Sutton DDS
Mr. John Svirsky DDS
Dr. Kimberly Tambini DMD
Jose Luis Tapia DDS, MS
Asif Taufiq DDS, MBA
Dr. Gregory Taylor DDS
Dr. Peter Theoharidis DMD
Dr. Thomas Thompson DMD
Dr. Travis Thompson
Wayne Thorpe DDS
Dr. Sherry Timmons DDS
Dr. Richard Tiner DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Tinkler DDS
Dr. John Tolin DDS
Len Tolstunov DDS
Dr. Charles Tomich DDS, MSD
Dr. Kevin Torske DDS
Bela Toth DDS
Dr. Nathaniel Treister DMD, DMSC
Dr. Cesar Trevino DDS
Dr. Denise Trochesset DDS
Bryan Trump DDS, MS
Dr. Mario Tuchman DMD,MD
Patrick Turley DDS MSD
Dr. Donald Tyler JR.
Jasbir Upadhyaya BDS, MSC, PHD
Dr. Peter Vanderven PLLC
Dr. Ines Velez DDS,MS
Steven Vennard DD,S
Anthony Vernillo DDS, PHD, MBE
Dr. Nadarajah Vigneswaran DMD
Steven Vincent DDS
Ms. Savannah Waddy DDS
Crayton Walker DDS, MD
Dr. Walter Walker DDS
Dr. William Wall DDS
Dr. Harold Wallin JR. DDS
James Walter JR. DDS MS
Dr. Dale Watkins JR. DDS
Mr. Ralph Waugh DDS MD
Dwight Weathers DDS, MSD
Dr. Paul Weinstein
Dr. Jim Weir JR. DDS
Dr. Preston Welch DMD, MS
Dr. David Wells DDS
Gregg Welsh DDS
Dr. Stephanie Wetzel DDS
Dr. Stephen Wheeler DDS
Dr. Dean White DDS, MSD
Jeffery White DDS
Dr. Jill White DDS
Dr. Joseph Whitt DDS
Kenneth Whitworth DDS, MD
Dr. Craig Willard DDS
Dr. Stephen Williams DDS
Dr. Roger Wilson DDS, MS
Dr. Henry Windell DMD
Dr. Jose Wiscovitch DMD, MS
Dr. Seth Witcher DDS
Donald Woehling DDS
Jessica Wollenberg DMD
Dr. David Wong DMD, DMSC
Dr. Victoria Woo DDS
Dr. Tina Woods DMD
Tanya Wright DDS
Dr. Josephine Wu DDS
Dr. Lyle Yanagihara DDS MS
Dr. Aaron Yancoskie DDS
Jeevaka Yapa DDS
Wei-Yuhg Yih DDS
Dr. Angela Yoon DDS
Stephen Young DDS
Dr. Rania Younis BDS,MDS,PHD
Keith Yount DDS, MAGD
Dr. Robert Zalme DDS, MS
Dr. Ralph Zampetti DDS
Dr. Ralph Zech II DDS
Stephen Zeller DDS
Dr. Martin Zidron DDS
Roger Zimmerman DDS
Dr. Ximena Zornosa DMD
Dr. Susan Zunt DDS MS

* Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association

** Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association