A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.), licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. *

Specialization: Periodontics

That specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes and the maintenance of the health, function and esthetics of these structures and tissues. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Alexandre Aalam DDS
Dr. Gavin Aaron DDS, MS
Dr. Vincent Abbatiello DMD
James Abblitt DMD MS PC
Dr. Bruce Abbott DDS
Dr. David Abbott DDS
Kathy Abbott DDS
Dr. Sharam Abbott DMD
Carlos Abboud
Rima Abdallah BDS
Bader Abdeen DDS, MSD
Dr. Shahir Abdel-Malek
Dr. Firas Abdel-Rahman DDS,MS
Dr. Mark Abdoney II DMD
Bruce Abe DDS
Kenneth Abe DDS
Andrea Abelman DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Abelson DDS,MS
Dr. Vrushali Abhyankar MDS
Genevieve Abi-Nahed DMD
Dr. Thierry Abitbol DMD
Dr. Stephen Able DDS
Ramzi Abou Arraj DDS, MS
Dr. Adrian Abrahams DMD
Dr. Keith Abrams DMD
Dr. Michael Abrams DDS
Mr. Matthew Abramson DDS, MS
Dr. Edison Abril DDS, MS
Dr. Armin Abron DDS, MS
Michael Abufaris DDS
Heba Abuhussein BDS
Dr. Marwa Abulhasan DMD, MS
Dr. Kara Achille DMD
Dr. Robert Ackerman DMD
Christopher Acone DDS
Dr. Amman Adam DMD
Dr. Marjan Adami DDS
Thomas Adamich DDS
Dr. Arthur Adams DDS
Dr. David Adams DMD, MS
Gregory Adams DMD, MS
Dr. Jessica Adams DDS MSD
Dr. Melba Adams DDS
Dr. Milton Adams DDS
Dr. Roland Adams BDS
Dr. Samuel Adams DDS
Dr. Scott Adashek DDS, MS
Dr. Pradeep Adatrow DDS
James Aday DDS
Dr. John Adcock DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Adelson DMD
Dr. Lance Adelson DMD
Dr. Danny Adkins DDS
Dr. Elise Adrian DMD
Dr. Steven Aeschliman DDS
Bijan Afar DDS
Dr. Roya Afshar-Mohajer DDS
Dr. Arash Aftabi DMD
Dr. Peter Agnos DDS
Alfred Aguero DMD
Dr. Richard Aguila DDS
Dr. Michele Ah DDS
Dr. Earl Ah Moo DDS, MS
Dr. Saied Ahdout DMD
Dr. Efegania Ahladiotis DMD
Dr. Joseph Ahlo DMD
Dr. Dean Ahmad DDS
Dr. Amir Ahmadi DDS
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed DMD
Brand Ahn DDS
Dr. Mary Aichelmann-Reidy DDS
Dr. Patrick Ainslie DDS, MS, PC
Jay Akef DDS
Dr. Douglas Akers
Dr. Kathleen Akers DDS, MS
Elham Akhlaghi
Dr. Ken Akimoto DDS
Dr. Billy Akin DDS
Dennis Akiyama DDS
Dr. Hymie Akst DDS
Dr. Rayan Al Edreesi
Dr. Hamad Al-Fahad DMD
Dr. Shatha Al-Harthi
Majdi Aladmawy
Mrs. Basmah Alamini BDS
Dr. Salem Alaqel BDS
Dr. Mansour Alaskar BDS
Zito Alba DDS, MS
Dr. William Albair DDSMS
Dr. Jasim Albandar DMD, PHD
Dr. James Albani DMD
Dr. Huda Albather DDS,MDS,MPH
Dr. John Albert DMD
Dr. Jazia Alblowi
Dr. Gregory Albright DMD
Najla Aldabbagh
Dr. Amjad Aldallal DDS
Dr. Wayne Aldredge DMD
Dr. Brian Alent DDS, MS
Dr. David Alexander DDS, MSD
Dr. Mary Alexander DDS
Dr. Susan Alexander DMD
Dr. Marc Alfant DDS, MMSC
Leroy Alford DDS
Fred Alger DDS, MS, LLC
Dr. Houssam Alghadban DDS
Ahmed Alhassani BDS
Reiaz Ali DDS, MS
Waddah Alkhouly DDS
Dr. Hania Alkudmani BDS, MS
Dr. Vivienne Allain DDS
Mr. Nicholas Allan DMD
Dr. Andrew Allen DMD, MS
Dr. Donald Allen DDS
Dr. Edward Allen DDS, PHD
Dr. Jessica Allen DMD
Dr. Marshall Allen DDS
Dr. Michael Allen DDS,MS
Dr. William Allen DDS, MS
Michael Almaraz
Dr. Khalid Almas DDS
Dr. Amjad Almasri DDS, MSD
Dr. Deborah Almeida DMD
Sarah Almotlag
Maryam Alnajdi
Dr. James Alongi DMD
Dr. Joel Alper DMD
Dr. Andrew Alpert DMD
Dr. Fatema Alrayes
Dr. Abdel-Ghany Alsaidi DDS MS
Abdulsalam Alshammari
Majed Khalid m Alshehri BDS
Dr. Nabil Alsourani BDS
Dr. Steven Alspach DDS,MS
Dr. Eugene Altiere DDS, MS
Dr. David Altman DMD
Dr. Gary Altschuler DMD
Dr. Robert Alvarenga DMD
Marta Alvarez-Novoa DDS
Diane Alvarez-Rodriguez DMD, MS
Joseph Amalfitano DDS
Dr. Robert Amante DMD
Dr. Salomon Amar DDS, PHD
Dr. Richard Amato DDS
Dr. Ana Amaya DDS MS
Dr. John Ambrose DDS
Dr. Laurence Ambrose DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Amerman DDS MS
David Amid DDS
Mrs. Farideh Amin DDS
Peter Amin BDS
Dr. Emad Ammar DDS
Dr. Manrat Amornporncharoen DDS
Dr. Annie Amsalem DDS
Dr. Pamela Amundson DDS
Dr. Enrique Amy DMD,MDS
Dr. Ronald Amy DMD
Dr. Bana Anbari DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Anderegg JR. DDS
Dr. David Anderson DDS
Dr. Dennis Anderson DDS
Eric Anderson DDS
Dr. Gissela Anderson DDS, MS
Dr. Howard Anderson JR. DMD
Jay Anderson DDS
John Anderson
Dr. Lana Anderson DDS
Roger Anderson DDS, MS
Dr. Ryan Anderson DDS
Dr. Reem Andijani BDS
Isaac Angel DDS
Dr. Nikola Angelov DDS
Sarvenaz Angha DDS
Dr. Jan Angier DDS
Terry Annex DDS
Dr. David Anson DDS
Dr. Lisa Antonelli DMD
Dr. James Antoon DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Anzalone DDS
Craig Anzur DMD
Dr. Steven Apfelbaum DDS
Dr. Georgann Apgar DMD
Dr. Edward Appelbaum DMD
Dr. Prasit Aranyarachkul DDS
Dr. Dean Arashiro DDS, MS
Dr. Jaffer Arastu DDS,MDS
Dr. Augusto Araujo DMD
Dr. Jose Arauz-Dutari DMD
Dr. Antonio Arbona DMD
Dr. Roger Arce Munoz DDS
Dr. Nilda Arceo DDS
Dr. Joseph Areias DMD
Dr. Joseph Argento DDS
William Argo JR. DMD
Ms. Taly Argov DDS
Dr. Emilio Arguello DDS, MMSC
Glenn Arima DDS
Dr. Farshid Ariz DMD
Dr. Paul Armstrong JR. DMD
Dr. Wayne Arndt DMD
Dr. Roy Arnett JR. DDS
Dr. Frederic Arnold DDS
Dr. Jean Pierre Arnoux DDS
Dr. Joseph Aronoff DDS
Dr. Navneet Arora DDS, MPH
Dr. David Arpin BS,DDS,MS,DICOI
Dr. Harriet Arrington DDS
Dr. Harold Arthur SR. DMD
Dr. Michael Arzouman DDS
Dr. John Asaro DDS
Dr. Robert Ashmen JR. DMD
Dr. Ali Askari DDS
Sheryar Aslam DDS
Dr. Marwan Assaf DMD,MSD
Mitra Astar DDS
Dr. Ann Astolfi DMD
Dr. Rulla Aswad DDS, MS
Dr. Hamid Atabakhsh DDS, MS
Dr. Amer Atassi DMD
Dr. Robert Atebara DMD
Dr. Scott Atkinson DMD
Dr. Steven Atlas DMD
Reem Atout BDS, DDS, MS
Ghadir Atout Hajhamad
Dr. Marichia Attalla DDS
Dr. Gladys Au DDS, MS
David Au-Yeung DMD
Dr. Elliot Auerbach DDS
Dr. Ikramuddin Aukhil BDS, MS
Nanette Ault DDS
Dr. Federico Ausenda
Dr. James Austin DDS MSCD PC
Dr. Judith Austin DMD
Dr. Kim Austin DDS
Dr. Mark Austria DDS
Alex Avanessian DDS
Dr. Mersiha Avdic DMD
Dr. John Avera DDS
Dr. Sean Avera DDS, MS
Gustavo Avila Ortiz DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Alexy Aviles DMD
Lory Avsar DMD
Dr. Stephen Awe DDS
Dr. Murry Awrach DMD, DSC
Dr. Maged Ayad DDS, PHD
Oluseyi Ayangade DDS, MS
Dr. Jerry Ayers JR. DMD, MHS
Dr. Srinivas Ayilavarapu BDS
Ehab Azab BDS
Dr. Neda Azadivatan-Le DDS
Dr. Michel Azer Refaat BDS, DMD
Dr. Ramin Azghandi DDS
Mahtab Azimi DDS
Dr. David Baab DDS, MSD
Dr. Monica Babbitt-Tanquilut DDS
Fredrick Babinowich DMD
Dr. Kenneth Backman DMD
Dr. Julie Bacon DDS MS
Catherine Badell DDS
Dr. Herbert Bader DDS
Dr. Erik Badger DDS,MS
Dr. Jeanne Badillo DMD
Dr. Fayez Badlissi DMD
Dr. Orson Baek DDS MS
Jessica Baez DDS
Zahra Bagheri
Dr. Maha Bahammam
Dr. Oded Bahat BDS MSD
Dr. Lawrence Bahn DDS
Dr. George Bailey DDS
Dr. Michelle Bailey DDS
Dr. Robee Bailey JR. DMD, MS
Kyrke Baillie DDS
Pontip Baillie DDS, MS
Dr. Warren Baine DMD
Edward Baines DDS
Rena Bains DDS
Dr. Bashar Bakdash DDS
Dr. Andrew Baker DDS
David Baker DDS
Dr. Mark Baker DMD
Dr. Susan Baker DMD
Mr. Thomas Baker DDS
Dr. Neema Bakhshalian DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Harbinder Bal DMD
Dr. Pamela Baldassarre DMD
Dr. William Baldock DDS,MS
Dr. Soulafa Baloul DMD, MS, DSCD
Ayman Balshe DDS, MS
Dr. Georges Bandelac DDS
Carl Bandt DDS, MSD
Dr. Alex Bankhead DDS MS
Dr. Sharon Bannister DDS,MS
Dr. Susan Banta
Marjorie Baptiste DMD
Dr. Paul Barabas DDS
David Barack DDS
Sharyar Baradaran DDS MS
Dr. Navid Baradarian DDS
Dr. Gilbert Barajas DDS
Dr. Sandrine Barakat DMD
Dr. Jo Anne Barbaruolo DDS
Dr. Sanford Barber DMD
Dr. Joseph Barclay DDS, PC
Dr. Clark Barco DDS
Dr. Norman Bardsley DDS
Dr. Dan Barefoot DDS MS
Dr. Rahmat Barkhordar DMD
Mr. William Barnard DDS
Dr. James Barnes DDS
Dr. Jeffry Barnes DMD
Dr. Marya Barnes DMD
Joseph Barnett DDS
Dr. Nancy Barnett DDS, MS
Dr. Vermon Barney DDS
Dr. Michael Baron DDS
Rana Baroudi DMD
Dr. Bruce Barr DDS, PC
Dr. Kathleen Barrett
Silvana Barros DDS, MS, PHD
Jeanne Barss DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Bartel DDS
Dr. James Bartlett DDS
Dr. J. Brent Bartruff DMD
Mr. Michael Bartruff DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Barzyk DMD
Farrokh Bashiri DDS
Dr. Jill Bashutski DDS
Dr. Patrick Basquill DDS
Dr. Stephen Bass DDS,MS
Dr. Jill Bassett DMD
Dr. Vasiliki Batalias
Dr. Leslie Batnick DDS
Tricia Bato DDS
Dr. Ivy Batos DMD
Dr. Jack Bauguss DDS MS
Carl Bauman DMD
Dr. Geoffrey Bauman DMD MS
Dr. Stuart Bayes DMD
Dr. Monica Bazan DDS
Mayra Bazavilvazo DMD
Dr. Julie Beach DDS,MS
Dr. Matthew Beach DMD
Jay Beagle DDS, MSD
Dr. Nabil Beaini DDS
Daryl Beam DDS
Bonnie Beamer DDS
Adam Bear
Dr. Steven Bear DDS
Dr. Ashley Beards DMD
Dr. Robert Beaumont DMD MSD
Laura Becerra DMD, CAGS, MSD
Dr. Russel Bechtloff DDS
Dr. Brian Beck DDS
Dr. Tina Beck DDS, MS
Dr. William Beck DDS
Dr. Norman Becker JR.
Dr. Robert Becker DDS, MS
Dr. William Becker DDS
Joy Beckerley DDS
Christopher Beckner DDS
Dr. John Beckstead DDS
Dr. Ray Beddoe PHARMD,DMD, MS
Dr. Scott Bedichek DDS, MS
Gila Beer DDS
Dr. Barry Behrens DDS
Dr. Thomas Beikler DDS
Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada DDS
Dr. James Belcher DDS
Dr. Gregory Bell DDS
Dr. Lee Bell DMD
Dr. David Beltran DMD
Dr. Moshe Benarroch DMD
Dr. Howard Benatovich DDS
Dr. Sara Bender DDS,MS
Robert Benedon DMD
David Benesh
Benjamin Benia
Todd Benia DDS
Dr. Luis Benitez DMD
Andrew Benjamin DDS
Dr. Patrick Bennett DDS
Dr. Frank Benson DMD
Dr. John Bercier DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Berdan DMD,PC
Dr. Morris Berdichevsky DMD
Dr. Christian Berdy I DDS,MS
Gaston Berenguer DMD MS
Dr. Gail Berg DDS
Dr. Mark Berg DMD
Dr. Bryan Bergens DDS
Dr. Marc Berger DDS
Dr. Marvin Berger DDS
Dr. Paul Berger DDS
Dr. Steven Berglund DMD
Christen Bergman DDS, MS
Dr. Rainer Bergmann DMD
Dr. Anuradha Beri BDS,MS
Dr. Carrie Berkovich DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Berkowitz DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Berkson D D S
Sergio Berkstein DDS,MS
Alan Berman DDS
Dr. Charles Berman DDS
Dr. Elliott Bermudez-Colon DDS
Dr. David Bernard DMD MMSC
Dr. Gary Bernard DDS
Dr. Alan Bernbach DMD
Dr. Leonard Bernstein DDS
Dr. Simon Bernstein DDS
Dr. Eric Bernzweig DDS MS
Dr. Robin Berrin
Dr. Jeanne Bertino DMD
Dr. Patricia Berube DMD, MS
Dr. Stephen Berube DMD
Dr. Barbra Berwald DDS
Dr. Henry Best III DDS
Dr. Nicole Besu DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Betz DDS
Dr. Jim Bevans III DDS
Dr. David Beverly DMD, MSD
Dr. Fadi Beydoun DMD
Dr. Jaklin Bezik DDS, MDS,
Dr. Husam Bezreh DMD
Dr. Vinamra Bhasin BDS, DMD,MHS
Dr. Nilkanth Alias Neel Bhatavadekar BDS, MS, MPH
Dr. Monish Bhola DDS, MSD
Dr. Jean Bichara DDS, MS
Dr. Abraham Biegeleisen DDS, PC
Dr. John Bierly DMD
Dr. Aaron Biesbrock DMD
Dr. Rick Biethman DMD
Dr. Geoffrey Bild DDS
Guy Bilek DDS, MS
Dr. Bruce Billinger DDS MS
Michael Billman
Kenneth Bills DDS
Dr. Herbert Binder DDS
Arnold Binderman DDS MSD
Dr. Donald Binderow DDS
Dr. Lesley Binkley JR. DDS
Dr. Ali Bipar DDS
Dr. Alberto Bird DMD
Dr. Catherine Bishop DDS
Dr. Nabil Bissada DDS, MSD
Dr. John Bissell DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Bissell DDS, DMSC
Dr. Paul Bivens DDS
Dr. Steven Bizzell DMD
Dr. Elizabeth Bjornson DDS, MHS
Dr. Barbara Black DDS
Dr. Terry Blackburne DDS, MSD
Tyler Blackenburg
Dr. Warren Blair DDS; MSD
Scott Blanchard DDS
Dr. Steven Blanchard DDS
Dr. Thomas Blanchi DDS
Ramiro Blanco DMD
Paul Bland DDS
Dr. Barry Blank DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Blank DDS
Dr. Richard Blank DDS
Dr. Robert Blank DMD
Patricia Blanton DDS
Dr. Gonzalo Blasi DDS MS
Dr. Eric Blasingame DDS, MS
Dr. Ted Bleckstein DDS, MS
Dr. Larry Bleier DMD
Dr. Timothy Blieden DDS
Dr. Angela Blizzard DMD
Dr. Garry Bloch DMD
Dr. Carl Block
Dr. Robert Blodgett JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Jay Bloom DDS
Mitchell Bloom DMD
Dr. Richard Bloom DMD
Dr. Robert Bloom DDS
Dr. Richard Bloomer JR. DDS
Dr. Marcus Blue DDS
Dr. Mark Blue
Dr. Gary Blum DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffery Blume, D.D.S. DDS
Walter Blumenfeld DDS
Dr. Cary Bly DDS
Gregory Blythe DDS
Dr. Richard Bobulsky DDS, MSD
Dr. Jason Boch DMD
Mr. Timothy Bockenstedt DDS
Dr. Sreevidya Bodapati DDS, MS
Dr. David Boden DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Bodnar DDS
Dr. Thomas Bodnar DDS
Dr. Tobias Boehm DDS
Dr. Tara Bogart DDS
Dr. Gary Bogle DDS
Dr. Richard Boguslaw DMD
Dr. William Bohlen DMD
Aziz Bohra DDS
Dr. Amr Bokhari DDS, MPH, MSD
Mrs. Irene Bokser DDS
Dr. Michael Bolden DDS
Daniel Bolgren DDS
Dr. Fred Bonacci DMD
Dr. Gina Bonaventura DDS, MS
Michelle Bongiovi DMD
James Bonick DDS
Dr. John Bonner DDS
Dr. Raymond Bonomo DMD
Stephen Boone DDS
Dr. Gerard Boquel
Dr. Steven Borchers DDS
Dr. Judith Bordeaux DMD, MSD
Dr. Thomas Borders DDS
Dr. Josephine Bordignon RN, DDS
Dr. Bruce Boretsky DMD
Dr. Tyler Borg DDS , MS
Dr. Barry Borger DDS
Dr. Derek Borgwardt DDS
Dr. Farshid Borna DDSMS
Dr. David Borsky DDS, MSD
Dr. Larry Borth DDS
Dr. Joseph Boscarino DDS
Dr. Kenneth Bosch DMD
Dr. Bruce Bosworth DDS
Trinity Boszko DMD
Dr. Steven Bounds DDS
Bradley Bourcy DDS, MS
Dr. Gabriel Boustani DMD, MSD
Suheil Boutros DDS MS
Dr. William Bowen DDS
Dr. Joseph Bowers DMD
Dr. Jon Bowie D M D
Dr. Edward Bowler DDS
Dr. Anne Bowman DDS
Dr. Jila Bowman DDS
Dr. Mark Bowman DDS MSD INC
Dr. Douglas Boyce DDS
Dr. Keith Boyd, Jr DDS
Dr. Janie Boyesen DDS, DMSC
Dr. Donald Boyle DDS
Dr. Jonathan Boynton DMD
Jeffrey Brackett DMD
Dr. William Braden DDS, PA
Dr. Damon Bradford JR. DDS
Dr. Aaron Bradley DDS
Dr. Jerry Bradley DMD
Dr. Gayle Bradshaw DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Bradshaw DDS
Dr. Steven Bradway DDS, PHD
Dr. Crystal Brady DDS
Dr. Denise Brady DDS
Dr. John Brady DMD
Walter Brafford DDS
Dr. Charles Braga DMD, MMSC
Dr. Justin Braga DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Brain DDS
Dr. Mark Braithwaite DDS, MA
Dr. Michael Bral DDS
Dr. Thomas Bramanti SR. DDS, PHD
Dr. Robert Brandes DDS
Dr. Edward Brant DDS
Dr. Laura Braswell DDS
Dr. James Braun DDS
Thomas Braun DDS
Dr. William Brayer DMD
Dr. James Brayton DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Michael Breault DDS
Erin Breen
Dr. Joseph Breloff DDS, MS
Dr. Fred Bremner DMD
Dr. Michael Brenegan DDS
Dr. William Brennan DDS
Gary Brenner DMD
Dr. Rob Brent DDS
Dr. Alan Bresalier DDS
Dr. Doron Bresler DDS
Dr. Robert Bressman DDS MS
Dr. Darla Brice DDS,MS
Robert Bridges DMD
Mrs. Martha Bridgewater DDS
Stephanie Briggs DDS
Dr. Byron Brill
Dr. Mary Brinker DMD
Dr. Steven Britain DDS
Dr. George Britt DMD
Dr. Michael Britt DDS MS
Dr. David Brock DMD
Dr. Eric Brockman DMD, MSD
Dr. Nadine Brodala DDS, MS, DMD
Dr. Michele Broder DMD
Dr. Aaron Broderick DMD
Dr. Anne Broderick DMD
Dr. John Broderick DMD
Paul Broere DDS
Dr. Leslie Broline DDS MS
Dr. Roger Bronstein DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Brook DMD
Dr. Eric Brooks DDS
James Brooks DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Brooks DDS
Dr. Leslie Brooks DDS
Dr. William Broome DMD
Dr. Andrew Browar DDS
Dr. A. Brown DDS
Dr. Carol Brown DDS MS PA
Dr. Charles Brown DDS, MSD
Cherie Brown DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Brown DDS
Dr. Frederic Brown DMD
Dr. Graig Brown DDS, MS
Dr. Harris Brown DMD
Dr. Kevin Brown DMD, MS
Dr. Laura Brown DDS,MS,PA
Dr. Leslie Brown DDS
Dr. Stephen Brown DDS
Dr. Garnett Brown Iii DMD
Belinda Brown-Joseph DMD,MS
Lauren Brownfield DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Browning DMD
Richard Browning DDS, MS
Dr. Bernard Bruce DDS
Gretchen Bruce DDS
Dr. William Bruce JR. DDS
Hugh Bruner JR. DDS
Dr. Mark Brunner DDS
Dr. John Bruno DDS, MS
Dr. John Bruns DDS
Dr. Thomas Bruns DDS
Mr. Roland Bryan DMD
Dr. William Bryan DMD
Natalie Bryant DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Buchman
John Buck DDS
Dr. Ronni Bucklan DDS
Dr. Jan Buckstein DDS
Dr. Howard Buckwald DMD
Aravind Buddula DMD
Dr. Kenneth Bueltmann I DDS
Dinh Bui DDS,MS
Dr. Lynna Bui DDS, MPH
Dr. Jaime Bulkacz DDS PHD
Dr. George Bumgardner DMD
Dr. Julius Bunek II DDS
Dr. Patrice Buonocore DDS
Dr. Jason Burak DMD
Munirah Burashed DDS
Dr. William Burchard DDS, MS
Jerry Burd DDS
Dr. John Burdine DDS, MSCD
Gregory Burdo DMD
Dr. Donald Burgoyne DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Burke DMD
Dr. Mary Burke DDS
Dr. Thomas Burkley DMD
Dr. Brad Burks DMD
Dr. Charles Burliss DMD,MSCD
Dr. John Burmeister DDS
Dr. Robert Burnett DDS
Dr. Robert Burns JR. DDS
Dr. William Burns DDS, MS
Dr. Renita Burrell DDS
Dr. Leslie Burstein
Wendy Burstein DDS MS
Dr. E. Burton JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Burton DMD
James Bussiere DMD
Dr. Bobby Butler DDS
J Butler DDS,MS
Dr. James Butler DDS
Dr. Lawrence Butler DDS
Dr. Maryanne Butler DDS,MS
Dr. Milton Butler DDS
Dr. Rex Butler DDS
Dr. John Buyer II DDS, MPH, MS, MSS
Dr. Madeline Buyers DDS
Matthew Byarlay DDS, MS
Dr. Fred Bye DDS, MS
Paul Byerly DDS, MS
Dr. Craig Byers DDS
Dr. Thomas Byrnes DDS MSD
Dr. Mario Caballero DDS
Dr. Michael Cabassa DDS
Dr. Karen Cable DMD
Dr. Juan Cabrera DMD,MS
Dr. Pedro Cabrera DMD
Dr. Vianca Cabrera DMD
Dr. Todd Cahoon DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Cain DDS
Dr. Blaine Calahan DDS
Dr. Charles Caldwell DDS
Dr. Charles Caldwell DMD, PHD, MS,MS
Victoria Caldwell DMD
Dr. Bernard Calem DMD
Dr. Glenda Caley DDS
Joseph Califano DDS, PHD
Dr. Donald Callan DDS
Johnathan Callia
Dr. Kevin Calongne DDS
Dr. Dennis Calvert DDS
Dennis Calvert DDS
Dr. Katherine Calvert DDS
Dr. Diego Camacho DMD
Renee Camara Silva DDS
Dr. Paulo Camargo DDS, MS
Dr. Guillaume Campard DDS
Dr. Casey Campbell DDS, MS
Dr. David Campbell DDS
Elizabeth Campbell
Martin Campbell DMD
Dr. Paul Campbell DDS
Dr. Samantha Campbell DDS
Dr. Melanie Campese DMD
Dr. Steven Campolattaro DMD
Dr. Stephen Candelora DMD
Dr. Mark Canter DDS
Dr. Ira Cantner II DMD
Dr. Matthew Cantner DMD
Dr. Rosa Canto
Dr. Nicholas Caplanis DMD, MS
Dr. Emil Cappetta DMD
Dr. Joseph Capps DMD
Dr. Christopher Caputo DDS
Dr. Thomas Caputo DDS
Dr. James Carazola DMD
Dr. Debra Carberry DMD
Dr. David Carbonaro DDS
Laura Cardenas DDS
Dr. John Cargasacchi DDS
Dr. Robert Carlish DMD
Dr. Donald Carlson JR. DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Carlson DDS, MS
Dr. Norman Carlson DDS, MS
Dr. Dana Carlton DDS, MS
Dr. John Carman DDS
Charlie Carmichael DDS
Dr. Robert Carnevale DMD
Dr. Christopher Carney DDS
Dr. Lillian Carpio DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. James Carrigan DDS
Felipe Carro DMD
Dr. Odile Carro DMD
Dr. William Carroll DDS
William Carroll DMD, MS
Dr. John Carson SR. DDS MS
Robert Carson DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Carter DDS
Dr. Timothy Carter DDS
Dr. William Carter DDS
Dr. Winthrop Carter DDS
Dr. Juliana Carvalho DDS, MS
Dr. Marisel Casasnovas DMD
Dr. Jose Casellas DMD, MS
Dr. Gregg Caserta DDS
Dr. Charles Caskey D MD
Dr. Edmund Cassella DMD
Daniel Cassity DMD,MS
Dr. Martha Cassity DMD
Dr. Adriana Castano DDS
Dr. Giovanni Castellucci DMD
Yiselle Castillo DDS
Dr. Derrick Castro DDS
Dr. Marcus Castro DDS
Jason Cataldo DDS, MSD
Dr. Dominick Catania DMD
Dr. Stephen Catania DMD
Jack Caton DDS
Dr. Kenneth Cavallari DDS
Dr. Steve Cela DDS
Dr. Frank Celenza DDS
Dr. Stephen Cellier DDS
Dr. Jorge Centurion DDS
Dr. Joseph Ceravolo DDS
John Cercek JR. DMD MS
Dr. Diane Cha-Loo DDS
Dr. Richard Chace JR. DMD
Dr. Laurence Chacker DMD
Dr. Sophia Chadda DDS
Karim Chaddad DDS
Dr. Brian Chadroff DDS
Dr. Richard Chaffee JR. DDS
Terinder Chahal DDS
Katy Chahine DDS
Dr. Alia Chakaki DDS,MSD
Dr. Michele Chammah DDS
Dr. Laurissa Champion DMD
Dr. Clifford Chan DMD, PHD
Dr. Micah Chan DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Chanatry DDS
Dr. Dudley Chandler JR. DDS
Charu Chandra DMD MDS
Dr. Chirdeep Chandrakeerthi BDS, MSD
Neeta Chandwani DDS
Dr. Glenn Chang DDS
Dr. Henry Chang DDS
Dr. Huei-Ling Chang DDS
Dr. Jason Chang DMDMS
Jia Chang DDS
Dr. Julie Chang DDS
Dr. Kai-Chiao Chang DDS
Kuang Chang DMD
Paul Chang DDS MS
Dr. Sandra Chang DDS
Dr. Steve Chang DDS
Dr. Ying-Yi Chang DDS, MS
Joshua Chapa
Dr. Thomas Chapman DDS
Dr. Thomas Charbeneau DDS, MSD, PA
Dr. Heather Charchut D M D
Dr. Allan Charles DDS
Dr. Stephen Chase DDS
Reve Chaston DDS
Dr. Ramiz Chaudhry DDS
Dr. Eros Chaves DDS, MS, DMD
Dr. Abida Cheema DDS , MSC (PERIO)
Dr. Casey Chen DDS
Dr. Charles Chen DDS
Chia-Yu Chen
Dr. Chun Chen DMD, MS
Cliff Chen
Dr. Dennis Chen DDS
Hua Chen DDS MSD
Dr. Jen-Tai Chen DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Chen DDS
Leshin Chen DDS
Dr. Li-Fan Chen DDS
Pengjen Chen DMD MS
Dr. Tzu-Ling Chen DDS
Dr. Yen-Ching Chen DMD
Zhijian Chen DDS, MS
Guo-Liang Cheng
Joyce Cheng DDS
Dr. Theresa Cheng DDS
Dr. Stephen Chermol DMD
Mr. Anthony Cherrone JR. DMD
Dr. .Thomas Cherry DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Elizabeth Cherry DMD
Dr. Keith Chertok DDS
Dr. Wai Cheung DMD, MS
Dr. Jackie Chi DMD, MS
Dr. Susan Chialastri DMD
Dr. Shih Mei Chiang DDS, MS
Dr. Tat Chiang DMD
Dr. Julius Chiappa DDS
Dr. Hua Hong Chien DDS
Dr. Gail Childers DMD
Dr. Warren Childs III DDS, MMSC
Dr. Anthony Chin DDS
Karl Ching DDS
Dr. Michael Ching DDS
Dr. Juzer Chinwalla
Dr. John Chirgwin DMD
Dr. Ching Hsiu Chiu DDS
Dr. Eric Cho DDS
Dr. Hankyu Cho DDS
Il Cho DDS
Dr. Minn Cho DDS
Dr. William Cho DDS, MS
Dr. Young Seok Cho DDS
Dr. Richard Chodroff DMD
Dr. Alexander Choe DDS, MS
Dr. Jeesoo Choe DDS
Dr. Jennifer Choe DDS
Dr. Daniel Choi DDS
Dr. Jae Choi JAE CHOI, DDS
James Choi DDS
Dr. Jang Choi DMD
Dr. John Choi DDS, PHD
Myung Soo Choi DDS
Dr. Peter Choi DMD
Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis DDS
Dr. Chol Chong DMD
Linus Chong DDS
Woojae Chong DMD
Dr. Preeti Chopra DDS
Dr. Chun-Han Chou DDS, MS
James Chou
Dr. Jeffrey Chow DDS, MBA
Dr. Yiu Kai Choy DDS
John Chrispens DDS
Dr. Eric Chu DDS
Dr. Miles Chu DMD
Dr. Paul Chu DDS
Dr. Yong-Hee Chun DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Dyeus Chung DDS, MS
Dr. Hyewon Chung
Dr. Jae Woo Chung DMD
Dr. Jeannie Chung DDS
Dr. Jiyeon Chung DDS, MS
Dr. Man Lee Chung DDS
Dr. Lloyd Church JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Churney DMD
Dr. Jong-Huey Chyi DDS
Dr. Sebastian Ciancio DDS
Dr. John Cianciola I DDS
Louis Cianciola DDS,MS
Brian Cilla DDS MS
Dr. Anthony Cimmino DDS
Robert Cipriano DDS
Kayhan Civelek DDS MS
Dr. Daniel Clagett DMD, MS
Dr. William Claiborne DDS
Dr. Lewis Claman DDS
Dr. Daniel Clark DDS
Dr. Jennifer Clark DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Clark DDS
Dr. Steven Clark DDS
Dr. Jerry Clarke DDS
Dr. Jamie Clay DMD
Dr. Wade Clay DDS
Dr. Donald Clem III DDS
Dr. Gary Coatoam DDS
Dr. Gilbert Coats DDS
Dr. Bryan Cochran DDS
Dr. Robert Cochrane DDS
Dr. Gregg Codelli DDS
Dr. Timothy Coffelt DDS
Dr. James Coggan DDS
Carl Cohen DMD
Dr. Chloe Cohen DDS, MS
Dr. D. Walter Cohen DDS
Dr. Edward Cohen DMD
Dr. Irving Cohen DDS, PS
Dr. Lee Cohen DDS, MS, MS
Dr. Mark Cohen DDS
Dr. Michael Cohen DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Cohen DDS
Dr. Michael Cohen II
Dr. Robert Cohen DDS
Dr. Robert Cohen DDS, PHD
Dr. Scott Cohen DMD
Dr. Terrell Cohen DDS
Dr. William Cohen DMD, MS
Dr. Mack Coker DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Michael Colasanto DDS
Aaron Colby DDS
Dr. Nancy Coldiron DDS
Dr. Christine Cole DDS
Dr. Edward Cole DDS
Dr. James Cole DDS
Jonathan Cole DMD
Dr. Rick Cole DDS MS
Dr. Stuart Coleton DDS
Dr. Christopher Collier DDS
Melvin Collin DDS
Dr. Bryan Collins III DDS
Dr. John Collins DMD
Dr. Peter Collins DDS
Dr. Jose Colon-Deglans DMD
Dr. Lizbeth Colon-Deglans DMD, MS
Michael Comar DDS
Terence Comar DDS
Dr. Melissa Combs DDS
Dr. Mark Comeaux DDS
Dr. David Compton DMD MS
Dr. J. Condrey DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Conlan DDS
Dr. Thomas Conlon DDS
Kenneth Conner DDS
Dr. Dennis Connolly DDS MS
Dr. Julie Connolly DDS, MPH, MS
Dr. Thomas Connolly DDS
Dr. Michael Connor SR. DDS MS
Dr. Christopher Connors DMD, MS
Dr. Kevin Consani DDS, MS
Dr. Christos Constantinides BDS, MS
Gregory Conte DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Conti DMD
Dr. James Conway DDS, MSD
Dr. Theresa Conway DDS,MS
Dr. Arthur Coogler JR. DMD
Deana Cook DDS
Dr. Donald Cook DDS, MS
Edwin Cook DDS
Dr. Gary Cook DDS
Dr. Phyllis Cook DDS, MPH, PA
Dr. Raul Cook DDS,MS
Dr. Stephen Cook DDS MSD
Dr. Jason Cooke DDS,MS
Dr. Richard Cooke DDS, MS
Dr. Jaleh Cooney DMD
Dr. David Coons DDS MSD
Dr. Roger Cooper DDS,MA
Mr. Steven Cooper DDS
Dr. Steven Cooper DMD
Dr. William Cooper DDS
Dr. Barton Coppin DMD, MSD, MS ED
Thomas Copulos DDS
Dr. Rafael Cordero DDS
Dr. Franco Cordini DDS, MS, MBA
Dr. John Corey DMD PA
Dr. Jan Cornelius DDS
Dr. Peter Cornick DMD
Dr. David Corradi DDS
Dr. Alexander Corsair DMD
Kenneth Corsig DMD
Cristina Cortes DMD
Dr. Michael Cosimi DMD, MS
Dr. Aymee Costales-Spindler DDS
Dr. Massimo Costalonga DMD, PHD
Diane Costandi DDS
Dr. John Costley DDS
Dr. Michael Cote DDS
Dr. Norman Cote DDS
Deck Couch DDS
Dr. Susan Coven DDS
Leon Coverly DDS
Dr. Neil Covin DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Cox DDS
Dr. Suzanne Coyne DMD
Dr. Danika Crabtree DMD, MS
Dr. Roger Craddock DDS
John Craemer
Dr. Timothy Craemer DDS
Dr. Gregory Craft DMD
Dr. James Craig DDS
Dr. Ronald Craig DMD, PHD
Sally Cram DDS
Dr. Steven Cramer DMD
Dr. Paul Crane DMD
Dr. Chad Cravatta DMD, MS
Bruce Crawford DMDPA
Precious Crawford DDS
Robert Crawford
Dr. Robert Creager DDS
Dr. Max Crigger DDS
Dr. Diana Cristea DDS, MSD
Dr. Joseph Cristoforo DDS
Beatrice Criveanu DDS, MSD
Dr. Antonino Crivello DMD, MS, FRCD(C)
Dr. Magi Crofcheck DDS
Dr. Constant Crohin DMD
Dr. Michele Crohin DMD
Dr. Keigm Crook DDS
Dr. William Crooks DMD
Dr. Tricia Crosby DDS,MS
Dr. John Crosland DDS
Dr. Robert Cross DDS
Dr. Sherrie Crossen DDS, MSD
Dr. George Crow DMD
Kathleen Crowley DMD
Dr. Paula Crum DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Crump DDS, MS
Dr. Carlos Cruz DMD
Dr. Louis Cuccia DDS
Dr. Nicholas Cucharale DMD
Dr. Michael Cuenin DMD
Dr. Marco Cueva DDS,MS
Dr. James Culberson DMD, MS
Dr. William Culley DDS
Dr. Joseph Cullo DDS
Dr. Catherine Cummings DMD, MS
Mr. Donald Cummings DDS
Dr. E. Michael Cummings DMD
Hector Cummings JR. DDS
Dr. Jane Cummings DDS
Dr. Lewis Cummings DDS MS
Dr. Nina Cunningham DMD
Karine Cureton DDS
Dr. Douglas Curry DDS
Dr. Michael Curry DDS
Dr. Mark Cury DMD
Dr. Malcolm Cushing DDS
Dr. Cheryl Cushman DDS
Dr. Christopher Cutler DDS
Dr. Richard Cutler DMD
Dr. Susan Cutler DMD
Dr. Michael Cwiklinski DMD
Charles D'amico DDS
Dr. Joseph D'aniello DMD
Maria D'empaire DDS
Edmund D'onofrio DMD
Frederico Da Silva DDS
Dr. Justin Dacy DDS, MS
Dr. Grace Dai DDS, MSD
Dr. Ray Dail DDS
Dr. Nilesh Dalal DMD
Dr. Charles Daley III DMD
Thomas Daley DDS
Dr. Fabrizio Dall'olmo DDS
Dr. Hilary Dalton DMD, MS
Dr. Petros Damoulis DMD
Dr. Basel Danan DDS
Dr. Alvin Danenberg DDS
Hamid Daneshmand DDS
Dr. Nazanin Daneshmand DDS
Dr. Calvin Dang DDS
Dr. Giac Dang DMD
Dr. Benge Daniel JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Daniel DDS
Dr. Terry Daniel DMD,MS
Dr. William Daniels DMD
Dr. Richard Dannenbaum DDS
Ms. Rosemeen Daood DMD
Dr. Raymond Darakjian DDS
David Darany DDS MS
Dr. John Darby JR. DDS
Dr. Antara Daru DDS, MS
Dr. Jane Darviche DMD
Rose Dastmalchi DDS
Dr. Sarosh Dastoor DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Datar DDS
Dr. David Davenport DMD , MS
Dr. Bruce Davidson DDS
Dr. Richard Davidson DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Davidson DDS
Dr. Kathy Davies DDS, MS
Dr. Cortney Davis DDS
Dr. David Davis DDS
Dr. Dennis Davis DMD, MS
Dr. Dudley Davis JR. DDS
Dr. Gordon Davis DMD,DMSC
Dr. Gregory Davis DMD
Dr. James Davis DMD
Leslie Davis BDS, DDS
Dr. Lowell Davis DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Davis DDS
Dr. Michael Davis DDS
Dr. Rebecca Davis DDS, MSD
Steve Davis DMD
Dr. Steven Davis DDS
Dr. Timothy Davis DDS,PA
Dr. Victor Davis DDS, PC
Dr. Sharona Dayan DDS
Dr. Richard Dayton DDS MS
Dr. Ed De Andrade DDS
Dr. Maria Jose De La Hoz DDS
Dr. Thomas De Marco DMD
Dr. Sarah De Sanz DDS
Dr. Alessia De Vit
Dr. Arthur Dean DMD
David Dean I DDS
Dr. John Dean III DDS
Dr. David Deas DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Deasy DMD
Dr. Daniel Decesare DDS
Dr. Richard Decker DMD
Dr. Andrew Deeb DMD, MS
Dr. Caren Deeb
Dr. George Deeb DDS, M S
Dr. Miguel Defina DDS, MSD
Dr. Dan Degeare DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Harold Dehaven DDS
Dr. Ghassan Dehni DMD
Dr. Ramiro Del Amo DMD
Robert Del Castillo DMD
Dr. Ronald Delfini DDS
Dr. Nora Delgado-Velasquez DDS
Lawrence Delibero DMD
Dr. J'nelle Delica DMD, MPH
Robert Delie DMD, MDS
Dr. Andrew Delima DMD
Dr. Kurt Delius DDS, MS
Ronald Delvecchio DDS
Dr. Kerry Demascus DMD , MSD
Randy Demetter DDS
Dr. Paul Denemark DDS, MSD
Dr. Philip Denicolo DMD
Dr. Robert Denmark
Dr. David Dennison DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Robert Denny DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Dent DDS
Dr. Andrew Dentino DDS, PHD
Dr. Donald Denucci DDS
Brent Depta DMD
Dr. Cynthia Deragon DMD
Dr. Gay Derderian DDS
Dr. John Derdivanis DDS
Dr. Munib Derhalli DMD
Dr. Mark Derkazarian DMD
Dr. Anita Desai DDS
Dr. Rishin Desai DMD
Dr. Sara Desantis DDS
Dr. Anuradha Deshmukh BDS,MSD,CAGS
Dr. Videsh Deshmukh DDS
Dr. Abdelazeem Desoky DDS
Steven Detsch DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Devack DDS
Dr. Anthony Di Cesare DDS
Dr. Waddah Diab DDS
Dr. Marielena Diakogiannis DDS
Dr. Andrew Diamond DMD, MS
Dr. Greg Diamond DDS
Dr. John Diana DDS
Dr. Mehrnoosh Dianati DDS
Dr. Jennifer Diaz DMD, MS
Dr. Jesus Diaz DDS
Dr. Patricia Diaz DDS, MS
Dr. Ricardo Diaz DDS, MS
Dr. Rafael Diaz Mendez DMD
Patricia Diaz-Moreno DDS
Dr. Angel Diaz-Norrman DDS
Dr. Rafik Dib DDS, PHARM D
Dr. Ziad Dib DMD
Prof. Serge Dibart DMD DDS
Dr. Anthony Dicesare DDS
Dr. Alan Dickerson DDS
Dr. Walter Dickinson DMD
Dr. James Dickson DDS
Dr. Jeff Dickson
Dr. Richard Diederich DDS, MS
Dr. Jeremy Diehl DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Diem DDS MS
Dr. Liliana Diez DMD
Dr. James Digiacinto DDS
Dr. David Digiallorenzo DMD
Dr. John Digirolamo DDS
Dr. Michele Dimaira DMD, MS
Dr. Walter Dimmitt DDS
Cinzia Dinoi DDS
Dr. Michael Dinos DDS
Dr. Michael Dipace DDS
James Diperna JR. DMD
Dr. Daniel Distasi DDS
Dr. Henry Diversi JR. DMD MSD
Dr. Jennifer Diversi DMD
Dr. Giorgio Divincenzo DMD
Dr. Sonia Divney DDSMS
Dr. Douglas Dixon DMD, MSD, PHD
Dr. John Dmytryk DMD
Jonathan Do DDS
Dr. Jill Doan DDS MS
Dr. Douglas Doben DMD
Larry Dober DMD
Linda Dobis DDS
Dr. Valentina Dobre DMD, MSD
Dr. Michael Doctor DDS, MS
Dr. John Dodge DMD,MS
Dr. Harold Doerr DDS
Dr. Mariana Doeste DMD
Dr. Richard Doff DMD
Otto Dohm DDS,MS
Dr. Bom Dokko DDS
Dr. Charles Dolce DDS,MS
Dr. Elana Dolin DMD
Dr. Bruce Doll DDS
Dr. John Dollard DDS
Dr. Buena Dominguez DMD,MS
Dr. Douglas Dompkowski DDS
Dr. Damon Don DDS
Maria Dona DMD, MSD, DMSC
Dr. James Donahue
Dr. Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou DDS
Dr. Timothy Donley DDS MSD
Dr. Dirk Donovan DMD, MSD
Dr. Ryan Donovan DMD
Dr. Vivek Doppalapudi DDS MS DMSC
Dr. Bruce Dordick DDS
Dr. Beth Dorfman DDS, MS
Anuja Doshi
Dr. Stokely Doster JR. DDS
Dr. John Doswell DDS
Susan Doty DDS MS
Dr. Mark Dougherty DDS
Dr. Gordon Douglass DDS
Dr. Lewis Dowden DMD
Dr. Scott Dowell DDS, MS
Dr. Embree Dowling DMD
Dr. Melisa Doyle DDS
Phillip Doyle DDS MS
John Dozier DMD MSD
Dr. Irina Dragan DMD
Dr. Bill Dragolich DDS, MS
Dr. Sunny Drake DMD, MS
Dr. John Drazek DDS
Dr. Christopher Drennen DMD
Dr. Howard Drew DMD
Dr. Andrew Dreyer DDS
Dr. Saulius Drukteinis DMD
Dr. Ann Drummond DMD
Dr. Gerald Drury DDS
Dr. Wagner Duarte DDS
Dr. William Dubois DDS
Dr. Jaclyn Duboue DDS
Dr. Arlyn Dubuk DDS
Dr. John Ducar DDS
Dr. Michael Duch DDS
Dr. Sheldon Duchin DMD
Dr. Andrew Duckett DMD
Dr. John Duckworth DMD, MMEDSC
Dr. George Duello DDS,MS
Anne Dufour
Dr. Priya Duggal DMD
Dr. Flaviu Dunca DDS
Samuel Duncan DDS
Dr. David Dunivan DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Dunlap DDS MED
Dr. Mylinh Duong DDS
Peter Durso DDS
Dr. Anukampa Dutt DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Duval DDS
Dr. Steven Dweck DDS
Dr. Michael Dwyer BA DDS MS
Dr. Bret Dyer DDS
Charles Dyer IV DDS, MS
Dr. Russell Dylla DDS
Myles Eady DDS
Elisabeth Easley DMD
Lindsay Eastman DDS MS PA
John Eaton
Mr. Daniel Ebb DDS
Nadereh Ebrahimi DDS, MS
Amanda Echeverria DDS, MS
Donald Echols DDS
Steven Eckert DDS, MS
Dr. Terry Eckles DDS
Dr. H. Eddy DDS PA
Dr. Ralph Eddy JR. DDS
Dr. Bruce Edelstein DDS
Dr. David Edenbaum DMD
Dr. Robert Edmonds DDS
Dr. Ryan Edmunds DDS
Dr. Janet Edwards DMD
Dr. Mark Edwards DDS
Dr. Michael Edwards DDS,MSD
Richard Edwards DDS
Richard Egan DDS
Dr. Terry Egan DDS
Dr. Kenneth Eganhouse DDS, MS
Robert Egert DMD
Gary Eggler DMD
Dr. Haris Ehland DMD, MS
Dr. Jason Ehrenman DMD
Fernando Ehrhardt DMD
Dr. Brian Ehrlich DDS
Steven Eisen DMD
Dr. Louis Eisenberg DDS
Dr. Robert Eisenberg DDS
Mr. Ira Eisenstein DMD
Dr. Kathleen Eisin DDS, MS,PLLC
Dr. Nancy Ekelman DDS
Dr. Edgard El Chaar DDS
Dr. Lea El Hachem DDS, MSD
Dr. Bassam El-Jamous DMD, MSD, CAGS
Dr. Satheesh Elangovan BDS, DSC, DMSC
Mohamed Elazhri BDS
Dr. Lena Elbadawi BDS, FOP
Omar Elbanhawy DDS, MS
Dr. Jean-Jacques Elbaz DDS, MS
Fathi Elgaddari BDS
Dr. Jacob Elisha DDS
Dr. Noha Elkadry DMD
Dr. Jad Elkhoury DDS, MS
Dr. Harley Ellinger JR. DDS
Dr. Royal Ellinger DDS
Dr. John Elliott DDS
Dr. Earl Ellis DDS, MS
Dr. Ryan Ellis DDS
Dr. Benjamin Ellsworth DDS
Dr. Ramyar Elyassian DDS
Mr. Amir Emam DDS
Dr. Dora Emanuelli DMD
Dr. Ben Emerson JR. DDS, MD
Dr. John Endow DDS
Donna Endy DMD
Dr. Steven Engebretson DMD, MS, MS
Eric Engert DMD,MSD
Dr. Marc Engle DDS
Ellyn English DDS
Dr. Patrick Ennen DDS
Dr. Barry Entin DDS MS
Dr. Neil Epstein DDS
Carlo Ercoli DDS
Dr. David Erdman DDS
Ernest Erian DDS
Dr. Graig Erickson DDS, MSD
Dr. Scott Erikson DDS MS
Dr. Kenneth Erley DMD
Phillip Ernst DDS MS
Dr. Jaden Erwin DDS, MSD
Dr. Bradford Eschler DDS, MS
Vahid Eshraghi DMD
Dr. Robert Eskow DMD
Roy Eskow DDS
Dr. Farhad Eslamboltchi DMD MS
Ahmad Eslami
Dr. Jinous Eslami DDS
Henry Espinosa DDS
John Estemalik BSC
Dr. Guy Estes DDS
Dr. Ryan Estes DMD, MS
Dr. Sridhar Eswaran BDS, MS, MSD
Dr. John Etzenbach DDS
Brian Evans DDS
Corwin Evans DDS
Dr. Gerald Evans DDS
Dr. John Evans DDS
Dr. Marianna Evans DMD
Michael Evans DDS MS
Zachary Evans DMD
Dr. Neer Even-Hen DMD
Dr. Steven Exler DDS
Dr. Stephen Exterkamp DMD
Russell Eyman DDS, MS
Paul Ezzo DDS, PHD
Thomas Faber
Dr. Jeremy Factor DDS
Miss Esra Faden
Dr. Thomas Faerber DMD
Dr. Harold Fagan DDS
Mr. James Fagan DDS
Dr. Mark Fagan DDS
Dr. Robert Faiella DMD, MMSC
Dr. Behnam Fakhravar DMD, MS
Ali Fakhry DMD MS FRCD
Dr. Mitesh Faldu DMD
Ragan Faler
Dr. Clinton Falk DDS
Pooria Fallah Abed DDS
Dr. Zahra Falsafi DMD
Dr. Pouran Famili DMD
Jingyuan Fan DDS
Dr. James Fancher DDS
Alfredo Fanelli
Dr. Noushin Fani DDS
James Fanning DDS
Dr. Constantin Farah DDS, MSD
Dr. Fadi Farah DMD
Dr. Arta Farahmand DDS
Dr. Alan Farber DDS
Dr. Gregory Farber DDS
Dr. Robert Farbman DDS
Dr. Fouad Farhat DDS, MSD
Dr. Caroline Faris DMD, DMSC
David Farivar DMD
Dr. Fartash Farkhondehkish DDS, MS
Dr. Alexander Farnoosh DMD, MSD, PHD
Dr. Owais Farooqi DDS, MDS
Dr. Michael Farr DDS
Dr. William Farrar DDS
Dr. N Farris DDS
Dr. Gregory Farthing DDS MSD
Sina Farzin DDS
Dr. Gregory Fauth DDS
Dr. Ann Fay DDS
Dr. Bita Fayz DDS
Dr. Robert Fazio DMD
Dr. Vito Federici DMD
Dr. Brian Feeney DMD
Dr. Irwin Feinberg DDS
Dr. Maxine Feinberg DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Feingold DDS MSD
Dr. Roy Feldman DDS, DMSC
Dr. Steven Feldman DDS
Dr. Stuart Feldman DDS
Dr. Barry Feldner DDS, MS
Dr. Baher Felemban DMD
Dr. Lourdes Feliciano-Nieves DMD
Dr. Greg Felthousen DDS, MS
Dr. John Felton DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Felzer DMD
Dr. Kim Fenesy DMD
Dr. Reed Ference DDS
Richard Ferguson DDS, MS
Scott Ferguson JR. DDS
Dr. Alfredo Fernandez DMD
Dr. Mark Ferrari DDS
Dr. Robert Ferrell DMD, MS
Dr. John Ferrin DMD , MS
Dr. Maria Ferriol DMD
Dr. Robert Ferris DDS
Dr. Greg Fertik DDS,MS
Dr. Scott Fertik DDS
Dr. Michael Fetner DMD, MS
Dr. Cary Feuerman DMD
Frank Feuille V DDS, MS
Dr. Bernard Fialkoff DDS
Dr. Anthony Ficara DDS
Dr. Darryl Field DDS
Dr. Charles Fields DMD
Dr. Raul Figueroa DMD
Fabrianne Figueroa Cohen DDS
Dr. Angela Filandrianos DMD
Dr. James Fili DDS, MS
Gregg Filippelli DDS
Clarke Filippi DDS
Dr. Daniel Fine DMD
Dr. James Fine DMD
Dr. Gordon Fingerman DMD
Dr. Joseph Fink DDS
Dr. Richard Finlayson DDS
James Finley DMD MS
Dr. Neil Finn DDS
Dr. Debra Finney DDS
Maria Fiocchi DDS
Dr. Joseph Fiorellini DMD
Dr. Terry Fiori DDS
Dr. Graig Fischgrund DMD
Dr. Joseph Fishbein DMD
Dr. Daniel Fishel DMD
Dr. Esther Fisher
Howard Fisher DDS
Dr. John Fisher DMD
Dr. Marc Fisher DDS
Dr. Steven Fisher DDS
Dr. Steven Fisher DDS
Randy Fitzgerald DDS
Dr. Linda Fitzmorris DDS
Brian Fitzpatrick DMD
Dr. J. Fitzpatrick DDS
Dr. Warren Fitzpatrick DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Flamme DMD
Dr. Deidra Flanary DDS
Dr. Kurt Fleckenstein DDS
Dr. Howard Fleischer DDS
Dr. Gilbert Fleischman DDS
Dr. Neal Fleisher DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Fleming DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Flemmig DR MED DENT HABI
Dr. Paul Fletcher DDS
Robert Fletcher III DMD
Dr. Bianca Flora DDS, DSC
Michael Florence DMD
Dr. Joe Flores DDS, MS
Dr. Mario Flores DDS
Dr. Jon Flynn DMD, MDS
Dr. Mitchell Flynn DDS
Dr. Monica Flynn DMD
Dr. Monique Flynn DDS, MDS
Dr. Henry Foerster DMD
Dr. Craig Foisie DMD
Dr. Scott Folino DDS
Dr. Ronald Follis DDS
Dr. Robert Follweiler DDS
Dr. Stephen Folson DDS
Dr. Kerri Font DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Fontecchio AB, DDS
Mr. John Foppiani DDS
Richard Forbes DMD
Dr. Bruno Forcella DDS
Dr. Christine Ford DDS
Dr. Hoyt Ford DDS
Dr. Kelly Ford DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Forgosh DMD
Dr. Amber Foronda DMD
Dr. Mark Forrest DMD
Dr. Gene Fortman
Dr. Jeffrey Foster DDS, MSD
Dr. Pawel Fotek DMD
Dr. Jeanne Fourrier DDS
Dr. Brenda Fowler DDS
Dr. Edward Fowler DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Fowler DDS
Dr. David Fox DMD
Dr. Steven Fox DDS
Dr. Deborah Foyle DDS MS MSC
Dr. John Francis DDS
Dr. John Francis DDS
Dr. Paul Francis DDS, MS
Dr. Patricia Francisco DMD
Dr. Lawrence Frankel DMD, MS
Dr. Donald Franklin I DDS,MS
Dr. Robert Franklin JR. DMD
Dr. Bryan Frantz DMD
Thedosios Frantzis
Dr. Michael Franzman DDS
Dr. Gordon Fraser JR. DMD
Dr. Harvey Freed DDS
Dr. Arnold Freedman DDS
Dr. Ira Freedman DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Freedman DDS
William Freemire DDS
Robert Fremeau DMD
Amy French DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Frenchi DDS MS PC
Dr. William Frey
Dr. Kenneth Frick DDS
Dr. William Fricker DDS
Mr. Andrew Fried DMD
Dr. Ronald Fried DMD
Dr. Spencer Fried DDS
Dr. Daniel Friedman DDS
Dr. Jonathan Friedman DMD
Lawrence Friedman DDS
Dr. Paul Friedman DDS
Dr. Susan Friedman DMD
Dr. Lynn Friesen
Dr. Brandon Frodge DMD
Dr. Kathleen Frost DDS
Dr. Kenneth Frostad DDS
Scott Froum DDS
Dr. Stuart Froum DDS,
Dr. Loren Frumker DDS
Dr. Hiram Fry DDS
Alon Frydman DDS
Dr. Stephen Fucini DMD
Dr. Joseph Fuentes DDS
Dr. Paul Fugazzotto DDS
Tomoyasu Fuji DDS
Nicholas Fujii DDS
Dr. Luis Fujimoto DMD
Dr. Glenn Fujinaka DDS
Ronald Fujitaki DDS
Dr. Norman Fuller III DDS
Dr. Leslie Ann Furie DDS
Dr. Elena Furman DMD
Dr. Michel Furtado Araujo DDS, MSC, MDS
Dr. William Futa DDS
Dr. Joseph Gabany DMD, MSD
Dr. Daniel Gabrek DDS, MSD
Dr. Brent Gabriel DDS
Hana Gadalla
Dr. Mehul Gadhia DMD, MSP
Dr. Christine Gadia DDSMS
Thomas Gaffaney DDS
Dr. Arthur Gager DDS
Dr. Michael Gahagan DDS
Dr. Craig Gainza DDS, MSD
Dr. Joseph Gaither DDS
Praveen Kumar Gajendrareddy DDS
Dr. Edwin Galkin
Dr. Edward Gall III DDS
Dr. Steven Gallagher DDS, MS
Dr. John Gallardo DDS
Fabrice Gallez DDS
Gary Galovic DMD
Razmik Galustian DDS, MS
Maria Galvan DDS, MS
Dr. Rudolph Gamarnik DDS
Dr. Farinoush Gaminchi DMD
Dr. Daniel Gammage DMD
Dr. Kim Gandhi DDS
Liliana Gandini DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles DMD
Sukirth Ganesan BDS
Rashmi Ganesh
Dr. Michael Gannon DMD
Dr. Bernard Gantes DDS, MS
Dr. Ricardo Gapski
Dr. George Gara DDS
Dr. Isaac Garazi DMD
Dr. Augusto Garcia DMD
Dr. Bibiana Garcia DDS
Dr. Miryam Garcia DDS
Dr. Raul Garcia DMD
Dr. Berta Garcia Mur
Dr. Daniel Gardiner DDS
Dr. Lydia Gardner DMD
Dr. Leonard Garfinkel DDS
Shivali Garg DMD
Mikhail Garibov
Dr. Kyle Garrett
Dr. Maurice Garrett DDS
Dr. Phillip Garrett JR. DDS
Dr. David Garrison SR. DMD
Scott Garrison DDS
Dr. Richard Gartner JR. DDS
Dr. Ronald Garvey DDS
Dr. Daryl Gasca DDS
Dr. Charles Gaskins III DDS
Dr. Joseph Gaspari DMD
Dr. Christina Gasper DDS
Dr. Byron Gaston DDS, PC
Dr. David Gaston DDS
Robert Gatewood DDS, MS, PERIOD
Dr. Isabel Gay DDS, MS
Dr. Joanne Gaydos DDS, MSD
Dr. Craig Gayton DDS
Dr. John Gebhard DDS MSD
Bassel Gebrael DDS
Dr. Maria Geisinger DDS
Dr. Eric Geist DDS
Dr. Lawrence Gelb DDS
Dr. Barry Gelber DDS
Dr. Steven Geller DMD
Alessandro Geminiani DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Genco DDS,PHD
David Genet DMD
Dr. Arthur Georgeu DMD
Timothy Geraci DDS
Sauld Geraldeli DDS MS PHD
Dr. Ronald Gerhard DDS
Nicholas Gersch DDS MS
Dr. Rebekka Gerson DMD
Kenneth Gerstein DDS
Dr. Dorothy Gerstley DMD
Dr. Thu Getka DDS
Dr. George Gettinger DMD
Nicolaas Geurs DDS
Dr. Edith Gevorgian DDS
Kenneth Gewant DMD
Babak Ghalili DMD
Dr. Milita Ghassemzadeh Borguet DMD
Dr. Nooshin Ghayoumi DDS
Dr. Ghazwan Ghazi DMD
Dr. Marlin Gher JR. DDS
Dr. Syamak Ghiai DDS,MSD
Dan Gholson DDS
Dr. Abbas Ghorieshi DMD
Joseph Gian Grasso DMD
Dr. William Giannoblie DDS MS,DMSC
Dr. Robert Giantomas DMD
Dr. Anthony Giardino DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Gibbs DDS MS PA
Dr. Monica Gibson BDS,PHD
Dr. Susan Gibson DMD, MSD
Dr. Ryan Gifford DDS
Timothy Gifford DDS
Dr. Ana Giglio DDS
Dr. Mindy Gil DMD, DMSC
Douglas Gilio DDS
Ramandeep Gill
Dr. Jeffrey Giller DDS
Dr. Kevin Gillespie DMD
Dr. Ridge Gilley DDS, MS
Charles Gilliam DDS
Dr. Amy Gillihan DMD
Dr. William Gilloette DDS
Dr. Andres Gilman DMD
Dr. Richard Gilman DDS, MS
Dr. Edwin Ginsberg DMD
Dr. Alison Glascoe DDS
Prof. Jeffrey Glaser MSD,PA
Dr. Beverly Glass DMD
Dr. Robert Glassgow DMD
Dr. David Glassman DDS
Sergei Glazebnik DDS,MS
Dr. Sanford Glazer
Dr. Gerald Glenn DMD
Dr. George Glick DDS
Dr. Paul Glick DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Glick DDS
Dr. Harvey Glicker DDS
Mark Glover DDS,MSD
Dr. Joseph Gluck DDS
Dr. Kenneth Gluck DMD
Dr. Michael Gluskin DDS, PC
Dr. David Glynn DMD
Dr. Gary Goaslind DDS, MS
Dr. Luca Gobbato DDS
Dr. Mitchel Godat DDS
Ronald Godat DDS, MS
Dr. Valerie Godfrey DDS,MS
Dr. Timothy Godsey DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Suresh Goel DDS, MS
Mr. Lawrence Goettisheim DDS
Dr. Gokay Goktug DMD
Dr. Beth Gold DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Gold DDS
Dr. Steven Gold DDS
Dr. David Goldberg DMD
Dr. David Goldberg DMD
Dr. Marshal Goldberg DDS
Dr. Michael Goldberg DMD
Dr. Tracy Golden DMD
Dr. Jacob Goldenberg DDS
Dr. Randy Goldfarb DMD
Dr. Susan Goldfarb DMD,PC
Dr. Richard Goldin DDS
Dr. Marc Goldman DDS
Dr. Robert Goldman DMD
Dr. Stephen Goldman DDS
Stephen Goldman DDS
Dale Goldschlag
Dr. Jeffrey Goldschmidt DMD
Dr. Steven Goldsher DDS
Dr. Ada Goldsmith DMD
Dr. Avrum Goldstein DMD
Dr. Howard Goldstein DMD, MS
Dr. Paul Goldstein DDS
Dr. Shari Goldstein DDS
Steven Goldstein DDS
Dr. Harvey Goldwasser DDS
Dr. David Goldwyn DDS
Janina Golob Deeb DDS, MS
John Golski DDS
Dr. Daniel Gomes DDS, MSD
Dr. Maria Gomez DDS
Dr. Flavia Goncalves DDS
Dr. Edward Gonsky DMD, MSD
Dr. Javier Gonzalez DDS,MS
Dr. Luis Gonzalez DMD
Dr. Stephanie Gonzalez DMD, MS
Pablo Gonzalez Balzar DDS, MS
Miguel Gonzalez-Ascar DMD, MS
Dr. Jose Gonzalez-Gonzalez DMD
Dr. Alfred Goodman DDS MSD
Dr. Charles Goodman DDS MS
Dr. Craig Goodman DDS
Dr. Lawrence Goodman DMD
Dr. Wendy Goodman DDS
Dr. Fred Goodstein DDS
Bruce Gopin DDS
Michael Gorday DDS, MHS
George Gordon DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Gordon DMD,MMSC
Dr. Jonathan Gordon
Dr. Laurence Gordon DDS
Dr. Manuel Gordon
Dr. Marc Gordon DMD
Dr. Mark Gordon DDS
Dr. Randall Gordon DDS, MS
Dr. Stephney Gordon DDS
Dr. David Gordy DDS
Dr. Cheryl Goren Robins DDS
Dr. Alan Gorman DDS
Dr. Russell Gornstein DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Goroski DDS
Jennifer Goss DDS
Stephen Gossett DMD
Dr. Ana Gossweiler DDS
Dr. Michael Gossweiler DDS
Dr. David Goteiner DDS
Dr. Edward Gottesman DDS
Dr. David Gottlieb DMD
Dr. Robert Gottlieb DDS
Dr. Samuel Gottlieb DDS
Dr. Martin Gould DDS, MS
Dr. George Gounakis DMD
Dr. Nitika Goyal DDS
Dr. Scott Gradwell DMD
Dr. George Graf DDS
Dr. Kent Gragg DDS
Dr. Edithann Graham DMD
Dr. Fraser Graham DDS
Dr. Gar Graham DDS
Dr. Richard Graham DMD, MSD
Dr. Saul Grajales DMD MSD
Dr. Matthew Gramkee DDS
Dr. Michael Granet DDS
Dr. Joshua Grant DDS
Dr. Melissa Grant DMD
Gerald Grasso DMD
Dr. Kara Grasso Veeder DMD, MSD
Dr. Carmen Graves DDS, MS
Dana Graves DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Graves DDS
Dr. Ralph Gray SR. DDS
Dr. John Grbic DMD
Dr. Barry Green DMD
Dr. Bryan Green DMD
Eric Green DMD
Dr. Gary Green DDS
Dr. Gerald Green III DMD
Dr. Kevan Green DMD
Dr. Louis Green DMD
Dr. Martyn Green DDS
Dr. Richard Green DDS
Dr. Kiya Green-Dixie DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Greenberg DMD
Jonathan Greenberg DMD
Dr. Joshua Greenberg DMD
Dr. Katja Greenberg DRMEDDENT,DDS, MS
Dr. Lionell Greenberg DDS
Dr. Andrew Greenberger DMD
Dr. William Greene DMD
Dr. Barry Greenfield DDS
Dr. David Greenfield DMD
Dr. Jay Greenfield DMD
Benjamin Greenstein DMD
Gary Greenstein DDS MS
Dr. Gary Greenwald DDS
Dr. Henry Greenwell III DMD
Dr. Holly Gregory DDS
Dr. John Greif DDS, MSD
Dr. Andre Grenier DMD
Martha Grey DMD
Dr. Barry Griffin DDS
Dr. Leland Griffin DDS
Dr. Terrence Griffin DMD
Dr. Garth Griffiths DDS
Gary Grill DDS
Dr. Roberta Grill Deutsch DDS
Dr. Brently Grimard DDS, MS
Dr. Carol Grimm DDS
Dr. William Grippo DDS
Dr. Howard Gross DDS, MSD
Dr. Marc Gross DDS
Dr. Stephanie Gross DDS
Dr. Jean Gross Deangelo DMD
Dr. Sara Grossi DDS
Stephen Grossman DMD
Dr. Lisa Grosso DDS, MS
Dr. William Grover DDS, PA
Dr. Marvin Grower DDS
Dr. Jack Gruber DDS
Gina Gruendeman-Gordon DDS
Dr. Scott Gruwell DDS
Dr. Lucille Guastella DDS
Dr. Mitchell Gubler DDS
Arndt Guentsch DMD
Dr. Paola Guglielmoni DDS MS
Dr. Peter Guida DDS
Dr. Robert Guier DDS
Dr. Rami Guiha DDS HS
William Guild DMD
Dr. Katherine Guilfoyle DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Guirguis DDS, MSD
Dr. Asha Gulati DDS
Dr. John Gunsolley DDS
Dr. Adrienne Gunstream DDS, MS
Dr. Priyu Gupta DDS
Dr. Siddharth Gupta BDS,MS
Dr. Brian Gurinsky DDS, MS
Dr. Randy Gurrola DDS
Dr. Alyssa Gursky
Dr. Carl Gustke DDS
Dr. Janet Guthmiller DDS PHD
Dr. Keila Gutierrez DMD
Dr. Mauricio Gutierrez DMD
Dr. Mark Gutt DMD
Dr. Steven Guy DDS
Aixa Guzman DMD
Sergio Guzman DMD, MSD
Dr. George Habeeb DDS
Nasser Habeeb DDS, PC
Dr. Charles Habekost D,DS
Dr. Derek Haber DMD
Dr. Humaira Habib DDS
Abraham Haddad DMD
Dr. Mason Haddow DDS
Michael Haddow DDS,MSD
Dr. Peter Hadeed DDS
Dr. Ali Haeri DMD,MHS
Charles Hagan DDS
Dr. Michael Hagearty DDS
Dr. Lloyd Hagedorn DDS, MSD
Dr. Jacob Hager DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Haggerty DDS, MSCD
Dr. Kamran Haghighat BDS, MS
Dr. Gerrit Hagman DDS
Dr. Rudolf Hahn DMD
Dr. Gary Hailey DDS MS PA
Dr. Lynn Haines DDS
Basel Hajjar DDS
Nicky Hakimi DDS MSD
Dr. Omar Hakki DDS
Dr. Andrew Halbert DDS
Dr. Timothy Hale DDS
Stephen Halem DMD
Dr. Christine Halket DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Hall DDS,MS
Dr. Emily Hall DDS
Dr. John Hall DDS MS
Dr. Scott Hall DDS
Timothy Hall DDS
Dr. William Hallmon DMD
Dr. Benjamin Halpern DDS
Dr. Stanley Halpern DDS
Dr. Wendy Halpern DMD
Yusuke Hamada DDS, MSD,
Dr. Rupa Hamal DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Hambleton DDS
Dr. Homayoon Hame DDS
Dr. Helyne Hamelburg DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Hameroff DDS
Dr. Babak Hamidi DDS, MPH
Dr. Cameron Hamidi DDS
Dr. Brenda Hamilton DMD, MS, FAGD
Dr. Emory Hamilton DMD
Dr. Jack Hamilton DMD, MS
James Hamilton DDS
Kent Hamilton DDS
Dr. Charles Hamm DMD
Dr. Ann Hammi-Blue DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Douglas Hammond DMD
Clarence Hamrick III DMD
John Hamrick DMD
Dr. Steven Hamrick DMD
Jung Han DDS
Lewis Hanan DMD
Dr. Homan Hanasab DDS, MS
Dr. Everett Hancock DDS
Dr. Raymond Hancock DDS
Dr. Mark Handelsman DDS
David Handsman DMD
Dr. Philip Hanes DDS
Dr. Mary Hanlon DDS, MS
Dr. Raouf Hanna DDS ,MS
Dr. Delaram Hanookai DDS MS
Dr. James Hanratty DDS
Wesley Hanson JR. DDS
Shaziya Haque DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Haradon DDS
Dr. Ronald Haraguchi DDS
Dr. Kourosh Harandi DDS, MS
Ryan Harbertson DDS
Dr. Samia Hardan DMD
Dr. James Hardekopf DMD
Dr. Justin Hardison DMD
Douglas Hardy DMD
Dr. Nadjmeh Hariri DDS
Dr. Muhammad Haris
Ronald Harmon DDS
Dr. Lisa Harpenau DDS
Dr. Daniel Harper DMD,MS
Dr. Stephen Harrel DDS
Dr. John Harrell DMD
Dr. Alan Harris DDS
Dr. Dan Harris JR. DMD
Dr. Ryan Harris DMD, MS
Dr. Tiffany Harris DMD, MS
Dr. Benjamin Harrison DDS
Dr. Jody Harrison DDS
Dr. Kevin Harrison DMD, MS
Dr. Russell Harrison DDS, MS
Dr. Rebecca Hart DDS
Thomas Hart
Dr. Gary Hartman DDS, MS
Dr. John Hartman DDS
Dr. Philip Hartman DDS
Dr. Anne Hartnett DDS
Dr. Ronald Hartzer DDS
Dr. Brien Harvey DDS MS
Dr. Keith Hasday DDS
Dr. James Hashim DMD
Dr. Matthew Hashimoto DDS
Dr. Mohamed Hassan DDS
Mohamed Hassan DDS, MS
Dr. Mohamed Hassan DMD MS
Muyeenul Hassan MSD
John Hastings DDS
Hatice Hasturk DDS, PHD
Takayo Hatakeyama DMD
Dr. Pouya Hatam-Ebrahimi DMD
Dr. Russell Hatfield JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Lee Hauer DDS
Dr. Joseph Havrilla DDS
Dr. Ahmad Hawasli
Dr. Charles Hawley DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. David Hay DMD
Chie Hayashi DDS, PHD
Christine Hayashi DDS,MS
Dr. Ellen Hayashi DDS
Dr. Paul Haycock DDS, PC
Michael Hayduk DDS MS D
Dr. L Haymon DDS
Mr. Rick Heard III DDS,MS
Dr. Barry Heaton
Dr. Matthew Heaton DDS, MS
Mark Hebeish
Dr. Eric Hebert DDS
Dr. Dellmen Hecht DDS
Dr. Thomas Heckler DDS
Dr. Ahmad Hedayati DDS
Dr. David Heering DMD
Dr. Rachana Hegde BDS
Dr. Rashmi Hegde BDS, MS
James Heidere DDS
Dr. Stuart Heimann DDS
Dr. Edward Heinrichs DMD
Joseph Heinze DDS
Dr. Karl Heinzelmann DDS
Dr. Kenneth Heitman DDS, MSD
Mercedes Heitman DDS
Richard Helburn DDS
Dr. A. Heller DMD
Dr. Allen Heller DDS
Dr. Alvin Heller DDS MD
Dr. Douglas Heller DMD
Dr. Robert Heller JR. DDS
Dr. Steven Helm DMD, MS
Dr. Jon Helman DDS
Dr. Timothy Hempton DDS
Dr. Robin Henderson DMD
Dr. Tyler Hendry DDS
Dr. Bertram Henick DDS
Dr. Eleanor Henken DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Henkin DDS, MS, FICD
Michael Hennessy DDS
Dr. Joel Henriod DDS
Dr. Guy Henry DDS
Dr. Robert Henshaw DDS
Dr. Sarah Herd DDS
Dr. Aidee Herman
Dr. James Herman DDS
Richard Herman DMD
Dr. Jane Hermes-Jensen DDS MS
Dr. Maria Hernandez DDS
Rafael Hernandez DMD
Dr. Micol Hernandez Rivera DMD
Dr. Casey Herrera DDS
Mr. Francisco Herrero SR. DMD
Dr. Brock Herriges DMD
Dr. John Herrin DDS, MS
Dr. Caroline Herron DDS, MSD
Dr. H. Michael Hersh DMD
Jason Hersh
Robert Hersh DDS
Dr. Mark Herzberg DDS
Craig Hescheles DMD
Dr. Roger Hess DDS, MBA
Dr. Ellsworth Hew DDS, MS
Dr. Judson Hickey DMD
Matthew Hickin DDS
Dr. Stefan Hienz DMD , PHD
Dr. Micael Hilario DDS
Dr. Jennifer Hill DMD
Dr. Margaret Hill DMD
Roger Hill DDS, MS, PC
Dr. William Hill DDS
Dr. Kenneth Hillenburg DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Hindman DDS
Richard Hines DDS
James Hinrichs
Dr. Hermann Hinze DMD
Dr. Charles Hipp DMD
Dr. David Hirschler II DDS
Dr. Nina Hirshman DDS
Dr. Robert Hirst DDS,MS
Dr. Frederic Hite DDS
Emanuel Hnarakis DDS
Michael Ho DMD
Wan Hin Humphrey Ho DDS
Wei Ting Ho DDS, MS
James Hoag DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Hoang DMD
Taylor Hoang DDS
Mrs. Tram Hoang DDS, MS
Dr. Hana Hobbs DDS, MS
Dr. Nathan Hodges DDS, MS, PA
Dr. David Hoexter DMD
Ann Hofbauer DMD
Dr. Paul Hoffman DMD
Karen Hoffman-Smith DDS
Dr. Oliver Hoffmann DDS
Dr. Donald Hogan DDS
Henry Hoge DDS MS
Dr. Deborah Hohn DDS
Dr. Matt Hoidal DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Hokett DDS
Dr. Ryan Holbrook DMD, MS
Dr. Barry Holden DMD
Dr. Michael Holden DDS,MS
Sheldon Holen DDS
Dr. Rick Holguin DDS, MSD
Dr. James Holland JR. DMD
Dr. Brian Hollander DDS MS
Dr. Michael Holler DMD
Dr. George Holling DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Hollister DDS
David Holmes DDS
Dr. Robert Holmes DMD, MS
Dr. Russell Holpuch DDS, MSD
Robert Holt DMD
Dr. Robert Holt JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Holt DDS, MS
Dr. James Holtan
Michael Homayun DDS
Sul Hong DDS
Dr. Yoon Hong DDS
Dr. Allen Honigman DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Hood DDS
Dr. John Hoppin DDS
Mrs. Karen Horace DDS
James Horan DMD
Ms. Leslie Horn DMD
Glen Hornbuckle DDS MS FACD
Irving Horowitz DMD
Dr. Robert Horowitz DDS
Dr. Stephen Horowitz DDS
Dr. Giles Horrocks DDS
Dr. Harold Horton DMD
Dr. Rodney Horvat DDS
Amir Hosseini DDS
Dr. Ali Hosseinzadeh DMD
Dr. Robert Hostetler DDS, MS
Dr. Valorie Houk DMD, PA
Bruce Houser DDS
Dr. Lawrence Hovey DMD, MS
Dr. Craig Hovick DDS
Dr. Lee Hovious DMD
Dr. Rosemarie How DDS
Dr. Joan Howanitz DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Howe DDS
Dr. Billy Howell DMD
Dr. Monroe Howell DDS
Dr. Richard Howell DDS
Dr. Thomas Howell JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Howieson DDS
Joseph Hsiou DDS
Dr. Andrea Hsu DMD
Herman Hu DDS
Dr. Qizhi Hu
Dr. Key Soon Hu Choi DDS, MSD
Dr. Evelyn Huaman DMD
Dr. Allen Huang DMD MS
Dr. Duke Huang DMD
Hsiang-Yun Huang
Dr. Josef Huang DDS
Dr. Sheng Huang DDS
Dr. Brian Huber DDS MS
Michael Huber DDS
Dr. Russell Hudoba DDS
Dr. John Hudon DMD
Dr. James Hudson D,D,S,
Dr. Daryl Huffman DMD
Dr. Thomas Hughes DDS, MS
Dr. Philippe Hujoel DDS
Dr. Brandon Hull DMD, MS
Dr. Rae Huly-Shuler DMD
Nomahn Humayun DDS
Dr. Lewis Humbert DDS MS
Dr. Jerry Humeniuk DMD
Dr. James Humphrey DDS, MSD
Dr. Lewis Humphreys JR. DMD
Dr. Brad Hunt DDS
Dr. Dennis Hunt DDS
Richard Hunter
Dr. Ronald Hunter DDS, MSD
Chang Hsiang Huo DENTIST
Yong Hur
Dr. Paola Hurtado-Buckley DDS, DSC,
Dr. Luther Hutchens JR. DDS
Stephen Hutton DMD
Dr. Salah Huwais DDS
Dr. Quang Huynh DDS MS
Mr. Guy Huynh-Ba DDS
Dr. Andrew Hwang DDS
Dr. Debby Hwang DMD
Dr. Jiunn Der Hwang DDS
Dr. John Hyatt DDS
Dr. Robert Hymes DDS
Dr. Samuel Hymowitz DDS
Dr. Vincent Iacono DMD
Rosalie Iafrate Silvestri DDS
Dr. Biagio Iannace DDS,MS
John Iasella DDS MS
Dr. Anthony Ienna DDS
Mussadiq Iftikhar DDS
Dr. Alan Igasaki DDS
Jeffrey Iglhaut DDS, MS
Darin Iha DDS,MS
Dr. Danette Illig DMD
Dr. Lawrence Imber DMD
Dr. Michael Imberman DMD
Dr. Daniel Indech DDS
Dr. James Infantino DDS
Dr. Allen Inouye DDS
Giuseppe Intini DDS, PHD
Dr. Efthimia Ioannidou DMD
Dr. Iveta Iontcheva-Barehmi DMD, MS, DSC,
Dr. Manuel Iravedra DMD
Dr. David Isaacs DDS
Dr. Gerald Isenberg DDS
Dr. Irma Iskandar DMD, MS
Dr. Mahrufa Islam DDS
Dr. Michael Israel DDS
Dr. Hilton Israelson DDS
Dr. Sheldon Itzkowitz DDS
Dr. David Ivey DMD
Dr. Claudio Iwamoto DDS, MS
Dr. Maria Izarra DMD
Dr. Bao Jabbar DMD, MS, MPH
Dr. Kristin Jackson DDS, MSD
Dr. T. Jackson DDS, MSD
Dr. Terence Jackson DMD MA
Dr. Thomas Jackson
Dr. John Jacobi DDS
Dr. James Jacobs DMD
Dr. Leyvee Jacobs DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Jacobsen DDS
Gilbert Jacobson DDS
Mark Jacobson DDS
Dr. Steven Jacobson DDS
Dr. Bennett Jacoby
Dr. John Jacquot DDS
Dr. Melissa Jaeger DDS
Dr. Michael Jaffin DMD
Dr. Robert Jaffin DMD
Dr. William James JR. DDS
Dr. William James DDS
Dr. Harry Jamison DDS
Jim Janakievski DDS MSD
Dr. Kenneth Jandik DDS, MS
Dr. Ana Janic DDS
Dr. Eric Jankowski DDS
Dr. Mark Jankowski DDS
Dr. Cynthia Jarzembinski DDS MS
Joel Jaspan DDS
Elham Javadi
Behdad Javdan DDS
Dr. Tariq Javed DMD
Dr. Robert Javer DMD
Dr. Elizabeth Jaynes DDS, MS
Dr. Jean Max Jean Pierre DDS MDS
Dr. Sangwook Jee DDS, MS
Dr. Fanasy Jefcoat DMD, MS
James Jeffries DDS,MS
Firdous Jehan
Dr. Richard Jenderseck DDS,
Dr. Jonathan Jenkins DDS, MD
Dr. Ryan Jenkins DMD
Dr. Michelle Jennings DDS
Dr. Todd Jenny DDS
Dr. James Jensen DDS, MD
Dr. Jeffery Jensen DDS
Dr. Niels Jensen
Dr. Peder Jensen DMD
Dr. Robert Jensen DDS
Dr. Robert Jensen DDS MSD
Dr. Youjin Jeong DMD
Caroline Jermanus DMD
Dr. Gary Jernberg DDS, MSD
Dr. David Jerud
Dr. Lorraine Jerud DR
Dr. Marilyn Jespersen DDS
Dr. Scott Jett DMD, MS
Dr. Mary Jew DDS
Dr. Peter Jezewski DDS PHD
Dr. Richard Jirsa DDS
Dr. Glenn Jividen JR. DDS
Dr. Nikisha Jodhan DDS
Dr. Dennis Jodoin DMD
Dr. Brandon Joe DDS
Matthew Johanson DMD
Vanchit John DDS, MSD
Dr. Bradley Johnson BA, DDS, MSD, LLC
Dr. Bruce Johnson DMD
Dr. David Johnson DDS
Dr. Deborah Johnson DDS
Dr. Dwight Johnson DMD, MS
Georgia Johnson DDS
Howard Johnson III DDS
Dr. Karen Johnson DDS, MHS
Dr. Larry Johnson DDS
Dr. Lonnie Johnson DDS, PHD
Dr. Marshall Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Johnson DDS
Dr. Patrick Johnson DMD, PA
Dr. Scott Johnson DMD, MS
Dr. Sharon Johnson DMD
Dr. Timothy Johnson DMD
Dr. Truman Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Hudson Johnston DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffery Johnston DDS, MS, FACD
Dr. Dale Johnstone DDS
Dr. David Jolkovsky DMD,MS
Dr. Tyler Jolley DMD
Dr. Archie Jones DDS
Dr. David Jones DMD, MS
Dr. Deborah Jones DDS
Dr. Frank Jones DDS, MS
Mr. James Jones DDS
Dr. James Jones
Dr. Richard Jones DMD
Dr. Robert Jones DDS
Dr. Ronnie Jones DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Jorgensen DDS
Dr. Todd Jorgenson DMD, MS
Dr. Danny Joseph DDS
Dr. Peter Joseph DMD
Dr. Jin Ha Joung DMD
Dr. Aleksander Jovanovic DDS, MS
Dr. Marianna Jovanovich
Dr. Ravichandra Juluri DDS,MS
Dr. George Jumes DDS
Dr. James Jun DMD
Mark Jung
Aloysio Junqueira DDS
Dr. Alan Jureidini
Dr. Robert Justus SR. DDS
Dr. Edward Jutkowitz MD PC
Jerry Kaalberg DDS
Dr. Waka Kadoma DDS, MS
Janice Kaeley DDS, MSD
Lucian Kahan DDS
Dr. Elliot Kahn DDS
Dr. Richard Kahn DDS
Dr. Darnell Kaigler JR. DDS
Dr. Andres Kaindl DDS, DMD
Dr. Wayne Kaldahl DDS
Dr. Bryan Kalish DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Kallaos DDS
Dr. Donald Kallio DMD
Dr. David Kallus DMD
Irina Kaluszhner-Shapira DDS
Dr. Paul Kamen DDS
Dr. Angela Kamer
Dr. John Kaminski DDS
Dr. Steven Kaminsky DMD
Dr. Eleni Kanasi DDS, PHD, MS, CAGS
Dr. Robert Kane DMD
Mr. Gary Kanemura DDS
Dr. Charles Kaner
Dr. Kenn Kaneshiro DDS
Dr. Philip Kang DDS
Dr. Teaheon Kang DDS, MS
Ann Kania DDS, DMSC
Dr. Ibrahim Kantarci DDS, PHD
Dr. Jeffrey Kanter DDS MS
Dr. Evan Kantor DMD
Dr. Michael Kantor DMD
Dr. David Kao DDS
Dr. Richard Kao DDS, PHD
Dr. Wenkai Kao DMD
Dr. Daniel Kaplan DDS
Dr. Erica Kaplan DDS
Dr. Eugene Kaplan DDS
Dr. Mitchell Kaplan DDS
Dr. Selma Kaplan DMD
Kamini Kapoor DDS
Dr. Natasha Kapoor DDS
Randhir Kapoor DDS, PHD
Dr. Kian Kar DDS
Dr. Susan Karabin DDS
Sofia Karadimitriou DDS
Dr. Minou Karbakhsch DDS, MSD
Dr. Nadeem Karimbux DMD
Dr. Edward Karl DDS
Dr. Daniel Karlin DDS
Dr. Neil Karnofsky DDS
Dr. Robert Karol DMD
Roger Karp DDS, MSD
Dr. Katherine Karpinia DMD
Dr. Fraya Karsh DMD
Dr. Brian Karshen DDS
Dr. Anastasios Karydis DDS, MS, PHD
Hooshang Kashani DDS
Dr. Gregory Kass DDS
Dr. Moawia Kassab DDS, MS
Dr. James Kassolis DDS
Thomas Kassube DDS
Michitsuna Katafuchi DDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. James Katancik DDS, PHD
Khaldoun Katma
Dr. Theodoros Katsaros DDS
Dr. Diksha Katwal DDS, MSD
Dr. Edward Katz DDS
Elan Katz DDS
Dr. Mark Katz DMD
Dr. Eliaz Kaufman DDS, MS
Mitchell Kaufman DDS
Dr. Steven Kaufman DMD
Dr. Claire Kaugars DDS
Amandeep Kaur DDS
Dr. Maninder Kaur
Dr. Michael Kaurich DDS
Dr. Rayyan Kayal BDS
Dr. Mohamed Kayali DDS
Dr. Lawrence Kaye DDS
Dr. Ralph Kaye DMD
Barry Kayne DDS
George Kazakos DMD,MS
Dr. Gregory Kazandjian DDS, MS
Shahin Kazemi DDS
Mr. Paul Kazmer JR. DMD
Dr. Christopher Kazor DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Patrick Keeley DMD
Dr. Wally Kegel DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. Mark Keiser DDS
Mary Keiter DDS
Dr. James Keith DDS
Ms. Pichak Kelk DDS
Dr. G. Keller DDS
Dr. Todd Keller DDS, MS
Dr. Eileen Kelley DDS
Dr. Thomas Kelley DDS, MSD
Dr. Daniel Kelly DMD
Dr. Emily Kelly DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Kelman DDS
Dr. Danielle Kelner DMD
Dr. Richard Kelner DMD
Dr. Matthew Kelsey DDS, MS
Dr. William Kelsey V
James Kelso DDS
Dr. Violetta Kenigsberg DDS
Dr. Shelia Kennebrew Horton DDS,MS
Dr. Barry Kennedy DDS
Dr. James Kennedy DMD MS
Dr. Robert Kennedy
Dr. E. Barrie Kenney DDS,MS
Dr. Leigh Kent DDS, PHD
Dr. Raymond Kenzik DDS
Thomas Kepic DDS, MSD
Dr. Bruce Kern
Dr. David Kerns DMD
Dr. Steven Kerpen DMD
Dr. Eric Kerr DDS
Dr. Gloria Kerry DDS,MS
Ms. Julie Kerry DDS MS
Dr. Lawrence Kessler DDS
Dr. Gary Key DDS,MS
Dr. Yasser Khabbaz DMD,MS
Dr. Mark Khaimov DDS
Dr. Mohamed Khaled MSD
Dr. Saba Khan DDS, MSD
Dr. Shiza Khan
Namita Khandelwal BDS, MS
Wahn Khang DMD
Dr. Alireza Khansari DDS, MSD
Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche DMD
Mr. Farokh Khatiblou DMD DDS
Dr. Ahmed Khocht DDS
Dr. Sam Khorsandi DDS
Dr. Dena Khoury DDS, MSD
Dr. Samer Khoury DDS MS
Dr. Stephanie Kiefer DMD
Dr. Robert Kiel DMD
Gregory Kier DMD
Dr. Robert Kiger DDS
Dr. Francis Kihara DDS
Dr. Ronald Kilgore DDS
Dr. Alexander Kim DDS
Andrew Kim
Dr. Bolam Kim
Dr. Clara Kim DMD, MS
Doshik Kim DMD
Dr. Edward Kim DMD
Dr. Han Chu Kim DDS, MS, PA
Homing Kim DMD
Hugh Kim
Jeffrey Kim DDS
Dr. Jekyong Kim DDS, MS
Ji Sun Kim
Dr. Jin Kim DDS, MPH, MS
Dr. John Kim DDS
Luis Kim DDS
Dr. Min Kim DDS
Dr. Nancy Kim DDS
Dr. Pilseong Kim DDS,MS
Seok Yong Kim
Dr. Seok-Jin Kim DDS, MSD
Dr. Soo-Woo Kim DMD, DMSC MS
Yong Soo Kim DDS
Yoon Jeong Kim DDS, MS
Dr. In Kim-Yoo DDS,MS
Dr. Kenneth Kimble DDS
Dr. Millard Kimery DDS, MSD
Dr. James Kimmelman DDS
Mr. Hiroshi Kimura DMD
Dr. Caleb King III DDS; MSCD
Dr. Charles King JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Philip King DDS
Dr. Sanford King DDS
Dr. Kiran Kingsley DDS, MS
Dr. Patricia Kingston D,D,S,, MS
Dr. James Kirk DDSMS
Walter Kirk Jr DMD
Dr. Keith Kirkwood DDS PHD
Dr. Michael Kirsch DDS
Dr. Patricia Kissel DMD
Dr. Scott Kissel DMD
David Kissell DDS
Dr. Gary Kitazawa DDS
Dr. Leo Kituskie DMD
Dr. Roger Kitzis DDS
Dr. Georgios Kiurtsidis DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Kivus DDS
Ramz Kkhleif
Dr. Mark Klabunde DDS
Dr. Barry Klassman DDS
Dr. Bradford Klassman DMD
Dr. Donna Klauser DDS
Dr. Jerod Klava DDS
Dr. Joel Kleiman DDS
Jeffrey Klein DDS
Dr. Raymond Klein DMD
Dr. Robin Klein DDS
Dr. Shari Klein DMD
Dr. Valerie Klein DDS
Justin Kleinman
Dr. Kandice Klepper DDS
Dr. Barry Kligerman
Dr. Ross Kline DMD
Dr. Edward Klinger DMD
Dr. Perry Klokkevold DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Klonsky DDS
Dr. Gerald Kluft DDS, FICD, PFA
Dr. David Klump DDS
Dr. Mark Knakal DDS
Dr. Charles Knapp DDS, MA, MS
Dr. Robert Knepper DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Knight DDS
Dr. Navid Knight DDS
Dr. Barbara Knowles-Fenning DDS
Dr. Robert Knox Jr DDS
Dr. Richard Knubley DDS
Dr. Hui-Yuan Ko DDS
Dr. Joseph Koberlein DDS
Dr. Ronald Kobernick DDS, MSCD
Dr. Kenneth Kobliner DMD
Dr. John Kobs III DDS MS
William Kobza DDS
Dr. Stephen Koehler DDS, MSD
Dr. Thomas Koertge DMD
Dr. Michael Koffler DMD
Dr. Vrisiis Kofina DDS
Dr. Alexander Koh DDS
Dr. Richard Koh DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Kohler DDS
Dr. Justin Kohlhorst DDS
Dr. Joseph Kohn DDS
Dr. Philip Kohn DDS
Dr. Dejan Kohut DDS
Dr. Michael Kokorelis DMD
Dr. Matthew Kolesar
Ms. Shilpa Kolhatkar DDS, MDS
Dr. Mark Kolozenski DDS, MS
Dr. Leonard Koltun DDS
Orest Komarnyckyj DDS
Dr. Richard Kondrat DMD
Dr. John Kong DDS
Albert Konikoff DDS
Dr. Bryan Konikoff DDS
Dr. Ewa Konopka DDS
Song Koo
Dr. Gregory Koontz DMD
Bijan Kooshki DDS
Dr. James Kopfensteiner DDS
Dr. Harold Kopman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Kopman DDS
Arzu Korkmaz Bayir
Dr. Matthew Korn DDS
Dr. Randi Korn DMD
Dr. Joseph Kornbleuth DMD
Jonathan Korostoff DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Korsnes DDS, MS
Dr. Maria Korsnes DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Korth DDS,
Michael Kossak DDS
Dr. Ira Kotler DMD
Georgios Kotsakis DDS
Dr. Georgia Kougentakis DDS, MS
Dr. Menakshy Koul DDS, MS
Dr. Theo Koutouzis DDS
Dr. Walter Kovaleski III DDS MS
Jana-Marie Koylass DDS
Dr. Michael Kramer DDS
Anthony Krane DDS
David Kratenstein DDS
Dr. Jennifer Kraus DDS
Dr. Michael Krause DDS,MS
Dr. Jack Krauser DMD
Dr. Richard Krauss DMD
Dr. Joe Krayer DDS, MS
Charlene Krejci DDS
Dr. Charles Kresch DDS
Dr. David Krese DDS
Dr. Michael Kretchmer DDS, MS
Dr. Jared Krieger DMD
Dr. Tracy Krieger DMD
Dr. Veronique Krieger DMD
Dr. Davd Krill DMD
Ranjitha Krishna DMD, MS, MPH
Dr. Prabha Krishnan DDS
Alan Krochtengel
Dr. Paul Kroger DMD MSN
Dr. Yale Kroll DDS
Dr. Kenneth Krueger DDS
Dr. Mark Krupp DDS, MS
Dr. Shail Kuba DMD, MS
Daniel Kubikian
Dr. Walter Kucaba DDS, MS
Dr. Fredric Kudish DDS
Dr. Val Kudryk DMD
Dr. Deena Kuempel DDS
Dr. Kenneth Kuhar DDS
Dr. Robert Kuhn DDS
Mary Kuhns DMD
Dr. Ashish Kukreja DDS
Dr. John Kukucka JR. DMD
Dr. Simha Kukunooru BDS
Dr. Stanley Kull DDS MS
Dr. Akshay Kumar DMD
Dr. Nivedita Kumar BDS,MS
Dr. Purnima Kumar DDS, PHD
Akshay Kumarswamy BDS , MS
Dr. Daniel Kunihira DDS
Dr. Mark Kunihira DDS
Dr. Wayne Kuo DDS
Sandra Kupferman DMD
Stanley Kuren DMD,MSD
Dr. Kasumi Kuse DDS,PHD
Kathleen Kutalek DDS
Dr. Angeline Kuznia III DMD, MS
Dr. Allen Kvidera DDS
Dr. Clark Kvistad DDS
Dr. John Kwan DDS
Stephen Kwan DDS
Kennie Kwok DMD
Vivien Kwok
Dr. David Kwon DMD
Dr. Peter Tae-Jin Kwon DMD
Dr. George Kyd III DDS
Dr. Wayne Kye DDS, MS
Dr. Louis L DMD
Dr. Silvia La Rosa DDS
Dr. Terry Labell DDS, MS, PHD
Leilani Labelle DDS MS
Dr. Nolan Laborde III DDS
Dr. Alejandro Laborde-Corretjer DMD
Dr. Karl Lackler DDS, MS
Dr. Etienne Lacrampe DMD
Dr. Enrique Lacuesta DDS
Dr. Stephen Ladenheim
Dr. Leah Ladley DDS
Dr. Joseph Ladner DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Lafferty DDS
Rodrigo Lagos DDS, MS
Brenton Lahey DMD
Dr. Pin-Chuang Lai DDS
Veronica Lai DDS
Yen-Tseng Lai DMD, MS
Dr. Phillip Lainson DDS
Dr. Dima Lakkis DDS
Dr. Flavia Lakschevitz DDS
Dr. Theresia Laksmana DMD, MS
Evanthia Lalla
Dr. Chad Lalsingh DMD
David Lam
Dr. Kei Lam DMD
Dr. Giuseppe Lamantea DDS
Dr. Susan Lamar DMD MS
Dr. James Lamb III DMD, MS
Robert Lamb
Dr. Donald Lambert DDS
Dr. Harold Lambert DMD
Dr. David Lamberts DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Lamorte DDS
Dr. Jana Lampley DDS, MS
Dr. James Lancaster DDS, MS
Dr. Neil Landy DMD
Brittany Lane DDS
Dr. Edward Lane II DDS
Dr. John Lane DMD
Judith Lane DDS
Dr. James Laney DMD
Dr. Kenneth Lang DDS
Dr. Melissa Lang DDS, MS
Burton Langer DMD
Laureen Langer DDS
Dr. Louis Langford DDS
Gregory Langston DMD, MSD
Dr. Lyndsay Langston DMD
Karen Lanier DDS MS
Dr. Ryan Lanman DDS MSD
Dr. Matthew Lann DDS
Dr. Sharon Lanning DDS
Dr. John Lanz DDS, MS
Dr. John Lanzetta DMD
Wanda Lanzone Hannigan DMD
Dr. Ivan Lapidus DDS
Dr. Vincent Laporta DMD
Monica Lara Cordoba DMD
Dr. Donald Lareau DDS, MS
Burton Largura DDS
Lloyd Lariscy DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Laro DMD, MHS
Dr. Emilie Larrazabal DMD
Dr. Lewis Larson DMD
Dr. Marija Lasalle DDS
Ronald Lascoe DMD
Dr. Shahram Lashgari DMD
Dr. Stella Laskowski
Dr. Salvatore Laspisa
Mrs. Kateryna Latypova DMD
Dr. Charles Lau DDS
Dr. Carl Laudando DDS
Dr. Kenneth Laudenbach DDS
Dr. Daniel Lauer DMD
Dr. Patrick Laughlin DDS
Dr. James Lavespere DDS
Dr. Mark Lavin DDS
Dr. William Lavine DMD
Laura Lawler DDS
Cynthia Layport DMD
Dr. Anthony Lazzaro DMD,MSD
Dr. Hoang-Oanh Le DDS
Dr. James Le DDS, MS
Xuan Khanh Le DMD
Dr. Richard Leaderman DDS
Dr. Karina Leal
Dr. Joseph Leary DMD
Dr. Thomas Lease DDS, MSD
Dr. Curry Leavitt DMD,MS
Dr. William Leavitt DDS
Dr. Binnaz Leblebicioglu DDS, MS, PHD
David Lebowitz DMD
Dr. Andrew Leder DDS
Chun-Teh Lee DDS,MD,DMSC
Dr. Connie Lee DDS
Dr. Dara Lee DMD
Dr. Eugenie Lee DMD, MS
Heejoo Lee DDS
Dr. Hsuch-Ming Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Hui-Jin Lee DDS, MSD
Dr. In Lee DMD
Dr. Jaebum Lee DDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Jenny Lee DDS, MS
Dr. John Lee DMD
Dr. John Lee DMD, MS
Dr. Kelly Lee DMD
Dr. Kevin Lee DDS
Dr. Kwangho Lee DDS
Dr. Leland Lee DDS
Dr. Mary Lee DMD, MSD
Dr. Michael Lee DDS MS
Dr. Naleesa Lee DDS
Dr. Norman Lee DMD
Sangmoo Lee DDS
Dr. Sangyoon Lee DDS
Seokwoo Lee DDS
Seung Lee DMD
Seung-Jun Lee DDS
Stacey Lee DDS
Steven Lee DDS
Sungyul Lee DDS
Victor Lee DDS
Dr. Yeonju Lee DDS
Dr. Yoonjung Lee DDS
Dr. Maureen Lefkoff DDS
Dr. David Lefkowitz DDS
Thomas Legan DDS
Dr. John Legleu JR. DDS
Dr. Kenneth Legunn DMD
Dr. John Lehman JR. DDS
Dr. Nina Lehrhaupt DMD
Dr. Neal Lehrman DDS
Alden Leib DDS,MS
Dr. Julian Leichter DMD
Richard Leiderman DMD
Dr. Gerald Leisten DDS
Dr. Anca Lemler DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Lemler DDS
Dr. Neal Lemmerman DMD, MS
Dr. Marny Lemons-Prince DDS
Rebecca Lenox DMD
Dr. Lili Leon DDS
Dr. Linda Leon DMD
Cataldo Leone DMD
Dr. Peter Leone DDS MS
Salvatore Leone DDS
Dr. Andrea Leopold Brinkman DDS MS
Dr. Natalie Leow BDS, MDSC, FRACDS
Dr. Glenn Lepor DDS
Dr. Biagio Lepre DDS
Dr. Carl Lerner DDS, MSD
Dr. Sheldon Lerner DMD
Barbara Lesco DDS
Dr. Mary Ann Lester DMD
Dr. Michele Lester DDS
Dr. Francois Letourneau DMD
Ira Levenson DDS, MS
Dr. Soheil Levi DDS
Dr. Barry Levin DMD
Dr. Liran Levin DMD
Martin Levin DDS
Dr. Howard Levinbook DMD
Dr. Alan Levine DDS
Dr. David Levine DDS
Dr. Kenneth Levine DDS
Lois Levine DDS
Dr. Marc Levine DDS
Michael Levine
Dr. Richard Levine DDS
Dr. Robert Levine DDS, PC
Dr. Richard Levitt DMD
Dr. Stanley Levsky DDS, MS
Alan Levy DMD
Dr. Charles Levy DMD
Dr. Ori Levy DDS
Dr. Paul Levy DDS
Dr. Robert Lewando DDS
Brenda Lewis
Dr. Joan Lewis DDS,MSD
Dr. John Lewis MS DMD
Dr. Paul Lewis DDS
Dr. Zalman Lewis DDS
Dr. Jingchao Li
Jingjing Li DDS
Yen-Hui Li DDS
Dr. Lixian Liang DDS
Dr. Shih-Chung Liao DDS
Dr. Cherry Libramonte DMD
Dr. Steven Lieber DMD
Dr. Alan Lieberman DDS
Dr. Arnold Lieberman DDS
Dr. Mark Lieberman DDS
Dr. William Lightfoot DDS, MS
Dr. Vikram Likhari BDS, MS
Dr. Jee Lim DMD
Dr. Kyuyoung Lim DMD, MPH
Dr. Semi Lim DMD
Dr. Robert Limardi DDS,MS
Dr. Angela Lin DDS, MS
Chris Lin DDS
Hwurang Lin DDS
Dr. James Lin DDS
Ju-Ying Lin
Li-Ping Lin DMD
Lili Lin DMD
Dr. Thomas Lin DMD
Dr. Victor Lin DMD
Zhao Lin
Dr. Jack Lincks DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Lindeberg DDS
Dr. Eric Linden DMD, MSD
Sheldon Lindenfeld DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Linder DDS
Dr. John Lindsay II DDS
Dr. Shen Ling DMD
Dr. Ted Ling DDS
Dr. Vincent Linz DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Lippiner DDS
David Lipson DDS, MS
Jerold Lipson DDS MS
Luke Liszka DMD
Dr. Joyce Litch DDS MSD
Nicole Litizzette-Witzel DDS, MS
Dr. Luis Litonjua DMD, DDS
Dr. Mark Litterer DMD, MS
Thomas Littlefield
Dr. Matthew Litz
Mr. Chiun-Lin Liu DDS
Dr. Nelson Liu DMD
Shang Lun Liu DMD
Dr. Rania Livada DDS, MS
Dr. Herbert Livingston DDS
Dr. Helen Livson DMD
Dr. Joseph Locaffaro DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Locastro DMD
Dr. Robert Lockhart DDS MS
Dr. Pia Lodberg DDS
Dr. Christopher Lofrisco DMD
Dr. John Lofthus DDS
Dr. Robert Loftin DDS MS
Dr. Mark Logan DMD
Dr. Jennifer Lohse DMD, MS
Wilner Loiseau
Dr. Robert London DDS
Dr. Peter Loomer DDS
Alex Lopez DDS
Dr. Gilbert Lopez DMD,MPH
Juan Lopez DMD
Phillip Lopiccolo DDS
Dr. Brock Lorenz DMD, MS
Dr. Eduardo Lorenzana DDS MS
Dr. Matthew Lorson DDS
Dr. Kevin Loshak DDS
Dr. Wallace Lott JR. DD,S
Dr. John Louis DMD LLC
Dr. Christine Love DENTIST
Dr. Russell Love DDS
Dr. Bruce Lovelace III
Dr. Robert Loving JR. DMD
Dr. Howard Low DDS
Dr. Samuel Low DDS
Dr. Nicholas Lowe DDS
Dr. Krista Lowen DDS, MSD
Dr. Roxanne Lowenguth DDS MS
Dr. David Lowry DMD
Dr. Douglas Lowy DMD
Dr. Italo Lozada DMD
Dr. John Lu DMD
Sheldon Lu DMD
Dr. William Lubken DMD
Dr. Richard Lubow DMD, MS
Dr. Kenneth Lubritz D DS
Fred Lucas DDS
Dr. Mark Lucas DDS, MS
Dr. Karen Luce DDS,MS
Carl Luchetti DMD
Dr. Heather Lucks Miller DDS
David Ludwig DDS
Dr. Glenn Ludwig DMD
Dr. Jacob Lueder DDS, MS
Gaspar Lugo DMD
Dr. Orlando Lugo DMD
Dr. Ferdinand Lugo Romeu DMD, MSCD
Dr. William Lundergan DDS
Dr. Tord Lundgren DDS
Kristian Lundgren-Koszeghy DMD
Dr. Tin Luong DDS
Mr. John Lupovici DDS
Dr. Neil Lutins DDS
Thomas Lynch DDS
Dr. David Lynn JR. DDS
Susan Lynne DDS
Dr. A Lyons DMD
Dr. Collins Lyons DDS
Dr. James Lyons DDS
Dr. Lillian Lyons DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Lyons DMD
Dr. Daniel Lysne DDS
Rui Ma
Wenge Ma DDS, PHD
Dr. Thomas Mabry DDS
Dr. Robert Macalpine DDS
Dr. Concetta Maceli DDS
Dr. Robert Machen DDS, MS
Maurine Machugh DDS, PLLC
Clark Mackelprang DDS
Dr. Scott Mackey DDS
Dr. Stephen Mackler DDS,MS
Mrs. Mitra Macmillan DDS
Dr. Roderick Macneil DDS, MDENTSC
Dr. Simon Macneill DDS
Dr. Monika Madan DMD
Dr. Siamak Madani DMD
Theresa Madden DDS
Dr. Brett Maddux DMD
Dr. William Maddux DMD
Dr. Shahin Madi DMD, MS
Michael Madigan DMD
Dr. Miles Madison DDS
Dr. Thomas Madison DDS
Dr. Larry Madsen DDS
Dr. Linda Maeder DDS
Dr. Frank Maggio
Dr. Donald Magidson PERIODONTIST
Dr. Anne Magner DDS, MS
Dr. Anand Maharathi DMD
Douglas Mahn DDS
Dr. Amir Mahoozi DMD
Dr. Jason Mailhot DMD
Dr. Victor Mak DDS, MSD
Patrick Makins DDS MSD
Sayij Makkattil MDS, MDS
Mohamed Maksoud DMD PA
Dr. Saeid Malboubi DDS
Dr. Benjamin Maldonado JR. DMD
Reza Malekzadeh DDS
Dr. Tannaz Malekzadeh DMD
Dr. Daryl Malena DDS
Dr. Sawan Malik DMD
Dr. Andrew Malinowski DDS
Fuad Malki
Dr. Henry Mallek DMD PHD FACN
Dr. Steven Maller DDS, MS
Dr. Kyle Malloy DMD; MS
Dr. Joseph Maloney DMD
Dr. Sheeren Maloney DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Maltz DMD
Bruce Mandel DDS
Dr. David Mandel DDS
Dr. George Mandelaris DDS
Dr. Robert Mandell DM D , MMSC
Al Manesh DMD
Dr. Pooja Maney BDS, MPH, PHD
Dr. Mark Mangels DMD
Mark Mangelson DDS, MS
David Mangot DMD
Dr. Scott Manhart DDS, MS
Dr. Nisha Maniar DMD
Rashee Mannava DMD
Dr. James Manning DDS MDS
Dr. Jeffrey Manning DMD
Dr. Manouchehr Manouchehr-Pour DMD , MS
Dr. Brian Mantor DMD, MSD
Dr. Katherine Mantzikos DMD
Dr. Jeremy Manwaring DMD,MS
Dr. Jon Manwaring DDS
Dr. David Mao DDS, PHD
Dr. Er-Jia Mao DDS, PHD
Dr. Richard Mao DMD
Dr. William Mara JR. DMD
Dr. Peter Maragos DDS
Miss Sunie Marchbanks DDS
Julie Marchesan DDS
Dr. William Marchese DDS MS
Dr. Joseph Marchi DMD
William Marchi DDS, MSD
Dr. Anthony Marchionno DMD
Dr. Edward Marcus DDS
Dr. Kenneth Marcus DDS
Dr. Armen Mardirossian DDS MS
Mahpareh Marefat DMD, DMSC
Dr. Michael Marfino DDS
Dr. Sam Marghzar DDS
Mark Margolin
Dr. Brian Margolis DDS
Dr. Eugene Mariani JR. DDS
Dr. Kenneth Marinak DDS
Dr. Vanessa Marinho DDS, MS
Dr. Ernest Marino DMD
Dr. Valerie Marino DDS
Dr. Douglas Marion DDS
Dr. Angelo Mariotti DDS, PHD
Kenneth Markle DDS
Robert Marks DDS
Dr. Robert Marks DDS
Dr. Nicole Marquis DMD
Dr. Irene Marron DMD,MS
Dr. Patricia Marrone DMD
Dr. Cora Marsaw DDS
Dr. John Marsden BDS, MSD
Dr. Howard Marshall DDS
Dr. Dwayne Martin DDS
Dr. Eric Martin DDS
Dr. Ignacio Martin DDS
James Martin
Dr. John Martin DDS
Dr. Larry Martin DDS
Dr. Louis Martin DDS
Meriana Martin DMD
Dr. Michael Martin DDS,MS
Mr. Steven Martin DDS
Dr. Frank Martinez DDS
Dr. Eliseo Martinez - Gonzalez MD
Dr. Valerie Martins DMD
Dr. Lisa Marvil DMD, MHS
Dr. Jules Mascarenhas BDS, MS
Dr. John Mason DDS
Matthew Mason DDS
Suzanne Mason DDS
Dr. William Mason DDS, MS
Dr. Fadi Masoud DDS, MS
Donna Massoth DDS MSD PH D
Dr. Jaime Mata DDS
Dr. Xavier Mata DMD, MS
Dr. Barry Matheson DDS, MSD
David Mathews DDS
Dr. Jenny Mathews DDS MS PHD
Hiru Mathur DDS,MS
Dr. Manjiri Mathur DMD
Dr. Bernard Mathy DDS
Dr. Erik Mathys DDS, MS
Dr. James Matia DDS MSD
Dr. Fariborz Matian DDS
Dr. Madjid Matin DMD
Dr. Fariba Matinfar
Dr. Michael Matisko JR. DMD, MSD
William Matoska
Mr. Melvin Matsuda DDS
Dr. Michael Matsuda DDS
Dr. Toyo Matsumoto DDS
Dr. Chad Matthews DMD
Dr. Glenn Mattlage DDS
Ewa Matuszkiewicz
Dr. Scott Matzenbacher DDS,MS
Dr. Willard Maughan DDS
Dr. Clay Maupin DDS
Dr. Meera Maveli BDS, MS
Dr. Brian Maxey DDS
Dr. George Maxfield DMD
Dr. David May DDS, MS
Natasha May DDS, MS
Dr. Petra Mayer DDS
Dr. Todd Mayer
Dr. Phil Mayers DDS,MS
Dr. Tracy Mayfield DMD PHD
Donnie Mayhew DDS
Dr. Glenn Maze DDS
Dr. Edward Mazer DDS
Millard Mazer
Dr. Dan Mazor DDS
Dr. Alexander Mazratian DDS
Dr. John Mazza DDS
Daniel Mazzocco JR. DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcalexander DDS
Dr. Bradley Mcallister DDS,PHD
Dr. James Mcaraw DMD
Dr. Charles Mcbrayer DDS
Dr. Charles Mccabe DMD
Allen Mccall DMD, MS
Michele Mccall DMD
Dr. Russell Mccallion II D D S
Dr. Charles Mccann DDS MS
Dr. Edwin Mccarthy DDS
Mrs. Gail Mccausland DMD
Dr. Mark Mccawley DMD
Dr. Arnold Mcclain DDS, MS
Dr. Pamela Mcclain DDS
Dr. Adam Mcclellan DDS
Dr. Judith Mccollum DMD
Joseph Mccombs DDS
Dr. Kathleen Mccombs DDS, MSD
Dr. Sandra Mccoy DMD
William Mccready DDS
Dr. Alicja Mccrudden DDS
Yetta Mccullom DDS, MA
Dr. Jeffrey Mccullough DMD, MS
Valerie Mcdavid DMD
Dr. Michael Mcdevitt DDS
Georgia Mcdonald DDS
Dr. Howard Mcdonnell DDS
Dr. Patrick Mcdonough DDS
Dr. Rebecca Mcdougald DMD
Dr. Ralph Mcelmurry JR. DDS
Dr. Frances Mcentee
Dr. Mark Mcentire DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcgahey DDS
Dr. Mary Mcgee DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Mcgillicuddy JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Mcgovern DMD
Dr. Robert Mcgrail DDS
Dr. Vaughn Mcgraw DDS, MS
Dr. Adriana Mcgregor DDS
Dr. Michael Mcguire DDS
Dr. Thomas Mckee DMD
Dr. Bradley Mckeever DDS
Dr. Bruce Mckelvy DDS, MSD
Dr. Gregg Mckenzie DDS
Dr. Sheppard Mckenzie IV DDS
Dr. William Mckenzie JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Marie Mckenzie-Tola DDS
Dr. Sidney Mcknight, Iii DDS
Dr. Brendan Mclaughlin DDS
Craig Mclaughlin DDS
Dr. Stephen Mclaughlin DMD
Dr. Nancy Mclaurin DMD
Dr. Thomas Mclean DDS, MS
Dr. Dwight Mcleod DDS MS
Robert Mcleod
Dr. Michael Mcmahon DDS
Dr. Charles Mcmillan DDS
Dr. Mark Mcnamara DDS
Dr. Timothy Mcnamara DDS
Thomas Mcneely DDS MD
Dr. Kenneth Mcpartland DMD
Dr. Michael Mcquade DDS
Dr. Timothy Mcvaney DDS, MS
Dr. Sandra Meade-Lender DMD
Dr. Craig Meadows DDS
Dr. Richard Mecall DDS
Dr. Patricia Meehan DDS
Dr. Kathleen Meehan-Kiermeier DMD, MS
Dr. Winfield Meek DDS
Dr. Michelle Meersand DDS
Dr. Takis Megas JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Mehanna DMD CAGS
Dr. Michael Mehlbauer DMD
Dr. Ali Mehraban DMD
Dr. Rustom Mehta DMD
Dr. Kelly Meilleur DDS
Dr. Walter Meinzer II DDS
Dr. Sean Meitner DDS
Dr. Andrew Melcer DMD, MPH
Dr. Daniel Melker DDS
Dr. James Mellard DDS,MS
Dr. Pete Mellas DMD, MS
Dr. Clifford Melnick DMD
Philip Melnick DMD
Dr. Roman Melnyk DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Meltzer DMD, MSCD
Jeffrey Meltzer DMD
Dr. Steven Meltzer DMD
Dr. Walter Melvin DMD
Sayma Memon
Dr. Stephen Mender DMD
Dr. Ryan Mendro DDS, MS
Dr. Hema Menon BDS, MSD
Dr. Barry Mentzel DDS
Stephen Meraw DDS, MS
Dr. Tom Merchant DMD
Dr. Gerald Meredith DDS, MS
Dr. Lara Merker-Eisen DMD
Jennifer Merritt DDS
Dr. Woodrow Merritt DDS MS
Dr. Ruben Mesia DDS, MS
Dr. Vasilios Mesimeris DMD
David Messick DDS
Dr. Steven Messing DMD
Dr. Brett Metcalf DDS
Dr. Richard Metcalfe DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Metskas DDS
Dr. Benjamin Metz DMD
Dr. Alan Metzger DDS
Lauren Metzger
Dr. David Metzler DDS
Dr. Clyde Mew DDS, MSCD
Dr. Gregory Meyers DDS, MSD
Dr. Herbert Meyers DDS
Dr. James Meyers DMD
Dr. Benjamin Meyrat DDS, MS
Cheng Miao DDS
Dr. John Michael JR. DDS
Dr. Paul Michaelides DDS
Michelle Michaiel DDS
Dr. Bryan Michalowicz DDS, MS
Dr. Olga Michaud DDS
Dr. Robert Michaud DDS,MS
Dr. Robert Michaud DMD
Dr. Anthony Michelich DDS
Dr. Curtis Middleton DMD
Dr. Angela Miele DMD
Dr. Janet Miesel DDS
Richard Miggantz DMD
Dr. Erica Migliorati DDS
Dr. John Mikotowicz DDS, MS
Dr. David Mikulencak DDS
Dr. Krystal Miles DDS
Dr. Mahogany Miles DMD
Dr. David Miley DMD
Dr. David Millen DMD
Alan Miller DDS
Dr. Benita Miller DDS
Brian Miller DMD
Dr. Caryn Miller DMD
Dr. Dennis Miller DMD MS
Gaylen Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Miller DDS
Dr. Harvey Miller DMD, MSCD
Dr. John Miller DMD
Lawrence Miller DMD
Nicole Miller DDS
Dr. Preston Miller JR.
Dr. Robert Miller DMD
Dr. Ronald Miller DDS
Dr. Stephen Miller DMD
Dr. Thomas Miller II DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Miller SR. DDS
Dr. Todd Miller DDS
Dr. Toni Miller DMD
Elisa Millett DMD
Dr. Scott Milliken DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Mills DMD
Mr. Steven Milman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Milone DMD
Dr. Steven Milstein DMD
Dr. Alan Mincer DDS
Dr. Sharon Minott-Warren DDS
Dr. Laura Minsk-Karellos DMD
Alan Mintz DDS
Dr. Roy Mintzer DDS
Dr. James Minutello
Dr. Regina Minutello
Dr. Nima Mir Madjlessi DDS,MSD,PA
Yaritza Miranda-Rivera DMD
Dr. Richard Mirin DMD
Dr. Roya Mirkhan DMD, MSD
Dr. Nicholas Misischia DMD
Dr. William Misischia DMD
Dr. William Mislowsky DDS
Vikas Mittle DDS
Dr. John Mixon SR. DDS
Sharon Miyamoto DDS
Dr. Takanari Miyamoto DDS
Dr. Myles Miyasato DDS,MS
Dr. Travis Mize DMD, MHS
Dr. Byron Mizuha DMD, MSD
Dr. Susan Mizuno DDS
Sudabeh Moavenian DDS, MS
Dr. Marmar Modarressi DDS
Dr. Robert Moeller DDS, MS
Dr. Stacy Moffenbier DDS
Dr. Allen Moffson DMD
Dr. Angel Mogrovejo Fajardo DDS, MS
Dr. Kambiz Mohajer DMD
Dr. Mansour Moheban DMD
Dr. Mohammad Moini DMD
David Moisa
Dr. Shervin Molayem DDS
Dr. K. Moldenhauer DDS
Dr. Sanda Moldovan DDS
Dr. Manuel Molina DMD
Dr. Sandra Molinas DDS
Satya Molleti
Dr. Fausto Moncada DDS
Dr. James Moncrief JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Mone DMD
Dr. Francisco Montamarta DDS
Ronald Montana DDS
Dr. Shelly Montes DDS
Dr. Elwyn Montierth DDS
Dr. Dianna Montoya DDS
Dr. Ralph Montoya DDS, MS
Dr. E. Moore DDS, MS
Dr. Pamela Moore DMD
Dr. Regan Moore DDS
Dr. Vivian Morad DMD
Eddie Morales DDS
John Morales DDS
Dr. Alice Moran DMD
Dr. Brete Moran DMD
Jeannie Moran DMD
Maria Moran DMD, MS
Dr. George Morarasu DDS
Dr. Joseph Morcos DDS
Dr. Oscar Morejon DMD
Dr. Michael Moreno DDS
Dr. Antonio Moretti DDS, MS
Joy Moretti DDS
Mrs. Earlene Morgan DMD
Dr. Harry Morgan DDS
Dr. Mark Morgan DDS
Dr. Marshall Morgan DDS MSD
Dr. Michael Morgan DDS, MS
Dr. William Morgan DMD
William Morgan JR. DDS
Dr. Sam Morhaim DDS
Dr. John Moriarty DDS
Dr. Sandra Morin DMD
Dr. Wilson Morishita DDS
Dr. Roy Morita DDS
Dr. Alan Moritz DDS, MS
Bradley Morlock DDS
Dr. Hidetada Moroi DMD
Dr. Jaklin Morovati DDS
Holland Morrison DDS
Dr. Scott Morrison DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Morrow DMD
Stephen Morse DMD
Dr. Edward Mortellaro JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Morton DMD
Dr. Anastasios Moschidis DMD
Dr. Donna Moses DMD, PC
Dr. Timothy Mosher DMD
Dr. Catherine Moshirfar DMD
Dr. Abdollah Moshrefi DDS, MS
Ari Moskowitz DMD
Betsy Mosquera DDS MS
Dr. Steven Moss DDS
Amir Mostaghni
Dr. Luis Mota DMD
Mr. Saeid Motamedi DDS
Dr. David Mott DMD
Dr. Eihab Mously
Ehab Moussa BDS
Dr. Catherine Mowry DDS
Dr. John Mowry DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Moxley DDS
Dr. Michael Moyer DMD
Dr. Cyrus Mozayan DMD, MDS
Dr. Vanita Mudgil DDS
Frederick Mueller DMD
Dr. Thomas Mueller DMD
Dr. David Mugford DMD
Dr. Craig Mukai DDS
Dr. Enrique Muller DMD, MSD
Dr. David Mullin DDS
Dr. John Mumford DMD
Dr. Magali Muniz-Mariani DMD
Margaret Munley DDS, MPH
Dr. Katharine Munn DDS
Dr. Anna Munne MD, DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Munroe DDS
Dr. Jesse Murillo DDS
Dr. Mary Murphy DDS
Dr. Neal Murphy DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Murphy DDS, MSD
Dr. Bernard Murray DDS
Dr. Patricia Murray DMD PHD
Dr. Virginia Murray DMD
Indra Mustapha DDA, MS, PHD
Dr. Denise Mustiful-Martin DDS
Dr. Charles Musto DMD
Dr. Manoj Muthukuru BDS,PHD
Dr. Kathryn Mutzig DDS
Audra Myers DDS
Dr. Bharathi Devi Myneni BDS
Srinivas Rao Myneni Venkatasatya DDS, PHD
William Myones DMD
Sathiyanathan Nadarajah DMD
Dr. Thomas Nading DDS
Dr. Frederick Nafash DMD
Mr. Martin Nager DMD
Dr. Taraneh Naghieh DMD
Dr. Daniel Nagler DMD
Dr. Richard Nagy RICHARD NAGY, DDS
Dr. Sam Naim DDS
Dr. Babak Najafi-Abrandabadi DDS, MDS
Dr. Michael Najera IV DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Nakamura DMD
Dr. Vahe Nakashyan DDS, MDS
Ted Nakata DDS
Dr. Clifton Nakatani DDS MSD
Dr. Yoshinari Nakayama DDS
Todd Nalley DDS MS
Mr. Rajiv Nanda DMD
Dr. Jackie Nanny DMD
Dr. Salvador Nares DDS, MS, PHD
Aniruddh Narvekar
Dr. Ronald Nason JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Hisham Nasr DDS, MSCD
Mahdad Nassiri DDS
Deepak Nataratu
Dr. Paul Nathan SR. DMD
Dr. Richard Nathan DMD,MS
Dr. Lloyd Nattkemper DDS
Zuhair Natto
Jason Naud DDS
Francie Naval DDS
Richard Navarro DDS
Dr. Michael Nawfel DMD
Dr. James Naylor DDS
Dr. Daniel Nazarian DMD
Dr. Gerard Nazziola JR. DDS MS
Kit Neacy DDS
Charles Neal DMD
Michael Neal DMD
Dr. William Neale BA, DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Neary DDS
Dr. Samuel Nechamkin DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Needham DDS
Anthony Neely DDS
Dr. Marcelino Negron DMD
Dr. Jeremy Nehleber DMD
Dr. Joshua Nehring DDS
Dr. Randall Neichin DMD
Dr. Kenneth Neidhart DDS
Dr. Mary Neill DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Neils DDS
Dr. Daniel Nejat DMD
Dr. Richard Nejat DDS
Dr. Daniel Nelson DDS
Dr. John Nelson DDS
Dr. John Nelson DDS
Reid Nelson DMD
Dr. Steven Nemcic DDS
Dr. Joseph Nemeth DDS
Kumar Neppalli DDS
Dr. Jeff Nerio DDS, MS
Kay Ness DDS
Dr. Michael Neubauer DDS
Dr. Neil Neugeboren DDS
Dr. Douglas Neuman DMD
Dr. Nicholas Neville DDS,MD
Dr. Marc Nevins DMD MMSC,PC
Dr. Myron Nevins DDS
Dr. Daniel Newbold DDS
Dr. Dewey Newbold DDS, MSD
Dr. Ernest Newbrun DMD
Dr. Donald Newell DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Newhart DDS
Dr. Nancy Newhouse DDS, MS
Dr. Dale Newman DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Newman DDS
Dr. Norman Newman DDS
Dr. Dennis Newton JR. DDS
Dr. Joel Newton DDS
Dr. Richard Nezwek DDS MS PC
Dr. Ching Ng DDS
Dr. Hoa Nghiem DDS
Dr. Anne-Marie Nguyen DDS
Binh Nguyen DDS
Hai Nguyen DDS M S
Dr. Khanh Nguyen DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Nguyen DDS
Michael Nguyen DDS, MSD
Dr. Naomi-Trang Nguyen DDS
Dr. Nathan Nguyen Nguyen DMD
Dr. Susan Nguyen DDS, MSD
Ms. Roya Niakiani DMD
Dr. Anne Nicholas DDS
Frank Nichols DDS
Dr. Richard Nichols DMD
Dr. Jason Nicholson DDS
Dr. Pamela Nicoara DDS, MSD
Dr. Darlene Nicoletti DDS
Dr. Brian Nicoll DDS
Dr. Gail Nicosia DDS
Patrick Nicosia DDS, MS
Flora Niderman DDS
Richard Niederman DMD
Dr. Christian Nielsen DDS
Dr. Pamela Nielsen DDS
Donald Niemann DDS
Dr. Scott Nightingale DDS MS
Dr. John Nikas DMD
Saylee Nimbalkar MS
Dr. Richard Nimberg DMD PHD CAGS
Dr. Dee Nishimine DDS
Dr. Dennis Nishimine DDS, MSD
Dr. Harvey Nisselson DDS
Dr. John Nitzell DDS
Eric Niver DDS, MS
Dr. Franklin Niver DMD
Dr. Randy Nolf DDS
Dr. Daniel Noorthoek DMD, MS
Kathleen Nordman DMD
Dr. Fred Norkin DMD
Dr. James Norris DDS, MS
Dr. Samuel Norris JR. DMD
Gordon Norton DDS, MSD
Gregory Nosal DMD
Dr. Imad Nouneh DDS, MS
Roger Nouneh
Dr. Karen Novak DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Michael Novak BDS, LDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Byron Novosad DDS
Dr. David Nowicki DMD
Dr. Hessam Nowzari DDS
Dr. Zeina Nseir DMD
Athanasios Ntounis DDS,MS
Dr. Kyle Nunley DDS
Dr. Lawrence Nurin DDS
Dr. Jacqueline Nussbaum DDS, MS
Laura Nygaard DDS, MS
Dr. William O'brien DDS
Dr. Ann-Marie O'connor DMD, MMSC
Dr. Daniel O'dell DDS,MS
Dr. Adrian O'neal DMD
Dr. Robert O'neal DMD, MF, MED
Dr. Philip O'neill DMD,MSC
Eric Oakley DDS
Dr. Mark Obernesser DDS,MMSC
Dr. Nkemjika Obiechina
Dr. Nancy Obrien DMD
Charles Oconnor DDS
Dr. Deborah Odell DDS
Dr. Ronald Odrich DDS
Dr. Steve Offenbacher DDS, PHD, MMSC
Dr. Richard Offutt III DDS
Yumi Ogata DDS
Dr. Robert Ogg DDS MSD
Dr. Alan Ogrady DDS
Dr. Connie Oh DDS
Mr. Tae-Ju Oh DDS MS
Yoonkyung Oh DMD
Dr. David Okano DDS
Dr. Steven Oken DDS
Dr. Robert Olan DDS
Dr. Frederick Olden DDS,MSD,INC
Dr. De'avlin Olguin DDS, MS
Nicole Olivares DDS
Francisco Oliver
Dr. Neale Oliver DDS
Dr. Richard Oliver JR. DMD
Dr. Wesley Olsen JR. DMD
Dr. John Olson DDS
Dorel Onea DDS
Joseph Oneil DDS
Anthony Opilka DDS
Frank Oppenheim DMD, PHD
Dr. Lee Oppenheimer DDS
Dr. Michael Oppenheimer DMD
James Orban DDS
Menachem Oren DMD
Dr. Luz Oreste DDS
Dr. Marc Orjansen DDS, MS
Dr. Rebecca Orlick DDS
Dr. Ernest Orphanos DDS
Dr. Ronald Orr DDS
Dr. Charles Orth DDS PA
Dr. Paula Ortiz DDS
Dr. Manuel Ortiz-Junceda
Dr. Richard Osborne II DDS
Dr. Kevin Oshea DDS
Dr. Richard Oshrain DMD
Dr. William Ostaski DDS
Sofia Ostrer DMD,MSD
Leonard Ostroff DMD
Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel DDS, MPH
Dr. Francis Otradovec DDS
Amy Ovaydi-Mandel DMD
Dr. John Overman DDS
Dr. Benjamin Overstreet DDS, MS
Jessica Owens DMD
Dr. Kris Owens DDS, MS
Dr. Jeremy Owyoung DDS
Dr. Alfred Oxford DDS
Dr. Gregory Oxford DDS MS PHD
Dr. David Oyster DMD,MS
Dr. Scott Ozaki DDS
Dr. Sandra Pacios Pujado DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Philip Pack DMD
Dr. Harold Packman DMD
Dr. Allan Padbury DDS
Dr. Allan Padbury JR. DDS
Josue Padilla DMD
Dr. Richard Padley DDS
Dr. Andre Paes Batista Da Silva DDS, MSC, PHD
Dr. James Page JR. DDS
Dr. Lawrence Page DDS, PHD
Dr. Samuel Pai DDS
Dr. Edward Paikoff DDS
Dr. Cecilia Pairo DDS
Dr. Mark Pak DDS
Mark Pakan
Angela Palaiologou-Gallis DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Palazzolo DDS
Dr. Kent Palcanis DDS
Dr. James Palermo DDS
Dr. Hima Bindu Pallagorla BDS, MSD
Dr. Frank Palmaccio DDS, MS
Dr. John Palmer DDS,MS
Dr. Leena Palomo DDS, MSD
Miguel Palou
Dr. Anthony Palumbo DMD
Dr. Michael Palys DMD
Dr. Doina Panaite DDS, MS, BS
Dr. Josephine Pandolfo DMD
Ms. Pinelopi Pani
Louis Pannullo DDS, MS
Dr. Susana Paoloski D D S
Dr. Gerald Papador DDS
Dr. Georgios Papageorgakopoulos DDS
Dr. Panos Papapanou DDS, PHD
George Papasikos DMD, FAGD, PA
Dr. Evangelos Papathanasiou DDS
Dr. James Papp DMD
Dr. Alex Pappas DDS
Dr. Anthony Pappas DMD
Dr. David Paquette DMD, MPH, DMSC
Dr. Jolene Paramore DMD
Dr. Phillip Parham JR. DMD
Dr. John Paris DMD,MSD
Leslie Paris DDS,MSD
Dr. Peter Paris DDS
Dr. Dong Park
Gene Park DDS, MS
John Park DMD
Sang Hoon Park DDS
Dr. Sarah Park DDS
Dr. Sohee Park DMD, MHS
Dr. Susan Park DDS
Dr. Yoojun Park DDS
Dr. Anthony Parker DDS
Bill Parker DDS
Dr. Jane Parker DDS MS PA
Dr. Matthew Parker DDS
Dr. Robert Parker DDS
Mr. Samuel Parker JR. DDS
Dr. William Parker DDS
Dr. Roger Parkes DMD, MSD
Dr. Ruth Parkin-Edwin DMD, MS
Dr. A Parks DMD
Dr. Christopher Parks DDS
Lloyd Parmley DMD
Dr. John Parnoff DMD
Dr. Carlos Parra Carrasquer DDS
Dr. Maria Parrella DDS
Dr. Richard Parris DDS
Dr. John Parrish JR. DDS
Dr. Kenneth Parrish DMD PHD
Dr. Lawrence Parrish DDS
Dr. Ronald Parrish DMD
Dr. John Parsons DDS, MSD
Dr. Ronald Parsons DMD, MSD
Dr. Kavitha Parthasarathy BDS,MS
Dr. Farangis Partovi DDS
Dr. Thomas Partridge DDS
Kaarina Parviainen DDS
Dr. Richard Pascoe DDS,MS
Dr. Joel Pascuzzi DMD
Dr. Scott Pasieta DDS, MS
Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli DDS
Dr. Mark Passell DDS
Dr. Peter Passero DDS
Dr. Samuel Passo DDS
Dr. Julie Pastagia
Dr. Amit Patel DDS, MSD
Dr. Neha Patel DDS, MS
Dr. Samir Patel DMD
Dr. Lucrezia Paterno Holtzman
Dr. Chetan Patil DDS
Dr. Maria Patino DDS, MS
Sapna Patla DDS
Alfonso Patron DDS
Dr. Mark Patters DDS
Dr. Gerald Patterson
Dr. Gordon Pattison III DDS
Dr. Brian Paul DMD
Dr. Scott Paul DDS
Dr. Konstantinos Pavlakos DDS
Dr. Adrian Pawlowski DDS, MSD
Michael Pawlus DDS MS
Sarmad Paydar DDS MS
Dr. Jeffrey Payne DDS
Dr. Jonathan Payne III DDS MSD
Dr. Peter Payne DMD
Dr. David Pazandak DDS, MSD
Dr. Mark Peacock DMD
Dr. Rubert Pearce III DDS
Dr. Allen Pearlman DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Pearlman-Storch DMD
Dr. Marc Pearlstein DMD MSD
Dr. Bryan Pearson DDS,MS
Dr. David Pearson DMD
Robert Pearson
Dr. Kenneth Peavy DMD
Dr. Jochen Pechak DDS
Dr. Valentina Pechevaya DDS
Dr. Stuart Pechter DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Peck DDS
Dr. Frank Pecoraro DDS
Dr. Melissa Pecoraro DMD
Dr. Magnolia Pedraza DMD, MS
Dr. Daniel Peguero DDS
Dr. Steven Peiser DDS
David Pelham DDS,MMSC
Barry Peltzman DDS
Alfred Penhaskashi DDS
Dr. Joseph Penn DMD
Dr. Gary Penner DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Penner DDS
Dr. Robert Penny DMD
Dr. Dennis Perala DMD
Dr. Virmaris Perdomo DMD
Dr. Steven Perelmuter DMD
Dr. Cecilia Perera
Campo Perez DDS
Dr. Jose Perez DMD, MSD
Dr. Luis Perez DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Joaquin Perez-Febles DDS
Dr. Nancy Perez-Medina DMD
Dr. Alan Perkin DDS
Dr. Michael Perl DDS
Dr. Gary Perlman DDS
Dr. Meyer Perlstein DDS, MD
Dr. Dennis Perrott DDS
Dr. David Perrry DMD
Dr. Louis Pesce DDS
Dr. Carl Peshoff DDS
Dr. Douglas Petersen DDS
Dr. Christopher Peterson DMD
Jason Peterson DDS
Jon Peterson DDS
Dr. Peter Peterson DMD
Dr. David Peto DDS, MSD
Dr. Sofia Petrov DDS, MSD
Dr. Paul Petrungaro DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Pette DMD, MS
Dr. Alex Pezeshkian DMD
Dr. David Pezzullo DMD
Dr. H Pfeiffer DDS MS
Dr. David Pfohl SR. DMD
Dr. Trang Pham DDS
Dr. Sharon Phamduong DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Phelan DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Phelps DDS
Dr. Bradley Phillips DMD
Dr. Gregory Phillips DDS, MSD
Dr. David Philofsky DDS, MS
Dr. Jon Piche DDS, MS
Stephen Pickering`
Dr. Jean Piegza DDS
Dr. Joel Piehl DDS
Dr. Ward Piepgrass DDS
Mrs. Brenda Pierce DDS
Dr. Gerald Pieroni DDS
Dr. Douglas Pierre DDS MS
Dr. Darren Pike MS DMD PA
Michael Pikus DDS
Dr. Hector Pinero DMD
Dr. Victor Pineschi DDS, MS,APC
Dr. Marion Pinson DDS
Dr. Bradley Piotrowski DDS
Dr. Carlos Alberto Pires DMD, MSD, MSD
Dr. Luis Fernando Pires DMD, MSD, MSD
Dr. George Pirie DMD
Dr. Flavia Pirih DDS
Frederick Pirk DDS MS
Dr. Brian Pitfield DDS, MS
Dr. David Pitman DMD
Dr. Lillie Pitman DMD
Daniel Pittman III DMD
Dr. Robert Pizzurro
Lea Planzos
Dr. Ivette Plata DDS, MS
Dr. Jacqueline Plemons DDS, MS
Dr. David Plessett DDS
Dr. Alexandra Plonka DDS
Dr. Michael Plotno DMD
Dr. Bernard Podlin DDS MS
Dr. Maxim Podolsky DMD
Dr. Theodore Polgar DMD
Dr. Peter Polidori DDS, MS
A. Polins DDS
Jeffrey Polins DMD
Dr. Alan Pollack DDS
Ralph Pollack DMD
Dr. Robin Pollack DDS
Dr. Robert Pollara DDS
Dr. Alan Pomeranz
Dr. David Pond DDS MDS
Dr. Mitchell Ponsford DMD
Dr. Aristidis Pontikas DMD MS
Bryan Pope
Dr. Barbara Popek
Dr. Jason Popper DDS
Dr. Roberto Porras DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Poth DDS, MS
Dr. John Potter DMD
Louis Poulos DDS
Michael Poulos DMD,MS
Dr. Nicholas Poulos DDS
Dr. Christopher Poulsen DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Pounds DDS
Dr. Jacob Pourati DMD, MSD, CAGS
Dr. Charles Powell DDS, MS
Dr. James Powell DDS
Dr. Vani Prabakaran DDS
Dr. Sivaraman Prakasam BDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Aaron Prestup DMD
Robert Pretel JR. DDS MSD
Carlos Pria DMD
Dr. Albert Price DMD
Dr. Marvin Price DDS
Dr. Ralph Price DDS
Ursula Price DDS
Carl Primavera DDS
Dr. Robert Prior DMD
Dr. Alexander Pritsky DMD
Dr. Charles Procini DDS
Dr. Eugenia Prokopets DDS MSD
Dr. Joe Provines DMD
Dr. Alon Prywes DMD
Dr. James Pucci DMD
Dr. Jeffery Pucher DDS
Dr. Osvaldo Puig DDS
Dr. Robert Pulliam DMD MS
Dr. John Pullman DDS
Dr. David Pumphrey
Jyoti Puri
Vikas Puri
Dr. Wayne Pursell DDS
Dr. Israel Puterman DMD MSD
Dr. F Pylant JR. DMD
Dr. George Pylant III DDS
Maha Qari
Dr. Charles Qualey DMD
Nauman Quamar
Dr. James Quattlebaum DDS
Kate Quinlin
Mr. Kevin Quinn DMD
Dr. Michael Quinn DMD, MHS
Dr. Richard Quinn DDS
Dr. Carlos Quinones DMD
Dr. George Quintero DDS, PC
Frank Raab II DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Raabe DDS
Dr. Murray Rabalais JR. PD, DDS
Dr. Guity Rabbani DDS MS
Dr. Martin Rabin DMD PS
Dr. Zori Rabinovitz DMD
Dr. Barry Radell DDS
Charles Rader DDS
Dr. Ryan Rader DMD
Dr. Aaron Radmall DMD
Dr. Arlynn Raez DDS
Roham Rafat DDS
Dr. Dennis Rafferty DDS
Mr. Thomas Rafferty DDS
Dr. Akram Rafla BDS, DMS
Dr. John Ragsdale III DDS
Mona Rahimi DMD
Suraiya Rahman DMD
Dr. Edgar Rajek JR. DDS
Yogalakshmi Rajendran BDS, MS
Zoltan Rajnay DDS
Dr. John Rallo DDS
Dr. Ghazal Ramadan
Dr. Nomith Ramdev DMD
Jorge Ramirez DMD
Robert Ramirez JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Guillermo Ramirez-Lopez DMD
Elizabeth Ramos DDS, MSD
Dr. Katherine Ramos DMD
Dr. Maria Carmen Ramos DMD
Dr. Ileana Ramudo-Townsend DMD, MS
Dr. Frank Ranalli SR. DDS MDS
Elizabeth Randall DMD
Rex Raper DDS
John Rapley DDS
Darrin Rapoport DDS, MSD, PS
Stephen Rappeport DDS
Dr. Mark Rasch DDS
Ricardo Raschkovsky
Kenneth Rasenberger DMD
Dr. Allen Rasheed DMD
Mahnaz Rashti DDS
Dr. Richard Rasmussen JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Rasmussen III DMD
Dr. Amal Rastogi DMD, MSD, PHD
Dr. Amita Rastogi DMD
Dr. Lonnie Rattner DMD
Dr. Neal Raval BDS, MSD
Dr. Lisa Ravenel DMD, MHS
Dr. Nicolas Ravon DDS, MSD
Dr. Swati Rawal BDS, MDS, MS
Dr. Angel Ray DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Ray DDS
Dr. Pamela Ray DDS
Dr. Garry Rayant DDS,MS
Fred Rea DDS
Dr. John Rech DDS
Dr. Luisa Recio DMD, MMSC
Dr. Bryan Recker DDS, MS
Mark Redd DDS
Dr. Bindu Reddy DDS
Michael Reddy DMD
Tigura Reddy
Harold Reed DDS,MS
Dr. Scott Reef DDSMSD
Dr. Terry Rees DDS
Dr. William Rees DDS
Dr. Shawn Reese DDS MS PC
Dr. David Reeves DMD, MS
Dr. William Reeves DDS
Dr. Daniel Reich DMD
Dr. Jack Reid JR.
Dr. Stephen Reid DDS
Dr. Laura Reidy DMD
Dr. Richard Reinhardt DDS
Dr. Gary Reiser DDS
Dr. Stacy Reisfeld DDS
Dr. Marc Reissner
Steven Reitan DDS
Dr. Theobold Remaklus DMD
John Remien II DDS,MS,FACD
Mr. John Remien DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Renegar DDS
Dr. Morton Rennert DDS
Dr. Michael Reshad DDS
Dr. Michelle Respler Rubin DMD
Dr. Lawrence Ressler DMD
Dr. Michael Rethman
Drew Reynolds DMD
Dr. Mark Reynolds DDS, PHD
Dr. Roger Reynolds III DDS
Ehsan Rezvan DDS, MS
Hyon Rhee DDS
Dr. Song Rhim DMD
Dr. Paul Rhodes DDS, MSD
Dr. Alexandre Ribeiro DDS
Paul Ricchetti JR. DDS MSCD
Dr. Frank Riccoboni DDS, MS
Dr. Denine Rice DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Rice DDS
Dr. David Richards DDS, PHD
Bruce Richardson DDS
Dr. Christopher Richardson DMD
Dr. Joseph Richardson DMD
Dr. Rodney Richardson DMD
Jordan Richert DMD
Dr. Colin Richman DMD
Dr. Michael Richter DDS MS
Dr. Frank Ricker JR. DMD
Dr. Heather Ridgway DDS, MS
Dr. William Ries DDS
Dr. Eric Rindler DDS
Dr. Bruce Ringdahl DDS
Dr. Craig Ririe DDS MSD
Dr. Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo DMD
Richard Rizzo
John Roane DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Deborah Robbins DDS
Dr. Fredrick Robbins DDS, MSD
Daniel Roberts DDS
Dr. Frank Roberts DDS PHD
Dr. James Roberts DMD
Dr. Jared Roberts DDS
Judson Roberts DDS
Dr. Donald Robertson PERIODONTIST
Dr. Fatima Robertson DDS
James Robertson DMD
Dr. Michael Robertson DMD
Dr. George Robeson III DMD
Dr. Murray Robinovitch DDS
Dr. Clyde Robinson DDS,MSCD
Janet Robinson DDS
Dr. Lewis Robinson DMD, MS
Dr. Melanie Robinson DDS, MS
Dr. Peter Robinson DDS
Dr. Roger Robinson JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Steven Robinson DDS
Dr. J Rock DDS
Jeffrey Rodden DDS
Karen Rodden DDS
Dr. Eduardo Rodes DMD
Dr. Richard Rodgers DDS MS
Vinicius Rodrigues
Adrian Rodriguez DMD,MSD
Juan Rodriguez
Dr. Katherine Rodriguez DMD
Dr. Rafael Rodriguez DMD
Dr. Raymond Rodriguez Rivera DMD
Ma Leticia Rodriguez Varo
Dr. Glenn Roeder DDS
Dr. Gregg Rogers DDS
Dr. James Rogers DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Rogers DDS
Dr. Raymond Rogers JR. DMD
Mr. William Rogers DDS
Dr. Rod Rogge DDS
Dr. Tamara Rojas DMD, PA
John Rokita DDS
Dr. Ivan Roman DDS
Dr. Richard Romano DMD
Dr. Rodrigo Romano DDS, MS
Georgios Romanos DDS, PHD, PROF
Dr. Ann Romanowski DSD PHD
Dr. Alan Romans DDS, MS
Dr. Allan Romeo DMD
Dr. Tinou Roncone
Dr. Mauricio Ronderos DDS, MS, MPH
Dr. Howard Rosa DMD
Dr. Enrique Rosado DMD
Amy Rosania DMD, MSCD
Dr. David Rosania DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Rosario DDS
Dr. Dennis Rose DDS
Dr. John Rose DDS
Dr. Karl Rose DDS
Dr. Louis Rose DDS, MD
Dr. S Rose DDS
Claire Rosebrough DMD
Dr. Alvin Rosen DDS
Dr. David Rosen DMD
Dr. Paul Rosen DMD, MS, PC
Dr. Jerry Rosenbaum DDS,MS
Dr. Edwin Rosenberg BDSHDIPDENTDMD
Fredrick Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Jerald Rosenberg DMD
Marvin Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Ronald Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Sol Rosenberg DMD
Dr. Ari Rosenblatt DMD, DDS
Dr. Morton Rosenbluth DDS
Dr. Alan Rosenfeld DDS, FACD
Dr. Peter Rosenstein MD
Dr. Ira Rosenthal DDS
Dr. Todd Rosenzweig DDS
Dr. Bradley Ross DMD, PA
Cristina Ross DDS
Dr. John Ross DDS
Dr. Kenneth Ross DMD, MSD, PA
Dr. Sasha Ross DMD, MS
Dr. Scott Ross DDS, PA
Dr. Stanley Ross DDS
Dr. Stuart Ross DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Rossmann DDS
Dr. Anya Rost DMD
Dr. Sylwia Rostkowski DMD
Dr. Matt Rostock DDS
Shaun Rotenberg DMD
Edward Roth DDS
Dr. Jay Rothschild DDS
Dr. Alan Rothstein DDS
Roanld Rott DDS
Dr. Stephen Rouse DMD
Dr. Matthew Rowe DDS, MSD
Dr. Randal Rowland MS, DMD, MS
Dr. Bryan Roy DDS, MSD, PC
Mansur Roy DDS
Daniel Royzman DDS
Dr. Daria Royzman DDS
Dr. Helen Rozenfeld DDS
Dr. Peter Rubelman DDS
Dr. Jay Rubin DMD
Dr. Jonathan Rubin DDS
Satoko Rubin DMD, MDSC
Caroline Rubino DDS
Dr. Louis Rubino JR. DMD
Dr. Craig Rubinoff DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Rubins DDS
Dr. Kenneth Rubinstein DMD
Dr. Kevin Rubnich DMD
Dr. Bill Rubright DDS
Dr. Matthew Rudolph DMD
Mr. Robert Rudy DMD
Dr. Kathleen Rueter DMD, MS, LLC
Dr. James Ruff DDS
Dr. Mark Ruggerio DMD
Dr. Gustavo Ruiz De Castilla DMD, MMSC
Dr. Joanne Rummelhart DDS
Dr. Douglas Rundle DMD, MPH, MS
Bernard Rupnarain DDS MSD
Dr. Robert Rupprecht DDS, MS
Mrs. Deborah Ruprecht DDS
Dr. Brian Rusak DMD
Mr. Kenneth Rusanowski DDS
Benjamin Russell DMD
Dr. Marilyn Russell DMD
Dr. Stefanie Russell DDS, MPH, PHD
Dr. John Russo DDS
Peter Russo DDS
Dr. Stephen Russo DMD
David Rustamzadeh DDS, MSD
Dr. John Rutledge DDS
Dr. William Ryals JR. DMD
Dr. Maria Ryan DDS, PHD
Dr. Robert Ryan DDS
Mark Ryder DMD
Dr. James Rynar DMD
Dr. Mehdi Saber DDS
Dr. Bahareh Sabzehei DDS
Henry Sachs DDS
Dr. Michele Sackheim DDS MSD
Ana Saenz DDS, MSC, PHD
Dr. Luciana Safioti DDS, MSD
Mahasti Saghizadeh DDS
Dr. Ruben Sagun JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Saroj Saha DDS MSD
Dr. Sinem Sahingur DDS, PHD
Pragtipal Saini
Hanae Saito
Dr. Fred Sakamoto DDS
Christopher Sakkaris DDS
Dr. Keith Saks DDS
Dr. Mabel Salas Martinez DDS
Dr. Kristina Salaverry DDS
Jeanne Salcetti DDS
Wesam Salha DDS
Lisa Salloum DDS
Dr. Elliot Salloway DMD
Dr. Debra Salman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Saltz DDS
Trang Salzberg
Jay Salzman
Dr. Richard Salzmann DMD
Dr. Kishore Sama BDS, MSD
Samira Samini DDS
Marquez Sams DMD
Elaheh Samsani DDS
Dr. Andrew Samuel DMD
Dr. Yasaman Sanai DDS, MSD
Farshid Sanavi DMD, PHD
Mr. Andres Sanchez DDS
Shayna Sanchez DDS
Dr. David Sandak DDS
Dr. Van Sanderfer DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Sanders DDS
John Sanders DDS
Dr. Richard Sanders DDS, MSCD
Dr. Rimple Sandhu DDS
Dr. Johnny Sandifer DMD
Dr. Floyd Sandlin III DDS
Dr. Stuart Sandrew DDS MSD
Dr. Sasan Sani DMD
Angel Santiago DMDMS
Dr. Evan Santiago DDS
Maria Fernanda Santos Peres
Dr. Elena Sanz Miralles
Javier Sanz Moliner
Hazem Saqqal DDS
Dr. Lloyd Sara DDS
Dr. Nima Sarmast DDS, MS, MPH
David Sarment DDS
Dr. Hector Sarmiento DMD, MSC
Dr. William Sasser DMD
Shanne Sastiel DDS
Dr. Keerthana Satheesh DDS
Dr. Frank Satinover DMD
Dr. Andrew Satlin DDS
Ruben Sauceda DDS, MS
Dr. Kip Saunders DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Saunders DDS
Dr. Victor Saunders DDS
Dr. Athan Savas DDS
Dr. Michael Savin DMD
Dr. Edward Savoy DDS
Dr. Abdullah Sayed DDS
Lynn Sayre-Carstairs DMD
Dr. Scott Sazima DDS
Dr. Donald Scales DDS
Dr. Frank Scannapieco DMD
Dr. James Scarpino DDS
Dr. Thomas Schaberg DDS MS
Dr. Michael Schacter DMD
Dr. John Schaefer DMD
Stephen Schaller DMD
Dr. Rachel Schallhorn DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Schallhorn DDS
Dr. Mark Schambra DDS
Dr. David Scharf DMD
Dr. Daniel Scheer DDS
Dr. Miles Scheffer DDS
Dr. Michael Scheidt DDS
Dr. Eileen Schein DDS
Dr. Austin Schellinck DDS, MS
Stephen Schenk DDS, MS
Dr. Harvey Schenkein DDS
Aubrey Scher DMD
Dr. Avi Schetritt DMD
Eric Scheyer DDS
Dr. Melody Schiffer DMD
Dr. Robert Schifferle DDS PHD
Dr. Lary Schiller DDS
Dr. Mark Schlesinger DDS
Dr. Robert Schlueter DMD
Scott Schlueter DMD
Dr. Joan Schmitt DDS,MSD
Randal Schmitt DDS
Dr. Daniel Schneider DDS
Dr. David Schneider DMD
Dr. Paul Schneider DMD
Dr. Thomas Schneider DMD
William Schneweiss DDS
Dr. Eric Schoenebeck DMD, MS
Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger DDS
Dr. H. Scholes DMD
Steven Schrad DDS MS
Michael Schroer DDS,PLC
Dr. Alexander Schrott DMD, MMSC
William Schuldt JR. DDS MS
Ralf Schuler DDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Sidney Schulman DDS
Allen Schultz DDS
Ulrike Schulze-Spate DDS
Leonard Schusterman DDS
Dr. Jack Schwarcz DDS, MS
Dr. Arthur Schwartz DMD
Dr. Jerry Schwartz DDS
Jessica Schwartz DDS
Dr. Justin Schwartz DMD
Dr. Roy Schwartz DDS
Dr. Melvyn Schwarz DDS,, MCSD
Dr. Marie Schweinebraten DMD
David Schwimer DMD
Dr. Thomas Scorziello MS, DMD, MS
Dr. Tracy Scott DMD
Jamison Scotto DMD
Dr. Steven Scrivo DMD
Dr. Catherine Seagren Alley DDS MS
Dr. Samuel Seale DDS MS
Dr. Ashley Seals DDS, MS
Dr. Braden Seamons DDS
Stuart Sears DDS
Dr. Paula Sebastiani DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Sedaghatfar DMD, MS
Dr. Mehrshid Sedaghatpour DDS
Mr. Onsy Seedhom DMD
Dr. Jane Segal DMD,MDS
Dr. Steven Segall DDS MS
Dr. Stuart Segelnick DDS
Dr. Stanley Sehler DDS
Dr. Steven Seibert DMD
Dr. Thomas Seibert DMD
Dr. John Seifert DMD
Rei Sekiguchi DDS
Dr. Julio Sekler DMD, MMSC
Dr. Herbert Selipsky DDS, MSD
Dr. Scott Semba
Dr. David Semeniuk BDSC
Dr. Arundhati Sengupta BDS, MDS, MSD
Dr. William Sentiere DDS,MSD
Dr. Walter Sepe DMD
Dr. Paul Sergio DDS
Dr. Francis Serio DMD
Dr. Milagros Serrano DDS
Dr. Walter Serwatka DDS
M Reza Setayesh DMD
Dr. Shalini Sethi DDS
Dr. Mark Setter DDS, MS
Dr. Ajay Setya DDS MSD
Jeffrey Sevor DMD
Dr. Ali Seyedain DMD, MDS
Merriam Seyedain DMD, MS
Charles Sfeir DDS, PHD
Dr. George Sferra JR. DDS
Dr. Tassos Sfondouris DDS,MS
Dr. Lauren Shack DDS
Dr. Luciana Shaddox DDS
Dr. Sahar Shafi DDS
Neha Shah DMD
Nidhi Shah
Dr. Samir Shah DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Shahan DDS
Dr. Masih Shahlaie BDS, MS
Soheil Shahmiri DDS
Dr. Talia Shainhouse DDS
Dr. Abraham Shait DDS
Dr. Cynthia Shalom DMD
Dr. Paul Shaman DDS
Dr. Sam Shamardi DMD
Dr. David Shamash DDS,MS
Dr. Seyed Shamseddin DDS
Dr. Richard Shanaman DDS
Dr. Gregory Shanbour DDS, MS
Dr. Dennis Shanelec DDS
Dr. Michael Shannon DSS
Dr. Patrick Shannon DMD
Dr. Thomas Shannon DDS
Dr. Denise Shapiro DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro DMD
Dr. Larry Shapiro DDS
Dr. Leonard Shapiro DMD
Dr. Michael Shapiro
Dr. Nathan Shapiro DMD
Dr. Nathan Shapiro DDS
Dr. Cary Shapoff DDS
Tannaz Shapurian DMD, MS
Dr. Dennis Sharkey III DMD
Robert Sharp DDS
Dr. Susan Sharp DDS
Peter Shatz DDS
Dr. Claire Shaw DMD
Dr. Sean Shaw DMD
Dr. Thomas Shaw DDS
Dr. Elliot Shear DDS
Dr. Alan Shechtman DDS
Dr. Robert Shectman DDS
Dr. Glenn Shefter DDS,PA
Stephen Sheinberg DDS
Dr. Karina Sheinkman DDS, MS
Dr. Lee Sheldon DMD
Dr. Gary Shellerud DDS, PERIODONTIST
Dr. Lexington Shelley JR. DMD
Dr. Beaumont Shelton DMD
Dr. Steven Shelton DMD
Dr. Wayne Shepard DDS,MS
Dr. Stephen Shepherd DDS
Dr. Walter Shepherd DMD
Dr. Syed Shere DDS, MS
Phillip Sheridan DDS
Dr. Donald Sherman DDS
Kenneth Sherman II DDS
Jeffrey Sherry DDS, MSD
Dr. Harlan Shiau DDS, DMSC
Dr. Fumio Shibata DDS
Dr. Othman Shibly DDS, MS
Dr. Walter Shields DDS, MS
Dr. Denise Shih
Dr. Sarah Shih DDS, MS, DMSC
Dr. Jacob Shiloah III DMD
Dr. Mark Shimoda DDS, PC
Dr. Daniel Shin DDS
Dr. Hochul Shin DDS
Dr. Sang Shin DMD
Dr. Hamid Shirazi DDS
Dr. Myra Shivers
Marc Shlossman DDS
Howard Shockett
Dr. Bruce Shoicket DMD
Dr. Michael Shreck DMD
Dr. Jeremy Shulman
Dr. Nicholas Shumaker DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Shuman DMD
Dr. Nancy Shumate DDS
Dr. Gregory Shupik DMD
Dr. Abe Shuster DDS
Dr. Monette Shuutleworth DDS/PERIODONTIST
Dr. Kenneth Siegel DDS
Dr. Bryan Siegelman DDS
Dr. Steven Sierakowski DMD
Dr. Gary Sigafoos DDS
Dr. Mark Silberg DMD
Don Silberman DMD
Dr. Jennifer Silc DDS, MS
Dr. Cathleen Silliman DDS
Stepehn Silston DD
Dr. Jessica Silva DMD
Dr. Juan Silva DMD, MS
Dr. David Silver DMD
Dr. Martin Silver DMD
Dr. Maria Silvera Portacio PHD, DDS, INC
Dr. Howard Silverbrand DDS
Dr. Mark Silvers DDS
Dr. Lee Silverstein DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Silverstein DDS,MS
Corneliu Sima
Rasheed Simjee DMD
Mr. Trevor Simmonds DDS
Dr. Jason Simmons DMD
Barry Simms
Dr. Barry Simon DD S
Dr. Ira Simon DDS
Dr. Michael Simon DDS
Dr. S. Lawrence Simon DDS,PC
Dr. Ziv Simon DMD
Dr. James Simonds DMD
Dr. Krikor Simonian DDS
Dr. David Simpson DDS
Dr. Kevin Sims DMD, MS, RPH
Dr. Thomas Sims DDS
Dr. Elisa Sin DMD
Dr. David Sinar DDS
Dr. Arnold Sindler DDS
Mayer Sinenesky DDS
Dr. Richard Singer DDS
Dr. Todd Singer DDS
Amarik Singh DDS,MS
Dr. Gurbhajan Singh DDS
Dr. Medha Singh BDS, DMD, MS
Mrs. Shalini Singh DDS
Mr. Surendra Singh DDS
Dr. Robert Singiser DDS
Mr. Macon Singletary DDS MS
Dr. Rakhi Sinha Morton DDS, MS
Dr. James Sinks DDS
Camille Siqueira DDS, DSC
Dr. Garo Sirinian JR. DDS
Dr. Jay Sison DDS, DMSC
Trever Siu DMD, MS
Julia Sivitz DMD
Daniel Skaar
Dr. J. Skahan DDS
Dr. Steven Skanchy
Dr. Howard Skavdahl DDS
Dr. Larisse Skene DMD
Robert Skillicorn
Dr. Anthony Skinner DDS
Dr. Michael Skinner DDS,PC
Dr. Raymond Skinner MS, DDS
Dr. Barry Sklar DDS
Dr. James Slagle JR. DDS
Dr. Matthew Slaven DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Slavin DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Slone DMD
Dr. Kenneth Small DDS
Dr. Alan Smith DMD
Carol Smith DDS
Dr. Charlotte Smith DMD
Dr. Frederic Smith DDS, PHD
Dr. Gary Smith DDS MSD SC
Gregory Smith DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Smith DDS, MS
Dr. Jonathan Smith DMD, MHS
Dr. Karl Smith DDS, MS
Dr. Kim Smith DDS, MSD
Dr. Kyle Smith DDS,MS
Laura Smith DDS
Dr. Morley Smith DMD, PC
Dr. Peter Smith DMD, MSD
Dr. Randall Smith DDS
Dr. Ravipan Smith DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Smith DDS
Dr. Scott Smith DDS
Stephen Smith DDS
Dr. Susan Smith DMD, MDS
Dr. Terence Smith DDS
Theresa Smith
Dr. Thomas Smith DDS, MSD
Dr. Valerie Smith DMD
Dr. Sherman Smock DDS
Dr. Richard Smook DDS
Dr. Hyman Smukler DMD
Dr. Lawrence Snider DDS
Dr. Paul Snisky DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Snitzer DMD
Dr. Stephen Snitzer DDS
Dr. Alvin Snyder DDS
Dr. Mark Snyder DMD
Dr. Randolph Snyder DMD
Dr. Robert Sobel DDS
Takanori Sobue DDS
Dr. David Soder DDS
Dr. Stephen Soehren DDS
Dr. Barry Sogoloff DMD MS
Kristi Soileau DDS
Dr. Oender Solakoglu DDS, MS, PHD
Vivek Solanki DDS
Dr. Bobby Soleiman DDS
Peiman Soleymani DDS
Dr. Marvin Solomon DDS
Dr. Robert Solomon DMD, MMSC
Dr. Alan Solowsky DDS
Dr. Leila Soltani DDS
Dr. Barry Solzberg DDS
Dr. Lloyd Soman DDS
Ms. Martha Somerman DDS, PHD
Ann Somers DDS, MS
Dr. Arthur Sommer DMD
Hyun Song DDS MSD
Dr. Jun Song DDS, MMSC
Dr. Michael Sonick DMD
Jyoti Sonkar BDS, MPH
Bob Sonnes DDS
Dr. Keith Sonnier DDS
Dr. Iyad Sood DMD
Ahmad Soolari
David Sorboro DDS, MS
Aldo Sordelli DDS, MSD
William Sorensen DDS MS
Dr. Arthur Sorkin DDS MS
Dr. Vivian Sorkin DMD
Dr. Jesse Sorrentino DDS
Dr. Robert Sorrentino DMD
Dr. Blanca Sotomayor DMD
Dr. John Sottosanti DDS
Dr. Steven Southard DDS
Dr. Jason Souyias DDS
Dr. Anthony Spagnuolo DDS, MSD
Dr. Donald Spano DDS
Dr. Frank Sparacino DDS
Dr. Thomas Spata DDS
Dr. Stephen Spector DDS
Dr. Aline Speer DDS, MS
Paul Speert DDS
Dr. Michael Spektor PERIODONTIST
Dr. George Spencer JR. DDS
Dr. Keren Sperling DMD, MSC
Dr. Thomas Spiegel
Dr. Kent Spillman DDS
Dr. Michael Spilotro DDS
Steven Spindler DDS
Gary Spinks DMD
Dr. Ernest Spira DDS
Dr. John Spitznagel JR. DDS, PHD
Dr. James Spivey DDS
Dr. John Spray DDS
Dr. Richard Squillaro DDS
Dr. Charles Squire DDS
Dr. Stephen St. James DDS
Dr. Coury Staadecker DDS, MS
Dr. Susan Stacker
Wilkie Stadeker DDS
Mr. William Stalker DDS
Dr. Richard Staller DDS
Dr. Constantine Stamatelakys DDS
Kathleen Stambaugh DDS
Dr. Roger Stambaugh DMD
Dr. Marc Stanard DDS
Dr. Tom Stanton DDS
Dr. Andrew Stanya DDS, MS
Jeffrey Starkman DMD
Dr. John Starr JR. DMD
Dr. Caton State DDS, MS
Dr. Harriet Stathis-Ubertalli DDS
Dr. Panagiota Stathopoulou DDS
Dr. Julie Statz DDS
Dr. Thomas Statz DDS
Lindsey Steele DDS
Dr. Matthew Steffer DDS
Horst Stehle DDS
Paul Steigerwald DDS
Dr. Boris Stein DMD
Dr. Chester Stein DDS
Dr. David Stein DMD MS
Dr. Heather Stein DMD, MS
Dr. Stephen Stein DDS
Sydney Stein DDS
Ashley Steinberg
Dr. Donald Steinberg MBA, DDS, MSD
Dr. Gregory Steiner DDS
Dr. Raymond Steiner DDS
William Steines DMD
Dr. Andrew Steinhilber DDS, MSD
Dr. Lawrence Stender DDS
Dr. William Stentz JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Stephens DDS
Robert Stepnick DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Sterio DMD
Dr. Jacob Stern DMD
Shmuel Stern DDS
Dr. Victor Sternberg DMD
Dr. John Sterrett DDS, MSO
Dr. Kathy Stetler DMD MSD
Dr. Alvin Stevens JR. DMD
Carol Stevens DDS
Dr. Van Stevens DMD
Dr. Carl Stewart DDS
Dr. Daniel Stewart DDS
Dr. R. Stewart DMD
Dr. Daniel Stiefel DMD
Dr. Jessica Stilley DMD
Dr. Norman Stoller DMD
Stanley Stoller DDS
Dr. John Stone DDS
Dr. Jason Stoner DDS, MS
Dr. Janet Stoupel DMD, MS
Dr. Jerry Stovall DMD
Dr. James Stover DDS
James Straka DMD
Leah Strange DMD
Miss Vasiliki Strantzali DDS
Michael Strassberg DMD
Dr. Gerald Strassberger DMD
Dr. Robert Strathman DDS
Dr. Leonard Strauss DMD
Dr. Daniel Streck DDS
Dr. Jason Streem DDS, MSD
Dr. Ivan Streif DDS
Dr. H Strickland JR. DDS
John Stringer DDS
Dr. Scott Strong DMD
Dr. Stephen Strout DMD, MS
Dr. William Strutz JR. DDS
Dr. George Stuart JR. DDS
Dr. Ronald Stukalin DDS, MS
Popi Stylianou DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Stypula DDS, MDS
Mingfang Su DMD
Dr. Rebecca Subin-Schneebaum DMD
Dr. Robert Suchow DND
Dr. Norman Suga DDS
Dr. Edward Sugarman DDS
Dr. Richard Sugarman DDS
Dr. Patricia Sukmonowski DDS
Dr. Andrew Sullivan JR. DDS
Dr. Mary Sullivan DMD
Dr. Michael Sullivan DMD
Dr. Rada Sumareva DDS
Dr. Steven Sumida DDS
Dr. Gerald Summerhays DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Summers DDS,MS
James Summers
Dr. Robert Summers DMD
David Sumney
Dr. Chun-Xiao Sun DMD,MS,MSD,PHD
Kuo Tong Sun DMD
Dr. Teresa Sun DDS
Tina Sun DDS
Tacy Sundell DDS
Dr. Ki-Sung Sung DDS, MS
Dr. Sasi Sunkara
Linda Suralie DDS
Dr. Jose Suris DMD
Dr. Jerome Surmenian DDS
Dr. Peter Susanin DDS
Leo Sushner DDO
Dr. Cristiano Susin DDS
Dr. Harold Sussman DDS, MSD
Dr. Edwin Sutherland II DDS, MS
Dr. Lynne Sutherland DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Sutor DDS MSD
Dr. Mark Sutter DDS
Dr. William Suttle DDS
Dr. Neal Suway DDS
Dr. Abdelrouf Suwid BDS
Dr. Jon Suzuki DDS, PHD, MBA
Dr. Kevin Suzuki DMD
Dr. John Svendsen MS, DMD, MSD
Dr. Paul Svoboda DDS,MSD
Dr. Albaraa Swaid DDS MS
Logesh Swayamprakasam
Dr. Dale Sweeney DDS, MS
Dr. Douglas Sweeney DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Sweeney DDS
Dr. Patrick Sweeney DDS
Dr. Thomas Sweeney DDS
Larry Sweeting
Dr. Mais Sweidan DMD
Laura Swerdlin DDS
Dr. Julie Swift DDS, MS
Dr. Jessica Swoboda DDS,MSD
Dr. Ira Sy DDS, MS
Dr. Blake Synowski DMD
Lauren Syrowik DDS
Dr. Dennis Szymaitis DMD
Dr. Jonathan Szymanowski DMD,MMSC
Thai Ta DDS
Dr. Jerome Tabacca DDS
Dr. Negar Tabandeh DDS, MS
Dr. Anat Tadir DMD
Dr. Edward Taggart JR. DDS, MS
David Tagge DDS, MSD
Eman Tahawi DMD
Loubna Tahiri DMD
Dr. Alice Tai DDS
Chia-Yin Tai DDS
Dr. Teyu Tai DDS, MS
Dr. Vincent Takacs DDS
Jeff Takai DDS
Dr. Henry Takei DDS, MS
Dr. Irene Tam DDS
Dr. Richard Tami DDS
Dr. Sara Tanavoli DDS,MS
Anoushka Tandon
Dr. Elizabeth Tandy DMD
Dr. Robert Tandy DDS, MS
Bruna Tanello DDS
Dr. Vera Tang DDS, MS
Dr. James Tanner DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Tanner DDS
Dr. Daraporn Tanpattana DDS
Eduardo Tanur DDS
Dr. John Tanzilli DMD
Mr. William Tarasuk DDS
Dr. Dennis Tarnow DDS
Dr. Jennifer Taschner DDS, MMSC
Dr. Ronny Taschner DDS
Dr. Edmond Tash DDS
Esraa Tash
Dimitris Tatakis DDS, PHD
Dr. Stewart Taubkin DDS
Dr. Jeffery Taylor DMD
John Taylor DDS
Dr. Leroy Taylor DDS
Dr. Ryan Taylor DDS, MS
Dr. Isaac Tbeile DDS
Dr. Daniel Teboul DDS
Austin Teitelbaum DDS
Dr. Flavia Teles DDS
Dr. Kayleigh Temple DDS
Dr. Paulette Tempro DDS
Dr. Hana Tenzer
Dr. Juan Teodoro DMD
Dr. Deborah Termeie DDS
Dr. Victor Terranova DMD, MS, PHD
Dr. Beatriz Terry DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Terry DDS
Dr. Mark Terry DDS
Dr. Sergio Tesedor-Leon SR. DMD
Dr. Lawrence Tesser DDS
Warren Tessler DDS MSCS
Dr. Baruch Tetri DDS
Dr. Emil Tetzner DMD MS
Sejal Thacker DDS
Dr. Devang Thakkar DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Thaler DDS
Russell Thaler DMD,MS
Dr. Wendy Tharp DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Theberge DDS
Dr. David Thein DDS, MSD
Dr. Conrad Theiss JR. DMD
Dr. Peter Then DMD DR MED DENT
Dr. Denise Theriault DMD
Dr. Donald Theriault DMD
Dr. Konstantina Thomadaki
Dr. Clifford Thomas DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Thomas DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffery Thomas DDS
Dr. John Thomas DDS
Dr. Jonathan Thomas DDS
Lloyd Thomas JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Thomas DDS
Dr. Shannon Thomas DMD
Dr. Shaunda Thomas DDS, MS
Terry Thomas DDS
Dr. Dennis Thompson DDS
Dr. Donald Thompson DMD
Dr. Kelley Thompson DDS
Dr. Michael Thompson DDS
Dianne Thomson DDS PA
Dr. Anisha Thondukolam DDS
Dr. John Thousand IV DDS
Dr. Robert Thousand JR. DDS
Dr. Vivek Thumbigere Math BDS
Dr. Daniel Thunell DMD
Dr. Ernest Thurber DDS MSD
Dr. Leonard Tibbetts DDS, MSD
Dr. Jonathan Tiger DMD
Dr. James Tilger DDS
Dr. Linda Till DDS
Dr. Steven Tilliss DDS, MS
John Tillman DDS
Dr. Lloyd Tilt DDS,MS
Dr. Sunny Tilwani
Dr. Alan Timko DMD
John Tingey DMD
Dr. Fredrick Tisot DDS
Dr. Robert Tisot DMD
Dr. Fatima Tiwana BDS
Dr. Irina Tkach DDS
Dr. Gregory Toback DMD,MS
Dr. Michael Tobin DDS MS
Dr. Allen Todd DDS
Dr. Michael Toffler DDS
Dr. Ziad Tohme DMD,DSC
Gilbert Toledo DMD
Monty Tolman DDS
Paul Tolmie DDS
Dr. Jose Tolosa DMD
Dr. Samira Toloue DDS, MSD
Dr. George Tolson IV DDS, MS
Alex Tom DDS
Dr. Dante Tomaselli DMD
Dr. Frank Tominac DMD
Dr. Michael Toms DDS
Viet Ton That DMD
Dr. Ming Fai Tong DDS, MSD
Pallavi Tonsekar
Donald Toporoff DMD
James Torosian DMD
Dr. Keyla Torres DMD, MS
Dr. Maria Torres DMD
Dr. Melanie Towe DMD
Pedram Towfighi DDS MS
Dr. Herbert Towle III DDS
Dr. Stephen Towns DDS
Dr. Bradley Townsend DDS
Prof. Tolga Tozum DDS, PHD
Georges Traboulsi DDS
Leo Trail JR. DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Christopher Trailor DMD
Victor Train DDS
Dr. Duy Anh Tran DMD
Lisa Tran DDS, MS
Dr. John Trapp
Dr. Stephen Traum DDS
Dr. Eman Traynor DMD,MS,LLC
Dr. Robert Treado DMD
Dr. Marie-Clarie Tredinick DDS MS
Dr. Pedro Trejo DDS, MS
Lisa Trepp DMD
Dr. Emanuel Tress DDS
Melissa Tricamo
Dr. John Trimarco JR. DMD
Kyle Trobough DDS
Dr. Richard Truhlar DDS
Dr. Ariel Trujillo DMD
Dr. Israel Trujillo DDS
Dr. David Trylovich DDS, MS
Dr. Ani-i Tsai DMD
Ching-Yin Tsai DDS
Dr. Eric Tsai DMD
Dr. Paul Tsai BDS
Dr. Peter Tsambazis DMD
Dr. Cynthia Tsamtsouris DMD
Dr. Sophia Tseng DMD
Alexandra Tsigarida DDS, MS
Dr. Demetrios Tsiokos DDS
Dr. Ioanna Tsolaki DDS, MS
Dr. Maki Tsou DMD
Dr. Ioannis Tsourounakis DDS
Dr. Steven Tsurudome DDS, MS
Dr. Larry Tuan LARRY TUAN
Lloyd Tucker DMD,MSD, PS
Patricia Tucker DMD
Dr. Sheila Tucker DMD
Dr. Sid Tucker DDS
Dr. Marvin Tuckman DDS
Dr. John Tunnell DDS, MS
Dr. Ian Turner DDS
John Turner DMD
Dr. Ryan Turner DDS
Dr. James Turonis DDS
Dr. Denise Turunen DDS, MS
Dr. Gerald Tussing DDS MS
Dr. Keelen Tymkiw BDS
Dr. James Ubertalli DMD
Dr. Jay Uemura DDS
Dr. Jeremy Ueno DMD
Dr. Clyde Umaki DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Umaki DDS
Dr. Erik Unger DDS
Brent Unruh
Dr. Marianne Urbanski DMD,MSCD
Dr. Steven Uretsky DMD
Dr. Anthony Urlakis JR. DDS
Dr. Wendell Urling DDS
Dr. Gregg Uyeda DDS, MS
Dr. Naciye Uzel DMD,DMSC
Dr. James Vacek DDS
Dr. Kumar Vadivel DDS, FDS RCS, MS
Evangelo Vagianos DDS
Dr. Edward Vahey DMD, MS
Dr. Maria Valderrama DDS, MS
Dr. Randall Valentine DMD MSD
Oscar Valenzuela DDS
Adriana Valery Lara DDS
Neal Vallins DDS
Dr. Dominic Vallone DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Valluzzo DMD
Dr. Raymond Van Gennip DDS, MSD
Dr. John Van Ginkel DDS
Dr. Robert Van House DDS
Dr. James Van Volkinburg DDS
Dr. Kim-Thi Van-Dinh DDS, MS
Gregory Vance DMD
Dr. Jody Vance DDS, MS
Dr. Anny Vandam DMD
Dr. Paul Vanderheyden DDS
Dr. David Vandersall DDS
Dr. Ralph Vandersloot DDS, MS
Dr. Franc Vanderven DMD
Dr. Paul Vandorn DDS
Dr. Charles Vandyck III DDS, MSD
Thomas Vandyke PHD, DDS
Dr. Christopher Vankesteren DDS
Dr. Diana Vann DMD
Dr. Paul Vanraaphorst DDS, MS, PC
Roger Vanscotter DDS
Dr. Kurt Vanwinkle DDS, MSD
Dr. Saynur Vardar-Sengul DDS, PHD
Dr. Antonio Varela DDS
Dr. Andrea Varesic DDS,MS
Dr. John Vargo DDS
Dr. Sonia Varlamos DDS
Sheryl Varnai DDS
Dr. John Varoscak DDS
Dr. Asvin Vasanthan DDS
Dr. Philip Vassilopoulos DDS
Dr. George Vassos DMD
Dr. Sotirios Vastardis DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Vaughn DDS
Elmer Vaught DDS
Dr. Robert Vazquez DDS
Dr. Yuri Veber DDS, MS
Dr. Marcos Vecchini DMD, MSCD
Dr. Diego Velasquez-Plata DDS, MSD
Prathima Sree Vemulapalli DMD, MMSC
Dr. Michael Vener DMD
Dr. Archana Venkataraman BDS,MSD
Dr. Caterina Venuleo DDS
Dr. Richard Verderame DDS, MS
Sahar Verdi
Dr. Ancy Verdier DMD
Dr. Fernando Verdugo DMD, PHD
Dr. Jaime Vergara DDS
Dr. Kenneth Versman DDS
Louise Veselicky DDS
Dr. Richard Vest DDS
Tracey Vest DMD
Ricardo Vidal Gonzalez
Linda Vidone DMD
Dr. Anthony Vigliotti DDS
Dr. Frank Vigliotti DMD
Dr. Michele Vignaroli DD,S,
Dr. Mario Vilardi DMD
Humberto Villa DMD
Dr. Lucy Villa DMD
Cristina Villar DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Bernardo Villela DDS, MS
Dr. Eleni Vinieris DMD
Dr. Andreina Vitto DDS,MS
Dr. James Vlassis DDS
Dr. Hong Nga Vo DDS
Ryan Voelkert DMD
Dr. Richard Vogel DMD
Alexander Volchonok
Dr. Amit Vora DDS
Dr. Michael Voskian DMD
Dr. Faranak Vossughi DDS, MS
Dr. Stephanie Voth DDS
Joanna Vuong DMD
Dr. Richard Vuong DMD
Dr. Jonathan Waasdorp DMD
Dr. Keisuke Wada DMD
Dr. Byron Wade DDS
Dr. Curtis Wade DDS
Marcia Wadell DDS, MS
Dr. Barry Wagenberg DMD
Dr. Karen Wager DDS
Dr. Richard Waghalter DDS
Dr. Jason Wagle DDS
Dr. Rebecca Wagner DDS, MS
Dr. Timothy Wahl DMD
Dr. Alisa Wain DDS
Dr. Robin Wakabayashi DDS, MS
Marc Waki DDS
Dr. Thomas Waldrop DDS
Dr. Chandan Walia DDS
James Walker DDS
Dr. Todd Walker DMD, MS
Dr. Sterling Wall DDS
Dr. Marshall Wallace DMD
Dr. Stephen Wallace DDS,MHS,PA
Dr. Stephen Wallace DDS
Dr. Milton Wallack DDS
Mark Walling DDS
Dr. Sara Walls DDS
Dr. Robert Walsh DDS
Dr. Douglas Walters DDS
John Walters DDS
Stephen Walters DMD,MS,PLLC
Dr. David Walton DDS, MS
Dr. Philip Walton DDS
Dr. Scott Wampole DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Wanat III DMD, MS
Dr. Alexander Wang DMD
Austin Wang DDS
Dr. Dayen Peter Wang DDS
Dr. Howard Wang DDS, MBA, MPH, MS
Dr. Hwa-Ying Wang DMD
Dr. Ichung Wang DDS
Jeffrey Wang DMD
Dr. Jin Wang DDS
Dr. Vincent Wang DDS
William Wang DDS
Yun Wang DDS
Dr. Audra Ward DMD
Dr. James Ward DMD
John Ward DDS
Richard Ward DDS
Ira Warheit DDS
Dr. Mark Waring DDS
Dr. David Warner DDS
Dr. Roger Warren DDS
Dr. Peter Warshawsky DDS
Dr. Leif Washer DMD
Joe Washington
Dr. Otis Washington JR. DDS,MS
Dr. Perry Wasserlauf DMD
Dr. Howard Wasserman DDS
Jack Wasserstein DDS
Dr. Morris Wasylenki DDS, MS
Dr. Tetsuji Watari DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Waterman DDS
Dr. Heather Watkins DMD
Dr. Ronald Watkins DDS
Dr. Stephen Watson JR. DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Jennifer Watters DDS
Dr. Thomas Weatherford III DMD
Dr. Russell Weaver DDS
Dr. Thomas Webb DDS
Dr. Andrew Weber DMD, MS
Dr. Daniel Weber DDS
Dr. Jack Weber DMD MSD
Dr. Robert Weber DDS
Dr. Melissa Webster DMD
Dr. Irwin Wedner DDS
Dr. Donald Weeks
Dr. Paul Weeks DMD
Duane Weenig DDS, MS
Dr. Ted Weesner DDS
Dr. Meggan Wehmeyer DDS, MS
Dr. Erwin Weichel DMD MS
Dr. Elliott Weidman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Weil DMD
Dr. Jacob Weinberg DMD, MDS
Dr. Mea Weinberg
David Weiner DDS
Dr. Whitney Weiner DDS
Dr. Mark Weingarden DMD
Dr. Bradley Weinstein DMD, MSD
Dr. David Weinstein DMD
Dr. Ephraim Weinstein DDS
Dr. Barry Weinsten DDS
Dr. Alfred Weinstock DDS
Dr. Maurice Weintraub DMD
Dr. Seth Weintraub DMD
Dr. John Weir DDS
Dr. Stephen Weisglass DMD
Dr. Robert Weishoff DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Weisner DDS
Dr. Alan Weiss DMD
Dr. Barry Weiss DMD
Dr. Bruce Weiss DDS
Dr. Eric Weiss DMD
Dr. Lois Weiss DDS
Dr. Oren Weiss DMD
Albert Weissman DDS, MS
Paula Weistroffer DDS
Dr. Markus Weitz DDS
Dr. Todd Welch DMD
Dr. Richard Wells DDS
Dr. Debra Welsh DDS
Dr. Robin Weltman DDS MS
Dr. Douglas Wendt JR. DDS
Jonathan Weng DDS
Dr. Lisa Wentz DDS
Dr. Brent Wenzel DDS, MS
Dr. James Werkmeister DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Wessel DDS
Dr. Brian West DDS, MS
Brian West DMD
Dr. Charles West DDS
Dr. Daniel West DDS
Dr. Jeffrey West DDS
Dr. Theodore West DDS
Perry Westbrook DMD, MSD
Dr. Lawrence Westbury DDS
Dr. Michael Westreich DDS
Dr. Gary Wetzel DDS
Dr. Evan Wetzler DDS
Dr. Janet Weyrich DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Wheeler DMD
Dr. Philip Wheeler DDS
Dr. John Wheless III DDS
Edward Whillock DDS
George Whinston
Dr. Cecil White JR. DMD
Dr. Charles White DDS MS MSD
Dr. Gordon White DDS
Dr. John White DDS
Dr. Travis Whitley DDS
Dr. Megan Whitney DMD
Dr. Terry Whitten DDS
Dr. John Whytosek DMD
Dr. Michael Wiener DDS
Dr. Mark Wiesen DDS
Dr. Robert Wighton DDS
Ulf Wikesjo
Dr. Bruce Wiland DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Wilcko DMD
Jerold Wilde DDS MS
Dr. William Wiley DDS
Dr. Jeremy Wilgus DDS
Dr. Norman Wilhelmsen DDS,MS
Raymond Wilkinson DDS
Dr. Joseph Will DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Williams DMD
Dr. Bristol Williams DDS, MS
Charles Williams DDS
Dr. David Williams DDS MSD
Dr. David Williams DDS
Dr. Harley Williams DMD
Dr. Kelly Williams DMD
Dr. Marie Williams DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Williams DMD
Dr. Raphael Williams DDS
Dr. Ray Williams DMD
Dr. Richard Williams DMD
Dr. Todd Williams DMD, MS
Dr. Megumi Williamson DDS, PHD
Michael Williamson DDS,MS
Dr. Donald Willmann DDS
Dr. Angela Wilson DDS MS
Dr. Craig Wilson DDS, MSD
Dr. David Wilson DDS
Dr. James Wilson II DMD
Dr. Katherine Wilson DMD
Dr. Mark Wilson DDS
Ralph Wilson DDS
Dr. Steven Wilson DDS
Dr. Thomas Wilson JR. DDS
Dr. Heber Windley III DDS, MS, PA
Dr. David Winer DDS
Dr. John Winford III DDS
Dr. Warren Wingate DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Wingo DDS
Dr. James Winkler DDS, PHD
Dr. Mark Winnick DDS
Dr. Dennis Winson DDS
Dr. Jeanine Winston DDS
Dr. Stanley Wint DDS
Dr. Alan Winter DDS
Dr. Bruce Winter DDS
Dr. Milton Wirthlin DDS
Dr. Roger Wise DDS
Miss Wichaya Wisitrasameewong DDS
Dr. Kenneth Wisser DMD
Dr. James Withers DDS
Dr. Fredric Witkin DDS
Douglas Witte DDS MS
Dr. Ernest Witte DDS
Dr. Richard Wittenberg DDS
Dr. Erin Wittrig DDS
Dr. James Witulski DDS
Dr. Thomas Witzenberger DDS
Dr. Edward Woehling DDS
Dr. William Woehrmann DDS
Dr. Michael Wojcik DDS,MS
Dr. Dana Wolf DMD, MS
Dr. Karen Wolf DDS
Dr. Steve Wolf DDS
Dr. Barry Wolfe DDS
James Wolfe DDS
Dr. Thomas Wolfe DDS
Dr. Larry Wolff DDS, PHD
Dr. Ryan Wolff DDS
Klaus Wolfram DDS, MS
Dr. Lawrence Wolinsky PHD, DMD
Carol Wong DDS, MS
Cho Yi Wong DDS
Dr. Danny Wong DDS
Dr. David Wong DDS
Dr. Hoi Sze Wong DDS
Jacqueline Wong DMD, MMSC
Dr. Jonathan Wong DDS
Dr. Gregory Wood DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Wood DMD
Dr. James Woodall DMD
Dr. Harvey Woodruff III DDS
Dr. Debra Woods DMD
Dr. James Woodyard DMD, MS
Stephen Woodyard DMD,MS
Dr. Martin Woolsey DDS
Dr. David Woolweaver DDS
Dr. Barry Wootton DDS
Charles Worton DDS
Mariam Wozniak DMD
Dr. Gary Woznicki DDS
E Wright DDS, MSED
Dr. Holland Wright II DMD, MS
Dr. Peter Wright DDS
Dr. Raymond Wright JR. DDS
Mr. Terry Wright DMD PSC
Dr. Thomas Wright III DDS
Dr. Ping Seung Alice Wu DDS
Dr. Rosemary Wu DMD MS
Dr. Timothy Wu DMD
Ying-Lien Wu DDS,MS,PHD
Dr. Richard Wunderlich DDS, MS
Dr. Erich Wunsch DMD
Dr. Rudolf Wunsch JR. DMD
Dr. Jay Wylam DMD
Dr. Robert Wylie DDS
Dr. Bruce Wyman DMD
Dr. William Wynn IV DDS, MS
Dr. Pinelopi Xenoudi
Wanpeng Xu
Cristina Xydas DDS, MS
Wael Yaghmoor
Dr. Behnaz Yalda DMD MS
Jason Yamada DDS, MS
Dr. Lawrence Yamada DDS MS
Dr. Todd Yamada DDS
Dr. Satomi Yamamoto DMD
Dr. Mark Yampolsky DDS, MS
Dr. Eva Yancey DDS
Dr. Joseph Yang DDS
Dr. Linda Yang DDS
Dr. Yi Yang DDS, DSC
Suellan Yao DMD
Dr. Natasha Yashar DDS, MS
Dr. Aida Yashar-Matian DDS,MS
Michael Yasner DMD
Dr. Carol Yassinger DDS
Dr. Karen Yee KAREN YEE, DDS
Dr. Ben Yeh DDS
Dr. Chi-Tsai Yeh DMD
Dr. Allison Yen DDS, MS
Dr. Chihwen Yen DMD
Dr. Howard Yen DMD
Dr. Nelson Yen DDS, MS
Dr. Heyri Yeom DDS
Gabriel Yeung DDS
Victor Yeung DMD
Dr. Julie Yip DDS
Michael Yokoyama DDS
Dr. Craig Yonemura DDS
Mr. Albert Yoo DDS
Dr. Roy Yoo DMD
Dr. Thomas Yoon DDS, MS
Dr. Jungmee Youn DMD
Dr. Alan Young DMD
Benjamin Young DDS MS
Dr. Brian Young DDS, MS
Dr. Glenn Young DDS
Dr. Kirk Young MS, DDS
Dr. Michael Young DDS
Jeremy Youngblood DDS
Dr. Raha Yousefi DDS
Dr. David Yu DMD
David Yu DDS MS
Dr. Leon Yu DMD
Dr. Robert Yu DMD
Yau-Hua Yu DDS
Dr. Eugene Yuan DDS
Dr. Bertina Yuen DMD, MMSC
Dr. Ray Yukna DDS, MS
Dr. John Yun DMD
Dr. Tommy Yun DDS
Dr. Mark Zablotsky DDS
Dr. Nevin Zablotsky DMD
Dr. Walter Zabriskie II DMD
Dr. Christina Zachariadou DDS
Dr. Neil Zachs DMD, MS
Dr. Homayoun Zadeh DDS PHD
Dr. Noah Zager DMD
Thomas Zahavi DMD MS
Dr. Mark Zahn DDS,MS, PC
Dr. Samir Zakaria DDS, MSD
Dr. Matthew Zale DMD
Dr. Justin Zalewsky DMD, MS
Dr. Charbel Zalloum DDS
Dr. Daniela Zambon DDS MS
Dr. Joseph Zambon DDS, PHD
Dr. Kenneth Zammit DDS MS
Dr. Michael Zampelli DDS
Mahnaz Zandi Hanjari DDS
Dr. David Zaner DMD
Oreste Zanni DDS
Dr. Robert Zarabi DDS
Dr. Kimberley Zaremba-Rabatin DMD
Niloofar Zarkesh DDS, MS
Allison Zaromb DMD
Jill Zaslavsky DMD
Dr. Adam Zatcoff DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Zatzkin DDS
Dr. Matthew Zavarella DDS
Dr. Jonathan Zeichner DDS
Dr. Barry Zeitman DDS
Dr. Joseph Zelig DDS
Dr. Mark Zemanovich DDS, MS
Dr. Susan Zemmel DMD
Dr. Thomas Zeni DDS
Dr. Karl Zeren DDS
Mrs. Laura Zetu DDS
Dr. Samuel Zfaz DDS
Guizhen Zhang DDS
Dr. Miao Xian Zhou DMD
Dr. David Zhu DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Ziar DMD
Dr. Michael Zidile DDS
Dr. Randolph Ziegler DMD
Dr. Mark Zigoris
Dr. Sylvia Zika DMD
Dr. Fulton Zink DDS
Dr. Edwin Zinman DDS
Dr. William Zinney DDS
Dr. Scott Zirkin DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Zissu DDS
Domenico Zito DMD
Dr. Harry Zohn DMD
Dr. Howard Zolot DMD
Dr. Joseph Zona DDS
Dr. Paul Zosel DDS
Dr. Paul-Henry Zottola DMD, MPH
Dr. Steven Zove DDS
Dr. Jason Zuch DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Zupnik DDS
Dr. Robert Zupnik DDS MSD
Dr. Oleg Zusin DDS
Kim Zussman
Dr. Kory Zussman DDS
Dr. Marc Zweig DMD