A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.), licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. *

Specialization: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

That area of dentistry concerned with the supervision, guidance and correction of the growing or mature dentofacial structures, including those conditions that require movement of teeth or correction of malrelationships and malformations of their related structures and the adjustment of relationships between and among teeth and facial bones by the application of forces and/or the stimulation and redirection of functional forces within the craniofacial complex. Major responsibilities of orthodontic practice include the diagnosis, prevention, interception and treatment of all forms of malocclusion of the teeth and associated alterations in their surrounding structures; the design, application and control of functional and corrective appliances; and the guidance of the dentition and its supporting structures to attain and maintain optimum occlusal relations in physiologic and esthetic harmony among facial and cranial structures. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Dr. James <Mulick DDS
Dr. Larry Aagesen DDS MS PC
Dr. John Aamodt DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Aaron DMD
Dr. Steven Aaron DMD
Dr. Hoss Abar DDS, MSD
Dr. Mohsen 'Robin' Abari DDS
Emeline Abay DMD
Dr. Bruce Abbink DDS, MS
Diana Abbott DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Emad Abdallah DMD, MS
Mona Abdel-Wahab DDS
Dr. George Abed DMD, MS
Dr. Susan Abed DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Abedon DDS
Dr. Yumi Abei DDS,MSD
Dr. Peter Abell DMD
Dr. Christine Abenoja DMD, MS
Muhammad Abey DDS
Dr. George Abichaker DDS
Dr. C Abigail DDS
Dr. Samantha Abod DMD
Dr. Arash Abolfazlian DDS, MSD
Dr. Michel Abou-Obeid DMD
Dr. Cameron Aboudara DDS
Dr. Jenny Abraham DDS
Avadis Abrahamian DDS
Ilan Abramowitz DMD, PA
Stephen Abramowitz DDS
Peter Abt DDS
Dr. Nader Abu-El-Hawa DMD
Dr. Victor Acevedo DMD,MS
Dr. Roman Achberger DDS, MS
Dr. Marc Ackerman DMD
Dr. Richard Ackerman JR. DDS MS
Dr. Ronald Ackerman DDS
Dr. Leonard Ackermann DD>S>
Dr. Edward Acree DDS
Dr. Katayoun Adab DDS, MMSC, PHD
Mr. John Adam DMD
Dr. David Adame DDS, MS
Dr. Melina Adamian DDS, MS, CERT
Dr. Ashi Adamjee DDS
Dr. Bradley Adams DMD
Dr. Clement Adams II DDS
Dr. Daniel Adams DMD, MS
Dr. George Adams DDS MSD
Dr. Gregory Adams DDS, MS
Paul Adams DMD
Dr. Randall Adams DMD, MSD
Dr. Robert Adams DDS
Dr. Terry Adams DDS,MSD
Dr. Thomas Adams DDS
Dr. Timothy Adams DDS
B Aday DDS
Ben Addiego DDS
Dr. Domenico Addiego DMD, MSD
Dr. Melissa Jayme Adelsperger DDS, MSD
Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla DMD
Dr. Kendra Adey DMD
Dr. Herbert Adler DDS
Dr. Howard Aduss DDS
Dr. Prathima Adusumilli BDS, DMD, MS
Dr. Talayeh Afkhami DDS
Dr. Junaid Afridi DDS
Divya Agarwal DDS
Dr. Michelle Agazzi DDS MSD
Dr. Michael Agenter DDS, MDS
Dr. Erol Agi DDS
Dr. Robert Agnetta DDS,MS
Dr. Derry Agnini DDS
Dr. Kenneth Agronin DDS MSD
Michael Aguirre DDS
Dr. Pauline Aharon DDS
Hani Ahdab DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Ahdut DDS
Dr. Jamie Ahl DMD, MS
Carly Ahlbrecht DDS MS
Dr. Jeffrey Ahlin DDS
Thomas Ahman DDS, MS
Dr. Fatima Ahmed DMD, MS
Dr. Mairaj Ahmed DDS, MS
Eun Jeong Ahn
Ji Hyun Ahn
Dr. Sooyeon Ahn DMD
Dr. Douglas Ahrens DMD, PSC
Douglas Ahrens II DMD
Matthew Ahrens DMD
Bhoomika Ahuja BDS, MSD
Dr. Harkishan Ahuja DDS,MDS
Dr. Douglas Ainslie DMD MS
Dr. Joseph Ainsworth III DDS MSD
Dr. Lori Aiosa DMD
Dr. Mojdah Akhavan DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Akkaway DDS
Dr. A. Akridge DMD,PSC
Dr. Matthew Akridge DMD
Dr. Sercan Akyalcin DDS, PHD
Ayman Al Dayeh BDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Anas Al Najjar DMD
Dr. Maan Al-Arabi DCD
Dr. Mohamed Al-Janabi DDS
Dr. Thikriat Al-Jewair
Ammar Al-Mahdi BDS
Dr. Salem Al-Qabandi DMD
Dr. Fawzi Al-Qatami DMD
Riyad Al-Qawasmi BDS, MSD, PHD
Parviz Alai DDS
Ms. Saitah Alajmi BDM
Zainab Alaql
Debra Alavi DDS, MS
Dr. Fred Alba DMD
Caroline Albea DDS
Dr. David Albert DDS MSD
Dr. Jeremy Albert DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Albert JR. DMD
Dean Albertson DDS MS
Dr. Kenneth Albinder DDS
Dr. Alexa Alborzi DDS, MDS, INC
Dr. Ashley Albrecht DMD
Lance Albrechtsen DMD, MS
Dr. David Albright DDS, MSD
Dr. Marsha Albright DMD
Dr. Michael Albright DDS
Dr. Richard Albright JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Albright, III DDS, MS
Dr. Moses Alcantara DDS, MS
Dr. Ruben Alcazar DDS
William Alder
Dell Aldrich DDS-MS
Dr. Cheryl Aldridge DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Aleardi DDS
Dr. Andrew Alexander DMD
Dr. Ann Alexander DMD, MS
Dr. Charles Alexander DDS, MSD
Dr. James Alexander DDS
John Alexander DDS
Dr. Keisha Alexander DDS, MS
Dr. Keith Alexander DDS
Kristen Alexander DDS
Dr. Randolph Alexander DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Alexander DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Alexander DMD
Dr. Stanley Alexander DMD
Dr. Steven Alexander DDS, MSD
Nareg Alexandrian
Kamal Alfakiani DDS
Emmanuel Alfonso DDS
Dr. Timothy Alford DDS MSD
Dr. David Alger DDS
Dr. Ibrahim Alhussain DMD
Dr. Mani Alikhani DMD
Dr. Cyrus Alizadeh DDS
Peter Alizzeo DMD
Dr. Alia Aljabeiti BDS, MSD
Dr. Houssam Alkhoury DMD
Dr. John Alkire DDS
Dr. Randy Alkire
Dr. Wayne Allai DDS MS
Michelle Allar DDS
Dr. Veerasathpurush Allareddy BDS
Mhd Amer Allaymouni
Dr. Briano Allen PHARMD, DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Allen DDS MS
Dr. David Allen DDS, MS
Dr. David Allen DDS
Dr. James Allen DMD
Dr. Marc Allen
Dr. Mark Allen DDS MS
Dr. Mike Allen DDS MSD INC
Dr. R. Allen DMD
Dr. Samuel Allen DDS
Dr. Terry Allen
Dr. Trevor Allen DMD
Dr. Tyler Allen DDS, MDS
William Allen DDS, MS
Sam Alli DMD
Dr. Ralph Allman DDS
Dr. Chad Allred DDS
Kirk Allred DDS, MSD
Dr. Janet Allwood DDS
Dr. Matthew Almeida DMD
Brian Almond DDS, MSD
Dr. James Almond DDS
John Almond
Dr. Abdullazez Almudhi BDS
Dr. Nour Aldin Almunajjed Allahham
Dr. Diana Almy DDS MS
Dr. David Alpan DDS, MSD
Dr. Pedro Alquizar DMD, MMSC
Dr. Majdi Alrabady DDSBDS
Dr. Richard Alston DDS, MSD
Dr. Mindy Altemose DMD, MS
Dr. Rick Alter DDS MS
Dr. Edward Altherr DMD, MS
Dr. Aaron Altschul DDS, MSD
Dr. Cecil Alumbaugh JR. DDS
Hugo Alvarado DDS
Karla Alvarado DMD
Edwin Alvarez DDS, MSD
Lisa Alvetro Rossman DDS MSD
Dr. Brett Alvey DDS
Dr. Stephen Alvis DDS
Dr. Robert Amason SR. DDS
Dr. Steven Amato DDS, MS, SC
Benjamin Amberman DDS, MS
Dr. Reid Amborn DMD, MS
Dr. Marina Amelinckx DMD
Dr. Basil Amer DDS,MS
Hesham Amer DDS
Dr. Matthew Ames DDS, MS
Dr. Nazita Aminpour Shamash DDS
Dr. Homayoun Aminyar DDS
Dr. Edward Amley DDS
Dr. Robert Amley DDS
Dr. Zahra Ammari DDS, MDSC
David Amram DMD
Brian Amy
Megha Anand
Irving Anders DMD MS
Paul Anders DDS
Holly Andersen DDS
William Andersen DDS
Dr. Allen Anderson DDS, MDS
Dr. Andrew Anderson DMD
Dr. Angela Anderson DDS,MS
Dr. Anissa Anderson DDS, MS
Dr. Arnett Anderson DDS
Dr. Arthur Anderson III DMD MS
Dr. Brian Anderson DDS
Dr. Crystal Anderson DMD
Dr. Douglas Anderson DDS, MS
Dr. Ginny Anderson DDS
Gregory Anderson DDS, MS
Dr. Jason Anderson DDS
John Anderson DDS
Dr. Kimsey Anderson DDS, M S
Dr. Kurt Anderson DDS, MS
Dr. Louis Anderson II DDS, MS
Dr. Ralph Anderson DR
Dr. Ralph Anderson DDS
Dr. Richard Anderson DMD
Dr. Robert Anderson DDS, MSD
Robert Anderson DDSLTD
Dr. Ronnie Anderson DDS MS
Dr. Ross Anderson DDS
Dr. Steven Anderson DDS
Dr. Todd Anderson DDS
Dr. William Anderson DMD
Dr. William Anderson DMD, MS
Dr. Cheryl Anderson Cermin DDS
Dr. Kirk Anderton DDS MS PC
Dr. Frank Andolino DDS
Dr. Mark Andregg DDS
Donald Andress
Dr. Angela Andretta DMD
Amy Andrews DMD, MDS
Dr. Christine Andrews DDS
Dr. Curtis Andrews DDS, MS
Dr. Harold Andrews DDS
Dr. John Andrews JR. DMD
Lawrence Andrews DDS
Dr. Lee Andrews II DMD
Dr. Robert Andrews JR. DDS PHD
Dr. Sara Andrews DDS
Dr. Stephen Andrews DMD
Dr. Will Andrews DDS
Dr. Elliot Angel DMD
Dr. Rotho Angelakis DMD
Dr. Dino Angelici DDS
Dr. Lisa Angelici DMD, MDS
Dr. Dennis Angelillo DDS
Dr. Bradley Angell DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Angeloni DMD
Dr. Anne Angle DMD
Dr. Padmaraj (Raj) Angolkar DDS, MDS
Dr. David Angus DMD MSD
John Anholm SR. DDS MS
Dr. Lee Anschuetz DDS
Dr. Ravikumar Anthony BDS,MDS
Dr. Mary Antkowiak DDS, MS
Francis Antonellis DDS
Dr. Peter Antonellis DMD
Dr. Leandra Antonio-Jose DDS
Dr. Anthony Anyadike DDS
Clifford Anzilotti JR. DMD
Dr. Seta Apelian DDS
Dr. Albert Apicella DDS, MS
Warren Apollon DMD
Andrew Appel DMD
Dr. Arthur Appel DDS
Dr. Steven Appel DDS
Alexander Apple DMD
Dr. Kolman Apt DMD
Dr. Michael Apton DDS
Dr. Ralph Apuzzio DDS MSD
Dr. Octavio Arana DDS, MS
Dr. Gabriela Aranda DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Arango DDS, MS
Dr. Cristiana Araujo
Mr. Nestor Arauz SR. DDS
Dr. Sam Arazie DMD, MSD, PA
Dr. Scott Arbit DMD MS
Dr. Boris Arbitman DDS
Dr. James Archambeau DDS
John Archer
Dr. Joseph Arcidi DDS
Dr. Andrew Arcuri DDS
Dr. Shervin Ardalani DMD
Dr. Anil Ardeshna DMD
Mauricio Arguello DDS, MS
Dr. Sepideh Ariarad DDS
Dr. Frank Arico DMD
Dr. Jeffery Arigo DDS, MS
Dr. Raymond Arjang DDS
Dr. Thomas Arkle III DDS
Dr. Kathy Arkwell DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Arlin DDS
Dr. David Armbrecht DMD
Dr. Gary Armbrecht DDS
Dr. Paul Armbruster DDS
Mr. Robert Armento DDS, MS
Dr. Adam Armstrong DMD, MS
Dr. Glen Armstrong DDS
Erin Arnold DMD
Dr. J. Arnold DDS,MS
Dr. Loy Arnold DDS , MS
Dr. Nancy Arnold DMD
Dr. Philip Arnold DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Arnold DMD
Dr. Susan Arnold DMD
Thomas Arnold DDS
Dr. Richard Arnstine DDS
Dr. Harry Aronowitz DMD
Dr. Michael Arrigo DMD
Dr. Luis Arroyo DMD
Dr. Marielena Arroyo-Pratt DMD
Dr. Chad Arthur DDS, MS
Dr. Laurence Articolo DDS
Dr. Senthil Arun BDS, DMD, MSD, PHD
Dr. Joseph Arvay DMD
Michael Arvystas DMD
Dr. Gary Asano DDS, MS
Dr. William Asano
Dr. Steven Asanza DMD
Scott Asbill DDS, MS
Dr. William Asbury DDS
Dr. Joseph Asercion DDS
Kati Asgarifar DDS
Dr. George Ash DDS, MS
Dr. Inayat Ashai DMD, MS
John Ashby JR. DDS MS
Dr. Darin Ashcraft DDS,MS
Michael Ashcraft DDS, MS
Dr. Leslie Ashinoff DMD
Dr. Chanda Ashley DDS, MDS
Dr. Jennifer Ashmore DDS
Dr. Randy Ashoff DMD
Nahal Ashouri DDS, MS
Dr. Golnaz Ashraf
Dr. Derwood Ashworth DDS, MSCO
Dr. Mohammed Asim DDS
Dr. Marjan Askari DMD
Dr. Manijeh Askarieh DDS MS
Jeffrey Askins DDS MS
Dr. Dean Aspito DDS
Saba Asrar DDS
Dr. Edwin Assid DMD
Dr. Patrick Assioun DMD
Dr. Steven Astuto
Dr. Robert Aszkler DDS MS
Dr. Stephen Aszkler DDS
Ghassan Atalla DDS
Dr. Eric Atha DDS,MS
Maria Atique
Dr. Roy Atkin DDS, MS
Charles Atkins JR. DMD
Dr. Charles Atkinson DDS
Dr. Courtney Atkinson DMD
Dr. James Atkinson DMD
Dr. Phimon Atsawasuwan
Dr. Al. Atta DDS, MSD, MBA
Ralph Attanasi DDS
Dr. Surat Attaphitaya DMD
Dr. Fereidoon Attarzadeh DMD MSCD DSC
Andrew Au DDS
Dr. Maryse Aubert MARYSE AUBERT, DDS
Dr. Phillip Aubin DDS
Dr. Marvin Aubrey DMD
Dr. Timothy Auger DMD
Dr. Peggy Augustine DDS
Dr. Kent Augustson DDS
Dr. Sana Augustus DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ault DDS, MS
Dr. Stanley Ault DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Austin KEVIN R AUSTIN
Lisa Austin DMD, MSD
Dr. Paul Austin DMD,MPH
Steven Austin DDS, PA
Marc Ausubel DDS
Dr. Daniel Auter DMD
Dr. Araksy Avakian DMD MDS
Dr. Edward Avakoff JR. DDS
Dr. Daniel Avant DDS MSD
Dr. Alan Avery DDS
Dr. Martin Avey DMD, MS
Dr. Eduardo Avila DMD, MPH
Dr. Harold Avila DDS MS
Dr. Rosario Aviles
Dr. James Awbrey IV DMD
Dr. Eric Axelrode DDS, MSD
Dr. Mark Axelrode DDS
Dr. Gamalier Ayala Cruz DMD MSD
Dr. Adedolapo Ayediran
Dr. Daniel Azani DDS, MS
Dr. Haleh Azar
Dr. Mark Azar DDS, MS
Dr. Arleen Azar-Mehr DDS, MS
Demyana Azer
Dr. Khosrow Azizi DMD
Dr. Mozhgan Azizi DDS
Dr. Shereen Azizollahi Falakassa DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Baarsvik DDS
Dr. Rozheh Babaan DDS
Dr. Vahid Babaeian DDS
Dr. Eric Babayan DDS
Tamar Babayan
Lisa Babb DMD, MDS
Dr. Daniel Babcock DMD
Dr. Avo Babian DDS
Dr. John Babin DDS
Dr. Lyndi Bach DMD, MS
Dr. Richard Bach DDS
Dr. John Bachmann DMD
Jasmine Bachtiger DMD
Dr. Jessica Backinger DDS
Dr. Dominique Backus
Jeffrey Backus DMD
Dr. Albert Bacon DDS
Dr. Troy Bacon DDS
Dr. Philip Badalamenti DDS
Dr. Michael Badger DMD
Dr. Kiavash Badii DDS, MDS
Dr. Dean Baesel DDS
Dr. Lou Baeten DDS
Dr. Rafael Baez DMD, MS
Dr. M. Bagden DMD
Dr. Mehdy Baghaei-Rad DMD
Dr. Mahshid Bahadoran DDS, DMSC
Dr. Sheila Bahadori DDS
Dr. Carl Bahr DMD
Dr. Craig Bahr DMD
Dr. Arghavan Bahramnejad DMD
Ali Bahreman DDS
Gaby Bahri DDS
Chong Yol Baik DDS
Dr. Aaron Bailey DMD, MS, PC
Dr. Davina Bailey DDS
Dr. Emil Bailey DMD, MS
Dr. Frank Bailey DDS, MS
Dr. Grant Bailey DDS,MSD
James Bailey JR. DDS
Dr. Jason Bailey DMD
Dr. Jill Bailey DDS
Dr. John Bailey DDS, MS
Dr. Kara Bailey DDS MS
Dr. L'tanya Bailey DDS, MS, PLLC
Dr. Luke Bailey DDS
Dr. Melissa Bailey DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Bailey DMD
Dr. Spencer Bailey DDS, MSD
Dr. Justin Bair DMD
Ralph Bair DDS, MSD
Brian Baird DDS, MS
Kenny Baird DDS MS
Dr. Marta Baird DDS, MSD
Dr. Mona Bajestan DDS
Dr. Kevin Bakar DDS
Dr. Andrew Baker DDS
Dr. Bradford Baker DDS, MS
Bruce Baker DDS
Cappie Baker
Dr. David Baker DMD
Dr. Dwight Baker DDS, MS
Dr. Edwin Baker DDS
Gregory Baker DDS
Mrs. Irena Baker D D S
Dr. J Baker DDS
Dr. Kevin Baker DDS MS
Dr. Kyle Baker DMD
Dr. Lawrence Baker DMD
Dr. Martin Baker JR. DDS MS
Dr. Matthew Baker DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Baker JR. DMD
Arash Bakhaj DDS
Dr. Arash Bakhtari DDS
Dr. Niles Bakke DDS
Dr. Stuart Balaban DMD
Tenny Balabegian
Dr. Jill Baldinger DMD
Dr. Doyle Baldridge BS DDS MS
Danilee Baldwin DDS, MSD
Dr. James Baldwin DDS
Dr. Rhonda Baldwin DMD
Dr. Thomas Baldwin DMD
Dr. Jack Balenseifen DDS, MS
Dr. Kathleen Bales DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Bales DDS
Mr. Ariel Bales-Kogan DMD
Dr. David Balhoff DDS
Dr. Donald Balhoff DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ball DDS
Dr. Raymond Ball JR. DDS MS
Dr. Richard Ballard DDS
Richard Ballard DDS
James Ballou DDS
Dr. John Ballrick DDS, MSD
Dr. Timothy Ballweber DDS,MS
Dr. Mohamed Bamashmous BDS, DSCD
Dr. Kenneth Banasiak DMD
Dr. Edward Bancker DDS
Dr. James Bancroft DMD
Carla Banducci
Dr. Dan Banh DDS, MS
Dr. Brent Bankhead DDS, MS
Dr. Ernie Banks DDS
Dr. Lisa Banning DMD, MSD
Dr. Irene Banuchi Garcia MD
Dr. Andre Baptiste DDS
Dr. Marvin Baptiste DDS
Dr. Yossi Bar-Zion DDS, MS
Dr. Monika Barakat DMD
Dr. Rana Barakat DDS
Michael Barba DDS
Elizabeth Barbi DDS
Dr. Alan Barbieri DDS MS
Frank Barbieri DDS,MS
Luiz Barbosa DDS ,MS
Dr. Violet Barbosa MDS, DDS
Dr. John Barbour DDS
Dr. Raymond Barbre DDS, MS
Deborah Barckhausen DMD
Dr. Elvi Barcoma DDS
Dr. Douglas Barden
Mr. Brooks Barefoot
Dr. Ingrid Barillas DDS
Dr. John Barinaga DMD
Dr. Harold Barkate DDS, MSD
Dr. George Barkett DDS, MSD
Hamid Barkhordar DDS
Pedram Barkhordar DDS
Dr. Mary Barkley DDS
Dr. Jason Barlock
Dr. Jeffrey Barlow DDS
Dr. Michael Barlow DDS
R. Barnard DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Ashley Barnes DDS
Dr. Blair Barnett DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Barnett DDS
Dr. Robert Barnett DMD
Dr. Ronald Barnett DDS, MSD
Dr. Todd Barnett DMD
Dr. Kate Barnette DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Baron DMD
Nicholas Barone DDS
Dr. Nicholas Barone DMD
Dr. Lia Baros
Dr. Anita Barr DDS
Dr. James Barra DMD
Thomas Barra DDS, MS
Mr. Rafael Barrantes DDS
Dr. Amy Barrer DDS
Dr. James Barrer DMD
Luz Barrera Alviar
Dr. Aubrey Barrett DMD, MS
Dr. Edward Barrett DDS, MS
Dr. Jeremy Barrett DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Barrett DDS
Dr. Bernard Barrish DMD
Dr. James Barron DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Barron DMD, MS
Mrs. Keri Barrow DDS, MS
Dr. Kendall Barrowes DDS
Daniel Barry DMD
Dr. Reza Barry DMD
Dr. Joshua Barta DDS, MS
Dr. Agata Bartels DMD, MS
Dr. Gary Barth DDS
Brian Bartlett DDS, MS
Dr. Dean Bartlett DDS
Dr. Tremane Bartley DMD
Jeffrey Barton DDS
Jennifer Barton DDS
Dr. Kenneth Barton DDS, MSD,ABO
Dr. Kevin Barton DDS
Dr. William Barton DDS
Dr. Nathan Bartschi DMD, MS
Dr. Howard Baru DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Basile III DDS
Dr. Justin Bass DMD
Deborah Bassham DDS, MS
Dr. Frank Batastini DMD
Dr. Paul Batastini BS, DDS, FACD
Dr. Paul Batastini DMD
Dr. Jeremy Bateman DMD
Dr. Sean Bates DDS MSD
Dr. Sheldon Bates DMD, MSD
Dr. Mark Batesole DDS, MS
Gregory Bath DDS
Sara Batouli DDS, MS
Dr. Kimberly Batterson DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Battiste DDS
Danielle Battisti-Katz DMD
Dr. Jason Battle DDS
Dr. John Batttles DDS
Dr. Brad Bauer DMD
Danielle Bauer DDS, MS
Dr. Joachim Bauer DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Bauer DMD MS
Mr. Patrick Bauer DDS, MS
Dr. Peter Bauer DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Bauer Hite DMD MS
Dr. Erin Bauerle DMD, MS
Dr. Eric Baugher DMD
Dr. Gary Baughman DDS MS
Dr. Wayne Bauknight
Dr. Bradley Baum DDS
Dr. Douglas Baum DDS, MSD
Dr. Gary Baum DDS
Dr. Joshua Baum
Dr. Sebastian Baumgaertel DMD, MSD
Dr. Krystal Baumgartner DDS, MS
Dr. Heather Baumwoll DMD
Dr. Meryl Baurmash DDS
Dr. William Bausch DDS
Dr. Ronald Bautsch DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Bavisotto DDS
Dean Bawden DDS
Dr. Figen Baydur DMD
Dr. Peter Bayer MBA,DDS,PA
Dr. Burcu Bayirli DDS MS PHD
Dr. Edward Bayleran DDS, MS
Dr. Ishkhan Bayrakdarian DMD
Mohamed Bazina
Dr. William Beaber DMD
Dr. Bryan Beagan DMD
Dr. Kimberly Beal DMD
Joel Beaman DDS
Kirk Bean DDS, MSD
Dr. Richard Beane JR. DDS
Dr. Charles Beard DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Beard DDS
John Beattie DDS, MSD
Dr. Marsha Beattie DDS, MS
Dr. Shelby Beattie DDS
Dr. Thomas Beattie DDS
Dr. William Bebrin DMD, DMSC
Dr. Mary Becher
Dr. C. Beck
Dr. Curtis Beck DMD MSD
Dr. David Becka DDS
Mrs. Angela Becker DDS MSD
Miss Elliot Becker DDS
Dr. Jacob Becker DDS
Dr. Matthew Becker DDS, CAGS
Dr. Robert Becker DDS MSD
Dr. Ryan Becker DMD, MS
William Becker DDS
Sandy Beckett
Dr. Brice Beckstrom DMD, MS
Dr. F Richard Beckwith DDS, MS
Dr. Phillip Beckwith DDS
Dr. Aurelia Bedard DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Bedell DDS, MS
Raymond Bedette DDS
Dr. Eric Bednar DDS, MS
James Bednar DDS
Dr. John Bednar DMD
Alana Bednarz
Dr. Curtis Bedont DMD
Donald Bedrosian DDS
Dr. David Beebe DDS
Dr. Joshua Beeler DDS
Dr. Dennis Beeson DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Begezda DDS MSD
Frank Beglin DDS MS
Dr. Yugal Behl DDS DSC CAGS
Dr. Michael Behnan DDS MS
Dr. Scott Behnan DDS, MS,
Dr. Rolf Behrents DDS
Dr. David Behringer DDS
Dr. Gary Beier DDS
Michael Beim DDS
Dr. John Beinoras DDS
Dr. Daniel Beisiegel DDS MS
Dr. Kevin Beitchman DDS, MS
Dr. Alex Bejian DMD
Dr. Maurice Belden DMD
Dr. Joseph Belhobek DDS, MS
Dr. Carrie Bell DMD MS
Dr. Gary Bell DDS MS
Dr. Gregory Bell DDS, MS
Jack Bell DDS
Dr. Rachel Bellan DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Bellard DDS
Stephen Belli DDS,MS
Dr. Fiorella Bellido
Dr. Ronald Bellohusen DMD
Dr. Michael Bellon DDS MS
Dr. Tim Belnap DDS, PC
Dr. Theodore Benaderet DDS
Dr. Patricia Bendick DDS
Dr. Robert Bendzak DDS
Brian Benedict DDS
Dr. Kristen Benes DDS, MS
Dr. Dane Benko DDS, MS
Dr. John Benkovich III DDS, MS
Dr. Greg Bennett DMD
Maureen Bennett DMD
Todd Bennett DDS, MDS
Dr. Allen Benning DDS, MSD
Dr. Bruce Benninger DDS
Douglas Bennion DDS
Dr. Edwin Bennion DMD
Dr. Bartley Benson DDS
Dr. Gary Benson DDS MS
Dr. Jeffrey Benson DMD , MSD
Dr. Mark Bentele DDS, MS
Dr. Bruce Bentley JR. DDS
Dr. John Benton JR. DDS
Dr. Jordan Benton DMD
Jane Bentz DDS
Dr. Drago Berce DDS
Dr. Mauricio Berco DDS, DMSC
Dr. Susan Berey DMD
Rebecca Berg DMD, MDS
Dr. Allison Bergdoll DDS, MS
Deborah Berger DDS
Jeffrey Berger DMD
Dr. Brian Bergh DDS, MS
Dr. Karen Berglund DDS
Dr. Robert Bergman DDS
Dr. Sara Bergsma DDS, MS
Dr. Michelle Bergsrud DDS
Edwin Berkinshaw DDS
Dr. Mark Berkman DDS, MS
Dr. Jackie Berkowitz DDS, MS
Dr. Samuel Berkowitz DDS MS FICD
Zoltan Berky DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Bernard DDS
Dr. Patrick Bernardi DMD
Michele Bernardich DMD, MSD
Jeffrey Berndt DDS
Dr. Melissa Bernhardt DDS, MS
Dr. Rael Bernstein DDS,MS,INC
Dr. Neker Bernuy DDS
Albert Berra DDS, MS
Dr. Edgar Berre, Jr. DDS
Dr. Karen Berrigan DMD
Dr. Robert Berrios DDS, MS,
Dr. Samuel Berro DDS
Dr. Lillian Berry DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Bert DDS
Dr. Jennifer Berwick DDS
Dr. Frank Besson DMD
Dr. Adam Best DMD
Dr. Alexandra Best DMD
Luisa Betancur
Keith Bever SR. DDS MS
Dr. Ryann Bevilacqua DDS
Dr. Richard Bevis DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Beyer DDS
Dr. John Beyer DDS, PHD
Dr. Anke Beyer-Jordan DDS, PHD
Vijay Bhagia DMD, MS
Sujata Bhatia DDS
Dr. Vinod Bhatia DDS MDS
Dr. Anita Bhatt DMD,MDS
Dr. Nina Bhatt DDS
Dr. Pallonji Bhiladvala DMD,MSD,FACD,FICD
Lee Bialkowski DDS
Dr. Guy Bibbs JR. DDS
Dr. Kevin Bibona
Dr. James Bickler DMD
Jennifer Bielas
Dr. Kathryn Bielik DDS
Dr. Karl Bierdeman DMD
Dr. Matthew Biermann DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Bieszki DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Bietsch DDS
Dr. Christopher Biety DDS MS
Dr. Jeffery Biggs DDS, MS
Dr. Pasquale Bilello DMD
Dr. Vincent Bilello DDS
Dr. Branson Billings DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Billings DDS
Dr. Daniel Bills DMD, MS
Dr. Glen Bills DMD, MS
Dr. Mary Bilotta DDS
Oresta Bilous
Mr. John Bimestefer DDS
Dr. Walter Bimston DDS
Dr. Robert Binder DMD
Dr. Randall Binzer DDS MS
Dr. Jason Bird DDS
Dr. William Bird DDS, MS
David Birdwell DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Birg DDS, MSD
Dr. Sheila Birth DDS MS
Dr. Anton Bisbas DDS
Dr. Anthony Bisconti DDS
Dr. Alton Bishop DDS, MSD
F Bishop DDS,MS
Frank Bishop
Brian Bivens DMD
Dr. W. Bivins DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Black DDS, MS
Dr. Elena Black DDS, PHD
Dr. Richard Black DMD
Richard Black DDS
Dr. Steven Black DDS
Dr. David Blackburn DMD, MSD
James Blackburn
Jared Blacker DDS
Shane Blacker DDS
Dr. Gregory Blackstone DDS
Mr. Dan Blackwell DDS
Dr. David Blackwell DDS
Dr. Michael Blackwood DDS, MS
Dr. Merissa Blais DDS
Dr. Robert Blake DDS,MS
Summer Blake DDS
Dr. Rondell Blakey DDS
Keith Blalock DDS,MS
Dr. Mark Blanchette DDS, MS
John Blangiardo DDS
Dr. Alan Blas DDS
Dr. Thomas Blase DDS, MSD
Dr. Alexander Blaseio DDS
Dr. Ignacio Blasi Beriain JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Blasius DMD MDS MPH
Dr. Michael Blau DDS
Dr. Jack Bledsoe DDS
Dr. Bruce Bleil DMD
Regina Blevins DDS MS
Dr. Neil Blitz DMD, MS
Dr. Milton Bloch
Dr. Celeste Block DDS
Dr. Hendrik Blom DDS
Dr. James Bloom DDS
Dr. Rosanne Bloom DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Bloomstein DDS
Dr. Glenn Bloore DDS
Dr. Daniel Blue DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Blume DDS MS
Dr. Wojciech Bobak DMD, MS
Dr. Howard Bobrow DMD, PA
Dr. Virginia Bocage DDS, MMSC
Dr. Victor Bochacki DMD
Dr. Derek Bock DMD, MS
Dr. Jason Bock DDS MS
Dr. R. Bocklet DMD, MS
Mrs. Kimberly Bodden DDS
Lynn Bode DDS
Trevor Bodine DDS MS
Dr. Laura Bodner DMD
Lucas Boe DMD
Dr. Paul Boecler DMD, MS
Dr. Daryl Boekenoogen DDS MS PS
Dr. Roger Boero DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Boester DDS, MS
Dr. Frank Bogdan DMD
Dr. Mark Bogdan DDS
Dr. Elaine Bogdanoff DMD
Dr. David Bogenschutz DDS,MS
Dr. Brandon Boggan
Lloyd Boggess
Dr. Vorton Boghosian DDS
Dr. Zigmund Bogucki DDS MSD
John Bogue SR. DDS
Charles Bohl DDS MS MS
Kimberly Bohlig DDS
Dr. Brian Bohman DMD
Dr. Patricia Boice DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Boim
Dr. Jeffrey Boland DDS
Dr. Tasha Bolden DMDMSD
Dr. Richard Boldrighini DDS
Dr. Brian Bolerjack DMD, MDS
Jonathan Bolesta DMD
Dr. J. Boley DMD
Jimmy Boley DDS, MS
Dr. John Boling DDS, MDS
Anne-Marie Bollen DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Ketti Boller DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Bolmgren DDS, MS
Dr. Rebecca Bolon DDS MSD
Dr. John Bolthouse DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Bolton DDS MS
Dr. Philip Bomeli DDS
Dr. Cynthia Bonafield DDS
Dr. Anna Bonaiuto DMD
Dr. Anthony Bonavoglia DDS, MS
Dr. James Bond DDS
Philip Bonds
Dr. Byron Bonebreak JR. DMD MS
Dr. David Bonebreak DDS MS
Dr. Alfred Bongiorno DMD
Dr. Paul Bonham DDS, MS
Del Boni DMD
Dr. Tami Bonilla DDS, MSD
Dr. Trevor Bonilla DDS, MS
Perry Bonner DDS, MS
Dr. Teodora Bonney DMD
Dr. Brian Bons DDS
Dr. Gregory Bookwalter DDS, MS
Dr. Roger Bookwalter DDS MS
Thais Booms DDS
Dr. Dennis Booth DDS MSC
Dr. Frederick Booth DDS,MSD
Dr. Nicholas Booth DMD, MS
Dr. Sri Sudha Boppana DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Boral DDS
Dr. Leonardo Carlos Bordador DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Bordeaux DDS, MS
Dr. Catharine Borders DMD
Dr. Daniel Bordes DDS
Dr. Blake Borello DDS, MS
Dr. Beau Boren DDS
Dr. Krisena Borenstein DMD, MS
Dr. Melvin Borg DDS
Dr. Kari Borgen
Gisela Borget DDS
Dr. Thomas Borgula DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Borislow DDS
Robert Borkowski DDS, MS
Dr. Catherine Born DDS
Dr. Michael Boruchov DDS
Dr. David Boschken DMD
Dr. Bryan Boshart DDS MS
Dr. Jerry Boshell DMD PHD
Dr. Sanford Bosin DMD
Dr. Jose Bosio DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Bosonac DMD
Dr. Stephen Bosonac DDS
Mr. Gregory Boss DMD
Dr. Gerard Bosscher JR. DDS, MS
Richard Bostyan DDS MD
Cramer Boswell DDS
Dr. Victor Botnick DDS
Dr. John Bottala DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Botzbach II DDS
Normand Boucher DDS
Dr. Peter Bougas JR.
Dr. George Bouldien DDSMS
Dr. Bart Boulton DDS
Dr. Jason Bourne DDS, MS
Robert Bourquein DDS MS
Rany Bous BDS
Lea Bouserhal
Dr. Audrey Boutros DDS, MS
Dr. John Boutz DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Bouwens DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Bovenizer DDD, MS
Dr. Laurie Bovino DMD
Dr. Grant Bowbeer DDS
Jim Bowden DDS
Dr. Laura Bowden DMD
Dr. Lana Bowdoin DMD
Dr. David Bowen DMD
Dr. Michael Bowen DMD
Dr. Joe Bowers DDS
Dr. Scott Bowlby DDS
Dr. Richard Bowles DDSMS
Dr. Ryan Bowles DDS,MDS
Dr. Brodie Bowman DMD
Charles Bowman DDS
Dr. Steven Bowman DMD, MSD
Dr. Michael Boyack DDS
Dr. Richard Boyd JR. DDS MS
Dr. Richard Boyd DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Boyd DDS, MED
Dr. Kevin Boyle DMD
Dr. Glenn Boyles DDS
Dr. Ralph Bozza DMD
Dr. Brian Bracken DMD
Dr. Joseph Brackman DMD
Dr. Stephen Bradford DMD
Dr. Darcie Bradley DMD
Dr. George Bradley DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Bradley
Dr. Daniel Bradshaw DDS
Dr. John Bradshaw DDS
Dr. Dennis Brady SR. DDS
Dr. John Brady JR. DDS,MSD
Dr. Patrick Brady DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Brady DMD
Dr. Salvatore Brancato DDS
Dr. Adam Brand DDS, MS
Dr. David Brand DMD
Alex Brandon DDS
Dr. Mary Brandt DDS, MSD
Dr. Sidney Brantley DMD
Dr. Joseph Brasco DDS
Dr. Bryan Brassington DDS
Dr. Henry Bratcher DDS
Dr. Janina Braun DDS
Dr. Thomas Braun DMD
Dr. Heather Braun Buccieri DDS MS
Dr. Allan Braunstein DMD
Dr. Sonia Bravo DMD
Dr. Glen Brawley DMD
Dr. Kurtis Bray DMD
Dr. Lisamarie Brazeau DDS, MS, PS
Margaret Brazones DDS, MS
Dr. Gerald Brazzo DMD
Dr. Stephen Breaud DDS,MSD
Dr. Gary Breece DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Breha DMD MSD
Dr. Kenneth Brehnan DMD MS
Dr. Eric Brendlinger DMD
Dr. Peter Brenn DDS
Dr. James Brennan DDS
Dr. Matthew Brennan DMD
Dr. Joseph Brenner DDS MS
William Bresonis DDS
Dr. Bryan Brettin DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Brewka DDS MS
Dr. Carmen Briceno Crespi DMD, MS
Dr. April Bridges-Poquis DDS
Dr. Richard Bridgham DDS
Dr. Chadi Bridi DDS, DSCD
Dr. Christopher Brieden DDS,MS
Dr. Mark Brieden DDS, MS
Dr. Teresa Brigance DMD MS
Dr. Seth Briggs DDS
Dr. Gary Brigham DDS,MSD
David Bright DDS MS
Dr. Margo Brilliant DDS
William Brinkerhoff DDS MS
Christine Brinley DDS
Dr. Patrick Briscoe DDS, MS
Dr. Barry Briss DMD
Dr. David Briss DMD, FRCDC
Dr. Gerald Brister JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Britt DMD
Dr. Ajit Britto DDS, MSD,
Dr. Bloyce Britton III DDS MS
Dr. Steven Brizendine DDS,MS
Richard Broadbent DMD, MS
Dr. Steven Broadbent DMD
Paul Broadwater DDS
Dr. Anthony Broccoli DMD
Dr. Richard Brochu DDS
Dr. Ralph Brock II DDS, MS
David Brockman DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Broderick DDS, MS
Daniel Brodkowitz
Dr. Charles Brodsky DDS, MSD
Dr. Joel Brodsky DDS, MS
Martin Broermann DDS
Dr. Maarten Broess DMD
Dr. Blake Brog DMD
Dr. Joseph Brogan DMD
Dr. Reid Brogden DDS, MS
Dr. Adele Bronkhorst BCHD, MDENT (ORTHO)
Dr. Mark Bronsky DMD, MS
Dr. Peter Bronsky DMD, MS
Dr. Brent Brooks DDS MS
Dr. K. Brooks DDS, MS
Dr. Terry Brooks JR. DMD MS
Dr. Erin Brophey DMD, MS
Dr. Heather Brosnan DMD
Dr. Paul Brosnan DMD
Dr. Robert Brossman DDS,MS
Dr. Charles Broughton DMD
Dr. Joel Broussard JR. DDS,MS
Dr. Rayfus Broussard DDS
Andrew Brown DDS, MS
Dr. Brett Brown DDS, MS
Dr. Constance Brown DDS
Dr. Darrick Brown DMD
Dr. Derek Brown DMD, MS
Dr. Dexter Brown DDS
Dr. Douglas Brown DDS, MS
Edward Brown JR. DDS
Dr. Edward Brown III DDS, MSD
Dr. Eugene Brown JR. DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Evan Brown DDS
Dr. Heather Brown DDS
Dr. Jacqueline Brown DDS, MS
Jared Brown DMD MS
Dr. Jeffrey Brown DDS
John Brown DDS
Justin Brown DDS
Dr. Kerry Brown DDS
Dr. Leonard Brown JR. DDS
Dr. Melissa Brown DMD, MS, PC
Michael Brown DMD, PC
Dr. Michelle Brown DMD, MS
Dr. Patricia Brown DMD, MP,H BS
Dr. Rand Brown DDS
Randall Brown DDS MSD
Robert Brown DDS, MS
Dr. Roberta Brown DDS
Dr. Ronald Brown DDS
Dr. Ryan Brown DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Brown DDS MSD
Taylor Brown
Dr. Thomas Brown DMD
Dr. William Brown DDS
Dr. Clark Browne DMD
Henry Browning IV DDS
Dr. Louis Browning DDS
Dr. Christopher Bruch DDS, MSD
Dr. Trina Bruchal DMD
Bradley Bruchmiller DDS
Dr. Ronni Bruck DMD
Dr. Mark Bruhn DDS
Dr. Nicole Brummer DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Bruner DDS, MS
William Brunk DDS
Edward Bruno DDS MSD
Dr. Matthew Bruno DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Bruno DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Bruno DDS
Dr. Kenneth Brunson DDS,MS,
Dr. Timothy Brunson DDS, MS
Lance Bruntz DMD
Dr. Eric Brust DDS MS
Dr. Scott Brustein DDS
Kathy Bruster
Richard Bruun DDS
Dr. Robert Bruzzichesi DMD
Dr. James Bryan DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Bryan DDS, MS
Dr. Sammy Bryan DDS
Michael Bryant
Richard Bryant DMD
Dr. Walter Bryant DDS
Dr. William Bryant DDS, SCD
Dr. Tamar Bryk DDS
Mary Buatti Romeo DMD, PC
Dr. Michael Bubon DDS
Dr. Ronald Bucari DMD
Dr. Charles Buchanan DDS
Dr. Jennifer Buchanan DDS, MS
Dr. William Buchanan JR. DMD,MS
Dr. Michael Buchart JR. DMD
Dr. Foster Bucher DDS MS D
Dr. Amy Buchler DMD
Dr. Dennis Buchman DMD
Dr. Randy Buchmiller DDS,MS
Dr. Walter Buchsieb DDS
Dr. Walter Buchsieb II DDS
Dr. Bradley Buchwald DMD
Dr. Robert Buck DDS
Dr. Tyson Buck DMD, MS
Dr. Donald Buckley BS BSD DDS MSD
Dr. Timothy Buckley DDS AND MS
Dr. Brett Buckman DDS, MS
James Buckthal DDS
Dr. John Budd DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Budiman DDS, MS
Dr. James Buechel DMD
Dwight Buelow DDS MS
Dr. Henry Buhl DMD, MS
Dr. Richard Buhl DDS
Chi Bui DMD, MS
Dr. Hoang Bui DMD
Dr. Thien Bui DDS, MSD
Dr. Elizabeth Bujack DDS MSD
Dr. Olga Bukholts DDS
Dr. Chad Bulleigh DDS
Carl Bullen DDS
Dr. Ryan Bullen DMD, DHSC
Dr. Roger Bumgarner DDS
Dr. Jacqueline Bunce DDS,MS
Jason Bunch DDS, MS
Dr. John Bunk DDS,MS
Dr. David Bunkall DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Bunkers DDS,MS
Dr. Beverley Bunn DDS, MDS
Dr. Stanley Bunsick DDS
Dr. William Bunting DDS MDS
Dr. Heather Burch DMD, MS
Dr. James Burch DDS, MS
Jason Burckhard DDS
Dr. Jennifer Buren DDD, MS
Dr. Amber Burgess DMD, MS
Dr. Brandy Burgess DDS
Dr. James Burgess DDS, MS
Dr. Scot Burgess DMD
Dr. Toby Burgess DDS
Dr. Eric Burgin DDS
Dr. Brandon Burke DDS, MSD
Dr. Errol Burke DDS
Dr. John Burke DMD
Dr. John Burke DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Burke DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Burke DDS
Dr. Terry Burke DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Burkey DDSMS
Dr. Donald Burkhardt DDS, MS
Dr. Glenn Burkland DMD
Dr. John Burleigh DDS
Dr. Dustin Burleson DDS
Dr. Michelle Burlingame DMD, MS
Dr. Gregory Burnett DDS
John Burnheimer DMD MS
Dr. Bruce Burns DDS
Dr. Gail Burns DMD
Dr. Mary Burns DMD, MS, MA
Dr. Nikia Burns DMD, MS
Dr. Richard Burns JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Richard Burns JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Burns DMD
Dr. Thomas Burns DDS
Dr. Robert Burnside DMD
Dr. Frederick Burr DDS, MDS
Dr. Kathleen Burr DMD
Dr. A Burris DDS
Dr. Samuel Burrow III DDS, MS,ABO
Dr. Samuel Burrow IV DDS,DMD
Dr. Stacee Burson DMD, MS
Dr. Daniel Burstein DDS
Dr. Brian Burton DMD, MS
Dr. Larry Burton DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Burzin DDS
Jennifer Burzynski DMD
Dr. Bret Busby DDS, MS
Lauren Busch DDS, MS
Dr. Derek Busciglio DMD
Dr. John Busciglio DDS,MS,PA
Dr. Hector Bush DMD
Dr. Helen Bush DMD, MS
Dr. Carlos Busquets DMD
Ricardo Busquets DDS
Dr. Harry Bussa JR. DDS, MS
Timothy Bussick DDS; MS
Dr. Chris Butchart DDS
Dr. David Butler DMD MS
Dr. Jennifer Butler DMD PA
Dr. Klint Butler DDS, MS
Dr. Tim Buto DDS
Dr. Mohamed Butt DMD
Dr. Raymond Buttenbaum DDS
Dr. Thomas Butterfoss DMD
Dr. Jayne Buttner DDS,MS
John Buttram DMD
Dr. Heidi Butts DMD, MS
Dr. James Butz DDS MS
Charles Buxton DMD, MS
Dr. John Buzzatto DMD,MDS
Dr. James Byas JR. DDS MS
Dr. Ewa Byczek DDS
Dr. Donald Byk DMD
Darlene Byrd DMD,MSD,PC
Mr. Richard Byrd DDS
Dr. Brian Byrne DMD
Dr. James Byrne DDS
Dr. William Byrne DDS MS
Dr. Daniel Bythewood DDS,PC
Ciro Cabal
Dr. Michael Caban DMD
Dr. Salvatore Cabassa DMD
Dr. David Cabeceiras DMD
Dr. Angelica Cabral DMD,DDS
Dr. Dino Cacchiotti DDS, MS
Dr. Lawrence Cacchiotti DDS, MS
Dr. Leo Cacciotti DDS
Dr. Loren Cadelinia DDS, MS
Dr. J.C. Cadena DDS, MS
Dr. David Caggiano MS, DMD
Dr. Stephen Cagliostro DMD
Lauren Cai DDS, PC
Zhuo Cai DDS
David Cain DDS, MSD
Dr. Luke Cain DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Cain DDS
Dr. Peter Cain DDS
Dr. Steve Cain DDS
Robert Calabria DDS
Dr. Robert Calcote DMD
Luis Caldero DMD
Charles Caldwell DDS, MS
Dr. Jarrett Caldwell PHARMD, DDS
Dr. Stephen Caldwell DDS, MS
Dr. Luther Cale JR. DMD PHD
Dr. Karen Calef DMD
Dr. Larrissa Cali DMD
Dr. Liliana Calkins
Dr. Chad Callahan DMD, MS
John Callahan JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Callahan DDS
Dr. Michael Callan DDS, MS
Cooper Callaway DMD MS
Dr. David Callender DDS MS
Dr. Galen Callender DDS
Dr. Ralph Callender SR. DDS
Ralph Callender III DDS
Richard Callender DDS
Dr. Lawrence Calley DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Allise Calloway DDS
Dr. Arthur Calvani JR. DMD
Dr. Burch Cameron DMD
Dr. David Cameron DMD, MS
Dr. Gerald Cammack II DDS, MS
Dr. Clifford Campbell DMD
Dr. Eric Campbell DDS, MDS
Erika Campbell DMD
Dr. James Campbell DDS, MS
Dr. Phillip Campbell
Richard Campbell DMD
Dr. Robert Campbell DMD
Robert Campbell JR.
Dr. Steven Campbell DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Campbell DDS
Dr. Charee Campbell Condict DDS, MSD
Dr. Gregory Campi DMD
Dr. Angela Canales DMD, MSD
Dr. Charles Canepa DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Cangialosi DDS
Dr. Laura Cannistraci DDS
Dr. James Cannon DDS,MS
Dr. William Cannon DDS
Dr. Richard Cantor DMD
Dr. Holly Cantrell DMD, MS
George Cantu DDS,MS
Dr. Danielle Cao DDS
Son Cao DDS
Trang Cao DMD
Dr. Natalie Capan DMD
Dr. Mark Caplan DDS
Dr. Ricky Caples DDS MS
Dr. Sidney Caplin DDS
Dr. John Capogna DDS
Dr. Neil Capolongo DDS
Dr. Rinaldo Caponera DMD
Dr. Philip Caporusso DMD
Dr. Carla Capozzi DMD
Laura Cappetta DMD
Dr. Chad Capps DDS
Dr. Robert Capretto DMD
Dr. Joseph Carastro IV DMD, MS
Dr. Damen Caraway DDS, MSD
Dr. Henri Carbonneau JR. DMD
Dr. Salvatore Carcara DMD MS
Dr. Scott Cardall
Dr. Wes Cardall DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Cardarelli JR. DMD
David Carden DMD
Dr. Cesar Cardenas DMD, MS
Gretter Cardo DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Carey DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Cari DMD
Dr. Carl Carlamere DDS
James Carley DDS
Dr. Sylvester Carlo III DMD
Dr. Alan Carlotto
Dr. Kenneth Carlough DMD
Dr. Christopher Carlson DMD, MS
Dr. Chuck Carlson DDS
Dr. Dennis Carlson DDS
Dr. Gary Carlson DDS, MSD
Dr. Kirstin Carlson
Dr. Luke Carlson
Dr. Renee Carlson DDS
Richard Carlson DDS
Dr. Sean Carlson DMD, MS
Dr. Kevin Carlton DDS, MS
Dr. Michelle Carlton DDS
Dr. Erick Carlucci DDS, MS
Kimberly Carlyle DDS
Dr. Jesse Carmen DDS
Ronald Carmen MS
Adrienne Carmichael
David Carmona DDS, MS
Dr. Cathy Carnes DMD
Dr. Zeb Carnes DDS
Dr. Lauren Carney DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Carpenter DDS
Dr. Fred Carpenter DDS
Dr. Weston Carpiaux DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Carpinello DMD, MSD
Mr. Alan Carr DDS
Dr. Beverly Carr
Dr. Elaine Carr DDS
Dr. Gregory Carr BS, DMD, MS
Guthrie Carr DDS,MS
Dr. Heather Carr DDS
Dr. Kelly Carr DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Carr DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Erico Carreno DDS
Dr. Kevin Carrington DDS
Dr. Aaron Carroll
Dr. Alicia Carroll DMD
Dr. Roy Carsen DDS, MSD
Dr. Alan Carter DDS, MS
Bart Carter DMD, MS
Dr. Bruce Carter DDS
Dr. Christopher Carter DMD, MS
Dr. David Carter DMD
Dr. Ellen Carter DDS
Dr. Emily Carter DDS, MSD
Dr. Gary Carter DDS, MS
Dr. John Carter DDS
Dr. Norman Carter DDS MS
Dr. Norman Carter DDS MS
Dr. Portia Carter DDS
Dr. Robert Carter DDS
Stephen Carter DDS, MS
Michelle Cartier DDS
Dr. Thomas Cartledge III DDS, MS
Dr. Vassiliki Cartsos DMD, MS
Mr. Gary Cartwright DMD
Dr. Dominic Caruso DDS
Dr. Joseph Caruso DDS
Dr. Paul Caruso DDS
Dr. Roberto Carvalho DMD, PHD
Chad Carver DDS, MS
David Carver DDS
Dr. William Caryl, Jr. DDS, MS
Dr. Darrell Casada DMD
Dana Casaus DDS, MS
Dr. Rene Casavantes DMD
Dr. Jack Case JR. DDS,MS
Dr. Jorge Casellas DDS
Dr. Glenn Casey DDS
Dr. Michael Casey DDS
Dr. Nancy Casey DMD
Dr. Thomas Casey DDS
Dr. Jerry Cash DDS
Dr. Tara Cash DDS
Paul Cashion DMD
Dr. James Caskey DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Caskey DDS, MSD
Dr. John Casko DDS MA PHD
Dr. Matthew Caspersen DDS
Dr. Chad Cassady DDS, MS
Dr. Julie Cassaidy DDS, MS
Benjamin Cassalia DMD
Dr. Daniel Cassarella DMD
Dr. Suzanne Cassata DDS
Dr. Donald Cassidy JR. DMD
Dr. Kevin Cassidy DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Cassidy DMD
Dr. Alexander Cassinelli DMD MS
Dr. Wayne Casson DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Castagna DDS
Mr. Dominic Castaldo DDS
Dr. Zulma Castaneda-Medina DMD
Dr. Maria Castano-Rendon DDS, MSD
Dr. Paul Castelein DDS MS
Dr. Maria Castellvi DMD
Dr. Franck-Lucie Casthely DMD, MPH, MS
Dr. Ana Castilla DDS, MS
Candace Castillo DDS
Dr. John Castronova DMD
Dr. Kimberly Caswell DDS, MS
Dr. George Catambay DDS
Dr. Joseph Catania DDS, MPH
Dr. Paul Cater DDS
Dr. Charles Cauble DMD
Dr. Ryan Caudill DMD, MSD, PA
Dr. Zoe Caulfield DMD
Dr. Mark Causey MARK CAUSEY
Jeffrey Cavalancia DDS MSD
Dr. Joseph Cavalier DMD, MDS
Dr. Albert Cavallari DDS
Dr. Laurie Cavallaro DDS
Dr. Ileana Cavanagh DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Cavanaugh DDS
Dr. Robert Cavanaugh DDS
Dr. Sammy Caves DMD
Floyd Cawthon III DDS
Dr. Andrew Cedarbaum DDS, MS
Robert Cederquist DDS
Dr. Clark Cellio DDS
John Cercek DDS, MS
Dr. Frank Cercone DMD
Denean Cervini DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Cestone DMD
Dr. Dennis Cetlin DMD
Dr. Christopher Cetta DMD
Dr. Lucia Cevidanes DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Anthony Cha DDS,MS,MS
Dr. Alessandra Chacon DDS,MS
Dr. Jose Chacon
Prakash Chadha MS DDS
Dr. Joseph Chadwell DMD
Thomas Chae
Won Chaekal DDS
Michael Chaffee DDS, MS
Dr. Abraham Chahine DDS
Dr. Emi Chaison DDS, MS
Dr. Jeremy Chaison DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Chait DMD
Dr. Orfan Chalabi DDS
Dr. Leigh Chalothorn DMD, MS
Dr. Brian Chamberlain DDS
Dr. Craig Chamberlain DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Chamberlin DMD
Dr. Ronald Champion DDS
Dr. Thad Champlin DDS, MSD
Dr. Benjamin Chan DMD, MS
Dr. Byron Chan DDS
Dr. Charlene Chan DDS, MSD
Dr. Kathleen Chan DDS, MMSC
Dr. Milton Chan DDS
Monika Chan DMD
Dr. Richard Chan DDS MS
Dr. Vivian Chan DDS, MS
Dr. Gisela Chan-Chu
Charles Chance DDS
Dr. Taranpreet Chandhoke DMD, PHD
Dr. Sunita Chandiramani DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Chandler DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Bernard Chang DDS
Dr. Chan Chang DDS, MS
Dr. David Chang DDS & MS
Dr. Joyce Chang DMD MS
Dr. Ju-Han Chang DDS, MS
Dr. Lisa Chang DDS
Luanne Chang DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Chang DDS
Dr. Richard Chang DMD
Dr. Russell Chang DDS MS FACD
Dr. Shiaw-Wei Chang DMD
Shu Mei Jessie Chang DDS
Dr. Thomas Chang DDS, MS
Dr. Yoon Chang DDS, MS
Dr. Tammy Chang-Motooka DDS, MS
Dr. Christina Chao DDS, MS
Luis Chaparro
Dr. Claire Desmond Chapman DMD
Dr. Gary Chapman DDS
Dr. James Chapman DMD
Dr. Jonathan Chapman DDS
Joshua Chapman DDS
Dr. Kevin Chapman DMD, MS
Dr. Lewis Chapman JR. DMD
Dr. Peter Chapman DDS, MSD
Dr. Steve Chapman DMD PA
Dr. Will Chapman DMD
Dr. Efrain Chara DDS
Dr. Clayton Charbonnet JR. DDS
Dr. Leonard Charchut DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Charchut DMD MS
Dr. Ahmed Charkas DDS
Dr. Wisanu Charoenkul DDS
Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy DDS
Andrew Chase DMD, MSD
Dr. Jonathan Chase DDS
Jonathan Chason DMD
Dr. Shafeena Chatur
Dr. Fouy Chau DDS
Dr. Vincent Chau DDS
Dr. Gaurang Chaudhary BDS,MDS
Dr. James Chauvin DDS
Dr. Robert Chavez DDS
Dr. Robert Chavez DDS
Dr. Jag Chawla DDS
Dr. David Checkoff DMD
Caroline Cheek DDS
Giri Chelian DDS
Dr. Suren Chelian DMD
Dr. Amanda Chen DDS
Dr. Andrew Chen DMD
Dr. Betty Chen DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Chen DDS
Chun Yu Chen DMD
Dr. Chun-Hsing Chen DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Chen DMD
Dr. David Chen DDS, MS
Dr. Flora Chen DDS
Dr. Grace Chen
Howard Chen DDS MS
Dr. Ivy Chen DDS, MMSC
Dr. J Chen DDS,, MS,, PHD
Dr. Jean Chen DMD,MS
Dr. Jing Chen DDS, PHD
Dr. Judy Chen DDS, MSD, MPH
Dr. Patrick Chen DDS
Dr. Peter Chen DDS, MBA
Dr. Robert Chen DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Chen DMD, MS
Dr. Rong Chen
Shao-Chiu Chen DMD
Shiuann Chen DDS
Dr. Victoria Chen DDS
Dr. Wen Chen DMD, PHD
Dr. William Chen DDS
Torin Chenard
Dr. David Cheney DDS
Dr. Leonard Cheney DDS
Dr. Amanda Cheng DMD
Dr. Nicole Cheng DDS
Dr. Steven Cheng DDS
Dr. David Chenin DDS, MSD
Dr. Stephen Chenin DDS
Barbara Cherches DDS
Dr. David Chermak DMD
Mr. Michael Cherre SR. DDS
William Cherry DMD
Dr. Michael Cherubini DDS, MS
Dr. Jasper Chesson DDS,MSCO
Dr. Jeffrey Chetlin DDS-MDS
Mr. Craig Cheung DDS
Dr. David Cheung DDS
Dr. Frederick Cheung
Dr. Tracy Cheung DDS MS
Dr. Aditya Chhibber BDS, MDS, M DENT SC
Dr. Jady Chiakowsky DDS, MS
Dr. Jason Chiakowsky DDS, MS
Michael Ming-Ying Chiang
Phipip Chiang DDS
Dr. Wesley Chiang DMD
Dr. Vincent Chiappone DDS, MSD
Patricia Chien DDS
Dr. Benjamin Chikes DDS
Dr. Marika Chikvashvili DDS
Dr. Michael Child DMD, MSD
Darrell Childers DDS
Kyle Childers DMD, MS
Dr. Karindeep Chima DMD
Dr. Harry Chin DDS
Dr. Leo Chin DMD
Melissa Chin DDS
Dr. Valerie Chin DDS
Dr. Vanessa Chin DDS
Dr. Albert Chinappi JR. DDS
Dr. Soraya Chinea DMD, MS
Dr. Kelly Chioffe DMD
Benjamin Chiou
Shaochi Chiou DDS
Dr. E. Chipian DDS
Dr. Dara Chira, Dmd DARA CHIRA, DMD
Dr. Justin Chisari DMD, MS
Dr. Deepti Chitnis DDS
Miss Nicole Chiu DMD, MS
Patricia Chiu DDS, MS
Wesley Chladny DDS, MS
Dr. Monica Chmiel DDS, MS
Dr. Louis Chmura DDS, MS
Dr. Jamin Cho DMD
Jeong Rae Cho DDS
Kwang Cho DDS
Chance Choate DDS, MSD
Dr. Doyoung Choi DDS, MS
Dr. Hanel Choi DDS
Dr. Howard Choi DDS, MS
Dr. Hyeyoon Choi DDS
Dr. James Choi DDS
Dr. Julia Choi DMD
Junginn Choi DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Choi DMD
Dr. Yeju Choi DMD, MS
Dr. Doreen Chong DDS
Dr. Sherri Lyn Chong DMD, MS
Dr. Vanessa Chong DDS, MSD
Hyeran Choo DMD
Dr. Adam Chorak DDS
Dr. Mario Chorak DMD, PS
Siripun Chotibut DDS
Dr. Joesky Chou DDS
Dr. Michelle Chou DDS, MPH, DMSC
Dr. Thomas Chou DMD
Angela Chow DDS MPH
Dr. Denise Chow DDS
Dr. Elaine Chow DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Chow DDS
Dr. Michael Chow DDS
Shenjuti Chowdhury
Michael Choy
Dr. Gregory Christensen DDS MS
Richard Christensen DDS MS
Dr. Troy Christensen DDS,MS
Dr. Brad Christenson DDS
Wayne Christian DMD MS
Dr. David Christiansen DDS
Kimberly Christie DMD
Dr. Thomas Christie DDS MSC
Dr. Benjamin Christman DMD
Kristina Christoph DMD, MS
Aaron Christopher DMD, MSD
Dr. Robert Christopher DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Christopherson DDS, M,S,
Dr. Brian Chrzan DDS, PHD
Dr. Gary Chu DDS
Dr. Howard Chu DMD, MS
Dr. May Chu DDS
Dr. Stephen Chu DDS MSD
Xiaohong Chu DDS
Rita Chuang DDS
Dr. Thomas Chubb DDS
Dr. Dipak Chudasama BDS, MSC, MORTH RCS
Dr. Vivian Chui
Dianne Chun
Dr. Kalfred Chun DDS, MS
Dr. Lani Chun DDS, MSD
Dr. Martha Chun DMD MSD
Dr. Alexander Chung DDS
Dr. Christine Chung DMD
Dr. Christopher Chung DDS
Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung DMD
Chun-Thai Chung DMD
Dr. David Chung DDS
Dr. Jenny Chung DDS, MS
Dr. Kristy Chung DMD
Dr. Michael Chung DDS, MS
Dr. Ping-Lin Chung DDS, DMSC
Dr. Ronald Chung DDS
Dr. Sooyoun Chung DDS, MS
Dr. Tina Chung DMD
Dr. Jessica Chung-Levy DDS
Dr. Dean Church DMD
Douglas Church DDS
Brad Chvatal DMD MS
Dr. Alan Chyten DMD
Christopher Ciambotti DMD
Philip Ciborowski DDS
Dr. Joseph Ciccio JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Ciccone DMD
Dr. Michael Cichetti DMD
Dr. Salvatore Cigna DDS
Dr. Robert Cina DMD
Dr. Robert Cinatl DDS
Dr. Joseph Cinelli DMD
Dr. Suzanne Cirino DDS, MS
Dr. Dana Cirtu DMD
Dr. Mel Citrin DMD
Dr. Richard Clabaugh III DDS, MS
Dr. Jennifer Claiborne DDS
Dr. Timothy Clare DDS, MS
Dr. Dennis Claridge DDS
Brent Clark DMD
Dr. Darrell Clark DDS
Dr. David Clark DDS, MSD
Dr. James Clark DDS
Dr. Jerry Clark DDS, MS
Kathryn Clark DDS
Dr. Keith Clark DDS
Kristin Clark DDS, MS
Dr. Margaret Clark DDS
Dr. Maxine Clark DDS
Rdean Clark
Dr. Ronald Clark DMD
Dr. Sarah Clark DDS, MS
Dr. Tanner Clark DDS, MS
Dr. George Clarke JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Wanda Claro DDS, MS, INC
Dr. Norman Clauson DDS
Dr. Mark Clauss DMD
Dr. David Clayden DDS, MSD
William Claypoole DMD
John Clayton DDS
Dr. Michael Clemente DMD
Nicole Clemente DDS
Dr. Karen Clements DDS, MSD
Dr. Llon Clendenen DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Clifford DDS
Dr. Karl Clinard DMD
Mr. Lucius Cline III DMD
William Cline DMD
Dr. John Clinthorne DDS,MS
Dr. Mark Cloth DDS
John Clotworthy DDS
Daniel Cloward DMD
Dr. Thomas Clower DMD,PC
Dr. Gregory Coakley DDS
Dr. Matthew Coats DDS,MS
Leif Cobain DDS
Dr. Numa Cobb III DDS
Dr. Peter Coccaro JR. DDS MS PC
Dr. Devin Cochran DDS
Marie Coffelt DDS
Dr. Zenaida Cofie DDS
Charles Coghlan DMD, MSD
John Coghlan DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Cognata DMD
Dr. Babak Cohanim DDS, MS
Dr. Adam Cohen DMD
Dr. Brian Cohen DDS
Dr. David Cohen DDS
Dr. Erin Cohen DDS
Dr. Evan Cohen DMD
Dr. Glenn Cohen DMD, MS
Dr. Gwen Cohen DDS
Dr. Harold Cohen DMD
Jason Cohen DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Cohen DMD
Dr. Lori Cohen DDS
Dr. Lori Cohen DDS
Dr. Mitchell Cohen DDS
Dr. Ronald Cohen DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Cohen DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Cohen DMD, MSD
Yonatan Cohen DMD, MS
Dr. Kenneth Cohen-Sasson DMD
Dr. Gregory Cohlmia DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Cohlmia DDS MS
Dr. Dominic Colarusso JR. DDS
Michael Colb DDS
Dr. Earl Colbert
Dr. William Colby DDS,MS
David Cole
Dr. Joseph Cole DMD
Dr. Nathaniel Cole DMD
Dr. Steven Cole DDS, MS
Dr. William Cole DMD
Dr. Brett Coleman DMD MS
Dr. Candice Coleman DDS, MDS
Dr. Christopher Coleman DDS, MS
Dr. Grant Coleman DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Coleman DDS, MS
Dr. Dustin Coles DDS, MSD
Dr. Kevin Coles DDS
Dr. Tyler Coles DDS
Dr. John Colgan DMD, MS, PSC
Dr. Mel Collazo DDS, MS
Dr. Taylor Collazo
Dr. Jonathan Collette DDS
Dr. Laurence Colletti DDS
Dr. Floyd Collie DDS, MS
Andrew Collins D M D
Dr. Braswell Collins JR. DDS
Brent Collins DDS, MS
Dr. Clifford Collins DDS
Dr. Gary Collins MSD
Dr. James Collins DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Collins DDS MSD
Dr. Michael Collins DDS
Monte Collins DDS, MSD
Sean Collins DDS, MSD
Dr. Timothy Collins DDS
Dr. Mark Collons DDS
Dr. Ruben Colon DMD
Dr. Santiago Colon DMD
Dr. Linda Colter DDS
Dr. Robert Colter
Dr. Martin Colton DDS,MS
Dr. Clark Colville DDS, MS
Dr. Stephanie Combs DMD, MS
Dr. David Comeau DMD
Dr. Brandon Comella DDS, MS
Joseph Comizio DDS
Dr. Anne Compton DDS
Dr. David Compton DMD, MS
James Compton DDS, MSD
Dr. Clifford Condit JR. DDS
Dr. Joseph Coniglio DDS MS
Dr. Richard Conlin DDS
Dr. Michael Conlon DDS, MS
Dr. Peter Conmy DDS, MS
Dr. Karen Conn DMD
Dr. Todd Connell
Dr. Harold Connelly JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Connelly DMD
Dr. Donald Connolly I DDS
Dr. Sean Connolly DDS
Dr. Andrew Connor DDS,MS
Dr. Colleen Connor
Kristin Connors DDS
Dr. Corey Conrad DDS MS
Dr. Barton Conroy DDS
Dr. John Conroy DMD, MS
Dr. David Constant DDS
Gisela Contasti
Dr. John Contes DMD MS
Dr. Sheldon Contract DDS
Dr. Curtis Contro DDS, MS
Kelly Conway DDS, MS
Dr. Anthony Cook DMD
Dr. Brandon Cook DDS, MS
Dr. Debra Cook DDS MS
Dr. Devon Cook DDS, MDS
Dr. Jeff Cook DMD MS
John Cook DMD
Dr. Kelly Cook DMD MS
Dr. Michael Cook DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Cook DMD
Dr. Richard Cook DDS,MSD
Dr. Ronnie Cook DDS, MSD
Dr. Thomas Cook DDS
Valane Cook DMD
Dr. Victor Cook JR. DDS
Dr. William Cook DDS
Dr. Mary Cooke DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Cooley DDS MS
Dr. Cory Coombs DMD
Craig Coombs DDS
Dr. John Coombs DDS
Dr. Keith Coombs DDS MS
Dr. Brendan Cooney DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Cooper DMD
Dr. Bret Cooper DDS MS
Ford Cooper DDS
Dr. Gordon Cooper DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Cooper DDS MSD
Dr. Jeril Cooper IV DMD
Dr. Joel Cooper DDS, MS
Dr. Jonathan Cooper DDS
Dr. Justin Cooper DMD, MSD
Dr. Marissa Cooper DMD
Dr. Richard Cooper DMD
Dr. Kenneth Cooperman DMD
Dr. Jason Cope DDS, PHD
Dr. Garrison Copeland DDS
Dr. Scott Copeland DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Copenhaver DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Copley DDS
Dr. David Copus DDS, MS, PC
Dr. John Corbett DDS, MS
Dr. Maurice Corbett DDS
Dr. Philip Corbin SR. DDS MS
Dr. George Corbitt DMD
Dr. Brent Corbridge DMD
Dr. Jared Corbridge DDS
Dr. Jose Cordero DMD, MSD
David Cordes DMD,MDS
John Cordoba DDS MS
Nolan Cordon DMD MS
Mr. Frank Cordray DDSMS
Dr. Mark Coreil DDS
Dr. Richard Corley DDS
Dr. John Cornali DDS
Dr. Stephanie Cornejo DDS
Dr. Gary Cornforth DDS
Dr. Ivette Coro DMD, MS
Dr. Corey Corpodian DDS
Dr. Alfonso Correa DDS
Dr. Christopher Corsa DMD, MS
Dr. Louis Cortegiano DDS
Dr. Joseph Cortese
Dr. David Cortopassi DDS
Charles Corwin DDS,MS
Dr. Joseph Cosentino DDS
Mr. William Cosgrove DDS
Christopher Cosse DDS
Dr. Anthony Costa DMD
Dr. Peter Costalos DMD
Richard Costantini DDS
Dr. Adrian Costanza DDS
Cory Costanzo DDS
Dr. Michael Costanzo DDS
Dr. Edmund Costello DMD
Jacqueline Costello DMD, MDS
Dr. John Costello DMD
Dr. Greg Costopoulos DDS
Peter Cotsonas DDS
Nathan Cotten
Dr. Terry Cotterell DDS
Dr. Karen Cottingham DMD,MSD
Dr. Leslie Cotton DMD
Dr. Mihail Cotzas DDS
Dr. William Couch JR. DDS, MDS
Dr. Amy Counts DDS,MSD,MSM
Dr. Charles Courtad DDS
Dr. Blaine Couser DDS, MS
Dr. Garison Couser DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Cousineau DDS MS
Dr. Crystiane Couto MD
David Covell DDS
Dr. Thomas Covington DDS
Mr. Steven Covino DDS
Dr. Roy Cowan JR. DMD
Dr. Joseph Coward DMD,MS
Daniel Cowley DMD
Dr. Crystal Cox DDS, MS
Jessica Cox DDS,MSD
Dr. Michael Cox DDS, MSD
Dr. Phillip Cox DMD, MS
Dr. Ryan Cox DMD
Dr. Stanley Cox JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Trent Cox DMD DHSC
Dr. William Cox DDS
Dr. Benjamin Cozad DDS MSD
Miss Matthew Cozin DDS
Dr. Gina Cozzarelli DMD
Dr. John Crabill DMD
Dr. Sidney Craft JR. DDS
Dana Craig DDS, MS
Dr. Ellene Craig DMD
Robert Craig DDS, MS
Dr. Robi Craig DDS
Dr. Gerald Crain DDS
Dr. Joe Crain DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Crall DDS, MS
Dr. David Cramer DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Jeffrey Cramer DDS
Amara Crandall DDS, MSD
Christopher Crane
Dr. Mark Crane DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Alexander Cranford DMD, MS
Bob Craven DDS
Dr. Bethany Crawford DDS
Dr. Brian Crawford DMD
Dr. Craig Crawford DDS
Dr. John Crawford DDS, MS
Dr. John Crawford DDS
Keith Crawford DMD
Dr. Larry Crawford
Dr. Linda Crawford DDS MS
Dr. Robert Crawford DMD
Dr. Stanley Crawford DOS
Benjamin Creed DDS, MSD
Dr. Warren Creed DDS, MS
Dr. Joe Creel DDS, MS
Dr. Jere Crenshaw DDS,MS
Dr. Patricia Crespo DDS
Dr. Peter Cressman DMD
Russell Cresson DDS, MS
Dr. Ralph Crevoisier DDS MSD
Dr. Alika Crew DMD
Dr. Jon Crew DDS
Mary Crews DMD
Dr. Dominic Cringoli DMD
Dr. Frank Crist DDS,MS
Dr. Ross Crist DDS MA MS
Dr. Garrett Criswell DDS
Dr. Brian Crock DDS
Dr. Matthew Croco DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Croft DDS
Dr. Robert Croft DDS MS PC
Dr. Candace Cronan DMD
Dr. Edward Cronauer DMD
Dr. Carolyn Cronin DMD
Dr. Douglas Crosby DDS
Dr. Michael Crosby DDS, MS
Dr. Larry Cross DDS, MSD
Dr. Nyla Cross DDS,MS
Dr. Aaron Crossley DDS
Dr. David Crouch DDS
Dr. James Crouse DDS
Dr. Ulla Crouse DDS, PHD
Dr. Richard Crout DDS MS
Dr. Nathaniel Crow MS DDS
Dr. David Crowder DDS
Dr. Richard Crowder DDS
Jennifer Crowe DDS, MS
Mrs. Darcy Cruikshank DMD MSD
Dr. Robert Crum DDS
Dr. Peter Crump DDS,MS
Dr. William Crutchfield II DDS
Dr. Christopher Cruz DDS
Dr. Enrique Cruz DDS, MSD
James Cryder DDS
Annette Cserna DDS
Gracia Cua DMD
Dr. Antonio Cucalon III DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Cuenin DDS
Dr. Herbert Cueto DMD, MS
Dr. Gwendolyn Cugine DMD, MPP
Yajun Cui DMD
Dr. Alex Culberson DMD
Dr. Charles Culberson DMD
Dr. Fay Culbreth
Dr. Vincent Cullen DMD
Dr. Leo Cullinan DDS, MS
Dr. David Cummins DDS
Dr. Carly Cunningham DDS, MS
Dr. Nicole Cuoccio DMD
Dr. John Cuozzo DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Cuozzo DDS
Dr. Darrin Cupo DMD PA
Dr. Jeffry Cupps DMD, MS
Dr. Scott Cureton DDS
Dr. Steven Cureton DMD MS
Dr. Karen Curran DDS
Dr. Robert Currie DDS
George Currier DDS
Mr. James Currier DDS
Dr. Katherine Curry DMD
Dr. Michael Curry DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Curtice DMD
Dr. Alan Curtis DDS, MS
Dr. Erik Curtis DDS, MS
Dr. Leigh Curtis DMD, MPH
Dr. Louis Curtis DDS,MS
Richard Curtis DDS
Dr. Tod Curtis
Dr. Stuart Cushner DMD
Dr. Christian Cusimano DDS, MS
Dr. James Cutcliffe DDS
Dr. Duane Cyr DMD
Dr. Leonard Cyterski DMD,MS
Stanley Czarnecki DMD, MS
Dr. Michael D'anna DDS
Dr. Vincent D'ascoli DDS
Dr. Albert D'onofrio DDS
Jacob Dabell DDS
Dr. Charles Dabney DDS
Dr. Garrett Dacker DDS, MDS
Dr. T. Wesley Daczkowski
Dr. Marcus Dager DMD, MS
Dr. Nicholas Dahar
Dr. Philip Dahar DMD
Dr. Richard Dahar DMD
Hadi Daia DDS, MS
Dr. Curtis Dailey DDS
Dr. George Dailey DDS
Dr. John Daire DDS
Mark Dake DDS, MSD
Dr. Mark Dale DDS, MS
Delia Dall'arancio DDS MS
Dr. Hank Dallam DMD
Dr. Lauren Dalzen DDS
Dr. John Damas DDS
Dr. J. Mickey Damerell DDS, MS
Dr. Clay Damon DDS, MS, PS
Dr. Derek Damon DDS
Dr. Paul Damon DDS
Dr. Joseph Damone II DMD
Dr. Jesse Dana DDS
Dr. Jill Danaher DMD
Tarisai Dandajena DDS, MS
Dr. John Dandona DMD
Dr. Jeremiah Danel DDS
Dr. M. Dang DMD, MS
Frank Daniel DMD
John Daniel
Dr. Kay Daniel DDS
Dr. Ralph Daniello DDS
Dr. Adam Daniels DDS, MS
Dr. David Daniels DMD
Samuel Daniels DDS MS PLLC
Dr. Joseph Dankey DDS
James Danko DMD
Dr. Carl Dann IV DDS
Dr. Laura Danoff DMD05/30/1957
Dr. Kenneth Danyluk DMD
Gary Danzer DMD
Dr. Donald Darbro DDS, MSD
Dr. Kaitlyn Darcy DDS
Dr. Steven Darling DMD
Dr. Stephen Darmitzel DDS, MS
Dr. Drew Darsey DDS, MSD
Dr. Nahal Darvish DMD
Yasmin Daryabegi DMD, MSCD
Adelina Das DMD
Dr. George Daskalos DDS
David Datwyler DDS
Don Dau
Dr. Steven Dau DMD MS PA
Jacob Daub DDS, MS
Dr. William Daugherty DMD
Curtiss Daughtry DDS,MSCO
Meridith Dautovic DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Davant VI DMD, MS
Sonal Dave DMD
Dr. Maynard Davenport DDS
Dr. Valerie David DDS, MS
Dr. E Jan Davidian DDS, MS
Dr. Larissa Davids DDS
Dr. William Davidson DMD,PHD
Kirk Davies DDS, MS
Dr. Julian Davila DMD, MS
Christian Davillier DDS
Dr. Gary Davirro DDS
Dr. Allen Davis DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Davis DMD
Blake Davis DDS, MSD
Dr. Chester Davis DDS
Dr. Craig Davis DDS, MSD
Dr. Dale Davis DDS
Dr. Edward Davis DDS, MS
Dr. George Davis III DDS
Glen Davis JR. DMD
Dr. Irv Davis DDS
James Davis DDS, MS
Dr. Jay Davis DMD, MS
Dr. John Davis DMD
Dr. Joshua Davis DMD, MS
Laura Davis DDS
Dr. Lauren Davis DDS
Dr. Lisa Davis DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Davis DDS, MS
Dr. Nathan Davis DDS PC
Dr. Nile Davis DDS
Dr. Stephanie Davis DMD
Dr. Steven Davis DDS,MS
Dr. Susan Davis DMD
Dr. Bianca Davis-Sanchez DDS
Dr. Clifton Davison DDS
Dr. Lisa Davison DDS
Dr. Amirparviz Davoody DDS, MDS
Dr. Leyla Davoody DDS
Dr. Mallory Dawson DMD
Dr. James Day DDS
Dr. John Day DMD, MS
Dr. Richard Day DDS
Dr. Scott Day DMD, MS
Dr. David Dayan DMD, MS
Nader Dayani DDS
Dr. Alfredo De Alba DDS,MS
Dr. Arnaldo De Jesus DMD
Christian De Jesus DMD
Dr. Joseph De Jesus DDS
Dr. Maritza De Jesus
Dr. Jaime De Jesus Vinas DMD, MS
Jacqueline De Leon-Estes DMD
Dr. Charles De Lorimier DDS MS
Neil De Peralto DMD
Elaine De Roode DDS
Dr. Charles Dean III DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Dean DDS, MSD
Melvin Dean DMD
Dr. Robert Deane DMD
Dr. Vincent Deangelis DMD
Dr. Daniel Deangelo DDS MS
Dr. Jodi Deans DDS
Mason Dearing DDS
Dr. Damon Dearment DDS
Dr. Deborah Deberadinis DDS
Dr. Marc Deberardinis DMD, MS
Dr. Gary Debevoise DDS
Dr. Dwight Debow DDS MS
Dr. Martine Decambre DDS
Dr. Deborah Decamps DDS, MS
Robert Decker
Dr. Jay Decoteau DMD
Dr. Ralph Dedomenico DMD
Dr. James Dee JR. DMD
Dr. George Deese DMD
Angela Defabrique DMD
Dr. David Defay DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Defelice DMD, MS
Dr. Jocelyn Defoe DDS
David Degenova DDS
Victor Degeorge DMD
Toru Deguchi DDS
Mrs. Lucy Deguzman DDS MS
Dr. David Dehaan DDS, MS
Dr. Deborah Dehaan DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Eldon Dekay DMD
Dr. Marites Del Mundo DMD MS
Dr. Fidel Del Toro JR. DDS PHD
Dr. David Deleo DMD
Dr. Eladio Deleon JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Delgado DDS, MS
Dr. Anthony Delio DDS
Dr. Damien Delio
Steve Delligatti DMD
Dr. Aron Dellinger DDS, MSD
Dr. Eric Dellinger DDS, MSD
Eugene Dellinger DDS, MSD
Dr. Norman Deloach JR. DDS, MS
Dr. John Delplanche DMD, MS
Dr. Ralph Delpriore DDS
Dr. Ronald Delsignore DMD
Dr. Michael Deluca DMD
Dr. Anthony Deluke DDS
Dr. Michael Deluke DDS, MDS
Dr. Andrea Delurgio DDS, MSD
Dr. Aaron Demaio DMD
Dr. Lisa Demarco
Dr. Mark Demaria DMD
Christine Demarti DMD
Dr. Donald Demas DDS, MS
Dr. Jon Dematteis JR.
Dr. Dennis Deming DDS
Dr. Samuel Demirdji DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Jacqueline Demko DDS MS
Dr. Julissa Demorizi DDS
Dr. Andrew Demos DMD
Dr. Albert Dempsey DDS, MS
Dr. Jerrod Dempsey D,MD
Dr. John Dempsey DDS MS
Melissa Dempsey DDS MS
Dr. Judith Demro DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Denis DDS, MS
Dr. Timothy Denison DMD, MSD
Dr. Padraig Dennehy DMD
Dr. Donald Dennington DDS,MS
Dr. Suzanne Dennis DDS MS
Dr. John Denny DDS, MSD
Dr. William Denny
Dr. Frank Denzinger DDS
Philip Depasquale DDS
Dr. Stephen Depasquale
Ralph Depee DDS
Dr. Donald Depew DMD MS PC
Dr. Alfred Deprophetis DDS
Dr. Frank Dequattro DMD
Dr. Salvatore Dericco DDS
Dr. Charles Deroo DMD
John Des Enfants DDS MS
Deborah Desa
Dr. Dip Desai DDS
Dr. Shamik Desai DMD
Dr. Shyam Desai DMD
Dr. Brianne Desantis DMD, MS
Dr. Gerard Desantis DMD
Dr. Bernadette Desantos DDS
Dr. Edward Desatnik DDS
Dr. Heather Desh DMD
Dr. Robert Deshields DDS
Dr. Karen Desimone DDS
Dr. Philip Desmarais
Billy Desoto DDS
Dr. Lynn Dettenmayer DDS
Dr. Mark Deukmedjian DDS, MSD
Dr. Daniel Dever DDS
Dr. Jack Devereux DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Devian DDS
Sara Devine DMD
Dr. Michael Devito DDS,
Dr. Joseph Devlin DDS
Mr. Brian Devoe DDS
Dr. William Devries DDS MS
Dr. Jeremy Dewbre DDS
Dr. Kimber Dewitt DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Dewitt JR. DDS
Dr. Cheryl Dewood DDS, PHD
Navpreet Dhaliwal DDS
John Dhane DDS
Dr. Archana Dhawan DDS,MS
Reema Dhingra DMD
Dr. Seema Dhingra DDS MSD
Dr. Manish Dhutia DMD, MS
George Diament DDS
Dr. Michael Diamond I DDS
Dr. Olwyn Diamond DDS
Dr. Eusebio Diaz DMD
Nelson Diaz DMD
Dr. Daniel Dibagno DMD
Dr. Frederick Dibbs MD, DDS
Emma Dicarlo DDS MDS
Dr. Marianne Dicerbo DDS
Dr. Pasqualino Diciccio DDS, MS
Dr. James Dicicco DDS
Dr. Brenda Dick DDS
Dr. Steven Dickens DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Dickerson DDS MS PC
Dr. Walter Dickes DDS
Dr. Danny Dickey DDS MS
Dr. Philip Dickinson DDS, MS
Murray Dickson DMD
Dr. John Diddle DDS, MS
Dr. Bertha Dieguez-Marino DMD,MPH
Mr. Byron Diehl DDS MS
Dr. David Diehl DDS
Dr. Kenneth Diehl DMD
Dr. John Dierkes DDS MS FICCMO
Nelson Diers DDS
Dr. Gregory Dietmeier DDS MS PC
Dr. Andrew Dietrich DMD, MS, PA
Dr. Carl Dietrich III DDS MSD
Dr. Thomas Dietrich DDS
Dr. Bruce Dietterick DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Herbert Dietz DDS
Dr. Meghann Dietz DDS, MS
Dr. Victor Dietz DMD
Dr. Stephane Dieudonne DDS
Dr. Paul Difranco DDS, MS
Dr. D Diggs DDS MSD PC
Rochester Diggs DDS
Dr. John Digiovanni DDS,MS
Tatum Digiovanni DDS
Dr. John Digiulio DDS,MS
Dr. James Dillehay II DDS; MS
James Dillehay DDS MS
Dr. Gary Dilley DDS MD MS
Henry Dilorenzo DDS
Dr. Michael Dimarzio DMD
Dr. Thomas Dimassa DDS, MS
Dr. Cindy Ding DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeff Ding DDS
Dr. William Dingus DMD
Ms. Monica Dinh DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Dinner DMD
Dr. William Dischinger DMD
Dr. John Disher DMD
Gary Dixon DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Dixon DDS, MS
Dr. Julian Dixon IV DMD
Dr. Robert Dixon DDS, MS
Dr. Garret Djeu DMD
Dr. George Dlouhy JR. DDS MS
Dr. Perry Do DDS, MS
Dr. Thuy Do DMD, MS
Dr. Kenneth Doaltowski DDS, MS
Denise Doan DDS
Dr. Lan Doan DDS
Dr. Debra Dobbs DDS
Dr. Marion Dobbs JR. DDS
Dr. Mary Dobbs DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Dobie DDS
Dr. Brent Dobson DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Doerfler DMD
Paul Doi DDS, MS
Dr. John Dolan MA, DDS, MS
Dr. Calogero Dolce DDS, PHD
Philbert Doleac JR. DDS
Dr. Kenneth Doleski DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Doleva DMD
Dr. Carin Domann DDS, MSD
Dr. William Domeyer DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Patricia Domings DMD
Dr. Orlando Dominguez DMD
Dr. Lindsay Don DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Don DDS,MS,PC
James Donaghey II DMD
Mr. Thomas Donahue DMD
Dr. Gavin-Rae Donaldson DDS
Dr. Kerwin Donaldson JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Donatelli DMD MS
Dr. Michael Donato JR. DMD
Dr. Joseph Dongieux DDS,MDS
Dr. Adam Donnell DMD, MS
Dr. Jeff Donnelly DMD
Dr. Dora Donovan DMD,MDS
Jason Doolen DDS, MS
Dr. Danielle Dore DDS
Howard Dorfman DMD
John Doris DDS
Dr. Jason Dorminey DMD
Dr. Roy Dornsife DMD
Dr. John Dorsch DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Joseph Dorsey JR. DDS, MS
Dr. John Dosek DDS; MS
Dr. Milan Doshi DMD
Dr. Siddhi Doshi DDS, MS
Dr. Harry Dougherty JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Douglas DMD
Dr. Kevin Douglas DMD
Dr. Mark Douglas DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Douglas DDS
Dr. Marie Doulaverakis DDS
Dr. Antoine Doumit DMD CAGS
Dr. Martha Dovali DDS
Amy Dover DDS, MS
Dr. John Dovorany DDS MS
Dr. John Dow DDS
Dr. Dennis Dowd DMD
David Dowling DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Thomas Dowling DDS
Dr. Nathan Downey DDS
Dr. Julianne Doyle DMD
Larry Doyle DDS
Dr. Marion Doyle DMD
Sean Doyle
Stan Drabik DDS
Dr. Noel Dragon JR. DDS,MSD
Kristina Dragstrem DDS, MS
Dr. Carl Drake DDS, MS
Dr. Courtland Drake DDS,MSD
David Drake DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Drake II DDS,MSD
Ethan Drake DMD
Dr. John Drake DDS MS
Dr. Scott Drake DDS MS
Dr. Hayward Drane IV DMD
Dr. Ross Drangsholt DDS
Dr. Quinn Draper DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Drayer DDS
Dr. Keith Dressler DDS,MSD
Dr. Charles Drew DMD
Dr. Donald Drew DDS
Dr. Jennifer Drew DDS, MSD
Emily Driesman
Jean Driscoll DDS
Dr. Kenneth Drizen DDS
Dr. Lynne Drizen DMD
Dr. Rodger Droel DDS, MSD
Dr. Jamie Drowley DDS
Dr. Agustin Drubi DMD
Dr. Richard Drummond DMD ORTHODONTIST
Dr. Oleg Drut DDS
Dr. Daniel Drye DMD, MS
Ramzi Duaibis
Chunni Duan DMD, MSC
Dr. Fernando Duarte DMD
Dr. Gilda Duarte DDS
Dr. Whybra Duay JR. DDS
Dr. Brian Dubin DMD
Dr. Joseph Dubin DDS
Dr. Glenn Dubroc JR. DDS
Dr. Stuart Duchon DDS
Jack Duclos DDS, MS
Dr. Martin Dudas DDS
Dr. Silas Dudley DDS, MSD
Dr. John Duehr DDS MS
Dr. Kevin Duffy DDS
Dr. Shannon Duffy DMD
Dr. Brian Dugoni DDS, MSD
Dr. Joseph Dugoni DDS
Dr. Steven Dugoni DMD,MSD
Dr. George Dula DDS, PA
Dr. Herbert Dulaney DDS MS
Dr. John Dumas DDS
Dr. Kelley Dunay DMD
Dr. Andrew Dunbar DDS, MS
Dr. J. Patrick Dunbar DDS
Dr. James Dunbar DDS
Dr. H Duncan DDS
Dr. Norman Duncan DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Dunegan DDS, MS
Dr. David Dung DDS MS
Dr. Joseph Dunlap DDS MS
Dr. Kevin Dunlavey DMD, MS
Dr. Harry Dunlevy DMD, MS
Neil Dunlow
Dr. Charles Dunn III DMD
Dr. Christopher Dunn DMD
Dr. Courtney Dunn DDS, MS
Dr. Curtis Dunn DDS
Dr. Gwendolyn Dunn DDS,MS,PA
Dr. Marc Dunn DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Dunn DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Dunn DDS
Dr. S Dunn DMD MS
Dr. Thomas Dunn DDS
Dr. Daniel Dunwody DDS, PC
Huong Duong DMD MS
Dr. Michael Duong DDS
Dr. Trang Duong DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Duplessis DMD, MS
Dr. John Duplessis JR. DMD
Dr. Maria Duprat DDS
Dr. Anthony Durall DMD
Mr. Jack Duran DDS MS LLC
Douglas Durbin
Dr. James Durham DMD
Julia Durham
Dr. Mark Durkee DDS, PHD
Dr. Fazila Durkin DDS, MS
Dr. Leo Durrett JR. DDS, PA
Dr. Sharon Durrett DMD
Dr. John Durussel DDS
Dr. Michael Duryea DDS
Dr. Paul Duryea DDS,MS
Dr. Sudha Dusanapudi DDS, MMSC
Dr. Mark Dusek DDS
Dr. Thomas Dusek DDS
Dr. Andrew Dusel DDS
Dr. Robert Dustin JR. DMD, MSD
Dr. Amy Dustoor DDS, MS
Dr. John Duthie
Eliane Dutra DDS
Dr. Henry Dutson DDS
Dr. Richa Dutta BDS,DDS, MSD
Dr. Jamal Duval DDS
Dr. Donald Duvall DMD
Dr. Brian Duvernay DDS
Jeffrey Dworkin DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Dwyer DMD
Gregory Dyer
Dr. James Dyer DDS
Dr. Kenneth Dyer IV DDS, MDS
Richard Dyer
Dr. Renee Dyken DMD, MS
Dr. Gregory Dykes DDS, MS
Dr. Osborne Dykes IV DDS, MS
Dr. David Dykhouse DDS
Dr. Vance Dykhouse DDS MS
Dr. Dick Dykman DDS, MS
Dr. Douglas Dziuba DDS
Dr. Jay Eagan DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Eakes DMD, MSD
Dr. Danielle Easterly DDS
Dr. Chester Eastin DDS
Dr. Sharon Eastman DMD
William Eastman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Easton DDS, MS, MS
Mr. Kevin Eatmon DDS
Elissa Eaton DMD, MS
Dr. Brian Eberhart DDS
Dr. Kenneth Eberle DDS
Dr. Nicole Eberle DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Eberle DMD, MS
Dr. Donna Ebert DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Eberting DMD
Dr. Eric Echols DDS
Dr. Robert Eckelson DDS
Dr. Evelyn Eckert DMD
Dr. Jon Eckhardt DDS, MSD, ABO
Dr. James Eckhart DDS
Dr. Brett Eckley DDS,MS
Dr. L. Eckley DDS,MS
Dr. Irving Eckstein DDS RPH
Dr. Samuel Eddy JR. DDS
Dr. David Edelman DDS
Jeffrey Eder DDS
Dr. Sharon Eder DDS
Dr. Gary Edgmon DDS MS
Dr. Bradford Edgren DDS, MS
Dr. Burdett Edgren DDS, MS
Dr. Ruth Edmonds DDS, MDS
Dr. Scott Edmonds DDS, MS
Dr. Carl Edney DDS MS PA
Dr. Eric Edstrom DDS, MS
Dr. Carol Edwards DDS
Dr. Christopher Edwards DDS
Dr. Cory Edwards DMD, MS
Daenya Edwards DDS
Dr. Earle Edwards DDS
Laura Edwards DDS, MS
Dr. Laura Edwards DMD
Dr. Lellan Edwards DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Edwards DDS
Dr. Grigoriy Efros DMD, MS
Dr. Frank Egan DDS
Dr. Brandy Egan Solomon DDS, MSD
Dr. Dorie Eger DDS, MS
Dr. Nadine Egger DDS, MSD
Dr. Jennifer Egli DDS
Dr. Ambre Ehlert Kragor DDS, MS
Dr. David Ehrich JR. DDS
Dr. Clelan Ehrler DDS
Dr. Todd Ehrler DDS
Dr. Zachary Ehrmantrout DDS
Dr. Nader Ehsani DDS
Dr. Liora Eidelstein DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Eigo DDS
David Eikrem DDS
Dr. James Eimer DDS
Stanley Einbinder DMD
Dr. Jacob Einhorn DDS
Dr. Yakov Eisenberger DDS; MSD
Jennifer Eisenhuth DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Oleg Eisenstein DMD
Dr. Sara Ekhlassi DDS, MSD
Dr. Lilah Ekim DDS, MS
Madueke Ekoh DDS
Dr. Bart Ekren DDS
Dr. Merlin Ekvall DDS, MS
Ousama El-Hillal DMD, MBA,MS
Bahram Elaahi DDS
Soraya Elahi DMD, MSCD
Dr. K Elassal DDS
Dr. Alec Elchahal DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Elenberger DDS
Susan Eles DMD
Tali Elfersi
Dr. Joel Elfman DDS
Dr. Craig Elgin DMD, MS
Dr. Sherif Elhady DDS, MS
Dr. John Eli DMD, MSD
Kathy Elias DMD, PHD
Dr. Joseph Eliason DDS, MSD
Dr. Joseph Elison DDSMS
Dr. Joseph Elison DDSMS
Dr. Timothy Elison DMD
Dr. Donald Elitt DDS, MS
Dr. Brad Elkin DMD
Dr. Elizabeth Ellen DMD
Dr. Albert Ellender DDS
Dr. Anthony Ellenikiotis DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Ellerhorst DDS, MSD
Dr. Richard Ellinger DDS
Dr. Richard Ellingsen
Dr. Ronald Ellingsen DDS,MSD
Dr. David Elliott DMD
Dr. Douglas Elliott
Dr. Larry Elliott DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Elliott DDS
Dr. Brittany Ellis DMD
Christine Ellis DDS
Dr. Donald Ellis DDS
Dr. Janine Ellis DDS
Dr. Lawrence Ellis DDS, MSD
Len Ellis II DDS
Dr. Lynae Ellis DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Ellis MD, MSD
Randy Ellis
Dr. Timothy Ellis DMD MS PA
Dr. Troy Elms DDS, MS
Dr. Jerald Elrod I DDS
Steven Elterman DMD
Dr. Roger Elton DDS MSD
Bryan Elvebak DDS
Dr. Stephen Ely DMD, MMSC
Michael Emanuel DDS,
Dr. Dominic Emanuele DMD
Dr. Clinton Emerson DMD
Dr. Denise Emma DDS
Juan Emmanuelli Bauza I DMD,MS
Dr. Alyssa Emory DDS
Dr. Brian Emrich
John Emrich DDS
Dr. Steven Emrich DDS
Scott Endrizzi DMD, CAGS
Dr. Albert Eng DDS
Dr. Eric Eng DDS
Dr. Robert Eng DDS
Dr. May Eng-Barrett DDS
Dr. Francoise Engel DDS
Dr. Gary Engelking DDS, MS
Dr. David Engen DDS, MSD
Mr. Daniel Enger JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Engeron DDS
Dr. William Engilman DMD,MS
Dr. Gregory England DDS
Jeryl English DDS
Dr. Lawrence Engman DDS
Todd Engstrom DDS
Dr. Harold Enoch DMD
Dr. Gabriel Enriquez DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Ensley DMD
Dr. Holly Eppard DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Eppright DDS
Dr. Patra Eppright DDS
Thomas Epps DMD
Dr. Leonid Epshteyn DMD
Dr. Burton Epstein DDS
Dr. Joshua Epstein DMD
Dr. Martin Epstein DDS
Mrs. Sima Epstein
Dr. Jeff Erickson DDS
Dr. Joshua Erickson DDS MSD
Dr. Keith Erickson DDS
Michael Erickson DDS, MS
Ronald Erkis DDS
Dr. Hugo Ernst DDS
Dr. Robert Ernst DMD
Dr. Seth Ernstberger DMD
Joseph Errera DDS
Dr. Jared Error DMD
Dr. Ulku Ersoy DDS, DMSC
Dr. Rex Ervin DDS
Mr. Frank Erwin DMD
Christopher Escott DMD
Sheila Esfandiari DDS
Dr. Ejiro Esi DDS
Azadeh Eslami Amin DDS
Timothy Esmay DDS
Dr. Kelly Espe DDS
Dr. Mayli Espejo DMD
Dr. James Esper DDS MS
Dr. Michelle Espina DDS, MS
Salvatore Esposito DDS
Edward Essayan DDS
Dr. David Esser DDS
Dr. John Esterkyn
Roxana Estrada DDS
Dr. Richard Etengoff DDS
Dr. Donna Eteson DMD
Dr. James Etling DDS, PA
Dr. Sarkis Euksuzian DMD, PA
Dr. Maylani Evangelista
Dr. Ann Marie Evanko DMD
Dr. Bradley Evans MD DDS MS
Dr. Bruce Evans MD DDS MS
Dr. Carlotta Evans DDS
Dr. Charles Evans DDS
Dr. David Evans DDS, MS
Dr. Evonne Evans DDS MS
Dr. James Evans DDS PC
Dr. James Evans DDS MS PC
Dr. Katie Evans DDS
Dr. Larry Evans DDS
Dr. Ralph Evans DDS, MS
Rhonda Evans DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Everett DDS
Dr. Michael Everson DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Every DDS
Dr. Gregory Evrigenis DDS, MSD
Dr. Franklin Ewald DMD MSD
Dr. Scott Ewers DDS
Sabin Ewing DDS
Dr. Beth Faber DDS
Dr. Richard Faber DDS
Dr. Zackary Faber DDS
Dr. Blair Fadem DDS
Dr. Gregg Fader DMD
Dr. Kyle Fagala DDS, MDS
Dr. Mark Fagin-Hutchings DDS, MS
Dr. Brandon Fairbanks DMD, MS
Dr. Jude Fairchild DDS
James Fairleigh III DDS MSD
Dr. Morton Fairleigh DDS,MS
Juan Faja-Fernandez DMD
Dr. Valerie Fajen DDS, MS
Dr. Adeola Faleye DMD
Dr. Jessica Falk DMD, MSD
Dr. William Falk DMDMS
Dr. William Falla DMD
Dr. Basma Fallah DDS
Dr. Nancy Faller-Shackleton DMD, MS
Dr. Alison Fallgatter DDS, MS
Dr. Drew Fallis SR. DDS
Dr. David Falls DDS
Rebecca Falsafi DDS, MS
Dr. Vivian Fan DMD, PHD
Dr. Yiyu Fang DDS, PHD
Dr. Michael Fanning DDS, MSD
Dr. Ernest Farabee III DDS
Samer Faranesh
Dr. Jorge Farill DDS
Dr. Mark Farina DMD
Dr. Lisa Faris DMD MS
Dr. M.A. Faris DDS,MS
Nadia Farjo
Norman Farley DDS
Dr. Scott Farley DDS
Dr. Richard Farmer DDS
Amy Farnsworth DMD
David Farnsworth DDS
Dr. James Farrage DDS
Dr. Joe Farrar DMD
Dr. Ken Farrar DMD
Dr. Marie Farrar DDS MS
Dr. William Farrar JR. DDS, MDS
Dr. Anthony Farrow
Melissa Farrow DDS
Dr. John Farsakian DDS, MS
Dr. Naila Farukhi DDS
Deji Fashemo DDS, MPH
James Fasy DDS
Dr. Mehrdad Fathian-Dehkordi DDS
Dr. Adejoke Fatunde BDS, MS
Dr. Forrest Faulconer DDS
Dr. James Faulkner DDS
Dr. Mathue Faulkner DDS, MS
Rebecca Faunce DMD
Dr. Erika Faust DDS
Dr. John Faust DDS,MS
Shawn Faust DDS, MS
Dr. Guy Favalaoro DDS
Oliver Favalli
Dr. Guy Favaloro DDS
Dr. P. Scott Favero DMD, MS
Dr. Vincent Fazzino DMD
Ms. Andrea Feather DDS MS
Dr. Dale Featheringham DDS MS
Dr. Cynthia Fee DDS MS
Dr. Austin Feeney DDS
Dr. Francis Feeney DMD MDS
Dennis Fehrman DDS, MS, SC
Dr. Peter Feibish DMD, MSD
Dr. Blake Feil DDS
Dr. Michael Feinberg
Dr. Arnold Feldman DDS
Dr. Barry Feldman DDS
Dr. Blair Feldman DMD, MS
Dr. Christopher Feldman DDS
Dr. Craig Feldman DMD
Dr. David Feldman DMD
Donald Feldman DMD
Irwin Feldman DDS
Dr. Jonathan Feldman SR. DMD,MS
Randy Feldman DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Feldman DDS MS
Seth Feldman DDS
Dr. Walter Feldman DDS
Dr. Paul Feldon DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Felicetti DDS
Dr. Vacharee Fell DDS, MS
Dr. David Feller DDS
Dr. Jed Feller DDS MSD
Dr. Joseph Feller DMD, MS
Parley Feller DDS
Dr. A. Felli DDS, MS
Frederick Fenderson DDS
Dr. Stacie Fenderson DDS MS
Dr. Celia Fenell DDS, MSD
Dr. Carrol Fenn DDS
Dr. Kirsten Fenn DDS,MSD
Dr. Ronald Fenn DDS
Dr. Damian Fennig DDS
Dr. Marisa Fenoglio DMD
Dr. Andrew Fenton DDS
Shannonj Fenton RDA
Dr. Kelly-Gwynne Fergus DDS, MDS
Dr. David Ferguson DDS
Dr. Donald Ferguson DMD, MSD
Dr. James Ferguson JR. DDS, MSD
John Ferguson DDS
Dr. Stanford Ferguson DMD
Dr. Thomas Ferlito DMD
Dr. Alexis Fermanis DDS, MS
Antone Fernandes DDS,MS
Dr. Carlos Fernandez DMD, MS
Aurora Fernandez Sordelli DDS, MSD
Dr. Alejandra Fernandez Zwerman DMD
Dr. Carlos Fernandez-Feo DDS
Dr. Celestine Fernandez-Vives DDS
Claire Ferrari DDS, MSD
Dr. Louis Ferraro DMD
Dr. Felix Ferre DMD, MS
Dr. Andre Ferreira DMD,MS
Mrs. Christine Ferrell DDS
Dr. Deborah Ferrer DMD, MS
Dr. Nicholas Ferri DDS
Andrew Ferris DDS
Dr. Robert Ferris DMD
Dr. Tyler Ferris DDS MS
Dr. James Ferriter DDS
Dr. Edward Ferry DDS
Dr. Michael Ferry DMD
Dr. Gideon Fersztman ORTHODONTICS
Dr. Arthur Fertman DDS
Dr. Michael Fesler DDS, MS
Dr. Dale Fessenden SR. DDS, MS
Dr. Omar Fetouh DDS
Dr. David Feuer DDS
David Feuerhahn
Dr. Richard Fewell DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Fey DDS, MSD
John Ficke DDS
Dr. Brett Fidler DDS, MSD
Joseph Fiedler DDS MSD
Dr. Travis Fiegle DMD
Dr. Daniel Fiehrer DDS PC
Bruce Field DDS
Thomas Field DDS
Dr. Danthanh Fields DDS
Dr. David Fields DDS
Dr. Hardy Fields PA
Dr. Robert Fields DMD,MS,MPH,MSED
Dr. Robert Fields DMD
Dr. Howard Fienman DDS
Dr. David Fiero DMD
Dr. Alexis Figueroa DND
Dr. Alvaro Figueroa DDS
Dr. Annelisse Figueroa DMD
Achilles Filios
Dr. Louis Filippone DDS, PC
Dr. Michael Fillman DDS MS MPH
Dr. Galen Fillmore DDS, MS
Josephine Finazzo DMD
Dr. Vincent Finazzo DDS
Dr. Irwin Finch DDS PC
Dr. Howard Fine DMD
Dr. Roger Fine DDS
Dr. Timothy Finelli DDS
Dr. Debra Fink DMD, MS
Dr. Fred Fink DDS
Dr. Gregory Fink DDS
Ronald Fink DDS MS
Dr. Mathew Finkelson DMD, MMSC
Dr. Gerald Finkelstein DMD
Dr. Brian Finn DDS
Dr. Stephanie Finn DMD
Dr. Wayne Finnegan DDS
Robert Fiore DMD, MMSC
Dr. Charles Fiorenti DDS
Allen Firestone DDS
Maurice Firouz DDS
Dr. John Firth DDS, MS
Dr. Brittany Fischer DDS, MS
Craig Fischer DMD, PC
Dr. Ken Fischer DDS
Dr. Mark Fischer DMD
Dr. Thomas Fischer DMD
Dr. Todd Fischer DMD MS
Dr. Steven Fischman
Dr. Ben Fishbein DDS
John Fishell JR. DMD, MDS
Dr. Anthony Fisher DDS
Dr. Dameon Fisher DDS
Dr. Jack Fisher DMD
Dr. Richard Fisher DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Fisher DMD
Dr. Steven Fisher DDS
Dr. Jerry Fishman DDS, PA
Dr. Jonathan Fisk DMD
Dr. Mark Fiss DMD, MS
Dr. Martin Fitz DDS
Dr. Jay Fitzgerald DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Fitzgerald DMD
Dr. Leonard Fiume DMD
Dr. Don Flanagan DDS, MS
Thomas Flanagan DMD
Dr. Thomas Flanagan DDS
Dr. Carolyn Flanary DDS
Dr. Marshall Fleer DDS
Dr. David Fleming DMD,MS
Dr. Harold Fleming DDS
Dr. John Fleming DMD, MSD
Dr. Patricia Fleming DDS
Stephen Fleming DDS
Dr. Cristi Fletcher DDS, MPH
Michael Fletcher DDS , MS
Dr. Craig Flickinger DDS
Dr. Clair Flinn JR. DDS
Dr. Wanda Flinn DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Flores DDS, MS
Mr. Jorge Flores DDS
Dr. Michael Florman DDS
Timothy Flynn DMD
Dr. Christopher Fogarty DDS
Dr. Richard Fogel DDS
Dr. Laura Fogle DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Foley DDS MS
Dr. John Foley DDS, MS
Dr. William Foley DDS, MSD
Dr. Brandon Foltz DDS
Dr. Courtney Fong DMD
Dr. Terrence Fong DDS
Dr. Juanita Fonseca DDS
Andrea Font Rytzner DDS, MSD
Dr. Albert Fontaine JR. DMD
Dr. Charles Fontenot DDS
Dr. Baharak Fooladi DDS
Dr. Catherine Foote DMD
Dr. J Forbes DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Forche DDS
Dr. Darren Forcier DDS
Dr. Russell Ford DMD, MS
Dr. Lavonne Fore DMD, MSD
Dr. Andrew Forman DDS, MS
Dr. Walter Formby DDS MS
Dr. G Forney DDS MS
Joseph Foroosh DMD
Dr. David Forrest
Dr. Kim Forrest DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Forrest DMD, MDS
Dr. John Forrester DDS, MS, PS
Dr. Melanie Forrister DDS,MS
Dr. Clifton Forsberg DDS
Dr. Joe Forsman DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Forster DMD
Dr. Matthew Fortna DMD
Dr. Christian Fortney DDS
Dr. Weston Fortson JR. DMD
Dr. Jorge Fortuno MSD
Dr. Francis Forwood DMD
Dr. Walter Fosbury DDS
Dr. Jose Fossas DMD
Dr. Benjamin Foster JR. DDS
Dr. Benjamin Foster DDS
Dr. Chad Foster
Dr. Jeffrey Foster DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Foster DMD
Dr. Larry Foster DDS
Dr. Mark Foster DDS MS
Samuel Foster DMD
Dr. Mehdi Fotovat DDS
Dr. Kimberly Foushee DMD
Dr. Robert Foushee DDS, MS
Irene Fowell DDS
Dr. Steven Fowle DDS, INC
Dr. Chad Fowler DDS, MSD
Dr. Hudson Fowler III DDS
Melanie Fowler DDS
Dr. Bruce Fox DDS
Deborah Fox DDS
Donald Fox DDS
Dr. Douglas Fox DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Edward Fox DMD
Dr. John Fox DDS MS
Paul Fox
Dr. Albert Foy JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Foy DDS, MS
Dr. Gerald Francati DDS
Thomas Franchetti DDS
Dr. Karl Francis DDS
Dr. Oral Francis DDS
Ralph Francis DDS
Mr. Scott Francois DDS
Dr. Benjamin Frandsen DDS, MS
Dr. Dorie Frank DDS
Dr. Harold Frank DDS
Dr. Samuel Frank DMD MS
Dr. Steven Frank DDS MS
Dr. Alan Frankel DMD
Dr. Charles Frankel DMD
Dr. G Russell Frankel DDS, MS
Dr. Martin Frankel DMD, MDS
Dr. Melvin Frankel DMD
Dr. Martin Frankl DMD
Dr. Brittney Franklin DMD
George Franklin DDS
Dr. Gregory Franklin DDS
Jonathan Frankmann DDS, MS
Dr. Staci Frankowitz DMD
David Franks
Dr. Donald Frantz DDS, MSD, PA
Dr. Robert Frantz DDS
Dr. Karen Franz DDS
Dr. Yolanda Franzen DDS
Dr. Eric Fraser DDS MS
Dr. William Fravel DMD
Dr. Jason Frazier DDS, MS
Dr. John Frazier DDS
Dr. Michael Frazier DDS, MS
Dr. Michele Frazier DDS
Zachary Frazier DDS
Dr. Sylvia Frazier-Bowers DDS, PHD
Dr. Devek Frech DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Freda DMD
Dr. Nicolas Freda DMD
Dr. Harold Fredericks DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Frederickson DDS
Dr. Douglas Freedman DDS
Dr. Howard Freedman DDS,PC
Matthew Freedman DMD
Dr. Dori Freeland DDS MS
Chris Freels DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Freeman DMD, MS
Dr. David Freeman DMD
Dr. David Freeman DDS, MS
Dr. John Freeman DDS
Dr. John Freeman DDS, MSD
Julian Freeman DMD
Dr. Matthew Freeman DDS, MS
Kenneth Freer DDS
Dr. Michael Freeseman DDS MS
Dr. Newell Frei DDS MS
Dr. Bruce Fremming DDS
Dr. Carla French Hamilton DMD
Dr. Dwight Frerichs DMD, MS
Corneil Fretty DDS
Daniel Frey
Dr. Gregg Frey DDS
Scott Frey DDS, MSD
Larissa Freytag DMD
Dr. Glenn Frial DDS, MS
Dr. John Frick DDS
Dr. Laurie Fricke DDS
Dr. Richard Fridman DMD
Dr. Marc Fried DDS
Dr. Neil Fried DMD
Dr. Curtis Friedenberg DDS
Howard Friedman DDS
Dr. Katherine Friedman DDS
Dr. Lawrence Friedman DDS
Dr. Leah Friedman DDS, MMSC
Dr. Leonard Friedman DMD
Dr. Michael Friedman DDS
Dr. Robert Friedman DDS
Dr. S. Friedman DMD
Dr. Scott Friedman DDS
Dr. Susan Friedman
Dr. Hugh Friel DDS, MDS, PC
Dr. Christopher Frigo DDS
Dr. Rachael Frisbie
Kristen Fritz DDS, MS
Dr. Gerald Froemming DDS
Dr. Richard Fronczak DDS MSD
Dr. Robert Frost DMD,MS
Dr. Stuart Frost DDS
Dr. Andre Fruge DDS
Dr. James Fruge JR. DDS
Dr. Chalk Fry DDS
Dennis Fry DDS
Dr. Douglas Fry DMD
Dr. Jeremy Fry DDS, MS
Robert Fry DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Fryar DDS,MSD
Gene Fryar DDS, MSD
Dr. Samuel Frydenlund DDS
Dr. Isaac Fu DDS,MSD
Dr. Michael Fuchs DDS
Dr. Rick Fuchs DDS
Dr. Robert Fuhrman DDS, MS
Dr. Roland Fulcher DMD
Dr. Reginald Fulford DDS, MS
Lori Fulk DMD
Dr. Alan Fulks DDS, MS
Dr. Clayton Fulks DMD
Dr. Clayton Fuller DDS
David Fuller DDS MS
Dr. Leslie Fullerton DDS
Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling DMD
Dr. Catherine Fulton DDS
Dr. Shauna Fung DDS
Dr. Jared Funt DDS
Dr. Jim Fuqua DDS
Dr. Leonard Fuqua JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Anthony Furino DDS MSD
Dr. Lincoln Furuya DDS
Dr. Tricia Fussell DDS,MS
Peder Gaalaas DDS
Bryce Gabler DMD
Dr. Michael Gabler DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Gabriel DDS
Dr. Genevieve Gagnon DMD
Dr. Laura Gagnon DMD
Dunia Gailani DDS
Erin Gaither DDS
Dr. Steven Gajda DDS, MSD
Dr. Anish Gala DDS
Dr. Maria Therese Galang DMD, MS
Dr. Donna Galante DMD
Dr. Edna Galarza DMD
Dr. James Galati DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Robert Galbreath DDS
Dr. James Galea DDS MSD
Dr. Peter Galgano DDS
Katherine Galindo
Dr. Scott Galkin DMD
Dr. Amanda Gallagher DMD
James Gallagher DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Gallagher DDS, MSD, MSE, PHD
Dr. Robert Gallagher DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Gallerano DDS, MSD
Dr. Leonardo Galletto DDS
Enrique Gallo DDS
Dr. Louis Gallo DDS,MS
Dr. Robert Gallois DMD
Dr. Casey Gamache DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Gamble JR. DMD MS
Dr. Dana Gamblin DMD MSD
Dr. Jefferson Gamblin DMD
Benjamin Gamm
Dr. David Gamotis DMD, MS
Dr. Genrikh Gandelsman DDS
Dr. Cassandra Gandia DDS MS
Dr. Allen Gandy DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Gange DDS, MS
Dr. Heeshik Ganocy
Dr. Abraham Ganz DMD
Dr. Gabriel Garber DDS
Dennis Garbera DMD
Ana Garcia DDS
Carlos Garcia DDS
Dr. Cassiano Garcia DDS
Elena Garcia DMD
Dr. Francisco Garcia DMD/DDS, CAGS ORTHO
Dr. Gabriela Garcia DDS
Dr. Jose Garcia DDS
Dr. Juan De Dios Garcia DMD
Dr. Lynette Garcia DMD
Dr. Nicolas Garcia DMD, MSD
Dr. Ricardo Garcia DDS, MS
Dr. Ronniette Garcia
Yesenia Garcia DMD
Dr. Carmen Garcia-Paul DMD, MS
Dr. Manuel Garcia-Vinas DMD
Dr. Carolyn Gardiner DDS
Dr. Ernest Gardner JR. DDS
Dr. Gerald Gardner DDS
Dr. Joel Gardner DMD
Michael Gardner
Dr. Robert Gardner DDS
Dr. Roberta Gardner DMD, MS
Dr. S Gardner DMD
Dr. Sean Gardner DDS
Dr. William Gardner DDS
Dr. Reza Garemani
Dr. Judah Garfinkle DMD, MS
Dr. Richard Garfinkle DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Nishi Garg DMD
Dr. Mark Garlington DDS
Dr. David Garlock
Dr. Gregory Garn DDS, MS
Bryan Garner
David Garner DDS
Thomas Garner DMD
Dr. Bella Garnett DMD, MMSC
Dr. James Garol DDS, MSD
Dr. John Garol DDS
Dr. Jay Garrel DDS
Dr. Brett Garrett DMD, MS
Dr. Fred Garrett DDS MS
Dr. Steven Garrett DDS
Mr. Wayne Garrett DMD
Dr. Daniel Garrison DMD, CAGS
Robert Garrison DMD PA
Dr. Michael Garvey DDS, MS
Dr. Jennifer Garza DDS
Dr. William Gaskill DDS MSCD
Dr. Ronald Gasper DDS
Jedidiah Gass SR. DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Garry Gast DDS
Dr. Lawrence Gaston DDS MS
Paul Gates DDS
Dr. Sandra Gathany DDS,MS
Dr. Nelson Gatov DDS
Dr. Jeanne Gau DDS MS
Dr. Elmer Gaudet JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Brian Gaudreault DMD
Dr. Robert Gaudry DDS, MS
Dr. Timothy Gault SR. DDS
Dr. Pawan Gautam MDS
Dr. Matthew Gaworski DDS
Dr. William Gaylord DDS
Brad Gaynier DDS
Dr. Gordon Gaynor DDS
Dr. Thomas Gebeck JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Gebeck DDS
Dr. Greggory Gechoff DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Gee DDS MS
Dr. Joseph Gee DDSPC
Dr. Kim Gee DDS
Dr. Kiren Gehani DDS
Dr. Rekha Gehani DDS
David Gehring
Dr. Edgar Geigel DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Geiman DDS, MA, MS
Jeff Geist DDS
Dr. David Gejer DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Gelb DMD
Dr. Mark Geller DDS, MSD, PA
Inna Gellerman DDS
Dr. Julie Gelnett DMD
Dr. Felix Gen DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Genecov DDS, MSD, FACD, FICD
Dr. John Gentile DMD,MS
Dr. Samuel Gentry DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Genualdi DDS
Dr. David Genualdi DMD
Dr. Caleb George DDS
Dr. Cameron George DDS M S
Dr. Cathleen George DMD
Dr. Daniel George DDS
Dr. Donald George JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Jack George DDS
Dr. Joby George DDS
Dr. Kristen George DMD
Dr. Mark George DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Michael George DDS
Dr. Raymond George JR. DMD
Dr. Raymond George SR. DMD
Dr. George Georgelis DMD
Mrs. Renee Geran DDS, MS
Vincent Gerardi DMD
Dr. Laurence Gerbo DDS, MPH, MS
Dr. Richard Gere DDS, MS
Todd Gereb DDS
Michael Geric DMD, MS
Dr. Craig Gerken DDS
Dr. Eduardo Gerlein DDS, MS,MMSC
Dr. John Gerling DDS,MSD,PA
Dr. Daniel German DDS
Dr. Nicholas Germane DMD
Dr. Charlotte Gerry DMD
Dr. Scott Gersch DMD
Dr. Stanley Gersch DMD
Gary Gersh DDS
Dr. John Gershey JR. DMD
Dr. Paul Gersmeyer DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Gesenhues DDS
Thomas Gessel DMD
Dr. Christopher Getchell DDS
Dr. Christopher Getman DDS, MDS
Dr. Curtis Geyer DDS, MS
Dr. Ashkan Ghaffari DDS, MSD
Bahar Ghafouri DDS, MS, APC
Dr. Bobby Ghandehari DDS, MS,
Dr. Sara Ghassemi DMD
Dr. Ali Ghatri DDS
Dr. Mariam Ghavamian DMD
Roshanak Ghazinouri DMD
Dr. Eric Gheewalla DMD
Dr. Eric Gherman DDS
Dr. James Ghilzon BS DDS MS
Fredrick Ghiz DDS,MS
Matthew Ghiz DDS, MS
Dr. Lamont Gholston DMD
Dr. Ahmed Ghoneima BDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Jay Ghosh DDS, MS
Dr. Swapan Ghosh DMD
Dr. Sally Ghrist DDS, MS
Dr. Terry Giangreco DDS, MS
Dr. Kelly Giannetti DMD
Dr. Efstathios Giannoutsos DDS
Dr. Jared Gianquinto DMD, MS
Dr. Frederick Giarrusso DDS
Dr. Lisa Giarrusso DMD
Dr. Joseph Giasi DDS, MS
Dr. Miller Gibbons
Dr. Alan Gibbs DDS
Dr. Eric Gibbs DDS
Dr. John Gibbs DDS
Wyland Gibbs DDS
Christopher Gibson DDS
Dr. Clyde Gibson DDS
Dr. Colin Gibson DDS, MS
Dr. James Gibson III DDS, MS
Dr. Joe Gibson JR. DDS, M,S,
Dr. Robert Gibson DDS
Dr. Scott Gibson DDS
Dr. Thomas Gibson JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Giegerich DMD,MS
Dr. William Gierie II DDS
Dr. Heather Gietzen DMD, MS
Dr. Danielle Gilbert DMD
David Gilbert DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Gilbert DMD, MS
Dr. Joshua Gilbert DMD
Dr. Kenneth Gilbert DMD
Dr. Raymond Gilbert III DMD,MS
Dr. Steven Gilbertson DDS
Dr. Earl Gilder DMD
Dr. Grant Giles DDS
William Giles DR
Dr. R Gililland DMD
James Gill DDS, MSD
Dr. Jared Gill DMD
Dr. Richard Gill DMD
Dr. Brice Gilliam DDS
Dr. James Gillig DDS
Dr. Julian Gills DDS
Aaron Gilman DDS
Dr. Brian Gilman DDS
Dr. Richard Gilman DMD
Dr. Steven Gilman DMD
Charles Gilmore DDS
Darryl Gilmore DDS
Dr. David Gilmore DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Gilmore DDS MS
Dr. David Giltner DDS, MS
Dr. Amy Gimlen DDS MS
Dr. Christine Gin DDM, MS
George Ginsberg DMD MSCD
Dr. Gerald Ginsberg DDS
Dr. James Ginzler DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Giordano DMD
Dr. Joseph Giordano DMD
Dr. Paul Giorgetti DDS, PA
Dr. Barton Girdwood DDS
Dr. Robert Gire DDS
Dr. John Gisondi D M D
Dr. Laurie Gittess DDS MSD
Dr. Randy Gittess DDS
Mr. Eugene Glad DMD
Dr. Jason Gladwell DDS, MSD
Dr. Ronald Glaeser DDS
Dr. Rachel Glancy DMD
Dr. Karl Glander II DDS
Dr. Barry Glaser DMD
Dr. Ian Glaser DDS
Dr. Martin Glaser DMD
Dr. Glenn Glass DMD
Dr. Timothy Glass DDS, MS
Dr. Brenton Glassell DDS, MDS
Dr. Elliot Glassman DDS
Dr. James Glauser DDS
Dr. James Gleason DDS
Dr. Gayle Glenn DDS
Dr. Robert Glenn DDS MS
Dr. William Glenos II DMD
Dr. Michael Gleysteen DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Glick DMD
Patricia Glick DMD
Laura Glicksman MS DMD
Dr. Tanya Glidden DMD, MS
Dr. Bruce Gloeckner DDS
Dr. Charles Glovsky DMD
Dr. Geof Glovsky DMD
Dr. Brett Gluck DMD, MS
Dr. Leslie Glupker DDS
Dr. Timothy Glupker DDS
Dr. Ellen Glynn DDS MDS
Dr. Larry Goates DDS, MSD
Dr. Richard Gobbie DMD
Dr. David Gobeille DDS, MS
Dr. Martin Gochnour DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Godel DDS
Dr. Stephen Godwin DMD, DMSC
Dr. Andrew Godzyk DMD
Nancy Goebel DDS
Kelly Goeckner
Avijit Goel DMD
Dr. Romia Goff DMD, CAGS
Gregory Goggans DMD
Dr. Raj Gohill DDS MS
Bradley Goings DDS
Dr. Toni Goins-Crank DDS, MS
Janet Golaszewski DMD M ED
David Gold DDS,PC
Dr. Edward Gold DDS
Dr. Michael Gold DMD
David Goldberg DDS, MS
Dr. Ira Goldberg DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg DMD
Dr. Richard Goldberg DMD
Dr. Cheryl Golden DDS,MS
Dr. Rodney Golden DDS
Juliane Golden-Wolovnick DDS
Mrs. Monica Goldenberg DDS MS
Dr. Sandy Goldenberg DMD
Dr. Robert Goldie DMD
Dr. Bruce Goldin DDS
Dr. Lawrence Golding DDS
Dr. Michael Goldkind DMD
Dr. Joshua Goldknopf DDS
Dr. Adena Goldman DDS
Dr. Edward Goldman DDS
Dr. Michael Goldman DMD
Michael Goldman DDS, MS, MPH
Robert Goldman DDS
Dr. Robert Goldman DDS
William Goldman DDS
Dr. Hilton Goldreich DDS, MS, PA
Bradley Goldsamt DDS
Dr. Bart Goldsberry DDS
Dr. Donald Goldschein DDS
Dr. Irwin Goldschein DDS
Dr. Bruce Goldstein DDS, MS
Dr. Corey Goldstein DMD
Glenn Goldstein DMD
Dr. Gary Golovan DDS, MS
Dr. Francisco Gomara DMD
Dr. Martha Gomez DDS
Dr. Maybelle Gomez DDS, MSD
Marina Gonchar DMD
Dr. Jean Gong DMD
Dr. Dante Gonzales DMD, MSD
Dr. Luis Gonzalez DMD,MS
Dr. Michelle Gonzalez DDS
Dr. Mitzi Gonzalez DMD
Roy Gonzalez JR. DDS,MS
Dr. Roy Gonzalez DDS MSD
Dr. Luis Gonzalez Orama DMD
Dr. Ody Gonzalez-Fabian DMD
Dr. Luis Gonzalez-Morales DMD, MS
Dr. Phoebe Good DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Good II DMD, MDS
Dr. Ronald Good DMD, MS
Dr. John Goodloe JR. DMD
Dr. John Goodloe III DDS
Dr. Adam Goodman DMD
Dr. Brock Goodman DDS
Dr. Madeleine Goodman DMD
Dr. Phillip Goodman DDS
Dr. Roger Goodman DDS
Mr. Mark Goodnight DMD, PA
Dr. Jamie Goodreau DMD, MSD
Dr. Glenn Goodrich MS
Glenn Goodrich DDS,MSD
Dr. Ernest Goodson DDS, MPA
Jon Goodwin DMD
Michael Goodwin DDS, MS
William Goodwin DDS
Dr. Steven Goozh DDS
Dr. Troy Gor DDS, MSD
Dr. Norman Gorback DDS
Ann Gorczyca DMD, MPH, MS
Adam Gordon DMD
Dr. Colleen Gordon DMD, MS
Dr. Douglass Gordon DMD
Dr. Joseph Gordon DDS
Dr. Milton Gordon DDS
Dr. Robert Gordon DDS
Dr. William Gordon DMD
Dr. Don Gordy DDS
Dr. Miles Gorenkoff DMD
Dr. Neil Gorin DDS
John Gorman DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Gorman DDS, MSCO,PA
Dr. Matthew Gornick DMD, MDS
Paras Gosalia DDS
Dr. Tara Gostovich DMD
Dr. Joshua Gotlib DDS, MS
Dr. David Gottesfeld DDS
Dr. Marina Gottfried DDS, MS
Dr. Trevor Gottfried DDS, MS
Dr. Bruce Gottlieb DDS
Dr. George Gottsegen DDS
Dr. Marshall Gottsegen DDS
Dr. Gregory Gough DDS
Dr. Harold Goya DDS
Dr. Lee Graber DDS
Dr. Mordechai Graber DDS
James Grabouski DDS MS
Dr. Jeremy Grabouski DDS
James Grabow DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Grabowski DDS, MS
Dr. Roger Grace DDS
Dr. John Grady DDS
Dr. John Grady DMD
Dr. Brian Graf DMD
Mr. James Graf DMD MS
Dr. Robert Graf MSD
Dr. Steven Graf DDS
Dr. Derek Graff DMD
Dr. Myron Graff DMD
Dr. Theodore Graff DDS
Dr. Enrique Grageda DMD
Dr. Kimberly Gragg DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Graham DMD
Dr. Don Graham DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Graham DDS, MS
Dr. Francis Graham DMD
Dr. John Graham DDSMD
Dr. Michael Graham DMD
Dr. Richard Graham DMD
Dennis Granberry DDS
Dr. Ram Grandhi
Dr. Warren Granek DDS
Michael Granger DMD
Dr. Ann Granicz DMD
Dr. Nathan Granillo DDS, MSD
Dr. Ralph Grant DDS,MS
Dr. Richard Grant DDS
Richard Grant DDS,MS
Dr. Dewain Grattan I DMD
Dr. Dan Grauer DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Stewart Grauer DDS MS
Dr. Isabel Gravson DDS
Dr. Charles Gray DDS
Dr. Denis Gray DMD
Dr. James Gray DMD
Dr. Jesse Gray DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Gray DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Gray DMD
Dr. William Gray DMD
Dr. Barry Grayson DDS
Dr. Victor Grazina DDS
Mark Greco DMD
Dr. Peter Greco DMD
Dr. Cynthia Green DDS
Dr. Francis Green DDS,MS
Howard Green DMD
Dr. Jack Green JR. DDS MSD
Dr. James Green DDS
Jimiesh Green DDS
Dr. Moshe Green DMD
Dr. William Green DDS
Dr. William Green DMD MS
Dr. Kenneth Greenbaum DDS, MS
Dr. Greg Greenberg DDS
Dr. Larry Greenberg DDS
Dr. Marshall Greenberg DMD
Dr. Stuart Greenberg
Dr. Vickie Greenberg DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Greene DDS
Dr. Keri Greene DDS
Dr. Elisha Greenfield DDS
Dr. Scott Greening DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Greenlee DDS, MSD
Dr. Ronald Greenspan DDS
Dr. Ronald Greenspan DDS
Ronald Greenwald
Dr. E. Vann Greer DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Greer DDS, MSD
James Greer DMD, MS
Preston Greer DDS
Russell Greer DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Gregg DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Gregg DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Gregg DDS
Dr. Mark Gregston DDS
Dr. Avtar Grewal DDS
Brian Grey DDS, MSD
Dr. Kristina Grey DDS, MSD
Craig Grider DDS
Dr. Melissa Grieder-Roberto DMD
W. Grieve DDS
Dr. John Griffies DDS
Dr. Alfred Griffin JR. DDS
Dr. David Griffin
Dr. Deborah Griffin DMD
Dr. Robert Griffin DDS
Dr. Thomas Griffin DDS, MS
Dr. William Griffin DMD, MSD
Richard Griffith
John Griffiths DDS MDS PC
Dr. Henry Griggs DMD
Dr. Henry Griggs JR. DMD
Reginald Griggs DDS
Dr. Frank Grimes DDS,MS
Ormond Grimes DMD, MS
Dr. Susan Grimm DDS, MS
Dr. Holly Grimslid DMD, MS
Karin Grinbaum DDS
Dr. Thomas Grisius DDS,MS
John Gritz
Dr. Michael Groch DDS
Dr. Robert Groesbeck DDS
Mr. Gordon Groisser DDS, MSD
Dr. Kimberly Gronberg DDS, MS
Dr. Alon Grosman D M D
Donald Grosser
Dr. I. Grosser DMD
Dr. Carl Grosshandler DDS
Dr. Daniel Grossman DDS
Daniel Grossman DMD
Dr. Robert Grossman DDS, MSD
Dr. Lindsay Grosso DMD, MS,
Michael Grosso JR. DMD
Dr. David Grove DMD MS MSED MSC
Dr. Ron Groves DDS
Dr. Sarah Groy DMD MS
Edward Grubaugh DDS,MS
Dr. John Grubb DDS
Dr. Brett Grube DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Grud DDS, MS
Terry Gruelle
Dr. Thorsten Gruenheid DDS
Duane Grummons DDS, MSD
Dr. Stephen Grussmark DDS,MSD
Dr. Gerardo Guajardo DDS
Huiyan Guan DDS,MS
Jeffrey Guay DMD
Dr. Steven Guelff DMD, PA
Dr. Ann Guerra DDS
Dr. Cheryl Guerrero DDS
Dr. Amanda Guess DMD
Dr. Michael Guess DDS
Don Guest DDS
Dr. Susan Guest DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Guevara DDS
Dr. David Guidry DDS
Dr. Kirby Guidry DDS, MSD
Dr. Karen Guinn DDS
Dr. Nadim Guirguis DMD
Dr. Perm Gulati DDS
Dr. Rahul Gulati DDS
Dr. Kent Gulden DDS PA
Dr. Alli Guleria DMD
Dr. Charles Gulland DMD
Dr. Carl Gullick DDS
Dr. Nancy Gum DDS, MSD
Erol Gund DDS
Dr. Jack Gunn DDS
Dr. Sondra Gunn DDS
Roy Gunsolus
Dr. Frederick Gunter DDS
Dr. Deepak Gupta DMD, MS
Dr. Ritu Gupta MSD
Dr. Sally Gupton DDS
Dr. William Gurley DDS, MS
Dr. Pawandeep Gurm DDS
Dr. Myron Gurman DDS
Dr. Kenneth Gurstein DDS MS
Alan Gusching DDS
Dr. Alec Gush DDS
Jeffrey Gust DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Gustovich DDS MS
Dr. Megan Guthman DMD
Dr. Alex Gutierrez DDS
Dr. Jorge Gutierrez DDS
Luis Gutierrez Pulido DDS
Dr. Patricia Gutsche DMD
Dr. Stuart Gutsche DMD
Dr. Carly Gutstein DDS
Dr. Lothar Guttschuss DDS
Louis Guy JR. DDS MS
Dr. Edmund Guyer DDS, MS
Gregory Guymon DDS, MS
Myron Guymon DDS, MS PC
Dr. Russell Guymon DDS, MS
Dr. Ulises Guzman DDS
Kelley Gyllenhaal DDS
Dr. James Haack DDS MS
Dr. Christoph Haar DMD
Dr. David Haas DDS
Dr. Eric Haas DDS
Dr. Irwin Haas DDS
Dr. Maria Haas DDS
Dr. Mark Haas DDS
Dr. Roger Haas DDS, MS
Sharon Haas DDS
Dr. Zara Haaslo DDS , MSC
Dr. Miriam Habeeb DMD
Dr. Isaac Haber DDS, MS
Mr. Daniel Haberman DDS
Dr. Michael Habern DDS
Dr. Mark Hablinski DDS,MS,PA
Dr. Gregory Hack DDS
Dr. Robert Hackim DDS
Ninette Hacopian DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Hadavand DDS, MS
Dr. Craig Hadgis DDS
Dr. Robert Haeger DDS,MS,PS
Dr. Andre Haerian DDS, MS, FRCD, PHD
Dr. Michael Hagan DDS
Tracy Hagan DMD
Dr. Michael Hage DDS
Mr. Burton Hagler DDS MS
Dr. Zane Haider DMD MS
Dr. Ryan Haimof DDS
Dr. Jeremy Haines DDS, MS
Dr. Wm. Hairfield DDS, MSD
Dr. Bruce Haislip DDS
Nima Hajibaik DMD
Dr. Isaac Hakim DMD
Dr. Eli Halabi DMD
Dr. Harvey Halfond DDS
Dr. Dennis Halford DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Halgren DDS,MSD
Dr. Baron Hall DDS
Dr. Bradley Hall DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Hall DDS, MDS
Dr. David Hall DDS, MS
David Hall DDS
Dr. Denise Hall DMD, MS, LLC
Dr. Dennis Hall DDS
Dr. James Hall DDS
Dr. Jason Hall DDS,MS
Dr. Kent Hall DDS,MS
Matthew Hall DMD
Dr. Nathan Hall DDS, MS
Stanton Hall DDS MS PHD
Dr. Earl Haller DDS MS
Dr. Kevin Hallgarth DDS
Dr. Kevin Hallgren DDS, MSD
Steven Hallgren
Dr. Patricia Halloran DDS
Dr. Barbara Halpern DDS
Dr. Michelle Halpern DMD
Dr. Nathan Halstead DDS, MS
Leonard Haltiwanger DMD MS
William Haltiwanger JR. DDS
Darren Haltom DDS MS
Felix Haltom DDS MS
Mark Halvorsen DMD
Dr. J. Hamby DMD
Dr. Khaled Hamdallah DMD
Dr. David Hamer DDS
Dr. Paul Hamersky DDS
Dr. Anne Hamilton DDS
Dr. Jennifer Hamilton DDS, MS
Ms. Rachel Hamilton DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Hamilton DDS MS
Scott Hamilton DDS
Dr. Todd Hamilton DDS, PA
Dr. David Hamilton, Jr DDS, MS, PA
Dr. John Hamlin DDS
Dr. Michael Hammack DDS
Frances Hamman DDS MSD
Dr. Nathan Hamman DDS, MDS
Dr. Christine Hammer DDS
Dr. William Hammock JR. DMD
Albin Hammond III DDS, MA
Dr. Thomas Hamway DDS, MS
Dr. David Han MS, DMD
Dr. Sangkyu Han DDS,MS
Dr. Seong Han DMD, MS
Dr. Unae Han DMD
Dr. Woo Daniel Han DDS, MS
Dr. Farid Hanachi DDS PA
Dr. Diane Hanan DDS
James Hancock DDS
Dr. Stephen Hand DMD
Mark Handelin DDS
Dr. Chester Handelman DMD
Dr. Kimberly Handick DDS MSD
Dr. Brett Handsman DMD
Dr. T. Handy JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Handy DDS, MSCO
Dr. Wayne Hane DDS
Dr. Eric Haney DDS, MS
J Haney DDS MS
Dr. William Hang DDS, MSD
Dr. Matt Hanhila JR. DDS MS
Dr. James Hanigan DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Timothy Hanigan DDS,MS,PA
Shad Hanis DDS, MSD
Dr. Jacqueline Hanks DDS, MSD
Dr. Kevin Hanley DDS
Dr. Frank Hann DDS
Kristen Hann
Robert Hann
Dr. J. Hannah DDS
Paul Hannah DDS
Dr. Eric Hannapel DDS, MS
Dr. Justin Hannon DDS, MS
Miss Stephanie Hannon DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Hannon II DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Hanover DDS
Dr. Mark Hans DDS, MS
Andrew Hansen
Dr. Blaine Hansen DMD, MS
Dr. Gordon Hansen DDS, MS
Dr. Jo Hansen DDS,MS
Levi Hansen
Neil Hansen DDS
Dr. Vincent Hansen
Dr. John Hanson DMD
Dr. John Hanson DDS
Dr. Mark Hanson DDS MS
Dr. Michael Hanson DDS
Dr. Pamela Hanson DDS MS
Rebecca Hanson DDS, MS
Kimberly Hanysak
Dr. Thomas Hao DDS
Dr. Cosmo Haralambidis DMD
Dr. Robert Haraway JR. DMD MS
Dr. Walter Harber
Dr. John Harbour DDS MSD
Dr. Philip Hardee DMD
Dr. Rich Hardie DDS, MS
Dr. Tod Hardin DMD, PC
Stephanie Harding DMD
Dr. Rachel Hardinger DDS, MS
Daniel Hardy DDS
Jameson Hardy DMD
Dr. Louis Hardy DMD
Dr. Michael Hardy DDS
Dr. Robert Hardy DMD
Dr. Timothy Hardy DMD
Dr. Amy Harel DDS, MS
June Harewood DDS, MA, MS
Dr. Kathleen Hargaden DMD,MS
Dr. Jerry Harl DDS
Dr. Theodore Harless DDS MS
Dr. Heidi Harman DDS, MS
Dr. David Harmon JR. DDS MSD
Dr. Todd Harmon DDS
Dr. Andrew Harner DDS
Garret Harnett DDS, MS, PC
Dr. David Harnick DDS,MSD
Dr. Mariam Haroun DMD
Dr. David Harper DDS, MS
Dr. Dennis Harper DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Harper DDS, MS
Stephen Harper DDS
Dr. Paula Harre DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Harrell III DDS
Dr. William Harrell JR. DMD
Dr. Chad Harrington DDS, MSD
Dr. Douglas Harrington DDS
Dr. Mark Harrington DDS
Dr. Bill Harris DDS,MS
Dr. Billy Harris DDS
Dr. Brent Harris
Dr. Bruce Harris DDS
Dr. Christopher Harris DDS, MS
Dr. George Harris DDS MS
Dr. James Harris JR. DDS
Jay Harris DMD
Kevin Harris DDS, PC
Lacey Harris DMD, MSD
Dr. Leland Harris DDS
Dr. Loyd Harris BS,DDS,MSD
Meka Harris DMD
Dr. Michael Harris DMD
Dr. Michael Harris DDS MSD
Dr. Nathan Harris DDS, MSD
Hunter Harrison DDS, MS
John Harrison DDS,MSC
Kenneth Harrison DDS
Dr. Michael Harrison DMD, MSD
Mr. Patrick Harrison DDS
Dr. Steven Harrison DDS, MS, PC
Dr. William Harrison DDS
Dr. Scott Harsfield DMD
Dr. Laura Harshbarger DDS
Dr. Travis Harshman DDS
Dr. James Hart DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Hart DMD
Dr. Patrick Hart DDS
Dr. Katherine Hart Westphal DDS, MDS
Dr. Douglas Harte DMD
C. Harter DMD
Dr. Dayle Hartgerink DDS, MS
Dr. George Hartl DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Hartman DMD
Dr. Christopher Hartman DDS
Dr. Erika Hartman DDS
Dr. Jason Hartman DMD, MS
Dr. Tom Hartsock DMD,MS
Dr. Jeffrey Harvey DDS
William Harvey DMD
Dr. Jennifer Harville DMD
Anthony Harwell JR. DDS,MS
Robbie Hashem
Dr. Hamid Hashemi DMD
Maryam Hashemi DDS, PC
Dr. Bruce Haskell DMD, PHD
Jennifer Haskell DMD, MS
Dr. Aaron Haskett DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Haskins DDS
Dr. Wade Haslam DMD
Dr. Andrew Hass DDS
Dr. Brent Hassel DDS
Dr. Michael Hassey DDS
Dr. Fred Hassig DDS MSD
Dr. Joseph Hastings DMD
Mark Hatala DDS
Dr. James Hatcher DMD MS
Dr. William Hatcher DDS,MS
Dr. John Hathaway DDS
Ronald Hathaway DDS
Dr. John Haugen DDS
Mariana Haughey DDS
Dr. Stephen Haught DDS
Dr. Darrell Havener DDS
Dr. Bruce Havens DDS
Dr. Andrew Havron DMD
Dr. Michael Hawkins DDS
Dr. Michael Hawkins DDS
Dr. Bruce Hawley DDS
Dr. Thomas Hawley DDS
Dr. Benjamin Haws DDS
Dr. Shannon Hayashibara DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Hayden DMD
Dr. Andrew Hayes DDS, MSD
Eugene Hayes DDS,MS
Dr. John Hayes DMD
Dr. Karl Hayes DDS
Dr. Melville Hayes DDS, MS
Randolph Hayes JR. DMD
Dr. Richard Hayes DDS, MS
Dr. Sharon Hayes DMD
John Hayhurst DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Haynes DDS
Jon Haynes DDS
Dr. James Hayosh DDS
Dr. Michael Hazey III DDS,MS
Dr. Christy Head DDS
Dr. David Heald DMD
Dr. Ian Healy DDS
Justin Heaps DDS
Dr. Mary Hearn DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Hearne DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Heath DDS, MSD
Dr. George Heath DMD MS
Michael Hebert DDS
Dr. Steven Hechler DDS, MS
Ryan Hecht DMD
John Hedrick DDS, MS
Dr. Kelly Heetland DDS, MSD
Shawna Heetland DDS, MSD
Dr. Ronald Heiber DDS, MS
Dr. Derrill Heiland DDS
Dr. Gerald Heim DDS
Dr. Vernon Heim DDS,MS
Dr. Mark Heinemann DDS
Dr. Stan Heiner DDS
Dr. Bruce Heinrich DDS, MS
Dr. Calvin Heinrich DDS,MSD
Nimrat Heir DDS
Dr. Robert Heitzman DDS
Shehab Helal
Cheryl Held DDS, MS
Lindsey Helgen
Dr. Alan Heller DDS, MS
Dr. Ira Heller DDS
Dr. Rodney Heller DDS, MS
Dr. Frank Helm DMD
Dr. Nathan Helm DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Helmholdt DDS
Dr. Cyrus Helmi DDS MS PHD
Dr. Andrew Helmich DDS, MS
Dr. Mary Ellen Helmkamp DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Helms DDS
Dr. Ryan Helms DDS MSD
Dr. Megan Hembree DDS, MS
Dr. James Hemphill DDS
Anabella Henao-Aldrey DDS
Dr. David Henderson DDS
Mr. James Henderson DMD
Dr. Juliana Henderson DMD MS
Marlon Henderson
James Hendricks DMD,MPH
Dr. Billy Hendrickson DDS,MSD
Gena Hendrickson DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hendrix DDS, MS
Douglas Henick DMD
Dr. Edward Henick DDS
Dr. Edmond Henken DDS, MS
Dr. Joe Henley DDS MS
Dr. Michael Henneberry
Dr. Roger Hennigh DMD
Dr. Blake Henry DDS, MSD
C. Henry JR. DDS,MS
Dr. Christopher Henry DMD MS PC
Dr. Craig Henry DDS
Howard Henry DDS, MSC
Dr. Michael Henry DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Stanton Henry DDS, MDS
Stephen Henry DMD
Dr. Steven Henseler
Dr. William Hentosz DDS
Dr. Jodi Hentscher-Johnson DMD
Dr. Thomas Herberger DDS, CERT
Kiri Herchold DDS
Dr. Drew Herion DDS
Dr. David Herman DDS, MS, MPH
Dr. Howard Herman DMD
Dr. Robert Herman DDS
Dr. S. Herman DDS
Dr. James Hermann DMD
John Hermanson
Ms. Belen Hernandez DMD
Cathy Hernandez DDS
Dr. Enrique Hernandez DDS
Dr. Heriberto Hernandez DDS
Dr. Liliana Hernandez DDS
Sandra Hernandez DDS
Dr. Manuel Hernandez Garcia DMD, MS
Jose Hernandez Loring DMD MPH MS
Dr. Roberto Hernandez-Orsini DMD
Dr. Sid Herr DDS
Dr. Thomas Herremans DDS MPH MS
Dr. Francisco Herrero-Nater DMD, CAGS
Dr. Jason Herring DDS, MS
Rick Herrmann DDS MS
Dr. Richard Herrscher DDS, MSD
Dr. Nelson Hersh DDS, MS
Dr. William Hershberger DMD
Dr. Steven Hershcopf DDS
Barbara Hershey DDS
Dr. Howard Hershey DDS
Dr. Stephen Hershey DDS, MS, LLC
Dr. Lee Hershon DDS
Jack Hertzberg DMD
Dr. Stephen Herzberg DDS
Dr. Richard Hesby DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Hess DDS
Dr. Michael Hess DMD, MS
Dr. Ramin Hessamfar DMD, MS, PC
Dr. Timothy Hession DDS, MS
Wayne Hester DMD
Dr. Charles Hewett DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Hewitt DDS,MSD
Dr. Whitney Hewitt DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Heying DDS,MS
Dr. Gavin Heymann DDS, MS
Dr. David Hibl DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Hicken DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Hickman DDS
French Hickman DDS
Dr. Gary Hickman DDS
Dr. Jerry Hickman DDS
Lynnsay Hickman DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Hickman DDS, MSD
Dr. Wayne Hickory DMD, MDS
Craig Hicks
Dr. Earl Hicks DDS
Dr. Joseph Hicks DDS
Dr. Stephen Hicks D D S
Dr. Lawnrence Hier DDS MS
John Hiester DDS
Dr. Steven Hietanen DDS
Dr. Erik Higginbottom DDS, MS
Dr. Kyle Higginbottom DDS MS
Dr. Mark Higginbottom DMD
Phyllis Higgins DDS
Dr. Joseph Higginson DMD,MSO
Dr. James High DDS
Dr. James Hight JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Brody Hildebrand DDS, MS
Dr. Jed Hildebrand DDS MSD
Dr. James Hilgers DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Hilgers DDS, MS
Arnold Hill DDS
Brett Hill DDS
Dr. Daryl Hill DMD, MS
Dr. Frederick Hill DMD
Joseph Hill DMD
Dr. Karlene-Anne Hill DDS
Dr. Matthew Hill DDS
Dr. Rodney Hillam DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Henry Hillebrand DMD
Dr. Bryan Hiller DMD, MS
Dr. Dennis Hiller DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Hiller DDS
Dr. Donald Hillman DDS
Dr. Jack Hilty DDS
Dr. Douglas Himmelberg DDS
Dr. Ryan Hinckley DDS, MS
Dr. James Hinesly DDS MS PC
Dr. Juliann Hinton DDS
Dr. Christopher Hipp DDS
Dr. Michael Hipp DDS
Dr. Krista Hirasuna DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Hirata DMD, MS
John Hirce DMD MSD
Dwideshkumar Hiremath DDS
Dr. Richard Hirsch DDS
Dr. Douglas Hiser DMD, MS, PC
Sarita Hithe DDS
Dr. Chandler Ho DDS
Dr. Kelly Ho DDS, MDS
Dr. Kerwin Ho DDS, MMSC
Dr. James Hoag DDS MS
Dr. Steven Hoagburg DDS, MSD
Dr. Brandon Hoang DMD
Lam Hoang DDS, MS
Dr. Nga Hoang DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Hoang DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Hobday DDS, MS
Dr. David Hobson DDS, MS
Dr. Kara Hobson DDS
Dr. Andrew Hoch DMD
Dr. Gerald Hoch DDS
Dr. Brian Hockenberger DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Hodge DDS
Dr. James Hodge III DDS
Dr. Jay Hodge DMD
Dr. John Hodge DMD, MS
Natalia Hodge DDS, MS
Dr. Cheryl Hodge Spencer DMD
Dr. Andrew Hodges DDS, MS
Dr. Jill Hodges DDS, MS
Kellyn Hodges DMD, MS
Dr. Ryan Hodges DDS, MS
Dr. William Hodges JR. DMD
Dr. Dudley Hodgkins DDS, MSD
Dr. Spencer Hodnett DDS MS
Dr. Shane Hodson DMD
Dr. Benjamin Hoelscher DDS
Dr. Shane Hoelz DDS
Dr. David Hoenie DDS,MS
Dr. Randall Hoff DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Hoffacker DDS
Dr. Cory Hoffman DDS, CAGS
Dr. David Hoffman DMD, DHSC
Derek Hoffman DMD, MS
Dr. Kurt Hoffman DDS
Dr. Natalia Hoffman DMD
Dr. Stuart Hoffman DMD, MS
William Hoffman DDS
Dr. Brent Hoggan DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Todd Hoggan DDS, MS
Dr. Rebecca Hohl DDS, MS
Dr. William Hohlt DDS
Dr. Christopher Holahan DDS
Dr. Michael Holbert DDS, MDS
Dr. David Holbrook DMD
Craig Holdaway DDS MSD PC
Dr. James Holland DMD
Dr. Kenneth Holland JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Dustin Hollevoet DDS
Dr. M Holliday DDS
Dr. Sally Holliday DMD, MS
Dr. Sean Holliday DDS, MS
Bryan Hollis DDS
Miss Marsha Holloway DMD,MS
Dr. Brian Holman DDS
Dr. India Holman DDS
Dr. John Holman III DDS
Dr. John Holman DMD MSD
Dr. Kenneth Holman DDS
Dr. R. Holman DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Holmberg DDS
Dr. Patrick Holmes DDS, MSD
Dr. W. Holmes DDS,MDS
Dr. Gary Holt DDS
Mark Holt DDS,MS
Dr. Townsend Holt DDS
Tyler Holt DDS
Helen Holte DDS
Dr. Isaac Holton JR. DMD
Dr. Daniel Holzhauer DDS, MS
Dr. Gerald Holzimmer DDS,MS
Dr. Douglas Hom DDS
Dr. Roxana Homayoun ORTHODONTIST
Dr. James Homon DDS, MS
Dr. Oana Honey DMD
Dr. Jean Hong DDS
Jennifer Hong
Justin Hong DDS
Dr. Sue-Young Hong DDS
Mrs. Tiffany Hong DDS, MS
Yeumin Hong
Dr. Ellen Honig DDS, MS
Dr. Gordon Honig DMD
Dr. Brenton Hood DDS,MS
Dr. Ava Hood-Olson DMD
Dr. Bradley Hook DDS MS
William Hook JR. DMD, MSD
Dr. Jeran Hooten DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Hope DMD, MS
Dr. Heather Hopkins DMD
Jonathan Hopkins DDS
Dr. Bradley Hoppens DDS
Dr. William Horbaly DDS, MS, MDS
Dr. Danny Horii DDS
Dr. Michael Horii DDS
Jason Horn DDS
Dr. Andrew Horne DDS
Dr. Craig Horner DDS, PC
Dr. Kevin Horner DDS
Bryan Horsley DMD, MS
Dr. Heather Horton DDS, MSD
Dr. Jennifer Horton DDS, MSD
Dr. Lili Horton DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Horton DDS
Dr. Gary Horvath DMD, MSD
Dr. Ladd Horvath DDS
Dr. Heidi Horwitz DDS
Dr. Ann Colter Hosch Cheron DMD MS
Michael Hosier
Dr. Richard Hoskinson DDS
Dr. Naoshi Hosomura DDS
Dr. John Hoss DDS
Dr. Kami Hoss DDS, MS
Banafsheh Hosseinian DDS, MDS
Bo Hou
Dr. David Hou DDS, MS
Dr. Derek Hou DMD
Dr. Jack Hou DDS, MD,S
Dr. Steven Hough DDS
Mr. Bryan Houlberg DDS
Dr. Alireza Hourfar DDS MS
Dr. Wade Housewright DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Housley DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Hovda DDS
Dr. Caren Hovden DDS
Dr. Eric Howard DMD, PHD
Dr. Lisa Howard DDS, MS
Dr. Raymond Howe DDS, MS
Dr. Christian Howell DMD
Dr. Emily Howell DMD
Howard Howell DDS
Dr. Richard Howells DDS, MS
Dr. John Howland DDS MS PC
Dr. Sarah Howle DMD
Mr. Michael Hoxie DDS
Adam Hoybjerg DDS
Christian Hoybjerg DDS, MS
Dr. Rossana Hoyos DDS, MCLD
Erik Hrabowy DDS, MS
Kenneth Hrechka DDS
Dr. Gabriela Hricko DDS
Dr. Anko Hsiao DDS
Dr. Christy Hsieh DDS, MSD
Dr. Jason Hsieh DDS
Dr. Sirena Hsieh DMD, MMSC
Dr. Susan Hsieh DMD, MS
Dr. Bryan Hsu DDS, MS
Dr. Shelton Hsu DDS, MS
Dr. Tony Hsu DDS, MS
Dr. Myat Htut DDS
Dr. Nelson Hu DDS
Dr. Anderson Huang DDS
Dr. Brandon Huang DDS
Dr. Greg Huang DMD, MSD, MPH
Dr. Hechang Huang DDS,MSD,MS,PHD
Dr. John Huang DMD, DMEDSC
John Huang
Dr. Scott Huang DDS, MS
Dr. Sheng-Jia Huang DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Hubbard DDS, MS
Dr. William Hubbell JR. DDS
Jeffrey Huber DDS
Dr. Krisitn Huber DMD
Dr. Steven Huber DDS MS
Dr. Joy Hudecz DDS
Dr. Arthur Hudson DDS, MS
Hillarie Hudson DMD MSD
Dr. James Hudson DMD
Dr. Page Hudson DDS
Dr. Daniel Huerter DDS
Dr. Gerard Huerter JR. DDS, MS
Thomas Huerter DDS, MS
Dr. David Huff DDS, MS
Eric Huffman DMD, MSD
Dr. David Hufham DMD
Dr. James Hugg DDS MS
Dr. David Hughes SR. DDS, MS
David Hughes DDS
Dr. Diane Hughes DMD
Dr. Gaylon Hughes DDS,MS
Grace Hughes DDS
Dr. Herbert Hughes DDS
Dr. Jay Hughes DDS
Lawrence Hughes DMD
Dr. Timothy Hughes DMD
Dr. Todd Hughes DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Ahrin Huh DDS
Navin Hukmani DDS
Dr. Donald Hull
Dr. James Hull DDS,MS
Dr. James Hull DDS, MS
Dr. Nathan Hull DDS, MS
Dr. Jon Hullings DDS, MS
Daniel Hulme
Richard Hulme DD MS
Dr. Cameron Hulse DDS
Dr. Charles Hulsey III DDS,MS
Mr. Bruce Hultgren DDS
Dr. James Hulwi III DMD
Dr. Donald Humen DMD
Dr. Roxan Humes DDS
Dr. Glenn Hummel DDS, MS
Dr. Christel Hummert DMD
Dr. Gregory Hummon DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Humphrey DDS, MS
Eugene Humphries DDS
Dr. Sage Humphries DDS, MS
Dr. Ryan Hungate DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Hunsaker DDS MS
Dr. Donald Hunt JR. DMD, MSD
Dr. Howard Hunt DDS
Dr. J. Hunt DDS
Laura Hunt
Dr. Barrett Hunter DDS
Dr. David Hunter DDS
Mrs. Geri Hunter DMD
Dr. Mark Hunter DMD
Dr. R. Hunter DDS, MS
Ross Hunter
Dr. William Hunzicker DDS MSC
Grace Sun Ae Hur DDS
Dr. Jae Sik Hur
Dr. Joseph Hurd DDS MSD
Dr. Bob Hurst DDS
Brent Hurst DDSMSPC
Dr. Charles Hurst DDS, MSD
Dr. Chester Hurst DDS, MS
Dr. Irene Hurst DMD, PHD
Dr. James Hurst DDS
Kenneth Hurt DDS, MS
Dr. Lyndon Hurt DDS
Dr. Ali Husain DMD, MSD
Dr. Jason Huse DDS
Dr. Syed Hussaini DDS
Dr. Gregory Hutchins DDS
Dr. Sunny Hutchinson DDS
Dr. Alicia Hutchison DDS
Dr. James Hutta DDS
Joseph Hutta DDS
Dr. Charles Hutto DDS, MSD
Dr. Kenneth Huwer DDS
Chi Huynh DDS, MS
Dr. Linda Huynh DDS, MS
Dr. Thuylinh Huynh DMD
Dr. Vinh Huynh DMD
David Huyser DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Huzyak DMD
Dr. Helen Hwang DDS
Kathleen Hwang
Dr. Jeffrey Hyde DDS
Dr. Kenneth Hyde DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Hydo DDS, MS
Dr. Rodney Hyduk DDS MSD
Kristian Hyer DDS MS
Mr. William Hyman DDS MS
Dr. Allan Hymas DDS
Dr. Kristine Hyon-Lee DMD, MS
Dr. Paul Hyun
Dr. Elena Iacob DDS
Dr. Ronei Iacobelli DDS
Dr. Perry Iacovetti DDS
John Iaculli DDS
Dr. Samy Ibrahim DDS
Dr. Anil Idiculla DMD
Ammar Idlibi DMD
Dr. John Iennusa JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Iezman DDS
Kort Igel DDS
Amalya Igityan DDS
Cassandra Iglesias
Kristen Igualado-Heine DMD
Dr. Hideki Ikeda DDS, MS
Alla Ilinsky DDS
Dr. Jannie Im
Yo Imai-Marshall DDS
Dr. Anthony Imburgia DDS
Dr. Carrie Imoto DDS, MS
Dr. Didem Ince DDS MS PHD
Dr. Salvatore Indelicato DMD
Dr. James Indiveri DMD
Dr. Brian Ingalls DDS, MS
Mrs. Polina Ingberman DDS
Dr. Jon Ingleman DDS
Dr. Thomas Inglis DDS
Richard Ingraham DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Inman DMD
Dr. Gary Inmann DMD
Dr. Ami Inoue DDS
Dr. David Inouye DMD
Dr. Randall Inouye DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Insoft DMD
Dr. Shireen Irani DDS
Gowhar Iravani DDS
Merrell Irby DDS
Dr. Larry Ireland DDS
Dr. Kenneth Irigoyen DMD
Dr. Timothy Irish DDS, MSD
Dr. Mark Iritani DDS
Dr. Alan Irvin DDS
Dr. Norman Irvine DDS, MS
Dr. Bradley Irving DDS
Durk Irwin DMD
Dr. Michael Irwin DMD
Dr. Karla Isaacs DDS
Dr. Robert Isaacs DDS
Dr. James Isaacson DMD
Dr. Robert Isaacson DDS
Amy Isenberg DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Ison DMD
Matthew Israel DDS, MS
Dr. Shomer Israelian DDS
Dr. Aejaaz Issa DMD
Dr. Frank Iuorno JR. DDS
Dr. Pavel Ivanov DMD
Dr. John Ive DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. William Iversen DDS MS
Darin Iverson DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Iverson DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Iverson DDS, MS
Dr. Muriel Iwanowski DMD
Dr. Laura Iwasaki DDS, PHD
Dr. Kumar Iyer DDS
Dr. Mohammad Izadidehkordi DDS
Dr. Jason Izzi DMD
Michael Jack DDS ,MS
Dr. Lindsay Jackfert DDS, MS
Dr. Alfred Jackson DDS, MS
Amy Jackson
Elbert Jackson DDS
Dr. Joseph Jackson JR. DDS,PA
Dr. Kyle Jackson DMD,DHSC
Dr. Ralph Jackson JR. DDS
Dr. Ralph Jackson III DDS
Dr. Remigius Jackson DDS
Dr. Charles Jackson, Jr. DDS, MSD
Dr. Helder Jacob DDS, MSC, PHD
Robert Jacob DDS
Dr. Amelia Jacobs DMD
Dr. Bradley Jacobs DDS MS
Dr. Joe Jacobs DMD,MSD
Dr. Kristen Jacobs DMD
Dr. Lamont Jacobs DDS, MS
Dr. Jared Jacobsen DDS, MS
Dr. Albert Jacobson DDS
Blain Jacobson DMD
Gerald Jacobson DMD
Dr. James Jacobson DDS
Dr. Norman Jacobson DDS
Dr. Richard Jacobson DMD, MS
Dr. Ronald Jacobson DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Jacobus DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Thomas Jaeger DDS
Dr. Thomas Jaeger DDS
Dr. Jordan Jaffe DMD
Dr. Phillip Jaffe DDS
Dr. Salman Jaffer DMD, MPH
Pourang Jahanshahi
Dr. Mana Jamali DMD
Dr. Amy James DMD
Dr. J James DMD
Dr. Kendall James DDS, MS
Richard James DDS
Joseph Jamison DDS
Kyle Jamison DMD
Dr. Nandakumar Janakiraman MDS
Dr. Nicole Jane DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Jang DDS
Dr. Richard Janney DMD
Dr. Timothy Janowicz DDS, MS
Joseph Janowski DDS, MS
Dr. Jacob Jarivs DMD, MS
Dr. Karim Jarjoura DMD
Dr. Adina Jarosh-Wolfe DMD
Dr. Kevin Jarrell DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis DDS MS
Dr. James Jasper DDS
Dr. Edwin Jauch III DDS
Dr. Douglas Jaul DDS
Dr. Ronald Jawor DDS
Dr. Justin Jay DDS, MSD
Philip Jaynes DDS,MS
Dr. Edmund Jeansonne II DDS
Dr. Christy Jebeles DMD MS
Dr. Candyse Jeffries DMD
Dr. Gerald Jeffry DDS MS
Dr. Paul Jelus DDS
Dr. David Jenkins DMD, MSD
Dr. Johanna Jenkins DDS
Dr. Mary Anne Jenkins DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Jenkins DDS
Valerie Jenkins DMD
Dr. Brad Jennings DDS MDS
Bryan Jennings DDS MS
Dr. Gary Jennings DMD
Dr. Zack Jennings
Dr. Alan Jensen DDS MS
Dr. James Jensen DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Jamon Jensen DDS MSD
Dr. Jean Jensen DMD, MS
Dr. Stephen Jensen DDS
Hyeran Jeon DDS, MSD, DSCD
Jonathane Jeon DDS
Dr. Peter Jeon DDS
Dr. Lesley Jeong DDS, MS
Dr. Tal Jergensen DDS
Dr. Christopher Jernigan DMD
Dr. John Jerome DDS
Laurance Jerrold DDS
Dr. Brian Jesperson DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Jessup DDS
Dr. Andre Jham
Dr. John Ji DMD
Dr. Ara Jil-Agopian DDS, MS
Dr. Bruce Jiorle DMD
David Jo DDS, MS
Heekyoung Jo DDS, MS
Dr. E Elon Joffre DMD
Dr. Rene Johe DMD
Dr. Edward John DDS
Dr. Eliane John
Richard Johnsen DMD, PA
Dr. Alex Johnson DMD
Dr. Brandon Johnson DDS
Dr. Bret Johnson
Dr. Brett Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Bryan Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Casey Johnson DDS
Dr. Cole Johnson DMD
Dr. Darryl Johnson DDS
Dr. David Johnson DDS
Dr. Dennis Johnson DDS,MS
Dr. Diane Johnson DDS
Douglas Johnson DDS
Dr. Earl Johnson DDS
Dr. Eric Johnson DDS MS
Dr. Eric Johnson DDS
Dr. Evan Johnson DMD, MS
Dr. Gerald Johnson DDS
Grant Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Johnson DDS
Dr. Janel Johnson DMD
Dr. Jasenna Johnson DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson DDS, MS
Jeremy Johnson
Dr. Jerrold Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Jonathan Johnson DMD, MS
Dr. Joshua Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Lauris Johnson DMD
Lawrence Johnson DDS
Dr. Lina Johnson DDS
Dr. Mark Johnson DDS
Dr. Matthew Johnson DDS MSD
Michael Johnson DDS, MSD
Michelle Johnson DDSMS
Dr. Nathan Johnson D,MD
Dr. Pamela Johnson DDS
Dr. Paul Johnson III DMD
Dr. Paul Johnson DMD
Dr. Rex Johnson
Dr. Robert Johnson DDS
Roger Johnson DMD
Dr. Samuel Johnson JR. DMD
Dr. Steven Johnson DDS
Dr. Tad Johnson DDS MS
Dr. Timothy Johnson
Vaughn Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Warren Johnson DDS,PC
Dr. Warren Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Fayth Johnston DMO
Dr. Frederick Johnston DDD
Dr. Mark Johnston DMD
Dr. Michael Johnston DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Joiner DDS
Dr. Cameron Jolley DMD, MSD
Elliott Jolley
Dr. Loren Jolley DDS, MS
Ryan Jolley DMD
Dr. Douglas Jolstad DDS
Dr. Antonia Jones DDS, MS
Arthur Jones IV DMD
Dr. Bobby Jones DDS
Dr. Bradley Jones DDS, MS
Dr. Clark Jones DDS
Dr. Corey Jones
Dr. David Jones DDS
Dr. David Jones DDS, MSD
Dr. David Jones DDS
Dr. Elwood Jones III DDS
Dr. Gary Jones DMD
Dr. Graham Jones DDS, MSD
Dr. James Jones DMD
Dr. Jason Jones DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Jones DMD
Dr. John Jones III DDS
Dr. John Jones DDS
Dr. Joshua Jones DDS
Dr. Mathew Jones DMD
Dr. Matthew Jones DDS
Dr. Melissa Jones DDS
Dr. Neal Jones DDS
Dr. Osmond Jones DDS, PC
Dr. Richard Jones DDS
Dr. Richard Jones II DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Jones DDSPC
Dr. Robert Jones DDS
Dr. Rodney Jones DMD
Dr. Rustin Jones DDS
Dr. Samantha Jones DDS,, MSD
Dr. Sydney Jones DDS
Dr. Tamara Jones DDS, MS
Dr. Kimberly Jones-Rudolph DMD
Dr. Donald Joondeph DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Jordan DDS, MSD, PC
Divinia Jordan DMD
Dr. Donald Jordan DDS
Dr. Glenwood Jordan DDS, MS
Janet Jordan DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Jordan DMD, MSD
Dr. Jene Jordan DDS, PA
Dr. Arlo Jorgensen DDS MS
Dr. Donald Jorgensen DDS
Dr. Gregory Jorgensen DMD
Dr. Norman Jorgensen DDS, MS
Daniel Joseph DDS,MS
Philip Joseph
Dr. Richard Joseph JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Wayne Joseph DDS
Dr. Mickel Jourabchi DDS
Dr. Sarah Jovanovski DMD
Dr. Rick Jow DDS, MS
Hector Joy DDS, MS
Schuyler Joyner DDS, MS
Dr. Grace Juan DDS
Dr. Jason Judd DDS
Robert Judd DDS
Dr. Daniel Judge DMD
Dr. James Judgw DMD
Dr. David Judy DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Judy DDS
Dr. Howard Jue DDS
Dr. Theresa Juhlin DDS, MS
Dr. Katie Julien DDS, MS
Dr. Haesin Jung DDS PC
Dr. Hans Jung DDS, MS
Dr. Philip Junghans DDS, CERT IN ORTHO
Ossama Jureyda DMD
Thomas Jusino DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffery Just
Dr. Mark Justice DMD
Dr. Alan Justin DMD
Dr. Carlos Justiniano DMD
Dr. Tamara Justus DDS, MSD
Howard Kabinoff DDS
Dr. George Kabot DDS,MS
Kurtis Kacer DMD, MS
Dr. John Kacewicz DMD
Dr. Michael Kacewicz DMD
Dr. Sam Kadan DMD
Dr. Thomas Kadar DDS
Onur Kadioglu DDS, MS
Dr. Tatyana Kaganova DMD, MS
Ms. Elysa Kahan DMD
Dr. Sonia Kahlon DMD
Dr. Richard Kahn DDS
Dr. Sandra Kahn DDS,MSD
Dr. Kenneth Kai DDS, MSD
Dr. Lisa Kai DDS, MS
Dr. Marcus Kai DDS, MSD
Thomas Kaineg DMD,PA
Dr. Paul Kaiser DDS
Dima Kalakech
John Kalange DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Kaler DDS
Dr. James Kaley DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Kaley DDS, MS
Dr. Yan Kalika DMD,MS
Michael Kalimian DDS
Dr. Douglas Kallis DMD
Dr. Scott Kaloust DDS, MS
Rute Kalpins DMD
Dr. Varun Kalra DDS MS
Gerald Kalvelage DDS
Dr. Sejal Kamat DMD
Dr. Chaya Kamath DDS
Dr. Rashid Kamdar DDS
Dr. Arthur Kamisugi DDS
Dr. Curtis Kamisugi DDS, MSD
Dr. Malia Kamisugi DDS, MSD
Dr. Arthur Kammerman
Dr. Ronald Kampas DDS MS
Dr. Helaine Kan DDS, MS
Wael Kanaan
Dr. Joshika Kanabar DDS, MS
Georgios Kanavakis DDS, MS
Dr. Herawati Kandou DDS
Dr. Edwin Kane DDS
Dr. James Kane DMD
Dr. James Kane III DMD
Dr. Phillip Kaner DDS, PA
Dr. Roger Kaneshiro DDS, MS
Edith Kang DDS, MPH, MS
Dr. Michael Kania DDS
Dr. Neil Kanning DMD, MS
Dr. John Kanyusik DDS, MS
Joan Kao DMD MDS
Dr. Ajay Kapadia DMD
Dr. Hardik Kapadia DMD
Dr. Hitesh Kapadia DDS, PHD
Dr. Arthur Kapit DDS, MSCD
Harold Kaplan DMD
Dr. Herbert Kaplan DDS
Jason R. Kaplan DDS, MS
Dr. Lorin Kaplan DDS, MSD
Marvin Kaplan DDS
Dr. Neal Kaplan DDS
Dr. Ross Kaplan BDS,MSD
Dr. Vanessa Kaplan DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Kapley DDS MSD
Dr. Alan Kaplin DDS
Dr. Sonalee Kapoor DMD
Dr. Brad Kaprelian DDS
Dr. George Kaprelian
Dr. Klifford Kapus DDS, MSD
Mohamed Kar-Kuri
Dr. Sara Karabasz DMD, PC
Dr. Joseph Karam DMD
Dr. Mary Karau DDS
Dr. Ralph Karau DDS
Dr. Alireza Karbassi DMD, MSD
Dr. Eric Kardovich DMD
Dr. Richard Kardovich DDS
Dr. James Karhohs DDS, MS, PC
Miss Donald Karich DDS,MS
Dr. Malko Karkenny DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Karker DMD
Hengameh Karkhanehchi DDS
Marzieh Karkhanehchi DDS
Dr. Claudia Karkia BDS
Paul Karl DDS MCLD
Dr. John Karle DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Karlin DDS
Dr. Tyler Karlin DDS, MS
Dr. Diane Karnavas DMD
Dr. John Karotkin DDS
Dr. James Karpac DDS MS
Dr. Maria Karpov DMD, MS
Dr. Jeremy Karras DDS
Dr. Armne Kartalian DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Karvandi DMD,MS,PLLC
Dr. Jeffrey Kashner DDS,MSD
Dr. Gene Kasparek DDS MS DOCTOR OF DEN
Dr. Joy Kasparian Federico DMD
Dr. Paul Kasrovi DDS,MS
Dr. Seuss Kassisieh DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Kassman DMD
Dr. Michael Kasso DDS, MSD
Dr. George Kast DDS, MS
Sara Kasten DMD
Brett Kastin DDS
Dr. Dan Kastner DMD
Dr. Marvin Kastrop DDS, MS
Dr. Lee Kaswiner DDS
Dr. Negin Katebi DDS
Dr. Dale Kates DDS
Dr. Mariko Kato-Koo DDS
John Katsis JR. DDS LTD
Dr. Akira Katsura DMD
Fedora Katz
Dr. Michael Katz MICHAEL KATZ
Michelle Katz DDS
Dr. Myron Katz DMD
Dr. Rose Katz DDS
Dr. Wendy Katz DDS
Dr. Barry Katzen DDS
Dr. Chung Kau BDS MSCD PHD
Dr. Bradley Kaufman DDS
Dr. Howard Kaufman DDS
Dr. Neal Kaufman DDS
Dr. Mark Kauppi DDS
Dr. Pardeep Kaur DDS
Dr. Ravi Kaur DDS
Dr. John Kavanagh DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Kavanaugh DDS, PC
Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh DDS, MS
Lawrence Kawa DDS
Dr. Alan Kawakami DDS
Ruth Kawakami DDS, MS
Dr. Shelliann Kawamoto DDS
Dr. Garrett Kawata DDS INC
Mr. Robert Kay DDS MSD SC
Dr. Richard Kaye DDS , MSD
Dr. Steven Kazley DDS
Dr. Ana Kazmierski DDS; MDS
Mark Kazmierski DMD
Dr. Robert Kazmierski DMD, MS
Erin Kazmierski-Furno DMD
Dr. Mark Kearns DDS, MS
Dr. Andy Keaton DMD
Dr. Jeff Keeling DDD,MS,PA
Dr. Marissa Keesler DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Kehoe DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Keim DDS
Dr. Robert Keim DDS
Dr. Daniel Keith DDS, MS
Ahmed Keles DDS
Dr. Stephen Kellam DMD, MS
Kevin Kelleher DMD
Dr. Robert Kelleher DDS
Dr. Barry Keller DMD
Dr. Joe Keller DDS MS
Dr. Keith Keller DMD
Dr. Peter Keller DDS
Dr. Rebecca Keller DDS, MSD
Dr. James Kelley II DMD
James Kelley DDS
Dr. Michael Kelley DDS
Dr. Albert Kelling DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Kellogg DMD
Dr. Chad Kelly DDS
Dr. Daniel Kelly DMD
Dr. Gillian Kelly DMD,MSD
Katherine Kelly DDS, PHD,MS
Michael Kelly DMD
John Kelsey DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Kelson DMD, MSD
Dr. Keith Kemnitz DDS, MSD
David Kemp DDS, MS
Dr. James Kendrick DMD
Dr. Bradley Kendzior DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Kennedy BDS, DCLINDENT
Dr. David Kennedy DMD MS
Dr. David Kennedy DDS MS
Dr. Alan Kennell DDS, MS
Robert Kennemer DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Kennemer JR. DMD
Dr. Zvi Kennet DMD, MSC
Charles Kenney DDS
Dr. Joseph Kenny DMD
Dr. Robert Kent MS, PA
Christian Kenworthy DDS, MS
Dr. Autumn Kercheval DDS MS
John Kerecz DDS
Dr. Hedi Kermani DDS, MDS
Dr. Sadi Kermani DDS
Dr. Shiva Kermanshi DMD
Dr. Lisa Kerns DDS MS
Dr. Allen Kerr DMD
Dr. Brian Kerr DMD
Catherine Kerr DDSMS
Dr. Grace Kerr DMD
Dr. Elif Keser
Dr. Christopher Kesling DDS ,MS
Dr. Bradford Kess DDS
James Kessel DDS
Stanley Kessel DDS
Scott Kesselman DDS
Dr. Gina Kessler DDS, MS
Dr. Leonard Kessler DMD
Dr. Gary Keszler DDS, MS
Homer Ketcherside DDS,MS
Gary Kevorkian DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Key DDS, MS
Dr. Milan Khakhria DMD
Babar Khan DMD
Dr. Lubna Khan DMD, MDS
Dr. Rehana Khan DDS
Rizwan Khan DMD
Sabeeh Khan DDS
Dr. Shehzad Khan DDS
Dr. Ankush Khanna DMD
Dr. Amardeep Khara DMD
Amal Kharbouch DMD
Dr. John Kharouf DDS MS
Shiva Khatami DDS
Dr. Nina Khedkar DMD
Dr. Rosemary Kher DDS
Dr. Roozbeh Khosravi DMD, PHD
John Khouri DMD
Dr. Suhail Khouri DDS
Dr. Francis Khouw DMD
Reena Khullar DDS MS
Dr. Audra Kiefer DMD
Dr. Ray Kieffer JR. DDS
James Kierl DDS MS
Dr. Michael Kierl DDS MS
Mr. Brian Kiernan DMD
Kevin Kieu DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Kilareski DMD, MS
Dr. James Killebrew DDS MS LLC
Dr. Gordon Kilmer DDS, MS
Mr. Richard Kilmer DDS MS
Aileen Kim DDS, MS
Augustine Kim DDS
Dr. Brian Kim DDS, MSD
Dr. Byungtae Kim DDS
Dr. Christine Kim DDS
Dr. Doil Kim DDS MMSC
Edward Kim DDS
Dr. Enoch Kim DDS
Dr. Eunkoo Kim DMD
Dr. Eunyoung Kim DMD
Dr. Gerald Kim DDS
Dr. Heawon Kim DMD
Dr. Jamie Kim DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Kim DDS
Jeffrey Kim
Dr. Ji Eun Kim DMD
Dr. Ji Hyun Kim DDS
Dr. Jin Kim DDS
Dr. Jinsang Kim DDS, MA
Joanne Kim DDS
Dr. John Kim DDS, MS
Dr. Jonathan Kim DDS
Jung Kim DDS
Dr. Katherine Kim DDS
Ki Beom Kim DDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Kris Kim DDS, MSD
Dr. Kyo Kim DDS, MS
Lauri Kim DDS, MSD
Dr. Mary Kim DDS
Michael Kim DDS
Dr. Nicole Kim DMD, MSD
Raymond Kim DMD
Dr. Sharon Kim DDS, MS
Dr. Soojin Kim DMD, MSD
Dr. Stephen Kim DDS
Dr. Susan Kim DMD, MSD
Dr. Taera Kim DMD
Mr. Yong Kim DDS,MS
Dr. Hera Kim-Berman DDS
Dr. Peter Kimball DMD, MS
Mr. William Kimbrough SR. DDS MS
Dr. Jonathon Kimes DDS
Dr. Todd Kimura DDS
Dr. Joseph Kincaid DMD, MS
William Kincer DMD
Dr. Stephen Kineret DDS, MS
Dr. Bryan King DMD, DDS
Dr. Daren King DDS
Dr. Darrin King DDS
David King DDS
Dr. Earle King DMD, MDS
Dr. Gene King DDS
Dr. Gregory King DMD, DMSC
Dr. Jack King DDS, MS
Dr. John King DDS
Dr. Lisa King DDS, MS
Mark King
Dr. Michael King DMD
Monica King DDS
Dr. Roy King DDS
Dr. Samuel King DDS, MS
Dr. Suzanne King DDS
Dr. Timothy King DDS
Dr. Wesley King DDS
Van Kingas DMD
Dr. Gipson Kingry DMD
Dr. Harry Kinlaw DDS
Dr. Dennis Kinoshita DDS
Dr. Dean Kiourtsis DDS, MS
Dr. Shanon Kirchhoff DDS
Dr. Blair Kirk DDS, MS
Dr. Alexis Kirkland DDS
Dr. Gail Kirkland-Briscoe DDS
Douglas Kirkpatrick
Thomas Kirkpatrick
Dr. Kerry Kirsch DDS, MS
Dr. Marshall Kiser DDS
John Kishibay DMD
Dr. Lance Kiss DMD
Dr. Alexander Kita DDS
Dr. Mark Kitamura DDS
Dr. Denise Kitay DDS MMSC
Dr. John Kittleson DDS
Harry Kizer DDS
Dr. John Kizior DDS MSD PC
Dr. Bernard Klapper DDS
Lewis Klapper DMD
Dr. Lawrence Klar DDS
Dr. Neal Klar DDS, MS
Dr. James Klarsch DDS, MS
Mr. Kevin Klatte DMD
Dr. Joan Klayton DMD
Dr. Thomas Klechak DDS
Dr. Richard Kleefield DDS
Christopher Klein DMD,MS
Dr. Douglas Klein DDS, MSD
Dr. Katherine Klein DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Klein DDS
Dr. Michal Kleinlerer DMD, MMSC
Dr. Lisa Klemenz DMD, MSD
Dr. Leon Klempner DDS
Dr. Angela Kling DDS MSD
Dr. Gary Kloberdanz DDS
Dr. Susan Klobucarich DDS
Dr. Richard Klockowski DDS MS
Dr. Robert Klomparens DDS, MS
Dr. Herbert Klontz DDS, MS
Dr. Kelly Klontz DDS MSD
Dr. John Klump DDS MS
Dr. Bradley Kmentt DDS, MS
Kevin Knapp DDS, MS
Dr. Carol Knaup
Dr. James Knepley DMD
Dr. Kristin Knierim DDS, MSD
Dr. Douglas Knight DDS, MSD
Dr. Judson Knight DMD
Dr. Lawrence Knight DMD
Dr. Ronald Knight DDS MSD
Dr. Carmella Knoernschild DDS, PA
Dr. Dennis Knoles DDS
Dr. Mark Knoll
Dr. Sharon Knoll DMD
Dr. Jessica Knorr DDS
Joshua Knowles
Dr. Kyle Knudsen DDS
Dr. Peter Knudson DDS
Dr. Kevin Knutson DDS, MS
Allen Ko DDS
Dr. Bridget Ko DMD
Dr. Ching-Chang Ko DDS, PHD
Mr. Hyung Ko DMD
Dr. Jing-Yang Ko DDS
Dr. Susan Ko DMD
Dr. Arthur Kobal DDS
Dr. Hiromi Kobayashi DDS,MSD
Dr. Peter Koblan III DDS
Dr. Robert Kobylarz DDS
Jacob Koch DDS
Dr. Keith Koch DDS
Nicholas Kochenour DMD
Dr. William Kochenour II DDS,MS,PA
Dr. Lisa Kochis DDS, MS
Dr. Karen Koehler DDS MS
Dr. Mary Koen DDS MS
Dr. Tommy Koen DMD
William Koenig DDS,MSD
Dr. Howard Koff DDS
Dr. Jodi Koford DDS
James Koglin DDS
Wuiteng Koh DDS, MS
Dr. Shahram Kohan DDS
Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh DDS
Dr. Andrew Kohl DDS
Dr. Iris Kohlmann DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Kohout DDS
Dr. Keith Kohrs DDS
Michael Koidin DDS, MSCD
Dr. Vincent Kokich DDS, MSD
R. Kokodynski
Dr. John Kolatac DDS
Dr. Irwin Kolin DDS
Dr. Susan Kolin-Liebman DMD
Dr. Joseph Kolody DDS, MSD
Dr. Ronald Kolodziej DMD, MS
Dr. Dennis Kommer DDS MS
Dr. Michael Komoroski DMD
Dr. Donald Kondrat DMD
Dr. John Konegni DDS
Victor Kong DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Konishi DDS,MSD
Dr. Zhanna Konovalenko DDS
Dr. David Konys DDS,MS
Samuel Koonce JR. DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Kopecky DDS
Dr. William Koplin DDS, MSCD
Dr. Harold Koppel DDS,MSD
Dr. Avanthi Kopuri DMD, MSD
Dr. Nageswara Kopuri BDS,MS
Dr. Susan Korch-Appleby MD
Dr. Marcel Korn
Dr. David Kornbluth DMD
Dr. Marvin Kornmehl DDS
Dr. Michael Koropp DMD
Dr. Sahira Kortam DDS, MSC, MS
Dr. David Kosiorek DMD
Mr. Howard Kossoff DDS
Anne Kossowan DDS
Mr. Ronald Koster DDS
Dr. Christopher Koterwas DDS
Dr. Ashok Kothari DDS, MDS
Hemali Kothari DMD, MPH
Dr. Rishi Kothari DDS
Dr. Yogini Kothari DMD
Jarintorn Kotheeranurak
Dr. Kraig Kottemann DMD, MS
Dr. Scott Kottemann
Mr. William Kottemann DDS, MS
Dr. Cynthia Koudela DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Koufos DDS
Dr. Andrew Kouvaris DDS, MSD
Dr. John Kovach DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Kovacs DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Lauren Kovaleski DMD
Richard Kowalski DMD
Dr. Sanford Kowan DDS
Dr. Christine Kownatzki DDS, MS
Dr. Bryon Kozak DDS, MS
Dr. David Kozar DDS MS
Jeffrey Kozlowski DDS
John Kozlowski DDS
Dr. Daniel Kratzer DMD, MED, BA
Dr. Collin Kraus DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Krause
Mr. Frank Krause DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Krauss DDS
Dr. Stuart Kraut DMD
Neal Kravitz DMD
Dr. Frances Kray DDS
Dr. Robert Kreashko DMD, MDS
Dr. Linda Krebs DDS, PHD
Dr. Ira Kreitman DDS
Dr. Fredric Kreul DDS, MS
Dr. William Krieg DDS,MS
Dr. Glenn Krieger DDS, FAGD
Dr. Matthew Kriewaldt DDS
Dr. Maryann Kriger DDS
Dr. Radha Krishnan DMD, MS
Dr. David Kristal DDS
Steven Kristo
Dr. Colleen Kristofor DDS
Dr. James Krivan DDS
Tamara Kroboth DDS
Dr. Charles Krowicki DMD
Dr. Robert Krueger DDS, MSD
Dr. John Krull DDS
Dr. Daniel Kruse DDS, MSD
Dr. Nathan Kryn DDS
Dr. Vanessa Ku DDS
Donald Kubicki DDS
Dr. Raymond Kubisch DDS, MSD
Dr. Sheela Kudchadker DDS MS PA
Dr. William Kuen DMD
Dr. Andrew Kuhlberg DMD
Dr. Timothy Kuhlman DDS
Dr. Michael Kuhn DDS
Dr. Thomas Kuhn
Dr. Maureen Kuhta DMD
Dr. Peter Kuipers DDS, PHD
Dr. Katherine Kula DMD
Dr. Andrew Kulaga DDS
Dr. Richard Kulbersh DMD,MS,PLC
Dr. Paul Kulits DMD
Dr. Lina Kulkarni DDS, MDS
Raj Kulkarni DMD
Dr. Bob Kumra DDS
Dr. Daniel Kuncio DDS
Dr. Kim Kundinger DDS,MS
Dr. Ming-Fong Kung DDS, MMSC, MPH
Dr. Steven Kunihiro DDS
Randall Kunik DDS
Dr. Jessie Kunnel DDS
Dr. Joseph Kunnel DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Jeff Kunsemiller
Timothy Kuntz DDS MS
Claire Kuo
Dr. Eric Kuo DDS
Dr. Lester Kuperman DDS, MS
Dr. Rebecca Kuperstein DDS, MPH, MS
Karson Kupiec DDS,MS
Dr. Rajeev Kuray DDS
Dr. Mark Kurchak DDS, MS
Dr. Aliaksandr Kurshuk DDS, MSD
Dr. Jacklyn Kurth DDS
Dr. Ralph Kurti DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Brian Kurtzner DDS
Dr. Sanjay Kuruvadi DDS - ORTHODONTIST
Dr. Jae-Hyuck Kwak DDS
Dr. Jin Hee Kwak DDS, MS
Dr. Sang Kwak DDS
Dr. Kwame Kwakye DDS
Dr. Andrew Kwasny DMD
Mabel Kwok DDS
Donald Kwon DDS
Dr. Joong Gun Kwon DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Kwong DDS MSD BSC
Dr. Jeffrey Kwong DDS, MSD
Dr. Yvonne Kwong DMD
Dr. Keith Kyler DDS
Stephanos Kyrkanides DDS
Kenneth Kyser
Dr. Stephen Labbe DDS
Dr. Michele Laboda DMD
Anthony Laboe DDS MS
Dr. Vincent Labruna DDS
Dr. Kelly Labs DMD
Dr. David Lach DDS,MS,PA
Dr. Margarita Lachica DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Lacy DDS,MS
Dr. Paul Ladner DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Laferla DDS, MS
Mark Lahaye DDS, MS
Dr. Don Lahrman DDS MSD
Dr. Christopher Lai DDS
Joseph Lai DDS
Mesou Lai DDS, MS
Sherrie Lai DDS, MS
Dr. Shufang Lai DDS
Dr. Yon Lai DDS
Dr. Yu-Ching Lai DDS
Dr. Andrea Laidlaw DMD
Dr. Audrey Laimins DMD
Dr. Aaron Laird DDS
Jeffrey Lake DMD
Samuel Lake DDS, MSD
Dr. Stuart Lakind DDS, MS
Dr. Shruthi Lakshmana BDS,DMD,MS
Dr. Amitabha Lala DDS
Dr. Gul Lalwani DMD
Dr. Albert Lam DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Lam DDS, MS
Dr. Natalie Lam DMD, MMSC
Dr. Peter Lam DDS MS
Dr. Victor Lam DDS
Dr. Wai Lam DDS
Gregory Lamansky DDS
Dr. Robert Lamb DDS
Dr. Taylor Lamb DMD, MS
Dr. Katherine Lambert DMD
Dr. Gerald Lamberti DDS MS
Dr. Jordan Lamberton DDS, MSD
Kevin Lambourne DDS, MS
Dr. Carlos Lamboy DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Lamendella DMD
Dr. Manish Lamichane DDS, MMSC
Dr. Alan Lammey DMD
Dr. Don Lamparski JR. DMD, MDS
Dr. Don Lamparski DMD, MDS
Dr. Penny Lampros DDS, MSD
Dr. John Lamsam DDS
Dr. Leroy Lance DDS MS
Dr. Herbert Land III DDS
Dr. Jason Landers DDS, MS
Dr. Louis Landino DMD
Dr. Brian Landrigan DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Landrum DMD
Dr. Albert Landucci DDS
Dr. Carter Lane DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Lane III DDS
Dr. David Lane DDS MS PA
Dr. William Lane DDS, MSD, PC
Brent Lang DDS
Dr. Jonathan Lang DDS
Dr. Kevin Lang DMD
Dr. Martin Lang DDS
Dr. Blaine Langberg DMD
Dr. David Lange DDS
Dr. David Lange DMD
Dr. Genevieve Lange DDS
Dr. George Langer DDS
Dr. Allen Langford DDS, MDS
Norris Langford JR. D,MD
Dr. Julie Langguth DMD, MS
Dr. Cranford Langley DMD
Dr. James Langley DDS, MSD
Erik Langsjoen D D S, M S
Dr. Dennis Langwith DDS
Dr. Nadia Laniado DDS
Dr. Michael Lanzetta DDS, PC
Dr. Utumporn Laowansiri DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Laponzina DDS,PA
Dr. Noel Lapp DDSMS
Dr. Andre Laprade DMD
Aldo Largura DDS
Dr. Alan Larkin DMD, MS
Dr. Jason Larkin DDS, MSD
Dr. Neal Laroia DDS
Dr. Patrick Larosiliere DDS
Dr. Benjamin Larrabee DDS MS
Dr. Terrah Larrabee DDS, MSD
Dr. Ann Larsen DDS, MS
Brent Larson DDS
Dr. Donald Larson ORTHODONTIST
Dr. Edwin Larson JR. DDS
Dr. Ethan Larson DMD MS
Dr. James Larson DDS, MSD
Dr. Katie Larson DDS, MS
Dr. Lara Larson DDS
Dr. Marc Larson DDS
Dr. Matthew Larson DDS, MS
Michael Larson DDS, MSD
Dr. Stephen Larson DMD, MSD
Dr. Michael Lashgari DMD
Dr. Frank Lasley IV DMD
Dr. Jonna Laslovich DMD
Dr. William Laster DDS, MS
Idalia Lastra DMD
Dr. Gary Lau DDS
Robert Lauder DDS, MS
Dr. Bernard Lauer DMD
Dr. Caroline Laurent DMD, MS
Dr. Clifton Lauritzen DMD
Dr. Adam Lautt DDS, MS
Edo Lavi DMD
Jacobo Lavie DDS
Dr. David Lavine DDS, MS
Frederic Lavoie DMD
Dr. John Law DDS, MS
Dr. Stacey Law DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Lawless DDS
Dr. Jonathan Lawless DMD
Dr. Neil Lawner DDS
Dr. Allison Lawrence DMD
Dr. Eric Lawrence DDS
Dr. Jason Lawrence DDS, MS
Dr. John Lawrence DDS
Dr. Kenneth Lawrence DDS
Dr. Victor Lawrence JR. DDS
Dr. John Lawson III DDS MS
Dr. Brett Lawton DMD,MS
Dr. Thomas Lawton DMD, MS
Dr. George Lay DDS MS
Dr. Wood Lay DDSPA
Dr. Larry Layfield
William Layman DMD
Dr. Jamie Lazin DMD, MS, MSD
Dr. Dennis Lazzara
Dr. Gasper Lazzara DDS
Dr. John Lazzara DDS
Dr. Alene Le DDS, MS
Daniel Le DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Huong Le DMD
Dr. Nancy Le DDS
Dr. Nhat Le DMD, MSD
Dr. Phu Le DDS
Thao Le
Dr. Thuan Le DDS, MS
Dr. Yen Le DDS
Dr. Annia Le Goff DDS, MS, MPH
Dr. Yanique Le-Cadre DMD, MS
S. Leaver DDS MS
Dr. Scott Leaver DDS, MSD
Dr. Andrew Leavitt DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. Karen Leavy DDS
Dr. Eric Leber DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Leblanc DDS
Dr. Lester Leblanc DDS
Dr. Harvey Leboe DDS
Dr. Brandan Lebourdais DDS MS
Dr. David Lebsack DDS MS
Scott Lebus DDS, MS
Dr. E. Lecompte DDS
Dr. Megan Lecornu DMD
Dr. Gregory Lecy DDS
Dr. Larry Leddy DDS MS
Austin Ledingham
Dr. William Ledoux
Dr. Adam Lee BS, DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Lee DDS
April Lee DDS
Brian Lee DMD
Causey Lee JR. DDS, PA
Dr. Chee Lee DDS, MS
Da Lee DDS
Dr. Dan Lee DDS
Dr. David Lee DDS, MSD
Dr. David Lee DMD
Dr. David Lee DDS
Dr. Edwin Lee DMD
Eugenia Lee DMD, MSD
Eun Lee DDS, MSD
Dr. Eunice Lee DMD,MPH,MS
Gaeun Lee DMD
Dr. Gina Lee DDS
Dr. Han Lee DMD
Dr. Haofu Lee DDS
Dr. Howard Lee DMD
Dr. Hyun Lee DDS
Mr. Hyunchan Lee DDS MS
Dr. James Lee DDS
Dr. Jared Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Jason Lee DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Jetson Lee DDS, MSD
Dr. Jim Lee MPH, DDS, MS
Dr. John Lee DMD
Dr. Judy Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Juhyun Lee DMD
Dr. Kathy Lee DDS, MS
Kiho Lee DDS
Dr. Kook Lee DMD, MS
Dr. Melissa Lee DDS, MS
Misook Lee DMD
Dr. Myung Lee
Dr. Patrick Lee DDS
Dr. Paul Lee DDS
Dr. Peter Lee DDS
Dr. Peter Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Rachel Lee DDS, MS
Rayanne Lee DMD
Dr. Richard Lee DMD, MDS
Richard Lee DMD
Dr. Richard Lee DMD
Dr. Robert Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Rodney Lee DDS
Dr. Samuel Lee DDS, MS
Sandra Lee DDS, MS
Soo Yun Lee DDS
Dr. Sora Lee DDS
Dr. Sung Lee DMD
Dr. Teresa Lee DDS
Thomas Lee DDS MS
Dr. Victor Lee DDS, MSD
Victor Lee DMD, MS
Dr. Vivian Lee DDS, MS
Warren Lee DMD
Dr. William Lee DDS
Dr. David Leever DDS
Dr. Robert Leff DMD, PC
Dr. Troy Lefort DDS,
Brent Leggett DDS, MS
Dr. Hugh Leggett JR. DDS MS
Dr. Varner Leggitt DDS
Dr. Lee Legler DMD, MS
Dr. Karen Legunn DDS
Dr. Richard Lehew DDS
Dr. Lisa Lehky DDS
Dr. Malcolm Lehman DMD
Shawn Lehman-Grimes DDS MDS
Dr. Kevin Lehnes DMD
N. June Lehv DDS
Dr. Melvyn Leifert DDS
Dr. Michael Leifert DDS
Dr. Bradley Leiker DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Leiker DDS MS
Dr. Jeffrey Leiss DDS
Dr. Luis Leite DMD
Dr. James Leithead JR. DDS
Dr. James Leitner III DMD
Dr. Susan Leiva DMD
Dr. Cary Leizer DMD
Andrew Leland DDS, MSD
Dr. Rosemary Lelich DMD
Dr. John Lem DMD
Marc Lemchen DMD
Dr. Shawn Lemert DDS
Dr. Steven Lemery DDS, MSD
Dr. Katia Lemke DMD
Dr. Susan Lempert DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Lenard DDS
Dr. David Lenhart DDS
Dr. Jason Lenk DMD
Dr. Misty Lenk DDS, MS
Dr. Ian Lennard DDS, MS
Dr. Brent Lenz DDS, MDS
Dr. Mark Lenz DDS, MS, SC
Dr. Carlos Leon DDS
Jose Leon-Frias DDS MSCD
Dr. Dean Leonard DDS MS
Dr. Jeffrey Leonard DMD
Dr. Leon Leonard DMD
Dr. Thomas Leonard DDS
Paola Leone DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Leong DDS, MS
Dr. Victor Leong DDS
Dr. John Lepingwell JR. DMD
Dr. Casey Lepley DMD
Dr. Reena Leschinsky DDS
Dr. Laurel Leslie-Martin DDS, MS
Dr. Ashley Lestrade DDS
Brian Leung MD
Cindy Leung DMD
Dr. Cynthia Leung DDS, MSD
Nancy Leung DDS
Kenneth Levene DDS
Dr. Lawrence Levens DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Alyssa Levin DDS, MS
Dr. Joanna Levin DMD
Richard Levin DDS
Dr. William Levin DMD
Dr. Zachary Levin DMD
Mitchell Levine DMD
Dr. Sam Levine DDS, MS
Dr. Timothy Levine DMD
Dr. Terry Levitt DMD, MSD
Daniel Levy DDS,MS
Dr. Lawrence Levy DMD, MMSC
Dr. Norman Levy DDS
Dr. Paula Levy DDS
Dr. Daniel Levy Bercowski DDS
Dr. Mariana Levy-Polack DDS
Shirley Lew DMD, PC
Dr. David Lewicki DDS, MSD
Howard Lewis DDS
Dr. Howell Lewis DMD
Dr. Kylie Lewis DDS
Dr. Marty Lewis DDS
Naeemah Lewis DDS
Dr. Rodney Lewis DDS, MS
Dr. Shannon Lewis DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Walter Lewis DDS
Dr. Wendell Lewis DDS, MSD
Dr. Karen Lewkowitz DDS
Dr. Frank Leyden JR. DMD PC
Dr. James Leyko DDS
Dr. Brian Leypoldt BS, DDS, MSD
Dr. Ramona Lheureux DMD
Dr. David Li DDS, MS
Dr. Haitao Li BDS, PHD
Dr. Kai-Hung Li DDS, MS
Michael Li DDS
Dr. Yang Li DMD
Dr. Donald Liang DDS
Dr. David Libby DDS
Dr. Anthony Liberatore DMD
Dr. Theodore Librizzi DDS
Dr. Alan Licht DDS
Dr. Andrew Lidral DDS PHD
Dr. Lawrence Lieberman DDS
Deborah Lien DDS, MBS
Dr. Tom Lien DDS
Abraham Lifshitz DDS
John Ligas DDS
Dr. William Liljemark DDS, PLD
Dr. Daniel Lill DDS
Dr. Ji Lim DMD
Dr. Jillian Lim DMD, MS
Dr. Khai Lim DMD
Dr. Mariam Lim DDS
Dr. Roger Lim DDS, MS
Dr. Lindsay Limbaugh DMD MS
Dr. Chia-Hung Lin DDS
Chin-Yu Lin
Edward Lin DDS
Dr. Lihong Lin
Dr. Sylvia Lin DDS
Dr. Yu-Tien Lin DMD
Yung Lin DMD
Dr. Matthew Linaker DDS
Dr. Donald Linck II DDS
Glenn Lincoln JR. DDS,MSD
Dr. Steven Lindauer DMD
Dr. John Lindgren DMD
Dr. Meghan Lindgren DDS
Gary Lindner DMD
Dr. Eliza Lindquist DDS
Dr. Heather Lindsay DDS, MS
Dr. Carol Lindsey DDS, MS
Charles Lindsey DMD,MSD
Dr. David Lindsey DDS
Dr. Gregg Lindsey DDS
Dr. Howard Lindsey DMD
Dr. Robert Lindsey JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Lineberger DDS
Dr. Laura Lineberry DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Lines DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lingenbrink DDS, MSD
Dr. Paul Lingenbrink DDS MDS
Dr. Brandon Linn DDS, MS
Dr. Heister Linn JR. DDS
Dr. Kirk Linn DDS, MS
Dr. Frank Lionelli DMD
Dr. James Lipinski
Dr. Neil Lipken DDS
Dr. Mitchell Lipp DDS
Dr. Gary Lippincott
Dr. Bonita Lippman-Hoskins DDS, MS
Dr. John Lisac DDS
Dr. Shari Lisann DMD
Dr. William Lisenby DDS,PC
Jordan Lissauer DMD
Arthur Litowitz DMD
Dr. Richard Litt DDS, MS
Dr. Russell Little I DDS
Dr. Scott Little DDS
Rodney Littlejohn DDS
Dr. Lawrence Littman DDS
Dr. Stephen Litton DDS
Dr. Allen Litvak JR. DMD
Dr. Allen Litvak Sr DDS, MSPA
Dr. Dave Litzow DDS
Dr. Dawei Liu DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Isaac Liu DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Liu DDS, MS
Jie Liu
Dr. Shih-Yao Liu
Yi-Chen Liu DDS, MS
Dr. Yi-Ping Liu DDS
Dr. Gregory Livanos
Dr. Mark Lively DMD
Dr. Paul Lively DDS
Salvatore Livreri DMD
David Lloyd DDS
Dr. William Lobb DDS
Dr. John Lockard DDS MS
Rhoda Lockett DDS
Dr. Bryan Lockhart DDS
Dr. Lauren Lockhart DDS
Dr. Lauren Lockhart DDS
Dr. Allison Loeb DMD
Dr. Robert Loeb DDS
Dr. T Loeffler DDS
Dr. Darren Loew DDS
Dr. Ronald Loewinger DMD
Dr. Trent Lofgren DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Loftus DMD, MSD
Dr. Douglas Logan DDS
Dr. James Logeman DDS
Dr. Joseph Lohner DDS
Dr. Robert Lokar DDS,MS
Dr. Drew Lombardi DMD
Andrew Long DDS MSD
Dr. Audra Long DDS, MS
Dr. Brion Long DMD
Elizabeth Long DDS
Dr. James Long DMD
Dr. Jerry Long DDS
Dr. Ross Long JR. DMD, MS, PHD
Ryan Long DDS
Dr. Alfred Longo DDS, MS
Dr. Peter Longo DDS, MS
Dr. David Longworth DDS
Dr. Ernest Lontos DDS
Dr. Jason Loop DDS, MS
Dr. Ana Lopez DMD
Dr. Jose Lopez DMD
Dr. Brian Lorei DMD, MS
Robert Lorentz DDS,MSPC
Dr. Rachel Lorenz DMD, MMSC
Dr. Roy Lorenz DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Lorino DMD
Lawrence Lotzof DDS
Dr. Leo Lou DDS
Dr. Carney Loucks DDS,MS
Dr. Daniel Louie DDS PHD
Dr. Jeffrey Loveless DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Lovell DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Lovell DMD, MSD
Dr. James Lovell DDS, PC
Dr. Megan Lovell DDS
Irina Lovinescu DMD
Dr. Thomas Lovinggood DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Lovlien
Anthony Lovrovich DDS
Dr. Barkley Low DDS
Dr. Charles Low DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Low DDS
Dr. Laura Low DDS
Dr. Lyndon Low DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lowd DDS
Clifford Lowdenback DMD
Phillip Lowder DDS, MCLD
Dr. Tom Lowder DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Lowe JR. DDS,MS
David Lowe DDS,MS
Dr. Kristen Lowe DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Lowe DDS
Dr. Sarah Lowe DDS
Dr. Zachton Lowe DDS
Dr. Joan Lowe-Ching DMD
Dr. Eric Lowenhaupt DDS
Dr. Louis Lowenstein DMD
Dr. Jennifer Lowney DMD
Dr. Jeremiah Lowney JR. DDS
Dr. Russell Lowrey DMD
Dr. Gerald Loyacona DMD,
Michael Lozman DDS
Robin Lozman DMD
Dr. Hung Quoc Lu DDS, MSD
Dr. Jane Lu DMD MS
Dr. Margaret Lu DDS
Yuhe Lu
Dr. Raymond Lubberts DDS, MS
Dr. Albert Lucas DMD
Dr. Jonathan Lucas DDS
Kevin Lucas
Dr. Seth Lucas DDS
Dr. Steven Luccarelli DDS
Natalie Luce DDS
Carolyn Lucey DMD, MDS
Richard Luddington DMD
Stephen Luddington DDS, MS
Dr. Jennifer Ludwig DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Ludwig
Dr. Percy Luecke III DDS, MSD
Dr. Kelvan Luff DDS
Dr. Robert Lugo DMD
Dr. David Luk DMD, MS
Dr. James Lukas DDS
James Lunardon DDS, MSD
Paul Lund MPH, DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. Christopher Lundberg DDS
Victor Lundell DDS MS
Dr. Dennis Lundin DDS
Dr. Aaron Lundner DDS
Dr. Kristin Lundquist DDS
Dr. Gail Lundquist-Tobias DDS, MS
Joseph Lunsford DDS, MS
Gary Lunstad DDS, MSD
Dr. Darin Lunt DDS, MS
Dr. Khanh Luong DDS
Priscila Luperon DMD
James Lupi DDS
Dr. John Lupini DDS MS
Dr. Mark Luposello DMD
Dr. Jeremy Lustig DDS, MS, PA
Michael Luther DDS
Dr. Gabriel Luttrell DDS
Dr. Casey Luu DDS
Dr. Long Luu DDS
Raymond Lyew DDS
Dr. James Lyles JR. DDS
Dr. Jessica Lynch DMD, MDS
Dr. Joseph Lynch DDS
Dr. Judy Lynch DDS
Dr. Theodore Lynch DDS
Dr. Victoria Lynskey DMD, MDS
Dr. Gary Lyon DDS
Dr. Alexis Lyons
Elizabeth Lyons DDS,MSD
Dr. Michael Lyons DDS
Timothy Lyons
Nadia Lyotard
Dr. Yuci Ma DMD
Dr. Eric Macaluso DDS
Dr. Gregory Macaluso DDS
Dr. Justin Maccaro DMD, MS
Dr. Tarryn Maccarthy DMD
Andrew Macdonald DDS
Dr. Keith Macdonald DDS
Robert Macdonald DMD MS
Dr. Thais Macedo Soares
Lindsey Macfarlane DDS, MS
Douglas Macgilpin DDS
Dr. Matthew Macginnis DDS, MS
Dr. Irelia Machado DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Machemehl III DMD, MSD
Dr. Donald Machen DMD
Jeffery Machen DDS
Dr. Grace Machi DDS
Dr. Steven Machicek DDS
Dr. Kervin Mack PHARMD, DMD
Dr. Spencer Mack
Dr. Steven Mack DDS MS
James Maclaine
John Maclaren DMD
Dr. Matt Maclean DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Maclean DDS,MS
Dr. James Macomson DDS, MSO
Charles Macon DDS
Dr. James Macri DDS, MSD
Dr. Monica Madan DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Maddox DDS
Dr. Nicholas Maddux DDS
Dr. Marcey Madera-Lieberum DMD
Dr. Ronald Madere DDS
James Madigan DMD
Dr. Erik Madsen DDS, MS
Dr. Alisa Madson DDS, MS
Dr. Mary Eve Maestre DDS
Dr. Anthony Maganzini DDS
Dr. James Magestro DDS
Dr. Michael Maggard DMD, MSD
Ernest Maggioncalda DDS
Dr. James Maginnis DMD, MS
Marc Magness DDS MS
Dr. William Magness DDS, MS
Dr. Marla Magness-Myers DDS, MS
Dr. Shannon Magnuson DDS, MSD
Peter Magoulas DDS
Dr. Francis Maguire DDS
Dr. James Mah DDS MSC DMSC
Dr. Jasun Mahaffey DMD
Michael Mahaffey DMD, MS
Peiman Mahdavi DMD
Becky Maher DDS, MS
Dr. Lloyd Mahler DMD
Dr. Lee Mahlmann DDS, MS
Mrs. Ikram Mahmood DDS MS
Dr. Tina Mahmoudi DDS, MS
Erin Mahoney DDS
Nicole Mahoney DMD
Kimberly Mahood DMD, MSD
Dr. Kim Mai DDS
Dr. Mohammad Mainayar DMD
Mr. Jesse Maize DDS, PC
Nooshin Majd DMD ,MSD
Dr. David Majeroni DDS
Dr. Mhd Hazem Makhsida DDS MS
Dr. Randall Malan DDS
Dr. Glenn Malchow DMD
Dr. Hector Maldonado DDS
Dr. Imad Maleeh DDS, MS
Dr. Nahid Maleki DDS
Dr. Arnold Malerman DDS
Dr. Nitin Malhotra DMD
Shyam Malhotra DDS
Dr. Mohni Malik DMD
Dr. Daniel Mallory DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Malloy JR. DMD
Dr. Steven Malmstrom DDS
Dr. Diana Malone DDSMS
Dr. Jacqueline Malone DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Malone DMDMHM
Karel Malovany DDS
Dr. Gerald Malovos DDS
Dr. Michael Malsch DDS
Dr. Benjamin Mancia DDS
Dr. Kevin Mancini DMD
Dr. Salvatore Manente DDS, MS
Dr. Holland Maness DMD
Dr. Richard Maness DDS MSD
Dr. Lauren Manfred DDS, MS
Lisa Mangiarelli DMD
Dr. Anne Mangold DDS
Charles Manilla DDS, MS
Dr. Peter Manis DMD
Dr. Bharat Mankad DDS
Nilkanthrai Mankad DDS
Dr. Christian Manley DDS, MS
Jacob Mann DDS
Dr. Kyle Mann DDS, MS
Dr. Nicholas Mann DMD
Dr. Sarabjot Mann DDS
Dr. William Mann DDS
Kenneth Manning MD
Dr. William Manos DDS MDS
Dr. Cesar a Manrique
Dr. Ahmed Mansour
Marie Mansour DMD, MS
Dr. Philip Mansour DMD
Alison Mantel DDS, MS
Dr. Caroline Manuel DDS
Dr. Anthony Maoloni DDS MS
Dr. Anthony Mapes DMD PC
Jenny Maple DDS, MS
Mark Mappes DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Marcel DDS
Steven Marcello DDS
John Marchetto DMD
Dr. Fernanda Marchi DDS
Dr. Marybeth Marcincin DMD, MS
Dr. Fred Marconi JR. DDS,MS
Louis Marconyak DMD
Dr. Micheal Marcotte DDS, MSD
Dr. Alan Marcus
Dr. Mark Marcus DDS
Richard Marcus DDS
Dr. William Mardaga DDS,MS
Elizabeth Maready DMD
Dr. Anthony Maresca DDS,ABO
Dr. Dallas Margeson
Dr. Vincent Margherita DDS
Dr. Arthur Margolis DDS
Dr. Michael Margolis DDS, PHD
Dr. Richard Mariani JR. DDS, MS
Damian Mariano
Anthony Marino DDS, MS
Mr. John Mariotti DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Mark DMD,MS
Shane Markey DDS, MS
Dr. Ceceilia Markham DMD
David Markham
Christiana Markova DMD
Dr. Sophie Markovich DMD
Dr. Stanley Markovitz DDS, MDS
Dr. David Markowitz DMD
Dr. Allen Marks DDS
Dr. Rosecler Marmentini DDS, MSC
Dr. Peter Maro JR. DMD
Dr. Emil Marogil DMD
Dr. Michael Marouni DDS
Dr. Maria Marquez DMD
Dr. Rhina Marquez DDS
Tomas Marrecau DMD
Dr. Sheila Marrero DDS
Dr. Curtice Marris DMD, MS
Dr. John Marschner DDS, MS
George Marse JR. DDS, MS, PC, FACS
Dr. Curtis Marsh DDS
William Marsh DDS
Dr. David Marshak DDS
Dr. Aksana Marshall DMD
Frank Marshall DDS, MS
Glory Marshall DDS, MS
Dr. Kathy Marshall DDS
Mr. Nicholas Marshall JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Marshall II DMD
Robert Marshall DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Marshall DDS, MS
William Marshall DMD, MS
Dr. Blake Marston DDS
Dr. Adam Martin DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Martin DMD, MS
Dr. Bob Martin DDS
Dr. Boyd Martin III DMD, MSD
Dr. Brandon Martin DDS
Dr. Cal Martin DDS
Dr. Celia Martin DMD
Chris Martin DDS,MS
Dr. Christina Martin DDS,MS
Christine Martin DMD
Dr. Dana Martin
Dr. Daniel Martin DDS, MSD
Dr. Dawn Martin DMD
Dr. Jennifer Martin DDS
Dr. John Martin DMD, MS
Justin Martin JR. DDS
Dr. Rickey Martin DDS
Dr. Robert Martin DMD, MDS
Dr. Scott Martin DMD
Dr. William Martin DMD
Dr. Paula Martin-Fletcher DDS, PA
Dr. Luis Martines DDS, MSD
Ana Martinez DMD
Dr. Fernando Martinez DDS, MSD
Dr. James Martinez DDS
Dr. Jesus Martinez DMD
Dr. Joel Martinez DDS
Dr. Joseph Martinez DMD
Dr. Edward Martino DDS, MS
Moshood Martins MS
Daniel Martisius DDS, MS
Dr. Valerie Martone DMD
Dr. Bryan Martz
Martin Martz DDS, MS,
Dr. Evelyn Maruko DMD, MS
Dr. Daniel Marulli DDS
Dr. Richard Marulli
Dr. Michael Maruri DMD, MSD
Dr. John Marx DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Marzban DDS MDS
Dr. Katherine Masaki DDS, MS
Dr. Stanley Masaki
Dr. Vincent Mascia DDS
Dr. Louis Mascola DDS
Dr. Barry Maser DDS
Kamran Mashouf DDS
Kayhan Mashouf DMD
Dr. Alfred Maskeroni DDS
Dr. Michael Maslowski DDS
Dr. Brian Mason DDS
Dr. Charles Mason SR. DDS
Dr. Robert Mason DMD, PHD
Sharon Mason
Dr. Ahmed Masoud
Dr. Mohamed Masoud BDS, DMSC
Dr. Nawaf Masri DDS MSD
Dr. Christopher Massey DDS, MS
Dr. Karmen Massih DDS, MDS
Dr. William Mastorakos DDS MS
Jeffrey Mastroianni DMD
Michelle Masuda DDS, MSD
Dr. George Masumoto MSD, DDS
Dr. Isao Masunaga DDS
Dr. Mark Masunaga DDS
Dr. Scott Masunaga DDS
Dr. Marcela Matamoros DMD
Scott Mateer DDS
Dr. Saju Mathew DDS
Michele Mathews DDS
Dr. Craig Mathias DDS,MS
Dr. Michelle Mathieson DMD, MSD
Dr. Rohini Mathrani ROHINI MATHRANI
Dr. John Matney DDS
Dr. Carmen Matos
Dr. Jorge Matos DDS, CAGS
Dr. Milton Matos MD,MS
Dr. Michael Matson DDS
Dr. Todd Matsumoto DDS, MS
Bruce Matthews DMD MDS
Mr. Christopher Matthews DMD
Dr. Tori Matthys DDS, MSD
Dr. Brian Mattiacio DDS, MS
Dr. Chris Mattingly DMD
Robert Mattioli DMD
Dr. Richard Mattson DMD
John Matunas DDS
Dr. Barry Matza DMD
Dr. Allen Mau DDS
Dr. Christopher Maulik DMD
Vivian Maung
Dennis Mauro DMD
Dr. Blake Maxfield DDS
Brady Maxfield DDS
Norman Maxfield DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Maxwell DDS
Dr. Raymond Maxwell DDS, PS
Dr. David May DMD, PHD
Dr. F. May DMD, MSD
Dr. Gary May DMD, MSD
Dr. James May DDS,PC
Dr. Peter May DMD
Dr. David Mayberry DMD
Dr. Donald Mayer DDS
Dr. Larry Mayer DDS
Dr. Colin Mayers DDS, MS
Matthew Mayers DDS, MS
Dr. Joe Mayes DDS, MSD
Dr. James Mayfield DDS, MSD
Dr. Samuel Mayfield DDS
Dr. Rosario Mayro ROSARIO MAYRO
George Mayweather DDS
Dr. Pradipta Mazumder DDS
Dr. Jennifer Mazzarella DMD
Leanne Mazzei DDS
Mr. Domenic Mazzocco DMD
Mark Mc Dade DMD
Dr. Gary Mc Mullen
Isabel Mc Quattie Pimentel
Dr. Mark Mcalister DDS,MS
Dr. Paul Mcallister DMD
Ms. Elyse Mcaninch DDS
Dr. Don Mcarthur DDS, MS
Stephen Mcauliff DDS
Dr. Susan Mcbeth
Dr. Richard Mcbride DDS
Dr. Matthew Mccabe DMD
Dr. Russell Mccabe DDS
Dr. Kevin Mccaffrey DMD, MS
Dr. Glenn Mccall III DDS
Dr. Edward Mccallum DDS
Dr. Ernest Mccallum DDS
Dr. Dewayne Mccamish DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Van Mccarlie JR. MA, DMD, PHD
Dr. Douglas Mccartha DMD
Dr. Karen Mccarthy DMD,MS
Karen Mccarthy DDS,MS
Michael Mccarthy DMD
Shannon Mccarthy DMD
Dr. Shawn Mccarthy DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Mccartney DDS MS
Dr. Molly Mccarty DDS
Dr. Lyndsey Mccaskey DDS, MSD
Dr. Theodore Mccaskey DDS
Dr. Michael Mcclain DMD
Dr. Tiffany Mcclaran DDS, MDS
Dr. Phillip Mcclary DMD; MSCO
Randall Mcclary
Dr. Laurie Mcclatchey DDS MS
Dr. Mart Mcclellan DDS, MS
Dr. Leslie Mcclimans DMD
Mason Mcclintock DDS, MSD
Dr. Richard Mcclung DDS, MS
Scott Mcclure DDS MS
Dr. David Mccollough DMD MS
Dr. Shelly Mccolm DDS
Dr. Ryan Mccomb DMD
Dr. Michael Mccombs DMD, MS
Dr. Beechard Mcconnell III DMD
Dr. Gerald Mcconnell DDS
Dr. Roger Mcconnell DMD
Dr. Glynda Mcconville DDS
Dr. Maston Mccorkle JR. DDS
Dr. Joseph Mccormick DDS
Dr. Michaela Mccormick DMD
Dr. Ashley Mccoy DMD
Dr. Bruce Mccoy DMD
Dr. Kevin Mccoy DDS
Dr. Matt Mccoy DDS, MS
Dr. William Mccoy DDS
John Mccranels DDS
Dr. Scott Mccranels DMD
Dr. Carol Mccraw DMD
Dr. Julie Mccray DDS, MS
Dr. Kara Mcculloch DMD, MSD
Dr. Laurie Mccullough DDS
Dr. Stephen Mccullough DDS, MS
Dr. Heather Mccullum DMD
Charissa Mccune
Dale Mccune DDS
Erin Mccutchen DDS
Dr. Andrew Mcdaniel DDS, MS
Dr. James Mcdaniel DDS, MS
Dr. Frank Mcdavitt DDS
Dr. Charles Mcdermott DDS, MS
Dr. Kathleen Mcdermott DDS, MS
Michael Mcdermott DDS
Dr. Richard Mcdermott DDS, MS
Dr. Sarah Mcdermott DDS, MS
Catherine Mcdevitt DMD
Dr. Fred Mcdonald DDS,MSD
Dr. Jeanne Mcdonald DDS MS
Dr. John Mcdonald DMD
Dr. Jerome Mcdonnell
Dr. Aaron Mcdonough DDS
Dr. David Mcdonough DDS
Dr. James Mcdonough DDS, MS
Mark Mcdonough DDS MSD PC
Dr. Mark Mcdonough DMD
Dr. Ernest Mcdowell DMD
Michael Mcduffie DMD
Dr. Robert Mcelhinney DMD
Dr. Scott Mcelroy DDS
Dr. Joseph Mcelveen DMD, MS
Dr. Clayton Mcentire DMD, MSD
Dr. Michael Mcewan DDS
Robin Mcewan DDS, MS
William Mcfadden DMD
Edward Mcfarland III DMD
Jack Mcfarland DMD
Dr. Richard Mcfarland DDS MS
Dr. Robert Mcfarlane DMD
Dr. Brandon Mcgarrell DMD
Brian Mcgarvey DDS
Jean Mcgill
Dr. Paul Mcgill DDS
Dr. Kate Mcgilloway DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcgowan DDS MS
Dr. Michael Mcgrady SR. DDS
Dr. Kevin Mcgrath DDS
Dr. Rita Mcgrogan DMD
Dr. John Mcgrory DDS
Dr. Kathleen Mcgrory DDS, MS
Dr. Diedra Mcguire DDS
Dr. Nathan Mcguire DMD MS
Dr. Kory Mchenry DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcinnes DDS
David Mcinnis DMD
Dr. Mark Mcinnis DMD
Dr. Brian Mcintyre DDS
John Mcintyre
Lisa Mckee DDS
Dr. Michael Mckee DDS
Dr. Garland Mckelvain DDS,MSD,INC
Dr. Gary Mckenna DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Mckenna DDS
Paul Mckenna JR. DMD
Dr. Paul Mckenna DMD
Dr. Stephen Mckenna DMD
Dr. Jeremy Mckinney DMD, MDS
Mr. Talmadge Mckinney DDS PC
Dr. Andrea Mclachlan DMD
Dr. James Mclain DDS
Dr. William Mclaird DDS
Dr. Donald Mclaughlin DDS
Dr. Earl Mclaughlin JR. DMD MSO
Dr. Kenneth Mclaughlin DDS,MS
Michael Mclaughlin DDS
Richard Mclaughlin DDS
Dr. Brian Mclellan DMD
Dr. Raymond Mclendon DDS
Dr. William Mclendon DMD
Dr. Kirk Mcmains DDS
Richard Mcmanaman DDS, MS
Amanda Mcmanus DMD
Dr. Michelle Mcmanus DDS, MS
Dr. Fredrick Mcmillen DDS
Dr. Alison Mcmillian DDS,MS,PA
Jeffrey Mcminn DMD
Dr. Kevin Mcminn DMD, MSD
Dr. Robert Mcminn DDS
Dr. Robert Mcminn DDS MSD
Raymond Mcmullen DDS
Dr. John Mcmurphy JR. DMD
Dr. M. Bancroft Mcmurphy III DMD
Dr. Elizabeth Mcnabb DDS
Dr. Nancy Mcnamara DMD
Dr. Kimberly Mcneal DMD
Dr. Michael Mcneil DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Mcneil DDS MS
Dr. Scott Mcpherson DDS
Dr. Daniel Mcquinn DMD
Dr. Timothy Mcreath DDS
Dr. David Mcreynolds DDS
Dr. William Mcreynolds DMD
Dr. Lowell Mcrobert DDS
Patrick Mcshane
Dr. David Mcsurdy JR. DMD
Dr. Timothy Mcsweeney DMD
Bryan Mcsweeny JR. DMD
Dr. Christopher Mctavish DMD, MS
Dr. Jennifer Meader DMD
Dr. Laura Meador DMD
Dr. Raymond Meandro JR. DDS
Billie Means DDS
Dr. Jesus Medina DMD
Dr. Liana Medina DMD, MSD
Lora Medwid DMD
James Meeks DDS
Dr. Christopher Megna DDS
Dr. William Mehan DMD
Dr. Michael Meharg DDS
Omid Mehdipour DDS
Dr. Asha Mehta MDS
Dr. Jimi Mehta DDS, MSD
Dr. Scott Meier DDS
Dr. Daniel Meister DDS
Dr. Malcolm Meister DDS
Dr. Robert Meister DDS, MS
Tammy Meister DDS, MS, PA
Eduardo Mejia DDS
Dr. Juan Mejia DDS
Liliana Mejia DDS
Dr. Martha Mejia-Maidl DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Melcher DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Meldrum DDS MS
Dr. Mark Mele DMD
Dr. Ramon Melendez DMD
Dr. Samuel Meline DMD
Dr. Carolyn Melita DDS
Dr. Stella Mellas DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Mellion DDS MS
Dr. Nathan Mellion DDS, MSD
Dr. Nicholas Mellion DDS MS
Dr. Theresa Mellion DMD, MS
Dr. Zachary Mellion DMD MS
Dr. Paul Melnik DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Melone DMD
Dr. Robert Memsic JR. DDS
Mrs. Belkis Mena Perez DMD
Dr. Kevin Mendes DDS
Dr. Maria Mendez DMD, MS
Dr. Carlos Mendez-Villamil DMD
Evelina Mendicini DDS
Dr. Edgar Mendieta DDS
Guy Mendivil DDS
Dr. Garrett Mendlik DDS MS
Dr. Mark Mendlik DDS MS
Dr. Hector Mendoza DDS
Dr. Silvia Menendez DDS
Dr. Frank Meng DMD
Dr. Hsiaoyen Meng DDS,MS
Dr. Jon Menig DDS
Dr. Natalia Menjivar
George Menken DDS
Dr. Craig Menker DMD, CAGS
Dr. Virginia Mennemeyer DDS, MS
Dr. Geralyn Menold DDS
Dr. David Mentz DMD
Dr. Ana Mercado DMD
Mehreen Merchant
Dr. John Mergen DDS, MS
Dr. Penny Mericle DMD, MSD
Dr. Jim Merrifield DDS,MS
Robert Merrill DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Merrill DDS, MS
Dr. David Merritt DDS
Dr. Jantraveus Merritt DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Merritt DDS, MSD
Dr. Donald Merryfield DDS
Dr. David Mershon DDS, MS
Dr. Jennifer Mertz DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Meru DDS
Dr. Daniel Merwin DDS, MS
Dr. Mary Merz DDS
John Meschke DDS
Dr. Joseph Mess DDS
Michael Messana DMD
Kenneth Messer DDS
Dr. Marion Messersmith DDS, MSD
Stuart Messinger DDS
Dr. Jason Messingham DDS, MS
Mr. James Metcalf DMD
Dr. Taylor Metcalf DMD, MS
Dr. Ronald Metelka DDS, MS
Dr. Lee Mettler DDS
Dr. John Metz DMD, MS
Dr. David Metzdorf DDS, MS
Dr. Suren Mewar DDS
Dr. Bruce Meyer DDS
Dr. Chad Meyer DDS
Dr. Christian Meyer DMD, DMSC
Dr. David Meyer DDS
Dr. David Meyer DDS
Dr. Joseph Meyer DDS
Dr. Kamp Meyer DDS
Raymond Meyer DDS
Dr. Richard Meyer DDS, MS
Robert Meyer DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Meyers JR. DDS
Dr. Daniel Meyers DDS, MS
Dr. Samuel Meyrowitz DDS, MS
Yen Miao
Dr. Ben Mibab DDS MS
Dr. John Miceli DMD
Dr. Deborah Michael DDS, MS
Mr. Dennis Michaelson DMD MS
Dr. Eleni Michaildiis DDS
Dr. Brian Michalkow DDS
Dr. Lawrence Michel DDS
Bethany Middleton DMD, MS
Rosemarie Middleton DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Migliore DDS
Dr. Colin Mihalik DDS
Dr. Marissa Mikolich
David Mikulencak DDS, MS
Dr. Philip Milanovich BS DDS MS
Mr. Aaron Milchman OMD
Dr. Bradley Milde DMD, DHSC
Dr. Jon Miler DDS,MS
Dr. Bowen Miles DMD
Dr. Matthew Milestone DMD
Dr. Michael Milewski DMD
William Millar DDS MS
Dr. William Millay DMD
Bill Miller DDS MS
Dr. Brian Miller DDS
Dr. Brian Miller DMD
Catherine Miller DMD
Dr. Christian Miller DDS
Dr. Craig Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Darren Miller DDS
Dr. Don Miller DDS
Dwight Miller DDS
Frank Miller DDS MS
Frank Miller
Dr. Galen Miller DDS
Dr. Greg Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Jacqueline Miller DDS, MS
Dr. James Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Miller DDS, PA
Dr. John David Miller DDS
Juliana Miller MSD
Dr. Katherine Miller DMD
Dr. Kenneth Miller III DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Miller JR. DDS MSCO
Dr. Lance Miller DDS MS
Dr. Lathe Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Loman Miller JR. DDS
Dr. Marlo Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Miller DDS
Megan Miller DDS
Dr. Natalie Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Miller DDS
Dr. Preston Miller III DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Miller II DMD
Dr. Robert Miller DMD
Dr. Robert Miller DDS MS
Dr. Ronald Miller MSD, DDS
Dr. Shawn Miller DMD
Dr. Stacy Miller DDS,MS
Dr. Tamara Miller DDS
Dr. Tyson Miller DMD
Van Miller DMD
Dr. William Miller III DDS, MS, PA
Dr. William Miller DMD
Dr. Allison Milliner DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Milliner DMD, MS
Dr. Brad Mills DMD,MS
Dr. Donald Mills DDS
Jerry Mills
Macie Mills
Dr. Mark Mills DDS
Dr. Roger Mills DMD
Gregory Millwood
Dr. James Milne DDS
Dr. Laura Milnor DDS, MS
Marina Milstein DDS,MSC
Dr. Lara Minahan DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Minars DMD
R Miner DDS
Dr. Craig Minich DDS, MSD
Dr. Gerald Minick DDS MS
Dr. Mark Minium DDS
Dr. Michael Minnich DDS,MS, INC
Ms. Valerie Minor DMS, MS
Dr. Margareth Mintzberg DDS
Dr. Jill Mioduski DDS
Dr. Jennifer Mirabelli DMD, MSD
Dr. Francis Miranda DDS,MS,PHD
Dr. David Mireles DDS,MS,INC
Frank Mirharoon DDS
Dr. Michael Miroue DDS
Jeffrey Mirrielees
Dr. Mostafa Mirzabagi DDS,MS
Dr. William Mischler DMD
Dr. Mark Misencik DDS
Dr. Steven Misencik DMD
Dr. Byron Mitchell DDS
Dr. George Mitchell DDS
Dr. Joe Mitchell DDS,MS
Dr. Kelly Mitchell
Dr. Orrin Mitchell DDS
Dr. Robert Mitchell DDS, MS
Dr. Nitika Mittal DDS MSD
William Mittler DDS,MS
Dr. Jeff Mix DMD,MS
Dr. Aaron Miyai DMD
Michael Miyamoto DDS, MSD
Dr. Miryam Miyamoto MD, DDS
Dr. Roy Miyamoto DDS
Dr. Stanley Miyawaki DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Mizell DDS
Emanuel Mizrahi DDS
Ronald Mizrahi DDS
Dr. Matthew Moadel DDS MSD
Dr. Bita Moalej DDS,MS
Dr. Majed Moawad DMD
Delmar Mobley DDS
Gary Mobley DDS, MSC
Dr. Reed Mockaitis DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Christopher Modjeski DDS, CAGS
Dr. Nathan Moeller DDS, MSD
Dr. Mary Moenssen DDS, MS
Dr. John Moffett JR. DDS
Dr. Allen Moffitt DMD
Dr. Frank Mogavero DDS MS
Dr. Elaheh Moheb DDS
Brian Mohr DDS
Dr. Robert Mohr DDS MS
Dr. Ross Mohr DMD, MS
Dr. David Mohs DDS
Kambiz Moin DMD, MPH
Dr. Sogole Moin DMD
Dr. Allison Moise-Hamada DDS
Dr. Maryam Mojdehi DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Mokris DMD, MS
Dr. Julie Mol DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Sid Molayem DDS
Dr. Blair Moldenhauer DMD
Dr. Aaron Molen DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Molen DDS
Dr. Jon Moles DDS
Dr. Randall Moles DDS, MS
Mr. Thomas Molin DDS
Dr. Noel Molini DMD
Dr. Michael Molisani DDS
Dr. Matthew Molitor DDS
Dr. Nikolay Mollov DDS
Dr. Arabella Molone Trakey DDS, MS
Dr. John Monacell DDS
Dr. Benson Monastersky DMD
Dr. David Monfort DDS, MS
Dr. Vincent Mongiovi DMD
Dr. Mike Monroe DMD PC
Melvin Monson DDS MS
Dr. Michael Montanaro DDS
Dr. Donald Montano DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Montemurno DMD
Dr. Tom Montemurno DMD
Alan Montgomery DDS, MS
Dr. Jane Montgomery DDS MSD
Dr. Nancy Montgomery DDS
Dr. Timothy Montgomery DDS
Dr. William Montgomery DMD
Dr. John Monticello DDS MS
Dr. Reid Montini DMD, MS, PA
Dr. Charles Montoure DDS MS
Dr. Robert Montoya DDS
Dr. Jeannie Moody D,MD
Audrey Moon DDS, MSD
Dr. Bahn Yah Moon DDS
Dr. Esther Moon DDS
Dr. Holly Moon DDS
Dr. Hong Moon DDS, MS, FICD
Dr. Joe Moon DMD
Dr. Jungsoo Moon DDS
Dr. Won Moon DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Mooney III DDS, MDS
Dr. Anzir Moopen DMD, MS
Dr. Brian Moore DDS
Cody Moore DDS, MS
Gerald Moore DDS, MS
Dr. John Moore DDS, MSD
Dr. Jon Moore DMD,MS
M Moore DMD MS
Dr. Mark Moore DDS
Dr. Michael Moore DDS
Michael Moore DDS, MBA
Patrick Moore DDS
Dr. Ralph Moore JR. DDS
Dr. Randall Moore DMD
Dr. Richard Moore DMD
Dr. Robert Moore DDS
Dr. Terry Moore DDS
Theodore Moore DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Moore DDS
Dr. William Moore JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Brett Mooso DDS,MS,PA
Dr. David Moradi DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Morales DMD
Dr. Laura Morales DMD
Ramiro Morales DDS
Kirk Moran DMD, MS
Dr. Lawrence Moranda DDS, M DENT SC
Dr. Chad Morarend DDS
Dr. Lawrence Moray DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Morejon DMD
Dr. Lina Moreno Uribe DDS, PHD
Dr. Vanessa Morenzi DMD
Brandon Morgan
Donald Morgan DDS
Dr. John Morgan DDS
Dr. Kelly Morgan DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Morgenstern DMD
Dr. Jay Morgner DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Mori DMD LLC
Dr. Claudia Moricz DDS MS
Dr. Brian Morin DMD
Dr. Daniel Morin DDS, MS
Dr. Randal Morita DDS
Dr. Scott Morita DDS
Dr. Mark Morrell DDS MS
Dr. Larry Morrill DDS
Dr. David Morris DDS
Dr. Edwin Morris DDS
Dr. Glenwood Morris DDS
Dr. James Morris JR. DMD
Dr. James Morris DMD
Dr. Jason Morris DDS
Dr. John Morris DDS, DHSC
Dr. Joseph Morris JR. DDS
Kinnith Morris DMD
Dr. Stanley Morris DMD
Dr. Stephen Morris DDS MS
Dr. Winston Morris DMD
James Morrish JR. DDS
Dr. Anna Morrison DMD
Dr. Jennifer Morrison
Dr. Kelly Morrison DMD
Dr. Michael Morrison DDS, MSD,
Dr. Mary Beth Morrone DDS
Dr. Jim Morrow DDS,MS
Micah Mortensen DDS, MSD
Darron Mortenson DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Mortimer DMD
Thomas Moryl DDS
Dr. Noel Moser-Kim DDS, MS
Dr. Jesse Moses DMD
Dr. Farhad Moshiri DMD
Dr. Mazyar Moshiri DMD
Dr. Eugene Mosiello DDS
Dr. Elliott Moskowitz DDS
Dr. Gary Moskowitz DMD
Michael Mosling DDS, MS
Dr. Mathew Moss DDS, PC
Robert Moss JR. DMD
Dr. Theodore Moss DMD
Dr. Helmy Mostafa BDS
Mr. Mehdi Motakef DDD MS
Dr. Robert Motherwell III DDS MSD
Dr. Melih Motro DDS PHD
Dr. William Mott DDS
John Moutsatson DDS
Amin Movahhedian DDS, DMD, MS
Dr. Barbara Moyer DDS,MS
Dr. Heather Moylan DDS
Dr. Michael Moynihan DMD
Setareh Mozafari-Nejad DDS
Mandana Mozayeni-Azar DDS, MSD
Padmini Muddasani DDS, MS
Dr. Kurt Muehlebach DDS
Dr. Ryan Mueller DDS
Dr. Anna Muench DDS,MS
Dr. David Muench DDS
Mariana Muguerza Quijano DDS
Zane Muhl
Dr. Robert Muirhead DD, MS
Padma Mukherjee BDS
Dr. Mamata Mukkara DMD, DSCD, CAGS
Dr. Kathleen Mulcahey DDS
Dr. Natalie Mullally DMD, MS
Dr. Anaita Mullasseril BDS, MS
Dr. Steven Mullen DDS, MS
Dr. Lyle Muller DDS
Dr. Joseph Mullins DDS, MS
Dr. Larry Mullins DDS
Dr. Bruce Mumford DMD
Seunghee Mun DMD
Dr. Gary Mundy DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Munk DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Munk DDS
Dr. Anamaria Munoz DDS, MS
Dr. Carlos Munoz DMD
Dr. Ricardo Munoz DDS
Hugh Murdoch DDS MS
Donald Murdock DMD MS
Dr. John Murdock DDS, MS
Herbert Murillo DDS
Dr. Willis Murphey JR. DDS,MS
C. Murphy DDS,MS
Dr. Christopher Murphy DMD
Dan Murphy DDS
Dr. John Murphy DDS
Dr. Kenneth Murphy DDS
Dr. Paul Murphy DDS, MSD
Dr. Wade Murphy DDS
Dr. Benjamin Murray DMD
Dr. James Murray DDS
Dr. John Murray JR. DDS
Dr. Kevin Murray DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Murray
Dr. Robert Murray IV DMD, MS
Dr. Scott Murray DMD
Dr. Shawn Murray DDS
William Murthy
Dr. Dween Muse DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Musgrave DDS
Dr. James Mutti DDS MS
David Myers DDS, MS
Dr. David Myers DDS
Richard Myers DDS
Dr. Randolph Myerson DMD
Dr. George Myracle DDS
Dr. Scott Myser DDS, MS
Mr. Shahram Nabipour DDS, MSD
Dr. Herbert Nachtrab III DMD
Dr. Mark Nadeau DMD
Dr. Sondra Naegler DMD
Dr. Kevin Naficy MSD, DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Nagel DDS, MS
Dr. Norman Nagel DDS
Azita Naghavi Khan DDS
Dr. Jina Naghdi DDS MS
Dr. Hidayatulla Nagori BDS, MPA, CAGS
Hyunduck Nah DMD
Mr. George Nahas DDS
Dr. Kistama Naidu DMD, MS
Dr. Danny Naifeh DDS,MS
Dr. Robert Najarian DDS
Dr. Wade Najem II DDS,MSD
Arthur Najera
Dr. Norman Nakaji DDS
Dr. Howard Nakamura DDS,MS
Dr. Andrea Nakisher DDS
Dr. Mark Nalbandian DDS
Dr. Greg Nalchajian DDS
Dr. Nicole Nalchajian DDS, MSD
Dr. Andrew Nalin DDS
Roselind Nam
Robert Namay DDS, MS
Brady Nance DMD
Munisha Nanda
Ram Nanda DDS
Dr. Ravindra Nanda DDS
Dr. Ruchi Nanda DDS, MS, PC
Vikrum Nanda DMD, MS
Sunitha Nanjappa DDS
Dr. Johnny Nantz JR. DDS
Dr. Dennis Nappen DDS, MSD
Dr. Minakshi Narula DDS, MDS
Dr. James Nasby DDS MSD
Scott Nash DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. Stephanie Nash DMD
Dr. Medhat Nashed DDS,MS
Pejman Nasibi DDS
Raja Nasir DDS,MSD
Dr. Peter Nasser DDS
Laura Nassif
Ramtin Nassiri DDS
Dr. Vishant Nath DMD
Dr. Michael Nathans DDS
Dr. George Nauert DDS, PS
Dr. Siegfried Naumann
Dr. Carlos Navarro DDS, MSD, PC
Marco Navarro
Dr. Sheeba Nawab DMD
Dr. Scott Nawy DDS
Dr. Robert Nay DMD
Dr. Paul Naylor DMD
Dr. Rachel Naylor DMD
Dr. Gary Nazareno DMD
Dr. Andrey Nazarov DMD, MS
Dr. M. Camille Neagu DDS, MS
Dr. Michelle Neal DDS
Dr. William Neale DDS
Dr. Eric Nease DDS, MDS
Dr. Karen Neat DDS, MSD
Steven Nedrelow DDS MSD PA
Alexander Nee
Dr. Wendell Neeley II DMD, MD, MS
Dr. Donald Neely DMD, MSD
Dr. Chamberlin Neff DMD
Dr. Leon Nehmad DDS
Dr. Ben Neibaur DMD
Dr. David Neil DDS MS
Dr. Hunter Neill DMD, MS
John Neilson DDS, MS
Behzad Nejat DDS
Dr. Bryan Nelson DDS
Dr. Chauncy Nelson DDS, PA
Dr. David Nelson DDS
Dr. Donald Nelson DMD
Dr. Ellen Nelson DDS, MS
Dr. George Nelson III DMD
Dr. Gerald Nelson DDS
Dr. Kenneth Nelson DDS, MS
Kristin Nelson DDS, MSD
Dr. L Nelson DMD MDS PC
Mark Nelson DDS MSD
Dr. Paul Nelson DDS MSD
Richard Nelson III DDS
Dr. Rufus Nelson DDS,MSD
Dr. Stephen Nelson DDS
Dr. Stephen Nelson DMD
Dr. William Nelson DDS MS PA
Dr. Benjamin Nemeth DDS
Dr. Robert Nemeth DDS
Roland Nentwich DDS
Dr. Benjamin Nero SR. DMD
Dr. Jeanne Nervina DMD-PHD
Rebecca Neslund DDS
Trent Nestman DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Nett DDS, MSD
Dr. Roger Nettune
Dr. John Neubert DDS, PHD
Dr. Eric Neuer DDS, MS
Roland Neufeld DDS, MS
Terri Neufeld DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Neugent DDS
Dr. Henry Neumann DDS, MSCD
Dr. Christopher Nevant DDS
Dr. Deborah New DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Monica Newby DDS
Dr. Craig Newell DDS,MS
Dr. John Newell JR. DMD
Dr. William Newell DMD, PC
Dr. Damian Newhart
Dr. Scott Newhart DMD
Andrew Newman DDS
Dr. David Newman DDS
Dr. James Newman DMD
Dr. Kaz Newman DDS
Dr. Richard Newman DMD
Dr. Seth Newman DDS
Dr. Warren Newman DDS MSD
Dr. Yana Newman DDS
Dr. John Newton DMD,MS
Dr. Leila Nezakatgoo DMD
Dr. Kok-Tow Ng DDS
Dr. Matthew Ng DMD, MSD
Peter Ngan DMD
Dr. Vonny Ngantung DDS
Chau Ngo
Allan Nguyen
Ann Nguyen DDS
Anthony Nguyen DDS
Baokhanh Nguyen DDS, MSD
Dr. C. Nguyen DDS, MS
Dr. Can Nguyen DMD, MS
Dr. Christopher Nguyen
Dan Nguyen DDS, MS, PHD
Dana Nguyen DDS, MS
Daniel Nguyen DDS, MS
Denise Nguyen DDS
Dr. Douglas Nguyen DDS
Dr. Emerald Nguyen DDS
Dr. Henry Nguyen DMD
Dr. Hung Nguyen DMD, MSD
Dr. James Nguyen DMD, MS
Janine Nguyen DDS
Dr. Mimi Nguyen DDS
Mirna Nguyen DMD
Phuong Nguyen DDS, MS
Dr. Son Nguyen DDS
Son Nguyen DDS
Thao Nguyen DDS, MSD
Dr. Thomas Nguyen DMD
Dr. Thu-Trinh (Trina) Nguyen DMD
Thuy Nguyen DDS
Dr. Tien Nguyen DDS, MS
Dr. Tram Nguyen DDS
Ms. Trang Nguyen DDS, MS
Trinh Nguyen DDS
Dr. Tuanh Nguyen DDS, MSD
Dr. Tung Nguyen DMD, MS
Dr. Uyen Nguyen DMD, MS
Vinh Nguyen DDS
Dr. Vo Danh Nguyen DMD
Dr. William Nguyen DDS, MSD
Dr. Marvin Ngwafon DDS
Farshid Nia DMD, MSD
Faeze Niaraki DMD, MS
Dr. Nayson Niaraki DMD, MS
Dr. Sadia Niazi DDS, MMSC
Jeffrey Nichelini DDS
Dr. May Nicholas-Holmes DDS ORTHODONTIST
Dickie Nichols DDS, MS
Dr. Lambert Nichols DDS
Dr. Laura Nichols DDS, MS
Dr. James Nicholson DDS,MS
Fausto Nicieza DMD
Dr. Serban Nicolaescu DMD
Dr. George Nicolas DMD, MS
Dr. Olivier Nicolay DDS
Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis DMD, MS
Hilary Nieberg Baskin DDS
Briklin Nielsen DDS, MS
Dr. Brent Nielson DDS, MS
Kurt Niepraschk DDS
Dr. Markus Niepraschk DDS, MS
Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen DDS
Dr. Nilo Nikain DDS
Dr. Stephen Nikodem DDS,MS
Brent Nikolaus DDS
Dr. Patrick Niland DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Niles DDS MS
Dr. David Niles DDS MS
Mrs. Elizabeth Nill DDS MS
Ghada Nimeri DDS, MS
Mr. Michael Nippert DDS MS
Bradley Nirenblatt
Dr. Philip Nisco DDS
Philip Nishino
Richard Nissen DDS MS
Dr. Shannon Nissen DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Nissenbaum DDS
Robert Nisson DDS, MSD
Dr. Girard Nista DDS
Dr. John Nista DMD
Gordon Noakes DDS
Dr. Raymond Noble SR. DDS MSD
Dr. Raymond Noble II DDS, MS
Dr. Lloyd Noel DMD MS
Dr. Shawie Noffel
Dr. Brian Noguchi BRIAN NOGUCHI, DDS
Dr. Paulo Nogueira DMD,MSD
Dr. John Nolan JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Nolan DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Noll DMD, MSD
Mrs. Gloria Nollie DDS, MCLD
Dr. Matthew Nondorf DDS, DHSC
Michael Nonnenmann DDS,MS,LTD
Dr. Shahriar Noorani DDS
Dr. Carey Noorda DDS, MSD
Taraneh Noorvash DDS
John Nord DDS
Dr. Scott Nord DMD, MS
Rodney Nordberg DDS
Dr. Barrett Nordstrom DDS
Dr. Susan Nordstrom DMD MS
Dr. Felipe Norena DDS, MSD
Virginia Noriega DMD, MS
Dr. Elana Norman DDS, MS
Dr. Toni Norman DMD, MS
Gregory Norris DDS
Dr. Julia Norris DDS MS
Robert Norris DDS
Dr. Michael Northcutt DDS
Dr. Rodney Northrup DDS MS
Dr. Christopher Norton DDS
Dr. Donald Norton DMD
Dr. Ashley Norvell DDS
Dr. Kenneth Norwick DDS, MSD
Brady Novak DDS MS
Dr. Catherine Novak DDS, MDS
Dr. Deborah Novak DDS
Dr. Walter Novelli DMD
Dr. Darshana Novick DDS
Dr. Gerald Novick DDS
Dr. Richard Novick DDS
Dr. Luis Novielli DDS
Dr. Robert Nowlin DDS,MS
Dr. Ryan Nowlin DDS, MS
Dr. Van Nowlin DDS,MSD
Dr. Stephen Noxon DMD, MSD
Dr. Matthew Noyce DDS, MS
Dr. Kathleen Nuckles DDS
Dr. Robert Nudera DDS
Dr. Graciela Nunez MDS
Dr. Carlos Nurko DDS, MS
Dr. Michiel Nuveen DMD
Dr. Lynnette Nyberg DMD
Dr. David Nyczepir DDS
Dr. Renee Nykolak DMD
Dr. Jillian Nyquist DDS,MS
Dr. Maria O Reilly DMD
Dr. Shawn O'bannon DMD
Dr. Brenda O'brien DDS
Charis O'connor DMD
Dr. Joan O'connor DMD
Dr. Casey O'conor DDS
Dr. Anne O'day DMD,MS
Dr. Matthew O'dell DDS
Dr. Barbara O'donnell DDS, MS
Dr. Scot O'donnell DDS, MS
Dr. William O'gara DDS
Dr. Paul O'grady DDS MS
Steve O'hara DDS
Dr. Christine O'hea DMD MDS
Dr. Brian O'leary DMD, MS
Dr. Michael O'leary DDS
Dr. Patrick O'neil DMD
Dr. Casey O'neill DDS, MS
Kevan O'neill DDS, MDS
Dr. Nancy O'neill DDS, MS
Dr. Mairead O'reilly DDS
Dr. Christopher O'rourke DDS, MS
Dr. Margaret O'rourke DDS, MSD
Dr. Kevin O'shaughnessy DMD
Ryan O'sullivan DDS
Dr. Charles Oakes DDS
Dr. Wendy Oakes DDS
Dr. Jack Oates DDS
Dr. Mark Oberheim DMD, MDS
Dr. Laurence Oberhill DDS PC
Snehlata Oberoi DDS
F Obosky SR. DDS
Dr. Shae Ochoa DDS MS
Kerri Odhner DMD, MS
Bonolo Odirile BDS
Dr. William Odom III DDS
Dr. William Odonnell DMD PC
Dr. Larry Oesterle DDS, MS
Dr. Alon Ofir DDS
Dr. Gregory Ogata DDS, MS
Dr. Randall Ogata DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Ogden DDS
Dr. John Ogro DDS
Dr. Heesoo Oh DDS
Dr. Jimin Oh DMD
Gregory Ohanian DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Ohlenforst DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Ohmart DDS,MS,PC
Dr. Vance Okamoto DDS
Dr. Vicki Okamoto DDS, MS
Dr. Emily Okeiff DDS, MS
Dr. Juanita Okemwa BDS
Jack Okerstrom DDS, PA
Larry Okmin DDS, MS
Dr. Byron Okubo DMD, MS
Dr. Judith Okun DMD
Martin Okun DDS, PA
Dr. Stanley Okun DDS
Dr. Troy Okunami DDS
Dr. Sezer Olcay DMD
Dr. Roger Oldroyd DDS MSP
James Oleary DMD
Dr. Amanda Olejniczak DDS
Anita Oles DMD
Dr. James Oleskevich DDS
Dr. William Olin JR. DDS
Dr. Jazmin Oliva DMD
Dr. Kevin Oliveira DMD, MSD
Dr. Lawrence Oliveira DDS
Dr. Neil Oliveira DMD
Dr. Edgardo Olivencia DMD
Anthony Oliver DDS
Dr. Brian Oliver DMD
Dr. Hannah Oliver DMD, MS
Dr. John Oliver DDS
Dr. Maya Oliver DDS
Robert Oliver DDS, MS
Dr. Sara Oliver DDS
Dr. William Oliver DDS
Sean Oliverson DMD
Dr. Brian Olivier DDS
Dr. G Ollard
Dr. Bruce Ollins DMD
Dr. Gabriel Ollins DDS
Dr. Brett Olm DDS MS
Dr. Candland Olsen DDS
Dr. David Olsen DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Olsen DDS, MSD
Dr. Justin Olsen DDS
Dr. Marc Olsen DDS
Dr. Taylor Olsen DDS, MSD
Dr. Christopher Olson DDS
Dr. Douglas Olson DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Olson DDS
Dr. Julie Olson DDS, MS
Robert Olson JR. DDS MS
Thomas Olson DDS
Dr. Jay Oltjen DDS
Dr. John Om DDS
Dr. Hamid Omana DDS MS
Dr. Anisa Omar DDS
Dr. Frank Omerza DDS, PHD
Lena Omnell DDS, MSD
Dr. Gerald Oneil DMD
Noriaki Ono
Dr. Wanida Ono DDS
Dr. Theodore Opalka JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Opin DMD
Dr. Perry Opin DDS
Dr. Gregory Oppenhuizen DDS, MSD
Dr. Dror Orbach DMD
Andrew Orchin
Dr. John Ordahl SR. DDSMS
Dr. Maria Orellana DDS, MSC, PHD
Dr. Edward Orenstein I
Dr. Mandy Orfus DDS MS
Dr. Jonathan Ormiston DDS, MSD
Dr. Eric Ornella DDS, MSD
Dr. Irwin Ornish DDS, MS
Dr. Jacob Orozco DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Orr DDS,MSD
Dr. Khalil Orsborn
Dr. Kerry Orsingher DMD
Dr. Adam Ortega DMD, MS
Naila Ortega DDS
Dr. Carlos Ortiz DDS
Jose Ortiz
Pamela Ortiz Perez DDS
Miguel Ortiz Ponce DDS
Dr. Brunilda Ortiz-Giuliani DMD, MS
Dr. William Osborn DDS, MS
Dr. James Osborne
Dr. James Osborne DDS
Danette Osbourne-Smart DDS, MS, PLLC
Dr. John Oshetski DDS-MSD
Dr. Stephen Ossen DMD
Dr. Alan Ossi DMD, MS
Dr. Adam Ostby DDS, MS
Dr. Marlene Ostby DDS, MS
Dr. Wayne Ostdick DDS, MS
Dr. Seth Osterman DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Ostertag DDS,MS
Mr. Paul Ostertag DDS
M Scott Ostler DDS, MSD
Robert Ostroski DDS,MS
Eman Othman BDS, MS, CAGS
Dr. Ronald Otto DDS, MS
Dr. John Oubre DDS
Dr. Matthew Oubre DDS
Dr. Paul Ouellette DDS, MS
Dr. Joshua Oustatcher DDS
Steven Ouwinga DDS
Dr. Tracy Ouyang DDS
Michael Ovens DDS MSD
Dr. Eric Overby DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Overcash DMD
Dr. John Overturf DDS,MSD
Tamara Oweis DDS
Dr. Albert Owen III DDS, MSD
Dr. Brandon Owen DDS, MS
Dr. Clayton Owen DDS, MS
Dr. Kelly Owen DDS
Dr. Robert Owen DMD MS
Dr. Justin Owens DDS
Dr. Mark Owens SR. DDS, MS
R Owens JR. DDS
Dr. Shannon Owens DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Owens JR. DDS
Nick Owings DDS PC
Dr. Payam Owtad
Dr. Daniel Oxford DDS
Dr. Mark Ozier DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Paarlberg MD
Dr. Adlin Pabon DMD,MS
Dr. Jeffrey Pace DMD
Dr. Oran Pachter DMD
Dr. Leland Pack DMD, MS
Dr. Tracy Pack
Dr. Meredith Packard DDS
Dr. Robert Packard DMD, MS
Dr. Keith Packer DMD, MSD
Dr. Soumya Padala X
William Paden
Mark Padilla DDS, MS
Dr. Eung-Kwon Pae DDS
Dr. Grace Pagan DMD
Justin Pagan DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Pagano DMD
Dr. Kelly Page DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Page DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Satishchandra Pai DDS, MS
Dr. Sebastian Paige DDS, MSD
Dr. David Pair DDS
Dr. Jason Pair DDS
Ms. Brynn Pajtas DDS, MS
Dr. Piero Palacios DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Paladino DDS
Dr. Douglas Palaganas DDS
Dr. Jacqueline Palaisa DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Palasz DMD
Dr. Staci Paletta DMD
Dr. Jonathan Paley DDS
Dr. Mary Ann Palitti DMD
Dr. Gary Palma DDS
Dr. Michael Palma DMD
John Palmer III DDS, MS
Dr. Nick Palmer DDS MS
Michelle Palmer-Espanol DMD, MS
Dr. Chester Palmieri DMD
Anna Palombini DDS
Juan Palomo DDS, MSD
Dr. Jason Pambrun DDS
Dr. Yu Pan DDS, PHD
Dr. Marc Pana DDS, MS
Nalin Panchal DDS
Juliana Panchura
Dr. Nancy Pancko DDS, MS
Dr. Akash Pandya DDS
Dr. Danielle Panichella DDS
Dr. Jonathan Panichella DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Pantos DMD
Dr. Donna Panucci DDS
Patricia Panucci DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Panzer DDS
David Paolini DMD
Dr. Rajiv Paonaskar DDS
Micheal Papademetriou DMD
Dr. Samuel Papandreas DDS MS
Dr. Arianna Papasikos DMD, MBA
Jacy Papasikos DMD
Dr. Dror Papir DMD
Dr. Janet Pappas DMD
Dr. David Paquette DDS,MS,MSD
Dr. Jorge Parajon DDS
Dr. Gauri Paralkar DDS
Dr. Victor Arthur Pardi DDS
Dr. John Pardini JR. DMD
Dr. Sam Paregian DDS MS
Dr. Sanjay Parekh DDS, MS
Dr. Rick Parigini DDS, MSD
Dr. Milin Parikh DMD
Dr. Mita Parikh DMD
Bernice Parisi DMD
Dr. Natalie Parisi DDS
Dr. Eric Park DMD
Dr. Hyue Young Park DDS, MS
Hyun Park DDS
Dr. Hyun Park DMD
Dr. Jae Park DMD, PHD
Dr. Janet Park DDS, MS
Ji Park DDS
Jin Park DDS
Joorok Park DMD, MSD
Dr. Jun Hae Park DDS, MS
Dr. Katherine Park DMD
Dr. Margaret Park DMD
Dr. Robert Park DMD
Dr. Sally Park DDS, MSD
Dr. Shany Park DMD
Susan Park DDS
Tina Park DDS, MS
Dr. Won-Woo Park DMD, MS
Yong Jong Park DDS
Dr. Arthur Parker DMD
Dr. Barrett Parker DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Parker DDS
Dr. December Parker DMD
Jodi Parker DDS
Dr. Joseph Parker DDS, MSD
Dr. Joshua Parker DDS
Dr. Justin Parker DDS, MS
Lisa Parker DDS
Dr. Melanie Parker DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Parker DDS
Dr. Robert Parker DDS
Dr. Robert Parker DDS MS PA
Stan Parker DDS, MSD
Dr. Stephan Parker DDS, MSD
Dr. William Parker DDS
Dr. Christopher Parkinson DDS, MS
Dr. Clayton Parks DDD, MS
Dr. Laurie Parks DDS
Dr. Meredith Parks DDS, MS
Dr. Roy Parle DDS
Dr. Steven Parle DDS, MS
Dr. Debbie Parnes DMD
Dr. Marc Parness DDS,MSD,
Dr. Brandon Parrish DDS, MSD
Dr. Laura Parrish DDS, MSD
Dr. Quay Parrott DDS
Mitra Parsa DDS
Dr. Goli Parsi DDS
Dr. Charles Parsons I DMD
Dr. Tetyana Parsons BS, DMD, MS
Dr. Walter Parsons JR. DDS
Dr. Maura Partrick DDS
Dr. Dorothy Pascale DMD
Dr. James Paschal JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Albert Pascual DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Pashley DDS
Dr. James Passamano DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Passamano DDS
Dr. Nicholas Passodelis DDS
Dr. William Patchak DDS
Dr. Alpesh Patel DMD, MS
Dr. Anand Patel DDS, MS
Dr. Anurag Patel DMD, MSED
Arjun Patel
Dr. Kamlesh Patel DMD
Dr. Khushbu Patel DDS
Manish Patel
Mayuri Patel
Neepa Patel DDS
Dr. Neha Patel DDS, MS
Dr. Nimesh Patel DM,D
Nipa Patel DMD
Parag Patel DDS
Shivani Patel
Dr. Smita Patel DMD, MS
Dr. Tina Patel
Dr. Sheetal Patil BDS
Aurora Patino
Dr. Anna Patras DMD
Dr. Alan Patrignani DDS
Mario Patritti DDS
Dr. Dwayne Patritto DDS, MS, PLC
John Patterson DDS
Dr. Paul, Patterson DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Patterson DDS, MS
Sandra Patterson DMD
Dr. Scott Patterson DDS, MS
Dr. Tracy Patterson DMD, MSD
Dr. William Patterson DDS
Dr. W Pattison DDS
Dr. Stephen Paul DDS
Dr. Peter Paulos DDS, MS
Dr. Marcus Paulson DDS, MS
Dr. Brent Paulus DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Paulus DDS
Dr. William Paulus DDS
M John Pautienis DDS
Anthony Paventy DMD, MS
Joseph Paventy DMD
Dr. Stephen Pavlik DMD
Dr. John Pavlo DMD
Dr. Sarah Pavlow DMD
Dr. Tripti Pawar BDS, MS
Dr. Caroline Pawlak DMD
Dr. Richard Pawlak DDS MCSD
Jamison Pawley DMD MS
Dr. Diane Paxton DDS
Dr. Anne Payne DMD
Dr. Brian Payne DDS
Mr. Dennis Payne DDS
Dr. Michael Payne DMD, PC
Dr. Michael Payne DDS,MSD
Dr. Rebecca Payne DDS
Dr. Rodney Payne DDS, MS
Dr. Keith Payton
Dr. Mario Paz DDS
Dr. Francis Pazulski DDS
Karl Peach DDS, MS
Frank Peacock DDS
Dr. Supakit Peanchitlertkajorn DDS, MDS
Dr. Nandita Pearce DMD, MS, MSD
Daniel Pearcy DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Pearlman DMD
Dr. Stanley Pearlson DMD
Dr. Bradley Pearson DDS,MS
Dr. Joe Pearson DDS
Dr. John Pearson DDS
Dr. Melvin Pearson DDS
Dr. Thomas Pearson DDS, MS
Timothy Pearson DDS
Dr. Dan Peavy DDS, MSD
Dr. David Pechersky DMD
Mr. Sheldon Peck DDS MS PC
Dr. Sheldon Peck DDS
Dr. Nikole Pecora DDS MS
Dr. John Peden DDS
Dr. Daniella Peer DMD
Evanthia Peikidis DDS
Dr. Joseph Pelle DMD, MS
Dr. Peter Pellegrini DDS, MS
James Pelletier DDS
Sonni Pellillo DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Pelsue DDS
Dr. Mitchell Pelsue DDS
Dr. Christopher Peluso
Dr. Joseph Peluso SR. DDS MS
Dr. Matthew Peluso DMD, MS
Dr. Timonthy Pence DMD MSD
Dr. Brad Pendell DDS, MS
Dr. Ryan Pendleton DDS
Dr. Richard Penfield SR. DMD
Dr. Jasmine Peng DDS
Dr. Rosa Peng DMD, MSD
Dr. Saijai Peng DDS, MSD
Dr. Nicholas Penna DDS,PA
Robert Penna DMD
Dr. Daniel Pennella DMD, MSD
Wilmonte Penner DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Penny DDS MS
Dr. Emily Peppers
Leon Perahia DDS
Dr. Jorge Peralta DDS
Dr. Shawn Perce DMD, MSD
Dr. Mark Perelmuter DMD, M S
Iroshini Perera DDS, MSD
Barbara Perez DMD
Dr. Humberto Perez
Dr. Luis Perez DMD, MS
Irma Perez Martinez DMD, MS
Dr. Paul Perfetti DDS
Joyce Perih DDS, MS
Michael Perillo DMD
Dr. Stewart Perim DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Perkins DDS
Dr. Ronald Perkins DDS MSD
Dr. Jay Perko I DDS
Dr. Racel Perlitsh DMD
Dr. Carl Perlmutter DMD
Dr. Robert Perlot JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Frank Perlov DDS,MSD
Dr. Ralph Perreca DDS
Gerard Perret JR. DDS
Dr. T. Perrine DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Perry DDS
Dr. Paul Perry DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Perry DDS
Dr. Shaun Perryman DDS, MBA
Dr. John Pershing JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Pershing DDS
Dr. Joseph Persichetti DMD
Dr. Sheldon Persky DDS
Dr. Robert Peruzzi DDS MS
Dr. Robert Pesce JR. DMD, MDS
Dr. Shawn Pesh DDS, MS
Dr. Howard Peskin DDS, MSCD
Dr. Robert Peterman DMD
Breyn Peters DDS, MSD
Dr. Brian Peters DMD
Dr. Charles Peters III DDS, MS
John Peters DDS
Dr. Sally Peters DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Peters DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Petersen DDS
Arlon Petersen DMD
Jonathan Petersen DMD
Dr. Barbara Peterson JR. DDS
Barrett Peterson DMD
Dr. Eric Peterson DDS MSD
Dr. Howard Peterson JR.
Dr. James Peterson DDS MSD
Dr. Rex Peterson DDS
Dr. Robb Peterson DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Peterson JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Peterson DMD MS
Dr. Scott Peterson DDS, MS
Dr. Shon Peterson DMD
Dr. Stephen Peterson DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Peterson DDS, MS
Vanessa Peterson DDS, MS
Dr. Gus Petras DDS
Dr. James Petras DMD
Dr. Joseph Petrey DMD
Dr. Glen Petrick DDS MS
Steven Petritz
Dr. Cheryl Petroff DMD
Dr. Candide Petrol DDS
Joseph Petrone DDS, MSD, MPH
Joan Petros DMD
Dr. Robert Petrosino DMD
Dr. Jerek Petrous DDS, MS
Dr. Jonathan Petrover DDS
Dr. Carol Petrovitch DDS
Dr. Christopher Petrunic DMD, MS
Dr. Paul Petsche DMD, MS
Dr. William Petty DDS, MS
Dr. Barry Peyton DDS, MS
Dr. Brad Pezoldt DDS MSD
Dr. Gregory Pezza DMD, MSD
Dr. Joseph Pezza DDS
Dr. Peter Pfaffenbach DDS
Dr. Teresa Pfannenstiel DMD
Dr. J Pfeffer JR. DMD
Dr. Lindsay Pfeffer DMD
Richard Pfeiffer DDS
Dr. Charles Pfister DDS MS
Dr. Chandra Pham DDS
Dr. David Pham DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Pham DDS, MS
Sang Pham DMD
Dr. Son Pham DDS
Dr. Khiem Pham-Nguyen DMD
Dr. H. Derick Phan DDS, CAGS
Nancy Phan DDS MS
Dr. Paul Phang DDS
James Phelan DDS
Dr. Michael Phelan DMD
Richard Phelan DDS
Dr. Eric Phelps DDS, MS
Dr. John Phelps DDS
Dr. Thomas Phelps DDS
Pramod Philip
Dr. John Philipose DMD
Dr. Ronald Philipp DMD
Dr. Allan Phillips DDS
Chelesa Phillips DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Phillips DMD
Dr. Homer Phillips
Dr. Jeffrey Phillips DDS,MS
Dr. John Phillips III DMD
Dr. John Phillips DMD
Dr. Kent Phillips DDS, MS
Dr. Sidney Phillips JR. DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Hugh Phillis DMD
Dr. Gerald Phipps DMD, MS
Dr. Austin Phoenix DMD, MSD
Dr. Carlyn Phucas DDS
Dr. Donald Picard DDS, MS
Dr. Clarice Pick DDS
Karl Pick DDS,MSD
Dr. Michael Pickard DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Pickard DDS MS
Priscilla Pickens-Larson DMD
Dr. James Pickering DDS
Dr. Robert Pickering DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Pickett DMD, MS
Dr. Lawrence Piekarsky DMD
Jeffrey Pierce DMD
Kurt Pierce DDS MS
Mark Pierce DDS MS
Dr. Michael Pierce DDS
Dr. Stevan Pierce DMD
Dr. Timothy Pierce DMS, MS
Dr. Ari Pillar DDS
Dr. Lilba Pina DMD
Dr. Gina Pinamonti
Dr. Susan Pincofski DMD
Dr. Rolland Pincus
Dr. Christopher Pine DMD
William Pingree DMD
Dr. Maria Pinilla DMD
Jacques Pinkard DDS MSD
Dr. George Pinsak DMD, MSD
Dr. Yuliya Pinskaya DDS, MSD
Dr. Maria Pinzon DDS MS
Dr. Alfred Piper
Cara Piskai DMD
Carrie Pisklak DDS,MS
Dr. Frank Pita DDS, MSD
Dr. Zachary Pitcher DMD, MDS
Dr. John Pitner DMD
Dr. Leslie Pitner DDS
Joseph Pittman DDS, MS
Dr. Lance Pittman DDS, MS
Dr. Arnold Pitts DDS,MSD
Dr. Thomas Pitts DDS, MSD
Dr. Shamala Pizza DMD
Dr. Nicholas Plaisance DDS
Dr. David Plessas DDS
James Plets DDS MSD
Dr. Ryan Plewe DDS, MS
Dr. George Pliakas DDS, MS
Dr. William Plikerd DDS
Dr. Benjamin Pliska DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Ploumis DMD
William Ploumis DDS
Robert Plunkett DDS,MS
Dr. John Pobanz DDS, MS
Mr. Douglas Podoll DDS
Brad Podray DMD
Dr. George Podray DDS
Tracy Pogal-Sussman
Dr. Ana Poggio DDS
Dr. Paolo Poidmore DDS, MSD
Norman Pokley
Dr. Celeste Pokorney DDS, DHSC
Rachel Polgrean DDS, MSD
Ms. Rebecca Poling DDS
Dr. Charles Polk DDS
Dr. Melvin Polk JR. DDS
Dr. Mark Pollack DDS, PC
Michael Pollack DDS
Dr. Sarah Pollan DDS, MS
Dr. Glenn Pollock DMD
Vernon Pollock DDS, MSD
Dr. Mario Polo DMD,MS
Renee Pompei-Reynolds DDS
Dr. Yone Ponce DDS
Liza Pond DDS, MSD
Dr. Stacy Ponder DMD
Dr. Jessica Pongett DMD, MS
Jean Pierre Pontier DMD MS
Dr. Gary Pool DMD ,MS ,PC
Dr. Morris Poole DDS
Dr. Morris Poole DDS MSD
Dr. Stacy Poole DMD
Neil Pooler DDS
Dr. Theodore Pope DDS
Dr. Thomas Popp DDS, MSD
Dr. Timothy Poppell DMD
Edgar Poremba DDS MSD
Dr. Ioana Porfir DDS
Dr. Richard Portalupi DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Portenga DDS, MS
Dr. Brad Porter DDS,MS
Jason Porter DDS
Dr. Joseph Porter DDS
Laura Posada-Pacheco DDS,MDS
Timothy Poser DDS MS
Jordan Poss DDS
Dr. Charles Post DMD
Dr. Isaac Post DDS
Jeffrey Potter DDS
Dr. Steven Potter DDS
Dr. Brittany Potts DDS
Dr. Christopher Potts DMD
Dr. Maria Pouliezos-Karayiannis DMD
Dr. Gerald Poulsen DDS
Dr. James Poulsen DDS MS
Tina Poulson
Dr. Parvaneh Pourami DMD, MS, DORTH
Dr. Jaleh Pourhamidi DMD, MDSC
Dr. Brian Povolny DDS MSD PHD
Dr. Billy Powell JR. DDS
Don Powell DDS
Dr. R. Steven Powell SR. DMD
Dr. Stephen Powell DDS, MSD
Justin Power
Rebeca Power DMD
Dr. Derek Powers DDS
James Powers DDS
Dr. Linda Powers DDS, MSD
Dr. Manuel Pozo-Alonso DDS
Dr. Terry Pracht DDS
Dr. Zehra Pradhan DDS, MDS
Dr. Neelanjani Prasad DMD, MMSC , PA
Dr. Charles Praska DDS MS PA
Dr. Shahrzad Prater DMD
Gordon Pratt JR. DDS
Dr. Kendra Pratt DDS
Dr. James Prawat DDS MSD
Dr. Frederick Preis
Dr. Sundaralingam Premaraj BDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Thyagaseely Premaraj BDS, PHD
Dr. Ricarda Prentice DDS
Dr. Tyler Prentice DMD
Dr. Yisachar Prero DDS
Marvin Prescott
Mr. David Pressutti JR. DMD
Dr. Janis Preston DDS
Dr. Tyler Prestwich DDS, PHD, MS
Dr. Chase Prettyman DDS, MSD
Dr. Mark Previtt DMD
James Prewitt DDS
Mary Prewitt DDS
Cory Price DDS
Dr. Grady Price JR. DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Price DDS
Dr. Larry Price DDS
Dr. Mark Price DDS, MSD
Benjamin Pridemore JR. DDS
Dr. Derek Priebe DDS MDS
Dr. Deborah Priestap DDS
Hector Prieto DMD
Dr. Wayne Prigoff DDS
Mr. William Prilleman II DDS
Dr. Robert Prince DDS
Dr. Gilbert Principe DMD
Dr. Michael Prisco DDS
Tyler Pritchard DDS
William Pritchard DDS, MS
Dr. John Pritchett DDS,MSD
Daryl Proctor DDS MS
Dr. William Proffit DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Gerald Prohaska DDS,MS
Dr. Dave Proietti DDS
Scott Prose DDS, MS
Michael Prunty DDS
Dr. Dawn Pruzansky DMD
Dr. Dennis Pryor DMD
Dr. Ronald Pryor DMD
William Pryor III DDS , MS
Dr. John Pryse,Jr. DDS
Dr. Gary Puccio DDS
Dr. Nishanth Puchalapalli DDS
Dr. Ryan Pulfer DDS, MS
Cynthia Pulitzer DDS
Dr. Samuel Pulitzer DDS
Dr. Gary Pulsipher DDS
Laura Pulver DDS, MSD
Dr. Jesse Punch DMD, MSD
Dr. Philip Puneky DDS
Dr. Patrice Punim DMD
Dr. Anthony Puntillo DDS, MSD
Nicholas Punzalan
Allison Purcell DDS
Dr. Michael Purcell DDS
Dr. Peter Purcell DDS
Pankaj Puri DDS
Dr. Samuel Purnell DMD, MS
Dr. Kenneth Purvis DDS
Dr. Keith Pyle DDS
Richard Quan DDS
Dr. James Quarles DDS MS
Catherine Quas DMD
Vincent Quas DDS
Mr. Manfred Quentel DDS
Dr. Allan Querens JR. DDS
Dr. William Quest DDS
Dr. Barry Quick DDS
Dr. Michael Quick DDS, MS
Dr. Suzanne Quigley DMD
Dr. Meredith Quimby DDS MS
Dr. Piero Quinci
Charles Quinlan DDS
Dr. Barry Quinn DMD
Dr. J. Quinn DMD
Dr. Robert Quinn DMD
Tania Quinn DMD
Juan-Carlos Quintero DMD
Dr. Stacey Quo DDS, MS
Dr. Winton Quock DMD
Dr. Syrah Quraishi DDS
Dr. Zohair Qureshi DDS MS
Dr. Tofigh Raayai DMD MSCD
Dr. Martin Rabach DDS
Dr. Michael Rabizadeh DDS
Kevin Race DDS MS
Dr. Harry Raddin JR. DDS,MSD
Dr. Michael Radell DDS
Dr. Rebecca Radfar DMD, MSED
Dr. Garry Radford JR. DDS
Dr. Matthew Radkowski DDS
Dr. Larry Radney DDS MSD
Brian Radulovich DMD MSD INC
Dr. Nicholas Rafaill DDS
Sima Rafati DDS, MS
Dr. Ray Rafetto DMD,
Dr. Thomas Raffa DDS
Dr. Michael Ragan DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ragland DMD MS
Dr. Alisa Raglin DDS
Dr. James Rahaim DMD, MS
Dr. Firoozeh Rahbar DDS
Hessam Rahimi DDS, DMSC, MBA
Mrs. Mojgan Rahimi DMD
Farzana Rahman DDS, MS
Dr. William Raineri DDS
Dr. Michael Rains DDS
Dr. Vishnu Raj BDS, MSFS, MS
Dr. Shaghayegh Rajaei DMD
Archana Rajan DDS,MS
Dr. M'lissa Rajcich DDS
Mittida Raksanaves DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Rallis DDS
Dr. Scott Ralph DDS, MS
Dr. James Raman DMD
Suresh Ramaswamy DDS
Dr. Pedro Ramirez-Rivera DMD, MS
Dr. William Ramlow DDS
Dr. Gisleda Ramos DDS,MS
Jimmarie Ramos DMD
Dr. Douglas Ramsay DMD, PHD, MSD
Douglas Ramsay DDS, MS
Dr. Stephan Ramsay DDS,MS
Kathryn Rand DDS
Dr. Charles Randall DDS
Katherine Randall DDS
Dr. Carole Randolph DDS, MS
Dr. Jason Raney DMD
Steven Raney DDS MS
Dr. Daniel Rangel DDS MDS
Afsaneh Rangiani
Dr. Tasneem Rangwala DDS
N. Ranjbar DDS, PA
Dr. Todd Rankin DDS
Dr. Christopher Rankine DDS, MMSC
Dr. Jahnavi Rao DDS, MS (ORTHO)
Dr. William Rape DDS MS
Dr. Barry Raphael DMD
Dr. John Rapp DDS
Dr. Robert Rappaport DMD
Dr. Markos Raptis DMD, MPH
Dr. Mark Rarrick DMD
Dr. Todd Rasch DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Rashbaum DDS
Dr. Mahbod Rashidi Torghi DDS
Dr. Chad Rasmussen DDS
Dr. Paul Rasmussen DDS
Dr. Cameron Rasool DDS, MS
Dr. Zohreh Rasoulinejad DDS
Debra Rathauser
Dr. Anita Rathod DMD, MS
Kathleen Ratliff DDS,MSD
Dr. Lauren Ratner DMD
Dr. Craig Ratzlaff DDS
Dr. Darren Ravassipour DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Christopher Rawle DMD, MS
Dr. William Rawlings DDS, MSD, MSD
Dr. Ronald Rawlins II DMD, MS
Courtney Ray
Dr. Diane Ray DDS MS
Dr. Jack Ray DDS
Dr. Murray Ray DDS
Dr. Robert Ray DMD
Tyrun Ray DDS, M,S
Stephen Rayburn DDS MSPC
Eileen Raywood DDS
Dr. Setareh Razzaghi DDS MS
Sergio Real DDS
Dr. Timothy Reardon DDS, MS
Dr. Giuseppe Rebellato DDS
Dr. Jerry Redd DDS
Dr. Thomas Redd DDS, MS
Dr. Chad Reddick DMD, MS
Dr. Dinesh Reddy DMD, MS
Dr. Kavitha Reddy DDS, MS
Dr. Swathi Reddy DDS
Dr. Timothy Reddy DDS,MS
Dr. Douglas Rediger DDS
Dr. Charles Redmond JR. DDS
Dr. Jack Redmond II DDS MA
Dr. Michael Redmond DDS, MS
Dr. William Redmond DDS, MS
Dr. William Redmond DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Reed DDS MSD
Dr. Barbra Reed DMD
Dr. Charles Reed DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Charles Reed IV DDS
Dr. Cynthia Reed DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Erica Reed DDS, MS
Juddson Reed DMD MS
Dr. Kenneth Reed JR. DDS MS
Dr. Michael Reed DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Reed DDS MS
R Reed DDS
Richard Reed DDS, MS
Dr. Tina Reed
Dr. Bruce Reeder DDS, MS
Dr. David Reen DMD
Dr. Thomas Reen DMD
Dr. Ilene Rees DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Reese DDS, MSD
Dr. James Reese DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Reese DDS, MSD
Bill Reeves MD
Dr. Paul Regan DMD
Frederick Regennitter DDS
Dr. Pamela Regimbal DDS
Dr. Rachel Reichard DDS
Dr. John Reichheld JR. DMD
Dr. Stephen Reichheld DMD
Dr. Gary Reichhold DDS
Dr. Peter Reichl DDS, MS
Dr. Alison Reid DDS, MS
Dr. Garth Reid DDS
Dr. Dennis Reidmiller DDS
Mr. Michael Reilly DDS
Dr. Donald Reily DDS, MS
Dr. Laura Rein DMD, MS
Dr. Tracy Reiner DDS, MS
Dr. Penelope Reingowsky DMD
Lindsey Reinhardt DMD, MS
Dr. Brian Reising DDS, MS
Dr. Karen Reisner DDS
David Reiss DMD
Eric Reitz