Registered Nurses

(1) A registered nurse is a person qualified by graduation from an accredited nursing school (depending upon schooling, a registered nurse may receive either a diploma from a hospital program, an associate degree in nursing (A.D.N.) or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (B.S.N.), who is licensed or certified by the state, and is practicing within the scope of that license or certification. R.N.'s assist patient in recovering and maintaining their physical or mental health. They assist physicians during treatments and examinations and administer medications. (2) A provider who is trained and educated in a formal nursing education program at an accredited school of nursing, passes a national certification examination, and is licensed by the state to practice nursing. The individual provides nursing services to patients or clients in areas such as health promotion, disease prevention, acute and chronic care and restoration and maintenance of health across the life span. *

Diane Abbott RN, CWON, MSN
Mrs. Myrna Abrams RNETCNS
Ms. Gina Alessia RN, BSN,APN-CNS,CWCN
Victor Alterescu RN
Mrs. Terri Arrigo RN
Naomi Bach
Dr. Barbara Bates-Jensen PHD, RN
Nina Blanton RN MN CWOCN
Mrs. Deanna Boyd ACNS-BC
Marie Brown-Etris RN, CWOCN
Pamela Burns RN, CWCN
Lillian Cargile RN CWOCN
Mrs. Carmen Colon RN
Mrs. Candice Cotton RN
Cynthia Cunningham
Mr. Harvey Darnell RN, CWOCN
Katherine Decho RN BSN CWOCN
Jessie Dickerson RN, MSN, CWON, CFNN
Mrs. Linda Droste RN,BSN,ET,COCN,CWCN
Ms. Linda Edgar RN WOCN
Henry Ely RN, WOCN
Alma Epting RN,MN, CWOCN
Zina Floyd WOCN
Ms. Kathleen Gibson RN, CNS, CWOCN
Mrs. Paula Gipp RN
Ms. Shellagh Gutke RN, CWON
Debra Henry RN BSN CWON
Christine Herb RN, BSN, CWON
Carolyn Hewett RN CWOCN
Miss Debbie Hill RN,ET
Mrs. Dawn Hines RN, CWOCN
Terri Holm RN CWOCN
Mrs. Kathleen Irons RN CWOCN
Ms. Kelly Irving RN, MSN WOCN
Cheryl Isgro APN-C
Joyce Jacobs RN WOCN
Mrs. Barbara James BSED,BSN,WOCN,RN
Mrs. Vicky Jervis-Rozycki RN, BSN
Mrs. Kathleen Judge NP-C
Ms. Irene Keegan RN,CWOCN
Janet Knebel RN
Joyce Kratts RN, WOCN
Therese Langdon RN BSN CWON
Kimq Loughry RN,BSN,ET,CWON
Janet Lutze RN
Egna Martinez NP
Mrs. Kimberly Masters RN, CWCN, COCN,CCCN
Sharon Maurice
Ms. Mary Mccarthy APN
Candace Miller RN, MS, CWOCN
Ms. Gayle Moore-Lisi RN
Melissa Nordquist
Cindy Petrie RN, WOC
Ms. Gretchen Pitti RN, CWON
Anita Prinz RN, CWOCN
Robert Reinkoester JR. FNP
Mrs. Nancy Rivera NP
Ms. Jana Rochette BSN, RN, CWOCN
Michiko Sato APRN
Donna Scemons RNP
Patricia Schilling
Ann Scott RN, WOCN
Ms. Rebecca Scribner RN CWOCN
Debra Sisson RN
Mr. Douglas Stevens MS,RN,CWOCN
Ann Terhorst ARNP, CWOCN
Jane Theriault RN
Mr. Thanuttha Tiensawang RN
Mrs. Adela Valenzuela CERTIFIED WON
Nancy Wade RN
Mrs. Carolyn Wagner APRN, BC, CWOCN,CFNC
Cynthia Wolfe
Ms. Cynthia Yarberry MS, RN, WOCN
Ms. Charlotte Young RN, APN,BC
Mrs. Mickey Young RN
Estelle Zanotti MSN, APN-CNS, CWOCN