Dental Therapists



A Dental Therapist is an individual who has completed an accredited or non-accredited dental therapy program and who has been authorized by the relevant state board or a tribal entity to provide services within the scope of their practice under the supervision of a dentist. Functions that may be delegated to the dental therapist vary based on the needs of the dentist, the educational preparation of the dental therapist and state dental practice acts and regulations. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Angelica Afcan DHAT
Jason Allred
Kimberly Baldwin
Jodi Becker
Megan Becker MDT
Karen Bohnen
Ms. Samantha Brown
Mrs. Teresa Bushnell
Shannon Carps DDS
Renee Cheemuk
Sabrina Chilton
Mr. Drew Christianson MDT
Angela Copeland
Trina Courtright DT
Jacob Dvorak DT
Mr. Vijay Gabbita SR.
Saritha Gajawada
Kaitlin Gebhart
Miss Sadie Green DHAT
Brittany Gronland DT
Andrew Halverson MDT
William Heitzman
Abigail Helmbrecht DT
Janelle Jehn
Bria Kaiser MDT
Patricia Koerner
Mrs. Renee Larson DT
Erik Linduska DHAT
Leah Loehndorf MDT
Jenna Luebker MDT
Summer Lynch DHAT
Ms. Jenna Marquardt DT
Shawn Martin DHAT
Verny Martinez
Tammy Merchant DHAT
Jenny Meyers
Amanda Miles DHAT
Pamela Moon
Katie Olson
Kathy Parker
Elsie Pelowook
Weston Schmidt MDT
Kassie Scott MDT
Mrs. Danae Seyffer DT
Chelsea Shoemaker DHAT
Michelle Storlie DT
Emily Strawhacker MDT
Ms. Lindsey Tischer MDT
Lauren Tooyak
Mr. Johnathan Wermers DT
Mrs. Stephanie Woods
Jaslyn Wren DHAT
Martine Zoumanigui

* Source: Summarized from Minnesota Statute 150A.105. [7/1/2012: new]

** Source: Summarized from Minnesota Statute 150A.105. [7/1/2012: new]