Dietary Managers



A dietary manager is a trained food services professional who is charged with maintaining cost/profit objectives, purchasing foods and services for the department and supervising staff.. Dietary managers are trained to understand the basic nutritional needs of clients and work in partnership with dietitians, who offer specialized nutritional expertise. The CDM certified dietary manager designation is an advanced professional credential awarded to dietary managers who have completed specific course work, have passed the national credentialing exams (including a sanitation and safety exam) and have applied for certification. **

Dr. John Alexander MD, FACS
Judith Allaire-Pittz RD, CCRC
Ivelisse Alverio Santana LND
Ms. Amy Austin RD
Catherine Austin MS, RD, LDN, FADA
Elizabeth Bailey
Deborah Baker LRD
Odessa Baker X
Timothy Ballweg RT
Maria Basche
Bridget Batiste
Beverly Baxter
Ms. Angela Berndt RD
Mr. Dale Bettencourt RD
Kelly Boeger
Maria Bongiovanni RD
Carolyn Brown CDM, CFPP
Megan Brown CHHC
Mrs. Patricia Brown RD
Rose Brown BS MS RD
Mrs. Gala Byroff MS, RD, CDM, CFFP
Lamuriel Calvin
Cynthia Carlson RD,LDN
Jennifer Chewning RD
Ayde Colin RD/RDN
Ms. Marilyn Connor RD, LDN, CDE
Ms. Ann Marie Coppen FNP
Cheryl Crance RD, CD
Cynthia Currie RD
Mr. Gene Dandrea RD
Ms. Julia Diamant LMHC
Miss Meghan Dichristofaro RD, LDN
Sara Dunne RD
Ms. Jennifer Earnest RD, LDN
Nyoka Foor
Mrs. Carolyn Gale RNC APRN
Rhonda Galer RD
Dr. Ric Garrison MD
Dr. Isabell Gervais MBBS, HMD, OMD, NMD
Suzanne Gil MD
Cathy Gladfelter DIETICIAN
Joann Gruener MPH, RD
Mr. Diego Guevara CDM,CFPP
Kimberly Hamburger CDE
Anna Harleman RD
Jalyn Harrell
Ms. Mildred Hernandez DIETICIAN
Mrs. Bertha Herring-Daniels RD, LDN
Bonnie Javurek RD, LD
Ms. Parvaneh Lalezari RD
Susan Leach
Kimberly Ledden MNT
Kristen Liebl LRD
Liyan Lin RD, CDN
Sarah Maack RN, CDE
Marlaine Maahs NTP
Mrs. Cathy Margolin LAC, DIPLOM
Dr. Samuel Mcallister MD
Ms. Charlotte Mehmke RD
Dr. Jay Mont MD
Ms. Laverne Montgomery MA,RD, LD
Ms. Robin Morrisey N P
Prof. Zilkia Ortega RD, MPH, LND
Dr. Erlinda Perez-Aquino MD
Carmen Pizarro LND
Dr. Jorge Prada CNS
Jennifer Richtsmeier CDE
Dr. Tom Rifai MD
Mrs. Debra Rivera MS, RD
Miss Elaine Roach LD/N MPH
Margaret Rodriguez CDM,CFPP
Laurel Ross MNT
Ms. Frances Schnadelbach NUTRIONIST
Anna Schroeder RD, LN
Dr. Donald Schumacher MD
Sara Schwarz MS, RD, LDN
Yvonne Scott RDLD
Angelys Serrano
Roger Shewmake PHD
Ms. Nana Stark MS, RD
Cory Talbott RDN, LDN
Gabriela Tirado
Damaris Vazquez LND
Laurie Vigne RN, CDE
Miss Ayla Withee MS, RD, LDN
Jessica Woodruff RD
Dr. Arthur Wyatt MD

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