Registered Nurses

(1) A registered nurse is a person qualified by graduation from an accredited nursing school (depending upon schooling, a registered nurse may receive either a diploma from a hospital program, an associate degree in nursing (A.D.N.) or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (B.S.N.), who is licensed or certified by the state, and is practicing within the scope of that license or certification. R.N.'s assist patient in recovering and maintaining their physical or mental health. They assist physicians during treatments and examinations and administer medications. (2) A provider who is trained and educated in a formal nursing education program at an accredited school of nursing, passes a national certification examination, and is licensed by the state to practice nursing. The individual provides nursing services to patients or clients in areas such as health promotion, disease prevention, acute and chronic care and restoration and maintenance of health across the life span. *

Sherry Acosta RN
Miss Cherie Allen RN, CPSN
Meg Amadon
Dr. Jeanna An RN
Nelsie Bacon
Kristi Baldwin
Mrs. Kristen Beltz RN PHN
Mr. David Bolesh RN
Mrs. Diadema Bonnell RN, MSN, CIC
Ms. Gail Bottomley RN
Mrs. Karen Brady R,N
Margaret Brinn RN
Miss Caroline Brown RN
Ms. Susan Burke RNBSN
Ms. Nancy Chamberlain RN
Susan Clark
Ms. Jacquelyn Cobb RN CDE
Rommel Daffon PA-C
Mrs. Guilene Derisma RN
Barbara Derrico RN
Mrs. Elaine Deters-Dunn RN
Jennifer Dutton BSN, PHN,RN
Peggy Eckart
Leann Ellingson
Ms. Hilda Erlenbach FNP
Deborah Farrell RN
Mrs. Patricia Flanagan RN
Mrs. Anett Franklin NP
Jessica Gaylord RN, PHN
Ms. Andrea Genovese-Candela RN
Ms. Michelle Gianvito BSN,CDE
Elizabeth Graham RN MSN
Desmond Gyamfi
Susan Heermann
Sonsire Hernandez
Janice Hoban RN
Mr. Jacob John RN
Brenda Jones ADN/RN
Mrs. Constance Jones RN, CIC
Ms. Arlene Jorgenson RN
Brenda Juhasz RN
Mrs. Alexia Kapiniaris-Jimenez RN, BSN, PHN
Katherine Karstens
Brenda Ladtkow RN
Cynthia Lamb RN
Carolyn Lightner ARNP
Paula Luchetta-Plambeck
Mrs. Amy Lyons RN
Christine Malone RN, BSN, MSPH
Mrs. Robin Meinberg RN MSN
Ms. Deanne Millkamp BSN
Ms. Pamela Milstead RN
Carol Moore RN
Rebecca Muller RN MS FNP-BC CIC
Mrs. Nola Naha RN
Mr. Ernest Neels III RN
Quynh-Chi Nguyen
Mrs. Kari Passman BS, RN
Mary Pool RN, MS, CIC
Ms. Jean Przykucki MSN, CIC
Keith Rains RN
May Riley RN, MSN, CCRN, CIC
Bobbye Robbins Miller RN
Cheryl Rogers RN
Mrs. Theresa Rucker
Margaret Sabell
Virginia Sanchez RN
Ms. Bridget Schausten RN
Mr. Christopher Schultz RN
Alice Sierra RN
Ms. Leah Smith RN
Susan Somes RN
Mary Sprague RN
Diane Swanson RN
Ms. Virginia Switzer ARNP, RN
Judith Sybyl
Catherine Tacinas RN
George Tazi NP
Nicolle Tepedino RN,MSN,APN,C
Ms. Terese Tetzlaff RN
Joy Thompson RN
Sharon Valenti NP
Ms. Kenda Wallace RN
Amy Westermann RN, BSN, CCRP
Mrs. Julie Williams RN
Cassandra Wood
Ms. Mary Younge RN

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