Sleep Specialist, PhDs



Sleep medicine is a clinical specialty with a focus on clinical problems that require accurate diagnosis and treatment. The knowledge base of sleep medicine is derived from many disciplines including neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, respiratory physiology, pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, general internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, and pediatrics as well as others. **

Harold Alpert MD
Dahlia Blake MD
Alex Clerk MD
Kevin Crum
Kristin Daley PHD
Dr. Alaa El-Gendy MD, MSC, FCCP
Ms. Suzette Gagnon-Bailey ARNP
Dr. Stephen Grant MD
Mr. Sloan Hogan
Dr. D Lankford PHD
Dr. Abul Matin MD, PHD
Praveen Rastogi MD, FCCP, ABSM
John Schwab MD
Dr. Lawrence Scrima PHD, D,ABSM
Dr. Douglas Smith DDS
Amy Stevenson
Dr. David Woods PHD
Mr. Jay Zeidman