Diagnoses, treats, and cares for patients, using system of practice that bases treatment of physiological functions and abnormal conditions on natural laws governing human body: Utilizes physiological, psychological, and mechanical methods, such as air, water, light, heat, earth, phototherapy, food and herb therapy, psychotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, minor and orificial surgery, mechanotherapy, naturopathic corrections and manipulation, and natural methods or modalities, together with natural medicines, natural processed foods, and herbs and nature's remedies. Excludes major surgery, therapeutic use of x ray and radium, and use of drugs, except those assimilable substances containing elements or compounds which are components of body tissues and are physiologically compatible to body processes for maintenance of life. **

Dr. Nancy Aagenes ND
Dr. Nora Aaron ND
Dr. Candace Aasan ND
Dr. Kari Abbey ND
Dr. Crystal Abbott NMD
Dr. Rhea Abbott ND
Dr. Anna Abele
Dr. Jennifer Abercrombie ND
Dr. Lee Aberle ND
Dr. Wendy Abraham ND
Dr. Marianna Abrams ND
Dr. Thauna Abrin ND
Thomas Abshier ND
Dr. Kristen Acesta ND
Dr. Jeanne Achuff ND
Dr. Sarah Acosta Smith ND
Donna Acree
Kellyn Adams
Dr. Suzanne Adams ND
Courtney Addabbo ND
Dr. Ruth Adele ND
Harry Adelson ND
Dr. Sarah Adlerstein ND, LAC
Dr. Bj Adrezin MS, ND
Dr. Sherline Agena ND
Dr. Angela Agrios ND
Jacob Aguiar ND
Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz ND
Amira Ahdut NMD
Dr. Arsallan Ahmad MD, ND
Dr. Jamie Ahn ND
Dr. Brook Ahnemann ND
Dr. Sima Aidun NMD
Dr. Frank Aieta ND
Dr. Rebecca Akin ND
Dr. Shanti Albani ND
Dr. Karla Alberts NMD
Dr. Stephen Albin ND
Dr. Leah Albornoz-Sanchez ND
Patricia Aldrich DN, LMT
Dr. Angelina Alejandro NMD
Dr. Amanda Alexander ND
Dr. Luminita Alexe ND
Fatima Alhadi NMD
Dr. Ather Ali ND, MPH
Dr. Dave Allderdice ND
Genevieve Allen ND, LAC
Dr. Jason Allen NMD
Dr. Jason Allen ND
Kathleen Allen ND
Dr. Patricia Allen ND
Ms. Susan Allen MD
Dr. Andrew Allshouse ND
Dr. Lise Alschuler ND
Dr. Shyron Alston ND
Dr. Erik Altmann ND
Dr. Linda Alva ND
Colleen Amann ND
Dr. Lisa Amerine NMD
Dr. Christina Amicone ND
Dr. Sara Amirmehrabi ND
Sarah Amundson NMD
Dr. Debra Anastasio ND
Dr. Michael Ancharski ND
Lakshmi Andersen ND
Dr. Allen Anderson ND
Dr. Bridget Anderson ND
Dr. Cynthia Anderson ND
Dr. Deborah Anderson ND
Dr. Jessica Anderson ND
Dr. Jessica Anderson NMD
Jessica Anderson ND
Dr. Julie Anderson ND
Dr. Kristy Anderson ND
Lauren Anderson ND
Dr. Melinda Anderson ND
Dr. Paul Anderson ND
Dr. Whimsy Anderson ND
Dr. Krista Anderson-Ross ND
Dr. Derek Andre ND
Dr. Emma Andre ND
Dr. Denel Andreas ND
Dr. Hilary Andrews ND
Dr. Rebecca Andrews ND
Hilary Andrews-Bryant LMP
Dr. Deborah Angersbach ND
Matthew Angove
Christian Anguiano
Dr. Alyssa Annello ND
Dr. Maki Aoki MD, ND
Dr. Allison Apfelbaum ND
Dr. Kristy Appelhans NMD
Auria Aquino
Dr. Christina Arbogast Woolard ND, LAC
Fernando Arcayna LMT
Dr. Brian Archambault NMD
Dr. Gabriel Archdeacon ND
Dr. Jane Arden
Dr. Deborah Ardolf ND,,
Dr. Ann Aresco ND
Dr. Que Areste ND
Nicole Arguinzoni-Gil ND
Einat Arian ND, PHD
Dr. Michael Armentano
Dr. Nathanael Armstrong ND
David Arneson NMD
Dr. Fred Arnold NMD
Jacqueline Arnold ND BSN
Dr. Lisa Arnold
Dr. Nadiia Arora ND
Rose Arouh ND
Dr. Kevon Arthurs ND
Ushta Aryan ND
Hilla Asadi ND
Dr. Calley Asbill ND
Dr. Chad Aschtgen ND
Jennifer Ash ND
Tammy Ashney ND
Dr. Kelsey Asplin ND
Dr. Adriane Atkins ND
Dr. Archer Atkins ND
Nancy Aton ND
Dr. Ubong Attah Prince ND
Dr. Lilian Au ND
Dr. Kathleen Audette ND
Dr. Stephanie Auerbach ND
Dr. Safina Aulakh ND
Sherri Ault LMMT
Dr. Celeste Aurorean ND
Dr. Kelly Austin ND
Dr. Leslie Axelrod ND
Wade Ayers
Ms. Susan Azar ND
Dr. Adriana Azcarate-Ferbel NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR
Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz ND
Dr. Cristina Azzola ND
Markian Babij ND FABNO
Amalia Baca
Laurie Bachand ND
Dr. Aimee Bachelier ND
Dr. Allison Bachlet
Dr. Melissa Bachman ND, NP
Dr. Cherry Bachmeier ND
Dr. Bronwyn Bacon ND
Dr. Amy Bader ND
Dr. Gloria Badillo ND
Dr. Natasha Badois ND
Rana Baharloo ND
Dr. Mary Bahnson ND
Jennifer Bahr ND
Stephanie Bailey ND
Steven Bailey ND
Jaclyn Bain ND
Deah Baird ND, MS, LPC
Dr. Kipp Bajaj ND, LAC
Dr. Emma Baker ND
Dr. Michael Baker ND
Dr. Esti Bakty-Johnson NMD
Dr. Daneen Balcirak ND
Dr. Beth Baldwin ND
Chantelle Baldwin DO, ND
Dr. Tanya Baldwin ND
Dr. Caroline Baldwin-Sayre ND
Jennifer Ball
Dr. Karen Ball ND
Dr. Thomas Ballard ND
Danielle Ballere
Taraneh Ballew ND
Dr. Kelly Baltazar ND, DC
Azam Banaian
Dr. Aroop Banerji ND LAC
Dr. Rosanna Banker ND
Dr. Dawn Bantel NMD
Dr. Summer Baptist ND
Dr. Ruth Bar-Shalom ND
Dr. Matthew Baral ND
Dr. Kenna Barber ND
Caitlin Barbiero ND
Dr. Revee Barbour ND
Dr. Jason Barker ND
Dr. Jason Barker ND
Dr. Simon Barker ND
Dr. Katherine Barkshire ND
Dr. Kristina Barlow ND
Dr. Robyn Barlow ND
Dr. Lavica Barnes ND
Dr. Lori Barnes ND
Dr. Kelley Barnes-Valdes ND
Dr. Kevin Barnett NMD
Dr. Dhai Barr ND
Teresita Barrantes NMD
Dr. Michelle Barraza ND
Dr. Nicole Barreda NMD
Dr. Heather Barrett ND
Dr. Koren Barrett ND
Dr. Richard Barrett ND
Dr. Sara Jean Barrett ND
Dr. Theolinda Barry ND
Dr. Julie Barter ND
Inge Barth NMD
Dr. Michele Bartlett ND
Dr. Elizabeth Bartman ND
Christa Barton ND
Dr. Karima Bassale ND
Marlane Bassett ND
Dr. Deneb Bates ND
Dr. Richard Batson ND
Leslie Batten ND
Dr. Mary Battilocchi ND
Dr. Brevan Baugh ND
Dr. Lindsay Baum ND
Bruce Baumann
Dr. Jennifer Baxter ND
Dr. Kathy Baxter NMD
Dr. Nicole Baylac ND
Dr. Marina Bazyuk ND
Dr. Abbas Bazzy ND
Dr. Jessica Bean ND
Dr. Carolyn Bearss ND
Elysia Beattie ND
Dr. Summer Beattie ND
Dr. Tina Beaudoin ND
Dr. Brooke Beck ND
Dr. Cynthia Beck ND
Dr. Donna Beck ND
Dr. Forrest Beck ND
Laura Beck LMT,MMP,WSI
Melinda Beck ND
Dr. Patricia Beck NMD
Dr. Teresa Beck ND
Kristin Becker ND
Dr. Stephanie Becker ND
Abby Beckman ND
Dr. Holly Beckwith ND
Dr. Ren Bedell ND, LAC
John Beedenbender ND
Margaret Beeson ND
Dr. Annalisa Behling ND
Dr. Kurt Beil ND, LAC, MPH
Dr. Sue Beitel NMD
Dr. James Belanger ND
Dr. Jason Belejack ND
Dr. Mary Beliy ND
Viktoriya Beliy ND
Dr. Alice Bell ND
Dr. Carlie Bell ND
Mr. Jonathan Bell ND
Amber Belt ND
Stephen Benchouk ND
Karen Bender RN, ND
Dr. Kelly Bender ND
Dr. Deena Beneda- Khosh ND
Dr. Lisa Benitez N D
Dr. Lucky Bennett ND
Dr. Meghan Bennett ND
Dr. Karen Benton ND
Catherine Bereznay ND, MPH, MS
Dr. Marietta Bergdorf
Dr. Jennifer Berge
Dr. Audrey Bergsma ND
Dr. Anne Berkeley ND
Kristin Berkner ND
Dr. Deanna Berman ND,CM
Dr. Iscela Bernal ND
Dr. Jessica Bernardy ND
Dr. Melissa Berry ND
Brooke Bertelson ND
Rebecca Berzow N D
Dr. Steven Bescak ND
Rita Bettenburg ND
Dr. Stephanie Beynon NMD
Dr. Mona Bhalla ND
Daivati Bharadvaj ND
Dr. Christine Bickson ND
Dr. Alicia Bigelow ND
Buffy Binder
Tiffany Binder ND
Dr. Nathaniel Bingham ND
Dr. Dena Birch ND
Dr. Jonathan Birch ND
Dr. Jane Birchard ND
Dr. Robb Bird NMD
Dr. Shauna Birdsall ND
Dr. Timothy Birdsall ND
Dr. Ashley Biscoe ND, MPH
Dr. Kristen Bishop NMD
Dr. Nicholas Bitz ND
Dr. Jason Black ND
Dr. Jessica Black ND
Dr. Leyardia Black ND
Dr. Seth Black NMD
Dr. Wayne Black NMD
Dr. Jelena Blackburn
Ken Blackman NMD
Dr. Debra Blaha ND
April Blake ND
Dr. Jacqueline Blakely ND, CRC, LAC
Dr. Meredith Blalock ND
Dr. Lori Blankinship ND
Dr. Jenna Blasi NMD
Jennifer Blasi ND
Dr. Tamar Blau ND
Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher ND, LAC
Jamine Blesoff ND
Laura Blevins ND
Tamberlyn Blinsink ND
Dr. Sabrina Blonda NMD
Rena Bloom ND
Riddhi Blow ND
Shelley Bluett ND
Dr. Carol Bobovski ND
Dr. Brooke Bodeen ND
Natalie Boeck ND
Dr. Jennifer Bogus ND
Dr. Lena Bojaj Fernandez NMD
Dr. Elisha Bokman ND
Dr. Darya Boland ND
Lauren Boldebuck ND
Dr. Deborah Bonfanti ND
Mrs. Bridget Bongaard MD
Dr. Bradley Bongiovanni ND
Dr. Andrew Bonner ND
Aimee Bonneval
Dr. Carine Bonnist ND
Dr. Alisun Bonville ND
Dr. Jennifer Booker ND
Dr. Christine Booren ND
Dr. Joylyn Bopp ND
Dr. Adrienne Borg ND
Dr. Todd Born ND
Dr. Robin Borsa NMD
Dr. Chad Borys ND
Jaie Bosse ND
Dr. Debra Bossio ND
Dr. Cristopher Bosted ND
Amy Bosworth-Patton ND
Jennifer Botham ND
Dr. Jennifer Botwick ND
Dr. Ashley Boudet ND
Ms. Natalie Boulware NATUROPATH
Dr. January Bourassa ND
Kaley Bourgeois ND
Roberta Bourgon ND
Dr. Mary Bove ND
Andrea Bowden
Dr. Christine Bowen ND
Eric Bower NMD
Dr. Melinda Bower ND
Courtney Bowers ND
Dr. Stacy Bowker ND
Dr. Gene Bowman JR. ND
Dr. Vaughn Bowman ND
Dr. Yuel Boyce ND
Dr. Anna Boyd ND
Dr. Sally Boyd ND
Ms. Tara Boyd ND
Mrs. Heather Boyd Roberts ND
Dr. Veronica Boyer NMD
Dr. Mark Boykin ND
Ms. Sydmarie Boyle ND
Dr. Travis Boyle ND
Mrs. Joy Bozzo ND
Dr. Shannon Braden ND
Dr. Alan Bradford ND
Ryan Bradley ND
Dr. David Brady ND
Dr. Karen Braga ND
Elizabeth Brainerd ND
Dr. Debra Brammer ND
Dr. Jessica Bramstedt NMD
Dr. Benton Bramwell ND
Dr. Andrew Brandeis ND
Dr. Damien Brandeis NMD
Dr. Jessica Brandes ND
Dr. Ivy Branin ND
Alana Branson ND
Dr. Peggy Branson ND
Dr. Ashley Brauker ND
Dr. Elizabeth Braungart ND
Dr. Krista Brayko ND
Cindy Breed ND
Dr. Susanne Breen ND
Dr. Adam Breiner ND
Dr. Heidi Breitbeil ND
Carrie Brennan ND
Mrs. Kristin Brennan LMT
Dr. Lisa Brennan ND
Dr. Jennifer Brennan-Kos ND
Dr. Matthew Brennecke ND
Dr. Joseph Breton ND
Dr. Carla Briante NMD
Dr. Mark Bricca ND, LAC
Dr. Carly Bridge ND
Dr. Jessica Bridges ND
Dr. John Briggs ND
Dr. Jolene Brighten ND
Billy Brigman LMT
Dr. Matthew Brignall ND
Dr. Molly Brignall ND
Dr. Julie Briley ND
Dr. Amanda Brimhall ND
Dr. Kory Brinkekrhoff NMD
Dr. Jamie Brinkley ND
Dr. Lara Brinson ND
Dr. Cathy Brinton ND
Jean Brisson ND
Amy Bristol ND
Dr. David Brochstein LAC, OMD
Dr. Kathrine Broderick ND
Dr. Robert Brody ND
Dr. Tauheedah Bronner ND
Dr. Barbara Brooks ND
Dr. Kathryn Brooks ND
Dr. Karen Brothers ND
Dr. Sharina Brothers ND
Dr. Lauri Brouwer NMD
Aiyana Brown ND
Dr. Brook Brown ND
Dr. Joseph Brown NMD
Dr. Kimberly Brown NMD
Miss Kimberly Brown LAC ND
Dr. Kurtis Brown ND
Dr. Lori Brown ND
Dr. Theresa Brown ND
Dr. Warren Brown ND
Michelle Brown-Echerd ND
Dr. Mary Browning ND
Dr. Arlen Brownstein ND
Mr. Douglas Bruce LMT
Dr. Jennifer Brusewitz ND
Dr. Julie Brush ND
Dr. Lisa Bryant ND
Naomi Bryant ND
Dr. Roselynde Bryant NMD
Mrs. Jessica Bryson ND
Lanika Buchanan ND
Mrs. Melissa Buches ND
Dr. Heather Buckle ND
Dr. Pat Buckley ND, PA-C
Dr. Diana Buehler ND
Dr. Scott Buesing ND
Dr. Patrick Bufi ND
Teresa Bujacich ND, LAC
Dr. Samyar Bukovcan ND
Dr. Gail Buquicchio ND
Dr. Nick Buratovich ND
Leslie Burgess ND
Ms. Shirley Burgess CMT
Dr. Cori Burke ND
Dr. Emily Burke ND
Kara Burkhart ND, LAC
Dr. Gregory Burkland ND
Dr. Ashley Burkman ND
Dr. Matthew Burnett ND LAC
Dr. Rachel Burnett ND LAC
Dr. Connie Burns ND
Dr. David Burns DC, ND
Elaine Burns NMD
Jennifer Burns ND
Nichole Burns ND
Dr. Patrick Burrell ND
Seth Burrell
Dr. Barry Burris ND
Dr. Mamie Burruss
Dr. Blythe Burton-Teed NMD
Dr. Evelyn Buschur ND
Dr. Bradley Bush ND
Dr. Rebecca Bush ND
Dr. Byron Butchart ND
Noelle Butler ND
Dr. Brian Buttler DC, ND
Dr. Jesse Buttler ND
Dr. Dane Buxbaum ND
Dr. Cynthia Bye ND
Dr. Mikyle Byrd-Vaughn ND
Dr. James Byron ND
Dr. Stacey Bzowy ND
Dr. Paulina Caban ND
Dawn Cahill
Dr. Briana Cain NMD
Dr. Letitia Cain ND
Nicole Cain NMD
Dr. Carlo Calabrese
Dr. Susan Calimeri ND
Dr. Laryn Callaway ND
Yezid Callejas NMD
Dr. Deborah Callender ND
Dr. Anthony Calpeno DC,ND
Marianne Calvanese
Dr. Kathryn Cameron NMD
Michelle Cameron ND
Dr. Todd Cameron BSN, ND
Dr. Monica Campa ND
Dr. Nina Campagna ND
Aaron Campbell ND
Dr. Carmen Campbell ND
Dr. Erica Campbell ND
Dr. Lisa Canar ND
Dr. Donald Canavan ND
Deborah Canejo LMT
Dr. Emily Cannon ND
Dr. Donna Cantrell ND
Judith Caporiccio ND
Dr. Lawrence Caprio ND
Dr. Katherine Caputo ND
William Caradonna ND
Dr. Kimberly Caravone NMD
Dr. Bickerton Cardwell III ND, LAC
Dr. Micaela Carew ND, LAC
Dr. Kirsten Carle ND
Karen Carleton ND
Dr. Angela Carlson ND
Dr. Bonnie Carlson
Dr. Jonathan Carlson ND
Dr. Matthew Carlson ND
Dr. Cheri Carmean ND
Erin Carner ND
Sarah Carnes ND
Dr. Mark Carney ND, LAC
Dr. Shawn Carney ND
Dr. Lorraine Caron ND
Dr. Chantal Carpenter ND
Dr. Rebecca Carpenter NMD
Dr. Susan Carr ND
Dr. Jessie Carroll ND
Dr. Klara Carson ND
Alexandra Carswell Engle ND
Dr. Angela Carter ND, LMT
Dr. Dan Carter ND
Dr. Katie Carter ND
Maria Cartwright ND
Dr. Petra Caruso ND
Dr. Anthony Carvalho ND
Dr. Anna Cascio ND
Dr. Christina Caselli ND
Dr. Mary Caselli ND
Mrs. Mishell Cash LMT
Rebecca Cash CNHP
Dr. Carla Cashin ND
Dr. Charles Cashmere Adamo MD,PHD(AM)
Neta Caspi ND
Dr. Amy Castellano ND
Dr. Marissa Castello ND
Cynthia Castillo ND
Jose Castillo Trossi
Dr. Holly Castle ND
Irene Catania ND, CA
Mr. John Catanzaro ND
Trevor Cates ND
Dr. Johanna Cathell ND
Dr. Matthew Cavaiola ND
Marissa Cavalier ND
Dr. Maria Cavalle ND
Dr. Elizabeth Cavin ND
Dr. Gladys Ceballos-Logan NMD
Dr. Kim Celmer ND
Bozena Celnik ND
Dr. Artemis Celt ND
Dr. Shelley Cerasaro ND
Dr. Eric Cerre NMD
Dr. Maria Cervigni ND
Dr. Amy Chadwick ND
Laurent Chaix ND
Dr. Steve Chamberlin ND
Dr. Keith Chambers NMD
Dr. Koqwinda Chambers ND
Dr. Lisa Chambers ND
Dr. Nathan Champion ND
Dr. Nita Champion ND
Dr. Emily Chan ND
Dr. Lillian Chan ND
Dr. Salina Chan LAC, ND
Dr. Tsoi Chan
Dr. Yen Chan ND
Dr. Ravi Chandiramani ND
Dr. Amanda Chaney NMD
Dr. Anya Chang ND
Christine Chang LAC
Dr. Jung Eun Chang ND
Dr. Kabran Chapek ND
Carolle Chapman ND
Dr. Laurie Chapman ND
Dr. Michael Chapman ND
Dr. Patrick Chapman ND
Mrs. Sherri Chapman LMT
Sarah Chappelle ND
Dr. Leslie Charles ND
Dr. Jaclyn Chasse ND
Dr. Brandon Chastant NMD, FASA
Dr. Lisa Chavez ND
Erin Cheatum ND
Dr. Debora Chelson NMD
Jennifer Chen ND, RPH
Dr. Alexis Chesney ND
Dr. Gene Chester ND
Dr. Andrew Chevalier ND
Dr. Adrienne Chew ND
Dr. Monique Chhun-Lum ND
Peih Chiang
Dr. Lindsay Chimileski ND
Dr. Julie Anne Chinnock ND, CRNA
Dr. Riyana Chinoy NMD
Dr. J Chlebowski DC, ND
Renee Choi ND
Dr. Carrie Chojnowski ND
Dr. Ireneus Cholewa ND
Dr. Rebecca Chollet ND
Daniel Chong ND
Yasmin Chotocruz ND
Joy Chou ND
Dr. Gigi Chow ND, LAC
Dr. Faith Christensen ND, RN
Dr. Alan Christianson NMD
Dr. John Christianson V
Dr. Charles Christnacht ND
Dr. Theo Christodoulakis NMD
Dr. Alexandra Christopoulos ND
Sooyoung Chun ND
Ashley Chung ND
Michael Chung DC
Dr. Richard Ke'aumoana Chung N D
Dr. Dana Churchill ND
Miss Ceylon Cicero ND
Ms. Aliza Cicerone ND
Dr. Sylvia Cimoch ND
Miss Karisa Ciolli LMP
Christine Cirovic ND
Dr. Leslie Cisar ND
Dr. Dorothea Cist ND
Dr. Guy Citrin ND
Dr. Elizabeth Clapham ND
Dr. Debra Clapp ND
Dr. Ericha Clare ND, MAC
Aylah Clark ND
Dr. Cara Clark ND
Ms. Denise Clark ND
Dr. Jeff Clark ND
Dr. Kerri Clark NMD
Dr. Michelle Clark ND
Dr. Stephen Clark ND (NATUROPATH)
Dr. Jennifer Clay ND
Brianne Cleary
Dr. Marion Clement ND
Dr. Mary Clement ND
Dr. Katherine Clements ND, LMT
Dr. Emily Cleveland ND
Dr. Shelly Clevidence ND
Dr. Amy Clewell ND
Dr. Kelly Clough NMD
Paula Cluney ND
Dr. Melissa Coats ND
Dr. Brenden Cochran ND
Dr. Jorge Cochran NMD
Mrs. Kandice Cochrane LMT
Margaret Coffey ND
Dr. Connor Coffin ND
Dr. Maxwell Cohen ND
Dr. Sari Cohen ND
Dr. Kelly Cohn ND
Dr. Ronald Cohn DC
Dr. Pamela Colby ND
Dr. Alicia Cole ND
Dr. Amy Cole ND
Dr. Boyer Cole ND
George Coleman
Dr. Lucia Coletta ND
Dr. Leah Collier ND
Dr. Theresa Collier ND
Elizabeth Collins ND, LM
Dr. John Collins ND
Mrs. Anna Colombini ND
Dr. Letitia Colston ND
Dr. Sandra Colvard ND
Dr. Emily Colwell ND
Dr. Nancy Comeau ND
Dr. Dana Michelle Comeslast ND
Dr. Christina Compton NMD
Joseph Comstock JR. ND
Dr. Sean Congdon ND
William Conner JR. ND
Dr. Kevin Connor ND
Dr. Kevin Conroy ND
Dr. Agatha Constance ND
Amber Content ND
Dr. Nicole Converse ND
Dr. Michael Conway ND
Dr. Adrianne Cook ND
Dr. Tanda Cook ND
Dr. Tracey Cook ND, LAC
Dr. Christina Cooke ND
Dr. Rebecca Cooke NMD
Dr. Denise Cooluris ND
Dr. Jessica Cooper ND
Mr. Johnny Cooper LMT,NCTMB
Dr. Mark Cooper ND
Dr. Richard Cooper ND
Alexandra Cope ND
Dr. Marcus Coplin ND
Dr. Alexander Coracides NMD
Dr. Wendy Coram Vialet ND
Kathryn Corazzo ND
Dr. Mark Corbin NMD,DC
Ms. Yolanda Cordele
Dr. Karen Cordero ND
Jill Corey ND
Dr. Kathryn Cork ND
Joshua Corn ND
Dr. Daphne Cornman NMD
Dr. Edmund Corpuz ND
Mrs. Kirstin Correia ND
Dr. Erika Correnti ND
Dr. Angela Cortal ND
Dr. Karen Coshow ND
Dr. Mario Coss ND
Dr. Miranda Costa ND
Dr. Linda Costarella ND
Dr. Hilary Costello ND
Dr. Robert Cotner ND
Dr. Jamie Coughlan
Dr. Sarah Coultas ND
Genevieve Courtney ND
Dr. Marie-Elaine Cousineau-Cote ND
Erica Cowan ND
Dr. Matthew Cowan ND
Dr. Steven Coward ND
Dr. Brian Cox ND
Kristin Cox ND
Stephanie Cox ND
Dr. Catherine Coy ND
Dr. Adam Craig ND
Dr. David Craig JR. NMD
Dr. David Cramer NMD
Dr. Kathryn Cranford ND, NHCM
Ms. Heather Crider ND
Dr. Walter Crinnion ND
Kara Crisp ND
Dr. Ephraim Crocker NMD
Dr. Courtney Cronin NMD
Dr. Kyle Cronin ND
Dr. Michael Cronin ND
Whitney Cronin ND
Dr. Mandi Croniser ND
Dr. Laura Crouse ND
Michelle Crowder ND
Dr. Aisling Crowe ND
Cheryln Crowl ND
Dr. Diana Crumrine ND
Dr. Michael Crupper ND
Dr. Xaymara Cruz ND
Dr. Susan Cucchiara ND
Miss Carola Cuenca NP
Dr. Laureen Cullen ND
Dr. Jason Culp ND
Alyssa Culver NMD
Dr. Maeghan Culver ND
Dr. Caitlin Cummings ND
Dr. Andrew Cummins
Dr. Emy Cummins NMD
Lillian Cunningham ND
Dr. Jessica Curcio NMD
Dr. Danielle Currey ND
Dr. Mindy Curry ND
Diane Curry Taylor LMT, NCTMB
Dr. Jennifer Curtiss ND
Cortney Cusack ND
Dr. Doug Cutler ND
Dr. Peter D'adamo ND
Dr. Alexander D'amico ND
Greta D'amico ND
Dr. Steven D'antonio ND, AP
Dr. Annette D'armata NMD
Dr. Karen D'huyvetter ND
Dr. Dana Dabransky ND
Dr. Nicole Daddona ND
Dr. Linda Dagenais ND
Dr. Theodros Dagnew NP
Dr. Nael Dagstani NMD
Dr. Katherine Dahlgren ND
Dr. David Daily ND
Dawn Dalili ND
Dr. Terra Dallmann ND
Dr. Jennifer Daniels ND, ARNP
Dr. Stephen Danielsen ND
Sarah Danielson ND
Galina Danily ND
Erin Danowski LAC, ND
Dr. Megan Danz ND
Dr. Kathryn Darchangel ND
Naomi Darden
Dr. Mark Dardis ND, EDD, DPT
Dr. April Darley NMD
Dr. Catherine Darley ND
Dr. Mia Darling NMD
Dr. Angela Darragh ND
Dr. Emily Dashiell ND
Dr. Jason Dave NMD
Dr. Emily Davenport NMD
Elizabeth Davidson ND
Mara Davidson ND
Dr. Valorie Davidson ND
Dr. Barbara Davies ND
Darci Davis ND
Heather Davis NMD
James Davis ND
Dr. Kimberly Davis ND
Dr. Mark Davis ND
Dr. Robert Davis ND
Dr. Steven Davis ND
Ms. .Chrissy Davis-Allen ND
Dr. Kevin Davison N,D,
Dr. Heather Dawson ND
Dr. Amy Day ND
Katherine Day
Dr. Jenn Dazey ND
Dr. Marcos De Escobar ND
Anna De La Motte ND
Dr. Alexander De Soler NMD
Dr. Bridget Dean NMD
Dr. Jeffrey Dean NMD
Ms. Theresa Debelak LMT
Dr. Senit Debesai ND
Lisa Decapua ND
Joann Dechant ND
Carrie Decker ND
Mrs. Laurie Dedmon CMT, MA
Dr. Britt Deegan ND
Dr. Melissa Deforest ND
Dr. Paloma Defuentes ND
Dr. Leslie Degasparis ND
Dr. Zora Degrandpre ND
Dr. Lindsay Dehaas ND
Kami Dehler ND
Dr. David Deichert ND, ARNP
Dr. Jennifer Deir ND
Michele Deisering ND
Dr. Lisa Del Alba ND
Dr. Caralyne Delaney ND
Dr. Christopher Delellis ND
Dr. Kemberly Delellis ND
Miss Silvia Delgado
Martine Delonnay ND
Dr. Rachael Deltoro ND
Dr. Heather Deluca ND
Dr. Rosanne Demanski ND
Mrs. Stacy Demascolo MTBC
Dr. Afrouz Demehri ND
Molly Demers ND
Alexandra Demetro ND
Dr. Lupin Demuth ND
Dr. Shana Deneen ND
Dr. Melissa Dengler ND
Karma Denmark ND
Dr. Lee Dennis ND
Dr. Stephanie Dentinger- Doo Culver ND
Diana Dericks
Jason Derico ND
Dr. Amy Derksen ND
Cheryl Deroin NMD
Stephanie Desousa ND
Bianca Despotides NMD
Miss Lauren Deville NMD
Dr. Beth Devlin ND
Dr. Morgan Devoe
Karen Dewitt ND
Dr. Margaret Dexter ND
Dr. Raymond Diaz ND
Dr. Lori Dibacco ND
Jesika Dicampli NMD
Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg ND
Dr. Andrew Dickens NMD
Dr. Wendy Dickerson NMD
Dr. Elizabeth Dickey
Dr. Lisa Dickinson ND
Dr. Bruce Dickson ND
Tamara Dickson ND
Beth Didomenico ND
Anna Diec
Dr. Patricia Diefenbach
Mark Dietzgen NMD
Dr. Eugenia Diflorio ND
Dr. Megan Ding ND
Dr. Robin Dipasquale ND
Alyssa Dirienzo ND
Dr. Rebecca Dirks ND
Agostino Diroma ND
Dr. Katie Disharoon ND
Dr. Meredith Distante ND
Dr. Daniel Dixon ND
Dr. Emilie Doak NMD
Dr. Forest Dobbs ND
Dr. Christian Dodge ND
Dr. Trina Doerfler ND, DC
Kelly Doerr ND
Dr. Mark Doerrfeld DC
Dr. Christine Doherty ND
Jessica Doize ND
Dr. Marcy Dolan ND
Dr. Paul Dompe ND
Dr. Holly Donahue ND
Lindsay Donahue ND
Dr. Joshua Donaldson ND
Arlene Donar ND
Dr. Patrick Donovan RN, ND
Rosalind Donovan ND
Dr. Melonni Dooley NMD
Dr. Janelle Doolittle ND
Rachelle Doran Forsberg ND
Petra Dorfsman ND
Dr. Sterling Dorman ND
Dr. Arika Dortero ND
Dr. Stephen Doughty ND
Dr. Gerald Douglassharper NMD
Dr. Murray Dowell NMD
Dr. John Dowling ND
Dr. Catherine Downey ND
Dr. Susan Doyle ND
Dr. Vanessa Doyle ND
Dr. Darlyn Dragg NMD
Bryan Drain
Katherine Drake ND
Dr. Rob Dramov ND
Dr. Stephanie Draus ND
Dr. Tina Dreisbach PHD, ND LAC
Jeoffrey Drobot NMD
Dr. Autumn Drouin ND
Samantha Du Moulin ND
Dr. Valentina Dubasik ND, LAC
Dr. Joseph Dubroff ND
Elizabeth Dudek ND
Dr. Samuel Dunbar JR. ND
Gregory Duncan ND
Dr. Alesha Dunkley ND
Corina Dunlap ND, MS
Michele Dunlap ND
Dr. Rowan Dunlap ND
Dr. Jon Dunn ND
Mark Dunn ND
Dr. Maureen Dunn ND
Dr. Melenie Dunn NMD
Dr. Sheila Dunn Merritt ND
Dr. Nancy Dunne ND
Dr. Daniel Dunphy PA-C, ND
Dr. Amy Duong ND
Dr. Robert Duplain ND
Dr. Gabriel Durben ND
Dr. Stephanie Durham MD, ND
Dr. Constance Dutton ND
Melissa Dybala ND, DC
Dr. Jennifer Dye NMD
Dr. John Dye ND
Dr. Cassy Dymond ND
Dr. Bryan Dzvonick ND
Dr. Henele E'ale III ND
Dr. Samantha Eagle ND, MS
Dr. Leang Eap ND
Dr. Lacey Early ND
Dr. Norman Easley ND
Dr. Alexandria Easter ND
Dr. Carole Eastman ND
Dr. Laura Eastman ND
Dr. Lois Eaton NMD
Dr. Kayla Eckart ND
Dr. Kendall Eckert DR, ND, RCR
Maria Eckert ND
Dr. Kelley Eden ND
Dr. Chere Edgar ND
Dr. Nicholas Edgerton ND
Dr. Tracy Edinger ND, MS
Dr. Jennifer Edlund ND
Dr. Sue Edmison ND LM
Dr. Lysanji Edson ND
Dr. Eliot Edwards ND
Jeff Edwards ND
Dr. Jill Edwards ND
Kevin Edwards PHARMACIST
Dr. Vanessa Edwards NMD, LAC
Dr. Catherine Egan ND
Dr. Nicole Egenberger ND
Dr. Chrystie Eggerling NMD
Dr. Abigail Egginton ND
Cristine Ehly
Dr. Marlene Ehrler ND
Dr. Nathan Ehrlich ND
Dr. Steven Ehrlich NMD
Dr. Leny Eidsmore ND
Dr. Eugene Eihausen NMD
Shawna Eischens NMD
Dr. Jessica Eisenheim ND
Dr. Mohga Elabbadi ND, PHD
Alia Elias ND, MSOM
Dr. Michael Ellenburg ND, MPH
Dr. Dawn Eller ND
Dr. Andrew Elliott ND
Dr. Patricia Elliott ND
Dr. Travis Elliott ND
Dr. Edward Ellis JR. ND
Dr. Melanie Ellis ND
Dr. Nancy Ellis ND
Dr. Wendy Ellis ND
Abigail Ellsworth ND, RAC
Dr. Robert Ellsworth NMD
Dr. Jennifer Elton NMD
Dr. Katrina Emoto ND
Ms. May Eng ND
Dr. Kimberly Engard ND, NCCAOM
Ms. Jacqueline Engel ND, LMT
Dr. Danielle Engles ND
Nadia English-Williams
Dr. Julianna Englund ND, LAC
Dr. Erika Enos ND
Dr. Seth Enos ND
Dr. Adeola Epega ND
Rachel Eppinga ND LAC
Dr. Danya Epstein ND
Dr. Deborah Epstein ND
Dr. Judy Epstein ND
Dr. Paul Epstein
Laurel Erath ND
Dr. Tracy Erfling ND
Carly Erickson ND
Dr. Constance Erickson ND
Rachel Erickson ND
Rachel Erickson ND, EAMP
Dr. Andrew Erlandsen ND
Dr. Maleah Ermac ND
Dr. Anthony Esau ND
Dr. Joan Espana ND
Mr. Roberto Espana
Dr. Raquel Espinol ND
Dr. Geovanni Espinosa ND
Dr. Ralph Esposito JR. ND, LAC
Bryant Esquejo ND
Dr. Ramon Esquerdo NMD
Dr. Sherylyn Estlund ND
Shannon Estrada ND
Dr. Jina Ethelbah ND
Dr. Allisa Evans ND
Dr. Elisse Evans ND
Dr. Jessica Evans ND
Dr. Nancy Evans ND
Priscilla Evans ND
Dr. Samantha Evans ND
Tamara Evans ND
Dr. Teresa Evans ND, LM
Dr. Samantha Evans Rayack ND, CPM
Dr. Jill Evenson ND
Dr. Anna Evershed ND
Dr. Jaime Ewald NMD
Dr. Barbara Ezrre ND
Dr. Christopher Fabricius ND
Dr. Lydia Faesy ND
Ms. Monawar Fahoum ND
Arturo Falcon
Dr. Philip Faler ND
Dr. Chelsie Falk ND
Dr. Michaela Falkner NMD
Dr. Hamideh Falsafi ND
Dr. Madison Fandel ND
Dr. Caitlin Fanning ND
Saman Faramarzi
Dr. Hilary Farberow-Stuart ND
Dr. Hope Farner NMD
Dr. Autumn Farr ND
Dr. Dawson Farr ND
Dr. John Farrell NMD
Dr. Stephanie Farrell ND
Dr. Thalia Farshchian ND
Dr. Amy Fasig ND
Dr. Craig Fasullo ND
Dr. Katherine Faur ND
Paul Faust ND
Dr. Hope Fay ND
Dr. Joanne Feaster NMD
Dr. Sara Featherstone ND
Dr. Marcy Feibelman ND
Dr. John Felice ND
Dr. Ryan Ferchoff ND
Dr. Valerie Ferdinand ND
Dr. Gary Ferguson II ND
Dr. Kerry Ferguson ND
Linda Ferguson ND
Dr. Molly Ferguson ND, LTM
Dr. Scott Ferguson ND
Dr. Todd Ferguson ND
Dr. Kristie Ferreira ND, LAC
Dr. Vanessa Ferreira ND
Dr. Lylen Ferris ND
Dr. James Fialk ND
Dr. Jamie Fields ND
Dr. Laura Figoski ND
Dr. Anne Marie Fine NMD
Mr. Howard Fine ND
Dr. Rise Finkle ND, LAC
Micaela Finlayson ND
Mr. Glenn Finley ND
Dr. Tara Finley OMD ND
Dr. Salvatore Fiorentino JR. ND
Dr. Laura Firetag ND
Dr. Rainer Fischer ND
Dr. Matthew Fisel ND
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald ND
Bridget Fitzgibbons NMD
Dr. Amy Fitzpatrick ND
Dr. Katharine Fitzpatrick ND
Dr. Kelly Fitzpatrick ND
Dr. Lila Flagler NMD
Dr. Samuel Flagler NMD
Dr. Cathryn Flanagan ND
Dr. Laura Flanagan ND
Mrs. Regina Flanagan ND
Dr. Edward Flattery ND,DC,PC
Tonya Fleck ND
Alethea Fleming ND
Dr. Sara Fleming ND
Dr. Geoffrey Fletcher ND
Dr. Kathleen Flewelling ND
Heather Flood ND
Bethel Flores ND
Dr. Filiberto Flores NMD
Kristian Flores ND
Dr. Cinda Flynn ND
Dr. Julie Flynn ND
Dr. Julieann Flynn ND
Kathleen Fogarty ND
Hannah Fogg ND
Debra Foli RND
Dr. Alice Fong ND, LMT
Diane Angela Fong
Dr. De Adrea Fontaine ND
Dr. Lindsay Fontenot ND, LAC
Dr. Cathy Forbes ND
Dr. Julliane Forbes ND
Dr. Molly Force ND
Dr. Doug Ford ND
Dr. Rebecca Ford NMD
Dr. Lori Forest ND
Dr. Danielle Forester ND
Margaret Forester LMT
Dr. Sanaz Forghani ND
Joanna Forwell ND,
Sean Foss
Dr. Kimberly Foster ND
Dr. Shannyn Fowl ND
Joelle Fox ND
Dr. Maggie Fox ND
Molly Fox ND
Patrick Fox ND
Dr. Shani Fox ND
Martin Foy JR. RPH
Dr. Deborah Frances ND
Dr. Thomas Francescott ND
Dr. Gioacchino Franco NMD
Autumn Frandsen ND
Dr. Karen Frangos PT, ND
Dr. Thomas Frank NMD
Dr. William Franklin ND
Dr. Olivia Franks ND
Dr. Marina Franzoni ND
Sara Frawley ND
Dr. Mary Frazel ND
Dr. Joy Frazer RN, ND, RM, LM
Diann Frease ND
Dr. David Frederick NMD
Dr. Mark Fredericksen ND
Dr. Hillary Fredrickson ND
Dr. Kimberly Free ND
Dr. Natalie Freedman ND
Karen Freeland ND
Dr. Karen Freeze NM D
Dr. Margaux French ND
Dr. Sergei Frenzel ND,MD
Dr. Jill Fresonke ND
Amanda Frick ND
Mrs. Caroline Friedlander ND, LAC
Bruce Friend ND
Dr. Jeffrey Friess ND
Dr. Marnie Frisch ND
Dr. Simon Frishkoff ND
Ms. Kelly Fry LMT
Mary Fry ND
Mrs. Erin Frye LMT
Dr. Heather Fryling ND
Dr. Kristen Fujii NMD
Dr. Carolyn Fuller ND
Colleen Fuller ND
Leslie Fuller ND
Dr. Judy Fulop ND
Sonja Fung ND
Mrs. Jum Funk ND, MPH
Dr. Jeanne Fuqua ND
Dr. John Furlong ND
Kimberly Furtado ND
Dr. Laura Futterman ND
Dr. Amber Fyfe-Johnson ND
Dr. Nervana Gaballa ND
Mr. Peter Gabb LMT
Kalyan Gaddam ND
Dr. Colleen Gagliardi ND
Dr. Patricia Gaines ND
Stephanie Gajus NMD
Dr. Mario Galaburri NMD
Laura Galati ND
John Galaz LMT
Dr. Ruth Galbraith ND
Dr. Lisa Gallagher ND
Mrs. Helen Galloway LMT
Dr. Jeanne Galloway ND
Dr. Mary Ann Galloway ND
Dr. Rosalind Gamba NMD
Soniya Gandhi ND, BHMS
Dr. Allison Gandre ND
Emily Gannaway ND
Dr. Teresa Maria Carmen Garchitorena ND
Clare Garcia ND
Nichole Gardner ND
Dr. Joseph Gariepy SR. ND
Dr. Bianca Garilli ND
Monisha Garner
Dr. Kalen Garr ND, LMT
Dr. Joseph Garrett ND
Sarah Garrett ND
Dr. Sabine Garrett-Shorty FNP-C
Maggie Garvin
Daniel Garza RCMT, MH
Dr. Melissa Gastellum ND
Clark Gaston NMD
Dr. Joanne Gatlin ND
Dr. Alexandra Gayek ND
Dr. Michael Gazsi ND
Dr. Hatha Gbedawo ND
Wendy Gebhart ND, LAC
Dr. Linda Gedeon ND
Dr. Adam Geiger ND
Dr. Elana Gelman ND
Dr. Lisa Gengo ND, PAC
Dr. Marvin Gentry ND
Dr. Jennifer Gentry-Calvo NMD
Dr. Julie George NMD
Dr. Trevor George ND
Rebecca Georgia ND
Dr. Nicole Gerard ND
Dr. Celisha Gerber ND, LAC
Heather Germain ND
Jaqueline Germain ND
Dr. Michele Gerstenfeld ND
Dr. Tim Gerstmar ND
Dr. Maryk Geyer NMD
Dr. Jill Ghormley ND
Nicol Giandomenico ND
Judy Gianni NMD
Dr. Robyn Giard ND
William Gibbon DCND
Jennifer Gibbons ND
Dr. Melissa Gibbons ND, MSM
Dr. Debra Gibson ND
Dr. Kevin Gibson ND, LAC
Mark Gignac ND
Dr. Miriam Gilbert NMD
Dr. Erik Gilbertson DC, ND
Dr. James Gilchrist ND
Dr. Stephanie Gilfoy ND
Dr. Elaine Gillaspie ND
Deborah Gillespie ND, CDM
Dr. Sara Gillham ND
Dr. Elizabeth Gillman NMD
Dr. Kimberly Gilmore ND
Dr. Christine Girard ND
Dr. Jeneve Girard-Dicarlo ND
Dr. Kori Giudici ND
Dr. Jean-Luc Giuliano ND
Dr. Victoria Giunta ND
Dr. Allison Givens ND
Dr. Julie Glass ND
Dr. Deborah Gleisner ND, LM, CPM
Dr. Laura Glenn NMD
Dr. Peter Glidden ND
Dr. Michele Gliniecki NMD
Mary Gloria ND
Marcus Gochett
Dr. Dennis Godby ND
Renee Goddard
Dr. Susan Godman NMD
Dr. Susan Godwin ND
Dr. Chad Goetz NMD
Corina Going ND
Megan Golani ND
Moses David Goldberg ND
Dr. Kathie Golden ND
Dr. Joshua Goldenberg ND
Dr. Tara Goldin ND
Dr. Karl Goldkamp ND
Dr. Teresa Goldsmith ND
Dr. Angela Goldstein ND
Dr. Natalya Golovanov NP-C, ND
Dr. Amber Golshani ND
Dr. Ada Gonzalez ND
Dr. Alicia Gonzalez ND
Mr. Christian Gonzalez ND
Dr. Emily Gonzalez ND
Dr. Arcoma Gonzalez Lambert ND
Dr. Jonathan Goodman ND
Mrs. Karla Goodman ND
Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick ND
Chelsea Gordon ND
Hannah Gordon ND
Irina Gordon ND
Joanne Gordon MS, PT, ND
Mr. Steven Gordon ND
Dr. Laura Gouge ND
Pamela Gould ND
Dr. Holli Gower ND
Brandie Gowey NMD
Kara Goyette ND
Dr. Michael Grady ND
Dr. Carolyn Graham ND
Dr. Stephanie Graham NMD
Dr. Danielle Gran ND
Dr. Cheryl Granger NMD
Dr. Claire Graser ND
Linda Grass ND
Dr. Philip Grasso ND
Dr. Adam Graves ND, LAC
Dr. David Graves ND
Michael Gravett ND
Dr. Molly Gray ND, LM
Taylor Gray
Dr. Tara Greaves ND
Dr. Casey Green ND
Dr. Jeffrey Green ND
Dr. Joshua Green ND
Julie Green ND
Dr. Mark Green NMD
Dr. Melanie Green ND
Dr. Victoria Green NMD
Kimberly Green Lustig ND
Allison Greenberg ND
Dr. Miles Greenberg ND
Dr. Julia Greenspan ND - NATUROPATHIC DO
Dr. Jennifer Greer ND
Dr. Laurence Grey NMD
Dr. Michael Grieder ND
Dr. Sharon Griffin ND
Brandi Griffith NMD
Dr. Ceabert Griffith PA-C, ND
Dr. Les Griffith ND
Dr. Thomas Griffith ND
Kaycie Grigel ND
Dr. Michele Grindstaff ND
Diane Grise ND
Dr. Laurie Grisez ND
Dr. Denise Grobe ND
Adam Grove
Dr. Mark Groven ND
Dr. Anesia Groves NMD
Dr. Carolyn Groves ND
Dr. Gary Gruber ND
Dr. Miela Gruber ND
Jennifer Grushon
Dr. Janis Gruska ND
Teresa Gryder ND
Breanna Guan ND
Dr. Catharine Guaraldi ND
Erik Gudmundson ND
Alberto Guevara
Dr. Alena Guggenheim ND
Stacey Guggino ND, LAC
Katie Guidotti ND
Dr. Mary Guiltinan ND
Dr. Mandy Gulla ND, LMP, CM
Dr. Funda Gulmen ND, MS
Dr. Lorie Gumbs-Tyler ND
Dr. Carey Gunn ND
Dr. Emily Guse ND
Dr. Pragati Gusmano ND
Dr. Rebecca Gustavson
Dr. Christina Gutierrez ND, LM
Dr. Nancy Gutknecht ND
Dr. Louise Gutowski NMD
Dr. Christy Guzman ND, EAMP
Dr. Raul Guzman ND
Kristen Haabala Wiener ND
Jeff Haas LMP
Dr. Megan Haas ND
Dr. Rebecca Habansky ND
Amye Hadley ND, ARNP
Dr. Angela Hageman ND
Dr. David Hagen ND
Dr. Jana Hagen ND
Dr. Morgaine Hager ND
Dr. Holly Hagglund ND
Dr. Kristen Haglund ND
Dr. Tim Hagney ND
Dr. Jacqueline Hahn ND
Mrs. Noreen Haines LMT
Amariy Halahawi ND, CCMA, CNA, NPAP
Ms. Ursula Hall ND
Danite Haller ND
Dr. Joanne Halloran ND
Dr. Kathleen Halloran ND
Dr. Sonja Halsey ND
Marlen Halverson JR. ND
Dr. Natalie Ham ND
Dr. Cheryl Hamilton NMD
Dr. David Hamilton JR. ND
Dr. Marsha Hamilton ND
Dr. Tursha Hamilton ND
Leslie Hamlett
Dr. Victoria Hamman ND
Katherine Hampilos ND
Dr. Eric Hampton NMD
Dr. Kelly Han ND
Dr. Annie Hanaway ND
Dr. Jessica Hancock ND
Dr. Darrow Hand ND
Dr. Bronner Handwerger NMD
Donna Hanna ND
Dr. Crystal Hannan ND
Dr. Clark Hansen NMD
Mrs. Kimberly Hansen ND
Michelle Hansen ND
Dr. Gillian Hanson ND
Dr. Jeff Hanson ND
Dr. Kim Hapke ND
Dr. Julie Hara ND
Dr. Layli Harandi ND
Dr. Julie Harden ND
Dr. Aubrey Harding ND
Dr. Daniel Hardt ND
Dr. Loraine Harkin ND
Dr. Kathleen Harley ND
Dr. Jason Harmon ND
Dr. Alice Harper ND
Dr. Chikako Harper ND
Ms. Corinne Harpster LMP, ND
Mrs. Caroline Harrington NCTMB
Dr. Breckin Harris NMD
Jeff Harris ND
Kimberly Harris ND
Dr. Marc Harris ND
Dr. Meagan Harris Crossley ND
Dr. Kalli Harrison ND
Libra Harrison
Dr. Alicia Hart ND
Allegra Hart ND
Colleen Hart ND
Dr. Donnalee Hart ND
Mr. Garry Hart LMT
Dr. Kristi Harter ND, RD
Dr. John Hartman NMD
Cara Hartz ND
Leigh Harvison ND
Dr. Shawna Hasel ND
Dr. Alexander Haskell ND
Dr. Kelly Hassberger ND
Dr. Kendall Hassemer ND
Dr. Breana Hauskins-Mcelgunn ND
Dr. Margaret Havlik ND
Dr. Jennifer Hawes ND
Dr. Amy Hawkins ND
Laura Hawkins LMT
Dr. Ani (Ann) Hawkinson ND
Dr. Veronica Hayduk ND
Colleen Hayes
Dr. Erin Hayford ND
Dr. Jessica Hayman ND
Dr. Joan Haynes NMD
Dr. Sara Hazel ND
Dr. Patrick Healey ND
Dr. Bryce Healy ND
Ms. Helen Healy, Nd ND
Dr. Duncan Heard ND
Dr. Rolland Hebert ND
Dr. Leon Hecht III ND
Dr. Joan Hedges ND
Joshua Heenan IMD
Dr. Shawn Hefferon NMD
Dr. Karlee Heffner NMD
Amanda Hegnauer ND
Dr. Jennifer Heiger ND
Dr. Ellen Heinitz ND
Dr. Elda Heintze ND, LAC
Dr. Daniel Heller ND
Dr. Laurent Helms JR. NMD
Dr. Carolyn Helser ND
Dr. Stephanie Hendershot NMD
Dr. Jenna Henderson ND
Dr. Jane Hendricks
Dr. Aaron Henkel ND
Dr. Maura Henninger ND
Dr. Dianna Henson ND
Dr. Larry Herdener ND
Rachelle Herdman ND
Francisco Heredia
Ernesto Herger NL
Dr. Lance Hering NMD
Dr. Heather Herington ND
Kai Herman ND
Dr. Liz Herman ND
Dr. Patricia Herman ND, PHD
Dr. James Hermes ND
Dr. Dana Herms ND
Dr. Connie Hernandez ND
Dr. Marcel Hernandez ND
Dr. Matthew Hernandez NMD
Margarita Hernandez Guzman NMD
Dr. Krista Heron ND
Dr. Nidfel Herrera NMD, PA-C
Pamela Herring ND
Eleonore Herschberger ND
Dr. Rian Herscher ND
Dr. Sean Hesler ND
Miss Jennifer Hess MTBC
Laurel Hess NMD
Katherine Hester ARNP
Dr. Jami Heyting ND
Dr. William Hibbitts ND
John Hibbs ND
Dr. Janna Hibler ND
Tara Hickman NMD
Dr. Anne Hicks NMD
Dr. Jennifer Hicks ND
Dr. Zoe Hickson ND
Dr. Laura Hieb ND
Dr. Jere High ND
Dr. Janice Highfield ND
Tiffany Highsmith NMD
Dr. Hadassah Hilewitz ND
Anne Hill ND
Dr. Jacob Hill ND
Dr. Taylor Hill ND
Dr. Joanne Hillary PHD ND
Michelle Hillis
Dr. Andrea Hillstad ND
Christina Hinchcliffe ND
Dr. Myriah Hinchey ND
Dr. Cynthia Hinojosa ND
Judy Hinojosa NMD
Dr. Julia Hipp ND
Dr. Shannon Hirst ND
Easter Ho ND
Dr. Moon Ho ND
Melanie Hoang NMD
Annette Hobi
Dr. Amy Hobson ND
Dr. Amanda Hochman ND
Dr. Margaret Hockenberry
Dr. Richard Hodge
Dr. Wendy Hodsdon ND
Maria Hoeffer ND
Dr. Glenn Hoey ND
Dr. Jordan Hoffman NMD
Dr. Justin Hoffman DOM, ND
Dr. Justin Hoffman NMD
Dr. Kimberly Hoffman ND
Dr. Allison Hofmann ND
Edwin Hofmann-Smith ND, PHD, RDMS
Elena Hofmann-Smith ND
Dr. William Hogg ND
Dr. Nadine Hokayem ND
Dr. Jerry Holcomb JR. ND
Dr. Autumn Holder NMD, PA-C
Dr. Christopher Holder ND, LAC
Dr. Jennifer Holdorf ND
Dr. Michael Hollis ND
Dr. Ronelle Holloway NMD
Dr. Sarah Holloway ND
Crane Holmes ND
Dr. Dorian Holmes ND
Dr. Erin Holston Singh ND
Dr. Michelle Homer ND
Dr. Victoria Homer ND
Dr. Shannon Homkovics ND
Dr. Kristine Honda ND
Dr. Usha Honeyman DC, ND
Dr. Heidi Hook ND
Dr. Beau Hooker ND
Dr. Laree Hooker NMD
Dr. Tanisha Hoover NMD
Dr. Cynthia Hope ND
Dr. Kasia Hopewell ND
Dr. Ayla Hopkins ND
Michelle Hoppe ND
Dr. Rebecka Hoppins Campbell ND
Nathan Horek ND
Dr. Christine Horn ND
Kimberley Horner ND
Dr. Erika Horowitz ND
Dr. Roanne Houck ND
Dr. John Houghton ND
Dr. Penelope Houghton ND
Dr. Sarah Hourston ND
Rick Hovgaard ND
Dr. Dean Howell ND
Dr. Mario Howell ND
Paula Howse ND
Denisa Hrncirik-Maruyama ND
Dr. Ching-Yueh Hsu ND
Dr. Marcos Hsu ND, LAC
Dr. Wen-Sheng Huang ND
Dr. Brett Hubbard ND
Dr. Kristine Hubbs ND
Dr. Colleen Huber NMD
Dr. Luke Huber ND
Ms. Shannon Hudson ND
Dr. Tanya Hudson ND
Victoria (Tori) Hudson ND
Wendy Hueners ND
Dr. Kristi Hughes ND
Melissa Hughes
Dr. Robyn Hughes ND
Lori Hulsing ND
Dr. Michael Hummel ND
Dr. Jean Hung ND
Dr. Sharon Hunter MD
Dr. Karen Hurley ND
Dr. Lora Hurley ND, CTN
Dr. Daniel Hurne ND
Dr. Zachary Hurt ND
Margaret Husami NMD
Dr. Eileen Hutchinson ND
Carla Hutt ND
Dr. Daniela Hutyrova NMD, PHD
Dr. Aimee Huyck ND
Mrs. Christine Hwang ND, MS, LAC
Dr. Jacob Hwang ND
Dr. Timothy Hyatt ND
Dr. Gayl Hyde NMD
Dr. Heather Hydzik ND
Dr. Yu-Ree Hyun NMD
Dr. Hanna Ian NMD
Dr. Melanie Icard NMD
Dr. Belinda Icenhower ND
Jeffrey Idica
Dr. Katrina Iiams-Hauser ND
Dr. Margie Ikeda ND
Dr. Kimberly Iller ND, LAC
Dr. Gretchen Imdieke ND
Dr. William Immel ND
Dr. Darin Ingels ND
Dr. Glenn Ingram JR. ND
Dr. Martha Ingram ND
Dr. Vance Inouye NMD
Dr. Carmen Ionescu ND
Mr. Iulian Ionescu ND
Dr. Jarom Ipson NMD
Dr. Jennifer Ito ND
Dr. Andrew Iverson ND
Dr. Emily Ivey ND
Dr. Maryann Ivons ND
Mark Iwanicki ND
Dr. Sunita Iyer ND, LM
Dr. Orna Izakson ND
Andrew Jackson
Courtney Jackson ND
Dr. Michelle Jackson ND
Dr. Terisa Jackson ND
Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel ND
Dr. Carroll Jacobs ND
Dr. Michael Jacobs ND
Dr. Sherri Jacobs ND
Dr. Susan Jacobs ND
Dr. Brett Jacques ND
Dr. Debbie Jacques NMD
Dr. Kathleen Jade ND
Dr. Suneil Jain NMD
Dr. Christine James ND
Dr. Laura James ND
Dr. Mark James NMD
Dr. Carol Jamison NMD
Dr. Scott Jamison NMD
Dr. Kathleen Janel ND
Dr. Bob Jangaard ND
Dr. Hans Jangaard ND
Dr. Glen Jarosz ND
Dr. Steven Jarrett NMD
Dr. Karina Jarvela ND
Dr. Linda Jarvis NMD
Dr. Sharmilee Jayachandran ND
Dr. Christopher Jayne ND
Dr. Yves Moliere Jean Louis NMD; MPH
Dr. La Deana Jeane ND
Dr. Pamela Jeanne ND
Dr. Thomas Jemison ND
Mr. Arvin Jenab ND
Jo Jenner ND
Dr. Darcy Jennings ND
Dr. Kelly Jennings ND, MSOM
Dr. Charlene Jensen ND, LMP
Dr. Jason Jensen NMD
Dr. Jocelyn Jensen ND
Dr. Rick Jensen ND
Amadea Jenzer ND
Dr. Jennifer Jewell-Larson ND
Dr. Ratinder Jhaj NMD
Dr. Yingying Jiang ND
Laura Jimenez-Robertson ND
Alicia Johnson ND
Dr. Allen Johnson ND
Dr. Amy Johnson ND
Dr. Amy Johnson ND
Dr. Cheryl Johnson ND
Dr. Christopher Johnson ND
Dr. Eric Johnson
Dr. Jennifer Johnson ND
Dr. Joseph Johnson ND
Patricia Johnson ND
Dr. Rachelle Johnson ND
Samantha Johnson ND
Dr. Shane Johnson ND
Dr. Sonya Johnson ND
Dr. Holcomb Johnston ND
Dr. Sharon Johnston NMD
Dr. Mary Jonas NMD
Ana Jones ND
Dr. Anastasia Jones ND
Carmen Jones ND
Dr. Carrie Jones ND
Dr. Conan Jones ND
Daemon Jones ND
Eric Jones ND
Dr. Judith Jones NMD
Dr. Laura Jones ND
Dr. Susan Jones ND
Dr. Karen Jones Shorr ND
Dr. Lindsay Jones-Born ND
Elinor Jordan ND
Mrs. Jenna Jorgensen ND
Dr. Lindsey Josephson ND
Dr. Susan Judah ND
Dr. Andrew Juechter ND
Joori Jun ND
Sunny Jung DMD, ND
Dr. Zeenia Junkeer ND
Dr. Scott Just NMD
Dr. Donna Kachinskas ND, PHD
Dr. Robert Kachko ND LAC
Dr. Kimberley Kacoroski ND
Dr. Christine Kaczor ND
Dr. Alan Kadish ND
Miss Christine Kadykalo ND
Dr. John Kaesermann ND, LAC, MSAOM
Caroline Kaiser ND
Karen Kaiser LMT
Kimberly Kalfas ND
Dr. Gabriele Kallenborn ND
Jonathan Kalman NMD
Dr. Elizabeth Kaltman ND
Katherine Kamin NMD
Dr. Emily Kane ND
Michael Kane ND
Dr. Minjung Kang ND
Dr. Kannamma Kannan NMD
Dr. Charlene Kannankeril
Dr. Michael Kaplan ND
Stephanie Kaplan ND
Dr. Steven Kaplan NMD
Dr. Shalini Kapoor ND
Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis NMD
Javdat Karimov ND
Azure Karli ND
Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores ND
Angela Karvounides ND
Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf NMD
Stefan Kasian
Dr. Teerawong Kasiolarn ND, MSA, LAC
Ms. Katherine Kass ND
Dr. Natasha Kassam ND
Safia Kassam ND
Wahji Kasten ND, LAC
Dr. Sara Kates-Chinoy ND
Akiko Kato ND
Steven Katz NMD
Dr. Joseph Katzinger ND
Navjot Kaur ND
Dr. Neeru Kaushik ND
Dr. Jenee Kautzer ND
Dr. Aimee Kaye Svendsen ND
Dr. Chrysanthi Kazantzis ND, MS
Elisabeth Kearney ND
Nicole Kearney ND
Dana Keaton NMD LAC
Dr. Elan Keehn ARNP, ND
Dr. Brian Keenan ND
Dr. Julie Keiffer NMD
Virginia Keilty NMD
Dr. Amy Kelchner ND
Tyler Keliiheleua ND
Adeline Kell ND
Dr. Deborah Keller ND, LM, CPM
Melanie Keller ND
Dr. Melody Keller ND
Lisa Kelley LMT
Dr. Nicole Kellum ND
Dr. Kim Kelly ND, MPH
Dr. Kimberly Kelly ND
Dr. Anne Kelty ND, LMT
Dr. Holly Kendra ND
Dr. Cori Kennedy NMD
Dr. Kate Kennedy ND
Laura Kennedy NMD
Dr. Mitch Kennedy ND
Shaun Kennedy ND
Dr. Jil Kenney ND
Dr. Emily Keranen ND
Dr. Sherry Kerchner ND
Dr. Ross Kerievsky DC, ND
Alison Kerns ND
Alison Kerr ND
Dr. Melissa Kerr ND
Dr. Nicole Kerr ND
Dr. Veronique Kerr NMD
Dr. Nicola Kettle ND
Dr. Molly Keys ND
Kiran Khaira ND, MA
Dr. Sukhdeep Khaira ND
Dr. Chil Khakham ND
Mr. Guru Sandesh Khalsa ND
Dr. Harijot Khalsa ND, PHT
Sarv Varta Khalsa NMD
Dr. Keyanoosh Khorami ND
Dr. Linda Khoshaba NMD
Dr. Nooshin Khoshkhesal-Darvish ND
Dr. Lena Kian ND
Dr. Gary Kiefer ND
Dr. Shawna Kiker ND
Dr. Kara Kikuchi ND
Dr. Todd Killebrew ND
Dr. Andrew Kim ND
Hyoshin Kim ND
Dr. Min Kyun Kim ND, LAC
Dr. Minna Kim ND
Dr. Patricia Kim ND, MSOM, LAC
Dr. Lori Kimata ND
Dr. Jeana Kimball ND, MPH
Dr. Peter Kimble ND
Dr. Eric Kimbles ND
Dr. Nazanin Kimiai ND, LAC
Dr. Alison King ND
Dr. Cheryl King ND
Dr. Denette King NMD
Dr. Katana King ND
Dr. Noelle King ND
Dr. Stephen King ND
Dr. Sheila Kingsbury ND
Dr. Masato Kinjo ND
Dr. Jason Kinley ND
Dr. Erin Kinney ND
Dr. India Kinsley ND
Sheryl Kipnis ND
Dr. George Kirby ND
Miss Joanna Kirby MTBC
David Kirk ND
Dr. Joan Kirk ND
Kenneth Kirk PT, ND
Dr. Walker Kirkpatrick ND
Dr. Erin Kirwin ND
Dr. Dina Kiseleva ND
Christina Kithil ND
Lisa Klasman ND
Dr. Jeffrey Klass ND
Dr. Eliza Klearman ND, LAC
Tanis Kleckler ND
Dr. Sarah Klippel ND
Dr. Thomas Klos ND
Dr. Nicole Klughers ND, PHARMD
Dr. Angela Knapp ND
Dr. Michael Knapp ND
Dr. Aimee Knauff 099-0071487
Whitney Knickrehm ND
Dr. Julie Kniess ND
Dr. Colleen Knight ND
Dr. Peter Knight ND
Stephen Knight ND
Dr. Kathleen Knights ND
Dr. Shaundel Knights ND
Ulrich Knorr ND
Dr. Jeffery Knytych NMD
Jadie Ko ND
Dr. Rosetta Koach LMT, ND
Dr. Erica Koch ND
Dr. Steven Koda ND
Dr. Mary Alison Koehnke ND
Dr. Gemie Kohler Mcleod NMD
Cheryl Kollin NMD
Dr. Brittany Kolluru ND
Dr. Jessica Kooima NMD
Dr. Camille Koontz ND
Dr. Gail Kopin RDH, COM, ND
Robert Korb
Elizabeth Korza ND
Dr. Cynthia Kotarski ND
Dr. Sarah Kotzur ND
Dr. Aime Kouame ND
Dr. Barbara Koudelka NMD
Dr. Jeffery Kovacich ND
Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD
Dr. Susan Kowalsky ND
Dr. Christopher Kozura ND, LMP
Nicole Krakora ND
Ananda Kramer ND
Devra Krassner ND
Dr. April Krause ND
Julie Krauss-Lucas ND
Ms. Anna Krauthoefer ND, LAC
Dr. Ryan Krch NMD
Dr. Jennifer Krebs ND
Dr. Richard Krebs MD
Barbara Kreemer ND
Dr. Carla Kreft ND, LAC, MSOM
Dr. Yvonne Kreger ND
Dr. Susan Kreitzberg ND
Dr. Jennifer Krieger ND
Dr. Allyn Krieger-Fiedler ND
Dr. Rebecca Krisko ND
Dr. Paul Krolick ND
Mrs. Susie Krolicki ND
Dr. Desiree Kronenberg ND
Dr. Holly Krook ND
Dr. Jody Krukowski NMD
Dr. Erika Krumbeck ND
Dr. Roman Krupa ND
Dr. Dohn Kruschwitz MD, ND
Dr. Thomas Kruzel ND
Dr. Cheryl Kubacz NMD
Dr. Leila Kuehner ND
Dr. Preeta Kuhlman ND
Tim Kuhlman ND
Kathleen Kuhn
Dr. Andre Kulisz PHD, ND, ACN
Preeti Kulkarni ND
Emil Kunkel ND
Jodi Kunkel ND
Dr. Karen Kunkler ND
Dr. Jami Kupperman ND
Stacey Kupperman ND
Dr. Lesley Kuramoto ND
Jennifer Kurinsky ND
Melissa Kuser ND LAC
Rachel Kushner
Robyn Kutka ND
Dr. Leat Kuzniar ND
Dr. Jon Kvenvolden ND
Dr. Calvin Kwan ND
Laurinda Kwan ND
Dr. Laura Kwiatkowski ND
Dr. Georgia Kyba ND
Dr. Mary Kyprianou PHD, BCB
Karen La ND
Dr. Miranda Labant ND
Dr. Sherry Labeck ND
Dr. Daniel Labriola ND
Dr. Julie Lachman ND
Shaun Lachute ND
Dr. Joelle Laclair ND
Dr. Nathalie Lacroute ND
Dr. R Gregory Lagoy ND
Dr. Giselle Lai ND
Dr. Monique Lai ND
Dr. Lexi Lain ND
Ms. Abby Laing ND
Dr. Phieu Lam ND
Jennifer Lamar ND
Dr. Dawn Lamb ND
Anne-Marie Lambert ND
Dr. Linda Lambert NMD
Dr. Mark Lamden ND
Dr. Christa Lamothe ND
Dr. Hillary Lampers ND
Dr. Davis Lamson ND
Dr. Cara Lan ND
Dr. Melanie Landers ND
Dr. Kimberly Landino ND
Dr. Kiera Lane NMD
Sarah Lane ND
Dr. Michael Lang ND
Rebecca Lang ND
Dr. Renee Lang ND
Dr. Ariana Langdon ND
Dr. Andrew Lange ND
Justin Langlais ND
Dr. Deborah Lantz ND
Elizabeth Large
Eleanor Larkin LMT
Dr. Frank Larosa ND
Valerie Larosa ND
Anita Larrow ND
Dr. Pushpa Larsen ND
Dr. Clinton Larson NMD, DC
Dr. Melissa Larson ND
Dr. Amy Larue ND
Dr. Kenneth Lashutka NMD
Dr. Lesya Lasota ND
Dr. Raina Lasse ND
Dr. Beth Laughlin ND
Dr. Lisa Laughlin
Dr. Joan Laurance NO
Dr. Kathryn Laurance ND
Ms. Elizabeth Laurenson ND
Dr. Martin Lavell ND
Lisa Lavoie ND
Dr. Jean Lawler ND
Dawn Lawlor ND
Dr. Derek Lawrence ND
Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence ND
Tanya Lawson
Katherine Layman ND
Harmony Layne ND
Dr. Jean Layton ND
Mr. Alejandro Lazala
Dr. Sandy Le ND
Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost II ND
Dr. Lauren Leahy ND, LMT
Dr. Nicole Lean ND
Dr. Brooke Leason ND
Dr. Donald Leathers ND
Dr. Kasia Leavitt
Dr. Lilifrancheska Lebron Torres ND
Mrs. Angela Leclair ND
Dr. Marianna Ledenac ND
Dr. Choying Lee ND
Christina Lee ND
Dr. Clement Lee ND
Diana Lee ND
Dr. Elizabeth Lee ND
Dr. Guan Lee ND/NMD
Dr. Judy Lee ND
Dr. Livia Lee ND
Dr. Mi-Jung Lee ND,LAC
Dr. Robert Lee ND, MS, MA
Dr. Stephen Lee NMD
Dr. Thomas Lee NMD
Trisha Lee ND
Dr. Yoojin Lee ND
Dr. Young Ju Lee NMD
Dr. Nancy Leeder
Leigh-Anne Lehrman ND, PA-C
Dr. Trisha Lehto NMD
Dr. Angelica Lemke ND
Robert Lemley ND
David Lemmon ND
Birgit Lenger ND
Dr. Gilberto Leon JR. NMD
Dr. Lisa Leonard ND
Dr. Jacob Leone ND
Dr. Jacqueline Leone NMD
Dr. Christopher Leroy Maloney ND
Emily Lesnak ND
Dr. Michael Leu ND
Dr. Brooke Leverone ND
Dr. Hollie-Ann Levine ND
Dr. Samantha Levine ND
Dr. Amanda Levitt ND
Dr. Joshua Levitt ND
Tara Levy ND
Dr. Danielle Lewis ND
Dr. Douglas Lewis ND
Dr. Ellen Lewis ND
Dr. Katherine Lewis ND
Dr. Lisa Lewis ND, LAC
Nicole Lewis ND
Nina Lewis ND
Dr. Rebecca Lewis ND
Dr. Sara Lewis ND
Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior ND
Dr. Laura Lewman ND
Dr. Dawn Ley ND
Dr. Brad Lichtenstein ND
Monica Liddle ND, LM, CPM
Dr. Brett Lieberman ND
Richard Liebmann ND
Dr. Amanda Lien ND
Dr. Katherine Lik ND
Dr. Heather Lilly NMD
Hillary Lim ND
Dr. Chun Ming Lin ND, RPH
Dr. Hurng Jinn Lin ND
Judy Lin ND
Dr. Tzu-Ping Lin ND
Mrs. Anja Lindblad ND
Dr. Linne Linder ND
Ms. Denise Linehan ND
Lezlie Link ND
Dr. Corie Linn ND
Nancy Lins ND
Dr. Luca Lioce NMD
Dr. Jessica Lipham ND, DOM
Dr. Brandy Lipscomb ND
Dr. Andrew Litchy ND
Dr. Margaret Litchy ND
Dr. Lara Litov ND
Dr. John Little ND NMD
Dr. Megan Little ND
Dr. Chian-Yi Liu ND
Enrico Liva ND
Elizabeth Livengood-Anderson NMD
Dr. Kelly Livingston ND
Dr. Francine Loeb MD
Darla Logan
Dr. Richard Lok ND
Dr. Barry Lomax ND
Dr. Donna Lombardi ND
Erin Lommen ND
Natalia Lomnicki ND
Angela London ND
Dr. Cody Long ND
Dr. Margot Longenecker ND
Dr. Emily Longwill ND
Dr. Marnie Loomis ND
Dr. Chandy-Ann Lopes ND
Dr. Jorge Lopez NMD
Dr. Kelly Loringer ND, MPH
Ms. Sophanary Lorn LMP
Amy-Jane Loschert ND
Mrs. Christine Louden MD
Patrick Love ND
Dr. Sara Love ND
Dr. Ann Lovick NMD
Dr. Jean Lowe Carlson ND
Mrs. Penny Lowell LMT
Dr. Marsha Lowery ND
Dr. Amanda Lucero ND
Jonathan Luchs ND
Dr. Khara Lucius ND
Ian Luepker ND
Libia Luevano ND
Carlye Luft
Dr. Daniel Lukaczer ND
Dr. Robert Lund ND
Brigid Lunder ND
Dr. Susan Lundgren NMD
Ms. Amanda Lundy LMT
Dr. Scott Luper ND
Dr. Jennifer Lush ND
Spice Lussier NMD
Dr. Roberta Lutack ND
Dr. Sandy Lutrin ND
Victoria Lutskovsky Hasan ND
Dr. Ariana Lutzi ND
Ms. Amanda Luu ND
Dr. Benjamin Lynch ND
Cheryl Lyon ND
Dr. Vanessa Lyon ND
Dr. Serena Ma ND, LAC
Mrs. April Macalpine PDD
Dr. Barbara Macdonald-Rodgers ND, LAC
Dr. Melissa Macfarlane
Dr. Nancy Macfarlane ND
Dr. Nancy Mach ND
Sally Machin ND
Douglas Mackay ND
Dr. Linda Mackey N D, FNP
Christina Mackie ND
Dr. Jaymie Mackler
Dr. Steven Macpherson ND
Susanne Macsay DDS, NMD
Dr. Adam Maddox ND
Dr. Samuel Madeira ND
Dr. Harold Maderazo ND
Dr. Todd Maderis ND, LAC
Dr. Edward Madison SR. ND
Dr. Trilisa Madison ND
Dr. Linda Madore ND
Venessa Madrigal ND
Dr. Christine Madsen NMD
Dr. Paul Madsen ND
Dr. Luc Maes DC,ND
Dr. Tracy Magerus NMD
Neil Mages ND
Dr. Dimitrios Magiasis ND
Dr. Katja Magus ND
Dr. Melissa Mahar ND - NATUROPATH
Dr. Jose Mahfoud ND
Dr. Galina Mahlis ND
Dr. Emily Maiella ND
Suzette Mailloux ND
Dr Deborah Maken ND
Dr. Robert Maki ND
Dr. Mariam Malek ND
Dr. Richard Malik ND
Dr. Katherine Mallette ND
Dr. Eric Mallory MD, ND, LAC
Dr. Shannon Maltais NMD
Dr. Henry Malus ND
Dr. Nina Manipon ND
Heather Manley ND
Jennifer Mann ND
Dr. Richard Mann ND
Dr. Jasmine Manning ND
Dr. Terrance Manning II ND
Dr. Javier Manrique NMD
Emerald Mansfield ND
Dr. Sherwin Mansubi ND
Dr. Mary Marcantel NMD
Dr. Raffaella Marcantonio ND
Dr. Marianne Marchese ND
Saul Marcus ND
Jessica Marier
Dr. Corrie Marinaro ND
Dr. Ron Mariotti ND
Dr. Jennifer Markham ND
Dr. Mary Markow ND,MS,LAC
Dr. Ruth Marleau ND
Dr. Susan Marra ND
Rick Marschall
Dr. Bonnie Marsh ND
Barbara Marsh-Jones NMD
Dr. Sarah Marshal ND
Karen Marshall
Dr. Keri Marshall ND
Casey Martell ND
Dr. Theresa Martez ND, LMP
Dr. Beth Martin ND
Dr. Cari Martin ND, LM
Dr. Dan Martin LAC, DOM
Hillary Martin ND
Dr. Janene Martin ND
Julie Martin ND
Dr. Juniper Martin ND
Dr. Katherine Martin ND
Lara Martin
Dr. Laura Martin ND
Lindsay Martin ND
Roseanne Martin ND
Dr. Ryan Martin ND
Dr. Debra Martin-Belleville ND
Dr. Christine Martin-Mueller
Dr. Anna Martinez ND
Dr. Robert Martinez DC, N D
Dr. Teresita Martinez ND
Manuel Martinez-Millian MT
Gillian Martlew ND
Dr. Matthew Marturano NMD
Dr. Iris Maruska ND
Dr. Kristen Marvin ND
Dr. Michael Marx ND,PHD
Dr. Tennille Marx ND
Dr. Laurie Marzell ND
Dr. Jeannine Maschaki ND
Dr. Samuel Masini ND LAC
Dr. Deedra Mason ND
Dr. King Mason JR. ND,
Dr. James Massey ND
Ariel Mastrich ND
Susan Mather ND
Dr. Lauren Mathewson ND
Dr. Marjorie Matson ND
Dr. Kathleen Matteson ND, ARNP
Dr. Tom Matteucci ND
Laurell Matthews ND
Dr. Ronald Matthias JR. ND
Dr. Lisa Maturo ND
Corinne Maul De Soto ND
Dr. Jennifer Maurer ND
Dr. Richard Maurer ND
Dr. Johanna Mauss ND
Dr. Sterling Maximo ND, EAMP
Cara Maxson ND
Dr. Catherin Maxwell ND
Dr. Nicole Maxwell ND
Ashley May ND
Dr. Jasmine May ND
Dr. Joanna May ND
Dr. Robert May ND
Dr. Iggy Mayboroda ND
Dr. Alexandra Mayer ND
Ashley Mayer
Scott Maymon NMD
Dr. Aaronda Mayo ND, PT
Dr. Nancy Mazur ND
Dr. Miriam Mazure-Mitchell ND
Dr. Monique Mazza ND
Dr. Alison Mcallister ND
Dr. Heath Mcallister ND
Dr. Sarah Mcallister ND
Summer Mcallister ND
Dr. Donald Mcbride ND
Dr. Teresa Mcbride NMD
Dr. Rebecca Mccall DNM
Dr. Carol Mccalment NMD
Nicole Mccarter ND
Dr. Safiya Mccarter ND
Dr. Elijah Mccarthy ND
Melissa Mccarty ND
Dr. Meredith Mcclanen ND
Miss Andrea Mcclellan MTBC
Dr. Melissa Mcclintock ND
Mrs. Julianna Mccloskey MTBC
Dr. Jennifer Mccollum ND
Michelle Mcconnell ND
Dr. Brenda Mccool ND
Megan Mccormick ND
Dr. Jd Mccoy NMD
Dr. Deanna Mccrary ND
Dr. Samia Mccully ND
Dr. Allison Mcdaniel NMD
Dr. Kaylee Mcdonald ND
Margaret Mcdonald PHD, MSOM, ND, LAC
Mrs. Tamoro Mcdonald ND
William Mcdonald ND
Penelope Mcdonnell
Dr. Misty Mcdowell ND
Dr. Elizabeth Mcelligott ND
Dr. Kristen Mcelveen ND
Nicola Mcfadzean ND
Dr. Joanna Mcgary ND
Dr. Carolyn Mcgaughey ND
Dr. Heather Mcgee NMD
Dr. Brandy Mcgill ND
Dr. Jacqueline Mcgrath ND
Dr. David Mchenry II ND
Dr. Schuyler Mchenry ND
Tammy Mcinnis ND
Dr. Deborah Mckay ND
Dr. Angela Mckaye DC, ND
Ms. Sandra Mckenzie
Dr. Serena Mckenzie ND
Dr. Grant Mckernan NMD
Lea Mckinstry ND
Dr. Alana Mclaughlin ND
Dr. Vanessa Mclaughlin ND
Dr. Margarethe Mcleod ND
Dr. Ian Mclogan ND
Katrina Mcmahon LMT
Dr. Bridghid Mcmonagle ND
Dr. Suzanne Mcmurry ND
Matthew Mcnamee NMD
Dr. Candace Mcnaughton ND
Dr. Brooke Mcneal ND
Dr. Jason Mcneil NMD
Dr. Lissa Mcniel ND
Dr. Nikodemas Mcnulty ND
Dr. Elisabeth Mcpherson ND
Shana Mcqueen ND
Beth Mcquinn ND
Dr. Gordon Mcrostie DOM
Nathan Mcveigh ND
Dr. Jennifer Mead ND
Dr. Tucker Meager ND
Dr. Aarin Meager-Benson ND
Wilfred Meeds
William Mehan ND
Dr. Ardeschir Mehrabani ND
Dr. Angelina Mehta ND
Dr. Stacey Meisel ND
Joie Meissner ND
Alexis Mele ND
Dr. Chris Meletis ND
Dr. Vahe Melikyan NMD
Dr. Linda Melos ND
Amy Melsness
Jonathan Melton JR. LMT
Dr. Elissa Mendenhall ND
Dr. Dianna Mendoza NMD
Dr. Michael Mendribil ND
Laurie Menk Otto ND
Dr. Afia Menke ND
Dr. Kara Menzer ND
Dr. Kathryn Mercer ND
Dr. Nancy Mercer ND
Dr. Jennifer Mercier ND
Dr. Chris Merlino
Mckenzie Mescon ND
Lucinda Messer ND
Dr. Stephen Messer ND
Dr. Thomas Messinger ND
Dr. Jeffrey Metzger ND
Dr. Kyle Meyer ND
Dr. Melanie Meyer ND
Dr. Patricia Meyer ND
Dr. Leslie Meyers ND
Dr. Kara Michalsen ND
Dr. Erica Middlemiss NMD
Dr. Lynn Mikel ND
Nanci Miklowski ND
Dr. Jeremy Mikolai ND
Dr. Justine Miksch ND
Dr. Margrit Mikulis ND
Dr. Kellyn Milani ND
Devin Miles ND
George Miles ND
Ruvva Milian NL, CNC
Robert Milisen NMD
Dr. Steven Milkis ND
Alicia Miller ND
Dr. Danielle Miller ND
Dr. Deborah Miller ND
Dr. Emily Miller ND
Dr. Eva Miller ND
Dr. Hilary Miller I ND
Dr. Julia Miller ND
Julie Miller CMT
Dr. Lisa Miller ND
Dr. Mary-Claire Miller ND
Michael Miller NMD
Dr. Owen Miller ND
Dr. Rebecca Miller ND
Dr. Whitney Miller-Caporaso ND
Dr. Claire Millet ND, LAC
Dr. Daniel Milligan ND
Dr. Wendell Milliman ND
Dr. Alan Mills ND
Dr. Martin Milner ND
Elisa Minerich ND
Dr. Andrea Minesaki NMD
Dr. Mary Minor ND
Dr. Michelle Minshall ND
Dr. Darrell Misak ND, RPH
Laurie Mischley ND
Dr. Parabatie Misir
Kellyn Misset ND
Dr. Nadia Mistry ND
Dr. Anne Mitchell ND
Dr. Jessica Mitchell ND
Dr. Leah Mitchell ND, LMP
Dr. Miguel Mitchell ND
Dr. Tiffany Mitchell NMD
Dr. Arie Mittman NMD
Dr. Paul Mittman ND
Kate Miyagi ND
Dr. Anna Mkrtchyan NMD
Dr. Jennifer Mlnarik ND
Dr. Alisha Moadab ND
Dr. Diane Moan ND
Dr. Katherine Modica ND
Dustin Moffitt ND
Dr. Satish Mohan ND
Emily Mohar ND
Dr. Jon Moma ND
Dr. John Monagle ND
Dr. Alison Monette ND
Dr. Joshua Moninger ND
Dr. Priscilla Monroe ND
Dayna Monterrey NMD
Dr. Monica Montoya ND
Dr. Mark Monwai ND
Mrs. Adair Moore CMT
Dr. Amy Moore ND, DOM, AP
Erin Moore
Dr. Ian Moore ND
Mrs. Janice Moore LMT
Dr. Jeffery Moore ND, LAC
Dr. Robin Moore
Dr. Steven Moore DC, ND
Dr. Tegan Moore ND
Dr. Carmen Mora ND
Dr. Pedro Morales ND
Mr. Jonathan Morales Gonzalez TML
Dr. Michel Moreau ND
Dr. Delaney Morehouse NMD
Dr. Melanie Morford ND
Dr. Al Morgan ND
Dr. Joel Morgan NMD
Dr. Karla Morgan ND
Dr. Nicholas Morgan ND
Dr. Daniel Morlan ND
Dr. Rebecca Morrell ND
Dr. Kira Morrill NMD
Aaron Morris
Dr. Elizabeth Morris ND
Dr. Lance Morris NMD
Dr. Steven Morris ND, AHG
Dr. Timothy Morris ND
Madeleine Morrison ND
William Morrison ND
Ms. Catherine Morse ND
Dr. Justin Morse ND
Dr. Lisa Morse ND
Dr. Mona Morstein ND
Dr. Ruby Morton ND
Margaret Moseley
Scott Moser ND
Dr. Deborah Moskowitz ND
Dr. Travis Mowery NMD / ND
Dr. Kelly Moyaert ND
Asia Muhammad ND
Kim Muhammad ND
Anuprao Mulakaluri
Dr. Nancy Mulcare ND
Dr. Juliette Mulgrew ND
Ms. Rebecca Mulkern ND
Dr. James Mullane ND
Dr. Lanae Mullane ND
Erin Mullaney ND
Dr. Elissa Mullen ND
Dr. Scott Mulliken ND
Dr. Nancy Mullis ND
Dr. Tonya Mulvaney ND, MS
Jaspreet Mundeir ND
Jennifer Mundt ND
Dr. Bianca Munoz NMD
Dr. Laura Munro ND
Dr. Stacey Munro ND
Dr. Kathlene Muratore NMD
Dr. Timothy Murbach ND
Jodie Murdoch ND
Maydee Murdock ND, LAC
Dr. Andrew Murison ND
Coleen Murphy ND
Sarah Murphy ND
Dr. Tolle Murphy ND
Dr. Meredith Murray ND
Michael Murray ND
Dr. Ronald Murray PT ND
Dr. Nadia Musavvir
Dr. Jeannette Musset NMD
Dr. Brita Mutti ND
Dr. Blake Myers ND
Dr. Brian Myers ND
Dr. Deborah Myers ND, LMP
Ms. Rhonda Myers LMT
Dr. Robert Myers ND
Sarah Myers ND
Dr. Oddveig Myhre NMD
Allison Nabours ND
Dr. Babak Nafe NMD
Dr. Glen Nagel ND
Dr. Jessica Nagelkirk ND
William Nager ND
Dr. Ellerie Nagy ND
Dr. Raushanah Najeeullah NMD
Dr. Jana Nalbandian ND
Dr. Sangjin Nam ND
Lakshmi Nandyala ND
Dr. Louise Napoli ND
Rhesa Napoli ND
Ms. Tarra Napolitan LMP
Dr. Virginia Nash ND
Dr. Priscilla Natanson ND
Dr. Lisa Naugle ND
Kate Naumes ND
Dr. Babak Nayeri ND, FACFE, DAAPM
Julieanne Neal ND
Dr. Nadene Neale ND
Dr. Kimberly Nearpass ND
Dr. Christopher Neary ND
Dr. Dean Neary JR. ND
Dominika Neary ND
Mr. Patrick Neary ND
Dr. Bonnie Nedrow ND
Dr. Kyle Neeley NMD
Teresa Neff ND
Dr. Skye Nehs PAC
Dr. Kristin Neibling ND
Dr. Amy Nelson ND
Dr. Deaun Nelson ND
Dr. Jennifer Nelson ND
Ms. Lindsey Nelson ND
Dr. Tara Nelson ND
Dr. Steven Nemeroff DC
Dr. Steve Nenninger NMD
Katherine Neubauer ND
Tania Neubauer ND
Rachel Neuendorf ND
Dr. Amy Neussl ND
Dr. Amy Neuzil ND
Jennifer Nevels ND
Dr. Laura Neville ND
David Newirth ND
Janel Newman-Kovacev ND
Dr. Courtenay Newton ND
Maggie Ney ND
Alice Nguyen
Dr. Alysa Nguyen ND, LAC
Dr. Dien Nguyen ND
Dr. Kaila Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen NMD
Dr. Khuyen-Di Nguyen ND
Kimberly Nguyen AP, ND
Manvy Nguyen ND
Nhung Nguyen ND
Dr. Phandinh Nguyen ND, MD
Dr. Phuong Nguyen ND
Dr. Rhodo Nguyen ND
Alexandria Nguyen-Johnson
Dr. Mai Nguyen-Pham ND
Dr. George Nichol NMD
Dr. Leslie Nicholas ND
Dr. Richard Nicholas PHARMD, ND
Ms. Alana Nichols CN
Dr. Douglas Nichols NMD
Dr. Rebecca Nicholson ND
Dr. Paul Nicolai ND
Dr. Marie Niechwiadowicz NMD
Dr. Kirsten Nielsen ND
Michelle Niesley ND
Dr. Elizabeth Nikolic NMD
Dr. Stephanie Nishek ND
Dr. Midori Nishida ND
Dr. Eric Nissen ND
Dr. Bernard Noe ND
Dr. Jody Noe MS ND
Lauren Noel ND
Dr. Joel Noland ND, LAC
Nadia Noori ND
Dr. Anna Nordin NMD
Audrey Nordlie ND
Dr. Bethania Noronha ND
Dr. Carrie Norris ND
Kristi Norris NMD
Dr. Sara Norris ND
Emma Norton ND
Dr. Nolan Noska ND
Dr. Katerina Novakova ND
Jennifer November ND
Allison Novins ND
Dr. John Nowicki ND
Dr. Summer Nowicki ND
Katheryn Nuckolls ND
Dr. Megan Null ND
Dr. Haylee Nye ND
Dr. Carolyn Nygaard ND
Cari Nyland ND
Dr. Kareen O'brien ND
Dr. Mary O'brien NMD, FNP
Cameron O'connell ND
Eryn O'connell ND
Dr. Maureen O'connor ND
Dr. Trisha O'donnell ND
Catherine O'halloran ND
Dr. Amy O'hara NMD
Dr. Jennifer O'leary ND
Dr. Erica Oberg ND
Mrs. Catharina Oberholzer
Dr. Khivan Oberoi ND
Dr. Deirdre Oconnor ND
Danika Odama ND, EAMP
Kristen Odell ND , PA-C
Dr. John Oertle III ND
Dr. Harold Ofgang ND
Dr. Hazel Ogawa-Lerman ND
Dr. Jeannine Ogle DN
Mr. Patricio Ogrodnik
Sara Ohgushi ND
Dr. Eric Ohling ND
Dr. Ashley Ohlson Stramp ND
Dr. Kathleen Ojeda ND
Dr. Osemekhian Okojie ND
Dr. Lauren Oktay ND
Lori Olaf
Dr. David Olarsch ND
Dr. Ashley Olberg ND
Ms. Rebekah Oldenkamp ND
Dr. Katherine Oldfield ND
Dr. Joni Olehausen ND
Dr. Deborah Oleynik ND
Dr. Holly Oliver ND
Dr. Valerie Olmsted NMD
Dr. Leah Olsen ND
Dr. Nathan Olsen ND
Steven Olsen ND
Dr. Kristina Olson-Kuyper ND
Dr. Samuel Oltman ND
Ibukun Omole ND, LAC
Dr. Ami Opal ND
Dr. Landon Opunui ND
Dr. Virginia Oram ND
Dr. Elizabeth Orchard ND
Dr. Shayna Orfus ND
Dr. Michael Orian ND
Dr. Andria Orlowski NMD
Shahrzad Orona NMD
Dr. Brian Orr ND
Dr. Cara Orscheln ND
Dr. Elizabeth Orth ND
Jose Ortiz ND
Nicole Ortiz ND
Dr. Virginia Osborne ND
Dr. Alexis Osborne-Mcneil NMD
Ms. Loretta Osik ND
Dr. Jamie Oskin ND
Dr. Cory Ostroot ND
Dr. Kimberly Otis ND
Dr. Alma Ott ND
Dr. Jeri Otterstrom ND
Dr. Madalyn Otto ND
Dr. Sarah Ouano ND
Dr. Lisa Ow ND
Dr. Michael Owen ND
Mrs. Kelly Owens N D
Stacy Oxenhandler ND
Dr. Barbara Oxley NMD
Dr. Rie Oyama ND
Dr. Glenn Ozalan NMD
Dr. Eiji Ozawa ND
Dr. Kristaps Paddock ND
Dr. Gregory Pais ND
Rose Paisley ND
Dr. David Palacios ND
Ms. Katherine Palermo LMT
Dr. Andrea Palmer ND
Dr. Emily Palmer ND
Shawn Palmer ND
Dr. Xochitl Palomino ND
Dr. Anne Palzer ND
Dr. Sheila Panda ND
Craig Pannone ND
Dr. Janet Panter ND
Traci Pantuso
Dr. Elena Panutich PHD, ND
Elise Panza ND
Dr. Nathan Papadeas NMD
Dr. Karen Paquette ND
Dr. Nicholas Parasson ND
Dr. Kelly Parcell ND
Dr. Stephen Parcell ND
Dr. Kevin Pare ND
Dr. Maria Aurora Paredes ND
Dr. Daina Parent NMD
Dr. Jin Park ND, LAC
Julie Parke
Dr. Della Parker ND
Dr. Kai Parker ND, CPM
Karen Parker ND
Dr. Rebecca Parker ND
Dr. Tabatha Parker ND
Dr. Kivette Parkes ND
Dr. Andrew Parkinson ND
Dr. Nina Paroo ND
Dr. Nafysa Parpia ND
Rosia Parrish ND
Dr. Kevin Passero ND
Emily Passic ND
Tonya Pasternak
Dr. Aarti Patel ND
Dr. Sarwat Patel ND
Dr. Sonal Patel ND
Andrea Patin
Dr. Audrey Patricio ND
Lyn Patrick ND
Dr. Jaquel Patterson ND
Kate Patterson ND
Dr. Melissa Patterson ND
Nancy Patterson ND
Dr. Tonya Patton DO
Dr. Heather Paulson ND
Dr. Vanessa Pavey ND, LMP
Dr. Pamela Pavilonis ND
Dr. Tanya Paynter ND
Dr. Judy Peabody ND
Timothy Peace NMD
Dr. Miriam Peachy ND
Dr. Jane Pearson ND
Dr. Elizabeth Pedersen ND, PHARMD
Natalie Pedro ND
Dr. Erica Peirson ND
Lauren Peizer ND
Dr. Michael Pendell ND
Dr. James Pendleton ND
Dr. Julie Pendleton ND
Dr. Emily Penney ND
Dr. Sigrid Penrod ND
Dr. Ken Pentland ND
Dr. Mihaela Pepel MD, ND
Dr. Benita Perch ND
Dr. Matthew Perchemlides ND, FABNO
Dr. Katrina Perkins NMD
Dr. Noah Perlman ND, DC
Dr. Esther Perreault ND
Dr. Andrew Perry ND
Dr. Dennis Perry ND
Dr. Margaret Perry ND
Cristina Persa MS, ND
Dr. Alicia Peterman ND
Dr. Brian Peters ND
Dr. Karen Peters ND
Dr. Shawn Peters ND
Dr. Jason Petersen ND
Dr. Craig Peterson ND LAC
Dr. Dallin Peterson ND
Dr. Desmond Peterson ND
Dr. Heidi Peterson ND
Hunter Peterson ND
Dr. Jena Peterson ND
Katherine Peterson ND
Leslie Peterson ND
Dr. Noel Peterson ND
Dr. Carol Petherbridge ND
Dr. Richard Petke ND
Dr. Nathaniel Petley ND
Dr. Orest Petrishen ND, PHD, CNC
Michelle Pettitt
Dr. Tara Peyman NMD
Meredith Peyton NMD
Dr. Timothy Pfankuch ND
Dr. Jason Phan ND
Sidney Pharis ND
Dr. Margaret Philhower ND
Dr. Cynthia Phillips ND
Dr. Jennifer Phillips ND
Dr. Joshua Phillips ND
Mrs. Joyce Phillips LMT
Valerie Phillips ND
Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett ND
Dr. Hazel Philp ND
Dr. Stephen Phipps ND, PHD
Dr. Kambra Phoebus ND
Dr. Cathy Picard ND
Dr. Brianna Piche ND
Dr. Brandy Pierce NMD
Ms. Leslie Pierce LMT ND
Dr. Maeshowe Pierce ND
Dr. Paula Pilcher ND, LMT
Dr. Elizabeth Pimentel ND
Dr. Stephanie Pina ND, LAC
Alexander Pinchot ND
Tressa Pinkleton ND
Dr. Nicholas Pintauro ND
Dr. Gary Piscopo ND, LAC
Mr. Tom Pitman MT
Dr. Joseph Pizzorno ND
Amanda Placeres ND
Pamela Plank ND, LAC
Dr. Lara Plecher ND
Dr. Stephanie Pleiman ND
Ms. Suzzette Plettner LMT
Dr. Krystal Plonski ND
Dr. Kathryn Plummer ND
Dr. Kristen Plunkett ND
Emily Poccia ND
Dr. Sherrill Pochop ND
Dr. Beth Poindexter ND, MPH
Dr. Jennifer Poindexter ND
Dr. Sara Polanco ND
Dr. Will Polec NMD
Mrs. Alycia Policani ND
Dr. Ariel Policano
Deborah Polisoto ND
Ani Politis MD
Dr. Justin Pollack ND
Carly Polland ND
Dr. Katherine Pomeroy
Dr. Clinton Pomroy ND
Dr. Brian Popiel NMD
Dr. Peter Porrino ND
Dr. Alexandra Porter ND
Jason Porter NMD
Dr. Stephany Porter ND
Dr. Keith Post ND, LMT
Dr. Shawn Postma ND
Dr. Zachary Poteet NMD
Dr. Caryn Potenza ND
Tamara Potselueva ND
Dr. Angela Potter ND
Camella Potter ND
Dr. Jennifer Potter ND
Dr. Ralph Potter NMD
Dr. Jeffrey Potts ND
Dr. Aline Potvin ND
Dr. Anna Pouchet ND
Ariana Poulakos ND
Dr. Michelle Pouliot ND
Dr. Jacqueline Poulos NMD
Dr. Kasra Pournadeali ND
Dr. David Powell ND
Dr. Dirk Powell ND
Dr. Donna Powell ND,LAC
Jody Powell
Dr. Jonathan Powell ND
Karly Powell ND
Dr. William Powers ND
Dr. Elizabeth Prater ND
Dr. Kathleen Pratt ND
Dr. Kathleen Pratt ND
Dr. James Prego ND
Dr. Andrea Premazzi ND
Dr. Marcia Prenguber ND
Cynthia Preston ND
Paris Preston ND
Dr. Sarah Preston Hesler ND
Hayley Price NMD
Dr. Lisa Price ND
Dr. Rachelle Price ND
Dr. Tess Price NMD
Dr. Kelly Prill ND
Dr. Rebecca Principe ND
Dr. Allison Pritchard NMD
Lauren Procopio ND
Dr. Cheryl Proctor ND
Dr. Anne Procyk ND
Dr. Andrea Pryce ND
Dr. Meka Pryce ND
Jonathan Psenka NMD
Dr. Erin Psota ND
Danay Puebla Llanos LMT
Dr. Katherine Pugh ND
Dr. Helene Pulnik ND
Ms. Jennifer Pursell ND, LAC
Dr. Kathryn Purvis NMD
Ashleigh Putnam ND
Maria Putney MPH, ND
Dr. Leticia Qamar-Busler NMD
Dr. Joanne Qualler ND
Dr. Ayanna Quamina ND
Dr. Diana Quinn
Dr. Francesca Quinn ND
Dr. Jennifer Quinn ND
Dr. Padeen Quinn ND
Dr. Elizabeth Quintana ND
Dr. Noemi Quintanar ND
Dr. Irfan Qureshi ND
Dr. Thea Rabb ND
Angela Rademacher ND, LAC
Dr. Christina Radie ND
Dr. Stacey Raffety NE LAC
Dr. Margaret Rague ND
Dr. Mealani Rahmer ND
Dr. Peter Raisanen ND
Dr. Paul Raish ND
Dr. Jonathan Raistrick ND
Dr. Michele Raithel ND
Dr. Paul Rajcok ND
Dr. Michael Rak ND
Dr. David Ramaley DC, ND
Dr. Manjuma Raman ND
Dr. Padma Raman-Caplan
Dr. Oceana Rames NMD
Bruyanelis Ramos ND
Dr. Ravyn Ramos ND, ARNP
Cynthia Ramsby-Andrews ND
Dr. Theresa Ramsey NMD
Dr. Starr Ramson ND
Dr. Roselyn Ranon ND
Dr. Nishant Rao ND
Dr. Kizzy Raphael ND
Dr. Cathleen Rapp ND
Dr. Phyllis Rapport ND
Karen Rasmussen ND
Zayd Ratansi
Dr. Lillian Ratell ND
Mr. Dameon Rawls LMT
Jenna Rayachoti ND
Dr. Ivory Raye ND
Dr. Kelly Raylinsky ND
Dr. Kerie Raymond ND
Dr. Lori Raymond ND
Dr. Caitlan Readhead ND
Dr. Antonio Reale ND
Dr. Dawn Reardon ND
Dr. Bonnie Reay ND
Dr. Maria Rechkunova-Goodson ND
Dr. Robin Reddeman ND
Mrs. Janna Redding ND
Cory Reddish ND
Dr. Dhurga Reddy ND
Dr. Alison Redwine NMD
Abendigo Reebs ND
Daniel Reed ND
Dr. Kristine Reese ND
Dr. Lucy-Kate Reeve ND
Gabriela Regino NMD
Dr. Judyth Reichenberg ND
Dr. Jennifer Reid ND
Dr. Susanna Reid ND
Dr. James Reiley ND
Dr. Johannah Reilly ND, LAC
Dr. Alexandra Reimann ND
Dr. Howard Reingold ND
Dr. Katherine Reinholtz ND
Dr. Kelley Reis ND
Dr. Shannon Reive ND
Mary Reker NMD
Alison Relat ND
Jessica Renfer ND
Dr. Kristin Renner ND, LAC
Laura Repola ND
Dr. Michelle Retz ND
Dr. Kathryn Retzler ND
Brian Rewerts ND
Kathryn Rewick
Alexy Reynolds LMT
Miss Jacquelyn Reynolds LMT
Dr. John Reynolds ND
Dr. Thomas Reynolds ND
Saman Rezaie ND
Dr. Victoria Rhoades ND
Dr. Rachel Rhodes NMD
Irina Riabikina ND
Dr. Elizabeth Rice ND
Dr. David Richard ND
Dr. Calvin Richards NMD
Dr. Derenda Richardson ND
Krystal Richardson
Dr. Lisa Richardson NMD
Dr. Amanda Richardson-Meyer ND
Dr. Meghan Richmond ND
Dr. Michelle Riddell ND
Dr. Shaun Riddle NMD
Miss Jennifer Riegle ND
Claire Riendeau ND, NMD, DIHOM
Dr. Darcy Ries ND
Dr. James Rife ND MED
Christine Riggin ND
Dr. Kathleen Riley ND
Dr. Mary Riley ND
Mrs. Sonia Riley RN
Stephenie Riley ND
Dr. Adam Rinde ND
Dr. Carmen Ripley ND
Dr. Stacy Riseborough ND
Dr. Rebecca Risley ND
Ms. Lisa Risovi LMT
Dr. Kristie Ritchey ND
Carrie Rittling ND
Jonathan Ritz ND
Dr. Cora Rivard ND
Dr. Kaiten Rivers ND
Dr. Paul Rizza ND
Dr. Patti Robbins ND, LM
Dr. Susan Robbins/Yarett ND
Dr. Angela Robens ND
Dr. Jerry Roberson PHD NMD RRT RCP-NPS
Dr. Hana Roberts ND
Nancy Roberts NATUROPATH
Dr. Susan Roberts ND
Dr. Gregory Robertson ND
Dr. Rachel Robertson ND
Dr. Tacita Robertson ND
Miss Jade Robins ND
Dr. Matthew Robinson ND
Melissa Robinson ND
Dr. Tracy Robinson ND
Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez ND
Ms. Paula Rochelle ND
Eve Rockafellow ND
Shawnti Rockwell ND
Lindsay Rodgers ND
Efrain Rodriguez ND
Dr. Francy Rodriguez ND
Mrs. Laika Rodriguez ND
Dr. Marie Rodriguez ND
Dr. Yolanda Rodriguez ND
Dr. Maria Del M. Rodriguez Berrios ND
Dr. Amanda Roe ND
Deborah Rogalla ND
Dr. Alicia Rogers ND
Dr. Thomas Rogers ND
Dr. Paula Rogness ND
Dr. Lucy Rojo ND
Dr. Cynthia Romero NMD
Kelly Romero NMD
Cristina Romero-Bosch NMD
Dr. Mary Rondeau ND, RH
Dr. Steven Rondeau ND
Lindsay Ronshagen ND
Dr. Kristin Roos ND
Dr. Anna Ropel Maj ND
Dr. Cathryn Rosa ND
Dr. Carlos Rosas ND
Dr. Jennifer Rose ND
Katherine Rose
Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg ND
Dr. Renee Rosenfeld ND
Dr. Savahn Rosinbum ND
Dr. Angela Ross ND
Andrea Rotelli ND
Maya Roth ND
Shidfar Rouhani ND
Dr. Debra Rouse ND
Dr. Jeffrey Roush ND
Mr. Nicholas Rowe MTBC
Mr. Victoria Rowe MTBC
Dr. Wendy Rowley ND
Dr. Mario Roxas ND
Dr. Sandra Roy ND
Dr. Sheba Roy ND
Kimberly Roycroft ND
Sabra Royer ND
Dr. Rachel Rozelle ND
Dr. Daniel Rubin ND
Dr. Joshua Rubinstein ND
Dr. Nadya Rubinstein ND
Natasha Rudd ND, LAC
Dr. Mark Rudderham NMD
Unknown Ruddy
Dr. Ana Ruediger ND
Dr. Laura Rues ND
Katherine Ruggeri ND
John Ruhland
Dr. Leytocha Ruinard ND
Dr. Robert Ruiz NMD
Zynthia Ruiz Batra
Dr. Jennifer Ruland ND
Dr. Craig Runbeck NMD
Dr. Carrie Runde ND
Dr. Graciela Rundle NMD
Becky Rupert ND, CNC, CCH
Dr. Lauren Russel ND
Dr. Ashley Russell ND
Ashley Russell ND
Dr. Maria Russell ND
Dr. Robin Russell ND
Dr. Michael Russo ND
Dr. Jennifer Ryan ND
Dr. Johanna Ryan ND
Dr. Susan Rzucidlo ND
Rachel Sabandal ND
Dr. Steven Sabatier ND
Dr. Chrysalis Sabatinos ND
Mrs. Deeann Saber ND
Dr. Keith Sacco ND
Ms. Marly Sachsman ND
Dr. Sarah Sadler ND
Angela Sadlon ND
Celeste Saenz ND
Dr. Kathryn Sage ND
Dr. Jeffrey Sager ND
James Said DC, ND
Silvana Saieh Yidi ND
Jennifer Salcido ND
Lutea Saldivar NMD
Dr. Lauren Salisbury ND
Dr. Michelle Salob ND
Dr. Christopher Saltpaw ND, LAC
Dr. Lee Samatowic ND
Dr. Shahab Samieian ND
Keli Samuelson MD
Nancy Sanborn ND
Dr. Connie Sanchez ND
Dr. Lauren Sanchez ND
Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND
Dr. Kimberly Sanders ND
Mr. Mark Sanders
Dr. Sandra Sanders ND
Dr. Adam Sandford ND
Heather Sandison ND
Kimberly Sandstrom ND, LMP
Dr. Amaliya Santiago ND
Dr. Marie Santora NMD
Karel Santos LMT
Dr. Sean Sapunar ND
Jillian Sarno ND
Dr. Masa Sasagawa ND
Diane Saunders ND
Megan Saunders ND
Rebecca Sauser
Dr. Ellen Sauter ND
Dr. George Savastio ND
Dr. Kathryn Sawai ND
Dr. Kathryn Sawhill ND
Dr. Rebekkah Sax NMD
Dr. Michele Sayball ND, MIDWIFE
Lina Sbrocco ND, LAC
Dr. Nancy Scarlett ND
Dr. Joseph Scarpuzzi ND
Madeline Schaefer CNM, ND
Dr. Christine Schaffner ND
Dr. Jaime Schehr RD, ND, CDN
Dr. Sarah Schell ND
Dr. Margaret Schenck ND
Dr. Audrey Schenewerk ND
Dr. Nicole Schertell ND
Dr. Jennifer Schiavone-Ruthensteiner ND
Todd Schlapfer ND
Dr. Matt Schlechten ND
Dr. Megan Schlick ND
Dr. Wendy Schloss ND
Cynthia Schmeck ND
Josie Schmidt ND
Dr. Jennifer Schmitt ND
Jacob Schmutz NMD
Marilyn Schnibbe ND
Dr. Elizabeth Schnippel ND
Dr. Lorilee Schoenbeck ND
Christine Schoenek ND
Dr. Candice Scholl ND
Dr. Jacob Schor ND
Dr. Anorah Schostag ND
Dr. Melinda Schottenstein ND
Dr. Elise Schroeder ND
Theresa Schroeder LMT, NCTMB
Gabrielle Schuerman ARNP, ND
Dr. Cecily Schuler ND
Dr. Derrick Schull ND
Dr. Alison Schulz ND
Dr. Sarah Schumann-Curtis ND
Dr. Read Schusky ND
Danielle Schwaderer Kettler ND
Dr. Timothy Schwaiger ND
Dr. Candida Schwartz ND
Dr. Gloria Schwartz ND
Dr. Renee Schwartz ND
Mrs. Shaila Schwartz ND
Dr. Igor Schwartzman ND
Dr. Denise Schwarz ND
Dr. Maureen Schwehr NMD
Dr. Marvin Schweitzer ND
Dr. Lindsay Schwinn ND
Dr. Stephania Sciamano ND
Dr. Suzanne Scopes ND
Dr. Allison Scott ND
Dr. Andrew Scott ND
Dr. Anne Scott ND
Dr. Marci Scott ND
Dr. Patricia Scott ND
Brook Scronce ND
Dr. Jamie Sculley ND
Dr. Bonny Seal ND
Dr. Abigail Seaver ND
Dr. Elspeth Seddig ND
Dr. Jeffrey Seder NMD
Dr. Elizabeth Sedlak ND
Dr. Aurora Sedmak ND
Casey Seenauth ND
Daniel Seibert
Dr. Janice Seibert ND
Dr. Stephanie Seitz ND
Dr. Deborah Sellars ND
Dr. Kaila Sellars ND
Dr. Don Selvey NMD
Dr. Heidi Semanie ND
Dr. Eric Semsak ND
Dr. Angela Senders ND
Dr. Laura Senes ND
Dr. James Sensenig ND
Dr. Cynthia Senter ND
Dr. Jeffrey Sepulveda ND
Dr. Marc Serber ND
Richard Seres ND
Alex Serkalow ND
Dr. Jason Servatius ND
Mychael Seubert ND
Delia Sewell ND
Dr. Michelle Sexton ND
Dr. Trevor Sexton ND
Dr. Edward Shabez NMD
Mary Shackelton ND
Dr. Katie Shaff ND
Tariq Shafi ND
Dr. Aumatma Shah ND
Dr. Rian Shah ND
Dr. Sheetal Shah I ND
Dr. Shamiron Shahbaz-Arami ND
Dr. Rebeccah Shalev ND
Dr. Vivek Shanbhag ND
Dr. Chrsitina Shannon ND
Sonya Shapiro ND
Michelle Sharif ND
Sharum Sharif ND
Dr. Isabel Sharkar ND
Erin Sharman ND
Dr. Emily Sharpe ND
Dr. Ekaterina Shavlovsky ND
Dr. Anne Shaw NMD
Dr. Kevin Shaw ND , LAC
Catherine Sheehan ND
Dr. James Sheehan NMD
Dr. Mohammad Shegeft ND
Dr. Paresh Shelat ND
Laura Shelton ND
Dr. William Shelton NMD
Dr. Jason Sherbondy ND
Dr. Keegan Sheridan ND
Dr. Brittany Sherman ND
Dr. John Sherman ND
Dr. Leah Sherman ND
Haiming Shi
Alexis Shields ND
Dr. Nichole Shiffler NMD
Mrs. Victoria Shikhman ND
Dr. Lara Shimek ND
Dr. Jahaz Shine ND
Lynne Shinto ND
Nathaniel Shober ND
Dr. Katherine Short ND
Dr. Fredric Shotz ND
Dr. Kathryn Shulman ND
Dr. Aimee Shunney ND
Dr. Jessica Siani ND
Dr. Danika Sicard ND, LAC
Dr. Laura Sickels NMD
Dr. Karleen Sickinger NMD
Dr. Robin Sielaff ND
Erika Sigrist ND
Dr. Jennifer Silapie ND
Dr. Adam Silberman ND
Janelle Siler ND
Dr. Teresa Silliman ND
Dr. Nancy Silva ND
Dr. Sarah Silverman ND
Dr. Christine Simko ND
Dr. Margie Simmons-Stuber RN, BSN, NMD
Dr. Andrew Simon ND
Bridgett Simon ND
Dr. Michelle Simon ND PHD
Dr. Emily Simonis ND
Dr. Valerie Simonsen ND
Dr. Deanna Simonson ND
Dr. Nina Simonson ND
Mr. Daniel Sims PT
Dr. Dejarra Sims NMD
Dr. Shaida Sina NMD
Briana Sinatra ND
Dr. Drew Sinatra ND, LAC
Dr. Robin Sinclair ND
Dr. Steven Sinclair ND
Dr. Reena Singh ND
Kirsten Singler NMD
Vera Singleton ND
Dr. Lisa Singley ND
Dr. Shannon Sinsheimer ND
Maria Siri ND
Dr. Robert Skarperud ND, MS
Dr. Veronica Skedd ND
Dr. Janice Skelton ND
Dr. Priscilla Skerry ND
Dr. Bryan Skinner ND
Carrie Skinner ND
Dr. Destia Skinner ND
Dr. Robert Sklovsky
Dr. Sarah Skolout ND
Dr. Jared Skowron ND
Dr. John Skowronski MD
Dr. Corey Skubisz NMD
Dr. Kirk Slagel NMD
Dr. Darrienne Slater NMD
Dr. Michael Slezak ND
Dr. Marian Small ND MAC RN
Kiera Smialek ND
Dr. Aaron Smith ND
Dr. Aaron Smith ND
Alexis Smith
Dr. Allison Smith ND
Dr. Bradley Smith NMD
Dr. Brendan Smith ND
Dr. Daniel Smith ND
Dr. Jennifer Smith NMD
Mrs. Kathryn Smith ND
Dr. Lucy Smith ND
Dr. Malcolm Smith ND
Dr. Michael Smith
Dr. Pamela Smith ND, RN
Dr. Robert Smith ND
Dr. Robert Smith ND
Takiyah Smith
Dr. Tamara Smith ND
Dr. Todd Smith NMD
Dr. Tyler Smith ND
Dr. Patricia Smith Pingel NMD
Dr. Carolyn Smithee ND
Dr. Jillian Smithers NMD
Dr. Debi Smolinski ND
Dr. Shirley Snow ND
Stephanie Soalt ND
Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk ND
Dr. Anju Sodhi ND
Dr. Shailinder Sodhi ND
Dr. Virender Sodhi ND
Saman Soheily ND
Suen Sohn ND
Dr. Juliette Soihl ND
Elena Sokolova ND
Dr. Branette Solace ND
Dr. Bridget Somine ND
Dr. Kristin Somol ND
Dr. Crystal Song NMD
Dr. Heather Sorber ND
Dr. Christine Sorensen ND, RN
Steven Sorr
Christy Soto-Johnson ND
Dr. Jennifer Southard ND
Dr. Vivian Sovran ND
Dr. Louis Spaner ND
Dr. Teresa Spano ND
Dr. Zachary Sparer ND
Dr. Linda Sparks ND
Dr. Tam Spat ND
Dr. Stephen Speidel ND
Dr. Jessie Speirs ND
Leah Spellen ND
Dr. Wayne Spence NMD
Dr. Nathan Spencer ND
Dr. Stephanie Spenny ND
Meghan Sperandeo
Dr. Edra Spevack ND, CBHT
Dr. Randy Spicer NMD
Andrea Spira O'connor NMD, RN
Dr. Carol Spooner NMD
Christopher Spooner NMD
Dr. Stephen Sporn ND
Dr. Ana Squellati ND
Alexandria St. Claire ND
Dr. Kaitlyn Staal ND, MSAC
Tara Stacker ND
Jessica Stadtmauer ND
Katie Stage ND
Jennifer Stagg ND
Dr. Mary Ann Stalker ND
Paul Stallone NMD
Dr. Jill Stanard ND
Dr. Michael Stanclift ND
Dr. Leanna Standish ND, ACUP
Dr. Candice Staniek ND
Dr. Jillian Stansbury ND
Dr. Jamison Starbuck ND
Dr. Lori Stargrove ND
Dr. Stephanie Stark ND
Dr. Lori Starn ND
Mrs. Lareina Starr LMP
Dr. Kerri Stasiak ND
Dr. Laura Staver ND
Mrs. Julie Stears ND
Dr. Johanna Steegmans ND
Dr. Margaret Steele ND
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith ND, LAC
Jade Stefano ND
Dr. Elizabeth Stegmaier ND
Leslie Stein HHP, NCTMB, RYT
Clif Steinberg ND
Dr. Mark Steinberg ND
Dr. Shawn Steinborn NMD
Mckenzie Steiner ND
Rhonda Steinke ND
Dr. Sherry Stemper ND
Dr. Mark Stengler ND
Dr. Karen Stenseth ND
Dr. Seth Stenseth ND
Dr. Rachel Sterry ND
Justin Steurich ND
Dr. Jeremiah Stevens ND
Dr. Julia Stevens ND
Dr. June Stevens NMD
Paris Stevens ND
Dr. Adrienne Stewart ND
Dr. Elaine Stewart ND
Alicia Stiegler ND
Kristin Stiles Green ND
Dr. Sharon Stills NMD
Mrs. Julianna Stites MTBC
Dr. Beth Stockwell ND
Dr. Tish Stoebner ND
Lily Stokely
Dr. Carolyn Stone NMD
Dr. Michael Stone DC,DABCI,ND
Dr. Sarah Stone ND
Tara Stoop ND
Dr. Fran Storch ND
Dr. Sierra Storm ND
Olya Stouk NMD
Dr. Robert Strait III ND
Dr. Roxie Strand NMD
Dr. Benjamin Stratford ND
Dr. Susan Stratton ND
Irina Strelyuk ND
Dr. Mary Stretch ND
Rachel Stricker
Dr. Matthew Strickland ND
Dr. Julia Strickler ND
Dr. Jennifer Strider ND
Dr. Katie Strobe ND
Dr. Meagan Strodel ND
Dr. Erika Stromberg ND
Dr. Sarah Strong ND
Dr. Christine Stubbe ND
Mrs. Jessica Stubblefield ND
Dr. Michelle Sturm ND, LAC
Sherry Su
Dr. Angelea Suber ND
Dr. Edith Sucher ND
Dr. Victoria Sucher ND
Mrs. Andree Suddoo PHD
Dr. Jennifer Sugden ND
Lena Suhaila ND
Andrea Sullivan
Dr. April Sullivan ND
Dr. Ashley Sullivan ND
Dr. Gene Sullivan ND
Dr. Matthew Sullivan ND, MSA
Dr. Kayla Sumberg NMD
Alisa Summers ND
Dr. Zahara Sundermeyer NMD
Dr. Simon Sung NMD
Ann Sura ND
Dr. Christine Surrago ND
Dr. Abro Sutker ND
Dr. Ted Suzelis ND
Dr. Faye-Susan Swan ND
Dr. Summer Swanick ND
Debra Swanson ND
Dr. Mark Swanson ND
Dr. Tara Swartz NMD
Kimberly Sweazy ND
Dr. Katheryn Swedrock ND
Dr. Kathy Sweeney ND
Dr. Ryan Sweeney NMD
Dr. Erin Sweet ND
Augusta Swift ND
Dr. Stanley Swihart NMD, DOM
Dr. Harry Swope III ND
Dr. Erika Sykes Mckeen NMD
Dr. April Syko ND
Dr. Suzanne Sykurski NMD
Dr. Sandra Szabat ND
Dr. Danielle Szabo ND
Dr. Cory Szybala ND
Edward Szymczak ND
Dr. Katherine Tackett ND
Dr. Caroline Tade NMD
Dr. Traci Taggart ND
Dr. Setareh Tais ND
Dr. Esther Tak ND
Dr. Maki Takashima ND
Dr. Kathryn Taketa-Wong ND
Vida Talebi ND
Dr. Nigma Talib ND
Damon Tallcouch NMD
Dr. D Tallman DC, ND
Dr. Ty Tallman NMD
Dr. Frank Tamburri NMD
Dr. Alexander Tan ND
Dr. Denise Tarasuk RN ND
Dr. Sabah Targhi ND
Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti ND
Dr. Lisa Taulbee ND
Dr. Robin Tauzin ND
Tevna Tayler ND
Dr. Jerry Taylor JR. NMD
Dr. Justin Taylor NMD
Dr. Karin Taylor ND
Dr. Megan Taylor ND
Megan Taylor ND
Dr. Nicole Taylor ND
Dr. Stephanie Taylor-White ND
Dr. Camille Teale NMD
Dr. Kam Tecaya ND
Dr. Nirvana Tehranian ND
Dr. Emily Telfair ND
Dr. Mark Tenborg NMD
Kathryn Tenney ND
Robin Terranella NMD
Dr. Lauren Tessier ND
Dr. Brandon Testa ND
Dr. Jade Teta ND
Dr. Cari Thachuk ND, PT
Dr. Meghna Thacker NMD
Dr. Meghana Thanki ND
Dr. Michelle Thatcher NMD
Dr. Molly Thelisdort ND, LAC
Margaret Thibodeau ND
Dr. Anne Thiel ND
Dr. Dickson Thom DDS, ND
Dr. Alicia Thomas ND
Dr. Jacqueline Thomas ND
Dr. Jacqueline Thomas ND
Dr. Jeff Thomas
Dr. Katelyn Thomas ND, LAC
Dr. Noel Thomas ND
Dr. Sabine Thomas ND
Somiya Thomas
Dr. Suzanne Thomas NMD
Tracey Thomas ND
Corrie Thompson NMD
Dr. Dara Thompson ND
Judith Thompson ND
Kirby Thompson
Dr. Lisa Thompson ND
Dr. Robin Thomson ND
Dr. Kaylee Thoreson NMD
Dr. Tod Thoring ND
Dr. Karen Threlkel ND
Dr. Travis Thurston ND
Dr. Adam Tice ND
Dr. Cory Tichauer ND
Dr. Maureen Tighe ND, MSOM, LAC
Sharol Tilgner ND
Dr. Charmonique Tims NMD
Dr. Lucas Tims ND
Dr. Morgan Titus Rau ND
Dr. Gina Tizio NMD
Shanna Tobar NMD
James Toffolo ND, PT
Dr. Jeannette Toghyani ND
Louise Tolzmann ND
Dr. Kristi Tompkins ND
Dr. Laila Tomsovic ND
Dr. Lidia Tomulet ND
Dr. Christina Tondora NMD
Dr. Mimosa Tonnu ND
Dr. Gudrun Tonskamper ND
Dr. Patricia Torrance ND
Dr. Jazper Torres ND
Dr. Tamara Torres ND
Dr. Terry Toth ND
Ariel Touchet ND, LAC
Amanda Tracy ND
Dr. Jessica Tran ND
Tracy Tranchitella ND
Dr. Michael Traub ND
Dr. Elizabeth Trautman
Dr. Tamara Trebilcock ND
Dr. Erich Treeby ND
Dr. Shannon Treen NMD
Dr. Karis Tressel ND
Dr. Marianne Trevorrow ND
Dr. Krista Tricarico ND
Juliana Tringali
Paula Triplett
Dr. Chad Triscuit ND
Dr. Sef Tritt ND
Dr. Hilary Trojano ND
Dr. Sarah Trotta ND
Dr. William Troutt NMD
Ms. Lynn Troy ND
Dr. Teresa True ND
Meredith Trump ND
Tue Truong NMD
Medeya Tsnobiladze ND
Mrs. Mika Tsongas ND, LAC
Dr. Yuka Tsukioka NMD
Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian ND
Dr. James Tuggle JR. NMD
Dr. Aura-Taina Turcasso ND
Dr. Michelle Turcotte
Dr. Amy Turnbull ND
Hwasunna Turner LMT
Leila Turner ND
Dr. Mary Turner NMD
Dr. Shana Turrell NMD
Dr. Jennifer Tuttle ND
Jennifer Tuttle ND
Dr. Sonja Tveit-Pettersen NMD
Qiana Tyeskey LMP
Dr. Amy Tyler ND
Mrs. Colleen Tyler ND
Dr. Eric Udell ND
Dr. Kengo Ueda ND
Dr. Robert Ullman ND
Dr. Robert Upchurch III ND
Dr. Crystal Urban ND, MSOM, LAC
Olive Usher LMT
Dr. Nancy Utter ND
Dr. Michael Uzick NMD
Dr. Amity Vacarella ND
Dr. Kerri Vacher ND
Dr. Brian Vaitkus ND
Dr. Maria Valdez ND
Dr. Irene Valencia ND
Dr. Lisa Valent ND
Dr. Ann Charlotte Valentin NMD
Juan Valentin NL,MPH
Mr. Christopher Valley ND
Dr. Dori Vallis ND
Dr. Anne Van Couvering ND
Dr. Evan Van Driel ND
Jessica Van Dusen ND
Amoz Van Dyke ND
Dr. Sonja Van Mastrigt-De Graaff NMD, PHD
Ms. Alana Van Putten-Laguerre NMD, PA-C
Shena Vander Ploeg
Dr. Karen Vanderveer NMD
Wendy Vannoy ND
Stephanie Vanvoorhis ND
Toni Varela ND
Dr. Michael Varon RPH, ND
Nazanin Vassighi ND
Dr. Karen Vaughan NMD
Valarie Vaughn ND
Dr. Yarilis Vazquez ND
Jose Ventura NMD
Dr. Julie Verfurth ND
Vaishali Verma ND
Veena Verma-Dzik ND
Kristy Vermeulen ND
Dr. Heather Veronesi ND
Teresa Vesco NMD
Dr. Marco Vespignani ND
Ms. Erin Victor NMD
Dr. Leslie Vilensky ND
Jacqueline Villalobos ND
Dr. Jodi Vingelen ND
Dr. Kulveen Virdee ND
Ms. Pramila Vishvanath ND
Dr. Timothy Visser ND
Dr. Nathan Vitaro NMD
Dr. Mylinh Vo ND
Dr. Firlande Volcy NMD
Dr. Erica Volk ND
Dr. Kimberly Volk ND
Dr. Lori Von Der Heydt ND
Dr. Lynn Von Schneidau ND
Jennifer Vondeesten NP334
Dr. Erik Vose NMD
Dr. Werner Vosloo ND, MTECHHOM
April Voves ND
Dr. Lauren Vreeland ND
Dr. Tou Vue ND
Dr. Lisa Wada ND
Dr. Shayla Waddell ND
Dr. Amy Wagner ND
Kelly Wagner ND
Dr. Laura Wagner N D
Dr. Lee Wagner JR. ND
Dr. Sheryl Wagner ND
Helane Wahbeh
Dr. Venessa Wahler ND
Dr. Dana Waichunas ND
Dr. Lindsay Wais ND
Dr. Rhea Waite ND
Dr. Marie Wakefield ND, LM
Dr. Christopher Wakely ND
Dr. Veronica Waks ND
Heahter Waldor NMD
Dr. Abida Wali ND
Priya Walia MS AYU, ND
Dr. Ronald Waling ND
Dr. Catherine Walker NMD
Dr. Erin Walker ND
Katherine Walker ND
Dr. Kia Walker
Dr. Samuel Walker
Sarah Walker ND
Dr. Aubrey Wallace ND
Dr. James Wallace ND
Karrina Wallace ND
Dr. Kevin Wallace ND
Dr. Kristine Wallace ND
Dr. Mason Wallace ND
Dr. Tristin Wallace ND
Dr. Ara Walline ND
Bridget Walsh
Dr. Casey Walsh ND, PHD
Dr. Margaret Walsh ND
Dr. Natalie Walsh ND, MS
Dr. Nathan Walsh ND
Dr. Nina Walsh ND
Dr. Michelle Walter ND
Dr. Timothy Walter ND
Lou Walters ND
Dr. Sam Walters NMD
Chung-Yun Wang ND
James Wang ND, LAC
Shinshan Wang ND
Dr. Suzann Wang ND
Dr. Wendy Wang ND
Dr. Stephen Wangen ND
Dr. Amanda Ward ND
Lauren Ward-Selinger ND
Dr. William Warnock ND
Daniel Warren ND
Dr. Laura Washington ND
Dr. Debbie Wasson ND
Dr. Erica Waters ND
Dr. Joan Waters ND
Dr. Carlotta Watson ND
Sarina Watson
Amanda Watters ND
Mr. Greg Watterson LMT
Dr. Ann Watwood NMD
Stephanie Wawrzyniak ND
Dr. Jason Way ND
Dr. Philip Wazny NMD
Mr. Garrett Wdowin NMD
Dr. Heather Wdowin NMD
Dr. Richard Weatherby ND
Dr. Erin Weaver ND
Dr. Brandy Webb ND
Mary Webb ND, LMP
Ashley Weber ND
Faye Weber
Wendy Weber ND, MPH
Dr. Shannon Weeks ND
Dr. Sunshine Weeks NMD
Dr. Krista Weikel Delaplane ND
Dr. Andrea Weiner NMD
Dr. Skye Weintraub ND
Wendy Weintrob ND,LAC
Dr. Susan Weirick NMD
Dr. Shandor Weiss ND, LAC
Dr. Carolyn Weisswasser ND
Dr. Gregory Weisswasser ND
Dr. Ryan Weitman ND
Dr. Brooke Weitz ND
Kenneth Weizer ND
Dr. Nancy Welliver ND
Dr. Lindsey Wells ND
Dr. Stacie Wells ND
Dr. Wendy Wells NMD
Dr. Zoe Wells ND
Dr. Mindy Wendt ND
Dr. Tzumin Weng ND, LAC
Melissa Wenzel ND
Tabitha Werblud ND
Dr. Lesa Werner ND
Dr. Stefanie Werner NMD
Dr. Joseph Wessels JR. ND
Dr. Kirsten West
Dr. Matthew West ND
Mrs. Tina West
Dr. Erin Westaway ND
Dr. Caroline Westin-Garcia ND
Dr. Orville Weyrich JR. ND
Dr. Amanda Whaley NMD
Dr. Lydia Wheaton ND
Dr. Barry Wheeler ND
Dr. Miriam Wheeler ND
Sage Wheeler
Dr. Rebecca Whelchel
Dr. Douglas White ND
Dr. Jennifer White ND
Karyn White ND
Leslie White ND
Dr. Maleigha White ND
Dr. Misty White ND
Dr. Nancy White ND
Dr. Wendy Leigh White ND
Dr. Michael Whitney ND, DC
Sara Whitney ND
Dr. Melinda Whitsell NMD, NP-C
Dr. Melanie Whittaker ND
Dr. Amy Whittington NMD
Dr. Deborah Whittington ND
Dr. Yvette Whitton ND
Deborah Wiancek ND
Dr. Jennifer Wicher ND
Dr. Bonnie Wick ND
Chante Wiegand ND
Dr. Julie Wiener ND
Dr. Lori Wieser ND
Dr. Katherine Wiggin ND
Natalie Wiggins NMD
Dr. Tara Wilcox ND
Abrianne Wiles Goss ND
Dr. Katrina Wilhelm ND
Dr. Serron Wilkie ND
Dr. Vanessa Wilkie ND
Dr. Charles Wilkinson NMD
Dr. Allison Willette RN ND
Dr. Karen Willfahrt NMD
Dr. Mihrage Willhauck NMD
Dr. Christine Willi ND
Anne Williams ND, MSA
Dr. Deirdre Williams ND
Kathryn Williams LMT
Dr. Kiraah Williams ND
Dr. Louisa Williams ND
Dr. Marisa Williams ND
Dr. Maureen Williams ND
Dr. Mercedes Williams ND
Dr. Michelle Williams ND
Dr. Susan Williams NMD
Dr. Andrea Williams Del-Olmo ND
Amy Williamson ND
Dr. Jennifer Williamson ND
Dr. John Williamson NMD
Dr. Phillip Williamson NMD
Dr. Kimberly Williford MS RD NMD
Dr. Blane Willliams ND
Amanda Wilms ND
Dr. Adrienne Wilson NMD
Dean Wilson ND
Denise Wilson ND
Dr. Devin Wilson ND
Dr. Donielle Wilson ND
Emilie Wilson ND
Dr. Kevin Wilson ND
Dr. Raequi Wilson ND
Dr. Ralph Wilson ND
Dr. Maureen Wilson-Hwang ND
Dr. Jenna Wilsoncrain ND
Dr. Jade Wimberley ND
Stacey Windham ND
Dr. Kimberly Windstar ND
Hope Wing MD
Dr. Christina Winkelman ND
Dr. Gil Winkelman ND
Terra Winston ND
Dr. Elizabeth Winter ND
Dr. Erin Winter NMD
John Winters ND
Dr. Jeffrey Winton NMD
Miroslawa Witalis ND
Dr. Lesley Witherspoon ND
Dr. James Witman NMD
Dr. Brenden Witte ND
Dr. Heidemarie Wittmann ND
Dr. Deanna Woeller NMD
Genevieve Wohlford
Olif Wojciechowski
Dr. Abigail Wojcikiewicz ND
Dr. Heather Wojslaw NMD
Dr. Angela Wojtowicz NMD
Ms. Dyanna Wold LMP
Cyntheia Wolf
Dr. Jeremy Wolf ND
Natasha Wolf ND
Stacie Wolfe ND
Dr. Christopher Wolford ND
Dr. Michelle Wolford ND
Dr. Laura Wollman ND
Cheryl Wong ND, LAC
Dr. Emily Wong ND
Dr. Melody Wong ND
Cheri Wood ND
Dr. Cheryl Wood ND
Dr. David Wood ND
Dr. Desha Wood ND
Dr. Jennea Wood ND
Dr. Rosemary Wood ND
Dr. Sara Wood ND
Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos ND
Charity Woodall ND
Mark Woodall ND
Dr. Sharon Woodard ND
Dr. Melissa Woodyard ND
Dr. Tracy Wooten NMD
Dr. Donese Worden NMD
Dr. Ayesha Worsham ND
Erica Worthington ND
Ms. Mary Wray LMT, NMT
Dr. Heather Wright ND
Jeffrey Wright ND
Dr. Kelly Wright ND
Dr. Kirsten Wright ND
Masina Wright ND
Dr. Jay Wrigley ND
Dr. Sarah Wylie ND
Dr. Rebecca Wynsome ND
Dr. Jason Wysocki ND, MS
Eva Xanthopoulos
Davina Xaysanasongkham LMP
Hsin-Hung Yang ND, LAC
Jacqueline Yang ND
Li Yang ND
Dr. Anthony Yaniro ND
Dr. Eric Yarnell ND
Dr. Amy Yasko
Gregory Yasuda ND
Dr. Beverly Yates ND
Dr. Keith Yimoyines ND
Dr. Phoebe Yin ND
Dr. Shannon York NMD
Dr. Isaac Yosef NMD
Dr. Joyce Young ND
Dr. Kathleen Young ND
Dr. Lauren Young ND
Lorraine Young ND
Dr. Renee Young ND
Rhian Young
Dr. Tredena Young NMD
Dr. Christina Youngren ND
Dr. Monique Yuen ND
Dr. Christine Zach ND
Dr. Katherine Zagone ND
David Zamachek ND
Dr. Carol Zamarra ND, LMT
Dr. Sarah Zambarano RN, ND
Dr. Elizabeth Zamecki ND
Dr. Julia Zamora ND
Dr. Eugene Zampieron ND
Dr. Maria Zangara ND
Dr. Holly Zapf ND
Dr. Farid Zarif PHD
Dr. Jared Zeff ND
Dr. Jennifer Zeglen ND
Elisabeth Zehavi ND
Dr. Keith Zeitlin ND
Dr. Erica Zelfand ND
Dr. Barrie Zeller NMD
Dr. Jocelyn Zentz ND
Dr. Anni Zieler ND
Katherine Zieman ND
Tina Zigo ND
Dr. Britta Zimmer ND
Claire Zimmerman ND
Kari Zimmerman ND
Dr. Judith Ziol ND
Dr. Diana Zitserman ND, MSAC
Dr. Benjamin Zorensky NMD
Dr. Jennifer Zorin ND
Dr. Matthew Zorn ND
Dr. Yelena Zrazhevskaya ND, LMP
Deborah Zucker ND
Dr. Vickie (Victoria) Zupa ND, FNCFM
Kimberly Zurich ND
Dr. Benjamin Zvenia ND
Alena Zweben ND

* Source: The Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles, U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, D.C., section #079, 101-014 [7/1/2007: definition changed, source added]

** Source: The Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles, U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, D.C., section #079, 101-014 [7/1/2007: definition changed, source added]