An individual licensed by the appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the practice of pharmacy. The practice of pharmacy includes, but is not limited to, assessment, interpretation, evaluation, and implementation, initiation, monitoring or modification of medication and or medical orders; the compounding or dispensing of medication and or medical orders; participation in drug and device procurement, storage, and selection; drug administration; drug regimen reviews; drug or drug-related research; provision of patient education and the provision of those acts or services necessary to provide medication therapy management services in all areas of patient care. *

Specialization: Critical Care

A licensed pharmacist who has demonstrated specialized knowledge and skill in the delivery of patient care services by pharmacists, as integral members of interprofessional teams, working to ensure the safe and effective use of medications in critically ill patients. **

Sarah Adriance PHARMD
Ini Akpabio
Livia Allen PHARMD
Holly Balcer
Dr. Todd Berger PHARMD
Dr. Audrey Bushway PHARMD
Dr. Imran Chughtai PHARMD, BCPS
Dr. Brian Dang PHARMD
Dr. Amanda Duman PHARMD
Dr. Tyler Finocchio PHARMD
Dr. Melissa Fowler PHARMD, BCCCP
David Galardi PHARMD
Dr. Aubrey Gawron PHARMD, BCCCP
Ayman Hadi
Dr. Calvin Huynh PHARMD
Dr. Tam Jacobson PHARMD
Kayla Kotch PHARMD
Heidi Michaels PHARMD
Dr. Moses Musoke PHARMD
Dr. Stephen Nissen PHARMD
Dr. Hellen Owuor PHARMD
Dr. Jaykumar Patel PHARMD
Dr. Kaitlin Pruskowski PHARMD
Alexandra Serafino PHARMD
Dr. Zach Shumoski
Olga Shvarts PHARMD
Travis Tanner PHARMD
Molly Thompson PHARMD
Dr. Amanda Yassin

* Source: Board of Pharmacy Specialties, [1/1/2016: new]

** Source: Board of Pharmacy Specialties, [1/1/2016: new]