An anesthesiologist is trained to provide pain relief and maintenance, or restoration, of a stable condition during and immediately following an operation or an obstetric or diagnostic procedure. The anesthesiologist assesses the risk of the patient undergoing surgery and optimizes the patient's condition prior to, during and after surgery. In addition to these management responsibilities, the anesthesiologist provides medical management and consultation in pain management and critical care medicine. Anesthesiologists diagnose and treat acute, long-standing and cancer pain problems; diagnose and treat patients with critical illnesses or severe injuries; direct resuscitation in the care of patients with cardiac or respiratory emergencies, including the need for artificial ventilation; and supervise post-anesthesia recovery. *

Specialization: Critical Care Medicine

An anesthesiologist, who specializes in critical care medicine diagnoses, treats and supports patients with multiple organ dysfunction. This specialist may have administrative responsibilities for intensive care units and may also facilitate and coordinate patient care among the primary physician, the critical care staff and other specialists. **

Dr. Enyo Ablordeppey MD
Abdullah Abolkhair MD
Ahmad Abou Leila MD
Samer Abu Sultaneh MD
Kamal Abulebda MD
Dr. Sadi Abusrur MD
Veda Ackerman MD
Dr. Jacob Acton MD
Dr. Victor Adamov MD PHD
Dr. Meredith Adams MD
Mohamed Afifi MD
Dr. Avneep Aggarwal MD
Dr. Scott Ahlbrand MD
Dr. Neyaz Ahmad MD
Salahuddin Ahmed MB,BS,
Sheikh Ahmed MD
Shamsuddin Akhtar MD
Seth Akst MD
Mr. Abbas Al-Qamari MD
Dr. Xavier Alacoque MD
Jehad Albataineh MD
Golnaz Alemzadeh MD
Muwafaq Alhomsi MD
Dr. Rae Allain MD
Steven Allen MD
Dr. Thomas Allingham DO
Dr. Peter Allinson MD
Dr. Mohamad Almasri MD
Dr. Hassan Alnuaimat MD
Dr. Bret Alvis MD
Ankur Anand MD
Dr. George Anastasian MD
Mr. Alan Andacht MD
Douglas Anderson MD
George Anderson MD
Dr. Matthew Anderson MD
William Andrews MD
Dr. Robert Ang MD
Timothy Angelotti MD
Matthew Anstey MD
Benjamin Antonio DO
Dr. Erick Arbenz Canales MD
Alexander Arriaga MD
Grace Arteaga MD
Nathan Ashby MD
Ntesi Asimi MD
Dr. Emad Atalla MD
Dr. Arthur Atchabahian MD
Dr. Matthew Atkins MD
Dr. Roberto Auffant MD
Mr. Chiwing Auyeung MD
Luis Avila MD
Muhammad Azam MD
Dorgam Badran MD
Dr. Sam Bagley MD
James Bailey MD
Sarah Bain MD
Dr. Ralph Baker MD
Dr. Anila Balakrishnan MD
Elizabeth Bales MD
Dr. Arna Banerjee MD
Ashraf Banoub MD
Dr. Atilio Barbeito MD, MPH
Dr. Amit Bardia MD
Dr. Andrew Barker MD
Juliana Barr MD
Dr. Mary Bass MD
Artin Bastani MD
Dr. Andrew Beardsley MD
Richard Becker MD
Michael Behrens MD
Dr. Mohamed Ben Omran
Ernest Benjamin MD
Dr. John Benjamin MD
Suzanne Bennett MD
Dr. Brian Benneyworth MD
Jessica Benson DO
Itay Bentov MD, PHD
Edward Bentz MD
Sean Berenholtz MD
Miro Bergam MD
Keith Berge MD
Dr. Jay Berger MD/PHD
Dr. Edward Bertaccini MD
Sascha Beutler MD
Dmitri Bezinover MD
Anish Bhardwaj MD
Amar Bhatt MD
Dr. Anila Bhatti MD
Dr. Suwarna Bhide MD
Dr. Luca Bigatello MD
Dr. Frederic Billings IV MD
Dr. Nicholas Bircher MD
Shiva Birdi MD
Dr. Adam Birek MD
Maria Birzescu MD
Dr. Michael Bishop MD
Dr. Janice Bitetti MD
Dr. Benjamin Blackmon JR. MD
Dr. Kevin Blaine MD, MPH
Dr. Mark Blas MD
William Blessing MD
Dr. James Blum MD
Dr. Anthony Bonanno MD
Dr. Anthony Bonavia MD
Myles Boone MD
Dr. Vaibhav Bora MBBS
Andrei Botea MD
Gabriela Botez MD
Dr. Brian Boville MD
Dr. Watson Bowes III MD
David Bowton MD
Kyle Boyce MD
Dr. Walter Boyle III MD
Jeffrey Boyne MD
Christopher Bracken MD
Kenneth Brady MD
Dr. Ansgar Brambrink MD
Dr. Jordan Brand MD
Edward Bratzke MD
Dr. Joel Braverman MD
Dr. Kristine Breyer MD
Yuriy Bronshteyn MD
Dr. Aden Bronstein MD
Mr. Christopher Brown MD
Daniel Brown MD
Dr. Merritt Brown III MD
Morris Brown MD
Andrew Burr DO
Ian Butler MD
Dr. Joseph Peter Byrnes MD
Dr. Mark Calkins MD
Ewan Cameron MD
Brett Campbell MD
Kurtis Campbell MD
Dr. Lundy Campbell MD
Juan Carhuapoma MD
Dr. Mark Caridi-Scheible MD
Amanda Carlisle MD
Dr. Lawrence Caruso MD
Dr. John Caskey MD
Dr. Joseph Cassis MD
Dr. Mario Castro MD
Joannie Cathey Cook MD
Maurizio Cereda MD
Dr. Chandrashish Chakravarty MD
Emily Chanan MD
Dr. David Chandler DO
Dr. James Chandler MD
Dr. Joby Chandy MD
Dr. Ben Chang MD
Dr. Melody Chang MD
Dr. Christopher Chapman
Dr. Rachel Chard MD
Ramchander Chari MD
Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry MD
Dr. Craig Chen MD
Dr. Joy Chen MD
Karen Chen MD
Pinxia Chen MD
Dr. Sreekanth Cheruku MD
Dr. Laura Chiang MD
Dr. Arvin Chin MD
Dr. Christopher Choukalas MD
Dr. John Chow MD, MS
Seema Chowdhury MD
Dr. Andrew Christopher MD
Mrs. Mabel Chung MD
Sebastian Circo MD
Dr. Joseph Cobb MD
Dr. Sarah Cocoma MD
Dr. Joseph Colella MD
Matthew Coleman MD
Thomas Comfere MD
Clay Condley MD
John Cone MD
Dr. Robert Constantine
Dr. John Cooke MD
Alice Coombs MD
Daniel Cormican MD
Dr. Anda Cornea MD, PHD
Dr. Charles Cote MD
Douglas Coursin MD
Dr. Joseph Coyle MD
Dr. Lindsay Crews MD
Dr. Jerome Crowley MD
Steven Croy
Anita Cucchiaro MD
Dr. Theresa Cuda MD
Scott Curtis MD
Dr. Allison Dalton MD
Biman Das
David Dassenko MD
Mark Davidson MD
Dr. Victor Davila MD
Dr. Martin De Ruyter MD
Dr. Frederic Debros MD
Dr. Keith Dee MD
Steven Deem MD
Dr. Joel Delapaz DO
Ms. Nancy Delboy MD
Oscar Deleon-Casasola MD
Anthony Dempsey MD
Dr. Kevin Dennehy MD
Dr. Jagan Devarajan MD
William Devine JR. MD
Dr. William Dewhirst MD
Andreas Deymann MD
Dr. Geraldine Diaz DO
Philip Diaz MD
Dr. Michael Dick MD
Dr. Sriharsha Doddaballapur Subramanya MD
Anjali Dogra MD
Dr. Anne Donovan MD
David Dorsey
Aaron Douglas DO
Angela Douglas MD
Dr. Jeffrey Drees MD
Dr. Eleanor Drew MD
Dr. Anne Drewry MD
Steven Dryden MD
Rup Dua MD
Dr. Alina Dulu MD
Dr. Peter Dunn MD
Charles Durbin MD
George Dwyer MD
Ronald Easley MD
Suzanne Edmunds MD
David Efron MD
Dr. Jesse Ehrenclou MD
Dr. Philip Eichenholz MD
Dr. Paul Eisenberg MD
Ulrike Eisenmann MD
Robert Eldridge MD
Dr. Ahmed Elhaimer MD
Jennifer Elia MD
Dr. Ashley Eltorai MD
Thomas Emerick MD
Timothy Eng MD
Mark Enker MD
Dr. Tonya Enomoto MD
Dr. David Epperson MD
Dr. Jason Erlich MD
Dr. Norman Ernst JR. M D
Dr. Stephen Eskaros MD
Dr. Michael Essandoh MD
Erin Etoll MD
Gregory Evans MD
Dr. Alex Evers MD
Scott Falk MD
Dr. Philip Fanapour DO
Christopher Faust DO
Thomas Feeley MD
Jared Feinman MD
Dr. Michael Fernando MD
Aaron Fields MD
James Findlay MBCHB
Roderick Finlayson MD
Dr. James Finn III MD
Dr. Brian Fischer MD, PHD
Dennis Fitzpatrick MD
Dr. Michael Fitzsimons MD
Dr. Alexander Flaxman MD
Dr. Michael Flynn MD
Alexander Fort MD
Donald Frank DO
Dr. Christopher Franklin MD
Dr. Joseph Frassica MD DDS
Tiffany Frazee MD
Paul Freeswick MD
Dr. Robert Freundlich MD
Jeffrey Friederich
Dr. Matthew Friedman MD
Dr. Simin Frisk MD
Dr. Edward Froelich MD
Courtney Frye MD
Maria Gaeta MD
Bhargavi Gali MD
Dr. T Gallagher MD
Christopher Galton MD
Dr. Samuel Galvagno JR. DO
Robert Gammon MD
Suryaprakash Ganti MD
Wei Dong Gao MD
Giannina Garces-Ambrossi Muncey MD
Dr. Nicola Garcia MD
Dr. Pedro Garcia MD
Dr. Joy Gathe-Ghermay MD
Dr. Edward Gatz II MD, PHD
Dr. Dwight Geha MD
Romergryko Geocadin MD
Dr. Ileana Gheorghiu MD
Ramin Ghesmati Kalourazi MD
Dr. Iosifina Giannakikou MD
Diane Gibbs MD
Bruce Gibson MD
Barrett Giffel MD
Gurwinder Gill MD
Dr. Harman Gill MD
Carrie Gill-Murdoch MD
Dr. Michael Gillette MD
Dr. Samuel Gilliland MD
Dr. Donald Glass MD
Dr. Kahlil Glenn MD
Dr. David Glover MD
Dr. Christine Goepfert MD
Dr. Heidi Goetz MD
Joshua Goldner MD
Amanda Gomes MD
Dr. Marcos Gomes
Dr. Gandhi Gondi MD
Dr. Gokul Gondi MD
Rebecca Gooch MSN, CRNP
Dr. Stephen Goodnough
Andrew Gostine MD, MBA
Sumeet Goswami MD
Timothy Graham MD
Masilo Grant MD
Dr. Kurt Grathwohl MD
Dr. Kristin Grau MD
Dr. Tamara Greaves MBBS
John Green MD
Dr. Keith Green MD
Thomas Green MD
Kevin Greene MD
David Grenda MD, PHD
Ake Grenvik MD, PHD
Dr. James Griffeth JR. MD
Joshua Griffin MD
Dr. Joel Grigsby MD
Dr. Richard Grisoli MD
Dr. Martin Grissom MD, MS, FCCP
Dr. Thomas Grissom MD
Dr. Robert Groff IV MD
Kelly Grogan MD
Dr. Michael Gropper MD
Dr. David Grosshans DO
Kathleen Grove MD
Dr. Matthew Guidry MD
Dr. Ravindra Gupta MD
Richard Hackbarth MD
Samir Haddad MD
Brent Hadder MD
Derek Haerle MD
Dr. Leslie Hale MD
Dr. John Hall MD, CM
Matthew Hallman MD
Neil Halpern MD
Laura Hammel MD
Justin Hamrick MD
Dr. Florence Han MD
Dr. Dusan Hanidziar MD, PHD
Dr. Christopher Hansen MD
Dr. Samantha Hansen MD
Dr. Elizabeth Harlan MD
Dr. Michael Harper MD
Dr. Brian Harr MD
Dr. Francis Harris MD
Dr. James Harris DO
Ronald Harrison MD,PHD
Dr. Anne Hartney-Baucom MD
Theresa Hartsell MD
Nabil Hassan MD
Dr. Albert Hasson MD
Elliott Haut MD
Sprague Hazard MD
Dr. Lars Hegnell MD
Dr. Mark Henry MD
Molly Herr MD
Bruce Heslin MD
Erik Hess MD
Eugene Hessel II MD
Dr. Shawn Hicks MD, MSC
Charles Hill MD
Roberta Hines MD
Dr. Maung Hlaing MD
Dr. Nicole Hlava MD
Dr. Anna Hoard MD
Dr. Jeremy Hoban MD
Dr. Charles Hobson MD
Dr. Michael Hobson MD
Vincent Hoellerich MD
Dr. Jennifer Hofer MD
Dr. Jean Hoffman MD, MS
William Hoffman MD
Dr. Brent Holway MD
Dr. Caron Hong MD, MSC
Bommy Hong Mershon MD
Jacqueline Honig MD
Jesse Hoover MD
Zoltan Horvath MD
Dr. Leila Hosseinian MD
Dr. Richard Hotchkiss MD
Peter Houck MD
Dr. Jonathan Houser MD
Brendan Howes MD
John Hoyt MD
Dr. Leo Hsiao DO
Jennifer Hsu MD
Huayong Hu MD
Liang Huang
Jana Hudcova MD
James Hughes MD
Matthew Hulse MD
Elizabeth Hunt MD
William Hurford MD
Erfan Hussain
Dr. Michael Hutchens MD
Dr. Mary Hyder MD
Dr. Ehimemen Iboaya MD
Catalina Ionita MD
Dr. Gillian Isaac MD, PHD
Dr. Yumiko Ishizawa MD PHD MPH
Matthew Ison MD
Craig Jabaley MD
Douglas Jackson MD
Robert Jacobson MD
Severt Jacobson MD
Rajay Jain MD
Muhammed Javed MD
Dr. Nikki Jaworski MD
Dr. Samuel Jean-Baptiste MD
Peter Jebson MD
Dr. Kevin Jenner MD
Sidharth Jogani MD
Amballur John MD
Sean Josephs MD
Dr. Brijen Joshi MD
Bashar Jouma MD
Matthew Joy MD
Dr. David Jury MD
Dr. Aalok Kacha MD, PHD
Jatin Kadakia MD
Ms. Madelyn Kahana MD
Eric Kaiser MD
Eugene Kalin MD FRCP (C )
Murray Kalish MD
Dr. Aman Kalra MD
Praveen Kalra MD
Mr. Gagan Kamal MD
Dr. Jack Kamen MD
Dr. Roy Kum Chuen Kan MD
Jeffrey Kane MD
Kunal Karamchandani MD
John Katz JR. MD
Marc Kaufman MD
Dr. Margit Kaufman MD
Dr. Michael Kaufman MD
Ata Kaynar MD
Susan Kecskes MD
Spencer Kee MD
Mark Keegan MD
Dr. Donald Keeler MD
Dr. Jacob Keeperman MD
Dr. Jason Keller DO
Mr. Barry Kelly MB, BCH, BAO, MRCP,
Jeffrey Kelly MD
Dr. Hesaraghatta Keshava MD
Jonathan Ketzler MD
Magdy Khalil MD
Dr. Sakib Khan MD
Dr. Shariq Khan MD, FRCA
Dr. Ashish Khanna MD
Dr. Ahmad Khattab DO
Dr. Ajay Khilanani MD
Dr. Stuart Kilstein MD
Mr. Alexander Kim MD
Dr. So Young Kim MD
Brunette King MD
Dr. John Kirby MD
Dr. William Kirkpatrick MD
Dr. Meghan Kirksey MD, PHD
Erik Kistler MD
Kevin Klebba MD
Bruce Kleinman MD
Dr. Gabriel Kleinman MD
Dr. Rudolf Klima MD
Dr. James Knight MD
Nancy Knudsen MD
Stephen Koch MD
Ramesh Kodavatiganti MD
Ines Koerner MD
William Kofke MD
Dr. Benjamin Kohl MD
Dr. Benjamin Kong MD
John Kopec MD
Dr. Robert Kopel MD
Sandra Kopp MD
David Koski MD
Dr. Yasser Kouatli MD
Dr. Brian Kradel MD
Dr. Sabine Kreilinger MD
Bruce Krieger MD
Mr. Richard Krinsky DO
Sundar Krishnan MB,BS
Michelle Kron-Gray MD, PHD
Dr. Naveen Kukreja MD
Leonard Kulicki MD
Dr. Vikas Kumar MD
Thomas Kunkel MD
Dr. Alexander Kuo MD
Lawrence Kushins MD
Dr. Jean Kwo MD
Dr. Hussain Lakdawalla MD
Arthur Lam MD
Dr. Giora Landesberg MD
Dr. James Langdon MD
Dr. Dawn Larson MD
Joel Larson MD
Dr. Javier Lasa MD
Michael Lasky MD
Ryan Laterza MD
Dr. Asad Latif MD
Krzysztof Laudanski MD, PHD, MA
Dr. Peter Lax MB CHB (HONS) FRCA
Dang Le MD
Dr. Hieu Le HIEU LE
Steven Leder MD
Benjamin Lee MD
Dr. Jarone Lee MD MPH
Dr. Peter Lee MD
Dr. Tosanath Leepuengtham MD
Julie Lefler MD
Dr. Akiva Leibowitz MD
Brian Leland MD
Gretchen Lemmink MD
David Lenser MD
Juan Leon De Los Rios MD
Marc Lesitsky MD
Dr. Wilton Levine MD
Dr. Ho- Yin Li MD
Brandon Licht MD
Dr. Steven Lillehaug MD
Dr. Larry Lindenbaum MD
Geoffrey Ling MD
Pamela Lipsett MD
Dr. Angela Lipshutz MD, MPH
Dr. Mark Lischner DO
John Litell DO
James Littlejohn MD, PHD
Jeffrey Littman MD
Dr. David Liu MD PHD
Peter Liu MD
Shih-Kai Liu MD
Geoffrey Lively MD
Dr. Melanie Loberman MD
Dr. John Lockrem MD
Dr. Randy Loftus MD
Dr. David Long MD
Dr. Leslie Long MD
Dr. Micah Long MD
Stuart Lowson MD
Stephen Luczycki MD
John Lui MD
Eugenio Lujan MD
Dr. Kee Hang Kevin Luk MD, MS
Riad Lutfi MD
Dr. Isaac Lynch MD
Haobo Ma MD
William Ma MD
Dr. Christopher Maani MD
Gerald Maccioli MD
Jeffrey Macke MD
Thomas Majcher DO
Dr. Jeffrey Mako MD
Dr. Joshua Malenbaum MD, MBA
Anita Malhotra MD
David Mandell MD
Dr. Christopher Manfred MD
Dr. Deepinder Mann DO
Dr. Crystal Manohar MD
Donn Marciniak MD
Dr. John Marcum MD
Douglas Martin MD
Dr. Michael Mascia MD
Eric Mason MD
Mr. Anthony Masone MD
Christopher Mastropietro MD
Faisal Masud MD
Courtney Maxey-Jones MD
Addison May MD
Dr. Robert May MD
Dr. Michael Mazzeffi MD, MPH
Dr. Sharon Mccartney MD
Dr. Patrick Mccarty MD
Laura Mcelroy MD
Dr. Timothy Mcginn MD
Rodney Mckeever MD
Dr. Zeb Mcmillan MD
Dr. Sarah Mcmurry MD
Roger Mecca MD
Dr. Brian Mecklenburg MD
Lloyd Meeks
Ali Mehdizadeh MD
Judson Mehl DO
Angela Meier MD
Samer Melhem MD
Dr. Scott Mellender MD
Dr. Jose Menendez MD
Dr. Jason Mensch MD
Dr. Sarah Mercer MD
Dr. Matthias Merkel MD
Dr. Chad Meyers MD
Thomas Mickler MD
Arthur Mielke JR. MD
Cornel Mihalache MD
Dr. Frederick Mihm MD
Dr. Guy Miller MD, PHD
Ms. Judith Miller MD
Paul Miller MD
Haley Miranda MD
Dr. Iqbal Mirza MD
Dr. Derek Mitzel MD
Dr. Amycecilia Mogal MD
Mariana Mogos MD
Pierre Moine MD
Ronald Mojica MD
Dr. Alddo Molinar MD
Vanessa Moll MD
Laurel Moore MD
Mr. Sreenivasa Moorthy MD
Dr. Athir Morad MD
Yogesh Moradiya MD
Myrna Morales - Franqui MD
Dr. Pablo Moreno Franco MD
Dr. Jill Morganstern MD
Dr. Benjamin Morley MD
David Moromisato
Dr. Thomas Mort MD
Steven Mou MD
Girish Mulgaokar MD
Dr. Catherine Mullaly MD
Raghavan Murugan MD
Dr. Jeffrey Musser DO
Chaitanya Mutyala MD
Dr. Sungwon Na
Dr. Geeta Nagpal MD
Masakatsu Nanamori MD
Jon Narimasu MD
Joseph Nates MD
Elbert Nelson MD
Jessica Nelson
Dr. Michael Nemergut MD, PHD
Ayman Nemr MD
Dr. Beverly Newhouse MD
Dr. Rita Newman MD
Fani Nhuch MD
Dr. Theodora Nicholau MD
Dr. Sara Nikravan MD
Zoulfira Nisnevitch-Savarese MD
Mara Nitu MD
Dolores Njoku MD
Dr. Mary Njoku MD
Dena Noghrehkar MD
Mark Nunnally MD
Ahmad Nusair MD
Dr. Enyinnaya Nwaneri MD,MPH
Paul Nyquist MD, MPH
Daniel O'neill MD
Kari Obma MD
William Obyrne III MD
Dr. Okoronkwo Ogan MD
Andrea Orfanakis MD
Dr. Dante Oriente MD
Dr. Tiffany Osborn MD
Dr. Lynnette Osterlund MD
David Otto MD
Mehmet Ozcan MD
Laura Pacholski MD
Dr. Udaya Padakandla MD
Dr. Jorge Palacios MD
Dr. Louisa Palmer MD
Kunal Panda MD
John Pank MD
Dr. Manuel Pardo MD
Clifford Parmley MD
Dr. Ioana Pasca MD
Dr. Robert Pascucci MD
Dr. Lewis Pasternak MD
Stephen Pastores MD
Onofrio Patafio MD
Bhavesh Patel MD
Deepa Patel
Nimesh Patel MD
Nirav Patel MD
Dr. Nishita Patel MD
Pratik Patel MD
Dr. Rajnikant Patel MD
Samir Patel MD
Sohin Patel MD
Dr. Vinit Patel MD
Dr. Blake Paterson MD
Dr. Prabhav Patil MD
Andrew Patterson MD, PHD
Dr. Jessica Patterson MD
Matthew Pattyn MD
Dr. Sharon Peach MD
Dr. Ronald Pearl MD
Kent Pearson MD
Joel Peerless MD
Dr. Mahapitiyage Peiris MD
Hector Peniston Feliciano MD
Dr. Patricia Penkoske MD
Dr. Donald Penning MD
Dr. Matthew Pennington MD, PHD
Dr. Jace Perkerson MD
William Peruzzi MD
Tracy Pessin MD
Diane Peters Koren MD
Dr. Edward Petrik MD
Kenneth Petroni MD
Dr. Reid Phelps MD, PHD
Dr. Cooper Phillips MD
Dr. William Phillips MD
Dr. Christopher Pickard-Gabriel MD
Dr. Steve Pierre MD
Dr. Marc Pinn DO
Prof. Romain Pirracchio MD PHD
Dr. Stella Piskorska MD
Dr. Michael Pitts-Kiefer MD
Dr. Pablo Pizarro MD
Dr. Raymond Pla JR. MD
David Plevak MD
Jeffrey Plotkin MD
Lev Podorovsky MD
Roma Polce MD
Kees Polderman MD
Dr. Michael Ponaman MD
Charles Pond MD
David Porembka DO
Jahan Porhomayon MD
Dr. Satish Prabhu MD
Selvaraj Pravinkumar MD
Robert Predaina MD
Dr. Elizabeth Prentice DO
Dr. Ernesto Pretto JR. MD
Kristen Price MD
Meghan Prin MD
Peter Pronovost MD
Daniel Propp MD
Dr. Michael Pugnale MD
Bridget Pulos MD
Dr. Aliaksei Pustavoitau MD
Dr. Carlos Puyo MD
Firas Rabi MB,BS
Mohamed Rady MD
Dr. Karthik Raghunathan MD, MPH
Shekhar Raj MD
Dr. Surender Rajasekaran MD
Dr. Bilal Rana DO
Rajendra Raval MD
Dr. Ronak Raval MD
Janakiram Ravulapati MD
Dr. Nishi Rawat MD
Michael Reade MD
Amy Reed MD
Bradley Reel
Dr. John Reich MD
Dr. Robert Reid MD
Dr. Friederike Reinsberger MD
Peter Reiser
Dr. John Reitan MD
Elizabeth Riccobono DO
Justin Richards MD
Robert Rickman
James Riechel MD
Dr. Mark Rigby MD,, PHD
Dr. Ronald Roan MD
Matthew Roberts MD
Mitali Roblin MD
Dr. Lauryn Rochlen MD
Kristen Rock MD
Dr. Peter Rock MD
Peter Roffey MD
Dr. Mark Rogers MD
William Rogers MD
Deborah Rohner MD
Lewis Romer MD
Bryan Romito MD
Marcos Rosado MD
Dr. Frank Rosemeier MD
Andrew Rosenberg MD
Dr. Stuart Rosenberg MD
Elizabeth Rosner DO
Gregory Ross MD
Dr. Nathan Rothman MD
Dr. Alexandre Rotta MD
Dr. Courtney Rowan MD
Daniel Rowen MD
Tuhin Roy MD, PHD
Roger Royster MD
Dr. Daniel Rubin MD
Cortessa Russell MD
Dr. Susan Ryan MD
Dr. Ho Geol Ryu
Dr. Radwan Safa MD, PHD
Dr. Nahel Saied MB, B CH
Monirath Saly MD
Ron Samet MD
Hany Samir MD
Dr. Stephen Sams MD
Justin Sandall DO
Dominic Sanfilippo II MD
Dr. Bhagya Satishchandra MD
Anand Satyapriya MD
Amy Savage MD
Peter Scala MD
Elizabeth Schacht MD
Dr. Adam Schiavi PHD, MD
Christine Schlichting MD
Richard Schlobohm MD
Dr. William Schoenfeld MD
Dr. David Schreibman MD
Dr. Peter Schulman MD
Jamie Schwartz MD
Kenneth Scope MD
Benjamin Scott MD
James Scott DO
Phillip Scuderi MD
Dr. Patrick Seigne MD
Sudarshan Setty MB,BS
Donald Shaffner MD
Dr. Jonathan Shagrin MD
Nitin Shah MD
Ricky Shah MD
Dr. Vipul Shah MD
Aryeh Shander MD
Dr. Michael Shane MD
Soma Shanker MD
Anna Shapiro M D
Thomas Shaughnessy MD
Ronald Shelton MD
Dr. Liang Shen MD, MPH
Dr. Eric Shepard MD
Dr. Kenneth Shepherd MD
Jeffrey Shiffrin MD
Dr. Baekhyo Shin MD
Matthew Sigakis MD
Dr. Richard Silverman MD
Shawn Simmons MD
Sumit Singh MD
Dr. Abha Sinha MD
Dr. Vadivelu Sivaraman MD
Kimberly Slininger MD
Oliver Small MD
Kenneth Smith JR. DO
Alicia Sobers MD
Dr. Samy Soliman MD
Dr. Jasjeet Somal MD
Wayne Soong MD
Dr. Mathew Springs MD
Dr. Venkatesh Srinivasa MD
David Stahl MD
Dr. Robert Steele MD
Dr. Keith Stein MD
Dr. John Stephenson MD
Dr. Marc Steurer MD, DESA
Robert Stevens MD
Dr. Rodney Steward MD
Duane Stillions MD
Agnes Stogicza
Donald Stogsdill MD
Dr. David Stone MD,
Jens Strand MD
Harold Stratton MD
Mary Stuppy MD
Dr. Shihab Sugeir MD
Dr. Kristina Sullivan MD
Jinglu Sun MD
Dr. William Surber II MD
Dr. Stephen Surgenor MD
Kenneth Sutin MD
Prashanth Sutrave MD
Dr. David Swedlow MD
Dr. Steven Sween MD
Craig Sweeney DO
James Szalados MD
Debra Szeluga MD
Dr. Christopher Tainter MD
Dr. Kan Takahashi MD
Ms. Mojdeh Talebian MD
Christopher Tam
Hossam Tantawy MD
Jing Tao MD
Justin Tawil MD
Dr. Josephine Templeton MD
Dr. Elrond Teo MB, BS,
Richard Teplick MD
Abohawariat Tesfaye MD
Mr. Eric Tesoriero DO
Gary Thal MD
Duraiyah Thangathurai MD
Stephan Thilen MD
Joss Thomas MD MPH
Dr. Winston Thomas MD
Robert Thomsen MD
Steven Thorup MD
John Tiernan MD
Bradley Tilford MD
Dr. Sridhar Tirumala MD
Dr. Arthur Tokarczyk MD
Dr. Mislav Tonkovic-Capin MD
Alvaro Tori MD
Dr. Lee Tosi MD
Dr. Robert Tostenrud MD
Brian Trethowan MD
Dr. Kristin Tshilumba MD
Danielle Turnak MD
Dr. Isaiah Turnbull MD
Dr. John Turnbull MD
Victor Urrutia MD
Eric Ursprung MD
Vidula Vachharajani MD
Dr. Kamila Vagnerova MD
Dr. Emily Vail MD
Kevin Valentine MD
Dr. Dirk Varelmann MD
Dr. Linda Varghese MD
Bradley Vargo DO
Dr. Joshua Vasquez MD
Dr. Bernard Velardo MD
Dr. Gordon Verber MD
Dr. Sanjeev Verma MD
Dr. Isidra Veve MD
Louis Voigt MD
Bruce Voss MD
Trung Vu MD
Dr. Witold Waberski MD
Dr. Staffan Wahlander MD
Dr. Eric Walbergh MD
Xueyuan Wang MD
Richard Watkins MD
Larry Weiner MD
Dr. Brett Wenleder MD
Dr. Kristofer Westerhof MD
Dr. Paul Weyker MD
Robb Whinney DO
Dr. Matthew Wilder MD
Miss Dashanique Williams
Dr. Franklin Williams MD
Dr. James Williams MD PHD
Dr. John Williams JR. MD
Dr. Julie Williamson DO
Dr. Peter Wilson MD
Penny Wilton MD
Dr. Robert Winfield MD
Kim Winterhalter MD
John Winters MD
Paul Wischmeyer MD
Mark Wittman MD
Dr. Lisa Wollman MD
Dr. David Wong
Jimmy Wong MD
Robert Wong MD
William Woods MD
Howard Worthen MD
Hannah Wunsch MD
Dr. Ellen Wurm MD
Dr. Christine Wyrick MD
Piotr Wyrwinski MD
Mouhammad Yabrodi MD
Michael Yanakakis MD
Jean Pierre Yared MD
Karvier Yates MD
Yar Luan Yeap MD
Dr. Nicholas Yeldo MD
Christopher Yen MD
Dr. Shaun Yockelson MD
Dr. Thil Yoganathan MD
Isaac Yoshii MD
Dr. Gregory Yoshikawa MD
Dr. Dan Yoshioka MD
Dr. C. Spencer Yost MD
Steven Young MD
Hui Yuan MD
Saleem Zaidi MD
Dr. Zebo Zakir MD
Dr. Ahmed Zaky MD
Mr. Joe Zein MD
Dr. Matthew Zeleznik MD
Wendy Ziai MD
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Dr. Joel Zivot MD
Dr. Oleksiy Zyernov MD