Emergency Medicines

An emergency physician focuses on the immediate decision making and action necessary to prevent death or any further disability both in the pre-hospital setting by directing emergency medical technicians and in the emergency department. The emergency physician provides immediate recognition, evaluation, care, stabilization and disposition of a generally diversified population of adult and pediatric patients in response to acute illness and injury. *

Specialization: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

A specialist who treats decompression illness and diving accident cases and uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat such conditions as carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene, non-healing wounds, tissue damage from radiation and burns, and bone infections. This specialist also serves as a consultant to other physicians in all aspects of hyperbaric chamber operations, and assesses risks and applies appropriate standards to prevent disease and disability in divers and other persons working in altered atmospheric conditions. **

Dr. Robert Abrahamsen MD
Dr. Dana Adkins JR. MD
William Alexander II MD
Dennis Allin MD
Melissa Alworth DO
Dr. Kathleen Anderson MD
Dr. William Andrews MD
Thomas Asciuto
Lawrence Bachle DO
Dr. Robert Barrali MD
Dr. Byron Beaver MD
Dr. William Beazley DO
Dr. Harvey Bercowitz MD
Joanne Betta MD
Scott Biasetti MD
Dr. David Boaz MD, FACEP
Stephen Boster MD
Rebecca Bowers MD
Thomas Bozzuto DO
Dr. David Bright MD
Dr. Eric Brittain MD
Christopher Brooks MD
Dr. Mark Buettner DO
Dr. Kevin-Steven Buford MD
Martha Buitrago MD
Dr. Timothy Bumann DO
Dr. Jerome Castro MD
Peter Colaprete MD
Jonathan Conard
Dr. Robert Council MD
Dr. Kirk Dahl MD
Dr. Todd Davis DO
Dr. Merritt Davis, Jr DO
Dr. Michael Dawdy MD
John Deacon MD
Bruce Derrick MD
Dr. Joseph Dervay MD
Dr. Ameet Deshmukh MD
Dr. William Dix MD
David Donnell MD
Daniel Doucet
Margaret Doucette DO
Dr. Richard Draper DO
Charles Eckerline JR. MD
Randall Fellman MD
Michael Ferrebee MD
Vincent Ferrini MD
Dr. Earl Feurtado III MD
Mark Flammer MD
James Fletcher III MD
Dr. Thomas Flowers DO
Dr. Cornelius Franckle MD
Dr. Anthony Frank JR. MD
Julie Gage MD
Charles Garrison MD
Dr. Jason Garrison MD
Dr. Stuart Gaynes MD
Carmine Gianatiempo MD
Dr. Mary Gilbert MD
Dr. Thomas Gilbert III DO
Gerald Godfrey MD
Dr. Jason Gordon MD
Scott Gorenstein MD
Frederick Gould MD
Dr. Charles Graffeo MD
Dr. Bilge Gregory MD
Michael Gregson MD
Mr. Paul Harch MD
Kevin Hardy MD
Dr. Sean Hardy MD
Dr. John Harrah JR. MD
Jeanette Harrington MD
Dr. Marianne Haughey MD
Dr. Tammy Hay DO
Kenneth Hirsch MD
Dr. Forrest Holden MD
Michael Holland MD
Michael Huber DO
Benjamin Huntley MD
Dr. Timothy Hursh MD
Richard Husby MD
Dr. Beverly Huszarik MD
George Hutchison MD
Dr. Charleen Ise MD
Dr. Ihsan Jabbour MD
Dr. Robert Johnston MD
Dr. James Jones MD
Bryan Judge MD
Dr. Hassan Kanaan MD
Nicholas Kanaan MD
Dr. Christopher Kareores DO
Dr. Samuel Kasberg MD
Edmond Kay MD
Dr. Kenneth Kelly MD
Dr. James Kirkpatrick MD
Dr. Benjamin Kittinger MD
Dr. John Ko MD, PHD
Dr. Alberto Kocurek MD
Robert Kupsaw MD
William Lagaly DO
Dr. Anthony Lagina MD
Dr. Buford Lambert MD
Dr. Allyson Larkin MD
Jonathan Lazarini MD
Namchi Le MD
Robert Leitch MD
Dr. Richard Limperos MD
Dr. John Linder MD
Christopher Logue MD
Dr. Robert Long MD, MPH
John Lore MD
Tommy Love DO
Dr. Robert Lueken MD
Dr. Michael Madsen DO
Gary Mailman MD
Dr. Christopher Maples MD
Dr. Luis Marquez MD
Dr. Kyle Marshall MD
Julia Martin MD
Dr. Stewart Martin MD
Emily Mason MD
Jan Matousek DO
Erik Maus MD
Dr. Julianne Mazurek MD
Brian Mccann MD
Dr. Brian Mccoy MD
Melissa Mcguire APNP
Dr. Steven Mehaffey MD
Dr. Stuart Miller MD
Dr. James Mitchell DO
Monica Morgan MD
Dr. R Morrow DO, FACEP, PA
Christopher Mozdzanowski DO
Matthew Mueller DO
Richard Nelson MD
Scott Nelson DO, FACEP
Dr. Kenneth Newman MD
Giac Chan Nguyen Tan MD
Dr. Jeffery Niezgoda MD
Dr. Alan Nirady DO
Dr. Donald Norris II MD
Adam Nortick MD
Marlene Olson NP
Daniel Olsson DO
Dr. Timothy Osbon MD, MS
Dr. David Ott MD
Dr. Matthew Partrick MD
Ajay Patel MD
Ravindra Patel MD
Dr. Sharad Patel MD
Crystal Perry MD
Dr. William Peters MD
Dr. Samuel Polen MD
Paula Pons MD
Robert Pringle MD
Dr. Sreedar Raja MD
John Rayburn MD
Dr. Lawrence Raymond MD
Dr. Marcus Riedhammer MD
Peter Ro MD
Dr. Kirk Roberts MD
Dr. Scott Robinson MD
Dr. Ivan Rosario MD
Dr. Robert Rosenthal MD
Dr. Franklin Rutledge II MD
William Santiago MD
Christopher Sawyer
Dr. Robert Sawyer JR. MD
Daniel Schwartz MD
Paul Scott MD
Ronald Scott MD
Dr. Stephen Seifert MD
Dr. James Shanni MD
Mr. Khan Shirani MD, MS, MPH, MBA
Dr. Richard Siira MD
Dr. Mark Silady MD
Dr. Rasa Silenas MD
Dr. John Simanonok MD
Dr. Charles Simmons M D
Bradley Slywka MD
Dr. Adrianne Smith MD
Dr. Donald Smith MD
Dr. Evans Smith MD
Dr. Elaine Soter MD
Dr. John Spence MD
Dr. Kenneth Stoller MD
Monte Swanson MD
Dr. John Thompson DO
Diane Truong MD
Dr. Gary Villines MD
Dr. Esther Walker DO
James Walker III MD
Dr. Andrew Wang MD
Matthew Warden MD
William Warner MD
Dr. Darryl Werner MD
Bjorn Westgard MD
Dr. Julie Whitehouse MD
Mr. R Williams
Reena Yonkosky MD
Ronald Zinno MD