Emergency Medicines

An emergency physician focuses on the immediate decision making and action necessary to prevent death or any further disability both in the pre-hospital setting by directing emergency medical technicians and in the emergency department. The emergency physician provides immediate recognition, evaluation, care, stabilization and disposition of a generally diversified population of adult and pediatric patients in response to acute illness and injury. *

Specialization: Medical Toxicology

Medical toxicologists are physicians who specialize in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of injury and illness from exposures to drugs and chemicals, as well as biological and radiological agents. Medical toxicologists care for people in clinical, academic, governmental and public health settings, and provide poison control center leadership. Important areas of medical toxicology include acute drug poisoning, adverse drug events, drug abuse, addiction and withdrawal, chemicals and hazardous materials, terrorism preparedness, venomous bites and stings and environmental and workplace exposures. **

Dr. Cynthia Aaron MD
Akram Al Nababteh MD
Dr. Timothy Albertson MD, PHD, MPH
Nadeem Alduaij MD, MPH
Douglas Algren MD
Dr. Thanh Andreakos MD
Dr. Mehruba Anwar MD
Lydia Baltarowich MD
Derek Barclay MD
Dr. James Barry MD
Marc Bayer MD
Dr. Adam Berman MD
Paul Bilstad MD
Steven Bird MD
Gregory Bjerke MD
Dr. Keenan Bora MD
William Boroughf DO
Edward Boyer MD
Jeffrey Brent MD
Dr. Andres Britt MD
Dr. Keith Burkhart MD
Dr. Michael Burns MD
Christopher Camilleri DO
Dr. Louis Cantilena MD, PHD
Edwin Caravati MD
Peter Casten JR. MD MPH
Gar Chan MD
Dr. Navneet Cheema MD
James Chenoweth MD
Ryan Chuang MD
Dr. Michael Coogan MD
Michael Darracq MD
Richard Dart MD
Dr. Glenn Daubert MD
Dr. Mazen Diab MD
Dr. Jose Diaz MD
Dr. Bram Dolcourt MD
Joseph Donovan MD
David Drage MD
Dr. Sing-Yi Feng MD
Thomas Ferguson MD, PHD
Miguel Fernandez MD
Dr. Michael Ganetsky MD
Dr. Ann Jeannette Geib MD
Dr. Joseph Gerger MD
Michael Greenberg MD
Dr. Howard Greller MD
David Griffin MD
Dr. Kenneth Grotz MD
Dr. Amit Gupta MD
Dr. Lawrence Guzzardi MD
Dr. David Haggerty MD
Dr. In-Hei Hahn MD
Christina Hantsch MD
Dr. Fred Harchelroad Jr. MD
Scott Hardy MD, MPH
Katherine Hart MD
Gregory Haugen MD
Dr. Hannah Hays MD
Dr. Matthew Hedge MD
Robert Hendrickson MD
Dr. Glendon Henry MD
Dr. Christopher Herald MD
Warren Hintz MD
Mark Hughes DO
Dr. William Hurley MD
Douglas Hushka MD
Kelly Johnson-Arbor MD
Dr. Heath Jolliff DO
Dr. Patrick Joyce III MD, JD, MPH
Dr. John Kashani DO
Mr. Franz Keilhauer MD
Dr. Daniel Keyes MD
Muhammad Masood Khalid MD
Dr. Hong Kim MD, MPH
Bruce Klosterman MD
John Koehler MD
Dr. Paul Kolecki MD
Dr. Mark Kostic MD
Dr. James Krueger MD
Dr. Edwin Kuffner JR. MD
Dr. Kenneth Kulig MD
Dr. Thomas Kunisaki MD
Heidi Lako-Adamson MD
Dr. Daniel Lasoff MD
Dr. Toby Litovitz MD
Dr. Zhanna Livshits MD
Heather Long MD
Dr. Annette Lopez MD
Dr. Jenny Lu MD
Daniel Lugassy MD
Nima Majlesi DO
Dr. Michael Matteucci MD
Dr. Charles Mckay MD
Dr. Matthew Michalski MD
Dr. Michael Miller MD
Dr. Susan Miller MD
Philip Moore DO
Ryan Morrissey MD
Dr. Michael Mullins MD
Dr. Nicholas Nacca MD
Lewis Nelson MD
Heikki Nikkanen MD
Robert Norton MD
Kevin O'toole MD
Jennifer Oakes MD
Dr. Gary Ordog MD
Dr. Kevin Parciak MD
James Parks MD
Dr. Tamas Peredy MD
Dr. Katherine Prybys DO
Joshua Radke MD
Joseph Rasimas MD, PHD
Dr. James Rhee MD
Bradley Riley MD
Dr. Patricia Rosen MD
William Rushton MD
Daniel Rusyniak MD
Ahmed Salama MD
Dr. Steven Salhanick MD
Dr. Michael Sauri MD, MPH&TM
Troy Schaff MD
Dr. Evan Schwarz MD
Mitchel Schwindt MD
Dr. Carl Skinner MD
Martin Smilkstein MD
Dr. Alaina Steck MD
Dr. Mark Su M D
John Sullivan MD
Ross Sullivan MD
Asim Tarabar MD
Owen Teske MD
Trevonne Thompson MD
Dr. Anthony Tomassoni MD
Dr. Rebecca Tominack MD
Dr. Laura Tormoehlen MD
Matthew Valento MD
Dr. Shawn Varney MD
David Vearrier MD
Jason Vena MD
Rais Vohra MD
Frank Walter MD
Richard Wang DO
Dr. Jonathan Wasserberger
Katherine Welker MD
Saralyn Williams MD
Brian Wolk MD
Luke Yip
Dr. Grace Ziem MD MPH MS DRPH