Family Medicines

Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity. *

Specialization: Hospice and Palliative Medicine

A family medicine physician with special knowledge and skills to prevent and relieve the suffering experienced by patients with life-limiting illnesses. This specialist works with an interdisciplinary hospice or palliative care team to maximize quality of life while addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of both patient and family throughout the course of the disease, through the dying process, and beyond for the family. This specialist has expertise in the assessment of patients with advanced disease; the relief of distressing symptoms; the coordination of interdisciplinary patient and family-centered care in diverse venues; the use of specialized care systems including hospice; the management of the imminently dying patient; and legal and ethical decision making in end-of-life care. **

Dr. Sherly Abraham MD
Herman Abromowitz MD
Nasra Ahmed MD
Dr. Mary Alfano-Torres MD
Andrea Allen MD
Dr. Gregory Alouf MD
Spencer Amesbury MD
Robert Ancker MD
Kristy Anderson MD
Suzanne Anderson MD
Dr. Peter App MD
Dr. Michael Appleton MD
Laura Archuleta MD
Dr. Ana Arroyo MD
Dr. Jonathan Askew MD
Dr. Bijan Badihian DO
Dr. Sebastian Baginski MD
Dr. Barry Baines MD
Dr. Robert Barnabei MD
George Barth II MD
Dr. Pamela Barton MD
Gerald Bauman MD
Dr. Ric Baxter MD
Dr. Forrest Beaty MD
Dr. Ronald Bekic DO
Dr. Melissa Bender MD
Lawrence Bennett MD
Andrew Bentley MD
Dr. Maria Bertucci MD
Dr. Edwin Bird MD
Nathan Blinn MD
Dr. Debra Blue MD
James Bomhard MD
Michael Bond DO
Mrs. Patricia Bortnick FNP
Dr. Robert Bray MD
Dr. Kristin Bresnan MD
Amber Brody DO
Bassett Brown MD
Dr. Colleen Brown MD
Dr. Warren Brown MD
Dr. Robert Bruley MD, DC
Sam Bub MD
Paul Bullis MD
Henry Burke MD
Dr. James Busby MD
Mehrangiz Cadry MD
Dr. Mark Calderon MD
Thomas Campbell MD
Dr. Rafael Canadas MD
Kerry Case MD
Robert Cevasco JR. MD
Brandon Chalfin MD
Dr. Karen Chandler MD
Dr. Nicole Chauche MD
Dr. Mohina Chhabra MD
Lee Chisolm MD
Cynthia Chung MD
Dr. Michael Clarke MD
Lara Clary-Lantis DO
Dr. Justin Clutter MD
Jennifer Coby DO
Dr. Leslee Cochrane MD
Geoffrey Coleman MD
Dr. Hugh Coleman DO
Dr. Kristina Conner MD
Dr. Raechel Coombs DO
Emily Copel DO
Dr. Felice Crowder MD
Dr. Paulino Cruz MD
Dr. Teri Cumpton MD
Dr. Stanley Cypress MD
Gregory Dahlquist MD
Andrew Daigle MD
Supriyo Das MD
Dr. Douglas David DO
Donald Dawkins DO
Dr. Elaine De Leon MD
Donald Dehaven MD
Dr. Mark Dela Cruz MD
Dana Delach MD
Dr. Nikkalynn Delaurentis DO
Philip Delgado DO
Lloyd Dennis MD
Dr. Joseph Depra MD
Lynne Diamond MD
Dr. Daniel Dinardo DO
William Downey MD
Virginia Duany Jimenez DO
Dr. Kyle Edmonds MD
Howard Edwards JR. MD
Ronald Eimen
Dr. Amol Ekhande MD
Dr. Lama El Zein MD
Dr. Bruce Ellsweig MD
Dr. John Ely MD
Ronald Epstein MD
Liana Eskola DO
Edmond Evans JR. DO
Todd Farrer MD
Dr. James Fausto JR. MD
Dr. Randy Fedorchuk MD
Dr. Jose Fernandez-Semidey MD
Joseph Finetti MD
Ronald Fisher MD
Dr. Betty Fletcher MD
Marc Flickinger MD
Elizabeth Flower MD
Brendan Flynn DO
Dr. Donna Foliart MD
Dr. Prima Foster MD
Jesse Frank DO
Dr. Rodney Franklin MD
Dr. Robert Fried MD
Robert Friedman MD
Joshua Fronk DO
Pamela Gaborni MD
Dr. Michael Gaddini MD
Dr. Jessica Garcia DO
Ray Jay Garcia MD
Suzanne Gaudreault MD, MS
Chet Gentry MD
Kale Gentry MD
Dr. Gregory Gifford MD
Elizabeth Glazier MD
Dr. Mina Gohari MD
Dr. Tatyana Goldin DO
Dr. Richard Goldstein MD
Keilah Gonzalez Bonilla MD
Carlo Gopez MD
Brian Graham MD,
Dr. Gary Graham MD
Robert Gramling MD
Joseph Greco MD
Dr. Clyde Green MD
Lawrence Greenberg MD
Marek Grzeskowiak MD
Milton Guerrero MD
Dr. Nancy Guinn MD
Walter Guthrie MD
Dr. Caroline Ha MD
Delmont Hadley MD
Daniel Handel MD
Dr. Katie Hanna MD
Gary Harding MD
Dr. Jean Harris DO
Dr. Steven Harris MD
Dr. Rick Hartwell
Kristopher Hartwig MD
Laura Haskovec MD
Timothy Hayes DO
Dr. Sandra Hazelip DO
Dr. Andrea Heller DO
Dr. Brian Heppard MD
Joseph Hines MD
Samvel Hmayakyan MD
Timothy Holder MD
Dr. John Hood MD
Dr. James Horak MD
Dr. Tanya Horne MD
Dr. Jennifer Hovendon MD
Dr. Michael Hurst MD
Dr. Jacob Linh Huynh MD
Dr. James Hyler
Ashkan Imanzahrai MD
Dr. Traci Ivey MD
William Jackson MD
Dr. Deborah Jacobowitz Ames MD
Beverly Jeffssteele DO
Morris Jenkins MD
Paul Johns MD
Diana Johnson MD
Lindsey Johnson MD
Paul Johnson MD
Kirsten Kahle MD
Gunmeet Kaleka MD
Dr. Jason Kallestad MD
Dr. Matthew Katics DO
Ramandeep Kaur MD
Mrunalini Kavuri MD
Christopher Kearney MD
Dr. Adam Kendall MD, MPH
Anna Kent DO
Dr. Nilofer Kidiwala DO
Eunice Kim DO
Kristin Kirsch MD
Kelly Klein MD
Dr. Ushasri Koganti
Alice Kolasa DO
Mrs. Sheilah Kraetzel NP
William Krause MD
Howard Lafferty DO
Joseph Lahr MD
David Lance DO
Dr. Diana Lardy MD
Deborah Lathrop MD
Alice Lawver MD
Meng-Chao Lee DO
Ruth Lee MD
Dr. Ana Leech MD
Sherry Lemley MD
Eric Lessinger MD
Dr. Steven Lewis DO
Elaine Lindgren MD
Timothy Link MD
Vanessa Little DO
Dr. Dineshi Liyanage MD
Dr. Richard London MD
Nancy Long MD
Emily Looney MD
Siddhesh Lotlikar MD
Rebecca Love MD
Dr. Debra Luczkiewicz MD
Dr. Alyssa Luddy MD
Lou Lukas MD
Dr. Gregory Lyon-Loftus PHD MD
Jane Macpherson MD
Stefani Madison MD
Amy Maley DO
Dr. Courtney Maligi MD
Dr. Jeffrey Mandel MD
Dr. Joel Mandelbaum MD
Lucille Marchand MD
Dr. Tudor Marinescu MD, PHD
Dr. Stephen Marsh M D
Dr. Natasha Marston MD
James Martin MD
Dr. Thomas Martin MD
Dr. Eric Marty MD
Dr. Bernard-Dean Marucci MD
Kevin Mathews MD
Dr. Jonathan Mccaleb MD
Thomas Mckain MD
Beth Mclaughlin MD
Melinda Mcminn MD
James Meadows MD
Neelu Mehra MD
Dr. Jocelyn Mennie MD
Kurt Merkelz MD
Michelle Mills NP-C
Jeffrey Minteer MD
Dr. Neil Miransky DO
Scott Mitchell MD
Dr. Gina Mohr MD
Dr. Stewart Mones MD
Dr. Jennifer Moore MD
Roger Mortimer MD
Michael Mosley MD
Lucy Munoz Medina MD
Scott Murkin MD
Christine Nevins-Herbert MD
Bretton Newman MD
Dr. Sherika Newman DO
Ann Nguyen MD
Dr. Sharon Nickell-Olm MD
Sarah Nicklin MD
Dr. Ivan Nicolov MD
Mrs. Lisa Nolan PA-C
Nina O'connor MD
Sandra Oakes MD
Dr. Mary Obear MD PHD
Dr. Eriko Onishi MD
Martha Ording MD
Dr. Crystal Owens MD
Dr. Felix Pacheco MD
Dr. Gilbert Panzer MD
Segismundo Pares MD
Dr. Isabella Park DO
David Parks MD
Eleanor Parshall MD
Larry Parsons
Dr. Purvi Patel MD
Thomas Patterson MD
Dr. Lisa Perino MD
James Pettit DO
Marie-Caroline Piche MD
Dr. Christopher Pile MD
William Plonk JR. MD
Dr. Karla Pope MD
Dr. Myra Pope MD
Roger Ragain MD
Colin Raitiere MD
Dr. Sampath Ramakrishnan MD
Shobha Rao MD
Karen Ray MD
Dr. David Redding DO
Dr. Richard Redding MD
Dr. Cheryl Reinhart MD
Dr. Wahid Riad Zaky MD
Lana Riemann MD
Dr. Larrie Rinck DO
Dr. Thomas Rodgers MD
Douglas Rogers DO
Dr. Neyla Roldan MD
Dr. David Ross Russell MD
Dr. Alan Rozen MD
James Ruble MD
Dr. Louise Ruva MD
Dr. George Salman DO
Tara Sanft MD
Dr. Arpine Saribekyan MD
Todd Sauer MD
Dr. Stanley Savinese JR. DO
Jennifer Schmidt
Susan Schneider MD,MSPH
Gabe Schuldt MD
Dr. Nancy Seibolt MD
Dr. Aditi Sethi-Brown MD
Indu Shah MD
Virag Shah MD
Kaoswi Shih MD
Dr. Maria Sheenna Sica DO
Dr. Anne Silao-Solomon MD
Dr. George Simms MD
Dr. Clark Smith MD
Daniel Smith JR. MD
Daurie Smithline MD
Douglas Smucker MD
Aaron Snyder MD
Dr. Brent Spears MD
Cheryl Stacy NP-C
Francesco Standoli MD
Dr. Arlen Stauffer MD
Stewart Stein MD
Dr. Catherine Steuart MD
Dr. Michael Steward MD
Kelly Stockton-Drum NP-C
Dr. Clarence Stratman MD
Thomas Sullivan MD
Ehsan Sultani MD
Dr. Nagalakshmi Suryadevara MD
Pamela Sutton MD
Dr. Bernard Sweeney MD
Dr. John Symeonides MD,
Dr. John Szafranski DO
Dr. Christopher Taggart MD
Aamira Tahir MD
Colleen Tallen MD
Dr. Anoo Preet Tamber MD
Dr. Sharon Tan MD
Dr. Judith Taylor MD
Dr. Elizabeth Teague DO
Steven Thomason MD
Dr. Glen Thomazin DO
Dr. Ceveland Thompson III MD
Christopher Thompson MD
Mrs. Angela Titus FNP-BC
Mary Tobin-Anderson MD
Dr. Soheila Torabi MD
Mrs. Mindy Treybal DO
Dr. David Tribble MD
Dr. Jann Trzeciak DO
Dr. Jessica Tsukanov DO
John Turski III DO
Dr. Carlos Vargas MD
Dr. Isaac Vielma MD
Anthony Vigliotti MD
Dr. Deepak Vij MD
Tatiana Voitovitch-Khurgin DO
Donald Vollmer II MD
Alen Voskanian MD
Dr. Betsy Walker MD
Dr. John Walters MD
Mark Warfel DO
Dr. James Wax MD
Terry Weaver MD
Dr. Gerald Weingarden DO
J Welch DO
Dr. Raymond West MD
Dr. Samuel West III DO
Andrew Westbrook MD
Paul Wilbur MD
Dr. Cynthia Williams DO
Kathy Williams MD
Dr. Christopher Wilson DO
Philip Wirt III DO
Dr. Anthony Witte MD
Dr. Charles Wolff MD
Dr. Ralph Wroth MD
Nader Yacoub MD
Meghan Young DO
Finly Zachariah MD
Irena Zmitrovic MD

* Source: American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine [1/1/2007: new]

** Source: American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine [1/1/2007: new]