Family Medicines

Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity. *

Specialization: Sports Medicine

A family medicine physician that is trained to be responsible for continuous care in the field of sports medicine, not only for the enhancement of health and fitness, but also for the prevention of injury and illness. A sports medicine physician must have knowledge and experience in the promotion of wellness and the prevention of injury. Knowledge about special areas of medicine such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, physical rehabilitation, epidemiology, physical evaluation, injuries (treatment and prevention and referral practice) and the role of exercise in promoting a healthy lifestyle are essential to the practice of sports medicine. The sports medicine physician requires special education to provide the knowledge to improve the health care of the individual engaged in physical exercise (sports) whether as an individual or in team participation. **

Dr. Allan Abbott MD
Dr. Bradley Abrahamson MD
Dr. Russell Adams DO
Dr. William Adams MD
Giselle Aerni MD
Mr. Ty Affleck MD
Dr. Elmo Agatep MD
Arturo Aguilar MD
Faisal Al-Alim MD
Oluwaseye Alabi DO
Dr. Peter Alasky DO
Andrew Albano JR. DO
Dr. Brian Albertson MD
Steven Albrechta MD
Dr. Joseph Allen MD
Dr. Anthony Allotta III DO
Robert Altenau MD
Dr. Sergio Alvarado MD
David Alvarez DO
Dr. Adae Amoako MD
Dr. Matthew Anastasi MD
Aaron Anderson MD
Dr. Brian Anderson MD
Dr. Britta Anderson DO
Gregory Anderson MD
Dr. Jared Anderson MD
Jeffrey Anderson MD
Kelley Anderson DO
Kenneth Anderson III DO
Laura Anderson MD
Robert Anderson DO
James Anthony MD
Dr. Jeffrey Anthony DO
Mary Anthony DO
Gary Arends JR. DO
Cesar Arguelles MD
Dr. Joseph Armen DO
Mr. Todd Arnold MD
Dr. Wais Arsala MD
Kiersten Arthur MD
Dr. Kyle Arthur MD
Andrew Ashbaugh DO
Joseph Ashwal MD
Dr. Joseph Atkin MD
Dr. Sultan Babar MD
Tamara Babb MD
Dr. Brian Babka MD
Dr. Stephen Badolato MD
Dr. Nael Bahhur MD
Dr. Westly Bailey MD
Jamie Baines DO
Robert Baker MD
Robert Baker MD
Sherrie Ballantine-Talmadge DO
Dr. Anil Bangale MD
Dr. James Barbee MD
Dr. Karl Barkley II MD
Dr. Lisa Barkley MD
Dr. Donald Barney DO
Mr. David Barr MD
David Barrera MD
Dr. Bryan Barrett DO
James Barrett MD
Michael Barrow MD
Stacey Bartell MD
Tom Bartsokas MD
Danielle Bass MD
Dr. Rebecca Bassett MD
Sumit Bassi MD
Frank Batcha MD
David Bauman MD
Dr. Chyle Beaird MD
Caroline Beall DO
Michael Beams DO
John Beard MD
Dr. Nahum Beard MD
Dr. Glenn Beasley MD
Chad Beattie MD
Dr. Tricia Beatty DO
Leslie Beaty
Clint Beaver MD
Dr. Blair Becker MD
Dr. David Becker MD
Jonathan Becker MD
Dr. Olawunmi Beckley MD
Daniel Bedney MD
Dr. Patrick Beiter MD
Dr. Nicholas Belasco DO
Dr. Christopher Bell MD
Dr. Moses Benavides MD
Dr. Rhett Bergeron MD
Dr. Deborah Bergfeld MD
Stephen Berghofer MD
Russell Bergum DO
James Berk MD
David Berkson MD
Joseph Bernard DO
Dr. Gabriel Betancourt DO
Craig Betchart MD
Dr. Kevin Bethel MD CM FAARM
Dr. Susan Bettcher MD
Loren Betteridge MD
Dr. Anthony Beutler MD
Dr. Walter Bew MD, CAQSM
Namita Bhardwaj MD
Rehal Bhojani MD
Dr. David Bica DO
Timothy Biddle DO
Anthony Biggs DO
Dr. Krystian Bigosinski MD
Scott Bilyeu MD
Stephen Bindner MD
Terrance Binks DO
David Birnbaum MD
Dr. Andrew Blecher MD
Theron Bliss DO
Dr. Steve Blivin MD
Christine Blonski DO
Dr. David Bloom MD
Dr. Jeffrey Bloom DO
O Bloom MD
James Blount MD
Jeffrey Blue MD
Dr. Jerry Blythe MD
Brandon Bockewitz MD
Rosemarie Boehm MD
Dr. Peter Bogard DO
Delmas Bolin MD
Dr. Thomas Bond SR. MD
Mark Booher MD
Philip Bosha
Marco Bosquez MD
Dr. Thomas Bottiglieri DO
Mark Bouchard MD
Mark Boyce
Anne Boyd MD
Dr. David Boyer MD
Scott Boyken MD
Dr. Barbara Brandon DO
Matthew Brandon MD
Gregory Bratton MD
David Braunreiter MD
Mrs. Dana Brewington MD
Dr. Thomas Brickner MD
Dr. Crystal Bright MD
Dr. Darrin Bright MD
David Brinton MD
Dr. Beverlee Brisbin MD
Jana Brock MD
Lisa Brone MD
Dr. John Broussard DO
Dr. Frederick Brown MD
Jaclyn Brown MD
Dr. Jeffrey Brown MD
Dr. Sara Brown DO
Stacey Brown-Brocklehurst MD
Dr. Lynn Brumm DO
Dr. Terri Brunvoll DO
John Buchanan DO
Dr. Brad Buchman MD
Dr. Nathan Bucks DO
Dr. Stacy Bull MD
Dr. Trevor Bullock DO
Steven Burdine MD
Jennifer Burke MD
Kristine Burke MD
Jeffrey Burnell DO
William Burton MD
Janus Butcher
Jason Butler MD
Dr. Efren Caballes DO
Dr. Robert Cabry JR. MD
Marie Cadet MD
Lindsay Call DO
William Callahan MD
Dr. Walter Calmbach MD
Dr. Ronaldo Calonje MD
Charles Camarata MD
Dr. Teresa Camden MD
Dr. Russell Camhi DO, ATC
Dr. Aaron Campbell MD
Darren Campbell
Richard Canlas MD
Kathleen Carr MD
Dr. Richard Carreon MD
Dr. Donald Carson DO
Tracy Casault DO
Dr. Ellen Casey MD
Kacie Cassaday DO
Kyle Cassas MD
Dr. David Cassat MD
Dr. Annie Casta MD
Dr. Lon Castle MD
Kenneth Cayce IV MD
Dr. Philippe Chain MD
Dr. Jon Chancellor MD
Dr. Cindy Chang MD
Tony Chang MD
Dr. C. Chassay MD
Dr. Matthew Chatfield MD
Dr. Victoria Chen MD
James Chesnutt MD
Dr. Thomas Cheyne MD
Dr. Blane Chong M D
Dr. Jeremy Chrisman DO
Dr. James Christensen DO
Steve Christensen DO
Dr. Trent Christensen MD
Stephanie Chu DO
Dr. Obinna Chukwuocha DO
Dr. Eric Chumbley MD
Jordan Chun MD
Gregory Cibor DO
Mr. Christopher Cieurzo MD
Clinton Clarke MD
Justin Classie MD
Daniel Clearfield DO
Paul Cleland MD
Dr. Kelley Clem MD
Daniel Clinkenbeard MD
James Clugston MD
Gloria Cohen MD
Mr. Ronald Cohen MD
Brian Coleman MD
Dr. John Colianni MD
Dr. Steven Collina MD
Sean Convery MD
Dr. Raymond Cook DO
Dr. Emily Cooper MD
Jennifer Copeland MD
Dr. Spencer Copland MD
Dr. Gregory Coppola DO
Dr. Michael Cordas JR. DO
Dr. Juan Cornejo DO
Michael Cosgrave II DO
Dr. Brian Cost MD
Dr. Kathleen Costanzo DO
Dr. Valerie Cothran MD
Dr. Christopher Couture MD
Dr. Carlton Covey MD
Dr. Kara Cox MD
Robert Crist MD
Shane Cummings M D
Dr. Jessica Curran MD
Dr. Travis Currie MD
Paul Curtin DO
Dr. Teresa Cvengros MD
Dr. Gita Dalal MD
Dr. Patrick Daley MD
Kurt Dallow MD
James Daniels MD
Jason Dapore DO
Dr. Stephen Daquino DO
Nathan Darby MD
Jeffrey Dassel MD
Stacey Dault DO
Dr. Leslie David MD
Craig Davidson MD
Dr. Jeffrey Davis MD
Dr. Daniel Davison DO
Aaron Dawes MD
Dr. John Dawkins MD
Daniel Day DO
Dore Debartolo DO
Abigail Debusk DO
Dr. Danielle Degiorgio DO
Bryan Delage MD
Mina Demarco DO
Dr. Douglas Dengerink DO
John Denning DO
Dr. Steven Dennis II MD
Dr. Richard Derby MD
Dr. Maulin Desai MD
Dr. Matthew Desjardins MD
Robin Devine DO
Dr. Kevin Deweber MD, FAAFP
Dr. William Dexter MD
Dr. Diego Diaz MD
Dr. Manuel Diaz JR. DO
Dr. Osvaldo Diaz MD
Dr. John Dicasimirro MD
Jacob Dicesare DO
Dr. John Diehl MD
John Difiori MD
Robert Dimeff MD
Dr. Douglas Diorio MD
Dr. Laura Distel MD
Jon Divine MD
Emily Dixon DO
Jared Dixon MD
Dr. Martha Dodson DO
Michael Donaworth MD
Dr. Keli Donnelly DO
Brian Donohue DO
Dr. John Dougherty DO
Dr. Thomas Dougherty MD
Dr. David Drexler DO
Benjamin Dudycha MD
Dr. Thomas Duhig MD
Heather Dukes Rosales DO
Anna Dumont DO
Dr. Robert Duncan MD
Dr. Kevin Duprey DO
Freddy Duque AP
David Dyck JR. DO
Crystal Dyer MD
Herman Dykes DO
Scott Eathorne MD
Katherine Edenfield MD
Dr. Kevin Elder MD
Gregory Elkins MD
Carey Ellis MD
Corey Ellis MD
Jessica Ellis MD
Britney Else DO
Heather Elwood MD
Erik Emaus DO
T Emel MD
Dr. Jared Emery DO
Gary Erbstoesser DO, FAAFP
Courtney Erickson-Adams MD
Dr. Matthew Evans MD
Dr. Stephen Evans DO
Dr. Kelly Evans-Rankin MD
Anthony Ewald MD
Lisa Falotico DO
Dr. Christopher Farmer MD
Dr. Ted Farrar MD
Dr. Robert Fawcett MD
Dr. Gail Fayre MD
Dr. William Feldner DO
John Felix MD
Dr. John Fellow MD
Jean Ferdinand MD
Dr. Sahba Ferdowsi DO
Dr. Lawrence Ferraro DO
Frank Ferren JR. MD
Richard Ferro MD
Susan Fidler MD
Dr. Karl Fields MD
Barry Fisher MD
Brent Fisher MD
Matthew Fisher MD
Dr. Robert Flannery MD
Dr. Scott Flinn MD
Dr. John Flores MD
Dr. Robert Flowers DO
Sekou Ford MD
Mr. Douglas Forgit MD
Kennth Forsythe MD
Craig Fortman DO
Dr. Mark Foster DO
Ryan Foster MD
Francis Foti II DO
Todd Fowler MD
Dr. David Frankel MD
Garett Franklin MD
Ralph Franks JR. DO
Dr. Bryant Frazier MD
Steven Freeman MD
Dr. Michael Freitas MD
Dr. Carla Fritz MD
Dr. Jason Fronczak DO
Dr. Lee Fruman MD
Dr. Michael Fung MBCHB
Angelo Galante MD
J. Mark Galbraith MD
Jarrett Galbreth MD
Daniel Gall MD
Dr. Rupert Galvez DO
Dr. Rudolph-Bear Gamboa MD
Dr. Robert Gambrell MD
Dr. Angel Garcia MD
Dr. Barry Garcia DO
Dr. Ramon Garcia-Septien MD
Anne Garrison DO
Dr. Joseph Garry MD
Dr. Charles Garten II MD
Mark Garza MD
Sandeep Gavankar DO
David Gealt DO
Dr. Kevin Gebke MD
Zachary Geidel MD
William Gerchick DO
Dr. Julian Gershon JR. DO
Dr. Michael Gerstenfeld MD
Nicole Gesik DO
Dr. Andrew Getzin MD
Darren Geyer MD
Nick Ghaphery DO
Dr. Boutros Ghassibi MD
Paresh Ghodge MD
Margaret Gibson MD
Dr. Steven Giles MD
Kory Gill DO
Dr. Yogeshwar Gill MD
Heather Gillespie MD
Dr. Edward Gillett MD
Charles Gilliland MD
Jennifer Gilroy MD
Michele Gilsenan DO
Matthew Gimre MD
Dr. Troy Glaser DO
Hank Glass DC
Ryan Gleesing DO
Dr. John Glorioso JR. MD
Kristopher Goddard DO
Kyle Goerl MD
Elan Goldwaser DO
Lawrence Golusinski JR. MD
Julio Gonzalez MD
Rodney Gonzalez MD
Michael Goodlett MD
Harrison Goodno MD
Marci Goolsby MD
Tobias Gopon MD
Dr. Elise Gordon MD
Tiffany Gorman MD
Andrew Gottschalk MD
Dr. William Gould MD
Nathan Granneman MD
Kate Grant DO
Michael Graveley MD
Alysia Green MD
Dr. Erick Green JR. MD
John Green III MD
Mack Green MD
Lawrence Greenblatt X DO
Dr. Nancy Greenwell MD
Steven Greer MD
Todd Grime MD
Dr. Scott Grindel MD
David Gronski MD
Dr. John Gross MD
Heather Grothe MD
Shane Gustafson DO
Dr. Geoffrey Gustavsen MD
Jack Gutman DO
Dr. Darin Gwartney DO
M Haber MD
Dr. Joshua Hackel MD
Dr. Rajih Haddawi MD
Dr. Michael Haghighi MD
Joel Hake MD
Tracy Hall DO
Dr. Kenneth Haller DO
Mark Hallett MD
Dr. Omar Hamada MD
Marianne Hana
Dr. Ronald Hanson JR. MD
Dr. Mark Harary MD
John Harcourt MD
Steven Hardage MD
Dr. Jarrod Harrall DO
Dr. Brian Harrell MD
Stephen Harrington
Dr. Lafe Harris DO
Dr. Michael Harris MD
Tye Harrison DO
William Hart MD
Syed Hasan MD
Dr. Brian Haseloff MD
John Hatzenbuehler MD
Dr. Jacob Hayman MD
Robert Hays MD
Suzanne Hecht MD
Dr. Robert Hein MD
Dr. John Henderson SR. DO
Michael Henehan DO
Dr. Jeremy Henrichs MD
Dr. Joshua Henry MD
Dr. Rodolfo Herrera MD
Renaldo Hidalgo DO
Matthew Higgs MD
Marc Hilgers MD, PHD
Eric Hilquist MD
Mark Himes DO
Brian Hinkley DO
Dr. Ralph Hinton MD
Jason Hix MD
Gerardo Hizon MD
Ha Hoang DO
Dr. Boyd Hoddinott MD
Greg Hoeksema MD
Douglas Hoffman
Julia Hohman MD
Thomas Hoke MD
Kali Hollingsworth DO
Jeffrey Holloway MD
Dr. Frank Holmes IV MD
Nathan Holmes MD
Alejandro Homaechevarria MD
Jennifer Hopp MD
Dr. Bruce Hopper JR. MD
Tami Horner MD
Robert Hosey MD
Dr. Thomas Hospel MD
John Howard MD
Dr. Thomas Howard MD
Allyson Howe MD
Dr. Warren Howe MD
Bruce Hoyle MD
Dr. Michael Huey MD
Dr. Robert Huff DO
Hou-En Hui MD
Dr. James Hult MD
John Hulvey JR. MD
Rachel Hummel DO
Dr. Jeremy Hunt MD
Dr. Mark Hutchens MD
John Hyden JR. MD
Jeffery Ijadi MD
Pamela Irby MD
Arthur Islas MD
Hirenkumar Italia MD
Nathaniel Jablecki MD
Dr. Eric Jackson MD
Richard Jacobs MD
Dr. Thomas Jamieson DO
Neeru Jayanthi MD
David Jenkinson DO
Christopher Jenks MD
Dr. R Stephen Jennings MD
Rupinder Johal MD
Mrs. Cynda Johnson MD MBA
Dr. James Johnson MD
Dr. Jason Johnson MD
Dr. John Johnson MD
Dr. Kassie Johnson MD
Kristina Johnson DO
Paul Johnson MD
Daniel Jones MD
Dr. Michael Jordan MD
Todd Jorgenson MD
Anthony Joseph MD
Dr. Nathan Josephs DO
Dr. Preet Joshi MD
Vijay Jotwani MD
Susan Joy MD
Cambria Judd MD
John Julius DO
Dr. Caesar Junker MD
Dr. Jessica Juntunen MD
Dr. Brian Juriga DO
Michael Jusinski MD
Dr. Lawrence Kacmar MD
Kimberly Kaiser MD
Sanna Kalika MD
Stephanie Kaliner DO
Dr. Karl Kaluza DO
Matthew Kanaan DO , MS
Mark Kandutsch MD
Dr. Shawn Kane MD
Raymond Kania DO
Dr. Todd Kanzenbach MD
Dr. Sashil Kapur MD
Kristine Karlson MD
Dr. Joel Kary MD
Dr. Iqbal Kasam MD
Mr. Jacob Katz MD
Dr. Stephen Keiser MD
Dr. Brian Keisler MD
Cory Keller DO
Abbie Kelley DO
Barry Kenneally MD
Robert Kennedy MD
Bernard Keown MD
Shawn Kerger DO
Roberta Kern MD
Eran Kessous MD
Afzal Khan MD
Dr. Rakesh Khosla MD
Dr. Gary Kiefer MD, PHD
Dr. Virginia Killoren MD
Dr. Nicholas Kilmer MD
Dr. Piper Kilpatrick MD
Jeffrey Kim DO
Craig Kimmel MD
Jeffrie Kindred DO
Andrew King MD
Dr. Steven King DO
Dr. David Kirby MD
Stephen Kirk MD
Dr. Nicholas Kitsopoulos DO
Dr. Victor Klausner DO
William Klein MD
Dr. Jennifer Kleinman ND
Chris Klenck MD
Brian Klostermann MD
Joshua Kluetz DO
David Ko MD
Dr. Thomas Kohl MD
David Konigsberg DO
Jennifer Koontz MD
Dr. Louis Kovacs MD
Jeffrey Kozak DO
Dr. Albert Kozar DO
Dr. David Krey DO
Dr. Amy Kreykes MD
Charles Krome DO
Dr. Erica Kroncke MD
Christopher Kroner MD/MPH
Dr. Robert Kronisch MD
David Kruse MD
Roger Kruse MD
Dr. Eric Kujawski DO
Dr. Michael Kurtz DO
Dr. Andrew Kusienski DO
Dr. Christopher Kyriakides DO
Dr. Eric Lake DO
Roger Lallemand JR. MD
Mr. James Lamprakos DO
Dr. Shanyn Lancaster MD
Dr. Beverly Land DO
Sandra Lane MD
Dr. Andrew Lanzone DO
Dr. Dean Lapinel MD
Thomas Lardner MD
Dr. Anthony Lattavo DO
Lindsey Laturnau ATC
Dr. Henry Lau DO
Dr. Mark Lavallee MD
Dr. Trey Leaven MD, MS
Dr. Aaron Lee DO
Alison Lee DO
Bryan Lee MD
Eric Lee II MD
Dr. Gary Lee MD
Ho Je Lee MD
John Lee MD
Mr. Justin Lee
Katherine Lee DOM
Sarah Lehnert MD
Laura Lendermon MD
Dr. Louis Leone DO
Mark Leski MD
Dr. Richard Leu MD
Dr. Richard Levandowski MD,
Jeffrey Levenda MD
Dr. Andrew Li-Yung Hing MD
Wade Lillegard
Sam Lin MD
Ted Lin MD
Dr. Brian Lindenmayer MD
Dr. Lawrence Linett MD
Dr. Ryan Lingor MD
Dr. Timothy Linker MD
Dr. Laura Lintner DO
Dr. Timothy Lishnak MD
Dr. Stuart Lisle
Beth Lloyd MD
Margaret Lo MD
Mr. Timothy Locknane MD
Dr. Peter Loescher MD
Dr. John Lombardo MD
Dianne Longo
Peter Loo MD
Dr. Michelle Look MD
Dr. Alvin Loosli MD
Dr. Hector Lopez MD
Emily Lott MD
Dr. Robert Luberto DO
Dr. Anthony Luke MD
Wuaca Luna MD
Matthew Lunser
Dr. Christina Lusk-Caceres DO
Christopher Lutrzykowski MD
Dr. Jennifer Lyon DO
Trek Lyons MD
Jeffrey Lystad MD
Dr. Peter Macarthur MD
Mr. Robin Macdougall DO
Dr. David Macias MD
Dr. W Macleod MD
Amy Macqueen MD
Christopher Madden MD
Dr. Lawrence Magee MD
Danielle Mahaffey MD
Navid Mahooti MD
Stacy Majoras DO
Dr. Abimbolu Makinde MD
Ali Makki MD
Jennifer Malcolm DO
Dr. Todd Malvey DO
Dr. Lee Mancini MD
Christopher Mann DO
Dr. Manish Mannan MD
Dr. Domenic Mantella MD
Eron Manusov MD
Haihong Mao MD
Dr. Douglas Marania MD
Daniel Mark
Steven Marles MD JD
D. Scott Marr MD
Dr. Paul Marr MD
Laura Marsh MD
Dr. Matthew Marsh MD
Brett Martin DO
Richard Martin DO
Dr. Robert Martin MD
Scott Martin DO
Sean Martin DO
Dr. John Martinez MD
Dr. Luis Martinez DO
Dr. Joseph Martino JR. MD
Dr. Melissa Mascaro MD
Robert Masocol MD
Thomas Masten MD
James Masterson DO
Dr. Marlon Mathews MD
Monty Mathews MD
Dr. Stephen Matta DO, MBA
Dawn Mattern MD
Dr. Todd May DO
Dr. Enrique Mayo MD
Timothy Mazzola MD
Dr. Timothy Mcateer MD
Dr. Michael Mccartney MD
Robyn Mccarty MD
David Mcclaskey MD
Dr. Amy Mcclintock MD
Dr. Derek Mccoy MD
Roger Mccoy II MD
Jeffrey Mcdaniel MD
Dr. Alina Mcdermed DO
Andrew Mcdonald MD
Dr. John Mcdonald MD
Patrick Mcdonough MD
Dr. Michael Mcgarry MD
Dr. Jonathan Mcghee MD
Dr. Cathleen Mcgonigle DO
Dr. Andrew Mcgown MD
Dr. Christopher Mcgraw DO
Dr. Jason Mchugh DO
Laura Mcintosh MD
Dr. Douglas Mckeag MD, MS
Dr. Paul Mckee IV MD
Dr. Kenneth Mckenzie MD
Dr. Bonnie Mckinley DO
Dominic Mckinley MD
James Mckinley MD
Dr. Paul Mckinley DO
Jonathan Mckrell MD
Mr. Mitchell Mclaughlin ATC, LAT
Dr. Shaun Mcmurtry MD
Matthew Mcqueen MD
John Mcshane MD
Terrence Mcwilliams MD
James Meade MD
Christopher Mehallo DO
Dr. James Mendler MD
Dr. Robert Menzies MD
Dr. Asim Merchant MD
Dr. Robin Merket M D
Dr. Wesley Merriwether MD
Charles Merson MD
Matthew Meschke DO
James Messerly DO
Dr. Brent Messick MD
Michael Messmer DO
Dr. Douglas Meuser MD
Dr. Christopher Meyering DO
Dr. Christopher Miars DO
Mrs. Kristen Michael DO
Dr. Brian Michalsen DO
Leslie Michaud MD
Dr. Michael Mikus MD
Christopher Miles MD
Dr. Sonia Millan Pinzon MD
Amy Miller MD
Mr. Earl Miller DO
Dr. Gary Miller DO
Dr. Isaac Miller MD
Jacob Miller MD
Dr. John Miller MD
Dr. Kevin Miller MD
Michael Milligan MD
Dr. Wesley Mills MD
Dr. Christian Millward MD
Dr. David Millward MD, MSC
Dr. Cherie Miner MD
Bradford Mitchell MD
Dr. William Mitchell III MD
Dr. William Moats MD
Dr. Ryan Modlinski MD
Dr. Ketan Mody MD
Dr. James Moeller MD
Dr. William Moffitt MD
Paul Monie' MD, MPH
Dr. Nicholas Monson DO
Salvador Montenegro MD
Stefan Montgomery MD
Michael Montico MD
David Moon DO
Dr. Joseph Moore MD
Dr. Nicholas Moore MD
Dr. James Morales MD
Rebecca Morgan MD
Dr. George Morris MD
Dr. Patrick Morris MD
Dr. Bruce Morrison DO
Mr. Joel Morton DO
Kinshasa Morton MD
Brad Moser MD
Dr. Matthew Moslener MD
Becky Mueller DO
Sean Mullendore MD
Merle Muller MD
Dr. Belinda Murphy Denmark DO
Nicole Murray MD
Benjamin Mwanika DO
Dr. Alexandra Myers DO
Dr. Amy Myers MD
Craig Nadelson DO
Dr. Omar Naji MD
Dr. Gena Napier MD
Dr. Syed Naseeruddin MD
Daniel Nash MD
Dr. Christopher Nasin MD
Dr. Lawrence Nassar DO
Aurelia Nattiv
Sara Neal MD
Dr. Evan Neft MD
Benjamin Nelson MD
Dr. Jeffrey Nelson MD
Dr. Noel Nepomuceno JR. MD
Jack Newcomer MD
Benjamin Newton MD
Dr. Tauaina Ngatuvai MD
Dr. Andrew Nichols MD
Robert Nicol MD
David Niederee MD
Ryan Niehaus DO
James Niemeyer DO
Dr. Robert Nierenberg MD
Dr. Luis Nieves MD
Dr. Kurt Nilsson MD
Dr. Robert Nishime MD
Koji Nishimura MD
Michael Noble MD
Dr. Joseph Noland MD
Dr. Rochelle Nolte MD
Michelle Noreski DO
Melissa Novak DO
Dr. Christian Nwankwo JR. MD, MPH, FAAFP
Dr. Walter O'brien MD
Dr. Francis O'connor MD
Dr. John O'connor MD
Dr. David O'keeffe MD
Pamela Oconnor MD
Dr. Brett Oden MD
Brandon Ohman MD
Joshua Okon MD
Dr. Lucianne Olewinski MD
David Olson MD
Dr. Derek Olson MD
Alex Onofrei MD
Emueje Ophori MD
Daniel Ordaz MD
Dr. Hector Ortiz MD
Dr. Ross Osborn MD
Daniel Ostlie MD
Dr. Nicole Otto MD
Lucien Ouellette MD
Robert Ozaki DO
Christina Pagano MD
Dr. Theodore Paisley MD
Luis Palacio MD
Robert Palacios MD
Dr. Chadwick Palmer MD
Dr. Trish Palmer MD
Dr. Timothy Palomera MD
Mr. Scott Paluska MD
Dr. Andrea Pana MD
Sandesh Pandit MD
Dr. Chris Pappas MD
Dr. Girish Paranjape DO
Dr. Pradeep Parihar MD
Amit Parikh DO
Dr. Susan Park MD
Augustus Parker IV MD
Dr. Richard Parker DO
Eric Parks MD
Diane Parrett DO
Dr. Herbert Parris MD
Timothy Partridge MD
Dr. Daniel Pascucci DO
Dr. Adam Pasternak DO, CAQSM
Nishith Patel DO
Kyle Patrick DO
Dr. Rowan Paul M D
Dr. Stephen Paul MD
Dr. Jennifer Payne MD
Dr. Patrick Pearce MD
Dr. Randolph Pearson MD
Jaime Pedraza MD
John Pedrotty MD
Jeffery Peiffer DO
Dr. Jodi Pelegrin DO
Dr. Warren Peluso MD
Bernadette Pendergraph MD
Dr. Artemio Perez DO
Donald Perry MD
Dr. Dwan Perry DO
Dr. Marilyn Perry DO
Dr. Ryan Petering MD
Dr. Carol Petersen Pilat DO
Dr. Charles Peterson MD
Dr. Jeffrey Peterson MD
Kenneth Peterson MD
Dr. Benjamin Petty MD
Matthew Petznick DO
Andrew Phan MD
David Phelps MD
Dr. Jonathan Phillips MD
Mr. Shawn Phillips MD
Thomas Phillips JR. MD
Dr. Amanda Phillips-Savoy MD
Dr. Nicholas Piantanida MD
Gracia Pierre-Pierre MD
Dr. Tanika Pinn MD
Mark Pinsky DO
Lynne Pirie DO
Dr. Jason Pirozzolo DO
Christopher Pitcock MD
Ryan Pitts DO
Dr. Michael Pitzer MD
Dr. Evan Plowgian MD
Thomas Plut DO
Sourav Poddar MD
Dr. Robert Poley MD
Dr. Lisa Pomranky MD
Raymond Pongonis DO
Gayan Poovendran MD
Dr. Rebecca Popham DO
Dr. Donald Porter MD
Dr. Michael Potter MD
Gregory Potts MD
Dr. Joseph Powers MD
Dr. Leonie Prao MD
Dr. Scott Pregont MD
Dr. Gale Prentiss MD
Mr. Steven Pribanich MD
David Price MD
Roberta Prigge
Dr. John Puig II MD
Dr. George Pujalte MD
Dr. Ian Pulliam DO
Clayton Pullin MD
Dr. Jerome Pumo JR. DO,FACOFP
Royce Pyette MD
Dr. Martha Pyron MD
Dr. Celeste Quitiquit MD
Dr. Susan Raben-Taylor MD
Dr. Steven Radi MD
Dr. Ahmed Radwan MD
Luke Ragan MD
A B M Masudur Rahman MD
Dr. Elizabeth Raleigh DO
Dr. Lee Ralph MD
Dr. Ezhiludai Nambi Ramamoorthy MD, MBBS
Dr. Kenneth Ramey DO
Dr. Christopher Ramsaran MD
Dr. Steve Randall MD
Dr. George Rankin JR. MD
Dr. Naresh Rao DO
Dr. Leslie Rassner MD
Dr. Raul Raudales JR. MD
Dr. Emilia Ravski DO
Tracy Ray MD
Dr. John Reasoner JR. MD
Adam Redlich MD
Dr. Jeremy Reed DO
Dr. Tony Reed MD
Mark Reeder MD
Dr. Paul Reehal MD
Douglas Reeves JR. MD
Matthew Reeves DO
Timothy Reid MD
Kathryn Reilly MD
Dr. Andrew Reisman MD
Deborah Renelus MD
Anne Rettig MD
Richard Reut DO
Dr. Anne Rex-Torzok DO
Dr. Jose Reyes MD
Phil Rhiddlehoover MD
Dr. Barry Rhodes MD
Harvey Rhodes DO
Christopher Rial DO
Brent Rich MD
Joseph Richards MD
Dr. Frederick Richburg II MD
Dr. Carlton Richie DO
Dr. Sami Rifat MD
Dr. Scott Riise MD
Javier Rios MD
Dr. Pamela Rizza MD
Tara Robbins MD
Brad Roberts DO
Dr. David Roberts MD
Dr. Jeffrey Roberts MD
Kevin Roberts MD
William Roberts MD
Dr. Jason Robertson MD
Noelle Robertson MD
Alysia Robichau MD
James Robinson MD
Dr. Michelle Rockwell MD
Vimarie Rodriguez
Dr. Mark Rogers DO
Augusto Rojas MD
Nancy Rolnik MD
Dr. Charles Roman SR. DO
Miguel Roman-Diaz MD
Dr. Matthew Rosen MD
Daryl Rosenbaum MD
Dr. William Rosenberg MD
Mr. Vincent Ross MD
Dr. William Ross MD
Matt Roth MD
Stephanie Roth MD
Dr. Elizabeth Rothe MD
Ramin Roufeh MD
Denise Routhier MD
Dr. Mark Rowand MD
Michelle Rowe DO
Ms. Sylvia Rozek MD
Joseph Ruane DO
Bryce Rudek ATC
Chadley Runyan MD
David Rupp MD
Dr. Steven Russell MD
Mrs. Wendy Russell MD
Dr. Cherise Russo DO
Ms. Kelly Ryan DO
Dr. Thomas Sachtleben MD
Dr. Paul Saenz DO
Dr. Hussein Saghir DO
Dr. Mark Sakr DO
Dr. Andrew Saleh MD, MPH
Philip Salko MD
Dr. Christopher Salud MD
Carolyn Saluti DO
Edward Sambey MD
Dr. Michael Sampson DO
Dr. Suhas Samuel MD
Zachary Sandbulte MD
Bradley Sandella DO
Dr. Manna Sankar MD,MS
Dr. John Sassano DO
Shawn Saylor DO
Dr. Thomas Scandalis DO
Dr. Paul Schaefer MD
Dr. Matthew Schaeffer MD
Dr. Matthew Schaffer MD
Dr. Judy Schauer DO
Dr. David Schechter MD
Dr. Scot Scheffel MD
Dr. Richard Scheuring RICHARD SCHEURING
Lynsey Schlotzer MD
Melissa Schmeck
Dr. Alexander Schoofs MD
Erik Schroeder MD
Dr. Adam Schulte DO
Dr. Jonathan Schultz MD
Dr. Gary Schuster MD
Dr. Andrew Schwartz DO
Jennifer Schwartz MD
Dr. Daniel Schweigert MD
Kristen Scopaz MD
Dr. Daphne Scott MD
Dr. Melinda Scott DO
Wayne Sease JR. MD
Dr. Peter Sedgwick MD
Gregory Seelhoefer MD
Fnu Seemant MD
Dr. Peter Seidenberg MD
Linda Selby MD
Jeff Sellman MD
Dr. Jane Servi MD
Dr. Brian Shafer DO
Nilesh Shah MD
Dr. Syed Shah MD
Rishi Sharma MD
Todd Shatynski MD
Dr. Joel Shaw MD
Dr. Michael Shea MD
Michael Shea MD
Scott Sheflin MD
Ramsey Shehab MD
Donald Shell MD, MA
Dr. Henry Sherman MD
Roger Sherman MD
John Sherrod MD
Dr. Jong Shin DO
Brian Shiple DO
Gail Shirley DO
Dr. Mark Shirley DO
Dr. Julie Shott MD
Eric Sickinger DO
Dr. Robert Sickles MD
Shahab Siddiqui MD
Dr. John Siegel MD
Dr. Marc Silberman MD
Dr. Debi Siljander MD
Dr. Sabrina Silver DO
Matthew Silvis MD
Dr. Matthew Simmons MD
Dr. Stephen Simons MD
Igor Singer MD
Manik Singh MD
Vismai Sinha MD
Mr. Gregory Skaggs MD
Dr. Kelly Skanchy MD
Dr. Philip Skiba DO
Dr. Brian Slaby MD
Dr. Ryan Slater MD
Dr. Bradley Sloan DO
Bill Smith JR. MD
Dr. Bradley Smith MD
Carolyn Smith MD
Craig Smith MD
Jason Smith DO
Dr. Travis Smith DO
Edward Snell MD
Raymond Snyder MD
Dr. Vikram Sodhi MD
Kinjal Sohagia MD
Brian Sokalsky DO
Neil Sparks DO
William Speitel MD
Richard Spelts JR. DO
Dr. Neil Speth DO
Dr. Shaun Spielman MD
John Spittler MD
Dr. Shawn Spooner MD
Jason Spring DO
Dr. Peter Sprockel MD
Ryan Sprouse MD
Philip St Julien DO
Stephen Stache JR. MD
Dr. Jason Stacy MD
Steven Stahle MD
Dr. Keith Stanley MD
Dr. Clifford Stark DO
Jennifer Stebbing DO
Dr. Stephen Steele DO
Dr. Scott Steingard DO
Chad Stephens DO
Lindsay Stephens DO
James Stevens MD
Clay Stewart MD
Dr. Brian Stigall MD
Alan Stockard DO
Dr. Mark Stovak MD
Dr. Joseph Straight MD
Catherine Strickland MD
Dr. Keith Stuessi MD
Michael Stump MD
James Sturmi MD
Ann Sudoh
Kenji Sudoh
Dr. Kaleigh Suhs DO
Jon Sulentic DO
Dr. Robert Suter DO
Dr. Peter Swann MD
Dr. E Swenson MD
Dr. John Swisher Iv DO, CAQ
Dr. William Swords DO
Adrian Tabares MD
Dr. Melissa Tabor DO
Jason Tarno DO
Rochelle Taube MD
Dr. Michael Tavernaris MD
Dr. Farah Tejpar MD
Dr. Thomas Terrell MD
Dr. Brandon Teruya MD
Gregor Thebaud DO
Dr. Thomas Thekkekandam MD, ABFM, CAQSM
Bruce Thomas II MD
Dr. James Thompson DO
Nicholas Thompson DO
Robert Thompson MD
Matt Thornburg MD
Dr. Heath Thornton MD
John Tipton MD
Jill Tirabassi MD
Cesareo Amadeo Tongco II MD
Andrew Torrance MD
Dr. Jack Trainor MD
Eric Traister MD
Randy Trimpey MD
Dr. Cameron Trubey MD
Mark Tuccillo DO
Dr. Sarah Turner DO
Dr. Gregory Tuttle MD
James Tytko MD
John Tyznik MD
Dr. Marina Udowenko D O
Dr. Richard Uhler DO
Jitesh Umarvadia MD
Leon Uribe MD
Dr. Saif Usman MD
Timothy Vachris MD
Greg Valceschini MD
Rodney Van Andel MD
Rodney Van Pelt MD
Daniel Vandurme MD
Dr. Zenos Vangelos DO
Christopher Varacallo DO
Victor Vargas MD
Seema Vasu DO
Aaron Vaughan MD
Cathia Vazquez MD
Gerardo Vazquez MD
Nandhini Veeraraghavan MD
Dr. Mark Veldman DO,
Jorge Velez MD
Shelly Venters-Jacobs MD
Christian Verry MD
Dr. Janna Vilen MD
Dr. Tracey Viola DO
Peter Vitanzo MD
Matthew Vogt MD
Dr. William Vollmar II MD
Dr. Timothy Von Fange MD
Dr. Thongchai Vorasingha MD
Christina Vorobej MD
Tyler Voss DO
Dr. Randal Vosters MD
Linh-Uyen Vuong MD
Dr. Larkin Wadsworth III MD
Bradford Wagner MD
Dr. Casey Wagner MD
Chad Wagner MD
Mark Wagner MD
Dr. Ryan Wagner MD
Nathan Waibel MD
Brett Walker MD
Christina Walker MD
Dr. Richard Wallace MD
Jack Wallis MD
Kevin Walsh MD
Wally Walstrom DO
Dr. Lawrence Walter MD
Dr. David Wang MD
Edward Ward III MD
Jacob Wardwell DO
Steve Watts MD
Shaun Weaver MD
Dr. Charles Webb DO
Thomas Weber MD
Dr. Joseph Weber-Lopez MD
Karl Weenig MD
Jennifer Weibel DO
Beth Weinman DO
Dr. Robert Weinman MD
Steve Weintraub DO
Dr. David Weldy MD,PHD
Oluseun Wert DO
Jessica Wertz DO
David Westerdahl MD
Jeffrey Westerfield MD
Gary Western MD
Maxine Weyant MD
Angela Wheeler MD
Brian Whirrett MD
Dr. Anna White MD
Dr. Charles White JR. MD
Nancy White MD
Dr. Robert Whitehead MD
Dr. Rani Whitfield MD
Dr. Clyde Whiting MD
Dr. Joseph Wierzbicki MD
Dr. Kirk Wilcox MD
Carol Wilder MD
Dr. John Wilhite MD
Dr. Brett Wilhoit MD
Dr. Jared Williams MD
Dr. Alan Williamson MD
Dr. Stuart Willick MD
Mrs. Melanie Willis DO
Dr. Grover Wilson MD
John Wilson MD
Julie Wilson MD
Richard Wilson MD
Robert Wilson MD
Dr. Nina Winans MD
Dr. Karen Winegarner DO, MPH
Kristin Wingfield MD
Dr. Rebecca Winokur MD
Mark Wisthoff DO
Hilarion Woronzoff-Dashkoff
Justin Wright MD
Dr. Keith Wright MD
Dr. Efren Wu MD
Dr. Steven Yamazaki MD
Ronald Yee MD
Stephen Yemm MD
Dr. Donald Youmans MD
Dr. Craig Young MD
Dr. Eliot Young MD
Linda Young MD
Dr. Paul Zawatsky MD
Amy Zellers DO
David Ziegler MD
Dr. Phillip Zinni III DO
Dr. John Zisko MD
Jeffrey Zlotnick MD
Dr. Steven Zonner DO
Dr. Christopher Zukowski DO

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** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: added definition, added source; 7/1/2011: modified source]<br/><br/>Additional Resources: American Board of Family Medicine, 2007. American Osteopathic Board of Family Medicine, 2007.<br/><br/>Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Family Medicine. Board certification for Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs) is provided by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Medicine.