Internal Medicines

A physician who provides long-term, comprehensive care in the office and the hospital, managing both common and complex illness of adolescents, adults and the elderly. Internists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infections and diseases affecting the heart, blood, kidneys, joints and digestive, respiratory and vascular systems. They are also trained in the essentials of primary care internal medicine, which incorporates an understanding of disease prevention, wellness, substance abuse, mental health and effective treatment of common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs. *

Specialization: Hospice and Palliative Medicine

An internal medicine physician with special knowledge and skills to prevent and relieve the suffering experienced by patients with life-limiting illnesses. This specialist works with an interdisciplinary hospice or palliative care team to maximize quality of life while addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of both patient and family throughout the course of the disease, through the dying process, and beyond for the family. This specialist has expertise in the assessment of patients with advanced disease; the relief of distressing symptoms; the coordination of interdisciplinary patient and family-centered care in diverse venues; the use of specialized care systems including hospice; the management of the imminently dying patient; and legal and ethical decision making in end-of-life care. **

Marietta Abalos-Galito MD
Dr. Robert Abderhalden MD
Dr. Jeanette Abell MD
Dr. Gilbert Abou Dagher MD
Ajit Abraham MD
Dr. Steven Ackerman MD
Dr. Saverio Acquafredda MD
Dr. Rachel Adams MD
Dr. Pallavi Agarwal MD
Dr. Ajit Ahluwalia MD, MHA
Mohammed Ilyas Ahmed Khan MD,
Dr. Elizabeth Ajlouni MD
Khan Akmal MD
Dr. Geethanjali Akula MD
Dr. Ahmad Alawneh MD
Dr. Marian Alessandroni MD
Larry Alford JR. MD
Dr. Patrick Joseph Alix MD
Samer Alkhuja MD
Dr. Egan Allen MD
Jeffrey Allen MD
Dr. Joselito Almario MD
Dr. Lila Ammouri MD
Kathleen Anderson MD
Dr. Joseph Andrews JR. MD
Dr. Marina Androssova MD
Dr. Jennifer Aparicio MD
Dr. Katherine Aragon MD
Francine Arneson MD
Aye Aung MD,
Roger Austin MD
Marie Aydelotte MD
Dr. Jana Ayres DO
Anthony Back MD
Richard Bain MD
Dr. Bojidar Bakalov MD
Peter Balingit MD
Monica Banerjee MD
Dr. Lise Barbour MD
Dr. Joseph Barker MD
Dr. Todd Barrett MD
Robin Barron MD
Joshua Baru MD
Paul Bascom MD
Ellen Bassett MD
Dr. Katharine Batt MD, MSC
Dr. Joel Bauman MD
Asma Bawaney MD
Dr. Ellina Bekkerman-Donner MD
Joann Bennett DO
Juan Bereao MD
Dr. Ari Berger MD
William Berke MD
Aviva Bernat MD
Dr. Stephen Berns MD
Jeanne Berry MD
Dr. Mythili Bharadwaj MD
Dr. Atul Bhasin MD
Dr. Mollie Biewald MD
Jeanne Bishop MD
Dr. Eve Block MD
Dr. Rafael Bloise Espinal MD
Dr. John Blotzer MD
Dr. Brian Bolden MD
Dr. Nathan Boles MD
Paul Bollyky
Dr. Andre Bonnecaze MD
Dr. Jessica Bordley MD
Matthew Borgo MD
Nada Boskovic MD
Karen Bowen MD
May Bowman MD
Dr. Douglas Brandoff MD
Sharon Brangman MD
Ms. Meredith Brass MD
Dr. Susan Bray-Hall MD
Mrs. Keri Brenner MD
Dr. Tanya Brescia-Oddo MD
Leslie Bricker MD
John Brodnan MD
Dr. Ellen Brown MD
Matthew Brown DO
Dr. Gerard Brungardt MD
Sorin Buga MD
Dr. Melissa Bullock DO
Dr. William Bunting MD
Amberly Burger MD
Dr. Jennifer Burke DO
Dr. Lee Burnside MD
Dr. Eric Bush MD
Dr. Atul Butala MD FACP
Brenda Buzydlowski DO
Bonnie Callahan MD
Dr. Toby Campbell MD, MSCI
Dr. Adam Cardina MD
Dr. Desi Carozza MD
Michelle Carpenter-Bradley MD
Stephanie Carroll MD
Amy Case MD
James Castillo II MD
Ann Catlett MD
Dr. Heather Cereste MD
Dr. Jei-Po Chen MD
Dr. Wei Chen
Wui Chien MD
Dr. David Chmielewski MD
Dr. Michael Chyu MD
Mary Ann Clark CRNP
Amy Clarkson MD
Dr. Patrick Clary MD
James Cleary MD
Neil Clendeninn MD
Christine Cofer MD
Dr. Harry Cohen MD
Dr. Theodore Cohen MD
Dr. Michael Cohn MD
Dr. Clifford Colin MD
Sara Combs MD
Clement Connolly MD
John Conzemius MD
Dr. Tara Cook MD
Dr. Kelly Cooke DO
Dr. Barbara Coplowitz MD
Dr. Joel Coplowitz MD
Mrs. Lyla Correoso MD
Dr. Deborah Cotes DO
Dr. Michael Cotton M D
Dr. John Cowan MD
Dr. Lee Cowen DO
Ronald Crock MD
Leo Cytrynbaum MD
Austin Dalgo MD
Azadeh Dashti MD
Anna Dauer MD
Dr. Racquel David MD
Fidel Davila MD
Daniel Dawley MD
Dr. Erin Denney-Koelsch MD
Frances Derook MD
Dr. Vijay Desai MD
Dr. Robin Devan MD
Michael Devita MD
Dr. Dixa Dhital MD
Alice Ding MD
Michael Disalle MD
Dr. Jennifer Drost DO
Anjali Dsouza MD
Steven Duane MD
Jennifer Dulin MD
Tammy Durham-Boring DO
Dr. John Durocher MD
Lori Earnshaw MD
Tara Eastin DO
Mrs. Kimberly Ebb MD
Dr. Donald Edwards MD
Dr. Anne Egbert MD
Dr. Mildred Ehrhart DO
Dr. Katherine Eilenfeld DO
Dr. Joann Eng MD
Lakeshia Entzminger MD
Dr. Horacio Erausquin MD
Andrew Esch MD
Dr. Ahmad Farooq MD, MSHS
Dr. Melanie Farrell MD
Gail Feinman MD
Lyle Fettig MD
Esme Finlay MD
Lucretia Fisher MD
Dr. Harold Flamer MD
Dr. Diane Flessas MD
Dr. Gardner Fletcher MD
Lynn Flint MD
Dr. Steven Floum MD
Carrie Fox FNP
Katherine Fox MD
Dr. Mark Fox MD
John Franklin MD
Dr. Dean Frate MD
Dr. William Freedberg MD
Dr. Scott Freeman MD
Jack Freer MD
Dr. Sandra Frellsen MD
Dr. Robert Friedlander JR. MD
Dr. Tara Friedman MD
Amy Frieman MD
Dr. Stephanie Fussell MD
Dr. Ellin Gafford MD
Dr. Margaret Gaines MD
Dr. Melissa Gaines MD
Michael Galindo MD
Ben Gardner MD
Ronald Garry MD
Dr. Laura Gelfman MD
Paola Genovese-Paez MD
Dr. Robert Gerard MD
Tahereh Ghaziani MD
Amrita Ghosh MD PHD
Lina Ghosh MD
David Giansiracusa MD
Emily Giesel MD
Avnish Gill MD
Dr. Kanwar Zameer Gill MD
Dr. Kathryn Giorgini DO
Dr. Paul Glare MD
Dr. Bradley Goad DO
Melissa Goebel MD
Gabrielle Goldberg
Manuel Gonzalez MD
Dr. Jennifer Good MD
Dr. John Gould III DO
Elizabeth Grady DO
Bobby Graham JR. MD
Gregory Gramelspacher MD
Dr. Anjali Grandhige MD
Dr. Anthony Grech MD
Dr. Brian Gremillion MD
Nicole Grogan MD
Dr. Michael Groover MD
Ms. Joan Grote MD
Loretta Grumbles MD
Keith Guest MD
Richard Gummer II MD
Dr. Sayer Gunn MD
Dr. Terence Gutgsell MD
Dr. Richard Guthrie JR. DO
Janet Haas MD
Dr. Joseph Hadeed MD
Tegest Hailu
James Haine MD
Tanya Hamidi MD
Dr. Josef Hannah DO
Laurie Hanne DO
Buford Harbin MD
Galen Hasler MD
Dr. Jennifer Healy DO
Dr. Paul Heasley MD
Frederick Heineman MD
Dr. Michael Helm MD
Carrie Hempel DO
James Henry MD
Brenda Hermogeno MD
Jacobo Hincapie Echeverri MD
Dr. Rosemarie Hirsch MD
Dr. Victor Hirsch JR. MD
Leonard Hock JR. DO
Dr. Andrew Hodges MD
John Homer MD
Dr. Firaz Hosein DO
Brian Hough MD
Suzanne Howard MD
Dr. John Hoyer MD
Dr. Susan Hunt MD
Dr. Caroline Hurd MD
Dr. Lisa Illig MD
Dr. Raghava Reddy Induru MD, MS(MOL BIO)
Dr. Daniel Iracki MD
Dr. Poonam Jain MD
Amy James MD
Dr. Shahriar Jarchi MD
Mrs. Elizabeth Jeffrey MD
Dr. Ahashta Johnson MD
Dana Johnson MD
David Johnson MD
Dr. Vanessa Johnson MD, MPH
Dr. Karl Johsens MD
Christopher Jones MD
David Jones MD
Allison Jordan MD
Dr. Megan Jordan MD
Dr. Gautam Kale MD
Merlin Kampfer MD
Diane Kane MD
Jaydeep Kansara MD
Dr. Mark Kantrow MD
Dr. Jeremiah Kaplan MD
Dr. Marc Kaprow DO
Stephanie Kapsimallis FNP
Dr. Pouria Kashkouli MD
Brittney Katsoff MD
Jordan Keen
Bruce Kennedy MD
Dr. Natalia Keyser MD
Raffay Khan MD
Dr. Daniel Kim MD
Thomas Klemond MD
Dr. Gena Kluwe MD
Christine Koniaris MD
Ms. Kimberly Kopecky MD
Jeffrey Kopita MD
Barbara Krenzer MD
Dr. Jenifer Kurtz MD
Vinay Kutagula MD
Jean Kutner MD
Jennifer Kuyava MD
Dr. Abdullah Ladha MD
Dr. Andrew Lally MD
Wai Yim Lam MD
Dr. Aaron Lampkin DO
Dr. Lindy Landzaat DO
Donald Langley DO
Dr. Ticiana Leal MD
Dr. Elizabeth Lebel MD
Dr. Catherine Lee MD
Ellyn Lee MD
Kyla Lee MD
Dr. James Legrand MD
Jaclynn Lehman MD
Dr. June Leland MD
Sheila Lemke MD
Stephanie Lenzi DO
Dr. Paula Lester MD,
Dr. Kelly Letsinger MD
Zoe Lewis MD
Kathy Ligon MD
Kathryn Lilley MD
Dr. Jenelyn Lim MD
Dr. Lin Lin MD
Dr. Richard Lin MD, PHD
Maura Lipp MD
Dr. Katherine Litman MD
Dr. Evgenia Litrivis MD
Thomas Loepfe MD
Nina Loghmanieh DO
William Long MD
Matthew Louie MD
Karrie Lu MD
Hillary Lum MD, PHD
Dana Lustbader
Dr. John Lynn III, MD
Dr. Michael Ma MD
Dr. Meredith Macmartin MD
Dr. Olena Macnichol MD
Kevin Madden MD
Dr. Charles Maffet MD
Dr. Jeanne-Marie Maher MD
Dr. Archana Maini MD
Dr. Eve Makoff MD
Dr. Monica Malec MD
Dr. Simran Malhotra MD
Dr. Cristine Maloney MD
Dr. Christian Maluf MD, FACP, FCCP
Dr. Staci Mandrola MD
Shankara Mangipudy DR
Dr. John Mansel MD
Firas Marayati MD
Lawrence Martinek MD
Ruth Martinez-Camacho MD
Dr. Diana Martins-Welch MD
Dr. Gula-Rana Masood MD
Dominick Mastroianni MD
Dr. Yoshiro Matsuo MD
William Matthaeus MD
Dr. Nicholas Mattingly
Dr. Walisa Maynard MD
Dr. Robert Mccann MD
Aileen Mccarthy MD
Dr. Nydia Mccrohan MD
Dr. Kathleen Mcgrail MD
Dr. Tamara Mcgregor MD
James Mckinnell MD
Mary Mcmasters
James Mcmillen MD
Dr. Christopher Meeusen MD
Ambereen Mehta MD, MPH
Dr. Usha Mehta MD
Dr. Martina Meier MD
Dr. Susan Meikle MD, MSPH
Dr. Michael Eric Mencias MD
Elizabeth Menkin MD
Jessica Merlin MD
Dr. Lourdes Merlo MD
Dr. Tyson Meyer MD
Dr. Joseph Milano MD
John Miller MD
Dr. William Miller MD
Dr. Madalina Minciu Macrea MD
Dr. Maria Miranda MD
Dr. Ahmadreza Mirmiran MD
Dr. Anthony Mistretta MD
Dr. Roozbeh Mohajer MD
Dr. Ann Moore DO
Dr. Heather Moore MD
Nora Morgenstern MD
Deborah Morris MD
Dr. John Morris MD
William Morris MD
Laura Morrison MD
Dr. Hany Mosaad-Boktor MD
Dr. Margaret Mullin MD
Dr. Everett Murphy III MD
Dr. Tejpreet Nakai DO
Dr. Kathy Neely MD
Dr. Kristine Nelson MD
Dr. Susan Nelson MD
Shorin Nemeth DO
Dr. Kathleen Neuendorf MD
Lawrence Neville MD
Dr. Kelley Newcomer MD
Sara Newman MD
Erin Newton MD
Dr. Linh Nguyen MD
Dr. Teneese Nguyen MD
Dr. Brooke Nichols MD
Rupesh Nigam MD
Taira Norals MD,MBA
David Nowels MD
Nancy O'malley MD
Mary Colleen O'rourke MD
Ritika Oberoi-Jassal MD
Dr. Htun Oo MD
Dr. Amanda Orocio DO
Hernan Osorno Ramirez MD
Ben Owens MD
Dennis Pacl MD
Dr. Eveline Padilla MD
Dr. Kerrianne Page MD
Dr. Meera Pahuja MD
Dr. Firooz Pak MD
Lisa Papic MD
Dr. Gobi Paramanandam MD
Pavan Parashar MD
Dr. Terri Parker MD
Dr. Joseph Pascuzzo DO
Silviu Pasniciuc MD
Jayant Patankar MD
Dr. Jay Patel MD
Dr. Mohmedali Patel M D
Sarita Patel MD
Dr. Taral Patel MD
Samuel Payne MD
Dr. Frances Peckham MD
Dr. Jay Peitzer MD
Dr. Leslye Pennypacker MD
Dr. Eli Perencevich D O
Jean Pierre Pernier MD
Dr. Eric Pesetsky MD
Christine Peterson MD
Anca Petrascu MD
Terry Pexton DO
Deliana Peykova MD
Anson Pham MD
Christina Philip DO
Dr. Joel Phillips DO
Roger Phillips MD
Dr. Khine Phyu MD
William Plauth III MD
Mr. John Polacheck MD
Dr. Joel Policzer MD
Eduard Porosnicu MD
Amy Post-Grady DO
Michael Pottash MD
Dr. Pranitha Prodduturvar MD
Karla Puente-Shultz MD
Dr. Vincent Pureza MD, PHD
Dr. Linda Radomski MD
Miriam Rahav MD
Dr. Rupali Rajpathak MD, SM
Sameera Rana MD
Dr. Mary Raven MD
Dr. Jemella Raymore MD
Alvin Reaves MD
Dr. Charlene Recto MD
Dr. Shantan Reddy MD
Bryan Reed DO
Erin Reeve MD
Karen Reichow MD
Dr. Scott Reiter MD
Dr. Carl Reynolds V MD
Dr. Sidney Rhoades MD
Robin Rinehart MD
Dr. Patricia Ritzman
Miss Saher Rizvi MD
Steven Robinson MD
Natalie Rodden MD
Mrs. Elaina Rodela MD
Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez MD
Dr. Eric Roeland MD
Laurel Romer MD
Dr. Rafael Rosario MD
Dr. Paul Rosch MD
Dr. Bradley Rosen MD
Dr. Leah Rosenberg MD
Monica Rosenthal MD
Dr. Douglas Ross MD
Dr. Constance Rosson MD
Marijo Rothschild MD,
Dr. Charles Roy MD
Dr. Paul Rozynes MD
Dr. Stephen Rust MD
Dr. Sandeep Sachdeva MD
Greg Sachs MD
Dr. Sharona Sachs MD
Dr. Raffi Sahagian MD
Dr. Shakib Sakla MD
Dr. Benjamin Salazar-Chatt DO
Dr. Reggie Saldivar MD
Dr. Say Salomon JR. MD
Shelley Salpeter MD
Dr. Wayne Saltsman MD
William Salyers JR. MD, MPH
Ravi Samlal DO
Sally Sample MD
Dr. Myrna Sanchez MD
Rohinder Sandhu MD
Dr. Daniele Sara MD
Dr. Fariha Sarij MD
Dr. Neville Sarkari MD
Dr. Jack Scaff JR. MD
Bethann Scarborough MD
Dr. Gayle Schantzen MD
Dr. Jennifer Scherer MD
Kathryn Schlenker DO
Jaclyn Schneider MD
Erica Schockett MD
Dr. Michelle Schultz MD
Robert Schwab MD
Dr. Helen Scoblic MD
Catherine Seeley MD
Nagashree Seetharamu MD
Dawn Seiders MD
Dr. Allan Selbst MD
Dr. Senthilnathan Selvaraj MD
Dr. Eric Shaban MD
Neha Shah MD
Nidhi Shah
Vipul Shah MD
Dr. Shirish Shahane
Dr. Philip Shaheen MD
Munima Shaikh MD
Dr. Zahira Shamsi MD
Imran Shariff MD
Dr. Neeraj Sharma MD
Joseph Shega MD
Ayesha Sheikh MD
Dr. Arvind Shinde MD, MBA, MPH
Dr. Keisuke Shirai MD
Dr. Cynthia Short MD
Pavel Shulman MD
Dr. Muhammad Siddiqui MD
Adriano Silva MD
Milagros Silva MD
Donald Simmler II MD
Amar Singh MD
Upinder Singh MD
Richard Sipes MD
Caitlin Siropaides DO
Lara Skarf MD
Tracy Skolnick DO
Dr. Bruce Smith MD
Cardinale Smith MD
Dr. Julia Smith MD
Ken Smith MD
Stephen Smith MD
Dr. Bethany Snider MD
Dr. Jesse Soodalter MD
Dr. Richard Sorcinelli MD
Theresa Soriano MD
Eliezer Soto MD
Dr. Lori Spoozak MD
Dr. Mailvaganam Sridharan MD
Miss Kimberly St. Jean MD
Mirjana Stancic MD
Neal Steil MD
Michael Stellini MD MS
Dr. Melvyn Sterling MD
Dr. Cary Stewart MD
Dr. Tanya Stewart MD
Dr. Bridget Stiegler DO
Hans Stohrer MD
Dr. Mark Stoltenberg MD, MA
Ky Stoltzfus MD
Erica Stovsky MD
Katie Stowers DO
Christopher Strzalka MD
Dr. Bradley Stuart MD
Winnie Suen MD
Dr. Bernard Sussman MD
Suman Swarnkar MD
Dr. Angela Swayne MD
Dr. Nancy Swayze MD
Mark Swidler MD
Kristie Szarpa ANP
Paul Tan MD
Dr. Sarah Teymoorian MD
Anna Thomas MD
Dr. David Thomas MD
Dr. David Thompson MD
James Tiede MD,FACP
Katherine Tiller MD
Dr. Nora Tobin MD
Dr. Tula Top MD
Tamber Townsend
David Tretheway MD
Dr. David Tsai MD
Dean Tsai MD
Dr. Sharon Tuckett MD
John Tyler DO
Dr. Catherine Upton MD
Sandra Urtishak MD
Jaynine Vado DO
Stuart Vanderheide MD
Dr. James Vankirk JR. MD
Dr. Grace Varas DO
Seema Varma MD
Dr. Mary Verardi MD
Theresa Vettese MD
Arun Vijay MD
Alejandra Villalobos MD
A. Villamor MD
Dr. Jennifer Vineyard DO
Edina Vonrottenthaler MD
Dr. Jason Webb MD
Jerome Weems JR. MD
Dr. James Wernz MD
Dr. Ryan Westhoff MD
Dr. Anna Westmoreland MD
Dr. Ella Cathrine Whaley MD
Macy Whitley DO
Dr. Sandra Whitlock MD
Dr. Lauren Wiebe MD
Dr. Richard Wilbur MD
Dr. James Willett MD
Sherry Williams MD
Dr. David Wilner MD
Dr. Devon Wojcikewych MD
Amber Wollesen MD
Dr. Daniel Wollman MD, PHD
Angelique Wong MD
Christopher Woodrell MD
Jonathan Wright MD
Dr. Patty Wu MD
Jackie Yaeger MD
Irene Yeh MD
Elizabeth Yoo MD
Dr. Elisabeth Young MD
Heidi Young MD
James Young MD
Dr. Ivan Zama MD
Cristian Zanartu MD
Bianca Zangeneh MD
Dr. Gina Zarrilli DO
Daniel Zaworski MD
Dr. Lisa Zelnick MD
Joseph Zeterberg MD
Dr. Haipeng Zhang DO
Dr. Meng Zhang MD
Cynthia Zinner MD
Dr. Balazs Zsenits MD

* Source: American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine [1/1/2007: new]

** Source: American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine [1/1/2007: new]