A psychologist is an individual who is licensed to practice psychology which is defined as the observation, description, evaluation, interpretation, and modification of human behavior by the application of psychological principles, methods, and procedures, for the purpose of preventing or eliminating symptomatic, maladaptive, or undesired behavior and of enhancing interpersonal relationships, work and life adjustment, personal effectiveness, behavioral health, and mental health. The practice of psychology includes, but is not limited to, psychological testing and the evaluation or assessment of personal characteristics, such as intelligence, personality, abilities, interests, aptitudes, and neuropsychological functioning; counseling, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, hypnosis, biofeedback, and behavior analysis and therapy; diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorder or disability, alcoholism and substance abuse, disorders of habit or conduct, as well as of the psychological aspects of physical illness, accident, injury, or disability; and psycheducational evaluation, therapy, remediation, and consultation. Psychological services may be rendered to individuals, families, groups and the public. *

Specialization: Prescribing (Medical)

Those licensed psychologists who have completed specialized, post-doctoral training in psychopharmacology, passed a national proficiency examination in psychopharmacology, and who are authorized by state statute to prescribe medications, in accordance with their state law and state licensing authority, for the evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of mental, nervous, emotional, behavioral, and related disorders. **

Dr. Barry Aaronson PSYCHOLOGIST
Dr. Graciela Abelin MD
Margery Adelson PHD
Kirsten Akse PSYD
Dr. Douglas Anderson MD
Dr. Naleen Andrade MD
Dr. David Appelbaum PSYD
Esther Areba
Claude Arnett MD
Mr. Roberto Arocho ETC
Ali Azizi MD
Dr. Susan Bakota EDD
Dr. Mary Ann Barr PHD
Valerie Bates
Dr. Debra Beckel PSYD
Dr. Carol Bekendam PHD
Dr. John Benson MD
Dr. Jacqueline Berenson MD
Edmond Bergeron III MP
Dr. Bernice Berk PHD
John Bolter PHD
Bryan Bolwahnn PHD, MP
Dr. Philip Bowman MD, PHD
Thomas Brady
Dr. Ricque Brister
Michael Brody MD
Dr. Darla Burnett PHD, MP
Dr. F E ' Cardona MD
Dr. Jeanne Carlson PHD
Dr. Cathy Castille PHD, MP
Carmen Castro TMD
Dr. Nemesia Castro MD
Dr. Elizabeth Chapman MD
Dr. John Chirban
Stephen Colmant PHD
Frank Conforti
Dr. John Courtney PSYD, MP
Dr. Brent Cox MD
Jeanette Cueva MD
Julie Cunningham NP
Dr. Lynn Cunningham MD
Dr. Edward Curcio MD
Dr. Teresa Cutts PHD
Dr. Charles Daly PHD
Paul Dammers PHD
Dr. Priscilla Dann-Courtney
Dr. Cory De Torres PHD
Dr. Thomas De Vries PHD
Dr. Susan Deakins MD
Julio Del Castillo MD
Dr. Leonard Diamond MD
Dr. William Dodson MD
Dr. Deborah Doineau EDD
Dyan Dreisbach MD
Dr. Kristin Duhe PSYD, MP
Consuelo Edwards MD
Wahida Elsaie MD
Luis Escabi SR. MD
Dr. Vincent Fasanello MD
Dr. David Feuer MD
Dr. John Fidanza III PSYD
Eleanor Field PHD
Mrs. Mariely Figueroa MA
Dr. Andrew Fisher PHD
Ms. Catherine Flannery MD
Dr. Abraham Flemenbaum MD, MS, DLFAPA
Dr. Elaine Foster PHD
Dr. William Fowler MD
Dr. Kristen Freier MD
Kamal Gabry LMT
Kathryn Gale MD
Dr. Murray Garfinkel PHD
Dr. Marjorie Gillespie PHD, ARNP,
Mrs. Kristen Giltinan PA-C
Nathaniel Goodlow PHD
Dr. Stanley Goodman
Dr. Melissa Grabau PHD
Dr. Sim Granoff PHD (PSYCHOLOGY)
Dr. Rivka Greenberg PHD
Manuel Guzman MD
Dr. Elizabeth Hale PHD
Diane Hamrick PHD
Ms. Jeannine Hand NPP
Dr. James Hannon MD
Dr. Catherine Hansen PHD, MP
Dr. Michael Hansen PSYD
Laura Harrington MD
Benjamin Hayden PHD
Dr. Janis Heffron EDD
Dr. Caroline Hellman PHD
Andrea Hemesath ARNP
Jerzy Henisz MD
Mrs. Connie Hodges - Mccormick NURSE PRACTITIONER
Dr. Atsuko Ishikawa MD
David Jackson PHD MSCP
Jane Jackson MD
Dr. Judith Jackson PSYCHOLOGIST
Dr. Dale Jacobs MD
Diane Jamieson PHD
Cynthia d Jones
Karen Jones MD
Dr. Mohammad Karami-Sichani MD
Pamela Kebrdle PHD
Dr. Stuart Kelter PSYD
James Knutson MD
Dr. Marlies Korsten MD
Dr. Deborah Kos PSYD
Dr. Anthony Kowalski MD
Leonid Krimer MD
Dr. Zlatko Kuftinec MD
Toni Ladner PMHNP-BC
Dee Langford EDD
Linda Layton-Bowlby MD
Dr. Elaine Levin PHD
Mr. Teck Lian MD
Meryl Lipton MD,PHD
Dianne Lockman MS, RN, CNS
Dr. Anthony Machi MD
Dr. Diana Martin MD
Ms. Katherine Martin PA-C
Mitchell Mathis JR. MD
Dr. Denise Mcdermott MD
Dr. Frank Meglio MD
Dr. Jesse Mintz MD
Dr. Luis Montalvo MD
Dr. Mark Moore PHD
Dr. Eric Morrell PHD
Marina Moshkovich MD
Dr. Richard Mufson MD
Mrs. Melinda Nicholes FNP-BC
Dr. Rebecca Nolan PHD
Ndidi Okeke MD
Wendy Oliver-Pyatt MD
Yolanda Padua MD
Regina Pally MD
Dr. George Park PHD, MP
Dr. William Pederson MD
Dr. Cherri Penton PHD , MP
Deanne Phillips CFPNP
Michael Piercey MD
Dr. Warren Purvis MD
Dr. Judith Rabinor PHD
Donna Raschke PHD
Ms. Lisa-Louise Rawal MS
Dr. Kelly Ray PHD, MP
Dr. Robert Richardson MD
Dr. Jose Riveraberg PSYD
Olimpia Rosario MD
Dr. Albert Sax MD
Hal Schmitter MA
Dr. Sally Schwerdtfeger PHD
John Sebastianelli MD
Dr. Feliks Shapiro MD
Charles Shaw
Dr. Tracy Shaw PHD
Dr. Kent Shinbach MD
Dr. Raymond Sleszynski MD
Dr. Kim Smith PSYD
Dr. Leslie Smith MD
Margaret Smith PHD
Gayle Smith-Blair MD
Dr. William Soltz PHD
John Sos MD
Dr. Roberto Sozzi MD
Dr. Phil Springer MD
Karen Staab MED
Joshua Sussal MD
Dr. David Tascarella MD
Dr. Karen Taylor PHD
Beverly Tedford LPN
Dr. David Thomason PSYD, MP
Thomas Thompson PHD
Julie Tinklenberg MD
Mega Tumulty NP-C
Dr. Alejandra Valencia MD
Dr. Pattijo Velasquez PHD
Sridevi Vemulapalli MD
Dr. Craig Waggoner PHD, MPAP
Dr. Rebecca Watters MD
Dr. Shelley Weber PHD, FPPR
Mark Weist PHD
Dr. Julie Welkowitz PHD
Wilma Weston RN
Dr. John Whelton Jr PHD,MP
Felicia Whiteman PHD, MP
Dr. Renee Wilkins PSY D, MA
Lakisha Williams PSYD
Mary Wilson PHD
Dr. Beatrice Wood PHD
Richard Yentis MD
Dr. Tony Young PHD, MP
Dr. Juliane Zenn MD
Richard Zielinski MD
Dr. Yasser Zikry MD

* Source: Louisiana Academy of Medical Psychologists Note: Some states issue licenses under Medical Psychologist. [1/1/2007: new]

** Source: Louisiana Academy of Medical Psychologists Note: Some states issue licenses under Medical Psychologist. [1/1/2007: new]