Nuclear Medicines

A nuclear medicine specialist employs the properties of radioactive atoms and molecules in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and in research. Radiation detection and imaging instrument systems are used to detect disease as it changes the function and metabolism of normal cells, tissues and organs. A wide variety of diseases can be found in this way, usually before the structure of the organ involved by the disease can be seen to be abnormal by any other techniques. Early detection of coronary artery disease (including acute heart attack), early cancer detection and evaluation of the effect of tumor treatment, diagnosis of infection and inflammation anywhere in the body and early detection of blood clot in the lungs are all possible with these techniques. Unique forms of radioactive molecules can attack and kill cancer cells (e.g., lymphoma, thyroid cancer) or can relieve the severe pain of cancer that has spread to bone *

Specialization: Nuclear Imaging & Therapy

A nuclear medicine physician who specializes in nuclear imaging and therapy. **

Dr. Ali Abaian MD
Hani Abdel Nabi MD
Dr. Sue Abreu MD
Maria Acevedo MD
Dr. Dwight Achong MD
Dr. Mohab Alexander
David Allegra MD
Dr. Thomas Allen MD
Dr. Frank Altomare JR. MD
Dr. Shane Anderson DO
Dr. Stephen Arles MD
Kwasi Armah MD
Dr. Fuad Ashkar MD
Robert Ashlock MD
Karen Ayres MD
George Baeumler MD
Rene Baez MD
Mehran Bajoghli MD
Dr. Hemlata Bakane MD
Dr. Jose Barriocanal MD, PHD
Dr. Richard Bedont MD
Dr. Sushama Bhargava MD
Jesus Bianco MD
Dr. Lisa Bodei MD, PHD
Dr. Mark Born MD
David Boston MD
Jose Bouffard MD
David Brandon MD
Stephen Brenza MD
Dr. Charles Brown JR. MD
Dr. James Brown MD
Prof. Thomas Budinger MD
Dr. Sandra Camacho-Otero MD
Qi Cao MD
Gary Caputo MD
Dr. Jeffrey Carter MD
Dr. George Chacko MD
Dr. Bangaruswamy Chandramouli MD
Dr. Joseph Charalel MD
Wengen Chen MD
Michael Clemenshaw MD
Erica Cohen DO
Dr. Richard Cole MD
Dr. Libby Cone MD
Robert Davison MD
Ronnie Derrwaldt DO
Dr. Donald Devries MD
Ramesh Dhekne MD
Dr. Vasken Dilsizian MD
Richard Dipietro DO
Dr. Michael Disbro MD
Yamin Dou MD
Marinos Drakopoulos MD
Dr. David Drum MD
Dr. Percy Dunagin JR. MD
Jolanta Durski MD
Dr. Ghassan El-Haddad MD
Dr. Ahmed El-Sabbagh MD
Alireza Esfahane MD
Dr. Jocelyn Espiritu MD
Jannette Figueroa-Velez MD
Mr. Robert Finch MD
Dr. Eugene Fine MD
Dr. Christopher Fischer MD
Dr. Lawrence Flesh MD
Lesley Flynt MD
Michael Foley MD
Dr. Juan Fontanez MD
Dr. Josef Fox MD
Dr. V Gabor MD
Somali Gavane MD
Dr. Vitaliy Gavrikov MD
Dr. Ahmed Gharib MD
Jayakumari Gona MD
Dr. Frank Grund MD
Dr. Maria Guevara MD
Dr. Joseph Gurinsky MD
Dr. Steven Harwood MD
Dr. Richard Held II MD
Dr. Theodore Henderson MD, PHD
Jeranfel Hernandez MD
Dr. Carlos Homs MD
Kari Hopfer DO
Nova Isaac MD
Jay Jaikishen MD
Zaman Javaheri MD
Marie Jean-Paul MD
Kwang Joo MD
Pritpal Kang MD
Dr. Simkeon Kang MD
Dr. Hedieh Khalatbari MD
Ahsan Khan MD
Dr. Hemet Kherbache MMD
Houman Kiani MD
Dr. Minnie Kieler MD
Dr. Jeannie Kinzie MD
Michael Kipper MD
Robert Krasny MD
Anil Kumar
Dr. Medina Kushen MD
Dr. Reinaldo Laguna MD
Dr. Barbara Lahr
Dominick Lamonica MD
Dr. Eric Langer DO
Ramon Lao MD
Dr. Bert Larson MD
Dr. Sang Lee MD
Dr. Aaron Lichtman MD
Dr. Esther Lim MD
Dr. Xiaojin Lin MD
Dr. Carlos Lugo-Zamudio MD
Lynn Madanay
Dr. William Martin MD
Dr. Charles Martinez MD
Gilbert Martinez MD
Dr. John Mathew MD
Dr. Kelly Mcalarney MD
Dr. Jeffrey Mcbride MD
Brian Mccandless MD
Robert Meredith MD
Robert Miletich MD
Dr. Shelby Miller MD
Dr. Roman Mirsky MD
Dr. Bharat Mocherla MD
Homayoun Modarresifar MD
Charles Moser MD
Dr. Saima Muzahir MD
Sleiman Naddaf MD
Dr. Ronald Neumann MD
Chiayi Ni
Mr. Behram Pastakia MD
Dhaval Patel MD
Dr. Kamini Patel MD
Taral Patel MD
Dr. Daniel Patrick MD
Scott Perlman MD
Bryan Piedad MD
Dr. Franco Policaro MD
Raja Ram Poludasu MD
Dr. Rachel Powsner MD
Dr. Douglas Prager MD
Dr. David Preston MD
Dr. Saiyyeda Rahman M D
Dr. Shanker Raja MD
Dr. Joseph Rajendran MD
Dr. Barbara Raphael MD
Vishala Reddy MD
James Reynolds MD
Dr. Jose Rodriguez MD,PSC
Dr. Gloria Rodriguez-Cuadrado MD
Dr. David Rossman MD
Adrienne Sage-El MD
Cesar Santana MD, PHD
Dr. Robert Schor MD
Gregg Schubach MD
Ricardo Sein-Najera MD
Dr. Julio Sepulveda MD
Dr. Rashmikant Shah MD
Michael Siegel MD
Dr. Frieda Silva - Hernandez MD
Dr. Eugene Silverman MD
Amolak Singh MD
Dr. Gopi Sirineni MD
Dr. Vimal Sodhi MD
Dr. Charles Spirtos MD
Dr. Barbara Sterkel MD
Dr. Daniel Stobbe MD, FACNP
Ronald Stumbris MD
Dr. Avinash Sud MD
Doina Tanasescu MD
Mark Tann MD
Luis Tenorio MD
Anuradha Thenkondar MBBS
Dr. Kathy Thomas MD
Dr. Amy Tobin DO
Daniel Tubbs DO
Dr. Don Udall MD
Dr. Jean-Luc Urbain MD, PHD
Annick Van Den Abbeele MD
Dr. Penny Vandestreek DO
Johnathan Vansant MD
Dr. Jose Vazquez - Selles MD
Dr. Richard Vitti MD
Boyd Vomocil MD
Dr. James Walroth MD
Dr. Travis Walsh DO
Wolfgang Weber MD
Frederick Weiland MD
Dr. David Williams MD
Mark Wittry MD
Sing-Yung Wu MD
Dr. Guofan Xu MD
Dr. Shirley Yang MD
Nabil Yassa MD
Dr. Hanford Yau MD
Dr. Michael Yedinak DO
Dr. Jiefu Zheng MD, PHD
David Zimmerman MD
Dr. Lionel Zuckier MD