Orthopaedic Surgeries

An orthopaedic surgeon is trained in the preservation, investigation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. An orthopaedic surgeon is involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors, metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system, deformities, injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow in children and adults. An orthopaedic surgeon is also concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems and the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system. *

Specialization: Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine

Recognized by several state medical boards as a fellowship subspecialty program of orthopaedic surgery, orthopaedic surgeons of the spine deal with the evaluation and nonoperative and operative treatment of the full spectrum of primary spinal disorders including trauma, degenerative, deformity, tumor, and reconstructive. **

Dr. William Abdu MD
Dr. Jean-Jacques Abitbol MD
Dr. David Abraham MD
Dr. Leon Abram MD
Dr. Amir Abtahi MD
William Accousti MD
Michael Acurio MD
Wendall Adams MD
Dr. Brent Adcox MD
Armin Afsar-Keshmiri MD
Dr. Marc Agulnick MD
Mr. Robert Ahearn MD
Dr. Kasra Ahmadinia MD
Dr. Uri Ahn MD
Jack Akmakjian MD
Farouq Al-Hamdan MD
Todd Alamin MD
Dr. Todd Albert MD
Dr. Erkan Alci MD
Gary Alegre MD
Dr. Anthony Alexander MD
Mir Ali MD
Ahmed Aljahwari MD,FRCSC
Joseph Allen JR. MD
Dr. Richard Allen MD, PHD
Dr. Paul Alongi MD
Gregory Alvine MD
Dr. Suzanne Ames MD
Dr. David Amory MD
Neel Anand MD
Dr. Peter Anas MD
Dr. David Anderson MD
John Andreshak MD
Dr. James Antinnes MD,
Deborah Appleyard MD
Dr. Mario Arena MD
Sheyan Armaghani MD
Brandy Arnett RN
Dr. David Arnold MD
Mr. Dion Arthur MD
Dr. Ferhan Asghar MD
Dr. Jahangir Asghar MD
Dr. Roy Ashford MD
David Ashkenaze MD
Nomaan Ashraf MD
Hani Assoum MD
Dr. Naftaly Attias MD
Dr. John Atwater MD
Powell Auer MD
Dr. Joshua Auerbach MD
Dr. Lawrence Babat MD
Harold Bach MD
Dr. Hyun Bae MD
Ali Bagheri MD
Dr. Rafath Baig MD
Dr. Gregory Bailey DO
Dr. John Bailey DO
Ravinder-Raj Bains MD
Dr. Sam Bakshian MD
Richard Balderston MD
Hieu Ball MD
Kelley Banagan MD
Robert Banco MD
Daxes Banit MD
Garry Banks MD
Charles Banta Ii MD
Wahid Baqaie MD
Dr. Daniel Barba MD
Dr. Henry Barnard II MD
Charles Barnes MD
Dr. Lon Baronne II MD
Dr. John Barrett MD
Richard Barry MD
Dr. Bruce Bartie DO
Rubin Bashir MD
Mr. Sushil Basra MD
Timothy Bassett MD
Dr. Hugh Bassewitz MD
Dr. R. Bauer MD
Dr. James Bayley MD
Dr. G Baynham MD
Dr. Jeffrey Beane MD
Dr. Douglas Beard MD
Dr. Mark Beckner MD
S. Bederman MD
James Bee MD
John Beghin MD
Dr. Theodore Belanger MD
Rick Beller MD
Dr. David Benavides MD
Bryce Benbow DO
John Bendo MD
Dr. Johnny Benjamin JR. MD
Dr. Daniel Benson MD
Robert Benz MD
Matthew Berchuck MD
Johannes Bernbeck MD
Dr. Mark Bernhardt MD
Dr. Robert Berry MD
Dr. Jason Bessey MD
Dr. William Beutler MD
Mrs. Paramjit Bhalla MD
Neil Bhamb MD
Nitin n Bhatia MD
Dr. Ramil Bhatnagar MD
Dr. Jesse Bible MD, MHS
Herbert Biel MD
William Biggs MD
Jason Billinghurst MD
John Birkedal MD
Timothy Birney MD
Dr. Ronald Blackman MD
Dr. John Blair JR. MD
Sloane Blair MD
Kendall Blake MD
Mark Blechner MD
Dr. Robert Blok II DO
Dr. Kalman Blumberg MD
Scott Blumenthal MD
Oheneba Boachie-Adjei MD
Kenneth Bode MD
Dr. Scott Boden MD
Michael Boland MD
Dr. Michael Bolesta MD
Patrick Bolt MD
David Bomback MD
Dr. Alfred Bonati MD
Frank Bono DO
Peter Bono DO
Dr. Christopher Bonsignore
Dr. Todd Bonvallet MD
R Tyler Boone MD
Kevin Booth MD
Dr. John Borkowski MD
Dr. Timothy Borman DO
Dr. Albert Bosch MD
Renato Bosita MD
Dr. Hugh Boston JR. MD
Mr. Patrick Bowman MD
Dr. Robert Boyce MD
Brian Braaksma MD
Dr. Douglas Bradley MD
William Bradley MD
Dr. Daniel Brandenstein DO
Dr. Jared Brandoff MD
Paul-Marie Brisson MD
James Britton MD
Mario Brkaric MD
Dr. Paul Broadstone MD
Darrel Brodke MD
Dr. William Bronson MD
Richard Brower MD
Alan Brown MD
Mr. Cameron Brown MD
Dr. Christopher Brown MD
Dr. John Brown MD
Joseph Brown DO
Dr. Mark Brown MD
William Bruck MD
Wayne Bruffett MD
Dr. James Bruffey MD
Dr. Adam Bruggeman MD
Russell Brummett MD
Dr. Timothy Bryan MD
Karl Buechsenschuetz DO
Hans Bueff MD
Wojciech Bulczynski MD
Dr. David Bumpass MD
Dr. Justin Bundy MD
Dr. Timothy Burd MD
Michael Burdi MD
Dr. Richard Burg MD
Dr. Lauren Burke MD
Dr. Benjamin Burkett MD
Dr. Christopher Burks MD
Walter Burnham Jr. MD
Dr. Daniel Burrus MD
Dr. Daniel Burval MD
Dr. Glenn Buttermann MD
Patrick Cahill MD
Stephen Cairone DO
Rocco Calderone MD
Dr. Craig Callewart MD
Graham Calvert MD
Francis Camillo MD
Dr. Frank Cammisa JR. MD
David Campbell MD
Mitchell Campbell MD
Dr. William Campbell DO
Mauricio Campos MD
Mr. Peter Capicotto MD
Dr. Fabian Carballo Madrigal
John Carbone MD
Dr. Elliot Carlisle MD
Dr. Gregory Carlson MD
Jonathan Carmouche MD
Dr. Clyde Carpenter MD
Benjamin Carr MD
James Carr MD
Eugene Carragee MD
Dr. Alexandra Carrer MD
Ty Carter MD
Thomas Cartwright MD
Michael Casnellie MD
Dr. Garrick Cason MD
Ryan Cassidy MD
Ralph Cavalier MD
Daniel Cavanaugh MD
John Chambers MD
Dr. David Chang MD
Frank Chang MD
Michael Chang MD
Dr. Michael Chang MD
Dr. Todd Chapman JR. MD
Dr. James Chappuis MD
Kshitij Chaudhary
Dr. Fernando Checo JR. MD
Robert Cheney MD
Dr. Ivan Cheng MD
Samuel Chewning JR. MD
Dr. Nilay Chhasatia MD MPH
Jae Chon MD
Dr. Gregory Chow MD
David Christensen MD
Dr. Jaideep Chunduri MD
Dr. Edward Chung MD
John Ciccarelli MD
Dr. William Clark JR. MD
Dr. Junius Clawson MD
Roderick Claybrooks MD
Dr. Brian Claytor MD
Dr. Kirk Clifford MD
Dr. Jeffrey Cochran DO
Jeffrey Coe MD
Mark Coggins MD
Dr. Wesley Coker MD
Dr. Brian Cole MD
James Cole MD
Richard Collins MD
Dr. Jason Conaughty MD
Dr. Stephen Cook MD
Dr. David Coran MD
Dr. Davin Cordell MD
Dr. Andrew Cordiale DO
Dr. Andrew Cordista MD
Chris Cornett MD
Jose Corvera MD
Mark Coseo MD
Dr. William Costigan MD
Howard Cotler MD
Dr. James Coyle MD
Dr. Dennis Crandall MD
Benjamin Crane MD
Dr. Charles Crawford III MD
Mark Crawford MD
Mark Crawford MD
Dr. Geoffrey Cronen MD
Dr. Matthew Cubbage MD
Laury Cuddihy MD
Aleksandar Curcin MD
Patrick Curlee MD
Dr. Steven Cyr MD
Mathew Cyriac MD
John Czerwein JR. MD
Dr. Francis D'ambrosio MD
Dr. Tapan Daftari MD
Dr. Richard Dal Canto MD
Alan Dang MD
Dr. Mathias Daniels MD
Olumide Danisa MD
Dr. Bruce Darden II MD
Dr. Ashraf Darwish MD
Dr. William Dasher MD
Dr. Jason Datta MD
Dr. Harlan Daubert MD
Michael Daubs MD
Charles Davis II MD
Mr. Clinton Davis II MD
Dr. Randy Davis MD
Samuel Davis MD
Dr. Alexandre De Moura MD
Dr. Eric Deal MD
Clayton Dean MD
Francis Degenova DO
Dr. Donald Degrange MD
Dr. Paul Deholl MD
Kevin Deitel MD
Stephen Delahunt MD
Dr. Rick Delamarter MD
Dr. Henry Deleeuw MD
Dr. M. Dennis MD
Dr. R. Dennis MD
Steven Dennis MD
Jerjis Denno MD
Dr. Kedar Deogaonkar MD
Dr. Gurvinder Deol MD
Dr. Thomas Derian MD
Kamlesh Desai MD
Dr. Larry Deutsch MD
Dr. John Devanny MD
Dr. Vincent Devlin MD
Dr. Hargovind Dewal MD
David Dewitt MD
Raman Dhawan
Dr. Sripad Dhawlikar MD
Jeffrey Dick MD
Rob Dickerman DO, PHD
Dr. Leon Dickerson JR. MD
Dr. Gregory Dietrich MD
John Dietz MD
Dr. William Dillin MD
John Dimar II MD
Paul Dimartino MD
Dr. Juan Dinkins DO
Dr. Carrie Diulus MD
Mladen Djurasovic MD
Dr. Zachary Dodd MD
Shah-Nawaz Dodwad MD
Thomas Doers MD
Edward Dohring MD
Dr. Robert Donadt MD
Dr. Gordon Donald III MD
Dr. Edward Donner MD
William Donovan MD
Dr. Thomas Dowling JR. MD
Joseph Dryer MD
Dr. Mark Drzala MD
Dr. Christian Dubois MD
Dr. Jan Duncan MD
Joseph Duncan MD
Richard Duncan MD
James Dunlap MD
Dr. Thomas Dunn MD
Shakeel Durrani MD
Dr. Marc Dyrszka MD
Robert Dzioba MD
Stephen Earle MD
Kenneth Easton MD
Dr. David Ebelke MD
Dr. Kevin Eck MD
Dr. Christopher Edwards MD
William Edwards JR. MD
John Ehlert MD
Dr. John Ehteshami MD
Dr. Frank Eismont MD
Saadiq Farid El-Amin III MD
Dr. Tarek Elalayli MD
Mr. Gregory Elders MD
Dr. Hossein Elgafy MD
Dr. George Elkanich MD
Thomas Ellison MD
Dr. Sanford Emery MD
Guy Engelmann MD
John Ergener MD
Steven Ericksen MD
Thomas Errico MD
Dr. Enrique Escobar-Medina MD
Dr. Mark Eskenazi MD
Dr. Steven Esses MD
Dr. Mohammad Etminan MD
Henry Fabian JR. MD
Wade Faerber DO
Todd Fairchild MD
Stephen Falatyn MD
Dr. Yuri Falkinstein MD
Michael Faloon MD
Dr. Saifal-Deen Farhan MD
Dr. Payam Farjoodi MD
Scott Farley DO
James Farmer MD
Dr. James Faulkner JR. MD
Dr. Stephen Faust MD
Dr. Mohamed Fazal MD
Dr. Ira Fedder MD
Michael Feiertag MD
Dr. Brent Felix MD
David Fernandez MD
Jeffrey Fernyhough MD
Bret Ferree MD
Dr. Jason Ferrel MD
Dr. Marco Ferrone MD
Justin Field
Dr. John Finkenberg MD
Kevin Finnesey MD
Dr. Charla Fischer MD
David Fish MD, MPH
James Fish DO
Dr. J Fisher JR. MD
Dr. Zair Fishkin MD, PHD
Dr. James Fister MD
Dr. Thomas Flatley MD
Dr. Gary Fleischer MD
Dr. James Fleming JR. MD
Jeffrey Flemming MD
Michael Flippin MD
John Flood DO
Joseph Flynn JR. MD
Dr. Jeremy Fogelson MD
Dr. Reed Fogg MD
Robert Foster MD
Sami Framjee MD
Dr. John France MD
Dr. Richard Francis MD
Dr. Eric Francke MD
Clay Frank MD
Daveed Frazier MD
Christopher Frendo DO
George Frey MD
David Fribourg MD
Mr. John Friedland MD
Dr. Anto Fritz MD
Dr. Stephen Frushour MD
Dr. Michael Fry MD
Dr. Paul Fuchs DO
Dr. Jonathan Fuller MD
Dr. Christopher Gallus DO
Venkatanarayanan Ganapathy MD
Terry Ganocy Ii MD
Rolando Garcia MD
Vance Gardner MD
Raymond Gardocki MD
Dr. Jeffrey Garr MD
Ben Garrido MD
Dr. Ryan Gasser MD
Dr. Matthew Geck MD
Dr. Paul Geibel MD
Alfred Geissele MD
Dr. Theodore Georgis JR. MD
Dr. Matthew Gerlach MD
Dr. Robert Getter MD
Dr. Samia Ghaffar MD
Alexander Ghanayem MD
Dr. Cyrus Ghavam MD
Dr. Gary Ghiselli MD
Sandeep Gidvani MD
Dr. Kevin Gill MD
Sanjitpal Gill MD
Dr. Alan Gillick MD
Dr. Howard Ginsburg MD
Amy Girand PA
Dr. Federico Girardi MD
Giri Gireesan MD
David Glassman MD
Steven Glassman MD
Rudolph Glattes MD
Paul Glazer MD
Robert Gledhill MD
Dr. Michael Gleiber MD
Dr. Michael Glover MD
Ryan Gocke MD
Dr. Grigory Goldberg MD
Dr. Gerardo Goldberger DO
Dr. Richard Goldberger MD
Dr. Michael Goldsmith MD
Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein MD
Dr. Joel Goldstein MD
Noel Goldthwaite MD
Stanley Golish MD
Dr. Stephen Goll MD
Gary Gonya MD
Dr. Jacob Goodrich MD
Dr. Ian Gordon MD
Michael Gordon MD
Josef Gorek MD
John Gorup MD
Dr. Jamie Gottlieb MD
Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb MD
Carl Graf III MD
Dr. James Graham MD, PHD
Joseph Grant MD
Michael Gratch MD
Dr. Christopher Graves MD
Dr. Tooraj Gravori MD
Daniel Green MD
Andrew Greene DO
Dr. Robert Greenleaf MD
Mr. Kanwarpaul Grewal D O
Dr. Nicholas Grimaldi DO
John Grimm MD
Dr. Frank Grisafi MD
Leon Grobler MD
Stephen Grubb MD
Mr. Stanley Grzyb MD
James Guess MD
Dr. Jeffrey Gum MD
Mukund Gundanna MD
Dr. Munish Gupta MD
Purnendu Gupta MD
Sukhbir Guram MD
Dr. Jerold Gurley MD
Dr. Gregg Gurwitz MD
Richard Guyer MD
Borys Gvozdyev MD
Dr. Chae Ha MD
Raymond Hah MD
Mr. Thomas Haher MD
Thomas Haider MD
Dr. John Halcomb MD
Dr. James Hale MD
Justin Hall MD
James Hamada MD
Mr. Kambiz Hannani MD
Dr. Matthew Hannibal MD
Dr. David Hanscom MD
Stephen Hansen MD
Dr. Daniel Hanson MD
Dr. Darrell Hanson MD
Gregory Hanson MD
Christopher Happ DO
Dr. James Hardacker MD
Dr. Mitchell Hardenbrook MD
Mr. El Amir Bachar Harfouch
Dr. Robert Harley MD
Stewart Harley MD
Mark Harper MD
Dr. Colin Harris MD
Dr. Charles Hartjen MD
Paul Hartleben MD
Dr. Charles Harvey DO
Dr. Michael Hasz MD
Dr. Victor Hayes MD
Dr. Andrew Hecht MD
Dr. Christopher Heck MD
Dr. Bradley Heiges MD
Dr. Alan Heilman MD
Stephen Heim MD
Edward Hellman MD
Dr. Gregory Hellwarth MD
Dr. Christopher Henderson MD
Dr. Michael Hennessy MD
Jan Henstorf MD
Dr. Matthew Hepler MD
Dr. Milan Herceg MD
Dr. Frank Hermantin MD
Dr. Larry Herron MD
Dr. Stuart Hershman MD
John Herzog DO
Samuel Hess MD
Alan Hilibrand MD
Michael Hisey MD
Dr. Scott Hodges DO
Gordon Holen DO
Dr. Richard Holt MD
Dr. Timothy Holt MD
David Holte MD
Gail Hopkins II MD
Dr. Stanley Hopp MD
Dr. William Horton III MD
Jeffrey Hoskins MD
Dr. William Hotchkiss MD
Mr. John Howard MD
Mr. John Hruska MD
Dr. Ken Hsu MD
Victor Hsu MD
Timothy Huang MD
Dr. Cameron Huckell MD
Dr. Jason Huffman MD
Dr. Alexander Hughes MD
Mrs. Linda Hughson OPA-C RN
Christopher Hulen
Robert Huler MD
Dr. Heidi Hullinger MD
Dr. Kade Huntsman MD
Keun-Heng Huo MD
Robert Hurford JR. MD, PHD
Qasim Husain MD
Stuart Hutchinson MD
Hosun Hwang MD
Dr. Ki Hwang MD
Dr. Matthew Hwang MD
Zaki Ibrahim MD
Dr. Cassim Igram MD
Dr. Dante Implicito MD
Dr. Andrew Indresano MD
Brian Ipsen IV MD
Dr. Todd Jackman MD
Adrian Jackson MD
Gabriel Jackson MD
Dr. Keith Jackson II MD
Dr. Roger Jackson MD
Dr. Durairaj Jagajeevanram MD
Dr. Amit Jain MD
Viral Jain MD
Dr. Jeremy James MD
Dr. Plas James MD
Dr. Stephen James DO
Dr. Michael Janssen DO
Dr. Sanjay Jatana MD
Louis Jenis MD
Dr. Lawrence Jenkins MD
Loren Jenkins MD
Joel Jenne MD
Dr. Bryce Johnson MD
Mr. C Johnson JR. MD
Dr. Donald Johnson II MD
John Johnson MD
Lawrence Johnson MD
Dr. Paul Johnson MD
Robert Johnson MD
Dr. Wesley Johnson MD
Dr. Clement Jones MD
David Jones MD
Dr. David Jones MD
Dr. Frazier Jones MD
Samuel Jorgenson MD
Dr. Samuel Joseph JR. MD
Kevin Ju MD
Mr. Mark Kabins MD
Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla MD
Richard Kahmann MD
Christopher Kain MD
Raj Kakarlapudi MD
Dr. Ali Kalamchi MD
Dr. Michael Kaldis MD
Dr. Prakasam Kalluri MD
Dr. Parviz Kambin MD
Dr. Daniel Kang MD
Dr. Isaac Karikari MD
Dr. Farhan Karim DO
David Karp MD, MBA
Dr. Douglas Kasow DO
Dr. Sarkis Kaspar MD
Christopher Kauffman MD
Dr. Geoffrey Kaung MD
Satoshi Kawaguchi M D
Dr. Adel Kebaish MD
Sean Keem MD
Timothy Keenen MD
Dr. Michael Kelly MD
Stewart Kerr MD
Dr. Anil Kesani MD
Kimberly Kesling MD
Dr. Mustafa Khan MD
Dr. Zafar Khan MD
Dr. Greg Khounganian MD
Dr. Sanjay Khurana MD
Dr. Leonard Kibuule MD
P Douglas Kiester MD
Dr. Francis Kilkelly MD
David Kim MD
David Kim MD
Dr. Han Kim MD
Dr. Paul Kim MD
Dr. Saechin Kim MD PHD
Dr. Sang Kim MD
Dr. Sunny Kim MD
Terrence Kim MD
Dr. Yong Kim MD
Youjeong Kim MD
Robert Kime III MD
Andrew King MD
Howard King MD
Dr. Phelps Kip MD
Dr. Raymond Kirchmier JR. MD
Steven Kirshner MD
Dr. Scott Kitchel MD
Dr. Thomas Kleeman MD
Dr. Jeffrey Klein MD
Dr. William Klemme MD
Eric Klineberg MD
Dr. Thomas Kling JR. MD
Reginald Knight MD, MHA
Dr. John Koerner MD
Alan Koester MD
Jerome Kolavo MD
Dr. Edward Kolpin DO
Dr. Christopher Yoon Kong MD
Mr. Kenneth Kopacz MD
Dr. Jason Koreckij MD
Dr. Theodore Koreckij MD
Martin Kornblum
Dr. Eric Korsh MD
Kevin Koth DO
Kevin Koutsky MD
Don Kovalsky MD
Dr. Kenneth Kozlow MD
Martin Krag
David Kraker MD
Dr. Andy Kranenburg MD
Dr. Kraig Kristof MD
Dr. Michael Kropf MD
Barry Krosser MD
Dr. Jonathan Krystal MD,
Dr. Fabrice Kuelling MD
Dr. Timothy Kuklo MD
Mr. Abhishek Kumar MD
Calvin Kuo MD
Dr. Ilya Kupershtein MD
Kenneth Kurica MD
Renuka Reddy Kuruvalli MD
Anthony Kwon MD
Brian Kwon MD
Ernest L'heureux JR. MD
Gary Lam MD
Dr. John Lamacchia MD
Dr. Manish Lambat MD
Dr. Ivan Lamotta MD
Dr. Peter Landin MD
Dr. Dale Landry JR. MD
Dr. Jonathan Landsman MD
David Lange MD
Mark Lapp MD
Dr. Alvin Larkins MD
Dr. Jeremie Larouche MD
James Lashley MD
Mr. Sebastian Lattuga MD FACOS
Dr. William Lavelle MD
Dr. Melvin Law JR. MD
Dr. Thomas Lawhorne III MD
James Lawrence MD
Dr. Eric Laxer MD
Richard Lazar MD
Vu Le MD
Dr. Nathan Lebwohl MD
Mr. Casey Lee MD
Guy Lee MD
Kenneth Lee MD
Scott Lee MD
Steven Lee MD
Dr. Ronald Lehman JR. MD
Dr. Anthony Leone MD
Vadim Lerman DO
William Lestini MD
Dr. Kenneth Leung MD
Dr. David Levin MD
Dr. Monroe Levine MD
Dr. Anthony Levins MD
Clifford Levy MD
Dr. Howard Levy MD
Dr. Todd Lewis MD
Mr. Kris Lewonowski MD
Dr. Gerard Librodo MD
Isador Lieberman MD
Robert Lifeso MD
Dr. Richard Lim MD
Eric Lin MD
Dr. Ki-Hon Lin MD
Richard Lin
Raymond Linovitz MD
Dr. Marc Linson MD
Bernadette Livewell PA
James Loddengaard MD
John Logan MD
Vito Loguidice MD
Dr. Luis Lombardi I MD
William Long III MD
Dr. Michael Longley MD
Mark Lonstein MD
Dr. Michael Lospinuso MD
Dr. Thomas Loumeau MD
Warren Low MD
Dr. Robert Lowe III MD
Troy Lowell MD
Nathaniel Lowen MD
Dr. Jason Lowenstein MD
Dr. Thomas Lowry MD
Dawei Lu MD
Dr. Phillip Lucas MD
Dr. David Lunardini MD
Dr. Myles Luszczyk DO
Ross Lynch MD
Bryan Lynn MD
Donald Mackenzie MD
Dr. Edward Mackey MD
Dr. Luke Madigan MD
Ian Madom
Michael Madsen MD
Dr. Carl Maguire MD
Dr. James Maguire JR. MD
James Mahalek MD
Dr. John Mahan MD
Dr. Eamonn Mahoney MD
Mr. William Main MD
Mohammad Majd MD
Dr. Kamran Majid MD
Melvin Makhni MD
Dr. Marc Malberg MD
James Malcolm MD
Dr. Thomas Mango MD
Vrej Manoogian DO
Dr. Mark Manoso MD
Dr. James Manzanares MD
Dr. Peter Marchisello MD
Amy Marcini MD
Zoran Maric MD
Dr. Howard Martin MD
Mr. Michael Martin MD
Dr. John Masciale MD
Dr. Alanson Mason MD
Jonathan Mason MD
Dr. Jose Massanet-Vollrath MD
Anthony Matan MD
Nicholas Mataragas MD
Donald Matthews MD
Ralph Maxy MD
Dr. Philip Mayer MD
Paul Mcafee MD
Dr. Beck Mcallister
Dr. Steven Mcanany MD
Dr. G Mcbride MD
Brian Mccarthy MD
Dr. Kevin Mccarthy MD
Dr. John Mcclellan III MD
Dr. Jamal Mcclendon JR. MD
Dr. Kevin Mccracken MD
Dr. Sean Mccue MD
Dr. Geoffrey Mccullen MD
Michael Mccutcheon MD
Dr. Mark Mcdonnell MD
Dr. Paul Mcdonough MD
John Mcelroy MD
Dr. Thomas Mcgivney MD
Dr. Timothy Mcgowen MD
Daniel Mcguire MD
Kevin Mcguire MD
Robert Mcguire JR. MD
Timothy Mchenry MD
Terry Mclean MD
Mr. John Mcmillin MD
Dr. Hugh Mcpherson MD
Dr. Gilbert Meadows MD
Dr. Marc Menkowitz MD
Dr. James Merenda MD
Dr. Allen Meril MD
Dr. Laurence Mermelstein MD
Dr. Matthew Mermer MD
Dr. Andrew Merola MD
Michael Merrick MD
Dr. Addisu Mesfin MD
Andrew Messer MD
Bernhard Meyer MD
Dr. Edward Middlebrooks MD
Dr. William Miele MD
Dr. William Miely MD
Dr. Henrik Mike-Mayer MD
Dr. Robert Milam IV MD
Dr. John Milani MD
John Miles MD
Justin Millard MD
Timothy Millea MD
Dr. David Miller MD
Justin Miller MD
William Mills MD
Dr. Glenn Minster MD
Dr. Srdjan Mirkovic MD
Sohail Mirza MD, MPH
Mr. Gregory Misenhimer MD
Dr. Michael Mitchell MD
Morris Mitsunaga MD
Fred Mo MD
Milan Mody MD
Dr. Vivek Mohan MD, MS
Dr. Robert Mohr MD
Dr. Robert Molinari MD
Dr. Kamaldeep Momi MD
Jose Montanez Huertas MD
Dr. Pasquale Montesano MD
Dr. David Montgomery MD
Dr. Mark Moody MD
Derek Moore MD
Dr. Kathleen Moore MD
Dr. Anthony Moreno MD
Dr. Anthony Mork MD
Dr. Joseph Morreale MD
Dr. Ali Moshirfar MD
Dr. Ronald Moskovich MD
Dr. Alan Moskowitz MD
Troy Mounts MD
David Mourning MD
Dr. Benjamin Mueller MD, PHD
William Muir MD
Dr. Daniel Murrey MD
Dr. Dinakar Murthi MD
Dr. Douglas Musser DO
Dr. Emilio Musso MD
Mark Myers MD
Eric Nabors MD
Charles Nalley MD
Dr. Fred Naraghi MD
Clyde Nash MD
Mary Neal MD
Dr. Barry Nelms MD
Elvert Nelson MD
Mark Nelson MD
Dr. Venu Nemani MD
Dr. Seth Neubardt MD
Dr. William Neway III DO
Bonaventure Ngu MD
Emily Nguyen MD
Dr. Thomas Nienke DO
Dr. Daniel Noble MD
Dr. Mark Nolden MD
Dr. J Noonan MD
Elizabeth Norheim MD
Dr. Robert Norton MD
Dr. Ali Nourbakhsh MD
Robbert Nucci MD
Dr. Paul Nugent MD
Dr. Christopher O'boynick MD
Tadhg O'gara MD
Dr. Randolph O'hara MD
Patrick O'leary MD
Joseph Obebe DO
Dr. Evan Obrien MD
Mr. John Oconnell PAC
Chong Oh MD
Dr. Ojedapo Ojeyemi MD
Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo MD
Dr. Kris Okumu MD
Dr. Paul Olive MD
Dr. James Olson MD
Erik Olsson
Okay Onan MD
Dr. Richard Oni MD
Bobby Oommen MD
Dr. Joseph Orchowski MD
Dr. Jonathan Oren MD
Dr. Douglas Orndorff MD
Dr. James Osborn MD
Dr. Said Osman MD
Dr. Omar Osmani MD
Dr. David Ou-Yang MD
Dr. Anthony Owusu II MD
Dr. Stephen Ozanne MD
Dr. Richard Ozuna MD
Dr. Mark Palit MD
Dr. Peter Pappas MD
Dr. Stephen Parazin
Kris Parchuri DO
Dr. Andrew Park MD
Justin Park MD
Dr. Kevin Park MD
Dr. Larry Parker MD
Paul Parks Jr. MD
Dr. John Parrott MD
Dara Parvin MD
Edgar Pasia DO
Ashvin Patel MD
Dr. Ravi Patel MD
Vikas Patel MD
Dr. Vishal Patel MD
Dr. Andrew Paterson MD
Dr. Michael Patterson MD,
Dr. Chad Patton MD
P Paul MD
Dr. Carl Paulino MD
William Payne MD
Dr. Pablo Pazmino MD
Dr. Richard Pearce MD
Frank Pedlow JR. MD
Dr. Richard Peek MD
Dr. Michael Peelle MD
Dr. Dereck Peery DO
Murat Pekmezci MD
Dalip Pelinkovic MD
Dr. John Peloza MD
Charles Pence MD
Dr. Walter Peppelman DO
Timothy Peppers MD
Dr. Richard Peress MD
Praveen Perni MD
Dr. Archie Perry JR. MD
James Perry DO
Dr. John Peters MD
Dr. Bendt Petersen III MD
Dr. Davis Peterson MD
Mark Peterson MD
Dr. Kenneth Pettine MD
Bernard Pfeifer MD
Mr. Jeffrey Phelps MD
Dr. Eric Phillips MD
Mathew Phillips MD
George Picetti MD
Dr. Mark Pichelmann MD
Stephen Pineda MD
Terrence Piper MD
Dr. Paul Pipitone DO
Charles Pipkin III MD
Dr. Nicholas Pirnia MD
Dr. Ricky Placide MD
Steven Poletti MD
Dr. Matthew Pollard MD
Ravi Ponnappan MD
Dr. Timothy Powers MD
Dr. Ben Pradhan MD, MSE
Dr. Anuj Prasher MD
Dr. Steven Presciutti MD
Mr. Digby Preston MD
Dr. Julian Price JR. MD
Dr. David Propst DO
Dr. Vincent Prusick MD
Dr. Brad Prybis MD
Dr. Andrew Pugely MD
Rolando Puno MD
Dr. Rajiv Puri MD
Emily Putney DO
Dr. Joseph Pyun MD
Dr. Erion Qamirani MD
Abid Qureshi MD
Dr. Todd Raabe MD
Viorel Raducan MD
Dr. Charles Raftery MD
Dr. Ra'kerry Rahman MD
Scott Rainey DO
Dr. Kamshad Raiszadeh MD
Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh MD
Dr. Muralidhara Raju MD
Dr. Ravi Ramachandran MD
Subaraman Ramchandran MBBS
Dr. Michael Ramsey MD
Frank Rand MD
Nicholas Ransom MD
Dr. Raj Rao MD
Dr. James Rappaport MD
Louis Rappoport MD
Ralph Rashbaum MD
Dr. David Raskas MD
Dr. Alexandre Rasouli MD
Dr. Bernard Rawlins MD
John Ray MD
Dr. Glenn Rechtine MD
W. Carlton Reckling MD
Dr. Deepak Reddy MD
Michael Reed MD
Dr. Nelville Reehlmann MD
Dr. Chris Reeves DO
Conor Regan MD
Dr. John Regan MD
Dr. Steven Reich MD
Dr. H. Stanley Reid MD
Thomas Reilly MD
Dr. Abilio Reis MD
Mitchell Reiter MD
Bernard Rerri MD
Pedro Reyes - Martinez MD
James Reynolds MD
Dr. John Rhee MD
Dr. Alfred Rhyne III MD
Dr. James Ricciardi
Dr. James Rice MD
Alexander Richter MD
Dr. Gregory Riebel MD
Kenneth Rieger MD
Dr. Thomas Rieser MD
Jeffrey Rihn MD
Anthony Rinella MD
Dr. Keith Rinkus MD
Dr. Daniel Ripa MD
Dr. Yamil Rivera-Colon MD
Steven Rizzolo MD
Dr. Clifford Roberson JR. MD
Dr. Rolando Roberto MD
Dr. Craig Roberts MD
Dr. David Roberts MD
Dr. Jeffrey Roberts MD
Alexander Robertson MD
Dr. David Robson MD
Anthony Roccisano DO
William Rodgers MD
Jose Rodriguez MD
Juan Rodriguez MD PHD
Dr. Abraham Rogozinski MD
Jeffrey Roh MD
Dr. Michael Rohan JR. DO
Dr. Donald Rohl DO
Dr. Michael Rohmiller MD
Kevin Rolfe MD
Dr. Gerald Rollins MD
Dr. Neil Romero MD
Mr. Richard Rooney JR. MD
Jonathan Roper MD
Brian Rose MD
Charles Rosen MD
Mark Rosenthal MD
Dr. David Rouben MD
Dr. Joshua Rovner MD
Dr. Flynn Rowan MD
Raphael Roybal MD
Dr. Paul Rubery MD
Dr. Brian Rudin MD
Leonard Rudolf MD
Dr. Mustasim Rumi MD
Paula Rupert MSN, FNP
Scott Rushton MD
Dr. Michael Russell II MD
Dr. Scott Russo MD
Dr. Chad Rutter DO
Edward Saer III MD
Dr. Ashish Sahai MD
Dr. Janmeet Sahota DO
Comron Saifi MD
Behnam Salari DO
Dr. Nima Salari MD
Dr. Neil Nelson Saldua MD
Dr. Peter Saltzman MD
Andrew Sama MD
Dr. Franklin Sammons MD
Yigal Samocha MD
William Samuelson MD
Dr. Luis Sanchez Caso MD
Dr. Harvinder Sandhu MD
Dr. Samer Saqqa DO
Walter Sassard MD
Rick Sasso MD
Dr. Anthony Savino MD
John Sazy MD
Nicholas Scarcella MD
Dr. Neil Schechter MD
Steven Scherping JR. MD
Dr. Jeffrey Schiffman MD
Dr. Michael Schiffman MD
Jeffrey Schimandle MD
Trevor Schmitz MD
Brock Schnebel MD
Dr. Philip Schneider MD
Dr. Gary Schneiderman MD
Ryan Schnetzer MD
Dr. Charles Schock MD
Dr. James Schoeb MD
Dr. Thomas Schuler MD
Paul Schwaegler MD
Dr. Arnold Schwartz MD
Dr. David Scott DVM,MD, PHD
Dr. Gaetano Scuderi MD
Jared Seale MD
Paul Segebarth MD
Dr. Bruce Senter MD
Dr. Anil Sethi
Dr. Navinder Sethi MD
Dr. Venkat Sethuraman MD
Eric Seybold MD
Dr. Neil Shah MD
Kourosh Shamlou MD
Michael Shapiro MD
Dr. Krishn Sharma MD
Dr. Stephen Shaw MD
Dr. Andrew Sheils JR. MD
John Sherman MD
Grant Shifflett MD
Tae Shin MD
Dr. Richard Shindell MD
Neal Shonnard MD
Dr. Jeremy Shore MD
Shyam Shridharani MD
Mr. Harry Shufflebarger MD
Dr. Farhan Siddiqi MD
Dr. Faisal Siddiqui MD
Dr. Saqib Siddiqui MD
Dr. Kanwaldeep Sidhu MD
Dr. Krzysztof Siemionow MD
Dr. Steven Silberfarb DO
Daniel Silcox III MD
Dr. Fernando Silva MD
Dr. Barry Silverman MD
Dr. Edward Simmons MD
Dr. James Simmons III DO
Dr. Philip Sinatra MD
Dr. Kirnjot Singh MD
Mr. Kumar Sinha MD
Dr. James Slater MD
Dr. Douglas Slaughter MD
Paul Slosar MD
Andrew Slucky MD
John Small MD
Dr. Samuel Small DO
Ms. Annette Smith MD, MA
Dr. Arnold Smith MD
Brennen Smith DO
Casey Smith MD
Dr. Galen Smith MD
Dr. James Smith JR. MD
Jeffrey Smith MD
Dr. Jeremy Smith MD
Dr. Michael Smith MD
Dr. Raymond Smith MD
Samuel Smith MD
Dr. Terry Smith MD
Dr. Yosef Smorgick MD
Gary Snook MD, PC
Jennifer Kaur Sohal MD
Dr. Joseph Sohn MD
Mark Sokolowski MD
Dr. Edward Song MD
Dr. Charles Sonu MD
Cheng Soo MD
Nelson Soohoo MD
Dr. Allen Sossan DO
Dr. John Spears DO
Dr. Alessandro Speciale MD
Dr. Leo Spector MD
Dr. Upshur Spencer MD
Dr. Steven Speth MD
Nicholas Spina III MD
Steven Spisak MD
Jeffrey Spivak MD
Mark Spoonamore MD
Dr. Gray Stahlman MD
Dr. James Stanley MD
Tom Stanley MD
Paul Stanton DO
John Starr M D
Mr. Marshall Stauber MD
John Steinmann DO
Dr. Byron Stephens II MD
Dr. Susan Stephens MD
William Stevens MD
Geoffrey Stewart MD
Jonathan Stieber MD
Addison Stone MD
David Strausser MD
Dr. Kenneth Strenge MD
Lynn Stromberg MD
James Stubbart MD
Ryan Stuckey MD
Dr. Brian Su MD
Patrick Suen MD
Dr. Paul Suh MD
Dr. William Sukovich MD
Dr. Daniel Sullivan MD
Dr. Assem Sultan MD
Christopher Summa MD
Edward Sun MD
Dr. Eric Sundberg MD
Sanjeev Suratwala MD
Dr. Steven Svabek DO
Patrick Sweeney MD
Dr. Thomas Sweeney II MD, PHD
Dr. Daryl Sybert DO
Dr. Rudolph Taddonio MD
Amir Tahernia MD
Robert Talac MD, PHD
Rajiv Taliwal MD
Dr. Reginald Tall MD
Dr. William Tally MD
Dr. Vikram Talwar MD
Chris Tang MD
Robert Tatsumi MD
Dr. Neil Tayyab MD
Dr. Gil Tepper MD
Dr. Mark Testaiuti MD
Nikhil Thakur MD
John Thalgott MD
Jeffrey Tharp DO
Dr. Senthilnathan Thirugnanasambandam MD
Dr. Richard Thomas MD
Thomas Thomas MD
Anton Thompkins MD
Dr. Jason Thompson MD
Lance Tigyer D O
Stephen Timon MD
Dr. Nathaniel Tindel MD
Dr. Jason Tinley MD
George Tipton JR. MD
Mr. Michael Tjarksen MD
Dr. Andrew Todd MD
Dr. Larry Todd JR. DO
Antoine Tohmeh MD
Stephen Tolhurst MD
Dr. William Tontz JR. MD
Michael Tooke MD
Dr. Joel Torretti MD
Dr. Constantine Toumbis MD, PHD
Viet Tran MD
Per Trobisch MD
Scott Tromanhauser MD
Dr. Daniel Troy MD
Yen Chun Tsai MD
William Tucker DO
Dr. Fred Turner MD
Dr. John Tydings MD
Alexander Vaccaro MD, PHD
Dr. Mark Valente DO
Dr. Steven Valentino DO
Dr. Frank Valone MD
Dr. Cathleen Vanbuskirk MD
Peter Vanpeteghem MD
Dr. Hector Vargas-Soto MD
Vikas Varma MD
Paul Vaughan MD
Dr. Pablo Vazquez-Seoane MD
Dr. David Vecchione MD
Dr. Ravishankar Vedantam MD
Venu Vemuri DO
Dr. Kushagra Verma MD
Dr. Rohit Verma MD
Joseph Verska MD
Dr. David Verst MD
Brady Vibert MD
Dr. Robert Viere MD
Dr. Lawrence Vierra DO
Dr. Franco Vigna MD
Dr. Fernando Villamil MD
Michael Vives MD
Thomas Voegeli MD
Dr. Todd Volkman MD
Dr. Kurt Vonrueden MD
Dr. Robert Vraney MD
Alexis Waguespack MD
Dr. George Wahba MD
Dr. Melvin Wahl JR. MD
Dr. Brett Walker DO
Grant Walker MD
Dr. Matthew Walker MD
Jeffrey Wang MD
Dr. Marion Ward MD, PHD
Stephen Warner MD
Dr. Robert Watkins IV MD
Dr. Robert Watkins III MD
Mrs. Sarah Watson PA
Timothy Watson MD
Dr. Steven Weber DO
Julie Wehner MD
Dr. Mark Weidenbaum MD
Dr. Robert Weierman SR. MD
Dr. Douglas Weiland MD
Dr. James Weinstein DO, MS
Marc Weinstein MD
Stuart Weinstein MD
Dr. Brett Weinzapfel MD, PHD
James Weis MD
Dr. Joseph Weistroffer MD
Karl Wenner MD
Dr. James West III MD
L Westerlund MD
Mark Weston MD
Dr. John Whalen MD
Dr. George Wharton MD
David Whatmore PA
Harry Wheelock JR. PA
Dr. Mark Whitaker MD
Dr. James White JR. MD
Dr. Jon White MD
Perry White III MD
Dr. Lee Whitehurst MD
Kuhrt Wieneke MD
Samuel Wiesel
Eric Wieser MD
Dr. Moshe Wilker MD
Dr. Keith Wilkey MD
Dr. Keith Williams MD
Lytton Williams MD
Robert Williams MD
Dr. Seth Williams MD
Ned Wilson MD
Raz Winiarsky MD
Michael Winkelpleck DO
Dr. Craig Wolff MD
Mark Wolgin MD
Dr. Adam Wollowick MD
Douglas Won MD
Dr. David Wong MD
Willard Wong MD
Dr. Eugene Wood III MD
Jeffrey Wood MD
Kenneth Wood MD
Robert Woodruff MD
Dr. Howard Woodward MD
Richard Wupperman MD
Dr. Arash Yaghoobian MD
Aris Yannopoulos MD
Dr. Gordon Yee MD
Henaku Yirenkyi MD
Sangwook Yoon MD/PHD
Gregory Yoshida M,D,
Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshihara MD, PHD
Dr. Lyle Young MD
Dr. Jim Youssef MD
Dr. Warren Yu
James Yue MD
Dr. Usman Zahir MD
Dr. Paul Zak MD
Dr. James Zaslavsky DO
Joseph Zavatsky MD
Dr. Michele Zembo MD
Haitao Zhou MD
John Zoller MD
Dr. James Zucherman MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definiton added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2007. http://www.abos.org/. Separate board certification is not currently offered.

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definiton added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2007. http://www.abos.org/. Separate board certification is not currently offered.