Orthopaedic Surgeries

An orthopaedic surgeon is trained in the preservation, investigation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. An orthopaedic surgeon is involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors, metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system, deformities, injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow in children and adults. An orthopaedic surgeon is also concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems and the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system. *

Specialization: Foot and Ankle Surgery

Recognized by several state medical boards as a fellowship subspecialty program of orthopaedic surgery, foot and ankle surgeons deal with adult reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, adult foot and ankle trauma, sports medicine foot and ankle, and children's foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. **

Ali Abbasian Hersini MD
Dr. Jamal Ahmad MD
Ian Alexander MD
Dr. Curtis Alitz MD
Richard Alvarez MD
Terence Alvey DPM
Franklin Alvine MD
Peter Ameglio MD
Dr. Arash Aminian MD
Dr. Claude Anderson MD
John Anderson MD
Joseph Anderson MD
Dr. Robert Anderson MD
Dr. Roger Antoine MD
Jacqueline Aranas
Gregory Ardoin MD
Osep Armagan MD
Stephen Arndt MD
Kali Arnold MD
Dr. Eric Aronowitz MD
Dr. Dirk Asherman MD
Umur Aydogan MD
Dr. Jonathon Backus MD
Dr. Stacy Bacon MD
Dr. Timothy Badwey MD
Dr. Erroll Bailey MD
Dr. Adam Baker MD
Craig Barrow MD
Dr. Eric Bartel MD
Dr. Harpreet Basran MD
Dr. Judith Baumhauer MD
Mr. Timothy Beck MD
Dr. Adam Becker MD
Dr. Katherine Bedigrew MD
Wayne Berberian MD
Gregory Berlet MD
Dr. Eric Bluman MD
Dr. James Bogener MD
Dr. Walther Bohne MD
Dr. Susan Bonar MD
Dr. Amrut Borade MBBS, MS
Dr. John Bowman MD
Paul Braaton MD
Bradley Brainard MD
Walter Braly MD
Suzanne Braun DPM
Dr. Julius Brecht MD
Jeffrey Brodie MD
Dr. Adam Brodsky MD
James Brodsky MD
Matthew Buchanan MD
Brandon Bucker MD
Dr. Jamey Burrow MD
Dr. Michael Buscemi JR. DO
Dr. William Buschmann MD
Michael Caines MD
Dennis Callahan MD
Dr. Dominic Carreira MD
Efrain Castro Irizarry
Dr. Oscar Castro-Aragon MD
Francisco Caycedo MD
Richard Cervenka DPM
Richard Chambers MD
Holman Chan MD
Dr. James Chandler MD
Laurette Chang MD
John Chao MD
Giznola Charlot DPM
Timothy Charlton MD
Nileshkumar Chaudhari MD
Dr. Domingo Cheleuitte MD
Margaret Chilvers MD
Marc Chodos MD
Jaideep Chopra DPM
Dr. Steven Choung MD
Dr. John Chrabuszcz MD
Michael Clare MD
Dr. Richard Claridge MD
Dr. Marcus Coe MD
Dr. Johannes Coetzee MB, CHB, MD
Dr. Bruce Cohen MD
Dr. Justin Colanese MD
Brian Coleman MD
Dr. Charles Cook MD
Paul Cooper MD
William Corn MD
John Cory MD
Dr. Pedro Cosculluela MD
Dr. Michael Coughlin MD
Andrea Cracchiolo MD
Dr. Adam Crawford MD
Darryl Cuda MD
Eugene Curry MD
Dr. Joel Davis MD
Pamela Davis MD
Dr. William Davis MD
James Davitt MD
Dr. Sophia Deben MD
Henry Degroot III MD
Dr. Jonathan Deland MD
Dr. Samuel Dellenbaugh MD
Dr. Constantine Demetracopoulos MD
Sarang Desai DO
Christopher Diefenbach MD
Dr. Benedict Digiovanni MD
Bryan Ding MD
John Dipreta MD
Dr. Tonya Dixon MD
Dr. Charles Domingues MD
Dr. Grant Dona MD
Dr. Michael Donahue DO
Jessica Downes MD
Sharon Dreeben MD
Naven Duggal MD
Dr. Timothy Dumontier MD
Timothy Dutra DPM
Matthew Dwyer MD
Dr. Andrew Ebert MD
William Edmonds MD
Robert Erdin III MD
Dr. John Fanning MD
Daniel Farber MD
Dr. Frances Faro MD
Dr. Jessica Faught MD
John Feder MD
John Femino MD
Dr. Paul Fenn JR. MD
Robert Fenton MD
Dr. James Ficke MD
Dr. Brett Fink MD
Dr. Lamar Fleming MD
Dr. Adolph Flemister MD
Dr. Timothy Flock MD
Douglas Flory MD
James Flynn MD
Dr. Darcy Foral MD
Ms. Jennifer Fortenberry PA
Dr. Carlos Fraga MD
Timothy Frerichs MD
David Friscia MD
Dr. Joseph Funk DPM
Dr. Stephanie Galey MD
Randall Gall MD
John Gallagher MD
Dr. James Gallentine MD
Dr. John Galligan MD
Dr. Jessica Gallina MD PC
Edward Garr MD
Dr. Nicholas Gates MD
Dr. Lauren Geaney MD
Dr. Mark Geppert MD
Dr. Lawrence Gibson MD
Dr. Michael Gillman MD
Dr. Pierre Girard MD
Jeffrey Gittins DO
Francis Glaser MD
Craig Glauser MD
Dr. John Gleason MD
Carlos Gomez MD
Dr. R. Graham MD
Dr. Jaymes Granata MD
Dr. Brett Grebing MD
Aron Green MD
Joseph Grillo MD
Richard Gripe MD
Dawn Grosser MD
Joseph Guagliardo DO
Timothy Gueramy MD
Joseph Guth MD
Dr. Mark Hagy MD
Dr. Mariam Hakim-Zargar MD
Dr. James Halloran MD
Dr. Kamran Hamid MD
Dr. Matthew Hammit MD
Dr. Douglas Hansen DPM
Travis Hanson MD
Gregory Harbach MD
Thomas Harris MD
Dr. Safet Hatic II DO
Dr. Richard Hayek MD
Dr. Brandon Hayes MD
Mr. Kent Heady MD
Dr. Christopher Hebert MD
Dr. Paul Hecht MD
James Heckman MD
Dr. Emily Heid MD
Richard Helfrey DO
Dr. Thomas Helpenstell MD
Dr. Bryan Hendrix DPM
Dr. Steven Herbst MD
Dr. Jeffrey Herring MD
Dolfi Herscovici DO
Mr. David Hester MD
Dr. David Hicks MD
Keith Hill MD
Dr. Bryant Ho MD
Jeffrey Holmboe MD
Dr. George Holmes MD
Scott Holthusen MD
Dr. Yuhwan Hong MD
Dr. Vinay Hosuru Siddappa MBBS D ORTH DNB ORTH
Michael Houghton MD
Mr. David Howe MD
Dr. Steven Howell MD
Michael Hromanik MD
Calvin Hu MD
Dr. Keith Hughes MD
Michael Hull MD
Dr. Brett Hunter MD
Shepard Hurwitz MD
Kelly Hynes
Susan Ishikawa MD
Kavita Iyengar MD
Dr. Juha Jaakkola MD
Dr. James Jackson III MD
Wesley Jackson MD
Dr. Eric James MD
Dr. William James III MD
Dr. Anne Johnson MD
Joseph Johnson MD
Rylan Johnson DPM
Dr. Carroll Jones III MD
Donald Jones MD
Dr. Mark Jones MD
Dr. David Joos MD
Dr. Jeffrey Junko MD
Christina Kabbash MD
Clifford Kahn MD
Paul Kammerlocher MD
Dr. Stuart Katchis MD
Dr. Robert Kaye MD
Dr. John Keeling MD
Daniel Kelmanovich MD
Travis Kemp MD
Dr. Chad Kennedy MD
Dr. John Kennedy MD
Wendy Kennedy DPM
Dr. Paul Kerner MD
Dr. Stacee Kessinger MD
Dr. Waqqar Khan-Farooqi MD
Dr. Ario Kiarash MD
Dr. Nathan Kiewiet MD
Dr. Todd Kile MD
Richmond Kilpatrick DPM
Dr. William Kimmerly MD
Harold Kitaoka MD
Dr. Sandra Klein MD
Dr. Douglas Koch MD
Dr. Patricia Kolodziej MD
Dr. Alonzo Kornegay MD
Joseph Kou MD
Dr. Jonathan Kraus MD
Dr. Steven Kulik JR. MD
Dr. Phillip Kwong MD
Dr. Panagiotis Labropoulos MD
Ashkan Lahiji MD
Dr. Bradley Lamm DPM
Dr. Bryan Lapinski MD
Craig Lareau MD
Dr. Jason Leaseburg MD
Kenneth Leavitt DPM
Dr. Simon Lee MD
Dr. Thomas Lee MD
Robert Leland MD
Martin Lenoci DPM
Dr. David Levine MD
Dr. Kenneth Levitsky MD
Alan Lewis MD
Dominic Lewis MD
Dr. Janet Lewis MD
Dr. Norman Licht MD
James Lillich MD
Jason Lin MD
Dr. Johnny Lin MD
Sheldon Lin MD
Eric Lindberg MD
Dr. Frederick Lippert III MD
Dr. Jordan Lisella MD
Raymond Lower DO
Dr. Pamela Luk MD
Dr. Kevin Lutta MD
Morton Lynn MD
Dr. Katherine Ma MD
Dr. Edward Magur MD
Roger Mann MD
Arthur Manoli II MD
Dr. Richard Marks MD
Kevin Martin DO
Dr. Randall Marx MD
Dr. John Marymont MD
John Maskill
Dr. Aaron Mates MD
Dr. John Mazzarella
Michael Mcclure MD
Dr. Anne Mccormack MD
Dr. Jeremy Mccormick MD
Thomas Mcdonald MD
William Mcgarvey MD
William Mckibbin MD
Dr. William Mcpeake III MD
Karen Mcrae MD
Dr. James Mcwilliam MD
Anthony Mechrefe MD
Robert Meehan MD
Tuvi Mendel MD
Clifford Merkel MD
Dr. Natalie Mesnier MD
Marc Michaud MD
Dr. Robert Mihalich MD
Dr. Mark Mikhael MD
Richard Miller MD
Dr. Mark Mizel MD
Fritz Moeller DPM
Bryan Monier
Dr. Raymond Montoya II DPM
Andrew Moore MD
Murali Moorthy MD
Dr. Roswell Morley MD
Shawn Morrow DO
Susan Mosier-Laclair MD
Dr. Daniel Murawski MD
Garnett Murphy MD
Kevin Nagamani MD
Dr. Frank Narcisi DPM
John Nassar MD
Dr. Jason Nemitz MD
Dr. Steven Neufeld MD
Julie Neumann MD
Dr. Jeffrey Newfield DO
Kevin Newfield DO
Dr. Christopher Nicholson MD
Dr. F Nickel MD
John Noack MD
Dr. Jay Oates
George Ochs DPM
William Oconnor MD
Thomas Odmark MD
Dr. Roger Ogden Ii II MD
Irvin Oh MD
David Oji MD
Dr. Patrick Oneill MD
Brian Padrta MD
Alexandra Page MD
Hossein Pakzad Sedigh MD
James Palumbo MD
Vinod Panchbhavi MD
Garett Pangrazzi MD
Dr. John Papa MD
Alexander Pappas MD
Dr. William Park IV MD
Matthew Parmenter DPM
Ross Paskoff
Dr. Roger Passmore MD
Dr. Suniti Patel DPM
David Patenaude
Dr. Jason Patterson MD
Dr. Cameron Patthanacharoenphon MD
Megan Paulus MD
Jose Perez Maldonado MD
Mark Perlman MD
Mark Perry MD
Venkat Perumal MD
Tracy Pesut MD
Dr. Paul Peters MD
Dr. Mark Petrik MD
Terrence Philbin DO
Phinit Phisitkul MD
Judah Pifer MD
Richard Pike MD
Dr. Alejandro Pino MD
Michael Pinzur MD
Dr. Lawrence Pollack DO
Dr. Gregory Pomeroy MD
Mr. John Portwood MD
Karanvir Prakash MD
Mr. John Priddy MD
Dr. Seth Queler MD
Steven Raikin MD
Dr. Abdolreza Raissi MD
Uma Ramadorai DO
Dr. Satheesh Ramineni MD
Helen Rawlinson MD
Dr. Samar Ray MD
Dr. Mark Reed MD
Dr. Dorian Reid MD, MPH
Dr. James Reid MD
Ronald Resnick MD
Dr. Merrill Reuter MD, PHD
David Richardson MD
Elbert Richardson MD
Gary Richo MD PHD
Dr. Venus Rivera MD
Dr. Karen Rives MD
Dr. Lauren Roberts MD
Jon Robinson MD
John Romito MD
Steven Roser MD
Dr. William Ross JR. MD
Dr. Brent Roster MD
Christian Royer MD
Cuchulain Rust MD
Dr. Omar Saleem MD
Dr. Myles Samotin MD
Dr. Melanie Sanders MD
Dr. Andrew Sands MD
Thomas Sangiovanni MD
Dr. Robert Santrock MD
Scott Sauer MD
Jeffrey Schabler
Dr. Mark Schakel II MD
Michael Scherb MD
Dr. Gary Schmidt MD
Dr. Stephanie Schneck-Jacob MD
Dr. Robert Schoen JR. MD
Ross Schumer MD
Dr. Jeremy Schwartz MD
Randolph Sealey MD
Dr. Christine Seaworth MD
Dr. Edwin Sebold MD
Dr. John Seddon MD
Jeffrey Seybold MD
James Sferra MD
Ashish Shah MD
Mr. Stanley Shama DPM
Jaya Prasad Shanmugam
Dr. Steven Shapiro MD
Steven Sheskier M D
Dr. Khalid Shirzad MD
Dr. George Siderys MD
Dr. Steven Sides MD
Lance Silverman MD
Dr. Evan Simonson DPM
Dr. Mark Slovenkai MD
Dr. Jonathan Smerek MD
Judith Smith MD
Dr. Ronald Smith MD
Dr. Mark Sobel MD
Barry Solcher MD
Andrew Somberg MD
Dr. Suzette Song MD
Paul Spiegl SR. MD
Dr. Arjun Srinath MD
Maxwell Steel III MD
Dr. Benjamin Stein MD
Dr. John Stephens DPM
Dr. Benjamin Stevens MD
Donald Stewart MD
Dr. Jason Stewart MD
Kristopher Stockton MD
Dr. Wesley Stotler DO
Dr. Peter Strand MD
Brian Straus M D
Michael Swords DO
Gregory Taggart MD
Giselle Tan MD
Dr. Edward Tang MD
Dr. Cedric Tankson MD
John Tanner III MD
Thom Tarquinio MD
Michael Taye MD
Ross Taylor MD
Robert Teasdall MD
Anthony Teebagy MD
Joshua Tennant MD
Dr. Mary Testerman MD
George Theodore MD
Dr. Corbett Thigpen MD
Ruth Thomas MD
Andrew Thomson MD
Dr. Brian Toolan MD
Dr. Saul Trevino MD
Scott Trumble MD
Dr. Brian Tscholl MD
Norman Turner III MD
Jaime Uribe MD
Dr. Ray Valdez MD
Scott Van Aman MD
Dr. Bryan Vandyke DO
Kevin Varner MD
Dr. Andrea Veljkovic MD, FRCSC, BCOMM
John-Paul Veri MD
Kurt Voellmicke MD
Dr. Anthony Volpe MD
Anand Vora MD
Norman Waldrop III MD
Dr. Earl Walker JR. MD
Arthur Walling MD
Meredith Warner MD
Paul Warren MD
Dr. Troy Watson MD
Ian Weiner MD
Dr. Steven Weinfeld MD
Dr. Michael Weisburger MD
Dr. Steven Wells DPM
Dr. Kevin White DO
Dr. Daniel Wiernik DPM
Dr. Jeffrey Willers MD
Joan Williams MD
Sharrona Williams MD
Dr. Brian Winters MD
Gregory Witkowski MD
Dr. Robert Wood MD
Michael Yorgason MD
Dr. James Yu MD
Nicole Zappa DO, MHA
David Zaret MD
Dr. Richard Zell MD
Jacob Zide MD
Dr. Christopher Zingas MD