Orthopaedic Surgeries

An orthopaedic surgeon is trained in the preservation, investigation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. An orthopaedic surgeon is involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors, metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system, deformities, injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow in children and adults. An orthopaedic surgeon is also concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems and the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system. *

Specialization: Sports Medicine

An orthopaedic surgeon trained in sports medicine provides appropriate care for all structures of the musculoskeletal system directly affected by participation in sporting activity. This specialist is proficient in areas including conditioning, training and fitness, athletic performance and the impact of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition on performance and health, coordination of care within the team setting utilizing other health care professionals, field evaluation and management, soft tissue biomechanics and injury healing and repair. Knowledge and understanding of the principles and techniques of rehabilitation, athletic equipment and orthotic devices enables the specialist to prevent and manage athletic injuries. **

Dr. Kristopher Aalderink MD
Dr. David Abbasi MD
Amy Abbot MD
Paul Abbott MD
Dr. Stephen Abelow MD
Dr. Nicholas Aberle II MD
Geoffrey Abrams MD
W. Absi MD
Gary Ackerman MD
Dr. George Ackerman MD
Allen Adams MD
Christopher Adams MD
Paul Adams MD
Scott Adams MD
Timothy Adams ATC
Mark Adickes MD
Dr. Robert Afra MD
Rosemary Agostini MD
Dr. Nidhi Agrawal MD
Dr. Steven Ahlfeld MD
Brent Ain MD
Dennis Ainbinder MD
Dr. M Al-Fahl MD
Dr. Mohaned Al-Humadi MD
Dr. Bruce Albert MD
Dr. Francis Alberta MD
Dr. John Albright MD
Dr. Jess Alcid MD
Arvin Alexander MD
Dr. Daniel Alexander MD
Dr. Reginald Alexander MD
Terence Alexander MD
Dr. Deborah Allen MD
Douglas Allen MD
Dr. Joshua Alpert MD
Dr. Gilberto Alvarado MD
Mansour Alvi
Annunziato Amendola MD
Dr. Kumar Amin MD
Christopher Amuwa MD
Dr. Prashanth Anand MD
David Anapolle MD
Mr. William Andel ANP
Dr. William Andersen MD
Dr. Ashley Anderson MD
Christian Anderson MD
Christopher Anderson MD
David Anderson MD
David Anderson MD
John Anderson MD
Dr. Joseph Anderson MD
Michelle Andrews MD
Dr. Michael Angel MD
Dr. Michael Angeline MD
Dr. William Anspach III MD
Harold Antwine MD
Dr. Stephen Aoki MD
Scott Appell MD
David Arango MD
Dr. Evan Argintar MD
Dr. David Argo MD
Dr. Afshin Arianjam MD
Dr. Shalinder Arneja MD
Dr. Christopher Arnold MD
Dr. Ryan Arnold MD
Dr. Johnny Arnouk MD
Zachary Arntson DO
Philip Aronoff MD
Dr. Danny Arora MD, FRCSC
Dr. Edward Arrington MD
Dr. Barton Arthur MD
Scott Arthur MD
Dr. Kashif Ashfaq MD
Dr. Bradley Aspey MD
Dr. Aravind Athiviraham MD
Dr. Robert Audell MD
Dr. John Austin MD
Dr. Stephen Autry MD,MBA
Nicholas Avallone MD
Dr. Fred Avery MD
Dr. Steven Aviles MD
Dr. Olufemi Ayeni MD
Dr. Frederick Azar
Dr. George Azar MD, MPH
Dr. Samir Azer MD
Dr. Michael Azzam MD
Michael Azzoni MD
Dr. Evan Bachner MD
Manuel Badillo Collazo MD
Geoffrey Baer MD
Dr. Maher Bahu MD
Dr. Brant Bair MD
Christopher Baker MD
John Baker MD
Dr. George Bal MD
John Balbas MD
Frederick Balduini MD
Bjorn Balldin MD
Bindu Bamrah MD
Robert Bane MD
Mrs. Andrea Banet PA-C
Michael Banffy MD
Dr. Stephen Bannar MD
Scott Barbash MD
Brett Barnes MD
Dr. Christopher Barnes MD
Jeffrey Barnes
Dr. Luis Barreto-Sola MD
Mrs. Marie Barron PT, OCS, CMT
Dr. Martin Barschi MD
Dr. Bradley Barter DO
Arthur Bartolozzi MD
Jerome Barton MD
Richard Barton MD
Dr. Reed Bartz MD
Dr. Michael Baskin MD
Dr. Matthew Bassan DO
Dr. Steven Bast MD
Nabil Basta MD
Jennifer Bayer MD
Dr. Robert Baylis MD
Dr. Andrew Bazos MD
Brandon Beamer MD
David Beard MD
Dr. Anthony Beardmore MD
Dr. Jeffrey Bechler MD
Charles Beck JR. MD
Dr. James Beckmann MD
Dr. Bryce Bederka MD
Asheesh Bedi MD
Dr. Michael Behr MD
Dr. Stephen Beissinger MD
Dr. Michael Belanger MD
Melinda Belcher PA-C
Dr. David Bell MD
James Bell MD
Dr. Jonathan Bell MD
Dr. Stephen Bell MD
Todd Bell MD
Dr. Gregory Bellisari MD
Dr. Steven Below MD
Hans Bengtson MD
Dr. Kerry Bennett DO
Dr. Christian Bentley MD
Jared Bentley MD
Robert Bents MD
Dr. Eugene Berg MD
Troy Berg MD
Mr. Peter Bergquist DO
Dr. Dov Berkowitz MD
Dr. Mario Berkowitz MD
Dr. Geoffrey Bernas MD
Dr. Adam Bernstein MD
Steve Bernstein JR. MD
Jonathan Berridge
Dr. Robert Berry DO
Alan Beyer MD
Melissa Bickett MD
James Bicos MD
Dr. Adam Bier MD
Dr. Scott Bigelow MD
Dr. Marcus Biggers II MD
Dr. Daniel Biggerstaff MD
Dr. Gregory Bigler MD
Dr. James Bilbo MD
Dr. Mark Billante MD
Dr. Gordon Birk MD
Mr. Michael Birns MD
David Bizousky MD
Dr. Brian Bjerke MD
Brandee Black MD
Dr. Brian Black MD
Kevin Black MD
Dr. Shane Blackmore MD
Dr. Fred Blackwell MD
Dr. Michael Blackwell MD
Robert Blair JR. MD
Joseph Blanda MD
Dr. Richard Blanks MD
Dr. Terra Blatnik MD
Dr. Douglas Blatz MD
Field Blevins MD
Louis Bley MD
Mr. Samuel Blick MD
Thomas Bliss JR. MD
John Blue MD
Dr. Karl Blum MD
Michael Bogatch MD
Dr. Ljiljana Bogunovic MD
Dr. Jeffery Bollenbacher DO
Timothy Bollom MD
Dr. John Bonamo MD
James Bond MD
Dr. Nicolas Bonnaig MD
Shawn Bonsell MD
Bradford Boone MD
Dr. Michael Boothby MD
Dr. Jay Borick MD
Jerome Bornstein MD
Herbert Bote MD
Torey Botti MD
Dr. Craig Bottoni MD
Dr. Dale Boyd JR. MD
Dr. George Boyum MD
Dennis Bozarth MD
Dr. Raymond Bradley JR. MD
Robert Brady MD
Dr. Michael Brager MD
Shyam Brahmabhatt MD
Dr. Joe Bramhall MD
Kenneth Bramlett MD
Dr. Thomas Branch MD
Gregory Branche PA
Dr. Michael Brand MD
Dr. Mark Brandon MD
Dr. David Braun MD
Dr. Brad Brautigan MD
Dr. Nathan Breazeale MD
Dr. Charles Breckenridge MD
Dr. Ryan Breland MD
Leigh Brezenoff MD
Dr. Glenn Brien JR. MD
Dr. Donald Bright MD
Stephen Brockmeier MD
Dr. Robert Bronstein MD
Dr. Jackie Brooks MD
Dawson Brown MD
Douglas Brown MD
Maurice Brown MD
Ouida Brown MD
Stephen Brown MD
William Brown MD
Dr. William Browning III DO
Dr. Erik Bruce MD
Dr. Gene Bruce MD
Michael Brunet MD
Dr. David Brys MD
David Buchalter MD
Dr. Peter Buckley MD
Dr. Don Buford MD
Amy Bullens-Borrow MD
Frank Bunch JR. MD
Dr. William Bundrick MD
Anthony Buoncristiani MD
Kathleen Buran MD
Dr. Robert Burger MD
Dr. Bradd Burkhart MD
Sarah Burkhart PA-C
Joseph Burns MD
William Burns II MD
Dr. Matthew Busam MD
Benjamin Busfield MD
Mr. Darin Bush DO
Bradley Butkovich MD
Matthew Butterfield MD
Dr. David Buuck MD
Mr. Michael Byers PAC
Dr. Christopher Bynum MD
J w Byrd MD
Dr. Alison Cabrera MD
Randal Camarillo MD
Brian Camilleri DO
Dr. Donald Campbell DO
Dr. Kirk Campbell MD
Dr. Robert Campbell
Ronald Campbell MD
Dr. Winfield Campbell JR. MD
Mr. George Canizares MD
Carl Cannon MD
Dr. Wayne Cannon MD
Dr. Craig Capeci MD
David Capiola MD
Dr. Patrick Carey DO
Dr. Willliam Carlson MD
Dr. Charles Carr MD
Dr. Donald Carr JR. MD
Paul Carroll MD
Dr. William Carroll III MD
Dr. Brett Cascio MD
Dr. Steven Case MD
Dr. Michael Casey JR. MD
Patrick Casey MD
Wesley Castle PA-C
John Cathcart III MD
Dr. Matthew Cavagnaro MD
Dr. Russell Cavallo MD
Cesar Ceballos MD
Dr. Albert Cecchini DO
Dr. William Cenac MD
Anthony Cerminara MD
Thomas Cervoni MD
Dr. Peter Cha MD
Jaskarndip Chahal MD
Steven Chamberlain MD
David Chang MD
Dr. David Chao MD
Tom Chao MD
Megan Charboneau MD
Dr. Roger Charboneau DO
Dr. Kevin Charron MD
Dr. Derek Chase MD
Dr. Jeffrey Chase MD
Dr. Seth Cheatham MD
Frank Chen MD
Dr. James Chen MD, MPH
Joseph Cheng MD
Dr. Frederic Chi MD
Brian Chimenti MD
Leon Chipman MD
Harlan Chiron MD
Dr. Stephen Choban MD
Horim Choi MD
Luke Choi MD
Dr. Edward Choung DO
Dr. Claiborne Christian MD
Dr. Michael Chuang MD
Kyle Chun MD
William Ciccone II MD
Michael Ciccotti MD
Angelo Ciminiello MD
Peter Cimino MD
Dr. Brandon Cincere MD
Mr. Douglas Cipriano MD
Dr. David Clare MD
Dr. Bliss Clark II MD
Camille Clinton MD
Dr. Robert Coale MD
Dr. Camille Coates-Clark MD FAAOS
R Cobb MD
Dr. James Cockrell MD
Adam Cohen MD
David Cohen MD
David Cohen MD
Joel Cohen MD
Dr. Nathaniel Cohen MD
Dr. Lester Cohn MD
Gregory Colbath MD
Dr. Alexander Collins DO
Edward Collins JR. MD
Dr. Jason Collins MD
Dr. Kevin Collins MD
Dr. Paul Collins MD
Dr. Sandra Collins MD
Dr. Jose Colon MD
Dr. Anthony Colorito MD
Dr. Alexis Colvin MD
Dr. Nicholas Colyvas MD
Bruce Comisar JR. MD
David Conner MD
Douglas Connor MD
Dr. Patrick Connor MD
Jack Conoley MD
Dr. Jeffrey Conrad MD
Fernando Contreras Soares MD
Marshall Cook MD
Dr. Vernon Cooley MD
William Cooney MD
Alan Cooper MD
Andrew Cooper MD
Jerald Cooper MD
Jonathan Cooper DO
Dr. Stephen Cope MD
Michael Corbett MD
Scot Cordray MD
Jonathan Cornelius MD
Dr. Geoffrey Cornelsen DO
Darren Corteen MD
Dr. David Cortese MD
William Cottrell MD
Dr. Jeffrey Counts DO
Dr. Dana Covey MD
Charles Cox III MD
James Cox DO
Katherine Coyner MD
David Craft MD
Dr. Jason Craft MD
Mr. William Craig III MD
David Crane MD
Dr. Christopher Cranford MD
Dr. William Craven MD
Dr. Charles Craythorne MD
Brian Crellin DO
Dr. Steven Crenshaw MD
Heber Crockett MD
Charles Crouse MD
Dr. Jerry Crum MD
Dr. David Culton MD
Patrick Cummings MD
Dr. Fred Cunningham MD
Dr. Richard Cunningham JR. MD
Richard Cunningham MD
Michael Curtin MD
Alan Curtis MD
Dr. Ralph Curtis JR. MD
Dr. Mark Curzan MD
Dr. Adnan Cutuk MD
Miguel Daccarett MD
Dwite Dahms MD
Ms. Nicole Dahms LMT
Dr. John Daigneault MD
Christopher Dale MD
Dr. Kevin Dale MD
Dr. Donald Dalessandro MD
Mr. James Dalton JR. MD
Kristyn Darmafall MD
Dr. Robert Dasilva MD
Umer Dasti MD
Milton David MD
Tal David MD
J f Davidson MD
Dr. Philip Davidson MEDICAL DOCTOR
Dr. Jeffrey Davila MD
Dr. Alan Davis MD
Kirk Davis DO
Lonnie Davis MD
Dr. Paul Davis III MD
Robert Davis MD
Dr. William Davis JR. MD
Courtney Dawson MD
Dr. Patrick Dawson MD
Dr. Antonio De La Cruz Miranda MD
Dr. Frank De Mayo MD
Dr. Jeffrey Dean MD
Dr. Mark Dean MD
Dr. Benjamin Debelak DO
Thomas Deberardino MD
Dr. Robert Defalco JR. DO
Dr. Kenneth Dehaven MD
Mark Deibert MD
Wilson Del Pizzo MD
Dr. Brian Delay MD
Jeffrey Deluca MD
Peter Deluca MD
Dr. Marlene Demaio MD
Michael Dempewolf DO
Dr. Michael Dennis MD
Mr. Robert Dennis MD
Dr. Anne Denys MD
John Deppe MD
Dr. Clifford Deprang MD
Dr. David Deramo MD
Sujal Desai DO
Dr. Alfred Desimone MD
Woodley Desir MD
Dr. Scott Desman MD
James Detorre MD
James Devellis MD
Dennis Devita MD
Raja Dhalla MD
Dr. Dinesh Dhanaraj MD
Peter Diamond MD
Dr. John Diana MD
Tony Diaz DO
Thomas Dickson MD
David Diduch MD
Dr. Lee Diehl MD
Dr. Douglas Dietzel DO
Dr. Carl Dilella DO
Dr. Michael Dillingham MD
Dr. Matthew Diltz MD
Dr. Joshua Dines MD
Dr. Arash Dini MD
Dr. James Distefano JR. MD
Dr. Laxmidhar Diwan MD
Jeffrey Dlabach MD
Brandon Dobo MS, ATC
Dr. Michael Dockery MD
Dr. Julie Dodds MD
Donald Dolce MD
Dr. Benjamin Domb MD
David Dome MD
Dr. Zachary Domont MD
Dr. John Donahue JR. MD
Joseph Donahue MD
Dr. Christopher Donaldson MD
Lawrence Donato DO
Albert Doornik MD
Jeanne Doperak DO
Erik Dorf MD
Dr. John Dorizas MD
Dr. Hamidreza Doroodchi MD
John Dorris MD
Dr. Christopher Dougherty DO
Dr. William Doukas MD
Dr. Demetrios Douros MD
Clem Doxey MD
Jason Dragoo MD
John Drawbert MD
Dr. Mark Duffield DO
James Duffy MD
Dr. Robert Dugas MD
Mr. John Duggan JR. MD
Dr. Kevin Dukes MD
Ronald Dumigan MD
Guillaume Dumont MD
Dr. Howard Dunaway III MD
Ian Duncan MD
Dr. Jewell Duncan MD
Dr. Ryan Dunlay MD
Neil Dunleavy MD
Dr. Jonathan Dunn MD
Dr. Michael Dunn MD
Warren Dunn MD
Pierre Durand JR. MD
Paul Dvirnak MD
Dr. Calvin Dyer MD
David Dynof MD
Colin Eakin MD
Dr. David Easley DAVID EASLEY MD
Jeffrey Easom DO
Dr. Daniel Eby DO
Dr. Jose Echenique MD
Jeffrey Eckardt MD
Dr. Christopher Eckland DO
Kier Ecklund MD
Dr. Cory Edgar MD,PHD
Dr. Peter Edwards JR. MD
Ryan Edwards MD
David Eggert MD
Dr. Randall Ehrlich MD
Eric Eifler MD
Dr. Joel Eisenberg MD
Dr. Larry Eisenfeld MD
Dr. Christine Ekstrand MD
Dr. Georges El Bahri MD
Dr. Mohammed El-Dakkak MD
Tahmir El-Tahan MD
Osama Elattar MD
Dr. Neal Elattrache MD
Dr. Alain Elbaz MD
Dr. Jack Elder MD
Dr. Douglas Elenz MD
Dr. David Elias MD
Dr. Rami Elkhechen MD
Dr. Christopher Ellingson MD
Christopher Elliott MD
Dr. Michael Elliott DO
Dr. Evan Ellis MD
Dr. John Ellis MD
Dr. Scott Ellis MD
Thomas Ellis DO
Dr. Michael Elman MD
Dr. Hany Elrashidy MD
Dr. Burton Elrod MD
William Emanuele DO
Jerome Enad MD
Dr. Ty Endean DO
Mark Engasser MD
Dr. Todd Engerson MD
Dr. Joy English MD
David Ervin MD
Dr. Michael Eslava MD
Dr. Kelly Estes MD
Joseph Estwanik MD
Douglas Evans MD
Dr. William Eves MD
Lauren Fabian MD
Dr. Daniel Fabiano MD
Paul Fadale MD
Mitchell Fagelman MD
Nader Fahimi MD
Michael Fajgenbaum MD
Dr. Robert Falconiero DO
Regis Fallon MD
Dr. Gary Fanton MD
Dr. Donald Fareed MD
Dr. Laith Farjo MD
Dr. Timothy Farley MD
Dr. Kevin Farmer MD
Deborah Faryniarz MD
Dr. Scott Faucett MD MS
Dr. Joseph Fazalare MD
Stephen Fealy MD
Dr. Michael Feanny MD
Carol Federiuk MD
Dr. David Fehnel MD
Dr. Shayne Fehr MD
Lawrence Fein MD
Dr. David Feingold MD
Jerrod Felder MD
Dr. Bernard Feldman MD
Hal Feldman MD
Paul Fenton MD
Mr. Terry Fenwick MD
Mauro Fernandez-Gonzalez MD
Dr. Anthony Festa MD
Charles Fields MD
Dr. Robert Fields MD
Tulio Figarola
Dr. Allison Fillar MD
Gerald Finerman MD
Dr. Jon Finley MD
Brett Fischer MD
Judd Fitzgerald MD
Robert Fitzgibbons MD
Jennifer Fitzpatrick MD
Michael j Fitzpatrick MD
Keith Flak MD
Dr. James Flanagan MD
Dr. Frederick Flandry MD
Dr. James Fleischli MD
Bruce Fletcher MD
Stephen Flores MD
Dr. Steven Flores MD
Dr. James Fogarty MD
Mr. Joseph Fogel MD
Dr. Alex Fokin JR. MD
Dr. Felipe Fontanez Sullivan MD
Dr. Jonathan Fontenot MD
Gregory Ford MD
Dr. Kenneth Ford JR. MD
Sarah Ford LAT, ATC
Mr. Kim Foreman MD
John Foropoulos MD
Robert Forster MD
Kevin Forsythe MD
Mr. Chad Fortun M D
Dr. Adam Fosnaugh MD
Mr. John Foster III MD
Dr. Matthew Fouse MD
Dr. Mervyn Fouse MD
Jonathan Fow MD
Bradley Fowler MD
Dr. Gregory Fox MD
David Frame MD
Dr. Matthew France MD
Robert Franco MD
Victor Frankel MD
Dr. Stephen Franzino MD
Dr. John Frazier MD
Randall Frazier MD
Robert Frederick MD
Douglas Freedberg MD
Kevin Freedman MD
Dr. Jeffrey Friedman MD
Melvin Friedman MD
Nicholas Frisch MD
Dr. Brett Fritsch MBBS
Anthony Frogameni III MD
Douglas Fugate MD
Dr. Scott Fujii MD
Dr. Charles Fujisaki MD
Brian Fukushima MD
Michael Fulton MD
Dale Funk MD
Daniel Funk MD
Dr. Evan Gaines MD
Dr. Richard Gaines MD
Dr. Timothy Galbraith DO
Dr. Balazs Galdi MD
Dr. David Gallagher MD
Dr. David Gallagher MD
Gregory Gallick MD
Dr. Robert Gallo MD
Marc Galloway MD
David Galt MD
Dr. Ralph Gambardella MD
Dr. Calogero Gambino MD
Seth Gamradt MD
Dr. Edmund Ganal MD
Mark Ganjianpour MD
Dr. Michael Gannon MD
Jason Garcia MD
Dr. Elizabeth Gardner MD
Dr. Leroi Gardner JR. MD
Mary Gardner MD
Mr. Jeffrey Garrison MD
Dr. Orlando Garza MD
Dr. Trevor Gaskill MD
Seth Gasser MD
Dr. Michael Geary MD
Robin Gehrmann MD
Timothy Geib MD
Dr. Derik Geist MD
Dr. Ira Gelb MD
Jonathan Gelber MD
Dr. Loren Geller MD
Dr. Justin Gent MD
Dr. John George MD
Dr. David Gerhardt MD
Dr. Andrew Gerken MD
Dr. Mark Geyer MD
Christopher Ghigiarelli MD
Charles Giangarra MD
Dr. Christos Giannoulias MD/MS
John Gibbs DO
Dr. Mark Gibbs MD
Dr. Ramesh Gidumal MD
Dr. Thomas Gill IV MD
Dr. Martin Gillespie MD
Dr. Brett Gingold MD
Dr. Joseph Giovinazzo MD
Dr. Julian Girod MD
Dr. Michael Gitelis MD
Kim Gladden MD
Dr. Aharon Gladstein MD
Donald Glasgow MD
Jonathan Glashow MD
Mr. Jonathan Glassman MD
Dr. Ronald Glenn JR. MD
Alexander Glogau MD
Dr. David Godfrey MD
Steven Goebel MD
Rahul Gokhale MD
Dr. John Goldblatt MD
Dr. David Golden MD
Dr. Marc Golden DO
Dr. Steven Goldfarb MD
Dr. Jerrald Goldman MD
Dr. Samuel Goldstein MD
Dr. Douglas Gollehon MD
Dr. Michael Gombosh MD
Joel Gonzales MD
John Gonzalez MD
Dr. Octavio Gonzalez MD
Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas MD
Craig Goodhart MD
Dr. Floyd Goodman MD
Robert Goodman MD
Dr. Andrew Goodwillie MD
Eric Gordon MD
Frederick Gordon MD
Dr. Matthew Gorman MD
Simon Gortz
John Gottlieb MD
William Gottlieb MD
Stephen Gould MD
Dr. Ivan Gowan MD
Dr. Scott Graham MD
Dr. Timothy Graham MD
John Grant MD
J Grauer MD
Dr. White Graves IV MD
Bradley Graw MD
Dr. Brian Grawe MD
Andrew Green MD
David Green MD
Dr. Michael Green MD
Dr. Bradley Greenbaum MD
Dr. Robert Greenberg MD
Dr. Hunter Greene MD
William Greer MD
Clay Greeson MD
Dr. James Gregory MD
Joshua Griffin MD
Justin Griffin MD
Dr. Chad Griffith MD
Matthew Griffith MD
John Grobman MD
Dr. Michael Gross MD
Dr. Mark Grossman MD
Michael Gruber MD
Dr. Robert Grumet MD
Scott Gudeman MD
Patrick Guerrero DO
Anil Gupta MD
Cary Guse MD
Dr. Michael Gustavel MD
Dr. Gary Guten MD
Edward Gutteling MD
Dr. Albert Haas MD
Dr. George Haas MD
Dr. Daniel Haber MD
Gregory Habib DO
Mark Haffenreffer MD
Phillip Hagan MD
Steven Hagan MD
Dr. Mohammad Hajianpour MD
Dr. William Hale II MD
Dr. Mark Halstead MD
Tracy Hamblin MD
Timothy Hamby MD
Sharon Hame MD
Dr. Abigail Hamilton MD
Jeffrey Hamm MD
Dr. Jason Hammond MD
Dr. Sommer Hammoud MD
Dr. Daniel Hampton MD
Dr. Yung Han MD
Dr. Robert Hancock MD
Gregory Hanker MD
Patrick Hanley MD
Dr. Robert Hansen III MD
Dr. Scott Hansen MD
Chad Hanson MD
Dr. Mark Hanson MD
Mr. John Harding MD
Dr. Nicholas Harding MD
Daniel Harmon DO
Samuel Harms MD
Marc Haro MD
Dr. Jeffery Harpstrite MD
Dr. Thomas Harries MD
Dr. David Harris MD
Mr. James Harris MD
Dr. Justin Harris MD
Dr. Norman Harris JR. MD
Dr. David Hart MD
Michael Hartman MD
Charles Hartzog JR. MD
John Harvey
Maury Harwood MD
Samer Hasan MD, PHD
Dr. Sheref Hassan MD
Dr. Terence Hassler MD
Dr. Gary Hassmann MD
Stephen Hatfield DO
Dr. Michael Havig MD
Gregor Hawk MD
Dr. Patrick Hayes MD
Dr. William Haynes JR. MD
Brett Haywood MD
R Hazel MD
Dr. John Healey JR. MD
Kevin Heaton DO
Frank Heckl MD
Dr. Matthew Heckler DO
Dr. John Hefferon MD
Erik Heggland MD
Dr. Eric Heiden MD
Keith Heier MD
Eugene Heiman MD
Dr. Farshid Hekmat MD
James Heltsley JR. DO
Tariq Hendawi MD
Dr. Robert Hendler MD
Dr. Donald Henline MD
Dr. Ralph Henn III MD
Dr. Timothy Henne MD
James Henry DO PC AOAOS
Dr. Jonathon Henry MD
Jeffrey Hensarling MD
D.Ross Henshaw MD
Mauricio Herrera MD
Diego Herrera Figueira MD
Rodney Herrin MD
Charles Herring MD
Dr. Jonathan Hersch MD
Dr. Joshua Herzog MD
Thomas Herzog MD
Dr. Ronald Hess DO
Dr. Ryan Hess MD
Peter Hester MD
Terrie Hicks PT, ATC
Dr. Kevin Higashigawa MD
Jason Higgins MD
Dr. Nathaniel Hill MD
Diane Hillard-Sembell MD
Betina Hinckel MD
Elliott Hinkes MD
Dr. Alan Hirahara MD
Jason Ho MD
Dr. David Hoang MD
Quynh Hoang MD
Rudolf Hoellrich MD
Dr. James Hoffman MD
Douglas Holford MD
Dr. Bruce Holladay MD
Dr. Silas Holmes II MD
Dr. Thomas Holovacs MD
Dr. Edward Holt MD
Dr. Gregory Holthusen MD
James Holtzclaw MD
Dr. Brad Homan DO
Dr. Joseph Horton MD
Dr. Charles Hosemann III MD
Michael Hossack MD
Dr. Jean Benoit Houle MD
Michael House MD
Richard Howell MD
Dr. Scott Hrnack MD
Andrew Hsiao MD
Dr. Michael Huang MD
John Hubbard MD
Valerie Huck PA
Charles Hughes JR. MD
Dr. Michael Hughes MD
Willard Hughes II MD
Paul Hughes Md MD
Carol Hulett MD
Michael Hulstyn MD
Mrs. Tara Humphreys LAT, ATC
John Hung MD
Stephen Hunt MD
David Hunter MD
Jason Hurbanek MD
Patrick Hurlbut MD
Dr. Jason Hurst MD
Dr. Joel Hurt MD
Dr. James Hurt Iii MD
Dr. Toby Husserl MD
Dr. Kellen Huston MD
Jason Hutchison MD
Dr. Kirk Hutton MD
Dr. Jeremy Idjadi MD
Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio MD
Christopher Ihle MD
Dr. Omer Ilahi MD
Dr. Gene Isabell MD
Mr. Steven Isono MD
Pedro Iturbide Siles MD
Dr. Frank Ivey JR. MD
Amanda Ivy MD
Rolando Izquierdo JR. MD
Dr. Antoine Jabbour MD
Mr. Jody Jachna MD
Dr. Charles Jackson MD
Dr. Kurt Jacobson MD
Dr. Peter Jacobson MD
Scott Jacobson MD
William Jacobson MD
Dr. Matthew Jaffe MD
Floyd Jaggears MD
Dr. Arlon Jahnke MD
Dr. Kevin James MD
Richard James MD
Stanley James MD
Jason Jancosko DO, MPT
Dr. Chester Janecki MD
Peter Janes MD
Dr. David Janeway MD
Dr. Mihir Jani MD
Dr. Eric Janssen MD
Dr. Gregg Jarit MD
Robert Jarrett MD
Dr. William Jarvis MD
Dr. Matthew Javernick MD
Dr. Darlene Jean-Pierre MD
John Jelinek MD
Dr. David Jenkins MD
William Jennings DO
Seth Jerabek MD
Dr. Anthony Jew MD
Kevin Jiang MD
Dr. Gaurav Jindal MD
Aashish Jog MD
Dr. Christopher John MD
Dr. Anthony Johnson MD
Dr. Brent Johnson MD
David Johnson MD
Dr. Eric Johnson MD
Dr. Erik Johnson MD
Keith Johnson MD
Dr. Larry Johnson MD
Dr. Stephen Johnson DO
Dr. Todd Johnson MD
Dr. Jack Johnston MD
Dr. Jeffrey Johnston MD
Dr. Christopher Jones MD
Dr. David Jones MD
Dr. Kristofer Jones
Mr. Lee Jones MD
Martin Jones JR. MD
Dr. Richard Jones MD
Robert Jones MD
Dr. Scott Jones MD
Dr. William Jones MD
Dr. Steven Jordan MD
Dr. William Jordan MD
Dr. Jacob Joseph MD, PA
John Joseph MD
Patrick Jost MD
Dr. Michael Joyce MD
Dr. David Joyner MD
Dr. Timothy Juelson MD
Dr. David Junkin JR. MD
Scott Kaar MD
Brandon Kakos MD
Daniel Kalbac MD
Jeffrey Kalo DO
Radhakrishna Kamath MD
Darryl Kan MD
Dr. John Kao MD
Lee Kaplan MD
Michael Kaplan MD
Dr. Spero Karas MD
Anastassios Karistinos MD
Troy Karlsson MD
Dr. Robert Karsch MD
Laurie Katz MD
Dr. Michael Katz MD
Dr. Neil Katz MD
Mark Kavanagh MD
Micheal Kaveney MD
Dr. David Keblish MD
Dr. John Kefalas MD
Brett Keller DO
John Kelley MD
Dr. Steven Kelley MD
Dr. Ethan Kellum MD
Douglas Kelly MD
Lawrence Kelly MD
Dr. Corey Kendall MD
Thomas Kennedy MD
Dr. Nicholas Kenney MD
Dr. Keith Kenter MD
Dr. James Kercher MD
Brian Kern MD
Dr. Brian Kerr MD
Douglas Kerr MD
Dr. Andrew Kersten MD
Tycho Kersten MD
Vincent Key MD
Aman Khan MD
Maher Khan MD
Dr. F. Kharrazi MD
Harry Khasigian MD
William Kibler MD
Douglas Kiburz MD
Earl Kilbride JR. MD
Dr. John Kim MD
Brian Kindl MD
Dr. David King MD
Gerald King MD
Jarrod King MD
Warren King MD
Dr. David Kingery MD
Matthew Kippe MD
Dr. Mark Kirkland DO
James Kirvin MD
Dr. Matthew Kleiner MD
Jeffrey Kliman MD
John Klimkiewicz MD
Dr. Mark Klion MD
Thomas Klootwyk MD
Matthew Kneidel MD
Michael Knesek MD
Bradford Knight MD
Roland Knight MD
Karl Knudsen MD
Stephen Kocaj MD
Dr. Brian Koch MD
Dr. Pradeep Kodali MD
Thomas Koenig MD
Dr. Michael Kogan MD
Dr. Harvey Kohn MD
Kaare Kolstad MD
Jon Koman MD
Dr. Nicholas Komas MD
Taylor Konkin MD
Cynthia Kooima MD
Dr. Stuart Kortebein MD
Stephen Koss MD
Laurie Kotowski PA
Dr. Stephen Kottmeier MD
Dr. David Kovacevic MD
Jeffrey Kovacic MD
Dr. David Kowalk MD
Thomas Kramer DO
Dr. Kevin Krasinski MD
Frederick Krause MD
Dr. James Krcik MD
Dr. Timothy Kremchek MD
Enrique Krikorian MD
Dr. Ronald Krinick MD
Eric Kropf MD
Dr. Ryan Krupp MD
Erik Krushinski MD
Michael Kuczmanski MD
Dr. Daniel Kuesis MD
Ples Kujawa MD
Dr. Daniel Kulund MD
Avinash Kumar MD
Dr. Bommasamudram Kumar MD
Dr. Neil Kumar MD
Mr. Seth Kupferman MD
Dr. Christopher Kurtz MD
Dr. Ronald Kvitne MD
Lenard Labelle MD
Dr. Michael Ladouceur MD
Sean Lager MD
Dr. Steven Lalliss MD
Daniel Lamar MD
Dr. Keith Lamberson MD
Dr. Kenneth Lambert MD
Dr. Kyle Landauer MD
Dr. Wilson Landers JR. MD
Dr. Matthew Langenderfer MD
Brett Lantz MD
Joseph Larosa MD
Dr. Erik Larsen DO
Dr. Christopher Larson MD
Dr. Jovan Laskovski MD
Tally Lassiter JR. MD
Dr. Earl Latimer III MD
Dr. Christian Lattermann MD
Laurence Laudicina MD
Cato Laurencin MD
Dr. Michael Lawley DO
Dr. Bradley Lawson MD
Dr. Troy Layton MD
Dr. Aleksey Lazarev MD
Michael Leathers MD
James Lebolt DO
Alan Lee MD
Dr. Christopher Lee MD, MBA
Daniel Lee MD
Dr. Gregory Lee MD
Dr. Jackson Lee
Jared Lee MD
Michael Lee MD
Dr. J. Martin Leland III MD
Dr. Mark Lembach MD
Dr. Mark Lemos MD
Dr. James Leonard MD
Thomas Leong MD
Dr. Frantz Lerebours MD
Darr Leutz MD
Gary Levengood MD
Dr. Jeffrey Levine MD
Craig Levitz MD
Andrew Levy MD
Kira Levykh
Edward Lewis MD
Dr. Kirk Lewis MD
Matthew Lewis MD
Susan Lewis MD,
Dr. Olaf Lieberg MD
Gregory Lieberman MD
Dr. Rickland Likes DO
Joseph Liljenquist MD
Dr. Orr Limpisvasti MD
David Lin MD
Thomas Lindenfeld MD
Dr. Lawrence Line JR. MD,
Dr. Paul Linquist MD
Dr. Adam Lipman MD
Dr. Sheryl Lipnick DO
Dr. Julienne Lippe MD
Dr. Micah Lissy MD
Dr. Edward Liu
Dr. John Lloyd MD
Dr. Stephen Lombardo MD
Raymond Long MD
Raphael Longobardi MD
Colin Looney MD
David Lopez MD
Matthew Lorei MD
Gregory Loren MD
Jay Lorton MD
Dr. Thomas Loughran MD
Dustin Loveland MD
Dr. Jason Lowe MD
Jerry Lubliner MD
Dr. James Lubowitz MD
Mr. Brian Ludwig MD
Dr. Roberto Lugo MD
Dr. Jeffrey Lyman MD
Garrett Lynch MD
Dr. Jamie Lynch MD
Michael Lynch MD
Dr. Scott Lynch MD
Dr. Chunbong Ma MD
Vincent Macandrew JR. MD
Maxwell Maccollum III MD
John Macgillivray M D
Dr. David Mack MD
Dr. Jonathan Mack MD
Malcolm Maclaren DO
Dr. Kirk Maes MD
Dr. William Magee MD
Dr. Scott Magnes MD
Robert Magnussen MD
Dr. Richard Maguire MD
Dr. Brian Mahaffey MD
James Maher III MD
Dr. Vaibhav Maheshwari MD
John Mahoney MD
Thomas Mahony III MD
Dr. Christopher Mahr MD
Mr. George Maiers II MD
Jeffrey Mair
Dr. Ranjan Maitra MD
Chaitanya Malempati DO
Jonathan Mallen MD
Michael Maloney MD
Nolan Malthesen MD
Dr. Christopher Mancuso MD
Dr. Michael Mandarino JR. MD
Dr. Irwin Mandel MD
Dr. John Mann III MD
Dr. Michael Mann MD
Dr. Reginald Manning MD
Dr. Randall Mapes MD
Dr. Michael Marchetti MD
Paul Marchetto MD
Dr. Steven Marciniak MD
Dr. Matthew Marcus MD
Dr. Richard Marder MD
Dr. T. Michelle Mariani MD
Erin Mariano MD
Gregory Markarian MD
Dr. Keith Markey MD
Paul Markey MD
Bruce Markman MD
Samuel Maroney DO
Dante Marra MD
Guido Marra MD
David Marshall MD
Dr. Amanda Martin DO
Dale Martin MD
David Martin MD
Dr. Irvin Martin MD
James Martin MD
Lewis Martin MD
Dr. Linda Martin MD
Sidney Martin MD
Tamara Martin MD
Dr. Marcos Martinez MD
Dr. Douglas Martini MD
Dr. Jay Marumoto MD
Robert Marx MD
Randhir Mascarenhas MD
Dr. Robert Masella MD
Dr. Afshin Mashoof MD
Richard Mason MD
Richard Massie MD
Thomas Matelic MD
Dr. Douglas Matey III DO
Peter Mathews MD
Dr. James Mathis MD
Dr. Robert Matlock MD
Eddie Matsu MD
Dr. Angelo Mattalino MD
William Matthews MD
Dr. Michael Maughon JR. MD
Dr. Timothy Maughon MD
Dr. Keith Maxwell MD
Nolan May MD
Dr. Braden Mayer MD
Dr. William Mayfield III MD
Michael Maynard MD
Dr. James Mayoza MD
Timothy Mcadams MD
David Mcallister MD
Ms. Amanda Mcannally ATC
John Mcbride MD
Dr. Michael Mccabe MD
Dr. Brian Mccall MD
Patrick Mccallum MD
John Mccarroll MD
Brian Mccarty MD
Eric Mccarty MD
Dr. William Mcchesney MD
Dr. Stacey Mcclure MD
Mr. Michael Mcconnaughhay ATC
Bright Mcconnell III MD
Dr. Timothy Mcconnell MD
Dr. Richard Mccormack MD, MBA
Dr. Francis Mccormick MD
Dr. Michael Mccoy MD
Dr. Patrick Mcculloch MD
Dr. Michael Mcdermott MD
Dr. Terence Mcdonnell MD
Edward Mcdonough MD
Dr. John Mcdonough II DO
Dr. Patrick Mcgahan MD
Dr. Robert Mcgann DO
Dr. John Mcgarry MD
John Mcgee MD
Dr. William Mcgee II DO
Dr. James Mcgehee III MD
James Mcgeorge MD
Donald Mcginnis MD
Dr. Mark Mcginnis MD
Tristan Mcgovern MD
Dr. John Mcgrail MD
Mr. Brian Mcgraw DO
Dr. Patricia Mchale MD
Dr. Heather Mcintosh MD
Dr. Patrick Mckenzie MD
Dr. Daniel Mckernan MD
Dr. Bart Mckinney MD
Craig Mckirgan DO
Dr. Brodie Mckoy MD
Dr. Thomas Mclaughlin MD
Dr. Patrick Mcmahon MD
Eric Mcmillan MD
Michael Mcnulty IV MD
Dr. Joseph Mcnutt MD, PA
Dr. Peter Mcqueen MD
Robert Mcwhirter MD
Thomas Meade MD
Ginger Medders MD
Phillip Medina MD
Dr. John Mehalik MD
Dr. Omer Mei-Dan MD
Keith Meister MD
Dr. Michael Meisterling MD
Hector Mejia MD
Dr. Matthew Melander DO
Dr. Menachem Meller MD
Dr. Fredrick Menninger III MD
Dr. Charles Mess JR. MD
Dr. Lawrence Messina MD
Dr. Barry Messinger MD
Duane Messner I
William Meszaros MD
Dr. Michael Metcalf MD
Dr. P Metzger MD
Dr. Adam Metzler MD
Christopher Meyer MD
Dr. Elizabeth Meyer MD
Robert Meyerson MD
Dr. Michael Miao MD
Dr. Jean Michaud MD
Dr. Michael Michlitsch MD
Dr. Krista Migliore DO
Jill Mikles DO
Dr. Joseph Mileti MD
Dr. Matthew Milewski MD
Dr. Alan Miller MD
Dr. Christopher Miller MD
Dr. Christopher Miller MD
Mr. Glenn Miller MD
Dr. Jennifer Miller MD
Dr. Mark Miller MD
Robert Miller III MD
Dr. Thomas Miller MD
Dr. Timothy Miller MD
Geoffrey Millican MD
Christopher Mills DO
Michael Milne MD
Dr. Steven Milos MD
Norman Mindrebo MD
Dr. Brandon Mines MD
Dr. David Minter MD
Dr. Franklin Mirrer MD
Dr. Faisal Mirza MD, FRCSC
Mr. Gary Misamore MD
Bryan Mitchell MD
Dr. Carter Mitchell MD
Dr. Darius Mitchell III MD
Dr. Isaac Mitchell MD
Dr. Richard Mitchell MD
William Mitchell JR. MD
Dr. Timothy Monahan MD
Dr. Scott Montgomery MD
Dr. Thomas Montgomery MD
Dr. William Mook MD
Mr. David Moore MD
Ralph Morales DO
Dr. Cathal Moran MD
Douglas Moran MD
Dr. J Moretz III MD
Dr. Jeffrey Morgan MD
Steven Morgan MD
Dr. Christina Morganti MD
Dr. Burt Moritz IV MD
Daniel Morris DO
Dr. Donald Morris JR. MD
Olivia Morris DO
Adam Morse DO
Dr. Kenneth Morse MD
Richard Morvant JR. MD
James Moseley MD
Dr. David Moss MD
Ali Motamedi MD
Dr. Gregory Motley MD
Vasilios (Bill) Moutzouros MD
Mary Mulcahey MD
William Mulherin MD
Dr. Daniel Mullen MD
Dr. Donald Mullis MD
Julianne Munoz MD
Daniel Murphy MD
Paul Murphy MD
Paul Murphy MD
Todd Murphy MD
Douglas Murray MD
Jeffrey Murray MD
Samuel Murray MD
Gene Muse MD
Dr. Amar Mutnal MD
Edwin Mwangi PA
Jonathan Myer MD
Thomas Myers MD
Kevin Nadel MD
Dr. Robert Najarian MD
Dr. Scott Nasson MD
Dr. Tyler Nathe MD
Gregory Naugher MD
Akbar Nawab MD
Dr. Danyal Nawabi MD
Husam Nawas MD
Dr. John Nelligan III MD
Dr. Kyle Nelman MD
Bradley Nelson MD
Ian Nelson MD
Dr. Daren Newfield MD
Dr. William Newton SR. MD
Trong Nguyen MD
Dr. Shane Nho MD
Stephen Nichols MD
Dr. Daniel Nicholson MD
Natalie Nielsen MD
Dr. Jon Nisbet MD
Emily Niu MD
Dr. Joseph Noah MD
Jeffrey Noblin MD
Charles Nofsinger MD
Dr. Blake Nonweiler MD
Bradley Noon MD
Benjamin Noonan MD
Peter Noordsij MD
Dr. John Norman SR. MD
Bradley Norris DO
Dr. Joseph Norris MD
Dr. Tod Northrup DO
Frank Noyes MD
Dr. Stephen Nuccion MD
Dr. Michael O'brien MD
Timothy O'brien MD
Dr. Patrick O'connell MD
John O'connor MD
Dr. Richard O'keeffe JR. MD
Dr. James O'leary MD
Dr. Padraic Obma MD
Sean Odell MD
Dr. Collin Okeefe DO
Thomas Olexa MD
Mr. Cayce Onks DO
Daniel Orcutt MD
Dr. Stephen Orlevitch MD
Dr. Terrence Orr MD
Derek Orton MD
Dr. Daryl Osbahr MD
Charles Osier JR. MD
Dr. Peter Ove MD
Stephen Owens MD
Kevin Owsley MD
Dr. Donald Ozumba MD
Anthony Pachelli MD
Dr. James Paci MD
Dr. Jonathan Packer MD
Joseph Page MD
Ronald Paik MD
Dr. Michael Palmeri MD
Carl Palumbo MD
Dr. Spyros Panos MD
Matthew Panzarella MD
Dr. Derek Papp MD
Dr. Sydney Pardino MD
Mr. Jaylan Parikh MD
Dr. Samuel Park MD
Sangdo Park MD
Andrew Parker MD
Richard Parker MD
Anthony Parks MD
Dr. Prem Parmar MD
Dr. Eric Parsons MD
Mark Pascale MD
Ronak Patel MD
Dr. Sachin Patel MD
Dr. Yatin Patel MD
Dr. Neil Pathare MD
Gary Pattee MD
Dr. David Patterson MD
Robert Patz MD
Dr. Leon Paulos MD
Dr. Richard Peairs MD
Dr. Charles Pearce JR. MD
David Pearce MD
Dr. John Peden JR. MD
Dr. Robert Peele JR. MD
Carol Pelmas MD
Dr. Kevin Peltier I MD
Dr. James Penna MD
Gerard Pennington MD
William Pennington MD
Matthew Pepe MD
Dr. Daniel Pereles MD
Gerardo Perez-Roman MD
Dr. Glenn Perry MD
Johnathan Perry MD
Dr. Richard Perry MD
Charles Pesson MD
Mr. Todd Peters MD
Dr. Robert Peterson MD
Russell Petrie MD
Dr. Frank Petrigliano MD
Dr. Anthony Petrosini MD
Barry Phillips MD
Dr. Jason Phillips MD
Dr. Mark Phillips MD
Dr. Dana Piasecki MD
Arthur Pidoriano MD
Jason Piefer MD
Dr. Marc Pietropaoli MD
Eric Pifel MD
Matthew Pifer
Dr. Jonathan Piposar MD
Dr. William Pistel DO
Dr. Mark Pitman MD
Peter Pizzarello MD
Steven Plomaritis DO
Dr. Mickey Plymale MD
Mark Pohlman MD
Nicholas Polifroni MD
Dr. Frank Pollock JR. MD
Dr. Mathew Pombo MD
Dr. Martin Pomphrey JR. MD
Mr. David Pope MD
Dr. Ernest Pope MD
George Popham MD
Mr. David Porter MD
Alejandro Posada MD
Dr. William Post MD
William Postma MD
Micheal Potter MD
Bret Powers DO
Charles Preston MD
Dr. William Previte DO
Eric Price MD
Mark Price MD, PHD
Daniel Priebe DO
Dr. Gregory Primus MD
Dr. David Privitera MD
Dr. Matthew Provencher MD
Mark Provenzano MD
Kelly Pucek MD
Dr. John Putnam MD
Jonathan Quinby MD
Dr. William Raasch MD
Dale Rader MD
Dr. Matthew Ragsdell DO
Scott Rahhal MD
Dr. Kian Raiszadeh MD
Arun Ramappa MD
Jason Ramsey MD
Dr. John Randazzo MD
John Raskind MD
Dr. Jeffrey Rasmussen MD
Dr. Michael Rauh MD
Ashish Rawal MD
James Ray MD
Jeffrey Reagan MD
Lyle Reber MD
Dr. Arun Reddy MD
Ashok Reddy MD
Dr. Madan Mohan Reddy MD
Sudheer Reddy MD
Dr. Michael Redler MD
Brian Redmond MD
Luis Redondo MD
Mr. William Refvem MD
Dr. Philip Regala MD
John Reid III MD
Craig Reigel MD
Dr. Derek Reinke MD
Dr. Matthew Reish MD
Dr. Brian Reiter MD
Richard Renaud MD
Dr. Steven Renzoni MD
Arthur Rettig MD
Dr. Bryan Reuss MD
Paul Reynen MD
John Reynolds IV MD
Kerisimasi Reynolds DO
Dr. Kirk Reynolds MD
Dr. Paul Reynolds MD
Peter Reynolds MD
Dr. Alan Reznik MD
Dr. Jason Richards MD
Richard Richards II MD
Dr. Lucas Richie MD
Dr. Benjamin Richman MD
Dr. Daniel Richmond MD
William Richmond II MD
Dustin Richter MD
Robert Riederman MD
Kayvon Riggi MD
Thomas Riley MD
Peter Rinaldi JR. DO
Dr. Frances Rispoli DO
Jamie Rister MD
Dr. John Ritchie MD
Kyle Ritter MD
Dr. Louis Rizio III MD
Charles Rizzo MD
Dr. Paul Roache MD
Zachary Roberts MD
Dr. Catherine Robertson MD
Octavia Robinson LAT, ATC
Dr. Raleigh Robinson MD
Samuel Robinson MD
Andrew Rocca MD
Steven Rochell MD
Steven Rock MD
Scott Rodeo MD
Dr. Jose Rodriguez MD
Andrew Rogers MD
Dr. Edwin Rogusky MD
Andrew Rokito MD
Dr. Terry Roman DO
Daniel Romanelli MD
Dr. Alex Romero MD
Ronald Rook DO
Orestes Rosabal MD
Andrew Rosen MD
Dr. Jeffrey Rosen MD
Dr. Thomas Rosenberg MD
Dr. Karl Rosenfeld MD
Dr. Seth Rosenzweig MD
James Rosneck MD
Dr. Herbert Ross DO
Dr. Kelly Ross DO
Kevin Roth MD
Dr. Douglas Rouse MD,
Dr. Lucien Rouse MD
Richard Roux MD
Mr. Michael Rowland MD
Dr. Douglas Rowles MD
Dr. David Rowley MD
Robert Roye MD
Robert Royster MD
Dr. Richard Rozencwaig MD
Yair Rubinstein MD
Craig Ruder MD
Paul Ruesch MD
Shomari Ruffin MD
Dr. Charles Ruland MD
Dr. Louis Ruland III MD
Charles Ruotolo MD
Tracy Rupke MD
Dr. Robert Rupp MD
Gustavus Rush III MD
Dr. Russell Russo MD
Alexander Russoniello MD
John Ryan MD
John Ryan MD
Dr. Michael Ryan MD
Vernon Ryan MD
Dr. Lucas Rylander MD
Dr. Mario Sacchetti DO
Stephen Saddemi MD
Dr. Sohale Sadeghpour MD
Sukhdeep Sagoo DO
Dr. Kaveh Sajadi MD
Michael Salata MD
Mr. Peter Sallay MD
Andrew Saltzman MD
Dr. Martin Saltzman MD
Dr. Ralph Salzer MD
Matthew Salzler MD
Dr. Giacomo Sammarco MD
Mr. Vincent Sammarco MD
Marc Samson MD
Dr. Brett Sanders MD
David Sanders MD
Mark Sando MD
Carlos Sandoval MD
Dr. Stephen Sandoval MD
Dr. Vincent Santoro MD
Dr. Michael Saper DO
Dr. Matthew Sardelli MD
Dr. Andrea Saterbak MD
Vinayak Sathe MD
Dr. Yvonne Satterwhite MD
Arnold Savenor MD
Darrell Scales MD
Stephen Scarangella MD
Tamara Scerpella MD
Dr. Aaron Schachter MD
Steven Schafer MD
Dr. Barry Schapiro MD
Robert Schenck MD
Amy Schendel
Dr. Robert Schilken MD
Dr. David Schmidt MD
Todd Schmidt MD
Dr. John Schneider MD
Karen Schneider MD
Dr. Kent Schnetzler MD
Dr. Clifford Schob MD
Dr. Eugene Schoch III MD
Dr. Ethan Schock MD
Mark Scholl MD
Andrew Schorfhaar DO
Dr. Lawrence Schrader
David Schub MD
Alan Schultz MD
Dr. William Schultz MD
Dr. Brian Schulz MD
Dr. Michael Schutte MD
William Schwab MD
Dr. Mark Schwartz MD
Michael Schwartz MD
Dr. Randy Schwartzberg MD
Dr. Charles Schwarz MD
Scott Schweizer MD
Dr. Anthony Scillia MD
Dr. Michael Sclafani MD
Dr. Steven Sclafani MD
Dr. Jason Scopp MD
Amaryllis Scott MD
James Scott MD
Dr. James Seeds MD
Dr. Bernard Seger MD
Frank Segreto MD
Dr. Bantoo Sehgal MD
Kenneth Seiber MD
Dr. Michael Seivert DO
Ronald Selby MD
Mark Selecky MD
Dr. Shane Seroyer MD
Dr. Juan Serrato JR. MD
Ronen Sever
Stephen Sexson MD
Alonzo Sexton III MD
Dr. Peter Seymour PETER SEYMOUR DO
Dr. Hythem Shadid MD
Gene Shaffer MD
Alpesh Shah MD
Jay Shah MD
Dr. Mehul Shah MD
Dr. Nirav Shah MD
Lawrence Shall MD
Robert Shalvoy MD
Rehan Shamim MD
Dr. Brian Shannon MD
Lynwood Shannon PA
Gary Shapiro MD
Dr. Gilbert Shapiro MD
Matthew Shapiro MD
Dr. Michael Shapiro MD
Stuart Shapiro DO
Todd Shapiro MD
Samir Sharma MD
Jacob Sharp MD
Dr. Lewis Sharps MD
Dr. Kevin Shaw MD
Kevin Shea MD
William Shea MD
Jeffrey Sheedy DO
Dr. Babak Sheikh MD
K Shelbourne MD
David Shenton JR. MD
Dr. Jerry Sher II MD
Kent Sheridan MD
Dr. Orrin Sherman MD
Dr. Seth Sherman MD
Dr. Colin Sherrill MD
Dr. Christopher Sheu MD
Seth Shifrin MD
Dr. Edward Shin MD
Dr. Michael Shin MD
Dr. Michael Shingles DO
Dr. Jason Shinn MD
Dr. Jeffrey Sider MD
Mark Siegel MD
Dr. Shawn Sieler MD
Jose Sigala PA-C
Dr. Mark Sigmond MD
Dr. Scott Silas MD
Dr. Michael Sileo MD
George Silver JR. MD
Dr. Scott Silverstein MD
Dr. Nicholas Silvino MD
Jason Simon MD
William Simonet MD
Courtney Simpkins ATC
Michael Simpson MD
Dr. Scott Simpson MD
William Simpson MD
Stefan Sinco DO
Dr. Vamsi Singaraju MD
Kenneth Singer MD
Dr. Ronald Singer MD
Patrick Siparsky MD
Timothy Sitter MD
Dr. Tyler Skaife MD
Nathan Skelley MD
Jack Skendzel MD
Michael Skyhar MD FACS
Dr. Mark Slabaugh MD
Scott Slagis MD
Daniel Slawski MD
Dr. Neal Small MD
Dr. Paul Smiley MD
Bradley Smith MD
Brian Smith MD
Bruce Smith MD
Dr. Gregory Smith MD
Dr. Julious Smith III MD
Mark Smith MD
Dr. Matthew Smith MD
Michael Smith MD
Dr. Scott Smith MD
Dr. Steven Smith MD
Dr. Sydney Smith MD
Dr. Todd Smith MD
William Smith MD
Mr. Dale Snead MD
Dr. James Snead MD
Dr. Benjamin Snyder MD
Dr. Richard Snyder MD
Dr. Samuel Snyder MD
Dr. William Snyder MD
Gregory Soghikian MD
David Sokolow MD
Kraig Solak DO
Dr. Antonio Soler Salas MD
Dr. Daniel Solomon MD
Dr. Jason Solomon MD
Dr. Charles Soma MD
Mark Sommerfeldt MD
Ashish Soni
Dr. Tarek Souryal
Jeffrey Spang MD
Dierick Sparks MD
Ted Spears MD
Dr. Shafic Sraj MD
Dr. Kathryne Stabile MD, MS
Dr. Carroll Starling MD
Jeffrey Staron MD
Barbara Steele MD,
Dr. Marshall Steele III MD
Dr. Neofitos Stefanides MD
Dr. Richard Steffen MD
Dr. Joseph Stefko MD
Joseph Stein MD
Lawrence Stein MD
Stephanie Stephens MD
Dr. Daniel Stephenson MD
Robert Stephenson MD
William Sterba II MD
Jeremy Stern MD
Donald Stevenson MD
Dr. Willis Stevenson III MD
Dr. David Stewart MD
Dr. Gregory Stewart MD
Lyall Stilp II MD
Ian Stine MD
Phillip Stiver MD
Edward Stoll JR. MD
Steven Stoller MD
James Stone MD
Lowell Stonecipher MD
Peter Stovell MD
Gregory Stranges MD
Dr. Scott Strasburger MD
John Stratton MD
Dr. Eric Strauss MD
Ms. Sabrina Strickland MD
Dr. Victor Strimbu MD
Alan Strizak MD
Dr. Scott Strohmeyer MD
Mr. Warren Strudwick JR. MD
Dr. Steven Struhl MD
Michael Stuart MD
Allston Stubbs MD
Dr. Joseph Stubel MD
Dr. William Stucky MD
Wei-i Su MD, PHD
Dr. Joseph Sudekum MD
Paul Suhey DO
Olugbenga Sulaiman MD
Dr. Dennis Sullivan MD
Robert Sullivan MD
Ashlie Sundwall ATC
Dr. Nirmal Surtani MD
Dr. Karen Sutton MD
Michael Sutton DO
Dr. Steven Svoboda MD
Justin Swan MD
Dr. Keith Swanson MD
Dr. Kyle Swanson MD
Dr. Jennifer Swaringen MD
Dr. Paul Switlyk MD
Dr. Ronald Sylvest MD
Dr. Brian Szura MD
Casey Taber MD
Dr. Robert Taffet MD
Dr. Charles Taft MD
Dr. Timothy Taft MD
Dr. Miho Tanaka MD
Suzanne Tanner-Bertrand MD
James Tasto MD
Dr. Molly Tatum DO
Scott Taylor MD
Dr. Gregory Tayrose MD
Dr. David Tearse MD
Carmelita Teeter MD
Dr. Paul Teja DO
Alexander Tejani MD
Dr. John Temple MD
William Terrell MD
Raymond Tesner DO
Dr. Darin Tessier MD
Dr. David Teuscher MD
Dr. Douglas Tewes MD
Charles Texada MD
Joseph Teynor MD
Dr. George Thabit III MD
Raymond Thal MD
Peter Theut MD
Dr. Bradley Thomas MD
Bruce Thomas MD
Dr. Darryl Thomas MD
David Thompson MD
Dr. Ian Thompson MD
Dr. Matthew Thompson MD
Michael Thompson MD
Stephen Thompson MD, MED, FRCSC
Dr. William Thompson MD
Dr. Robert Thornsberry MD
Dr. Curtis Thorpe MD
Dr. Michael Thorpe MD
Dr. James Tibone MD
Lisa Tibor MD
Dr. Craig Tifford MD
Laura Timmerman MD
Alexander Tischler MD
Dr. Vehniah Tjong MD
John Tokish MD
Brad Tolin MD
James Tom MD
John Tomasin MD
Dr. Ryan Tomlins MD
Dr. Robert Tomlinson JR. MD
Dr. Aneet Toor MD
Dr. Artemio Torres-Martinez MD
Dr. Pedro Tort-Saade MD
Mark Trautmann
Dr. Roy Trawick MD
Scott Trenhaile MD
Dr. David Trettin MD
Rachel Triche MD
Dr. Mark Triffon MD
Dr. Gerardo Trinidad MD
Carissa Tripi DO
Anthony Tropeano MD
Dante Trovato MD
Marshall Trusler MD
Dr. Kenneth Tuan MD
Dr. James Tucker JR. MD
Dr. Scott Tucker MD
Dr. John Tullos MD
Jeffrey Tuman MD
Martin Turner DO
Mr. Joseph Tutorino MD
Bruce Twaddle MD
Dr. Maxim Tyorkin MD
Dr. Louis Unverferth MD
Gurvinder Uppal MD
Dr. Scott Urch MD
Dr. Bastian Uribe-Echevarria Marbach MD
Dr. Christopher Utz MD
Dr. Katherine Vadasdi MD
Dr. Arthur Valadie MD
Dr. Damion Valletta DO
Dr. Carola Van Eck MD, PHD
Dr. Jeffrey Van Gelderen MD
Christopher Van Hofwegen MD
Dr. Scott Van Steyn MD
Edward Van Tassel DO
Geoffrey Van Thiel MD
Dr. Scott Van Valin MD
John Vander Schilden MD
Dr. Harold Vandersea MD
Dr. John Vani MD
Charles Vanmeter MD
Dr. Dharmpal Vansadia DO
Bradley Veazey MD
Dr. Charles Vega MD
Larry Vengenderen MD
Dr. J Michael Vento MD
Dr. Christopher Verioti DO
Dr. Robert Verklin JR. MD
Charles Versteeg JR. MD
Dr. Carole Vetter MD
Dr. Brian Vickaryous MD
Leslie Vidal MD
Dr. Anthony Villare DO
Phuc Vo MD
Dr. William Volk MD
Dr. Ilya Voloshin
Dr. Harry Vonertfelda MD
Jan Vonhoegen MD
Gayle Voth MD
Dr. George Wade MD
Frederick Wagner PA
Dr. Samir Wahby MD
Dr. Marc Wahlquist MD
Chad Waits MD
Dr. Preston Waldrop MD
Dr. Michael Wall MD
Thomas Wall MD
Brian Wallace DO
Dr. Michael Wallace MD
Brian Walters MD
Dr. Jason Walters MD
Dr. Suzanne Walters MD
Dr. Cara Walther MD
Christopher Walton MD
Ian Walton DO
Jon Wang MD
Tianyi Wang MD
David Ward MD
Dr. James Ward MD
Dr. Winston Warme MD
Daniel Warner MD
Drew Warnick MD
Harry Warren JR. MD
Dr. Russell Warren MD
Daniel Wascher MD
Johnny Washington JR. MD
Robert Waskowitz MD
Dr. Gary Waslewski MD
Brett Wasserlauf MD
Dr. Bradley Wasserman MD
Dr. David Wasserstein MD
Richard Wathne MD PA
Andrew Watson MD, MS
Brent Watson MD
James Watson MD
Dr. Larry Watson MD
Dr. Randy Watson MD
Dr. Michael Weathers MD
Mark Weight MD
Craig Weinstein MD, MPH
Dr. Richard Weinstein MD
Dr. Ira Weintraub MD
Dr. Kenneth Weintraub MD
Dr. David Weiss MD
Dr. Nicholas Weiss MD
Mr. William Weiss MD
Dr. Paul Weitzel MD
Tyler Welch MD
Dr. Scott Welsh MD
Dr. Stephen Wender MD
Michael Wenkstern MD
Brian Werner MD
Mark Wertman MD
Michael Wertz MD
Orest Wesely MD
Merrick Wetzler MD
William Wheatley MD
Ronald Wheeler MD
Spencer Wheeler MD
Glenn Wheeless MD
Dr. Daniel White MD
Jon Whitehurst MD
George Whitelaw JR. MD
Bradley Wiener MD
Dr. Carl Wierks MD
Dr. Michael Wieser MD
David Wiley MD
William Wiley MD
Dr. Richard Wilk MD
Trevor Wilkes MD
Dr. Ryan Wilkins MD
Dr. Bradley Williams MD
Phillip Williams MD
Dr. Richard Williams MD
Richard Williams MD
Mr. Robert Williamson MD
Dr. Robert Willson MD
David Wilson MD
Dr. James Wilson JR. MD
Mark Wilson MD
Dr. Michael Wilson MD
Dr. Robert Wilson MD
William Wilson MD
Dr. Edwin Windler MD
Mr. Gary Windler MD
Dr. Heber Winfield III MD
Lance Winter DO
Mr. Thomas Winters JR. MD
Thomas Wise MD
Edmund Witkowski MD
Dr. Angelique Witteveen MD
Daniel Wnorowski MD
Ross Wodicka MD
Brian Wolf MD
Mark Wolfe MS, LAT, ATC
Dr. Andrew Wolff MD
Dr. Keith Wolstenholme MD
Brett Wolters
Roger Wong DO
George Woods MD
Dr. Shannon Woods MD
Christopher Woodson MD
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