Orthopaedic Surgeries

An orthopaedic surgeon is trained in the preservation, investigation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. An orthopaedic surgeon is involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors, metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system, deformities, injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow in children and adults. An orthopaedic surgeon is also concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems and the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system. *

Specialization: Orthopaedic Trauma

Recognized by several state medical boards as a fellowship subspecialty program of orthopaedic surgery, orthopaedic trauma surgeons deal with the evaluation and management of acute orthopaedic injuries, evaluation and treatment of post-traumatic deformities and nonunions, acute and delayed reconstruction of pelvic and acetabular fractures, as well as osteotomy in the adult hip for treatment of hip arthritis. **

Dr. Timothy Achor MD
Andrzej Adamski MD, FICS
Kamaldeen Aderibigbe MD
Marc Aiken MD
Dr. Yasser Al-Amri MD
R Alley MD
Dr. Vahdatyar Amirpour MD INC
Dr. Alon Antebi DO
Abraham Appleton MD
Paul Appleton MD
Dr. Michael Archdeacon MD
Aaron Askew MD
Brigham Au MD
Dr. Matthew Avery MD
Dr. George Baddour JR. MD
Robert Baer MD
Rahul Banerjee MD
Alexej Barg MD
Dr. Charlton Barnes MD
Leslie Barnes Remski MD
Dr. Peter Barry MD
Dr. Niladri Basu MD
Brent Bauer MD
Deniz Baysal MD, FRCP
Sara Behrens MD
Dr. Daphne Beingessner MD
Carlo Bellabarba MD
Dr. Gary Benedetti MD
Dr. Frederick Bennett MD
Dr. Patrick Bergin MD
Dr. Timothy Bhattacharyya MD
James Binski MD
Ereny Bishara DO
Dr. Howard Black MD
Dr. James Black MD
Dr. Robert Blease MD
Montague Blundon III MD
Mr. Brett Bolhofner MD
Christopher Born MD
Dr. Joseph Bosco III MD
Michael Bosse MD
Martin Boublik MD
Richard Bower MD
Shahram Bozorgnia MD
Drew Brady MD
Dr. Megan Brady MD
Michelle Bramer MD
Michael Brennan MD
Mark Brinker MD
Dr. Bruce Browner MD
Dr. Brandon Bruce MD
Dr. Robert Buber MD
Dr. Camden Burns MD
Dr. Sean Burns MD
Dr. Mark Butler MD
David Buzas MD
Matthew Camuso MD
Lisa Cannada MD
Dr. Michael Cantrell MD
Dr. Robert Cantu MD
Dr. Kevin Carlile MD
Duwayne Carlson MD
David Carmack MD
Dr. David Chafey III MD
Daniel Chan MD
Daniel Chan MD
Dr. Steven Chandler DO
Dr. David Chang MD
Dr. Michael Chardack MD
Dr. Michael Charlton MD
Dr. Vikram Chatrath MD
Dr. George Chaus MD
Brad Chauvin MD
Jessica Chiang DO
Natalie Chilaka MD
Jose Cobos MD
Dr. Heather Cole MD
Dr. J Cole MD
Dr. Peter Cole MC
Dr. Howard Colier MD
Curt Comstock MD
Jaime Contreras MD
Dr. Laurence Cook MD
Dr. Chad Corrigan MD
Dr. Adam Cota MD
Dr. Timothy Craft MD
Dr. Matthew Craig MD, MS
Robert Crous III MD
Dr. Quanjun Cui MD
Bryce Cunningham MD
Daniel D Amico MD
Dr. Azad Dadgar-Dehkordi DO
Erica Dafford MD
Dr. Bradley Dart MD
Shankar Das MD
Dr. Roy Davidovitch MD
Dr. Ramon Davila Ortiz MD
Dr. Barry Davis MD
Dr. Richard Davis MD
Bradley Deafenbaugh MD
Barnaby Dedmond MD
Anthony Defelice DO
Dr. Alistair Demcoe MD, FRCSC
Dr. Saila Detore DO
Joseph Dicicco III D O
Aaron Dickens MD
Dr. Kyle Dickson MD, MBA
Dr. Frank Difazio MD
Dr. Anthony Distasio II MD
Dr. Nicholas Divaris
Wiemi Douoguih MD
Dr. John Dowbak MD
Dr. Evgeny Dyskin MD, PHD
Jeffrey Earhart MD
Jonathan Eastman MD
Dr. Marc Ebersberger JR. MD
Tally Eddings III MD
Dr. Kenneth Egol MD
Dr. Nathan Ehmer DO
Dr. Michael Eilerman MD
Dr. Lance Ellis DO
Cornelis Elmes MD
Sunday Ero MD
William Ertl MD
Frank Essis JR. MD, MS
William Estes
Dr. Gregory Evangelista MD
Andrew Evans MD
Jason Evans MD
Dr. Gregory Fahrenbach MD
Dr. Erin Farrelly MD, MS
Dr. Alfred Faulkner DO
Dr. Tania Ferguson MD
Fabio Figueiredo MD
Dr. Christopher Finkemeier MD
Dr. Thomas Fishler MD
Brian Fissel MD
Daniel Fitzpatrick MD
Ellen Fitzpatrick MD
Dr. Mark Fleming DO
John Floyd MD
Dr. David Forsh MD
Dr. Coleman Fowble MD
Bruce French MD
Dr. David Friedberg MD
Dr. Darin Friess MD
Dr. Harold Frisch MD
Eric Fulkerson MD
Dr. David Galos MD
Dr. Sarat Ganga MD
Dr. Markus Garard MD
Matthew Gardner MD
Dr. Michael Gardner MD
Mr. Matthew Garner MD
Dr. Joshua Gary MD
Dr. Greg Gaski MD
Prof. William Geissler MD
Seth Gengler DO
Gregory Georgiadis MD
Nathan Gilbert MD
Michael Gish MD
Mr. Robert Gould MD PHD
Kevin Grant MD
Ryan Graves MD
Dr. Paul Gregory JR. MD
Dr. David Griffin MD
Dr. Christopher Grimsrud MD
Dr. Patricio Grob DO
Dr. Bailey Groseclose II MD
Jonathan Gross MD
Mr. Robert Grossheim MD
J. Gruenwald MD FACS
William Gurley MD
Joseph Hahn MD
Dr. David Hak MD
Dr. Mark Hake MD
Dr. Karen Hand MD
James Harding MD
Susan Harding MD
Luke Harmer MD, MPH
Robert Harris MD
Ryan Harrison MD
Dr. Gregg Hartman MD
Syed Hasan MD
Dr. Erik Hasenboehler MD
Justin Hawes MD
Dr. Michael Hawks MD
Dr. Darrell Hayes MD
Dr. Jonah Hebert-Davies MD
Archie Heddings MD
Dr. David Helfet MD
Jonathan Helms MD
Dr. Marilyn Heng MD
Albert Henry MD
Amir Herman MD
Dr. Johnny Hernandez Gonzalez
Daniel Hesse MD
Dr. Timothy Hiesterman DO
Thomas Higgins MD
Adam Hirschfeld MD
Edwin Hissa MD
Bryon Hobby MD
William Holmes MD
Dr. Lawrence Honick MD
Eldon Hopkins MD
Dr. Christopher Hoshino MD
Dr. Bryan Houseman DO, ATC
Dr. David Hubbard MD
Florian Huber MD
David Huebner MD
David Hughes MD
Catherine Humphrey MD
Robert Hymes MD
Richard Idler MD
Anthony Infante DO
Henry Iwinski JR. MD
Todd Jaeblon DO
Dr. Devon Jeffcoat MD
Kyle Jeray MD
Dr. Mark Jo MD
Mr. Herman Johal MD MPH FRCSC
Darren Johnson MD
Eric Johnson MD
Jay Johnson MD
Dr. Francis Johnston MD
Daniel Jones MD
Gary Jones MD
Scott Justesen MD
Dr. Farzin Kabaei MD
Dr. Michael Kadrmas MD
Dr. John Kampa MD
Jason Kaneshige MD
Madhav Karunakar MD
Howard Katz MD
Dr. Justin Kauk MD
Peter Kazmier MD
Dr. Julie Keller MD
Dr. Jon Kelly MD
Mr. Michael Kennedy MD
Dr. Amir Khoshbin MD FRCSC
Allis Kim MD
Dr. David Kirschenbaum MD
Dr. Dennis Kloberdanz MD
Augusta Kluk MD
Dr. Justin Krajca MD
Dr. Peter Krause MD
Daniel Krenk MD
Dr. James Krieg MD
Reilly Kuehn
Dr. Mitchell Kuhl DO
Michael Kuhne MD
Dr. Anant Kumar MD
William Kurtz MD
Ryan Labovitch MD
William Lack MD
Dr. Paul Lafferty MD
Alan Laing MD
Joshua Langford MD
Dr. Steven Lasser MD
Steven Lawrence MD
Dr. Theodore Le MD
Dr. Ethan Lea MD
Patrick Leach MD
Jonathan Lechner MD
Dr. Mark Lee MD
Dr. Olivia Lee MD
Dr. Sukchan Lee MD
Robert Lehmer MD
Dr. Philipp Leucht MD
Dr. Michael Levy DO
Dr. Michael Linn MD
Dr. Frank Liporace MD
Dr. Milton Little MD BS
Dr. Luis Lojo MD
Dr. Dean Lorich MD
Jeffrey Low MD
Jason Lucas DO
Mr. Sein Lwin MD
Scott Mair MD
Alireza Malekzadeh MD
Edward Maley MD
Dr. Christiaan Mamczak DO
Dr. Robert Maples MD
Dr. Meir Marmor MD
Dr. Silas Marshall MD
Andrew Matko DO
Dr. Paul Matuszewski MD
Dr. Cyril Mauffrey MD, FRCS
Tina Maxian MD
Magdiel Mayol-Urdaz MD
Dr. Christopher Mcandrew MD
Matthew Mcdonnell MD
Mark Mcferran MD
Dr. Brian Mehling MD
Sanjay Mehta MD
Dr. Eric Meinberg MD
Dr. David Merriman MD
Todd Milbrandt MD
Ulises Militano MD
Dr. Anna Miller MD
Benjamin Miller MD
Peter Millett MD
Dr. Gudrun Mirick MD
Erika Mitchell MD
Jason Mlnarik DO
Dr. H. Moehring MD
Dr. Kenneth Molinero JR. DO
Dr. Gary Molk DO
Mr. Robert Moore JR. MD
Dr. Thomas Moore MD
Suhaib Moseley MD
Emmett Mosley MD
Daniel Moye MD
Dr. Paul Muccino DO
Dr. Sears Mull MD
Dr. John Munz MD
Kevin Murr MD
Paul Murray MD
Dr. George Myo MD
Dr. Vevikanand Neginhal MD
Dr. Kenneth Nelson MD
Vuong Nguyen MD
Tariq Niazi MD, FRCSI, MSC, FICS
Dr. Joshua Niemann MD
Dr. Elliott Nipper MD
Nicolas Noiseux MD
Sean Nork MD
Dr. Brent Norris MD
Chinedu Nwosa MD
Kevin O'donnell MD
Dr. Kevin O'halloran MD
George Ochenjele MD
Dr. Charles Ogburn III MD
Dr. Bryant Oliphant MD
Dr. William Oros MD
Gilbert Ortega MD
Dr. Tommy Osborne II MD
Dr. Eric Pagenkopf MD
Dr. Arsen Pankovich MD
Dr. James Pape MD
Albert Park MD
Dr. Christopher Parks MD
Mark Parrella MD
George Partal MD
Dr. Nirav Patel MD
Raymond Pensy MD
Aaron Perdue MD
Dr. Gavin Pereira MBBS, FRCS
Edward Perez MD
Dr. Christopher Perkins MD
Dr. David Perry MD
Jonathan Perryman MD
Daniel Phelan MD
Marc Philippon MD
Dr. Gary Phipps MD
Trinity Pilkington MD
Dr. Holly Pilson MD
Attila Poka MD
Dr. David Polonet MD
Eddie Powell II MD
Dr. David Pressman MD
Michael Principe DO
Dr. Michael Propper MD
Kevin Pugh MD
Dr. Eric Puttler MD
Dr. Michael Quackenbush DO
Dr. Ronald Racca MD
Motasem Refaat MD
Dr. John Reilly MD
Mark Reilly MD
Charles Reinert MD
Dr. Regis Renard MD
Patrick Respet MD
Anthony Rhorer MD
John Riehl MD
Jason Rocha MD
John Rodgers MD
Edward Rodriguez MD
Dr. Natalie Rollick MD
Nicholas Romeo DO
Dr. James Rosacker MD
Dr. Philip Rosen MD
William Rosenblum MD
Gerald Rothacker JR. MD
Dr. David Rothberg MD
Matthew Rudloff MD
Michael Rusnak MD
Dr. George Russell JR. MD
John Ruth MD
Dr. Mario Sablan DO
Dr. Jason Sadowski MD
Dr. Carlos Sagebien MD
Dr. Michael Sanders MD
Roy Sanders MD
Dr. Geoffrey Sandman MD
Dr. Steven Sands DO
Dr. Christopher Sanford JR. MD
Ashoke Sathy MD
Thomas Schaller MD
Samuel Scheinberg
Steven Schelkun MD
Dr. Richard Schenk MD
Dr. Daniel Schlatterer DO
Theodore Schlegel MD
Dr. Gregory Schmeling MD
James Schneider MD
Dr. Jason Schneidkraut MD
Aaron Schrayer MD
Dr. Jeff Schulman MD
Dr. Corey Schutt DO
Cary Schwartzbach MD
Scott Scutchfield MD
Jesse Seamon MD
Hugh Selznick MD
Rafael Seneriz Ortiz MD
Dr. Michael Serra Torres MD
Dr. Jeffrey Sewecke DO
Dr. Babar Shafiq MD
Dr. Amir Shapira MD
Lorra Sharp
Daniel Sheerin MD
Clough Shelton MD
Dr. Vithal Shendge MD
Dr. Lane Shepherd MD
Dhiren Sheth MD
Dr. James Shively MD
David Sieger MD
Mr. David Silverberg MD
Tamara Simpson MD
Stephen Sims MD
Michael Sirkin MD
Dr. Myron Slobogean MD
Dr. David Smith JR. MD
Dr. Joel Smith MD
Dr. Scott Smith MD
John Sojka MD
Anthony Sorkin MD
Rachel Sotsky MD
Dr. Charisse Sparks MD
Dr. Edward Spencer MD
Dr. Andre Spiguel MD
Dr. Clay Spitler
Mark Sprague MD
Michael Sridhar MD
Paul Stafford MD
Philip Stahel MD
Kurtis Staples MD
Adam Starr MD
John Steadman MD
Dr. Andrew Steiner MD
Dr. Richard Stern MD
Jason Stoneback MD
Dr. Michael Stonnington MD,
Michael Stover MD
Dr. Jessica Strickland FNP-C
Navin Subramanian MD
Misty Suri MD
Eli Swanson MD
Todd Swenning MD
Mr. Jonathan Swindle DO
Daniel Switlick MD
Jan Szatkowski MD
Dr. John Tabit DO
Payam Tabrizi MD
Vishwas Talwalkar MD
Robert Tamurian MD
Oliver Tannous MD
William Tejeiro MD
Dr. Eric Thomas MD
Dr. Gregory Thomas DO
Richard Thomas MD
Dr. Daniel Thompson MD
Dr. Gregory Thomson MD
Justin Tilan MD
Dr. Jide Tinubu MD
Dr. Brian Tonne MD
Dr. Paul Toogood MD
Michael Torchia MD
Dr. Jose Toro MD
Laura Torres-Barre MD
Peter Trafton MD
Wesley Tran MD
Rajendra Tripathi MD
Lisa Truchan MD
Dr. Jeffery Tucker MD
Randy Twito MD
Richard Uhl MD
Dr. Harmeeth Uppal MD
Dr. Thomas Vater DO
Diederik Verbeek MD
Mr. Adam Wagshul MD
Damion Walker DO
Janet Walker MD
Anna Wallace MD
Lawrence Webb MD
Dr. Chad Weber DO
Ian Weber MD
Dr. Michael Weber MD
Dr. James Weir MD
Brock Wentz MD
Dr. Edward Whelan III MD
H. White JR. MD
Raymond White MD
Dr. Allison Whittle MD
Paul Wicklund MD
Dr. Brent Wiersema DO
Dr. Kenneth Wilkens MD
Dr. Michael Willey MD
Dr. George Williams MD
John Wolf JR. MD
Dr. Philip Wolinsky MD
Jennifer Wood MD
Craig Wright MD
Dr. George Wright MD
Thomas Wuest MD
James Wyman MD
Brad Yoo MD
Dr. Charalampos Zalavras MD
Todd Zeigler MD
Dr. Boris Zelle MD
Daniel Zinar MD
Bruce Ziran MD
Dr. Michal Zlowodzki MD
Marc Zussman MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definiton added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2007. http://www.abos.org/. Separate board certification is not currently offered.

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definiton added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2007. http://www.abos.org/. Separate board certification is not currently offered.