An otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with diseases and disorders that affect the ears, nose, throat, the respiratory and upper alimentary systems and related structures of the head and neck. An otolaryngologist diagnoses and provides medical and/or surgical therapy or prevention of diseases, allergies, neoplasms, deformities, disorders and/or injuries of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, respiratory and upper alimentary systems, face, jaws and the other head and neck systems. Head and neck oncology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and the treatment of disorders of hearing and voice are fundamental areas of expertise. *

Specialization: Plastic Surgery within the Head & Neck

An otolaryngologist with additional training in plastic and reconstructive procedures within the head, face, neck and associated structures, including cutaneous head and neck oncology and reconstruction, management of maxillofacial trauma, soft tissue repair and neural surgery. The field is diverse and involves a wide age range of patients, from the newborn to the aged. While both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are practiced, there are many additional procedures which interface with them. **

Thomas Acomb MD
Dr. Alfred Adamo MD
Mr. Mehmet Agabigum MD
Dr. Sassan Alavi MD
Michael Alexiou MD
Dr. Jose Almodovar - Laborde MD
Ronald Amedee MD
Shivan Amin MD
Dr. David Arnold MD
David Aroesty MD
Oneida Arosarena MD
Rangaswamy Asokan MD
Dr. Raja Atiyah MD
Lisa Ayers DO
Dr. Samuel Bailey MD
Matthew Bak MD
Mr. Ronaldo Ballecer MD
Dr. Joseph Balzli MD
Anthony Barone MD
Alex Battaglia MD
Dr. Michael Bays DO
Dr. James Bean MD
Dr. Gary Bellack MD
Dr. William Belles MD
Dr. Jeffrey Bennion MD
Richard Bernat MD
Paul Bernstein MD
Dr. Richard Besserman MD
Mark Bianchi MD
Dr. Henry Bikhazi MD
James Billie MD
Dr. Christopher Bingcang MD
Jose Bird MD
Kurtis Birusingh MD
Dr. Norman Blankman MD
Edward Bloom MD
Dr. James Blotter MD
Reza Bolourian MD
Dr. Phyllis Bouvier MD
James Boyd MD
Dr. Gregory Branham MD
Dr. Juraj Braun MD
Dr. Louis Brennan MD
Dr. Michael Brenner MD
Jon Brinkman DO
Dr. Anthony Brissett MD
Todd Broberg MD
Dr. Jeffery Broffman MD
Dr. Michael Broniatowski MD
John Brown MD
Phillip Brown MD
Dr. Peter Brusca MD
Nathan Burroughs MD
Dr. Jonathan Cabin MD
Antonio Cachay MD
Gabriel Calzada MD
Domenic Canonico MD
Dr. Henry Carr MD
Octavio Carreno MD
Dr. Donald Carter MD
Dr. Dennis Casey III MD
Dr. Robert Cater MD
Robert Caughey MD
Dr. Houtan Chaboki MD
Dr. Benjamin Chack DO
Kesenee Chaiyaphruk MD
Dr. Antoine Chaker MD
Dr. Robert Chancellor MD
Chumnong Chantra MD
Dr. Michael Chao MD
Dr. Philip Chapalis MD
Donn Chatham MD
Jason Chau MD
Vincent Chen MD
Dr. Alan Cheng MD
David Cheng MD
Dr. John Chi MD
Seng Chiou MD
Dr. Rajesh Chopra MD
Dr. Shamit Chopra MBBS, MS
Harold Chow MD
Khalid Chowdhury MD, MBA
Dr. Andy Chung MD
Jeannie Chung MD
Dr. Francisco Civantos MD
Joseph Clark MD
Eric Cohen MD
Dr. Jason Cohen MD
Lance Coleman MD
Dr. Andrew Compton MD
Dr. Stephen Cooper MD
Shaheen Counts MD
Robert Cowden JR. MD
Dennis Crockett MD
Roberto Cueva MD
Dr. William Culviner MD
Mr. Calhoun Cunningham MD
Edward Daetwyler MD
Tal Dagan MD FACS
David Darrow MD
Dr. Anthony Degennaro MD FACS
Terry Degroot MD
Andrew Dejong MD
Dr. Frederic Deleyiannis MD
Dr. Richard Depersio MD
Craig Derkay MD
Dr. Shaun Desai MD
Dr. Daniel Deschler MD
Dr. Baldev Devgan MD
Muthuswamy Dhiwakar MD
Frederic Di Tirro MD
Mr. Paul Dibiase JR. MD
Mr. Ngon Dinh DO
Dr. Thomas Dobleman MD
Dr. Edgar Domenech Fagundo MD
Dr. Terry Donat MD
Dr. Paul Dragul MD
Denise Dru MD
Melinda Duncan DO
Jeffrey Dyer MD
Dr. Kent Eakins MD
Joanne Ebba MD
Dr. Jack Eberhart MD
Theodore Eckberg MD
Tasia Economou MD
Dr. David Edelstein MD
Bruce Edens MD
Edward Edrington
Dr. Steven Ellis MD
Dr. Kevin Ende MD
Dr. Jeanne Eyde DO
Dr. Gary Feinberg MD
Jonathan Ferguson MD
Vinay Fernandes MD
Dr. Laura Finch MD
Dr. Michael Fozo MD
Ms. Deborah Freehling MEDICAL DOCTOR
Dr. Martha Friberg DO
Dr. Craig Friedman MD
Terry Fry MD
Dr. Neal Futran MD, DMD
Dr. Ryan Gaines MD
Dr. John Gallagher MD
Mr. Gregory Garth MD
Tamer Ghanem MD
Dr. Cameron Gillespie MD
Patricia Gilroy MD
Dr. Anthony Giordano MD
Suresh Giri MD
Dr. Douglas Girod MD
Dr. Babak Givi MD
Dr. Frank Glatz MD
Ms. Amani Gobran MD
Dr. David Goldfarb DO FACS
Dr. Glen Goldfarb MD
Dr. Vernon Goltry MD
Dr. Roberto Gonzalez Gonzalez MD
Lynn Goodloe MD
W Goodwin MD
Lawrence Gordon MD
Dr. Lawrence Gordon MD
Alex Grilli MD
Abby Gross MD
Lisa Grunebaum MD
Dr. Stephen Gugenheim MD
Dr. Scott Hackett MD
Dr. William Halsey III MD
Dr. Howard Hammer DO
Thomas Hansbrough MD
Dr. John Harbison MD
Gregory Hartig MD
Brian Heaberlin MD
Don Headley MD
Ronald Hebard MD
David Hecht MD
Dr. William Heckman MD
James Heinrich MD
Dr. Joseph Hemer DO
Dr. Eric Hensen DO
Dr. Eugene Herrmann MD
Howard Hessan MD
Peter Hilger MD
Shelley Hill MD
Dr. John Hodges SR. MD
Dr. Harold Hollander DO
Mark Homicz MD
Kwang Hong MD
Dr. Jeffrey Houlton MD
Richard Howells II MD
Ying Hsieh MD
Dr. Richard Huffaker DO
Dr. Brian Humphreys MD FACS
Allen Hwang MD
Craig Ingber MD
Guiomar Iriarte MD
Dr. Raouf Iskander MD
Dr. Hosseinali Jafari MD
Babak Jahan-Parwar MD
John Jernigan MD
Dr. Harishanker Jeyarajan MBBS
Dr. Bradley Johnson MD
Dr. Michael Jones MD
Dr. Paul Jones MD
Dr. Richard Jones
Dr. Nathan Joos MD
Dr. Zev Kahn MD
Thomas Kaniff MD
Raymond Kaplan MD
Dr. Daniel Karakla MD
Dr. Raymond Kaufman MD
Dr. Herbert Kean MD
David Keschner MD
Umang Khetarpal MD
Brian Kim MD
Ju Kim MD
Michael Kim MD
Pyong Kim MD
Dr. Sungjoo Kim MD
Marc Klau MD
Dr. Christopher Klem MD
Mark Klingensmith MD
Dr. Paul Kluger MD
Mr. Ronald Koch JR. MD
Mimi Kokoska MD
Jeff Kopelman
Dr. Sergey Koyfman D O
Greg Krempl MD
Dr. Douglas Kubek DO
Dr. Narendra Kumar MD
Moni Abraham Kuriakose MD
Victor Lagmay MD
Daniel Lee MD
Jivianne Lee MD
Linda Lee MD
Dr. Nina Lee-Tall MD
Bradley Lemberg MD
Mr. Richard Lenz MD
Barry Levin MD
Dr. Jonathan Levine MD
John Lim MD
Dr. Derrick Lin MD
Guy Lin MD
Dr. Paige Lindberg MD
Warren Line JR. MD
Stephen Liston MD
George Liu MD
Christopher Lolachi MD
David Londo MD
William Lonsdale MD
W Looney MD
Dr. Pablo Lopez-Baez MD
Stephen Lorenz III MD
Wesley Low MD
Cristeta Lozon MD
Rhonda Lubka MD
Annette Luetzow MD
Jay Luft MD
Christopher Lykins MD
Alastair Lynn-Macrae MD
Dr. Dean Lyons MD
Dennis Maceri MD
Dr. Michael Makaretz MD
Dr. Bohdan Makarewycz MD
Lee Mandel MD
Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown MD
Dr. Charles Mann
Dr. David Mann MD
Dr. Drue Manning DO
Alexander Markarian MD
Peter Martin MD
Adam Marvin MD
Dr. Phillip Massengill M D
Dr. Sumeet Mathur MD
John Mayeno MD
Michael Mc Nicoll MD
Dr. Kate Mccarn MD
Fred Mcconnel MD
Timothy Mcculloch MD
W Mcfarland DO
Dr. Daniel Mcnichol MD
William Medford MD
Dr. Daniel Megler MD
Michael Merrin MD
Dr. Stephen Metzinger MD
Dr. Laura Miller DO
Dr. Bradley Mons DO
Dr. John Moore MD
Dr. Arash Moradzadeh MD
Dr. Mauricio Moreno Vera MD
Juan Moscoso MD
Dr. Richard Moss MD
Dr. Namita Murthy MD
Dr. Laxmeesh Nayak MD
Dr. Jeffrey Neal MD
Dr. Andrew Nemechek MD
Dr. Richard Newman MD
John Nguyen MD
Dr. Thomas Nielsen MD
Dr. Joseph Ninke MD
Dr. Gretchen Oakley MD
Neal Obermyer MD
James Oddie MD
Young Oh MD
Dr. Joseph Olekszyk DO
Dr. Michael Ondik MD
Stuart Ort MD
Dr. Jaime Ortiz
Dr. Hideu Oshiro MD
Mr. Richard Osman MD
Angela Osmolak MD
Noubar Ouzounian MD
Dr. Othella Owens MD
Dr. Aru Panwar MBBS
Michael Parker MD
Anand Patel MD
Manish Patel MD
Dr. Joseph Paydarfar MD
Donald Perez MD
Terry Perkins MD
Stanley Peters MD
Dr. Dana Petersen MD
Steve Peterson MD
Dr. Anna Petropoulos MD, FRCS
Dr. Andrew Pichler MD
Christopher Pivik MD
Ms. Jana Podzimek DO
Dr. Robert Pollard MD
David Powell MD
Arvind Prabhat MD
Jordan Pritikin MD
Dr. Aaron Prussin MD
Shepherd Pryor V MD
Teresa Pusheck MD
Dr. Shannon Radgens DO
Timothy Ragsdale MD
Richard Rajaratnam MD
John Ramsay MD
Dr. Ravinder Randhawa DO
David Reed MD
James Reidy DO
Michael Reilly
Dr. Seth Reiner MD
Dr. Anthony Reino MD
Dr. David Reiter MD
Dr. Kenneth Remsen MD
Dr. John Rhee MD
Dale Rice MD
Hunter Richmond MD
Nestor Rigual MD
Dr. Carlos Rivera Serrano MD
Dr. James Rocco MD,PHD
Paula Rodgers MD
Dr. Benjamin Rodriguez JR. MD
Dr. David Rodwell III MD
Dr. Jeffrey Roffman MD
Dr. Alexander Romashko MD
Dr. Daniel Rooney DO
Dr. Marc Rosen MD
Mr. Daniel Rosner MD
Dr. Apostolos Rossos MD
Dr. Lee Rowe MD
Dr. Gregory Rowin DO
Dr. Joseph Roy MD
Dr. Walter Rudzinski MD
Dr. Konstantin Salkinder MD
Stephen Saltzman MD
Dr. Sandeep Samant MD
Mr. Jose Sanclement MD
Christopher Savage MD
Dr. Jamie Scaglione MD
Mrs. Patricia Scallan MD
Randal Schoeman MD
Victor Schorn MD
Richard Schultz MD
Harry Schwartz MD
Mrs. Laurie Schweitzer MD
Dr. Charles Scipione MD
Mark Segal MD
David Seltzer MD
Peter Selz MD
Dr. Donald Sessions MD
Charles Sewall MD
Dr. Jack Shapiro MD
Dr. Arun Sharma MD
Travis Shaw MD
Jeanne Shepherd MD
Dr. Michael Sherbin DO
Terry Shibuya MD
Dr. Curtis Shinabarger MD
Enayat Shirazi
Dr. Thomas Shirck DO
Dr. Yelizaveta Shnayder MD
Dr. Mark Shrime MD
Shoab Siddique MD
Brian Sieck MD
Joseph Siefker MD
Dr. Gordon Siegel MD
Seth Silberman MD
Dr. Edward Silvoy MD
Erin Simms MD
Dr. John Sinacori MD
Uttam Sinha
Judith Skoner MD
Richard Skurow MD
Steven Sloan MD
Oleh Slupchynskyj MD
Dr. Joseph Smith II MD
Dr. Kristine Smith MD
Dr. Steven Sobol MD
Dr. Steven Soltes MD
Dr. James Sorce MD
Benhoor Soumekh MD
Dr. Jared Spector
Daniel Spilman MD
Prof. Brendan Stack JR. MD
Michael Stampar DO
Gregory Stearns MD
Dr. Robert Stephens MD
Dr. William Stewart JR. MD
Dr. Richard Strabbing DO
John Stram MD
Paul Straub MD
Dr. Robert Strauss MD
Francisco Suarez MD
Alma Suehiro-Campa MD
James Suen MD
Dr. Jeffrey Suh MD
Paul Surapol MD
Mr. Brian Szwarc MD
Vishwas Tadwalkar MD
Arthur Taliaferro MD
Paul Tartell MD
Orrin Terry MD
Krishnakumar Thankappan MBBS
Stuart Thomas MD
Dr. Robert Thompson MD
Dr. Amanda Toole MD
Dr. Brian Trainor DO
Dr. Jon Traxler MD
Christopher Trent MD
Dr. Scott Trimas MD FACS
Robert Troell MD
Dr. Anthony Ulizio MD
Dr. Peter Vandermeer MD
Dr. Theodore Vanderveen MD
Mark Varvares MD
Dr. Nilesh Vasan MD
Anthony Vastola MD
Dr. Michelle Vessely MD
Gregory Vipond MD
Ann Marie Visosky MD
Dr. David Vokes MBCHB, FRACS
David Wahle MD
Benjamin Walline DDS, MD
Dr. Curtis Walsh MD
Dr. Mark Walton MD
Edward Wang MD
Michael Ward MD
Dr. Jason Wasserman MD
Dr. Steven Waters MD
Dr. Daniel Wayman MD
Dr. Donald Weed MD
Dr. Denton Weiss MD
Marc Weiss MD
Dr. Burton Weissman MD
Charles West JR. MD
Timothy Wheeler MD
Dr. George White MD
Dr. Aaron Wieland MD
Dr. Robert Wiggins
Dr. Thomas Willcox MD
Dr. Mortimer Williams MD ASSOC PROFESSOR E
Prof. Keith Wilson MD
Julie Winston MD
Dr. Laurence Winter MD
Michael Wolfe MD
Dr. Marc Wong MD
Dr. Gordon Wood MD
John Wood MD
Dr. Charles Woodard MD
Dr. Steven Wright MD
Bozena Wrobel MD
Dr. James Wu MD
Carol Yan MD
Robert Youkilis MD
Paul Young MD
Fazlur Zahurullah MD
Vicente Zapanta MD
Dr. Abraham Zimm MD
Dr. David Zipfel MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definiton added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Otolaryngology, 2007. http://www.aboto.org/. Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Board certification for Doctors of Osteopathy is currently provided in the subspecialty of Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery (see Taxonomy Code 207YX0905X)

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definiton added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Otolaryngology, 2007. http://www.aboto.org/. Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Board certification for Doctors of Osteopathy is currently provided in the subspecialty of Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery (see Taxonomy Code 207YX0905X)