An otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with diseases and disorders that affect the ears, nose, throat, the respiratory and upper alimentary systems and related structures of the head and neck. An otolaryngologist diagnoses and provides medical and/or surgical therapy or prevention of diseases, allergies, neoplasms, deformities, disorders and/or injuries of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, respiratory and upper alimentary systems, face, jaws and the other head and neck systems. Head and neck oncology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and the treatment of disorders of hearing and voice are fundamental areas of expertise. *

Specialization: Otolaryngic Allergy

An otolaryngologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of otolaryngic allergies and other allergic diseases. **

Dr. Charles Abraham MD
Dr. Cory Aden-Wansbury MD
Dr. Ramesh Agarwal MD
Dr. Osasere Aghedo DO
Dr. Donald Alexander MD
Dr. Richard Allen MD
Dr. Jack Anon MD
Dr. David Armstrong MD
Dr. Walter Arute MD
Dr. David Bailey MD
Gerald Bart MD
Dr. Paul Belanger DO
Napoleon Bequer MD
Bill Berry JR. MD
James Berry MD
Dr. James Bishop MD
Steven Blatchford MD
Dr. Gregory Bonaiuto MD
Dr. Jason Boole MD
Carl Bosley DO
Dr. Ekram Boulos MD
Dr. Matthew Bowen MD
John Boyajian MD
Dr. Edwyn Boyd MD
Dr. David Boyette MD
Joseph Bradfield MD
Dr. Kristin Brant MD
Frank Brettschneider DO
Deane Briggs MD
Martin Brody MD
Charles Brooker MD
Matthew Bruns MD
Jeffrey Buckwalter MD
Dr. Donald Burt JR. MD
Michael Byrd MD
Dr. Michael Callahan MD
Gregory Carnevale MD
Dr. Russell Cecola MD
Eaton Chen MD
Curtis Childress MD
Joel Cohen MD
James Coltharp JR. MD
Dr. William Combs MD
Robert Conlon III MD
William Conlon MD
Angelo Consiglio MD
Paul Cook MD, MHA
Dr. Michael Crawford MD
Dr. Jenny Cross MD
Dr. Devin Cunning MD
Dr. Mary Curtiss MD
Dr. Cecelia Damask DO
Joedy Daristotle MD
Dr. Cynthia Davis MD
Dr. Decio De Escobar MD
Niranat Dejtiranukul MD
Dr. Scott Dempewolf MD
Dr. Mary Derebery
Dr. Michael Dileo MD
David Dillard MD
Dr. Brian Donaldson MD
Dr. Sigsbee Duck MD
Charlotte Dugan MD
Dr. Andrew Dzul MD
Ivor Emanuel MD
Seth Evans MD
Kristen Fahrner MD
Eugene Falk MD
Howard Feldman MD
Dr. Charles Ford JR. MD
Dr. Lloyd Ford MD
Dr. Elisabeth Fox MD
Scott Franklin MD
Ruta Gandhi MD
James Gaul MD
Dr. Anne Getz MD
Gerald Gilroy DO
Bruce Gordon MD
James Gordon MD
Dr. Charles Grayson DO
Charles Guice III MD
James Hamp MD
Dr. Allison Harbart MD
Dr. David Harbrecht MD
Samuel Harmon MD
Dr. Brian Hasslinger MD
Dr. Garrett Hauptman MD
Dr. Sadruddin Hemani MD
Dr. Richard Hendricks MD
Dr. Edward Hepworth MD
John Houck JR. MD
John Hung MD
Darrell Hunsaker MD
Daniel Hwang MD
Gregory Hyde MD PHD
Dr. Euclid Isbell JR. MD
Steven Isenberg MD
Akira Ishiyama MD
Dr. Joshua James MD
Dr. Shelley Jaquish MD
Michael Kelleher MD
Mark Kelly
Dr. Alexander Keszeli DO
Dr. Sam Khalili MD
Dr. Zia Khan MD
Mr. James King JR. MD
Laura King PA
Judyann Krenning MD
Lawrence Krieger MD
Barry Kronman MD
Ronald Kuppersmith MD
Keat-Jin Lee MD
Dr. Albert Lewin MD
Dr. Douglas Liening MD
Timothy Lindemann MD
Dr. Sidney Lipman MD
Dr. Todd Loehrl MD
Dr. Ray Lousteau MD
Dr. Kevin Lunde MD
George Lyle MD
Dr. Richard Mabry MD
Dr. Ali Mafee MD
Dr. Hani Malati MD
Dr. William Marasovich MD DDS
Dr. Louis Mariotti D O
Dr. Herman Matallana DO
Malcolm Mcauley MD
Mrs. Pamela Mcgarrah MD
John Mcmahan MD
Dr. Michael Mcmahon MD
Dr. Jeremy Melker MD
Robert Merritt MD
Dr. Walter Merritt III MD
Dr. Jeffrey Milewski DO
Dr. Dennis Mlot MD
Dr. Rose Mohr MD
Glenda Montague MD
Dr. Mark Montgomery MD
James Murdocco MD
Dr. Patricia Murphy MD
James Murray
Dr. Ravindran Nadarajah MD
Edward Newbill MD
Quoc Nguyen MD
Dr. William Nicol MD
Dr. Kevin O'connell MD
Dr. Michael Olenginski DO
Dr. Ravi Pachigolla MD
David Palmer MD
Michael Peery MD
Scott Phillips MD
Dr. William Pierce MD
Stephen Plesich DO
Dr. Anthony Porto JR. MD
Dr. Narayana Prasanna MD
Dr. Michael Prater MD
Dr. Kellous Price MD
Dr. Jorge Prieto MD
Dr. Shannon Pryor MD
Dr. Adam Ray MD
Dr. Ramakumar Rayasam MD,
William Reisacher MD
David Rogerson MD
Michael Rooney MD
Nicholas Rowley MD
Dr. Keith Sale MD
Dr. Edward Sall MD
Diego Saporta MD
Dr. Daniel Schlund MD
Melissa Schwartz DO
Allen Seiden MD
Dr. Sunil Shah M,D
Dawn Sharp MD
Dr. Vytas Siliunas DO
Dr. Richard Silverman MD
Ryan Simmons MD
Dr. Twana Sparks MD
Dr. Carol St. George DO
Dr. Eugene Stec DO
Andrew Stein SR. MD
Dr. Clifford Steinig DO
Dr. Masayoshi Takashima MD
Karen Tan MD
Dr. Robert Taylor MD
Elina Toskala MD
Dr. Walter Tucker MD
Dr. Wesley Vander Ark MD
Dr. Michelle Veazey MD
Dr. George Vieyra MD
Douglas Wacker MD
Dr. Sanford Ward DO
Dr. Jesse Wardlow MD
William Watkins MD
Todd Weiss MD
Benjamine Welch DO
Dr. Randall Wenokur MD
James White III MD
Dr. Ronald Whitmire MD
Dr. Michael Widick MD
Dr. William Wilkes MD
Dr. David Wilkey MD
Dr. James Williams MD, PHD
Dr. David Wilson MD
Robert Wilson MD
Sarah Wise MD
Robert Yarber
Howard Zipper MD