Specialization: Chemical Pathology

A chemical pathologist has expertise in the biochemistry of the human body as it applies to the understanding of the cause and progress of disease. This physician functions as a clinical consultant in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Chemical pathology entails the application of biochemical data to the detection, confirmation or monitoring of disease. **

Dr. Kathleen Allen MD
Dr. Shem Altman MD
Dr. Kip Amazon MD
Dr. Charles Arkin MD
Dr. Leona Ayers MD
Dr. David Bailey MD
Dr. David Brown MD
Dr. Robert Burks MD
Anne-Marie Desrosiers
Thomas Drake MD
Susan Fuhrman MD
Beverly Handy MD
Dr. Robin Helmuth
Prof. David Herold MD, PHD
Gary Horowitz MD
Mrs. Joan Howanitz MD MBA
Peter Howanitz MD
Dan Iancu MD
Dr. Sidney Kahn MB, CHB
Dr. Arthur Karmen MD
Dr. Harvey Kaufman MD
Dr. Michael Kelner MD
Gregory King MD
Keane Lai
Dr. Robert Legg MD
Kurt Lundquist MD
Dr. Robert Maitta MD,PHD
Dr. Lynn Myers MD
Amin Nanji MD
Dr. Robert Newell JR. MD
Ms. Christine Nicoll MD
Amadeo Pesce PHD
Dr. Yvonne Posey MD
Dr. Ali Ramadan MD
Kurt Rider MD
John Rollo MD
Robert Schmidt MD
Dr. Gregory Sharp MD PHD
James Shoemaker MD
Kamaljeet Singh MD
Dr. Frederick Smith MD
Dr. Charles Sparks MD
Dr. Patrick Treseler MD
Dr. Kirk Wojno MD
Donald Young MD