A pediatrician is concerned with the physical, emotional and social health of children from birth to young adulthood. Care encompasses a broad spectrum of health services ranging from preventive healthcare to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. A pediatrician deals with biological, social and environmental influences on the developing child, and with the impact of disease and dysfunction on development. *

Specialization: Sleep Medicine

A Pediatrician who practices Sleep Medicine is certified in the subspecialty of sleep medicine and specializes in the clinical assessment, physiologic testing, diagnosis, management and prevention of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders. Sleep specialists treat patients of any age and use multidisciplinary approaches. Disorders managed by sleep specialists include, but are not limited to, sleep related breathing disorders, insomnia, hypersomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, parasomnias and sleep related movement disorders. **

Ahmad Abo Kayass MD
Pranshu Adavadkar MD
Dr. Seema Adhami MD
Dr. Akinyemi Ajayi MD
Asad Ansari MD
Dr. Dagnachew Assefa MD
Lisa Barber MD
Susan Barrows MD
Dr. Rakesh Bhattacharjee MD
Dr. Michael Blechner MD
Evelyn Bolt MD
Dr. Mary Carbone MD
Walter Castro MD
Mrs. Alexis Cirilli Whaley MD
Dr. Heidi Connolly MD
Larry Consenstein MD
Joseph Crisalli MD
Ameet Daftary MD
Dr. Richard Ferber MD
Dominic Gault MD
Russell Gibson MD
Miss Ramneet Gill MD
Emily Gillett MD, PHD
Dr. Jeannine Gingras MD
Loren Glasser MD
Jehangir Gowani MD
Katharina Graw-Panzer MD
Dr. Benildo Guzman MD
Mrs. Martha Hagaman MD
Dr. Don Harden MD
Dr. Daniel Hsu MD
Sally Ibrahim MD
David Ingram MD
Dr. Mariam Ischander MD
Kevin Joseph DO
Binal Kancherla MD
June-Ku Kang MD
Kristin Kelly-Pieper MD
Ilya Khaytin MD, PHD
Dr. Carin Lamm MD
Dr. Roberta Leu MD
Dr. Amy Licis MD
Dr. Carey Lockhart MD
Dr. Gordana Lovrekovic-Zakula MD
Dr. Brendan Lucey MD
Monika Mathur MD
Camilla Matthews MD
Dr. Anne May MD
Jyothi Mettu MD
Dr. Sushmita Mikkilineni MD
Dr. Cruz Munoz MD
Dr. Shalini Paruthi MD
Hilary Pearson MD,
Swaroop Pinto MD
Mr. David Rosenberg MD
Dr. Joshua Rotenberg MD
Dr. Frederick Royce JR. MD
Shahriar Shahzeidi MD
Dr. Narong Simakajornboon MD
Dr. Kelly Smith MD
Dr. Ayelet Snow II MD
Dr. Michelle Genevieve Sobremonte-King MD
Zafer Soultan MD
Mark Splaingard MD
Hardev Sroa MD
Dr. Thomas Stern MD
Dr. Amie Stringfellow MD
Rochelle Turetsky MD
Christina Valsamis MD
Dr. Nitun Verma MD
Dr. Yosef Wexler MD
Jennifer Wiebke MD
Dr. Mark Wilson MD
Harry Yuan DO

* Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine [7/1/2006: new]

** Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine [7/1/2006: new]