Physical Medicine & Rehabilitations

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also referred to as rehabilitation medicine, is the medical specialty concerned with diagnosing, evaluating, and treating patients with physical disabilities. These disabilities may arise from conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system such as neck and back pain, sports injuries, or other painful conditions affecting the limbs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Alternatively, the disabilities may result from neurological trauma or disease such as spinal cord injury, head injury or stroke. A physician certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation is often called a physiatrist. The primary goal of the physiatrist is to achieve maximal restoration of physical, psychological, social and vocational function through comprehensive rehabilitation. Pain management is often an important part of the role of the physiatrist. For diagnosis and evaluation, a physiatrist may include the techniques of electromyography to supplement the standard history, physical, x-ray and laboratory examinations. The physiatrist has expertise in the appropriate use of therapeutic exercise, prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics and mechanical and electrical devices. *

Specialization: Spinal Cord Injury Medicine

A physician who addresses the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of traumatic spinal cord injury and non-traumatic etiologies of spinal cord dysfunction by working in an interdisciplinary manner. Care is provided to patients of all ages on a lifelong basis and covers related medical, physical, psychological and vocational disabilities and complications. **

Operator Assisted Physical Therapist Referral

Elsa Aguilera MD
Mehr Ahmed MD
Dr. Jung Ahn MD
Muhammad Akbar MD
Anand Allam MD
Elinor Anan MD
Dr. Sheryce Andrews MD
Dr. Alan Anschel MD
Dr. Noel Arnau MD
John Ashby MD
Israel Aviles Hernandez MD
Junney Baeza Dager MD
Dr. Thomas Balazy MD
Glenn Balfour MD
Radhika Bapineedu MD
Dr. Venerando Batas MD
Dr. Gina Benaquista Desipio DO
Barbara Benevento MD
Dr. Angela Beninga DO,
Jeffrey Berliner DO
Dr. Amit Bhargava MD
William Bockenek MD
Dr. Christopher Boudakian DO
Monifa Brooks MD
Dr. Steven Brose DO
Dr. Robert Bruce MD
Thomas Bryce MD
Keith Burchill MD
Dr. Stephen Burns MD
Rhonda Caldwell-Williams MD
Patricia Canfield MD
Jaishree Capoor MD
Dr. Joseph Carlock MD
Dr. Inocencia Carrano MD
Deborah Caruso MD
Dr. Anthony Cassini MD
Dr. Denis Castillo MD
Miss Janice Chavez
Bojun Chen MD
Dr. Ling-Ling Cheng MD
Anthony Chiodo MD
Howard Choi MD, MPH
Dr. Sophia Chun MD
Dr. Sam Colachis JR. MD
Thomas Cowan MD
Deborah Crane MD
Graham Creasey MD
Dr. James Crumb MD
Dr. Arthur Cytryn MD
Anna Dacanay MD
Dr. Maria Dajoyag-Mejia MD
Dr. Kevin Dalal MD
Matthew Davis MD
Dr. George Deitrick MD
Dr. Anna Del Fabro MD
Araceli Denoga MD
Marguerite Diab MD
Trevor Dyson-Hudson MD
Dr. Byron Eddy DO
Miguel Escalon MD, MPH
Dr. Amanda Farag MD
Rosemarie Filart MD
Dr. Kirsten Fisher MD
Dr. Robert Frazho MD
Lisa Fugate MD
Dr. Inigo Garcia-Zozaya MD
Susan Garstang MD
Dr. Kevin Gerhart MD/PHD
Carol Gibson-Gill MD
Dr. Lance Goetz MD
Dr. Gary Goldish MD
Dr. Peter Gorman MD
Marika Greiff MD
Samuel Grissom MD
Michael Gruba MD
Dr. Margaret Hammond MD
Dr. David Harris MD
Dr. Pamela Harris MD
Jennifer Harrison MD
Ramin Hazany MD
Dr. Mary Henzel MD, PHD
Dr. Gioia Herring-Williams MD
Dr. Christopher Hinnant MD
Dr. Chester Ho MD
Dr. Sally Holmes MD
Alice Hon MD
Gin-Ming Hsu MD
Dr. Shih-Fong Hsu MD
Dr. Vincent Huang MD
Dr. Vidya Jayawardena MD
Dr. Mark Johansen MD
Dr. Penniford Justice MD
David Karli MD
Dr. Michael Kelly DO
Corby Kessler MD
Min Kim DO
Suzy Kim MD
Steven Kirshblum MD
Yekyung Kong
Dr. Sandra Kostyk MD
Dr. Paul Krabbenhoft MD
Eipe Kuruvila MD
Dr. Ihab Labatia MD
Dr. Sharmatie Lal MD
Dr. Ching Lam MD
Mylan Lam MD
Dr. Daniel Lammertse MD
Indira Lanig MD
Dr. Shamsi Lashgari-Saegh MD
Kim Le MD
Dr. Dallas Lea MD
Dr. Kenneth Lee MD
Dr. Edward Leroy JR. MD
Jesse Lieberman MD
Vernon Lin MD, PHD
Dr. Laurie Lindblom MD
Dr. James Little MD
Mark Livecchi MD
Dr. Roger Lueck MD
Dr. Gary Maerz MD
Dr. Amy Magnusson MD
Dr. Jorge Marcial MD
Dr. Ralph Marino MD
Susan Mcdowell MD
John Mcgarry MD
Melvin Mejia MD
Dr. John Merritt
Dorothy Miller MD
Kenneth Moore MD
Nithyanandini Namassivaya MD
Prabhakaran Nambiar MD
Dr. Patricia Nance MD
Fahima Nasar MD
Dr. Anne Nastasi MD
Gregory Nemunaitis MD
Dr. Austin Nobunaga MD
Ronald Novak MD
Steven Nussbaum MD
Dr. Merle Orr MD
Dr. Jonathan Ostrowski MD
Doug Ota MD
Dr. Maria Fides Pacheco MD
Ajit Pai MD
Dr. Jai Park MD
Dr. Kenneth Parker MD
Dr. Kenneth Parsons MD
Javier Placer MD
Thomas Polisoto MD
Michael Priebe MD
Vandana Punj MD
Dr. Tahir Qazi MD
Dr. Tie Qian MD
Dr. Igor Rakovchik DO
Dr. Raheemunnisa Rawoof MD
Dr. Albert Recio MD
Gianna Maria Rodriguez MD
Dr. Randolph Roig MD
Dr. James Roper JR. MD
Elliot Roth MD
Dr. Robert Ruff MD, PHD
Lisa Ruppert MD
Dr. Rimma Ruvinskaya MD
Richard Salcido MD
Dr. Gregory Samson MD
Paul Sandford MD
Mehdi Sarkarati MD
Dr. Roy Sasaki MD
Nicole Sasson MD
Robert Savarese DO
Dr. William Scelza MD
Sandra Scheler-Mangiapia MD
Dr. Edward Schnitzer MD
Michael Schwartz MD
Subramani Seetharama MD
Dr. Farhad Sepahpanah MD
Dr. Dinesh Shah MD
Dr. Nasar Shahid MD
Dr. Wan Shin MD
David Shuster MD
Robert Sibley JR. MD
Thomas Silvestrini
Kara Sims
Shawn Song MD
Scott Standage MD
Dr. Katherine Stenson MD
Dr. Laura Stevens MD
Dr. Steven Stiens MD MS
Dr. Jonathan Strayer MD
Dr. Hemalatha Subbaratnam MD
Dr. Gabriel Sunn MD
Dr. Jelena Svircev MD
Ms. Amiee Tabatzky LAC
Dr. Luz Tastard MD
Dr. Luis Taveras MD
Katrina Thomas MD
Prof. Kurt Florian Thomas MD, MA, PHD, MS
Dr. Tanisha Toaston DO
Dr. Glenna Tolbert MD
Dr. Michelle Trbovich MD
Jeffrey Tubbs JR. MD
Viviane Ugalde MD
Dr. Jon Vandeventer MD
Kareen Velez MD
Dominique Vinh MD
Dr. Oksana Volshteyn MD
Dr. Heather Walker MD
Dr. Kenneth Waller MD
Dr. William Waring III MD
Dr. Paula Wegert MD
Dr. Kevin White MD
Dr. Itala Wickremasinghe MD
Theresa Wolfe MD
Hongying Xi MD
Dr. Jennifer Marie Yang MD
Dr. Woo Choong Yoon MD
Dr. Alan Young DO
Dr. Peter Yu MD
Dr. Kuno Zimmermann DO
Richard Zorowitz MD