Physical Medicine & Rehabilitations

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also referred to as rehabilitation medicine, is the medical specialty concerned with diagnosing, evaluating, and treating patients with physical disabilities. These disabilities may arise from conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system such as neck and back pain, sports injuries, or other painful conditions affecting the limbs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Alternatively, the disabilities may result from neurological trauma or disease such as spinal cord injury, head injury or stroke. A physician certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation is often called a physiatrist. The primary goal of the physiatrist is to achieve maximal restoration of physical, psychological, social and vocational function through comprehensive rehabilitation. Pain management is often an important part of the role of the physiatrist. For diagnosis and evaluation, a physiatrist may include the techniques of electromyography to supplement the standard history, physical, x-ray and laboratory examinations. The physiatrist has expertise in the appropriate use of therapeutic exercise, prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics and mechanical and electrical devices. *

Specialization: Pain Medicine

A physician who provides a high level of care, either as a primary physician or consultant, for patients experiencing problems with acute, chronic or cancer pain in both hospital and ambulatory settings. Patient care needs may also be coordinated with other specialists. **

Operator Assisted Physical Therapist Referral

Dr. Venkat Aachi MD
Dr. Enzo Abad DO
Mr. Arjang Abbasi DO
Farag Aboelsaad MD
Iman Abou-Chakra MD
Bachu Abraham MD
Christina Abraham MD
Dr. Jimmy Adams DO
Dr. Anthony Adeleye MD
Howard Adelglass MD
Dr. Abiola Adisa-Obayan MD
Dr. Shelinder Aggarwal MD
Dr. Abid Agha MD
Vibha Agrawal MD
Dr. Usman Ahmad DO
Dr. Zeeshan Ahmad MD
Maqsood Ahmed MD
Moustafa Ahmed MD
Dr. Shaik Mohd Ahmed MD
Mr. Paramjit Ajrawat MD
Dr. Mehras Akhavan MD
Dr. Syed Akhtar-Zaidi MD
Dr. Sudha Akkapeddi MD
Pani Akuthota MD, FAAEM
Tony Al-Amin MD
Dr. Ammar Alamarie MD
Sunil Albert MD
Dr. Juan Albino-Rodriguez MD
Dr. James Alexander MD
John Alexander JR. MD
Donald Algeo
Dr. Adil Ali MD
Irfan Alladin MD
Dr. Douglas Allen DO
Dr. Alfred Allina DO
Dr. Corey Anden MD
Alfred Anderson MD, DC
Bradford Anderson MD
Dr. Jason Anderson DO
Trevor Anderson MD
Dr. Amer Ansari DO
Dr. Kevin Anuvat MD
Peter Arabadjis MD
Dr. Muhammad Arif MD
Dr. Corey Armstead MD
Jason Arora DO
Dr. Mikhail Artamonov MD
Dr. William Atkins JR. MD
Jason Attaman DO
Scott Au MD
Dr. Benjamin Auerbach DO
Dr. Danielle Aufiero MD
Brian August MD
Dr. Joseph Augustin MD
Dr. Chad Austin MD
Muzaffar Awan MD
Mark Awoniyi MD
Bradley Aylor MD
Edward Babigumira MD
James Babington MD
Luis Baerga-Varela MD
Luis Baez-Cabrera MD
Dr. Feng Bai MD
Prempreet Bajaj DO
Dr. Clifford Baker MD
Thomas Baker MD
Dr. Rishi Bakshi DO
Dr. Ofelia Balagtas-Balmaseda MD
Dr. Angelita Balbas MD
Dr. Edward Albert Balbas MD
Joshua Balch MD
Dr. Harout Balian MD
Katherine Ballard MD
Mr. Jamal Balouch DO
Dr. Ganesh Balu MD
Dr. Sachin Bansal MD
Dr. Amanda Barker MD
Dr. Arthur Barletta MD
Dr. Christopher Barnes MD
Dr. Jane Barnwell MD
Fardad Baroumand MD
Lisa Barr MD
Dr. Lisha Barre MD
Sharon Basham MD
Dr. Rachel Basse MD
Sharon Bassi MD
Dr. Botond Batizy II MD
Zubin Batlivala MD
Dr. Denny Battista DO
Mrs. Jennie Corinne Baublitz Brenenborg DO
Dr. Edith Bautista-Quint MD
Naimish Baxi MD
Stephanie Bayner MD
William Beckworth MD
Jeffry Beer MD
James Behr MD
Fadi Bejjani MD PHD
Dr. Praxedes Belandres MD
Ms. Jessica Bell DO
Paraluman Bella MD
Dr. Brian Belnap DO
Dr. Ron Ben-Meir DO
Dr. Elite Ben-Ozer MD
Dr. Moshe Ben-Roohi MD
Dr. Daniel Bender MD
Dr. Frank Bender III MD
Jay Bender MD
Akil Benjamin DO
Dr. Benoy Benny MD
Dr. Bradley Benson DO
Dr. Joseph Bergeron MD
Dr. Mark Bernhard DO
Dr. Avinash Bhandary MD
Dr. Niteesh Bharara MD
Dr. Bipin Bharatwal MD
Mr. Rabinder Bhatti DO
Paul Biewen MD
Dr. Mark Bilezikjian MD
Gregory Billy MD
Adrian Birladeanu MD
George Bitting MD
Richard Blackham MD
Dr. Jonathan Blau MD
Marvin Bleiberg MD
Dr. Mitchell Bloom MD
Dr. Sergey Bogdan MD
Dennis Bonner MD
Dr. Jessica Boston MD
Karina Bouffard MD
Mark Bouffard IV MD
Dr. Charles Bova MD
Kyle Bovee
Dr. Christopher Bovinet DO
Richard Bowman II MD
Dr. Patrick Boylan MD
Dr. Samuel Braitman MD
Dr. John Brannan MD
Dr. Joel Braun MD
Ephraim Brenman DO
Barbara Briner DO
Dr. Sandee Bristow MD
Holly Broadwater NP
Dr. Ronald Brody MD
Jason Brokaw MD
Dr. Melinda Brown MD
Dr. Samuel Brown DO
Dr. Scott Brown MD
Dr. Stephen Brown MD
Kendra Brown-Walker MD
Robert Brownsberger MD
Zach Broyer MD
Susan Bryant MD
Suneetha Budampati MD
Dr. Eugene Bulkin MD
Timothy Bunker MD
Candice Burnette MD
Dr. Clifton Burt MD
Dr. Nima Bushehri DO
Dr. Maynard Buszek MD
Dr. Maria Cabodevilla-Conn MD
Dr. Milton Calima MD
Dr. Steven Calvino MD
Jennifer Cann MD
Douglas Cannon MD
William Cano MD
Wenhui Cao MD
Robert Carabelli MD
Dr. Alfredo Caragay MD
Dr. Alexios Carayannopoulos DO, MPH
Mrs. Karyn Carey PT
Dr. Richard Carino MD
Dr. Margaret Carlini MD
Dr. James Carlisle MD
Charles Carnel MD
Dr. Linda Carroll MD
Billy Carstens DO
Alicia Carter MD
Dr. Jerome Carter MD
Dr. Russell Carter MD
Mr. Claudio Carvalho DO
Dr. Damon Cary DO
Steven Casey DO
Lance Cassell MD
Dr. David Cassius MD
Bethia Cawley PA-C
Dr. Philip Ceraulo DO
Kwai-Tung Chan MD
Sushma Chandan MD
Dr. Bhavini Chandarana MD
Elizabeth Chandler MD
Srikrishna Chandran MD
Dr. Christopher Chang MD
Dr. Eric Chang MD
Dr. James Chang MD
Michael Chang DO
Mimi Chang MD
Paul Chang MD
Gregory Chapis MD
David Char MD
Dr. Beny Charchian MD, MS
Dr. Orlando Charry-Rodriquez MD
Dr. Alexander Chasnis MD
Dr. Benjamin Chasnis MD
Dr. Philippe Chemaly DO
Dr. Halland Chen MD
Dr. Hamilton Chen MD
Ivan Chen MD
Jeff Chen MD
Tao Chen MD
David Cheng MD
Ernest Cheng DO
Bradley Chesler MD
Dr. Ginger Chiang MD
Sung Cho MD
Catherine Choi MD
Mr. Hyun-Chang Choi LAC
Dr. Bud Chomhirun MD
Lisa Choung MD
Dr. Anne Christopher IV MD
Joseph Chun DO
Dr. Michael Chung MD
Brandon Claflin DO
Dr. Jonathan Clapp MD
Garry Clark DO
Jaimie Clodfelter DO
Dr. Matthew Co DO
Paul Coelho MD
Dr. Randy Cohen DO
Dr. William Cohen MD
Dr. Spencer Colden MD
Dr. Jeffrey Cole MD
William Cole JR. DO
Dr. Jeremy Collins MD
Dr. Edwin Colon MD
Theodore Conliffe JR. MD
Dr. Parchelle Connally MD
Odeane Connor MD
Cheryl Conrad NP
Paul Cooke MD
Dr. Carroll Cooper MD
Dr. David Cooper MD
Scott Corneal DO
Margarita Correa-Perez MD
Erwin Cortez MD
Stephen Cosentino DO
Dr. James Cosgrove MD
Ann Cottrell MD
Dr. Ryan Coughlan MD
Brian Couri MD
Dr. Todd Cowen MD
Dr. James Craig JR. DO
Dr. Ann Crawford MD
Dr. Adrian Cristian MD
Lynn Crummy DT
Maricarmen Cruz MD
Ramon Cuevas-Trisan MD
Dr. Jimmy Cui MD
Mrs. Maria Cunningham LPT
Dr. John Dana MD
Dr. Christiopher Dankmyer MD
Judy Dano ARNP
Dr. Rajiv Das MD
Mary Frances Daut MD
Nikita Dave MBBS
Dr. Vibhooti Dave DO
Heather Davids MD
Timothy Davis MD
Christopher Dawson MD
Eileen Debbi MD
Mr. Stephen Dechter DO
Howard Dedes MD
Steven Defosses MD
Salar Deldar MD
Lourdes Delgado MD
Jeffrey Deloach DO
Dr. Arthur Deluigi DO
Dr. Jing Deng MD
Dr. Donna Dephillips MD
Joann Dervay MD
Dr. Jignyasa Desai DO
Dr. Mehul Desai MD
Dr. Robert Deters MD
Dr. James Devney DO
Dr. Rajpreet Dhesi MD
Dr. Nicholas Diamond DO
Gary Dilla MD
Dr. James Dillard MD
Dr. Stephen Dinger DO
Dr. Michael Dobrow DO
Dr. Joseph Doerr MD
Dr. Roberto Dominguez MD
Richard Donadio MD
John Downey DO
Dr. David Drake MD
Dr. Kevin Drew MD
Dr. Paul Dreyfuss MD
Mary Du Quette MD
Lori Dufour PT
Dr. Mihnea Dumitrescu MD
Dr. Lester Duplechan MD
Keira Duvernoy DO
Dr. Gerald Dworkin DO
Dr. Gary Eaton DO
Dr. Roxanne Edwards MD
Dr. Ellis Efobi MD
Ngozi Efobi MD
Dr. Harold Einsig MD, AT , C
Foad Elahi MD
Marcia Elfenbaum MD
Dr. Mary Elliott MD
Behzad Emad MD
Lisa Enders-Grant MD
Michael Engle MD
Dr. Jason Erickson DO
Dr. Srinivas Erragolla MD
Dr. Carlo Esteves DO
Dr. Grant Etnyre MD
Dr. Richard Evans MD
Dr. Clifford Everett MD
Dr. Chioma Ezeadichie DO
Dr. Hamid Fadavi DO
Dr. Wladislaw Fedoriw MD
Dr. Steven Feinberg MD
Dr. Fredric Feit MD
Arpad Fejos MD
Alicia Feldman MD
Evelyn Feng MD
Dr. Nestor Fernandez MD
Joseph Ferraro MD
Dr. Martin Ferrillo DO
Dr. Sherin Fetouh MD
Ivan Figueroa MD
Jeffrey Filiberto MD
Eric Finkelstein MD
Dr. Louis Fiore MD
Dr. Carmen Fischer MD
Dr. Deborah Fisher MD
Dr. William Fitz MD
Colleen Fitzgerald MD
Dr. Ellen Flinchum MD
Thomas Florian MD
Dr. Jaime Foland MD
Brian Foley MD
Dr. Yvette Folse MD,
Wesley Foreman MD
Dr. Ferdinand Formoso DO
Mr. Brian Forzani MD
Lisa Foster MD
Rebecca Foster PA
Alexander Francini MD
Lawrence Frank MD
Dr. Vlada Frankenberger DO
Dr. Jason Franklin DO
Mitchell Freedman DO
Dr. Darren Freeman DO
Jonathan French MD
Jeffrey Friedman MD
Dr. Joel Friedman MD
Dr. Bruce Fry DO
Dr. Scott Fuchs DO
Mr. Michael Fuentes MD
Ronald Fujimoto DO
Mr. Kenneth Fults DO
Dr. Daniel Fung MD
Michael Furman MD
Emmanuel Gage
Joseph Galate MD
Dr. Robert Gamburd MD
Dr. Cathy Gao MD
Dr. Felipe Garcia JR. M D
Dr. Herbert Garcia MD
Butchaiah Garlapati MD
Dr. David Garrigues MD
Dr. Avrom Gart MD
Richard Gasalberti MD
Dr. David Gaughan M,D
Richard Genato MD
Dr. Theresa Genovese-Elliott MD
Kenneth Gentilezza MD
Steven Gershon MD
Dr. Michel Gevaert MD
Howard Gill III MD
Maureen Ginsburg DO
Shereef Girgis MD
John Giusto MD
Jerel Glassman DO
Dr. Arie Gluzman MD
Amitabh Goel MD
Sara Goel DO
Sonia Goel MBBS
Dr. Brandon Goff DO
Rajendra Gogia MD
Dr. Harvey Goldberg MD
Dr. Bradley Goldsmith MD
Edgar Goldston JR. MD
Aleksandr Goldvekht MD
Dr. Christina Gonzaga DO
Gonzalo Gonzales JR. DO
Dr. Joe Gonzales MD
Mark Gonzales
Mark Goodson MD
Dr. Allen Goodwin MD
Mr. Joshua Goodwin MD
Wendy Goodwin MD
Assaf Gordon MD
Dr. Jeffrey Gorelick MD
Dr. Joseph Gottesman MD
Dr. Kush Goyal MD
Louis Graham MD
Dr. Erick Grana MD
Dr. Howard Grattan MD
Dr. Susan Griffee MD
Dr. Joseph Griffin MD
Dr. John Groner MD
Scott Grosse MD
Dr. Jeffrey Grossman MD
Dr. Jonathan Grossman MD
Dr. Alan Gruskin DO
David Grygier MD
Dr. Robert Guirguis DO
Dr. Mohan Gulati MD
Hongtao Guo MD
Ying Guo MD
Dr. Amitabh Gupta MD
Dr. Rajan Gupta MD
Dr. Irving Haber DO
Abdussami Hadi MD
Dr. Joseph Hadi MD
Dr. Mohammed Hadi DO
Dr. Nameer Haider MD
Dr. Bruce Hairston MD
Dr. Shailendra Hajela MD
Andrew Hall MD
Dr. John Hall MD
Dr. Johnathan Halperin MD
Joy Hamilton MD
Adam Hammer MD
Dr. Rita Hancock MD
Todd Handel MD
Sophie Hanna MD
Shumail Haque DO
Robert Harden MD
Sawey Harhash MD
Craig Harris MD
Mark Harris MD
Dr. Stacy Harris MD
Stuart Hartman DO
Dr. Mansoor Hasan MD
Martin Hasenfeld MD
Raed Hattab MD
Dr. Joshua Hay MD
Jinghua He MD
Dr. Bo Headlam MD
David Heard MD
Michael Hebrard MD
Thomas Heckman
Douglas Hemler MD
Dr. Andrew Hendrix MD
Pierre Herard MD
Dr. Liza Hernandez-Gonzalez MD
Dr. Robert Heros MD
Dr. Marcom Herren DO
Matthew Hettle MD
Oscar Heyman DO
Graham Hill DO
Dr. Kevin Hill MD
Dr. Nathan Hill MD
Dr. Christine Hinke MD
Dr. David Hirsch DO
Suehun Ho MD
Dr. Julie Hoang MD
Andre Hobbs MD
Dr. Mark Hofmann MD
Dr. Michele Holding MD
Rebecca Holdren MD
Lynda Holliday RN-BC
David Hollifield MD
Dr. L. Hollis JR. MD
Shannon Hollowell NP
Dr. Samuel Holmes MD
Steven Holper MD
Prof. Chang-Zern Hong MD
Dr. Hoyman Hong MD
Dr. Young Hong MD
Dr. Arthur Horn MD
Kevin Hsu MD
Dr. Jian Hu MD
Mei Hu MD
Dr. Zhengyu Hu MD MS
Dr. Charles Huang DO
Mr. James Huang MD
Dr. Kareem Hubbard MD
Joyce Huerta MD
Paris Hughes DO
Stephen Hull MD
Dr. Lynn Hung MD
Dr. Corey Hunter MD
Shernaz Hurlong DO
Dr. Alan Hurschman MD
Sara Huss MD
Dr. Arif Hussain DO
Dr. Jawed Hussain MD
Nadeem Hussain MD
Ms. Susan Husslein PTA
Dr. Charlie Huynh MD
Triet Huynh MD
Chan Hwang MD
Wilfred Hynes JR. MD
Rimon Issac DO
Kenneth Izzo MD
Dr. Thomas Jackson MD
John Jahan MD
Scott Jahnke DO
Dr. Parul Jajoo DO
Dr. Michael James MD
Dr. Merle Janes MD
Dr. Christopher Janssen
Dr. Rachelle Janush DO
Dr. Navdeep Jassal MD
Asif Jillani MD
Dr. Karan Johar MD
Markus John MD
Dr. David Johnson MD
Dr. Shawn Johnston MD
Antoine Jones MD
Carri Jones MD
Dr. Darlene Jones DO
Dr. Gregory Jones MD
Dr. William Jones MD
Dr. Youssef Josephson DO
Dr. Anand Joshi MD
Dr. Girish Juneja MD
Jae Jung MD
Drahmane Kaba MD
Hemant Kalia MD, MPH
Marc Kallins MD
Dr. Matthew Kalter MD
David Kammerman MD
Colin Kanar MD
Dr. Vishal Kancherla DO
Dr. David Kang MD
Miriam Kanter MD
Dr. Brinda Kantha DO
Dr. Allen Kao MD
Dr. Ming-Chih Kao MD
Amarish Kapasi MD
Dr. Michael Kaplan MD
Md Karim MD
Mrs. Danielle Karimi MD
Nicolas Karvelas
Dr. Sreelatha Katari MD,
Sanjiv Kaul DO
Vladimir Kaye MD
Afaq Kazi MD
Dr. Gerald Keane MD
Dr. Edward Kelley MD
Richard Kendall DO
Brian Keogh JR. MD
Dr. Gary Keogh MD
Sackdinanh Keomahathai MD
Mr. Jeffrey Kesten MD
Matthew Keum MD
Dr. Akbar Khan DO
Dr. Bilal Khan DO
Dr. Naheed Khan MD
Qamar Khan DO
Dr. Boris Khariton MD
Narinder Khosla MD
John Kihlken MD
Andrew Kim DO, PLLC
Ann Kim MD
Hyung Kim MD
Jiensup Kim MD
Jorge Kim MD
Kenneth Kim MD
Nancy Kim MD
Dr. Sung-Lana Kim MD
Dr. Carlton Kimmerle MD
Russell Kinder MD
Dr. Conrad King JR. MD, PA
Arrash Kirkland MD
Dr. Dhiruj Kirpalani MD
Dr. Neil Kirschbaum DO
Tatyana Kisina MD
Kenneth Klein MD
Dr. Milton Klein DO
Jeff Kleiner MD
Dr. Susan Klimow MD
John Kline MD
Karen Knight MD
Ms. Kristi Knutson LPTA
Dr. Dong Ko MD
Andrew Kochan MD
Katarzyna Kocol DO
Chris Koford MD
Daniel Kohane MD
Dr. Nelson Kohn MD
Michael Kohrman MD
Dr. Jonathan Komar MD
Dr. Joel Konikow MD
Benedict Konzen MD
Dr. Gordon Korby DO,, DC
Mr. Marc Kornfield MD
Leo Korotki MD
Dr. Marek Korzeniowski MD
Dr. Ramakrishna Kosuri MD
Dr. Vasilios Kountis DO
Yury Koyen MD
Dr. Eric Kozfkay DO
Sulim Krimshtein MD
Gail Krivan MD
Anna Krol MD
Heather Kroll MD
Monika Krzyzek DO
James Kulik MD
Ajay Kumar MD
Dr. Sanjay Kumar DO
Dr. Lata Kumaraswamy DO
Dr. Marek Kurowski MD
Dr. Jennifer Kurz MD
Daniel Kwon MD
Mary Kwon MD
Dr. Paul Ky DO
Kevin Ladin MD
Francis Lagattuta MD
Dr. James Lai MD
Dr. Khang Lai D O
Mei Lai MD
Dr. Venkata Lakkimsetty MD
Dr. Fred Lamb MD
Dr. Scott Lamb MD
Dr. Leo Langlois MD
Craig Lankford MD
Ben Laplante DO
Thomas Larkin MD
Christina Lasich MD
Cesar Lassalle-Nieves MD
Dr. Mujahed Lateef MD
Dr. Arash Lavian MD
Dr. Robert Lavin MD
Dr. Anthony Lebario MD
Stephen Lebduska MD
Dr. Anthony Lee MD
David Lee MD
Mr. Howard Lee MD
Dr. Jerome Lee MD
Dr. Paul Lee MD
Tennyson Lee MD
Dr. Thomas Lee MD
Dr. Paul Leonard MD
Rama Letchuman MD
Dr. Daniel Leung DO
Dr. Tobey Leung MD
Dr. Aleksandr Levchenko DO
Dr. David Levi MD
Joshua Levin MD
Dr. Aaron Levine MD
Dr. Larry Levine MD
Dr. Benjamin Levy MD
Jamie Lewis MD
Dr. Robert Ley DO
Hai-Yan Li MD
Lisa Lichota DO
William Lichtenfeld MD
Dr. Ronald Lieberman DO
Dr. John Liguori MD
Dr. Robert Lillo MD
Dr. Ellen Lin MD
Dr. Enrique Linan MD
David Lindenberg DO
Mrs. Susan Linder MD
Dr. Jason Lipetz MD
Dr. Matthew Lipp MD
Adam Locketz MD
John Lomas MD
Dr. Edrick Lopez MD, JD
Frank Lopez MD
Manuel Lopez Diez MD
Ross Lumsden MD
Dr. Wendi Lundquist DO
Christopher Lutz MD
Dr. Jason Ly DO
Dr. Jung-Woo Ma MD
Dr. Raghu Maddela MD, MPH
Frances Madden MD
Dr. Jon Mader MD
Edward Magaziner MD
Umar Mahmood DO
Kathleen Majors MD
Dr. Rudy Malayil MD
Dr. Atif Malik MD
Dr. Clinton Mallari MD
Dr. Kavita Manchikanti MD
Dr. Danilo Mangunay MD
Victoria Mansour MD
Dr. Yuri Marchuk MD
Dr. Daniel Marin MD
Dr. Robert Marini MD
Dr. Daniel Marsh MD
Erik Marsiglia
Isaac Marsolek MD
Dr. Jennifer Martin MD
Nicholette Martin MD
Dr. Richard Martin MD
Dr. Scott Martin MD
Dr. Alexander Martinez MD
Dr. Carlos Martinez DO
Santos Martinez MD
Gabriel Martinez Geigel MD
Firooz Mashhood MD
Raul Masing MD
Mehrdad Massumi MD
Dr. Jose Mathew DO, MPH
Dr. Thomas Mathew MD
Anne Mathews MD
Dr. Sunjay Mathur MD
Dr. Robin Matias DO
Adam Mauer MD
Allen Maynard PA-C
Dr. Richard Mazzaferro DO
Matthew Mcauliffe MD
Dr. Liam Mccarthy MD
Patrick Mccreesh MD
Dr. Kevin Mcelroy DO
Matthew Mcgehee MD
James Mcgregor MD
Dr. Daniel Mchugh MD
Dr. James Mckoy MD
William Mcroberts MD
Benjamin Meeks NP
Paul Mefferd DO
Dr. Benjamin Mega MD
Michael Mehnert MD
Rajesh Mehta MD
Dr. Rohaan Mehta MD
Michael Meighen MD
Dr. Joseph Mejia DO
Dr. Diana Mekler MD
Dr. Alec Meleger MD
Renee Melfi MD
Pietro Memmo MD
Jose Mena MD
Mr. Sina Menashehoff DO
Dr. Serge Menkin MD
Christopher Merrell MD
Prof. Michael Metz PT
Dr. Adam Meyers DO
Dr. Jeffery Meyers MD
Dr. Zinovy Meyler DO
Dr. Georgi Mikeladze MD
Dr. Aleksandr Mikhaylovskiy MD
Dr. Robert Millard MD
Dr. Celeste Miller MD
Dr. Clay Miller MD
Dr. Dina Miller MD
Dr. Gregory Miller MD
Dr. Lawrence Miller MD
James Milne DO
Michelle Mina MD
Rajorshi Mitra MD
Dr. Nehal Modh MD
Joseph Mogan III MD
Mr. Aly Mohsen MD
Vidyasagar Mokureddy MD
Dr. Jonathan Moldover MD
Dr. Tina Molumphy MD
Dr. Dean Mondell MD
Rebeca Monreal DO
Dr. Ann Monroe MD
Dr. Andrew Monroy MD
Dr. Margaret Moon DO
Dr. David Moorthi MD
Prathima Moorthy MD
Kioomars Moosazadeh MD
Osmin Morales MD
Dr. Kyle Morgan DO
Dr. Scott Morioka MD
James Morland MD
Dr. Robert Moses MD
Dr. Akbar Mostatab MD, DPH
Dr. Seyed Mostoufi MD
Sami Moufawad MD
Mrs. Rae Jean Muchenberger PTA
Phyllis Muellner MD
Jeffery Muir MD
Muhammad Munir MD
Satvik Munshi MD
Daniel Munton MD
Nicholas Muraoka DO
Dr. Saranya Nadella MD
Dr. Scott Naftulin DO
David Nagel MD
Dr. Pranitha Nallu MD
Seema Nambiar MD
Aziz Namjouyan MD
Dr. Elena Naryzhny MD
Dr. Edward Nash MD
Hany Nasr MD
Dr. James Natalicchio MD
Dr. Rock Navarkal MD
Dr. John Neff MD
Lori Nelson MD
Ross Nelson MD
Ali Nemat MD
Dr. Victor Nemerof DO
Dr. Dmitry Nesen MD
Dr. Cuong Nguyen MD
Dr. Lam Nguyen DO
Minh Nguyen MD
John Nicholson MD
Dr. Gerald Nickerson JR. MD
Michelle Nisenbaum MD
Dr. Bonnie Nock DO
Dr. Samuel Nortman MD
Dr. Fred Nowroozi MD
Zhanna Nudelman MD
Adaku Nwachuku DO
John Nyboer MD
Scott Nyboer MD
Dr. David O'brien JR. MD
Thomas O'laughlin MD
David O'malley MD
Dr. Stephen O'neil MD
Adrianne O'quinn MD
Bryan O'young MD
John Obermiller MD
Rick Obray MD
Robin Ockey MD
Louis Olegario MD
Brian Olenslager MD
Pedro Oliveros JR. MD
Dr. Helen Oller MD
Dr. Luis Olmedo MD
Dr. Frances Onyewu MD
Dr. Hadassah Orenstein MD
Dr. Brian Oricoli MD
John Orsini MD
Victor Osisanya MD
Dr. Armin Oskouei MD
Dr. Claude Oster DO
Stacy Ostler MD
Edward Overton DO
Lester Owens DO
Llewellyn Packia Raj MD
Mr. Gurpreet Padda MD
Dr. Jennifer Page MD
Dr. Sarah Page MD
Yong Pak MD
Dr. Beth Palmisano MD
Dr. Maria Palou MD
John Pan MD
Dr. Dhanu Panchal MD
Vinit Pande MD
Dr. Andrew Pandya MD
Dr. Kam Fai Pang MD
Rudolfo Panganiban MD
Dr. Sanjog Pangarkar MD
Dr. Paul Pannozzo MD
Dr. Robert Pannullo MD
Kenith Paresa MD
Ashley Park MD
Dr. Edward Park MD
John Park MD
Yong Park MD
Dr. Srinivason Parthasarathy MD
Uzma Parvez MD
John Parziale MD
Dr. Mohammad Pasha MD
Dr. Edmund Pasimio MD
Ajay Patel
Dr. Amish Patel DO
Dr. Amrish Patel MD
Ankit Patel MD
Bharat Patel MD
Dr. Faguna Patel DO
Rajeev Patel MD
Reekesh Patel MD
Rikin Patel DO
Dr. Manoj Patharkar MD
Dr. Thomas Pattison MD
William Paule MD
Dr. Aurora Payawal Dela Rosa MD
Kate Paylo DO
Dr. Jonathan Pearlman MD
Dr. Joseph Peck MD
Dr. David Peifer MD
Dr. Rick Pellant DO
Ms. Tracey Pennington MD,MPH
Dr. Pradeep Penta MD
Jason Peragine MD
George Perdue DO
Grisselle Perez Santiago MD
Dr. Marco Perez Toro MD
Roberto Perez-Millan MD, PA
Karen Perl DO
Mr. Perry Perretz DO
Dr. Daniel Perri MD
Dr. Jeffrey Perry DO
Dr. Lane Peterson DO
Justin Petrolla MD
Dr. Timothy Pettingell MD
Dr. Anthony Pham DO
Dr. Bao Pham DO
Jyoti Pham MD
Phillip Pham DO
Amy Phelan MD
Dr. Gregory Phillips MD
Jeff Pierce DO
Dr. Michael Pinckney MD
Dr. Roman Piraner MD
Dr. Lisa Pitino DO
Dr. Grigory Pogrebinsky MD
David Polin MD
Dr. Gary Polykoff MD
Bruce Pomeranz MD
Dr. Bruce Porter MD
Dr. Margaret Portwood MD
Michael Post MD
Dr. Matthew Pouliot DO
Dr. Amir Pouradib MD
John Powell PA
Dr. Krishnappa Prasad MD
Adriana Prawak DO
William Prebola MD
Laura Prewitt-Buchanan MD
Ellen Price DO
Barbara Quattrone MD
Dr. Evan Queler MD
Mark Queralt MD
Fernando Quesada MA
Dr. Antonio Quidgley-Nevares MD
Dr. Omar Quiles MD
Amir Qureshi MD
Laleh Radfar-Baublitz DO
Gabriel Radu
Dr. Syed Rahman MD
Dr. Joshu Raiten MD
Dr. Pauline Raitses DO
George Raj MD,
Phillip Rajadas MD
Dr. Naghmeh Rajaee
Sunita Rajput DO
Dr. H. Ramesh MD
Ramya Rangaraj MD
Cecilia Ransom MD
Srikanth Rao DO
Dr. Anuradha Rao-Patel MD
Edwidge Raoul MD
Mr. Imad Rashid DO
Dr. Joseph Rashkin M D
Eric Ray MD
Dr. Justin Raye DO
Mr. Anil Reddy MD
Yeshwant Reddy MD
Stephen Redmond MD, MPH
Mark Reecer MD
Kenneth Reeves MD
Arkam Rehman MD
Ateeq Rehman MD
Dr. Joshua Reimer MD
Timothy Reis DO
Dr. Vishal Rekhala DO
Dr. Xiangping Ren MD
Fernando Rennella MD
Robert Rentfro III MD
Dr. Jason Rhee MD
Patrick Rhoades MD
Dr. Matthew Richardson MD
Mr. Trey Rigert MD
Josephine Rim MD
Christopher Rink DO
Dr. Miguel Rivera MD
Dr. Enrique Rivera Lugo MD
Daniel Rivera-Buscaglia M D
Carlos Rivera-Tavarez MD
Benjamin Robinson PT
Dr. Howard Robinson
Dr. Ted Robinson MD
Dr. William Robinson MD
Kenneth Rodrigues MD
Mrs. Zaira Rodriguez
Marimie Rodriguez-Campos MD
Beth Rogers MD
Christopher Rogers MD
Luis Roman SR.
Dr. Michael Romello MD
Dr. Jack Rook MD
Bradley Root DO
Norman Rosen MD
Eric Rosenbaum MD
Dr. Daniel Rosenberg MD
Dr. Aaron Rosenblatt MD
Jay Rosenfeld MD
Barrie Ross MD
Barry Ross MD
Dr. Eric Roth MD
Dr. Germaine Rowe MD
Antonio Rozier MD
Dr. Mark Rubenstein MD
Steven Rupert DO
Dr. Patrick Russell MD
Dr. Manijeh Ryan MD
Dr. Thomas Ryder MD
Dr. Jeffrey Saal MD
Dr. Joel Saal MD
Steven Sabers MD
Dr. Kimberly Safman MD
Dr. Shimul Sahai MD
Dr. Daniel Saint-Elie MD
Dr. Cherian Sajan MD
Dr. Azra Salahuddin MBBS
Aleya Salam MD
Islam Saleh MD
Dr. Kevin Sandberg MD
Dr. Timothy Sandell MD
Karl Sandin MD
Dr. Richard Sandler MD
Dr. Joseph Sanelli DO
Timothy Sanford MD
Juan Santiago-Palma MD
Mr. Jos Santz II MD
Mr. Enrique Sanz MD
Dr. Demosthenes Sarlis MD
Joseph Saveika III MD
Dr. Jennifer Sayanlar DO
Michael Schabacker MD
Dr. Charles Schlosser III MD,MPH
Moacir Schnapp MD
Dr. Hyon Schneider MD
Amy Schneider Lyall DO
Paul Scholten MD
John Schultz MD
Maria Schwartz MD
Dr. Derek Scott I MD
Dr. Jeffrey Scott MD
Dr. Richard Scott II MD
Yolanda Scott MD
Dr. Cyrus Sedaghat MD
Dr. Joel See MD
Dr. Benjamin Seeman DO
Michael Sein MD
Devashish Sen MD
Victoria Sepesky MD
Charles Settle MD
Dhruv Shah MD
Dr. Kalyani Shah MD
Ms. Kanta Shah MD
Mrugeshkumar Shah MD
Carl Shapiro DO
Dr. Roberta Shapiro DO
Dr. Joyti Sharma
Kavita Sharma DO
Saloni Sharma MD
Dennis Shaughnessy MD
Dr. Anton Shcherbina MD
Mohsin Sheikh MD
Naureen Sheikh MD
Dr. Michael Shell DO
Anthony Sheplay MD
Jagadeesha Shetty MD
Ki Shin MD
Pejman Shirazy MD
Dr. Adam Shomstein DO
Dr. Lindsay Shroyer MD
Khuram Sial M D
Robert Sickler MD
Dr. Vijay Sidhwani DO
Dr. David Siegel MD
Barbara Sigal MD
Dr. Robert Silbert MD
David Silva DO
Russell Silver MD
Dr. Robert Silvera MD,
Judy Silverman MD
Laurance Silverman MD
Dr. Charles Simmons MD
Jeremy Simon MD
Mark Simonson MD
Michael Sinel MD
Dr. Albert Singh MD
Dr. Gurtej Singh MD
Dr. Jaspal Singh MD
Dr. John Sklar MD
Dr. Michael Slobasky DO
Marc Slonimski MD
John Smart MD
Carolyn Smith MD
Dr. Clark Smith MD
Dr. David Smith MD
David Smith MD
Dr. Kimberley Smith MD
Mark Smith PT
Michelle Smith MD
Dr. Phillip Smith DO
Rachael Smith DO
Dr. Victoria Smith MD
Andrew Smolenski MD
Matthew Smuck MD
Dr. Jerry Sobel MD
Ajendra Sohal MD
Dr. Byrne Solberg MD
Joseph Solberg DO
Dr. Neil Soni MD
Rajiv Sood DO
Dr. Paul Sorell III MD
Jason Sorg MD
Yevgeniy Sorokin DO
Dr. Brad Sorosky MD
Dr. Susan Sorosky MD
Julian Sosner MD
Costa Soteropoulos MD
Dr. Louis Spagnoletti
Dr. David Speach MD
Dr. Robert Spear DO
Dr. Shulim Spektor MD
Dr. Neil Spiegel DO
David Spight DO
Dr. David Spinner DO
Dr. Paul Sraow MD
Dr. Robert Stall MD
Dr. Denice Starley DO
Dr. Joanne Stein MD
Meryl Stein MD
Elliot Sterenfeld MD
Dr. Linda Stewart MD
Dr. Lynnsey Stewart MD
Dr. Susan Stickevers MD
Sonja Stilp MD
Todd Stitik MD
Dr. David Stolzenberg DO
Jonathan Stone DO
Daniel Stuart MD
Steven Stulc DO
Dr. Cynthia Su MD
Dr. Peter Su MD
Paul Sueno MD
Dr. Ross Sugar MD
Daniel Sullivan DO
Joseph Sullivan MD, PHD
Kevin Sullivan MD
Dr. Ajmal Sultan MD
Dr. Renjit Sundharadas MD
Dr. Srinivas Sunkavally MD
Raj Sureja MD
Vadim Surikov DO
Keith Susko MD
Dr. Nathaniel Sutain MD
Dr. Kartik Swaminathan MD
Dr. Jon Swift JR. DO
Dr. Thomas Synek MD
Kevin Tabije DO
Dr. Allen Tafel MD
Dr. Marc Tafflin DO
Dr. Abu Taher MD
Dr. Qing Tai MD, PHD
Dr. Jaspreet Takhar MD
Nishin Tambay MD
Nelson Tang MD
Dr. Nicholas Tannous MD
Dr. Jonathan Tarrash MD
Dr. Narayan Tata MD
Yusuf Tatli MD
Dr. Damien Tavares III MD
Zeeshan Tayeb MD
Jeffrey Taylor PT
Dr. Scott Taylor MD
Dr. Sean Taylor MD
Sheng Tchou MD
Angelo Tellis MD
Marcus Teshome MD
William Tham MD
Dr. Samuel Theagene MD
Roger Theodore MD
Dr. Gregory Thomas MD
Dr. Jeff Thomas MD
Sunil Thomas MD
Dr. Blake Thompson MD
Justin Thompson MD
Dr. Fani Thomson DO
Dr. Jarron Tilghman MD
Benjamin Tiongson MD
Dr. Ethelynda Tolentino MD
Dr. Mark Tomski MD
Tony Ton-That MD
Michael Trimba MD
Kavita Trivedi DO
Dr. Lee Trosterman MD
Larisa Tsaur MD
Dr. Robert Tsuji MD
Konstantin Tsymbalov DO
Dr. Luciano Tuluca MD
Dr. David Tung MD
John Tyler JR. MD
Chau Uong DO
Dr. Asit Upadhyay DO
Dr. Payam Vahedifar MD
Joseph Valenza MD
Dr. John Vallin MD
Dr. Ronald Vandernoord MD
Dr. Lourdes Varela-Batista MD
Dr. Ebby Varghese MD
Parveen Varma MD
Dr. Nancy Vaughan MD
Dr. Pablo Vazquez MD
Dr. Virendar Verma MD
Dr. Renato Vesga MD
Lynn Vidakovic MD
Dr. Edwin Villalobos MD
Dr. John Villanueva MD
Samant Virk MD
Domenic Visocchi MSPT
Vincenzo Vitto DO
Dr. John Vlattas MD
Priti Vohra
Dr. Kelly Volk D,O,
Dr. Ketan Vora DO
Cyrus Vosough MD
Albert Vu DO
Dr. Hoang Vu DO
Asutosh Vyas MD
Dr. Stephen Wade MD
Dr. Rehan Waheed DO
Dr. Howard Waldman DO, MD
Paul Walker MD
Dr. Edward Walko DO
Dr. Benjamin Wall MD
Nicolas Walsh MD
Dr. John Walter DO
Dr. Nathan Walters MD
Zheng Wang MD
Dr. Francisco Ward DO
Dr. Gregory Ward MD
Dr. James Warmoth MD
William Washington MD
Dr. Youssef Wassef MD, MS
John Watson MD
Stephanie Webb DO
Dr. Kevin Weiner MD
Dr. Saul Weingarden MD
Dr. Steven Weinstein MD
Dan Welch MD
Joshua Wellington MD
Marco Wen MD
Carlene Westfall MD
Dr. Victoria Wexley DDS
Dr. Edward Wheeler MD
Dr. Sean Wheeler MD
Theresa Wheeling MD
Dr. Paul White MD
William Whyte II MD
Dr. Dan Wilcox MD
Jeffrey Wilkins MD
Andrew Will MD
Mrs. Oscar Wille MD
Dr. Kristen Willett DO
Dennis Williams MD
Dr. James Williams JR. MD
Dr. Keith Williams MD
Dr. Richard Wilroy JR. DO
Julie Wilson MD
Dr. Richard Wilson JR. MD
Dr. Stephen Wilson MD
Terrence Wilson MD
Daren Wingard MD
Michael Wlasichuk MD
Dr. James Woessner MD, PHD
Dr. Claire Wolfe MD
Dr. Michael Wolff MD
Michael Wolk MD
Edison Wong. MD
Wayne Woodbury MD
Noadia Worku DO
Michael Worobel DO
Dr. Henry Wroblewski MD
Dr. Fan Xi MD
Dr. Selina Xing MD
Mark Yacyk DO
Rajesh Yadav MD
Arash Yadegar MD
Dr. Luis Ycaza DO
Catherine Yee MD
Dr. Eaton Yen DO
Dr. Gary Yen MD
Jay Yoo MD
Dr. Choong Yoon MD
Dr. Jean You MD
Sharif Younis MD
Andrew Yu MD
Dr. Kin-Hung Yu MD
Willie Yu MD
Dr. Jeffrey Yung MD
Joshua Yurfest MD
Dr. Keyvan Zavarei MD
Dina Zaza III MD
Dr. Min Zheng MD
Tong Zhu MD
Susan Zimmerman MD
Dr. Milena Zirovich MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: definition changed, source changed] Additional Resources: American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2007. Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A subspecialty certificate was approved by the ABMS in 1999. ACGME Accredited Residency Program Requirements: Proposal under development.

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: definition changed, source changed] Additional Resources: American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2007. Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A subspecialty certificate was approved by the ABMS in 1999. ACGME Accredited Residency Program Requirements: Proposal under development.