Physical Medicine & Rehabilitations

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also referred to as rehabilitation medicine, is the medical specialty concerned with diagnosing, evaluating, and treating patients with physical disabilities. These disabilities may arise from conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system such as neck and back pain, sports injuries, or other painful conditions affecting the limbs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Alternatively, the disabilities may result from neurological trauma or disease such as spinal cord injury, head injury or stroke. A physician certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation is often called a physiatrist. The primary goal of the physiatrist is to achieve maximal restoration of physical, psychological, social and vocational function through comprehensive rehabilitation. Pain management is often an important part of the role of the physiatrist. For diagnosis and evaluation, a physiatrist may include the techniques of electromyography to supplement the standard history, physical, x-ray and laboratory examinations. The physiatrist has expertise in the appropriate use of therapeutic exercise, prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics and mechanical and electrical devices. *

Specialization: Sports Medicine

A physician who specializes in Sports Medicine is responsible for continuous care related to the enhancement of health and fitness as well as the prevention of injury and illness. The specialist possesses knowledge and experience in the promotion of wellness and the prevention of injury from many areas of medicine such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, physical rehabilitation, epidemiology, physical evaluation and injuries. It is the goal of a Sports Medicine specialist to improve the healthcare of the individual engaged in physical exercise. **

Operator Assisted Physical Therapist Referral

Dr. Andrea Aagesen DO
Mr. Nicholas Adams ATC
Mr. Ade Adedokun DO
Elizabeth Aitken DPT
Stephanie Alldredge PT
Carissa Andres ATC/LAT
Dr. Robert Andrews MD
Marisol Arcila MD
Robertson Auguste PT,DPT
Ashwin Babu MD
Dr. Barry Bakst DO
Mariellen Barker MD
Briana Barnes ATC
Dr. Kenneth Barnes MD
Dr. Kellie Bartlow DO
Dr. Neeti Bathia MD
Shivani Batra DO
Robert Baumgarten PT
Dr. Nicholas Beatty DO
Dr. Wendell Becton MD
Dr. Sonia Bell MD
Michael Benfield ATC
Jessica Benshoshan
Maurice Bernaiche DO
Anna-Christina Bevelaqua MD
Dr. Omar Bhatti MD
Leslie Bishop MD
Dr. Lionel Bissoon
Emily Blake
Cheri Blauwet MD
Dr. Asta Bloze MD
Patricia Bornhorst DO
Dr. Bryan Botner MD
Dr. Jimmy Bowen MD
Brian Bowyer MD
Victor Bracey LAT, ATC
Kyle Braulick
Margaret Brooks MD
Tyler Brooks ATC
Matthew Brown DO
Dr. Daniel Brzusek DO
Mr. Dennis Buchman PT
Blair Bundy DPT
Mr. Paul Burille ATC
Tina Burke PT
Dr. Michael Burns MD
Dr. Philip Burns DO
Dr. Jay Caldwell MD
Dr. Jose Campos MD
Dr. Giomar Carrillo MD
Alfred Castillo DO
Craig Chambers MD
Carina Champagne DPT
Dr. Enoch Chang MD
Richard Chang MD, MPH
Erin Chapman ATC
Ian Chapple PT
Dr. Gary Chimes MD,PHD
Dr. Tony Chin MD
Amy Chisnell ATC
Jennifer Clark DPT
Ms. Helen Clay ATC
Ms. Sara Cochrane PT,DPT
Samuel Colachis III MD
Frank Colarusso DO
Dr. Sean Colio MD
Michael Conlon PT
Mr. Lloyd Cotton RPT
Mr. Andrew Crane M ED, ATC, LAT
Mr. Steve Crear
Dr. Michael Crincoli MD
Dr. Eduardo Cruz MD
Amy D'antonio MD
Elizabeth Davis ATC, LAT
Carly Day MD
Katherine Dec MD
Christopher Decarlo MD
Hadji Dedace PT
Dr. Robin Deleon MD
Richard Dentico MD
Robert Deporto DO
Dr. Matthew Diamond MD, PHD
Mirielle Diaz-Molina MD
Dr. Gary Diblasio MD
Mr. Jesse Dimick PTA, LATC
Brandy Dodge ATC
Mr. Jeffrey Doeringer LAT, ATC
L. Dolgov MD
Robert Donlan DO
Kevin Dunn MPT
Rebecca Dutton MD
Dr. Thomas Eck DPT
Dr. Ethan Egan MD
Cynthia Ekman
Mark Ellen MD
Russell Ellis MD
Kirk Emick MPA, ATC, LAT
Marshall Emig MD
Christopher Emrick ATC
Dr. Renee Enriquez MD
Dr. Max Esposito PT, DPT
Paden Eveland
Dr. Jim Fernandez MD
Katharine Ferraro ATC
Dr. Catherine Fieseler MD
Dr. Jonathan Finnoff DO
David Fisher MD
Michael Folmar AT
Sarah Foster OT
Steven Fowler MD
Chad Frederickson
Michael Fredericson MD
Dr. Jason Fritzhand DO
Ruth Fuqua LAT, ATC
Dr. John Furrey MD
Norman Gabriel PT
William Gallivan JR. MD
Alison Ganong MD
Mehul Garala MD
Charles Gee PT
Leda Ghannad MD
Dr. Stephanie Giammittorio DO
Brittany Gillenwater ATC
Dr. Stephen Gingrich MD
Dr. Jane Glass DO
Arnold Glassman DO
Peter Gonzalez MD
Alice Goodrich MSPT
Mrs. Meghan Gore ATC, PES
Stephanie Gorrell PT
Dr. Sheldon Gottlieb DO
Nicholas Goyeneche MD
Dr. Anthony Grasso MD
Dr. Laura Gray MD
Dr. Joseph Gregorace DO
Dr. Matthew Grierson MD
Dr. Israel Grinberg MD
Dr. Jeffrey Gross MD, FAAPMR
Dr. Luis Guerrero MD
Atul Gupta MD
Dr. Zachary Gustin MD
Alan Guy MD
Jeffrey Haggquist DO
Victoria Hamby PT
Dr. Farah Hameed MD
Daniel Hamner MD
Gene Hannah MD
Nicholas Hartwigsen MS, ATC, CSCS
Dr. Steven Harwood MD
Arthur Hatch DO
Dr. Michael Hatzakis JR. MD
Dr. Heather Havlik MD
Charles Hazen DO
Daniel Helbig ATC
Philip Henning DO
Dr. Joseph Herrera DO
Dr. John-Paul Hezel MD
Mr. Steven Hill PT
Mrs. Melanie Hintemeyer RPT/LPT
Thomas Hobson PT, DPT
Ms. Anne Hoch DO
Chelsea Hoggard ATC,
Mandy Huggins MD
M Hughes MD
Samantha Hughes ATC
David Iannicca ATC
Mr. Ukpenahiusi Ighodaro PT
Dr. Svetlana Ilizarov MD
Dr. Anthony Infantino MD
Julie Ingwerson MD
Dr. Stacey Jaff MD
Dr. Nitin Jain MD
Bogdan Jaliu MD
Eric Javier Camacho MD
Kelli Jensen ATC, LAT
Dr. Joseph Jimenez MD
Dr. Joshua Johnson MD
Kevin Johnson PT,ATC
Paul Johnson DO
Dr. David Jones MD
Mr. Jeffrey Jones LPTA
Diana Jovanov Bermudez DPT
Dr. Aisha Joyce MD
Jeffrey Joyce RPT
Pam Joyner OT
Dr. Geeta Kandala MD
Bryan Kaplansky MD
Dr. Corinne Kauderer DPM
Marla Kaufman MD
Mrs. Shelby Keller
Dr. Gautam Khakhar MD
Dr. Brian Kim DO
David Kim MD
Dr. Richard Kim MD
Mr. Joshua King ATC
Kyler King ATC, LAT
Dr. Anthony Kirby MD
Jared Kirkham MD
Donald Knepper DO
Brett Knight MS, AT, ATC
Danielle Knight MS, AT, ATC, PES
Dr. Jacob Kochany DO
Miss Jessica Koller ATC
Edwin Kornoelje DO
Dr. Dana Kotler MD
Mrs. Brandi Kozemski PT
Brian Krabak MD MBA
Ms. Michelle Krause PT/ATC
Dr. Sherri Kuchinskas MD
Geraldine Kuo MD
Mr. Tyler Landgraf MSED, ATC
Mr. Ricky Lapradd JR. ATC
Edward Laskowski MD
Mr. Givi Lauren PT
Tima Le DO
Travis Lee MD
Dr. Yong Lee MD
Dr. Todd Lefkowitz DO
Dr. Shaun Lehmann MD
Mr. Kraig Leiby PTA
Dr. Nancy Lembo DO
Joshua Levy DO
Daniel Lewis MD
Dr. James Lewis MD
Matthew Leyton MD
Dr. Norman Linder MD
John Lituanas PT
Brett Lockman DO
Robert Lorenzo
Daniel Lueders MD
Dr. Marie Lugo MD
Dr. Jennifer Luz MD
Dr. Melda Luzadas MD
Larry Machmud PT
Dr. Lewis Maharam MD
Dr. David Mahon DO
Jenna Maki AT, ATC
Jesus Maldonado MD
Ms. Kathryn Manger MPT, ATC, LAT
Melvin Manning MD
Mrs. Lynne Margolis PT
Joseph Marino JR.
Mr. Anthony Mark DPT
Dr. Chris Marker DO
Peter Markos DO
Dr. Evan Marlowe MD
Dr. Emily Marotta DPT
Mr. Kyle Martin DPT
Mireda Martinez MD
Selma Martinez Rojas
Dr. Stephen Massimi MD
Dr. Daniel Mathews MD
Matthew Maxwell MD
Mr. Russ Mcaffee ATC
Dayna Mccarthy DO
Dr. Bradley Mccrady DO
Charles Mccurley IV MD
Sarah Mcdade MD
Dr. Daymond Mcduffey MD
Mr. James Mcghee PTA
Sean Mcgrath MD
Aine Mckenzie MD
Emily Mckinnon DPT
Ankur Mehta DO
Julie Mello PTA, ATC, CMT
Dr. Aditi Menon MD
Dr. Neal Mesnick MD
Felix Meza MD
Dr. William Micheo MD
Gerald Mickler ATC, LAT
Craig Milhouse MD
Roberta Millard MD
Mr. Anthony Miller MPT MS ATC
Evan Minkoff DO
Gerardo Miranda-Comas MD
Dr. Noushin Mirmadjlessi MD
Michael Mitchell MD
Todd Molnar MD
Lupana Morales ATC, LAT
Dr. George Morgan MD
Dr. William Murphy DO, LPT
Ms. Kristine Myren ATC
Courtney Nestor ATC
Dr. Rosalyn Nguyen MD
Terry Nicola MD, MS
Malinda Nieman ATC
Dr. Roy Nini MD
Dr. Edwin Numsuwan MD
Dr. John O'connell MD
Dr. Sheryl Oleski DO
Oluseun Olufade MD
Nalini Paddu MD
Dr. Jorge Padilla-Rodriguez MD
Dr. Josefina Padro-Ramirez MD
Elizabeth Palagi ATC
Dr. Anthony Pannozzo MD
Paul Parsons LMT
Sheila Patel DO
John Penley AT
Dr. Michelle Pepper MD
Doris Perez Ortiz MD
Mr. Kevin Perris PT
Andrew Peterson MD
Miss Brandy Petty MS, ATC, LAT
Eliza Pham MA, ATC
Kim Nguyen Pham OMD, LAC
Daniel Picarella ATC/LAT
Serge Pierrecharles MD
Davis Pitt DO
Dr. Jessica Plumley PT, DPT, ATC
Lena Pluta
Michelle Poliak-Tunis MD
David Popoli MD
Bernard Portner MD
Dr. Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan MD
Mrs. Tracy Pulley ATC
Dr. Jeffrey Radecki MD
Mr. Joshua Rader ATC
Maryam Rahimi DO
Dr. Heather Rainey MD
Rajendra Ram PT
Dr. Muthu Ramasamy MD, FRCS
Scott Raub DO
Dr. Scott Reale MD
Mark Reddington DO
Srikanth Reddy MD
Dr. Jennifer Reed MD
Kalie Reed DPT
Raymond Reiter MD
Sherine Reno MD
Dr. Lynn Richardson DO
Ferdinand Rios MD
Adam Rivadeneyra MD
Ghislaine Robert MD
Mr. Zachary Roberts ATC, CSCS
Thomas Rossi MD
Mr. Joshua Rothenberg DO
Jason Royer ATC
Dr. Andrew Rudins MD
Paul Rummo DO
Dr. Durgadas Sakalkale MD
Dr. Shakeel Salim MD, MS
Dr. Jesse Sally DO
Dr. Felicia Sankey M D
Dr. Daniel Santa Maria MD
Dr. Christine Sapka MD
Todd Schlifstein DO
Rachel Schmidt ATC
Dr. John Schnell MD
Robert Scott JR. MD
Wayne Sebastianelli MD
Barbara Semakula MD
Dr. Fernando Sepulveda-Irizarry MD
Dr. Shikha Sethi MD
Ms. Kathleen Severeid DPT
Dr. Aral Sezginis MD
Elizabeth Shaker MD
Dr. Eric Shapiro MD
Miss Preeti Shastri MD
Dr. Alexander Sheng MD
Paul Sherbondy MD
Terri Sherman AT,C
Dr. Eric Shoemaker DO
Asad Siddiqi DO
Jessica Simeone ATC
Dr. Matthew Smith MD
Brandon Snead MD
Ms. Jennifer Soares PT, DPT, CHT
Dr. Jonas Sokolof DO
John Sollenberger DO
Amy Sordahl MSPT
Dr. David Soto Quijano MD
Frankie Sparacia DPT
Dr. Earl Stadler JR. MD
Paul Stark PT
Dr. John Stavrakos MD
James Sterling MD
Craig Sternberg MD
Clifford Stoller MD
Dr. David Stone MD
Dr. Alison Stout DO
Dr. Jordan Sudberg MD
Rakhi Sutaria MD
Dr. Nadya Swedan MD>
Dr. Xinmin Tang MD
Pushpa Thakarar MD
Vishal Thakral DO, MS
Chandi Thomas DPT
Carolyn Thompson DO
Mrs. Lisa Tidman PTA
Kimberly Togliatti-Trickett MD
Dr. Brionn Tonkin MD
Kevin Tubbs MS, ATC, LAT
Karlis Ullis MD
Maite Urquia Aran MD
Dr. Vijay Vad MD
Dr. Kiran Vadada MD
Allen Van
Dr. Ricardo Vasquez-Duarte MD
John Vasudevan MD
Shelley Vessey PT
Shelby Vietze ATC
Dr. Alexander Visco MD
Dr. Christopher Visco MD
Dr. Nizarali Visram MD
Kenneth Vitale MD
Dr. Ariana Vora MD
Brandee Waite
Dr. Steven Waltrip MD,
Mrs. Meredith Warf
Shannon Webb PTA
Dr. Arnold Weil MD
Sara Weingartner PT
Dr. Howard Weiss DO
Dr. Peter Wenger MD,
Andrew Whalen PT
Alan Whitfield PT
Dr. Sean Willey DO
Dr. Reed Williams MD
Dr. Charles Williamson MD
Lauren Wilmot LMT
Dr. Erin Wolff MD
Dr. Aurora Wong MD
Patrick Wong MD
Regan Wong PT
Layla Wood PTA
Dr. David Woznica MD
Ravi Yadava DO
Ronald Yarab JR. MD
Dr. Chandra Yoganathan MD
Dr. Henry York MD
Dr. Ilana Zablozki-Amir MD
Annette Zaharoff MD
Dr. Ashley Zapf MD
Dr. Svetlana Zaydman DO
Dr. Timothy Zgleszewski MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2009. [7/1/2009: definition added]

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2009. [7/1/2009: definition added]