Plastic Surgeries

A plastic surgeon deals with the repair, reconstruction or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk and external genitalia or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body. Cosmetic surgery is an essential component of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon uses cosmetic surgical principles to both improve overall appearance and to optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures. The surgeon uses aesthetic surgical principles not only to improve undesirable qualities of normal structures but in all reconstructive procedures as well. *

Specialization: Surgery of the Hand

A plastic surgeon with additional training in the investigation, preservation, and restoration by medical, surgical and rehabilitative means of all structures of the upper extremity directly affecting the form and function of the hand and wrist. **

Hilton Adler MD
Robert Agresti DO
Salah Aldekhayel MD
Michael Alperovich MD
Dr. Damon Anagnos MD
Dr. Duffield Ashmead IV MD
Krishnamurthy Ashok MD
Dr. Syed Salman Ashruf MD
Katherine Au MD
Dr. William Austin MD
Dana Balderrama MD
Steven Barr MD
Melissa Barton MD
Dr. Michael Baumholtz MD, MS
Dr. Semira Bayati MD, FACS
Carlos Bazan MD
Dr. Robert Beasley MD
Mary Beatty MD
Dr. Glenn Becker MD
Dr. Ramin Behmand
Thomas Beird MD
Dr. Peter Bentivegna MD
Kevin Berning MD
Dinesh Bhargava MD
Robert Bibi MD
Dr. Kyle Bickel MD
Dr. Sean Bidic MD
Dr. Michael Birndorf MD
Jon Bishop MD
Douglas Bitter MD
Kim Bjorklund MD
Dr. Michael Blatner MD
Michael Born MD
James Brady MD
Warren Breidenbach MD
James Brinkman MD
Thomas Brobyn MD
Dr. Darrell Brooks MD
Norman Buebendorf MD
Dr. Richard Burkett MD, PA
Dr. Brian Burns MD
Dr. Tjerk Bury MD
Dr. Marjorie Bush MD
Dr. Daniel Butz MD
Dr. Hector Campbell MD
Ronaldo Carneiro MD
Nelson Castillo MD
Dr. Eric Cha MD
Dr. Charles Chalekson MD
Kelsey Chamberlin
Dr. Phyllis Chang MD
Dr. Nadeem Chaudhry MD
Neil Chen MD
Dr. Jonathan Cheng MD
Dr. Michael Chernofsky MD
Kevin Cheung MD
Dr. David Chiu MD
Joon Choi MD
Dr. Jerry Chow MD
Dr. Benjamin Christian MD
Michael Christy MD
Dr. Steven Clark MD
James Clarkson MD
Dr. James Clune MD
Dr. Loretta Coady-Fariborzian MD
Stephen Coccaro MD
Peter Coggins MD
Adam Cohen MD
Dr. Kambiz Cohen-Kashi MD
Dr. Stephen Colbert MD
Dr. James Coleman JR. MD
Dr. Philip Coogan MD
Dr. Lester Cramer MD
Curtis Crimmins MD
Thomas Cummins MD
Mr. Carl Cutshall PA
Joseph Damiani MD
Dr. John Danielson MD
Christopher Danis MD
Dr. Howard Dash MD
Dr. Michael De Priest MD
Dr. Khashayar Dehghan MD, PHD
Stephen Delia MD
Dr. Francis Delone JR. MD
Dr. Michael Desvigne MD
E. Deune MD
Dr. Ravi Devara MD
Vikas Dhawan MD
Gregory Diehl MD
Dr. Robert Dinsmore MD
Dr. Stephen Drukker MD
Mr. Stephen Dudick MD
Herbert Ecker JR. MD
Mr. Marc Elkowitz MD
River Elliott MD
Dr. Raghuram Elluru MD, FACS
Dr. Kate Elzinga MD
Dr. Judy Ann Emanuele MD
Dr. Mark Epstein MD
Venkata Erella MD
Burt Faibisoff MD
Michael Fakhraee MD
Christopher Falcon DO
Adel Faltaous MD
Dr. Robert Fang MD
Dr. John Felder III MD
Dr. Christopher Fender MD
Dr. Theodore Fifer MD FACS
Dr. Nicholas Fiore II MD, FACS
Jefrey Fishman MD
Francis Fleming MD
Theodore Foley MD
Antonio Forte MD
Dr. George Foti
Dr. James Fowler M>D>
Dr. Martin Fox MD
Dr. Paige Fox MD, PHD
Dr. Mitchell Fremling MD
Dr. David Friedman MD
Dr. John Furrey MD
Dr. Eric Fynn-Thompson MD
Umeshchandra Gadaria MD
Jason Ganz MD
Mr. Antonio Gayoso MD
David German MD
Harold Gewirtz MD
Dr. Ashkan Ghavami MD
Anup Gheewala MD
Dr. Michael Glafkides MD
David Godat MD
Mytien Goldberg MD
Dr. Neal Gorlick MD
Dr. Douglas Gorman JR. MD
Lisa Gould MD
Jonathan Graff MD
Mr. Dante Greco MD
Dr. Michael Gross MD
Dr. Cilio Guerriere MD
Dr. Jaime Gutierrez MD
Paul Haidak MD
John Haight, Jr. MD
Dr. David Halpern MD
Dr. Hongshik Han MD
Dr. Christopher Hankins MD
Benedict Harter MD
Tristan Hartzell MD
Richard Havard MD
Cherrie Heinrich MD
Mr. Karl Hekimian MD
Dr. Russell Hendrick JR. MD
Dr. Douglas Hendricks
Dr. Ginard Henry MD
Dr. Vincent Hentz MD
Dr. James Herndon MD MBA
Dr. Jeffrey Herold MD
Dr. Robert Hersh MD
Richard Hess MD
Dr. James Higgins MD
Matthew Hiro MD
Dr. John Ho DO
Dr. Scott Holley MD, FACS
Dr. Jing Hsieh MD
Dr. W. Thomas Huntsman MD
Dr. Richard Hutchison MD
Dr. Ashley Ignatiuk MSC, MD, FRCSC
Dr. Robert Ippolito MD
Dr. Theodore Jackson MD
Dr. Thomas Jacob JR. MD
Jeffry Jacobs DO, FACOS
Jeffrey Jacobson MD
Dr. Raymond Janevicius MD
Nelson Jenkins MD
Dr. John Jennings MD
Michael Jones MD
Peter Jones MD
Dr. David Kappel MD
Dr. Morton Kasdan MD
Richard Katz MD
Bram Kaufman MD
Dr. James Kelly III MD
Dr. Thomas Kennedy III MD
Charles Kessler MD
Dr. Kayvan Khiabani MD
Dr. Christopher Khorsandi MD
Prasad Kilaru
Dr. Bill Kim MD
Dr. Brian Kinney MD
Kenneth Kneessy MD
Suresh Koneru MD
Michele Koo MD
Dr. Giliel Kryger MD
Dr. David Kupfer MD
Robert Kwon MD
Dr. Joseph Labs MD
Dr. Howard Langstein MD
Luis Laurentin Perez MD PHD
Dr. Martin Leblanc MD
Brian Lecompte MD
Dr. James Lee MD
Kenneth Leong MD
Dr. Jennifer Letitia MD
Dr. Fernando Levaro MD
Norman Levine MD
Dr. Edward Levy MD
Mr. Joshua Linnell MD
Dr. Yuen-Jong Liu MD
Dr. Samuel Logan MD, PHD
Mansour Makhlouf MD
Philip Marin MD
Dr. John Markley JR. MD
David Martin MD
Dr. Charles Marvin JR. MD
Alexander Mcarthur III MD
Dr. Robert Mcclellan MD
Thomas Mcnemar MD
Dr. Matthew Mcrae MD
Mehul Mehta MD
Dr. Marciano Miclat JR. MD
Joseph Minarchek MD
Alfred Mitchell MD
Dr. Jack Monasterio MD
Dr. Armando Moncada MD
Dr. Larry Monn MD
Dr. Bufford Moore MD
Dr. Donald Morris MD
Dr. David Morwood MD
Dr. Daniel Most MD
Dr. Bradley Mudge MD
Dr. Mirsad Mujadzic MD
John Murray MD
Dr. Ryan Naffziger MD
Shreepad Naik MD
Margaret Napolitano MD
Dr. James Nappi MD
Dr. Guy Nardella JR. MD
Dr. Keith Neaman MD
Michael Nicoson MD
Dr. Juan Nosti MD
William O'neill JR. MD
Haruko Okada MD
Dr. Thomas Olivier MD
Rafael Ortiz-Colberg MD
Tanya Oswald MD
Dr. Jose Otero MD
Dr. Carmen Paradis MD
Dr. Amit Patel MD
Dr. Anup Patel MD, MBA
Nikesh Patel MD
Dr. William Pederson MD
Dr. Jaime Perez MD
Carlton Perry MD
Dr. Craig Person MD
David Person MD
Ivo Pestana MD
Steven Peterson MD
Dr. Hollie Power MD
Dr. Roni Prucz MD
Patrick Reavey MD
Dr. Tiffany Reavis DO
Dr. Derek Reformat MD
John Rempel MD
Mr. Nicholas Retson MD
David Rigan MD
Dwight Roberson MD
Dr. James Robison IV MD
Dr. Heather Rocheford MD
William Rockwell MD
Mr. Kenneth Rose SR. MD
Jason Rosenberg MD
Dr. Alvin Rosenthal MD
Dr. Malcolm Roth MD, FACS
Norman Rowe
Dr. Jerry Rubin MD
Dr. Roee Rubinstein MD
Brent Rubis MD
Robert Russell MD
Dr. Michael Rymer MD
Dr. Douglas Sammer MD
Samson Samuel MD
Sven Sandeen MD
Luis Scheker MD
Dr. James Schlenker MDSC
David Schnur MD
Raymond Schultz MD
Dr. Richard Schultz MD
Dr. Timothy Schurman MD
John Searles MD
Dr. Erika Sears MD
S Sekharan MD
Dr. Daniel Sellers MD
Dr. Subhro Sen MD
Dr. Bruce Shafiroff MD
Dr. Himansu Shah MD
Dr. Abdul-Wahab Shararah PHARMD, MD
Zvi Sharf MD
Arthur Sharkey MD
Dr. Sanjay Sharma MD
Emran Sheikh MD
Steven Shoen MD
Dr. Jaimie Shores MD
Dr. Scott Shumway MD
Dr. Sunanda Singh MD
Thomas Sitzman MD
David Slepyan MD
Allan Smith MD
Dr. Anthony Smith MD
Dr. Manutchehr Sohaey MD
Dr. Norberto Soto MD
Roslyn Souser MD
Dr. Nicholas Speziale MD
Richard Stahl MD
Michael Stalnecker MD
J Stayman III MD
Dr. Adam Strohl MD
Dr. Brent Stromberg MD
Laura Sudarsky M D
Dr. Farouk Sultani MD
Dr. Howard Sutkin MD
Chau Tai MD
Andres Taleisnik MD
Benny Tan MD
Dr. Donald Teal MD
Dr. Michael Terry MD
James Tidwell III MD
Jess Ting MD
Dr. Conrad Tirre MD
Dr. Julia Toto MD
Dr. Dana Towle MD
Dr. Jonathan Toy MD
Dr. Sum Tran MD
Dr. Douglas Trzcinski MD
Dr. Steve Tsangalias MD
Raymond Tse MD, FRCSC
Dr. Kenneth Tucker MD
Dr. Jacobo Varon MD
Henry Vasconez MD
Bhupesh Vasisht MD
Dr. Nicholas Vedder MD
Dr. Adam Vernadakis MD
Robert Walton MD
Renata Weber MD
Dr. Robert Weber MD
Dr. Timothy Weibel MD
Dr. Laurence Weider MD
Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig MD
Mark Wells MD
Dr. Michael Wheatley MD
Mr. Terrence Wilkins MD
Dr. William Wilson III MD
Peter Winkler MD
Dr. Albert Woo MD
Joan Wright MD
Dr. George Wu MD
Kent Yamaguchi MD
York Yates MD
Dr. Lester Yen MD
Dr. Thomas Yen MD
Michael Zarrabi MD
George Zavitsanos MD
Dr. Terry Zimmerman MD

* Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: definition added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2007. Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

** Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. [7/1/2007: definition added, source added] Additional Resources: American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2007. Board certification for Medical Doctors (MDs) is provided by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.