Preventive Medicines


Specialization: Aerospace Medicine

Aerospace medicine focuses on the clinical care, research, and operational support of the health, safety, and performance of crewmembers and passengers of air and space vehicles, together with the support personnel who assist operation of such vehicles. This population often works and lives in remote, isolated, extreme, or enclosed environments under conditions of physical and psychological stress. Practitioners strive for an optimal human-machine match in occupational settings rich with environmental hazards and engineering countermeasures. **

Lisa Abels DO
Dr. Brian Agee MD MPH
Dr. William Agerton JR. DO
Dr. Michael Ainscough MD
John Albano MD
Dr. Eric Alcaraz DO
Dr. Richard Allnutt III MD MPH
Dr. Paul Amoroso MD, MPH
Dr. Mary Anderson MD, MPH
Dr. John Andrus MD, MPH
Dr. Alexander Angelidis DO
Dr. Colleen Annes MD
Dr. Paul Antony MD, MPH, MBA
Fanancy Anzalone MD
Dr. Christopher Armstrong MD, MPH, FACPM
Qianna Armstrong
Dr. Arthur Arnold JR. MD
Donald Arthur MD
Dr. Roger Arumugam MD
Dr. Laurie Aten MD
Dr. Richard Bachmann JR. MD
Dr. H Baghdassarian MD
Dr. James Bagian MD
Dr. Brady Bahr MD
Dr. Dean Bailey MD
Dr. Erik Baker DO
Dr. Jonathan Banta MD
Dr. Matthew Barker MD
Dr. Yael Barr MD, MPH
Dr. James Barrett DO
Peter Bauer MD
Dr. Timothy Baumgartner MD
Dr. Richard Beane MD
Roger Beck MD
Dr. Devin Beckstrand MD
Dr. Steven Bednarczyk DO
Dr. Jonathan Beitler MD, MBA, FACR
Mr. Paul Bell MD
Dr. Christian Benjamin
Dr. Charles Bercier JR. MD
Dr. Alan Berg MD, MPH, MSS
Dr. Rebecca Berke MD
Dr. Ronald Bernardin III MD
Dr. Stephen Bernstein MD, MPH, FAAFP
Charles Berry MD, MPH
Dr. Michael Berry MD, MS
Dr. William Besser DO MPH MED
Dr. Lee Beyer MD, MPH/TM
Dr. Anthony Bezreh ANTHONY BEZREH MD
David Bigelow MD
Dr. James Billingsley MD
Dr. Patrick Birchfield DO, MPH
Roger Bisson MD, MPH
Dr. James Black MD
Dr. Christopher Bloomer MD
Dr. Jody Bockrath MD
Dr. Aaron Bogart DO
Dr. Bruce Bohnker MD
Dr. Christopher Borchardt MD
Dr. Henry Boren DO
Donato Borrillo MD
Dr. James Boyd MD
Dr. Bascom Bradshaw DO, MPH
Dr. Stacey Branch DO, MPH
Dr. Keith Brandt MD, MPH
William Brath MD, MPH
Dr. Andrew Breuder MD
Dr. Daren Brooks MD
Dr. Kevin Brooks MD MPH
Dr. Jamie Broughton
Dr. Mary Brueggemeyer MD
Dr. Joseph Brunkhorst III DO
Dr. Louise Bryce DO
Dr. Jay Buckey JR. MD
Dr. Theresa Buratynski MD, MPH
Dr. William Burger MD
George Buse MD
William Butler MD, MTM&H, FACS
Dr. Leslie Cadet MD
Dr. Lori Caloia MD
Matthew Cameron DO
John Campbell DO
Anthony Carbone MD, MPH
Dr. Thatcher Cardon MD, MBA
Dr. Katari Carello MD
Dr. Stephen Carpenter MD
Nicole Cassler MD
Dr. Elizabeth Casstevens MD
Dr. Craig Castillo MD
Dr. Tarah Castleberry DO
Dr. Anthony Cavalli DO
Dr. Manuel Ceja MD
Dr. Allen Chang MD
Dr. Lisa Chastant MD
Austin Chhoeu DO
Dr. Edward Chin MD
Dr. William Chin MD
Dr. Donald Christensen DO
Dr. Kim Christensen DO
Dr. Tommie Church DO
Dr. Charles Ciccone DO
Dr. Brian Clark MD
Dr. Delbert Clark DO
Dr. Michael Clark MD
Dr. Thomas Clarke MD, MPH
Dr. Jay Clemens DO
Erin Coan MD
Dr. Charles Coffman MD
Dr. Craig Collier MD
Jason Compton DO
Dr. Joseph Connolly III DO
Dr. Randy Connolly DO
Prof. Joseph Contiguglia MD, MPH&TM, MBA
Frank Corker SR. MD, MPH
Gerald Corr DO
Frederic Costales
Dr. Kenneth Cottle MD
Clarence Cotton JR. MD
Dr. John Crowley MD
Dr. John Culton
Dr. Scott Cummis MD, MPH
Michelle Cunningham MD
Dr. Ian Curry MD
Dr. Walter Dalitsch III MD, MPH
Dr. Conrad Dalton MD
Dr. David Danish DO
Dr. Harry Davis III MD
Ronald Day DO, MPH
Dr. Thomas Degraff III DO
Dr. Peter Demitry MD
Dr. Peter Dempsey DO
Dr. Erik Desoucy DO
James Devoll MD, MPH
Dr. Marcel Dionne MD, MSPH
Robin Dodge MD
Dr. Glenn Donnelly DO, MPH
Louis Dorang MD
Dr. John Dorsch DO
James Dougherty MD
Dr. Teresa Dozier DO
Dr. Christopher Drew MD
Dr. Andrew Dvorak MD
Dr. Bruce Edwards MD, MPH
James Edwards MD
Rainer Effenhauser MD
Dr. James Elliott MD, MPH
Dr. Charles Ellis MD
Dr. Abram Elsenraat MD
Dr. Richard Endorf MD
Dr. Gail Fancher DO
Dr. Robert Farr MD
Dr. Michael Farrell MD
Dr. Thomas Faulkner MD, MHA
Dr. Charles Fay MD
Dr. Edmond Feeks MD
Michael Feinberg MD
Dr. Robert Felix MD
Dr. William Ferrara MD
Dr. Douglas Files MD
Dr. Christopher Fillmore MD
Daniel Fitzpatrick DO
Mark Flanagan DO
Dr. Oclla Fletcher MD
William Flinn MD
Dr. Jay Flottmann MD
Dr. Victor Folarin MD
Dr. Timothy Fortuna DO
Dr. Michael Frey MD
Dr. Warren Frey MD
Paul Friedrichs MD
Dr. Lena Friend MD
Dr. Scott Frye MD
Dr. Dwight Fulton MD
Bryan Funke MD, MPH
Dr. Mary Gabriel MD
Daniel Gaffney MD
Dr. Alexander Galifianakis MD
J. (John) Galvin JR MD MPH
Todd Gardner MD
Dr. Gavin Gassen MD
Dr. Alan Gatlin MD
Dr. Mark Gaul MD, MPH
Dr. Thomas Gensler MD
Dr. David Gibson MD, MPH
Dr. Matthew Gill MD
Dr. Louis Gilleran MD
Dr. Marc Goldhagen MD, MPH
Dr. Russell Gore MD
Dr. Larry Grabhorn MD
Dr. Robert Grant DO
Dr. Georgia Gray MD
Dr. Kelly Gregory MD
Dr. Leroy Gross MD
Dr. Christopher Grussendorf MD, MPH
Dr. Morton Gubin MD
Dr. Randy Guliuzza MD
Dr. Katrina Hall MD
Dr. Matthew Hamm MD
Dr. Thomas Hankins MD
Dr. Christian Hanley JR. MD
Dr. John Hariadi MD
Mr. Matthew Harper MD
Dr. Frederick Harris DO
Dr. Matthew Harris MD
Dr. Martin Harssema MD
Stephen Hart
Dr. Lee Harvis DO
Dr. Arne Hasselquist DO
Dr. Eric Hawkins MD
Dr. Brian Hayes MD, MPH
Dr. Darci Hazelwood DO
John Heil MD
Dr. Richard Heimbach MD
Dr. Gary Henriksen MD
Jason Henry MD
Dr. John Hermann DO
Dr. Karen Heupel MD
Dr. Keith Hiatt MD MPH
Dr. David Hiland DO
Dr. James Hill II DO
Dr. Alden Hilton SR. MD, MPH
Dr. Matthew Hoefer DO
Dr. Roy Hoffman MD
Dr. Daniel Hohman DO, MPH
Stephen Holt MD
Preston Howerton DO
Dr. Richard Hoyt MD
Dr. Matthew Hudkins MD
Dr. Joseph Hudson MD
Dr. Todd Huhn DO
John Husak DO
Dr. James Ice MD
Steven Indra DO
Dr. Henry Irvine MD
Dr. Marvin Jackson MD, MS
John Jacocks MD
Dr. John James MD
Dr. Mark Janczewski MD, MPH
Dr. David Jannotta MD
Warren Jensen MD
Timothy Jex MD
Dr. Benjamin Johansen DO
Dr. Gaylen Johnson MD
George Johnson MD
Robert Johnson MD
Dr. Daniel Johnston MD
Dr. Hugh Johnston MD
Dr. Smith Johnston III MD
Jeffrey Jones MD
Logan Jones DO
Dr. Michael Jordan MD
Dr. Sanatkumar Joshi MD
Jon Juhasz MD
Dr. Chris Kane DO
Kevin Keenan MD
Dr. Alexander Keller IV MD
Neil King MD
Dr. William Klein MD
Dr. Matthew Klick DO
Dr. Dayton Kobayashi MD
Dana Kosmala-Runkle MD
William Krass DO
Dr. Mical Kupke MD
Dr. Christopher Kuzniewski MD
Philip La Kier MD
Roger Landry MD
Gregory Lang MD
Dr. John Langell MD
Michael Laughrey MD
Dr. Philip Lavallee MD, MPH
Dr. Harrison Le MD
Dr. Breck Lebegue MD MPH
Dr. Clarence Lee JR. MD
Dr. John Lee DO
Dr. Karl Lee DO
Dr. Maximilian Lee MD
Michelle Lee MD
Dr. Murl Leibrecht MD
Stephen Leonard MD
Joyce Leonetti DO, MPH
Dr. Jonathan Leong MD
Dr. Andrew Letizia MD
Dr. Dana Levin MD
Benjamin Levy DO
Dr. Nicholas Lezama MD
Dr. Joseph Lienert MD
Molly Lipke MD
James Little MD
Dr. Anthony Littrell MD
Dr. James Loewenherz MD
Dr. James Logan MD
Dr. James Longstaff MD
Dr. Jason Lowe DO
Richard Luger MD
Dr. Thomas Luna MD
Brandy Lybeck MD
Dr. Dustin Lybeck MD
Michael Madrid MD
Dr. Matthew Malan MD
James Malenkos III MD
Farid Malof
Dr. Ricky Malone MD
Dr. Philip Manaker MD, MPH
Dr. Peter Mapes MD, MPH
Andrew Marchiando MD
Dr. Robert Marks MD
Dr. Timothy Marra DO
Dr. Robert Martschinske MD
Walter Matthews MD
Dr. Timothy Mattison DO
Dr. Mark Mavity MD, MPH
Dr. Kathie Mcalpine MD, MPH, MS
Dr. John Mccafferty MD
Norman Mccall MD
Dr. Sean Mccarthy MD
Dr. Kurt Mccartney MD
Dr. Scott Mcclellan MD, MPH
Dr. Richard Mccluskey MD
Dr. Brian Mccrary DO
Dr. Glenn Mcdermott MD
Dr. Bruce Mcfall DO
Dr. James Mcghee MD
Dr. George Mckenna MD
Dr. Joseph Mckeon MD
Dr. Jamin Mcmahon MD MPH
Dr. Mark Mcpherson MD
Miguel Medina Rodriguez MD
Dr. Paul Merchant JR. MD
Dr. Christopher Micallef DO
Mr. Robert Michaelson DO
Dr. Vincent Michaud MD, MPH
Dr. Anis Miladi MD
Dr. Eugene Milder MD
Russel Miller JR. DO
Dr. William Miller MD, MPH
Dr. Ki Milligan MD
John Mills D O
Dr. Jacob Moll MD
Dr. Alan Moloff DO
Dr. Natalie Moniaga MD
Dr. Andrew Moore MD
Dr. Garry Moore MD
Dr. Randall Moore MD, MPH, CPE
Dr. Lee Morin MD PHD
Dr. Gerald Muehlberger MD
Dr. Edwin Murdock
Craig Murphy DO
Dr. Wayne Murphy MD
Lewis Neace DO
Dr. Thomas Neal II MD
Dr. Joanna Nelms MD
Dr. Cameron Nelson MD, MPH
Dr. William Nelson MD
Dr. Jay Neubauer MD, MPH
Dr. Adam Newell DO
Dr. George Newton V DO
Dr. Carroll Nickle DO
Dr. Marvin Nielsen JR. MD
Robert Noback
Dr. Lance Nussbaum DO
Dr. David O'brien MD
Dr. Timothy O'hara MD, MPH
Dr. Brian O'neal DO , MPH
Dr. Erik Oberg MD
Timothy Oeltmann MD
Dr. Justin Owens MD
William Padgett MD
Dr. Karega Paisley MDMPH
Dr. Angela Palitto DO
Dr. Edwin Park MD
Dr. Je Park MD
Dr. Phillip Parker MD
Dr. Allen Parmet MD, MPH
Dr. Timothy Paulding MD, MPH
Dr. Mimi Peak MD, MPH
Dr. Solomon Pearce DO
Max Pell DO
Salvatore Pelligra
Dr. Everett Perry MD
Dr. Gordon Peters MD
Dr. Lisa Peterson MD
Son Pham MD
Dr. Joseph Piorkowski JR. DO, MPH
William Pollan DO, MPH
Dr. Luke Porsi MD
Dr. George Potor MD
Dr. Alton Powell III MD
Dr. Paul Puchta MD
Dr. Terry Puckett MD, MPH
Matthew Rainey MD
Dr. Huberto Ramos
Dr. Michael Rappa DO
Dr. Russell Rayman MD, MPH
Gary Reams MD
Dr. Brian Reed MD
Rolland Reynolds JR. MD, CWSP
Dr. William Reynolds JR. MD
Dr. George Rice III DO, MPH
Romie Richardson DO
Dr. Luis Rivero MD, MPH
Dr. Anthony Rizzo MD
Dr. Douglas Robb DO
Anne Roberts MD
Dr. Marc Robins DO
Paul Rocereto MD
Fabian Rodriguez MD
Dr. David Romine DO
Dr. James Roudebush MD
Douglas Rouse MD
Dawn Ruminski DO
Dr. Michael Russo MD
Farhad Sahiar MD
Dr. Victor Salamanca MD
Dr. Guillermo Salazar MD
Dr. Scott Salmon MD, MPH
Dr. Edward Schmitt MD
Mark Schneider MD
Dr. Richard Sedlak MD
Norman Seidenverg MD
Dr. James Senechal MD
U.A. Sexton MD
Caitlin Seykora DO
Dr. Prashant Sharma DO
Dr. Mark Sheehan MD
Dr. James Sheehy MD
Grant Shirley MD
Dr. David Shiveley MD, MPH
Mr. Daniel Shoor MD, MPH
Lawrence Shory MD
Paul Shupe MD
Dr. Warren Silberman DO, MPH
Dr. Heather Silvers MD
Michael Simmons MD
Carl Simpson MD
Peter Sipos MD
Dr. Thomas Slyter MD, MPH
Dr. Brian Smalley DO
Kenneth Smead III MD
Dr. Bradley Smith MD
Dr. Casey Smith MD
Dr. William Sneeder JR. MD
Dr. David Snell MD
Dr. Andrew Sorah MD
Dr. Timothy Sowin MD
Donald Sprague MD
Jonathan Stabile DO, MPH
Stanley Stancil MD
Dr. David Staneck MD
Brian Stapinski MD
Dr. William Statz DO
Dr. Charles Stehman MD
Dr. Lawrence Steinkraus MD
Dr. Aric Steinmann MD
Dr. Terry Stevenson MD
Dr. James Stewart DO, MPH
Richard Stoller MD
John Stoner MD
Dr. Eric Stover DO
Dr. Jonathan Strobel DO
Dr. Mark Summers MD
Dr. Richard Sumrall MD
Dr. Nicholas Sweet DO
William Swiler DO
Dr. Rudy Taarea MD
Dr. Terrance Taddeo MD
Matthew Tadlock MD
Jayson Tappan MD
Dr. William Tarver MD
Dr. George Taylor JR. MD
Dr. John Taylor MD
Dr. Charles Tedder II MD, MPH
Dr. Kevin Templar MD, MS
Dr. Patrick Thomae DO
Dr. Ariel Thomann MD
Dr. Dana Thomas MD MPH
Dr. William Thornton MD
Justin Tingey MD
Kimberly Toone MD, MPH
Dr. Joseph Tordella DO
Dr. Fernando Torres MD
David Toth MD/MPH
Hoa Tran MD
Dr. John Trask MD
Dr. Thomas Travis MD
Dr. Emmanuel Trigenis MD
Dr. Christopher Trollman DO, MPH
Dr. Anthony Tvaryanas MD, PHD, MPH
Dr. Colby Uptegraft MD
Dr. Manuel Valentin MD
Dr. James Valentine JR. MD
Dr. Daniel Van Syoc MD
James Vanderploeg MD
Dr. Stephen Veronneau MD
Dr. Robert Villare MD
Richard Villata MD
Dr. Lynn Vix MD
Victoria Voge MD
Dr. Matthew Waack DO
Dr. Kylie Wainer DO
Dr. Christopher Walker MD
Dr. William Walker MD
Dr. Lane Wall MD
Dr. Peter Walsh MD
Dr. Dirk Warren MD
Dr. Robert Wasson MD
Dr. Sharmila Watkins MD, MPH
Dr. Richard Weaver MD
Dr. David Webster MD, MPH
Dr. Raymond Webster MD
Dr. Thomas Webster MD
Peter Wechgelaer MD MPH
Dr. Robert Weien MD
Daniel Weinstein DO
Dr. Arthur Wells JR. MD
Dr. Kevin West MD MPH
Dr. Johann Westphall MD
Dr. Calen Wherry MD
Dr. Danielle Wilhelm MD
Benjamen Williams MD
Dr. Charles Wilson MD
Dr. Larry Wilson MD
Dr. John Wing MD, MPH&TM
Dr. Eric Wohlrab MD
Alex Wolbrink MD, MS
Dr. Michael Wood MD MPH
Dr. Rawson Wood MD
Daniel Woodard MD
Dr. Justin Woodson MD
Dr. John Wyland DO
Dr. Wesley Yeackle MD
Dr. Donald Yoho JR. MD
Dr. Paul Young MD MPH
Dr. Alan Yund MD
Aaron Ziegler MD
Dr. Benton Zwart MD, MPH