Preventive Medicines


Specialization: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

A specialist who treats decompression illness and diving accident cases and uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat such conditions as carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene, non-healing wounds, tissue damage from radiation and burns and bone infections. This specialist also serves as consultant to other physicians in all aspects of hyperbaric chamber operations and assesses risks and applies appropriate standards to prevent disease and disability in divers and other persons working in altered atmospheric conditions. **

Richard Abraham MD
Dr. Timothy Adkins MD
Dr. Ricardo Aguilar JR. MD
Dr. Tony Alleman MD
Dr. Julie Anderson MD
Dr. Michael Armstrong MD
Dr. Jonathan Arnold MD
Matthew Bacharach MD
Liza Banaag MD
Dr. Olivia Barefoot-Morgan DHM PHD
Dr. Robert Barnes MD
William Baumann MD
Robert Bertoldo DO
Dr. Thomas Betka MD
Arnold Bierman MD
Dr. Brian Birdwell MD
John Bishop MD
Peter Black MD
Dr. Clifford Boehm MD
Otto Boneta MD
Charles Boothby DO
Ann Bowers-Quesada MD
Dr. Bret Boyle DO
Benjamin Bronicel MD
Dr. Fredrick Brooking MD
Vincent Buckman MD
Donald Buschmann MD
Dr. Marco Caceres SR. MD
Kenneth Calhoun MD
Dr. James Callaghan JR. MD
Dr. Luis Carrillo MD
Robert Charles MD
Dr. Paul Cianci MD
Matthew Clancy MD
Stephen Cotlar MD
Desmond Crooks MD
Lee Davidson MD
Dr. Lance Davis MD
Arthur Dick MD
Sandra Dickerson MD
William Dodson III MD
Dr. Mark Dumais MD
Dr. Marilisa Elrod MD PHD
Dr. Sean Engel MD
Jason Fisher DO
Donald Frame MD
Dr. William Francis JR. MD
James Freeman MD
Dr. Jesse Geibe MD, MPH, MBA
Howard Gelfand MD
Laura Gilmore MD
Dr. Horace Guerra IV MD
Andrei Gursky MD
Dr. Jodie Harper MD
Robert Harris MD
Dr. Brett Hart
Dr. Patrick Hennessey MD, PHD
Dr. Donald Hess MD, MPH
Dr. Bradley Hickey MD
Dr. Matthew Hickey DO, MPH
Mr. Jesus Hidalgo MD
Dr. John Hill MD
Dr. John Hoina DPM, FACFAS
Dr. Harriet Hopf MD
Dr. Jonathan Horstmann MD
Dr. Christopher Jankosky MD
Dr. Ahmik Jones
Dr. John Jones MD
Sheldon Kamen MD
Dr. Patrick Kearney MD, MPH
Dr. Douglas Kelling DO
Richard Kelton MD
John Kessels MD
Dr. Timothy Kieborz DO
Dr. Alfred Kirkwood DO
Dr. Thomas Kraven MD
Ms. Seira Kurian MD
Dr. Daniel Landry MD
Dr. Phi-Nga Le MD
Sion Levy MD
Dr. David Lindsey MD
Dr. Edwin Long MD
John Mackey MD
Dr. Glen Macpherson MD
Dr. Richard Malkowski MD
Dr. Randolph Maloney MD,FACS
Luis Matos MD, MPH
Terence Mcdonald MD
Anne Mcdonough MD
Dr. Francis Mcevoy MD
Joseph Milum MD
Dr. Richard Moore I MD
Dr. Mark Moran MD
James Morgan JR. MD
Alexander Morley MD
Dr. Matthew Muller MD
Rajeev Mysorekar MD
Dr. Elie Nehme MD
Dr. Louis Neureuter MD
Dr. Andrew Newman MD
Joseph Newman MD
Noel Oliveira MD
Dr. Rachel Oliverio DO,MPH
Dr. Dana Onifer MD
Dr. Seng Ooi MD
Dr. Michael Oras MD
Dr. Sarah Parks MD
Dr. Sanjay Patel DO
Matthew Pena MD
Dr. Robert Perkins MD, MPH
Roderick Perron MD
Dr. Gerald Petrone MD
Dr. Linda Pham MD
V Pinnamaneni MD
Jorge Pisarello MD
Dr. Robert Price MD
Dr. Leonardo Profenna MD
Dr. Ward Reed III MD MPH
Samuel Register III MD
Philip Rettenmaier DO
Mark Robbins DO
Michael Robinowitz MD
Ryan Rockhill MD
Dr. Frank Ross MD
Dr. Lance Roy MD
Carol Royer MD
Dr. Lee Ruotsi MD
Dr. Peter Salzer MD
Marc Schnapper MD
Dr. William Scott JR. DO
Dr. Joseph Serio MD
Mr. Clint Seymour MD
Dag Shapshak MD
John Slade JR. MD
Dr. Richard Smerz DO
Dr. Charles Smith MD
Dr. James Smith MD
Ms. Latisha Smith-Chase MD
Eric Spencer
Dr. Allan Spiegel MD
Arnold Tag MD
Saied Talaie MD
Stephen Thom MD
Dr. Paul Thombs MD
Dr. Jonathan Titus MD
Mr. Robert Vandergraaf DO
Jon Vanderweele DO
Jodi Vann MD
Dr. Gina Virgilio MD
Jeffrey Wallace MD
Dr. Kevin Walters MD
Dr. John Wassel MD
Judy Wesolowski MD
Janet Whitney DO, MPH
Earl Wolf JR. MD
Edward Woods MD
Dr. David Young MD
Dr. David Youngblood MD