Specialization: Diagnostic Neuroimaging

A licensed physician, who has completed a residency program in Neurology, and who has additional training, experience, and competence in the standards of performance and interpretation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI / MRA) of the head, spine, and peripheral nerves, and Computed Tomography (CT) of the head and spine. Physicians are trained in the administration of contrast media and the recognition and treatment of adverse reactions to contrast media. Neuroimaging training encompasses thorough knowledge of clinical neurology, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neuropharmacology, and dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid circulation. Physicians possess special expertise in the technical aspects and clinical applications of each of the modalities and techniques of neuroimaging. **

Darshan Acharya MD
Adina Achiriloaie MD
Dr. Felix Adler MD
Dr. John Agnew JR. DO
Shakila Ahmed MD
Amna Ajam MD
Dr. Mehmet Albayram MD
Mohammad Alberawi MBBS
Joshua Albrektson MD
Abdulnasser Alhajeri MD
Dr. M Armada MD
Raymond Balsys MD
Maria Barile MD
Mariah Bashir
Jennifer Bau MD
Michael Benstock
Dr. Lee Beville III MD
Dr. Srikanth Boddu MSC; MRCS; FRCR; MD
Dr. Jeffrey Bong DO
Dr. Jared Bowns MD
Dr. Marion Brody MD
Dr. Fraser Brown MD
Dr. Charles Bruno JR. DO
Dr. Anthony Bruzzese MD
Dr. Mark Buller MD
Dr. Huey Bullock MD
Dr. Andrew Burke MD
Kim Burroughs MD
Sword Cambron MD
Dr. Paul Cedeno MD
Kevin Chang MD
Charles Cho MD
Dr. Ronald Cohen MD
Dr. Horacio Colon Esteva MD
Jason Conrad MD
Dr. Robert Cooney MD
Dr. Byron Dasher MD
Duncan Davidson MD
Dr. Warren Elam MD
Dr. Shehanaz Ellika MD
Sami Erbay MD
Dr. Gloria Fernandez
Dr. Peter Fiester MD,
Dr. Lee Finkelstone MD
Dr. Daniel Fistere JR. MD
Dr. Edward Fourgas MD
Ramya Gaddikeri MD
Wende Gibbs MD
Dr. Christopher Green MD, PHD, FAAFS
Mr. Koren Grigoryan
Dr. Abdul Hafiz MD
Mr. Fouad Halaby MD
Dr. Amir Hameedi MD
Dr. Mina Hanna MD
Dr. Julie Harreld MD
Stephen Hecht MD
Dr. Robert Hills DO
Imelda Ho MD
Ronald Homer MD
Robert Hosker MD
Dr. Jed Howington MD
Dr. Jerry Howington MD
Dr. Brett Huston MD
Robert Hynecek MD
Sireesha Iruvuri MD
Richard Jiao MD
Dr. Jimpsey Johnson JR. MD
Dr. William Johnson MD
Dr. Harold Jones JR. MD
Dr. Robert Kaplan MD
Dr. Richard Kelly MD
Dr. Kwang Kim MD
Dr. Daniel Klein MD
Dr. Spencer Koch MD
Theresa Kouo MD
Maria Ladino Torres MD
Dr. Markus Lammle MD
Frank Landino DO
Seon Kyu Lee MD,PHD
Li-Chang Lien MD
Dr. William Loftis MD
Dr. Olga Lopatina MD
Terri Love MD
Dr. Kenneth Lynch III MD
Dr. Serena Mak MD
Marc Manger MD, PLC
Dr. Eugene Marnell JR. MD
Dr. William Martin MD
Maria Matheus MD
Dr. Robert Mckellar MD
Dr. Samuel Mietling MD
Dr. James Moeller DO
Dr. George Mulopulos MD
Dr. Amanda Murphy MD
Najla Najim MD
Heather Newman MD
Rahul Nikam
Dr. Obi Nobi MD
Mrs. Flora Orama MD
Mrs. Yariliz Ortiz MD
Dr. Harris Orzach MD
Michael Partnow MD
Sohil Patel MD
Letterio Politi MD
Aruna Polsani MBBS
Valeria Potigailo MD
Dr. Adam Prater MD/MPH
Dr. Stuart Prather III MD
Mr. George Privett JR. MD
Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi DO
Karuna Raj MD
Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran MBBS, MRCP, FRCR
Dr. David Riggans MD
Francisco Rivas Rodriquez MD
Dr. Andrew Rodgers MD
Dr. Steven Rogers MD
Dr. Paul Rolen MD
Mr. Calvin Rumbaugh MD
Dr. Daniel Sahlein MD
Dr. Marja Samenfeld-Specht MD
Dr. Anousheh Sayah MD
Dr. Patrick Sewell JR. MD
Dr. Philip Shalen MD
Dr. Mark Shiroishi MD
Dr. Vivek Sindhwani MD
Aaron Skolnik MD
Harry Skye MD
Alice Smith MD
Dr. Michael Somple MD
Jason Stewart MD
Sarah Stock MD
Dr. William Tannehill MD
Juan Useche MD
Dr. Carlo Viamonte MD
Gaurav Vij MD
Rohit Walia MD
Dr. George Wang MD
Dr. Herbert Wollowick MD
Dr. Gerald York II MD
Dr. Lawrence Zingesser
Walter Zink III MD, PHD

* Source: American Academy of Neurology [1/1/2007: new]

** Source: American Academy of Neurology [1/1/2007: new]