A podiatrist is a person qualified by a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) degree, licensed by the state, and practicing within the scope of that license. Podiatrists diagnose and treat foot diseases and deformities. They perform medical, surgical and other operative procedures, prescribe corrective devices and prescribe and administer drugs and physical therapy. *

Operator Assisted Physical Therapist Referral

David Abdoo DPM
Dr. Albert Armstrong JR. BSRS, MS, DPM
Dr. Louis Bitoff JR. DPM
Ballard Blair DPM
Dr. Christopher Blakeslee DPM
Dr. Brett Bodamer DPM
Ms. Tammy Carlson-Little DPM
Dr. Robert Christman DPM
Maureen Crotty DPM
Walter D'costa DPM
Adam Darcy DPM
Dr. Jerome Dovberg DPM
Dr. Michael Downey DPM
Dr. David Dull DPM
Dr. Matthew Eller DPM
Jeff Finkenstaedt DPM
Lois Fleming DPM
David Francis DPM
Dr. Joseph Gimbel DPM
Dr. Ian Goldbaum DPM
Neil Kelley DPM
Dr. Kile Kinney DPM
Dr. Kent Kronowski DPM
Dr. Richard Kuhn JR. D P M
Dr. Helen Kuo DPM
Dr. Robert Lawson DPM
Dr. George Mabry Jr DPM
Dr. William Mohs DPM
Dennis Morris DPM
Dr. James Nugent DPM
Dr. Mary Ottinger DPM
Dr. Gary Pacyna DPM
Dr. Carla Porter-Pursnani DPM
Mr. Samuel Potts DPM
Brian Reilly DPM
Andrew Samuels DPM
Dr. Philip Schauweker DPM
Dr. Douglas Taylor DPM
Lloyd Williams DPM