Physical Therapists



(1) Physical therapists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat people with health problems resulting from injury or disease. PT's assess joint motion, muscle strength and endurance, function of heart and lungs, and performance of activities required in daily living, among other responsibilities. Treatment includes therapeutic exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, and training in activities of daily living. (2) A physical therapist is a person qualified by an accredited program in physical therapy, licensed by the state, and practicing within the scope of that license. Physical therapists treat disease, injury, or loss of a bodily part by physical means, such as the application of light, heat, cold, water, electricity, massage and exercise. They develop treatment plans based upon each patient's strengths, weaknesses, range of motion and ability to function. (3) A health professional who specializes in physical therapy- the health care field concerned primarily with the treatment of disorders with physical agents and methods, such as massage, manipulation, therapeutic exercises, cold, heat (including short-wave, microwave, and ultrasonic diathermy), hydrotherapy, electric stimulation and light to assist in rehabilitating patients and in restoring normal function after an illness or injury. **

Operator Assisted Physical Therapist Referral

Mrs. Jessica (Mcmunn) Morphy DPT
Mrs. Joette :Young PT
Jennifer Aaker DPT
Daniel Aakhus PT
Kaitlyn Aakre DPT
Lance Aalbu MPT, CSCS
Mrs. Jacqueline Aanestad PT
Patricia Aarestad RPT
Kathryn Aaro PT
Brittany Aaron DPT
Ms. Chantelle Aaron MSPT
Cheryl Aaron PT, DPT, CWS
Debra Aaron PT
Elizabeth Aaron
Katherine Aaron PT
Dr. Kevin Aaron DPT
Mr. Mark Aaron PT
Mary Aaron DPT
Robert Aaron
Mrs. Sarah Aaron PT
Ms. Heidi Aarsby Logsdon DPT
Mr. Brian Aasby DPT
Mrs. Twyla Aasheim DPT
Alexander Abad MPT
Mr. Edgar Abad PT
Mr. Jesus Abad PT
Miss Melissa Abad PT
Mr. Richard Abad PT
Trisha Abad-Garcia
Sheila Marie Abadia-Dona PT
Charlie Abadie PT
Maria Geslani Abadilla PT
Rey Anthony Abadilla
Joseph Abadir PT
Renante Abagat PT
Vilma Abaigar
Al Abalo
Aimee Lynn Abalos
Ms. Maria Theresa Abalos PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Rey Abalos PT
Mariecris Abamonga PT
Jose Allan Aban
Mrs. Teresa Ceciliasheila Abangan-Belo PT
Ms. Maria Zenaida Abanilla PT
Arnulfo Abanis
Delia Abano PT
Gary Abano
Jose Abantao PT
Mariacelema Abantao PT
Lucily Abante PT
Blanca Zita Abapo PT
Gail Abaray PT
Mr. Roy Abarbanel PT
Maria Abarca
Ms. Reba Abarca PT
Rico Abaricia
Stella Abaricia
Mr. Renan Abarquez PT
Heidi Abarro
Mr. Lawrence Abas DPT
Mary Ann Abaskhroun
Dr. Drew Abatangelo
Mrs. Heather Abatelli PT
Mikhail Abayev
Mohamed Abaza DPT
Ms. Kavitha Abbaraju PT
Farzana Abbas
Mr. Hossam Abbas SR.
Ms. Anahita Abbasi PT
Eliza Abbasi DPT
Habib Abbasi PT
Dr. Peter Abbass PT, DPT
Annette Abbate
David Abbett
Alke Abbey PT
E'lane Abbey DPT
Dr. Evan Abbey DPT
Shauna Abbey PT
Mr. Walter Abbey RPT
Melinda Abbitt
Carolyn Abbot DPT
Abigail Abbott PT
Aleecia Abbott
Mr. Andrew Abbott MPT
Carmen Abbott PT
Deanna Abbott PT, DPT
Debra Abbott
Ms. Devin Abbott DPT
Mrs. Donna Abbott PT
Holly Abbott PT
Mr. James Abbott JR. RPT
Dr. Kelli-Ann Abbott DPT
Kenneth Abbott PT
Lynda Abbott
Pamela Abbott
Ryan Abbott PT
Susan Abbott PT
Tara Abbott DPT
Jeanine Abbruzzese DPT
Yasmin Abd Elhady
Mohamed Abd Elrahman PT
Dr. Ehab Abdalla DPT
Mrs. Seham Abdalla MS
Dr. Yasser Abdalla DPT, PHD
Mr. Jamil Abdallah PT
Mazoza Abdallah PT
Ahmad Abdalmonum PT
Ibrahim Abdel Fatah
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar DPT
Mazen Abdel Magid
Hesham Abdel Salam PT
Dr. Nabil Abdel-Aal DPT
Remonda Abdel-Shahid PT
Ahmed Abdelaal PT
Dr. Ahmed Abdeladl DPT
Islam Abdelaty
Amr Abdelaziz
Mr. Sami Abdelbaqui PT
Dr. Marwa Abdelbary DPT
Ahmed Abdeldayem PT, DPT
Ahmed Abdelfatah PT
Abeer Abdelfattah Salem PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Mr. Usama Abdelghany PT
Dr. Elsayed Abdelhady SR. BSC, MSC
Dr. Ahmed Abdelhakim DPT
Ashraf Abdelhamid PT MS OCS
Hesham Abdelkader BACHELOR DEGREE
Gehan Abdelmalak
Mr. Ehab Abdelmalek
Mrs. Ereinee Abdelmalek
Mohamed Abdelmegeed PT, MSC, DSC
Ms. Ahmed Abdelmoamen PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Islam Abdelmohsen
Khaled Abdelnaeem
Kristin Abdelnour PT
Medhat Abdelrahim PT
Adel Abdelrahman
Hossam Abdelrahman
Osama Abdelwahed PT
Abdirizaq Abdi PT
Armia Abdo DPT
Nicole Abdo DPT
Romeen Abdollmohammadi DPT
Mrs. Deborah Abdow-Addis PT, MS
Gelan Abdrabo
Mr. Maged Abdu PT
Mr. Abbas Abdul-Majeed RPT
Dr. Nadeem Abdulhafedh DPT
Hanah Abdulhalim
Cinderella Abdullah
Katrina Abdullah
Mohamed Abdullah PT
Mrs. Tiffany Abdullah PT
Salma Abdulmajeed RPT
Hytham Abdulnaby PT
Aneyza Abdulsani PT
Anna Abdurakhmanova PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Ayat Abe PT, DPT
Keitaro Abe PT
Samuel Abe MPT
Kathryn Abebe DPT
Netsanet Abebe PT
Mohammad Abedin PT
Ms. Carolyn Abedor PT
Corrie Abegglen MSPT
Adelie Belle Abejar
Alyxandria Abel PT, DPT
Mrs. Bobbie Abel PT
Miss Corissa Abel DPT
Dana Abel DPT
Mrs. Darla Abel PT
Heather Abel MSPT
Judith Abel PT
Ms. Margell Abel PT
Ms. Mary Abel PT
Timothy Abel DPT
Maria Abelar PT
Charisma Abelardo
Mr. Glenn Abelardo
Jessica Abele DPT
Rhone Abeleda PT
Nora Abeledo De Mas PT
Dr. Monica Abeler DPT, ATC, CSCS
Jette Abelido PT
Erin Abell
George Abell
Kimberly Abell PT
Dr. Lisa Abell PT, DPT
Pat Abell
Agnes Abella PT
Analyn Abella PT
Maria Victoria Abella
Mhellette Abella PT
Nimrod Darryl Abella LPT
Mr. Philip Abella
Randy Abella PT
Felixberto Abellana JR.
Jerome Abellana RPT
Ms. Aimee Abellaneda PT
Mr. Dan Abellanosa PT
Mr. Reymar Abellanosa PT
Maricon Abello
Dr. Christina Abellon DPT
Miss Margaret Abeln PT
Dr. Cheryl Abelow DPT
Heather Abels
Jennifer Abels PT
Lauren Abelson PT
Mr. Ramil Abenales PT
Ms. Genevieve Gizelle Abendan RPT
Gina Abenojar DPT
Megan Abentroth DPT
Miss Judy Aber PT
Rita Aber PT
Miss Andrea Abercrombie PT
Elena Abercrombie PT
Richard Abercrombie PT
Schaefer Abercrombie
Stephanie Abercrombie MPT
Lauren Aberdale PT
Suzanne Aberdale PT
Jamila Aberdeen
Dr. Oladehinde Abereoje PT
Mr. Jason Aberg DPT
Lynn Aberger PT
Andrew Aberle II PT, DPT
Erica Aberman
Mara Abermanis
Mrs. Amanda Abernathy PT, DPT
Hope Abernathy PT
Ms. Kathy Abernathy PT
Ms. Mary Abernathy MSPT
Yolanda Abernathy PT
Angela Abernethy PT
Mrs. Lauren Abernethy DPT
Kevin Abers PT
Lori Abers PT
Mrs. Laura Aberton PT
Mr. Mark Aberton PT
Melisa Abesa
Mrs. Joanne Joy Abesamis RPT
Mr. Rolando Abesamis JR. RPT
Maria Abestano
Dr. Lester Abey DPT
Felicia Abeyta
Nick Abeyta PT
Ruben Abeyta JR. DPT
Mrs. Suzan Abeyta RPT
Rosana Abeyta-Torres PT, DPT
Jennifer Abfier PT
Genevieve Abi-Sarkis MS PT
Emielyn Abian
Charmaine Ruby Abiera RPT
Miss Susan Abiog PT
Adebola Abiola PT
Matilda Abiola PT
Rozella Abis PT
Mrs. Susan Abis PT
Ms. Racquel Abitona PT
Ms. Hanalee Abitria RPT
Ms. Barbara Abittan 225100000X
Ms. Mary Abkemeier MPT
Thomas Ablan
Mr. Brian Ablang PT
Marcelo Ablaza
Miss Kymberli Able PT, DPT
Shiela Ablina PT
Catherine Ablis PT
Efren Ablis JR. PT
Mr. Julius Joseph Ablis PT/L
Marie Antonette Ablog PT
Mercedes Abluton MS PT
Jaime Ablutz MPT, CSCS, OCS, CMPT
Audrey Abner DPT
Mrs. Ashley Abney MSPT
Jason Abney PT
Dr. Lucas Abney DPT
Sharon Abney PT
Mr. Mark Aldwin Abo PT
Mohammed Abo-Elhamd PT
Ms. Nancy Abodeely PT
James Aboderin PT
Ahmed Aboelsaad
Gamal Abolaag
Betty Abolafia-Rosenzweig
Mr. Amerigo Abonitalla PT
Karen Abood-Bruno PT
Mrs. Kimberly Aboosh PT
Dr. Antonious Aboseff DPT
Gamal Aboseria PT DPT
Dr. Mohamed Aboshama PT, DPT
Mr. Moustafa Abouelela PHYSICAL THERAPY
Mrs. Iman Aboukhatwa PT
Miss Laura Aboulafia MPT
Fadi Aboulhosn PT
Mr. Keikhosrow Aboulian PT
Yosry Abouzaid
Romi Abouzedan DPT
Karen Aboyoun PT
Terri Aboytes PT
Adrianne Aboytes-Lund PT
Ms. Jeanne Abplanalp PT
Miss Lynn Abplanalp PT, DPT
Stephan Abraas PT
Feven Abraha PT
Dr. Abhilash Abraham PT, DPT
Andrew Abraham PT
Anish Abraham (PT)
Anju Abraham PT
Ms. Anu Abraham PT, DPT
Mrs. Asha Abraham RPT
Dr. Beena Abraham PT, DPT
Beverly Abraham PT
Binila Abraham MSPT
Caterina Abraham PT, DPT, MPH, OCS
Derrick Abraham PT
Mrs. Janet Abraham RPT
Jasen Abraham DPT
Mr. Jeffrey Abraham PT
Mr. Jiju Abraham MPT
Mrs. Judith Abraham PT
Leni Abraham DPT
Lior Abraham LPT
Megan Abraham PT
Ms. Melissa Abraham DPT
Naiju Abraham PT
Dr. Noble Abraham PT, DPT
Rakhi Abraham
Dr. Robard Abraham PT, DPT, WCC
Sara Abraham PT
Shajan Abraham PT
Sharl Abraham DPT, ECS, RNCST
Sherry Abraham PT
Shiju Abraham PT
Mr. Sibi Abraham PT
Miss Thanka Abraham PT
Tomas Abraham RPT
Mrs. Trina Abraham PT
Mrs. Vanessa Abraham PT
Mrs. Meline Abrahamians DPT
Dr. Hyun-Mi Abrahams PT, DPT
Ms. Kimberly Abrahams DPT
Nicole Abrahams DPT
Dr. Noah Abrahams PT, DPT
Mrs. Betty Abrahamsen PT
Mary Abrahamsen DPT
Steffen Abrahamsen PT
Mrs. Lena Abrahamson PT
Mr. Antonio Abrahano JR. R P T
Wendy Abrahms Fishman PT
Todd Abramczyk
Heather Abramo PT
Mrs. Lorraine Abramo
Adrienne Abramowitz PT
Eric Abramowitz DPT
Evalyn Abramowitz PT
Jodi Abramowitz DPT
Mr. Aaron Abrams PT
Mr. Bradley Abrams PT
Carina Abrams PT
Christine Abrams
Darwin Abrams PT
Mrs. Denise Abrams PT, MA, DPT
Mrs. Dianna Abrams PT, DPT
Grant Abrams PT
Mrs. Judith Abrams PT
Julie Abrams MSPT
Karen Abrams MSPT
Mrs. Kelly Abrams PT
Mrs. Lindsay Abrams PT
Maggie Abrams PT, DPT
Mr. Michael Abrams PT
Robert Abrams MSPT
Dr. Sandra Abrams PT, DPT
Tarmarc Abrams PT, DPT
Mr. Terry Abrams MPT, CSCS
Gena Abrams-Cardoza PT
Michael Abramsohn PT
Breayn Abramson PT
Dr. Debra Abramson DPT
Mr. Jeremy Abramson PT
Pia Abramson MSPT
Mrs. Sandra Abramson PT
Ted Abramson DC
Gem Abrasaldo PT
Dr. Geoffrey Abraskin PT, DPT
Dr. Jessica Abraskin PT,DPT,CBIS
Sheirleen Abrau PT
Kim Abrego PT, DPT
Angelica Abrenica RPT
Charlie Abrenica PT
Jairo Abreu PT
Natalia Abreu PT
Gail Abrigo
Mrs. Erika Abril-Garcia PT
Mr. Bart Abriol PT
Mr. James Abromaitis RPT
Martha Abromaitis PT
Mrs. Shana Abrutyn MSPT
Dr. Keith Abruzzese DPT
Alyssa Abruzzini
Adam Abruzzo DPT
Dr. Grace Abruzzo DPT
Elena Absalon
Mrs. Linda Absalon PT
Cory Absey PT
Ken Absher
Rebecca Absher PT
Mrs. Melissa Abshier PT
Dr. Karla Abshire PT
Mr. Mark Abshire DPT
Dr. Mischa Abshire PT, DPT
Ashley Absmeier-Koppenhafer PT
Lori Abt PT
Natasha Abu-Ali PT
Rosemary Abu-Shair LPT
Miss Kyla Mae Abubakar PT
Ms. Aida Abud PT
Rabei Abuelela PT
Mr. Ahmad Abulaban PT
Abdelrahim Abulmagd
Abdurrahman Abushady
Mrs. Arlyn Jean Abustan RPT
Ms. Sara Abut MSPT
Dr. Ashraf Abuzahrieh PT, DPT
Dr. Aman Abye DPT
Dr. Anthony Acabbo DPT
Mrs. Providencia Acabeo-Smith PT
Lorie Anne Acacio
Didymus Academia PT
Prinz Acaling
Banu Acan
Mr. Rosario Accardi DPT
Miss Christine Accettella MPT
Mr. Robert Acciavatti MPT
Paula Accomando
Mr. Robert Accordino PT
Mr. John Accrocco PT
Ms. Catherine Accurso PT
Tanya Accurso PT
Miss Joanne Grace Acebo PT
Martha Acero-Vega RPT
Danielle Aceto DPT
Mrs. Diane Aceto PT
Mrs. Melissa Aceto MPT
Charles Acevedo PT
Irene Acevedo MS, PT, CERT MDT
Isabel Acevedo PT
Maria Acevedo PT
Maria Cecilia Acevedo PT
Mrs. Marines Acevedo PT
Maritere Acevedo PT
Ms. Glenda Acevedo Gonzalez
Gabriel Aceves
Mrs. Sunitha Achamma Job
Hetal Acharekar PT
Gayatri Acharya BPT
Ruchi Acharya PT
Sharmila Acharya PT
Sujata Acharya PT
Veena Acharya PT
Mr. James Achatz II PT, MPT
Ms. Nicole Achenbach PT, DPT
Kylie Acheson DPT
Mr. Paul Acheson PT
Sarah Acheson
Christine Achey
Dr. Robert Achimov PT,DPT
Ms. Christina Achleitner LPT
Mr. Bret Achterberg
Marlon Achthoven PT
Mr. Malcolm Acierto RPT
Susan Ackell RPT
Ms. Christy Acker MSPT
Laventia Acker DPT
Mickey Acker
Shalla Acker PT
Mrs. Julia Acker-Nielsen DPT
Robert Ackerly PT
Adam Ackerman PT
Dr. Beth Ackerman DPT
Brian Ackerman PT
Caitlyn Ackerman PT, DPT
Candice Ackerman PT, MPT
Deborah Ackerman PT
Elizabeth Ackerman PT
Emily Ackerman DPT
Heidi Ackerman PT
Mrs. Janie Ackerman
Jerrod Ackerman
Katelyn Ackerman PT, DPT
Kenneth Ackerman
Lauri Ackerman PT
Marjorie Ackerman
Ms. Mary Ackerman PT
Shelley Ackerman
Thomas Ackerman PT
Ms. Elizabeth Ackermann PT
Krystal Ackermann PT
Rebecca Ackermann MSPT
Laura Ackerson DPT
Angela Ackerson-Henry PT
Mr. John Ackiss PT,DPT, MS,OCS
Dr. Erin Ackland DPT
Heather Ackley DPT
Jason Ackley
Margaret Ackley PT
Ms. Vivian Ackley PT
Jonathan Acklie PT
Mrs. Janet Ackman PT
Mrs. Ellen Ackroyd PT
Kathleen Ackroyd PT ATC
Susanne Ackroyd PT
Yolanda Aclan
Eric Acoba PT
Katrina Acoba DPT
Mr. David Acocella
Mr. Reynaldo Acol RPT
Mr. Ryan Acolicol PT
David John Acop
Cary Jose Acopiado PT
Alan Acord PT
Mr. Jonathan Acord PT
Alvaro Acosta PT
Mrs. Angela Acosta MA CFY SLP
Angelica Acosta PT
Antonio Acosta
Claudia Acosta DPT
Desiree Acosta DPT
Mr. Gerard Acosta PTA
Dr. Hector Acosta II PT, DPT
Isaac Acosta PT, MPT
Josue Acosta
Juan Acosta PT
Juan Acosta PT
Keri Acosta
Miss Marilou Acosta PT
Marlou Acosta
Mary Jane Acosta
Nicole Acosta PT, DPT
Rodolfo Acosta DPT
Salena Acosta PT, DPT
Mrs. Vanessa Acosta PT
Mr. Bryant Acquaro
Megan Acquaro PT, DPT
Steven Acquavita DPT
Ms. Christina Acquaviva DPT
Nannette Acra PT
Holly Acree MPT
Stacy Acuff
Cheery Gilnor Acuin
Andre Acuna PT
Dr. Anessa Acuna PT, DPT
Marisa Acuna DPT
Renato Acuna PT
Mr. Ronnie Acuna PT
Nancy Adachi PT
Nicole Adachi PT
Felix Adah RPT, PHD
Anthony Adair DPT
Deanna Adair DPT
Ms. Laura Adair RPT
Mr. Mark Adair PT
Matthew Adair DPT
Dr. Thomas Adair PT
Andrea Adam MPT
Andrew Adam DPT
Mrs. Christen Adam PT, WCC
Claire Adam
Colleen Adam MPT
Julie Adam
Kaitlyn Adam PT, DPT
Karen Adam PT
Mrs. Kimberly Adam DPT
Troy Adam DPT
Martina Adam-Mariutto PT
Lyane Adam-Murnaghan PT
Georgios Adamakis MSPT
Miss Jennifer Adame MPT
Mrs. Lizette Adame PT
Marco Adame' JR. DPT, ATC
Theresa Adame-Brooks PT
Marilyn Adame-Santiago
Mary Adamek PT
Mr. Jason Adames DPT
Mr. Jason Adames MPT, ATRIC, CSCS
Danielle Adami PT
Kaeleigh Adami DPT
Mrs. Debra Adamo
Henry Adamos LPT
Sarah Adamovits PT
Dr. Gene Adamowicz DPT
Mr. Aaron Adams RPT
Alicia Adams
Alyson Adams
Amber Adams MSPT
Amy Adams DPT, CWS
Mrs. Amy Adams PT
Mrs. Amy Adams MPT
Miss Amy Adams PT
Angela Adams PT
Angela Adams PT, DPT
Ann Adams PT MS
Arlene Adams PT
Barbara Adams RPT
Benjamin Adams
Beth Adams DPT
Beth Adams PT
Mr. Brandon Adams MPT CSCS
Brian Adams PT
Mrs. Candy Adams PT, MS
Carly Adams DPT
Caroline Adams
Mrs. Carolyn Adams
Chad Adams PT
Charity Adams PT-DPT
Chelsea Adams DPT
Chesley Adams DPT
Mrs. Christine Adams MSPT
Mr. Christopher Adams PT, MPT
Christopher Adams DPT
Christopher Adams PTA
Christy Adams PT
Mrs. Cindy Adams PT
Colleen Adams
Cori Adams PT
Mr. Daniel Adams MPT
Mr. Daniel Adams PT
Danielle Adams MSPT
Mr. David Adams PT OCS
Mrs. Dawn Adams
Debra Adams PT
Mrs. Deidra Adams DPT
Deoma Adams PT
Dianne Adams PT
Donna Adams MS PT
Mr. Douglas Adams PT
Mr. Edward Adams PT
Mrs. Elizabeth Adams MPT
Elizabeth Adams DPT
Ms. Emily Adams PT
Mrs. Erica Adams DPT
Mrs. Erin Adams DPT
Dr. Erin Adams PT, DPT
Mr. Erin Adams PT
Erin Adams PTA
Eva Adams PT
Mr. Francis Adams III PT
Mr. Frederik Adams DPT
Gabrielle Adams PT
Mr. George Adams PT
Gina Adams PT
Grace Adams PT
Gregory Adams
Mrs. Gynger Adams ARNP
Heather Adams PT
Heidi Adams DPT
Hillary Adams DPT
Mr. Jacob Adams PT
Jaime Adams
Mr. James Adams DPT
Prof. Jason Adams PT
Mrs. Jeanine Adams PT
Jeneane Adams MSPT
Jennifer Adams PT
Dr. Jerome Adams JR. DPT
Jessica Adams PT
Mrs. Jo Adams PT
Jodie Adams PT
Jodie Adams DPT
Johanna Adams PT
Jordan Adams PT
Joshua Adams PT
Joyce Adams MSPT
Judy Adams MPT
Dr. Julie Adams PT, DPT
Kady Adams PT
Karen Adams PT
Ms. Karen Adams PT
Miss Katelyn Adams PT
Mrs. Kathleen Adams MPT
Kellie Adams DPT
Keri Adams PT, DPT
Ms. Kerin Adams PT
Ms. Kevin Adams PT
Mrs. Koleen Adams PT
Kristen Adams MSPT, DPT
Ms. Kristen Adams PT
Mrs. Kristin Adams PT
Kristina Adams PT
Kyle Adams PT
Mrs. Landria Adams MPT
Laura Adams PT
Laura Adams PT
Ms. Lauren Adams DPT
Lauren Adams PT
Leah Adams PT
Lindsay Adams PT, DPT
Lisa Adams
Dr. Lisa Adams DPT, MHP, CDT, CEEAA
Lisa Adams
Lori Adams DPT
Mr. Lynn Adams PT
Dr. Lynn Adams PT, DPT
Mrs. Mame Adams PT
Mrs. Marcela Adams PT
Marcus Adams PT
Maria Adams PT
Martha Adams DPT
Mrs. Mary Adams PT
Mary Ann Adams PT
Matthew Adams MPT
Matthew Adams DPT
Megan Adams DPT
Melinda Adams
Ms. Melissa Adams PT
Melissa Adams MPT
Micah Adams DPT
Ms. Michelle Adams PT
Mindy Adams PT, LOTR
Muhammed Adams DR
Nadja Adams PT
Mrs. Nancy Adams PT
Dr. Natalie Adams DPT
Nicholas Adams DPT
Nikki Adams
Miss Noelle Adams DPT
Patricia Adams PT
Rachael Adams DPT
Mrs. Rebecca Adams PT, ATC
Ms. Regina Adams PT
Mr. Robert Adams MPT
Mr. Robert Adams PT
Rogan Adams
Roland Adams PT
Ronald Adams PT
Rose Adams
Mr. Roy Adams PT
Ryan Adams PT
Sara Adams PT
Ms. Sarah Adams DPT
Sarah Adams PT
Sarah Adams MS, PT
Shana Adams MPT
Shannon Adams BSPT
Shari Adams
Sharon Adams PT
Shaun Adams PT
Shawn Adams PT
Shelby Adams
Mrs. Sheri Adams PT
Shulamit Adams MPT
Ms. Snow Adams PT
Stacey Adams PT
Stephanie Adams DPT
Steven Adams PT
Mrs. Susan Adams PT
Susan Adams
Mrs. Taryn Adams PT
Mr. Thomas Adams MPT
Thomas Adams DPT
Thomas Adams II PT
Thomas Adams PT
Tiffany Adams PT, DPT
Timothy Adams
Tracie Adams
Tracy Adams DPT
Mrs. Tracy Adams PT
Mr. William Adams DPT
Emily Adams Heller PT
Gretchen Adamski PT
Dr. Julie Adamski DPT, MPT, ATC
Theresa Adamski PT
Amanda Adamson PT, DPT
David Adamson PT
Debra Adamson PT
Jacob Adamson MPT
Miss Jacqui Adamson PT
Jillian Adamson MPT
John Adamson JR. PT
Kelly Adamson
Paula Adamson PT
Stacey Adamson PT
Dr. Stephanie Adamson DPT
Miss Izabela Adamus PT
Christine Joy Adan PT
Luke Adan PT
Urvi Adani
Yoka Adar-Stam PT
Feyisara Adaramola PT
Pamela Adatto DPT
Vijay Adavelly PT
Heather Adaway PT
Stefanie Aday PT
Benjamin Adcock
Cara Adcock
Mr. Gerald Adcock PT
Janice Adcock PT
Mr. Jeffrey Adcock MPT
Miss Jennifer Adcock PT
Julie Adcock DPT
Samantha Adcock PT
Shannon Adcock DPT
Derek Adcox PT
Stacey Addams PT
Mr. Nando Addari PT
Ms. Carol Addeo PT
Thomas Adderley PT
Mrs. Sara Addesa MSPT
Claudia Addie MPT
Cathy Addington LPT
Mrs. Jessica Addington PT, DPT
Lesli Addington PT
Jacqueline Addis MSPT
Mrs. Kate Addis DPT
Ms. Katherine Addis DPT
Ms. Marion Addis PT
Alyson Addison PT, DPT, CLT
Mrs. Crystal Addison PT
Dawn Addison
Mrs. Elizabeth Addison PT
Kaylee Addison PT, DPT
Dr. Odessa Addison DPT
Mrs. Stephanie Addison PT
Miss Dawn Addison-Corbit PT,DPT
Mrs. Robin Addison-Snowden PT
Emmanuel Addo PT
Ms. Catherine Addonizio PT
Deborah Adduci PT
Vincenzo Adduci JR. DPT
Ms. Elizabeth Ade PT
Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo DPT
Mr. Charles Adedara PT
Mrs. Olutoyin Adedeji PT
Tolulope Adegbore PT
Mr. Adebola Adekanmbi PT
Alexandra Adel
Adelekan Adeleke PT
Michael Adeleke PT
Kate Adeletti
Folasade Adeleye PT
Arshya Adeli PT
Ms. Dana Adelizzi DPT
Dr. Philip Adelizzi JR. DPT
Dr. David Adelman DPT
Julie Adelman PT
Mr. William Adelman PT
Mr. Daniel Adels RPT
Mr. Stanley Adelsberg PT
Emily Adelson DPT
Ms. Julia Adelson PT
Grace Ademski
Ms. Patricia Aden PT
Mrs. Olakanmi Adeniyi PT
Dr. Adewale Adenlola DPT DOCTOR OF PHYSIC
Adeyinka Adepoju PT
Jerica Aderhold
Karen Aderhold DPT
Dr. Olumide Aderoba PTDPTMSGCS
Janey Ades
Ms. Broadwin Adesegun DPT
Ms. Adetola Adeshuko DPT
Mr. Adewale Adesina PT
Mr. Clement Adesinasi PT
Michael Adesso PT
Olanre Adetu PT
Hameed Adewole
Modupe Adewunmi
Rashidat Adewunmi PT
Leo Adewusi
Florence Adewuyi DPT
Mr. Simon Adey PT
Abiodun Adeyemi PT
Aderemi Adeyemi PT
Dr. Kolawole Adeyemi DPT
Dr. Olufisayo Adeyemi DPT
Sahadia Adeyemi DPT
Riddhi Adhvaryu PT
Maytal Adi PT
Alexis Adiarte DPT
Cherry Adibe DPT
Mrs. Maria Adigun PT
Miss Reka Adil RPT
Mariam Adili Skinner PT
Gerardo Adille RPT
Kasey Adinolfi DPT
Fatai Adisa PT
James Adisano PT
Vina Adiuba PT
Mr. Kenneth Adivino PT, MS
Sherry Adjapong
Bright Adjei PT, DPT, OCS
Mr. Jude Adjekughele PT
Nataliya Adjian RPT
Mrs. Adrienne Adkins PT
Dr. Alexandria Adkins DPT
Amanda Adkins PT
Autumn Adkins PT
Benjamin Adkins DPT
Brian Adkins PT
Bridgette Adkins
Cammie Adkins MPT
Carol Adkins PT
Catherine Adkins PT, DPT
Douglas Adkins PT, DPT
James Adkins DPT
Mrs. Jean Adkins PT
Kate Adkins DPT
Kati Adkins MPT, CSCS,CLT
Mrs. Laura Adkins PT,DPT
Melissa Adkins DPT
Ms. Michelle Adkins PT, DPT
Rich Adkins PT
Dr. William Adkins PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
Mr. William Adkins MPT
Barbara Adkins-Bell
Shannon Adkinson DPT
Brandon Adkison DPT
Aaron Adler DPT
Allison Adler
Ashley Adler DPT
Carol Adler PT
Carolyn Adler DPT
Danielle Adler
Evan Adler PT
Greg Adler PT
Mr. Joseph Adler PT, DPT CCS
Joshua Adler
Mrs. Kerith Adler MS PT
Laura Adler PT
Lindsey Adler DPT
Melissa Adler PT
Mr. Scott Adler DPT
Ms. Tracey Adler PT MS OCS
Yvonne Adler PT
Mr. Zvi Adler PT
Ms. Leeat Adlersberg DPT
Jennifer Adley PT
Mrs. Jill Adlon PT
Becky Admire PT
Wanda Admire PT
Karen Ado PT
Laura Adolfson
Danielle Adolph DPT
Mr. Larry Adolph PT
Leizl-Ann Adolphi PT
Ms. Barbara Adomsky DPT
Mr. Wilhelm Adoremos RPT
Mr. Angel Adorno PT
Ms. Valentina Adorno PT
Ma Farida Adoro PT
Jason Adour
Arlene Adrales PT
Mr. Carmen Adrian PT
Jordan Adrian
Mrs. Wendy Adrian DPT
Ms. Jasmine Adriano
Miss Maria Cecilia Adriano RPT
Ms. Susan Adriansen PT
Ms. Samantha Adrianzen RPT
Edwina Adrien
Jennifer Adrien MSPT
Payal Adroja
Patrick Adsit PT
Vicki Adsit PT
Alethea Adsitt PT, DPT
Steven Adsitt DPT
Dr. Collin Adu DPTGCSMBA
Mrs. Marie Adu DPT
Sruthi Adudodla
Ms. Nalini Advani MSPT
Mrs. Jennifer Advent DPT
Ms. Mary Advent PT
Amparo Adviento PT
Ralph Adviento
Mr. Geoffrey Advincula PT
Mrs. Falguni Adwani RPT
Reshma Adwar DPT
Ruth Adzuara PT
Mr. Naresh Aeleti
Dennis Aenlle PT
Femke Aerts PT-DPT
Frank Aerts PT
Sally Aerts PT, OCS, COMT
Dr. Christopher Aeschliman PT, DPT
Mrs. Julie Aeschliman PT
Estela Afanador PT
Mrs. Johanna Afanador DPT
Mrs. Rosario Afante PT
Catherine Afdal PT
Hallie Afentakis
Ms. Margaret Affeldt PT
Kathryn Affleck PT
Sondra Affolter PT
Bahaa Afifi PT
Dr. Mohamed Afifi DTP
Khaled Afify PT
Mrs. Cynthia Aflague PT
Samson Afolabi
Joao Afonso MPT
Paulo Afonso PT
Ms. Shirley Afonso
Navid Afrah
Miss Andrea Africa PTA
Mr. Ricardo Africa
Ms. Jamal Afroz
Andlib Afshan PT
Dr. Austin Afshar DPT
Cameron Afshari PT, DPT
Mrs. Rhea Afualo MPT, ATC
Zaki Afzal DPT,
Maria-Beatina Agagon PT
John Carlo Agalo-Os
Mr. Jeffery Agan PT
Kimberly Agan PT, DPT
Melissa Aganon PT
Maria Silvina Agao PT
Augustus Agapinan PT
Cynthia Agapito
Mrs. Shirley Agapito DPT
Hannah Agarwal
Mrs. Indrani Agarwal DPT
Melinda Agarwal
Miss Puja Agarwal PT
Mrs. Sara Agassiz PT, OCS
Mrs. Kimberly Agatucci PT
Mazal Agazarova PT
Julie Agbasi
Cherry Ann Agbayani
Jose Sol Agbayani PT
Joyce Agbayani PT
Rhea Agbayani
Winston Agbayani PT
Scott Agbincola PT
Miss Modupeola Agboola DPT
Tracy Agbunag PT
Mrs. Marie Jocelyn Agbuya
Madonna Agcaoili
Miss Precious Agcon DPT
Shiela Marie Agda
Mrs. Marilou Agdaca PT
Miss Maria Fe Dories Agdeppa RPT
Christina Agee
Jennifer Agee
Mr. Justin Agee PT
Ms. Ruth Agee MS, PT
Mr. Terry Agent RPT
Hallie Ager PT, DPT
Karen Ager
Ms. Shellee Ager PT
Mary Ann Aggabao
Deepak Aggarwal PT
Katie Aggarwal DPT
Richa Aggarwal
Sumeet Aggarwal DPT
Vimmi Aggarwal DPT
Peter Aggen DPT
Anna Aghachi DPT
Jennifer Aghai MSPT
Olutoyin Aghomo PT
Dr. Brindha Agilan DPT
Michelle Agin
Marianne Agler DPT
Ragen Agler DPT, ATC
Nancy Agliolo RPT
Jennifer Aglubat DPT
Carl Agne MPT
Sarah Agne MPT
Mr. Joseph Agnello PT, MDT
Daniel Agnese PT, DPT, CSCS
Alissa Agnew PT
Elizabeth Agnew PT, DPT
Mrs. Joanne Agnew PT
Kathy Agnew PT
Maura Agnew PT
Mr. Robert Agnew I PT
Ms. Tricia Agnoli PT
Mr. Michael Agnone PT
Emelyn Agoncillo PT
Mr. Roderick Agonoy Lu PT
Angela Agosta DPT
Joseph Agostinelli PT
Michele Agostinelli PT
Mary Sue Agostini PT
Michelle Agostini PT, DPT
Ron Agostini PT
Pamela Agostino IX
Raymond Agostino DPT
Mrs. Karen Agostinucci PT
Robert Agosto PT
Mrs. Irina Agranova PT
Elizabeth Agrapidis PT
Barkha Agrawal PT
Kalika Agrawal PT
Nandita Agrawal PT
Ms. Neha Agrawal PT
Dmitry Agres DPT
Dr. Joel Agresta DC, PT
Ms. Jacalyn Agrillo I PT, MSPT
Julie Agro PT
Netherine Lann Agsalda RPT
Mrs. Michele Aguado BS PT
Thelma Aguda
Nell Agudo PT
Salixto Agudo JR. PT
Stephanie Aguero DPT
Mr. Zachery Aguiar PT, DPT
Mr. David Aguiare LPTA
Margaret Aguil-Antiquiera
Mr. Benjamin Aguila PT, DPT
Maria Aguila PT
Mary Jane Aguila Carson PT
Amelia Aguilar DPT
Ana Rheeda Aguilar DPT
Dr. David Aguilar DPT
Edward Sherwin Aguilar PT
Mrs. Elaine Aguilar PT
Erika Aguilar MS, PT
Frances Aguilar PT
Hazel Ann Aguilar
Ms. Helen Aguilar PT
Mr. James Aguilar PT, MBA
Mrs. Jana Aguilar MPT
Jennifer Aguilar PT
Ms. Lorraine Aguilar
Marla Aguilar PT
Mary Delanie Aguilar RPT
Miss Melissa Aguilar DPT-LPT
Ms. Misty Aguilar DPT
Omer Aguilar PT
Dr. Raul Aguilar PT, DPT
Ronald Aguilar
Steve Aguilar BS PT
Suzanna Aguilar MPT
Amanda Aguilera DPT
Ritchie Val Aguilera
Jan Michael Aguiling
Ms. Jennifer Aguillard PT
Dr. Ninfa Aguinaga DPT
Mr. Kevin Aguinaldo
Bernadine Aguirre RPT
Debra Aguirre PT
Mrs. Emerald Aguirre PT
Mr. Jon Aguirre MPT
Ma. Eliza Aguirre RPT
Mary Aguirre RPT
Teena Aguirre-Jensen DPT
Abigail Marie Agustero
Mr. Adrian Agustin PT
Cholette Eve Agustin PT
Florencio Agustin III PT
Junwyn Thomas Agustin PT
Neil Anthony Agustin PT
Dr. Ninia Eliza Agustin DPT
Ruthalma Agustin PT
Mrs. Heather Agustines PT
Solomon Agyeman DPT
Megan Ahammer-Mccartney
Moshe Aharoni
Nitza Aharoni DPT
Michael Ahdout DPT
Mrs. Carolyn Ahearn MSPT
Dr. Christopher Ahearn DPT
Mr. Jonathan Ahearn PT, DPT, CSCS
Mrs. Patricia Ahearn MPT, MTC
Mrs. Rose Ahearn PT
Megan Aher PT, DPT
Ms. Marci Aherin PT
Cathleen Ahern PT
John Ahern PT
Kay Ahern PT
Timothy Ahern PT
Mr. Narsinhbhai Ahir RPT
Morgan Ahl PT
Deborah Ahlborn MPT,DPT,MTC
Christine Ahlbrecht PT
Michele Ahlbrecht PT
Dr. Heather Ahler DPT
Melissa Ahler PT
Mrs. Wendy Ahler PT
Mrs. Carissa Ahlers PT
Austin Ahles
Rebecca Ahlfeld DPT, OTR/L
Christina Ahlgren
Cynthia Ahlholm PT MS OCS
Mrs. Anne Ahlman MPT
Amandeep Ahluwalia PT
Smita Ahluwalia RPT
Vikas Ahluwalia RPT
Gulzar Ahmad PT
Hussein Ahmad PT
Malik Ahmad
Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad PT
Soraya Ahmadi-Nia Roudsari
Nooshin Ahmadvand PT
Alissa Ahmann PT
Ahmed Ahmed PT
Ahmed Ahmed
Amr Ahmed DPT
Ashfaq Ahmed BSC RPT
Ayesha Ahmed PT,MHS
Ijaz Ahmed
Laura Ahmed PT, DPT
Dr. Marawan Ahmed DPT
Mohamed Ahmed DPT
Dr. Nazir Ahmed PT
Noha Ahmed PT
Olfat Ahmed PT
Orsam Ahmed DPT
Ramy Ahmed
Sabina Ahmed MPT
Saeeda Ahmed
Dr. Sahar Ahmed RPT
Shady Ahmed
Mrs. Suraiya Ahmed PT
Mr. Tousif Ahmed PT
Mr. Zaghloul Ahmed PT, PHD
Mrs. Elizabeth Ahmes PT
Douglas Ahn DPT
Erin Ahn DPT
Jaechol Ahn
Rachel Ahn PT
Miss Soo Ahn DPT
Soyouen Ahn PT
Tony Ahn DPT
Elizabeth Ahne PT
Amy Aho RPT
Mrs. Leanna Aho DPT
Lindsay Aho DPT
Jessica Ahonen
Judi Ahram
Lauren Ahrendt DPT
Rebekah Ahrenholz DPT
Stephen Ahrens PT
Thomas Ahrens
Janette Ahrndt MPT
Miss Aimee Ahrons PT
Ms. Samreen Ahsan PT,
Akash Ahuja RPT
Jyoti Ahuja PT
Mrs. Rama Ahuja PT
Sunita Ahuja PT
Dr. Chaitali Ahya DPT, OCS, CMP
Mr. Brian Aida
Bonnie Aiello PT
Dr. Dorothy Aiello DPT
Stephen Aiello MSPT
Christine Aigamaua
Steven Aigbogun RPT
Angela Aijian DPT
Miss Dawn Aikels MPT
Alison Aiken PT
Briana Aiken MPT DPT
David Aiken PT
James Aiken DPT
Mr. Michael Aiken PT
Mrs. Susan Aiken PT
Tiffany Aiken DPT
Dr. Kendra Aikenhead PT, DPT
Andrew Aikens MPT CSCS
Cynthia Aikens PT
Lisa Aikens PT, ATC, MOMT
Kasey Aikin DPT
Hailey Aikins
Ashley Aikman PT, DPT
Mr. Harvey Aikman PT DPMDT
Melissa Aiksnoras PT
Dhrithi Ail
Melissa Ailor PT
Mr. Esaie Aime PT
Julie Aime PT
Mr. Morton Aime PT, OCS, GCS
Dr. Adeniyi Aina PT
Dr. Sim Aing DPT
Carolyn Ainsley PT
Lynne Ainsworth PT
Marcus Ainsworth PT, DPT
Mrs. Patricia Ainsworth PT
Jennifer Aiossa PT
Mrs. Elizabeth Aira PT
Ms. Roxana Airinei-Teel PT
Angela Aitken DPT
Mr. Brendon Aitken PT, DPT
Mrs. Dena Aitken PT
Dr. Erica Aitken DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS
Marjorie Aitken PT
Mr. Mark Aitken PT
Dr. Karen Aitken-Douyon DPT
Mr. Shyam Aiyar DPT
Daniza Aizaga PT
Miss Maria Ysabelle Aizon PT
Mary Katherine Aizpuru
Mrs. Linda Aja PT
Warren Aja PT
Adeolu Ajala
Foluke Ajanaku-Udeh
Smithamol Ajayan
Abiola Ajayi DPT
Mr. Lawrence Ajayi PT
Tolulope Ajayi
Anisha Ajgaonkar PT
Azmar Ajihil
Miss Karamdeep Kaur Ajit Singh RTP
Anjali Ajmani PT
Barkha Ajmani
Bianca Ajon
Trupti Ajudia
Mary Akan PT
Olufemi Akanbi
Mrs. Oluyemi Akande PT
Dr. Rachael Akay PT
Michelle Akazawa
Shahida Akbar PT
Oluwasanmi Akeju PT
Melaku Akele PT, DPT
Mrs. Deborah Aker RPT
Mr. Shawn Aker DPT
Helen Akerberg Evans PT
Siddhesh Akerkar
Bonnie Akerman DPT
Melissa Akerman MPT
Dr. Raymond Akerman JR. DPT
Catherine Akers PT
Mrs. Deborah Akers PT
Mr. Glen Akers PT
James Akers PT
John Akers PT
Laura Akers PT
Mrs. Lisa Akers PT MS
Mitchell Akers PT, DPT
Roger Akers PT
Scott Akers PT
Stacia Akers PT
Ben Akes PT
Heather Akgun MPT, DPT
Ms. Elena Akhbari DPT
Samweel Akhnoukh RPT
Aliana Akhtar
Mahmood Akhtar PT
Muhammd Akhtar PT
Mary Annabeth Akiat
Ms. Maria Akiatan PT
Esther Akiba
Alexander Akin DPT
Andrew Akin PT
Jayme Akin MPT
Leanne Akin
Dustin Akina PT, DPT
Henry Akinbobuyi PT
Michael Akinbola PT, DPT, CSCS
Mrs. Elizabeth Akincilar MSPT
Oyinkansola Akinmade
Bethany Akins PT
Jeffrey Akins PT
Ms. Lydia Akins DPT
Stacie Akins
Mr. Timothy Akins PT
Mrs. Ayodeji Akinsanya RPT
Folayemi Akinsiku
Olajode Akinwale DPT
Dr. James Akinwunmi DPT
Olakunle Akinyemi
Mr. Olaoye Akinyemi PT
Mr. Akinsola Akinyode BMR PT
Kevin Akizuki PT
Ms. Stacie Akkerman PT, ATC
Dr. Chethan Kumar Akkur Channe Gowda PT, DPT, CEEAA
Arzu Akkus
Mr. Raouf Akl PT
Dr. 'Tola Akomolafe DPT
Dr. Babatunde Akomolafe PT, DPT, GCS
Ngozi Akotaobi PT
Patricia Akovenko PT
Mr. Mark Akpan
Athena Akram DPT
Doreen Akry DPT
Christina Aksamit MPT
Lauren Akselrod PT
Mrs. Wendy Aksu LPT
Veena Akula
Mr. Kazunobu Akutsu BS
Ma Lourdes Akyurt PT
Dr. Fady Al-Helo DPT
Amira Al-Jiboori MPT
Ms. Leila Al-Marayati
Hussain Al-Qattan DPT
Aaron Al-Sorghali PT
Mr. Hussain Al-Sullami MSPT
Mr. Marlon Alaan PT
Annah Theresa Melad Alaba PT
Mr. Olatunde Alade
Rasheed Alade PT,DPT
Dr. Gierwin Alagano DPT
Simranjeet Alagh
Mrs. Margaret Alagor PT
Abdulrahman Alahmad PT
Nagah Alaidy PT
Andrew Alaimo DPT
Mika Alakulppi PT
Dr. Ololade Alalade PT, DPT
Mr. Ghaiyur Alam RPT
Kamrun Alam PT
Muhammad Alam PT
Syed Irshad Alam
Ava Angela Alamares PT
Sherrylyn Alamares
Jayme Alambra DPT
Mr. Jojo Alamillo PT
Mae Alamillo PT
Mrs. Ma. Paz Corazon Alana PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Ms. Kathryn Alandy PT
Mr. Runel Alanes MPT
Ms. Trina Alangdeo PT
Manuel Alanis PT
Heather Alaniz PT
Lucia Alaniz PT
Mandy Alaniz PT
Steven Alaniz PT
John Alano
Rizalina Alano PT
Miss Riza Lina Alao PT
Sitha Alapati
Dr. Meryl Alappattu PT, DPT
Lazma Alaraj MPT
Ms. Lisa Alarcon MPT
Mr. Vincent John Alarcon PT
Mr. Jeffrey Alaska MPT
Maria Alatalo PT
Amah Lea Alava
Krissi Alave PT
Arash Alavi-Tehrani PT
Macrina Alayu-Nichols PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Alison Alba DPT
Christina Alba MPT CHT
Mrs. Danielle Alba PT
Mr. Rainier Alba PT
Rex Alba
Jose Alba Hernandez PT, DPT
Shlomit Albagli PT
Mrs. Regina Albaladejo MSPT
Dr. Gregory Alban DPT
Christopher Albanese PT
Janet Albanese PT
Richard Albanese PT
Shannon Albanese PT
Stephen Albanese PT
Vincent Albanese PT
Jose Albania
Amy Albano PT, DPT
Erwin Albano PT
Ms. Heather Albano PT
Jamie Albano PT
Mr. Leo Albano PT
Michelle Albano DPT
Wendy Albano PT
Kathleen Albany PT, MPH
Mr. Keith Albarillo PT
Mr. Israel Albarran PT, DPT
Kimberly Albarran PT, DPT
Dr. Logan Albaugh
Rebecca Albaugh DPT
Mrs. Suzanne Albaugh PT
Paul Edgardo Albay PT
Kate Albee
Megan Albee
Todd Albee PT
Teri Albee-Olsen DPT
Keli Alber DPT
Ms. Karen Alberding PT, DPT
Michelle Alberghini
Mrs. Karen Albergo-Tevez PT
Douglas Alberici PT
Mr. Stephen Alberini MPT
Dr. James Alberry II PT DPT
Mr. Duane Albers PT
Miss Kelly Albers PT, ATR
Molly Albers PT
Mrs. Victoria Albers DPT
Mr. Troy Alberson MSPT CLT LANA
Mrs. Wendy Alberson
Dr. Amanda Albert PT
Carla Albert PT
Christina Albert PT, DPT
Christopher Albert PT
Dawn Albert PT
Donna Albert DPT
Katherine Albert DPT
Mark Albert PT, SCS, ATC
Mr. Mark Albert PT
Matthew Albert PT, MSPT
Meredith Albert PT,CSCS,MDT
Ms. Meredith Albert PT
Michelle Albert PT
Monique Albert
Mr. Paul Albert PT
Philip Albert PT
Rhea Albert PT
Roselle Albert
Ryan Albert PT,DPT
Scott Albert PT, DPT, CSCS
Mrs. Tammy Albert PT
Thomas Albert DPT, PT, ATC, CSCS
Victoria Albert RPT
Lillian Albert-Gardner PT
Mrs. Janet Alberti PT
Karla Alberti PT
Lori Alberti PT
Miss Erika Albertini PT, ATC
Tracey Albertini MPT
Alexis Alberto
Mrs. Lizette Alberto PT
Ma Soledad Alberto DPT
Kellie Alberts PT, DPT
Michele Alberts PT
Mrs. Stacey Alberts Alberts PT
Mrs. Susan Alberts PT
Virginia Alberts MSPT
Diane Albertsen PT
Dr. Jeffrey Albertson DPT
Sarah Albertson DPT
Sheri Albertson PT
Stephanna Alberty PT
Mrs. Martha Albi PT
Ms. Kristen Albin
Stephanie Albin PT
Dr. Anya Albonetti
Lauren Alborn PT
Martean Alborn RPT
Adelaida Albornoz MSPT
Tiffany Albracht PT
Dr. Andrew Albrecht PT
Mrs. Annie Albrecht DPT
Christopher Albrecht PT
Edward Albrecht MPT
Kalin Albrecht PT
Kris Albrecht PT
Lynette Albrecht
Mrs. Melissa Albrecht DPT
Melissa Albrecht PT
Michelle Albrecht PT
Pamela Albrecht MSPT
Samantha Albrecht PT
Vanessa Albrecht PT
Timothy Albrethsen DPT
Alisha Albright
Andrea Albright PT,DPT
Andrew Albright
Mrs. Annette Albright PT
Britta Albright DPT
Bryan Albright PT, OCS
Ms. Carol Albright PT
Emily Albright PT, DPT
Gale Albright PT
Gina Albright DPT
Harold Albright MS PT
Jason Albright PT
Jennifer Albright DPT
Joseph Albright LPT
Katharine Albright PT
Katherine Albright DPT
Katrine Albright
Mandi Albright DPT
Meridith Albright PT
Michael Albright PT
Stephanie Albright PT, DPT
Tara Albright DPT
Yvette Albright PT
Joanna Albritton PT
Marcia Albritton PT
Mrs. Carrie Albrizio MPT
Brittany Albro PT,DPT
Daryl Albro MPT
Elizabeth Albro PT
Margarita Albukh PT
Dr. Syed Albukhary DPT
Lesly Albuquerque PT
Arlan Alburo PT
Leolyn Alburo PT
Medel Alburo PT
Mr. Renato Alburo PT
Rolando Alburo JR. RPT
Rowena Alburo
Mrs. Brittany Albus PT, DPT
Lauren Albus PT, DPT
Michelle Alby DPT
Tamara Alby PT
Arianne Alcala PT
Beatriz Alcala DPT
Gabriel Alcala
Jennifer Alcala PT
William Alcala PT
Danny Alcalde PT
Cindy Alcantara PT
Mrs. Debra Alcantara
Dr. Eduardo Alcantara DPT
Felix Alcantara
Freire Alcantara
Mrs. Janise Alcantara PT
Mrs. Jorivi Alcantara RPT
Mr. Mario Alcantara PT
Michelle Alcantara
Mr. Robert Alcantara RPT
Sol Christian Alcantara PT
Mrs. Maria Alcantara Cipriano PT
Michael Alcaraz
Miss Marisa Alcaro DPT
Mary Jane Alcazar PT
Ms. Sandra Alcazar
Josielyn Alcazar-Bautista
Jennifer Alcedo PT
Richard Alcera PT
Mrs. Rachelle Alcide PT
Althea Alcido PT
Mary Alcini PT
Mr. Joel Alcoba DPT
Jessica Alcock PT
John Alcock PT
Heather Alcombright MSPT
Kathleen Alcon PT
Jose Carlos Alconaba PT
Daniel Alcorn DPT
Ms. Janet Alcorn PT
Jeffrey Alcorn
Michael Alcorn
Dexter Alcoy PT
Mrs. Katrina Anna Alcoy PT
Kristin Alcuri PT
Mrs. Mary Aldana
Ms. Sarah Aldana MS PT
Mrs. Rosa Aldarondo PT
Alina Aldatova
Mrs. April Alday DPT
Milet Alday PT
Alison Aldcroft PT
Ms. Bernadette Aldea RPT
Joaguin Aldea
Mr. Jose Aldea PT
Miss Kiarra Domenique Aldea
Marilou Aldea PT
Royce Aldea PT
Ann Marie Aldeguer-Dimatulac PT
Cheryl Alden PT
Glen Alden
Mrs. Gwendolyn Alden PT
Jennifer Alden DPT
Sharon Alden I PT
Steven Alden DPT
Timothy Alder PT
Sharon Alderdice PT
Rhonda Alderfer MS, PT
Marti Alderink DPT
Bryce Alderks DPT
Cassie Alderks DPT
Dale Alderman DPT
Mrs. Ellen Alderman
Brittany Alders
Chad Alderson
Mark Alderson PT
Stephanie Alderson DPT
Mrs. Jessica Aldo PT, DPT
Kathleen Aldous DPT
Mandy Aldous PT
Nalini Aldovino
Kristen Aldredge PT
Cynthia Aldrich PT
Miss Felecia Aldrich PT
Kate Aldrich PT
Elizabeth Aldridge PT
Elizabeth Aldridge PT
John Aldridge PT
Dr. Kathleen Aldridge PT, MS, DPT
Mr. Randal Aldridge MS PT ATC
Robert Aldridge RPT
Prof. Roy Aldridge JR. PT
Taylor Aldridge MPT
Ronna Aldridge-Goldbach PT
Mahmoud Aldwake
Stephanie Ale DPT, CSCS
Amy Aleckson
Julie Alecusan PT
Mrs. Christine Alefantis PT
Delfin Alega JR. PT
Ms. Vicozette Alegado III PT
Mr. John Alegi JR. PT
Cherry Alegre
Cynthia Alegre DPT
Eileen Alegre PT
Oliver Alegre
Robert Alegre PT
Mrs. Analyn Alejandrino I PT
Daisiree Alejandro
Cherrylyn Alejo PT
Mary Rose Alejo
Timothy Alejo
Mrs. Sheila Alejos PT
Mrs. Daniela Aleksich PT
Mrs. Joanna Aleksiejuk RPT
Angel Aleman Gaetan MSPT, ATRIC
Rachel Alena DPT
Lauren Alesch DPT
Timothy Alesnik PT
Leah Alessandri-Moore PT
Ms. Sunni Alessandria PT
Mary Alessandrino MPT
Michelle Alessandro
Amy Alessi PT
Ms. Elizabeth Alessi DPT
Mrs. Frieda Alessi PT
Mr. Matthew Alessi PT
Nancy Aletto PT
Ms. Argyro Alevrogiannis PT
Cassaundra Alewine
Brendan Alex DPT
Mrs. Lexy Alex
Manu Alex PT
Aimee Alexander PT
Alissha Alexander
Allyson Alexander DPT
Amber Alexander DPT
Ms. Amy Alexander PT
Mrs. Amy Alexander DPT
Mrs. Anley Alexander DPT
Austin Alexander PT
Beata Alexander PT
Dr. Benjamin Alexander IV PT, DPT
Charles Alexander PT, DPT
Crystal Alexander
Mr. David Alexander PT
Mr. Dawn Alexander PT
Deborah Alexander PT
Deborah Alexander PT
Mrs. Deborah Alexander PT
Derek Alexander PT, DPT
Miss Elizabeth Alexander DPT
Ms. Elizabeth Alexander DPT
Dr. Eric Alexander DPT
Erik Alexander PT
Mrs. Erin Alexander PT
Mrs. Holly Alexander PT
James Alexander
Jamie Alexander PT, DPT, ATC
Jane Alexander PT
Jason Alexander DPT
Jason Alexander DPT
Jayne Alexander
Jebu Alexander PT
Dr. Jenna Alexander DPT
Ms. Jennifer Alexander MPT
Jennifer Alexander MPT
Jennifer Alexander PT
Jeromee Alexander PT
Miss Jessica Alexander PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Mrs. Jodene Alexander MPT
John Alexander MPT
John Alexander PT
Mr. Jonathan Alexander PT
Ms. Julianne Alexander PT
Kaitlin Alexander DPT
Ms. Katherine Alexander PT
Katrina Alexander DPT
Miss Kelly Alexander DPT
Kelly Alexander PT
Kera Alexander PT
Kevin Alexander DPT
Kim Alexander LPT
Kimberly Alexander MSPT
Krystle Alexander
Kylee Alexander DPT
Laura Alexander
Ms. Laura Alexander MPT
Laurie Alexander DPT
Lezlee Alexander PT
Linda Alexander DPT, OCS
Lisa Alexander PT
Lisa Alexander PT
Ms. Lori Alexander MSPT
Lori Alexander PT
Lu Alexander PT
Marissa Alexander DPT
Dr. Mary Alexander DPT
Matthew Alexander
Melanie Alexander DPT
Melchora Alexander PT
Michelle Alexander MSPT, PCS
Nancy Alexander PT
Paige Alexander PT, DPT
Rachel Alexander
Raymond Alexander PT
Ms. Rebecca Alexander MSPT
Renita Alexander PT
Richard Alexander PT
Mr. Samuel Alexander RPT
Sierra Alexander PT
Steven Alexander PT,DPT
Steven Alexander PT, DPT
Mr. Stuart Alexander PT
Mrs. Tamara Alexander PT
Ms. Tamara Alexander PT, DPT
Tiffany Alexander DPT
Tracie Alexander
Vernon Alexander
Mrs. Wendy Alexander P T
Mrs. Kimberly Alexander-Goehring RPT
Dimiter Alexandrov PT
Plamen Alexandrov PT
Toni Alexeychuk
Mr. Alkis Alexiadis PT
Ms. Carla Alexis PT
Miss Cherrin Alexis PT
Mr. David Alexy PT
Michelle Alexyon PT
Mrs. Lynn Aley MS,PT
Courtney Alf PT
Peter Alfano PT
Mr. Daniel Alfaro PT
Gaury Alfaro PT, DPT
Ms. Miriam Alfaro PT
Yolly Alfaro PT
Khett Allen Alferez
Hannah Alfermann
Molly Alfermann DPT
Dr. Keone Alferos DPT
Catherine Alfery PT
Debora Alfie RPT
Glenda Alfier PT, CHT
Annmarie Alfieri MPT
Miss Christine Alfieri PT
Dr. Colleen Alfieri DPT
Dr. Victor Alfieri DPT
Maria Alfieris PT
Dr. Elizabeth Alfonsi DPT, ATC
Alreen Day Alfonso DPT, CIMT, OCS
Ms. Elizabeth Alfonso DPT
Mrs. Renea Alfonso PT
Ancy Alford PT, DPT
Chad Alford
Mr. Christopher Alford PT, SCS, ATC, CSCS
Mrs. Elizabeth Alford LPT
Emily Alford PT
Mr. Gary Alford PT
Mrs. Joanna Alford RPT
Mrs. Julianne Alford PT
Kristen Alford PT
Krupa Alford DPT
Kyle Alford DPT
Marsha Alford MPT
Michael Alford DPT
Nicole Alford DPT
Mrs. Virginia Alford PT
Mrs. Hailey Alfred DPT
Dr. Jordan Alfrey DPT
Ms. Donna Alfs PT
Benjamin Alfus PT,DPT
Melinda Alfus DPT
Mrs. Christina Algate DPT
Miss Fatima Algenio
Benjamin Alger PT, DPT
Mrs. Taylor Alger DPT
Ms. Vivien Alger PT
Annmarie Algigi PT
Noemi Algodon PT
Mrs. Barbara Algranati PT
Alison Alguire PT
Mrs. Alison Alhadeff PT
Mr. Seth Alhadeff PT
Brian Alhanti PT
Matthew Alheim PT
Dr. Nader Alhooie DPT
Ahmed Ali DPT
Amreen Ali PT
Dr. Ashraf Ali PH D
Eman Ali PT
Hena Ali PT
Mahmoud Ali PT
Mrs. Mary Ali DPT
Mr. Mohamed Ali PT
Mohamed Ali
Mr. Muhammad Ali PT
Muna Ali PT
Nusrat Ali
Ms. Rachel Ali PT
Riaz Ali PT
Rocco Ali PT
Roohi Ali PT
Salman Ali PT
Sana Ali PT
Shaista Ali
Mr. Shawky Ali
Shujat Ali
Mrs. Joan Alia PT
Mary Alia RPT
Yasaman Alian DPT
Michele Aliani PT<,ATC, CSCS
Dennis Alibangbang
Mrs. Nicole Aliberte DPT
Julieta Alibudbud-Cardines PT
Peter Alicandri MS,PT
Anthony Alicea DPT
Mrs. Deborah Alicea MSPT
Mr. Sigfredo Alicea Valentin PT
Lenis Alicea-Yildirim PT,MED
Lisa Alig PT
Mr. Frank Aliganga PT
Marie Grace Aliggayu TDPT
Mrs. Josephine Aligno PT
Jennifer Aliguyon PT
Kate Alilio
Juanita Alim
Zlatko Alimpic PT
Mr. Esteban Alindogan PT
Jennifer Alindogan
Mrs. Shirley Alindogan PT
Kira Alinea PT, DPT
Ms. Lucinda Alinikoff BSPT
Mrs. Rita Alinso PT
Roy Alinsub PT
Christine Alioto PT
Ashley Aliotti PT
Earl Aliparo DPT
Vaysa Alipio
Gayle Alis-Brown DPT
Nieme Alisasis PT
Mrs. Renae Alison RPT
Mr. Ramon Alivio PT
Ronald Aliwalas PT
Lauren Alix PT, DPT, CSCS, SFMA
Ronald Ian Alix
Nasser Alkhalil RPT
Christine Alkhatib PT
Mr. Hisham Alkhatib
Dr. Ashley Alkire DPT
Dr. Brandon Alkire DPT
Kendra Alkire DPT
Liat Alkon PT
Jennifer Alkoum PT
Grace Alkuino
Michael Allain PT
Michelle Allain
Mr. Aaron Allaire
Amy Allaire MPT
Danielle Allaire PT
Elizabeth Allaire PT
Ms. Melinda Allaire PT
Stephanie Allaire PT
Thirupathi Allala
Anitha Allam
Marissa Allamby
Miss Angela Allamon PT
Barbara Allan PT
Dr. Ellie Allan PT, DPT
Isom Allan PT, DPT
Jane Allan
Jean Allan PT
Sandra Allan PT
Mrs. Michele Allard MSPT
Wendy Allard PT
Kelley Allardi PT
Thomas Allardi PT
Albert Allauigan
Jace Allbright DPT, CSCS
Mr. Joe Allbright DPT
Mr. Mark Allbright PT
Meredith Allbright PT
Mrs. Rebecca Allbright DPT
Mrs. Beth Allbritton PT
Mrs. Pamela Allbrooks PT
Mr. Joseph Allebach MSPT
Dr. Michael Allebach DPT
Lance Allee
Tyler Allee DPT
Sonia Allegretti PT
Paul Allegretto MSPT
Kelly Allegro PT, DPT
Gerard Alleje LPT
Dr. Michelle Alleman PT
Abby Allen DPT
Alecia Allen PT
Alexandria Allen PT
Mrs. Alissa Allen PT
Allison Allen DPT
Allison Allen
Amanda Allen DPT
Amanda Allen PT
Amy Allen DPT
Andrea Allen DPT
Anne Allen DPT
Mr. Barton Allen DPT
Mrs. Belinda Allen PT
Beth Allen PT
Blake Allen PT
Ms. Bonnie Allen PT
Mr. Brad Allen PT MS
Mr. Brad Allen PT
Mr. Britt Allen PT
Brooke Allen DPT
Ms. Carol Allen
Carol Allen PT11710
Carolyn Allen PT
Carrie Allen MPT
Charlyn Allen PT CLT-LANA
Mrs. Cheryl Allen PT, CWS
Mr. Chris Allen DPT
Christine Allen MPT
Christine Allen
Christopher Allen
Mr. Christopher Allen PT
Clinton Allen MSPT
Mr. Colby Allen MPT
Courtney Allen PT, DPT
Craig Allen PT
Mrs. Cricket Allen PT
Mrs. Cynthia Allen PT
Daniel Allen DPT
Daniel Allen
Davida Allen
Debbie Allen PT, DPT
Dennis Allen MPT
Mrs. Dianne Allen PT
Prof. Donald Allen PT
Douglas Allen PT
Douglas Allen PT
Douglas Allen MPT
Douglas Allen PT
Eileen Allen LPT
Elaine Allen PT
Elizabeth Allen PT
Elizabeth Allen PT
Ms. Elizabeth Allen
Elnora Allen MS, PT
Erin Allen PT
Erin Allen PT
Farrell Allen MSPT
Faye Allen DPT
Frank Allen JR.
Ms. Gentry Allen MPT
Ginger Allen PT
Heather Allen PT
Heather Allen PT
Heather Allen PT
Mrs. Hope Allen PT
Hunter Allen DPT
James Allen DPT
Mrs. Jan Allen PT
Mrs. Janelle Allen MSPT
Ms. Jaqueline Allen PT
Jasmine Allen
Jeffery Allen PT
Mr. Jeffrey Allen
Jennifer Allen PT
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen DPT, HPCS
Jennifer Allen DPT
Jerusha Allen DPT
Jessica Allen PT, DPT, NCS
Jill Allen
Jimmie Allen DPT
Joanna Allen DPT
Joelle Allen PT
Dr. Jonathan Allen PT
Dr. Joseph Allen DPT
Joshua Allen PT, DPT
Judy Allen PT
Julianna Allen
Karlene Allen DPTATC
Ms. Kassia Allen PT
Katelynn Allen DPT
Katherine Allen
Ms. Kathleen Allen PT, DPT
Kathryn Allen PT, DPT
Kathryn Allen MPT
Mrs. Kelleigh Allen PT
Kelly Allen DPT
Kelsey Allen PT,
Kimberly Allen PT
Kimberly Allen
Kristen Allen
Mrs. Kristen Allen PT
Kristine Allen
Ladawn Allen RPT
Mrs. Laura Allen PT
Dr. Laura Allen PT, DPT
Mrs. Laura Allen PT
Lauretta Allen RPT, DPT, CFP
Lesley Allen PT, DPT
Ms. Linda Allen DPT
Mrs. Linda Allen PT
Lindsay Allen DPT
Dr. Lisa Allen DPT
Lisa Allen
Macy Allen
Ms. Maria Allen PT
Mark Allen MPT
Mrs. Marnie Allen MPT
Mary Allen
Mr. Matthew Allen PT
Matthew Allen DPT
Matthew Allen PT
Dr. Matthrew Allen PT, DPT
Maury Allen PT
Melissa Allen DPT
Mrs. Melissa Allen PT, DPT
Ms. Melissa Allen PT
Mrs. Merijun Allen PT
Michael Allen MPT
Mr. Michael Allen PT
Michelle Allen DPT
Dr. Miira Allen DPT
Mrs. Monica Allen PT
Naiomi Allen PT
Nancy Allen PT
Nathan Allen PT
Mr. Nicholas Allen DPT
Pamela Allen
Patricia Allen
Patrick Allen DPT
Peter Allen DPT
Dr. Philip Allen PT, DPT
Dr. Rachel Allen DPT
Rachel Allen
Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen DPT
Rebecca Allen PT
Mr. Robert Allen MS PT
Dr. Robert Allen PT, DPT, WCC, CLT
Robert Allen PT
Ms. Robin Allen PT
Robin Allen
Samuel Allen PT
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen PT
Scott Allen PT
Sean Allen DPT
Mrs. Shamel Allen MPT
Shanna Allen DPT
Shannon Allen PT
Sloan Allen
Dr. Stephanie Allen DPT
Stephanie Allen
Mr. Stephen Allen PT
Stephen Allen PT, MS
Miss Stephenie Allen PT, DPT
Mr. Stevan Allen MA PT
Steve Allen PT
Mrs. Susan Allen MSPT
Susan Allen PT
Mrs. Susan Allen PT
Ms. Susan Allen PT
Mrs. Susanne Allen VII MPT
Suzanne Allen PT, DPT
Teresa Allen
Teresa Allen
Terry Allen PT
Tiffany Allen PT, DPT
Tiffany Allen
Mr. Timothy Allen MPT
Tina Allen PT
Tracy Allen BSPT
Travis Allen PT, DPT
Ty Allen DPT
Mrs. Val Allen PT
Vicki Allen PT
William Allen RPT,ATC
Dr. William Allen III DPT
William Allen PT
Bonnie Allen-Fadzl PT
Alice Allen-Gambrel PT
Katelyn Allen-Grant DPT
Mrs. Laura Allen-Schneider PT
Evelyn Allende Guerra
Dennis Allerheiligen PT
Mrs. Aimee Alley MSPT
Alyssa Alley
Ms. Amy Alley RPT
Elaine Alley PT
John Alley PT
Kendra Alley MSPT
Mary Alley PT
Roland Alley DPT
Suzanne Alley PT
Dr. Deborah Alleyne PT
Keren Alleyne PT
Mrs. Holly Allgeier PT
Mrs. Danaree Allgood MSPT, DPT
Matthew Allgood DPT
Brita Allgyer PT
Alicia Allie PT
Mrs. Soraya Allie PT
Mrs. Jennifer Allies PT, DPT
Christopher Alligood PT, OCS
Mrs. Mary Alligood MPT
Amanda Alling PT, DPT, PRPC
Wendy Alling PT
Kent Allion MPT, APT
Robert Allis PT
Shelly Allis PT
Amy Allison DPT
Amy Allison DPT
Andrew Allison PT, DPT
Carisa Allison DPT
Mr. Chris Allison
Mr. Cole Allison DPT
Danielle Allison
Debra Allison DPT
James Allison DPT
Jordan Allison
Joseph Allison PT
Mrs. Julie Allison RPT
Karla Allison PT, DPT
Kathryn Allison
Kimberly Allison DPT
Lea Allison PT
Lesley Allison PT
Mary Allison PT
Paul Allison PT
Paula Allison PT
Shannon Allison PT
Toni Allison PT, DPT
Mrs. Tracey Allison PT
Alexis Allmaier DPT
Daniel Allman
Janice Allman PT
Rita Allmeyer-Green PT
Mrs. Jennifer Allmon MSPT
Clancy Allmoslecher PT, DPT
Mrs. Erica Allocca MSPT
Mr. John Allocco JR. MPT
Ms. Amy Allonardo PT
Stacy Allouche
Mrs. Jill Alloway DPT
Lauren Alloway DPT
Timothy Alloway MSPT
Breeann Allred DPT
Brian Allred PT, DPT
Mr. Chad Allred PT
Mr. Garren Allred DPT
Heather Allred PT
Mr. Jason Allred DPT
Jennifer Allred PT
Justin Allred DPT
Ms. Kerry Allred PT
Mary Ann Allred PT
Dr. Max Allred PT, DPT
Ms. Cydney Allsbrook PT
Karen Allsbrooks
Dr. Brian Allsopp DPT
Mrs. Lorene Allspach PT
Ross Allumbaugh PT
Christy Allwein PT
Ms. Penny Allyn PT
Jacqueline Alm PT
Mr. Daniel Alma MSPT
Charina Alma Jose PT
Mohammad Almadan
Jesus Almanza DPT
Stacy Almanza DPT, ATC
Shaun Almaria DPT, OTR
Karen Almarinez PT
Ms. May Almario PT
Mr. Noel Almario PT
Mariam Almasi
Princess Leah Almayda PT
Felipe Almazan PT
Krystalyn Almazan PT
Rosario Almazan
Kristine Alme DPT
Mr. Emil Almeda
Dr. Tessa Myra Almeda DPT
Alanro Almedilla
Mary Aveline Almedilla PT
Amanda Almeida
Mrs. Carina Almeida DPT
Nikesh Almeida PT
Mr. Regis Almeida PT
Ms. Susan Almeida MSPT
Mrs. Therese Almeida PT
Thomas Almeida JR. PT
Tracy Almekinder PT
Santiago Almenares Montano
Jana Almendinger PT
Mr. Arnel Almendral PT
Julie Anne Almeria DPT
Ms. Fe Almero PT
Jane Almero PT
Tita Almero PT
Dr. Chase Almgren PT, DPT
Dianne O'nneil Almilla PT
Ms. Anne Marie Almirol PT
Josel Almodal
Janet Almodovar Velez PT
Ma Joffel Almojuela PT
Dr. Thomas Almonroeder DPT
Andrew Almonte PT
Glynis Grace Almonte
Jennifer Almonte
Nicholas Almonte
Kevin Almquist PT
Leah Almquist
Nevin Almquist PT
Dr. Gregory Alnwick DPT
Mrs. Heather Alnwick DPT
Ronan Alo PT
Fahad Alobayee DPT
Dominic Aloma MSPT
Patricia Alomar MS, PT
Rochelle Alon PT
Melissa Alonardo PT
Mary Joylene Along
Josyn Alonso PT
Lauren Alonso PT
Marisa Alonso PT
Melissa Alonso PT
Myrta Alonso PT
Miguel Alonso-Diez PT
Mrs. Maria Alonso-Stein PT
Anita Alonte Roma PT, DPT, NCS
Mr. Donny Alonzo PT
Mrs. Vic Ann Aloquina PT
Mr. Rodolfo Alora JR. RPT
Ms. Carol Aloupis MS PT
Mr. Rhandie Aloya RPT
Erika Alpar MSPT
Mr. Curtis Alpers PT OCS CHT
Ian Alperstein DPT
Cynthia Alpert MSPT
Lauren Alpert DPT
Stanley Alpert PT
Megan Alphin
Clarice Alphonso
Ms. Gemma Alquero PT
Lynn Alquiza-Mendoza PT
Earl Je Alquizalas RPT
Sajel Alreja DPT
Heidi Alsaleh
Lina Alsauskaite DPT
Ms. Pamela Alsberry PT
Faris Alshammari
Renee Alsop PT
Miss Erin Alspach PT
Scott Alstadt PT
Lucas Alstat DPT
Margaret Alston PT, PHD
Taleria Alston
Mr. Steven Alstot PT
Mrs. Sheila Alsup PT
Ms. Stephanie Alsup PT
Ms. Barbara Alswang PT
Kurt Alt PT
Alex Altamiranda DPT
Mr. Jeffrey Altamirano PT
Miss Liesly Altamirano
Mr. Peter Altamura PT
Mr. Andrei Altavas PT
Loree Altazan
Mrs. Beatrice Altberg PT
Urszula Altdoerffer PT
Jordan Altekruse DPT
Sabrina Altema DPT
Mrs. Cibele Altemar PT
Anita Altemeyer PT
Kristine Altena PT
Lisa Altena
Mr. Michael Altenburg PT
Ms. Sheri Altenburg DPT
Timothy Altenburg DPT
Mrs. Elizabeth Altenburger PT
Mr. Rick Altenburger PT
Ms. Valerie Altenburger MPT
Patren Altenor
Andrea Alter
Jeremy Alter PT
Ms. Rori Alter DPT
Ashley Alteri DPT
Janna Alteri PT
Kara Alterio PT
Breanna Altes DPT
Miss Kelly Althaus PT
Amanda Althouse DPT
Dr. Amanda Altieri DPT
Caren Altieri MPT
Mrs. Carolann Altieri PT
Christopher Altieri DPT
David Altieri
Miss Suzanne Altieri MSPT
Mr. Martin Altimar MSPT
Mr. Sergio Altizio PT
Aaron Altman PT
Mr. Allen Altman DPT
Andrew Altman ATC PT
Brett Altman DPT
Ms. Cathy Altman PT
Jessica Altman PT
Mrs. Lindsay Altman PT
Madelyn Altman PT, DPT
Ms. Marcia Altman PT
Nina Altman MED BSPT
Robert Altman MS,PT
Mr. Russell Altman PT, DPT
Sandra Altman PT
Sean Altman
Mrs. Sharon Altman PT
Mrs. Amy Altman Lesher MPT
Mr. Alan Alto PT
Mrs. Mollie Altobello MPT
Ann Alton DPT
Kelsey Altpeter DPT
Julie Altrichter
Lindsey Altringer DPT
Stephanie Altschuh MSPT
Mrs. Linda Altschule PT
Julie Altschuler
Amy Altshuler PT
Jessica Altstetter
Todd Altstetter DPT
Ibrahim Altubasi PT
Mr. Ziya Altug PT
June Altunel PT
Alfred Aluisio PT
Mrs. Heather Alumbaugh PT
Sangeetha Alummootil
Rengitha Alummoottil
Coleen Alunan
Anu Aluvathingal DPT
Ayere Aluya PT
Sheena Alva
Tina Alva DPT
Ms. Alina Alvarado MSPT
Bertha Alvarado
Criselda Alvarado PT
Debra Alvarado MPT
Heather Alvarado
Lori Alvarado PT
Mr. Mario Alvarado PT
Mrs. Mary Alvarado PT
Maureen Alvarado PT
Miss Wendeline Alvarado Santiago PT
Dr. William Alvarenga PT, DPT
Dr. Alicia Alvarez PT, DPT
Alvin Alvarez PT
Ms. Andrea Alvarez DPT, PT
Andrew Alvarez PT
Daniel Alvarez PT
Mr. Erick Alvarez PT
Erika Alvarez PT
Franco Alvarez PT
Ms. Hazel Ann Alvarez PT
Jamie Alvarez PT
Janev Alvarez DPT
Jessica Alvarez PT
Ms. Jocelyn Alvarez PT
Jose Alvarez PT, DPT,OCS
Mrs. Judith Alvarez
Krista Alvarez PT
Libby Alvarez DPT
Marguerite Alvarez RPT
Marylou Alvarez PT
Ms. Ninoska Alvarez MSPT
Oscar Alvarez PT, DPT
Mr. Pablo Alvarez MSPT
Ramil Alvarez
Rhea Alvarez
Samantha Alvarez PT, DPT
Mr. Sean Alvarez PT
Dr. Steven Alvarez DPT
William Alvarez PT
Nicholas Alvarez Del Castillo DPT
Ms. Jacqueline Alvarez-Hernandez PT
Vilma Alvayero DPT
Paul Alvear
Dr. Jaime Alvelais DPT
Mr. Craig Alver PT
Erick Alverio PT
Andres Alves PT DPT
Bianca Alves DPT
Dr. Jane Alves DPT
Mr. Jeff Alves PT
Jennifer Alves DPT
Maria Alves PT
Michelle Alves
Ashley Alvey
Mr. Sandra Alvey PT
Mr. Milford Alviar PT
Dr. Rudolf Alviedo DPT
Claudia Alvillar-Woodruff LPT
Smita Alvin RPT
Cynthia Alvino
Mr. Kirl Alviola PT
Maria Liezel Alviola
Mr. Jason Alvior PT
Miss Diana Alvir PT
Rob Alvir PT
Mrs. Cynthia Alvis I PT
Ms. Debra Alviso DPT, OCS
Ma Theresa Alvizo BSPT
Miss Tina Alwardt PT
Ms. Michelle Alwes PT
Scott Alwin
Ahmed Aly
Dilyana Aly DPT
Mohamed Aly RPT
Ronald Alzate PT
Sharon Alzner PT
Ms. Amy Amabile MPT
Craig Amack PT
Mrs. Dana Amack PT
Karen Amador PT
Katherine Amador PT DPT
Rocky Amagan
Esther Amagoh
Mr. Paul Amalfitano DPT, PT, ATC
Yvonne Amamio
Colton Aman PT, DPT
Mrs. Danielle Aman PT, DPT
Mrs. Deanna Dawn Amancio PT
Mallory Amani PT
Karen Amann
Megan Amann DPT
Narkie Amanor DPT
Mr. Jonathan Amansec PT, DPT
Mr. Brigani Amante MD
Mrs. Diane Amantia PT
Mrs. Dalia Amar MSPT
Leah Amar PT
Patrick Gerard Amar PT
Heidi Amaral PT
Luis Amaral PT
Michael Amaral PT
Mr. Ariz Amaria RPT
Neha Amarnani
Michael Amaro DPT
Olushola Amarvi PT
Jerry Amash DPT
Sammy Amasha RPT
Candice Amat DPT
Alexa Amato PT
Alfonso Amato PT
Mrs. Anne Amato PT
Dr. Casey Amato DPT
Christina Amato PT, DPT
Erica Amato PT
Francesco Amato
Miss Jeanine Amato
Jessica Amato DPT
Dr. Jonathan Amato DPT
Lindsey Amato
Michael Amato PT
Rachel Amato PT
Tara Amato PT
Isabella Amatuzzo PT
Mrs. Christina Amaya PT ASSISTANT
Molly Amaya PT
Nora Amaya PT
Ricardo Amaya DPT
Ms. Jacqueline Amazon PA, DPT
Asmita Ambardekar PT
Getulio Ambas PT
Rachel Ambat PT
Gemmy Ambatt DPT
Vigie Ambay
Shruti Ambegaonkar MPT
Ms. Bhakti Ambekar
Mrs. Norma Ambert PT
Dr. Steven Ambler PT, DPT, OCS
Mrs. Victoria Ambort
Allison Ambre DPT
Jennifer Ambrocio DPT
Joanne Ambrogi PT
Dale Ambrogio DPT
Amber Ambrose PT
Ashley Ambrose DPT
Mr. Christopher Ambrose MPT
Danielle Ambrose PT
Ms. Katharine Ambrose MSPT, DPT
Matthew Ambrose DPT
Maureen Ambrose DPT
Teresa Ambrose
Joyce Ambrosia MPT
Teresa Ambrosia-Jensen DC
April Ambrosio
Dr. Fabrisia Ambrosio PHD, MPT
Katherine Ambrosius PT, DPT
Julie Ambrosy DPT
Cheryl Ambroza PT
Dr. Charles Amburgey PT, DPT
Aleli Amburgo PT
Mr. Thomas Ambury PT
Ms. April Amdur PT
Colleen Amedro PT
Catherine Ameel
Nosheen Ameeri MPT, OCS
Amy Amelotte PT
Lora Amelunke PT
Ms. Cheryl Amendola PT
Mark Amendola
Ms. Garian Ament MSPT
Juliana Ament PT
Maura Ament PT DPT
Ms. Beatrice Amenta
Alzahraa Amer
Jacob Amerson DPT
Brandy Ames DPT
Byron Ames PT
Cecile Ames
Eleanor Ames PT, DPT
Jessica Ames
Katherine Ames PT
Pam Ames PT
Renee Ames
Mrs. Staci Ames PT
Timothy Ames
Mrs. Tracy Ames PT, ATC
Dr. Sarah Amesbury DPT
Roxanne Amhof
Mr. Christopher Amick PT MS
Corrine Amick PT
Mr. Gary Amick PT
Gregg Amick
Jennifer Amick PT
Landon Amick DPT
Melissa Amico PT, DPT
Robert Amico PT
Dr. Stephen Amico PT, DPT
Barbara Amidon PT
Rachel Amidon PT
Dr. Eric Amiel
Kristine Amii
Nasser Amilasan PT
Mrs. Amie Amin PT
Mrs. Bela Amin PT
Bhavna Amin
Chandanibahen Amin PT
Mr. Ehab Amin B SC PT
Janaki Amin DPT
Mr. Krupal Amin RPT
Melissa Amin PT
Mrs. Mital Amin MPT
Muhammad Amin PT
Neha Amin
Nirali Amin
Mr. Rajiv Amin MPT
Mrs. Shirali Amin PT
Shreyaben Amin
Dr. Stutee Amin DPT
Lia Amine DPT
Fariba Amini PT
Mrs. Michele Amini PT
Mr. Noam Aminoff PT
Mr. Orang Amintowlieh MS
Miss Jhoanna Amio
Mr. Mark Amir PT
Mr. Joseph Amirian RPT
Karen Amis PT
Sharon Amis PT
Mrs. Laura Amison PT
Catherine Amisson MSPT
Mr. Avi Amit RPT
Colette Amit
Mr. Opher Amit MPT
Dr. Svetlana Amitan DPT
Tamar Amitay MSPT
Heather Amitrani PT
Mrs. Jessica Amling PT
Dr. Elizabeth Amman DPT
Kerry Ammann PT
Tarek Ammar
Amanda Ammerman DPT
Estrellita Ammirati
Melissa Ammirati DPT
Dustina Ammon PT, DPT
Mrs. Rebecca Ammon PT
Joyce Ammondson
Lisa Ammons PT
Matthew Ammons DPT
Carrie Amo MPT
Mrs. Christina Amodei
Joseph Amodemo PT
Jordan Amodeo
Lisa Amodeo PT
Cheryl Amodie Stoney PT
Mr. John Amodio PT
Kerry Amodio PT
Mrs. Jenny Amonette PT, NCS
Dominic Amora
Dr. Larcy Amorelle PT
Olivia Amorin
Dr. Ginelle Amormino DPT
Susan Amorosi PT
Christie Amorosino PT
Mr. John Amoruso PT
Lisa Amoruso PT
Melanie Amoruso DPT
Chelsea Amos PT, DPT, RRT
Donald Amos
Emily Amos
Ms. Haley Amos DPT
Nicole Amos PT
Patricia Amos PT
Mr. William Amos PT
Melissa Amos-Jones DPT
Cassandra Amouak-Hale DPT
Sophia Amoudeh MPT
Maria Amparo PT
Ritchel Amper LPT
Abby Ampil
Carmela Amplayo PT
Dr. Priscilla Amponsah DPT
Mr. Samuel Amponsah PT
Linda Amrein PT
Jennifer Amrhein PT
Lauren Amrhein DPT
Mr. Jason Amrich PT
Ms. Kaitlin Amrine DPT
Kim Amrine PT
Mrs. Louise Amrine PT
Donald Amsden PT
David Amsellem PT
Ms. Nicole Amsler
Mr. Michael Amstutz PT
Ms. Ariane Amsz PT
Nisha Amtha
Elizabeth Amuchastegui PT, DPT
Ms. Bernadette Amulong PT
Bruce Amundson PT
Mr. Chris Amundson DPT
Christie Amundson PT, DPT, PRC, HFS
Dr. Collier Amundson PT, DPT
Friend Amundson PT
Ms. Julie Amundson MPT
Leah Amundson PT
Thomas Amundson PT
Maj Amundsson PT
Oladipo Amusan DPT
Amanda Amuso PT,DPT
Nolan Amuso DPT
Matthew Amway PT, DPT
Aileen Amy PT
Heather Amy PT
Megan Amyot DPT
Ho Chin An MPT
Young An PT
Deepika Anabheri
Mrs. Nkechi Anachebe PT
Mrs. Ma.Reichel Anacin
Sofia Anagnos DPT
Catherine Anak Agung Gede PT
James Anaka
Mrs. Jenny Analuisa PT
Paul Anama PT
Dr. Asha Anand DPT
Giri Anand PT
Maya Anand PT
Meredith Anand PT
Chaitali Anandpara
Deepthi Ananthakrishnan PT
Bayani Anastacio JR. PT
Mr. Michael Anastasas MPT
Claudine Anastasi
Mrs. Dana Anastasia DPT
Ms. Catherine Anastasio PT
Elizabeth Anastasio PT
Mr. Neil Anastasio PT
Samantha Anastasio
Tricia Anastasio PT, DPT
Sofia Anastasopoulos
Mr. Michael Anastos PT
Julius Cesar Anata
Dr. Brandi Anaya PT, DPT, LAT
Mr. Luis Anaya PT
Mr. Govindaraju Anbuselvan PT
Daniel Ancaja PT
Ricardo Ancajima PT
Alicia Ancarrow PT
Christopher Ancell DPT
Richard Ancell PT
Venkata Rajesh Ancha PT
Mrs. Bindhu Ancheril PT
Mr. Dan Ancheta
Keith Ancheta PT
Ms. Ma Ancheta PT
Rolando Ancheta
Mrs. Tamara Joy Ancheta PT
Mrs. Won-Kay Ancheta PT
Melissa Ancik PT
Ms. Gleen Anciro PT,DPT
Vincent Anciro PT
Amber Anda
Jonathan Andalikiewicz PT
Mr. Oscar Andalon DPT
Mrs. Arleen Andaya PT
Natividad Estrella Andaya PT, DPT
Kara Andebrhan DPT
Mr. James Andelin MSPT
Lisa Anderberg
Mr. Michael Anderes PT
Catherine Anderjack PT
Bernice Anderl
Aaron Anders MPT
Alexa Anders DPT
Alexandra Anders PT
Dr. Brianne Anders DPT
Jason Anders DPT
Joseph Anders
Joseph Anders DPT
Kateri Anders DPT
Mrs. Katharine Anders PT
Rebecca Anders MPT
Rebecca Anders DPT
Tanya Anders PT
Ms. Amber Andersen PT
Amy Andersen MPT
Barbara Andersen MS, PT
Barbara Andersen PT
Bethany Andersen PT
Bettina Andersen PT
Bruce Andersen PT
Mr. Christopher Andersen MPT
David Andersen RPT, LAT, ATC
Einar Andersen
Elaine Andersen PT
Eric Andersen DPT
Erica Andersen DPT
Hannah Andersen PT, DPT
Janice Andersen PT
Jennifer Andersen DPT
Mrs. Jill Andersen MPT
Jonathan Andersen PT
Mrs. Kristine Andersen PT
Laurel Andersen PT
Lauren Andersen DPT
Lindy Andersen PT
Lisa Andersen PT
Lori Andersen PT
Lyle Andersen PT
Mark Andersen PT
Michael Andersen DPT
Nick Andersen
Robin Andersen PT
Sherilyn Andersen PT
Dr. Traci Andersen DPT
Jolie Andersen Blood PT
Dr. Abigail Anderson DPT
Adam Anderson DPT
Alexis Anderson DPT
Ms. Alicia Anderson DPT
Mrs. Alicia Anderson PT
Miss Alida Anderson PT
Amanda Anderson PT, DPT, MS
Amanda Anderson PT
Ms. Amanda Anderson PT
Amber Anderson DPT
Amber Anderson PT
Mrs. Amy Anderson PT
Mrs. Amy Anderson PT
Amy Anderson PT
Amy Anderson DPT
Ms. Amy Anderson PT, DPT
Amy Anderson PT
Amy Anderson PT
Amy Anderson PT
Andrea Anderson PT,MPT
Angela Anderson
Angelica Anderson PT
Dr. Ashley Anderson PT, DPT
Ashley Anderson
Barbara Anderson DPT
Barbara Anderson PT
Belinda Anderson PT
Mr. Benjamin Anderson PT
Betsy Anderson PT
Betsy Anderson PT
Betsy Anderson PT
Bradley Anderson PT, DPT
Dr. Brent Anderson PHD,PT,OCS
Dr. Brian Anderson DPT
Mr. Brian Anderson PT
Brian Anderson MSPT
Brian Anderson PT
Mr. Brian Anderson MPT
Bridget Anderson DPT
Brittany Anderson PT, DPT
Dr. Brittney Anderson PT, DPT
Caleb Anderson PT
Candace Anderson
Cari Anderson PT
Carol Anderson
Carrie Anderson
Mrs. Catherine Anderson DPT
Mr. Cecil Anderson III PT
Mr. Charles Anderson PT
Dr. Charllotte Anderson DPT
Chelsea Anderson
Chelsea Anderson DPT
Dr. Chelsey Anderson PT, DPT
Christina Anderson PT
Christine Anderson MPT
Christine Anderson PT
Christine Anderson PT
Christopher Anderson PT
Christopher Anderson PT
Christopher Anderson PT,DPT
Clare Anderson
Clayton Anderson
Codi Anderson
Cody Anderson PT
Colleen Anderson PT
Corbin Anderson DPT
Dr. Craig Anderson DPT
Cristie Anderson MSPT
Mr. Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson DPT
Daniel Anderson DPT
Danielle Anderson PT, DPT
David Anderson PT
Dr. David Anderson DPT
David Anderson PT
Mr. David Anderson PT
David Anderson
David Anderson PT
David Anderson PT
Mr. Dean Anderson MA, PT, CERT MDT
Deborah Anderson PT CEES
Deborah Anderson PT
Deidra Anderson DPT
Denise Anderson PT
Mrs. Derya Anderson DPT
Diana Anderson PT, DPT
Mrs. Diane Anderson RPT
Dianna Anderson PTA
Donald Anderson PT
Donna Anderson PT
Donna Anderson PT
Dr. Edward Anderson MD, PT
Edward Anderson PT
Eileen Cindy Anderson PT
Elaine Anderson PT
Elizabeth Anderson PT
Prof. Ellen Anderson PT
Eric Anderson PT
Erin Anderson PT
Ms. Erin Anderson PT
Erin Anderson PT
Estefany Anderson
Fawn Anderson PT
Fordyce Anderson PT
Gale Anderson PT
Gayle Anderson RPT
Mr. George Anderson PT
Mr. George Anderson JR. PT
Gregory Anderson
Gretchen Anderson PT
Hali Anderson PT
Mrs. Halie Anderson PT, DPT
Miss Hazel Anderson PT
Heather Anderson PT
Heather Anderson DPT
Heather Anderson PT
Heather Anderson DPT
Heather Anderson
Heather Anderson
Ms. Helen Anderson PT
Holly Anderson PT
Ida Anderson
Ms. Ila Anderson MPT
Dr. Ingrid Anderson PT
Jacob Anderson PT
Jacob Anderson DPT
Jacqueline Anderson PT
Jacqueline Anderson DPT
Jaimee Anderson
James Anderson PT
Mr. James Anderson MPT
Mr. James Anderson JR. PT
Mrs. Jan Anderson RPT
Ms. Jane Anderson PT
Ms. Jane Anderson PT
Jane Anderson PT
Janice Anderson PT
Jared Anderson PT, DPT
Mr. Jason Anderson PT
Jason Anderson PT, DPT
Jason Anderson
Jean Anderson PT
Ms. Jean Anderson PT
Jeannette Anderson PT
Jeffrey Anderson PT
Jenifer Anderson DPT
Dr. Jenna Anderson PT, DPT
Jennifer Anderson PT
Jennifer Anderson PT,MS
Jennifer Anderson PT
Jennifer Anderson PT
Jennifer Anderson PT, MPT
Jennifer Anderson PT, DPT
Jennifer Anderson PT
Jennifer Anderson LPT
Jennifer Anderson PT, DPT
Jennifer Anderson MSPT
Jeremy Anderson
Mr. Jerry Anderson PT
Jesse Anderson DPT
Jill Anderson PT
Jill Anderson PT
Mrs. Jill Anderson PT
Joan Anderson DPT
Ms. Joan Anderson PT
Joel Anderson PT
Mr. Joel Anderson DPT
Mr. Joel Anderson PT
John Anderson PT,DPT
John Anderson PT
Dr. John Anderson DPT
John-Henry Anderson DPT, CSCS
Joni Anderson PT
Jonnah Anderson DPT
Mr. Jordan Anderson DPT
Dr. Josh Anderson DPT
Joshua Anderson
Josiah Anderson DPT
Ms. Judith Anderson PT
Julia Anderson RPT
Julia Anderson PT
Julia Anderson PT
Julie Anderson PT
Kade Anderson DPT
Karalyn Anderson PT, DPT
Karen Anderson PT
Ms. Karen Anderson PT
Dr. Karen Anderson PT, DPT
Ms. Karen Anderson PT
Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson PT
Katharine Anderson PT
Katherine Anderson PT
Miss Katherine Anderson PT/ATC
Kathleen Anderson PT
Kathleen Anderson PT
Ms. Kathleen Anderson PT
Kathleen Anderson DPT
Mrs. Kathleen Anderson PT
Mrs. Kathryn Anderson PT
Ms. Katie Anderson DPT
Mrs. Kayla Anderson DPT
Kellie Anderson MPT
Mrs. Kelly Anderson PT
Kenneth Anderson PT
Kevin Anderson
Mr. Kim Anderson
Mrs. Kimberly Anderson
Kimberly Anderson PT
Ms. Kirstin Anderson DPT
Kristi Anderson PT
Kristi Anderson PT
Kristie Anderson PT
Dr. Kristin Anderson PT, DPT
Kristin Anderson
Mrs. Kristyn Anderson PT
Kyle Anderson DPT
Kyle Anderson
Kylie Anderson DPT
Kyrstin Anderson DPT
Larry Anderson PT
Laura Anderson DPT
Laura Anderson DPT
Laura Anderson DPT
Lauren Anderson PT, DPT
Lauren Anderson DPT
Lauren Anderson DPT
Leslie Anderson PT
Ms. Leslie Anderson PT
Ms. Letecia Anderson PT
Linda Anderson PT
Mrs. Lindsay Anderson DPT
Lindsey Anderson PT
Ms. Lindsey Anderson PT, DPT
Lindsey Anderson DPT
Lisa Anderson PT
Lisa Anderson
Mrs. Lisa Anderson MPT
Lisa Anderson PT
Lora Anderson LPT
Lori Anderson PT
Lori Anderson PT
Mrs. Lori Anderson PT
Lori Anderson MSPT
Luron Anderson PT
Lynn Anderson PT
Mandy Anderson PT
Marcus Anderson
Margaret Anderson PT
Maria Cecilia Anderson PT
Ms. Mariah Anderson
Marie Anderson DPT
Dr. Mario Anderson PT
Mark Anderson PT
Mr. Mark Anderson PT
Mark Anderson PT
Ms. Marley Anderson DPT
Martin Anderson PT
Mary Anderson PT
Mary Ann Anderson PT
Mr. Matthew Anderson PT
Matthew Anderson PT
Matthew Anderson PT, DPT
Matthew Anderson MPT
Maureen Anderson PT
Ms. Maxine Anderson RPT
Mckenna Anderson MPT
Megan Anderson DPT
Melanie Anderson PT
Dr. Melissa Anderson PT, DPT
Ms. Melissa Anderson PT
Dr. Michael Anderson PT, DPT
Michael Anderson PT
Mr. Michael Anderson DPT
Michael Anderson PT
Dr. Michelle Anderson DPT
Molly Anderson PT
Mrs. Molly Anderson DPT
Mrs. Molly Jo Anderson PT
Miss Montana Anderson DPT
Ms. Nancy Anderson PT
Nancy Anderson PT
Nicole Anderson DPT
Dr. Nicole Anderson DPT
Nicole Anderson PT
Norris Anderson PT
Ms. Ora Anderson LPT
Pamela Anderson RPT
Pamela Anderson PT
Patricia Anderson PT
Mr. Paul Anderson PT OCS
Mr. Peter Anderson PT/DPT
Philip Anderson PT
Phyllis Anderson PT
Quincy Anderson
Rachael Anderson DPT
Rachel Anderson DPT
Rachel Anderson DPT
Rachel Anderson DPT
Rana Anderson PT
Rebecca Anderson PT
Rebecca Anderson MSPT
Reid Anderson PT
Renee Anderson PT
Rhonda Anderson PT
Richard Anderson MPT
Richard Anderson PT
Dr. Rita Anderson P T
Robert Anderson III DPT
Robert Anderson PT
Rodney Anderson PT
Mr. Roger Anderson JR. PT
Ross Anderson MPT
Mr. Ryan Anderson PT
S Anderson DPT
Dr. Sara Anderson DPT
Sara Anderson PT
Dr. Sara Anderson PT, DPT
Sarah Anderson DPT
Sarah Anderson DPT
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson PT
Mrs. Sarah Anderson DPT
Sarah Anderson PT
Scarlett Anderson PT
Scott Anderson PT
Scott Anderson PT
Shannon Anderson DPT
Mrs. Shannon Anderson PT, DPT
Sharon Anderson PT
Mrs. Sharon Anderson P T
Dr. Sharon Anderson PT
Shawn Anderson PT
Shawna Anderson MPT
Mrs. Sherri Anderson RPT
Ms. Sidney Anderson PT
Sonya Anderson PT
Sonya Anderson PT, DPT
Sonya Anderson RPT
Stacia Anderson PT
Stacie Anderson PT
Dr. Stefanie Anderson PT, DPT
Stephanie Anderson PT, DPT
Stephanie Anderson DPT
Stephanie Anderson PT
Mrs. Stephanie Anderson PT DPT
Mr. Steven Anderson PT
Steven Anderson MPT
Mrs. Sunhan Anderson DPT
Mrs. Susan Anderson PT
Mrs. Suzanne Anderson PT
Suzanne Anderson PT
Teresa Anderson BS
Teresita Anderson PT
Terra Anderson PT
Mr. Theodore Anderson PT,DPT
Miss Tiffany Anderson DPT
Ms. Tiffany Anderson DPT
Timothy Anderson PT
Mr. Todd Anderson PT
Traceyann Anderson PT
Tracy Anderson MPT
Mr. Trevor Anderson PT
Troy Anderson DPT
Mr. Trustin Anderson DPT
Ms. Valerie Anderson DPT
Vanessa Anderson DPT
Wendy Anderson
Whitney Anderson
William Anderson RPT
William Anderson PT, DPT
Mr. William Anderson PT
Nancy Anderson Porter MPT
Miracle Anderson-Douglas
Ms. Dawn Anderson-Randall PTA
Kristin Anderson-Vorpahl OTR, MPT
Krystal Anderson-Watts DPT
Natalie Anderton DPT
Miss Deborah Andes PT
Greg Andes
Mrs. Katherine Andes PT
Lawrence Andes PT
Mrs. Michelle Andes DPT
Mrs. Rowena Andes PT
Mrs. Maria Andino PT
Maria Andino PT
Zulmary Andino
Beth Ando-Brenman
Mrs. Jenny Andoe MPT
Mrs. Aileen Andolino MPT, ATC
Mrs. Maria Liezl Andool PT
Mr. George Andooparampil PT
Quennie Hannah Andrada PT
Charisse Andrade PT
Joshua Andrade DPT
Dr. Martin Andrade DPT
Megan Andrade PT, DPT
Osvaldo Andrade RPT
Rodrigo Andrade PT
Mr. John Andraka DPT
Mrs. Kristin Andraka DPT
Deborah Andras PT
Mr. Richard Andrascik MS PT
Dr. Catherine Andrasko DPT
Dr. Johanne Andre PT, DPT
Mary Andre PT
Miss Kristin Andreae MS, PT
Allison Andreano
Nicholas Andreas PT
Dirk Andreasen MPT
Eric Andreasen MPT
Alyssa Andreasik
Sierra Andreason DPT
Kristi Andreassen
Ed Andree MPT
Taryn Andree DPT
Paula Andrejko PT
Claudia Andrejuk PT
Kathleen Andreone DPT
Mr. Denis Andreotti
Jeffrey Andres PT
Jeremy Andres PT
Mr. Joseph Andres PT
Leezel May Andres RPT
Miss Melchora Kathy Andres RPT
Ms. Shela Andres PT
Ms. Stella Joy Andres PT
Kelli Andreski PT, DPT
Mr. Mark Andress PT
Natasha Andrev PT, DPT
Danielle Andrew DPT
Miss Jennifer Andrew DPT
Mr. John Andrew DPT, MPT, CSCS
Karol Andrew PT
Mrs. Katie Andrew PT
Mr. Kevin Andrew LPT
Kristen Andrew
Lorri Andrew PTA
Mark Andrew MSPT
Meagan Andrew DPT
Paul Andrew
Ryan Andrew DPT
Abigail Andrews PT
Alvin Andrews
Brad Andrews PT, DPT
Bradley Andrews DPT
Mr. Brian Andrews PT
Ms. Carole Andrews PT
Ms. Charron Andrews PT
Christy Andrews
Constance Andrews PT
Mrs. Courtney Andrews PT
Cynthia Andrews PT
Mr. Dana Andrews PT
Danyelle Andrews DPT
David Andrews PT
Mrs. Debra Andrews PT
Derek Andrews DPT
Mr. Douglas Andrews PT
Edward Andrews PT
Elizabeth Andrews PT
Erin Andrews MS, PT
Ms. Jenelle Andrews DPT
Ms. Jennifer Andrews DPT
Jennifer Andrews MSPT
Jillian Andrews PT
Mrs. Joanne Andrews RPT
Joshua Andrews DPT
Julie Andrews PT, DPT
Mrs. Karen Andrews PT
Katie Andrews DPT
Laura Andrews PT
Laura Andrews
Ms. Lauren Andrews PT
Leah Andrews DPT
Lindsay Andrews PT, DPT
Lora Andrews PT
Lori Andrews PT
Louise Andrews
Marcella Andrews PT
Melissa Andrews MSPT
Mr. Michael Andrews MPT
Mr. Michael Andrews PT
Michelle Andrews
Mrs. Nancy Andrews PT
Rachel Andrews PT
Dr. Ronald Andrews PT
Ryan Andrews
Dr. Ryan Andrews DPT
Ms. Sally Andrews PT
Sharon Andrews
Miss Shaunta Andrews DPT
Mrs. Stacie Andrews MS, PT
Stephanie Andrews PT, DPT, CSCS
Steve Andrews PT
Susan Andrews MSPT
Mrs. Teresa Andrews PT
Tiffany Andrews DPT
Troy Andrews PT
Valerie Andrews
Vivian Andrews PT
Mr. William Andrews PT
Evan Andreyo DPT
Jill Andreyuk MS, PT
Holly Andria
Dr. Kammar Andries DPT
Mr. Rudi Andries PT
Emilia Andriescu PT
Kristin Andrighetto
Christina Andriola PT, DPT
Mr. Robert Androff PT, SCD
Mary Andros PT
Tara Andros
Elizabeth Andrulewicz DPT
Dr. Austin Andrus DPT
Mr. Jonathan Andrus PT
Mrs. Sherrie Andrus PT
Dr. Terry Andrus PT
Alicia Andry
David Andry PT
Emily Andry DPT
Mr. Matthew Andryscik PT
Sabrina Andrysiak PT
Mr. Ryszard Andrzejak PT
Christine Andrzejewski PT
Xenia Andrzejewski PT
Ms. Liznette Andujar RPT
Jamie Andy MPT
Robert Andzel PT
Ramanpreet Aneja PT
Caitlin Anello DPT
Peter Anello PT
Mr. Allan Anemaet PT
Wendy Anemaet PT
Ms. Autumn Aneshansley MPT
Sarah Anestam PT
Mrs. Kelly Anetrellla PT
Mr. Gary Anfang PT
Miss Eastre Anfone PT, CLT
Mrs. Kellie Anfosso PT
Mr. Choo Seng Ang PT
Miss Cristina Ang PT
Denysius Jose Ang
Ms. Jacqueline Ang PT
Kimberly Ang DPT
Mrs. Liberty Ang PT
Ms. Maria Theresa Ang PT
Michelle Ang
Oliver Ang PT
Mr. Robinson Ang
Sanjee Benjamin Ang PT
Trixie Audrey Ang PT
Shirley Angala
Mr. George Angalich DPT
Ms. Gayatri Angara
Venkatesh Angara PT
Jeremy Angaran DPT
Supraja Angaru
Mr. Alvin Angcanan PT
Ms. Josephine Angcay PT
Emily Ange MPT
Genita Angel
Lisa Angel PT
Michele Angel PT
Nancy Angel PT
Amie Angelastro OT
Abdon Angeles RPT
Alexander Angeles RPT
Mr. Dennis Angeles PT
Deseree-Joy Angeles RPT
Mr. Edwin Angeles MS
Mr. Gary Lee Angeles
Ms. Jennifer Angeles PT
Jennifer Angeles
Mr. John Angeles PT
Jovel Angeles PT
Mr. Marvin Angeles PT
Mrs. Melanie Angeles PT
Mr. Romario Angeles PT
Miss Ruby Angeles RPT
Gina Angeletti MPT
Cheryl Angelich PT, LAC
Matthew Angelillo PT
Mr. Jeffrey Angeline PT
John Angelini PT
Whitney Angelini
Glida Angelito
Dr. Geoffrey Angell PT
Kristina Angell
Peter Angell DPT
Ms. /Michele Angelo MSPT
Mrs. Brandy Angelo PT
David Angelo MPT
Debra Angelo PT
Miss Jennifer Angelo MPT
Dr. Michael Angelo DPT
Michele Angelo PT
Michelle Angelo DPT
Constance Angelopoulos DPT
Nicole Angelos PT
Wayne Angeloty
Miss Mary Angelucci MPT
Mrs. Jennifer Anger PT
Marie Anger DPTSC
Glen Angers PT
Dina Angert
Ann Angiel RPT
Dr. Matthew Angier DPT
Susanne Angileri
Cynthia Angiolieri PT
Kathryn Angiolillo-Cummings PT
Ms. Patcharaporn Angkinantana PT
J. Alfred Anglada PT
Mr. Danny Angle LPT
Robert Angle PT
Stephanie Angle DPT
Mrs. Carmen Anglin DPT, CMP
Dr. Gary Anglin DPT CMP
Mrs. Karen Anglin PT
Kristin Anglin DPT
Thomas Angstadt MPT
Sheila Angub
Dr. Nicole Angueira PT DPT
Mrs. Sonia Angueira MS PT
Mrs. Katie Anguish DPT
Patrick Anguish DPT
Karyn Angulo
Elena Angus PT
Jennifer Angus MSPT
Mrs. Lynda Angus PT
Nathaniel Angus DPT
Robin Angus PT
Stacey Anheier DPT
Christian Aniag DPT
Ms. Martha Anibal SR. PT
Jessica Anibaldi PT, DPT
Maria Cecilia Anicete PT
Miss Judy Aniceto PT
Dr. Anthony Aniello DPT
Ms. Dije Anifowoshe DPT
Mrs. Kathryn Anilowski MS, PT, CLT
Maria Teresa Aningalan PT
Ms. Rosalinda Aninias RPT
Linda Anit PT
Ma Gay Anito PT
Chelsea Anjeski DPT, PT
Muhammad Anjum DPT
Sara Ankarstad DPT
Mr. Joseph Ankenbrand MPT
Mark Ankenbrand PT
Ms. Susan Ankeny MPT
Mrs. Meredith Ankerbrand PT
Alison Ankiewicz DPT
Mr. Jeffrey Anlauf PT
Kimberley Anlauf PT
Mary Jo Anleitner PT
Philip Anloague MPT
Mrs. Megan Anna
Linda Annan DPT
Jayaprakash Annareddy PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Timothy Anne PT
Stephanie Annen DPT, C/NDT
Dr. John Annes MD, MSPT, OCS
Mrs. Lara Annese PT
Melissa Anninos DPT
Brittany Annis DPT
Mr. Russell Annis JR. PT
Mrs. Julie Annulis PT
Ms. Judith Annunziata PT
Renee Annunziata
Shaelyn Annunziata PT
Jannyapu Annyapu PT
Brian Anobile DPT
Mrs. Arlina Anog-Noble
Mr. Abimilech Anola PT
Mr. David Anon DPT
Ceferino Anora JR.
Nicastor Anotado Jr PT
Mohsin Ansari
Sara Ansari DPT
Jeremy Ansbach PT
Avigail Ansbacher DPT
Nancy Ansbro PT
Mr. Mark Ansbrow PT OCS
Sarah Anscher
Kylie Anschutz
Ms. Suzanne Anschutz MPT
Julie Ansell PT
Mr. Richard Ansell DPT
Mr. David Anselmo BS PT
Mrs. Emilie Anselmo PT
Ms. Louise Anselmo MS,PT
Mr. Forrest Anshutz PT
Hunter Anshutz DPT
Ms. Laura Ansilio PT, DPT
Elizabeth Ansley DPT
Megan Ansley DPT
Ms. Michelle Anslinger DPT
William Anslow PT
Mrs. Amber Anson PT
Mr. Eric Anson PT
Mr. Gregory Anson LMP
Maria Anson PT
Lori Anspach MS, OTR/L
Ms. Mary Anspach PT
Kelsey Anstandig DPT
Mrs. Christine Anstatt PT
Gregory Antal PT
Jennifer Antal PT
Mr. Michael Antal PT
Payal Antala DPT
Snehal Antala
Aanal Antani PT
Mr. David Antczak
Sheryl Ante RPT
Jennifer Anteau PT DPT
Agnieszka Antecka PT
Mr. Alan Antenorcruz PT
Kathleen Anteres
Aimee Anthony DPT
Anne Anthony PT
April Anthony DPT
Brandi Anthony PT
Mrs. Christine Anthony PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Crystal Anthony DPT
Emily Anthony DPT, PT
Mrs. Hazel Anthony PT
James Anthony PT
Mrs. Jennifer Anthony PT
Mrs. Jennifer Anthony PT
Jimmie Anthony
Kirsten Anthony
Kori Anthony PT
Letitia Anthony MPT
Mary Ann Anthony
Dr. Melissa Anthony PT, DPT
Michael Anthony MSPT
Mrs. Michelle Anthony MPT
Pamela Anthony MPT, ATC
Mr. Scott Anthony MPT
Shana Anthony DPT
Sofia Anthony PT
Dr. Tyler Anthony DPT
William Anthony MPT
Zachary Anthony
Theresa Antico
Julia Antiel
Leslie Antiel DPT
Mrs. Brittany Antin DPT
Christine Antinone
Joseph Antinone DPT
Loupel Antiquiera
Mr. Don Antis PT
Deborah Antley PT
Diane Antley MS
Stanline Anto PT
Mrs. Cynthia Antoine
James Antoine DPT
Loraine Antoine PT, DPT
Ms. Marie Antoine PT
Mrs. Tirzah Antoine PT
Alaina Antoinette DPT
Carla Antolak MPT
Mr. Juan Dominic Antolin
Macarmenleah Antolin
Josephine Anton PT
Mrs. Mary Ellen Anton PT ATC
Scott Anton
Victor Anton PT
Mr. Christopher Antonacci PT, ATC,CSCS
Dianna Antonacci PT, MBA
Ralph Antonacci JR. MSPT, ATC, CSCS
Alika Antone PT
Ms. Andrea Antone PT
Mr. Franco Antonelli MSPT
William Antonelli PT
Efstartios Antoniadis PT
Marie Antoniadis PT
Kaitlin Antonides
Dr. Samantha Antonietti PT, DPT
Mrs. Melinda Antonik PT
Alessandro Antonini PT
Mr. Gil Antonio JR. PT
Mrs. Ivy May Antonio PT
Jamie Carmela Antonio RPT
Mary Rose Antonio
May Antonio PT
Michelle Antonio PT
Analyne Antonio-Craig PT
Dr. Maria Antonios DPT
Ms. Emily Antonishen DPT
Christina Antonovich DPT
Rebecca Antonow PT
Mrs. Materesita Antonsson PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Benjamin Antonucci PT
Dr. Joel Antonucci DPT
Sherri Antonucci PT
Anne Antony PT
Ms. Patrice Antony PT, GCS
Stephanie Antony PT
Tiffany Antos PT
Frank Antosh MPT
George Antoun PT, DPT
Ramez Antoun
Carol Antovich PT
Susan Antrim PTA
Mrs. Heidi Anttonen MSPT
Michael Antunes DPT
Mr. Richard Antwi-Boasiako DPT
Mrs. Priya Anugu PT
Unknown Anuja Mathew
Mr. Clark Anuma PT
Mr. Dwight Anunciado MSPT
Miss Unknown Anuradha
Kate Anusewicz
Unknown Anushree
Muhammad Anwar PT
Mr. Walter Anyan PT
Mr. Obimefula Anyim PT
Dr. John Anzalone DPT
Dr. Mario Anzalone DPT
Ms. Valerie Anzalone PT, MBA
Mr. David Anzelmo PT
Mrs. Elizabeth Anzelmo PT
Marilyn Anzelmo
Nancy Aochi PT
Ms. Carol Aoki-Kramer BS, MED
Adriene Aono DPT
Dana Aoto PT
Eryn Apanovitch PT
Bridget Apap PT, DPT
Rosalito Aparece
Ms. Sonrisa Aparece BSPT
Adolfo Aparicio PT
Kathleen Aparicio PHYSICAL THERAPY
Mrs. Ma Sandra Aparicio PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Ms. Yewande Apatira DPT
Dylan Apatoczky PT
Demitra Apergis DPT
Scott Apgar PT
Catherine Apicella PT
Mr. Arturo Apil JR. RPT
Peter Michael Apin PT
Luisa Apin-Oberman
Lucy Apiyo PT
Dr. Tonya Apke DPT, OCS
Bena Lee Aplaon DPT
Mr. Ian Ru Aplicador PT
Lauren Aplington PT
Mrs. Cynthia Apodaca PT
Patricia Apodaca PT
Visminda Apolinar PT
Honeybee Apolinario PT
Miss Jeanette Aponte DPT
Mrs. Mariela Aponte PT
Christopher Apostol PT
Jasmin Apostol PT
Mr. Mark Carl Apostol PT
Rochelle Apostol
Shirley Apostol PT
Stephanie Apostol PT
Stella Apostolopoulos DPT
Dr. Kelly Apostolovski DPT
Cristina Apostu
Mr. Ethan App MPT
Kelly Appalucci
Christian Appel PT, CERT MDT
Elizabeth Appel PT
Mrs. Elizabeth Appel PT
Emily Appel DPT
John Appel
Mr. Joseph Appel PT
Ms. Lindsay Appel PT
Ms. Nancy Appel PT MS
Dr. Robyn Appel DPT
Tetiana Appel PT
Mr. Gerald Appelhans PT
Mr. Michael Appell PT
Ryan Appell DPT
Michelle Appelle MSPT
Mrs. Holly Appelqvist PT
Kimberlee Appezzato
Aretha Appiah-Kestemont PT
Mr. Bruce Apple MS,PT,ATC
Elizabeth Apple
Lynn Apple PT
Mr. Nathan Apple MS PT
Sarah Apple PT, DPT
Ms. Candace Applebach PT
Alla Applebaum PT
Brent Applebaum PT
Laura Applebaum PT
Laurie Applebee PT
Amanda Appleberry PT
Heather Appleby
Mrs. Annalee Appledorn DPT
Timothy Appleford MSPT
Mrs. Brenda Applegate PT
Bruce Applegate
Evan Applegate DPT
George Applegate MPT
Mrs. Janis Applegate MPT
Katelyn Applegate
Kerri Applegate PT
Laurie Applegate RPT
Stephanie Applegate PT
Ilana Appleson DPT
Mrs. Carol Appleton PT
Mrs. Janelle Appleton PT
Julie Applewhite PT
Mrs. Lorien Appman MPT
Joseph Appugliese MPT
Dr. Karin Aprile PT
Marvin Apsel PT
Gail Apte BA, SCD, PT
Ms. Ketaki Apte
Prachi Apte
Sachin Apte PT
Edmon Apuya RPT
Mrs. Kristen Aquila DPT
Donna Aquilante
Mrs. Amanda Aquilino PT, DPT
Dr. Mallory Aquilino DPT
Ms. Rose Marie Aquilizan PT
Mr. Aled Aquino PT, DPT
Mrs. Anellie Aquino PT
Miss Annabel Aquino PT
Benigno Aquino PT
Catherine Aquino PT
Mr. Ceferino Aquino III PT
Cheryl Aquino PT
Eunice Aquino
James Aquino PT
James Aquino
Mr. Joseph Aquino PT
Kathleen Aquino PT
Laurence Aquino PT
Lowell Aquino
Ma Rizali Aquino
Ma. Cecilia Aquino
Manuel Aquino
Marie Aquino
Michele Aquino DPT
Rey Aquino MPT, OCS
Mr. Rosauro Aquino PT
Serwyna Aquino PT
Cherry Aquino-De Lara PT, DPT
Mrs. Vanessa Aquino-Dick MPT
Kristine Aquisap PT
Mary Grace Arabaca PT
Chelsea Araga DPT
Mrs. Becky Aragon PT
Erin Aragon DPT
Mr. Isaac Aragon DPT
Michelle Aragon
Teneshia Aragon DPT
Venancia Aragon PT
Ms. Carolyn Aragona DPT
Rachel Aragone DPT
Lemuel Aragones
Oliver Aragones RPT
Ms. Cristin Arahovites MSPT
Daisuke Arai DPT
Alissa Blithe Arakaki PT
Brandon Arakaki
Cindy Arakawa PT
Aiko Araki PT
Antonette Aram PT
Dr. Andrew Aramaki DPT
Mr. Michael Arambula DPT
Scott Aramburu
John Arana
Rachelle Arana PT
Anna Liza Aranas
Ilana Aranbaev PT
Dr. Robert Aranbaev DPT
Amanda Aranda
Jeanette Aranda PT
Marsha Aranda PT
Rebekah Aranda PT
Shelby Aranda PT, DPT
Victoria Aranda MPT
Michelle Aranduque PT
Mr. Luis Araneda PT
Mrs. Hazel Araneta PT, DPT
Mr. Lemuel Araneta RPT
Ma Christina Araneta PT
Miss Maribeth Araneta PT
Sharon Rose Araneta PT
Mr. Jay Aranez PT
Mrs. Rizza Aranez
Mr. Ruel Aranez PT
Ashley Arango
Johan Arango Galvez PT
Ramon Araniego PT
Mrs. Rosario Michelle Araniego PT
Andrew Aranjo DPT
Kathryn Arant PT
Mrs. Anabelen Aranton PT
Ma Regina Gracia Araquel PT
Marietta Arasniewicz
Venkateswari Arasu PT
Roberto Arat PT
Robert Arata PT, DPT
Dr. Elan Araten DPT
Bethanny Araujo
Brenda Araujo DPT
Brian Araujo PT
Mrs. Charity Faith Araya RPT
Rahim Arayata PT
Joshua Arbaugh DPT
John Arbeeny PT
Matthew Arbeiter PT
Angela Arbelaez MPT
Dr. Victor Arbelaez PT, DPT
Miss Elsa Arbilo
Maryclaire Arbilo PT
Mrs. Kimberly Arbinger PT
Kamber Arbini PT
Gesell Arbizo RPT
Rafael Arbizu MS, PT
Jamie Arbogast PT
Susan Arbogast
Mrs. Pamela Arbour RPT
Amanda Arbuckle
David Arbuckle DPT
Liam Arbuckle
Tiffany Arbuckle PT
Mr. Jeffrey Arbushites MSPT
Keith Arcari PT
Dr. Melissa Arcaro DPT
Mrs. Christine Arce PT
Rebecca Arce DPT
Mrs. Rubiela Arce PT
Vanessa Arce PT
Marian Arcega PT
Jeorge Arcellana PT
Josephine Arcelona PT
Corey Arcement SR. PT
Mr. Patrick Arcement
Mr. Henry Arcena
Prof. Beneth Arceneaux PT
Ms. Casey Arceneaux PT, MS, ATC
Dr. James Arceneaux DC ; PT
Dr. Kendell Arceneaux DPT
Leoncio Arceno PT
Mernadita Arceno PT
Blair Arceo PT, DPT
Mr. Dane Arceo RPT
Tracy Arceo DPT
Emily Arceta
Mr. Mark Archambault PT, PHD
Nicole Archambault PT
Mrs. Pauline Archambault PT, MPT
Lyne Archambault-Ezenwa PT
Dawn Archambault-Lackey PT
Michael Archambeau PT
Anthony Archer PT
Jenny Archer PT
Kasey Archer DPT
Katherine Archer DPT
Katheryn Archer PT
Dr. Kennan Archer DPT
Mrs. Kim Archer PT
Mrs. Kimi Archer MSPT
Mollie Archer DPT
Mrs. Paren Archer PT
Penda Archer
Renee Archer PT
Trisha Archer PT
Mrs. Lynne Archeski P T
David Archibald PT
Faith Archibald PT
Jovanna Archibald
Kristi Archibald PT
Michelle Archibald PT, DPT
Ms. Kelly Archidiacono DPT
Fotini Archodakis PT, DPT, GCS
Mr. Daniel Archuleta III PT
Mrs. Jennifer Archuleta PT
Cecilia Arciaga PT
Randy Arciaga
Michael Arcidiacono PT, DPT, ATC
Patricia Arciga DPT
Susana Arciga PT
Cristian Arcilla RPT
Gemma Arcilla PT
Judy Mae Arcilla PT
Maria Eulalia Arcilla RPT
Miss Melanie Arcilla PT
Cristina Arcuri DPT
Mr. Gunay Ardali PT
Dr. Darlene Ardavany DPT
Bari Ardell PT
Chandrashekhar Ardesana PT
Nidhi Ardeshna PT
Maria Krystle Ardiente
Mrs. Shannon Ardis MPT
Ms. Daphne Ardizon PT
Heather Ardley
Mrs. Susan Ardman PT
Deidre Ardoin PT
Mr. Philip Ardoin
Emily Ardolino PT
Victoria Arduini DPT
Tracy Arduser PT
Mrs. Hoda Aref PT, MHS
Yibeltal Arega DPT
Ohionameh Aregbeyen DPT
Barbara Aregger PT
Mr. Scott Arehart PT
Cristina Arellano PT
Eden Arellano PT
Fumi Arellano PT
Dr. Joshua Arellano PT, DPT
Maria Arellano MSPT, NCS
Mirja Carmine Arellano
Raymundo Arellano
Rechileen Arellano PT
Irene Arellano-Cruz PA-C
Barry Arem PT
Kelly Aremburg DPT
Dr. Nicole Arena DPT
Paul Arena PT
Dr. Elizabeth Arenas DPT
Hugo Arenas PT, DPT
Oscar Arenas
Ms. Georgiana Arencibia DPT
Mr. David Arend PT
Kelli Arend MPT
Stephanie Arend PT
Miss Daisy Arendain PT
Julie Arends MSPT
Kenneth Arends PT
Kim Arends PT
Rebecca Arends PT
Susan Arends PT
Victoria Arends DPT
Jerad Arendt PT
Margo Arens PT
Kelly Arensdorf DPT
Mr. Noah Arenson MPT
Samuel Arentson DPT
Erfel Ian Ares PT
Ronald Ares PT
Meghan Areson
Mrs. Audra Arestivo PT
Anika Arevalo
Lewelyn Arevalo PT
Liwayway Arevalo PT
Mr. Rommel Arevalo PT
Andrew Arey DPT
Mrs. Stephanie Arey PT
Kami Arfanella DPT
Mary Arfmann PT
Ms. Casey Arfsten PT
Sharon Arft PT
Mr. Joseph Argabrite PT
Prajakta Argade PT
Mr. Roy Argana PT
Ameya Argekar PT
Mr. Reed Argent PT
Ross Argent
Mr. Paul Argenta PT
Nicola Argese PT
Mrs. Cynthia Argiro PT,MA
Tanja Argirovska-Hebert DPT
Josie Argoncillo
Mrs. Kristen Argondizzo DPT
Edith Arguelles PT
Lovie Jay Arguelles PT
Marie Ceanette Arguelles RPT
Michelle Arguelles MPT
Miss Blanca Arguello PT
Eric Arguello PT
Mr. Patrick Arguin RPT
Cara Argumedo
Victor Argumedo PT, MPT, MCMT, CKTP
Ms. Angie Arguna PT
Kelly Ariagno PT
Dr. Allison Ariail Thompson DPT
Amanda Ariano PT
Mr. Armando Arias JR. PTA
Bryan Arias MPT
Mr. Clyde Arias MPT
George Arias MSPT
Nydia Arias PT
Vanessa Arias PT
Mrs. Lourdes Arias-Clark
Minerva Arididon PT
Ilana Arieh DPT
Tracy Arielle
Mrs. Joan Arieta RPT, DPT
Nolan Arieta RPT
Michael Ariete PT
Subhashini Arigovindan
Lauren Arihood PT
Ashley Arii
Miss Yoko Arima PT
Shilpa Arimanda
Felross Arimas PT
Dr. Maria Arini DPT
Onyeamaechi Arinze PT, DPT
Laura Ariola
Mr. Edward Aririeri
Margaret Aris PT
Mr. Jason Arismendy PT
Mrs. Marjorie Arismendy PT
Kyiesha Aristile DPT
Angela Aristizabal PT, DPT
Maria Roselyn Ariston PT
Mrs. Jennie Aristorenas PT
Abisoye Ariyo DPT
Yugandhar Arja PT
Ms. Sheri Arjo PT
Jeremy Arkfeld PT
Jeffrey Arkills PT
Daniel Arko MPT
Dr. Frances Arkusinski MSPT, DPT
Robert Arledge RPT
Priyanka Arlekar
Ms. Marianne Arles PT
Mark Anthony Arles
Laura Arlet MSPT
Mr. Scott Arleth MPT
Ms. Erin Arlinghaus DPT, ATC
Mrs. Heather Arlinghaus PT
Gina Arlington MS, PT
Dr. John Arlington DPT
Sharon Arlotti MS PT PCS
Paulette Arlt
Brian Arm MSPT
Dr. Deniz Armagan DPT
Monica Armagost PT
Reah Leigh Armamento RPT
Alicia Arman
Casey Arman
Mr. Joseph Armanetti PT
Linda Armanetti
Liliana Armanini
Anne Armanyous DPT
Danielle Armas
Mr. Jeffrey Armas PT
Mrs. Lena Armas PT
Robert Armata PT
Dawn Armbrester PT
Mr. Kurt Armbrust PT
Nicole Armbrust PT, MSPT
Darcy Armbruster DPT
June Armbruster PT
Nadja Armecin
Ms. Melissa Armedilla PT, DPT
Michelle Armedilla PT
Leanne Armel PT
Raymond Armelino PT
Albert Armendariz PT
Lea Armendariz PT
Soledad Armendariz PT
Sylvia Armendariz MPT
Mr. Ernesto Armendi PT
Maria Armendi PT
Ms. Jacqueline Armendinger PT
Rey Louie Armenion PT
Rita Arment PT
Mr. Matthew Armentano PT
Meredith Armer PT
David Armet PT
Jennifer Armet
Philip Armiger MPT
Mrs. Michelle Armijo RPT
Jessica Armillay DPT
Miss Ashley Armington
Miss Ma. Zhar Lenna Armishaw PT
Cathrine Armistead MSPT
Rachelle Armistead DPT
Albert Armitage JR. DPT
Mrs. Jennifer Armitage PT
Mr. John Armitage PT
Mrs. Kristina Armitage PT
Jayne Armondo PT
Mr. James Armour P T
Mrs. Katherine Armour PT
Mrs. Susanne Armour P T
Alyssa Arms PT, DPT, OCS
Debra Arms PT
Ms. Hannah Arms PT
Jennifer Arms DPT, MS, C
Dr. Aaron Armstrong DPT
Allison Armstrong
Allyson Armstrong
Miss Ann Armstrong PT
Anthony Armstrong MPT
April Armstrong PT
Arndreke Armstrong DPT
Benjamin Armstrong PT
Brett Armstrong DPT
Brian Armstrong PT
Carolyn Armstrong PT
Catherine Armstrong MHS, PT
Dr. Daniel Armstrong DPT
Ms. Darcy Armstrong PT
David Armstrong PT
David Armstrong RPT
Mrs. Dayle Armstrong PT
Debbie Armstrong MSPT
Ms. Diane Armstrong DPT
Diane Armstrong PT
Douglas Armstrong PT
Dr. Eric Armstrong DPT
Geeta Armstrong PT
Dr. Gloria Armstrong DPT
Gretchen Armstrong MSPT
Janell Armstrong PT
Janet Armstrong
Jason Armstrong PT
Jay Armstrong MPT
Jennifer Armstrong PT
Jill Armstrong LPT
Mr. Jim Armstrong PT
Jody Armstrong
Joel Armstrong
Mr. John Armstrong LPT
John Armstrong PT
Karen Armstrong PT
Mr. Karlan Armstrong PT
Ms. Katherine Armstrong I DPT
Kathrine Armstrong MS,PT
Kayla Armstrong PT
Kiersten Armstrong
Kristen Armstrong PTMS
Miss Latoya Armstrong
Laura Armstrong PT
Mrs. Leslie Armstrong MPT
Mrs. Lisa Armstrong MPT
Louanne Armstrong PT
Dr. Lucas Armstrong PT
Marie Armstrong PT, DPT
Dr. Mark Armstrong DPT
Mr. Marland Armstrong PT
Mrs. Mary Armstrong MSPT
Mr. Matthew Armstrong MSPT
Megan Armstrong PT, DPT
Mrs. Meghan Armstrong DPT
Nicole Armstrong PT, DPT
Norrie Armstrong DPT
Patricia Armstrong PT
Richard Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong DPT
Mrs. Sheila Armstrong PT
Stefanie Armstrong DPT
Susan Armstrong MPT
Trisha Armstrong DPT
William Armstrong MHS PT
Joan Armstrong-Burri PT
Mrs. Karen Arn DPT
Mr. Andre Arnaldo PT
Mrs. Evelyn Arnaldo PT
Johanne Arnaldo PT
David Arnall PHD, PT
Antonios Arnaoutis PT
Daisy Arnau PT
Abigail Arndt DPT
Mrs. Brandi Arndt PT
Dr. David Arndt DPT
Mrs. Erin Arndt PT
Joe Arndt PT
Mrs. Julia Arndt PT
Molly Arndt PT
Ms. Pauline Arndt PT
Peter Arndt DPT
Shannon Arndt MSPT
Talia Arndt PT, DPT
Tracy Arndt DPT
Celia Arneson
Kris Arneson PT
Linda Arneson PT
Martha Arneson PT,CWS
Sherman Arnest DPT
Alan Arnett DPT, MS, BA
Denise Arnett PT
Morgan Arnett PT, DPT
Tamy Arnett PT
Tyler Arnett DPT
Mrs. Lindsay Arnette DPT
Mrs. Antonine Arneus MPT
Mrs. Kathleen Arney PT, MA
Tiffany Arney DPT
Sarah Arnholt PT
Shannon Arnie DPT
Mr. George Arniotis DPT
Elliot Arno
Jacqueline Arno PT
Mitchell Arno MSPT
Mrs. Alisa Arnold PT
Allison Arnold PT, DPT
Amanda Arnold PT
Amanda Arnold PT
Ms. Amy Arnold PT, CLT
Mrs. Angelia Arnold PT
Beverly Arnold DPT
Mrs. Blaire Arnold MSPT
Ms. Brittany Arnold PT
Brittney Arnold PT
Carolyn Arnold PT
Mrs. Cheryl Arnold MS PT
Constance Arnold PT
Cory Arnold PT, DPT
Courtney Arnold PT
Mrs. Dana Arnold PT
Mr. Darren Arnold PT
Ms. Dawn Arnold PT
Mrs. Debra Arnold PT
Miss Elizabeth Arnold MPT
Elizabeth Arnold PT
Dr. Elizabeth Arnold DPT, PT, CSCS
Elizabeth Arnold PT
Emily Arnold PT
Hannah Arnold DPT
Mrs. Helen Arnold PT
Dr. James Arnold PT, DPT
Jane Arnold PT
Janeen Arnold PT
Jeanine Arnold PT
Ms. Jennifer Arnold PT
Ms. Jessica Arnold PT, DPT
Mrs. Jill Arnold DPT
Joanne Arnold PT
Jodi Arnold PT
Kaelen Arnold PT
Katherine Arnold PT
Katherine Arnold PT
Kimberly Arnold DPT
Logan Arnold PT
Mr. Matthew Arnold MPT, ATC, CSCS
Melissa Arnold PT
Dr. Michael Arnold DPT
Mr. Michael Arnold PT
Michele Arnold PT
Parker Arnold
Rachel Arnold DPT
Mr. Richard Arnold SR. PT
Samantha Arnold PT
Samuel Arnold DPT
Sara Arnold PT, DPT
Sarah Arnold DPT
Mr. Scott Arnold PT
Scott Arnold DPT
Shannon Arnold PT
Mrs. Sharon Arnold PT
Steven Arnold PT
Mr. Thomas Arnold PT
Thomas Arnold
Liann Arnold-Liebman DPT
Courtney Arnoldy
Mr. James Arnone PT
Monir Arnos II
Dr. Cathy Arnot PT
Dr. Meredyth Arnott PT, DPT
Sarah Arnott DPT
James Arnoux PT
Riza Arnoza PT
Ruth Arns
Dr. Kimberly Arnsdorff PT, DPT
Jeffrey Arnsperger PT
Noriko Arnstein PT
Valerie Arntsen PT
Mrs. Dalila Arntson PT
Jerremy Arntson PT
Jonathan Arntson PT
Mr. Brian Arny P T
Jim Arocha PT
Mrs. Karen Arocha RPT
Mrs. Olga Arocho PT
Antonio Arocho Vale PT
Victoria Aromando Bersch PT
Basilo Aromin PT
Susanne Aron DPT
Tracy Arone PT, ATC
Vanessa Arone MPT
Glenda Arong RPT
Teresa Aronovitz MSPT
Emily Aronow-Frieden PT
Lisa Aronson PT
Ms. Rachel Aronson DPT
Sandra Aronson PT
Mr. Ajay Arora
Anshika Arora
Mrs. Archana Arora MPT
Deepti Arora DPT
Kanika Arora
Kantica Arora
Ms. Meenu Arora PT
Mrs. Neeru Arora PT
Nidhi Arora PT
Pooja Arora PT
Pooja Arora
Dr. Rajni Arora DPT
Richa Arora PT
Mr. Sameer Arora PT
Ms. Sheenam Arora
Shruti Arora PT
Sonal Arora
Virtu Arora PT
Mr. Ibrahim Arowolo
Alin Aroyan
Michele Arpino PT
Stephen Arpon PT
Miss Amabel Arquillano
Raymond Arquillano PT
Aileen Arquitola PT
Edgardo Arquitola PT
Lucille Arranguez
Monica Arreaza-Graterol DPT
Mrs. Tiffany Arredondo PT
Vanessa Arredondo DPT
Ms. Lea Arreglo PT
Kana Arreguin DPT
Raymond Arreguin DPT
Miss Haley Arrendale PT, DPT
Hillary Arreola
Patria Arreza-Navaleza
Andrew Arriaga
Robert Arricivita PT
Mr. Gil Arriesgado PT
Ms. Minelee Arriesgado PT
Allison Arrieta PT
Astrid Arrieta RPT
Mrs. Shannon Arrieta MPT
Kristen Arrigenna DPT, ATC
Kristin Arrighi MSPT
Mr. Christopher Arrigo PT
Gabrielle Arrigo DPT
Michelle Arrigoni
Dr. Justin Arrigonie DPT
Dr. Nicole Arrindell PT, DPT
Ms. Beth Arrington PT
Brandon Arrington PT
Brian Arrington MSPT
Deborah Arrington
Jacob Arrington PT, DPT
Michelle Arrington PT, DPT
Desiree Arriola PT
John Arriola
Mrs. Karen Arriola PT
Ramir Arriola
Rosa Arriola PT
Teresa Arriola PT, DPT
Samantha Arritt
Jaclyn Arrow PT, DPT
Tammy Arrowood MS, PT
Mr. Farid Arroyave MS PT
Abraham Arroyo PT
Antonio Arroyo PT, DPT
Bryan Arroyo PT
Mr. Carlos Arroyo PT
Mr. Jose Arroyo PT
Mr. Stephen Arroyo PT ATC
Vanessa Arroyo DPT
Ms. Norma Arroyo Otero
Mr. Vicente Arroz PT
Amy Arruda
Ms. Sarah Arruda DPT
Mrs. Deborah Arscott PT
Bernadette Arsenault PT
Ms. Joyce Arsenault PT
Mrs. Melissa Arsenault PT
Mrs. Michele Arsenault PT
Paul Arsenault PT
Sharon Arsenault PT
Melissa Arseneaux PT
Dr. Linda Arslanian PT
Nancy Arslanian PT
Mrs. Adina Arsua RPT
Mr. Gel Arsua RPT
Paul Artale PT
Gloria Arteaga PT
Adam Artel PT
Joan Arterburn
Mr. Joshua Artery PT, DPT
Rommel Artes PT
Cory Arth PT, DPT
Courtney Arthun
Mr. Jason Arthungal MS PT
Amber Arthur MPT
Mr. Andrew Arthur DPT
Dustin Arthur PT
Grant Arthur PT
Mrs. Julia Arthur MPT
Mrs. Noelle Arthur DPT
Wendy Arthur PT
William Arthur
Shelly Arthur Sinar PT
Angela Arthurs DPT
Mr. Richard Artichoker PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Carlito Articulo JR. RPT
Marygrace Artillaga PT
Brittany Artis DPT
Joyce Artis
Dr. Nikia Artis PT, DPT
Miss Andrea Artise DPT
Mrs. Jennifer Arts MPT
Angelina Arturo PT
Barbara Artymiuk PT
Ashlie Artz PT, DPT, ATC
Mrs. Jennifer Artz PT
Laurie Artzerounian PT
Sarah Artzner PT
Mahimai Arul
Mrs. Elina Arulraj MSPT
Sukumar Arumugam PT
Ramyashri Arunachalam
Amelia Arundale PT
Priya Arunmon RPT
Mr. William Arvanitis
Erik Arve DPT
Geiry Arvelo
Kristen Arveson DPT
Kerri Arvey DPT
Dr. Jacob Arvidson DPT
Anthony Arviso PT
Abram Arwood PT, DPT
Mr. Brett Ary PT
Mrs. June Ary PT
Mr. Steve Ary PT
Bharat Arya PT
Ravi Arya
Dipti Arya Patel PT
Delaila Aryee DPT
Jeremy Aryee PT DPT
Daniel Aryeh PT
Mrs. Sabra Arzaga PT
Mrs. Dinorah Arzola PT
Mrs. Yolanda Arzola-Torres RPT
Mr. Ronald Arzt PT
Ms. Bey-Ying Asada PT
Jamie Asada PT
Dr. Ali Asadi DPT, MTC, CSCS
Geraldine Asadi
Matthew Asahara
Miriam Asaki PT, DPT
Elizabeth Asamen PT
Danny Asami DPT
Mr. Kwasi Asare-Acquah
Alessandro Asaro
Mrs. Jamie Asaro PT
Mary Asaro DPT, PT, CCI
Mr. Richard Asaro PT
Skulpan Asavasopon PT
Mrs. Kim Asbell MPT
Marikay Asberry MSPT/ATC
Mrs. Stacey Asbill PT
David Asbury DPT
Kyla Asbury PT, DPT
Mr. Steven Asbury DPT
Mrs. Heidi Asbury-Wagner DPT
Yordan Ascanio
Dr. Cathy Asch PT, DPT
Mrs. Elizabeth Asch DPT
Evan Aschenbrand DPT
Dr. Jamie Ascher DPT
Dr. Joseph Ascher PT, DPT
Raymond Aschettino PT
Mrs. Kathryn Aschoff RPT
Jessica Aschwege PT
Claudia Ascoli PT
Pooja Aseeja R P T
Melanie Asefa PT
Mrs. Kim Aseltine MSPT
Mrs. Oluwanishola Asenuga MS PT
Laureto Aseo PT
Archibald Aseron PT
Zeina Asfour-Grifoni MPT
Mr. Ghulam Asghar PT
Cory Ash PT
Dr. Daniel Ash DPT
David Ash
Donald Ash JR. PT
Mr. John Ash PT
Karin Ash BS
Kimberly Ash
Molly Ash DPT
Nicole Ash PT
Steven Ash PT
Chirag Ashar
Anna Ashbaugh PT
Ms. Katie Ashbaugh PT
Kristen Ashbaugh
Paula Ashbaugh PT
Carolyn Ashbeck PT
Kelly Ashbeck PT
Dr. Christina Ashbrook DPT
Britney Ashburn DPT
Joseph Ashburn PT
Mr. Alan Ashby
Andrea Ashby PT
Mrs. Cynthia Ashby PT
Holly Ashby
Jason Ashby MSPT
Jennifer Ashby PT, DPT
Lindsay Ashby
Megan Ashby PT
Mrs. Jana Ashcraft PT, DPT
Rebecca Ashcraft DPT
Ms. Linda Ashdown PT
Dr. Susan Ashdown PT, DPT
Kristin Ashe PT
Maureen Ashe PT, DPT
Megan Ashead PT
Ms. Donna Ashenberg PT
Samantha Ashenbrener DPT
Dawn Ashenbrenner PT
Mr. John Ashenbrenner
Brett Ashenfelter DPT
Betsy Asher PT
Canan Asher PT/DPT
Ms. Gina Asher MPT
Jessica Asher PT
Mr. John Asher PT
Latoya Asher DPT
Mr. Leslie Asher PT
Margaret Asher PT
Scott Asher PT
Shari Asher PT
Dr. Brent Ashford PT, DPT
Mrs. Samantha Ashford PT
Mrs. Tricia Ashimine DPT
Nili Ashkenazy PT
Mr. Alex Ashley DPT
Amy Ashley PT
Bernum Ashley III
Daniel Ashley PT
Earl Ashley MSPT
Farrah Ashley PT
Hubert Ashley JR. PT
Jolee Ashley PT
Lindsey Ashley DPT
Olivia Ashley PT
Paula Ashley DPT
Mrs. Perry Ashley PT
Timothy Ashley PT, DPT
Travis Ashley DPT
Ty Ashley PT
Wendy Ashley PT
Leslie Ashlock PT
Richard Ashlock PT
Mrs. Veronica Ashlock PT
Constance Ashmore PT
Imelda Ashmore PT
Elisabeth Ashoff
Anjana Ashok
Usama Ashour PT
Xochi Ashpole PT
Hammad Ashraf PT
Ms. Ghyzal Ashrati PT
Brian Ashton PT
Chas Ashton
Douglas Ashton DPT
Dr. Edward Ashton DC, PT
Dr. Jessica Ashton DPT
John Ashton PT
Mr. Joseph Ashton PT
Kelly Ashton PT
Dr. Mandy Mia Ashton DPT
Michael Ashton PT
Sandra Ashton PT
Stanley Ashton PT
Mrs. Vickie Ashton PT
Dr. Allison Ashurst-Friedman DPT
Alexander Ashworth PT
Korrie Ashworth PT
Shanlon Ashworth
Chelsey Asiala PT, DPT
Mrs. Gilibeth Asibal PT
Marina Asil PT
Alex Asis PT
Ms. Rissa Asis PT
Sitti Ayesha Asjali
Cari Asjes PT
Kacie Ask
Benyamin Askarinam
Hamid Askarinam
Tristen Asken PT, DPT, CSCS
Mr. Peter Askes PT
Tracey Askew MPT
Wiley Askew PT
Matthew Askim PT
Mrs. Eileen Askin PT
Mr. James Askins PT
Jeanne Askins PT
Kelly Askins PT
Sally Askins DPT, OCS
Janelle Askvig PT
Kerry Aslin MPT
Dr. Amanda Asmar PT, DPT
Donabel Asne PT
Anna Lee Asok RPT
Elna Joy Asoro PT
Dr. Sean Asp DPT
Mrs. Valerie Asp PT, DPT
Mrs. Emily Aspden MPT
Erik Aspengren PT
Richard Aspenleider PT
Joart Aspera
Elizabeth Aspiazu DPT
Mrs. Patricia Aspinwall PT
Stacey Aspinwall PT
Adrian Mahar Aspiras
Mrs. Melissa Aspiras PT
Lida Joy Aspirin
Miss Leriza Aspuria
Mrs. Melissa Aspuru-Rovner PT
Steven Asquith PT
Wagdi Assaad
John Assad PT
Amikam Assaf
Mr. Philip Assaf JR. PT
Shiren Assaly PT
Ana Assatourians DPT
Mr. David Asselin PT, DPT
Bridget Assip PT, DPT
Blondel Assonken PT
Joy Ast DPT
Marc Asta DPT
Ms. Amber Astafan
Mr. Luke Astell PT
Stephanie Astell PT
Heather Asti PT
Paul Astillero
Shannon Astin PT
Mr. Clinton Astle MPT
David Astle MPT
Karen Astle MSPT
Amy Aston PT
Karen Aston
Pamela Aston PT
Mrs. Tracy Aston Mccarty DPT
Mrs. Mary Astor RPT, MPT
Shaun Astorga
Mr. John Astrab MS PT OCS CSCS
Phillip Astrachan MSPT
Clarizza Astrero
Dr. Jacqueline Astrero PT, DPT
Mrs. Shannon Astrologes MPT
Rhodora Astronomo PT,DPT
Laurie Astrowski PT
Nancy Astrup PT
Mathew Asuma PT
Adrienne Stephanie Asumbrado
Aylmer Asuncion RPT
Mr. Joel Asuncion PT
Ma Veronica Cielo Asuncion
Maria Asuncion PT
Mr. Robert Asuncion MPT
Mr. Roy Allan Asuncion PT
Mrs. Karen Asvitt PT
Dr. Monica Aswani DPT
Taruna Aswani
Ayman Ataalla
Shannon Atalig PT
Nasko Atanassov PT
Maricris Atay RPT
Laura Atcachunas PT
Mr. Stephen Atcavage MPT
Mrs. Suzanne Atcavage MPT
Amy Atchison
Beth Atchley DPT
Cody Atchley MSPT
Deborah Atchley
Elizabeth Atchley RPT
Leann Atchley DPT
Mrs. Tara Atchley PT
Katherine Atebara PT
Stephanie Aten PT
Maria Atencia PT
Abbey Ater MPT
Christian Atexide DPT
Puja Athalye DPT
Mrs. Christine Athan MSPT
Lindsay Athan PT, DPT
Stephanie Athanas DPT
Mrs. Patricia Athans PT
Jacquelin Athas PT
Nick Athas MPT
Judy Athearn PT
Mrs. Allison Atherton PT
Monica Atherton MPT
Rhea Atherton PT
Brock Athey MPT
Christopher Athos PT
Marwa Atia PT
Domingo Atienza PT
Jurizon Atienza
Kathleen Atienza PT
Maria Atienza PT
Mr. Ramon Atienza PT
Reginald Atienza DPT
Ms. Roselle Atienza PT, MPT
Miss Sharon Atienza PT
Daniella Atilano PT, DPT
Luis Atiles RPT
Mr. Sandy Atimama PT
Susan Atiyeh
Ms. Beth Atkerson MSPT
Andrew Atkins
Andrew Atkins PT
Anglea Atkins
Cordell Atkins PT
Cynthia Atkins
Danielle Atkins
Elizabeth Atkins
Mrs. Jacquelin Atkins PT
Lee Atkins PT
Lisa Atkins
Mary Atkins DPT
Mr. Neil Atkins MPT
Rachel Atkins PT, DPT
Russell Atkins PT
Mr. Stewart Atkins PT
Dr. Collin Atkinson PT
Darin Atkinson PT
Mrs. Holly Atkinson MPT
Jacqueline Atkinson PT
Dr. James Atkinson DC,
Kelly Atkinson PT
Lisa Atkinson PT
Lori Atkinson DPT
Mrs. Melissa Atkinson MS, PT
Sandra Atkinson PT
Sara Atkinson PT
Teresa Atkinson PT
Timothy Atkinson PT
Vanessa Atkinson RPT
Michaeleen Atkisson PT
Ms. Corinne Atlak PT
Richard Atlee DPT
Emmanuel Atmosfera PT
Marita Atmosfera PT
Shannon Atnip MPT, CHT
Alexis Aton PT,DPT
Dr. Toyin Atoro-Odueyungbo PT
Eric Atristain PT
Lewiz Attaalla BACHELOR
Sandy Attanasio DPT
Colleen Attard MSPT
Derrick Attard MS, PT,
Julie Attardo PT
Elham Attari
Kara Atteberry PT
Mrs. Lindsey Attebery PT
Dr. Susan Attermeier PHD PT
Mrs. Kallie Atti DPT
Mrs. Amanda Attia MSPT
Anne Attia
Fayez Attia PT
Kayla Attig DPT
Christina Attiken MPT
Mr. Jithendra Attiluru PT
Kirsten Attipoe
Craig Attisano
Mimzie Attisano PT
Jennifer Attkisson DPT
Mr. Victor Attoh DPT
Kimberly Attwood PT, DPT
Charles Attwooll DPT, ATC
Mohamed Attya
Mr. Peter Atuel RPT
Rachel Atufunwa
Mrs. Doben Atun PT
Aaron Atwater
Donna Atwell PT
Ms. Gina Atwell DPT
Kyle Atwell PT, DPT, OMPT, CMTPT
Amanda Atwood PT, DPT
Mrs. Angela Atwood PT
Dr. Heidi Atwood DPT
Joy Atwood PT
Lorine Atwood PT
Mr. Thomas Atwood PT
Mrs. Denita Au PT
Donna Au PT
Mrs. Sandi Auberger PT
Molly Aubert DPT
Sherine Aubert DPT
John Aubic
Bradley Aubin
Chad Aubin PT
Ms. Nicole Aubin
Mr. Jean-Pierre Aubourg PT
Mr. Roger Aubrey
Stephanie Aubrey PT, DPT
Brandon Aubry DPT
Andrew Aubuchon PT
Cynthia Aubuchon
Kimberly Aubuchon PT
Laurie Aubuchon RPT
Maddie Aubuchon
Mrs. Andrea Auch PT
Amanda Aucker
Danielle Auclair MPT, DPT
Angela Aucoin PT
Dr. Jennifer Aucoin DPT
Mrs. Michelle Aucoin DPT
Mrs. Rodi Aucoin PT
Brian Aucter DPT
Mrs. Louise Audet PT
Catherine Audette PT
Jennifer Audette MS
Joylene Audette PT
Mr. Raja Audi PT, DPT
Mr. Matthew Audia PT
Geert Audiens PT
Mr. Bernard Auditor PT
Cathy Audorff PT
Martin Audycki PT
Alesha Auer PT
Amy Auer MPT
Mrs. Ashley Auer PT, DPT
Theresa Auer PT
Dr. Mark Auerbach DPT
Mrs. Sharon Auerbach PT
Jacqueline Aufderhar PT
Kylie Aufderheide PT, DPT
Lyle Aufdermauer
Alison Aufiero PT
Anthony Aufiero DPT
Ms. Elizabeth Aufiero PT
Mrs. Heidi Auge PT
Caitlin Augello PT, DPT
Lori Augenstein OTR/L
Richard Augeri PT,DPT
Mr. Michael Aughenbaugh PT
Krista Augius PT
Cori-Anne August
Danielle August DPT
Mr. Jonathan August PT, ATC, HHC
Jordan August PT, DPT
Lisa August PT
Rachel August DPT
Ms. Roberta August PT
Ryan August
Mr. Harold August, Jr. PT
Mark Augustauskas RPT
Dr. Stendley Auguste DPT
Anoop Augustin PT
Jacques Augustin
Mrs. Amber Augustine DPT
Carolyn Augustine
Ms. Catherine Augustine DPT
Christie Augustine MPT
Elizabeth Augustine DPT
Jason Augustine DPT
Kaila Augustine
Michael Augustine DPT
Nathan Augustine MPT
Robert Augustine PT
Mr. Sajan Augustine PT
Wella Augustine PT
Faith Augustus-Drescher MPT
Lisa Augustyn PT
Melanie Auinbauh Anderson DPT
Mr. Joseph Aukai III PT
Jerry Aul PT
Julie Aul PT
Kimberly Aul MSPT
Melissa Aul PT
Rebekah Aulbaugh PT
Mr. Brodie Auld PT
Kathleen Auld MPT
Dr. Jennifer Auleta PT
Mrs. Julia Aulner
Mrs. Abby Ault DPT
Cynthia Ault PT
Mrs. Deborah Ault PT
Dr. Patricia Ault
Emily Auman
Julianne Auman DPT
Nancy Auman PT
Donna Aumick
Delores Aumiller PT
Sharon Aumueller PT
Kathleen Aune PT
Mr. Mark Aune
Patricia Aune PT
Rochelle Aune PT
Cynthia Aurand PT
Timothy Aurand
Ariel Aure PT
Edna Aurelio
Miriam Aurelio
Mrs. Cynthia Auricchio PT
Mr. Brian Aurich MSPT
Swapna Aurora
Ms. Kristen Ause-Ellias PT
Angela Ausili PT
Mr. Bryan Ausinhelier DPT
Melissa Ausland PT
Tamara Ausloos
Jenna Austell PT
Dr. Dana Austen DPT, PT
Rebecca Austerer DPT
Jean Austerman
Mrs. Charla Austermann PT
Richard Austgen PT
Alicia Austin PT
Mrs. Alicia Austin DPT
Angela Austin DPT, CSCS
Mrs. Annemarie Austin MPT
Bethany Austin DPT
Bonnie Austin PT
Bradley Austin PT
Bradley Austin PT, DPT
Chrishawnta Austin RPT
Christy Austin PT
Dana Austin PT
Debra Austin
Debra Austin PT
Derek Austin PT
Mr. Donald Austin
Elizabeth Austin PT
Ellen Austin PT
Frank Austin JR.
Gary Austin PT
Mrs. Ha Austin PT
Heidi Austin DPT
James Austin PT,DPT,MTC
Mrs. Jane Austin PT
Jennifer Austin PT
Jill Austin PT
Joanna Austin
Ms. Kaitlynn Austin PT
Mrs. Karen Austin PT
Dr. Keily Austin PT, DPT
Mr. Kenneth Austin PT
Kevin Austin DPT
Kristen Austin DPT
Mrs. Laura Austin PT
Lauren Austin DPT
Laurie Austin PT
Miss Marielle Austin DPT
Mrs. Mary Austin PT
Matthew Austin PT
Mrs. Miranda Austin MPT
Nathan Austin PT
Mrs. Paula Austin PT
Sarah Austin PT
Stephanie Austin PT, DPT
Stephen Austin DPT
Susan Austin
Todd Austin PT
Tom Austin DPT
Tricia Austin PHD, PT, ATC
Trina Austin PT
Tyler Austin
William Austin DPT
Zoe Austin
Amanda Austin Renfrow
Amina Austin-Braud PT
Mrs. Allelie Austria RPT
Mr. Arturo Austria PT
Erroll Austria PT
Mr. Joseph Austria PT
Leonardo Austria JR. RPT
Ma Elena Austria
Maria Austria PT
Miss Mary-Lou Austria RPT
Mr. Perry Austria PT
Mr. Ronaldo Austria PT
Stephen Austria
Mrs. Anna Patricia Austriaco PT
Mr. Augusto Autea PT
Ferdinand Autea PT
Thomas Auten PT, DPT
Krisane Auth PT
Miss Shifa Auti
Lori Autiello Landry
Mrs. Amanda Autran PT
Mr. Larry Autrey PT
Meredith Autrey PT, OCS, FAAOMPT
Adam Autry DPT
John Autry PT, DPT
David Auvinen PT
James Auwaerter PT
Cheuk Man Auyeung
Dr. Sherman Auyeung DPT
Jason Avakian PT
Serguei Avakov PT
Neelima Avala
Mr. Steven Avallone PT, DPT
Allison Avalos PT, DPT
Ashley Avalos DPT
Dexter Avancena
Mrs. Zimadar Avancena PT
Kelly Avant PT
Abbe Avart MSPT
Olivia Avecilla PT
Roger Avecillas DPT
Cynthia Avelino PT
Mr. Edsel Lawrence Avelino RPT
Juan Rafael Avelino PT
Ann Avella
Brian Avellaneda PT
Mrs. Leilani Avellaneda PT
Mrs. Anna Marie Avellanosa PT
Geralyn Avellino PT
Dr. Edgar Avena JR. DPT
Ms. Stella Avena PT
Mary Greanne Avendano
Ian Avenia-Tapper
Ms. Maria Eloisa Aveo PT
Nikol Averbuch LPC, LPT
Dr. Jonathan Averdick PT, DPT
Mr. Darren Averett DPT
Mrs. Kristie Averill PT
Tamra Averill PT
Jason Averilla PT, DPT
Eric Avers PT
Jill Aversa RPT
Mrs. Melissa Aversa DPT, ATC, CSCS
Bryan Avery PT
Douglas Avery PT
Erin Avery
Mrs. Jennifer Avery PT
Mrs. Jennifer Avery DPT
Jennifer Avery PT
Kathryn Avery PT
Lauren Avery DPT
Leah Avery DPT
Linda Avery PT
Lisa Avery PT
Lisa Avery PT
Mr. William Avery DPT
Isagani Aves
John Paul Aves PT
Faith Avevor
Dr. Julia Avidane DPT
Antonio Avila PT
Dr. Camille Avila DOCTORATE
Dara Avila PT
Imelda Avila PT
John Avila
Ms. Nancy Avila PT
Dr. Ricardo Avila DPT
Robert Avila PT
Roberto Avila
Mrs. Rose Avila PT
Ms. Frances Aviles MRPT
Mrs. Jane Aviles PT
Mary Ann Aviles
Nelson Aviles MSPT
Steve Aviles MPT, ATC
Mr. Alonso Avina LPT
Anne Kristine Avinante PT
Denise Avisata PT
Zhanna Avizov DPT
Ms. Susan Avjian MS, PT
Sara Avni
Yael Avnon PT, DPT
Allison Avogardo DPT
Mr. Joseph Avolio PT
Mrs. Tania Avolio PT
Mr. Marie Avramaut PT
Adam Avramides PT
Karen Avramidis PT
Jennie Avsec DPT
Sumanth Avutala
Assem Awad
Dr. Louis Awad DPT
Mohamed Awad
Emad Awadallah
Hanan Awadallah PT
Temitope Awakan PT
Sapna Awale PT
Christine Awdycki MSPT
Diane Awe PT
Dr. Oyindamola Awe DPT
Karen Awerkamp
Dr. Risa Awerkamp PT, DPT
Mrs. Dhanashree Awhad DPT
Abiodun Awolesi MPT
Ebenezer Awolesi
Mr. Samuel Awosolu PT
Sean Awuku DPT
Mrs. Lee Axelburg PT
Jarett Axelrod
Mrs. Julie Axelrod MPT
Kimberlee Axelrod PT
Ms. Amanda Axelson MPT
Krysten Axelson DPT
Esther Axle DPT
Mrs. Karen Axley PT
Mrs. Rachel Axmacher PT, DPT
Clinton Axman PT
Edward Axman PT
Harry Axman
Mr. Tyler Axman DPT
Maryellen Axner PT
April Axtell
Danielle Axtell DPT
Timothy Axtell PT
Mr. Kevin Axtman PT
Ms. Jyoti Ayachit PT
Miss Adriana Ayala PT
Alexandra Ayala PT
Allan Ayala RPT
Angela Ayala PT
Mrs. Clarina Ayala RPT
Javier Ayala JR.
Jesus Ayala
Lauren Ayala DPT
Ms. Lisa Ayala PT
Marco Ayala DPT
Marcus Ayala PT
Ruben Ayala LPT
Sara Ayala PT, DPT
Glenda Ayala-Rivera
Luz Ayalde PT
Ms. Trina Ayan PT
Saurabh Ayar
Kristi Ayars PT, DPT
Ana Aycinena DPT
Cynthia Aycock DPT
Mr. James Aycock JR. PT
Mr. Jon Aycock PT
Scott Ayd PT
Mrs. Patricia Ayd-Boyd MPT
Turkan Aydagul PT
Nonna Aydinyan-Allaire PT, DPT
Mr. William Aye PT
Dr. Festus Ayedun PT, DPT
Melody Ayeng
Kimberly Ayer DPT
Mr. Edgar Ayeras LPT
Mrs. Guia Ayeras LPT
Mr. Dominador Ayeras Iii PT
Allison Ayers PT
Ashley Ayers DPT
Beth Ayers PT
Bethany Ayers DPT
Ms. Carrie Ayers PT
Mrs. Christa Ayers PT
Elise Ayers PT
Julia Ayers PT
Kelly Ayers DPT
Kelly Ayers PT, DPT, CLT
Kristin Ayers DPT
Kristin Ayers PT
Lance Ayers PT
Mrs. Maura Ayers PT
Mrs. Rebecca Ayers PT
Rebecca Ayers DPT
Mrs. Ruffin Ayers PT
Dr. Shaun Ayers PT, DPT
Denise Aylesworth PT
Michelle Aylor PT
Peggi Aymond PT
Ms. Faith Ayo PT
Ayowumi Ayodele
Mrs. Dawn Ayoob MPT
Ms. Serah Ayoola DPT
Ma Geraldine Ayos PT
Miss Lisa Ayotte PT
Mr. Norman Ayotte JR. PT
Shawn Ayotte DPT
Mrs. Tiffany Ayotte PT
Catherine Ayoub PT, DPT, MPH
Mr. Edward Ayoub DPT
Dr. Caitlin Ayres DPT
Cheryl Ayres PT
Dr. John Ayres DPT
Mrs. Juli Ayres PT
Katharine Ayres
Leslie Ayres PT
Margaret Ayres PT, PHD
Natalie Ayres DPT
Mrs. Shirley Ayres PT
Gregory Ayscue DPT
Enzo Ayson DPT
Mr. Jericho Ayson PT
Miss Maria Corazon Aytona PTDIPMDT
Mr. Edward Ayub RPT
Mr. Christopher Ayubo PT
Mikhail Ayunan
Shahzad Azad PT
Becky Azama PT
Gina Azar PT
Karen Azar MSPT
Dr. Steven Azar PT, DPT
Marine Azaran DPT
Mr. Vadim Azbel PT
Malora Azbill PT
Miss Kathleen Azcona PT
Mia Azcue PT
Charmaine Azeez PT
Ganiyu Azeez PT
Mrs. Edolo Azenabor PT
Dr. Ashraf Azer DPT
Esteban Azevedo PT
Stefanie Azevedo DPT
Anitha Azhagiri MPT
Khalid Azhar PT
Muhammad Azim
Mariam Azimi PT, DPT
Ms. Yolanda Azimi PT
Ashraf Aziz PT
Marcos Aziz PT
Mr. Peter Aziz RPT
Rashad Aziz
Samy Aziz PT
Martina Azizi DPT
Suren Azizian DPT
Meghann Azlin
Tammie Azolas PT
Anna Azote PT
Mr. Fortunato Azoulay MPT
Faith Azul PT
Naomi Azulay PT
Jared Azuma DPT
Yoshiaki Azuma PT
Mrs. Lauren Azuolay PT
Ms. Carolyn Azurin PT
Mr. Chester Ryan Azurin RPT
Ms. Tina Azzano
Erin Azzarello PT
Erica Azzaretto DPT
Andrea Azzarito
Amy Azzaro
Mrs. Jessica Azzinaro DPT, CLT
Corey B. Dresen
Wendi Baack PT
Jordan Baadsgaard PT
Scott Baadte PT
Jacqueline Baalman PT
Nancy Baarman PT
Alisha Baas DPT
Donald Baas PT
Erin Baas PT
Kelsey Baas PT, DPT
Marjolein Baas PT
Kimberly Baasch PT, DPT
Sandra Baatz PT
Miss Hafsa Baba PT
Miss Lesgreen Babaran PT
Ms. Bhavna Babaria BSC, DPT
Daya Babariya
Nabil Babawy
Babatunde Babayemi HHA
Yael Babayeva PT
Ms. Maxine Babazadeh MPT
Allison Babb
Mr. Brandon Babb DPT
Mr. Eric Babb MPT
Jennifer Babb PT, DPT
John Babb PT, DPT
Matthew Babb
Rachel Babb PT
Robbin Babb
Mr. Robert Babb PT
Robert Babb PT
Mr. Dan Babbel PT
Ann Babbidge PT
Michele Babbit MPT
Mrs. Alanda Babbitt PT
Hayley Babbitt DPT
Jessica Babbitt DPT
Ms. Lynn Babbitt MSPT
Andrew Babcanec DPT
Adam Babcock PT, DPT
Mr. Gregory Babcock PT, MDT
Mr. Jay Babcock DPT
Jenessa Babcock PT
Dr. Jennifer Babcock PT, DPT
Julie Babcock
Laurie Babcock PT
Mark Babcock PT
Mrs. Michelle Babcock PT MSPT
Michelle Babcock PT
Dr. Mitchel Babcock DPT
Myriam Babcock PT
Paul Babcock
Mr. Ronald Babcock JR. PT
Sarah Babcock PT, DPT
Steven Babcock DPT
Dr. Troy Babel PT
Ernie Babelonia PT
Eugene Babenko PT
Bradley Baber PT
Brooke Baber
Jeremy Baber PT
Stephan Baber PT
Andrew Babiak PT
Cathy Babiak
Jessica Babich DPT
Kenneth Babich PT
Greg Babiec PT
Betty Babik PT
Mrs. Claire Babikian RPT
Gerardo Babilonia RPT
Cecilia Babin PT
Mr. Derek Babin MPT
Kyle Babin DPT
Michael Babin PT
Ms. Erin Babineau PT, DPT
Lendell Babineaux PT
Mrs. Veronica Babineaux PT, DPT
Nicole Babitsky DPT
Anne Babitz PT
Ryan Babl DPT
Robert Babson
Jenie Babu PT
Mr. Mohan Babu DPT
Shari Babu
Soya Babu
Subin Babu PT
Dr. Matthew Babunovic DPT
Mrs. Lisa Babusis PT, DPT, OCS
Anna Baca PT, DPT
Brandon Baca MSPT
Dr. Jordan Baca PT, DPT
Mr. Philip Baca PT
Stephanie Baca PT
Janice Bacak PT
Anna Bacalla RPT
Mr. Bradley Bacanaya PT
Mr. David Bacani PT, MS
Mrs. Ruthie Bacani-Bucu PT
Katherine Bacarella DPT
Mrs. Holly Bacasa PT
Nina Ricci Bacayo RPT
Courtney Bacca
Mr. Cosmo Baccarella PT
Mr. Basil Baccash PT
Virginia Bacciarini PT
Kristina Bacco PT
Mr. Paolo Bacero PT
Denise Bach PT
Erin Bach
Miss Jennifer Bach PT
John Bach PT
Kristina Bach
Miss Laura Bach DPT
Robin Bach PT, DPT
Mr. Josh Bachand DPT
Lauren Bachand DPT
Keri Bachar PT
Jonathan Bacharach DPT
Mrs. Lynn Bacharach PT
Angela Bachel DPT
Jennifer Bacheldor RPT
Michelle Bachelor
Natasha Bacheyie PT, MS
Dr. Charles Bachi IV PT, DPT, OCS, SCS
Mr. Robert Bachicha PT
Nancy Bachinsky MSPT
Amanda Bachman PT
Eleanor Bachman DPT
Mr. Greg Bachman PT
Karen Bachman PT
Kathleen Bachman DPT
Kathleen Bachman PT
Mr. Robert Bachman PT
Mr. Samuel Bachman
Mrs. Teresa Bachman PT
Ruth Bachman-Beachey PT
Junne Bacho
Angelica Bachoco PT
Laura Bachor DPT
Mrs. Seegee Bachtel DPT
Dr. Stephen Baciak II DPT
Jesse Bacigalupi DPT
Kristen Bacik PT, DPT
Mr. Nathan Back
Dr. Kyle Backal DPT
Mrs. Kimberly Backe PT
Mr. Peter Backe PT
Mr. Keith Backes PT
Rachel Backhaut PT
Steven Backinoff RPT
Amanda Backlund DPT
Chaim Backman P T
Mr. Daniel Backman PT
Sherry Backman PT
Scott Backofen PT
Jennifer Backs PT
Jordan Backstrom
Kimberly Backstrom DPT
Mrs. Laurel Backstrom PT
Sherrill Backstrom PT
Ms. Suzanne Backstrom PT
Ms. Joy Backstrum PT
Chad Backus MS, PT
Christine Backus PT
Christopher Backus PT, DPT
Colleen Backus PT
Crystal Backus PT
Mr. Monty Backus PT
Ms. Teresa Backus PT
Olga Baclay PT
Mrs. Julie Baclene PT
Dr. Joseph Baco PT, DPT
Ian Bacolod PT
Jose Bacolod JR. RPT
Karenina Bacolod PT
Ms. Maiden Louise Bacolod PT
John Paul Bacolor
Mrs. Heidy Bacolot-Bocalan PT
Briana Bacon
Dr. Brittany Bacon DPT
Carrie Bacon PT
Charles Bacon DPT
Miss Dana Bacon PT
Lauren Bacon DPT
Ms. Marissa Bacon PT, DPT
Michael Bacon PT
Miriam Bacon PT, DPT
Nicole Bacon PT
Sofia Bacon PT
Mrs. Tiffani Bacon MPT
Traci Bacon DPT
Heather Bacon-Putirka PT
Mr. Noel Bactad PT
Mr. Edgar Bacud PT
Loida Baculanta PT
Frederick Bacurio PT
Bonnie Baczewski PT, DPT
Mr. Taiwo Bada
Mr. Michael Badalamente PT
Mrs. Sabrina Badalamenti MPT
Lydia Badalucco PT
Mr. Mostafa Badawi DPT
Hend Badawy
Mohamed Badawy PT
A. Badder PT/DPT
Sarah Badding DPT
Ms. Gretchen Bade PT
Kristine Bade
Marion Bade PT
Dr. Michael Bade PT, PHD
Diana Baden PT
Mrs. Meg Baden MPT
Mr. Patrick Baden PT, DPT
Scott Baden PT
Mrs. Jamie Baden Pallister DPT
Mr. John Badenhop JACK BADENHOP
Mark Badenhop PT, DPT
Mrs. Teresa Badenhop PT
Tonya Badenhorst PT, ATC, CSCS
Cathy Bader PT
Eric Bader PT
Eric Bader PT
Janise Bader
Justin Bader PT, DPT
Martha Bader PT
Richard Bader PT
Tiffany Bader PT
Anne Bader-Mchenry PT
Philippe Badere RPT
Jenny Badger MSPT
Kari Badger PT
Martie Badger PT
Alan Badgley PT
Rebecca Badgujar PT
Julie Badham BS, PT
Hamideh Badiefard
Mrs. Saeideh Badiefard DPT
Carlos Badilla
Eric Badillo
Linda Badillo
Militza Badillo Ruiz MPT
Danilo Shane Badiola
Leena Badiwale
Kashmira Badiyani
Dr. Mouhamed Badji PT, DPT
Mary Badke
Jean Badman DPT
William Badman
Audra Bado MPT
Megha Badole PT
Mrs. Beth Badour PT
Mrs. Carllyn Badovinac PT
James Badowski PT
Dr. Doaa Badr
Ms. Lydia Badra MSPT
Polly Badt PT
Lori Badtke PT
Rachel Badway PT, DPT
Ruth Badyrka PT, EDM
Chibum Bae
Esther Bae PT
Sungjun Bae RPT
Youn Hee Bae
Mary Baebler PT
Ashley Baechle
Susan Baechle PT
Mrs. Tammye Baecker PT
Daniel Baehr DPT
Rached Baeira PT
Namyoung Baek
Sara Baek PT
Mr. Gilbert Bael PT
Ms. Ximena Baena PT
Amy Baer PT
Ms. Jennifer Baer PT
Kevin Baer PT, DPT
Kimberly Baer
Lawrence Baer MPT
Mr. Raymond Baer PT
Mr. Richard Baer PT
Sarah Baer PT
Susan Baer PT
Mrs. Michelle Baerenwald PT
Mrs. Cindy Baeringer MA PT
Mr. Lewis Baeringer DPT
Mr. Matthew Baerlocher DPT
Kevin Baerwalde PT
Mr. Antonio Baes JR.
Asther Baes PT
Dr. Margaretha Baestaens DPT
Angela Baeten PT
Mrs. Susan Baetzel PT
Laura Baeumel DPT, ATC
Alex Baez PT, DPT
Mrs. Yaritza Baez Class PT
Mrs. Elizabeth Baez De Jesus PT
Hemangini Bafana PT
Jamie Bafaro PT
Mrs. Corinna Baffa PT
Sunetra Bafna MPT
Roxanne Bafuma RPT
Dr. Julie Baga DPT
Maria Rochelle Bagacina
Miss Marianne Bagacina PT
Miss Kelly Bagalawis PT
Nolan Bagalso
Armando Bagara PT
Mr. Benson Bagasan PT
Mrs. Milalynn Bagasan PT
Ellen Bagay PT
Elmer Bagay
Christopher Bagbey PT
Katherine Bagby DPT
Michael Bagby DPT
Andrew Bagdasarian PT, DPT
Troy Bage PT
Alice Bageant PT
Leigh Bagg PT
Aaron Baggett PT
Ashley Baggett PT
Erin Baggett
Ms. Gail Baggett PT
Heather Baggett PT, DPT
Melinda Baggett PT
Margaret Baghdady PT
Michael Baginski PT
Mr. Alexander Bagley PT
Alexis Bagley DPT
Brendan Bagley PT
Dr. Curtis Bagley III PT, DPT
Mr. Jake Bagley DPT
Mrs. Jennifer Bagley PT
Dr. Justin Bagley PT, DPT
Mrs. Leslie Bagley PT
Dr. Meredith Bagley PT, DPT
Renee Bagley
Dr. Ryan Bagley DPT
Shawn Bagley PT
Ms. Sharon Bagnall PT
Karen Bagnardi PT
Mr. Michael Bagnoli PT
Jennifer Bagozzi DPT
Miss Christeen Baguilat PT
Mrs. Claire Aileen Baguilod
Miss Electry Baguio
Mylene Baguio RPT
Mr. Quirino Baguio RPT
Saudi Baguio PT
Mr. Rodel Baguioro PT
Mrs. Crisanta Baguisa PT
Mr. Charles Bagwell DPT
Mrs. Kathleen Bagwell
Latoya Bagwell DPT
Laura Bagwell
Maria Bagwell PT
Michael Bagwell PT
Steven Bagwell DPT
Mrs. Kelly Baham PT
Ms. Jacey Bahe
Michael Bahe PT
Neelu Bahel
Neeraj Baheti MSPT
Mrs. Shikha Bahl PT
Bonnie Bahler DPT
Nicole Bahlin Short
Dr. Matthew Bahlke DPT
Mr. Amged Bahloul SR. PT
Nasim Bahman
Paula Bahn
Jennifer Bahn Sullivan PT
Mrs. Candace Bahner PT
Mrs. Marnie Bahner PT
Christopher Bahnken DPT
Dr. Norton Bahoura PT, DPT
Rocky Bahoura DPT
Christopher Bahouth DPT
Angela Bahr PT
Mrs. Cynthia Bahr PT
Mrs. Deborah Bahr PT
Dr. Evan Bahr PT, DPT
Dr. Ismael Bahr DPT
Jami Bahr DPT
Jennifer Bahr
Jordan Bahr PT
Mr. Kenneth Bahr DPT
Laura Bahr DPT
Stasia Bahring PT
Miss Rebecca Bahrmasel DPT
Miss Jamie Bahruth MSPT
Alice Bai
Xinyi Bai PT
Mrs. Lisa Baiada Miller DPT
Jennifer Baiamonte DPT
Lauren Baier DPT
Noel Baier PT
Mrs. Rachelle Baier MPT
Mr. Trevor Baier PT, DPT
Ahmed Baig DPT
Ms. Karyn Baig PT, DPT
Mirza Baig
Rujuta Baijal PT
Debra Baik PT
Jennifer Baikauskas MPT
Greg Bailen
Rachael Bailer
Aaron Bailey MSPT CSCS
Ms. Aimee Bailey PT
Mrs. Alisha Bailey PT
Allison Bailey LPT
Alyssa Bailey DPT
Alyssa Bailey PT, DPT
Amy Bailey DPT
Andrea Bailey PT, DPT
Anna Bailey
Anne Bailey DPT
Arielle Bailey PT, DPT
Miss Ashley Bailey DPT
Mr. Aubrey Bailey PT
Brandon Bailey DPT
Brina Bailey PT
Cari Lynn Bailey PT
Caroline Bailey DPT
Charlotte Bailey PT
Cheryl Bailey PT
Christopher Bailey PT
Cindy Bailey DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC
Corrie Bailey PT, DPT
Mr. Craig Bailey PT, DPT
Dana Bailey PT
Mrs. Danielle Bailey
David Bailey DPT
David Bailey DPT
Deborah Bailey PT
Deirdre Bailey PT
Mrs. Delpha Bailey PT
Denise Bailey PT
Elise Bailey PT
Ellen Bailey
Erin Bailey
Glen Bailey MPT
Greg Bailey DPT
Mr. Gregory Bailey PT
James Bailey DPT
James Bailey DPT
Jamie Bailey PT, DPT
Mrs. Janelle Bailey PT
Ms. Janie Bailey PT
Jennifer Bailey DPT
Jessica Bailey PT, DPT
Joseph Bailey PT
Joshua Bailey PT
Joshua Bailey DPT
Julian Bailey JR. DPT
Dr. Kaitlyn Bailey PT, DPT
Mrs. Karen Bailey PT
Ms. Karen Bailey PT
Mrs. Katherine Bailey PT
Dr. Kathy Bailey DPT
Mr. Keith Bailey MSPT
Kelly Bailey PT
Kelly Bailey
Mr. Kevin Bailey PT, MPT, SCS, ATC
Mrs. Kristin Bailey PT
Lane Bailey PT
Latefia Bailey DPT
Lauren Bailey DPT
Lauren Bailey
Mrs. Linda Bailey PT AL
Lisa Bailey PT
Mrs. Marcella Bailey PT
Marie Bailey LPT
Mark Bailey DPT
Dr. Maura Bailey PT, DPT
Meaghan Bailey PT, DPT
Melissa Bailey DPT
Meredith Bailey PT
Mr. Michael Bailey PT
Michael Bailey MPT
Dr. Michaela Bailey PT, DPT
Molly Bailey DPT
Natalie Bailey DPT
Noelle Bailey
Patsy Bailey PT
Peggy Bailey RPT
Philip Bailey DPT
Rachel Bailey PT
Raymond Bailey PT
Rhiannon Bailey DPT
Richard Bailey PT
Ruth Bailey DPT
Mr. Ryan Bailey DPT
Ryan Bailey PT
Mr. Ryan Bailey MPT
Mrs. Sarah Bailey DPT
Shaunalee Bailey
Mr. Stephen Bailey PT
Stephen Bailey PT, DPT, CMTPT, FMSC
Susan Bailey RPT
Mrs. Tammy Bailey PT
Teresa Bailey PT
Toby Bailey MPT
Vincent Bailey
Viviann Bailey PT
Mr. William Bailey PT
Dr. Yvette Bailey PT, DPT
Angela Bailey-Hardy PT
Kendra Bailey-Lyon PT
Elizabeth Bailey-Sands PT
Ms. Christina Bailie PT
Naomi Bailin DPT
Julie Bailor PT
Sarah Baily PT, DPT
Jessica Baima
Cecilia Bain PT, DPT
Connie Bain PT
Dr. Jenna Bain PT
Mr. John Bain PT
Nancy Bain MPT
Tara Bain
Mrs. Julia Bainbridge PT
Susan Bainbridge PT
Patricia Baines-Arndt PT
Lindsay Bainey MPT
Emil Bainhardt PT
Rajan Bains PT, DPT
Ms. Elizabeth Bainter PT
Jennifer Bainton PT, MSPT
Valerie Bainton PT
John Baio PT, DPT
Kyle Baiocchi DPT
Vickie Baiocchi PT
Basent Baioumy
Dr. Amanda Bair PT, DPT
Betina Bair PT
Jared Bair DPT
Dr. John Bair DPT
Karen Bair PT
Marcus Bair PT, DPT
Matthew Bair I PT
Michael Bair PT
Samantha Bair PT, DPT
Dr. Samuel Bair DPT
Bonnie Baird
Dr. Brian Baird DPT
Caitlin Baird
Carl Baird
Mr. Charles Baird PT
Charlotte Baird DPT
Cynthia Baird PT
Dirk Baird DPT
Erin Baird PT, DPT, BCB-PMD
Jennifer Baird PT
Jill Baird PT, ATC
Dr. Katherine Baird PT,
Kyle Baird MPT
Ms. Lisa Baird PT
Matthew Baird
Dr. Rebecca Baird DPT
Ric Baird PT, DPT, ATC
Linda Baird Jansen PT
Mr. Herbert Bairnsfather JR. PT, FAAOMPT
Ms. Laura Baisch LAURA B BAISCH, PT
Mrs. Nicole Baisley MSPT
Emily Baith
Oluwagbenga Baiyeri DPT
Erin Baize DPT
Mrs. Tania Bajada PT
Deepti Bajaj PT
Meera Bajaj
Shuchi Bajaj PT
Srishti Bajaj PT, DPT
Vikramjit Bajaj
Mr. Jayson Bajamunde PT
Mrs. Ma Filipina Bajamunde PT
Ms. Sheryll Bajamundi PT
Rima Bajaniya
Josie Bajarias PT
Gemma Bajaro PT
Mr. Rheegie Baje PT
Donna Bajelis PT
Mr. Marko Bajic PT, DPT
Deepa Bajracharya
Mrs. Lori Bajsanski MPT
Vladislav Bakal RPT
Kimberly Bakalyar Demars PT
Ms. Demetra Bakas LPT
Dr. Aaron Baker DPT
Adam Baker
Adrian Baker DPT
Alicia Baker PT, DPT, ATC
Alison Baker DPT
Alysia Baker MS, PT
Alyssa Baker DPT
Dr. Amanda Baker DPT, GCS
Mrs. Amy Baker DPT
Andrea Baker PT, ATC, COF
Andrew Baker DPT
Mrs. Angel Baker PT
Mrs. Anita Baker LPT
Miss Ann Baker MS, PT
April Baker
Ashley Baker DPT
Ashley Baker
Barbara Baker DPT
Barbara Baker PT
Blair Baker MPT
Brady Baker PT
Dr. Bruce Baker PT
Bryan Baker DPT
Dr. Caleb Baker DPT
Mrs. Carmen Baker PT
Mrs. Carol Baker PT
Carolyn Baker PT
Caryn Baker PT ATC
Casandra Baker PT, OCS
Ms. Cathleen Baker PT
Mr. Charles Baker PT
Christopher Baker LPT, DIP MDT
Christopher Baker DPT
Mrs. Cynthia Baker PT
Dana Baker PT, DPT
Danielle Baker DPT
David Baker DPT
Mrs. Deanna Baker MPT
Debra Baker PT
Denise Baker DPT
Mr. Donald Baker JR. PT MHS
Dr. Edward Baker PT, DPT
Mrs. Elizabeth Baker PT
Dr. Elizabeth Baker PT, DPT
Emily Baker DPT
Ms. Emily Baker PT
Erin Baker MPT
Erin Baker
Greg Baker
Gretchen Baker MPT
Hannah Baker DPT
Harrie Baker PT
Mr. Jamie Baker PT
Ms. Jane Baker PT
Jeff Baker PT
Mr. Jeffrey Baker MPT
Jennifer Baker PT
Mrs. Jennifer Baker PT
Jeremy Baker DPT
Mrs. Jessica Baker DPT
Jill Baker PT
Mr. Jimmie Baker JR. PT
Ms. Jodi Baker MPT
Joey Baker PT
John Baker
Jonathan Baker PT, DPT
Dr. Joshua Baker PHD, MPT
Ms. Julie Baker PT
Juliet Baker
Karen Baker
Ms. Karen Baker
Katherine Baker DPT
Katherine Baker DPT
Kathleen Baker PT
Kathryn Baker
Mrs. Katy Baker PT
Kavontaye Baker DPT
Kellie Baker DPT
Kelly Baker DPT
Kelsey Baker PT
Kerry Baker PT
Kimberly Baker DPT
Mrs. Kimberly Baker MPT
Mrs. Kris Baker
Kristina Baker DPT
Kristopher Baker PT
Lauren Baker PT, DPT
Leah Baker
Lindsey Baker PT
Lisa Baker DPT
Ms. Lorri Baker PT
Luke Baker PT, DPT
Lynda Baker PT
Ms. Madeleine Baker PT
Madeline Baker DPT
Mark Baker DPT, OCS
Dr. Mark Baker DPT
Mr. Mark Baker PT
Mary Baker PT
Mary Baker PT
Mary Baker DPT
Marycarol Baker PT, CKTP, CCI
Matthew Baker PT
Melinda Baker MPT
Melissa Baker PT
Michael Baker RPT
Michael Baker PT
Mr. Michelle Baker PT
Michelle Baker DPT
Mike Baker PT, MBA
Monica Baker PT, ATC
Nancy Baker PT DPT
Mrs. Nina Baker PT
Ms. Page Baker
Patricia Baker PT
Paula Baker MSPT
Polly Baker PT
Rachelle Baker DPT
Mrs. Rebecca Baker PT
Mr. Robert Baker PT
Robert Baker PT
Ms. Roberta Baker PT
Robyn Baker
Robyn Baker PT
Mr. Russell Baker PT
Ryan Baker PT
Sadie Baker
Mrs. Sally Ann Baker PT
Samuel Baker DPT
Sarah Baker PT
Shannon Baker DPT
Shermaine Baker PT, DPT
Mrs. Stacey Baker PTA
Mrs. Stacey Baker PT
Stefanie Baker DPT
Stephanie Baker PT
Mrs. Sue Baker PT
Mrs. Susan Baker PT
Mrs. Susan Baker PT, MS
Mrs. Suzanne Baker PT
Suzanne Baker PT MED
Mrs. Tera Baker DPT
Teresa Baker DPT
Timothy Baker RPT
Timothy Baker PT, DPT
Tirsa Baker PT
Tracie Baker MPT
Tracy Baker PT
Wencke Baker PT
Mr. Zachary Baker DPT
Janet Baker-Davis PT
Ms. Claudia Baker-Fortiner MPT
Mrs. Kaye Baker-Marsh
Marissa Bakermans PT
Japna Bakhshi PT
Ramak Bakhshoudeh PT
Mrs. Kristen Bakis Cook PT
Ms. Brenda Bakke MED, PT
Jarel Bakke DPT
Kirsten Bakke
Dr. Krista Bakkedahl DPT
Liza Bakken PT
Rachel Bakken PT
Christina Bakker PT, MBA
Lisa Bakker PT
Mr. Matthew Bakkum DPT
Jennie Bakondi PT
Jordan Iris Bakowski PT, DPT
Michael Bakowski PT DPT
Amol Bakre
Wael Bakry PT, MS
Andrew Baksa
Mr. Stephen Baksay PT
Asheeba Baksh PT, DPT
Mrs. Trupti Bakshi PT
Jack Bal JR. PT, DPT
Paula Bal PT
Amy Bala PT
Anju Bala PT
Madhu Bala PT
Matthew Bala
Ms. April Joy Balaaldia RPT
Dr. Marina Balabanov PT
Dr. Myra Baladad PT
Mrs. Ratna Balagani PT
Mrs. Gayda Balagon PT
Joyce Balagot
Mrs. Marisa Balagtas PT
Mr. Brian Balajadia PT
Mr. Joel Balajadia PT
Ms. Kallie Balajthy DPT, MS, ATC
Tanya Balakrishnan MPT
Marivenkatesh Balamanickam
Nicoleta Balan PT
Andrew Balanay PT
Bernadette Balance PTA
Mary Balangue PT
Helen Balanoba RPT
Estelita Balanon PT
Swathi Balantrapu
Maria Balao PT
Mr. Junar Balaoing PT
Mr. Vic Balaoing PT
Abhishek Balapur
Rupa Balaraman MPT
Patricia Balascik MSPT
Nancy Balash PT, DPT, OCS
Mr. David Balashinsky PT
Mr. Alan Balaso PT
Ms. Ilona Balassy PT
Mr. Saravanan Balasubramani PT, MS
Kalpana Balasubramanian PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Mrs. Mythili Balasubramaniyan PT
Mr. Milton Balasundaram PT
Alan Balavender MS PT
Henry Balavender PT
Justin Balavram
Ms. Mari Balayan PT
Molly Balbach DPT, OMPT
Jennifer Balbarin PT
Mr. Michael Balbarin PT
Miss Catricia Remedios Balbas RPT
Sonia Balbas RPT
Mr. Levon Balbay PT, MDT
Karen Balbi MSPT
Mr. Samuel Balbin PT
Juan Martin Balboa RPT
Ma Jhoanna Balboa PT
Petric Mar Balbontin PT
Mark Balcer PT
Mr. Brett Balcerak MPT
Mark Balch
Richard Balch PT
Marife Balcita PT
Ms. Sabrina Balcom PT, DPT
Michael Balcon DPT
Emily Bald PT
Ms. Diane Baldacci PT
Mr. David Baldanza PT,DPT
Erica Baldasaro
Heather Baldassi PT
Kevin Baldeo PT
Ricky Balderas
Jane Balderson PT, DPT
Mr. Osvaldo Baldessari PT
Ana Baldioli PT
Eric Baldonado MSPT
Rosalita Baldonado
Mrs. Eloisa Baldovino PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Mr. Franklin Baldovino RPT
Mitzy Girlie Baldovino
Riche Baldovino
Alyssa Baldridge
Joseph Baldridge PT
Nicole Baldridge
Ms. Jolyn Baldry PT
Ryan Baldry PT
Christopher Balducci PT
Mrs. Jennifer Balducci MSPT
Ms. Katherine Balduzzi MPT
Ashley Baldwin DPT
Ashley Baldwin PT
Carleen Baldwin PT, DPT
Diane Baldwin PT
Dimitri Baldwin
Edward Baldwin PT
Mrs. Elizabeth Baldwin PT
Elizabeth Baldwin
Frances Baldwin
Frederick Baldwin PT
Jared Baldwin
Mr. Jeffery Baldwin PT
Mrs. Jodi Baldwin MPT
Mr. John Baldwin PT
Jonathan Baldwin PT
Jordan Baldwin DPT
Joshua Baldwin MPT
Kayla Baldwin DPT
Kris Baldwin PT
Kyle Baldwin PT
Laura Baldwin
Dr. Laura Baldwin DPT
Margaret Baldwin PT
Ms. Mary Baldwin PT
Melinda Baldwin MPT
Michelle Baldwin PT
Dr. Patrick Baldwin PT
Richard Baldwin PT
Mrs. Sara Baldwin PT
Shannon Baldwin MPT
Dr. Shaun Baldwin DPT
Mrs. Sheri Baldwin PT
Mrs. Susan Baldwin PT
Mr. Thomas Baldwin PT
Tobi Baldwin PT
Vincent Baldwin PT, DPT
Wendy Baldwin Kieb PT
Mrs. Jane Baldwin-Sasso PT
Ms. Carlyn Bale DPT
Victoria Bale DPT
Mrs. Kimberly Balelo PT
Mr. David Balenger DPT
Hayley Balenseifen PT, DPT
Christopher Balentine
Abigail Bales
Mr. Bohn Bales PT
Mr. Clay Bales DPT
Mr. David Bales PT
James Bales PT
Ms. Janelle Bales MPT
Jeremy Bales PT
Justin Bales DPT
Kathryn Bales PT, DPT
Leigh Bales MSPT
Lindsey Bales PT
Mr. Richard Bales PT
Dr. Sherry Bales PT, DPT, FAAOMPT
Christina Balestreri DPT
Mrs. Emily Balestri DPT
Brooke Balestrieri PT, DPT
Gloria Balete PT
Alyssa Baletti PT, DPT
Shanelle Balfour P T
Kristopher Balgaard PT
Mr. Brian Balgo PT
Marilyn Balgooyen PT
Margaret Balhoff PT
Nikoletta Bali-Keyes PT
Gatsby Baliang PT
Mr. Gerardo Balid JR. PT
Junalyn Baligasa
Peter Balik
Tamar Balikian DPT
Mr. Euzar Balinas
Thea Balingit PT
Djoanna Balinnang
Joanne Balint DPT
Lindsey Balint
Dr. Brett Balis
Magvirose Balisi
Paul Balisi PT
Mrs. Suzanne Balistreri-Roden PT
Mary Kristine Baliwag
Kristen Balk PT, DPT
Mr. Michael Balkcum PT
Vicki Balko MPT
Amanda Ball DPT
Ms. Amy Ball PT
Dr. Andrew Ball PT, DPT, PHD
Dr. Arielle Ball DPT
Cher Ball PT
Christopher Ball DPT
Ms. Colleen Ball PT
Douglas Ball MPT ATC
Dr. Erin Ball PT, DPT
Gerard Ball
Gregory Ball MSPT
Jacquelyn Ball PT
Jason Ball MSPT
Mr. Jason Ball DPT
Jena Ball
Jennifer Ball RPT
Mr. Joe Ball PT
Jordan Ball DPT
Mr. Joshua Ball MPT
Mrs. Karen (Missy) Ball PT
Ms. Kathryn Ball PT
Ms. Kelly Ball PT,DPT
Ms. Lauren Ball PT
Mr. Martin Ball RPT
Mr. Michael Ball RPT
Michael Ball PT
Tina Ball PT
Mr. Todd Ball PT
Veronica Ball PT
Dr. Winter Ball PT, DPT
Mr. Zach Ball PT
Pamela Balla-Dibblee PT
Mr. Edwin Ballada RPT
Elizabeth Ballance PT, DPT
Mr. Aaron Ballard DPT
Andrew Ballard
Mrs. Brittany Ballard MPT
Mr. Bruce Ballard PT
Mr. Bryan Ballard PT
Mr. Douglas Ballard PT
Elizabeth Ballard PT
Jackson Ballard PT
Mrs. Janis Ballard PT
Katja Ballard PT
Mrs. Kristen Ballard PT
Laura Ballard DPT
Lisa Ballard PT
Lori Ballard
Mrs. Maria Ballard MPT
Paula Ballard PT
Theodore Ballard DPT
Vanessa Ballard PT
Mrs. Kalynne Ballares PT
Elissa Ballas
Kelly Ballay
Mr. Steven Balle
Marissa Balledos LPT
Veronica Ballek PT
Miss Lyn Ballener
Lindsay Ballengee PT
Miss Elizabeth Ballenger
Kenneth Ballenger PT
Kristin Ballenger DPT
Thomas Ballenger MSPT
Ms. Angel Ballentine PT
Mrs. Eleanor Ballentine PT
Elliott Ballentine PT
Stephen Ballerini MPT
Donald Ballesteros PT
Raffy Ballesteros PT
Mr. Rommel Ballesteros PT
Julie Balliet PT
Jeannette Balling DPT
Danuta Ballinger
Katherine Ballinger
Renee Ballinger PT
Nicole Ballish
Ms. Amy Ballman PT, ATC
Gail Ballon RPT
John Balloni DPT
Dr. Matthew Ballos DPT
Daniel Ballou
Lindsey Ballou
Dr. Whitney Ballou PT, DPT
Ms. Tasshenia Ballow MPT
Jennifer Ballweg DPT
David Bally PT
Alison Balmat PT
Ryan Balmes DPT
Adam Balmforth DPT
Tricia Balmos MS, PT
Glenda Balneg PT
Priti Balodi
Dr. Emily Balof PT, DPT
David Balogh
Jason Balogh PT
Jeremy Balogh DPT
Lauren Balogh PT
Steven Balogh PT, DPT
Abi Balogun PT
Chyna Balonick PT
Leah Balonzo PT
Maria Teresita Balorio PT
Lauren Baloun DPT
Mr. Rodiel Kirby Baloy II MS, PT, CSCS
Mr. Angelo Balsamo PT
Ms. Sarah Balsano PT
Mrs. Sakina Balsara
Mr. Craig Balser PT
Mr. David Balsley PT
Jessica Balsley DPT, OCS
David Balsman PT
Kelly Balsom PT, DPT
Ms. Maxine Balsom-Laturner PT
James Balstrode PT
Amanda Baltazar DPT
Mrs. Michelle Baltazar PT
Myra Baltazar PT
Rio Baltazar
Miss Ruth Baltazar PT
Alyssa Baltes
Aspen Balthazor DPT
Jennifer Balthazor PT
Mrs. Tracy Balthazor PT
Alexandria Balthrop DPT
Reid Baltikauski DPT
Nicholas Baltisberger DPT
Colleen Baltrusaltis
Ashley Balts DPT
Haley Baltz MS PT
Mr. Kevin Baltz PT
Marcie Baltz PT
Mr. Thomas Baltz JR. PT
Dr. Richard Baluran PT
Candice Baluyot PT
Jocelyn Baluyot PT
Princess Baluyot
Manuel Baluyut
Linda Balwanz PT
Sarah Balys PT
Robert Balzama PT
Whitney Balzan DPT
David Balzer DPT
Dr. Jackie Balzer DPT
Ms. Kelly Balzer DPT
Dr. Kyle Balzer DPT
Patricia Balzer PT
Sharon Balzer PT
Mrs. Bethany Balzis PT
Helen Balzli PT
Graciela Bambalan
Michell Bambenek PT
Steve Bamberger PT
Marie Bambo PT
Mrs. Rejane Bambo PT
Dr. Timothy Bambrick DPT
Sarah Bame PT,DPT
Beth Bamesberger
Amy Bamford PT, DPT, CLT, CWS
Ms. Anita Bamford PT
Brooke Bamford PT
Mrs. Gail Bamford PT
Dr. Olukayode Bamidele DPT
Ms. Sejal Bamrolia RPT
Nelli Ban
Dr. Anne Banaag DPT
Joseph Banach PT
Mr. Timothy Banach PT
Lindsay Banachowski PT
Jennifer Banacos PT
Sharon Banaga-Pasiona
Isabel Banales DPT
Herbie Banares
Allison Banas PT
Kristine Mae Banas RPT
Nadine Banashefski MSPT
Nancybeth Banasky
Steven Banaszak
Michelle Banaszewski PT
Mr. Gilray Banawis RPT
Alexa Bancel PT
Jessica Bancroft DPT
Debra Band PT
Kathleen Band DPT
Stephanie Band PT
Dr. Joseph Banda PT, DPT, CSCS
Triamsee Bandala
Mr. Erwin Bandales PT
Natty Bandasak
Scott Bandel PT
Abiodun Bandele
Mrs. Yetunde Bandele
Jessica Bandelier DPT
Mr. Ryan Bandermann MPT
Mrs. Gina Bandholz PT
Deepthi Bandi PT
Ranjith Kumar Bandi PT
Sunesh Bandi MPT
Mr. Claudio Bandiera PT
Jodi Bandola PT
Kari Bandola MSPT
Jichelle Bandoquillo RPT
Mr. Joseph Bandura
Robin Bandura MSPT
Douglas Bandurak DPT
Ms. Laura Bandy PT, DPT, OCS
Dr. Lynn Bandy DPT
Richard Bandy PT
Mrs. Sara Bandy PT
Stephanie Bandy DPT, ATC
Colleen Baner PT
Amy Banerjee
Lopamudra Banerjee PT
Gemma Banez PT
Mr. Jo Nonino Banez RPT
Mr. Steven Banez
Mr. Vicente Banez PT
Emily Banffy MSPT
Connie Banfield PT
Jeffrey Banfield PT
Jennifer Banfield PT
Mrs. Nancy Banfield MSPT
Shabana Banfill
Ms. Sabrena Banford DPT
Mrs. Marilou Bang PT
Mr. Michael Bang PT
Ms. Sharon Bang MPT
Shinjae Bang MPT
Juliet Banga-Willett PT,DPT
Dr. Craig Banger PT
Mr. Bradley Bangs PT
Debra Bangs
Kelly Bangsted
Andrew Banh PT, DPT
Mr. Wiktor Bania MPT
Heather Baniak PT
Mary Baniak PT
Tara Banick PT
Donna Baniewicz PT
Mr. James Baniewicz PT, OCS, CERT MDT
Jazel Baniqued PT
Mrs. Lisa Banister PT
Shruthi Banjan PT
Sherrill Banji
Mrs. Carmencita Bank PT
Mr. Brian Banka DPT
Amy Bankard
Bethany Banke DPT
Brad Banker DPT
Patricia Banki PT
Eda Bankie
Dr. Linda Bankovich DPT
Alyssa Banks
Ms. Amy Banks MPT
Dr. Cecile Banks DPT
Damon Banks PT
Elisabeth Banks PT
Erica Banks DPT
Prof. Gage Banks PT
Grant Banks PT
Gregory Banks
Heather Banks PT, DPT
Jason Banks PT
Dr. Josh Banks PT, DPT
Julie Banks DPT
Dr. Justin Banks PT, DPT
Katrina Banks PT, DPT, CSRS
Prof. Laura Banks PT
Margaret Banks PT
Megan Banks DPT
Michael Banks
Shea Banks DPT
Mrs. Stephanie Banks DPT
Mr. Wyatt Banks PT
Daniel Bankson PT
Julie Bankstahl MPT
Ashley Bankston
Mrs. Lynn Bankston MPT
Stephanie Bann DPT
Kyle Banna PT, DPT
Mr. Peter Bannan DPT
Jacqueline Banner
Mrs. Tamara Bannerman BSCPT
Talisa Bannerman-Lee PT, DPT
Julie Banning PT
Ms. Pamela Banning PT
Valerie Banning DPT
Daniel Bannink DPT
Elizabeth Bannister DPT
James Bannister PT
Dr. Katie Bannister DPT
Laura Bannister DPT
Stephen Bannister PT
Tami Bannister PT
Amy Bannon PT
Katherine Bannon DPT
Kathleen Bannon
Marsha Bannon
Mrs. Sharon Bannon PT
John James Banogon PT, DPT, GCS, CWS
Michael Banome
Linda Banos MS, PT
Mariem Banoub PT
Michael Banoub PT, PHD
Ms. Chiarra Banque PT
Abha Bansal
Anuradha Bansal
Mrs. Anuradha Bansal PT
Pradeep Bansal PT
Seema Bansal PT
Shelja Bansal PT
Tulika Bansal
James Bansberg DPT
Kristin Banse PT
Giselle Bansee-Depass PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Aaron Bansen PT
Bernard Bansil
Evelynn Bansil PT
Rellie Bansil PT
Sneh Bansil
Julie Banta
Janice Bantasan-Royce
Timothy Banthrum MPT, OCS, CSCS
Dr. Daphne Bantigue BS, DPT
Ferdinand Bantilan
Ms. Ann Banting
Mr. Rodrigo Banting PT
Eliza Bantolo PT
Michael Bantolo PT
Novo Bantolo PT
Adrian Banton PT
Carrie Banton PT
Mr. Richard Banton DPT, ATC
Lucille Bantugan
Mrs. April Banwart DPT
Diane Banyard M PT
Jonathan Banz MS, PT
Mr. Henry Banzon PT
Rhett Banzon PT
Mr. Alvin Banzuela PT
Shaila Bapat PT
Mrs. Lisa Baptis
Ms. Joyce Baptist VII
Mr. Robertson Baptista
Kimberly Baptiste PT
Ms. Melissa Baptiste PT
Dr. Tamara Baqleh DPT
Ms. Julieta Baquerizo PT
Coleen Baquero PT, MSPT
Dennis Baquiran PT
Kimberlyn Baquiran PT
Josephine Baquirin PT
Mr. Oren Bar PT
Paul Bar PT
Anthony Baraan
James Barabas PT
Mrs. Shanna Barabas PT
Mr. William Barabas PT
Michael Barabasz PT
Prof. Kelly Baracco PT
Dr. Yaron Barach MA, DPT
Randy Baradi
Mrs. Manju Baradia PT
Michal Baradziej LPT
Nancy Barafon Ilagan PT
Payal Baraiya
Elizabeth Barajas PT, DPT
Ravit Barak DPT
Amro Barakat DPT
Edward Barakatt PT
Jason Baral PT, DPT, ATC
Amy Baram MSPT
Dena Baram MSPT
Mrs. Elzbieta Baran PT
Whitney Baran DPT
Rey Baranda PT
Patricia Baranek
Mr. Victor Barangan BS
Mr. Michael Baranov
Laura Baranowski
Ewa Baranska PT
Mr. Tomasz Baranski PT
Dr. Lauren Baranyay DPT
Ms. Amy Baraona PT
Mr. Kevin Barata PT
Dr. Katherine Baratta PT DPT
Laura Baratta DPT
Frances Baratta-Ziska
Joan Baratto PT
Mr. Diosdado Barawid JR. PT
Mrs. Resa Barawid PT
Alan Barb DPT
Mr. Dale Barb PT
Joshua Barb PT, DPT, ATC
Christina Barba DPT
Mr. Melchor Barba
Philip Barba PT
Richard Barba
Sandra Barba PT
Mr. Thomas Barba PT
Miss Laura Barbagallo MPT
Carolynne Barbane PT
Teresa Barbanell PT
Ms. Michelle Barbare MPT
Mrs. Hollis Barbaro PT
Dr. Jason Barbas DPT
Amy Barbasch DPT
Julius Barbat
Ms. Linda Barbee PT
Sara Barbee PT
Mrs. Sharon Barbee PT
Sara Barbella PT
Allison Barber PT
Amanda Barber MSPT
Amy Barber PT
Mr. Daniel Barber PT
David Barber DPT
Mrs. Dawn Barber PT
Mrs. Dawn Barber PT
Hayley Barber PT
Holly Barber PT
Jamela Barber DPT
Jennifer Barber
Johnathan Barber DPT
Ms. Julia Barber MPT
Mrs. Karen Barber
Kim Barber PT
Laura Barber
Mrs. Leah Barber MSPT
Lesleigh Barber PT,DPT
Maria Hydeline Barber PT
Mitchell Barber MSPT
Mrs. Natalie Barber PT
Nichole Barber DPT
Mrs. Nicole Barber PT
Sherisue Barber DPT
Mr. Thomas Barber PT
Dr. Tiffany Barber DPT
Tracie Barber PT
Mr. Zachary Barber PT
Dr. Blake Barbera PT, DPT
Patricia Barbera PT
Lori Barberia
Ms. Kelly Barberian PT, DPT
Jessica Barberic
Caryline Barberich DPT
Andrea Barberio
Paige Barbero PT, DPT, OCS
Mrs. Kimberly Barbetta
Thomas Barbetta PT, DPT
Debra Barbieri MSPT
Mrs. Laura Barbieri MSPT;ATC
Peter Barbieri PT
Ronald Barbieri
William Barbieri III DPT
Mr. Ruddi Barbolini PT
Mrs. Leigh Barborek DPT
Mr. Stephen Barborini II DPT
Jose Barbosa DPT
Mr. Christopher Barbour RPT
Mr. Logan Barbour PT, DPT
Mary Barbour PT, DPT
Robert Barbour MPT
Mrs. Kristen Barboza PT
Michael Barboza PT
Mrs. Monica Barboza PT
Mr. Jeffrey Barbrie DPT
Paul Barbu PT
Stephen Barbuto PT
Jai Barby PT
Kristin Barcaskey
Raquel Susana Barcelon
Debbie Barcelona
Mr. Emmanuel Barcelona JR. PT
Matthew Barcelona PT, DPT
Dave Barcenas MSPT
Rachel Barcio PT
Ms. Lynn Barck PT
Robert Barckholtz PT
Mr. Branden Barclay PT
Brielle Barclay DPT
Mrs. Carmen Barclay PT
Derek Barclay
Jason Barclay PT
Mr. Jerrold Barclay
Kevin Barclay PT
Megan Barclay MS, PT
Meghan Barclay DPT
Melissa Barclay PT
Robin Barclay
Rebecca Barclift MPT, DPT
Mrs. Mary-Beth Barcus PT, CERT MDT
Christopher Barczak
Leah Barczi
Mrs. Conne Bard PT
Felicia Bard MPT
James Bard PT
Jonas Bard MPT
Karen Bard PT
Sherrie Bard PT
Susan Bard
Mrs. Josephine Bardabelias PT
Trevor Bardarson PT, OCS
Alyson Bardecki
Abigail Barden PT, DPT
Ms. Arlene Barden PT
Jennifer Barden MS, PT, CSCS
Jill Barden
Stephanie Barden
Ms. Tracy Barden MPT
Sean Bardenett PT
Dr. Kathryn Bardenwerper DPT, PT
Rebecca Bardes PT
Mark Bardet
Stephanie Bardgett MPT
Ms. Bettina Bardin-Brown MSPT
Robert Bardinas DPT
Mrs. Gaspara Barditch MSPT, DPT
Glenn Barditch PT
Kristen Bardol
Kelly Bardosy
Catherine Bardsley
Mr. Todd Bardua MSPT
Douglas Bardugon PT
Mr. Michael Bardunias MSPT
Robert Bardy PT, DPT
Mr. Anthony Bare DPT, OCS, ATC
Jillian Bare PT
Kent Bare DPT
Mrs. Karen Barefield PT
Michelle Barefield PT
Andrea Barefoot DPT
Mrs. Joetta Barefoot PT, CWS
Renee Barefoot PT
Travis Barefoot DPT
Elizabeth Bareford PT
Lucianna Baregi PT
Mrs. Lori Barekman PT
Ramoncita Barela
Sarah Barendt PT
Theodora Barenholtz RPT, MS, RYT
Laura Bares MPT, CLT
Mrs. Cindy Barfield PT
James Barfield JR. PT
Jennifer Barfield PT
Johven Mike Barga PT
Mr. John Bargas MPT
Mr. Lynny Anthony Bargas PT
Ronnie Bargayo PT
Mr. Todd Barge MPT
Bonita Barger
Carmella Barger PT
Mrs. Carrie Barger PT
Crystal Barger PT
Laurie Barger PT
Sharon Barger
Molly Bargerstock MPT
Mrs. Zahra Barghani RPT
Jennifer Bargo PT
Mrs. Kari Bargstadt-Wilson PT
Angie Barham PT
Cameron Barham MSPT
Dr. Jessica Barham PT
Chad Baribeau PT
Alan Barichievich MS,PT
Caroline Barichievich MS,PT
Kathy Barie PT
Ken Bariel PT
Christine Baright PT
Carise Baril DPT
Elizabeth Baril PT
Jeffrey Baril PT
Robert Baril MSPT
Bernadette Barile
Alexander Barilla
Guadalupe Barillas PT
Catherine Barillo PT
Dr. Meliza Barillo DPT
Catherine Barinek LPT
Jennifer Baringer DPT
Mr. Joseph Baris III MSPT
Callie Barish PT, DPT
Melinda Bariso DPT
Suzanne Barje PT
Stephanie Barkan
Miss Joli Barkanic PT
Ms. Ramune Barkauskas PT
Brenda Barkeloo PT
Mrs. Alison Barker PT
Andrew Barker PT
Brandon Barker PT
Brianne Barker DPT
Dr. Bryan Barker DPT, PT
Bryan Barker DPT
Dr. Charles Barker III DPT, OCS, ATC
Dr. Charles Barker IV DPT
Mr. Christopher Barker PT
Deborah Barker PT
Dena Barker PT
Mr. Gregory Barker DPT
Janelle Barker PT
Mrs. Jennifer Barker PT
Jessica Barker PT, DPT
Jill Barker PT
Jo Barker PT
Jonathan Barker DPT
Jordan Barker PT,DPT,CSCS,XPS
Julie Barker PT
Mrs. Julie Barker PT
Kiri Barker DPT, ATC/L
Mrs. Lisa Barker MPT
Lisa Barker PT
Ms. Lisa Barker PT
Martha Barker
Miranda Barker PT
Pamela Barker PT
Rachel Barker
Ramona Barker PT
Richard Barker PT
Robert Barker
Mr. Shannon Barker DPT
Susan Barker
Mr. Travis Barker PT
Victoria Barker MSPT
Ms. Anna Barkins DPT
Mr. Philip Barkins PT
Mrs. Karla Barkley PT
Michael Barkley DPT
Michael Barkley DPT
Mr. Bartley Barkman PT
Mr. Bradley Barkman MPT
Mr. Ron Barkman PT
Anna Barkov
Catherine Barkow DPT
Rhonda Barkow PT
Mrs. Kelsey Barks
Allison Barksdale DPT
Robert Barksdale
Mr. Brian Barkwell MSPT
Renee Barkwell-Wilson PT
Michael Barland PT
Mr. Eric Barlett MS, PT
Mr. Richard Barletta MPH, PT
Mrs. Timi Jean Barletta PT
Eric Barlevav PT, DPT
Jennifer Barley
Lone Barlous PT
Brenna Barlow DPT
Caroline Barlow PT
Mr. David Barlow MS, DPT
Elizabeth Barlow MPT
George Barlow
Mr. Gregory Barlow PT
Mr. Jared Barlow PT, MPT
Mrs. Jennifer Barlow PT
Joshua Barlow PT
Kelly Barlow DPT
Michael Barlow DPT
Patricia Barlow PT, ATC
Ms. Sandra Barlow PT
Mr. Scott Barlow MPT
Travis Barlow PT
Ms. Irene Barlow- Rademeyer PT OCS
Karen Barlow-Lisk PT
Caryn Barman DPT
Jana Barmasse PT
Sheila Barmore
Brett Barna PT
Julie Barna PT
Sarah Barnabas PT, DPT
Mr. Drew Barnabei PT
Emily Barnable
Mrs. Danielle Barnack DPT
Miss Alicia Barnard DPT
Curtis Barnard MPT, CSCS
Mrs. Denise Barnard PT
Edward Barnard PT
Mrs. Gaye Barnard PT
George Barnard PT
Jennifer Barnard DPT
Mrs. Juliet Barnard PT
Kammi Barnard PT
Kristin Barnard DPT, CERT MDT
Ms. Pamela Barnard PT
Soomin Barnard PT
Mr. Joseph Barnas DPT
Aaron Barner PT
Claudine Barner PT
Lisa Barner PT
Dr. Megan Barner DPT
Aimee Barnes PTA
Alison Barnes PT
Amanda Barnes
Ms. Amelia Barnes MSPT
Mrs. Belle Barnes PT
Brian Barnes PT
Brian Barnes DPT
Carol Barnes
Dr. Christopher Barnes PT, DPT
Danielle Barnes PT, DPT
Danyelle Barnes PT, DPT
David Barnes
Delisa Barnes PT
Denise Barnes PT
Dwight Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes
Eric Barnes DPT
Mrs. Heather Barnes PT
Jaclyn Barnes DPT
Mr. James Barnes PT
Jared Barnes PT DPT
Jeffrey Barnes
Jennifer Barnes
Jennifer Barnes PT
Joni Barnes
Julie Barnes PTA
Miss Katherine Barnes DPT
Kellie Barnes
Kristie Barnes
Kristin Barnes PT
Kurt Barnes
Laura Barnes PT
Lisa Barnes PT
Mrs. Lynnea Barnes PT, DPT, NCS
Mrs. Margie Barnes PT
Mark Barnes PT, MPT, DPT
Matthew Barnes PT
Melanie Barnes PT,DPT
Ms. Meredith Barnes
Mr. Michael Barnes PT, MPT, OCS
Mr. Milan Barnes PT
Mollie Barnes DPT
Mrs. Nekeisha Barnes MSPT
Nicole Barnes PT
Mrs. Noelle Barnes MPT
Paul Barnes PT
Piper Barnes
Richard Barnes MPT
Robert Barnes DPT
Robert Barnes
Samantha Barnes
Scott Barnes DPT
Shane Barnes
Shaun Barnes PT
Stephanie Barnes PT
Mr. Steven Barnes DPT
Mrs. Teresa Barnes PT
Ms. Theresa Barnes DPT
Thomas Barnes IV MPT
Timothy Barnes PT
Dr. Trevor Barnes DPT
Mrs. Venilla Barnes DPT
Mrs. Wendy Barnes PT
Jillian Barnet
Ms. Alison Barnett DPT, PT
Allison Barnett MPT
Mrs. Barbara Barnett PT
Becky Barnett DPT
Brian Barnett MSPT
Caitlin Barnett DPT
Caryn Barnett PT, MAED
Casey Barnett
Cassie Barnett PT
Catherine Barnett PT
Christopher Barnett PT
Cody Barnett PT
Debra Barnett PT
Dov Barnett
Elizabeth Barnett
Ms. Ellen Barnett PT, OCS
Ms. Jodie Barnett PT
Joyce Barnett PT
Julie Barnett PT
Julie Barnett PT DPT MTC
Kate Barnett
Mr. Kyle Barnett PT
Leann Barnett PT
Lisa Barnett PT
Lucy Barnett PT
Luther Barnett PT
Michael Barnett MPT
Michael Barnett DOCTOR OF PT
Paul Barnett PT
Raina Barnett PT
Robert Barnett PT
Dr. Scott Barnett PT, DPT
Shauntessa Barnett MPT
Stephanie Barnett
Timothy Barnett PT, OCS
Katie Barnett Sharp DPT
Candelaria Barnette
Sally Barnette PT
Alexander Barney DPT
Anita Barney PT
Brian Barney DPT
Dr. Donald Barney PT,DPT,ATC,CSCS
Jason Barney DPT
Laurie Barney PT
Mr. Mark Barney PT,DP
Matthew Barney DPT
Mrs. Michele Barney PT
Mr. Scott Barnhardt PT, DPT
Amanda Barnhart PT
Mrs. Annette Barnhart RPT
Bryant Barnhart DPT
Mr. James Barnhart PT
Lindsey Barnhart DPT
Mrs. Suzanne Barnhart LPT
Sandra Barnhill PT
Kerry Barnholt PT
Gregory Barnhouse MSPT
Adrian Barniak PT
Mrs. Julia Barnicle PT
Michele Barnier PT
Dr. Asa Barnoskie DPT
Christine Barnowich
Geoff Barnum PT
Mr. Jared Barnum PT
Ms. Jessica Barnum DPT
Laurie Barnum PT, OCS
Lohendy Baro PT
Orrin Baroi DPT
Mrs. Joanne Baroli PT
Mrs. Maria Del Carmen Baroma PT
Alison Baron DPT
Bryanne Baron
Dahlia Baron PT
Dennis Baron RPT
Evelyn Baron PT
Mrs. Evelyn Baron PT
Ms. Jennifer Baron MPT
Jillian Baron DPT
Ms. Joyanne Baron PT
Dr. Julia Baron PT,DPT
Kelli Baron PT
Dr. Lynsey Baron PT, DPT, CLT
Ms. Marie Baron PT
Mary Ellen Baron
Michelle Baron PT
Paula Baron PT
Rebecca Baron PT
Ms. Suzanne Baron PT
Mrs. Theresa Baron PT, ATC
Mrs. Lori Baron-Goehring PT
Mr. Brad Baronas PT
Christy Baronas MPT
Mr. Chris Barone PT
Emily Barone PT
Mrs. Erin Barone MPT
Mr. Greg Barone MPT/CWS
Jason Barone DPT
Mrs. Jessica Barone MSPT
Mary Beth Barone PT
Moira Barone PT, ATC
Vasthy Barone PT
Mrs. Frances Barone-Vaccaro
Eric Baroro
Mr. Neal Barot DPT
Mrs. Pankti Barot
Parag Barot
Reshma Barot PT
Sheetal Barot
Urvish Barot
Edwil Barquin PT
Adrienne Barr DPT
Dr. Ann Barr DPT
Mr. David Barr III PT
Mrs. Debra Barr PT
Dr. Jacob Barr DPT, MTC
John Barr PT, DPT
Julie Barr MPT
Kathryn Barr DPT
Kelly Barr PT
Ms. Mary Eileen Barr PT
Michael Barr PT
Michael Barr PT
Nathan Barr PT, DPT
Nathan Barr PT, DPT
Nathaniel Barr DPT
Miss Rachel Barr DPT
Mr. Randall Barr PT
Mrs. Tracey Barr P T
Mrs. Susan Barr-Hunter PT
Jeanette Barrack PT
Leslie Barrack PT
Mayumi Barrack
Cari Barraclough PT
Daniel Barragan DPT
Ryan Barragree PT, DPT
Patricia Barral PT
Mr. Jason Barranco MPT
Mr. Christopher Barras PT
Mrs. Jacqueline Barrascout PT
Dianne Barraza
Dr. Jeanine Barraza DPT
Mrs. Laura Barraza PT
Ms. Angela Barre
Martine Barre DPT
Tracey Barre PT
Jessica Barreca PT
Midalys Barreda PTA
Joey Barredo PT
Livya Barreirinhas MSPT
Maria Barreiro PT
Mrs. Ginat Barren MSPT
Mr. Elliot Barrens
Mrs. Fulvia Barrera PT
Janice Barrera DPT
Mr. Joseph Barrera
M Barrera
Rosanna Barrera PT
Mrs. Sonja Barrera PT
Veronica Barrera DPT
Ediberto Barrera Iii
Kristin Barreras DPT
Courtney Barresi MPT
Elena Barresi
Dr. Jacqueline Barresi DPT
Miss Nina Barresi PT
Daniela Barreto DPT
Mrs. Merari Barreto Alers TERAPISTA FISICO
Andrea Barrett PT, DPT
Anna Barrett DPT
Mr. Aon Barrett JR. PT
Belinda Barrett PT, DPT
Ms. Brandy Barrett PT
Brooke Barrett MSPT
Caitlin Barrett PT,DPT
Carrie Barrett PT
Charles Barrett JR. PT
Christian Barrett DPT
Christina Barrett PT
Dr. Christopher Barrett DPT
Debra Barrett PT, GCS
Mr. Dustin Barrett PT
Elizabeth Barrett LPT
Emily Barrett
Frank Barrett PT
Mrs. Genevieve Barrett PT
Mr. George Barrett PT
Jacqueline Barrett LPTA
James Barrett PT
Jennifer Barrett BSPT
Mrs. Jennifer Barrett MPT
Mrs. Judith Barrett PT
Ms. Kathleen Barrett
Keith Barrett PT
Keith Barrett DPT
Dr. Kellie Barrett DPT, PT
Kelly Barrett
Kristi Barrett MS, PT
Laura Barrett MSPT
Mrs. Laura Barrett DPT
Mrs. Loretta Barrett PT
Maryann Barrett PT
Maureen Barrett PT
Ms. Melinda Barrett PT
Melissa Barrett PT
Mitchell Barrett PT
Nicole Barrett PT
Rachel Barrett
Dr. Rachelle Barrett
Rebecca Barrett PT
Robert Barrett PT
Mrs. Robin Barrett
Dr. Sarah Barrett DPT
Shannon Barrett PT
Sheila Barrett PT
Mrs. Sherri Barrett PT
Dr. Steven Barrett DPT
Susan Barrett PT
Tiffany Barrett PT, DPT
Tyler Barrett PT
Wanda Barrett PT
Mrs. Janet Barretta LPT
John Barrette PT
Mr. Kim Barrette MS, PT
Ms. Kim Barretto PT
Ms. Susan Barretto RPT
Dr. Sarah Rosabelle Barreyro
Rafael Barrica PT
Deborah Barrick
Dr. James Barrick DPT
Matthew Barrick PT, DPT, CSCS
Ms. Diane Barrickman PT MA OCS
Elisabeth Barrie
Dr. Elizabeth Barrie PT, DPT
Dr. Tara Barrie DPT, OCS, CSCS
Ana Barriento
Arvin Barrientos PT
Mr. Efren Barrientos RPT
Ms. Allison Barrier PT
Brandi Barriger PT
Cris Barrili
Mrs. Barbara Barrineau PT
Amy Barringer PT
David Barringer PT
Lauren Barringer
Tonya Barringer DPT
Mr. Jorge Barrios PT
Lauren Barrios DPT
Ma.Theta Barrios PT
Nanette May Barrios PT
Tarah Barrios PT
Jeffrey Barris PT
Lauren Barris PT
Andrew Barrish PT
Caitlin Barritt PT
Rene Barro PT
Noemi Barroga PT
Mrs. Jessica Barrois DPT
Ashleigh Barron DPT
Mr. Benjamin Barron DPT
Mrs. Beverly Barron PT
Eileen Barron
Henry Barron PT
Jaimie Barron DPT
Janine Barron
Laura Barron DPT
Lorra Barron PT
Pamela Barron PT
Patrick Barron
Stefanie Barron
Cynthia Barros PT, DPT
Ms. Sandra Barros MSPT
Ms. Susan Barros PT
Angela Barroso
Maribel Barroso LPT
Sydna Barroso
Dr. Daniel Barrow IV DPT, PT
Deborah Barrow PT
Ms. Jannelle Barrow PT
Jill Barrow
Kellie Barrow MPT
Mrs. Merritt Barrow
Mollie Barrow PT
Ms. Teresa Barrow PT
Megan Barrowclough
Daniel Barrows
Jessica Barrows DPT
Lougel Barruga PT
Amy Barrup PT
Dean Barrus PT
Kaylene Barrus PT
Alison Barry PT
Amanda Barry PT, DPT, LAT, ATC
Dr. Catherine Barry PT
Dina Barry PT
Ellen Barry PT
Dr. Erin Barry DPT
Heather Barry PT
Heather Barry DPT
Ms. Joanne Barry PT
John Barry PT
Dr. Kathleen Barry DPT
Kathryn Barry DPT
Kathryn Barry
Mrs. Kelli Barry
Mrs. Kelly Barry PT
Mrs. Kimberly Barry PT
Mrs. Kimberly Barry PT
Letitia Barry PT
Mrs. Lynn Barry PT
Maegan Barry DPT
Marci Barry DPT
Ms. Marilyn Barry PT
Marlene Barry MSPT
Marlene Barry PT
Miss Mary Barry DPT
Mr. Mathew Barry MPT
Mr. Monty Barry PT
Olivia Barry PT
Paula Barry DPT
Mr. Ryan Barry MPT
Sally Barry MS PT
Sue Barry PT
Susan Barry PT
Ms. Susan Barry LPT
Tricia Barry PT
Dr. Vincent Barry PT DPT
Stacy Barry Coffey PT
Mrs. Theresa Barry-Greb PT MS
Mrs. Michelle Barsamian MPT
Eugene Barshay DPT
Dr. Oleg Barshay DC
Jayne Barsic PT
Kristen Barsic PT
Emily Barske
Mr. James Barsky MSPT
Rachel Barsness DPT
Roy Barsola PT, DPT
Ms. Carme Barsotti RPT
Jess Barsotti DPT
Mrs. Sara Barsotti PT
Stephen Barsotti PT
Charles Barstow JR. MPT,OCS, COMT, CSCS
Nathan Barstow MSPT
Jennifer Barstrom PT
Monica Barsuch DPT
Lauren Barszcz PT
Gregory Barta PT
Larissa Barta PT
Dr. Karlo Barte PT, DPT
Neil Barte PT
Virna Liza Barte PT
Mr. Steven Barteck PT
Andrew Bartek DPT
Dale Bartek PT, DPT
Dennis Bartek PT, DPT
Kelley Bartek
Haley Bartel
Ms. Jane Bartel MSPT
Ms. Mary Bartel PT OT CHT
Mr. Peter Bartel PT
Scott Bartel PT
Victoria Bartel PT
Cynthia Bartell RPT
Mackenzie Bartelli DPT
Rebecca Bartelma DPT
Anne Bartels MPT
Beth Bartels PT
Mr. Doug Bartels BS, MA
Emily Bartels DPT
Jenna Bartels DPT
John Bartels PT
Joseph Bartels
Lisa Bartels DPT, PRC
Margaret Bartels DPT
Marisa Bartels PT
Julie Bartels-Hiscock
Beth Bartelsen PT
Emily Bartelt PT, DPT
Alexis Barten DPT
Lori Bartenfeld
Gregory Barterian PT, CSCS
Mr. Kyle Bartgis PT
Ms. Allyn Barth PT
Andreas Barth PT
Danielle Barth PT
Jodi Barth PT
Dr. Kathleen Barth PT
Kelly Barth PT
Marguerite Barth PT
Matthew Barth DPT
Mr. Stephen Barth PT,ATC,CSCS
Susan Barth PT
Mr. Wayne Barth PT
Dennis Bartha
Mrs. Jessica Bartha MSPT, CEIS
Donna Barthe PT
Cristina Barthel
Chad Barthelemy PT
Claire Barthelmess MPT
Daryl Barthelmess PT
Nancy Barthold LPT
Christine Bartholet
William Bartholomay PT
Chelsea Bartholomew DPT
Daniel Bartholomew PT
Mr. James Bartholomew PT
Ms. Jennifer Bartholomew PT
John Bartholomew PT
Mr. Michael Bartholomew DPT
Mr. Russ Bartholomew PT
Sarah Bartholomew PT
Jacob Bartholomy DPT
Miss April Barthuly
Karen Bartkowski PT
Michelle Bartkowski PT
Dr. Lila Bartkowski-Abbate PT
Erica Bartle PT
Mr. John Bartle PT
Kelly Bartleson PT
Alana Bartlett PT
Amanda Bartlett PT, DPT
Ann Bartlett PT
Mr. Brian Bartlett PTA
Carol Bartlett PT
Daniel Bartlett DPT
Francine Bartlett PT, ATC
Helen Bartlett PT
Irene Bartlett PT
Jason Bartlett PT
Jonathan Bartlett DPT
Miss Maria Bartlett DPT
Maxwell Bartlett DPT
Miss Rebecca Bartlett DPT
Steven Bartlett PT
Valerie Bartlett MSPT
Amy Bartley MSPT
Andrea Bartley PT
Dylan Bartley MSPT
Jeanine Bartley
Jennifer Bartley PT
Kathryn Bartley PT
Ms. Kelly Bartley MPT
Nadine Bartley RPT
Nicole Bartley MSPT
Wendy Bartley PT
Whitney Bartley
Karen Bartling PT
Staci Bartling PT
Shaun Bartlow PT
Mrs. Mary Bartman PT
Amethyst Barto PT, DPT
Melissa Barto MS, PT
Julie Bartol
Leah Bartolameolli
Kristen Bartold DPT
Mr. Thomas Bartole PT
April Bartoletti DPT
Joseph Bartoletti
Mrs. Patricia Bartoli PT
Jaime Bartoli-Ginsberg DPT
Ms. Jeanette Bartoline PT
Anne Bartolino PT
Thomas Bartolino PT
Mrs. Casey Bartolo MPT
Eric Bartolo DPT
Mr. Benjamin Joshua Bartolome PT
Francisco Bartolome
Mary Gloan Bartolome PT
Mr. Aaron Bartolomei DPT
Brittany Bartolomei DPT
Anna Bartolomeo PA
Cara Bartolomeo DPT
Nicholas Bartolotto PT
Allyson Barton DPT
Ms. Ann Barton PT
Dr. Anthony Barton PT
Benjamin Barton MPT
Benjamin Barton PT
Mrs. Bridget Barton PT MPT
Miss Colleen Barton PT DPT
Craig Barton MPT
Curtis Barton PT
Mrs. Cynthia Barton PT
Dolores Barton PT
Drew Barton PT, DPT
Mr. Edwin Barton PT
Ellen Barton PT
Erin Barton PT
Evelyn Barton PT
Mrs. Francesca Barton PT
James Barton DPT
Mr. Jeffrey Barton
Jennifer Barton PT
John Barton RPT
Mr. Johnny Barton II PT
Kathryn Barton PT, DPT
Katrina Barton PT
Kelli Barton
Leeanne Barton PT
Mary Ellen Barton PT
Dr. Matthew Barton PT
Nicolas Barton MPT
Mrs. Ruth Barton RPT
Stephanie Barton PT, DPT
Mr. Stephen Barton PT
Dr. Taralyn Barton DPT
Theresa Barton
Kathryn Bartone PT
Dr. Mariana Bartonicek DPT
Gary Bartoo PT
Joshua Bartoo MPT
Mr. Robert Bartoshesky PT
Lonni Bartoszek PT
Lucia Bartovic PT
Brian Bartow PT,DPT
Cailee Bartow PT, DPT
Leslie Bartram DPT
Mrs. Jennifer Bartrum PT
Mrs. Bonny Barts PT, DPT,
Angela Bartsch
Mrs. Carol Bartsch PT
Dr. Darwyn Bartsch DPT
Mrs. Kendra Bartsch MPT
Melinda Bartscherer PT
Kelly Bartscht PT
Jenna Bartsokas PT
Shelby Bartusek DPT
Arica Bartz PT, DPT
Dr. Bryan Bartz PT, DPT, ATC
Richard Bartz
Chris Barucci PT
Julie Baruch PT
Mrs. Tammy Baruth PT
Mrs. Tracie Barwick
Mr. Stephen Barwise PT
Dana Baryam DPT
Stanley Barylski PT
Natalie Barzana PT
Brenna Barzenick PT
Yasaman Barzi PT
Dr. Farbod Barzideh DPT
Mrs. Nora Barziv PT
Melissa Barzo DPT
Ana Barzuna Hidalgo PT
Mr. Alexander Basa PT
Gus Basa PT
Hanna Basa PT
Matthew Basa IV PT
Pamela Basa PT
Priti Basa PT
Elizabeth Basak PT
Mrs. Tammie Basala
Esther Basaldua PT
Roseann Basarich DPT
Benji Marie Basarte
Imelda Basas
Dr. Ashish Basavaraj PT, DPT
Dr. Alyssa Bascelli DPT
Albert Basciano PT
Serena Basciano PT, MSPT
Catherine Basco PT
Dr. Emma Basco PT, DPT
Rusel Basco DPT
Mrs. Wilani Basco PT
Willie Basco PT
Mr. Daniel Bascome PT
Kaye Basedow RPT
Mr. Bruce Baseflug MPT
Donna Basehore PT
Mr. Ryan Basescu DPT
Ann Bash PT
Marilyn Basham PT
Nicole Basham DPT
Mrs. Iris Bashan PT
Melinda Bashara PT
Mr. Robert Bashaw PT
Mrs. Patricia Bashaw-Schmaltz PT
Amy Bashford
Mrs. Michael Bashford PT
Harriette Bashi MS, PT
Mrs. Humera Bashir PT
Dr. Waheed Bashir DPT
Mrs. Olga Bashkina PTBS
Mr. Gregory Bashor MPT
Martha Bashor PT
Justin Basi PT
Christine Basic-Krowiarz PT
Crystal Basich III DPT
Richard Basila PT
Ms. Jannette Basilan PT, DPT
Claudia Basile PT
Jonathan Basile DPT
Kelly Basile MPT
Kevin Basile PT
Ms. Lorri Basile
Milena Basile
Vincent Basile PT
Mary Basiliere BS PT
Mrs. Rebecca Basiliere PT
Mr. Enrico Basilio PT
Ercel Basilio PT
Perlita Basilio
Ms. Felomina Basilio-Eulalia PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Mr. Joffree Basilisco PT
Mr. Christopher Ginno Basilla PT
Kristen Basinger PT
Mrs. Melanie Basinger PT
Mr. Sean Basinger PT, DPT
Ma Perlina Basio
Ms. Laurie Baskam PT
Lindsey Baskerville PT, DPT
Michael Baskin PT
Mrs. Lisa Baskins MPT
Tiara Baskins PT, DPT
Mr. Christopher Baskwell DPT
Joel Baslot PT
Curtis Basnett PT
Gilda Basnett
Remy Baso PT
Ms. Bonnie Basom PT
Josephine Basom
Stuart Basom PT
John Bason
Sherman Basong PT, DPT
Sonia Basra
Alifiya Basrai PT
Zahabia Basrai PT
Ann Bass PT
Bianca Bass DPT
Mr. Charles Bass JR. RPT
Chloe Bass
Dr. Darren Bass DPT
Dr. David Bass DPT
Ellen Bass DPT
Gary Bass P T
Heather Bass PT
Jana Bass PT, DPT
Jonathan Bass DPT
Kimberly Bass PT
Kristina Bass PT
Ms. Lynn Bass PT
Mary Bass PT
Maureen Bass
Mrs. Melissa Bass DPT
Mrs. Monica Bass PT
Nicholas Bass DPT
Phillip Bass PT
Mr. Robert Bass MPT
Ms. Robin Bass PT
Ms. Romy Bass PT
Sharon Bass PT
Mr. Steven Bass
Mrs. Trina Bassak DPT
Darcy Bassett PT, DPT
Erik Bassett DPT
Ms. Jessica Bassett MPT
John Bassett V PT
Meredith Bassett DPT
Sheva Bassett PT
Mrs. Terry Bassett PT
William Bassett DPT
John Bassette PT
George Bassey DPT
Jillian Bassi PT, DPT
Pilar Bassi PT
Andrevitch Bassig RPT
Mr. Stephen Bassin PT
Allison Basskin PT
Mr. Floyd Bassler PT
Mark Bassler PT
Betina Basso RPT
Ms. Gina Basso PT, DPT
Mary Bassous PT
Barbara Bast DPT
Mrs. Lisa Bast MPT
Tara Bast PT, DPT
Daniel Basta
Mr. Mark Bastan DPT
Dr. Ricky Bastarache MSPT DPT
Mr. Michael Basten PT
Mahas Bastha PT
John Basti PT
Ms. Bonnie Bastian PT
Eric Bastian DPT
Mrs. Erin Bastian PT
Jennifer Bastian DPT
Jennifer Bastian PT
Joanne Bastian PT
Maureen Bastian PT
Michelle Bastian
Mr. Neil Bastian MS, PT
Mr. Steven Bastian DPT
Angela Bastiani MSPT
Reginald Bastien
Ms. Julie Bastille PT MS
Ms. Marianne Bastin MS,PT
Rachel Basting PT, DPT
David Baston PT
Hillary Bastone PT
Lauren Bastrire PT
Mrs. Cathy Basye PT
Mrs. Theresa Batac RPT
Ms. Margaret Batalden PT
Ms. Melissa Anne Batalla
Perfecto Batalla JR. PT
Jennilyn Batara PT
John Batayola
Mrs. Ashley Batchelder DPT
Mr. Robert Batchelder PT
Mrs. Ashley Batcheller DPT
Ms. Lori Batcheller LMT, MPT
Christopher Batchelor PT
Kimberly Batchelor DPT
Laurie Batchelor PT
Wade Batchelor PT
Mrs. Prem Batchu-Green PT, DPT
Jennifer Batdorf PT
Mr. Ryan Batdorf DPT
Ms. Brynn Bate PT
Michael Batejan PT
Violet Batejan PT
Ashley Bateman PT, DPT
Dr. James Bateman DPT
Mr. Kyle Bateman DPT
Marsha Bateman PT
Rachel Bateman
Michael Batenhorst PT
Addison Bates LPT
Ms. Amy Bates PT, DPT
Amy Bates
Anne Bates MSPT
Annie Bates DPT
Carla Bates DPT
Cheryl Bates PT
Corey Bates LPT
Ms. Cynthia Bates DPT
Dan Bates PT
Deborah Bates PT
Douglas Bates PT
Frank Bates PT
Mr. Houston Bates RPT
Mr. James Bates DPT
Mrs. Janet Bates PT
Jeffrey Bates DPT
Mrs. Jennifer Bates MSPT
Mrs. Jeri Bates PT
John Bates MPT
Dr. Justin Bates PT, DPT
Laura Bates PT
Lawrence Bates PT
Ms. Lori Bates PT
Mardell Bates
Margaret Bates
Marybeth Bates PT
Mr. Matt Bates DPT
Ms. Megan Bates DPT
Mrs. Meghan Bates
Mi Chael Bates
Michael Bates PT CCM
Mr. Michael Bates PT
Mr. Ravi Bates P TI
Rene Bates PT
Richard Bates PT
Mr. Rory Bates PT, DPT
Miss Rose Bates I PT
Stephanie Bates PT
Mrs. Susan Bates RPT
Theresa Bates PT
Thomas Bates PT,MS,CERT MDT
Tracy Bates PT
Christine Bateson
Kara Bateson PT
Kermit Bateson PT
Mrs. Kristy Bateson DPT
Mckinzy Bath DPT
Ashish Batheja PT
Mrs. Jill Bathen DPT
Colleen Bather MPT
Sneha Bathija MPT
Lynn Bathke PT
Dr. Mara Bathrick-Hake
Roslyn Batiancila RPT
Mrs. Jennifer Batie Mueller PT
Mr. Catalino Batiller JR. PT
Reynald Batilong
Mrs. Ludivina Bation
Joseph Batista PT
Keila Batista DPT
Samuel Batista DPT
Yenny Batista
Ms. Mirta Batista-Tatum
Katherine Batiste DPT
Ms. Holly Batistick PT
Bryan Batkiewicz PT
Wendy Batman DPT
Dr. Lariza Batoon PT, DPT
Mr. Jhun Batoy RPT
Dr. Glenna Batson PT
Ms. Hilary Batson MPT
Mr. Nicholas Batson PT
Mrs. Stacey Batson DPT
Mrs. Tracey Batson RPT
Dr. Andrea Batt PT
Mary Jo Batt PT
Monica Battafarano DPT
Mrs. Barbara Battaglia MS PT
Erin Battaglia DPT
James Battaglia PT, DPT
Mrs. Jennifer Battaglia PT
Dr. Kristina Battaglia PT, DPT
Nancy Battaglia PT
Keely Battaglini PT
Richard Battaglini PT
Amy Battaile DPT
Stephanie Battelle PT
Caitlin Batten DPT
Mrs. Elizabeth Batten DPT
Ms. Sarah Batten PT
Mrs. Tamika Batten PT
Ms. Kelly Battermann
Kylie Batterson DPT
Ciarra Batterton PT,DPT
Kristine Battey PT
Meaghan Battige
Jorge Battilana PT
Mrs. Elise Battillo PT
Mr. John Battinelli PT
Michele Battinelli PT
Mr. Peter Battipaglia PT
Melissa Battist MPT
Brian Battista DPT, ATC
Jeff Battista
David Battiste
Mr. Jeffrey Battiste MPT
Joseph Battiste PT
Julie Battiste
Ms. Taya Battistella DPT
Maria Battisti PT
Alexandra Battistoni PT
Aaron Battle PT
Jeanne Battle PT
Robert Battle PT
Sheila Battle
Sydnie Battle DPT, PT
Cara Battles PT
Dr. Jeanne Battles DPT
John Battles DPT
Mrs. Kristen Battles PT
Lisa Battles PT
Ms. Andra Battocchio PT
Jennifer Batts
Ms. Cheryl Batty DPT
Lynne Batty RPT
Maria Batugal PT
Mr. Julit Batulayan
Amber Baty
Mrs. Debra Baty MSPT, EMT
Kathleen Batykefer DPT
Audrey Batz PT
Mrs. Elaine Batz PT
Peter Batz
Maria Batzer DPT
Miss Kimberly Baubles PT
Ms. Christine Bauch PT
Mr. David Baucher MPT
Pamela Bauchmo