Pulmonary Function Technologists



An individual who is trained and qualified to perform pulmonary diagnostic tests. In the course of conducting these tests, the Pulmonary Function Technologist is able to setup, calibrate, maintain, and ensure the quality assurance of the pulmonary function testing equipment. In the laboratory, clinical or patient care setting the technologist instructs patients, elicits cooperation, performs procedures, monitors patient response, and evaluates patient performance. Tests results are calculated, compared with predicted normal ranges, and evaluated for reliability. The technologist collects clinical history data and evaluates the clinical implications of the test results. **

Mr. Wayne Biddinger
Merlissa Biglin RRT
Mr. Dean Browning RRT,CPFT
Lisa Causgrove CRT
Ms. Mary Centers CRT CPFT
Mr. Bernard Chery RRT
Mr. Richard Corneliuz CPFT
Ode Cox RCPT
Dolores Creede RRT, RPFT
Mrs. Stephanie Curde RRT, CPFT
Dr. Ppluis Echegaray MD
Mr. Russell Eide RRT
Mr. Danish Farook PFT TECH
Orlando Flores CPFT
Ms. Brenda Fluence RCP
Mrs. Kathleen Freymiller RRT
Kimberly Gillette RRT
Jane Kincaid CRT
Mr. Kenneth Kraut RRT
Mrs. Michelle Kunselman RRT
Diana Muresan RRT
Ms. Lusine Ogandganyan
Mr. Glenn Payne CRT
Susan Reily RCP
Alpha Salinas
Harry Schultz RRT
Mr. Angel Sierra
Ralph Stumbo JR.
Sharon Trgovich
Jose Valles MD
Emily White CRT
Mrs. Annie Wilson PFRT
Linda Wilson RCP, RRT, RPFT