Rehabilitation Counselors

An individual trained and educated in a systematic process of assisting persons with physical, mental, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities to achieve their personal, career, and independent living goals assessment and appraisal, diagnosis and treatment planning, career (vocational) counseling, individual and group counseling interventions for adjustments to the medical and psychosocial impact of disability, case management, program evaluation and research, job analysis and placement counseling, and consultation on rehabilitation resources and technology. Certification generally requires a Master's degree with specialized courses in rehabilitation processes and technology. *

Ulrika Addington
Rajesh Amin ATP
Patricia Barrett ATP RET
Mr. Dustin Boling ATP
Chase Bruton
Andrew Chapman ATP
Dr. Aries Cobb PHD
John Deeds ATP
Ms. Anne Denham EDS
Ms. Jane Fjerstad OTR,ATP
Brandon Fry ATP
Thomas Gillis ATP
Mr. Jason Hand
Mr. James Horn ATP
Mr. Edmund Horton ATP
Sue Hossack MOT, OTR/L, ATP
Mr. Roel Johnson APT
Troy Liles ATP
Mrs. Maria Lising-Pham I MS, ATP
Mr. Matthew Mckenna OT
Marlena Nel ATP
Paul Retcofsky ATP
Janice Seargent MED OTR/L-ATP
Bradley Smith ATP
Mrs. Maria Smith CCTS,CGLC
Jan Steinman OTR
Prof. Mark Surabian ABD, ATP
Mr. Alfonso Terrazas ATP
Rebecca Thornburg MS, CCC-SLP, ATP
Mr. Mike Torres
Mr. Fred Urbanovsky ATP
Byron Wallace ATP
Terry Ward
Mr. Reed Wells ATP
Mr. Donald Yarbrough JR. ATP
Mr. Raymond Yarbrough ATP

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