A provider qualified by a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), licensed by the State and who practices chiropractic medicine -that discipline within the healing arts which deals with the nervous system and its relationship to the spinal column and its interrelationship with other body systems. *

Specialization: Sports Physician

A sports chiropractor is uniquely trained to provide care and treatment of injuries or illness resulting from sports and physical fitness activities. Doctors of Chiropractic with the Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP) or the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), sport specialty certifications from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, have advanced training in the assessment, management and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. Extremity care, rehabilitation and soft tissue procedures are common skills utilized by these doctors. The specialty training covers a broad spectrum from the pediatric athlete to professional and Olympic athletes, and everything in between, using a variety of techniques and modalities. **

Dr. Dona Abbey DC
Carissa Abe DC
Dr. Steve Abercrombie DC
Dr. Jason Abshire DC, CCSP
Andre Acebo
Dr. Cooper Adams DC
Megan Adams DC, MS, CCSP
Dr. Mark Addante DC, CCSP
Dr. Oscar Adorno-Bruno DC
Dr. William Adragna DC
Dr. Ayo Adu MD
Dr. Sue Aery DC
Dr. Eugene Aiello DC
Dr. Pono Aiona DC>
Dr. Janice Alden DC
Dr. William Alderman DC
Dr. Ken Alexander DC
Dr. Trace Alexander FNP,DC
Dr. Tabassum Ali DC
Dr. Matthew Alix DC
Dr. Anthony Allen DC
Dr. Stephanie Allen DC
Dr. Jacques Allmand DC
Cindy Almon DC
Dr. Jose Alvarez DC, CCSMP
Dr. Gary Alves DC
Dr. Graham Andersen DC, DACBSP, CCN
Dr. Alan Anderson DC
Dr. Christopher Anderson DC, ATC
Mr. Marvin Anderson DC
Dr. Michael Anderson DC
Dr. Pauline Anderson DC, CCSP, IDE
Dr. Scot Anderson DC
Dr. Tera Anderson DC
Mr. Michael Andrews DC
Montserrat Andreys DC
Dr. Benjamin Andrulot DC
Dr. Timothy Angelo DC
Dr. Peter Annyschyn DC
Dr. Andrew Anthony DC
Dr. Donald Antonelli DC
Dr. Peter Antonsen DC CCEP
Dr. James Apito JR. DC
Dr. John Appleman DC
Dr. Aaron Armbruster DC
Dr. Sherri Armitage DC, CCSP
Dr. Richard Arny DC, CCSP
Kimball Arritt
Dr. Job Asad DC, BSC
Dr. Terrance Ashton-Boyd DC
Dr. Donald Aspegren DC
Dr. Dana Asplund DC
John Asthalter DC
Dr. Sabrina Atkins DC
Dr. William Atkinson DC
Dr. Brian Atkisson DC
Dr. Thomas Augat DC
Nancy Auge DC, ART
Dr. Brett Axelrod DC
Dr. David Axman DC
Dr. Thomas Ayres DC
Dr. Birger Baastrup DC
Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer DC
Dr. Anthony Badalamenti DC
Dr. Eric Badener DC
Hak-Soo Bae DC
Dr. Michael Bagnell DC
David Bailey DC
Dr. Bonnie Baird DC CCSP
Dr. Carl Baird DC, MS
Dr. Sandy Baird DC
Dr. Chris Baker DC
Dr. Elizabeth Baker DC
Dr. Justin Baker DC
Dr. Mark Baker DC
Dr. Spyros Bakis DC, DACNB
Dr. Thomas Bakman DC
Dr. D. Scott Bakunas DC
Dr. Mark Balderston DC
John Ball DC
Dr. Josephine Ball DC
Dr. Jeffrey Banas DC
Dr. Daniel Bancroft DC
Dr. Nathan Banks DC
Dr. James Barassi DC
Dr. Thomas Barba DC, CCSP
Dr. Stacey Barbossa DC
Brad Barez DC
Dr. Joseph Baric JR. DC
Dr. Dennis Barley DC
Dr. Benjamin Barnes DC
Dr. George Barnett DC
Dr. Larry Barnett DC, CCSP
Dr. Robert Barnett DC
Dr. Dana Barre DC
Dr. Steven Barrett DC
Paul Barrie DC
Dr. Rachel Bartlett DC
Dr. Jeanne Bartram DC
Michael Barvinchack DC
Dr. Chad Barylski NP-C, RN, DC, DACBSP
Dr. Kenneth Bassion II DC
Dr. Kathy Bateman DC
Dr. Robert Bates DC
Dr. Dawn Batiz CCSP, DC
Dr. Ronald Batkin DC
Kaitlin Battaglia DC
Dr. Darrin Bauer DC
Dr. Karl Bauer DC
Dr. Matthew Bauer DC
Dr. Mark Baum DC
Dr. Nicholas Bavaro DC
Roderick Bazil DC
Dr. Mary Beach DC, CCSP
Dr. Jeffery Beavers DC
Dr. Todd Bedell DC
Ben Beeler DC
Dr. Alan Beeson DC, CCSP
Dr. Bart Belcher DC
Dr. Bryan Bell DC
Dr. Gene Bell DC
Dr. Harold Bell DC
Dr. Ryan Bellacov DC
Dr. Richard Belsky DC
Dr. Victor Benavides DC
Dr. Robert Bencivenga DC
Dr. Michael Beneat DC
Mark Bennallack DC
Brock Bennett DC
Dr. Christopher Bennett DC
Dr. Donta Bennett DC
Dr. Lewis Bennett II DC
Dr. Dean Benson DC
Dr. Kevin Benson DC
Dr. Michael Berardis DC
Dr. Ronald Berju DC
Dr. Mark Berkley DC CCSP
Dr. Guillermo Bermudez DC,
Dr. Michael Bernstein DC
Dr. Richard Bernstein DC
Dr. George Berres DC,CCSP
Dr. Robert Berry DC
Dr. Paul Berzanskis DC
Dr. Kenneth Best DC
Dr. Danielle Bevier DC
Dr. John Bialecki DC
Dr. Thomas Bickel DC,CCSP
Dr. Daniel Bigger DC
Dr. Ebenezer Bilewu DC
Dr. Simon Billingham DC
Duane Binder DC
Dr. Michael Birdsall DC
Dr. Charles Bissell DC
Dr. Ashley Blanche DC
Mr. Scott Blatt DC
Dr. William Blitstein DC, FASA, CCSP
Mr. Howard Bloom DC, CCEP
Dr. Marc Bloom DC
Dr. Stephen Bloomingdale DC
Dr. Marc Bochner DC
Dr. David Boczar DC
Tod Boehm DC, CCSP
Dr. Christe Boen DC
Dr. Sandra Bohorquez DC
Daniel Bokor DC
Dr. David Boll DC
Dr. Thomas Bonacuso JR. DC CCSP
Dr. Erika Bonilla DC
Dr. William Bonsall DC, DACBSP
Brandon Boothe DC
Dr. Steven Borders DC
Dr. Troy Boschee DC, CCSP
Dr. Patrick Bourque DC
Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis DC
Dr. David Bowden DC, MS, CES, ACP
Dr. Robert Bowen DC
Jacob Bower
Dr. Marc Bowers DC
Dr. Paul Bowers DC, FNP-C
Dr. Todd Bowers DC
Dr. Angela Boyazis-Rodger DC
Dr. Gail Boyer DC
Dr. Robert Braden DC
Kevin Bradley CH
Dr. Eric Brady DC
Prof. Timothy Brady DC
Dr. Garret Breakiron DC
Frank Bredice CH
Clive Bridgham DC
Dr. David Bridgwood DC
Dr. Justin Brink DC
Dr. Benjamin Britton DC
Dr. Marilyn Britton DC
Dr. James Brockhohn DC
Dr. Robert Brodsky DC
Shawn Brohl DC
Dr. Steven Bromberg DC
Ms. Susan Bromley PA
Dr. Charles Bronder JR. DC
Dr. Nachmy Bronstein DC
Dr. David Brooks DC, CCSP
Dr. Gary Broom DC
Dr. Donald Brosseau JR. DC
Dr. James Brostowin DC
Alyx Brown DC
Dr. Hal Brown DC
Joshua Brown DC
Dr. Kyler Brown DC
Dr. Martin Brown DC
Dr. Thomas Brown DC
Raymond Brozek DC
Sharon Bruce DC
Tanya Bruns DC
Dr. Alan Brustein DC
Dr. Eric Bryant DC
Bernard Bubanic DC DACBSP
Dr. Robert Buchanan DC
Dr. Nicholas Bufanio DC
Caroline Bui DC
Dr. Daniel Bukofchan DC
Dr. Benjamin Bumguardner DC
Dr. Alan Bundza DC, MD
Dr. Paul Bunkers DC
Dr. Casey Buns DC
Dr. Chad Buohl DC
Dr. Richard Burger DC
Tyler Burke DC
Dr. Jordan Burns DC
Dr. Shelly Burns DC
Dr. Ronald Burr JR. DC
Dr. Chad Burt DC
Dr. Brian Bushman DC
Dr. Robert Bussenger DC
Dr. Gina Cabell DC
Dr. Christopher Calarco DC
Dr. Jennifer Callaghan Oconnell DC
Dr. Alexander Camacho DC
Dr. Joseph Camilli DC
Dr. Kenneth Campo DC
Dr. Nicolas Campos DC
Dr. Marc Cancio DC
Dr. Jill Capalbo DC
Dr. Steven Capobianco DC, CCSP
Dr. Mark Capodanno DC
Dr. Jeffrey Cappuccio DC
Dr. Michael Carbo DC
Dr. David Carletta DC
Dr. David Carnabuci DC
Dr. Lindsey Carper DC
Penelope Carr DC
Dr. Angel Carrion DC
Dr. Lori Carroll DC
Dr. Steven Carrollton
Dr. Halsy Carter DC
James Cartwright DC, DA CNB
Mr. Jesus Casas SR. DC
Dr. Randi Case DC
Dr. Marco Castaneda DC
Dr. Joella Castillo DC, CCSP
Dr. Edward Catalano DC
Dr. Philip Catalano DC
Dr. John Cathcart DC
Dr. Scott Cathcart
Dr. Ernest Centofanti DC, CCSP
Dr. Peter Chambers DC CCSP
Dr. Karen Chaney DC
Dr. Hubert Chang DC
Dr. James Chapman DC
Dr. Arthur Charette DC QME
Dr. William Charschan DC,CCSP
Dr. Kevin Chasse DC
Dr. Emery Chen DC
Mr. Patrick Cheng DC, CCSP, QME
Jay Cherner
Dr. Jeffrey Cheskin DC
Daniel Chesney DC
Dr. Patrick Chiavaroli DC
Dr. Michael Chiccone DC
Dr. Matthew Cho DC
Dr. Lee Chou DC, CCSP
Kim Christensen DC
Louis Chudy DC
Dr. Timothy Clare DC
Dr. Dean Clark DC
Jeffery Clark DC
Dr. Robert Clark DC
Dr. Michael Clay JR. DC
Dr. Alden Clendenin DC, CCSP
Dr. Reggie Clifton DC
Dr. Lisa Clyne DC
Dr. Jesse Coats DC
Dr. Justin Coffeen DC
Dr. Michael Coggins JR. DC, PA-C
Dr. Allison Cohen DC, CCSP
Dr. Ruth Cohen DC
Dr. David Cohodes DC
Dr. Miles Colaprete DC
Adam Colavito DC
Dr. Bryan Collier DC
Dr. Charles Collins DC
Dr. Stephen Collins DC
Dr. Enrique Colon DC
Dr. Zackery Conklin DC
Dr. Stacey Conrad DC
Dr. Frank Contreras DC
Dr. Charles Cook D C
Craig Cook DC
Veloy Cook DO
Dr. Troy Cool DC
Dr. Ross Coomber DC, CCSP
Dr. Matthew Cooper DC
Dr. Terri Cooper DC, CCSP
Dr. Kristina Coppock DC
Dr. Nathan Coppock DC
Dr. Robert Coppola JR. DC
Dr. Charles Coram DC
Dr. David Corbin DC, CCSP
Dr. Shay Corbin DC
Dr. Casey Cordial DC
Dr. Lauren Cortjens DC
Dr. Jan Corwin DC
Dr. Roger Costa DC
Dr. Louis Costello DC
Dr. Tammy Costello DC
Ronald Cottrell DC
Dr. Craig Couillard DC
Dr. Christopher Coulsby DC
Dr. William Cowan III DC
Dr. Thomas Cowell DC
Dr. Mike Cox DC
Robert Cox DC
Dr. Jesse Cracknell DC,
Dr. Laurie Crafton DC
John Crawford JR. DC
Dr. Michael Credico DC
Dr. David Creech DC
Dr. James Crescuillo DC CCSP
Dr. Anthony Criscuolo DC
Dr. Vincent Crow DC
Dr. Joseph Crum DC, CCRD, CCSP
Dr. William Cudmore JR. DC
Dr. Joshua Cullins DC, ATC, CSCS
Dr. Lance Cummings DC
Dr. Jack Cunning DC
Dr. Sara Cuperus DC
Dr. William Curran DC
Dr. Michael Currie DC BSN
Dr. John Curtin DC
Timothy Cymanski DC
Dr. Camille D'amato DC
John Dabbs JR. DC-CCSP
Dr. Austin Dacanay DC, MS, CCSP, ICSSD
Dr. Gregory Dady DC
Dr. Dominick Dagostino JR. DC
Dr. John Dallas BSCDCCCSP
Dr. Renee Daly DC
Dr. David Dame DC
Dr. John Damico DC
Dr. Thieu Dang DC
Dr. Richard Danubio DC
Dr. John Daoust DC
Dr. Reza Daroodi DC
Dr. Brett Darrington DC
Dr. Matthew Davidson DC
Dr. Christopher Davis DC
Dr. Greg Davis DC
Dr. Gregg Davis DC
Dr. Kimberly Davis DC, ART
Dr. Michael Davis DC
Dr. Russell Davis DC
Dr. John Dawson JR. DC
Dr. Glenn Day DC
Dr. Joseph De Carlo DC
Dr. Richard De Carlo DC
Dr. Fermin De La Jara DC
Forester Dean DC
Pete Dearmas DC
Donald Dearth DC
Ryan Debell DC
Dr. Charles Decker DC
Dr. William Dedge DC
Dr. Christopher Degraw DC
Dr. Helena Dehamer-Grant DC
William Delong DC
Dr. Anthony Deluca DC
Dr. Eugene Deminico DC
Ellen Demoulin DC
Dr. Louis Demoulin DC
Brian Dent DC
Dr. Christopher Depolis JR. DC
Dr. Tony Deramus DC
Dr. Garen Derhacopian DC
William Desandis DC
Dr. Robert Destefano DC
Dr. Paul Dettling DC
Dr. Tyrel Detweiler DC
Dr. Ryan Deubel DC
Dr. Selam Deutschmann DC
Dr. Robert Devincentis DC
Dr. Dennis Devlin DC
Dr. Douglas Devries DC
Thomas Dewald DC
Dr. Stanley Dezjot DC
Edel Diaz DC
Dr. Andrew Dibley DC
Dr. Michael Dibley JR. DC,CCSP
Frederick Dibrienza DC
Dr. Kenneth Dicarlo
Dr. Domenic Didomenicantonio DC
Dr. Xuan Diep DC
Dr. David Dijkstra DC
Margaret Dillon DC
Dr. Scott Dillon DC
Dr. Vito Dimatteo DC
Dr. Michael Dimauro DC
Dr. Lee Dimick DC
Joseph Diquattro DC
Dr. Vaughn Ditto DC
Dr. Brian Dixon DC
Dr. Dewey Dixon JR. DC
Dr. Mark Dobson DC
Dr. Thomas Dobson DC
Dr. Gregory Doerr DC
Dr. Edward Doherty DC
Mr. Vincent Dolan DC
Dr. Gary Domanick DC
Mark Domanski D C
Parker Dominique
Dr. Michael Donia DC
Dr. Kevin Donnelly DC
Dr. Thomas Donovan DC
Matthew Dorchester DC
Dr. Bobbi Ann Dorio DC, CCSP
Dr. Brian Dornbush DC
Dr. Andrea Dorris DC
Dr. Jeremy Dorris DC
Dr. Trevor Douglass DC, CCSP, MPH
Dr. Gary Dow DC
Dr. Steven Dowell DC
Mr. Michael Dowling DC
Dr. Edward Doyle III DC
Dr. Faith Doyle DC
Dr. Terence Drassal DC
Dr. Cory Drees DC, CCSP
Dr. Eric Drucker DC
Dr. Michael Drzewiecki DC
Dr. Joe Duarte DC
Dr. Joshua Dubin DC, CCSP, CSCS
Dr. Pierre-Yves Dubois DC
Dr. Thomas Duddey DC
Dr. Donald Dudley DC
Dr. Meril Dufrene, Jr. DC
Dr. Blake Dugger DC
Dr. Koren Duhr DC
Dr. Justin Dukes DC
Dr. Mark Dulberg DC
Dr. Dennis Dumler DC
Dr. Catherine Duncan DC
Dr. Susan Duncan DC
Craig Dunn DC
Dr. Joel Durham DC
Dr. David Duroe DC
Dr. Jerry Duvall DC
Dr. Jan Dweck DC
Dr. Alexander Earl DC
Dr. Michael Earley DC
Dr. Sean Eastman D C
Dr. Vivian Ebert DC
Dr. Edward Echalk DC
Dr. Kenneth Eckhardt DC
Andrew Edelstein CCEP
Dr. Daniel Edmonds DC
Dr. Steven Edwards DC
Dr. Jason Eggers MD, DC
Dr. Sam Elashkar DC, PHD
Dr. Joshua Eldridge DC
William Ellender DC
Dr. Michael Ellis DC
Dr. Glenn Eltz DC
Abigail Emery DC
Dr. Kevin Emery DC
Danielle Engle DC
Dr. Brian Epp DC
Dr. Mark Erickson DC, MSC
Dr. Todd Erickson DC
Dr. Stephen Erle DC
Kenneth Ermann DC
Dr. Ann Ernish DC
Dr. Leonard Ershow DC, CCSP
Dr. Alexander Esposito JR. DC
Dr. Timothy Esposito SR. DC
Dr. Lew Estabrook DC
Dr. Bernard Etherly DC
Dr. Andrew Etuk DC
Dr. David Evans DC, CCSP
Dr. Dennis Evans DC
Dr. Jacqueline Evans DC
Dr. Renata Evertz DC
Dr. Sayel Fakhoury DC
Yaniv Farbenbloom DC
Joanne Fava DC
Dr. John Fedina DC
Edward Feinberg DC
Patricia Felder DC
Ronald Feldman DC
Keith Felix DC
Dr. Michael Felton DC
Dr. Andraea Fenn DC
Dr. Gerald Ferencz DC
Dr. Ernest Ferrel DC
Dr. Dion Ficek DC
Dr. Ryne Fiebig DC
Dr. Daniel Fields DC
Ralph Filson DC
Dr. Larry Finch DC
Dr. Leanne Fink DC
Dr. Richard Fink DC, FIAMA
Dr. Bryan Finnie DC
Dr. Timothy Fiore DC
Dr. Ronald Fischer DC
Dr. Cheri Fisher DC
Dr. Robert Fisher DC
Dr. Jay Fitzgerald DC
Dr. Nancy Fitzgerald DC
Dr. David Fitzmaurice DC
Dr. Steven Flanery DC
Dr. Mitchell Fleischer DC
Dr. Steven Fleisher DC
Dr. Thomas Fletcher DC
Jacinto Flores-Alvarez DC CCSP
Dr. John Flynn DC
Dr. John Foland DC, CCSP
Dr. Lawrence Fong DC
Dr. Theodore Forcum III DC
Dr. Edward Formisano DC
Dr. Thomas Forrest DC
Dr. Sepideh Forstie DC
Dr. Justin Fortier DC
Dr. David Foster DC
Nicholas Fotieo DC
Dr. Cody Fowler DC
Dr. Tyler Fowler DC
Leonard Fox DC
Dr. Douglas Framness DC
Dr. Dominique Francke DC
Dr. Robert Frank DC
Dr. Heather Frank-Goffe DC
Dr. Christopher Franklin DC
Dr. Donald Franklin DC
Dr. Vladimir Friedman DC
Dr. Keith Friedmann DC
Dr. Timothy Frieh DC
Dr. Jaysun Frisch MD, DC
Dr. Colin Frogley DC
Dr. Ian Frohn DC, ATC/L
Dr. Christopher Fronczak DC
Dr. Vincent Frost DC
Dr. Brett Fuller DC
Dr. Kim Fuller DC
Dr. Daniel Fung JR. DC
John Furey DC
Dr. David Gabay DC
Rodney Gabbert DC
Dr. Brian Gadoury DC
Dr. Richard Galasso
Dr. Peter Gale DC
Dr. Andrew Galioto DC, CCSP
Thomas Gallagher DC
Dr. Joseph Gambardella DC, CCSP
Valli Gambina DC
Darshan Gandhi
Jeffrey Gappa DC
George Garcia DC
Dr. Richard Gardner DC
Dr. Marc Garfinkel DC
Richard Garian DC
Dr. Wiliam Garl DC
Michael Garman DC
Opal Garman DC
Dr. Jason Garrett DC
Dr. Ray Gaskey DC
Dr. Terri Gaston-Pierce DC
Dr. Tyler Gatteau
Dr. A Gaudio III DC
Dr. Steven Gautreau DC
Mr. William Gazdar DC CCSP,QME
Dr. Tim Gearhart DC
Dr. Paul Geersen DC
Dr. Ronald Gefaller DC
Mr. Rudy Gehrman DC
Dr. Peter Gelesko DC
Dr. Craig Gelfound DC
Dr. Charles Genova DC,CCSP
Martin Geoffreys DC, CCSP
Dr. Peter Georgiou DC, CCSP
Shawn Gerard
Brian Gervais DC
Dr. Dennis Gesualdi DC
Dr. John Giacalone DC
Dr. Daniel Giammo DC
Dr. Frank Giampietro JR. DC
Dr. Chris Giannos DC, MS, CCSP
Thomas Gibble DC
Dr. Ronald Gilbert DC
Dr. Michael Gilhousen DC
Dr. Todd Gill DC
Erek Gillespie DC
Jenson Gillette DC
Dr. Angelo Giolekas DC
Dr. Dustin Glass DC
Dr. Joshua Glass DC
Dr. Joseph Glenn DC
Dr. Bruce Goldberg DC
Richard Goldenson DC
Dr. Larry Goldfarb DC
Dr. John Goldfeldt DC
Mr. Harlan Goldman DC
Dr. Eli Goldsmith DC
Mark Goldstein DC
Dr. Seymour Goldstein DC
Dr. Frank Gomez JR. DC
Dr. Justin Gomez DC
Dr. Leo Gonsowski III DC, CSCS
Dr. Abiel Gonzalez III DC
Luis Gonzalez DC
Dr. Dean Goodman DC
Dr. David Goodrich DC
Dr. Timothy Goodwin DC
Todd Goodwin DC
Dr. Douglas Gordon DC
Dr. Richard Gorman DC, CCSP
Dr. Jonathan Gose DC DACBSP
Dr. Adam Goulet DC
David Gozinsky DC
David Graber DC
Dr. Bryan Graham DC, CCSP
Dr. Robert Graham DC
Dr. Michael Grano D C CCSP
Dr. Justin Grasmeyer DC
Dr. Keith Graves DC
Dr. Robert Graves DC,CCSP
Dr. Arthur Gray DC
Dr. Brendan Gray DC
Mr. Lawrence Gray JR. DC
Michael Gray DC
Paula Gray-Mitchell DC, CCSP
Dr. Bart Green DC, PHD
Dr. Edward Green DC
Dr. Matthew Green DC
Dr. Rebecca Green DC, DACBSP
Jonathan Greenberg DC
Dr. John Greene DC
Dr. Nelson Gregory DC
Dr. Stephen Gremmels DC
John Griffin DC
Dr. Steven Grimm DC
Dr. Anthony Gross DC
Dr. Bradley Grossman DC
Dr. Farrel Grossman DC
Michael Grossman
Dr. Loren Grover DC
Dr. Laurie Grovine DC
Dr. Ira Grushack DC
Ms. Gina Gubitosi DC
Paul Guerrero DC
Dr. Philip Gura DC
Dr. Karina Gurney DC
Dr. Paul Gurney DC
Dr. Anthony Gurule JR. DC
Tore Gustafsson DC
Dr. Anthony Gustin DC, MS, CSCS
Dr. Valentine Guzman DC
Mr. James Haas DC
Dr. Michael Haczela DC
Dr. Jeffrey Hady DC
Dr. Richard Hages JR. DC, CCSP
Mr. Rodney Hair LMP
Scott Hale DC, QME
Dr. Robert Haley DC
Dr. Bobbie Hall DC, CCSP
Dr. Brandon Hall DC
Dr. Mary Halouzka DC
Dr. Lori Hamilton DC
Dr. Jeremiah Handschin DC
Dr. Douglas Hanks DC
Dr. Eric Hanks DC
Maureen Hannigan DC
Dr. Kevin Hansen DC
Dr. Kipling Hansen DC
Dr. Yoshinari Harada DC
Dr. Stover Harger JR. DC
Dr. Matthew Hargreaves DC
Dr. Andy Harmon DC
Dr. Dana Harper DC
Mr. Donovan Harper DC
Dr. Laura Harrigan DC
Mark Harris DC
Mr. Robert Harrison DC, CCSP
Mr. William Hart BS, DC
Dr. John Hasenbank DC
Dr. Shawn Hatch DC
Dr. Dennis Hawk DC
Anthony Hawkins DC
Dr. Freddy Hayes JR. DC
Dr. James Hazard JR. DC
Dr. Robert Hazel JR. DC
Dr. Richard Healy DC
Dr. George Heathcote DC
Dr. Jeffrey Hebert DC
Dr. Charles Hecht DC
Andrew Heib CCSP
Dr. Carl Heigl DC
Dr. Bea Heller DC
Yousef Helo DC
Glenn Helton DC,CCSP
Dr. Matthew Hemsley DC
Dr. Donald Henderson DC
Dr. Jennifer Henrichs DC
Dr. Kirk Henrichs DC
Dr. Donald Henriques JR. DC
Dr. Jason Henry DC, CCSP
Dr. Joy Henry DC
Dr. Ward Henry III DC
Dr. Aaron Hepp DC
Glenn Herman DC
Karen Hermanson DC
Dr. Milton Hernandez Santiago
Dr. Virginia Hernly DC, CCSP
Dr. Fernando Herrera DC, CCSP
Dr. Phillip Hersh DC
Dr. Alen Heshmat DC
Dr. Colleen Hess DC
Monte Hessler DC
Dr. Scott Heun DC
Dr. Randy Hewitt DC
Dr. Thomas Hickey DC
Dr. Benjamin Higbee DC
Brittsny Hill
Dr. Peter Hill DC
Dr. Raymond Hillenbrand DC
Dr. Craig Himmelsehr DC
Dr. Lewis Hinson DC, CCSP
Dr. Michael Hirsch DC
Dr. Casey Ho DC
Dr. Lyle Hodge DC
Mr. Jesse Hodges JR. DC
Dr. Kathryn Hodges DC
Dr. Lindsay Hoffman DC
Dr. Stephen Hofmeir DC
Dr. Michael Hogan DC, DACBSP
Dr. Drew Hohensee DC, CCSP
Dr. Bruce Holaday DC
Dr. Charles Holcomb DC
Dr. James Holding DC
David Holliday DC
Sissel Holloway DC, MS, BS
Dr. Nathan Holman DC
Charina Holmes DC, CCSP, QME
Dr. Darren Holmes DC
Dr. David Holmes DC
Dr. Benjamin Holt DC
Matthew Holt DC
Dr. Jeffrey Holtz DC
Dr. Stephen Holtzman DC
Edward Holyoke DC
Dr. Dennis Homack DC, MS, CCSP
Dr. Paul Hood III DC
Dr. Gregory Hoogeveen DC
Dr. Jonathan Hoops DC
Shelley Hoover-Sheard DC, DACBSP
Dr. Steven Horak DC,CCSP
Dr. Frank Hornickel DC
Joseph Horrigan DC
Dr. Kenneth Horup DC
Dr. Joseph Horvath DC
Dr. Matthew Horvath DC
Dr. Steven Horwitz DC
Dr. Joseph Houde DC
Dr. Chris Hougen DC
Dr. Loretta Hough DC, CCSP
Dr. Josh Hover DC
Dr. Blake Howard DC
Dr. John Howe DC
Alice Howell DC
Dr. Kevin Hoy DC
Dr. Wayne Huber JR. DC, CCSP
Dr. Donald Hudson DC
Dr. Caryllon Huggins DC,DACBN,CCN
Jeremy Hughes DC
Dr. Roy Hughes JR. DC
Loretta Hulsey DC
Dr. Chris Humble DC
Dr. Gail Hume DC
Dr. Richard Hume DC, CCSP, FIAMA
Dr. Casey Hummel
Brian Hurtgen DC
Dr. Yanis Hussain DC
Dr. David Hutchison DC
Dr. Mark Hutsell DC
Dr. Eden Hutt DC
Dr. Jill Hutter DC
Dr. Seth Hutton DC
Dr. Andy Huyck DC
Dr. Amy Iaquinta DC
Dr. Xavier Ibarreta DC
Dr. Robert Ihrig DC
Michele Imossi DC
Dr. Lori Inkrote DC
Dr. Heather Ireland DC
Mrs. Michell Irvine DC
Dr. Ira Isaacoff DC
Dr. Bryan Isbell DC
Dr. Anthony Iselborn DC,ATC,DACBSP,CSCS
Ajay Iselin
Cristina Ivaldi DC, CCSP
Dr. Robert Iversen DC, CCSP
Dr. Stephen Iversen DC
Dr. Juan-Carlos Izquierdo DC
Dr. David Jackel DC
Dr. Adam Jacobs DC
Mr. Bruce Jacobs DC
Dr. Wendy Jacobs DC
Dr. Paul Jacoy DC
Dr. Joshua Jagoda DC CCSP
Dr. Joseph Jaime DC, ATC
Dr. Luke Jakubowski DC
Dr. Rupert James DC
Dr. Joel Jaureguito DC
Dr. Omid Javaherian DC
Dr. Keith Jeffers DC
Dr. Justin Jelen DC
Dr. Laura Jendra DC
Dr. Marc Jenkins DC
Dr. David Jensen DC
Dr. Don Jewell DC
Dr. Jason Jodoin DC
Dr. Rikke Johansen DC
Dr. Chris Johnson DC
David Johnson DO
Dr. Gary Johnson DC
Dr. Gerald Johnson DC
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson DC, DACNB
Dr. Lawrence Johnson DC
Dr. Michael Johnson DC
Dr. Randal Johnson DC
Scott Johnson DC
Dr. Wayne Johnson DC
Dr. Thomas Johnston JR. DC
Dr. Joseph Joly DC
Mr. Aaron Jones DC, CSCS, CCSP
Dr. Denise Jones DC
Dr. James Jones DC
Dr. Jeffrey Jones DC
Dr. Patrick Jones DC
Dr. Rhonda Jones DC
Dr. Crystal Joseph DC, AK, CCSP
Dr. Jason Joy DC
Dr. Kurt Juergens DC
Kevin Julian DC
Kevin Jung DC
Dr. Kelly Kadolph DC
Dr. Jeffrey Kalins DC,
Dr. Jerome Kalisek DC
Dr. Lincoln Kamell DC
Dr. David Kaminsky DC
Dr. Marie Kane DC
Joseph Kansao CH
Dr. Marc Kaplan DC
Dr. Michael Karafa DC
Mrs. Heather Karls DC, CCSP
Kent Karschnik DC
Dr. Billie Kaskasuto DC, FNP-C
Dr. David Kassay DC , CCSP
Dr. Brian Katz DC
Dr. Arlene Kazio DC
Dr. Kenneth Kearstan DC
Jacquie Keats DC
Dr. Lindon Keeler DC
Dr. Justin Keen DC
Dr. Kellin Keesee DC
Dr. Courtland Keith DC
Matthew Kelchner DC
Dr. Justin Keller DC
Dr. Robert Kellermann DC
Brandon Kelley
Dr. Brian Kelley DC
Dr. Glenn Kelly DC
Karen Kelsall DC
Dr. Matthew Kemenosh DC
Dr. Daniel Kennedy DC
Dr. John Kennedy DC
Dr. Joseph Kennedy DC
Mr. Robert Kenneke DC
Dr. Craig Keoshian DC
Dr. Janet Kerin DC
Dr. Ronald Kern D C
Dr. Daniel Kerzner DC
Dr. Matthew Keschner DC, CCSP
Dr. Louis Kessel DC
Howard Kessler DC
Dr. Robert Kessler DC
Dr. David Ketchum DC
Zareena Khan DC
Dr. Shawn Kidd DC
Dr. Gary Kiekhoefer DC
Dr. John Kiernan JR. DC
Dr. Brandon Kikuchi DC
Dr. Michael Kilpatrick DC
Dr. Brenden Kim DC, MS
Dr. Byung Yull Kim DC
Dr. Jessica Kim DC, LAC
Dr. Michael Kimmel DC
Mr. Shawn Kimura DC,LAC
Dr. Donna King DC, CCSP
Dr. Joseph King DC
Dr. Joseph Kingry-Staton DC
Dr. Daniel Kirschner DC
Dr. Timothy Kistler DC
Dr. Marian Klaes-Lanham DC, ACUPUNCTURE
Dr. H. Klein DC
Dr. Benjamin Kleinbrodt DC
Yaroslav Klykov LMP
Dr. Kathryn Knafla DC, CCSP
David Knapp DC
Dr. Ryan Knight DC, CCSP
Dr. Wendy Knight DC
Gregory Knobbe DC,
Dr. Tadd Knobloch DC,
Dr. Kyle Knoell DC, MHA, CCCSMP, CCI
Dr. Kraig Knotts DC
Dr. Bradley Koby DC
Dr. Richard Koelling DC
Kyle Koenke DC
Dr. Andrew Kohler DC
Dr. Bryan Kolozsi DC
Dr. Robert Konowitz DC
Dr. Mark Korchok DC
David Koronet DC
Dr. Theodore Koukles DC
Bradley Kraft DC
Jeffrey Kramer DC
Dr. Scott Kramer DC,
Dr. William Kramer DC, PHD, ATC, CHES
Dr. Alan Krasnoff DC
Dr. Michael Kraus DC
Dr. Bernard Krenner DC
Dr. John Krisciunas JR. DC
Dr. Jonathan Kropf DC
Dr. Mark Kruse DC
Dr. Joseph Krzemien DC
Dr. Simon Kuang DC
Dr. Brandi Kuhn DC
Dr. Andrew Kulick DC
Dr. Joseph Kwait DC
Donald La Casto JR. DC
Dr. August La Ruffa III DC
Dr. Arthur Labelle DC
Dr. Lourdes Labrada DC
Dr. Sarah Labrot DC
Dr. Martin Labuda JR. DC
Dr. John Lacoste
Brad Lacroix
Samuel Lacroix DC
Dr. Thomas Lahmann
Dr. Brian Laiderman DC
Gregory Lambe DC
Dr. Evan Lambert DC
Dr. Warren Landesberg DC
Dr. Zachary Landon DC
Dr. Kimberly Lange DC CCSP
Dr. Frances Langley DC
Arthur Langston DC
Stanzie Langtree DC, MS
Dr. Dennis Lanni DC
Dr. Erik Lapier DC
Dr. Kelly Lardi DC
Jeffrey Larkin DC
Dr. Kristofer Larson DC
Stephen Lascala DC
Milan Lassiter DC
Dr. Wayne Latimer
Albert Latronica DC
Dr. Connie Lavoie DC
Dr. Heidi Law DC
Dr. Peter Lawler DC
Dr. Long Le DC
Dr. Gilbert Leadbitter DC
Ross Leago III DC
Dr. Jonathan Leary DC
Dr. Jeffery Leatherman DC
Dr. Edward Lecara DC
Leonard Leclair DC
Bongsoo Lee DC
Dr. Felix Lee DC
Dr. John Legat DC, PC
Dr. Deverne Lehman DC
Danny Lehnberg DC
Dr. Daniel Lehoux DC
Barbara Leibforth Downes DC
John Leigh DC
Eric Leitman DC
Dr. Jamie Lenz DC
Francisco Leon DC
Dr. Shawn Lett DC
Dr. Paul Lewandosky DC
Paul Lewandowski DC, CCSP
Dr. Paul Lewandowski DC
Dr. Clayton Lewis DC
Rand Lewis DC
Dr. Joseph Lezamiz DC
Dr. Edward Li DC
Dr. Jinjiang Li DC
Dr. Scott Lifschitz DC
Dr. Chung Lim DC
Dr. Andrew Limle DC
Dr. Michael Lin DC
Dr. Joshua Lindstrom DC
Dr. Andrew Lippitt DC
Dr. Steven Lipschutz DC
Dr. Perry Little JR. DC
Dr. Ralph Littman DC
Dr. Eric Liu DC, CCSP
Dr. Rumel Llantada DC
Rafael Llop DC
Dr. Chester Lloyd DC
Dr. Nicholas Loan DC
Dr. Barry Lockhart DC
Casey Long DC
Dr. David Long DC
Dr. Donald Longhurst BS, DC
Craig Longley DC
Dr. John Longo DC
Dr. Juan Lopez DC
Dr. Michael Lord DC
Dr. Jason Loth DC
Dr. Jody Love DC, CCSP
Dr. Tamara Lovelace DC, DACBSP
Dr. Ernest Loveland DC
Dr. Clayton Lowe DC
Dr. Glenn Lowenberg DC
Dr. Richard Loyst DC
Dr. Jamie Lucia DC
Dr. Ronald Ludrosky DC
Dr. Jeffrey Luebbe DC
Dr. Brian Lum DC
Dr. Glenn Lundy DC
Dr. Minh Luu DC
Dr. Anthony Lux DC
Dr. Logan Luzadder DC, ATC
Dr. Phuoc Ly DC
Dr. Michelle Lykins DC
Dr. Michael Lynch DC
Dr. Ryan Lystad DC
John Macdonald DC
Dr. Catherine Maculan DACBSP
Dr. Nicholas Madero DC
Dr. Charmaine Magale DC
Dr. Michael Maggio DC
Dr. John Maher DC, CCSP
Dr. Lisha Mainz DC
Dr. Michael Maiorano DC
Dr. Donna Maitlen DC
Mr. Steven Majdick DC
Dr. Nahid Majidi DC
Ms. Christine Major DC
Dr. Matthew Maki DC
Dallas Makin DC
Dr. Michael Maley DC
Dr. Julie Malley DC
Michael Malone III DC
Dr. Jorge Malouf DC
Dr. Frank Mandarino DC
Dr. Mark Mangold DC, QME
Dr. Steven Maniscalco MS, DC
Dr. Allen Manison DC
Jordan Manns
Dr. Thomas Maples DC
Dr. Russell Maramag DC
Dr. Paul Marando DC
Dr. Teresa Mariano DC
Dr. Mark Marien DC
Dr. Leonard Marino DC
Dr. Edward Markowitz DC
Carolyn Marossy DC
Dr. Ricardo Marquetti DC
Dr. Patricia Marsden-Dull DC, CCSP
Dr. Virginia Marsico DC
Dr. Paul Marston DC
Dr. Blair Martin DC
James Martin DC, CCSP
Dr. Jeffrey Martin DC
Dr. John Martin JR. DC
Dr. Theodore Martinez DC
Dr. Kenneth Marvin DC
Paul Masalskis DC
Dr. Mark Mashike DC
Dr. Samer Masri DC
Dr. Christopher Massoglia DC
Dr. James Mastellone DC
Dr. Catherine Mastroianni DC
Dr. Brian Mather DC
Shamim Matin DC
Dr. Steven Mattes DC
Dr. Robert Mattson DC CCSP
Dr. Heather Maxwell DC, ATC
Dr. Nathaniel Mazza DC
Steven Mcareavy DC
Dr. Andrew Mcbain DC
Lauren Mccabe DC
Dr. Richard Mccarthy DC
Dr. David Mcclain DC
Dr. Kevin Mcclain DC
Dr. Jennifer Mccleary DC
Dr. Shaun Mcclenny DC
Dr. Daniel Mcclure DO
Dr. Patrick Mccluskey
Dr. John Mcconnaughy DC
William Mccormick DC
Dr. Larry Mccracken JR. DC
Dr. Marcus Mccray DC
Dr. James Mccririe IV DC, CCSP
Dr. Chris Mcdaniel DC, CCEP
Dr. Randal Mcdaniel DC
Dr. Christopher Mcdougal DC
Shahira Mcelhanon
Dr. Jay Mcfarlane DC
Dr. Michael Mcghee DC
Dr. John Mcgraw DC,CCSP
Thomas Mcgraw DC, CCSP
Dr. Mark Mcgregor DC
Dr. Lynn Mcintosh DC
Michael Mckelvey DC
Dr. James Mckiernan DC
Dr. Jeffrey Mckinley DC
Neil Mclaughlin DC
Dr. Paul Mclaughlin DC
Dr. Elizabeth Mclean DC
Dr. Matthew Mcmanus DC
Dr. Brian Mcnicholas DC
Dr. Jeremy Meadows DC
Dr. James Meglino DC
Dr. Adam Meisenhelder DC
Dr. Leon Mellman BS,DC
Dr. Cecilia Melton DC
Dr. Steven Mendola DC
Dr. Walter Mendoza DC
Dr. Michael Mensah DC
Dr. Joseph Merdkhanian DC
Mitchell Merriam DC
Dr. Samuel Messimer DC
Dr. Jay Meverden DC
Dr. Peter Meyer DC
Dr. David Meyers DC,CCSP,QME,
Dean Micalizio DC
Dr. Anthony Miceli DC
Erik Michener DC
John Michie DC
Dr. Douglas Migitsch DC
Dr. Harry Mikazans DC
Dr. Judi Milin DC
Dr. Allen Miller DC
Dr. Cheryl Miller DC
Dr. Clint Miller DC
Eric Miller DC
Dr. Justin Miller DC
Dr. Michael Miller DC
Dr. Robert Miller DC
Dr. Andrea Milne
Dr. Adam Milroy DC
Dr. Michael Minardo DC
Dr. John Minen DC
Dr. Vito Minervini DC,CCEP,CCSP
Dr. Mark Minuto DC
Dr. William Misenheimer DC
John Misiewicz DC
Dr. James Misustin DC
Dr. Darren Mitchell DC
Dr. Gary Mitchell DC
Dr. Ronald Mitchell DC
Dr. William Mitrus DC CCSP
Dr. Alisa Mitskog DC
Dr. David Mobley DC, MS
Walter Molak JR. DC
Dr. Paul Molina DC
Timothy Moller DC
Dr. Robert Monokian DC
Dr. Michele Moore DC
Dr. Taylor Moore DC
Dr. Victoria Moore DC
Dr. William Moore III DC
Dr. Emily Morales DC
Robert Moreno DC
Dr. Thomas Morgan JR. D C
Dr. Jason Morganstein DC
Dr. Jeffrey Morrison DC
Dr. Valerie Morrison DC, CCSP
Dr. Paul Morrow DC
David Morse DC
Dan Mosier DC
Dr. Dana Mosure-Judge DC
Dr. David Mottahedeh DC
Lee Moua
Dr. William Moyal DC, CCSP
Dr. Paul Moyse DC
Dr. Adam Mozdzien DC
Dr. Joseph Mufareh DC, CCSP
Dr. Calvin Mulanax DC
Dr. Brian Mulhall DC
Mr. Roy Mullins DC
Irwin Mulnick DC, CCSP
James Murdock DC
Dr. Christopher Murphy DC
Dr. John Murphy JR. DC
Dr. William Murphy DC
Dr. Brendan Murray DC
Dr. Frank Musante DC, MS
Dr. Gary Musgrave DC
Dr. Bernard Musselman DC
Dr. Steven Mustoe DC
Dr. Michelle Mycka DC
Dr. Zev Myerowitz JR. DC, LAC
Dr. Yvette Nadeau DC
Dr. Francis Nadspal DC
Dr. Yoav Nagar DC
Dr. Douglas Nagel
Dr. Jeffrey Nagle DC
Majed Nagoulat DC
Dr. Hirad Najafbagy DC
Dr. Mark Najjar DC
Dr. Michelle Narson DC, CCSP
Dr. Jeff Nash DC
Dr. Michelle Naudascher DC
Dr. Caley Nawrocki DC
Parissa Neamati DC
Dr. Fred Nelson DC, CCSP
Dr. Gregory Nelson FNP-C, DC
Dr. Tyler Nelson DC
Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky DC
Dr. Mazyar Neshat DC
David Ness DC
David Newton DC, MS
Mr. Chun Ng DC, PA-C
Dr. Tim Ngo DC
Dr. Binh Nguyen DC
John Nguyen
Dr. Luis Nicacio DC, CCSP
Dr. Matt Nicastro DC, PT
Dr. Larry Nicholson DC
Dr. Vincent Nigrelli DC
Dr. Othman Nihad PT,DC
Dr. Gregory Nishida DC
Dr. Steven Noble DC
Dr. Timothy Noble DC
Dr. Yale Nogin DC
Dr. Thomas Nonnenmacher DC
Dr. William Nonte DC
Dr. William Norlin DC
Dr. Randall Norris DC
Dr. Nancy North DC,CCSP, CCE
Dr. Vincent Notabartolo DC, CCSP
Lisa Noto-Carrion
Dr. Daniel Nuet DC
Dr. Timothy O Neill DC
Dr. Brendn O'brien DC
Dr. Christopher O'connor DC
Dr. Michael O'daniel DC
Dr. Steven O'donnell DC
Dr. Patrick O'neill DC
Dr. Lawrence Oberstein
Dr. Douglas Obetz DC
Mr. Carson Odegard DC
Dr. Jacob Oergel DC
Dr. Terry Ogino DC
Dr. Julie Oien DC
Dr. Clifton Okman DC
Dr. Mark Okuno DC
Cris Oldenburg DC
Dr. Kurt Olding DC
Dr. Greg Oleson DC
Dr. Charles Oliveri DC
Ted Omura DC
Dr. Greg Orcutt
Dr. Michael Orlando DC
Dr. Sean Ostlund DC, MSESS
Roberto Ostolaza DC
Dr. Michael Otoupalik DC
Dr. Thomas Ouellette DC
Dr. Thomas Ovenell DC
Dr. Keith Overland DC
Dr. Terry Overton DC
John Owens DC
Dr. Robert Owens DC
Dr. Robin Pace DC
Dr. John Painter DC
Jennifer Palladino DC
Dr. Lisa Palmer DC
Terry Palmer DC
David Palomares DC
Dr. Charles Paolantonio DC
Marc Papantonio DC
Dr. Jason Pape DC, CCSP
Dr. Andrew Park DC, MS, MS LAC
Dr. Kevin Parker DC
Maria Pastor-Mastrocovo DC
Dr. Gene Paterno D C
Dr. Sharon Paterno DC, CCSP
John Patrick DC
Dr. Robert Patterson DC
Dr. Phillip Paul DC
Dr. Leigh Pauley DC
Dr. David Pawlowski DC
Dr. Jeffrey Peabody DC
Dr. Robert Peace DC
Dr. David Peer DC,CCSP
Dr. Patricia Pellegrino DC
Dr. Derek Pelofsky DC, CCSP
Dr. Steven Peltzman DC
Roger Penna DC
Dr. Matthew Pennell DC, MS
Dr. David Perez DC
Dr. Larin Perkins DC
Dr. Dean Perlman DC
Dr. Eric Perlman DC
Dr. Steven Perman DC
Dr. Kevin Perrino DC
Dr. Kathleen Perry DC
Dr. Kevin Perry DC
Dr. Cleopatra Peter DC
Dr. Wayne Petermann DC
Dr. Sarah Peters DC
Dr. Glen Peterson DC
Michael Peterson DC
Dr. Nicholas Petrini DC
Dr. David Petrosino X DC
Dr. Stephen Petruccelli DC
Dr. John Petry DC
Dr. Paul Pettay DC
Stephen Pettay DC
Dr. Amy Pezo DC, CCSP
Dr. Dung Pham DC
Patrick Pharr DC
Dr. Raymond Philips DC
Dr. Karyn Phillips DC
C Philpot-Bowen DC
Marc Picchierri DC
Dr. Michael Piccirillo DC
Dr. Joseph Picone DC
Dr. David Pierson DC
Dr. Abu Pigott DC
Scott Pike DC
Dr. Alan Pine DC
Colleen Pio DC
Frank Piranio DC
Dr. Theresa Pirraglia DC
Dr. Colleen Piva DC
Dr. Ginamarie Pizzolo DC
Dr. Shane Pluger DC
Dr. Martin Plutno DC
Rodney Poe DC
Dr. Marc Poli DC
Michael Polillo DC
Dr. Jodi Polk DC
Dr. Russel Polk DC
Jacob Polzin DC
Dr. Todd Ponick DC
Dr. Nicholas Ponomarenko DC
Dr. Nathan Pool DC
L Porman DC
Dr. Robert Portillo DC
Dr. Douglas Portmann DC
Dr. Harold Potts DC
Dr. Virgil Potts DC
Dr. Jean Potvin DC
Dr. David Powell DC
Mitchell Powers DC
Dr. Richard Powers DC
Dr. Jeffrey Pracella DC
Dr. Karen Pracella DC
Dr. James Prado DC
Dr. David Pratt DC
Thomas Pratt DC
Dr. Neno Pribic DC
Dr. John Price DC
Dr. Daniel Prideaux DC
Dr. Ryan Probasco DC
Dr. Mitchell Proffman DC
Gerry Provance DC
Dr. Robert Pruni DC
Dr. Robert Purcell DC
Dr. Brian Quattlebaum DC
Dr. Gregory Quille DC
Dr. Wallace Quinlan DC
Maria Quintero DC
Dr. Frances Rabner DC
Dr. Peter Radetic DC
Dr. Russell Radican DC
Dr. Victor Rafa DC
Vincent Rahal DC
Mr. Shamsu Raheem DC
Dr. William Ramsey II DC
Dr. Robbrey Rattray DC, CCSP
Dr. Timothy Ray DC
Dr. Kristin Rayball DC, CCSP
Derrick Raymer DC
Antony Rea DC
Dr. Camille Reagan DC
Dr. Ronald Rebmann DC
Dr. Randy Reed DC
Robert Reed DC
Dr. Susan Reed DC
Dr. Sean Reese DC
Dr. Andrew Reheisse DC
Dr. Christian Reichardt DC
Dr. Kevin Reichlin DC
Dr. Dwight Reid DC
Mrs. Kelsey Reid DC
Dr. Kevin Reilly DC,CCSP
Dr. Mariann Reimer DC
Dr. Steven Reinlie DC
Dr. Forrest Reise DC,CCSP
Dr. Donald Reneau DC
Dr. Gregory Reneau DC
Dr. Albert Reyes DC
Dr. Phillip Reyes DC
Dr. George Rheaume DC,DABCO,CCPS
Dr. Anthony Ricci DC
Dr. John Rice DC
Kenneth Richards DC, DPT
Dr. Donald Richardson DC
Dr. Hal Richart DC
Dr. Robert Richart DC
Dr. Mikel Richter DC
Dr. Reese Riggin DC
Dr. Cynthia Riley DC,CCSP
Dr. Donna Rimbey DC, CSCS, DACRB
Dr. Gregory Rinehart DC
Lonnie Rinell DC
Randal Ringsage DC
Dr. Timothy Rinn DC,DACBSP,CSCS
Dr. Richard Rinzler DC
Gregg Risner DC
Dr. George Rizos DC
Dr. Nicholas Rizzitello DC
Helen Rizzotto DC
Dr. Brandon Robb DC
Dr. Hugh Roberts DC
Dr. Leonard Roberts DC
Dr. Darci Robertson DC
Dr. Jordan Roby DC
Dr. Jeff Roderick DC
Dr. Jeremy Rodgers DC, ATC
Dr. Jose Rodriguez DC
Dr. Osvaldo Rodriguez DC
Jeremy Rodrock DC
Dr. Damien Rodulfo DC, CCSP
Dr. Brent Rogan DC
Dr. Sean Rogan DC
Dr. Jon Rogers DC
Dr. Michael Rohlfs DC
Nicholas Rohlfs DC
Dr. Karen Roitz DC, CCSP
Yahaira Roman DC
Dr. Robert Romanelli DC
Dr. Richard Romeo DC
Dr. Luis Rosado DC
Dr. Mitchell Rose DC
Dr. Travis Rose DC
Dr. Richard Rosenkoetter DC
Dr. Mary Ann Rosman DC
Dr. Deborah Ross DC
Dr. William Ross DC
Dr. Steven Rosser DC
Jefferson Roth DC
Dr. William Roundtree MD
Michael Roura DC
Andrew Rowan DC
Linda Rowe DC
Dr. Robert Rowe DC
Dr. Denyse Rowland-Jones DC, ATC, LAT
Dr. James Roy DC
Dr. Luis Ruano DC,
Mr. Ernest Rubio JR. DC
Mr. Ty Ruddell DC
George Ruggi DC
Dr. Paul Ruggiano DC
Dr. Eric Rupp DC
Dr. Gerald Rupp DC
Dr. Brian Rush DC
Dr. Brian Russell DC
Dr. David Russell DC
Dr. Kerry Russell DC, CCSP
Dr. William Russell DC
Dr. David Ryan DC
Dr. Patrick Ryan DC
Kelly Ryder DC
Dr. Yongki Ryu DC, MS, ICCSP, DGCSS
Dr. Jeff Saad DC
Dr. Rohin Sachdeva DC
Dr. Shirley Sagerty DC, CCSP
Dr. Sean Salazar DC
Dr. David Sales DC
Dr. Bruce Salzinger DC, CCSP
Dr. Michael Sanchez DC
Dr. Robert Sanchez DC
Dr. Josh Sandell DC
Dr. Charles Sanders DC
Mr. Chris Sanders DC
Dr. Emanuel Sanfilippo DC
Dr. Maurizio Sanges DC
Dr. Maria Sangillo DC, CSSP
Dr. Michael Sanjose DC
Trevor Sanks DC
Dr. James Sansone DC
Dr. Jorge Santana DC
Dr. Joanne Santiago DC
Dr. Philip Santiago DC
Gina Santilli DC
Dr. Ralph Santora PT,DC
Dr. Alfred Santoro DC
Richard Sargent DC
Dr. Kris Sasaki DC
Dr. Sharlene Sato DC, CCSP
Dr. Aaron Sauer BA, DC, CCSP
Dr. Brian Saul DC
Dr. Albert Sawaya DC
Dr. Edward Scale DC
Dr. Charles Scarpulla DC
Lisa Schaefer DC
Dr. Gerald Schaeffer DC
Dr. Joseph Schaffhausen D C
Dr. Keith Schaller DC
Dr. Nick Schapowal DC
Dr. Timothy Schardein DC
Dr. Frank Schaub DC
Brent Scheideman DC
Dr. Darren Scheirman DC
Dr. James Schendel DC
Dr. Richard Scher DC
Dr. Andrew Scherer DC
Dr. Claire Schill DC
Dr. David Schiller DC
Dr. Douglas Schindler DC CCSP
Dr. Jennifer Schindler DC
Dr. Anthony Schlachter DC
Dr. Roger Schlade DC
Dr. Della Schmid DC
Robert Schmitt DC
Michael Schnappauf DC
Dr. Corey Schneider DC
Dr. Ira Schneider
Dr. Jon Schneider DC
Arlen Scholl DC
Dr. Gary Scholl DC
Dr. Todd Schragen DC , CCSP
Dr. Madeline Schroeder DC
Dr. Torrey Schroeder DC
Dr. William Schroeder DC
Dr. Brian Schtupak DC
Dr. Craig Schulman DC
Dr. William Schulte DC
Dr. Jodie Schultz DC
Dr. David Schum DC
Dr. Christian Schuster DC
Dr. Scott Schwager DC
Dr. Andrea Sciarrillo DC
Dr. Ciro Scilingo DC
Dr. Joseph Scimone DC
Dr. George Scordilis DC
Dr. Douglas Scott DC
Robert Scott DC
Dr. Sam Scott DC
Zachary Scoville
Dr. Joseph Scull JR. DC, CCSP
Mr. Russell Seagal DC
Dr. Shoanmarie Seals DC
Mr. Ford Sebastian DC
Dr. Steven Segal DC
Dr. Michael Seifried DC
Samantha Sellers DC, MS
Dr. Aleisha Serrano DC
Dr. Jason Sessions DC
Dr. Korey Sessions DC
Dr. Scott Sessions DC, CCSP
Dr. Ryne Shafer DC
Dr. Babak Shahrestani DC
Dr. Shahrokh Shahverdi DC
Dr. Clifford Shapiro DC
Dr. Graig Shapiro DC
Ira Shapiro DC
Dr. Daniel Shaver DC
Dr. Helen Shaw DC
Dr. Noel Shaw DC
Dr. Randall Shaw DC
Dr. Daniel Shaye DC
Alan Sherman DC
Dr. Kevin Sherman DC
Dr. Logan Sherman DC
Dr. Diane Shigley DC
Dr. Leo Shkolnikov DC
Dr. Kelly Shockley DC
Dr. Eric Shook DC
Colby Shores DC
Dr. Bruce Short DC
Dr. James Shroba DC
Dr. Craig Shugart
Dr. Paul Shumway DC
Dr. Jon Sibert DC
Dr. Mark Sielski DC
Dr. Katherine Sill DC
Dr. Giovanni Silva DC
Dr. Joseph Silva DC
Dr. Mitchell Silverman DC
Dr. Michael Silverstein DC
Dr. Richard Simeone DC
Mr. Nick Simionides DC,CCSP
Dr. Michael Simone DC
Dr. Jon Simpson DC
Dr. Attila Sipos DC
Shawn Sippl DC
Dr. Jayson Sipress DC
Elvin Siverio Casanova DC
Dr. Frank Skirpan DC
Dr. Lonny Skjervheim DC
Dr. Wade Skogman DC,CSCS,DAB
Dr. Chad Skogstad DC
Ryan Slaughter DC
Dr. Jason Slaver DC
Daniel Slone DC
Dr. David Smaldone DC
Anthony Smith DC
Dr. Christopher Smith DC
Dr. Darren Smith DC, DACBSP
Dr. John Smith DC, CCSP,PA
Jonathan Smith DC W/ PT
Laurence Smith DC
Dr. Lucas Smith DC
Dr. Matthew Smith DC
Dr. Michael Smith DC
Dr. Roger Smith DC
Dr. Roosevelt Smith
Thomas Smith D C
Dr. William Smith DC, CCST
Dr. Timothy Smykal DC, FACO, CCSP
Dr. James Soetebeer DC, MS
Dr. Edward Sofo DC, CCSP
John Solan III DC
Karla Solum DC
Mr. Stephen Somerville DC
Mr. David Sommer DC
Dr. James Sommers DC
Dr. Steven Sonenblum DC
Dr. Christopher Sorenson DC
Dr. Anne Sorrentino DC, DACBSP
Dr. Kosta Sotos DC
Dr. Gary Spanier DC
Dr. David Spargo II DC
Nick Speegle DC
Gary Spencer DC
Dr. James Spencer DC
Dr. Scott Spencer DC
Dr. Adam Spindler DC
Dr. Eric St.Pierre DC, DACBSP, CSCS
Dr. John Stader DC
Jeffrey Staheli DC, MS, CCSP
Daniel Stambaugh DC, CCSP
Ronald Steed DC
Mr. Edward Steel DC
Dr. Brett Stefan DC, MS
Dr. Thomas Steigerwalt DC
Dr. Richard Stein DC
Dr. Robert Stein DC
Dr. Robert Stein DC
Mitchel Steinberg DC
Craig Steingraber DC
Dr. Brian Stemp DC
Dr. Joseph Stephano DC
Dr. Lawrence Stern DC
Dr. Nathan Stevens
Dr. Ryan Stevens DC
Ms. Kendra Stewart
Dr. Michael Stewart DC
Dr. Zoila Stewart DC
Dr. Spring Stickney DC
James Stilley DC
Dr. Michael Stirpe I DC
Dr. Frank Stiso DC
Dr. Richard Stiso DC
Edward Stivers DC, CCSP
Dr. James Stock DC
Dr. Gregory Stokes DC, CCSP
Dr. Scott Stoner DC
Dr. Craig Storck DC
Dr. Frank Storts DC
Dr. Darci Stotts DC
Dr. Mark Strauss DC
Dr. Philip Striano JR. DC
Dr. Kenneth Strickland DC
Dr. Dagney Stromberg DC
Dr. Eric Stroud DC
Dr. Aaron Stump DC
Dr. Joseph Sturges DC
Dr. Dennis Suggs II DC
Dr. Alex Suh DC
Dr. Jinhwa Suh DC
Dr. John Sullivan DC
Dr. Jeremy Summers DC
Dr. Terry Surtin DC
Dr. Jason Suter DC
Dr. John Suto DC
Dr. Stephen Svastits DC,CCSP,IDE
Dr. Val Svetich DC
Ms. Nesrein Sweidan DC
Dr. Matthew Syrek DC
Saby Szajowitz DC
Dr. Peter Szynkowicz DC
Ms. Roya Tabibian DC
Dr. Hope Taczanowski DC
Dr. Marc Taczanowski DC
Dr. Derrick Tang DC
Dr. Tony Tang DC
Gregory Taylor DC
Jay Taylor DC
Miss Thea Taylor DC
Dr. William Taylor DC
Dr. Chad Teague DC
Ara Tekerlek DC
Dr. Scott Tenold DC
Dr. Steven Tenold DC
Dr. Michael Tereo DC
Dr. Thomas Tesi MS, DC
Dr. Scott Tesoro DC
Dr. Blake Testa DC
Dr. Thomas Teter Jr DC
Dr. Steven Thiel DC
Dr. Adam Thom DC
Dr. Gregory Thomaier DC
Dr. Barry Thomas DC
Ellen Thomas DC
Dr. John Thomas DC
Dr. John Thomas DC
Dr. Mark Thompson DC
Dr. Shandon Thompson DC
Dr. Jason Thornley DC
Robert Timar DC
Mr. Jeffrey Tirsch DC
Dr. Todd Titus DC
Dr. Michael Tobet DC
Dr. David Todd DC
Dr. Marijan Tolj DC
Dr. Stuart Tollen DC
Dr. Blase Toto DC
Dr. Francine Tougas DC, CCSP
Dr. Steven Tougas DC
Lucas Tower DC
Dr. William Trabold DC
Dr. Stephen Tranter DC
Jack Trapasso DC
Dr. Michael Treichler DC, ATC, EXPH
Dr. Nick Triandos DC
Dr. Annette Trick DC, CCSP
Dr. Tammy Triplett-Kesky DC
Dr. Ronald Trkula DC
Dr. Tony Tropea DC
Dr. Renald Trottier DC
Dr. Jim Troxell DC
Dr. David Trueblood DCC,CCEP
Mary Trumpi DC
Dr. Ryan Tuchscherer DC
Dave Tuck DC
Dr. Steven Tunnell DC, DACBSP, QME,
Dr. Timothy Turino DC
Dr. Eric Turk DC
Dr. Michael Turkali CHIROPRACTOR
Dr. David Turnbull DC
Dr. Todd Turnbull DC
Dr. David Turner DC
Dr. Joe Turner JR. DC
Dr. John Tweedie III DC
Dr. Todd Ulery DC
Dr. Joseph Ulichny DC
Dr. Brent Ungar DC
Sidney Unruh DC
Kenneth Urban DC
Mr. Tim Ursich MD
Dr. Danielle Vahlkamp DC
Dr. Frank Valente DC
Dr. David Van DC
Dr. Troy Van Biezen DC
Kim Van Der Veer DC, CCSP
Graeme Van Matre D C
Dr. Howard Van Nostrand DC, BS, BA
Dr. Donald Vanboskirk DC
Dr. Howard Vance DC
Dr. Aaron Vanderhoof DC
Dr. Bradley Vandyke DC
Dr. Russell Vanhemert DC, CCSP
Dr. Leonard Vankalmthout DC
Dr. Ann Vaughn DC
Dr. Ronald Vaughn DC
Dr. David Velasquez DC
Dr. Stephanie Veldman DC,CCSP
Dr. Christine Veltri DC
Jeffry Vendsel DC CCSP
Dr. Vincent Veneziano DC
Dr. Julia Verchio DC
Dr. Roger Verno DC
Dr. Lisa Viapiano DC
Dr. Charles Vifquain DC
Dr. Scott Vinci DC, DACBSP
Dr. Peter Viteritti MS, DC
Dr. Werner Von Marksfeld-Fuhrherr DC
Dr. Timothy Voss DC
Dr. David Wade DC
Ms. Gina Wade CMT
Dr. David Waggoner DC
James Wagner DC
Dr. Scott Wagner DC
Dr. Trevor Wagner DC
Dr. William Wagnon DC
Dr. Jacqueline Waice DC, ATC
Dr. Jesse Walden DC
Dr. Eric Waldorf DC
Dr. Jeffry Waldrop DC
Dr. Timothy Waldrup MS, DC, CCSP
Harold Walker JR. DC, CCSP
Dr. Marion Walker I DC
Dr. Roger Walker DC
Dr. Robert Walsh DC
Paul Walton DC
Dr. Tony Wano DC
Dr. David Ward DC
Dr. Erik Ward DC
Dr. Keith Warde DC
Dr. Darryl Warner D,C
Audrey Warnick DC
David Washa DC
Dr. Chris Wass DC
Dr. Brent Waterman DC
Dr. John Watson DC
Daniel Watters DC
Dr. Seth Watterson DC
Dr. Martine Wayne DC
Dr. Christopher Wayrich DC, OTR/L
Dr. Jimmie Weathers JR. DC
Dr. Louise Webb DC
Dr. Gary Weddell DC
Sheila Weddle DC
Scott Weiland DC
Dr. Lee Weiner DC
Dr. Deborah Weinstock DC
Dr. Chris Weir DC, MS
Dr. Magnus Weitekamper DC
Dr. Jeffrey Welker DC,CCSP
Dr. Kendra Wellman DC
Dr. Chad Wells DC
Dr. Jason Welsh DC
Curt Wesselmann DC
Dr. David West DC
Dr. Julia Westcott DC
Terry Weyman DC
Dr. Lynne Whalen DC
Dr. Kenneth Whidden JR. DC
Kenneth White DC
Kevin White DC
Dr. Mark White DC
Dr. Susan White DC
Viki White DC
Mark Whitemyer DC
Dr. Richard Whitney DC
Dr. Ryan Wigness DC
Dr. Adam Wilburn DC
Dr. Roy Wilburn DC
Dr. Richard Wilcox DC
Dr. Joey Wilcoxon DC
Dr. Jeffrey Wilder DC
Dr. Jim Wilkens DC
Dr. Chyrisse Wilkins DC
Dr. Steve Willen DC
Dr. Jeffrey Willes DC
Carolyn Williams RPH,DC,CCSP
Dr. Eric Williams DC CCSP
Michael Williams DC
Shane Williams DC
Dr. Rhonda Williams-Richmond D C
Dr. Suzanne Williamson DC
Dr. Lauren Wills DC
Dr. Frederick Wilson DC
Dr. Michael Wilson DC
Dr. Sarah Wilson DC
Dr. Sheila Wilson DC
Dr. Lawrence Withum DC
Robin Witt DC
Dr. Brian Wofford DC
Dr. Ferdinand Wojciechowski DC
Dr. Jeff Wolff
Dr. Dennis Wolter DC
Dr. Camille Wood DC
Dr. Christopher Wood DC
Dr. Gary Wood DC
Dr. George Wood JR. DC
Dr. Jeffery Wood SR. DC
Dr. Leslie Wood DC
Dr. Roy Wood DC
Dr. Scott Wood DC
Dr. Deborah Wood-Schade DC
Dr. Michael Wooten DC
Dr. Kyle Workman DC
Dr. David Wren DC,CCSP
Dr. Gary Wright DC
Dr. Troy Wroe DC
Dr. Richard Wurzler DC
Dr. Arnie Wynn DC
Anthony Yannessa DC
Dr. Lisa Yanni DC
Jolene Yoder DC
Dr. Phillip Yoo DC
Dr. Kenneth York DC
Dr. Stuart Yoss DC, CCSP
Dr. Gilbert Youdeem DC
Mr. Carol Young DC
Dr. Tracy Young DC
Dr. David Youtsler DC
Dr. Christopher Yu DC
Dr. Troy Zacherl DC
Dr. Vincent Zara DC,CCSP
Dr. Robert Zarach DC
Bahman Zargaraff DC
Dr. Adam Zimmerman DC
Dr. Keith Zimmermann DC
Dr. Patrick Zitt DC
Dr. Stephen Zografos DC
Charles Zollner DC
Nicholas Zuccala DC
Dr. Zachary Zugschwerdt DC
Grace Zuiker DC
Dr. Mark Zulovitz II DC
Dr. Alan Zurawski DC
Dr. Thomas Zwart DC

* Source: American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, 2009 [7/1/2009: definition added]

** Source: American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, 2009 [7/1/2009: definition added]