Respiratory Therapist, Certifieds

A Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) is a an entry level therapist who has passed a standardized written examination administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). CRTs provide diagnostic testing, therapeutics, monitoring, rehabilitation, and education to patients with disorders of the cardiopulmonary system. They provide these respiratory care services in all health care facilities and in the home. A CRT is a graduate of an associate degree program approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP) and where applicable, is licensed by the state and is practicing within the scope of the license. *

Specialization: Educational

The focus of patient and family education activities is to promote knowledge of disease process, medical therapy, and self help. Respiratory therapists are uniquely qualified to provide this service in regard to cardiopulmonary diseases and injury. **

Leslie Bristol
Denise Church CRT AE-C
Tasha Conner
Brenda Drury CRT AE-C
Chelsea Fleming
Sabrina Halse RT
Mary Hemberger RT
Mr. Paul Kloppe AE-C, RRT
Mr. Raymund Libang RCP
Ms. Cynthia Luther LCRT,MBA
Mr. Jose Menjivar CRT
Linda Nozart
Mr. Stephen Olbrish JR. RRT
Mrs. Maribel Sanchez RRT, CPFT, NPS
Ms. Tonya Shaw Carlton RCP
Lee Sheldon RT
Mrs. Julie Teat CRT
Mrs. Jacqueline Them RCP