Respiratory Therapist, Registereds

A Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) is an advanced therapist who has passed standardized written and clinical simulation examinations administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). In addition, to the certified therapist (CRT) entry level skills, RRTs have advanced education and training in patient assessment, in the development and modification of patient care plans, and in assuring the appropriate utilization of respiratory care resources. An RRT is a graduate of an associate or baccalaureate degree producing educational programs approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and where applicable, is licensed by the state and is practicing within the scope of that license. *

Specialization: Pulmonary Function Technologist

An individual who is trained and qualified to perform pulmonary diagnostic tests. In the course of conducting these tests, the Pulmonary Function Technologist is able to setup, calibrate, maintain, and ensure the quality assurance of the pulmonary function testing equipment. In the laboratory, clinical or patient care setting the technologist instructs patients, elicits cooperation, performs procedures, monitors patient response, and evaluates patient performance. Tests results are calculated, compared with predicted normal ranges, and evaluated for reliability. The technologist collects clinical history data and evaluates the clinical implications of the test results. **

Tristan Albrecht
Mr. William Bergstad RRT
Mr. Kevin Collins RRT, RPFT, AE-C
Jimmy Credo RRT-NPS, RPFT
Ms. Monica Dibble RCP
Mrs. Marice Dominguez RCP
Mrs. Rachel Elkin RCP
Mr. James Freda RRT-NPS, RPFT
Ms. Susan Galbreath RRT
Steven Gannon RCP
Mr. Thomas Geiger RRT
Catherine Glass RRT, RPFT
Amita Glonchak RCP, RRT, RPFT
Tara Harwi RRT
Mr. Rene Hinojosa RRT
Mr. Norman Howell RCP
Ms. Laura Hulse RRT
Mr. Robert Kania RRT/RPFT/RCP
Owen Knight RRT
Mrs. Janice Kupidlowski-Rogers RRT,CPFT,AE-C
Mr. David Mccommon RRT
Mrs. Norma Migoyo
Stacey Milligan RRT
Amy Nolde RRT
Shelly Palmer RRT
Mrs. Marilynn Rudolph RRT, AE-C
Larry Schellenberg RCP
Mr. David Schellhorn RRT,AE-C
Shay Sheishaa RRT, CRT, CPFT
Brandy Skaar RTT
Jennifer Soriano RRT CPFT
Mr. Will Stewart RRT
Jose Yanes RRT RPFT