Audiologist-Hearing Aid Fitters



An audiologist/hearing aid fitter is the professional who specializes in evaluating and treating people with hearing loss, conducts a wide variety of tests to determine the exact nature of an individual's hearing problem, presents a variety of treatment options to patients, dispenses and fits hearing aids, administers tests of balance to evaluate dizziness and provides hearing rehabilitation training. This classification should be used where individuals are licensed as "audiologist-hearing aid fitters" as opposed to states that license individuals as "audiologists". **

Mrs. Jihan Abdelrasoul
Dr. Debra Abel AUD
Amanda Abrisch AUD
Mrs. Rona Ackerman MA
Dr. Nimet Adam AUD
Stephanie Adamovich PHD, CCC-A
Brett Adams AUD
Mrs. Christina Adams AUD, CCC-A
Mr. David Adams BC-HIS
Dr. Jennifer Adams AUD, CCC/A
Dr. Jennifer Adams AUD
Dr. Judith Adams AUD
Dr. Nicole Addeo AUD
C. Addison CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Jamie Adickes AUD
Margaret Adkins AUD
Ms. Pamela Adkins MS,CCC-A
Dr. Kirsten Adkisson AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Marin Adkisson AUD
Ms. Eve Adler MS
Mrs. Luz Adley MA, CCC-A
Kim Aeillo MA, CCC-A FAAA
Susan Agricola MS
Dr. Manuela Aguilar AUD
Norma Aguilera
Richard Ahern HIS
Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Ruchi Ahuja MS
Mrs. Sheila Aichele AUD
Francis Aiello PHD, CCC-A
Neil Aiello MA
Kaori Akashi AUD
Ms. Carol Albers CCC(A),FAAA
Dr. Kristi Albers AUD
Kimberly Albert MA
Dr. Melinda Alegria AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Lara Alessandrelli MS, CCC-A
Cathleen Alex AUD
Dr. Ashley Alexander AUD
Melissa Alexander AUD
Mr. Dassan Ali SCD, CCC-A
Dr. Danielle Allen AUD
Elizabeth Allen
Kristi Allen MS, CCC-A
Mary Allen MS, CCC-A
Roma Allen MA, CCC-A
Mr. Walter Allery MS/CCC-A
Phillip Allred AUD
Patti Ally MS
Dr. Deborah Almarez AUD
Miss Elaine Almquist AUD
Lisa Alt AUD, CCC/A
Mr. Phillip Alt MSCCCA
Ms. Carolyn Alto MA
Dr. Providence Alvira AUD CCC-A
Julia Amann AUD
Dr. David Ambrose SR. AUD
Mr. Kevin Amdahl MA
Erin Amiot AUD
Morilyn Amos
Dr. Kimberly Amrod AUD
Annabel Anae MCD AU
Anne Anderson MA CCC/A
Mr. Blane Anderson CCC-A
Mr. Brian Anderson BC-HIS
Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson MED
Mr. James Anderson MA, CCC/A
Dr. Janice Anderson AU D
Ms. Jeana Anderson MA-CCC-A
Ms. Jessica Anderson MA, CCC-A
Kiersten Anderson
Lindsey Anderson AUD
Mrs. Nancy Anderson MS,CCC-A
Rachel Anderson AUD
Sheree Anderson MA, CCC-A
Susan Anderson AUD
Dr. Kaleigh Andino AUD
Mr. William Andreassen AUD
Dr. Kimberly Andresen AUD CCC-A
Dr. Roger Angelelli PHD
Donna Annicelli MS, CCC-A
Kathryn Antreasian MA
Ana Anzola CCC-A
Mr. Benjamin Apilado MA
Jacquelyn Apligian MS,CCC/A
Lianne Aponte AUD
Kimberly Arado MA CCC-A
Mrs. Denise Arceneaux MCD
Mrs. Stacey Arcuri MS, CCC-A
Richard Areitio PHD
Judith Arick AUD CCC A
Miss Tiffany Armstrong AUD
Dr. Hilary Arnaud AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Hyo Chang Arnold AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Michelle Arnold AUD, CCC-A
Nola Aronson
Dr. Amanda Ary AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Mr. Robert Asby MS
Sarah Ascher MS
Marylou Astorino AUD
Haley Athey AUD
Judith Attaway MA
Dr. Shelby Atwill AUD
Mr. Daniel Auble
Jennifer Auer MS, CCC-A
Kimberly Auerbach MS, CCC-A
Ms. Robin Auerbach AUD
Dr. Paige Aufseeser
Rebecca Awad AUD
Ms. Liat Azoulay MSCCC-A
Dr. Christina Babian AUD,CCC-A
Tracy Bacchus
Valentina Bachnivsky MAT
Dr. Katherine Bachtel AUD
Dr. Catherine Back AUD
Elvera Bader AUD
Jennifer Badillo
Dr. Amy Badstubner AUD
Diane Badua AUD
Dr. Carolyn Bagchi AUD
Ms. Mary Bagwell MA
Dr. Ali Bailey AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Andrea Bailey MA, CCC-A
Dr. Nicholas Bailey AUD
Ms. Pauline Bailey MA FAAA
Ms. Shonda Bailey MA, CCC/A
Anna Baird MS CCC-A
Amanda Baker AUD
Connie Baker
Dr. Danette Baker AUD
Mrs. Deborah Baker AUD
Sarah Baker MCD
Miss Jasmit Bal AUD
Mrs. Julia Balbach MA CCC-A
Ms. Kim Baldock-Mahloch AUD
Julie Ball MA
Ms. Elena Ballezzi MA CCC-A
Jason Balsom
Mark Banks
Dr. Christi Barbee AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Bunny Barber MS, CCC-A
Dr. Tracy Barber AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Barbour AUD
Cheryl Barker
Lloyd Barker HIS
Sara Barnes AUD
Jeffrey Baron AUD
David Barr PH D
Lori Barr
Dr. Anna Barrett AUD
Dr. Jillian Barrett PHD
Kristin Barringer Rich AUD
Mrs. Laura Barron AUD
Mrs. Sara Barron MS
Mrs. Ann Barsch MS
Mr. Craig Barth MA, CCC-A
Dr. Heather Bartley AUD
Victoria Bartling MA, CCC-A
Dr. Carolyn Barton AUD
Dr. Dawn Bass AUD
Dr. Jessie Batchelor AUD
Dr. Michelle Batson AUD
Rosemary Bauchiero
Dr. Chad Bauer AUD
Meredith Baum AUD
Karl Baurys MS, CCC-A
Dr. Yelizaveta Baykina AUD
Mrs. Carol Beach MA, CCC-A
Ms. Darcy Beals MS, CCC-A
Ms. Melinda Bean MS CCCA
Susan Beaton
Dr. Callie Beauchamp AUD
Ms. Amy Becken AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Alan Becker MA, CCC-A
Ms. Laurie Bedient MA, CCC/A
Julie Beeler MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Beth Beeman AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kristi Been Hallum AUD
Mrs. Lisa Behringer MA, FAAA, CCC-A
Dr. Sophia Behrmann AUD
Mrs. Roberta Beile MA, CCC-A
Kimberly Bell MA
Ms. Theresa Bell MS
Mary Ann Bellissima MS
Dr. Gail Belus AUD
Melody Benedic AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Benites AUD
Anamika Bennett LD
Laurie Bennett CCC-A
Mrs. Sarah Bennett AUD, CCC/A
Ms. Sherlyn Benois-Green AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Ms. Kim Benson MA CCC-A
Dr. Nicholas Benson AUD
Mr. Douglas Benthien MS
Ruth Bentler PHD, CCC-A
Dr. Mary Jo Benyo AUD
Ms. Carolyn Bequette MS CCC-A
Marcia Berezin MA
Nikki Bergman
Dr. Lisa Berkeley AUD
Lisa Berliner
Jennifer Berman Cassell AUD
Deborah Berndtson AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Jill Bernstein AUD
Dr. Christine Berry AUD
Grace Berry
Dr. Janette Berry AUD
Katie Berry AUD, CCC-A
Pamela Best AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Maria Bettilyon MA
Dr. Christopher Beuhler AUD
Joseph Bialobreski AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Keshunna Biddings AUD
Dr. Daniel Bigart AUD
Mrs. Cassandra Billiet AUD
Dr. Sheri Billing AUD, F-AAA
Mr. Richard Bird MS
Megan Bishop AUD
Cynthia Bjur MA, CCC-A
Dr. Austin Black AUD
Carol Black MS
Stacy Blackington AUD
Dr. Staci Blackwell AUD
Rebecca Blaha AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Diane Blaising AUD, FAAA, CCC-A
Dr. Sandra Blake AUD
Clayton Blakeney MS, CCC/A
Marcia Blank AUD
Mrs. Mary Blasetti AUD CCC A
Mrs. Patsy Bledsoe AUD
Dr. Peggy Blum AUD
Denise Boatner MS, CCC-A
Dr. Daniel Bode AUD CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Erica Bodie AUD
Teresa Boemio MS
Ms. Judy Boersma AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Robyn Bogan AUD
Stacey Boles MS, CCC-A
Dr. Mary Boll AUD
Ms. Jean Boller MS,CCC-A
Mr. Tel Boman MS, AUD
Dr. Gary Bond DD
Stephen Boney PHD CCC-A
Ms. Jennifer Bonner MS
Dr. Kimberly Bonney AUD
Rebecca Bonser MS
Corinne Boodoo MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Rebecca Book AUD
Dr. Magdalene Boorazanes AUD
Dawn Booth CCC-A
Dr. Michelle Borders AUD
Brytni Borel AUD
Dr. Rivka Bornstein AUD
Roksana Borukhova AUD
Ms. Julie Bossenberry AUD
Dr. Kenneth Bouchard PHD
Fred Boudreaux
Mr. Myron Bouray
Stephanie Bourn-Macdonald
Jo Bowlin-Johnson
Brent Bowman
Mrs. Dawn Boyle MA CCC A
Dr. Susan Boyle AUD
Dr. Thomas Boyle PHD
Dr. Monica Brace AUD
Mr. Steven Bradbury MA
Jessie Bradley AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Vicki Bradley AUD
Emily Bradof
Dr. Jane Brady AUD
Melinda Brahmer CCC-A
Pouya Bral MA,CCC-A
Dr. Mary Bramel AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Shannon Bramlette MA
Tracy Brande MS
Karen Brandt MA, CCC-A
Dr. Beatrice Braun AUD
J. Bravo AUD
Susan Bray MA
Stephen Brems
Dr. Gail Brenner AUD
Ms. Carol Breslau MED
Lewis Breslau AUD
Jeffry Brice MCD
Karen Bridger MA
Eileen Bridges MA,CCC-A
Nancy Bridges AUD, CCC/A
Mrs. Robbie Bright-Poole MS CCCA
Hillary Brink MA, CCC/A
Helen Brislin-Johnson
Dr. Maryellen Brisson AUD
Dr. Lana Britt AUD
Mrs. Sommer Brock AUD
Mr. Robert Broeckert MS CCC-A
Kody Brooks AUD CCC/A
Mr. Lance Brooks
Ms. Mira Brooks AUD CCC-A
Brittany Brose AUD
Mrs. Susan Brosnihan MS/CCC-A
Coby Brothers
Allison Brower MS, CCCA, FAAA
Andrew Brown MA
Brittany Brown AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Christy Brown AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Emily Brown AUD
Heidi Brown AUD
Janet Brown MA CCC
Dr. Katherine Brown AUD
Mary Louise Brozena AUD
Stephanie Bryant AUD
Susan Bryant MA,CCC-A
Mr. William Bryant AUD/F
Patrick Buchanan
Brad Buchholtz AUD
Mr. Christopher Buchler JR.
Miss Sarah Buchner AUD
Dr. Ann Budinger AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Allyson Bull AUD
Ron Burch MA
Janelle Burdette MS, CCC/A, FAAA
Erica Burdoin-Rogers
Ms. Linda Burger
Amanda Burke
Ms. Deborah Burke CCC-A
Dr. Sienna Burke AUD
Mr. John Burkey MA
Dr. Karen Burkey AUD
Patricia Burmeister MA, CCC-A
Phillip Burney AUD
Dr. Erin Burns AUD
Mrs. Ann Burre MA
Ms. Alison Burris MS
Emily Burt AUD
Dr. Lindsay Bush AUD
Dr. Crystal Bushey-Mata AUD
Mrs. Amber Butcher MA, CCC-A
Danielle Butz AUD
Miss B. Buxton MA, CCC-A
Larry Byle AUD, FAAA
Dr. John Byram AUD
Ms. Lee Byrd MA
Mrs. Anne Byrnes AUD
Anna Bzdok AUD
Dr. Mary Caccavo PHD
Chelsea Cagle
Christie Cahill AUD
Judy Cahill MA,CCC
Mr. James Cain MS, CCC-A
Dr. Lori Caldwell AUD
Mrs. Marion Caldwell AUD
Mrs. Mikal Caldwell-Miller MA, F-AAA
Kelly Callari
Dr. Douglas Callen PHD
Norma Camacho
Mrs. Alexandra Camacho-Luna MA, CCC/A
Dr. Kristen Camarota AUD
Allison Campbell AUD CCC A
Mr. William Campbell MS,CCCA
Cynthia Campos-Mackins MSCCC-A
Elda Canabal MSA
Helene Cantin AUD
Anne Capogna
Mrs. Kyle Caprari MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Carla Carazo AUD
Dr. Jacqueline Carder AUD
Mrs. Nicole Cardi AU D
Sarah Carey MS CCCS
Anja Carl AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Carnicom MA,CCC-A
Dr. Lynn Carpenter AUD, CCC-A
Patricia Carr CCCA
Christina Carrano AUD
Brenna Carroll LD
Esmeralda Carroll
Mrs. Tia Carroll MS CCC-A
Ms. Virginia Carroll AUD
Mrs. Elizabeth Carson M S
Anne Carter PHD
Mrs. Haley Carter MS CCC-A
Ms. Hillary Carter AUD-DOCTOR OF AUDI
Dr. John Carter AUD
Laura Carter AUD
Mr. Francis Caruano MS
Mr. Gustavo Casas MS
Dr. Alicia Casey AUD
Celeste Castellano MS
Dr. Fabiola Castro-Lauman AUD
Mr. Raymond Catania MACCCA
Megan Cates AUD
Terry Cathers
Mrs. Allison Catlett MS, CCC-A
Paula Cattel MA, CCC-A
Dr. Judith Caudle AUD
Kimberly Cavitt AUD
John Caylor
Ariana Cecere AUD
Allison Cecil AUD
Beth Cegavske DA
Heather Celona MA
Dr. Sarah Cerney AUD
Dr. Daniel Chadwell PHD
Shon Chaffee MS
Sara Chai AUD
Mrs. Stacy Chalmers MS CCCA
Ms. Desiree Chamberlain MA
Mandi Chambless AUD
Dr. Alice Chan AUD
David Chandler PHD
Ms. Yongching Chang-Allen MA CCC-A
Mr. Kurt Chappell
Linda Charlebois MS, CCC-A
Lauren Charles AUD
Judith Chasin MA CCCA
Kristin Chauvin AUD
Robin Cheatham MS
Mark Cheple
Sau Cheung
Dr. Stephanie Chiappetta AUD
Dr. Shannon Ching AUD
Dr. Carol Chinn AUD
Dr. Michele Chiolan AUD
Ms. Patricia Chirillo MS
Roopal Chitnis
Roy Christensen MS, CCC-A, F-AAA
Sara Christensen AUD
Erin Christiansen LD
Dr. Valerie Christianson AUD, CCC-A
Sharon Christopherson MA
George Christos AUDIOLOGIST
Audrey Chumley MS
Mrs. Kristen Chun AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Kimi Kyungri Chung MS, CCC-A
Renee Cichon AUD
Dr. Amanda Cielesz AUD
Dr. Nicole Cioni AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Allison Clark AUD
Jerillyn Clark
Mr. Joseph Clark MA, CCC-A
Rachel Clark AUD
Roy Clark MS, CCC-A
Jennifer Clarke AUD
Dr. Michael Clarke AUD
Mr. Edward Clausen MA
Mrs. Dianne Claxton-Taggart
Dr. Raye Clayton AUD
Dr. Evan Claytor AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Cleary AUD
Mrs. Leila Cleveland AUD
Tiffany Cobb MED
Jessica Cofoni AUD
Dr. Irene Cohen AUD
Marjorie Cohen MS
Dr. Robert Cohen AUD
Ronald Cohen PHD
Debra Colby FAAA
Mrs. Jody Cole
Dr. Bria Collins AUD
Dr. Emilie Collins AUD
Dr. Kent Collins AUD
Claire Collord Johnson AUD
Ms. Joanne Colombo Hughes MA AUDIOLOGY
Dr. Loretta Coltharp Morton AUD
Dr. Courtney Commander AUD
Caitlin Conley AUD
Mrs. Judith Conley MA, CCC-A
Leah Conlin AU
Mr. Ronald Conlin MS CCC-A
Mrs. Linda Connick HAS
Ms. Marybeth Conrad AUDIOLOGIST
Mrs. Sara Conrad AUD
Brenda Cook MA-CCC
Dr. Donald Cook AUD
Michelle Cooley AUD
Elizabeth Cooper MA
Dr. Jeffrey Cooper AUD
Dr. William Cooper JR. PHD
Whitney Cope AUD
Dr. Carly Copeland AUD
Dr. Kambra Corbin AUD
Katie Cordell AUD
Julie Corder MS, F-AAA
Mrs. Jean Cordes MSED CCC-A
Ms. Lauren Cordle PA-C
Dr. Dori Cormier AUD CCC-A
Mrs. Marcia Cornell MA, CCC-A
Robert Cornuelle MA
Mrs. Julie Correia MA
Dr. Terry Corso-Oboyle AUD
Andrea Cossettini
Laura Costa MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Kerrianne Costantino BS
Ms. Alexandra Costlow AUD
Candace Coston
Gary Cote MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Jodi Cottrell MS CCCA
Mrs. Joanne Coughlin
Susanne Cover MS
Cameron Cowan AUD
Leigh Cowan MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Susan Cowgill MA, CCC-A
Dr. Tracy Cowman AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Annemarie Cox CCC-A
Stefani Cozine MS
Mrs. Michelle Cramer AUD
Joyce Crawford
Cara Crawley AUD,CCC-A
Mr. Jeffery Creel II AUD
Kristin Cresci AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Jennifer Crespo MA
Tracey Cresswell AUD,FAAA
Patricia Crews AUD
Suzanne Crisafulli MA
Mrs. Patricia Cristiano MS
Mrs. Patricia Cronin MS, CCC-A
Dr. Garr Crookston AUD
Dr. Raymond Crookston AUD
Rachel Crout AUD
Dr. Carl Croutch AUD
Dr. Gina Crovato AUD
Ms. Cecilia Crump MS, CCC-A
Ms. Teresa Crumpton AUD
Dr. Friedel Cunningham AUD
Dr. Judith Curtin AUD CCC A/SLP
Amanda Curtis MED
Kelcey Cushman AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Lisa Cutillo AUD
Janet Cutting MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Julie Cutting MA
Ms. Linda D'alessio MS
Mrs. Michelle D'amico MA CCC-A
Ms. Demelza D'souza CCC/A, F-AAA
Jenifer Daganzo AUD
Erica Dahl AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Charles Daily III MS, CCC-A
Linda Daily MA
Dr. Mark Dame AUD
Amanda Damron MS,CCC-A
Dr. Melissa Danchak AUD
Jessica Dancis
Ms. Barbara Danford AUD
Catherine Dangelser AUD
Mrs. April Daniel MA
Mrs. Jennifer Dann MSCCCA
Emily Darchangelo AUD
John Darr JR.
Diana Daugherty AUD
Kelli Davenport AUD
James Davidson MA CCCA
Dr. Kellie Davidson AUD
Lori Davidson AUD
Salley Davidson M AUD, CCC-A
Meghann Davies AUD
Dr. Evelyn Davies-Venn MS, AUD
Ms. Carol Davis MA, AUDIOLOGY
Carrie Davis AUD
Mrs. Diane Davis MA CCC-A
Mrs. Eileen Davis Roesler MS CCCA
Angel De La Cruz MCD, FAAA
Luis De La Garza
Mrs. Susan Deahl MCD
Dr. James Dean AUD
Susan Debondt AUD
Jan Decicco MA CCC A
Nadeen Defere MS
Dr. David Dekriek AUD
Ms. Deborah Delange MS
Ms. Shanann Delong MS, CCC-A
Joseph Delorier
Jacquelyn Demetroff MA
Mrs. Tracey Demmon MA CCC-A
Dr. Judith Demorest AUD
Barbara Dempsey
Shawn Denham AUD
Ms. Nancy Deniro AUDIOLOGIST
Sara Denley AUD
Dr. Leilani Dennis AUD
Tammy Deoliveira MS CCC/A
Dr. Candace Depp AUD
Robert Der MSC
Ms. Leslie Derat AUD
Carol Desimone MS
Jennifer Dessel AUD
Dr. Susan Detels AUD
Margaret Devane MS
Mr. Simon Devilly MA
Dr. Natasha Dewald AUD
Stephen Dexter MA
Jacquelynn Dey AUD
Mrs. Melissa Deyo MS
Ms. Michele Di Stefano MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Sherri Dibattista MA
Erin Dickens AUD
Dr. Nancy Dickey AUD
Mr. Andrew Dickman MA
Chelsea Dieck
Alyssa Diersing AUD
Dr. Kathleen Digiovanni AUD
Mrs. Christine Diles
Mr. William Diles
Joanne Dillon MS, CCC-A
Dr. Pauline Dinnauer AUD
Ms. Stephanie Dino-Guida MSCCC-A
Dr. Vickie Dionne AUD
Dr. Lauren Dipasquale AUD
Mrs. Christine Dirienzo MS CCC-A
Stephanie Disney MS, CCC-A
Robert Disogra AUD
Hannah Ditmars Buckwalter AUD
Dr. Rebecca Dixon AUD
Sharon Doan MA, CCC-A
Dr. Edward Dobbins AUD
Brenda Dodd MS
Anne Dolan AUD
Rebecca Dolan AUD
Carol Dolshun MA, CCC-A
Mary Donigan AUD
Dr. Amy Donnellon AUD
Mrs. Sally Donohue CCC-A
Dr. Kathryn Dowd AUD, CCCA, FAAA
Dr. Dawne Dowdy AUD
Jon Drake AUD
Dr. Jennifer Drohosky AUD
Dr. Leah Drullinger AUD
Mrs. Sarah Dryanski AUD
Dr. Dennis Dubin AUD
Mrs. Jill Duchaine MA CCCA
Mrs. Jean Dugas MS , CCC-A
Mrs. Melissa Duke M A, CCC-A
Mr. Alan Dumaine MA CCCA
Ms. Crista Duncan AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Dr. Nancy Duncan AUD
Margaret Dunlap AUD
Sherry Duperier MS
Mr. Daniel Duran AUD
Anthony Durig MA
Benjamin Durig AUD
Dr. Melissa Duthu AUD, CCC-A
Deborah Dutrow MA,CCC-A
Monica Duve AUD
Kelly Dvorak AUD
Mary Dworak MA, CCC-A
Ashley Dyche HIS
Lisa Dyre MA
Kimberly Dzikowski MS, CCC-A
Whitney Eanes PH D, CCC-A
Brian Earl MS
Dr. Ann Eddins PHD
Dr. David Eddins PHD, MS, CCC-A
Hazel Eddy MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Jenny Edgemon MS, CCC-A
Robyn Edgson BS, BC-HIS
Jennifer Edmonds CCC-A
Mr. Robert Edris MED
Dr. Ernest Edwards AUD
Tasha Edwards AUD
Terri Edwards AUD
Dr. April Egarian AUD
Jeanette Ehlers
Dr. Sharon Ehrenberg AUD
Dr. Beth Ehrlich AUD
Cheryl Eiler
Miss Sharon Einbinder MS, CCC-A
Dr. Holly Eischens AUD
Lauren Eisenberg AUD
Shannon Elam AUD
Scott Elbert
Dr. Aura Elder AUD
Mrs. Salisha Elder-Christensen AUD
Charles Elia MA
Mrs. Anna Elias MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Sarah Elias AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Bridget Elliott AUD
Mrs. Laurie Elmets MA,CCC/A
Hala Elsisy
Debra Engebos AUD
Mary Engel MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Linda Engelmann AUD
Bari Engelsberg-Vecchio MA
Beau England AUD
Dr. Mendy Engler AUD, CCC-A
Sharon English-Mcmellon MC, CCC-A
Mrs. Hilary Eppert MA, CCC-A
Dr. David Epter AUD
Dr. Christa Erdle AUD
Todd Ericksen MA, CCC-A
Dr. Christine Erickson AUD
Mr. Derek Erickson AUD
Dr. Lesley Ericsson AUD
Mrs. Ann Erwin MS CCC A
Dr. Leanna Escobar AUD
Dr. Diana Eshleman AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Julie Espili MS, CCC-A
Mr. Paul Esposito MA
Gloria Esquivel
Dr. Suzanne Estep AUD
Mr. George Evans MA CCC-A
Jean Evans MA
Mr. Jerome Evans AUD
Mr. Robert Evans MA CCC A
Tony Evans AUD
Elyse Ewig
Carla Facer AUD
Dr. Amanda Fadden AUD
Dr. Roger Fagan AUD
Dr. Dena Fahlquist AUD
Dana Falappi MS
Isaac Farias MS
Mrs. Traci-Lynn Farley MS, CCC-A
Todd Farnham AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Dudley Farrell PH D, CCC-A
John Farrell MA, AUD
Dr. Linda Farrow AUD
Ms. Melissa Farrow AUD
Ms. Nishat Fatima AUD
Dr. Mark Faulk AUD
Mr. Douglas Faulkner
Michael Faulkner AUD
Mallory Faust
Mr. Fred Favetta MA, CCC-A
Dr. Marlene Fayette-Cowgill AUD
Ronald Fecek MA,CCC-A
Yvonne Feffer
Lisa Fell AUD
Pauline Fennimore MS, CCC-A
Ms. Molly Fenwick MA
Rebecca Ference AUD
Hugh Ferguson
Dr. Judith Ferraro AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Joseph Ferrito AUD
Katherine Fick AUD
Mrs. Jayne Fields M AUD CCC-A
Dr. Elizabeth Finch AUD
Brianne Fink AUD
Mr. Daniel Finnegan AUD
Mrs. Deidre Fiore MA
Dr. Natasha Fischang AUD
Dr. Debra Fischenich AUD,CCC-A,FAAA,ABA
Ms. Donna Fischer MS
Mrs. Renee Fisher MCD, CCC-A
Jacqueline Fitzgerald AUD
Mrs. Stacy Fitzgerald MS, CCC-A
Dr. William Fitzgibbon AUD
Mrs. Valerie Fitzgibbons MA CCCA
Ashley Flagge AUD
Mrs. Stephanie Fleckenstein MA, CCC-A
Pamela Fleming AUD
Dr. Carlita Fletcher AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Leanne Fletcher AUD
Mrs. Janet Flick MA F AAA
Sarah Florence MS
Dr. Lauren Foley AUD
Veronica Foley MS, CCC-A
John Folmar AUD
Lauren Fong
Janis Forbord MA
Mrs. Vicki Ford MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Julie Fortenberry MCD, CCC-A
Mrs. Carla Fortune AUD
Dr. Craig Foss AUD F-AAA
Marcia Foster AUD, CCC-A
Wesley Foster MA
Dr. Julie Fournier AUD, CCC-A
Karen Fowler MS
Dr. Kimberly Fox AUD, CCC-A
Marjorie Fox AUD, CCC-A
Miss Kay Frallic MA, CCC-A
Wendy Framel AUD, CCC-A
Shelley Francis
Kimberley Franczyk AUD, CCC-A
Peggy Frank MA CCC-A
Ms. Jessica Frankel AUD
Dr. Kimberly Franklin AUD
Ms. Melissa Franklin MA, CCC-A
Dr. Koach Frazier AUD
Dr. Nicole Frazier AUD
Mrs. Louise Frebowitz MSPA CCC
Mrs. Lori Frederick MA, CCC-A
Dr. Hal Freed AUD
Dr. Audrey Freeman AUD
Mr. Gregory Freeman MS CCC-A
Nicole Freemont
Dr. Krista Frick AUD
Dr. Abigail Friend
Mary Frintner AUD
Cara Frost
Emil Frymark AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Weining Fu-Feng AUD
Ms. Sarah Fugleberg
Joseph Fulfs AUD
Cassie Fuller AUD
Melissa Fuller
Robert Furby MS FAAA
Joan Furstenberg AUD
Yoshio Furuya MA
Dr. Cassandra Fynes AUD, CCC-A
Christina Gabler AUD
Mr. David Gager MS,CCC-A
David Gagliardi AUD
Dr. Carolyn Gaiero AUD
Paige Gainey AUD
Dr. Laura Galasso-Coons AUD CCC-ASLP
Dr. Jessica Galatioto AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kimber Gallagher AUD
Rosemary Gallagher
Anne Galloway I AUD
Mrs. Katherine Gamerl MSCCC-A
Dr. Robert Gance AUD
Phillip Gandy
Mr. Stephen Gannaway MA
Richard Gans PHD
Mrs. Mei Gao AUD
Dr. Ashley Garcia AUD
Mr. Ernest Garcia MS, AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Gilbert Garcia AUD, F-AAA
Cassie Garner PHD
Mary Jane Garnett AUD
Bobbie Garrett MA, AUD, HAD, FAAA
Mavis Garrett AUD,
Sara Garrison AUD
Rubi Garvelli
Dr. Mary Ann Gaskin AUD
Marianne Gaspary MS-CCC
Dr. Jennifer Gathright AUD
Mr. Steven Gatlin AUD
Dr. Danielle Gautreaux AUD
Mr. Edward Gavronski AT,HAS
Dr. Elizabeth Gdula AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Pamela Geiger AUD
Mrs. Cathy Gellner MS CCC-A
Deanna Gende AUD
Dr. Carolyn Genna AUD, FAAA
Mrs. Nancy George AUD
Mr. Thomas Gerbino AUD
Amanda Gerst AUD
Jillian Gerstenberger AUD
Dr. Ashley Gervais AUD
Barbara Gessner AUD
Jonathan Getreu MA CCC-A
Noreen Gibbens MS
Shannon Gibbons MA, FAAA
Blair Gibson AUD, CCC-A
Keiko Gibson AUD
Lewis Gidley AUD
Dr. Carolyn Gigliotti AUD
Dr. Jaimie Gilbert PHD, CCC-A
Melanie Gilbert AUD
Sandra Gilbert MA
Mrs. Amanda Giles MCD, CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Gill AUD
Sun Mi Gille AUD
Dr. Angela Gillentine AUD
Ian Gillespie MS
Mr. Joseph Gillespie MAUD
Patricia Gillilan Symons
Dr. Nancy Gilston AUD CCCA
John Gimbel MS, CCC-A
Mr. Jason Ginapp
Dr. Suzanne Ginter AUD
Dr. Peter Gioia AUD
Ms. Sheila Giovannini MA, CCC-A
Ashley Gipson AUD
Dr. Arifa Gir AUD
Mrs. Celeste Giraitis MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Susan Gitterman MA,CCC-A
Pamela Gjertson AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Laraine Gladstone MS CCC-A
Ms. Megan Glaspie AUD
Dr. Kelley Glass AUD
Dr. Julie Glick AUD, F-AAA
Hayley Godby AUD
Samantha Godby AUD, CCC-A, FAA
Teresa Marie Godsell AUD
Julie Goebel MA, CCC/A
Julie Goebel AUD
Ms. Kelli Goering AUD
Dr. Crystal Goetz AUD
Debra Goffinet M A CCC-A
Joseph Goffinet MS, CCC-A
Dr. Michael Goforth AUD
Brad Gold AUD
Jessica Goldberg
Sara Goldfarb
Mr. Gregg Goldhagen MS
Dr. Thomas Goldman PHD
Marian Goldsmith MS, AUDIOLOGY
Jerod Goldstein PHD
Linda Goldstein MA CCC-A
Lisa Goldstein MA
Mrs. Michele Goldstein MS
Greg Golod
Bethany Gonczy AUD
Dr. Ayrel Gonzalez AUD
Mrs. Diana Gonzalez MS CCC-A
Maggie Goode AUD
Jessica Goodstein AUDIOLOGIST
Susan Gore AUD
Mrs. Kathy Gorman AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Amit Gosalia AUD
Ms. Jennifer Goshorn MA CCC-A
Ms. Michelle Gotay
Mrs. Kim Goudreau AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Regina Gould MA,CCC-A
Christine Goulet AUD
Dr. Lauren Gowdy AUD
Megan Grable AUD
Heather Gradisek AUD
Ms. Christine Graf AUD
Andrea Graham AUD
Christina Graham AUD
Dr. Mary Graham AUD
John Grama MA
Kristen Granberry
Dr. Catherine Grange AUD
Cathryn Grant MED
Donna Grant AUD,CCC-A
Mel Grant AUD
Pamela Graves MS, CCC-A
Dr. Lara Gray AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Gray-Karagrigoriou AUD
Mrs. Marie Graziani AUD CCCA
Mrs. Karen Green MA, CCC-A
Shirley Green BC-IHS, ACA
Dr. Shelby Greenberg AUD
Mrs. Debra Greenberger MS, CCC-A
Kirby Greene MED
Mr. Daniel Greenwald MA
Dr. Amy Greer AUD
Dr. Elise Gregoire
Carol Gregory MS
Julienne Grenier MA, CCC/A
Dr. Marilyn Gresham AUD
Karl Grever MS CCC-A
Dr. Althea Grey AUD, CCC/A, FAAA
Dr. Kathleen Grichar AUD
Mrs. Kathie Griffith MA
Michael Grijalva
Dr. Sarah Groff AUD
Dr. Stephen Grolnic AUD
Lauren Gromel MS CCC-A
Christine Gronvall
Ann Grosch HA 8179
Talya Gross CCC-A
Luke Grossi
Bethami Grossman AUD
Jennifer Grosstick AUD
Miss Gina Groves AUD,CCC-A
Eleanor Grunwald MA,FAAA,CCC-A
Mrs. Jamie Grusecki MA, CCC-A
Dr. Carolyn Guarnieri AUD, CCC-A
Heather Guerra AUD
Joshua Guerra
Mrs. Lisa Guerra MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Elizabeth Guffey MA, FAAA
Meagan Guidry MS, CCC/A
Megan Guidry AUD
Mrs. Heather Guier MS, CCC-A, F-AAA
Dr. Gary Guilfoyle AUD
Ms. Carmen Guillermo MA (MASTER OF ARTS
Mr. Gordon Guinette
Dr. Radhika Gupta AUD
Lois Gushin MS
Mark Gustina MS/ CCC-A
Sherry Gutierrez
Stephanie Gutzmer AUD
Dr. Eric Hagberg AUD
Ronald Hageman AUD CCCA
Mr. Kevin Hague MA, CCC-A
Dr. Donna Haider AUD
Mr. Rodney Hale AUD
Dr. Lainie Hales AUD
Mr. Greg Hall MS, CCC-A
Haley Hall AUD
Teri Hall MS
Dr. Terry Hall AU D
William Hall
Mrs. Sharon Hall-Russo
Ms. Lori Hallett MA
Mrs. Wendy Halsey-Richardson MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kelly Halterman AUD
Howard Hamburger
Ginger Hamilton AUD
Mrs. Karen Hamilton
Shelley Hamilton AUD
Mrs. Susan Hamilton AUD
Troy Hamilton MS, CCC-A
Ms. Holly Hammerstrom MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Stephanie Hammond
Dr. Tiffany Hammonds AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Jaime Hampton AUD
Shonie Hannah MA, CCC-A
Susan Hansborough AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Lisa Hansel AUD
Mrs. Diana Hanson MS, CCC-A
Tammy Hanson AUD
Mr. Monte Hardin MA
Keithia Harding AUD
Mrs. Michelle Hardy BS, MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Kathleen Harlan MA, CCC-A
Diane Harrell MED
Erin Harrigan AUD
Barbara Harrington AUD
Brian Harrington AUD
Patricia Harrington Gans AUD
Miss Elizabeth Harris HEARING SPECIALIST
Karen Harris AUD
Linda Harris MA CCC-A
Lynn Harris AUD CCC SPA
Dr. Stacy Harris AUD
Susan Harris
Dr. Teresa Harris AUD
Dr. Victoria Harris AUD DOCTOR OF AUDI
Dr. Mary Sue Harrison AUD
Mr. Todd Harry AUD
Dianna Hart CCC-A
Dr. Peter Hart AUD
Dr. Stephen Hart AUD
Tina Hart MA
Mr. James Harter MA-CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Hartze AUD
Andrea Harvey MS
Brian Harvey HIS
Dr. Christopher Harvey AUD
Kathy Harvey MS, CCC-A, BC-HIS
Patricia Harvey AUD, CCC
Mr. Paul Harvey MA,CCC-A
Dr. Meredy Hase AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Kara Haupt MS
Mr. John Haupt Iii MED CCC-A
Mr. Elias Hawa MCH,CCC-A,FAAA
Christina Hawkins MS, CCC-A
Jamie Hawkins MS, CCC/A
Mrs. Elizabeth Hayden MA, CCC-A
Deborah Hayes
Lisa Hayward MS
Susan Healea MA-CCCA
Elizabeth Hearn AUD,CCC-A
Eric Hecker PHD
Janet Hedger MA
Megan Hedman AUD
Melinda Heegel CCC-A
Mr. John Heffernan MS&CCC-A
Margaret Heil MS, CCC-A
Jodi Heimer
Natalie Hein AUD
Mrs. Melissa Heinricy AUD
Mrs. Mary Sue Heinzelmann MS, CCC-A
Phillip Heistad
Mrs. Tara Helbling AUDIOLOGIST
Heather Hellberg
Mrs. Susan Hellyer MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Deborah Helms
Stephanie Helton AUD
Mary Helwig MA, AUD, CCCA
Ruth Hendelman MA, CCC/A
Mrs. Nancy Henderson MA
Ms. Cheryl Henderson Ashley MA, CCC-A
Lauren Hendrickson AUD
Mr. Daniel Hendrix MS, CCC-A
Ms. Kate Hengstenberg MA CCCA SP
Ms. Christina Henrie MS
Aaron Henry
Anna Henry AUD
Dr. David Henry PHD
Mrs. Karen Henry MA, CCC-A
Jennifer Henson MS, CCC-A
Ms. Janet Hepler MS F-AAA
Terry Hergesheimer CCC-A
Leslie Herman AUD
Anthony Hernandez AUD
Latrice Herndon MS
Leslie Herr AUD
Charity Herrera MA-AUDIOLOGIST
Miss Tracey Herrin AUD CCC-A
Dr. Robert Herring AUD
Dr. Melanie Herzfeld AUD
Gregory Hess AUD
Kristi Hesse AUD
Dr. Richard Hetsko AUD
Dr. Joan Hewitt AUD
Dr. Kelly Heyman AUD
Dr. Carla Hickey AUD
Sharon Hickox AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Eric Hicks AUD
Laurie Hicks MS CCC-A
Ms. Nan Hicks HAS
Kathleen Hietpas AUD
Dr. Erica Higgins AUD
Brian Hill MS, CCC-A
Lindsay Hill AUD
Mrs. Sarah Hill MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Kathleen Hilliard AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Thomas Hinchey AUD
Ann Hinds AUD
Mr. Robert Hinkle PHD
Dr. Marilyn Hinrichs AUD, CCC-A
Janie Hinton MS
Mrs. Smita Hiremath AUD,CCC-A
Mrs. Sharon Hirstein MA
Christine Hoage AUD
Ms. Sharon Hobart BC HIS
Mrs. Kimberly Hobson MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Alaina Hodges AUD
Judy Hodosh MA CCC-A
Sylvia Hoefer MA, CCC-A
Dr. Holly Hoffman AUD
Mrs. Jamie Hoffman
Jameson Hofker AUD
Dr. Leigh Hogan AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Richard Hogan II MS, CCC-A
Marie Holbrook AUD
Dr. Amy Holden AUD
Kelley Holden MA, FAAA
Dr. Jennifer Holdman AUD
Dr. Yolanda Holguin AUD CCCA
Mrs. Susan Holland MACCC/A
Dr. Susan Hollar AUD
Mr. James Holloway JR. BC-HIS
Erin Holman AUD
Dr. Melanie Holman AUD
Dr. Sally Holt PHD
Mr. George Holtzscher AUD
Mr. William Holzhaeuser AUD
Mrs. Patricia Hood MS, CCC-A
Heather Hook Fabregas AUD
Carla Hoover AUD
Hal Hoover M A CCC-A
Ms. Katie Hopkins MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Jacqueline Hoppenrath MA FAAA
Ms. Kim Hoppin MA
Linda Horovitz AUD, FAAA
Dr. Willa Horowitz AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Shannon Horton M S, CCC-A
Krista Hoskins MA F-AAA
Ellyn Houghton MSCCC-A
Gina Hounam MA
Mrs. Marjorie Houston AUD
Connie Howard AUD
Janice Howard MS,CCC-A
Nancy Howell MS CCC-A
Dr. Judith Howser AUD
Dr. Jasmine Hu AUD
Dr. Rebecca Hu AUD
Mrs. Sally Hubbard MA
Dr. Julie Hubik AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Kerri Hudson AUD
Ms. Beverly Huff MA
Dr. Allison Hughes AUD
Kathleen Hughes MCD,CCC-A
Kristen Huizdos AUD,CCC-A
Dr. Harold Hull AUD
Mrs. Dawn Hulthen-Koncsol AUD
Dayna Hume CCCA
Ryan Hummel
Dr. Timothy Hunsaker AUD
Alison Hunt AUD
Amy Hunter AUD, CCC-A
Grace Hunter AUD
Kelly Hurd MS CCC-A
Dr. Christopher Hurdle AUD
Michele Hurley MS
Whitney Hurley AUD
Mr. Joel Hurvitz MA
Dr. Lisa Huston AUD
Anne Huston-Barlow MA,FAAA
Mrs. Andrea Huttinger MA
Rebecca Huzzy AUD
Julie Hyland AUD
Kristie Iacuessa AUD
Tami Ike AUD
Mr. Ethan Ikeler HIS HS,
Dr. Michael Iliff AUD
Mrs. Rebekah Imler MA, CCC-A
Dr. Patricia Ingalls AUD
Mrs. Jamie Ingle MS, CCC-A
Ioannis Ioannou MS
Dr. Suzie Ip AUD
Dr. Michael Irby AUD
Mr. James Irwin MA
Dr. John Isenhath III PHD
Dr. Clifton Istre PHD
Dr. Kevin Ivory AUD, CCC-A
Nancy Jablonski MS
Callie Jack
Catherine Jackson MA
Christine Jackson MCD
Dr. Jeanine Jackson AUD, CCC-A
Kathryn Jackson AUD
Sarah Jackson AUD
Elaine Jacobs AUD
Marcia Jacobs MA
Dr. Leah Jacobsen AUD, CCC-A
Beth Jacques AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Karissa Jagacki AUD,CCC-A
Lata Jain
Lisa Jakab AUD
Kristen Janky AUD, CCC-A
Dr. David Jardine AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Jardine AUD
Mrs. Susan Jaros
Mr. Frank Jarvis MS, CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Jenkins AUD
Suzanne Jennings AUD
Toni Jennings AUD
Rhonda Jespersen MA
Dr. Tina Jessee AUD
Dr. Sherril Jessiman AUD
Mrs. Perma Jessup MS
Mrs. Sherry Jeters MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Erinn Jimmerson AUDCCC-A
Deborah John AUD
Heather John MS, CCC-A
Dr. Roger Johns AUD
Dr. Alison Johnson AUD
Amy Johnson AUD
Brook Johnson MA, CCC-A
Elizabeth Johnson AUD, FAAA
Dr. Gary Johnson II AUD
Dr. Jay Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Joni Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Kelly Johnson AUD
Krisztina Johnson CCC-A
Dr. Lindsay Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Lori Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Lynn Johnson MA
Marlene Johnson MA, CCC-A
Dr. Megan Johnson AU D
Mrs. Morgan Johnson AUD, CCC-A
Patricia Johnson MA
Dr. Sarah Johnson AUD
Dr. Sarah Johnson AUD
Mrs. Sylvia Johnson MS
Thumper Johnson MA CCC ASLP
Tunisia Johnson CCC-A
Ms. Paula Johnston MA, CCC-A
Sandra Johnston AUD, CCC-A
Kristin Jolkowski AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Allison Jones AUD
Jennnifer Jones MA
Kathryn Jones MA, FAAA, CCC-A
Kelly Jones
Mr. Kenneth Jones MSPA CCCA
Ms. Lee Jones M S
Nicole Jordan
Rebecca Jordan
Ms. Theresa Jordan MS
Mrs. Melynda Jose MA
Crystal Joseph MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Karen Joseph MS
Mrs. Michal Joseph AUD
Tyra Joseph MCD, CCC/A
Martha Jove-D'amato MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Ofelia Juarez LHAS
Mr. Robert June MA
Dr. Larissa Jurtshuk AUD, CCC-A
Marina Kade AUD
Jonathan Kalama
Dr. Daksha Kalies AUD
Dr. Karen Kallio AUD CCCA
Mr. Keun Sung Kang
Jennie Kapadia AUD
Mrs. Aimee Kaplan AUD
Tina Karan MNS, CCC-A
Lorelei Karcz Vincent AUD
Tanya Jean Karg
Ms. Jean Karlovitz MA, CCC-A
Ms. Ronda Kasper-Braithwaite AUD MA
Allison Kastner AUD
Dr. Suzanne Katko AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Farrah Katz AUD
Betsy Katzin
Kelly Kaufman AUD
Miriam Kaufman
David Kaufmann
Mrs. Lori Kay MA CCCA FAAA
Brittany Keahey AUD
Dr. Karin Keeney AUD
Mrs. Ann Keesee CCC-A
Dr. Victoria Keetay PHD
Dr. Mary Keeter AUD
John Keeton MS
Mrs. Colleen Keith MACCCA
Abigail Keller AUD
Mrs. Allyson Keller MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Lauren Keller AUD
Winnie Keller MS CCC/A, FAAA
Dr. Kimberly Kelley AUD, CCC-A
Ellen Kelly MS
Jessica Kelly AUD
Dr. John Kelly PHD
Julie Kelly AUD
Mr. Samuel Kelso AUD
Dr. Vanessa Kendrick AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy PHD
Dr. Holly Kennedy AUD
Janet Kennedy MS CCC-A
June Kennedy PHD
Lorraine Kennedy-Vosu MA
Miss Teresa Kenny MA
Mr. Mark Kenzik MA
Joan Kerosky
Ms. Caroline Kerr MS, CCC-A
Sonya Kerr AUD, CCC-A
Laura Kersten MA
Dr. Anne Kessler PHD
Dr. Myles Kessler AUD
Amanda Kester AUD
Clair Ketchum
Dr. Valerie Ketchum
Brittney Keyworth MA, CCC-A
Nessrin Khaskia MS, CCC-A
Dr. Julie Khoury PHD
Amanda Kidman AUD
Mr. Jules Kiefer JR. MS,CCC-A
Mr. Charles Kimple MA
Katherine Kincaid AUD
Danielle King AUD
Dr. Jamie King AUD
Mrs. Jennifer King MA CCC A
Sarah King AUD
Dr. Angela Kingham AUD
Dr. Cheryl Kinney AUD
Theresa Kinney AUD, CCC/A
Harley Kinyon CCC-A
Natalia Kiperman AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Amy Kirkland AUD
Mrs. Lori Kirkpatrick
Christine Kirsch AUD, FAAA
Mr. Stephen Kirsch MCD CCC-A
Wendy Kjersten
Mr. Glen Kleckner MED
Dr. Lynda Klee AUD
Mr. Marvin Kleinman MS, CCC-A
Jennifer Klimczak AUD
James Klinginsmith
Sonnet Klipp AUD
Dr. Lisa Klop AUD
Marsha Kluesing AUD CCC-A
Dr. Micah Klumpp PHD
Mr. Gerald Knapp MS/CCC-A
Dr. Jill Knecht AUD
Dr. Kelly Knolhoff AUD
Brian Knox MS, CCC-A
Dr. Daniel Knudsen AUD
Dr. Kimberly Knudsen AUD
Jaclyn Knutson MA
Marylyn Koble MS, CCC-A
Amy Kocher
Dr. Mary Kay Kochman AUD
Diane Koglin AUD
Kellie Koker MA CCCA
Gina Kontz MA, ABA
Mrs. Amy Konya MA
Natalie Koontz MA,CCC-A
Dr. John Koonz AUD
Ms. Nicole Kopetzky
Susanne Kos M A F AAA CCC A
Kimberly Koski LD
Dr. Andrea Kosko AUD
Margaret Kost MA
Mrs. Kelly Kovach AUD
Milica Kovijanic MA AUDIOLOGY
Amelia Kramer AUD
Kurt Kramer AUD
Dr. Kimberly Krantz Jennings AUD
Mr. Dwight Krapp PHD
Dr. Amanda Kreimer AUD
Paul Kreimer MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Lynn Krikorian MA, FAAA
Mr. Mark Kripal MS CCCA
Geneva Krish MS CCCA
Dr. Andrea Kristalovich AUD
Casey Kroepsch AUD, CCC-A, PASC
Dr. Susan Krum AUD, CCC-A
Erin Kruse AUD
Cynthia Kugler MA
Mr. James Kuhn SR.
Manoj Kumar
Lynda Kunis MA
Chih-Yung Kuo
Hadassah Kupfer AUD
Mrs. Sharon Kupfer MS, AUD
Dr. Karen Kupper Langan AUD
Lindsay Kurek AUD
Barbara Kwiatkowski
Dr. Shari Kwon AUD
Hector Kypuros MS,CCC-A
Ms. Melanie Kzirian MS
Dr. Todd Laack AUD
Dr. Antonio Lacarra AUD
Kimberly Lacross MA
Dr. Barbara Laczi AUD
Mrs. Alyson Lake AU-D
Angela Lalla AUD
Donald Lamb
Mrs. Paige Lambert MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Lamfers AUD
Doreen Lamirande AUD
Dr. Ashley Lammons AUD
Mr. Jeffrey Lampert AUD
Stephen Lamson MS
Shawn Lancaster AUD
Dr. Kathy Landau Goodman AUD
Laura Lane MA, FAAA
Scott Lanford AUD
Aimee Langmesser AUD
Ms. Margaret Langner AUDIOLOGIST MS CCCA
Dr. Hope Lanter AUD
Dr. Joseph Lanzetta AUD
Ms. Stacie Lapsley MS
Michelle Lariviere MA CCC-A
Andrea Larson AUD
Ms. Patricia Lashway MSPA
Lisa Laspisa-Mcmorrow
Mrs. Gail Laucius MA
Lisa Laughlin
Emerald Lauzon AUD
Kimberly Lavoie MS CCCA
Dr. Lillian Law AUD
Mr. David Lawrence MS
Jeffery Lawrence
Mrs. Lee Lawrence
Marlo Lawrence AUD
Mr. Gary Lawson PHD
Mary Laywell MA, CCC-A
Dr. Tiffany Leach-Berth AUD
Dr. Ron Leavitt AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Leblanc MA, CCC-A
Tammie Leblanc AUD
Dr. Kallie Lebourgeois AUD
Jacqueline Lebrun AUD
Mr. Charles Lednum III MA
Anneke Lee
Jung Hwan Lee AUD
Dr. Lesley Lee AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Soo Mei Lee AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Virgil Lee HIS
Lisa Leen
Mrs. Cheryl Leeper MS, CCC-A
Dr. Gary Leffke AD
Ms. Kimberly Legg MA,CCC-A
Mr. Jay Lehman MA CCCA
Dr. Martha Leider AUD
Rosalind Leiser MA CCC-A
Mr. Jonathan Leiterman SCD
Nikol Leitner AUD
Dr. Deborah Lekarczyk AUD
Mr. Michael Lemay AUD
Dr. Samantha Lemelle AUD
Leslie Lemmon MA
Carrie Lemoine MCD, CCC-A
Kristi Leniek MS, CCC-A
William Lentz PHD
Saranne Lentz-Barker AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Connie Lenz AUD
Mr. James Leo
Dr. U-Cheng Leong PHD
Ms. Vanhphenh Leong
Ms. Leslie Lesner MA
Frecedes Letcher
Dr. Connie Leung AUD
Puifung Leung AUD
Dr. Helene Levenfus Goldstein AUD
Stephanie Levin MA, FAAA
Mrs. Elizabeth Levine-Davis MA-CCC-A
Mrs. Chana Levy MSCCCA
Beverly Lew MA
Barbara Lewallen AUD
Dr. Alice Lewis AUD
Mrs. Carolyn Lewis MCD
Lisa Lewis MA, CCC-A
Nancy Lewis MED
Dr. Rebecca Lewis AUD, PHD
Dr. Ginette Lezotte AUD
Jeffrey Lezynski AUD
Ms. Devlin Lighty AUD
Kristin Lillie AUD
Crystal Lilly AUD
Lindsay Lilly MS
Dr. Shu-En Lim AUD
Mr. Adam Lin
Amber Lindner
Amy Lindsay MS
Keith Lindstrom
Mrs. Rachel Lingnau AUD CCCA FAAA
Mrs. Rebecca Linot MA
Dr. John Lionbarger AUD
Debra Lippard
Mary Lippeatt MS, CCC-A
Dr. Timothy Lippold AUD
Jonathan Lipschutz MS
Ms. Margaret Lisi AUD
Dr. Heather Little AUD
Mrs. Kathryn Little MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Susan Little MA
Lindsay Livengood AUD
Jay Lloyd MS
Dr. Meghan Lockard SCD
Stephanie Lockhart MS
Douglas Logel
Janice Loggins AUD
Mr. Thomas Lolan MA, FAAA
Ashley Lombardi
Alica Long MA CCC-A
Mr. Louis Looper MA
Dr. Ilian Lopez AUD
Jaime Lopez AUD
Tammy Lopez
Mrs. Donna Lord AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Calvin Loui MS
Brenda Lowe AUD
Deanna Lowe MS, CCC-A
Melissa Lowe MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Lower AUD
Mr. Christopher Lowry MA, CCC-A (AUDIOLO
Mrs. Megan Loy AUD
Dr. Marion Loyd AUD
Shiane Lubin AUD
Merrisue Lucardeaux MA, CCC-A
Linda Luduena MA, CCC-A
Gabrielle Luke MS, CCC-A
E Lund AUD
Dr. Maria Lundquist AUD
Mr. Ronald Lunn MA
Mrs. Donna Lutz MSCCC-A
Abbey Lynch MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Terri Lynch-Kenyon MA,CCC-A
Dr. Maureen Lynch-Rinaldi AUD
Ms. Anne Lynn MS
Mrs. Kerry Lyon MA
Dr. Keri Maas AUD
Heather Mabrey AUD
Genevieve Macalalag AUD
James Macaluso MA
Dr. Matthew Macdonald AUD
Mrs. Michelle Macione AUD
Dr. Thomas Mackey AUD
Linda Macleod MS,CCC-A
Dr. Sharon Macner AUD, CCC-A
Erica Madiedo MA, CCC-A
Mr. Kenneth Madler MA, CCC-A
Ms. Tammy Magee
Dr. Carly Magill AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Catherine Mahaffie AUD
Christine Mahon MA
Keryn Maionchi AUD
Mrs. Sharon Malanowski MS, CCC-A, F-AAA
Edward Malazdrewicz AUD FAAA
Karen Malovrh MS
Mrs. Hiroka Mamiya AUD
Dr. Deborah Manchester CCC-A
Dean Mancuso AUD
Tina Mancuso AUD
Mrs. Carole Mange AUD
Howard Mango
Ms. Elizabeth Mani AUD
Beth Mann
Dr. Lauren Mann AUD CCC-A, FAAA
Karen Manna AU D
Ms. Marla Manstein MA
Mary Manuel
Dr. Whitney Manuel AUD
Katherine Marchelletta AUD
Ms. Rebecca Marculescu AUD
Susan Marek AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Lisa Marencin MS
Mr. Scott Marinaro MS,CCC-A
Dr. Margaret Mariotti AUD
Sean Mark
Mary Markovich
Diane Markva AU D
Mrs. Kimley Marquardt MS, CCC-A
Mr. Scott Marquardt MS
Mrs. Kelly Marrinan CCCA
Dr. Kristin Marsh MA, CCC-A
Dr. Barbara Marshall AUD
Dr. Jeffrey Martin PHD
Mr. Kenneth Martin JR. AUD
Ms. Misty Martin AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Robert Martin PHD
Susan Martin AUD
Wanda Martin
Ms. Cecilia Martinez MS
Stephen Martinez AUD PHD
Lulixa Martinez Perez MS
Sarah Martinho AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Laura Marx AUD
Ms. Pamela Marx MS,CCC-A
Marilyn Maschgan AUD, CCC-A
Sarah Mason MCLSC, CCC-A
Lawrence Mathieu MA
Mrs. Maureen Matos-Perez MA CCC-A
Giselle Matsui MA
Dr. Pamela Matthews AUD, CCC-A
Michelle Mattingly AUD,CCC-A
Dr. Ryan Mattoon AUD
Carolyn Matulich CCC-A
Dr. Whitney Mauldin AUD,FAAA,CCC-A
Dr. Gay Maund AUD
Ms. Tammy Maxwell
Suzanne May AUD
Mrs. Shey Mayland MS
Rachel Maynard AUD
Mr. Bradley Mcafee MS
Carrie Mcafee
Mrs. Stephanie Mcalister MS, CCA
Mr. David Mcbride MS
Dr. Ingrid Mcbride AUD
Mr. David Mccarthy MA CCCA FAAA
Dr. Erin Mccarville-Ciseski AUD- CCCA
Dr. Abby Mcclelland AUD
Mr. Brian Mcclintock MA
Mrs. Jonni Mcclure MA
Dr. Meagan Mcclure AUD
Mr. Kevin Mcconnell AUD
Esther Mccormick AUD
Carolyn Mccoy PHD
Dr. Nancy Mccoy AUD
James Mccrae
Dr. Anna Mccraney AUD
Amber Mccullar AUD
Dr. June Mccullough
Belinda Mccurry AUD
Ashley Mcdermott AUD
Mrs. Sandra Mcdermott MA, CCC-A
Jim Mcdill PHD
Fredrika Mcdonald
Ms. Maureen Mcdonald AUD
Paulette Mcdonald MA, CCC-A
Dr. Brenda Mcdonnell AUD
William Mcfarland PHD
Dr. Roger Mcgargill PHD
Candy Mcginnis AUD
Mrs. Marsha Mcglynn MA
Ms. Donna Mcgough MED,FAAA
Jennifer Mcgowen AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Mcgraw MS, FAAA
Mr. Robert Mcgraw
Kim Mcguire MS,CCC/A
Dr. Valerie Mcguire AUD
Ms. Lynn Mcintosh MA CCC A
Carie Mcintyre MCD , CCC-A
Mrs. Sharon Mckarns MA
Heidi Mckay
Dr. Rhiannon Mckay AUD
Dr. Henry Mckee AUD
Ms. Natalie Mckee AUD
Dr. Nicole Mckee AUD
Nancy Mckenna
Ali Mckeown
Dr. Nancy Mckeown AUD
Dr. Evelyn Mcknight AUD
Dr. Gary Mcknight AUD
Jodi Mclean AUD
Mrs. Mary Mclean MS,CCC-A
Dr. Nancy Mclellan AUD
Dr. Harry Mcleod PHD
Ms. Kathleen Mcleroy MS
Jessica Mclindsay AUD
Lindsey Mcmahan
Dr. Ann Mcmahon AUD
Dr. Kara Mcmyne AUD
Ms. Brenda Mcneil MA
Ms. Kristyn Meade MED,FAAA
Dr. Cynthia Meadows AUD
Mrs. Amanda Means MS
Ms. Tsehay Mebrahtu MA, CCC-A
Hannah Meeker AUD
Dr. Allan Mehr DA
Mala Mehta MA CCCA
Janet Meier
Mr. Bradford Melancon MS, CCC-A
Dr. Gary Mendelson AUD AND PSYD
Natalee Menge AUD, CCC-A
Douglas Mengel HAD
Ms. Jennifer Mercier AUD
James Meredith MS
Mrs. Michelle Meredith AUD
Dr. Charlotte Merlo AUD
Jeni Merrick AUD
Dr. Busisiwe Merritt AUD
Ms. Evelyn Merritt MA CCC-A
Denise Metalsky MS
Mrs. Pamela Metting AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Meyer AUD
Jared Meyers AUD
Dr. Keith Michaels AUD
Matthew Michaels MS, CCC-A
Dr. John Michalski AUD
Jennifer Michaud AUD,CCC-A
Nick Michels HIS
Dr. Lee Micken AUD
Angela Middlebrooks AUD,CCC-A
Debra Mikus MS
Jeffrey Milam HIS
Mrs. Jennifer Milano MA CCCA
John Miles AUD
Robert Miley MA, CCC-A
Anne Miller MA
Dr. Catherine Miller AUD
Dina Miller AUD
Frank Miller
Lori Miller CCC-A
Dr. Melvin Miller PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Meredith Miller
Rebecca Miller AUD
Sandra Miller AUD
Ms. Victoria Miller MS
William Miller AUD
Dr. C. Mills AUD
Karen Mills AUD
Michelle Millward MA, F-AAA
Tyler Milrany
Dr. Carlos Minaya AUD
Rachela Mingalone
Dr. Shelley Minsky AUD
Mary Miser
Mrs. Karla Mitchell MS, CCC-A
Ms. Terry Mitchell Charonnat MS
Erica Mitchinson
Dr. David Mize SR. AUD
Dr. Jennifer Mize AUD, CCC-A
Shelley Moats AUD
Kari Mobley AUD
Robin Mock AUD
Dr. Christy Monczynski AUD
Kimberly Monica HIS
Bobbie Monroe AUD
Renee Montaudo AUD
Elizabeth Montgomery MA, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Montgomery AUD
Rebecca Mooney AUD
Elias Moor AUD
Dr. Alicia Moore AU
Dr. Colleen Moore AUD
Dr. Cristi Moore AUD
Jamie Moore AUD
Mrs. Janet Moore MS, CCC-A
Jeffrey Moore AUD
Karen Moore AUD
Keeley Moore MA CCC-A
Kiera Moore AUD
Ms. Kristin Moore AUD
Melanie Moore AUD
Mika Moore AUD
Stacy Moore
Dr. Stephanie Moore AUD
Dr. Charles Morehouse AUD
Margaret Moretti MA, CCC-A
Margaret Morgan AUD
Mary Morgan MS, CCC-A
Dr. Monica Morgan AUD
Ms. Deirdre Morris AUD
Dr. Shanna Mortensen AUD
Dr. Colleen Moryl PHD
Ms. Leah Mosenthal M ED
Arlene Moss MA
Mrs. Betty Moss MS,CCC/A
Mr. Stuart Motechin MS CCC-A
Ms. Christine Moulton MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Mozingo AUD
Mrs. Angela Muchler AUD
Mrs. Abeda Mueed MA
Rita Mueller MA, CCC-A
Dr. Meghan Mueller-Schultz AUD
Lindsay Mulinaro
Mrs. Donna Mullen MS, CCC-A
Ms. Elizabeth Muller AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Karen Mullin MACCC-A
Thomas Mullin PHD
Mr. Bradley Mundwiler
Kelly Munn AUD
Suzanne Murdza M-ED
Matthew Murphy MS, CCC-A
Dr. Lakesha Murray AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Amin Musani AUD
Shirley Musani MS
Dr. Nancy Muscato AUD
James Mussler CCC-A
Emily Mutter AUD
Dr. Sara Nadeau AUD
Sara Nagel AUD
Mrs. Jaklin Naghdi MS
Ms. Nina Nahmouli MA
Dr. Shailashree Nanjundiah AUD
Dr. Ann Napp AUD
Ms. Alison Nardone MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Mr. Edward Nash
Nicole Nault CCC-A
Dr. Betty Needleman AUD
Mrs. Gretchen Nelson MS,CC-A
Dr. Lance Nelson AUD
Linda Nelson MSPA, CCC-A
Dr. Mila Nelson AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Nancy Nelson MA,CCC-A
Dr. Paul Nelson AUD
Gloria Nemeroff AUD
Anne Nerison AUD
Dr. Kathryn Nethery AUD
Mrs. Katherine Neufeld AUD
Mindy Neustadt MS
Dr. Margaret Newby AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Gwyneth Newcomb AUD
Dr. Casey Newman AUD
Ginelle Newman
Mr. Gregory Newman MA
Mr. Daniel Newmark MA
Leslie Newmeyer MED, CCC-A
Dr. Kimberly Newton AUD, FAAA
Dr. Melissa Neyland AUD
Katherine Nguyen
Pirayeh Niavarany AUD
Jamie Nicholas AUD
Dr. Melanie Nichols AUD
Dr. Kent Nielsen AUD
Emily Nightengale AUD
Maryann Nikander AUD
Mr. Ramgopal Nileshwar MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Margaret Nilson AUD, CCC-A
Rebecca Ninya MA,CCC-A
Dr. Andrew Nixon AUD
Dr. Marilyn Noble AUD
Mrs. Traci Nolin MA,CCC-A
Nazanin Nooraei
Lori Norby MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Julie Norin AUD
Jacquelyn Norris
Mr. Donald Northey MA
Barbara Norvell AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Lisa Nostrand AUD
Ms. Jo Manette Nousak PH D
Barbra Novak PHD, CCC/A
Kelly Novak AUD, CCC/A
Mrs. Patsy Novelli MA, CCC-A
Sharon Novotny MS
Dr. David Nuss AUD
Mrs. Lauren Nye MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jane O'brien AUD
Dr. Susan O'brien AUD
Mrs. Sally O'bryan CCC-A
Candy O'connell MA,CCC-A
Jane O'connell
Dr. Suzanne O'connor AUD
Mr. Michael O'donnell SR. MA CCC-AUDIOLOGY
Miss Lauren O'flaherty MA, AUD
Dr. Heather O'laughlin AUD
Elizabeth O'neil AUD
Dr. Lorin Oden AUD
Candice Odom MS, CCC/A
Seth Ofgang MA CCCA
Joy Oines MA
Mr. Gregory Oja MS
Dr. Irene Okeke AUD
Dr. Kelley Olenick AUD
Ms. Celina Oliveira AUD
Mrs. Amy Oliver AUD
Ms. Pam Oliver AUD
Ms. Adele Olmetti MA CCC-A FAAA
Clifford Olson
Dr. Robert Olsson AUD
Gay Opatrny AU
Lauren Opperman AUD
Dr. Mark Orlando PHD
Kristina Ormond AUD
Dr. Kerry Ormson EDD, AUD
Dr. Ashley Orr AUD
Ms. Carol Orsak MA
Travis Ortega AUD
Mrs. Rhona Ostrow MS
Haley Owen
Mrs. Laurie Owen MA
Sharon Owen AUD
Dr. Tamesha Owen AUD
Julie Pabst MA, CCC-A
Carmel Pace MS, CCC
Joseph Pacer
Melissa Pacey Mahaffey AUD
Mrs. Karen Padgett MA
Dr. Irene Pafitis PHD,CCC-A
Carrie Page MS
Claudine Palacios MS
Mrs. Devon Paldi AUD
Michael Palensky MA, FAAA
Dr. Cynthia Palmer AUD
Kimberly Palmer MA, CCC-A
Anna Palterman AUD
Mrs. Deena Palumbo MA, CCC-A
Kristi Panek AUD
Halie Paperno AUD
Mr. Daniel Parker JR. MS
Dr. Kenneth Parker AUD
Dr. William Parker PHD
Jaime Parks MS CCC-A, AUD
Dr. Laura Parnell AUD
Mr. Samuel Parrotta
Dr. Jessica Partin AUD
Dr. Paige Pastalove AUD
Claudia Pastorelli MA CCC-A
Shital Patel AUD, CCC/A
Sarika Patil AUD
Mrs. Rosemary Patterson DISPENSER
Julie Patton AUD
James Payne JR. MED
Mr. L. Mark Payne MS
Tracy Peck
Anita Peckham MS, CCC
Ms. Susan Peckins MA, CCC-A
Mr. Gregory Peevler
Suzanne Peiler
Mr. Joseph Pellegrino AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Annette Peppard AU D
Dr. Fabiola Peredo AUD
Leah Perez MS, CCC-A
Micheleigh Perez
Ivonne Perez-Cervantes AUD
Mr. Harold Pergler MCD, FAAA, CCC-A
Stefanie Perle AUD
Mr. William Perrine MS, CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Perry AUD
Dr. Matthew Perry AUD
Susan Perry MA
Dr. William Perry PHD
Dr. Meghan Peschiera AUD
Anne Peters MA
Dr. Kristen Peters AUD
Dennis Peterson MS, CCC-A
Dr. Kathleen Peterson DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY
Miles Peterson PHD
Dr. Ashley Peterson Sconzo AUD
Ms. Kristina Petraitis AUD
Mrs. Ginger Peugh AUD
Dr. Chelsea Peyton AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Ellen Pfau
Mr. James Phelan AUD
Jaryn Phelps AUD
Dr. Carey Philliposian AUD
Christina Phillips AUD
Mrs. Melanie Phillips AUD
Paula Phillips MA, F-AAA
Stacy Pickelman AUD
Elizabeth Pickett AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Russell Pickett AUD
Ms. Susan Pickford AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Shari Picou AUD
Mr. Robert Piede MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Judith Pierce MSCCC-A
Dr. Ellen Pilof-Finkelstein AUD
Mrs. Michelle Piltch AUDIOLOGIST
Christina Pina AUD
Mr. Bruce Piner MA
Dr. Alice Pinto AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Justin Piraino AUD
Michael Piscotty MA, CCC-A
Dr. Deborah Pitcher AUD
April Pittman AUD
Dr. Mori Plackman AUD
Ms. Maryann Pladdys AUD
Claudia Pleskac
Hallie Plevinsky AUD
Paul Plucker MS, CCC-A
Erin Plyler AUD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Kenneth Podlenski AUD
Mrs. Rachel Pokorney MA
Dr. Barbara Popecki AUD
Amanda Popp
Mrs. Tammy Port MA CCC-A
Robin Porter MA,CCC-A
Dr. Susan Porter AUD , LD
Dr. Susan Porter AUD
Susan Potter
Tannya Poulter MS
Dr. Elly Pourasef AUD, CCC/A
Dr. Todd Powell AUD
Heather Powers AUD
Amber Powner AUD
Brittany Prater AUD
Ms. Lynn Preau MCD
Mr. Richard Prescott MA
Dr. Deborah Price AUD
Mrs. Dee Price
Denise Price
Logan Price
Dr. Laura Prigge AUD
Rachel Prim AUD
Ms. Kelly Pritchett AUD
Dionna Prow AUD
Mrs. Jinger Pruden MA, CCC-A
Lawrence Prusak MA
Mrs. Sandra Prytula
Anne Przybyla AUD
Mrs. Diane Puccia MA CCC-A
Dr. Anne Michele Puglisi AUD
Dr. Kelly Pullman AUD
Dr. Lisa Pulsipher AUD
Mrs. Laural Purinton AUDIOLOGIST
Ms. Eileen Puterski MS
Mr. Patrick Putzier AUD
Nicole Pygott AUD
Ms. Sheridan Pyle MA, CCC-A
Dr. Christina Quang AUD
Travis Quiller AUD
Charmin Quintana AUD
Nydia Quintero AUD
Mrs. Christina Radous AUD
Michael Raff MS, CCC-A
Dr. Miriam Rafferty AU D
Marcia Raggio
Ms. Brook Raguskus AUD
Mr. Anthony Raica MS CCCA
Michael Rairigh AUD
Bernadette Rakszawski AUD
Dr. Virginia Ramachandran AUD
Mrs. Elizabeth Ramirez BC-HIS
Ms. Kathleen Ramirez MS
Mr. Salvador Rampolla MS
Mrs. Cheri Ramsey MA
Misti Ranck MS
Dr. Lisa Randall
Dr. Michelle Rankin AUD
Doris Rapisardi MAS CCC A
Madalyn Rash AUD
Diane Raszler MS AUD
Scott Raszler MA CCC-A
Dr. Jennifer Ratner AUD
Christine Rauch-Mahoney AUD
Ms. Caitlin Rawn AUD
Raney Ray AUD
Stacie Ray MS CCC-A
Julie Raysby MA
Dr. Akbar Razvi AUD, CCC/A
Irena Rdzanek
Mrs. Carole Read MED
Heather Reading AUD
Lauren Reale AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Catherine Reardon MA
Robert Redden
Stephen Reddick
Jennifer Redford MS
Jane Redlinger
Dr. Lisa Redman AUD
Annmarie Reebenacker MED
Nancy Reed MA, CCCA
Andrea Reichel MS CCCA
Mrs. Janell Reid AUD
Dr. John Reis MS
Dr. Levi Reiter PHD
Julia Reitz AUD
Dr. Rachael Rennert AUD
Mrs. Rajool Reshamwala Dave AUD
Ms. Jennifer Reside AUD, CCC-A
Susan Reveal-Ottone AUD
Dr. Jose Reyes III AUD
Dr. Holly Reynolds AUD
Dr. Sharon Reynolds AUD
Amber Rhoades MS, CCC/A
Mr. Brian Rice MS
Jeffrey Rice AUD
Tina Rice AUD, CCC-A
Lindsey Richard AUD
Dr. Corinne Richards AUD
Courtney Richards
Dayna Richards AUD
Dr. Douglas Richards AUD
Mrs. Sanya Richardson AUD/CCC-A/PASC
Dr. Janice Richbourg AUD, CCC/A
Michael Richie MS, CCC-A
Christopher Richmond
Susan Richmond AUD
Dr. Michelle Ridenour AUD
Jill Rider MCD
Lisa Rider AUD, CCC-A, PASC
Deborah Rieks AUD
Jaclyn Riel AUD
Mrs. Melissa Riess AUD
Patrice Rifkind
Ms. Melissa Riley MS, CCC-A
Dr. Pamela Riley AUD, CCC-A
Wendy Ring MS CCC-A
Mrs. Katherine Rinkes AUD
Dr. Jessica Rippy AUD
Dr. Robert Risley AUD
Jill Ritch
Belinda Ritchie
Carrie Ritchie
Mrs. Joyce Ritchie MED AUDIOLOGY
Laura Ritchie MS
Pamela Ritchie MS
Mrs. Jamie Ritz-Hatalowich
Kristin Robbins AUD
Dr. Nicole Robbins AUD
Terri Roberson MS CCCA
Rachel Roberts AUD
Dr. Terry Roberts AUD
Mrs. Theresa Roberts AUDIOLOGIST
Alexander Robertson
Ms. Amy Robertson MA CCC-A
Billie Robertson AUD
Dr. Christianne Robertson AUD
Laura Robertson AUD
Nelton Robertson
Buffy Robinson LD
Dr. David Robinson AUD
Dr. Lacy Robinson
Ms. Laurel Robinson
Dr. Sheila Robinson AUD
Dr. Matthew Robison AUD
Mrs. Arica Rock MS, CCC-A
Dr. Benjamin Rodriguez JR. AUD
Miss Conni Rodriguez AUD
Mrs. Teresita Rodriguez MSA
Rochelle Roe MA, CCC-A
Dr. Ross Roeser PHD
Celestina Rogers MS
Dr. Elizabeth Rogers AUD
Dr. Selena Rogers AUD
Mrs. Stephanie Rogers MA, CCC-A
Stephanie Rogers HIS
Theresa Rogers MSCCC-A
Mrs. Trang Rogers AUD
Dr. Allen Rohe AUD
Mrs. Neeru Rohila-Chadha AUD
Ms. Ann Rohner AUD
Carmina Rojas
Dr. Jodi Rokuson AUD
Mrs. Patricia Roldan MA, CCC-A
Sandra Romano AUD
Dr. Laurie Romei SCD
Casey Roof AUD
Dr. Lisa Rose AUD
Stephani Rose AUD
Ms. Joanne Rosenberg MA
Geri Rosendahl AUD, CCC/A
Lori Roses AUD
Mrs. Dhurat Rosinski MA CCC-A
Dr. Jessie Ross AUD
Ms. Valerie Rossetti AUD
Susan Rostron AUD
Lynnette Roth MA, FAAA
Dr. Meredith Rothenberg AUD
Joanna Roufos AUD,CCC-A
Dr. Marie Rowe
Mrs. Brady Rowland MA, CCC-A
Jacqueline Rowley AUD
Mr. Kevin Rowley
Mrs. Jaclyn Rozmaryn MS CCC-A
Ms. Barbara Rozzo
Dr. Michele Ruatto AUD
Donna Rubino MA CCC
Ms. Kathryn Rudd AUD
Christie Ruddy AUD/ CCC-A
Dr. Jane Rudy AUD
Dr. Jasen Ruiz SCD
Gene Ruley MS CCCA
Holly Rusch-Clothier MD
Dr. Erin Rushing AUD
Dr. Jessica Russ AUD, CCC-A
Randy Russell MA, CCC-A
Dr. Meagan Ruth I AUD
Diane Rutkowsky MA
Lynn Rutledge AUD
Dr. Lauren Ryan AUD
Kristine Rynes AUD
Mr. James Saad JR.
Ryan Saadah
Dr. Diane Sabo PHD
Miss Sabina Sabur MA, CCC-A
Joanne Sacks CCC-A
Rhonda Sage MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Shayne Sage AUD
Maria Sakellandes AUD
Dr. Mimi Salamat PHD, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Alana Salazar Weibel MA, CCC-A
Dr. John Salisbury M A, DPA
Ms. Judith Saltiel MS, CCC-A
Dr. Gregory Salyer AU,D,CCC
Mrs. Jyoti Samant MS
Nina Sami MS
Karen Sample MA CCC-A
Amber Sampson AUD
Mrs. Kimberly Sanborn AUD
Mrs. Keidy Sanchez AUD
Michelle Sanchez AUD
Mrs. Eileen Sander MA,CCC-A
Johnny Sanders MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Mrs. Deborah Sanderson AUD, CCC-A
Robert Sanderson MA
Loveleen Sandhu MS, CCC-A
Dr. Judith Sandler AUD
Lisa Sandre
Mark Sanford MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Nadine Sanfratello AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Melissa Santerre AUD
Mr. John Sasala MA, FAAA
Margaret Sass-Simon MA CCCA
Dr. Nicole Satterwhite AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Mrs. Lisa Saulles
Darlene Saunders MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Jennifer Savickis AUD
Ms. Veena Sawant CCC-A
Dr. Carol Sayre AUD
Dr. Stanley Scanlon PHD
Mr. John Scarlas MS -CCCA
Dr. Laurie Scarrow AUD
Katherine Schaars AUD
Sara Schaetzka AUD
Leigh Schaid AUD, CCC-A
Nancy Schay AUD, CCC-A
Jon Schee
Lori Scheer-Matheson MS, CCC-A
Mr. Paul Schell
Mr. Ronald Scheurer MA
Dr. Sandra Schick AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Ericka Schicke AUD,CCC-A
Claire Schleicher AUD
Dr. John Schleifer AUD
Richard Schmeling MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Cassandra Schmidt AU D,
Kelly Schmidt AUD
Kristin Schmidt MA FAAA
Mrs. Sharlene Schmidt MS
Dr. Brooke Schmisseur AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Natalie Schmitt AUD
Dr. Daniel Schneider AUD
Kathryn Schneider AUD
Lynn Schnell MA CCC-A
Dr. Melissa Schnitzspahn AUD, CCCA
Kristin Schoenfeld AUD
Alison Schortgen AUD
Brenda Schrager MA,CCC-A
Mrs. Diane Schrager MS
Julie Schreiber
Megan Schrimpf MS CCC-A (AUDIOLOG
Dr. Philip Schulz AUD
Mr. Terence Schulz MA CCC-A
Jennifer Schumacher AUD
Debra Schwartz CCC-A
Heather Schwartz AUD
Gary Schwartzberg AUD, FAAA
Karen Scott AUD
Mr. Kingsbury Scott HIS
Jody Seals
Marianne Searfoss AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Judith Seavy AUDIOLOGIST
Maria Secaras MA, CCC-A
Dr. Heidi Sedaros AUD
Abigail Sedenka AUD
Donna Segal AUD
Deborah Seidner MMSC,CCC-A
Janet Seifert-Duffy MS, CCC-A
Susan Seiler MS
Kathryn Sera-Budney
Dr. Alice Sette AUD
Dr. Lorraine Sgarlato-Inducci AUD
John Shafer JR. BS, HIS
Wadad Shalhub
Mrs. Mary Shannon MA, CCC-A
Lori Shapiro
Dr. Robyn Shapiro AUD
Mrs. Carrie Shapiro-Basen MS CCC-A
Ms. Ruchi Sharma AUD
Margaret Sharp AUD
Dr. Michael Sharp AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Gary Shasky AUD, F-AAA
Kendall Shaw
Dr. Nancy Shaw-Hart AUD
Dr. Judith Shea AUD
Ms. Patricia Shea MA,CCC-A
Dr. Gregory Sheets AUD
Dr. Melanie Shelburg AUD
Mrs. Angela Shelton AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Denise Sheppard AUD
Anne Sherbin
Ms. Suhana Shereef
Dr. Laguinn Sherlock AUD
Theresa Shevetz AUD
Christina Shields AUD
Dr. Zelda Shleifer AUD, CCC-A
Judith Short
Ms. Rose Shovlin AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Bibesh Shrestha AUD
Ms. Jacqueline Shriver MED,FAAA
Steven Sick CCC-A
Nancy Sickelka AUD
Julie Sidak MS
Dr. Sara Siegmund AUD
Dr. Louis Sieminski PHD
Mrs. Lisa Sigurdson MS CCC-A
Dr. Karen Sikes
Mrs. Jamie Sikora AUD
Jason Siler CCC-A
Dr. Jussara Silva AUD
Dr. Jaziel Silva-Gonzalez AUD
Dr. Vicki-Ann Silver AUD
Mrs. Christy Simon
Michele Simon AUD, FAAA
Allison Simpson AUD
Mrs. Jane Simpson MS
Mrs. Molly Simpson AUD
Dr. Rachel Simpson AUD
Katharine Sims MED
Dr. John Sinclair PHD
Davinder Singh X PHD
Dr. James Singleton AUD, FAAA
Dr. Jeffrey Sirianni AUD
Heather Siskovic
Mary Sizer MA, CCCA, FAAA
Michael Skelton MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Skold MS
Dr. Sheri Skrutski AUD
Stephanie Slali
Ms. Marilyn Slaughter MS CCCA
Kathryn Sledjeski AUD
Dr. Elaine Slepak AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Neal Sloane PHD
Dr. Karrie Slominski AUD
Carrie Slough AUD
Ms. Carolyn Smaka AUD
Dr. Alice Smith AUD
Mrs. Amy Smith AUD,CCC-A
Anne Smith MS, CCC-A
Ms. Bernadette Smith MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Beth Smith AUD
Mrs. Charlene Smith MS,CCC-A
Corrie Smith AUD
Mr. Daniel Smith BS,BC-HIS
Deborah Smith
Dona Smith AUD
Ms. Elizabeth Smith MSCCC-A
Dr. Eric Smith AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Ferri Smith AUD
Jennifer Smith MS CCC-A
Mrs. Judith Smith CCC A
Mrs. Julie Smith MS, CCC-A
Kristie Smith AUD
Laurynn Smith AUD
Leslie Smith MS, CCC-A
Matthew Smith MBA, CCC-A
Mrs. Melanie Smith MS, CCC-A
Nancy Smith CCCA MSA
Sheri Smith MS, CCC-A
Stephanie Smith AUD
Dr. Teresa Smith AUD
Vicki Smith MS, CCC/A
Whitney Smith MED, CCC-A
Dr. Laura Smith-Olinde PHD, CCC/A
Anna Soennecken AUD, CCC-A
Helena Solodar AUD
Dr. Robin Solomon AUD, FAAA, CCC-A
Mrs. Shelley Somuah
Ms. Leslie Sonday AUD
Dr. Katherine Sonnamaker AUD, CCC-A
Mr. James Sonsire MS, AUD
Janna Sorensen AU D, CCC-A
Jeanne Soria
Stephanie Soria AUD
Mary Sostarich AUD
Mrs. Diana Sowers MS CCC A
Jody Spalding MA CCC-A
Melanie Spann
Mrs. Ramona Sparks-Morelli MS
Mr. Michael Spector HEARING AID FITTER
Dr. Christie Spencer AUD
Dr. Jodene Spencer AUD
Ms. Pamela Spencer MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Stella Spencer MA
Genevieve Spiliopoulos MS
Dustin Spillman AUD
Eugene Spindler AUD
Jessica Spiro AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Jaclyn Spitzer PHD
Dr. Alicia Spoor AUD
Sandra Squibb
Ms. Patti St. John MCD
Anna St. Romain AUD, CCC/A
Mrs. Wendy Stafford MS
Kenneth Stallons MS
Jessica Stamey AUD
Mrs. Bonnie Stanislawski AU D
Danielle Starr AUD
Ms. Kelly Steck MS, CCC-A
Ms. Jane Steckler MA, FAAA
Dr. Camille Steele AUD
Emily Steen AUD
Michael Steer AUD
April Stegall AUD
Dr. Christine Stein AUD
Lauren Steiner AUD
Mr. Walter Stemler CCC-A
Brandy Stephens AUD
Jodi Stephens AUD
Mr. Paul Stephens MS CCC-A
Dr. Kiley Stephenson AUD, CCC-A
Sylvia Stevens
Mrs. Barbara Stewart
Catherine Stewart MA,CCC-A
Courtney Stewart MA
James Stewart AUD, CCC-A
John Stewart MS, FAAA
Mr. Ken Stewart MA F-AAA
Michael Stewart PHD, CCC-A
Mrs. Nancy Stewart MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Nora Stewart MAF-AAA
Pamela Stewart MS, CCC-A
Dr. Shannon Stewart AUD
Mrs. Jennifer Stiglitz-Monroe AUD
Lori Stiritz MA CCCA
Dr. Maren Stockhoff AUD, CCC-A
Nicole Stockstill MS, CCC-A
Dr. Gail Stoddart
Christopher Stone AUD
Jeanne Stone AUD
Dr. Claire Stopher AUD
Dr. Susanna Storm AUD
Mrs. Laura Stout MS
Dr. Rachel Stout AUD
Rebecca Stout AUD
Kathleen Strafuss AUDIOLOGIST
Mr. Blake Strand AU D CC A
Dr. Richard Strauch AUD
Maureen Streeter AU D
Valarie Streich
Mrs. Patricia Strnad MA, CCC-A
Dr. Theresa Strobel AUD
Ms. Deborah Stroetzel I MA, CCC-A
Lara Strotheide AUD
Dr. Laura Stroud AUD
Blake Studley AUD
Michael Sturmak CCC-A
Dr. Joel Stutz AUD
Cyryl Suison AUD, CCC-A
Mr. Cory Surridge AUD
Mr. Marvin Sussman MS
Mr. Lamar Suttles
Bradley Sutton
Dr. Jennifer Sutton AUD
Mr. Austin Swanson MS
Dr. Tracy Swanson AUD
Dr. Caroline Swayne AUD
Layla Sweeney MS
Dr. Billie Swift AUD
Shannon Swink AUD, PHD, CCCA
Ms. Linda Swinson CCC-AUDIOLOGY
Maryann Swisshelm AUD
Gretchen Switzer AUD
Ms. Lana Swope MA,CCC-A
Mr. Steven Sword MA, CCC-A
Shannon Syarto AUD
Debra Sykes
Donna Szabo AUD
Dr. Krista Szalc AUD
Lavonne Taft
Dr. Navid Taghvaei AUD
Dr. Yi-Hsin Tai AUD
Janet Takats MS
Ms. Nichelei Talmore MA CCCA
Dr. Chizuko Tamaki AUD, PHD
Dr. Howard Tamashiro AUD
Mrs. Glynis Tambornini MS, CCC-A
Mrs. Linda Tanaka MA
Dena Tannenbaum AUD
Melissa Tannenbaum MS
Mrs. Anna Taravella MS
Kenton Tarver AUD
Mrs. Julie Tate AUD
Ms. Zahra Tavallaei MA
Mr. Carl Taylor MA-CCC/A
Mr. Charles Taylor MA, CCC-A
Cheryl Taylor MS, CCC/A
Hillary Taylor AUD
Kirstie Taylor AUD
Dr. Melissa Taylor AUD
Dr. Rebecca Taylor PHD
Jennifer Taylor-Guy AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Lisa Tedesche MS CCC-A
Dr. April Teehan AUD
Paul Teie
Susan Teitelbaum
Dr. Michelle Tejada AUD, CCC/A
Ms. Susan Tek MAUD CCC-A
Reyna Tenorio AUD
Mrs. Monica Terlep MS CCC A
Dr. Russell Terrill AUD,
Wayne Terry MA,FAAA
Teresa Testa
Mr. Jared Teter MA, CCC-A
Mrs. Elizabeth Thaanum
Ms. Cathy Thackrey AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Florence Tharman AUD
Dr. Michael Thelen AUD
Janet Thibert AUD
Loren Thibodeaux AUD
Patti Thigpen MA, CCC-A
Dr. Ashley Thom AUD
Mrs. Joyce Thom MA-CCC
Adrienne Thomalla AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Christianne Thomas BS, MS, AUD
G'anne Thomas AUD
Sarah Thomas AUD
Mrs. Andrea Thompson AUD,CCC-A
Elizabeth Thompson MA,CCC-A
Mrs. Jenny Thompson HIS
Lisa Thompson AUD
Lisa Thompson MA
Dr. Gary Thorne AUD
Dr. Mary Thorpe AUD
Elaine Thress MA, CCC-A
Dr. Kim Tillery PHD
Dr. Laura Tilley AUD, CCC/A
Dr. Linda Tiltman AUD
Ashley Timboe AUD CCC-A
Dr. Susan Timna AUD
Jacob Tinglum MA
Anna Tisdale
Ms. Bernadette Tivenan MA, CCC/A
Julia Tokunaga-King
Brenda Tolbert MS, CCC-A
Sharon Tolley
Melssa Tolstikhine AUD
Ms. Rhonda Tomenko PHD
Rebecca Tompkins AUD
Suzanne Tonetti CCC-A
Mr. Ronald Toney AUDIOLOGIST
Dr. Jessica Tooley AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Kelly Toscano-Bradley MA,CCC-A, FAAA
Ms. Jean Toth
Heather Totman AUD
Dr. Deborah Touchette AUD
Marianne Towell
Cheryl Townsend AUD
Sandra Townsend MA-CCC-A
Mr. James Townsley AUD
Mrs. Jill Traczewitz MS, CCC-A
Suzanne Trahan AUD, SLP
Ms. Laura Trainor-Collins MS CCC A
Dr. Robert Traynor EDD
Mr. Jeffrey Trejo MS, CCC-A,F-AAA
Dr. Amanda Troyer AUD
Jennifer Truglio AUD
Michael Trythall AUD
Dr. Bettina Tucker AUD, CCC-A
Tammra Tuminaro MS, CCC-A
Kathleen Tuomala MA
Mrs. Ann Turk AUD
Ms. Bari Turner MA
Dr. Lindsey Turover AUD
Melissa Tvete AUD
Mrs. Francine Tvrdy AUD, CCC-A
Mrs. Joanne Tzortzatos MS,CCC-A, AUD
Janis Uffenheimer AU D
Dr. Elise Uhring AUD
Mrs. Margaret Ulrich CCC A
Mr. Byung-Gap Um
Mrs. Angela Underhill MS
Mr. Perry Unruh MS, CCC-A
Dr. June Uyehara Isono AUD
Dr. Louis Valentine AUD, CCC-A
Ms. Olivia Van Wagner MA
Vickie Vanderlaan
Gary Vandevander MS
Ms. Linda Vanfossen MSC, CCC-A, F-AAA
Emily Vanides AUD CCC-A
Curtis Vanture
Dr. Mary Vanwieren AUD
Dr. Karen Vardaro AUD, CCC-A
Kara Vasil AUD
Dr. Lisa Vaughan-Christensen AUD
Dr. Jessica Vaughn AUD
Masoud Vazirnezami
Ms. Mary Vecchio MS
Dr. Jeffrey Vehr AUD
Tonya Veith AUD
Mrs. Jana Verasforzza AUD, CCC-A
Ellen Verlo
Tina Vermillion MA
Jessica Verni AUD
Ms. Claudyne Vielot AUD
Ms. Nancy Villa MED, CCC-A
Bruce Vircks AUD
Mary Vitt AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Jamie Vittum AU D, CCC-A
Dr. Amy Vocu AUD
Diane Voelker MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Barbara Vogelhuber MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Ms. Sofia Von Hapsburg MS,CCC/A
Elizabeth Vrchota
Mrs. Kristin Vrieswyk AUD, CCC-A
Daisy Vyvial AUD
Cami Wade MS, F/AAA
Mrs. Tiffany Wagar AUD
Mr. Lloyd Waggener MS
Mr. Bruce Wagner CCC AUDIOLOGY
Mrs. Lisa Wagner MA, CCC-A
Ms. Julie Wagoner AUD
Brian Waishwell MA
Dr. Andrew Waits AUD
Mrs. Stefany Waits AUD
Joanna Wakefield AUD CCC-A
Dr. Erin Walborn AUD
Bethany Walden AUD
Karen Walker MCD
Monica Walker MA- CCC,A
Roberta Walker
Dr. Jaime Walker Hampshire AUD
Ms. Danielle Wall AUD
Jamie Wall AUD, CCC/A
Gina Wallace AU
Dr. Tracey Wallace AUD, CCC/A
Joyce Wallen MED
Sandra Wallin AUD
Sally Walsh
Linda Walston MACCC-A
Dr. Jacquelyn Walters AUD
Jennifer Walters AUD, CCC-A
Mr. William Walters MCD
Jeffrey Wang
Dr. April Ward AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Ward AUD
Dr. Thomas Wardzala AUD
Jane Warford AUD
Cynthia Warner AUD
Michael Warren
Nancy Warren AUD
Mrs. Stephenie Warren MS,CCC-A
Thomas Warrender
Mrs. Roberta Wasson
Mr. James Watson MS CCC-A
Ms. Kris Watson MA, CCC-A
Megan Watson AUD
Ms. Paula Watson AUD,CCC-A
Mrs. Donna Watts MSPA CCCA FAAA
Dr. Kelli Watts AUD
Mrs. Leigh Watts AUD, CCC-A
Daniel Way
Mr. Thomas Waybright MA
Ms. Marcia Waymouth CCC-A
Dr. Frances Weaver AUD
Kent Weaver AUD
Mr. Michael Webb MS, CCC-A
Michael Webb AUD
Mrs. Joanna Webster MA, CCC-A
Donna Weckerle AUD
Melanie Wege MA, CCC-A
Dr. Kathleen Weidner AUD
Jeffrey Weihing PHD
Judy Weinberg ACA
Ms. Dayna Weinstein MS, CCC-A
Dr. Alisa Weinzimer AUD
Dr. Diana Weissbeck AUD
Miss Devon Weist AUD
Mrs. Judith Welch AUD
Nancy Welch
Kim Welsh AUD, F-AAA, CCC-A
Angela Wendeborn MA, CCC-A
Gina Wendricks AUD
Erica Wenner
Letta Wesley MS
Dr. Melissa Westall AUD
Mr. Lisa Westbrook MED, CCC-A
Ms. Patricia Westbrook MS CCC A
Ms. Kathryn Wexler AUD
Jennifer Weyler AUD
Julie Wheeler AUD, CCC-A
Susan Whipple MA, F-AAA
Richard Whitaker AUD
Curtis Whitcomb AUD, CCC-A, FAAA
Amy White AUD
Valorie White MA
Jane Whitehead
Dr. Cynthia Whitehurst AUD
Dr. Paige Whiteley AUD
Dr. Gerald Whiteside AUD
Dr. Mclorn Whitt AUD
Ms. Angela Whittaker AUD
Naomi Wicentowski MA, CCC-A
Dr. Sharon Wicker AUD
Jennifer Wickesberg AUD
Gregory Wieczorek MA,CCC/A
Mrs. Evelyn Wiest-Kertz MS CCC-A
Crystal Wiggins AUD, CCC-A
Lisa Wilcox AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Lisa Wildmo AUD
Daena Wilds
Michelle Wilhelm
Dr. Robyn Wilkes AUD
Mrs. Susan Willcox AUD
Mrs. Janee Willett MA
Ms. Anne Williams MA
Dr. Bary Williams AUD-CCC-A
Dr. Caroline Williams AUD
Dr. Elizabeth Williams
Mrs. Emily Williams AUD
Jessica Williams
Kadyn Williams AUD
Dr. Shannon Williams AUD
Dr. Shereeta Williams AUD
Suzanne Williams AUD
Dr. Marie Willis AUD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Alice Wilson AUD, ABA
Cindy Wilson CCC-A/FAAA
Dr. Eleanor Wilson AUD
Jonathan Wilson AUD
Melissa Wilson
Rebecca Wilson AUD
Dr. Toby Wilson AUD
Linda Wiltz
Regina Winbush MS, CCC-A
Dr. Roger Winger PHD
Mrs. Stacey Winkler MS
Dr. Edwin Winner AUD
Erek Winnett
Ms. Amy Winston AUD
Margaret Winter MS, CCC-A
Thomas Wise AUD
Dr. Diana Wise-Mcpherson AUD
Heidi Wiseman
Margaret Wiseman MA-CCC-A
Philip Wiseman
Ms. Meghan Wisneski AUD
Dr. Margaret Wittmer AUD
Ms. Amy Wiza AUD
Shannon Wnek AUD
Jodi Wojcik AU D
Erin Wolf AUD, CCC-A
Cheri Wolfe-Haas
Dr. Gina Wolfgram AUD
Janet Wolfson AUD
Joellen Wolterman MA, CCC-A
Dr. Aileen Wong AUD
Julia Wong AUD
Dr. Nancy Wong AUD
Terilyn Wong
Mrs. Christine Wood MS CCC-A
Dr. David Wood AUD
Dr. Rebecca Wood AUD CCCA FAAA
Mrs. Christina Woodall MS CCC A
Dr. David Woodruff AUD
Monica Woods AUD
Dr. Traci Woods AUD
Dr. Aimee Woolard AUD
Mrs. Kelly Wooten-Pilson MED, CCC-A
Mrs. Jessica Worth AUD
Dr. Megan Worthington AUD
Dr. Shannon Wrabel AUD
Cheryl Wray MA
Cynthia Wright AUD
Dr. Linda Wright AUD
Mr. Ivan Wu AUD
Mrs. Silvia Wust AUD , CCC-A
Jill Wyant AUD
Sarah Wyatt MA
Ms. Maria Wynens
Joan Yablon MA
Ms. Susan Yaffe-Oziel MMS
Kay Yanagisawa MS
Dr. James Yates PHD
Dr. Kelly Yeager AUD, CCC-A
Scott Yerdon AU D
Mrs. Christine Yoas
Dr. Al Yonovitz PHD
Ms. Catherine Young
Dr. Jill Young AUD
Ms. Katherine Young
Kelly Young AUD
Dr. Lindsay Young AUD
Dr. Raymond Yount AUD
Carolyn Yuille
Dr. Melissa Yunes AUD
Dr. Lindsay Yurisko AUD, CCC-A
Dr. Thomas Zalewski PHD
Dr. Victoria Zambrano AUD, BC-HIS
Deborah Zarajczyk CCC/A
Wade Zarella MA, CCC-A
Adel Zaretsky
Dr. Shannon Zaunbrecher AUD
Mr. Jorge Zavala MS, CCC-A
Douglas Zavos AUD
Dr. Melissa Zebrowski AUD
Dr. Holly Zehring Hoagland AUD
Mrs. Pamela Zehrt MS
Dr. James Zeigler JR. AUD
Dr. Mark Zelnick AUD
Dr. Lisa Zhao AUD
Roya Ziarati
Michelle Zimiga AUD
Heather Zimmel
Corinne Zimmerman AUD, F-AAA
Dr. Katie Zogelman AUD, CCC-A
Julee Zornes AUD
Ms. Karen Zucker MS
Mrs. Diane Zuckschwerdt MA,CCC-A
Dr. Marieann Zumpone-Weibley AUD
Dr. Karin Zylka AUD